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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 48677

Chapter 48677 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Mergener, K.; Brandabur, J.J., 2003:
Costochondral deformity masquerading as a submucosal gastric tumor

Caccamese, J.F.; Ruiz, R.L.; Costello, B.J., 2005:
Costochondral rib grafting

Fernandes, R.; Fattahi, T.; Steinberg, B., 2006:
Costochondral rib grafts in mandibular reconstruction

Anonymous, 2003:
Costochondritis: Not a heart attack but it feels like one

Yoshitoshi, Y.; Oshima, M., 1964:
Costoclavicular Syndrome

Brintnall, E.S.; Hyndman, O.R.; Van Allen, M.W., 1956:
Costoclavicular compression associated with cervical rib

González López, J.L.; Riquelme García, O.; Soleto Martín, F.J.; Villa García, A.; Vázquez Estévez, J., 2006:
Costoplasty in scoliosis surgery

Schmidt, M., 1959:
Costopleuropneumonectomy and pleuropneumonectomy in the treatment of tuberculosis of the lungs and of the pleura

Szyszko, S., 1953:
Costopleuropneumonectomy in the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis

Zimman, L., 1955:
Costoscalenic neurovascular syndrome

Van Staey, J., 1957:
Costosternal Diaphragmatic Hernia

Carabasi, R.J.; Christian, J.J.; Brindley, H.H., 1962:
Costosternal chondrodynia: a variant of Tietze's syndrome?

Gustavino, G.N.; Meeroff, M., 1956:
Costosternal sub diaphragmatic hernia strangulated

Spacek, B., 1950:
Costotome of a new construction

Anacker, H., 1962:
Costovenography as a method for examinating the chest wall

Bisogno, E.M., 1965:
Costovertebral and Costotransverse Arthrosis. (Anatomo-Histological Study)

Keller, H.L., 1963:
Costs in Deep Therapy of a 1 R Tumour Dose with Various Radiation Sources

Fimon, M., 1964:
Costs of Feeding Patients in Hospitals

Edmonds, C.H..; Hibbs, C.Wayne., 1977:
Costs of Intraaortic Balloon Pumping

Silberstein, J.; Margulec, I.; Eliahu, Y.; Gaspar, E.; Hovneh, A.; Huppert, E.; Pinkerfield, C.; Gottlieb, E.; Kossowsky, R., 1964:
Costs of Non-Rehabilitation in Israel: a Pilot Study

Lambertsen, E., 1964:
Costs of Nursing Education Show Need for Increased Financial Help

Oliver, K.M.; Moran, N.A.; Hunter, M.S., 2006:
Costs and benefits of a superinfection of facultative symbionts in aphids

Marchetti, A.; Jacobs, J.; Young, M.; Martin, J.; Rossiter, R., 2007:
Costs and benefits of an early-alert surveillance system for hospital inpatients

Krauth, C.; Rieger, J.; Bönisch, A.; Ehlebracht-König, I., 2003:
Costs and benefits of an education program for patients with ankylosing spondylitis as part of an inpatient rehabilitation programs-study design and first results

Janssen, M.P.; van der Poel, C.L.; Buskens, E.; Bonneux, L.; Bonsel, G.J.; van Hout, B.A., 2006:
Costs and benefits of bacterial culturing and pathogen reduction in the Netherlands

Alemi, F.; Taxman, F.; Baghi, H.; Vang, J.; Thanner, M.; Doyon, V., 2006:
Costs and benefits of combining probation and substance abuse treatment

Saoutert, E.; Andreasen, I., 2006:
Costs and benefits of communicating product safety information to the public via the Internet

Martin, O.Y.; Hosken, D.J., 2004:
Costs and benefits of evolving under experimentally enforced polyandry or monogamy

Putnam, J.D., 2004:
Costs and benefits of genomics patents

Jacobs, C., 2006 :
Costs and benefits of improving renal failure treatment--where do we go?

Morales, A.; Martinez, M.M.; Tasset-Tisseau, A.; Rey, E.; Baron-Papillon, F.; Follet, A., 2004:
Costs and benefits of influenza vaccination and work productivity in a Colombian company from the employer's perspective

Ishikawa, M.; Nakagawa, T.; Nishioka, M.; Ogata, S.; Miyauchi, T.; Kashiwagi, Y.; Uemura, N.; Inoue, S., 2006:
Costs and benefits of laparoscopic cholecystectomy: abdominal wall lifting vs. pneumoperitoneum procedure

Levy, R., 2003:
Costs and benefits of pharmaceuticals: the value equation for older Americans

Gittoes, P.; Trim, J., 2005:
Costs and benefits of private finance initiative schemes

Zeller, D.; Booth, S., 2005:
Costs and benefits of regulating mercury

Koella, J.C., 2006:
Costs and benefits of resistance against antimalarial drugs

Russell, J.A.; Moran, N.A., 2006:
Costs and benefits of symbiont infection in aphids: variation among symbionts and across temperatures

Spyropoulos, A.C.; Frost, F.J.; Hurley, J.S.; Roberts, M., 2004:
Costs and clinical outcomes associated with low-molecular-weight heparin vs unfractionated heparin for perioperative bridging in patients receiving long-term oral anticoagulant therapy

Murphy, N.A.; Hoff, C.; Jorgensen, T.; Norlin, C.; Young, P.C., 2005:
Costs and complications of hospitalizations for children with cerebral palsy

