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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 48636

Chapter 48636 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Doermann, E.L.; Meffley, W.H., 1953:
Conservative therapy of carotid body tumors

Mannes; Gyselen, 1952:
Conservative therapy of cavernous tuberculosis by absolute bed rest and antibiotics

Reisner, H., 1963:
Conservative therapy of cerebral apoplexy

Reisner, H., 1961:
Conservative therapy of cerebral circulatory disorders

Dosal, A.F.; Del Pinal, J.L.; Gomez-Mantilla, J.M., 1953:
Conservative therapy of cholecystitis

Lyndrup, S.; Kristensen, K., 1957:
Conservative therapy of cholecystitis; complications & late results

Mueller, E.A., 1952:
Conservative therapy of chronic gynecological diseases; avoidance of mutilating operations

Fric, P., 2006:
Conservative therapy of chronic pancreatitis

Mulfay, L., 1958:
Conservative therapy of chronic suppuration of the maxillary sinus

Iankov, G., 1957:
Conservative therapy of chronic suppurative otitis media

Lewandowski, H., 1954:
Conservative therapy of complicated inflammations of the mastoid process

Benesova, M., 1960:
Conservative therapy of congenital dislocation of the hip in the I. Ortopedicka klinika in Prague

Dega, W., 1953:
Conservative therapy of congenital hip dislocation

Starfinger, W., 1952:
Conservative therapy of cryptorchism

Arlotta, A., 1953:
Conservative therapy of cystic adamantinomas of the mandible

Francillon, M.R., 1950:
Conservative therapy of discal hernias

Dykova, H.; Havranek, F.; Vosatka, F., 1961:
Conservative therapy of discharges from the cervix uteri

Helcl, J., 1954:
Conservative therapy of diseases of the dental pulp

Pieper, K., 1950:
Conservative therapy of disorders of the peripheral circulation

Hnevkovsky, O., 1959:
Conservative therapy of dysplasia coxae congenita

Jellinek, S., 1952:
Conservative therapy of electric injuries as the way of nature

Jellinek, S., 1952:
Conservative therapy of electrical injury, the natural way

Dreyer, R., 1957:
Conservative therapy of epilepsy

Slavik, J., 1953:
Conservative therapy of equinovarus in general practice

Naegeli, T., 1952:
Conservative therapy of esophageal erosions and consequences

Schiedt, E., 1953:
Conservative therapy of esophageal erosions and their sequels

Delong, V.; Dolenek, D.A., 1956:
Conservative therapy of experimental lime burns of the eye

Bianco, T., 1952:
Conservative therapy of extensive lacerations of the face

Chodounska, H.; Drechsler, B.; Obrda, K., 1956:
Conservative therapy of facial paralysis

Horcicka, L.; Chmel, R.; Novácková, M., 2005:
Conservative therapy of female urinary incontinence--potential and effect

Boller, R., 1951:
Conservative therapy of gallbladder diseases and its limitations

Pavlovsky, A.J., 1952:
Conservative therapy of gastric or duodenal perforated ulcer

Casser, H-Raimund., 2004:
Conservative therapy of gonarthrosis. Cooling, elevation and inhibiting inflammation (interview by Dr. Judith Neumaier)

Gol'dshtein, M.I., 1952:
Conservative therapy of hypertrophic rhinitis

Kersting, B., 1952:
Conservative therapy of ileostomy fistula

Schrattenbach, V., 1953:
Conservative therapy of incontinence of urine in woman

Nagy, F., 2003:
Conservative therapy of inflammatory bowel diseases

Hajek, O., 1952:
Conservative therapy of insufficiency of anal and bladder sphincter

Giuliani, K., 1951:
Conservative therapy of intervertebral disk lesions (indications, methods, early and late results, observations of postoperative lesions and recurrences)

Pugachev, A.G.; Tikhonov, I.A., 1960:
Conservative therapy of invagination in children

Brautigam, H.H.; Dibbelt, L., 1957:
Conservative therapy of late pregnancy toxemias

Finke, L., 1956:
Conservative therapy of late pregnancy toxicoses

Nedvidek, B.; Nikasinovic, Z., 1958:
Conservative therapy of lumbar diskopathies

Mulfay, L.; Torok, F., 1958:
Conservative therapy of mastoiditis

Kierzek, A., 2003:
Conservative therapy of mastoiditis and therapeutical indications of mastoidectomy until the end of XIX century. The achievements of Varsovian physicians

Fior, R.; Pincini, G., 1958:
Conservative therapy of maxillary sinusitis with permanent catheters

Bader, M., 1958:
Conservative therapy of mediastinitis after artificial perforation of the esophagus

Nejedlo, V., 1961:
Conservative therapy of mesotympanic perforations of the eardrum

Voellmy, W.; Reiniger, M., 1953:
Conservative therapy of non-specific pleural empyema

Klenka, L.; Klima, M., 1952:
Conservative therapy of ocular burns with ronicol

Gruber, L.V., 1955:
Conservative therapy of old dislocations of the shoulder

Wlodyka, J., 1961:
Conservative therapy of orbital complications in diseases of the paranasal sinuses in children

Keresztesi, K., 1954:
Conservative therapy of oroantral fistula

Klimesko, V.; Oprishan, G.; Antonesko, D., 1962:
Conservative therapy of osteoarticular tuberculosis in children and adults. (Late results)

Seyfried, A., 1954:
Conservative therapy of paralytic spinal curvatures

Levin, G.Z.; Svetlichnyi, V.A., 1962:
Conservative therapy of patients with acute disorders of cerebral circulation

Pavlovsky, A.J., 1952:
Conservative therapy of perforated gastroduodenal ulcer

Friedrich, L., 1951:
Conservative therapy of perforated peptic ulcer

Vernengo, M.J.; Goni Moreno, I., 1952:
Conservative therapy of perforated ulcer of the stomach and duodenum

Malawski, S., 1958:
Conservative therapy of periarticular tuberculous foci in children

Weskott, H.R., 1959:
Conservative therapy of peripheral circulation disorders

Behre, R., 1959:
Conservative therapy of peripheral circulatory disorders

Dobkin, A.B.; Lamoureux, L.; Gilbert, R.G., 1954:
Conservative therapy of peripheral vascular disease and the use of largactil (RP 4560, M & B 2378 and 2601A SKF) a preliminary clinical report on a quick recording multisensing thermometer and a drug of wide diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities

Biernacki, A., 1958:
Conservative therapy of peripheral vascular diseases

Smialowska-Kedziowa, K.; Piotrowicz-Kasprzakowa, K.; Kedzia, T., 1958:
Conservative therapy of peripheral vascular diseases based on observations of the outpatient clinic of peripheral vascular diseases at the 3rd Surgical Clinic, Medical Academy in Lodź

Burgio, G.R., 1952:
Conservative therapy of peritonitis due to perforation in typhoid

Buonomo La Rossa, B., 1952:
Conservative therapy of poisoning with barbiturates

Bauer, H., 1959:
Conservative therapy of preclimacteric disorders of the estrus cycle & of the uterus myomatosus

Sedrenok, S.G., 1960:
Conservative therapy of priapism

Gobel, H., 1951:
Conservative therapy of prostate carcinoma with female sex hormone

Muth, H.W., 1950:
Conservative therapy of pulmonary abscess

Tremblay, V., 1952:
Conservative therapy of pulpitis or periodontitis

Wahl, H., 1956:
Conservative therapy of recent caustic burns of the eye

Friedhoff, E., 1953:
Conservative therapy of renal tuberculosis

Pankow, M., 1959:
Conservative therapy of retained dead fetus with orally administered stilbenes

Maskova, M., 1962:
Conservative therapy of scolioses in children

Luger, A., 1963:
Conservative therapy of skin carcinomas

Stapf, M., 1961:
Conservative therapy of spontaneous pneumothorax

Chang, W-H.; Chen, C-H.; Yu, M-H., 2005:
Conservative therapy of stage I endometrial adenocarcinoma and atypical endometrial hyperplasia for the preservation of fertility

Nilsen, P.A., 1953:
Conservative therapy of stress incontinence in women

Lewenfisz, H., 1956:
Conservative therapy of subacute and chronic suppurative frontal sinusitis with the aid of external drainage through a celophane tube

Vitebskii, I.D., 1953:
Conservative therapy of subdiaphragmatic abscess

Chwat, S.; Pietraszun, R., 1957:
Conservative therapy of suppurations of the prostate

Slowikowski, J., 1956:
Conservative therapy of suppurative mastitis with penicillin and streptomycin

Schmidt, R., 1952:
Conservative therapy of the cataract

Papernitzki, A., 1953:
Conservative therapy of the intervertebral disk injuries

Rehbein, F.; Duben, W., 1952:
Conservative therapy of the inveterated fracture and the pseudarthrosis of the lunatum

Happel, P.; Baker, A., 1952:
Conservative therapy of the prolapsed disc

Weber, E., 1953:
Conservative therapy of the spinal root compression syndrome

Heller, L., 1951:
Conservative therapy of toxemias of pregnancy

Ahrens, G., 1962:
Conservative therapy of traumatic injuries of remaining deciduous teeth

Sumanovac, Z., 1954:
Conservative therapy of trigeminal neuralgia with novocaine block

Jekler, 1953:
Conservative therapy of tuberculosis of the hip

Dobrzynski, Z., 1953 :
Conservative therapy of tuberculous empyema

Bremm, K., 1954:
Conservative therapy of tuberculous spondylitis

Grassl, E., 1957:
Conservative therapy of typhoid carriers; therapeutic suggestion

Sprueth, G.; Noecker, J., 1962:
Conservative therapy of ulcerative colitis

Merget, R., 1952:
Conservative therapy of ureteral cauculi of low location

Geissbühler, V.; Eberhard, J., 2003:
Conservative therapy of urinary incontinence and bladder complaints in the woman

Narik, G.; Palmrich, A.H., 1956:
Conservative therapy of urine incontinence in women by means of sclerotherapy

Arnoldi, C.C., 1959:
Conservative therapy of varicose ulcers

Sunder-Plassmann, P., 1958:
Conservative therapy or surgery of thyroid disorders

Herzberg, R.; Jahna, H.; Krosl, W., 1956:
Conservative therapy or surgery of torsion fractures of the lower leg?

