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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 48663

Chapter 48663 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Dornow, A.; Wedekind, G., 1953:
Conversion of carbonyl compounds and production of various sulfonylhydrazides of the pyridine series

Zolotova, A.I., 1958:
Conversion of carotene to fat during heating of carrot

Coates, M.E.; Thompson, S.Y.; Kon, S.K., 1950:
Conversion of carotene to vitamin A in the intestine of the pig and of the rat: transport of vitamin A by the lymph

Krasnova, T.V., 1952:
Conversion of certain amides of fatty series in the animal organism

Evvyernie, D.; Morimoto, K.; Karita, S.; Kimura, T.; Sakka, K.; Ohmiya, K., 2005:
Conversion of chitinous wastes to hydrogen gas by Clostridium paraputrificum M-21

Tombropoulos, E.G.; Werbin, H.; Chaikoffil, 1962:
Conversion of cholest-4-en-3-one to 5alpha-cholestan-3beta-ol by centrifugal fractions of rat liver

Snog-Kjaer, A.; Prange, I.; Dam, H., 1956:
Conversion of cholesterol into coprosterol by bacteria in vitro

Siperstein, M.D.; Chaikoff, I.L., 1955:
Conversion of cholesterol to bile acids

Travis, J.A., 1957 :
Conversion of commercial incubator for air transportation of infants

Gutowski, B., 1960:
Conversion of conditioned reflexes in cattle

Fish, C.A.; Hayano, M.; Pincus, G., 1953:
Conversion of cortisone to 17-hydrocorticosterone by liver homogenates

Abrams, R.; Libenson, L.; Edmonds, M., 1960:
Conversion of cytidine 5'-phosphate to deoxycytidine 5'-phosphate in cell-free mammalian extracts

Ryan, K.J., 1958:
Conversion of delta 5-androstene-3 beta, 16 alpha, 17 beta-triol to estriol by human placenta

Frantz, I.D.; Davidson, A.G.; Dulit, E.; Mobberley, M.L., 1959:
Conversion of delta 7-cholestenol-H3 to cholesterol by rat liver homogenates and cellular fractions

Schroepfer, G.J.; Frantz, I.D., 1961:
Conversion of delta7-cholestenol-4-C-14 and 7-dehydro-cholesterol-4-C-14 to cholesterol

Burns, J.E., 1958:
Conversion of depth doses from one F.S.D. to another

Sato, S.; Kumazawa, T.; Watanabe, K.ichi.; Matsuba, S.; Onodera, J.ichi., 2003:
Conversion of diacetyl-C-(beta-D-glucopyranosyl)phloroglucinol to spiroketal compounds

Dai, J.; Zhu, Y., 2004:
Conversion of dose-volume constraints to dose limits

Ishizaki, Y.; Miwa, K.; Yoshimoto, J.; Sugo, H.; Kawasaki, S., 2006 :
Conversion of elective laparoscopic to open cholecystectomy between 1993 and 2004

Vyvyan, J.R.; Meyer, J.A.; Meyer, K.D., 2003:
Conversion of epoxides to 1,3-dioxolanes catalyzed by tin(II) chloride

Ramiah, R.D.; Baker, R.P.; Bannister, G.C., 2006:
Conversion of failed proximal femoral internal fixation to total hip arthroplasty in osteopetrotic bone

Springer, B.D.; Scott, R.D.; Thornhill, T.S., 2006:
Conversion of failed unicompartmental knee arthroplasty to TKA

Mahadevan, V.; Viswanathan, C.V.; Phillips, F., 1967:
Conversion of fatty aldehyde dimethyl acetals to the corresponding alk-1-enyl methyl ethers (substituted vinyl ethers) during gas-liquid chromatography

Madan, S.; Milano, P.; Eddings, D.B.; Gawley, R.E., 2005:
Conversion of five-, six-, and seven-membered lactams to racemic or scalemic 2-substituted heterocycles by amidoalkylation

Bokuchava, M.A.; Skobeleva, N.I., 1960:
Conversion of flavone substances in the preparation of tea

Mirza, R.; Robinson, R., 1950:
Conversion of flavonols into anthocyanidins

Reid, B.L.; Couch, J.R., 1955:
Conversion of folic acid to citrovorum factor

Ferrari, V., 1955:
Conversion of folic acid to citrovorum factor in experimental and clinical liver disease. I. Experimental study in vivo

Clive, D.L.J.; Minaruzzaman; Ou, L., 2005:
Conversion of furans into gamma-hydroxybutenolides: use of sodium chlorite

Taherzadeh, M.J.; Gustafsson, L.; Niklasson, C.; Lidén, G., 2005:
Conversion of furfural in aerobic and anaerobic batch fermentation of glucose by Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Cherry, J.W., 1960:
Conversion of gastrojejunostomy to gastroduodenostomy in treating the dumping syndrome

Schlutz, G.O., 1953:
Conversion of glutamic acid in animal through L-pyrrolidine carboxylic acid into proline

Ferdman, D.L.; Silakova, A.I., 1957:
Conversion of glutamine in muscles

Crawhall, J.C.; Scowen, E.F.; De Mowbray, R.R.; Watts, R.W., 1959:
Conversion of glycine to oxalate in a normal subject

Crawhall, J.C.; Scowen, E.F.; Watts, R.W., 1959:
Conversion of glycine to oxalate in primary hyperoxaluria

Hershko, A.; Wind, E.; Razin, A.; Mager, J., 1963:
Conversion of guanine to hypoxanthine in mammalian red blood cells

Titova, G.V., 1956:
Conversion of hemoglobin in human blood during preservation

Derviz, G.V., 1955:
Conversion of hemoglobin to gram percent values in wide medical practice

Yu, J.; Zhang, F-ting.; Wan, H-juan.; Ye, J.; Long, X.; Fang, J-zhi., 2005:
Conversion of human umbilical cord blood-derived cells into hepatocyte-like cells in a culture system mimicking hepatic injury

Mirza, R.; Robinson, R., 1950:
Conversion of hydrastine into berberine, and an instance of the asymmetrical quaternization of a tertiary base

Gunina, A.I., 1957:
Conversion of hydrogen sulfide H2S35 in the organism following subcutaneous administration

Torisawa, Y.; Aki, S.; Minamikawa, J-ichi., 2006:
Conversion of indanone oximes into isocarbostyrils