Bachmann, M.; Peters, T.; Harvey, I., 2003:
Costs and concentration of cancer care: evidence for pancreatic, oesophageal and gastric cancers in National Health Service hospitals

Ruiz, F.J.; Guest, J.F.; Lehmann, A.; Davie, A.M.; Güttler, K.; Schlüter, O.; Dreiss, Götz., 2005:
Costs and consequences of botulinum toxin type A use. Management of children with cerebral palsy in Germany

Schnitzler, M.A., 2003:
Costs and consequences of cytomegalovirus disease

Haentjens, P.; Lamraski, G.; Boonen, S., 2005:
Costs and consequences of hip fracture occurrence in old age: an economic perspective

Barr, R.D., 2003:
Costs and consequences of stem cell transplantation in children

Guest, J.F.; Clegg, J.P.; Davie, A.M.; McCloskey, E., 2005:
Costs and consequences of using pamidronate compared with zoledronic acid in the management of breast cancer patients in the UK

Wolf, M.S.; Fitzner, K.A.; Powell, E.F.; McCaffrey, K.R.; Pickard, A.Simon.; McKoy, J.M.; Lindenberg, J.; Schumock, G.T.; Carson, K.R.; Ferreira, M.Rosario.; Dolan, N.C.; Bennett, C.L., 2005:
Costs and cost effectiveness of a health care provider-directed intervention to promote colorectal cancer screening among Veterans

Bosanquet, N.; Jönsson, B.; Fox, K.A.A., 2003:
Costs and cost effectiveness of low molecular weight heparins and platelet glycoprotein IIb/IIIa inhibitors: in the management of acute coronary syndromes

Kominski, G.F.; Varon, S.Farivar.; Morisky, D.E.; Malotte, C.Kevin.; Ebin, V.J.; Coly, A.; Chiao, C., 2006:
Costs and cost-effectiveness of adolescent compliance with treatment for latent tuberculosis infection: results from a randomized trial

Cabasés, J.M.; Sánchez, E., 2004:
Costs and effectiveness of a syringe distribution and needle exchange program for HIV prevention in a regional setting

Mitchell, C.; Walker, J.; Walters, S.; Morgan, A.B.; Binns, T.; Mathers, N., 2005:
Costs and effectiveness of pre- and post-operative home physiotherapy for total knee replacement: randomized controlled trial

Kroese, M.; Kanka, D., 2003:
Costs and effectiveness of prehospital thrombolysis need to be clear

Floyd, K., 2003:
Costs and effectiveness--the impact of economic studies on TB control

Soegaard, R.; Christensen, F.Bjarke.; Christiansen, T.; Bünger, C., 2006:
Costs and effects in lumbar spinal fusion. A follow-up study in 136 consecutive patients with chronic low back pain

Glick, H.; Cook, J.; Kinosian, B.; Pitt, B.; Bourassa, M.G.; Pouleur, H.; Gerth, W., 1995:
Costs and effects of enalapril therapy in patients with symptomatic heart failure: an economic analysis of the Studies of Left Ventricular Dysfunction (SOLVD) Treatment Trial

Laux, G.; Heeg, B.; van Hout, B.A.; Mehnert, A., 2006:
Costs and effects of long-acting risperidone compared with oral atypical and conventional depot formulations in Germany

Sennfält, K.; Sandblom, G.; Carlsson, P.; Varenhorst, E., 2005:
Costs and effects of prostate cancer screening in Sweden--a 15-year follow-up of a randomized trial

Flobbe, K.; Kessels, A.G.H.; Severens, J.L.; Beets, G.L.; de Koning, H.J.; von Meyenfeld, M.F.; van Engelshoven, J.M.A., 2004:
Costs and effects of ultrasonography in the evaluation of palpable breast masses

Lasalvia, C.Gomes.Galvão.; Pereira, L.de.Sousa.; da Cunha, M.Carvalho.; Kitadai, S.Prado.Smit., 2006:
Costs and efficacy of type A botulinum toxin for the treatment of essential blepharospasm and hemifacial spasm

Meillet, H., 1950:
Costs and expenses in professional disciplinary jurisdictions

Harmon, E.L., 1962:
Costs and financing of home care

Reed, D.A.; Kern, D.E.; Levine, R.B.; Wright, S.M., 2005:
Costs and funding for published medical education research

Groot, M.T.; Baltussen, R.; Uyl-de Groot, C.A.; Anderson, B.O.; Hortobágyi, G.N., 2006:
Costs and health effects of breast cancer interventions in epidemiologically different regions of Africa, North America, and Asia

Migliaccio-Walle, K.; Caro, J.Jaime.; Ishak, K.J.; O'Brien, J.A., 2005:
Costs and medical care consequences associated with the diagnosis of peripheral arterial disease

Percudani, M.; Gerzeli, S.; Massagrandi, R.; Jommi, C.; Fattore, G.; Cerati, G.; Contini, A., 2003:
Costs and outcome of care in subjects with severe mental disorders

Halpern, M.T.; Cifaldi, M.A.; Schmier, J.K., 2006:
Costs and outcomes of extended-release vs. immediate-release clarithromycin for lower respiratory tract infections

Atun, R.A.; Samyshkin, Y.; Drobniewski, F.; Balabanova, Y.; Fedorin, I.; Lord, J.; Coker, R.J., 2006:
Costs and outcomes of tuberculosis control in the Russian Federation: retrospective cohort analysis

Edwards, W., 1961:
Costs and payoffs are instructions

Stenberg, A., 1956:
Costs and pounds; institutional laundry records

Lajas, C.; Abasolo, L.; Bellajdel, B.; Hernández-García, César.; Carmona, L.; Vargas, E.; Lázaro, P.; Jover, J.A., 2003:
Costs and predictors of costs in rheumatoid arthritis: a prevalence-based study

Epstein, D.; Mason, A., 2006:
Costs and prices for inpatient care in England: mirror twins or distant cousins?

