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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 48618

Chapter 48618 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Cochrane, T.; Schmahmann, J.D., 2005:
Compressive myelopathy presenting as cervical cord neurapraxia: a differential diagnosis of TIA

Spinner, R.J.; Amadio, P.C., 2003:
Compressive neuropathies of the upper extremity

Sahin, F.; Yilmaz, F.; Esit, N.; Aysal, F.; Kuran, B., 2007:
Compressive neuropathy of long thoracic nerve and accessory nerve secondary to heavy load bearing. A case report

Ji, J-Hun.; Shafi, M.; Kim, W-Yoo.; Park, S.Hun.; Cheon, J.Ok., 2007:
Compressive neuropathy of the tibial nerve and peroneal nerve by a Baker's cyst: case report

Meyer, D.R., 2007:
Compressive optic neuropathy

Messaoud, R.; Zaouali, S.; Ladjimi, A.; Ben Yahia, S.; Jenzeri, S.; Hmidi, K.; Hamdi, R.; Amara, M.; Khairallah, M., 2003:
Compressive optic neuropathy caused by fibrous dysplasia

Konuk, O.; Pehlivanli, Z.; Yirmibesoglu, E.; Erkal, H.Sukru.; Erekul, S.; Unal, M., 2005:
Compressive optic neuropathy due to orbital metastasis of a sacral chordoma: case report

Calvo-Guirado, Jé.Luis.; Saez-Yuguero, R.; Pardo-Zamora, G., 2006:
Compressive osteotomes for expansion and maxilla sinus floor lifting

Patwardhan, A.G.; Carandang, G.; Ghanayem, A.J.; Havey, R.M.; Cunningham, B.; Voronov, L.I.; Phillips, F.M., 2003:
Compressive preload improves the stability of anterior lumbar interbody fusion cage constructs

Ang, K.C.; Leong, K.F.; Chua, C.K.; Chandrasekaran, M., 2006:
Compressive properties and degradability of poly(epsilon-caprolatone)/hydroxyapatite composites under accelerated hydrolytic degradation

Fairhurst, C.W., 1960:
Compressive properties of dental gypsum

Cao, L.; Youn, I.; Guilak, F.; Setton, L.A., 2006:
Compressive properties of mouse articular cartilage determined in a novel micro-indentation test method and biphasic finite element model

Görücü, J.; Saygili, Gülbin.; Ozgünaltay, Gül., 2006:
Compressive shear bond strength of core buildup materials

Logachev, K.D., 1955:
Compressive spinal syndrome in congenital scoliosis

Brandão, Lícia.; Adabo, G.Luis.; Vaz, Lís.Geraldo.; Saad, Jé.Roberto.Cury., 2006:
Compressive strength and compressive fatigue limit of conventional and high viscosity posterior resin composites

Yli-Urpo, H.; Lassila, L.V.J.; Närhi, T.; Vallittu, P.K., 2005:
Compressive strength and surface characterization of glass ionomer cements modified by particles of bioactive glass

Botelho, M.G., 2004:
Compressive strength of glass ionomer cements with dental antibacterial agents

Borges, A.Flávia.Sanches.; Correr, G.Maria.; Sinhoreti, Mário.Alexandre.Coelho.; Consani, S.; Sobrinho, Lço.Correr.; Rontani, R.Maria.Puppin., 2006:
Compressive strength recovery by composite onlays in primary teeth. Substrate treatment and luting agent effects

Koch, R.; Hu, D.; Das, A.K., 2005:
Compressive stress in polycrystalline volmer-weber films

Asbia, S.; Ibbetson, R.; Reuben, R.L., 2006:
Compressive stress-strain behaviour of cast dental restorations in relation to luting cement distribution

Rastel, D.; Perrin, M.; Guidicelli, H., 2004:
Compressive therapy after varicose vein surgery: results of a French national inquiry

Nuckley, D.J.; Hertsted, S.M.; Ku, G.S.; Eck, M.P.; Ching, R.P., 2006:
Compressive tolerance of the maturing cervical spine

Javid, H., 1960:
Compressive vascular syndrome of the neck and shoulder

Giordani, O., 1953:
Compressive-decompressive difference in determination of arterial pressure in various clinical conditions

Geselevich, A.M., 1959:
Compressor function of the venous system

Anonymous, 2004:
Compressor shutdown on Cincinnati Sub-Zero Hemotherm Dual Reservoir Cooler/Heater

Anonymous, 1953:
Compressor with graduated double pressure

Maiese, K., 2006 :
Compromise and care of the brain's compartments: the quintessence of the neurovascular unit

Franchini, A., 2007:
Compromise between spherical and chromatic aberration and depth of focus in aspheric intraocular lenses

BURGER, H.C.; van BRUMMELEN, A.; van HERPEN, 1962:
Compromise in vectorcardiography. II. Alterations of coefficients as a means of adapting one lead system to another. Subjective and mathematical comparison of four systems of VCG

Wang, J.; Virta, V.C.; Riddelle-Spencer, K.; O'Halloran, T.J., 2003:
Compromise of clathrin function and membrane association by clathrin light chain deletion

Traverso, A.; Sferrazzo, F.; Bassoli, V.; Peluffo, M.; Ottonello, G.A.; Regesta, G.; Bonsignore, A.D., 2004:
Compromise of work capacity and quality of life of epileptic subjects

Stewart, J.M.; Radford, L.C., 1953:
Compromise treatment of severe malocclusion in adults

Jia, X.; Xiao, W., 2003:
Compromised DNA repair enhances sensitivity of the yeast RNR3-lacZ genotoxicity testing system

Chapple, I.L.C.; Brock, G.R.; Milward, M.R.; Ling, N.; Matthews, J.B., 2007:
Compromised GCF total antioxidant capacity in periodontitis: cause or effect?

Corbacho, A.M.; Eiserich, J.P.; Zuniga, L.A.; Valacchi, G.; Villablanca, A.C., 2006:
Compromised aortic vasoreactivity in male estrogen receptor-alpha-deficient mice during acute lipopolysaccharide-induced inflammation

Moss, M.; Franks, M.; Briggs, P.; Kennedy, D.; Scholey, A., 2005:
Compromised arterial oxygen saturation in elderly asthma sufferers results in selective cognitive impairment

Leavitt, F.J., 2006:
Compromised autonomy, and Asian autonomy: commentaries on Glock & Goldim, and Dena Hsin-Chen Hsin

Denham, S.A.; Blair, K.; Schmidt, M.; DeMulder, E., 2004:
Compromised emotional competence: seeds of violence sown early?

Hobbins, P.Graeme., 2006:
Compromised ethical principles in randomised clinical trials of distant, intercessory prayer

Negredo, Eènia.; Bonjoch, A.; Paredes, R.; Puig, J.; Clotet, B., 2005:
Compromised immunologic recovery in treatment-experienced patients with HIV infection receiving both tenofovir disoproxil fumarate and didanosine in the TORO studies

Groome, P.A.; O'Sullivan, B.; Mackillop, W.J.; Jackson, L.D.; Schulze, K.; Irish, J.C.; Warde, P.R.; Schneider, K.M.; Mackenzie, R.G.; Hodson, D.Ian.; Hammond, J.Alex.; Gulavita, S.P.P.; Eapen, L.J.; Dixon, P.F.; Bissett, R.J., 2006:
Compromised local control due to treatment interruptions and late treatment breaks in early glottic cancer: Population-based outcomes study supporting need for intensified treatment schedules

Yoo, H.J.; Lee, S.A.; Kim, S.Y.; Kang, J.G.; Lee, J.G., 2006:
Compromised memory function in schizophrenia and temporal lobe epilepsy

Boissé, L.; Van Sickle, M.D.; Sharkey, K.A.; Pittman, Q.J., 2003:
Compromised neuroimmune status in rats with experimental colitis

Thorpe, K.; Danby, S., 2006:
Compromised or competent: analyzing twin children's social worlds

Mantia, A.M.; Kasraie, N.; Merchant, W.T., 1988:
Compromised pulmonary artery catheter injection following sternal retraction

Yamada, S.; Takeichi, H.; Inoue, H., 2006:
Compromised video-assisted thoracoscopic segmental resection for high-risk patients with stage I lung cancer near the lung hilum

Moore, K., 2003:
Compromised wound healing: a scientific approach to treatment

Sodeck, G.H.; Domanovits, H.; Meron, G.; Rauscha, F.; Losert, H.; Thalmann, M.; Vlcek, M.; Laggner, A.N., 2007:
Compromising bradycardia: management in the emergency department