Yu, P.H.; Chua, H.; Huang, A.L.; Ho, K.P., 2004:
Conversion of industrial food wastes by Alcaligenes latus into polyhydroxyalkanoates

Etingof, R.N.; Baliasnaia, A.I., 1953:
Conversion of inosinic acid by ascites carcinoma cells

Talafant, E., 1958:
Conversion of insoluble lead salts of direct bile pigments to soluble sodium salts by means of Katex FN

Chen, J.; Chen, J.; Li, S.; Zhang, L.; Yang, G.; Li, Y., 2006:
Conversion of intramolecular singlet electron transfer at room temperature into triplet energy transfer at 77 K: photoisomerization in norbornadiene- and carbazole-labeled poly(aryl ether) dendrimers

Schmeltz, L.R.; DeSantis, A.J.; Schmidt, K.; O'Shea-Mahler, E.; Rhee, C.; Brandt, S.; Peterson, S.; Molitch, M.E., 2007:
Conversion of intravenous insulin infusions to subcutaneously administered insulin glargine in patients with hyperglycemia

Kuzovleva, O.B., 1954:
Conversion of intravenous serum proteins into tissue proteins

Tomita, Y.; Senanayake, G.Vijitha.Kumara.; Yoshioka, T.; Nishino, H.; Yano, M., 2003:
Conversion of intravenously administered beta-cryptoxanthin to a beta-carotene-like compound in mouse lung

Chen, H.R.; Galston, A.W.; Milstone, L., 1966:
Conversion of isatin to isatate as related to growth promotion in Avena coleoptile and pisum stem sections

Furukawa, H.; Morita, H.; Yoshida, T.; Nagasawa, T., 2005:
Conversion of isoeugenol into vanillic acid by Pseudomonas putida I58 cells exhibiting high isoeugenol-degrading activity

Kern, H.; Sanwal, B.D.; Kluepfel, D., 1957:
Conversion of labeled glycocoll in Fusarium lycopersici

Saito, K., 1978:
Conversion of labeled substrates to sugars, cell wall polysaccharides, and tartaric Acid in grape berries

Felix, E.L.; Swartz, D.E., 2003:
Conversion of laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass

Preuss, R.; Menzel, R., 1958:
Conversion of lead tetra-acetate with phenol ethers. I. Conversion with hydroquinone dimethylether

Preuss, F.R.; Menzel, R., 1958:
Conversion of lead tetra-acetate with phenolethers. II. Conversion with hydroquinonedimethylether

Wadman, M.W.; van Zadelhoff, G.; Hamberg, M.; Visser, T.; Veldink, G.A.; Vliegenthart, J.F.G., 2006:
Conversion of linoleic acid into novel oxylipins by the mushroom Agaricus bisporus

Krim, M.; Meyer, L.M.; Rosenthal, J.; Ritz, N.D., 1952:
Conversion of lymphocytic leukemia to Hodgkin's disease

Watanabe, T.; Fukasawa, T.; Takano, T., 1962:
Conversion of male bacteria of Escherichia coli K12 to resistance to f phages by infection with the episome "resistance transfer factor"

Kubota, A.; Nishida, K.; Nakashima, K.; Tano, Y., 2006:
Conversion of mammalian Müller glial cells into a neuronal lineage by in vitro aggregate-culture

Tirumalai, P.S.; Shakleya, D.M.; Gannett, P.M.; Callery, P.S.; Bland, T.M.; Tracy, T.S., 2005:
Conversion of methamphetamine to N-methyl-methamphetamine in formalin solutions

Yoshizawa, K.; Shiota, Y., 2006:
Conversion of methane to methanol at the mononuclear and dinuclear copper sites of particulate methane monooxygenase (pMMO): a DFT and QM/MM study

Chen, C-Sheng.; Feng, S-Jie.; Ran, S.; Zhu, D-Chun.; Liu, W.; Bouwmeester, H.J.M., 2003:
Conversion of methane to syngas by a membrane-based oxidation-reforming process

Svelle, S.; Joensen, F.; Nerlov, J.; Olsbye, U.; Lillerud, K-Petter.; Kolboe, S.; Bjørgen, M., 2006:
Conversion of methanol into hydrocarbons over zeolite H-ZSM-5: ethene formation is mechanistically separated from the formation of higher alkenes

Kaganovskaia, M.I.; Vishnevskaia, G.I.; Iavorskii, D.F.; Zhelobenko, V.A., 1962:
Conversion of methone into menthol in menthol industry wastes

Ravaglia, G.; Forti, P.; Maioli, F.; Martelli, M.; Servadei, L.; Brunetti, N.; Pantieri, G.; Mariani, E., 2005:
Conversion of mild cognitive impairment to dementia: predictive role of mild cognitive impairment subtypes and vascular risk factors

Singer, R.B., 2004:
Conversion of mortality ratios to a numerical rating classification for life insurance underwriting-revisited

Singer, R.B.; Singer, R., 2004:
Conversion of mortality ratios to a numerical rating classification for life insurance underwriting. 1988

Dmitrieva, E.V., 1957:
Conversion of muscular fiber into blood and connective tissue elements

IL'IN, G.S.; LOVKOVA, M.Ia., 1959:
Conversion of nicotine and amino acids during ripening of tobacco seeds

Yamafuji, K., 1950:
Conversion of nitrites into oximes in silkworms and its relation to the experimental production of virus disease

Kliuge, I.V., 1956:
Conversion of nitrogen of various amino acids and ammonia to urea in the liver in mammals

Van Ha, T.G.; Fimmen, D.; Han, L.; Funaki, B.S.; Santeler, S.; Lorenz, J., 2006:
Conversion of non-tunneled to tunneled hemodialysis catheters

Tsuchiya, H.; Sawamura, T.; Uchiyama, M.; Harashima, H.; Kamiya, H., 2006:
Conversion of nucleotide sequence with single-stranded DNA fragment prepared from phagemid DNA

Engel'gardt, V.A.; Baev, A.A.; Venkstern, T.V., 1959:
Conversion of nucleotides in nuclear erythrocytes and its relation to respiration