Lasagna, C., 1955:
Conservative therapy with N2

Keers, R.Y.; Gowar, F.J., 1953:
Conservative thoracoplasty with extrafascial refills

Majewski, A.; Wolan, T., 1956:
Conservative thoracoplasty with suture of the upper lobe

De Almeida, B., 1952:
Conservative tonsil surgery

Capaccio, P.; Bottero, A.; Pompilio, M.; Ottaviani, F., 2005:
Conservative transoral removal of hilar submandibular salivary calculi

Sferra, P., 1950:
Conservative transperitoneal cesarean section with fistulization of the uterus in the treatment of septic dystocia

Kovacs, F., 1950:
Conservative treatment and prevention of uterine injuries following curettage

Kovacs, F., 1951:
Conservative treatment and prophylaxis of abortion injuries

Conservative treatment and recovery in two cases of aortic embolism

Paternostro-Sluga, T.; Zöch, C., 2004:
Conservative treatment and rehabilitation of shoulder problems

Cheruvu, C.V.N.; Clarke, M.G.; Prentice, M.; Eyre-Brook, I.A., 2003:
Conservative treatment as an option in the management of pancreatic pseudocyst

Liu, Y-Chih.; Lue, K-Huang.; Lu, K-Hsiu., 2006:
Conservative treatment for a symptomatic solitary ganglion cyst of the anterior meniscus invading into the infrapatellar fat pad

Maruyama, T.; Kitagawa, T.; Takeshita, K.; Mochizuki, K.; Nakamura, K., 2004:
Conservative treatment for adolescent idiopathic scoliosis: can it reduce the incidence of surgical treatment?

De La Pena, A.; Valdes, R.; Cavanaugh, R.J.; Oliveros, M., 1961:
Conservative treatment for cancer of the prostate

Serkies, K.; Bednaruk-Mlynski, E.; Dziadziuszko, R.; Jassem, J., 2003:
Conservative treatment for carcinoma of the anus--a report of 35 patients

Yoshimatsu, H.; Nagata, K.; Goto, H.; Sonoda, K.; Ando, N.; Imoto, H.; Mashima, T.; Takamiya, Y., 2003:
Conservative treatment for cervical spondylotic myelopathy. prediction of treatment effects by multivariate analysis

Poolman, R.W.; Goslings, J.C.; Lee, J.B.; Statius Muller, M.; Steller, E.P.; Struijs, P.A.A., 2005:
Conservative treatment for closed fifth (small finger) metacarpal neck fractures

Altomare, D.F., 2003:
Conservative treatment for hemorrhoids

Mena Mateos, A.; García Villanueva, A.; Moreno Montes, I.; Collado Guirao, Mía.Vicenta.; Rojo Blanco, R., 2006:
Conservative treatment for infiltrating breast cancer. Ten years follow-up experience

Vanhaesebrouck, S.; Zonnenberg, I.; Vandervoort, P.; Bruneel, E.; Van Hoestenberghe, M-Rose.; Theyskens, C., 2007:
Conservative treatment for patent ductus arteriosus in the preterm

Rintaro, T.; Kiyotaka, M.; Minoru, K., 2005:
Conservative treatment for root fracture located very close to gingiva

Toritsuka, Y.; Horibe, S.; Hiro-Oka, A.; Mitsuoka, T.; Nakamura, N., 2003:
Conservative treatment for rugby football players with an acute isolated posterior cruciate ligament injury

Ginn, K.A.; Cohen, M.L., 2004:
Conservative treatment for shoulder pain: prognostic indicators of outcome

Slampa, P.; Kost'áková, G.; Hynková, L.; Růzicková, J.; Horová, H.; Jezková, B., 2004:
Conservative treatment for the penis carcinoma

Crosby, C.A.; Wehbé, M.A., 2004:
Conservative treatment for thoracic outlet syndrome

Paulino, F.; Leite, C.S., 1958:
Conservative treatment in a case of postoperative digestive fistula

Morice, P.; Leblanc, E.; Rey, A.; Baron, M.; Querleu, D.; Blanchot, Jérôme.; Duvillard, P.; Lhommé, C.; Castaigne, D.; Classe, J.Marc.; Bonnier, P., 2005:
Conservative treatment in epithelial ovarian cancer: results of a multicentre study of the GCCLCC (Groupe des Chirurgiens de Centre de Lutte Contre le Cancer) and SFOG (Société Francaise d'Oncologie Gynécologique)

Rieger, M.; Di Martino, E.; Westhofen, M., 2004:
Conservative treatment in mild obstructive sleep apnea: comparison of theophylline and nasal continous positive airway pressure ventilation

Luijsterburg, P.A.J.; Verhagen, A.P.; Ostelo, R.W.J.G.; van den Hoogen, H.J.M.M.; Peul, W.C.; Avezaat, C.J.J.; Koes, B.W., 2004:
Conservative treatment in patients with an acute lumbosacral radicular syndrome: design of a randomised clinical trial [ISRCTN68857256

Rutynowska-Pronicka, O.; Hautz, W.; Brozyna, A.; Dembowska-Bagińska, B.; Drogosiewicz, M.; Stypińska, M.; Perek, D., 2007:
Conservative treatment in patients with unilateral retinoblastoma

Ropes, M.W., 1961:
Conservative treatment in rheumatoid arthritis

Mignot, A., 1955:
Conservative treatment in severe infected pseudarthrosis and osteoarthritis as sequels of war wounds

Pieper, K., 1950:
Conservative treatment methods of peripheral circulatory disorders; a critical summary of therapeutic measures

Malinowski, A.; Maciołek-Blewniewska, G.; Szaflik, K.; Cieślak, Jław.; Pawłowski, T., 2004:
Conservative treatment of 12-week cervical pregnancy

Rachet, M., 1951:
Conservative treatment of 8 teeth by apicoectomy during the excision of cyst of the periodontium and palate

Steenvoorde, P.; van Lieshout, A.P.W.; Oskam, J., 2005:
Conservative treatment of a closed fracture of the clavicle complicated by pneumothorax: a case report

Kriukov, A.I.; Shostak, N.A.; Turovskiĭ, A.B.; Zhukhovitskiĭ, V.G.; Eliseev, O.V., 2005:
Conservative treatment of a common form of chronic tonsillitis: analysis of efficacy

Fernández, E.M.López-Tomassetti.; Malagón, A.Martín.; Arteaga, Ián.; Díaz, Hógenes.; Carrillo, A., 2005:
Conservative treatment of a huge abdominal wall hematoma after laparoscopic appendectomy

Viollet, P., 1957 :
Conservative treatment of a huge dilatation of the right urinary tract, with deficiency of the left; ureterocystoplasty; favorable remote results

Di Muria, A.; Formisano, V.; Aveta, M.; Marano, A.; Giglio, D., 2004:
Conservative treatment of a large retroperitoneal hematoma following extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL): case report and literature review

Mboyo, A.; Flurin, V.; Foulet-Roge, A.; Bah, G.; Orain, I.; Weil, D., 2004:
Conservative treatment of a mesenteric lymphangiomyomatosis in an 11-year-old girl with a long follow-up period

Ferrantelli, J.R.; Harrison, D.E.; Harrison, D.D.; Stewart, D., 2005:
Conservative treatment of a patient with previously unresponsive whiplash-associated disorders using clinical biomechanics of posture rehabilitation methods

Haas, J.W.; Harrison, D.E.; Harrison, D.D.; Bymers, B., 2005:
Conservative treatment of a patient with syringomyelia using chiropractic biophysics protocols

Delbem, A.C.B.; Cunha, R.F.; Vieira, A.E.M.; Pugliesi, D.M.C., 2004:
Conservative treatment of a radicular cyst in a 5-year-old child: a case report

Madrid García, F.Javier.; Madroñero Cuevas, Cón.; Rivas Escudero, Jé.Antonio.; Parra Muntaner, L.; Monsalve Rodríguez, M.; García Alonso, Jús., 2004:
Conservative treatment of a seminal vesicle abscess. Report of one case

Rouel, 1954:
Conservative treatment of a voluminous coronodental cyst in a 9 year old child

Kniemeyer, H.; Reber, P., 2003:
Conservative treatment of acute embolism occlusions of the carotid bifurcation

Ernst, S.; Roedel, C.; Frauchiger, B., 2003 :
Conservative treatment of acute embolisms of the carotid bifurcation

Mayerle, J.; Simon, P.; Kraft, M.; Meister, T.; Lerch, M.M., 2003:
Conservative treatment of acute pancreatitis

Sokol, S., 1952:
Conservative treatment of acute perforated ulcer of stomach and duodenum

Czigany, J., 1959:
Conservative treatment of acute purulent sinusitis with irrigations of penicillin-hyaluronidase solution

GURFINKEL, M.; de MELLO, E., 1959:
Conservative treatment of acute renal insufficiency. (Presentation of a case)

Bergara, C., 1951:
Conservative treatment of adamantinomas

Stottner, W., 1955:
Conservative treatment of an arterial embolism of the left arm with a stellatum block

Pencavel, T.D.; Singh-Ranger, G.; Crinnion, J.N., 2006:
Conservative treatment of an early aortic graft infection due to Acinetobacter baumanii

Moukarram, H.; Chia, K.V., 2006:
Conservative treatment of an immature ovarian teratoma with gliomatosis peritonei

Boseley, M.E.; Myers, K.V., 2003:
Conservative treatment of an obstructing vocal fold granuloma

Baden, H.; Harrestrup Andersen, A., 1950:
Conservative treatment of anuria in cases of lower nephron nephrosis

Nguyen-Hum; Vuong-Quang-Truong; Phan-Ha-Thanh, 1955:
Conservative treatment of arterial traumatism due to firearms

Nguyen-Huu; Phan-Ha-Thanh, 1955:
Conservative treatment of arterial wounds caused by fire arms