Smith-Rohrberg, D.; Basu, S.; Subbaraman, R.; Sharma, S.K., 2006:
Compromising comprehensive AIDS management will lead to failure

Ross, P.A.; Webster, D.L., 1925:
Compton Effect: Evidence on Its Relation to Duane's Box Effect

Lundin, M.; Adler, J-O.; Boland, M.; Fissum, K.; Glebe, T.; Hansen, K.; Isaksson, L.; Kaltschmidt, O.; Karlsson, M.; Kossert, K.; Levchuk, M.I.; Lilja, P.; Lindner, B.; L'vov, A.I.; Nilsson, B.; Oner, D.E.; Poech, C.; Proff, S.; Sandell, A.; Schröder, B.; Schumacher, M.; Sims, D.A., 2003:
Compton scattering from the deuteron and extracted neutron polarizabilities

Nygård, K.; Hakala, M.; Manninen, S.; Andrejczuk, A.; Itou, M.; Sakurai, Y.; Pettersson, L.G.M.; Hämäläinen, K., 2006:
Compton scattering study of water versus ice Ih: intra- and intermolecular structure

Maeda, K.; Matsumoto, M.; Taniguchi, A., 2005:
Compton-scattering measurement of diagnostic x-ray spectrum using high-resolution Schottky CdTe detector

Matussek, P., 1958:
Compulsion & addiction

Goeppert, H., 1964:
Compulsion and Compulsive Neurosis

Thomas, P.; Cahill, A.B., 2004:
Compulsion and psychiatry--the role of advance statements

Dublineau, J.; Angelergues, 1950:
Compulsion to bite in an adult; applications to the understanding of this tendency in children

Roger, H.; Alliez, J.; Roger, J., 1951:
Compulsion to sing

Larson, L.W., 1962:
Compulsion versus freedom of choice

Wenander, P., 1962:
Compulsion versus freedom. A Swedish businessman's thoughts about medical care

Howes, O.D., 2006:
Compulsions in depression: stalking by text message

Stutte, H., 1963:
Compulsive Affects and Paroxysmal Outbursts of Laughing and Crying as Symptoms of Epilepsy

Zauner, J., 1964:
Compulsive Structure and Organ Symptomatology

Seebandt, G., 1964:
Compulsive Vomiting in a School Child. a Case Report on the Phenomenology and Therapy of Compulsive Neurosis

Seebandt, G., 1964:
Compulsive Vomiting in School Child. a Case Report on the Phenomenology and Therapy of Compulsive Neurosis

Szerman Bolotner, Néstor.; Peris Diaz, L., 2007:
Compulsive alcoholics and serotoninergic function

Grant, J.E.; Potenza, M.N., 2006:
Compulsive aspects of impulse-control disorders

Holsen, L.; Thompson, T., 2004:
Compulsive behavior and eye blink in Prader-Willi syndrome: neurochemical implications

Marcinko, D.; Bolanca, M.; Rudan, V., 2006:
Compulsive buying and binge eating disorder--a case vignettes

Black, D.W., 2007:
Compulsive buying disorder: a review of the evidence

Dittmar, H., 2005:
Compulsive buying--a growing concern? An examination of gender, age, and endorsement of materialistic values as predictors

Goeppert, H., 1960:
Compulsive disease and depersonalization

Nirenberg, M.J.; Waters, C., 2005:
Compulsive eating and weight gain related to dopamine agonist use

Berlin, L., 1955:
Compulsive eye opening and associated phenomena

Hitchen, L., 2007:
Compulsive gamblers must get free NHS treatment, BMA says

Newman, B.Y., 2005:
Compulsive hoarding: a disease or a sign of a deeper disorder?

Steketee, G.; Frost, R., 2003:
Compulsive hoarding: current status of the research

Albertini, G.; Polito, E.; Sarà, M.; Di Gennaro, G.; Onorati, P., 2006:
Compulsive masturbation in infantile autism treated by mirtazapine

Lawrance, G., 1952:
Compulsive neurosis

Glazebrook, A.J.; Prosen, H., 1956:
Compulsive neurosis with cachexia

Von Stockert, F.G., 1958:
Compulsive neurotic crying

Mäulen, B., 2003:
Compulsive or risk-taking, self-assured or self-critical, sensitive or expressive. What physician's type are you?

Clemens, N.A., 2005:
Compulsive personalities and Ingmar Bergman's Wild Strawberries

Cremieux, A.; Alliez, J.; Pache, R.; Bernard, P., 1962:
Compulsive phagomania with fugue in a subject presenting an old restrictive dietary regimen. Associated endocrine syndrome

Banaschewski, T.; Siniatchkin, M.; Uebel, H.; Rothenberger, A., 2003:
Compulsive phenomena in children with tic disorder and attention deficit-hyperactive disorder

Seymour, C.T.; Comarr, A.E., 1956:
Compulsive polysurgery

Yamamoto, T.; Oishi, K.; Oya, Y.; Ogawa, M.; Kawai, M., 2003:
Compulsive repetition of movements in a case of progressive supranuclear palsy

Forssén, A.S.K.; Carlstedt, G.; Mörtberg, C.M., 2005:
Compulsive sensitivity--a consequence of caring: a qualitative investigation into women carer's difficulties in limiting their labours

Croissant, B.; Croissant, D., 2006:
Compulsive shopping--current considerations on classification and therapy

Walsh, P.J., 1962:
Compulsive shouting and Gilles de la Tourette's disease

Breteler, M.H.M.; Hilberink, S.R.; Zeeman, G.; Lammers, S.M.M., 2003:
Compulsive smoking: the development of a Rasch homogeneous scale of nicotine dependence

Renier, W.O., 2004:
Compulsive spitting as manifestation of temporal lobe epilepsy

Lea Plaza, H., 1958:
Compulsive syndromes from the neurological viewpoint

Lawrence, A.D.; Evans, A.H.; Lees, A.J., 2003:
Compulsive use of dopamine replacement therapy in Parkinson's disease: reward systems gone awry?

Turner, G.P.; Felts, J.H., 1962:
Compulsive water-drinking

Bennett, A.E., 1964:
Compulsive, Addictive Personality Problems

Declich, M., 1956:
Compulsive-obsessive syndrome with a lugubrious content tending towards symbolic psychosensory clustering

Rosenberg, B.G., 1953:
Compulsiveness as a determinant in selected cognitive-perceptual performances

Langer, P., 1962:
Compulsivity and response set on the structured objective Rorschach test

Maurer, A., 1964:
Compulsory Accident Insurance In The Light Of The Tribunal F'ed'eral Des Assurances

Douriez, P.; Jodin, R., 1951:
Compulsory BCG vaccination in France

Urtiaga, M.; Castilla, J.; Irisarri, F.; Zabala, A.; Barricarte, A., 2004:
Compulsory Diseases Notification (CDN) in Navarre 2003

Carr, A.J., 1965:
Compulsory Geriatric Nursing

de Bruyn, T.; Elliott, R., 2004:
Compulsory HIV testing after an occupational exposure

Segraves, B.T., 2007:
Compulsory HPV vaccination

Von Holsth, 1965:
Compulsory Training in Military Medicine for Civilians. Over Half the Members of the Medical Profession can Attend Courses. Frequency: Every 5 Years

Kohlhaas, M., 1965:
Compulsory Treatment of Drunks

Sanmartin, H., 1964:
Compulsory Work by Medical Students in Urban and Rural Health Centers

Girond, J., 1961:
Compulsory accident insurance in the Federal Republic of Germany

Steinert, T.; Lepping, P.; Baranyai, Réka.; Hoffmann, M.; Leherr, H., 2005:
Compulsory admission and treatment in schizophrenia: a study of ethical attitudes in four European countries

Gjelstad, K.; Løvdahl, H.; Ruud, T.; Friis, S., 2003:
Compulsory admissions for observation in emergency psychiatric departments--discharge next day?

Ekeberg, Øivind., 2003:
Compulsory admissions in Norwegian psychiatry

Webb, M.B., 2003:
Compulsory alcoholism treatment in New South Wales

Donia, D.; Divizia, M.; Panà, A.; Burrini, D.; Lupi, E.; Perito, B., 2003:
Compulsory and additional parameters in water control

Stampi, S.; Ricci, R.; Ruffilli, I.; Zanetti, F., 2005:
Compulsory and recommended vaccination in Italy: evaluation of coverage and non-compliance between 1998-2002 in Northern Italy

Leuch, O., 1956:
Compulsory and voluntary membership in medical organizations

Hunter, A.M.; Ortiz, R.; Martinez, J., 1963:
Compulsory and voluntary school immunization programs in the United States

Lisi, G., 1962:
Compulsory anti-tetanus vaccination

Spriggs, M., 2004:
Compulsory brain scans and genetic tests for boxers--or should boxing be banned?