King, N.M.; Tay, F.R.; Pashley, D.H.; Hashimoto, M.; Ito, S.; Brackett, W.W.; García-Godoy, F.; Sunico, M., 2005:
Conversion of one-step to two-step self-etch adhesives for improved efficacy and extended application

Nette, I.T., 1955:
Conversion of organic substances in denitrification

Woodworth, H.C.; Strobel, P.; Cooper, G.R., 1962:
Conversion of oxy- to methemoglobin by impurities in distilled water

Carroll, R.M.; Izquierdo, R.; Vazquez, M.; Blaine, T.A.; Levine, W.N.; Bigliani, L.U., 2004:
Conversion of painful hemiarthroplasty to total shoulder arthroplasty: long-term results

Berliner, G.B.; Mos'panov, L.S., 1962:
Conversion of paroxysmal tachycardia to auricular fibrillation in Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome

Schonharl, E.; Birnmeyer, G., 1958:
Conversion of pharyngeal speech to normal after correction of laryngeal atresia of 12 years duration

Ning, G.Ling.; Li, X.Cheng.; Munakata, M.; Gong, W.Tao.; Maekawa, M.; Kamikawa, T., 2004:
Conversion of phenyl-substituted cyclopentadienes to pyrylium cations

Fukuda, T., 1956:
Conversion of phenylalanine into tyrosine in the silkworm larva (Bombyx mori)

Tseitalin, L.A., 1953:
Conversion of phosphocreatine in the cerebral tissue in rats

Fischer, E.H.; Krebs, E.G., 1955:
Conversion of phosphorylase b to phosphorylase a in muscle extracts

Grebennik, L.I.; Tolstova, T.I., 1961:
Conversion of phthivazid and tubazid (INH) in the organism

Yuile, C.L.; Lamson, B.G.; Miller, L.L.; Whipple, G.H., 1951:
Conversion of plasma protein to tissue protein without evidence of protein breakdown; results of giving plasma protein labeled with carbon 14 parenterally to dogs

Toma-Daşu, I.; Daşu, A.; Karlsson, M., 2005:
Conversion of polarographic electrode measurements--a computer based approach

Wix, G.; Weisz, E.; Bodanszky, M., 1957:
Conversion of progesterone to 11-epicorticosterone with the help of Aspergillus niger

Wiest, W.G., 1959:
Conversion of progesterone to 4-pregnen-20 alpha-ol-3-one by rat ovarian tissue in vitro

Zhao, C-Xi.; Zhang, T.; Liang, Y-Zeng.; Yuan, D-Lin.; Zeng, Y-Xu.; Xu, Q-Song., 2007:
Conversion of programmed-temperature retention indices from one set of conditions to another

Daughaday, W.H.; Mariz, I.K., 1962:
Conversion of proline U-C14 to labeled hydroxyproline by rat cartilage in vitro: effects of hypophysectomy, growth hormone, and cortisol

Hausmann, E.; Neuman, W.F., 1961:
Conversion of proline to hydroxyproline and its incorporation into collagen

Karunakar, G.V.; Periasamy, M., 2006:
Conversion of propargyl alcohols to chloroallenes and arylalkynes using the TiCl4/R3N reagent system

Asada, T.; Masaki, Y.; Kitahara, K.; Nagayama, R.; Hatashita, T.; Yanagisawa, I., 1961 :
Conversion of prothrombin into thrombin. I. DEAE-cellulose chromatography of prothrombin and isolation of a prothrombin derivative

Seegers, W.H.; Johnson, S.A., 1956:
Conversion of prothrombin to autoprothrombin. II. (Platelet cofactor II) and its relation to the blood clotting mechanisms

Tseitlin, L.A., 1959:
Conversion of pyroracemic acid in medication sleep

Della Pietra, G.; Quagliariello, E.; Auricchio, S., 1954:
Conversion of quinolinic acid in nicotinic acid

DOMAN, G.; SHKOL'NIK, R.Ia., 1959:
Conversion of radiocarbon-labeled sedoheptulose in bean, tobacco and Sedum spectabile leaves

Dilaveris, P.; Synetos, A.; Giannopoulos, G.; Gialafos, E.; Stefanadis, C., 2005:
Conversion of recent-onset atrial fibrillation or flutter with amiodarone after ibutilide has failed: a rapid, efficient, and safe algorithm

Brunschwig, A., 1953:
Conversion of rectal colon into functioning urinary bladder

Shamarina, N.M.; Nesmeianova, T.N., 1953:
Conversion of reflex reactions of the spinal cord in experimental conditions

Liu, T-Jui.; Hsueh, C-Whei.; Lee, W-Lieng.; Lai, H-Chin.; Wang, K-Yang.; Ting, C-Tai., 2003:
Conversion of rheumatic atrial fibrillation by amiodarone after percutaneous balloon mitral commissurotomy

Ellis, F., 1956:
Conversion of röntgens to rads

Young, E.; Weiffenbach, N., 1959:
Conversion of salicylic acid into zinc sal'cylate in ointments & pastes containing both zinc oxide and salicylic acid

Randall, J.; Knee, R.; Galemore, C., 2006:
Conversion of school nurse policy and procedure manual to electronic format

Davison, A.N., 1954:
Conversion of schradan and parathion by an enzyme system of rat liver

Suma, R.; Sai Prakash, P.K., 2006:
Conversion of sertraline to N-methyl sertraline in embalming fluid: a forensic implication

Shostakovskii, M.F.; Gershtein, N.A., 1953:
Conversion of simple vinyl ethers; synthesis of haloid-acetals based on simple vinyl ethers

Mukherjee, G.; Sachan, A.; Ghosh, S.; Mitra, A., 2006:
Conversion of sinapic acid to syringic acid by a filamentous fungus Paecilomyces variotii

Krutsay, M., 1958:
Conversion of sledge microtome into microtome knife sharpening device

Klein, G., 1953:
Conversion of solid into ascites tumours

Kaneko, S.; Tsuge, K.; Takeuchi, T.; Itaya, M., 2003:
Conversion of sub-megasized DNA to desired structures using a novel Bacillus subtilis genome vector

Trinus, F.P., 1956:
Conversion of sulfanilamides labeled with radiosulfur in experimental hyperthyreosis

Frendo, J., 1959:
Conversion of sulfur compounds in human blood platelets. Taurine synthesis

Heidt, L.J.; Mcmillan, A.F., 1953:
Conversion of sunlight into chemical energy available in storage for man's use