Piacevoli, Q.; Azzeri, F.; Principi, F.; Di Angelo, P., 2005:
Costs and quality in loco-regional anesthesia

Gholghesaei, M.; Langeveld, H.R.; Veldkamp, R.; Bonjer, H.J., 2005:
Costs and quality of life after endoscopic repair of inguinal hernia vs open tension-free repair: a review

Borgström, F.; Zethraeus, N.; Johnell, O.; Lidgren, L.; Ponzer, S.; Svensson, O.; Abdon, P.; Ornstein, E.; Lunsjö, K.; Thorngren, K.Göran.; Sernbo, I.; Rehnberg, C.; Jönsson, B., 2005:
Costs and quality of life associated with osteoporosis-related fractures in Sweden

Kobelt, G., 2007:
Costs and quality of life for patients with multiple sclerosis in Belgium

Kobelt, G.; Berg, J.; Lindgren, P.; Jönsson, B., 2007:
Costs and quality of life in multiple sclerosis in Europe: method of assessment and analysis

Kobelt, G.; Berg, J.; Lindgren, P.; Anten, B.; Ekman, M.; Jongen, P.J.H.; Polman, C.; Uitdehaag, B., 2007:
Costs and quality of life in multiple sclerosis in The Netherlands

Schöffski, O.; Augustin, M.; Prinz, Jörg.; Rauner, K.; Schubert, E.; Sohn, S.; Reich, K., 2007:
Costs and quality of life in patients with moderate to severe plaque-type psoriasis in Germany: a multi-center study

Kobelt, G.; Berg, J.; Lindgren, P.; Plesnilla, C.; Baumhackl, U.; Berger, T.; Kolleger, H.; Vass, K., 2007:
Costs and quality of life of multiple sclerosis in Austria

Kobelt, G.; Berg, J.; Lindgren, P.; Elias, W.G.; Flachenecker, P.; Freidel, M.; König, N.; Limmroth, V.; Straube, E., 2007:
Costs and quality of life of multiple sclerosis in Germany

Kobelt, G.; Berg, J.; Lindgren, P.; Battaglia, M.; Lucioni, C.; Uccelli, A., 2007:
Costs and quality of life of multiple sclerosis in Italy

Kobelt, G.; Berg, J.; Lindgren, P.; Izquierdo, G.; Sánchez-Soliño, O.; Pérez-Miranda, J.; Casado, M.A., 2007:
Costs and quality of life of multiple sclerosis in Spain

Berg, J.; Lindgren, P.; Fredrikson, S.; Kobelt, G., 2007:
Costs and quality of life of multiple sclerosis in Sweden

Kobelt, G.; Berg, J.; Lindgren, P.; Gerfin, A.; Lutz, J., 2007:
Costs and quality of life of multiple sclerosis in Switzerland

Kobelt, G.; Berg, J.; Lindgren, P.; Kerrigan, J.; Russell, N.; Nixon, R., 2007:
Costs and quality of life of multiple sclerosis in the United Kingdom

Kobelt, G.; Berg, J.; Lindgren, P.; Fredrikson, S.; Jönsson, B., 2006:
Costs and quality of life of patients with multiple sclerosis in Europe

Wescott, L.B., 1961:
Costs and returns to the hospital as a corporate entity

Langenbach, S., 2005:
Costs and revenues should agree

Erbay, R.Hakan.; Yalcin, A.Nevzat.; Zencir, M.; Serin, S.; Atalay, H., 2004:
Costs and risk factors for ventilator-associated pneumonia in a Turkish university hospital's intensive care unit: a case-control study

O'Connell, J.M.; Brunson, D.; Anselmo, T.; Sullivan, P.W., 2005:
Costs and savings associated with community water fluoridation programs in Colorado

Kerrigan, M.; Howlader, N.; Mandelson, M.T.; Harrison, R.; Mansley, E.C.; Ramsey, S.D., 2005:
Costs and survival of patients with colorectal cancer in a health maintenance organization and a preferred provider organization

Hepke, K.L.; Martus, M.T.; Share, D.A., 2004:
Costs and utilization associated with pharmaceutical adherence in a diabetic population

Gieser, D.K.; Tracy Williams, R.; O'Connell, W.; Pasquale, L.R.; Rosenthal, B.P.; Walt, J.G.; Katz, L.M.; Siegartel, L.R.; Wang, L.; Rosenblatt, L.C.; Stern, L.S.; Doyle, J.J., 2006:
Costs and utilization of end-stage glaucoma patients receiving visual rehabilitation care: a US multisite retrospective study

Etemad, L.R.; Yang, W.; Globe, D.; Barlev, A.; Johnson, K.A., 2005:
Costs and utilization of triptan users who receive drug prophylaxis for migraine versus triptan users who do not receive drug prophylaxis