Robinson, J.; Mahmood, T., 2004:
Compulsory community treatment and admission rates

Anonymous, 2006:
Compulsory community treatment of mentally disordered patients: R. (on the application of DR) v. Mersey Care N.H.S. Trust)

Neumann, G., 1958:
Compulsory confinement & perspectives of treatment

Compulsory declaration, a major element in control of tuberculosis

Flynn, M.P., 1958:
Compulsory detention and isolation of tuberculous patients; section 38, Health Act, 1947

Honey, J.K., 1951:
Compulsory disability legislation

Shafer, G.H., 1950:
Compulsory health insurance for America? No

Higgins, G.K., 1963:
Compulsory health insurance in relation to democratic ideals

Robinson, A.J., 1951:
Compulsory health insurance or socialized medicine

Koch, C.C., 1950:
Compulsory health insurance sidetracked

Faulkner, E.J., 1960:
Compulsory health insurance-fact and fancy

Lamme, L., 1956:
Compulsory health plan blankets Sweden

Anand, J.K., 2005:
Compulsory helmets for cyclists

Potts, W.L.; Goodloe, O.M., 1952:
Compulsory hospital isolation of the recalcitrant positive-sputum patient with analysis of an extremely successful enforcement plan

Anonymous, 2007:
Compulsory insurance 'could end independent midwifery'

Rajani, G., 1958:
Compulsory insurance against diseases for workers

Anonymous, 1951:
Compulsory isolation of asocial persons with active tuberculosis as provided by Bavarian law

Gross, J.H., 1958:
Compulsory isolation of the uncooperative tuberculous patient; the experience in the state of Georgia

Martelliere, E., 1954:
Compulsory licenses and the assignment of patents

Gillat, A., 2004:
Compulsory licensing to regulated licensing: effects on the conflict between innovation and access in the pharmaceutical industry

Foulkes, R.G., 1962:
Compulsory medical examination of "apparently well" R.C.A.F. senior non-commissioned officers over the age of forty years--a report on 31 cases

Christensen, T.Buer.; Onstad, S., 2003:
Compulsory medical treatment in an emergency psychiatric department

Gostin, L.O., 2003:
Compulsory medical treatment: the limits of bodily integrity

Anonymous, 1961:
Compulsory or voluntary vaccination

Hansen, T.Schrøder., 2006:
Compulsory parts in medical education

de ABREU, 1961:
Compulsory periodic examination

Aikawa, N., 2003:
Compulsory postgraduate clinical training and surgical education

Birnie, C.R., 1957:
Compulsory powers over mental patients

Krafft, H.C., 1949 :
Compulsory premarital medical examination in France

Muller, D., 1958:
Compulsory psychomotor phenomena during phenothiazine treatment of psychoses

Levrat, M., 1957:
Compulsory publication of the price of pharmaceuticals; a definite economy for patients & for social security

Notarianni, L.J.; Belk, D.; Collins, A.J., 1995:
Compulsory random drug testing of prisoners in England and Wales: design flaws in the system

Ormerod, A.D.; Williams, H.C., 2005:
Compulsory registration of clinical trials

Singer, E.A.; Druml, C., 2004:
Compulsory registration of clinical trials: maybe European research should be protected

Stewart, L.; Vale, C.; Darbyshire, J., 2004:
Compulsory registration of clinical trials: publicly funded national register of trials would be best in the United Kingdom

Jay, P.; Wallace, M., 2004:
Compulsory registration of clinical trials: under-reporting is not an option

Jung, H.D., 1959:
Compulsory registration of dermatomycoses in the German Democratic Republic & its importance for social hygiene

Griffith, R., 2006:
Compulsory removal from home under the National Assistance Act 1948

Haynes, A.H., 1954:
Compulsory removal to hospital

Anonymous, 1951:
Compulsory report of abortion

Bertram, W., 1956:
Compulsory reporting of exudative pleurisy

Rey Sumay, R.S., 1953:
Compulsory reporting of rheumatic fever

McBRYDE, A.; DAVISON, W.C., 1950:
Compulsory rooming-in at Duke Hospital

McBRYDE, A., 1951:
Compulsory rooming-in in the ward and private newborn service at Duke Hospital

Ragozin, I.I., 1962:
Compulsory sanitary rules for seating school children and arrangement of the desks in classes

Jaensch, P.A., 1957:
Compulsory school attendance of children with disorders of vision

Khan, S.A., 2004:
Compulsory screening of immigrants for TB and HIV: broader focus is needed for immigration and health issues

Coker, R., 2004:
Compulsory screening of immigrants for tuberculosis and HIV

Pellegrin, J.; Friedmann, E., 1950:
Compulsory serologic examinations

Ludin, F., 1953:
Compulsory service for medical personnel

Boissevain, I., 2003:
Compulsory services

Wohlfart, G.; Ingvar, D.H.; Hellberg, A.M., 1961:
Compulsory shouting (Benedek's "klazomania") associated with oculogyric spasms in chronic epidemic encephalitis

Muller, H., 1955:
Compulsory sickness and disability insurance in Belgium

George, N.A., 1952:
Compulsory smallpox vaccination; the University City, Missouri, case

Stetler, C.J., 1958:
Compulsory social security for physicians

Pérez Rojas, P.J.; Pimentel Leal, M., 2005:
Compulsory spirometry in COPD diagnosis at a primary care centre

Hafemann, G., 1957:
Compulsory subjection to treatment in tuberculosis

Musella, M., 1951:
Compulsory tetanus immunization with anatoxin or antitoxin

Lehmann, M., 1954:
Compulsory treatment for control of venereal diseases

Herold, 1952:
Compulsory treatment in dental practice

Macavoy, M.G.; Flaherty, B., 1990 :
Compulsory treatment of alcoholism: the case against

Mitrany, E.; Melamed, Y., 2005:
Compulsory treatment of anorexia nervosa

Mester, R.; Bauer, A.; Rosca, P.; Glezer, J.; Grinshpoon, A.; Reznik, I.; Kotler, M., 2003:
Compulsory treatment of nondelinquent drug-alcohol abusers in Israel: the present situation and feasible solutions

Cavaillon, A., 1955:
Compulsory treatment of syphilis

Duarte, C.; Wong, F.; Kwok, W.T.; Lau, K.K.; Chang, M.I.; Ho, C.Y., 2006:
Compulsory treatments in Macao: the first five years

Herold, G., 1960:
Compulsory vaccination and the right to vaccination

Bonnin, H., 1952:
Compulsory vaccination for travel abroad and in the French Union

Huber, H.G., 1953:
Compulsory vaccination or conscientious objection clause

Knack, A.V., 1953:
Compulsory vaccination with or without conscientious objection clause

Panthier, R., 1958:
Compulsory vaccinations before starting long international trips

Wang, S-Lan.; Chan, H-Man.; Yang, S-Fang.; Wu, M-Tsang.; Chai, C-Yin., 2005:
Compurerized morphometric study of thyroid follicular carcinoma in correlation with known prognostic factors

Asbóth, János.K.; Calsamiglia, J.; Ritsch, H., 2005:
Computable measure of nonclassicality for light

Schoknecht, G., 1964:
Computation and Recording of the Dosage Distribution of Co-60 Teletherapy by Means of the Ibm 1401 Data Processing System Based on Experimental Values

Altukhov, V.G.; Sapov, I., 1964:
Computation Chart and Ruler for the Interpretation of Electrocardiographic Data

Roenne, P., 1963:
Computation of Doses in Dermatologic Rotation Therapy

Inselberg, A.; Vonfoerster, H.; Yeh, R.; Cheng, S.M., 1963:
Computation of Variants in Continuous and Discrete Manifolds. Techn Docum Rep Amrl-Tdr-63-40

Chvojka, Z.; Dubinin, I., 1965:
Computation of Wedge Filters

Burneiko, N.I., 1964:
Computation Table for the Determination of Total Protein, Albumin, Globulin and Albumin-Glubulin Coefficient Content