Wolffe, J.B.; Koellner, M., 1959:
Conservative treatment of arteriosclerosis obliterans of the abdominal aorta; the most frequent cause of the Leriche syndrome

Mueller, H.A., 1960:
Conservative treatment of benign tumors

Caissel, J., 1962:
Conservative treatment of bilateral hydronephrosis on a horseshoe kidney

Horwich, A.; Huddart, R., 2004:
Conservative treatment of bladder cancer

Bowers, R.F.; Gompertz, M.L., 1962:
Conservative treatment of bleeding peptic ulcer: fourteen years' experience

Geisler, E., 1953:
Conservative treatment of brain abscess by local penicillin administration

Sorrentino, S.; Scappin, S.; Coppa, F.; Citta, P.; Caria, G.M., 2006:
Conservative treatment of breast carcinoma in small breasts: new minimally invasive surgical technique

Gongora, E.; Green, L.; Pacheco, C.; Rivero, O., 1956:
Conservative treatment of bronchopleural fistula after pulmonary resection

Hwu, Y-Ming.; Hsu, C-Yuan.; Yang, H-Yu., 2005:
Conservative treatment of caesarean scar pregnancy with transvaginal needle aspiration of the embryo

Rieben, W., 1952:
Conservative treatment of calculi remaining after surgery for hepatico-choledocholithiasis

Hall, I.S., 1953:
Conservative treatment of cancer of the larynx

Peightal, T.C.; Brandes, W.W.; Crawford, D.B.; Dakin, E.S., 1955:
Conservative treatment of carcinoma in situ of the cervix; a clinical and cytopathological study

Pool, T.L.; Thompson, G.J., 1956:
Conservative treatment of carcinoma of the prostate

Creevy, C.D., 1958:
Conservative treatment of carcinoma of the prostate gland

Schafer, W., 1954:
Conservative treatment of carcinoma of the prostate with organ-specific chemotherapy

Fidler, A.; Parent, P., 1954:
Conservative treatment of cardiac infarct

Sandhofer, J.; Mayer, P.K., 1954:
Conservative treatment of cavernous pulmonary tuberculosis

Hogan, W.J., 1950:
Conservative treatment of cellulitis of left mandible

Suy, E., 1962 :
Conservative treatment of cerebral arteriosclerosis

Burnham, P.J., 1960:
Conservative treatment of certain fractures in the hand

Schmid, H.H., 1950:
Conservative treatment of cervical cancer in exceptional cases

Mazouni, C.; Porcu, G.; Haddad, O.; Dalès, J-Philippe.; Taranger-Charpin, C.; Piana, L.; Bonnier, P., 2005:
Conservative treatment of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia using a cold-knife section technique

Starr, D.E., 1961:
Conservative treatment of cervical spine injuries

Adamski, J.; Baranczak, Z.; Dobek, M.; Krajnik, J.; Ziołkiewicz, T., 1955:
Conservative treatment of cervicofacial actinomycosis with para-aminosalicylic acid and isonicotinic acid hydrazid based on bacteriological findings

Hoffmann-Axthelm, W.; Zellner, R., 1954:
Conservative treatment of chronic arthropathies of the temporomandibular joints

Elia, C.J., 1960:
Conservative treatment of chronic mastoiditis

Apperti, M.; Masella, A.; Sabia, D.; Verde, I., 2004:
Conservative treatment of chronic obstructive arterial disease with iloprost and physical training: assessment of results in 5 years of a study with 360 patients

Schneider, A.; Singer, M.V., 2005:
Conservative treatment of chronic pancreatitis

Bogomil'skii, M.R., 1959 :
Conservative treatment of chronic suppurative mesotympanitis in rural conditions

Planas Garcia De Dios, E., 1955:
Conservative treatment of chronic suppurative otitis media in London

Bensahel, H.; Jehanno, P.; Delaby, J-Pierre.; Themar-Noël, C., 2006:
Conservative treatment of clubfoot: the Functional Method and its long-term follow-up

Trojan, E.; Jahna, H., 1960:
Conservative treatment of compression fractures of the distal part of the lower leg

Abolina, A.E.; Zhukova, A.M., 1961:
Conservative treatment of congenital clubfoot in children

Benesova, M., 1958:
Conservative treatment of congenital dislocations in the hip joint in children with the use of Hanausek's apparatus

Koprowski, L., 1953:
Conservative treatment of congenital dislocations of the hip joint

Bochenek, M., 1953:
Conservative treatment of congenital hip dislocations

Wesener, G., 1953:
Conservative treatment of consequences of crural congestions

Wouters, H.W., 1955:
Conservative treatment of contractures in rheumatoid arthritis

Gilberti, P.L., 1956:
Conservative treatment of crushing injuries of fingers

Bardadin, T., 1956:
Conservative treatment of deafness

Selke, O.O., 1952:
Conservative treatment of degenerative arthritis of the knee

Kara Gokalan, I..; Cetin, B..; Yalcin, N..; Sermez, Y.., 2003:
Conservative treatment of diabetic foot infections

Mellinghoff, K., 1955:
Conservative treatment of diabetic gangrene

Engelhart, G.; Huelsemann, B.; Seidler, I.; Stoetter, G., 1960:
Conservative treatment of diabetic gangrene with antibiotics and corticosteroids

Neves, W., 1957:
Conservative treatment of diaphysial fractures of the major long bones in children

Thariat, J.; Bruchon, Y.; Bonnetain, F.; Barillot, I.; Truc, G.; Peignaux, K.; Horiot, J.C.; Maingon, P., 2004:
Conservative treatment of early glottic carcinomas with exclusive radiotherapy

Wimhofer, H.; Pfau, P., 1955:
Conservative treatment of eclampsia and pre-eclampsia

Venezia, R.; Zangara, C.; Comparetto, G.; Cittadini, E., 1991:
Conservative treatment of ectopic pregnancies using a single echo-guided injection of methotrexate into the gestational sac

Dokić, M.D.; Perisić, D.V., 2004:
Conservative treatment of ectopic pregnancies: comparison of velocity of decrease of beta-HCG between spontaneous and methotrexate induced resorptions

Malinowski, A.; Augustyniak, T.; Bartosiak, I.; Maciołek-Bleniewska, G.; Ciesielski, A., 2005:
Conservative treatment of ectopic pregnancy in a 27 years old patient with stage-Ia ovarian cancer after conservative surgical treatment and chemotherapy

Chuang, J.; Seow, K-Min.; Cheng, W-Chi.; Tsai, Y-Loong.; Hwang, J-Loung., 2003:
Conservative treatment of ectopic pregnancy in a caesarean section scar

Graesslin, O.; Dedecker, Fédéric.; Quereux, C.; Gabriel, Ré., 2005:
Conservative treatment of ectopic pregnancy in a cesarean scar

Yazbeck, C.; Dhainaut, C.; Thoury, A.; Driguez, P.; Madelenat, P., 2004:
Conservative treatment of endometrial cancer and atypical hyperplasia

Williams, B.F., 1962:
Conservative treatment of endometriosis with progestin therapy

Grewe, H.E., 1955:
Conservative treatment of epicondylitis and other chronic inflammations

Brüner, S.; Deb, R.; Germann, G., 2003:
Conservative treatment of facial wrinkles in the hands of the plastic surgeon

Rybka, D.; Trc, T.; Mrzena, V., 2003:
Conservative treatment of femoral fractures in children in data from the Orthopedic Clinic of the 2nd Medical Faculty of Charles University

Schubert, J.; Novak, J., 1952:
Conservative treatment of fetal erythroblastosis

Walker, J.A.L., 1951:
Conservative treatment of foot disorders

Lazarides, S.; Zafiropoulos, G., 2006:
Conservative treatment of fractures at the middle third of the clavicle: the relevance of shortening and clinical outcome

Kolle-Jorgensen, P., 1963:
Conservative treatment of fractures of the calcaneus

Bohler, J., 1956:
Conservative treatment of fractures of the capitulum of humerus

D'angelo, D.; Labronici, A., 1959:
Conservative treatment of fractures of the clavicle

Bohler, J., 1950:
Conservative treatment of fractures of the radial neck

Tucker, J.T.; Watkins, F.P.; Carpenter, E.B., 1961:
Conservative treatment of fractures of the shaft of the tibia

Klopper, P.J., 1962:
Conservative treatment of fractures of the tibia plateau

Badgley, C.E.; O'connor, S.J., 1952:
Conservative treatment of fractures of the tibial plateau

Gotze, J., 1957:
Conservative treatment of fractures with special reference to the tasks & opportunities of the general practitioner

Jonasch, E., 1955:
Conservative treatment of fresh fractures of the tibial interchondyloid eminence with dislocation

Becker, A.R., 1951:
Conservative treatment of gallbladder disease

Gutzeit, R., 1951:
Conservative treatment of gangrene of the intestine

Bauer, K., 1956:
Conservative treatment of genital prolapse and urinary incontinence in women

Ergün, N.; Cevik, A.Alper.; Holliman, C.James.; Manisali, M.; Inan, F.; Sarisoy, T., 2004:
Conservative treatment of giant abdominal wall hematoma

Findl, O., 1955:
Conservative treatment of goiter with destrumin

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Conservative treatment of haemorrhoids

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Conservative treatment of hemangiomas

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Conservative treatment of hemorrhoids & anal eczema

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Conservative treatment of high fractures of the humerus in patients over 40

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Conservative treatment of incontinence

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Conservative treatment of intervertebral disc injuries

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Conservative treatment of intra-abdominal abscesses

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Conservative treatment of isolated fractures of the medial malleolus

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Conservative treatment of isolated medial orbital wall fractures

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Conservative treatment of knee osteoarthritis

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Conservative treatment of late gestoses

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Conservative treatment of lumbosacral backache: an outline of flexion management and an end-result study

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Conservative treatment of male stress incontinence

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Conservative treatment of mallet fingers

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Conservative treatment of mastoiditis

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Conservative treatment of maxillary sinus infection with nopenol

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Conservative treatment of maxillary sinusitis