Bloomfield, E.L., 2005:
Costs are not the only thing we should be concerned with in anesthesia

Glenngård, A.H.; Persson, U.; Söderman, C., 2005:
Costs associated with blood transfusions in Sweden--the societal cost of autologous, allogeneic and perioperative RBC transfusion

Legorreta, A.P., 2003:
Costs associated with common dual-controller therapies for treating asthma in several managed care populations

Milbrandt, E.B.; Deppen, S.; Harrison, P.L.; Shintani, A.K.; Speroff, T.; Stiles, Rée.A.; Truman, B.; Bernard, G.R.; Dittus, R.S.; Ely, E.Wesley., 2004:
Costs associated with delirium in mechanically ventilated patients

Creery, D.; Lyer, P.; Samson, L.; Coyle, D.; Osborne, G.; MacDonald, A., 2005:
Costs associated with infant bronchiolitis in the Baffin region of Nunavut

Wasserfallen, J-Blaise.; Bossuat, C.; Perrin, E.; Cotting, J., 2007:
Costs borne by families of children hospitalized in a pediatric intensive care unit: a pilot study

Anonymous, 2005:
Costs concerns keep more sick Americans from needed meds. Those with chronic conditions are particularly at risk

Anonymous, 2006:
Costs could derail Massachusetts health reforms

Hervás-Angulo, A.; Cabasés-Hita, J.M.; Forcén-Alonso, T., 2006:
Costs deriving from strokes from a social perspective. A retrospective incidence approach with a follow-up at three years

Gnus, J.; Witkiewicz, W.; Hauzer, W.; Grzanka, M., 2006:
Costs evaluation of operation treatment of ruptured and non-ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm

Hill, L.F., 1962:
Costs in infant feeding

Månsson, Jörgen.; Marklund, B.; Carlsson, P., 2006:
Costs in primary care of investigating symptoms suspicious of cancer in a defined population

Morris, P.J.; Monaco, A.P., 2006:
Costs of ABO incompatible living donor transplantation are justified

Blaiklock, M., 2003:
Costs of PFI and PPP have been underestimated

Schmitter-Edgecombe, M.; Langill, M., 2006:
Costs of a predictable switch between simple cognitive tasks following severe closed-head injury

Wecker, J., 2005:
Costs of a rotavirus vaccine

Ayadi, M.Femi.; Adams, E.Kathleen.; Melvin, C.L.; Rivera, C.C.; Gaffney, C.A.; Pike, J.; Rabius, V.; Ferguson, J.N., 2006:
Costs of a smoking cessation counseling intervention for pregnant women: comparison of three settings

Chang, K-Chou.; Tseng, M-Chiun., 2003:
Costs of acute care of first-ever ischemic stroke in Taiwan

Epifanov, Y.; Dodel, R.; Haacke, C.; Schaeg, M.; Schöffski, O.; Hennerici, M.; Back, T., 2006:
Costs of acute stroke care on regular neurological wards: a comparison with stroke unit setting

Miller, T.R.; Levy, D.T.; Cohen, M.A.; Cox, K.L.C., 2006:
Costs of alcohol and drug-involved crime

Svahn, B-Marie.; Alvin, O.; Ringdén, O.; Gardulf, A.; Remberger, M., 2006 :
Costs of allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation

Hyde, R.W.; Brennan, M.J., 1960:
Costs of alternatives to hospitalization

Mittendorf, T.; Merkesdal, S.; Zeidler, H.; Graf von der Schulenburg, J-Matthias.; Ruof, Jörg., 2005:
Costs of ambulatory care for RA patients in Germany

Loop, T.; Priebe, H.J., 2005:
Costs of anaesthesia

Weilburg, J.B.; Stafford, R.S.; O'Leary, K.M.; Meigs, J.B.; Finkelstein, S.N., 2004:
Costs of antidepressant medications associated with inadequate treatment

Birnbaum, H.G.; Kessler, R.C.; Lowe, S.W.; Secnik, K.; Greenberg, P.E.; Leong, S.A.; Swensen, A.R., 2005:
Costs of attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in the US: excess costs of persons with ADHD and their family members in 2000

Nouira, A.; Bchir, A.; Njah, M.; Yazid, B.; Ali, S.Bou., 2005:
Costs of basic health services in a health district in Tunisia

Kleinman, L.; Lowin, A.; Flood, E.; Gandhi, G.; Edgell, E.; Revicki, D., 2003:
Costs of bipolar disorder

Dolan, P.; Torgerson, D.J.; Wolstenholme, J., 2004:
Costs of breast cancer treatment in the United Kingdom

Simmons, L.W.; Kvarnemo, C., 2006:
Costs of breeding and their effects on the direction of sexual selection

Coughlin, C.M.; Nelson, M.; Merchant, S.; Gondek, K., 2003:
Costs of broad-spectrum antibiotic use for acute sinusitis, chronic bronchitis, and pneumonia in a managed care population

Bach, P.B., 2007:
Costs of cancer care: a view from the centers for Medicare and Medicaid services

Haentjens, P.; Autier, P.; Barette, M.; Boonen, S., 2003:
Costs of care after hospital discharge among women with a femoral neck fracture

Britt, F.H.; Jacks, M.H., 1956:
Costs of care of aged and infirm residents in Florida nursing and boarding homes

Turtle, E.E., 1959:
Costs of chemical methods of controlling insects in stored produce