Sreerama, N.; Woody, R.W., 2004:
Computation and analysis of protein circular dichroism spectra

Laube, N.; Pullmann, M., 2006:
Computation and modeling of the stone-growth related urinary depletion effect using "depletion V1.0"

Eshleman, K.N.; Fiscus, D.A.; Castro, N.M.; Webb, J.R.; Deviney, J.F., 2003:
Computation and visualization of regional-scale forest disturbance and associated dissolved nitrogen export from Shenandoah National Park, Virginia

Agüera y Arcas, B.; Fairhall, A.L.; Bialek, W., 2003:
Computation in a single neuron: Hodgkin and Huxley revisited

Ben-Hur, A.; Siegelmann, H.T., 2004:
Computation in gene networks

Cleland, T.A.; Linster, C., 2005:
Computation in the olfactory system

Zeng, X.; Wang, Y.; Zhang, K., 2006:
Computation of Adalines' sensitivity to weight perturbation

Vodak, D.T.; Kim, K.; Iordanidis, L.; Rasmussen, P.G.; Matzger, A.J.; Yaghi, O.M., 2003:
Computation of aromatic C3N4 networks and synthesis of the molecular precursor N(C3N3)3Cl6

Kharrati, H.; Zarrad, B., 2003:
Computation of beam quality parameters for Mo/Mo, Mo/Rh, Rh/Rh, and W/Al target/filter combinations in mammography

Polyanskii, V.B.; Evtikhin, D.V.; Sokolov, E.N.; Alymkulov, D.E., 2007:
Computation of color and brightness differences by neurons in the lateral geniculate nucleus of the rabbit

Polyanskii, V.B.; Evtikhin, D.V.; Sokolov, E.N., 2006:
Computation of color and brightness differences by rabbit visual cortex neurons

Huang, S-Wei.; Hwang, J-Kang., 2005:
Computation of conformational entropy from protein sequences using the machine-learning method--application to the study of the relationship between structural conservation and local structural stability

Serrano-Andrés, L.; Merchán, M.; Lindh, R., 2005 :
Computation of conical intersections by using perturbation techniques

Kharrati, H.; Zarrad, B., 2004:
Computation of conversion coefficients relating air Kerma to Hp(0.07,alpha), Hp(10,alpha), and H*(10) for x-ray narrow spectrum from 40 to 140 kV

Devine, R.T., 2004:
Computation of cross sections and dose conversion factors for criticality accident dosimetry

Gidofalvi, G.; Mazziotti, D.A., 2006:
Computation of dipole, quadrupole, and octupole surfaces from the variational two-electron reduced density matrix method

Liao, Y-Chih.; Franses, E.I.; Basaran, O.A., 2003:
Computation of dynamic adsorption with adaptive integral, finite difference, and finite element methods

Caux, J-Sébastien.; Maillet, J.Michel., 2005:
Computation of dynamical correlation functions of heisenberg chains in a magnetic field

Nadeem, M.; Thorlin, T.; Gandhi, O.P.; Persson, M., 2003:
Computation of electric and magnetic stimulation in human head using the 3-D impedance method

Lu, B.; Zhang, D.; McCammon, J.Andrew., 2005:
Computation of electrostatic forces between solvated molecules determined by the Poisson-Boltzmann equation using a boundary element method

Basilevsky, M.V.; Leontyev, I.V.; Luschekina, S.V.; Kondakova, O.A.; Sulimov, V.B., 2006:
Computation of hydration free energies of organic solutes with an implicit water model

Pérez-Enciso, M.; Varona, L.; Rothschild, M.F., 2004:
Computation of identity by descent probabilities conditional on DNA markers via a Monte Carlo Markov Chain method

Maier, W., 1953:
Computation of infant mortality

Clementi, E., 1972:
Computation of large molecules with the hartree-fock model

Fan, W.J.; Zhang, R.Q.; Liu, S., 2007:
Computation of large systems with an economic basis set: structures and reactivity indices of nucleic acid base pairs from density functional theory

Neumann, Cédric.; Champod, C.; Puch-Solis, R.; Egli, N.; Anthonioz, A.; Bromage-Griffiths, A., 2007:
Computation of likelihood ratios in fingerprint identification for configurations of any number of minutiae

Neumann, C.; Champod, C.; Puch-Solis, R.; Egli, N.; Anthonioz, A.; Meuwly, D.; Bromage-Griffiths, A., 2007:
Computation of likelihood ratios in fingerprint identification for configurations of three minutiae

Wang, Y.; Zeng, X.; Yeung, D.So.; Peng, Z., 2006:
Computation of madalines' sensitivity to input and weight perturbations

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Computation of methodology-independent ionic solvation free energies from molecular simulations. I. The electrostatic potential in molecular liquids

Kastenholz, M.A.; Hünenberger, P.H., 2006:
Computation of methodology-independent ionic solvation free energies from molecular simulations. II. The hydration free energy of the sodium cation

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Computation of motion at the cricoarytenoid joint

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Computation of pattern invariance in brain-like structures

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Computation of quasi-discrete Hankel transforms of integer order for propagating optical wave fields

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Computation of relative bond dissociation enthalpies (DeltaBDE) of phenolic antioxidants from quantum topological molecular similarity (QTMS)

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Computation of relative dose distribution and effective transmission around a shielded vaginal cylinder with 192Ir HDR source using MCNP4B

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Computation of responses to color and brightness differences of neurons in the rabbit lateral geniculate nucleus

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Computation of scattering from clusters of spheres using the fast multipole method

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Computation of stabilizing PI and PID controllers for processes with time delay

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Computation of the Ising partition function for two-dimensional square grids

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Computation of the amide I band of polypeptides and proteins using a partial Hessian approach

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Computation of the disk of least confusion for conic mirrors

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Computation of the equation of state of the quantum hard-sphere fluid utilizing several path-integral strategies

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Computation of the glandular radiation dose in digital tomosynthesis of the breast

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Computation of the hardness and the problem of negative electron affinities in density functional theory

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Computation of the intensities of parametric holographic scattering patterns in photorefractive crystals

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Computation of the modal reflectivity for a partially etched mirror: application for integration of a laser diode and a waveguide

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Computation of the nonhomogeneous equilibrium states of a rigid-rod solution

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Computation of the phase response curve: a direct numerical approach

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Computation of the properties of liquid neon, methane, and gas helium at low temperature by the Feynman-Hibbs approach

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Computation of the pseudorotation matrix to satisfy the Eckart axis conditions

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Computation of the sampling distribution of coherence estimate

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Computation of the structure of collagen molecule fragments

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Computation of through-space NMR shielding effects by aromatic ring-cation complexes: substantial synergistic effect of complexation

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Computation of through-space NMR shielding effects by small-ring aromatic and antiaromatic hydrocarbons

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Computation of uniform wave forms using complex rays

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Computation of vertical excitation energies of retinal and analogs: scope and limitations

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Computation on programmable graphics hardware

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Computation within cultured neural networks

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Computational Design for Evaluating the Significance of a Difference Between Means

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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) study of the 4th generation prototype of a continuous flow Ventricular Assist Device (VAD)

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Computational Neuronal Oscillations using Morlet Wavelet Transform

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Computational Science and Engineering Online (CSE-Online): a cyber-infrastructure for scientific computing

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Computational adaptation model and its predictions for color induction of first and second orders

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Computational alanine scanning mutagenesis--an improved methodological approach

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Computational alanine scanning of protein-protein interfaces

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Computational analyses of biomedical literature for understanding living organisms

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Computational analyses of mechanically induced collagen fiber remodeling in the aortic heart valve

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Computational analyses of singlet-singlet and singlet-triplet transitions in mononuclear gold-capped carbon-rich conjugated complexes

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Computational analysis in vitro: dynamics and plasticity of a neuro-robotic system

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Computational analysis of aza analogues of [2',5'-bis-O-(tert-butyldimethylsilyl)-beta-D-ribofuranose]-3'-spiro-5"-(4"-amino-1",2"-oxathiole-2",2"-dioxide) (TSAO) as HIV-1 reverse transcriptase inhibitors: relevance of conformational properties on the inhibitory activity

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Computational analysis of base composition pattern and promoter elements in the putative promoter regions in relation to expression profiles of 682 human genes on chromosome 22

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A pilot feasibility randomised controlled trial of an adjunct brief social network intervention in opiate substitution treatment services

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Computational analysis of blood flow in an integrated model of the left ventricle and the aorta

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Computational analysis of evolution and conservation in a protein superfamily