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Conservative treatment of mechanical perforation of the intrathoracic esophagus

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Conservative treatment of mycosis of the nails with onycho-phytex

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Conservative treatment of ocular burns with acetylcholine and priscoline

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Conservative treatment of old scaphoid fractures of the hand

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Conservative treatment of open incomplete radial fracture in an adult horse

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Conservative treatment of oral & pharyngeal inflammation

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Conservative treatment of osteo-articular tuberculosis

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Conservative treatment of osteoarthritis of the hip

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Conservative treatment of ozena with chlorophyl-carotene paste

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Conservative treatment of paediatric mandibular fracture by the use of orthodontic appliance and rubber elastics: report of a case

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Conservative treatment of parkinsonism

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Conservative treatment of perforated gastric ulcers

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Conservative treatment of perforated gastroduodenal ulcer; clinical contribution and critical considerations on the method of endogastric aspiration

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Conservative treatment of perforated peptic ulcer

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Conservative treatment of perforated stomach and duodenal ulcers

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Conservative treatment of perforation peritonitis

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Conservative treatment of periodontal disease

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Conservative treatment of peripheral circulatory disorders

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Conservative treatment of peripheral neuropathy and neuropathic pain

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Conservative treatment of phimosis, balanitis and perianal streptococcal disease with local steroid therapy

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Conservative treatment of placenta accreta

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Conservative treatment of placenta increta with methotrexate

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Conservative treatment of placenta percreta: a safe alternative

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Conservative treatment of placenta praevia

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Conservative treatment of placenta previa

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Conservative treatment of pleural tuberculous empyema

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Conservative treatment of postoperative recurrence of relative incontinence with dondren

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Conservative treatment of postpartum atonic hemorrhage

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Conservative treatment of primary dysmenorrhea

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Conservative treatment of prolonged bilateral mandibular dislocation with the help of an intermaxillary fixation screw

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Conservative treatment of prostate hypertrophy

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Conservative treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis

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Conservative treatment of rectosigmoid degenerative polyps

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Conservative treatment of renal angiomyolipomas in patients with tuberous sclerosis

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Conservative treatment of renal injuries. A follow-up study

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Conservative treatment of renal tuberculosis. Indications and plan of therapy

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Conservative treatment of scapular neck fracture: the effect of stability and glenopolar angle on clinical outcome

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Conservative treatment of scoliosis

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Conservative treatment of scoliosis in the light of electromyographic data

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Conservative treatment of shaft fractures of the tibia and fibula

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Conservative treatment of spinal disk lesions

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Conservative treatment of spondylitis tuberculosa

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Conservative treatment of spondylolysis and spondylolithesis

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Conservative treatment of spontaneous tracheal rupture

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Conservative treatment of spura-acromial clavicular dislocation

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Conservative treatment of stage IA2 squamous cell carcinoma of the cervix during pregnancy

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Conservative treatment of stenosing diseases of the esophagus

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Conservative treatment of strabismus

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Conservative treatment of subacromial impingement syndrome

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Conservative treatment of subacute and chronic maxillary sinusitis

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Conservative treatment of teeth involved in a cystic ameloblastoma: report of a case

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Conservative treatment of tension pneumothorax

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Conservative treatment of the exposed dental pulp

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Conservative treatment of the lumbar disc syndrome

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Conservative treatment of the lumbar intervertebral disk displacement

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Conservative treatment of the otitis media

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Conservative treatment of the painful shoulder. Review of the literature

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Conservative treatment of the parotid fistula

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Conservative treatment of the pulp in pulpitis; cicatrization of pulp wounds by formation of secondary dentin; history

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Conservative treatment of the so-called ganglia

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Conservative treatment of the splenic traumas

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Conservative treatment of the teeth after radicular operative perforation

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Conservative treatment of the worn dentition with adhesive composite resin

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Conservative treatment of thyrotoxicosis

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Conservative treatment of traumatic encephalitis

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Conservative treatment of traumatic rupture of the biliary ducts: a case report

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Conservative treatment of trochanteric fractures of the femur

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Conservative treatment of tubal obstruction in the uterine tract

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Conservative treatment of tuberculous cavitation by absolute bedrest and antibiotics

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Conservative treatment of tumors of the bladder

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Conservative treatment of ulcer perforation with constant suction drainage

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Conservative treatment of upper urinary tract tumors

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Conservative treatment of upper urinary tract tumours

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Conservative treatment of ureteral stones

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Conservative treatment of urogenital tuberculosis in foreign countries

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Conservative treatment of uterine fibromyoma

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Conservative treatment of uterine rupture

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Conservative treatment of verruca plantaris for children

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Conservative treatment or early operation in massive intestinal hemorrhages?

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Conservative treatment planning in the posterior quadrant: the use of traditional and modern restorative materials

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Conservative treatment protocol of odontogenic keratocyst: a preliminary study

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Conservative treatment reduced pain and was as effective as sutures in hand lacerations

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Conservative treatment versus scaphotrapeziotrapezoid arthrodesis for Kienbock's disease. A retrospective study

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Conservative treatment vs prosthetic replacement surgery to treat 3- and 4-fragment fractures of the proximal epiphysis of humerus in the elderly patient

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Conservative treatment with halter traction in acute cervical trauma

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Conservative vs. surgical treatment of cerebral aneurysms

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Conservative ways to treat cancer pain

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Conservative, Non-Surgical Management of Appendicitis

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Conservative, Reparative and Substitutive Surgery in Urinary Tuberculosis

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Conservative, antibiotic therapy of renal carbuncles

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Conservative, not surgical treatment of an apparently incomplete uterine rupture

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Conservative-operative methods of treatment as a routine procedure in torsion of the testes

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Conservative-surgical treatment of hydronephrosis

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Conservative-surgical-conservative cycle of the treatment for temporomandibular disorders

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Conservative... and non conservative... treatment of renal blunt injuries

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Conservatively treated acromioclavicular joint dislocation: a 45-years follow-up

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Conservatives promise to end waiting lists

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Conservatives put midwives centre stage

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Conservatives surgery in the treatment of large single papillary tumors of the bladder

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Conservatives, liberals, and medical progress

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Conservator. Conservatorship order vacated for HIV-positive quadriplegic

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Conserved F84 and P86 residues in alphaB-crystallin are essential to effectively prevent the aggregation of substrate proteins

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Conserved charges and thermodynamics of the spinning Gödel black hole

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Conserved densities

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Conserved portion in bacterial ribosomal RNA

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Conserved sequence motif DPPY in region IV of the phage T4 Dam DNA-[N-adenine]-methyltransferase is important for S-adenosyl-L-methionine binding

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Conserved sequences and the evolution of gene regulatory signals

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Conserving fertility in the management of gynaecological cancers

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Conserving nurse power

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Conserving our future welfare

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Conserving vision

Stephens, D.W., 1965:
Consider the Broad Mantle of Charity

Anonymous, 2005:
Consider a new CM model to help your staff work more efficiently

Rosenthal, K., 2003:
Consider alternative technologies to maintain vascular access devices

Blass, T.C.; Reed, T.L., 2003:
Consider case management

Wong, R.F.; Khosla, R.; Moore, J.H.; Kuwada, S.K., 2004:
Consider colonoscopy for young patients with hematochezia

Eaton, L.Jeane.; Stevermer, J.J., 2003:
Consider early cephalic version for breech presentation

Vitzthum, L., 2006:
Consider eliminating auto-flush toilets in hospital areas with obstetrical gynecology patients: a case report

Magulak, G., 2006:
Consider giving the "gift of life"

Mertz, G.J., 2003:
Consider it job security. Creating an effective physician-administrator team

Snow, M., 2003:
Consider joining a medical fraud team

Nicol, G., 2003:
Consider legal and business issues in management-service transactions

Mills, M.V., 2006:
Consider osteopathic manipulation in next positional plagiocephaly research

Vandergrff, B., 2005:
Consider profit margin of NP employers

Ashkin, D.; Julien, J.; Lauzardo, M.; Hollender, E., 2006:
Consider rifampin BUT be cautious

Anonymous, 2004:
Consider risks of sharing quality data with public

Anonymous, 2006:
Consider the 'full PPR' option to improve quality

Harteveldt, R., 2006:
Consider the alternatives to assisted suicide

Liu, A.H., 2003:
Consider the child: how early should we treat?

Young, S., 1961:
Consider the clique

Khosravi, M.R.; Margulies, D.R.; Alsabeh, R.; Nissen, N.; Phillips, E.H.; Morgenstern, L., 2004:
Consider the diagnosis of splenosis for soft tissue masses long after any splenic injury

Hayes, J.L., 2006:
Consider the evidence

Kadomaru, S., 2004:
Consider the future radiography of the bones and the joints together

Young-Mason, J., 2006:
Consider the lilies of the field

Cook, K.W., 2006:
Consider the public health implications of tuberculosis

Anonymous, 2005:
Consider this when choosing a graduate program

Anonymous, 2004:
Consider this. Three easy steps to improve infection control

McLoughlin, K.A., 2006:
Consider this... the DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice)

Anonymous, 2003:
Consider using electronic charts instead of dictation

Ho, K.W.K.; Dinihan, I.; Cozzi, P.; O'Sullivan, A.J., 2005:
Consider von Hippel-Lindau syndrome in young patients presenting with retinal angioma and phaeochromocytoma

Buu-Houi, N.P.; Tran-Van-Bang; Xuong, N.D., 1963:
Considerable Anti-Leprosy Activity of 2-Mercaptobenzimidazole: Preliminary Observations

Lorant, M., 1964:
Considerable Increase in Corneal Infections Due to the Widespread use of Antibiotics

Vasic, V., 1964:
Considerable Increase in the Incidence of Primary Lung Cancer in the Mining-Industrial Area of Bor

Anonymous, 2005:
Considerable LDL lowering is advantageous

Popova, V.V.; Mel'nichenko, S.V.; Zak, K.P.; Malinovskaia, T.N.; Man'kovskiĭ, B.N., 2005:
Considerable decrease in chemokine interleukin-16 level in blood of children with diabetes mellitus type I diagnosed for the first time

Troitskii, A.A., 1953:
Considerable deficiencies of recommended methods of determination of toxic substances in air

Aubertin, E.; Labadie, P.; Roy, A., 1954:
Considerable hepatomegaly due to steatosis in a young man with bronchopulmonary cancer

Leroy, R., 1953:
Considerable improvement in thrombosis by sulfonamide therapy followed by shock therapy

Wackenheim, A.; Buel, P.S., 1958:
Considerable improvement of a primary cancer of the liver during rapid onset of a transitory chronic evolutive polyarthritis

Wild, H., 1954:
Considerable improvement of local anesthesia by two stage injections with hyaluronidase

Stefanovic, S., 1950:
Considerable improvement of the clinical aspect in a case of subacute infectious endocarditis after exchange transfusion

Uyeda, S.; Uesaka, I.; Dohi, K., 1960:
Considerable modification of the virulence of tubercle bacilli in mice by coating with paraffin oil

Anonymous, 2006:
Considerable remaining risk in unchecked LDL lowering. Is the HDL increase the way out?