Bassignani, M.J.; Bubash-Faust, L.; Ciambotti, J.; Moran, R.; McIlhenny, J., 2003:
Conversion of teaching file cases from film to digital format: a comparison between use of a diagnostic-quality digitizer and use of a flatbed scanner with transparency adapter

Falk, A.; Prabhuram, N.; Parthasarathy, S., 2005:
Conversion of temporary hemodialysis catheters to permanent hemodialysis catheters: a retrospective study of catheter exchange versus classic de novo placement

Falk, A.; Parthasarathy, S., 2005:
Conversion of temporary hemodialysis catheters to tunneled hemodialysis catheters

Adachi, Y.; Sakakura, K.; Okochi, T.; Mase, T.; Matsumoto, M.; Wada, H.; Fujita, H.; Momomura, S-Ichi., 2018:
A Pitfall in the Diagnosis of Bilateral Deep Vein Thrombosis in a Young Man

Ridsdale, A.; Micu, I.; Stys, P.K., 2004:
Conversion of the Nikon C1 confocal laser-scanning head for multiphoton excitation on an upright microscope

Latner, A.L., 1952:
Conversion of the Spekker absorptiometer to a semi-automatic scanning device for quantitative electrophoresis of serum proteins on filter paper

Danziger, O.; Rivenzon-Segal, D.; Wolf, S.G.; Horovitz, A., 2003:
Conversion of the allosteric transition of GroEL from concerted to sequential by the single mutation Asp-155 -> Ala

Thompson, S.A., 1950:
Conversion of the auricular appendage into a leakproof valve tube for intracardiac surgery

Paquette, L.A.; Hartung, R.E.; France, D.J., 2003:
Conversion of the enantiomers of spiro[4.4]nonane-1,6-diol into both epimeric carbaspironucleosides having natural C1' absolute configuration

Grawitz, P.B., 1963:
Conversion of the epithelium into leukocytic inflammatory cells

Cormier, M., 1954:
Conversion of the epoxide of vitamin A into vitamin A alcohol

Backer, C.L.; Deal, B.J.; Mavroudis, C.; Franklin, W.H.; Stewart, R.D., 2006:
Conversion of the failed Fontan circulation

Brugsch, J.; Gerhard, W., 1956:
Conversion of the fecal hemins (hematins) into porphyrine and their quantitative determination as porphyrins. II. Quantitative separation of the mixed fecal hemins as porphyrins and estimation as protohemin- and nonprotohemin types

Budnicki, R.M., 1951:
Conversion of the field chest 60

Hadnagy, C.; Kompo, S.; Kapusi, A., 1962:
Conversion of the immunobiological protective capacity of the maternal organism

Cheung, K.C.; Strange, R.; Harvey, I.; Dobson, B.; Derbyshire, G.; Kay, J.; Binsted, N.; Linford, R.; Hasnain, S., 2004:
Conversion of the oldest XAFS station at the first dedicated SR source to a state-of-the-art XAFS facility

Balboni, G.; Guerrini, R.; Salvadori, S.; Negri, L.; Giannini, E.; Bryant, S.D.; Jinsmaa, Y.; Lazarus, L.H., 2005 :
Conversion of the potent delta-opioid agonist H-Dmt-Tic-NH-CH(2)-bid into delta-opioid antagonists by N(1)-benzimidazole alkylation(1)

Dunaev, P.V., 1961:
Conversion of the tissues of the meibomian glands and tarsal palpebrae in cultures in the organism

Goldstein, F.; Rieders, F., 1953:
Conversion of thiocyanate to cyanide by an erythrocytic enzyme

Pitt, R.Vers, R.; Stanbury, J.B.; Rapp, B., 1955:
Conversion of thyroxine to 3-5-3'-triiodothyronine in vivo

Zacharia, L.C.; Jackson, E.K.; Kloosterboer, H.J.; Imthurn, B.; Dubey, R.K., 2006:
Conversion of tibolone to 7alpha-methyl-ethinyl estradiol using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry and liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry: interpretation and clinical implications

Barclay, H.J.., 2003:
Conversion of total leaf area to projected leaf area in lodgepole pine and Douglas-fir

English, J.Caroline.; Roser, K.S.; Mecchi, M., 2005:
Conversion of tris(8-quinolinolato-N1, O8) aluminum to 8-hydroxyquinoline and activity in bacterial reverse mutation assays

Lee, J.; Dubey, V.Kumar.; Somasundaram, T.; Blaber, M., 2005:
Conversion of type I 4:6 to 3:5 beta-turn types in human acidic fibroblast growth factor: effects upon structure, stability, folding, and mitogenic function

Luganskii, N.I.; Loboda, I.I., 1960:
Conversion of unithiol in the organism

Uzura, A.; Katsuragi, T.; Tani, Y., 2005:
Conversion of various aromatic compounds by resting cells of Fusarium moniliforme strain MS31

Wu, J.Zhen.; Yeh, L-Tain.; Lin, C-Chung.; Hong, Z., 2006:
Conversion of viramidine to ribavirin in vivo by adenosine deaminase and its inhibition by 2'-deoxycoformycin

Livesay, H.R.; Robinson, W.H., 1951:
Conversion of x-ray tube stand for camera support

Sindhu, R.K.; Walton, D.C., 1987:
Conversion of xanthoxin to abscisic Acid by cell-free preparations from bean leaves

Goedde, H.W.; Inouye, H.; Holzer, H., 1961:
Conversion of "active acetaldehyde" (alpha-hydroxyethyl thiamine pyrophosphate) into acetyl coenzyme A with pyruvate oxidase

Maeda, S.; Ohno, K., 2006:
Conversion pathways between a fullerene and a ring among C(20) clusters by a sphere contracting walk method: Remarkable difference in local potential energy landscapes around the fullerene and the ring

Klosa, J., 1954:
Conversion possibilities of 2-phenylindandione-(1,3)

Raske, K.E., 2003:
Conversion proceeds

Bayer, J., 1958:
Conversion products of reserpine

Srinivas, G.N.S., 2006:
Conversion rate for laparoscopic cholecystectomy after endoscopic retrograde cholangiography in the treatment of choledocholithiasis: does the time interval matter?