Jansman, F.G.A.; Postma, M.J., 2006:
Costs of chemotherapy in the treatment of colorectal cancer

Libby, A.M.; Sills, M.R.; Thurston, N.K.; Orton, H.D., 2003:
Costs of childhood physical abuse: comparing inflicted and unintentional traumatic brain injuries

Hilliard, R.M., 1952:
Costs of chronic illness

Masa, J.F.; Sobradillo, V.; Villasante, C.; Jiménez-Ruiz, C.A.; Fernández-Fau, L.; Viejo, J.L.; Miravitlles, M., 2004:
Costs of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in Spain. Estimation from a population-based study

Targowski, T.; Jahnz-Rózyk, K., 2004:
Costs of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease treatment

Hassenplug, L.W., 1954:
Costs of collegiate basic nursing education

Benedet, J.L.; Bertrand, M.A.; Matisic, J.M.; Garner, D., 2005:
Costs of colposcopy services and their impact on the incidence and mortality rate of cervical cancer in Canada

Brown, R.E.; Breugelmans, J.G.; Theodoratou, D.; Bénard, S., 2006:
Costs of detection and treatment of cervical cancer, cervical dysplasia and genital warts in the UK

Weber, C.; Neeser, K.; Wenzel, H.; Schneider, B., 2006:
Costs of diabetes mellitus type 2 and self measurement of blood glucose in Germany

Pascual Torres, D.; Brú Budesca, X., 2003:
Costs of digestive endoscopy in a level II university hospital

Balak, N.; Elmaci, I., 2007:
Costs of disorders of the brain in Europe

Herold, M.; Hieke, K., 2003:
Costs of drug delivery for CHOP, COP/CVP, and fludarabine: an international assessment

Fairbrother, G.; Dutton, M.J.; Bachrach, D.; Newell, K-Ann.; Boozang, P.; Cooper, R., 2004:
Costs of enrolling children in Medicaid and SCHIP

Zajac, L.M.; Nriagu, J.O.; Savoie, K.; Hammad, A.; Jamil, H., 2005:
Costs of environmentally attributable diseases in the Arab-American community in the Detroit area

Barton, T.; Mizuta, M.; Fishman, N., 2004:
Costs of false-positive cultures from central catheters

Simon, J.B., 2004:
Costs of finding an advanced adenoma in colorectal screening

Whynes, D.K.; Frew, E.J.; Edwards, R.; Atkin, W.S., 2003:
Costs of flexible sigmoidoscopy screening for colorectal cancer in the United Kingdom

Koelz, H.R.; Blum, Aé.L.; Modlin, I.M., 2003:
Costs of gerd: facts and fiction

Raimbeau, G., 2003:
Costs of hand emergencies

Sekhon, J.S., 2003:
Costs of health care administration in the United States and Canada

Sailly, J-Claude.; Lenne, X.; Bercez, C.; Lebrun, Térèse.; Tonnel, A-Bernard.; Tillie-Leblond, I., 2005:
Costs of hospitalization for severe acute asthma of patients not treated according to guidelines and recommendations. French prospective study of 169 cases

Wiprud, T.; Altman, I., 1950:
Costs of hospitalized acute illness

Gouveia, M.; Borges, M.; Costa, Jão.; Oliveira, E.; David, Cáudio.; Carneiro, Aónio.Vaz., 2004:
Costs of illness due to hypeercholesterolemia in Portugal

Zanchetti, A., 2003:
Costs of implementing recommendations on hypertension management given in recent guidelines

Waldman, H.Barry.; Perlman, S.P., 2005:
Costs of individuals with disabilities and the elderly in Pennsylvania

Stark, R.; König, H-Helmut.; Leidl, R., 2006:
Costs of inflammatory bowel disease in Germany

Andersson, A.; Carstensen, J.; Levin, L-Ake.; Emtinger, B.Göran., 2004:
Costs of informal care for patients in advanced home care: a population-based study

Krawczyk-Wyrwicka, I.; Piotrowski, A.; Rydlewska-Liszkowska, I.; Hanke, W., 2006:
Costs of intensive care of premature infants

Burns, A.D.; Harrison, A.C., 2007:
Costs of investigating and managing non-residents with possible tuberculosis: New Zealand experience of an international problem

Maxion-Bergemann, S.; Thielecke, F.; Abel, F.; Bergemann, R., 2006:
Costs of irritable bowel syndrome in the UK and US

Stockl, K.; Vanderplas, A.; Tafesse, E.; Chang, E., 2004:
Costs of lower-extremity ulcers among patients with diabetes

Levin, A.; Dmytraczenko, T.; McEuen, M.; Ssengooba, F.; Mangani, R.; Van Dyck, G., 2003:
Costs of maternal health care services in three anglophone African countries

Shields, L.; Tanner, A., 2004:
Costs of meals and parking for parents of hospitalised children in Australia

Schneeweiss, S.; Manstetten, A.; Wildner, M.; Sangha, O.; Liebetrau, M.; Paeger, A., 2003:
Costs of measuring outcomes of acute hospital care in a longitudinal outcomes measurement system

Reynales-Shigematsu, L.Myriam.; Juárez-Márquez, S.Arturo.; Valdés-Salgado, R., 2006:
Costs of medical care attributable to tobacco consumption at the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), Morelos