Delord; Cabanne, 1952:
Considerable right pleural effusion in active hepatic syphilis

Sedan, J.; Sedan-Bauby, S., 1950:
Considerable unilateral perimetric deficit as result of superciliary trauma; total recovery

Isaev, L.M., 1956:
Considerably decreased incidence of tick-borne spirochetosis in Uzbektistan

Martoni, L.; Scorza, P., 1962:
Consideratins on some cases of hepatitis of probable virus B origin, complicated by interstitial plasma-cell pneumonia, in premature infants

Sachse, H.H.; Maurer, T., 1964:
Consideration of a Chemothermal Disinfective Washing Methods Compared with the Chemical Laundry Disinfection on the Ward for the Control of Hospital Infection

Garciabes, J.M.; Ubaldocarcavallo, R., 1963:
Consideration of Chagas' Disease in Salta

Tomka, I., 1964:
Consideration of the Health Administration Committee on the Eventual Organization of a new Medical Specialty in Surgery of the Extremities and Orthopedics

Zseboek, Z.B., 1965:
Consideration of the Importance of the use of Trial Injections

Yasuda, T.; Yoshida, K.; Miyamoto, M., 1963:
Consideration of the Significance of Serotonin in Allergic Diseases

Kikuchi, K.; Sato, Y.; Kunii, Y., 1963:
Consideration of the Surgical Treatment of Chronic Gastritis

Irukayama, K.; Kai, F.; Kondo, T.; Ushigusa, S.; Hashiguchi, M., 1963:
Consideration of the Toxicity of Methylmercuric Compounds and the Causative Agent of Minamata Disease

Rosenkranz, H., 1964:
Consideration of the Value of Epicutaneous Tests

Dellasanta, R.; Desbaillets, M.G., 1964:
Consideration of the Variability of the Thrombelastogram of the Hemophiliac in Relation to the time and the Temperature of the Storage of the Plasma

Riffat, G.; Gaudin, G.; Delomier, Y., 1964:
Consideration on the Aged and their Therapy

Volk, A., 1965:
Consideration on the Establishment of Dental Service in Schools

Toepfer, H., 1965:
Consideration on the Pathogenesis of a Dehiscence

Pergolizzi, S.; Russi, E.G., 2006:
Consideration about axillary nodes and arm position

Simon, I., 1956:
Consideration about the organization and administration of the nursing services in hospitals

Wachsmuth, W.; Huebner, H., 1962:
Consideration and control of hormone metabolism in the surgical treatment of pheochromocytoma

Tanvetyanon, T., 2005:
Consideration before administering cytotoxic chemotherapy to the critically ill

Clark, R.A.; Theall, K.P.; Kissinger, P., 2006:
Consideration for Empiric Trichomonas vaginalis treatment among selected high-risk HIV-infected female populations with concurrent Neisseria gonorrhea or Chlamydia trachomatis cervical infections

Jellinek, S., 2004:
Consideration for a donation--economic aspects

Scollan-Koliopoulos, M., 2004:
Consideration for legacies about diabetes and self-care for the family with a multigenerational occurrence of type 2 diabetes

Friedel, D.; Hida, S., 2006:
Consideration for prophylactic antibiotics in an immunocompromised patient receiving botulinum toxin for gastroparesis

Lu, A-ping.; Fang, Z-qin.; Huang, X., 2003:
Consideration for the study of basic theory of TCM

Pipe, S., 2006:
Consideration in hemophilia therapy selection

Gu, Z-Ping., 2007:
Consideration in masked otitis media

Bekker, J.H.; Onvlee, P.C., 1955:
Consideration in persuance of bacteriologic control in the disinfection system in Netherlands

Sweet, R.M.; Singer, P.T.; Smalås, A., 1993:
Consideration in the choice of a wavelength range for white-beam Laue diffraction

Martinez Pacheco, J., 1956:
Consideration of 113 cases of forcep delivery

MacLENNAN, W.D., 1952:
Consideration of 180 cases of typical fractures of the mandibular condylar process

Consideration of 350 cases of pulmonary tuberculosis treated with streptomycin

Sammartino, R.; Blanchard, O., 1950:
Consideration of 711 biopsies of the breast

Rink, G., 1951:
Consideration of Passow's observations on the article by Gerke and Gerlich on dental acrylics

Varterasian, M.; Fingert, H.; Agin, M.; Meyer, M., 2004:
Consideration of QT/QTc interval data in a phase I study in patients with advanced cancer

Decuypere, A., 1956:
Consideration of a case of Laennec's cirrhosis

Tetu, J.; Moreau, H., 1951:
Consideration of a case of facial neuralgia secondary to hyperplasia of the cementum

Yoshida, A.; Sekiguchi, K.; Sata, S., 1962:
Consideration of a case showing interesting diverticulum-like changes in the pyloric region

Mehas, C.P., 1949:
Consideration of a possible X-factor in treating tuberculosis

Karnaukhov, A.V.; Karnaukhova, E.V.; Zarnitsyna, V.I., 2005:
Consideration of a priori information and type of an experimental error using the method of system identification based on the minimal quadratic discrepancy criterion

Laborie, P., 1950:
Consideration of a proposed law

Soloviev, V.Y.; Krasnosselskaia, L.V., 2006:
Consideration of a spread-out source in problems of near-infrared optical tomography

Bailey, H.A.; Thrush, L.B., 1951:
Consideration of acute cholecystitis; an analysis of seventy-six cases

Taupin, P., 2005:
Consideration of adult neurogenesis from basic science to therapy

Saito, T., 2005:
Consideration of adult neurogenesis from physiological and patho-physiological aspects

de Foucauld, J., 2004:
Consideration of alternative licensing procedures for vaccines for minor species and minor indications--manufacturers' point of view

Jones, P.G.H., 2004:
Consideration of alternative licensing procedures for vaccines for minor species, minor indications and autogenous/autologous products

Wissfeld, H.J., 1953:
Consideration of an increased diastase value in the serum as an early symptom of bronchial carcinoma

Greher, M., 2004:
Consideration of anatomy in plexus block

Nissen, R., 1958:
Consideration of artificial cardiac arrest in connection with a combined heart and aorta injury

Yip, E., 2004:
Consideration of barrier protection and latex protein allergy in the evaluation of medical gloves

Dennemark, H.G., 1956:
Consideration of biological diurnal-nocturnal rhythm in therapy of hypertension

Misch, C.E., 2006:
Consideration of biomechanical stress in treatment with dental implants

Guze, L.B., 1961:
Consideration of certain host factors in the pathogenesis of pyelonephritis

Sabin, A.B., 1959:
Consideration of change in present policy of performing tonsillectomies and adenoidectomies during summer months

Pietrowicz, B., 1961:
Consideration of children with contact difficulties. The case of Elke F

Urano, T., 2007:
Consideration of clinical development for new anticancer drugs on Japan, proposal from approval reviewer

Viel, J.; Baron, F.; Joinville; Gaschignard; Delaire, M., 1950:
Consideration of cochleovestibular disorders from streptomycin

Peterson, E.M., 1959:
Consideration of cystic fibrosis in adults, with a study of sweat electrolyte values

Banting, H.E., 1961:
Consideration of cytology

McCANN, J.C., 1958:
Consideration of deduction and allocation of surgical fees by Blue Shield plans

Wang, S-jun.; Wang, F-mei.; Li, Y-ming., 2003:
Consideration of discharge criteria for severs acute respiratory syndrome

Van Balen, G.F., 1952:
Consideration of emotional state of gallstone patients in cholecystectomy

Scholz, M.; Dick, S.; Fricke, B.; Schmieder, K.; Engelhardt, M.; Tombrock, S.; Pechlivanis, I.; Harders, A.; Konen, W., 2006:
Consideration of ergonomic aspects in the development of a new endoscopic navigation system

Qin, Y-he., 2003:
Consideration of establishing the disaster medicinal system in China

Millikan, C.H.; Siekert, R.G.; Whisnant, J.P., 1960:
Consideration of factors influencing cerebral blood flow

De Aguiar, L., 1956:
Consideration of food-medicines and medical foods

Appleby, P.Robert.; Marks, G.; Ayala, A.; Miller, L.Carol.; Murphy, S.; Mansergh, G., 2005:
Consideration of future consequences and unprotected anal intercourse among men who have sex with men

Romero Calatayud, A., 1954:
Consideration of gastric ulcer as a precancerous disease

Fuchs, J.; Maschewsky-Schneider, U., 2003:
Consideration of gender issues in German-language public health research: results of a survey of public health projects

Oh, T.; Lewis, L.J., 2005:
Consideration of genetic counseling as a career: implications for diversifying the genetic counseling field

Arnold, E.Mayfield.; Artin, K.Abbott.; Person, J.Lund.; Griffith, D.L., 2004:
Consideration of hastening death among hospice patients and their families