Capizzi, F.Domenico.; Fogli, L.; Brulatti, M.; Boschi, S.; Di Domenico, M.; Papa, V.; Patrizi, P., 2003:
Conversion rate in laparoscopic cholecystectomy: evolution from 1993 and current state

de Vries, A.; Donkervoort, S.C.; van Geloven, A.A.W.; Pierik, E.G.J.M., 2005:
Conversion rate of laparoscopic cholecystectomy after endoscopic retrograde cholangiography in the treatment of choledocholithiasis: does the time interval matter?

Tekkis, P.P.; Senagore, A.J.; Delaney, C.P., 2004:
Conversion rates in laparoscopic colorectal surgery: a predictive model with, 1253 patients

Fukuwatari, T.; Ohta, M.; Kimtjra, N.; Sasaki, R.; Shibata, K., 2005:
Conversion ratio of tryptophan to niacin in Japanese women fed a purified diet conforming to the Japanese Dietary Reference Intakes

Haden, R.A., 2004:
Conversion reaction following anaesthesia

King, J., 1956:
Conversion scales for chemical pathology

Albrecht, W., 1961:
Conversion symptom and organ neurosis--a relation

Papadopoulos, N., 2003:
Conversion technology and cancer predispositions

Papadopoulos, N., 2003:
Conversion technology and its role in genetic testing of inherited diseases

Irvine, K.N., 1958:
Conversion testing of schoolchildren after B. C. G. vaccination

Di Paolo, S.; Teutonico, A.; Schena, A.; Infante, B.; Stallone, G.; Grandaliano, G.; Ditonno, P.; Battaglia, M.; Schena, F.Paolo., 2004:
Conversion to C2 monitoring of cyclosporine A exposure in maintenance kidney transplant recipients: results at 3 years

Sparacino, V.; Calabrese, S., 2006:
Conversion to a proliferation signal inhibitor in a patient with coronary artery disease--a case report

Luis, C.A.; Barker, W.W.; Loewenstein, D.A.; Crum, T.A.; Rogaeva, E.; Kawarai, T.; S.G.orge-Hyslop, P.; Duara, R., 2004:
Conversion to dementia among two groups with cognitive impairment. A preliminary report

Tschanz, J.T.; Welsh-Bohmer, K.A.; Lyketsos, C.G.; Corcoran, C.; Green, R.C.; Hayden, K.; Norton, M.C.; Zandi, P.P.; Toone, L.; West, N.A.; Breitner, J.C.S., 2006:
Conversion to dementia from mild cognitive disorder: the Cache County Study

Pascual, J.; Fernández, A.M.; Marcén, R.; Ortuño, Jín., 2006:
Conversion to everolimus in a patient with arterial hypertension and recurrent cutaneous neoplasia--a case report

Pohanka, E., 2006:
Conversion to everolimus in maintenance patients--current clinical strategies

Moreno-Portillo, M.; Pereira-Graterol, F.; Magos, F.Javier.; Rojano-Rodríguez, Mín.; Alvarado-Aparicio, A.; Palacios-Ruíz, Jé.Antonio., 2004:
Conversion to laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass after vertical banded gastroplasty. A case report

Korniewicz, D.M.; Chookaew, N.; El-Masri, M.; Mudd, K.; Bollinger, M.Elizabeth., 2005:
Conversion to low-protein, powder-free surgical gloves: is it worth the cost?

Légaré, J-Francois.; Buth, K.J.; Hirsch, G.M., 2005:
Conversion to on pump from OPCAB is associated with increased mortality: results from a randomized controlled trial

Verzini, F.; Cao, P.; De Rango, P.; Parlani, G.; Xanthopoulos, D.; Iacono, G.; Panuccio, G., 2005 :
Conversion to open repair after endografting for abdominal aortic aneurysm: causes, incidence and results

Ginsberg, B.; Sinatra, R.S.; Adler, L.J.; Crews, J.C.; Hord, A.H.; Laurito, C.E.; Ashburn, M.A., 2003:
Conversion to oral controlled-release oxycodone from intravenous opioid analgesic in the postoperative setting

Brunckhorst, C.B., 2006:
Conversion to sinus rhythm

Forlani, S.; De Paulis, R.; Guerrieri Wolf, L.; Greco, R.; Polisca, P.; Moscarelli, M.; Chiariello, L., 2006:
Conversion to sinus rhythm by ablation improves quality of life in patients submitted to mitral valve surgery

Chaput, M.; Bouchard, D.; Demers, P.; Perrault, L.P.; Cartier, R.; Carrier, M.; Pagé, P.; Pellerin, M., 2005:
Conversion to sinus rhythm does not improve long-term survival after valve surgery: insights from a 20-year follow-up study

Groetzner, J.; Wittwer, T.; Kaczmarek, I.; Ueberfuhr, P.; Strauch, J.; Nagib, R.; Meiser, B.; Franke, U.; Reichart, B.; Wahlers, T., 2006:
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Converting hard water into soft transforms waste into thrift

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Converting interim HIPAA fixes into long-term strategies. HIPAA still represents an opportunity for MCOs to strengthen their financial efficiency, but only if they employ a strategic approach

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Conveying and antibody functions corresponding to mineral molecules

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Conveying the message about optimal infant positions

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Conveying values, mission, and vision

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Conveyor Belt in new System Washes Itself

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Conveyor speeds handling of outpatient records

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Conveyors Helped Slash this Laundry Bill

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Conviction of D'eja Vu and Situation

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Conviction of Dr. Svend Børge Bjarne Thorsen in suit against Centralforeningen af Sygekasser i Ringkobing amt

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Conviction reversed over lack of drug interaction testimony

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Conviction. Attorney's HIV implication fails to rise to reversible error

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Convient methods of serum preparation for the determination of the A, B and O blood groups

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Convincing case for patient-centred buildings

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Convincing your board that you're not Dennis Kozlowski

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Convocation address: put your heart into ACC fellowship: a vision for growth and achievement

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Convulsion attacks, coma, lasting neurologic lesions. Tick-borne encephalitis in children is nothing but harmless!