Reynales-Shigematsu, L.Myriam.; Campuzano-Rincón, J.César.; Sesma-Vásquez, S.; Juárez-Márquez, S.Arturo.; Valdés-Salgado, R.; Lazcano-Ponce, E.; Hernández-Avila, M., 2006:
Costs of medical care for acute myocardial infarction attributable to tobacco consumption

Long, P.H., 1961:
Costs of medical care under the National Health Insurance

Snowden, C.B.; Miller, T.R.; Jensen, A.F.; Lawrence, B.A., 2003:
Costs of medically treated craniofacial conditions

Borghi, J.; Hanson, K.; Acquah, C.Adjei.; Ekanmian, G.; Filippi, V.; Ronsmans, C.; Brugha, R.; Browne, E.; Alihonou, E., 2003:
Costs of near-miss obstetric complications for women and their families in Benin and Ghana

Smit, F.; Cuijpers, P.; Oostenbrink, J.; Batelaan, N.; de Graaf, R.; Beekman, A., 2007:
Costs of nine common mental disorders: implications for curative and preventive psychiatry

Pałczyński, C., 2004:
Costs of occupational asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Moscato, G.; Rampulla, C., 2003:
Costs of occupational asthma and of occupational chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Rydlewska-Liszkowska, I., 2006:
Costs of occupational diseases and accidents at work in Poland

Waehrer, G.; Leigh, J.Paul.; Miller, T.R., 2005:
Costs of occupational injury and illness within the health services sector

Schneider, J.; Duggan, S.; Cordingley, L.; Mozley, C.G.; Hart, C., 2006:
Costs of occupational therapy in residential homes and its impact on service use

Carlsson, K.Steen.; Höjgård, S.; Lindgren, A.; Lethagen, S.; Schulman, S.; Glomstein, A.; Tengborn, L.; Berntorp, E.; Lindgren, B., 2004:
Costs of on-demand and prophylactic treatment for severe haemophilia in Norway and Sweden

Forbes, T.L., 2004:
Costs of open versus endovascular abdominal aortic aneurysm repair

Ueno, W.; Beveridge, R.A.; Kales, A.N., 2006:
Costs of outpatient red blood cell transfusions

Aldrich, P.J.; Hayton, M.J., 1956:
Costs of oven-ready beef from carcass, primal cut, and fabricated sources

Rajbhandary, S.S.; Marks, S.M.; Bock, N.N., 2004:
Costs of patients hospitalized for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis

Rajagopalan, K.; Kleinman, N.L.; Brook, R.A.; Gardner, H.H.; Brizee, T.J.; Smeeding, J.E., 2006:
Costs of physical and mental comorbidities among employees: a comparison of those with and without bipolar disorder

D'Alessandro, D., 2003:
Costs of pneumococcal infections and cost evaluation of heptavalent conjugate vaccine

Adams, E.Kathleen.; Nishimura, B.; Merritt, R.K.; Melvin, C., 2003:
Costs of poor birth outcomes among privately insured

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Costs of prophylactic resection

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Could automobiles be improved to hold the road?

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Could beta blockers be doing more harm than good in some HF patients?

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Could cardiac CT revolutionize the practice of cardiology?

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Could changing the ideal anthropometric values of children help prevent starvation on Earth

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Could chekhovian humanism help us today?

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Could cholinesterase inhibitors and memantine alleviate HIV dementia?

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Could computerization harm patient safety?

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Could contracts make secure foundations for early entrants?

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Could crossed wires see the IT programme blow its fuse?

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Could dehydration in infancy lead to high blood pressure?

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Could digitalis have an unspecific circulation regulation effect through the vagal system?

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Could disease-modifying HIV vaccines cause population-level perversity?

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Could dopamine be a silent killer?

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Could empathy be a predictor of hypnotic ability?

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Could endogenous substrates of drug-metabolizing enzymes influence constitutive physiology and drug target responsiveness?

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Could endothelial caveolae be the target of general anaesthetics?

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Could evidence-based medicine be a danger to progress?

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Could exposure to methyl bromide cause motor neurone disease?

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Could failing to register your PSC void your contracts with insurers? Illinois court ruling stirs concern

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Could fatigue become the sixth vital sign?

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Could fractional flow reserve guide therapeutic strategy in acute coronary syndrome?

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Could gene therapy prevent the effects of irradiation exposure?

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Could hair dyes cause hair loss?

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Could health care costs for depression be decreased if the disorder were correctly diagnosed and treated?

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Could hearing loss be related to delay in administration of other antibiotics rather than early use of vancomycin?

Anonymous, 2006:
Could high blood pressure be causing your headache? The pendulum has swung back and forth on the connection between hypertension and headaches. A recent study find they could be related

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Could high blood pressure be the cause of acute spontaneous spinal epidural hematoma?

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Could hiring more locums be a tool to have more rational drug prescriptions?

Anonymous, 2006:
Could hospitals go the way of the airlines?

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Could hypertension be a consequence of the 24/7 society? The effects of sleep deprivation and shift work

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Could hypoxia of connective tissue lead to heterotopic ossification?

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Could immunohistochemistry for p53 help tailor surgical treatment in endometrial carcinoma?

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Could immunosuppressive drugs reduce recurrence rate after second resection for Crohn disease?

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Could inflammation be a key component in the progression of benign prostatic hyperplasia?

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Could influenza vaccination prevent myocardial infarction, stroke and sudden cardiac death?