Tvedt, T.H.A.; Hovland, R.; Tsykunova, G.; Ahmed, A.B.; Gedde-Dahl, T.; Bruserud, Ø., 2018:
A pilot study of single nucleotide polymorphisms in the interleukin-6 receptor and their effects on pre- and post-transplant serum mediator level and outcome after allogeneic stem cell transplantation

Chen, X.Ping.; Cao, Y., 2004:
Consideration of highly active antiretroviral therapy in the prevention and treatment of severe acute respiratory syndrome

Inoue, Y., 2004:
Consideration of home care for patients with advanced cancer as a surgeon

Inoue, Y., 2004:
Consideration of home care for patients with advanced cancer--surgeon's viewpoint

Domenici, A., 1953:
Consideration of hyperplastic and neoplastic processes of the lymph nodes; cytological studies on secondary hyperplasias, on primary hyperplasias, and malignant granulomas, and on reticular tumors

Estrade, J., 1956:
Consideration of indications, sequels, and technic in jugulo-carotid excision for cancerous adenopathy of the neck

Yale, S.H., 1961:
Consideration of long-range objectives for the teaching of undergraduate radiology in dentistry

Hellweger, O., 1961:
Consideration of lumbar anesthesia under special indication

Pyle, D.Edward.Jerry., 2005:
Consideration of medical research vs. scientific research

Rocco, B., 1952:
Consideration of modern therapy of prostatic hypertrophy; clinical studies

Shapiro, A.P., 1956:
Consideration of multiple variables in evaluation of hypotensive drugs

Stuhmer, A., 1957:
Consideration of naturopathic viewpoints in dermatotherapy

Gupta, R., 2005:
Consideration of nursing home care placement for the elderly in South Asian families

Azaiza, F.; Rimmerman, A.; Araten-Bergman, T.; Naon, D., 2006:
Consideration of out-of-home placement among Israeli Jewish and Arab parents of children with disabilities

Muneta, T., 2005:
Consideration of pain mechanism caused by osteroarthritis

Clifford, R.D., 2006:
Consideration of palivizumab not justified

Yamaguchi, M.; Takada, R.; Kambe, S.; Yamazaki, K.; Kobayashi, M.; Takada, E.; Honda, N.; Tsutsui, H.; Kaseda, C., 2007:
Consideration of physical condition in estimation of blood glucose via data mining

Wagner, G.; Lim, T.; Gettes, L.; Gorgels, A.; Josephson, M.; Wellens, H.; Anderson, S.; Childers, R.; Clemmensen, P.; Kligfield, P.; Macfarlane, P.; Pahlm, O.; Selvester, R., 2006:
Consideration of pitfalls in and omissions from the current ECG standards for diagnosis of myocardial ischemia/infarction in patients who have acute coronary syndromes

Matsubara, S., 2005:
Consideration of positioning in radiography for the waist of the scaphoid bone fractures

Ludde, K.H., 1956:
Consideration of possible forces and procedures in chromatographic adsorption

Simril, W.A., 1958:
Consideration of pre-existing conditions, congenital and acquired, in the preplacement spine examination

Jung, K., 2005:
Consideration of preanalytical conditions to use circulating matrix metalloproteinases as diagnostic markers

Saito, K., 2006:
Consideration of preimplantation genetic diagnosis from a pediatrician's point of view

Natanzon, A.M., 1958:
Consideration of problems in the diagnosis and treatment of abscesses of the brain and cerebellum

Leadbetter, W.F., 1951:
Consideration of problems incident to performance of uretero-enterostomy: report of a technique

Takai, H.; Yamachika, S.; Hazama, S.; Ariyoshi, T.; Odate, T.; Matsukuma, S.; Yanatori, M.; Onohara, D.; Eishi, K., 2005:
Consideration of prosthesis-patient mismatch and left ventricular mass regression after implantation of the Carpentier-Edwards pericardial valve in elderly Japanese patients: body surface area may be irrelevant

Roschmann, O.G., 1953:
Consideration of psychological factors in indication of general anesthesia in dentistry; evaluation of article by J. Kirsch, Evipal anesthesia in dentistry and stomatology

Hanson, H.E.; Uggla, L.G., 1955:
Consideration of pulmonary hypertension in collapse therapy and resection

Neuwald, F.; Diekmann, A., 1950:
Consideration of recent discoveries affecting the biologic and chemical evaluation of digitalis

Magendie; Goigoux; Pouche, 1951:
Consideration of remote results of a case of pneumonectomy in bronchial epithelioma with secondary tuberculous process

Kligerman, M.M.; Tapley, N.D.; Jacob, G., 1958:
Consideration of rotation therapy with the 22.5 MeV. betatron

Lee, W.Woo.; Chung, J-Haeng.; Jang, S-June.; Eo, J.Seon.; Park, S.Yeon.; Sung, S.Whan.; So, Y.; Chung, J-Key.; Lee, M.Chul.; Kim, S.Eun., 2006:
Consideration of serum glucose levels during malignant mediastinal lymph node detection in non-small-cell lung cancer by FDG-PET

Datta, R.; Sarkar, D., 2006:
Consideration of soil properties in assessment of human health risk from exposure to arsenic-enriched soils

Lawson, J.D.; Tomlinson, W.B., 1954:
Consideration of some biophysical factors in distention of thin-walled hollow viscera

Lunt, R., 1962 :
Consideration of some cases of tendon transference in the foot

Faggart, H.L., 1950:
Consideration of some chemical and physical properties of silicate cements for a better understanding of the material

Nickel, W.R., 1953:
Consideration of some non-malignant dermatologic conditions

Burke, L.A.; Fazen, P.J., 2004:
Consideration of spin states in determining the structure and decomposition of the transition metal pentazoles FeClN5, Fe(N5)2, Fe(H2O)4ClN5, and Fe(NH3)4ClN5

Demierre, M-France., 2005:
Consideration of statins for chemoprevention of cutaneous melanoma

Wang, J., 2006:
Consideration of stiffness and mass effects of relatively thicker electrodes with Mindlin plate theory

Blum, L., 1955:
Consideration of technique of aortic embolectomy; presentation of six cases

Wagner, G.; Pahlm, O.; Selvester, R., 2006:
Consideration of the 24-lead electrocardiogram to provide ST-elevation myocardial infarction equivalent criteria for acute coronary occlusion

Troup, R.M., 1962:
Consideration of the allergic case in general practice

Lenzenweger, M.F., 2004:
Consideration of the challenges, complications, and pitfalls of taxometric analysis

Sekine, Y., 2006:
Consideration of the concepts of "remission" and "cured" in schizophrenia: a male case who experienced schizophrenia with psycho-motoric excitation 30 years ago

Sharma, S.; Rees, S., 2007:
Consideration of the determinants of women's mental health in remote Australian mining towns

Siniak, I.E.; Turusov, V.S.; Grigor'ev, A.I.; Zaridze, D.G.; Gaĭdadymov, V.B.; Gus'kova, E.I.; Antoshina, E.E.; Gor'kova, T.G.; Trukhanova, L.S., 2004:
Consideration of the deuterium-free water supply to an expedition to Mars

Von Winckler, G., 1953:
Consideration of the diastemata of deciduous teeth as disease which is to be treated by dental surgeon

Klussmann, W., 1950:
Consideration of the exceptional status of the teeth in relation to other organs, and conclusions drawn therefrom; a study of dental deterioration from the viewpoint of the whole organism, and a scientific explanation made with the aid of two new concepts

Brattgard, S.O., 1962:
Consideration of the expected child. A suggestion for broadening the abortion law

Jackson, B.T.; Egdahl, R.H., 1962:
Consideration of the fetus in surgery of the pregnant female

Waechter, R., 1951:
Consideration of the focal infection in modern dentistry

Boda, D.; Bekesy, Z., 1959:
Consideration of the indications of oxytetracycline therapy in infant and child patients

Atwell, F.C., 1950:
Consideration of the infant in the treatment of cervical carcinoma in pregnancy

Siler, V.E.; Wulsin, J.H., 1951:
Consideration of the lethal factors in acute pancreatitis

Nissen, E.D., 1959:
Consideration of the malignant carcinoid syndrome: primary argentaffin carcinomas arising in benign cystic teratomas of the ovary

Sakamoto, H.; Aikawa, Y.; Ikegawa, H.; Sano, Y.; Araki, T., 2004:
Consideration of the newly standardized interventional reference point

Yabuki, T., 1962:
Consideration of the ovulation-inhibiting action of the 19-norsteroids

Nonami, Y.; Kume, M.; Sasaguri, S.; Shuuin, T.; Moriki, T., 2003:
Consideration of the prognostic factors influencing survival after lung metastasectomy of renal cell carcinoma

Saito, S., 2003:
Consideration of the psychosocial background of patients: Narrative-based medicine

Rigdon, R.H., 1957:
Consideration of the relationship of smoking to lung cancer: with a review of the literature

Baxter, H., 1950:
Consideration of the requirements and training of a plastic surgeon

Van De Velde, E.G., 1958:
Consideration of the systematic x-ray screening of students

Lajtha, L.G., 1960:
Consideration of the theory of bone marrow grafting as treatment of radiation damage

Ikeda, I., 1962:
Consideration of the therapy of diseases of the outer layer of the cornea, from the viewpoint of the stress theory

Abreu, M.S.; Coutinho, Z.P.; De Mattos, A.D.; Jouval, H.; Lisboa, R.M.; Machado Filho, J.; Rego, A.P.; Rocha, M., 1956:
Consideration of the thoracico-pulmonary adjustments after resection in tuberculosis

Littna, H., 1956:
Consideration of the use of dermal grafts in the repair of hernia

Kelly, R.R., 1958:
Consideration of the whole child with strabismus

Schiller, H., 1963:
Consideration of the working woman in the climacteric and old age

Mori, B., 1961:
Consideration of tuberculosis control. 2. Problems of the management of patients with special reference to the degree of recovery

Isoe, K., 1961:
Consideration of tuberculosis control. 3. Problems of the administration in tuberculosis control with special reference to the physical check-up and practical methods of patient management

Altschuler, E.Lewin.; Bhatia, A.; Kast, R.E., 2005:
Consideration of use of neuraminidase inhibitors such as oseltamivir and zanamivir in IgA nephropathy