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Cooperating with Campus and Community Personnel

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Cooperation Between General Practitioner and Orthodontist

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Cooperation Between Hematology and Internal Medicine

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Cooperation Between Military and Civilian Medical Services in Venereal Disease Control

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Cooperation Between Physicians and Pedagogists in the Execution of Minimum School Hygiene and Sanitary Requirements in Village Schools

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Cooperation Between the Clinician and Pathologist in Analyzing Causes of Intrauterine Fetal Death

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Cooperation Between the General Practitioner and the Specialist

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Cooperation Between the Legal and Medical Professions

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Cooperation Encourages Laundry Inventions that Save Dollars

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Cooperation In Health Examination Surveys. A Study Of Expressed Willingness To Accept A Health Examination For Survey Purposes

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Cooperation of a Pediatric Institute with a Children's Home

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Cooperation Of Ambulant Public Health Services And Clinical Institutions Under The Administration Of The Department Of Public Health And Social Service In The Prevention And Control Of Infectious Gastrointestinal Diseases

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Cooperation of Health Workers in the Field with the Clinic

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Cooperation of Medico-Sanitary Departments, Administration and Trade Unions for the Improvement of Working Conditions and Decrease of Morbidity Among Mining Industry Workers

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Cooperation of Practicing Physicians in the Testing of new Drugs,such As, Mexaform

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Cooperation of Rural Dispensary and Cytological Laboratory as An Example for An Improvement of Gynecologic Cancer Prevention in Rural Districts

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Cooperation of the Collective, Communist Work--The Basis of Success

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Cooperation of the Physician in the Evaluation of Disability Problems

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Cooperation of the Psychiatrist with the Juvenile Court Judge

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Cooperation of the Research Institute for Public Health Organization with the Vyso Cany Polyclinic

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Cooperation of the School Physician, Industrial Physician, Veterinary Physician and Teacher in Instruction in Agricultural Production

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Cooperation of the State Health Insurance System in Rehabilitation

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Cooperation Of The Surgeon And Oncologist On New Concepts In The Struggle Against Malignant Neoplasms

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Cooperation with Medicine

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Cooperation achieves results at UNC-CH

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Cooperation among microorganisms

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Cooperation among practicing physicians and medical administrative service of the Federal Administration

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Cooperation among the Scandinavian countries

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Cooperation and control: the Tobacco Institute of Australia

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Cooperation and distribution of responsibilities between pediatrics and corrective pedagogics

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Cooperation and interference among unrelated phages. Recent advances in the conversion system

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Cooperation and training in hospital business management

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Cooperation and work distribution in the care for the deaf-mute

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Cooperation between American Medical Education Fund and alumni funds of medical colleges

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Cooperation between Chili and France in management training in the Chilean public health sector

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Cooperation between Czech and Slovak paediatric surgeons

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Cooperation between GPs and psychiatrists

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Cooperation between Tulane University Medical School and the U. S. Public Health Service Hospital

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Cooperation between a lung surgical department and a tuberculosis clinic

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Cooperation between a medical department and a tuberculosis clinic in a central county hospital

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Cooperation between a surgeon and a gastroenterologist in the management of vascular complications of the liver cirrhosis

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Cooperation between a surgeon and an interventional radiologist in cases of internal bleeding

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Cooperation between an NGO and "host" states in the control of leprosy in Latin America

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Cooperation between animal and human health sectors is key to the detection, surveillance, and control of emerging disease: IMED 2007 meeting in Vienna, February 2007

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Cooperation between balneologist and spa management

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Cooperation between cardiologist and cardiac surgeon

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Cooperation between clinican and bacteriologist

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Cooperation between departments of health and welfare

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Cooperation between doctor and hospital chaplain

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Cooperation between education and service

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Cooperation between employer, physician and insurance company regarding compensation regulations in accidents

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Cooperation between family doctor and balneotherapist; some thoughts and suggestions for successful organization of balneotherapeutics

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Cooperation between general practitioner and neuropsychiatrist

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Cooperation between geriatric psychiatry and geriatrics: the model developed in Geneva

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Cooperation between health and welfare agencies. A health officer's view

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Cooperation between health care and dental care when it comes to risk patients must be improved

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Cooperation between healthcare professionals: the urgent need for delegation

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Cooperation between industrial hygiene laboratories and factory inspection authorities

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Cooperation between medical and administrative staffs

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Cooperation between medical and non-medical personnel

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Cooperation between microbiological laboratory of the Russian Scientific Research Laboratory of the Institute for Food Preservation with the food preservation Industry

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Cooperation between municipalities and specialist health services--experiences from Trondheim

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Cooperation between nurse and administration

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Cooperation between nursing and laundry

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Cooperation between obstetrician and pediatrician

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Cooperation between open and closed geriatric wards. Directions and experiences

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Cooperation between ophthalmologists and opticians

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Cooperation between organized medicine and public health

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Cooperation between parents and public authorities regarding care of spastic children and young people

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Cooperation between pediatric and hygienic services

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Cooperation between physician and pharmacist to determine and resolve errors in concomitant medication previously prescribed for trauma patients. Quality assurance study

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Cooperation between physicians & psychotechnicians in the manual labor departments of the Ministry of Labor

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Cooperation between physicians and pharmacists

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Cooperation between physicians in private practice

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Cooperation between practicing physicians and a psychiatric ward (Community Hospital)

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Cooperation between practicing physicians and psychaitric hospitals

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Cooperation between practicing physicians and public health nurses

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Cooperation between practitioners of medicine and public health officers

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Cooperation between prenatal clinics and maternity hospitals and prevention of fetal and neonatal deaths

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Cooperation between private and public sectors leads to an intraocular retinal implant

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Cooperation between prosthetic and other departments of dentistry

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Cooperation between psychiatrist and psychologist, with special reference to the clinical psychologist

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Cooperation between public health physician and public health veterinarian

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Cooperation between radiologists and surgeons in the treatment of pulmonary cancer

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Cooperation between radiotherapist and other medical specialists

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Cooperation between rehabilitation and nursing services in the care of the patients

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Cooperation between snail and LEF-1 transcription factors is essential for TGF-beta1-induced epithelial-mesenchymal transition

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Cooperation between social-psychiatric services and psychiatric hospital--expectations and chances of improvement

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Cooperation between surgeons and dermatologists in the treatment of varicose veins of the extremities

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A Pivotal Field Study to Support the Registration of Levothyroxine Sodium Tablets for Canine Hypothyroidism

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Cooperation between the anesthesia and x-ray departments in the small hospital