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Could intake of vitamins C and E inhibit development of Alzheimer dementia?

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Could interchangeable use of dry powder inhalers affect patients?

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Could intraoperative analgesia attenuate excessive neuroendocrine responses in surgical patients?

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Could irbesartan trigger autoimmune cholestatic hepatitis?

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Could islet transplantation be a potential cure for diabetes?

Anonymous, 2003:
Could it be an attention disorder?

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Could it be an immune defect? Background and diagnosis

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Could it be sarcoid arthritis?

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Could it be the Liver?

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Could it happen again? the Björk-Shiley convexo-concave heart valve story

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Could it happen here? Vaccine risk controversies and the specter of derailment

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Could joining EU club spell disaster for the new members?

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Could labeled neuronal progenitor cells be used to target glioma tumor endothelium?

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Could lack of clarity in written advance directives contribute to their ineffectiveness? A study of the content of written advance directives

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Could lack of necessary equipment and training to manage common paediatric emergencies within primary healthcare centres impact on secondary healthcare services?

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Could laparoscopic colon and rectal surgery become the standard of care? A review and experience with 750 procedures

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Could linear MRI measurements of hippocampus differentiate normal brain aging in elderly persons from Alzheimer disease?

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Could lipid CH2/CH3 analysis by in vivo 1H MRS help in differentiation of tumor recurrence and post-radiation effects?

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Could lipoprotein lipase play a role in Alzheimer's disease?

Lee, D-Hee.; Jacobs, D.R.; Porta, M., 2006:
Could low-level background exposure to persistent organic pollutants contribute to the social burden of type 2 diabetes?

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Could lymphoma be the underlying disease in this patient with pyrexia of unknown origin?

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Could mainstream anti-smoking programs increase inequalities in tobacco use? New Zealand data from 1981-96

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Could matrix metalloproteinase-9 be a link between Demodex folliculorum and rosacea?

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Could mean platelet volume be a predictive marker for acute myocardial infarction?

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Could measuring of perceived risk among general practitioners have helped anticipate the French BSE crisis?

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Could medical intervention work for aortic aneurysms?

Coto-Montes, A.; Tomás-Zapico, C., 2006:
Could melatonin unbalance the equilibrium between autophagy and invasive processes?

Gentile, G., 1959:
Could methyl-2-N-propyl-2-propandiolo-1,3-dicarbamate (meprobamate, miltown, perequil) be ultimately used in chronic lead poisoning?

Nardi, J.B..; Mackie, R.I..; Dawson, J.O.., 2003:
Could microbial symbionts of arthropod guts contribute significantly to nitrogen fixation in terrestrial ecosystems?

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Could missile attacks trigger acute myocardial infarction?

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Could mitochondrial DNA quantitation be a surrogate marker for drug mitochondrial toxicity?

Marano, R.; Storto, M.Luigia.; Maddestra, N.; Bonomo, L., 2005:
Could multidetector computed tomography play a role in the management of patients readmitted with recurrent chest pain after surgical coronary revascularization?

King, J.E., 2003:
Could my patient have deep vein thrombosis?

Fidler, K.J.; Pierce, C.M.; Cubitt, W.David.; Novelli, V.; Peters, M.J., 2004 :
Could neonatal disseminated herpes simplex virus infections be treated earlier?

White, P.; Lewith, G., 2006:
Could neuroimaging help us to interpret the clinical effects of acupuncture?

Liubarskiene, Z.Vincentina., 2005:
Could new biotechnologies revive the old moral principles?

Harty-Golder, B., 2006:
Could new lab-report policy open a "Pandora's box"?

Fincham, J.E.; Markus, M.B.; Mansvelt, E.P., 2004:
Could non-selective anthelmintic treatment programmes contribute to control of the spread of HIV infection and AIDS?

Bettocchi, S.; Di Spiezio Sardo, A.; Guida, M.; Bifulco, G.; Borriello, M.; Nappi, C., 2007:
Could office endometrial biopsy be accurate as EBHR for assessing the preoperative tumor grade?

Fallon, J., 2004:
Could one of the most widely prescribed antibiotics amoxicillin/clavulanate "augmentin" be a risk factor for autism?

Duffin, C., 2005:
Could one-to-one pay bargaining lead to higher nurses' salaries?

Khan, S.; Doré, P.C.; Sewell, W.A.C., 2007:
Could oral spleen tyrosine kinase inhibitors lead to neoplastic transformation?

Ekblom, Börn., 2004:
Could osteoarthritis have been prevented?

Wahl, R.U.Rojas., 2004 :
Could oxytocin administration during labor contribute to autism and related behavioral disorders?--A look at the literature

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Could peripartum antibiotics have delayed health consequences for the infant?

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Could personality traits modify the response to uncorrected high hyperopia?

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Could persons on sick leave learn to think differently about themselves and increase their participation in the workplace?

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Could pharmacogenetic data explain part of the interindividual sensitivity to methadone-induced respiratory depression?

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Could placental abruption be an antiphospholipid antibody related disorder?

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Could platelet aggregation ratio be an indicator for differential diagnosis of transient ischemic attack and cerebral ischemic stroke?

Banfi, G.; Corsi, M.M.; Volpi, P., 2006:
Could platelet rich plasma have effects on systemic circulating growth factors and cytokine release in orthopaedic applications?

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Could post-liver transplantation course be helpful for the diagnosis of so called cryptogenic cirrhosis?