Bazan, F.; Sujoy, E.; Geiler, S., 1951:
Consideration on 100 cases of whooping cough treated with streptomycin

Tabares, C.; Alvarez Lajonchere, C.; Diaz Geilin, A., 1951:
Consideration on 30 cases of obstetric analgesia with trilene

Palmieri, G.C., 1959:
Consideration on a case of gastroesophageal varices

Haedo Medina, J.M., 1950:
Consideration on a case of lupus erythematosus

Arejula, F., 1953:
Consideration on a new interpretation of Meyer's and Mendelyeev's table

Vaccari, R.; Pincelli, G., 1951:
Consideration on adrenal cortex function and adrenocorticotropic hormone therapy of progressive scleroderma

De Sanson, R.D., 1952:
Consideration on anesthesia

Ruzicka, A., 1952:
Consideration on articulation as a factor in orthodontic anomalies with special reference to prevention of periodontal diseases

Franchini, Y., 1952:
Consideration on associated antibiotics with other chemotherapeutic substances in local and general therapy of pyogenic processes in otorhinolaryngology

Spinelli, G.; Pedrinazzi, C.R., 1952:
Consideration on association of antibiotics with other drugs in the treatment of pediatric diseases

Uriburu, J.V.; Mosto, D.; Trigo, E., 1952:
Consideration on bleeding breast due to dendritic adenoma

Antonacio, F., 1959:
Consideration on blood iron; total and nonsaturated transferrin in persons subject to intermittent hypoxia

Mikami, S.; Itié, C.; Texier, C., 2006:
Consideration on calibration and correction factors of an Hp10 chamber for different radiation qualities and angles of incidence

Giaretta, D., 1952:
Consideration on cardiac function and on variations of artificial pulmonary compression

Masturzo, A., 1952:
Consideration on certain cases of rheumatoid arthritis treated with ACTH

Kirchhoff, H., 1961:
Consideration on children with contact difficulties. The case of Uli V

Torres Gasso, J., 1956:
Consideration on cochlear-vestibular examination as a coadjuvant to neurological diagnosis

Convent, L., 1954:
Consideration on continuous gastric suction in perforated ulcers

Cassorla, E., 1950:
Consideration on cortisone and ACTH

Padev, I.; Verbev, P.; Zheliazkov, S., 1954:
Consideration on epidemiology and clinical aspects of scarlet fever in Sofia during 1950-51

Li, G-Wei., 2005:
Consideration on evidence-based medicine

Klein, K.; Buhler, F., 1951:
Consideration on hepatitis therapy

Iacob, G.; Ciochină, A.D.; Herea, D.D.; Dimitriu, C.; Chiruţă, R.; Vieru, C.; Stratone, A., 2005:
Consideration on high gradient magnetic separation of red cells

Karminski, G., 1954:
Consideration on historical development of the concept tabes dorsalis

Vokaer, R., 1951:
Consideration on human endometrium; especially the variations in the desoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) content of the chorion

Faure, M., 1962:
Consideration on local manpower in the Sahara

Michalova, C., 1956:
Consideration on pathogenesis and therapy of experimental silicosis with special reference to neurohumoral regulation. II

Morel, L.; Poggioli, J.; Cazaniol, L.; Dirat, 1955:
Consideration on phrenicectomy in 160 cases

Zanini, P.; Marconi, A., 1961:
Consideration on pseudo-neoplastic typhlo-colitis

Lisboa, L.O.; Lisboa, R.M.; De Mattos, A.D.; Rocha, M.; Jannuzzi, A., 1956:
Consideration on pulmonary circulation in thoracoplasty

Gasparetto, A.; Corradi, G., 1960:
Consideration on radical surgical treatment of bronchiectasic disease

Sorodoc, L.; Frasin, M.; Benchea, B.; Ciuhodaru, T.; Zaharia, I., 2003:
Consideration on serotoninergic syndrome based on a clinical situation

Callot, J.; Hauswald; Kempf, 1954 :
Consideration on several cases of autochthonous malaria

Karageorgis, B.; Papanicolis, I.; Couremenos, S., 1959:
Consideration on several cases of congenital heart diseases operated on under hypothermia

Garzon Abad, J., 1951:
Consideration on sexual frigidity and its treatment

Casal, M.A., 1956:
Consideration on short esophagus and diaphragmatic hiatal hernias

Labhardt, F., 1959:
Consideration on sleep therapy in psychiatry and psychosomatic medicine

Josserand, A., 1955:
Consideration on spontaneous or provoked stabilization of cancer; observations on a clear cell pulmonary epithelioma studied for four years

Segawa, F.; Kuroiwa, Y., 2003:
Consideration on spreading mechanisms of cranial neuropathy in Ramsay Hunt syndrome: possibility of the vascular mechanism

Achard, A., 1955:
Consideration on surgery for genital prolapses (in connection with the statistics of Professor M. Rodriguez Lopez's work in the period from 1949 to 1953)

Hudomel, J., 1962:
Consideration on the Groenblad-Strandberg syndrome

Kiss, G., 1955:
Consideration on the effect of roentgen rays

Delanoe, G.; Amar, J.; Chiaverini, C., 1960:
Consideration on the etiology of atherosclerosis in Africa. Apropos of a further series of 16 cases of myocardial infarct

Nussbaum, R., 1952:
Consideration on the free silica and silicates of the lithosphere

Gracheva, M.S., 1958:
Consideration on the human uvula

Stucklen, M., 1953:
Consideration on the increase in traffic accident figures

de OLIVEIRA, 1959:
Consideration on the methods of determining total cholestrol of the human blood serum

Schupbach, A., 1952:
Consideration on the nature of obesity

Huang, Y-ting., 2006:
Consideration on the pathogenesis of hemorrhoids

Sedlacek, J.; Hlavackova, V.; Svehlova, M., 1962:
Consideration on the problem of the development of inhibition from the earliest stages of ontogenesis

Sala, O., 1952:
Consideration on the rhythm of vestibular reflex

Enselme, J., 1956:
Consideration on the subject of biochemistry of atherosclerosis

Chauvet, 1951:
Consideration on the therapy of tubal otorrhea

BRACCO, A.N.; del VALLE, F.J.; HOWARD, A., 1950:
Consideration on the treatment of pleurisy and polyserositis

Boccanera, L.; Salvagni, A., 1961:
Consideration on the treatment of severe comminuted fractures of the elbow

Giordano, A.; Grampa, G.; Riviera, L., 1960:
Consideration on the value of post-mortem diagnoses in oncology

Oshima, K., 1960:
Consideration on the virulence of atypical acid-fast bacilli. The fate of the living bacilli in the host by the homogenization of the whole body of the mouse

Grigorov, I., 1958:
Consideration on vitamin B12 secreting capacity of Actinomyces isolated from various types of manure

Costan, I.; Alecu, L.; Deacu, A.; Paşcu, A.; Corodeanu, G.; Marin, A.; Obrocea, F., 2004:
Consideration regarding 20 antireflux laparoscopic operations for hiatal hernia

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Consideration, application and evaluation of the medical illustration

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Considerations on 18 Cases of Masculine Sterility

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Considerations on 2 Cases of Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura in Pregnancy

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Considerations on 2 Cases of Pregnancy Occurring After Conization for Preinvasive Carcinoma of the Portio

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Considerations on 2 Cases of Splenic Artery Calcification

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Considerations on 2 Cases of Stevens-Johnson Syndrome

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Considerations On 2 Cases Of Supra-Condylar Fracture Of The Humerus With Interposition Of The Artery

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Considerations on 2 Familial Cased of Primary Chronic Panmyelopathy (With Special Reference to its Relation to Typical Fanconi's Anemia)

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Considerations on 2 Methods for Diagnosis of Rupture of the Amnio-Chorial Sac

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Considerations on 20 Cases of Kwashiorkor

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Considerations on 3 Cases of Diabetic Foot

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Considerations on 3 Cases of Diaphragmatic Hernia of the Newborn

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Considerations on 3 Cases of Erysipelas Associated with Initial Gammamyeloma

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Considerations on 3 Cases of Radiculo-Dental Cysts of the Upper Jaw

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Considerations on 3 Cases of Systemic Atrophy of the Cerebellum

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Considerations on 32 Cases of Late Metastasis Due to Laryngeal Tumors

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Considerations on 4 Cases of Simultaneous Bilateral Fracture of the Clavicle

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Considerations on 4 Cases with Abnormal Hemoglobins Discovered at the "bach-Mai" Training Hospital of the Faculty of Medicine of Hanoi

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Considerations on 4 new Cases of Hymenolepiasis Caused by Hymenolepis Diminuta

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Considerations on 409 Cases of Extradural Anesthesia

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Considerations on 42 Cases of Cancer of the Ovary

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Considerations on 449 Cases of Trigeminal Neuralgia Treated Surgically

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Considerations on 5 Cases of Hailey-Hailey Pemphigus

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Considerations on 5 Cases of Involutive Myelopathy

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Considerations on 50 Cases of Traumatic Lesions of the Posterior Process of the Astragalus

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Considerations on 52 Cases of Coma After Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

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Considerations on 60 Patients with Essential Arterial Hypertension Given Ambulatory Treatment with Guanethidine

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Considerations on 61 Cases of Postserum Tetanus

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Considerations on 61 Cases of Testicular Tumors

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Considerations on 61 Cases Os Cysts and Fistulas of the Thyroglossal Tract in Infants

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Considerations on 7 Cases of Associated Rheumatic Fever and Rheumatoid Arthritis

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Considerations on 7 Cases of Surgically Treated Hepatitic Jaundice

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Considerations on 90 Cases of Spontaneous Non-Tuberculous Pneumothorax

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Considerations on a Case of Aberrant Salivary Tissue at the Base of the Tongue

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Considerations on a Case of Acute Diverticulitis of the Duodenum and Secondary Jaundice

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Considerations on a Case of Adiponecrosis of the Subcutaneous Tissue in a Postmature Infant