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Cooperation between the attorney and the physician; a doctor's views

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Cooperation between the doctor and the medical illustrator

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Cooperation between the employer, the physician and the insurance company in injury regulations conforming to accident insurance law

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Cooperation between the general practitioner and the bacteriological-serological laboratory

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Cooperation between the general practitioner and the health center physician; infant and child health centers

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Cooperation between the hospital administration and the medical staff

Schuster, G., 1961:
Cooperation between the hospital service and general practitioners

Mead, S.V., 1951:
Cooperation between the orthodontist and oral surgeon in the diagnosis and care of impacted teeth

Gröne, A., 2005:
Cooperation between the pathologist and the veterinarian is of essential importance to reach an optimal diagnosis. Interview by Dr. Marianne M. Sloet van Oldruitenborgh-Oosterbaan

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Cooperation between the physician and the nurse in the ward

Thane Petersen, E., 1951:
Cooperation between the practicing physician and the public health nurse

Mustakallio, S., 1959:
Cooperation between the private practitioner and the hospital

Namora, F., 1954:
Cooperation between the rural and urban physician

Hsu, Y.P., 1959:
Cooperation between traditional Chinese and Western medicine to promote people's health

Unger, T., 2004:
Cooperation between university-industry

Kjellberg, B., 1955:
Cooperation between workers in the medical field and mathematicians

Crane, F., 1961:
Cooperation brings safer foundry work environment. Tar heel occupational health and safety campaign

Marsh, S., 1950:
Cooperation for the public good is the obligation of the physician; members of an honored profession must never forget: the true professional attitude is never a selfish attitude

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Cooperation for volunteering and partially random partnerships

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Cooperation in a general hospital community

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Cooperation in health care services--a constant challenge

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Cooperation in health programs for the aged

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Cooperation in health services

Kelly, G., 1950:
Cooperation in illicit operations

Berg, G., 1952:
Cooperation in in- and outpatient care

Favero, F., 1955:
Cooperation in medicine

Sjostedt, S., 1953:
Cooperation in obstetric care

Gal, I., 1961:
Cooperation in sanitary education

Schill, B.; Melin, K.A., 1954:
Cooperation in solving preschool problems

Landeros, A.G., 1953:
Cooperation in the Military Medical Service

Kesselring, A., 2005:
Cooperation in the area of patient care

Phillips, T.E.; Blommer, R.J., 2003:
Cooperation in the care of the institutionalized elderly in a rural community

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Cooperation in the noisy case: Prisoner's dilemma game on two types of regular random graphs

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Cooperation is the keystone of new Chicago hospital-press code

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Cooperation needed to optimise cancer drug development

Anonymous, 1950:
Cooperation of Central Provincial Consultation Centers of Maternal, Infant and Child Welfare with the Mother and Child Institute

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Cooperation of EB1-Mal3 and the Bub1 spindle checkpoint

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Cooperation of H2O2-mediated ERK activation with Smad pathway in TGF-beta1 induction of p21WAF1/Cip1

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Cooperation of MITAT with other specialized groups in R & D

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Cooperation of Ras- and c-Myc-dependent pathways in regulating the growth and invasiveness of synovial fibroblasts in rheumatoid arthritis

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Cooperation of Russian and Ukrainian medical organizations

Ruosteenoja, R., 1959:
Cooperation of Scandinavian organizations of sport medicine

Sosnierz, M., 1956:
Cooperation of a clinicist with a histopathologist

Dominik, K., 1954:
Cooperation of a dentist in the treatment of congenital cleft palate

Kiraly, K., 1955:
Cooperation of a dermato-venereological clinic with oncological service

Svoboda, M., 1954:
Cooperation of a field physician with a roentgenologists in diagnosis

Wokounova, D., 1963:
Cooperation of a regional hygienic-epidemiological station with health communities

Berger, V., 1956:
Cooperation of a regional phthisiologist with a tuberculosis hospital

Frank, J., 1957:
Cooperation of a school hygienist with a pediatrican

Redetzky, H.; Wille, K., 1962:
Cooperation of ambulant and ward institutions for the decrease of diseases

Wiedermannova, A.; Smykalova, M., 1957:
Cooperation of blood transfusion stations with regional physicians

Weigl, K., 1958:
Cooperation of children's department in outpatient services

Matson, G.A.; Hay, L.J.; Weisberg, R.J., 1958:
Cooperation of community blood banks in supplying blood for a sensitized hemophiliac patient

De Pereira, A.A., 1952:
Cooperation of cultural and scientific associations with public administration

Brandt, P.; von Kessel, B., 1983:
Cooperation of cytoplasmic and plastidial translation in formation of the photosynthetic apparatus and its stage-specific efficiency

Peterson, P.Q., 1952:
Cooperation of departments of education and health in the administration of school health programs

Hauberrisser, E., 1957:
Cooperation of dermatology and surgery

Cech, O., 1960:
Cooperation of district hygienists with regional planning commissions

Bollenbach, T.J.; Schuster, G.; Stern, D.B., 2004:
Cooperation of endo- and exoribonucleases in chloroplast mRNA turnover

Noro, L., 1957:
Cooperation of engineer & physician in various fields of medical service

Langfeldt, G., 1963:
Cooperation of forensic psychiatrists in criminal law administration

Rakowska, L., 1951:
Cooperation of gynecologist, pediatrician and stomatologist

Sinkulova, L., 1953:
Cooperation of health centers

Juznic, M., 1950:
Cooperation of hospitals and military medical corps

Roubal, J., 1955:
Cooperation of hygienic and technical administrations in providing healthy conditions

Pelnar, P., 1953:
Cooperation of industrial physician with the administration

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Cooperation of invariant NKT cells and CD4+CD25+ T regulatory cells in the prevention of autoimmune myasthenia

Ruzicka, K., 1951:
Cooperation of medical publications with documentation

Anonymous, 1952:
Cooperation of medicine and law in the humanization of war

Halpert, B., 1955:
Cooperation of mortician in authorization for necropsy

Lunacek, S., 1951:
Cooperation of mother and physician

Sozzani, P.; Comotti, A.; Bracco, S.; Simonutti, R., 2004 :
Cooperation of multiple CH...pi interactions to stabilize polymers in aromatic nanochannels as indicated by 2D solid state NMR