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Computational analysis of gene-gene interactions using multifactor dimensionality reduction

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Computational analysis of membrane proteins: genomic occurrence, structure prediction and helix interactions

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Computational analysis of molecular basis of 1:1 interactions of NRG-1beta wild-type and variants with ErbB3 and ErbB4

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Computational analysis of shotgun proteomics data

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Computational analysis of stacking interactions between 3-nitropyrrole and natural nucleobases

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Computational analysis of the evolution of the structure and function of 1-deoxy-D-xylulose-5-phosphate synthase, a key regulator of the mevalonate-independent pathway in plants

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Computational analysis of the proton translocation from Asp96 to schiff base in bacteriorhodopsin

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Computational analysis of the three-dimensional hemodynamics of the blood sac in the twin-pulse life-support system

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Computational analysis of transposable element sequences

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Computational and ESR studies of electron attachment to decafluorocyclopentane, octafluorocyclobutane, and hexafluorocyclopropane: electron affinities of the molecules and the structures of their stable negative ions as determined from 13C and 19F hyperfine coupling constants

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Computational and NMR analyses for the identification of bound water molecules in ribonuclease T1

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Computational and conformational evaluation of FTase alternative substrates: insight into a novel enzyme binding pocket

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Computational and empirical trans-hydrogen bond deuterium isotope shifts suggest that N1-N3 A:U hydrogen bonds of RNA are shorter than those of A:T hydrogen bonds of DNA

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Computational and experimental investigation of the Diels-Alder cycloadditions of 4-chloro-2(H)-pyran-2-one

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Computational and experimental studies on the mechanism of the photochemical carbonylation of group 6 Fischer carbene complexes

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Computational and spectroscopic characterization of the molecular and electronic structure of the Pb(II)-quercetin complex

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Computational and theoretical methods to explore the relation between enzyme dynamics and catalysis

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Computational anthropomorphic models of the human anatomy: the path to realistic Monte Carlo modeling in radiological sciences

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Computational approach for modeling intra- and extracellular dynamics

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Computational approach to nuclear magnetic resonance in 1-Alkyl-3-methylimidazolium ionic liquids

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Computational approach to quantifying hemodynamic forces in giant cerebral aneurysms

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Computational approach to systems biology: from fraction to integration and beyond

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Computational approach to the basicity of a series of alpha1-adrenoceptor ligands in aqueous solution

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Computational approach to the physical chemistry of fullerenes and their derivatives

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Computational approach to the rational design of molecularly imprinted polymers for voltammetric sensing of homovanillic acid

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Computational approaches for investigating base flipping in oligonucleotides

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Computational approaches for modeling human intestinal absorption and permeability

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Computational approaches for pharmacogenomics

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Computational approaches for predicting protein-protein interactions: a survey

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Computational approaches to activity in rhodium-catalysed hydroformylation

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Computational approaches to analysis of DNA microarray data

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Computational approaches to fibril structure and formation

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Computational approaches to model ligand selectivity in drug design

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Computational approaches to motor control and their potential role for interpreting motor dysfunction

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Computational approaches to phenotyping: high-throughput phenomics

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Computational approaches to the determination of active site structures and reaction mechanisms in heterogeneous catalysts

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Computational approaches to the development of perceptual expertise

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Computational approaches to the prediction of blood-brain barrier permeability: A comparative analysis of central nervous system drugs versus secretase inhibitors for Alzheimer's disease

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Computational approaches to the study of dual-site and peripheral site binding ache inhibitors

Ditterich, J., 2006:
Computational approaches to visual decision making

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Computational approaches: reaction trajectories, structures, and atomic motions. Enzyme reactions and proficiency

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Computational aspects in modelling the interaction of low-energy X-rays with liquid scintillators

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Computational aspects of high-throughput crystallographic macromolecular structure determination

Iskander, D.Robert., 2006:
Computational aspects of the visual Strehl ratio

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Computational assessment of improved cell-kill by gadolinium-supplemented boron neutron capture therapy

Schöneboom, J.C.; Groetsch, S.; Christl, M.; Engels, B., 2003:
Computational assessment of the electronic structure of 1-azacyclohexa-2,3,5-triene (3 delta 2-1H-pyridine) and its benzo derivative (3 delta 2-1H-quinoline) as well as generation and interception of 1-methyl-3 delta 2-1H-quinoline

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Computational assessment of the entropy of solvation of small-sized hydrophobic entities

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Computational assignment of protein backbone NMR peaks by efficient bounding and filtering

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Computational assignment of the EC numbers for genomic-scale analysis of enzymatic reactions

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Computational biology in the study of cardiac ion channels and cell electrophysiology

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Computational biology. Counting on the neuron

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Computational biology: a propagating wave of interest

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Computational calibration method for optical tomography

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Computational cell biology

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Computational challenges in atomic, molecular and optical physics

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Computational characterization of a complete palladium-catalyzed cross-coupling process: the associative transmetalation in the Stille reaction

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Computational characterization of low-lying states and intramolecular charge transfers in N-phenylpyrrole and the planar-rigidized fluorazene

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Computational characterization of multiple Gag-like human proteins

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Computational characterization of proteins

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Computational chemistry and bioinformatics: grid computing for protein simulation

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Computational chemistry approach to protein kinase recognition using 3D stochastic van der Waals spectral moments

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Computational chemistry as an integral component of lead generation

Mestres, J., 2004:
Computational chemogenomics approaches to systematic knowledge-based drug discovery

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Computational classification of classically secreted proteins

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Computational comparison of cation coordination to human prion peptide models

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Computational complexity and fundamental limitations to fermionic quantum Monte Carlo simulations

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Computational complexity arising from degree correlations in networks

Cleeremans, A., 2005:
Computational correlates of consciousness

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Computational de novo design and characterization of a four-helix bundle protein that selectively binds a nonbiological cofactor

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Computational design and crystal structure of an enhanced affinity mutant human CD8 alphaalpha coreceptor

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Computational design and experimental performance testing of an axial-flow pediatric ventricular assist device

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Computational design and experimental testing of a novel axial flow LVAD

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Computational design for guided-mode grating resonances

Gao, D.; Cho, H.; Yang, W.; Pan, Y.; Yang, G.; Tai, H-Hsiung.; Zhan, C-Guo., 2005:
Computational design of a human butyrylcholinesterase mutant for accelerating cocaine hydrolysis based on the transition-state simulation

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Computational design of combinatorial peptide library for modulating protein-protein interactions

Nanda, V.; DeGrado, W.F., 2006:
Computational design of heterochiral peptides against a helical target

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Computational design of reduced metabolic networks

Shimazaki, K.; Ohnishi, A.; Nagasaka, Y., 2003:
Computational design of solar reflection and far-infrared transmission films for a variable emittance device

Abraham, E., 2003:
Computational design of variant TNF molecules: a novel methodology for inhibition of proinflammatory cascades

Aerts, S.; Van Loo, P.; Thijs, G.; Moreau, Y.; De Moor, B., 2003:
Computational detection of cis -regulatory modules

Bajic, V.B.; Brusic, V., 2004:
Computational detection of vertebrate RNA polymerase II promoters

Brown, T.N.; Mora-Diez, N., 2006:
Computational determination of aqueous pKa values of protonated benzimidazoles (Part 2)

Brown, T.N.; Mora-Diez, N., 2006:
Computational determination of aqueous pKa values of protonated benzimidazoles (part 1)

Eisert, J., 2007:
Computational difficulty of global variations in the density matrix renormalization group

Kueh, R.; Rahman, N.Abdul.; Merican, A.Feisal., 2003:
Computational docking of L-arginine and its structural analogues to C-terminal domain of Escherichia coli arginine repressor protein (ArgRc)

Nigg, D.W., 2003:
Computational dosimetry and treatment planning considerations for neutron capture therapy

Haworth, I.S., 2006:
Computational drug delivery

Pascual, M., 2005:
Computational ecology: from the complex to the simple and back

Kybic, J.; Smutek, D., 2007:
Computational elastography from standard ultrasound image sequences by global trust region optimization

Henley, I.E.; Fisher, A.C.; Compton, R.G.; Banks, C.E., 2006:
Computational electrochemistry: finite element simulation of a disk electrode with ultrasonic acoustic streaming

Chew, W.C., 2004:
Computational electromagnetics: the physics of smooth versus oscillatory fields

Clark, L.A.; Sierka, M.; Sauer, J., 2004:
Computational elucidation of the transition state shape selectivity phenomenon