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Considerations on a Case of Adrenal Apoplexy in the Course of Acute Leukemia

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Considerations on a Case of Alimentary Hyperlipemia

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Considerations on a Case of Angiokeratoma Corporis Diffusum (Fabry Disease)

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Considerations on a Case of Anterior, Pure, Isolated, Traumatic Dislocation of the Radius Head Observed in a Cyclist

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Considerations on a Case of Arterial Hypertension Caused by Unilateral Nephropathy

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Considerations on a Case of Atrial Infarct

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Considerations on a Case of Benign Inoculation Lymphoreticulosis (Cat-Scratch Disease)

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Considerations on a Case of Benign Tumor of the Duodenum (Pendulous Lipoma)

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Considerations on a Case of Bilateral Choanal Atresia in a Newborn Infant

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Considerations on a Case of Cardiocirculatory Anomaly Dating from Birth

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Considerations on a Case of Cerebral Racemose Venous Angioma

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Considerations on a Case of Chagas' Disease

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Considerations on a Case of Circumscribed Pulmonary Adenomatosis. ("solitary Adenoma" of the Lung)

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Considerations on a Case of Congenital Osteogenesis Imperfecta

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Considerations on a Case of Congenital Ureteral Valve

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Considerations on a Case of Craniopharyngioma

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Considerations on a Case of Cruveilhier-Baumgarten's Disease

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Considerations on a Case of Cylindroma of the Parotid Gland

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Considerations on a Case of Diffuse Cancerous Osteosis

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Considerations on a Case of Double Aneurysm of Valsalva's Sinus

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Considerations on a Case of Dubin-Johnson's Jaundice

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Considerations on a Case of Early Luxation of the Shoulder Secondary to Obstetrical Paralysis

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Considerations on a Case of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome in a Newborn Infant. Rare Association with Diaphragmatic Hernia

Colombati, M.; Montori, A., 1965:
Considerations on a Case of Embolism of the Aortic Bifurcation

Lorenzi, L.; Grassi, E., 1965:
Considerations on a Case of Eosinophilic Granuloma of Bone, with Multiple Localizations, Associated with Diabetes Insipidus

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Considerations on a Case of Eosinophilic Xanthogranuloma with a Muscular Localization

Pederzini, A.; Stefani, R.; Fara, F., 1965:
Considerations on a Case of Essential Thrombocytemia with Purely Thrombogenic Expression

Mangoni, A., 1964:
Considerations on a Case of Fahr's Disease Associated with Hypomania

Spirchez, T.; Gingold, N., 1963:
Considerations on a Case of Familial Elliptocytosis (Ovalocytosis) Appearing in 3 Generations

Debella, E., 1963:
Considerations on a Case of Feminizing Tumor of the Adrenal Cortex

Floares, G., 1964:
Considerations on a Case of Fibrous Dysplasia of the Jaffe-Lichtenstein Type

Ferrando, A.; D Amore, E., 1964:
Considerations on a Case of Gastric Phytobezoar Associated with An Ulcer of the Second Portion of the Duodenum

Preda, G.E., 1963:
Considerations on a Case of Giant Cell Granuloma of the Upper Jaw

Pierallini, M.; Giacomelli, G., 1963:
Considerations on a Case of Gigantic Umbilical Hernia of the Adult Type)

Conti, E.; Giongo, F., 1964:
Considerations on a Case of Hemoperitoneum Due to Benign Hepatoma

Savoldi, E.; Elia, C., 1964:
Considerations on a Case of Hepatic Cirrhosis in Pregnancy

Ramella, M.; Lanza, I., 1964:
Considerations on a Case of Hepatoblastoma

Cozza, L.; Sacchetto, A.; Girotto, L., 1964:
Considerations on a Case of Hepatocerebropathy

Boixados, J.R.; Cordoba, A.; Roda, E., 1963:
Considerations on a Case of Hodgkin's Granuloma with Primary Meningocerebral Manifestation

Pipparelli, T.; Tomasetti, L., 1964:
Considerations on a Case of Idiopathic Varices of the Esophagus

Biscatti, G., 1964:
Considerations On A Case Of Incomplete Mongolism Accompanied By Chromosomal Findings

Ciulla, M., 1965:
Considerations on a Case of Infantile Cerebral Disease in a Patient Born by a Cesarean Section of a Dead Mother

Giannetti, A., 1965:
Considerations on a Case of Iododerma

Szijarto, A., 1963:
Considerations on a Case of Krukenberg Tumor

Vrejoiu, G.; Gherasim, L.; Manolescu, N., 1963:
Considerations on a Case of Leukemia with Plasmocytes

Traca, G.; Hennebert, P.N.; Mazabraud, A., 1965:
Considerations on a Case of Lipocalcinogranulomatosis

Ferrario, E.; Nuvolone, U., 1964:
Considerations on a Case of Lung Cancer with Bone Metastases Irradiated During the Course of Unknown Pregnancy

Pavero, A.; Bellotti, R.; Gambaro, G.C., 1964:
Considerations on a Case of Lymph Node Toxoplasmosis of the Adult

Kreisel, M.; Ciobanu, T., 1964:
Considerations on a Case of Malignant Pheochromocytoma in a Child

Miti, L.; Birarelli, B.; Massei, V., 1963:
Considerations on a Case of Marfan's Syndrome and on Nosologic Systemization of the Disease

Manfredi, G.C.; Tedeschi, G.; Casali, G., 1963:
Considerations on a Case of Mastocytosis with Apparent Manifestations of Hepatodystrophy

Bruno, G.; Molteni, F., 1963:
Considerations on a Case of Megaduodenum

Rolandi-Ricci, V.; Peris, G.; Belloni, L.; Vanni, G., 1965:
Considerations on a Case of Megalomastia of Puberty

Giovannini, M.; Terzoli, S., 1964:
Considerations on a Case of Mental Debility with Alterations of Histidine Metabolism

Giovannini, M.; Terzoli, S., 1964:
Considerations on a Case of Mental Deficiency with Abnormalities of Histidine Metabolism

Antonelli, A.R., 1963:
Considerations on a Case of Mikulicz' Disease

Bottone, E., 1963:
Considerations on a Case of Mitral Insufficiency of Probable Traumatic Nature

Bagolini, G.; Cordioli, B., 1964:
Considerations on a Case of Mucoviscidosis in Pulmonary Form in the Course of Probable Evolution

Sambuco, G., 1964:
Considerations on a Case of Multiple Nasal and Laryngeal Plasmacytoma

Variati, G., 1964:
Considerations on a Case of Myasthenia in Pregnancy

Pereyrakaefer, J.; Poch, G.F.; Zavala, H.; Rodriguez, E., 1964:
Considerations on a Case of Myeloneuropathy Due to Spruce

Arne, L.; Julien, J.; Vincentetechapasse, D., 1964:
Considerations on a Case of Myopathy in Myxedema

Marinelli, L.F.; Amendolea, L., 1965:
Considerations on a Case of Nasal Cleft

Serafini, G.; Curi, L.; Marinelli, L.F., 1964:
Considerations on a Case of Nasal Proboscis (Hyporhinia) and its Surgical Treatment

Lowenfeld, H., 1964:
Considerations on a Case of Obsessive-Compulsive Neurosis in a Changed Civilization

Tessore, A.; Casto, F., 1965:
Considerations on a Case of Osseous Echinococcosis of the Pelvis with Visceral Involvement

D'orlando, C., 1963:
Considerations on a Case of Paralysis of the External Popliteal Sciatic Nerve Associated with Segmental Arteritis of the Popliteal Artery

Ottaviani, P.; Migliau, G., 1964:
Considerations on a Case of Pararrhythmia in the Course of Atrial Fibrillation

Cadili, G., 1964:
Considerations on a Case of Patella Partita

Calo, E., 1965:
Considerations on a Case of Pemphigus Stomatitis in a Subject Affected with Chronic Lymphatic Leukemia

Jovine, A.; Zambelli, P., 1963:
Considerations on a Case of Penetrating Wound of the Heart

Varini, C., 1963:
Considerations on a Case of Perforated Gastriculcer

Marchese, G.; Ferrera, U., 1963:
Considerations on a Case of Persistent Opacification of the Gallbladder Caused by Peroral Cholecystography

Violante, N.; Torelli, M., 1964:
Considerations on a Case of Pfaundler-Hurler Disease

Roccamonte, G., 1965:
Considerations on a Case of Pigmented Villonodular Synovitis

Armellini, C.; Degregorio, G., 1964:
Considerations on a Case of Plasmocytoma with Initial Aspect of Megaloblastosis

Alfonso, G.F., 1963:
Considerations on a Case of Post-Measles Optic Neuritis Associated with the Marcus Gunn Pupillary Phenomenon

Margherita, G., 1964:
Considerations on a Case of Post-Traumatic Adiposis Dolorosa Associated with a Pathologic Fracture

Basso, A.; D Amore, E., 1964:
Considerations on a Case of Primary Hemangioendothelioma of the Great Omentum

Jungano, M., 1963:
Considerations on a Case of Primary Tuberculosis of the Bladder

Franza, C.; Malato, M., 1965:
Considerations on a Case of Psychogenic Amenorrhea

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Considerations on a Case of Subcutaneous Rupture of the Achille's Tendon from Skiing

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Considerations on a Fibroma of the Abdominal Wall and on a Desmoid of the Quadriceps

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Considerations on a Much Discussed Dermatologic Syndrome: the Verruciform Epidermodysplasia of Lewandowski and Lutz

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Considerations on a Neoplastic-Like Disease of the Lymph Nodes During Pregnancy: Hodgkin's Disease

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Considerations on a new Analgesic Spasmolytic Preparation in Urology

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Considerations on a new Synthetic Estrogen in the Therapy of Carcinoma of the Prostate (Chlorotrianisene, Tace)

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Considerations on a Peculiar Abdominal Syndrome in Patients with a Small Polypoid Cushion in the Common Hepatic Artery Treated with Arteriectomy

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Considerations on a Pharmacologically Versatile Substance: Dimethyl Sulfoxide

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