Romero, F., 1952:
Cooperation of municipalities in the budget of health insurance

Kubat, K.; Kluska, V.; Fruhbauerova, O., 1951:
Cooperation of obstetrician and pediatrician in prenatal care

Gurvich, B.S., 1955:
Cooperation of old and new personnel

Marsalek, J., 1956:
Cooperation of ophthalmologists with obstetricians

Jordan, L.G., 1951:
Cooperation of oral surgeon and prosthodontist in rendering artificial denture service

Dibelka, F., 1955:
Cooperation of orthodontists with oral surgeons

Pokorna, 1950:
Cooperation of orthodontists with physicians

Cvachova, L., 1953:
Cooperation of patient during spirographic examination

Karfik, V.; Karfikova, B., 1952:
Cooperation of pediatrician and general practitioner with plastic surgeon

Słomczynska, H., 1953:
Cooperation of pediatricians with epidemiologists

Shinozaki-Narikawa, N.; Kodama, T.; Shibasaki, Y., 2006:
Cooperation of phosphoinositides and BAR domain proteins in endosomal tubulation

Lorenz, O., 1957:
Cooperation of physician & dentist

Rasch, W., 1956:
Cooperation of physician and health insurance

Bauer, B., 1958:
Cooperation of physician and psychologist; diagnostic experiences

Bauer, B.; Klumbies, G., 1957:
Cooperation of physician and psychologist; therapeutic experiences

As, A., 1958:
Cooperation of physicians & psychologists

Beskow, B., 1956:
Cooperation of physicians in transfer of children

Gaase, A., 1957:
Cooperation of physicians with bacterioserological institutes. II

Inghe, G., 1959:
Cooperation of physicians with social service organizations

Stefanski, W., 1954:
Cooperation of physicians with veterinarians in control of infectious diseases

Hulek, A., 1954:
Cooperation of plant physicians with instructors for handicapped

Freidlin, S.I.; Vager, V.P., 1949:
Cooperation of polyclinics with hospitals

Sinkulova, L., 1951:
Cooperation of population with public health

Sinkulova, L., 1952:
Cooperation of population with the public health

Bacher, K.H., 1957:
Cooperation of private practitioners with young hospital doctors

Snijders, J., 1956:
Cooperation of psychiatrist and psychologist; second report

Jech, R.K., 1952:
Cooperation of psychologist and psychiatrist in psychohygiene in industry

Svancara, J., 1958:
Cooperation of psychologist in individual psychotherapy of children

Holub, V.; Svancara, J., 1957:
Cooperation of psychologists at neuropsychiatric pediatric ward

Maly, O., 1957:
Cooperation of regional hygienic-epidemiological stations with district physicians

Grof, K., 1955:
Cooperation of regional hygienists with district physicians

Biener, K., 1959:
Cooperation of school physician and teacher in the diagnosis of diseases in students

Barta, T., 1962:
Cooperation of specialists in the treatment of frontal and laterobasal skull injuries

Zhu, L.; Lai, Y-Cheng.; Hoppensteadt, F.C.; He, J., 2006:
Cooperation of spike timing-dependent and heterosynaptic plasticities in neural networks: a Fokker-Planck approach

Van Slooten, E.A.; Hampe, J.F., 1957:
Cooperation of surgeon and pathologist in treatment of basal cell carcinoma of the skin

Vad'ura, F., 1956:
Cooperation of surgeons and oncologists in the fight against malignant tumors

Besombes, A., 1954:
Cooperation of the Comité National d'Hygiene Bucco-dentaire with the practitioner

Garcia Gutierrez, J.L., 1952:
Cooperation of the International Committee of Public Health and Welfare on the problem of infant mortality due to diarrhea and enteritis

Herold, G., 1961:
Cooperation of the Ministry of Health in food supervision

Zemlicka, V., 1954:
Cooperation of the Regional Direction of the Public Health with district physicians

Hampe, J.F., 1959:
Cooperation of the anatomopathologist in the treatment of cancer

Takahashi, C.; Tominaga, M., 2005:
Cooperation of the clinical laboratory and infection control department in prevention of hospital infections

Kvasnicka, O., 1954:
Cooperation of the department of work hygiene with the insurance physicians

Zalman, E., 1955:
Cooperation of the dermatovenereological and psychiatric departments at the sexuological clinic at Brno

Balietti, L., 1950:
Cooperation of the general practitioner in the campaign against mental diseases

Schafer, W., 1958:
Cooperation of the health officer with the bacteriologist

Brodskiĭ, V.Ia.; Nechaeva, N.V.; Zvezdina, N.D.; Novikova, T.E.; Gvazava, I.G.; Fateeva, V.I.; Mal'chenko, L.A., 2004:
Cooperation of the hepatocytes in vitro in the rythm of the protein synthesis is intensified by GM1 ganglioside in vesicles and liposomes

Kovacs, L., 1953:
Cooperation of the hospital dermatological and venereological sections

Lowen, C.H., 1957:
Cooperation of the industrial physician in decisions concerning the employment & dismissal of industrial workers

Lintner, L., 1958:
Cooperation of the laryngologist & actinotherapist in treatment of carcinoma of the larynx; the Ungár & Hlavácek "2 possibilities-method"

Herold, 1959:
Cooperation of the marriage partner in the medical practice

Gaase, A., 1957 :
Cooperation of the medical staff and bacterial and serological institutes

Horta, M.E.N.Da.S., 1951:
Cooperation of the nurse with the pathologist

Ruzicka, A., 1954:
Cooperation of the pediatrician and stomatologist in prevention and control of the diseases of the teeth

Wirth, J., 1954:
Cooperation of the physician and the laboratory worker in a campaign against virus diseases

Link, K., 1957:
Cooperation of the physician in compensation determination procedures of public accident insurance companies

Silhan, 1953:
Cooperation of the physician with the safety technician in control of accidents

Spiess, H., 1959:
Cooperation of the physician, female clinic & pediatric clinic with the blood center for understanding cases of erythroblastosis

Pound, R., 1950:
Cooperation of the professions in the administration of justice

Knothe, H., 1958:
Cooperation of the serological expert with the health officer

Vejrosta, Z., 1949:
Cooperation of the stomatologist in plastic surgery of cleft palate

Kaiser, D., 1956:
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