Sattarivand, M.; Cunningham, I.A., 2005:
Computational engine for development of complex cascaded models of signal and noise in X-ray imaging systems

Rieth, M.; Schommers, W., 2003:
Computational engineering of metallic nanostructures and nanomachines

Bui, T.V.; Ter-Mikaelian, M.; Bedrossian, D.; Rose, P.Ken., 2005:
Computational estimation of the distribution of L-type Ca(2+) channels in motoneurons based on variable threshold of activation of persistent inward currents

Adachi, T., 2005:
Computational evaluation of mechanical properties of bone

Castro, C.; Karney, W.L.; Vu, C.M.H.; Burkhardt, S.E.; Valencia, M.A., 2005:
Computational evaluation of the evidence for tri-trans-[12]annulene

Sugiyama, H.; Adachi, N.; Kawauchi, S.; Kozasa, T.; Katayama, T.; Torigoe, H.; Ono, A.; Tamura, Y., 2006:
Computational evaluation of the specific interaction between cation and mismatch base pair

Chillemi, G.; Barone, V.; D'Angelo, P.; Mancini, G.; Persson, I.; Sanna, N., 2006:
Computational evidence for a variable first shell coordination of the cadmium(II) ion in aqueous solution

Vergenz, R.A.; Yazji, I.; Whittington, C.; Daw, J.; Tran, K.Tu., 2003:
Computational evidence for methyl-donated hydrogen bonds and hydrogen-bond networking in 1,2-ethanediol-dimethyl sulfoxide

Clemente, F.R.; Houk, K.N., 2004:
Computational evidence for the enamine mechanism of intramolecular aldol reactions catalyzed by proline

Yuan, H.; Petukhov, P.A., 2006:
Computational evidence for the ligand selectivity to the alpha4beta2 and alpha3beta4 nicotinic acetylcholine receptors

Janak, K.E.; Churchill, D.G.; Parkin, G., 2003:
Computational evidence that the inverse kinetic isotope effect for reductive elimination of methane from a tungstenocene methyl-hydride complex is associated with the inverse equilibrium isotope effect for formation of a sigma-complex intermediate

Kamachi, T.; Kihara, N.; Shiota, Y.; Yoshizawa, K., 2005:
Computational exploration of the catalytic mechanism of dopamine beta-monooxygenase: modeling of its mononuclear copper active sites

Sampedro, D., 2006:
Computational exploration of the photocycloaddition of imines to alkenes

Yamamoto, S.; Maruyama, S.; Nakahara, Y.; Yoneyama, S.; Tanifuji, S.; Wada, S.; Hamada, S.; Komizu, M.; Johkoh, T.; Doi, M.; Yamaguchi, T., 2006:
Computational flow dynamics in abdominal aortic aneurysm using multislice computed tomography

Bagchi, P.; Johnson, P.C.; Popel, A.S., 2006:
Computational fluid dynamic simulation of aggregation of deformable cells in a shear flow

Burgreen, G.W.; Loree, H.M.; Bourque, K.; Dague, C.; Poirier, V.L.; Farrar, D.; Hampton, E.; Wu, Z.Jon.; Gempp, T.M.; Schöb, R., 2004:
Computational fluid dynamics analysis of a maglev centrifugal left ventricular assist device

Nielsen, P.V., 2004:
Computational fluid dynamics and room air movement

Socci, L.; Gervaso, F.; Migliavacca, F.; Pennati, G.; Dubini, G.; Ait-Ali, L.; Festa, P.; Amoretti, F.; Scebba, L.; Luisi, V.Stefano., 2005:
Computational fluid dynamics in a model of the total cavopulmonary connection reconstructed using magnetic resonance images

Bove, E.L.; de Leval, M.R.; Migliavacca, F.; Guadagni, G.; Dubini, G., 2003:
Computational fluid dynamics in the evaluation of hemodynamic performance of cavopulmonary connections after the Norwood procedure for hypoplastic left heart syndrome

McCarthy, L.G.; Bradley, G.; Sexton, J.C.; Corrigan, O.I.; Healy, A.Marie., 2005:
Computational fluid dynamics modeling of the paddle dissolution apparatus: agitation rate, mixing patterns, and fluid velocities

Song, X.; Throckmorton, A.L.; Wood, H.G.; Antaki, J.F.; Olsen, D.B., 2003:
Computational fluid dynamics prediction of blood damage in a centrifugal pump

Greendyke, R.B.; Swain, J.; Scott, C.D., 2004:
Computational fluid dynamics simulation of laser-ablated carbon plume propagation in varying background gases for single-walled nanotube synthesis

Migliavacca, F.; Dubini, G.; Bove, E.L.; de Leval, M.R., 2004 :
Computational fluid dynamics simulations in realistic 3-D geometries of the total cavopulmonary anastomosis: the influence of the inferior caval anastomosis

Castro Ruiz, P.; Castro Ruiz, F.; Costas López, A.; Cenjor Español, C., 2005:
Computational fluid dynamics simulations of the airflow in the human nasal cavity

Gzil, P.; Baron, G.V.; Desmet, G., 2003:
Computational fluid dynamics simulations yielding guidelines for the ideal internal structure of monolithic liquid chromatography columns

Frauenfelder, T.; Lotfey, M.; Boehm, T.; Wildermuth, S., 2006:
Computational fluid dynamics: hemodynamic changes in abdominal aortic aneurysm after stent-graft implantation

Dors, I.G.; Parigger, C.G., 2003:
Computational fluid-dynamic model of laser-induced breakdown in air

Ambesi-Impiombato, A.; Bansal, M.; Liò, P.; di Bernardo, D., 2006:
Computational framework for the prediction of transcription factor binding sites by multiple data integration

Antiga, L.; Ene-Iordache, B.; Remuzzi, A., 2003:
Computational geometry for patient-specific reconstruction and meshing of blood vessels from MR and CT angiography

Chen, M.C.Y.; Lu, P-Chien.; Chen, J.S.Y.; Hwang, N.H.C., 2005:
Computational hemodynamics of an implanted coronary stent based on three-dimensional cine angiography reconstruction

Fox, D.J.; Velde, H.Tysver.; Preza, C.; O'Sullivan, J.A.; Smith, W.H.; Woolsey, T.A., 2006:
Computational hyperspectral interferometry for studies of brain function: proof of concept

Lai, E.C.; Tomancak, P.; Williams, R.W.; Rubin, G.M., 2003:
Computational identification of Drosophila microRNA genes

Wang, J-Ying.; Drlica, K., 2005:
Computational identification of antisense oligonucleotides that rapidly hybridize to RNA

Pajón, R.; Yero, D.; Lage, A.; Llanes, A.; Borroto, C.J., 2006:
Computational identification of beta-barrel outer-membrane proteins in Mycobacterium tuberculosis predicted proteomes as putative vaccine candidates

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Computational inference of the molecular logic for synaptic connectivity in C. elegans

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Computational insight into anti-mutagenic properties of CYP1A flavonoid ligands

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Computational insights into the acceptor chemistry of phosphenium cations

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Computational insights into the mechanism of radical generation in B12-dependent methylmalonyl-CoA mutase

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Computational integrative physiology: at the convergence of the life and computational sciences

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Computational intelligence in solving bioinformatics problems

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Computational intelligence-based optimisation of wastewater treatment plants

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Computational investigation and hydrogen/deuterium exchange of the fixed charge derivative tris(2,4,6-trimethoxyphenyl) phosphonium: implications for the aspartic acid cleavage mechanism

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Computational investigation of adsorption of molecular hydrogen on lithium-doped corannulene

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Computational investigation of hydrogen abstraction from 2-aminoethanol by the 1,5-dideoxyribose-5-yl radical: a model study of a reaction occurring in the active site of ethanolamine ammonia lyase

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Computational investigation of irreversible inactivation of the zinc-dependent protease carboxypeptidase A

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Computational investigation of order, structure, and dynamics in modified water models

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Computational investigation of the conrotatory and disrotatory isomerization channels of bicyclo[1.1.0]butane to buta-1,3-diene: a completely renormalized coupled-cluster study

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Computational investigation of the reactivity of a hexadienyne derivative

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Computational investigation of the vibrational and electronic states of S2N2

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Computational investigation of the weakly bound dimers HOX...SO(3) (X = F, Cl, Br)

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Computational investigations of pore forming peptide assemblies in lipid bilayers

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Computational irreducibility and the predictability of complex physical systems

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Computational lens for the near field

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Computational manufacturing as a bridge between design and production

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Computational method for multidimensional quantal dynamics of polynomially interacting oscillator systems

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Computational method for temporal pattern discovery in biomedical genomic databases

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Computational method for the quantum Hamilton-Jacobi equation: bound states in one dimension

Chou, C-Chun.; Wyatt, R.E., 2007:
Computational method for the quantum Hamilton-Jacobi equation: one-dimensional scattering problems

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Computational method of identifying medical complications based on Hospital Information System data

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Computational method to evaluate ankle postural stiffness with ground reaction forces

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Computational methods for alternative splicing prediction

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Computational methods for prediction of T-cell epitopes--a framework for modelling, testing, and applications

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Computational methods for protein-protein interaction and their application

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Computational methods for remote homolog identification

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Computational methods for the HZETRN code

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Computational methods for the analysis of differential conservation in groups of similar DNA sequences

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Computational methods for the identification and optimisation of high quality leads

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Computational methods for the study of enzymic reaction mechanisms III: a perturbation plus QM/MM approach for calculating relative free energies of protonation

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Computational methods for transcriptional regulation

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Computational methods in coupled electron-ion Monte Carlo simulations

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Computational methods in drug design: modeling G protein-coupled receptor monomers, dimers, and oligomers

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Computational methods in the development of a knowledge-based system for the prediction of solid catalyst performance

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Computational methods to produce enhanced images out of given SNOM raw data

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Computational methods to rationalize experimental strategies in biocatalysis

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Computational methods useful in analyzing series of binary data

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Computational microscopy in embryo imaging

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Computational model for early cardiac looping

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Computational model for neural representation of multiple disparities

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Computational model for the IGF-II/IGF2r complex that is predictive of mutational and surface plasmon resonance data

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Computational model of an adaptive rhythm generator within the olivocerebellar system

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Computational model of blood flow in the aorto-coronary bypass graft

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Computational model of hole transport in DNA

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Computational model of the migrating motor complex of the small intestine

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Computational model of the ventricular action potential in adult spontaneously hypertensive rats

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Computational model of vectorial potassium transport by cochlear marginal cells and vestibular dark cells

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Computational model to evaluate port wine stain depth profiling using pulsed photothermal radiometry

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Computational modeling approaches to structure-function analysis of G protein-coupled receptors

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Computational modeling of a dynamic knee simulator for reproduction of knee loading

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Computational modeling of a new fluorescent biosensor for caspase proteolytic activity improves dynamic range

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Computational modeling of arterial wall growth. Attempts towards patient-specific simulations based on computer tomography

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Computational modeling of cardiac ventricular action potentials in rat and mouse: review

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Computational modeling of cerebral diffusion-application to stroke imaging

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Computational modeling of di-transition-metal-substituted gamma-keggin polyoxometalate anions. Structural refinement of the protonated divacant lacunary silicodecatungstate

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Computational modeling of foveal target detection

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Computational modeling of healing: an application of the material force method

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Computational modeling of hysterical paralysis

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Computational modeling of mechanical anisotropy in the cornea and sclera

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Computational modeling of oligonucleotide positional densities for human promoter prediction

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Computational modeling of polyoxotungstates by relativistic DFT calculations of (183)W NMR chemical shifts

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Computational modeling of serum-binding proteins and clearance in extrapolations across life stages and species for endocrine active compounds

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Computational modeling of the mechanical behavior of the cerebrospinal fluid system

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Computational modeling of the propagation of light through liquid crystals containing twist disclinations based on the finite-difference time-domain method

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Computational modeling of type I collagen fibers to determine the extracellular matrix structure of connective tissues

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Computational modeling of vascular clamping: a step toward simulating surgery

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Computational modeling to predict effect of treatment schedule on drug delivery to prostate in humans

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Computational modelling of effect of tonsillectomy on voice production

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Computational modelling of the open-state Kv 1.5 ion channel block by bupivacaine

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Computational modelling of the receptor-tyrosine-kinase-activated MAPK pathway

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Computational models for predicting interactions with cytochrome p450 enzyme

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Computational models for prediction of IVF/ICSI outcomes with surgically retrieved spermatozoa

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Computational models for the helix tilt angle

Caflisch, A., 2006:
Computational models for the prediction of polypeptide aggregation propensity

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Computational models in image guided interventions

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Computational models of antiviral toxicity

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Computational models of collective behavior

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Computational models of oral and craniofacial development, growth, and repair

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Computational models of the basal ganglia: from robots to membranes

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Computational models of the hippocampal region: implications for prediction of risk for Alzheimer's disease in non-demented elderly

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Computational models of the hippocampal region: linking incremental learning and episodic memory

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Computational models of working memory: putting long-term memory into context

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Computational models to predict aqueous drug solubility, permeability and intestinal absorption

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Computational models to predict blood-brain barrier permeation and CNS activity

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Computational motor control and human factors: modeling movements in real and possible environments

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Computational motor control in humans and robots

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Computational neuroanatomy in sleep-disordered breathing and related disorders

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Computational neurogenetic modelling: a pathway to new discoveries in genetic neuroscience

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Computational observation of enhanced solvation of the hydroxyl radical with increased NaCl concentration

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Computational optical biopsy

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Computational physics: a perspective

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Computational prediction and experimental evaluation of a photoinduced electron-transfer sensor

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Computational prediction of binding hotspots

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Computational prediction of cis-regulatory modules from multispecies alignments using Galaxy, Table Browser, and GALA

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Computational prediction of human drug metabolism

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Computational prediction of human metabolic pathways from the complete human genome

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Computational prediction of operons in Synechococcus sp. WH8102

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Computational prediction of protein-protein interactions

Bublil, E.M.; Yeger-Azuz, S.; Gershoni, J.M., 2006:
Computational prediction of the cross-reactive neutralizing epitope corresponding to the [corrected] monclonal [corrected] antibody b12 specific for HIV-1 gp120

Bulyk, M.L., 2004:
Computational prediction of transcription-factor binding site locations

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Computational predictions of stable 2D arrays of bidisperse particles

Kawaji, H., 2005:
Computational predictions of transcription factor binding sites

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Computational principles of working memory in sentence comprehension

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Computational probes of molecular motion in the Lewis-Wahnstrom model for ortho-terphenyl

Rosenberg, M.; Goldblum, A., 2006:
Computational protein design: a novel path to future protein drugs

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Computational rationalization of the dependence of the enantioselectivity on the nature of the catalyst in the vanadium-catalyzed oxidation of sulfides by hydrogen peroxide

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Computational representation of Alzheimer's disease evolution applied to a cooking activity

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Computational screening of combinatorial catalyst libraries

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Computational screening of phthalate monoesters for binding to PPARgamma

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Computational simulation of intracoronary flow based on real coronary geometry

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Computational simulation of penetrating trauma in biological soft tissues using the material point method

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Computational simulation of therapeutic parent artery occlusion to treat giant vertebrobasilar aneurysm

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Computational simulations of airflow in an in vitro model of the pediatric upper airways

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Computational simulations of the human magneto- and electroenterogram

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Computational simulations of vocal fold vibration: Bernoulli versus Navier-Stokes

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Computational singular perturbation analysis of two-stage ignition of large hydrocarbons

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Computational spectroscopy of helium-solvated molecules: effective inertia, from small He clusters toward the nanodroplet regime

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Computational spectroscopy of ubiquitin: comparison between theory and experiments

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Computational steering in Monte Carlo simulations of thin film polystyrene

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Computational strategies for a four-component Dirac-Kohn-Sham program: implementation and first applications

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Computational strategies for analyzing data in gene expression microarray experiments

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Computational strategies for evaluating barrier heights for gas-phase reactions of lithium enolates

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Computational strategy for discovering druggable gene networks from genome-wide RNA expression profiles

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Computational studies and drug design for HIV-1 reverse transcriptase inhibitors of 3',4'-di-O-(S)-camphanoyl-(+)-cis-khellactone (DCK) analogs

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Computational studies of (HIO3) isomers and the HO2 + IO reaction pathways

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Computational studies of 13C NMR chemical shifts of saccharides

Gómez-Balderas, R.; Raffa, D.F.; Rickard, G.A.; Brunelle, P.; Rauk, A., 2006:
Computational studies of Cu(II)/Met and Cu(I)/Met binding motifs relevant for the chemistry of Alzheimer's disease

Harrison, C.B.; O'Neil, L.L.; Wiest, O., 2006:
Computational studies of DNA photolyase

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Computational studies of carbon nanotube-hydrocarbon bond strengths at nanotube ends: effect of link heteroatom and hydrocarbon structure

Tafi, A.; Angeli, L.; Venturini, G.; Travagli, M.; Corelli, F.; Botta, M., 2006:
Computational studies of competitive inhibitors of nitric oxide synthase (NOS) enzymes: towards the development of powerful and isoform-selective inhibitors

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Computational studies of enzyme mechanism: linking theory with experiment in the analysis of enzymic H-tunnelling

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Computational studies of ethynyl- and diethynyl-expanded tetrahedranes, prismanes, cubanes, and adamantanes

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Computational studies of molecular hydrogen binding affinities: the role of dispersion forces, electrostatics, and orbital interactions

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Computational studies of new potential antimalarial compounds--stereoelectronic complementarity with the receptor

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Computational studies of nucleophilic attack and protonation of electron-deficient benzoheterocycle triosmium clusters

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Computational studies of nucleophilic substitution at carbonyl carbon: the S(N)2 mechanism versus the tetrahedral intermediate in organic synthesis

Hwang, D.Kun.; Rey, A.D., 2006:
Computational studies of optical textures of twist disclination loops in liquid-crystal films by using the finite-difference time-domain method

Petrini, L.; Migliavacca, F.; Massarotti, P.; Schievano, S.; Dubini, G.; Auricchio, F., 2005:
Computational studies of shape memory alloy behavior in biomedical applications

Bühl, M.; Hnyk, Dír.; Machacek, J., 2007:
Computational studies of structures and properties of metallaboranes. Part 3: protonated iron bis(dicarbollide), [3-Fe-(1,2-C2B9H11)2H]-

Fiedler, A.T.; Brunold, T.C., 2005:
Computational studies of the H-cluster of Fe-only hydrogenases: geometric, electronic, and magnetic properties and their dependence on the [Fe4S4] cubane

Saukkoriipi, J.; Sillanpää, A.; Laasonen, K., 2005:
Computational studies of the cationic aluminium(chloro) hydroxides by quantum chemical ab initio methods

Tai, H-Chung.; Lim, C., 2006:
Computational studies of the coordination stereochemistry, bonding, and metal selectivity of mercury

Salem, J.E.; Stanley, W.C.; Cabrera, M.E., 2004:
Computational studies of the effects of myocardial blood flow reductions on cardiac metabolism

Puzder, A.; Williamson, A.J.; Grossman, J.C.; Galli, G., 2003:
Computational studies of the optical emission of silicon nanocrystals

Gascón, Jé.A.; Sproviero, E.M.; Batista, V.S., 2006:
Computational studies of the primary phototransduction event in visual rhodopsin

Lam, W.Han.; Gaspar, P.P.; Hrovat, D.A.; Trieber, D.A.; Davidson, E.R.; Borden, W.Thatcher., 2005:
Computational studies of the thermal fragmentation of P-arylphosphiranes: have arylphosphinidenes been generated by this method?

Knaup, J.M.; Köhler, C.; Frauenheim, T.; Blumenau, A.T.; Amkreutz, M.; Schiffels, P.; Schneider, B.; Hennemann, O-Diedrich., 2006:
Computational studies on polymer adhesion at the surface of gamma-Al2O3. I. The adsorption of adhesive component molecules from the gas phase

Xu, X-Juan.; Xiao, H-Ming.; Ju, X-Hai.; Gong, X-Dong.; Zhu, W-Hua., 2006:
Computational studies on polynitrohexaazaadmantanes as potential high energy density materials

Grabuleda, X.; Ivanov, P.; Jaime, C., 2003:
Computational studies on pseudorotaxanes by molecular dynamics and free energy perturbation simulations

Cheng, M-Jeng.; Cheng, H-Mei.; Chu, S-Yan., 2006:
Computational studies on stable triplet states of heteroacetylenes and the effects of halogen substituents

Buñuel, E.; Marco-Martínez, J.; Díaz-Tendero, S.; Martín, F.; Alcamí, M.; Cárdenas, D.J., 2006:
Computational studies on the cyclization of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the synthesis of curved aromatic derivatives

Schreiner, P.R.; Navarro-Vázquez, A.; Prall, M., 2005:
Computational studies on the cyclizations of enediynes, enyne-allenes, and related polyunsaturated systems

Guner, V.Adar.; Houk, K.N.; Davies, I.W., 2004:
Computational studies on the electrocyclizations of 1-amino-1,3,5-hexatrienes

Li, Y.; Vo, C.K., 2006:
Computational studies on the ground and excited states of BrOOBr

Xu, Z.F.; Lin, M.C., 2007:
Computational studies on the kinetics and mechanisms for NH3 reactions with ClOx (x = 0-4) radicals

Lam, W.Han.; Cheng, E.Chung-Chin.; Yam, V.Wing-Wah., 2006:
Computational studies on the photophysical properties and NMR fluxionality of the tetranuclear copper(I) complexes [Cu4(mu-dppm)4(mu4-E)]2+ (E = PPh and S)

Eskandari Nasrabad, A.; Laghaei, R., 2006:
Computational studies on thermodynamic properties, effective diameters, and free volume of argon using an ab initio potential

Caramori, G.F.; Galembeck, Sérgio.E., 2007:
Computational study about through-bond and through-space interactions in [2.2]cyclophanes

López, C.Silva.; Faza, O.Nieto.; de Lera, A.R., 2006:
Computational study and analysis of the kinetic isotope effects of the rearrangement of cis-bicyclo[4.2.0]oct-7-ene to cis,cis-cycloocta-1,3-diene

Notario, R.; Roux, Mía.Victoria.; Cuevas, G.; Cardenas, J.; Leyva, Vónica.; Juaristi, E., 2006:
Computational study of 1,3-dithiane 1,1-dioxide (1,3-dithiane sulfone). Description of the inversion process and manifestation of stereoelectronic effects on 1JC-H coupling constants

Pulido, A.; Sastre, G.; Corma, A., 2006:
Computational study of 19F NMR spectra of double four ring-containing Si/Ge-zeolites

Gómez-Hortigüela, L.; Corà, F.; Catlow, C.Richard.A.; Pérez-Pariente, Jín., 2006:
Computational study of a chiral supramolecular arrangement of organic structure directing molecules for the AFI structure

Grigorenko, B.L.; Nemukhin, A.V.; Cachau, R.E.; Topol, I.A.; Burt, S.K., 2005:
Computational study of a transition state analog of phosphoryl transfer in the Ras-RasGAP complex: AlF(x) versus MgF3-

Joo, H.; Shevlin, P.B.; McKee, M.L., 2006:
Computational study of carbon atom (3P and 1D) reaction with CH2O. Theoretical evaluation of 1B1 methylene production by C (1D)

Cappelli, C.; Bronco, S.; Monti, S., 2005:
Computational study of conformational and chiroptical properties of (2R,3S,4R)-(+)-3,3',4,4',7-flavanpentol

Lee, H-Jin.; Kim, J.Hyun.; Jung, H.Jung.; Kim, K-Young.; Kim, E-Jung.; Choi, Y-Sang.; Yoon, C-Ju., 2003:
Computational study of conformational preferences of thioamide-containing azaglycine peptides

Lal, B., 2007:
Computational study of enantioselective interaction between C60 fullerene and its derivatives with L-histidine

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Computational study of ground-state chiral induction in small peptides: comparison of the relative stability of selected amino acid dimers and oligomers in homochiral and heterochiral combinations

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Computational study of the Stone-Wales transformation in C36

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Computational study of the vibrational spectra of alpha- and beta-Keggin polyoxometalates

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Computational study on the mechanism and rate constant for the C6H5 + C6H5NO reaction

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Computational tool to model the packing of polycyclic chains: structural analysis of amorphous polythiophene

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Computational tools for analysing structural changes in proteins in solution

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Computed Tomography-guided Drainage of Intra-abdominal Infections

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Computed tomographic angiography and magnetic resonance angiography were specific, but could not rule out renal artery stenosis

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Computed tomographic assisted study of morphological changes in the sutural areas as resulting from obliteration

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Computed tomographic cardiovascular imaging

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Computed tomographic colonography without cathartic preparation performed well in detecting colorectal polyps

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Computed tomographic coronary angiography: how many slices do you need?

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Computed tomographic findings in bourneville-pringle disease

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