Myers, M.L., 2003 :
Could product regulation result in less hazardous tobacco products?

Herman, W.A.; łacka, K., 2005:
Could progeria be a model for the natural process of aging?

Canbay, E.; Degerli, N.; Gulluoglu, B.M.; Kaya, H.; Sen, M.; Bardakci, F., 2004:
Could prolactin receptor gene polymorphism play a role in pathogenesis of breast carcinoma?

Ivanovski, O.; Nguyen-Khoa, T.; Phan, O.; Massy, Z.A., 2004:
Could proteinuria evaluation be helpful in predicting renal progression in apolipoprotein E-deficient (E-/-) mice with chronic renal failure?

Karlsson, H., 2006:
Could psychosis be prevented?

Tsai, S-Jen., 2005:
Could repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation be effective in autism?

Henningfield, J.E.; Zeller, M., 2003:
Could science-based regulation make tobacco products less addictive?

Anonymous, 2004:
Could scientific viewpoints decide the US presidency?

Svartberg, J.; Barrett-Connor, E., 2005:
Could seasonal variation in testosterone levels in men be related to sleep?

Brown, C.T.; Emberton, M., 2004:
Could self-management challenge pharmacotherapy as a long-term treatment for uncomplicated lower urinary tract symptoms?

Esposito, D.; Corruble, E.; Hardy, P., 2007 :
Could self-neglect in older adults be a geriatric syndrome?

Thompson, A.M.; Ritchie, W.; Stonebridge, P.A., 2005:
Could sequential individual peer reviewed mortality audit data be used in appraisal?

Lie, Håkon., 2003:
Could sick leaves be reduced by augmenting the knowledge of the general practitioner?

Lamb, D., 2006:
Could simulated emergency procedures practised in a static environment improve the clinical performance of a Critical Care Air Support Team (CCAST)? A literature review

Wittek, R., 2004:
Could smallpox come back?

Corcoran, C.; Mujica-Parodi, L.; Yale, S.; Leitman, D.; Malaspina, D., 2004:
Could stress cause psychosis in individuals vulnerable to schizophrenia?

Hatzinikolaou-Kotsakou, E.; Tziakas, D.; Hotidis, A.; Stakos, D.; Floros, D.; Mavridis, A.; Papanas, N.; Chalikias, G.; Maltezos, E.; Hatseras, D.I., 2006:
Could sustained monomorphic ventricular tachycardia in the early phase of a prime acute myocardial infarction affect patient outcome?

Mathias, J.M., 2007:
Could technology help in OR counting?

Alonge, L.A., 2003:
Could that plastic device harm your patient?

Granados Loarca, E.A.; Ambrosio, V.L., 2004:
Could the BCG vaccine prevent bladder cancer?

Franchini, M., 2006 :
Could the C677T mutation in the MTHFR gene be another genetic cause of arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia?

Logez, S.M.D.; Hutin, Y.J.F.; Holloway, K.; Gray, R.; Hogerzeil, H.V., 2004:
Could the WHO model list of essential medicines do more for the safe and appropriate use of injections?

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Could the [14C]urea breath test be proposed as a 'gold standard' for detection of Helicobacter pylori infection ?

Lorette, G., 2003:
Could the blue of the blues be the color of hope?

Mayes, B., 1959:
Could the chapter on eclampsia disappear

Cherukuri, D.P.; Nelson, M.A., 2005:
Could the combination of celecoxib and 4HPR be an effective lung cancer treatment?

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Could the consequences of premature delivery be further attenuated by means of new prenatal strategies?

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Could the coordination of the Social Security regulations be set up in favor of physicians?

Morgan, D.W.; Pate, R., 2004:
Could the correlation between maximal oxygen uptake and "economy" be spurious?

Ahuja, A., 2007:
Could the cure for all diseases be banned?

Piotrowski, P.; Kiejna, A., 2006:
Could the day hospital wards be a possibility of reducing treatment costs in psychiatry?

Taiminen, T., 2005:
Could the development of post-traumatic disorder can be prevented by drugs?

Abely, P., 1959:
Could the discordant syndrome be also a syndrome of conditioning disorder

Baron, H., 1958:
Could the effectiveness of penicillin be increased by endogenous defense factors

Alexander, J., 2004:
Could the election year have anything to do with that?

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Could the ethics of institutionalized health care be anything but Kantian? Collecting building blocks for a unifying metaethics

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Could the expression of L-selectin be an early marker of arterial hypertension and microangiopathy in the course of type 1 diabetes mellitus in juvenile patients?

Bembenek, A., 2005:
Could the fetus' exposure to influenza increase the risk of schizophrenia in adult life?

Williams, M.A., 2004:
Could the functional expression of HLA-G be exploited for successful stem cell transplantation and engraftment?

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Could the heart be resuscitated in cardiac arrest?

Vidal, J.; Guin, J.J., 1960:
Could the increase in dosage of isoniazid be the reason for the failure of antibiotic therapy?

Hwa, H.Jung., 2005:
Could the intraosseous fluid in cancellous bone bear external load significantly within the elastic range?

Anson, K., 2004:
Could the latest generation potassium titanyl phosphate lasers be the ones to make transurethral resection of the prostate an operation of historical interest only?

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Could the long-term persistence of low serum calcium levels and high serum parathyroid hormone levels during bisphosphonate treatment predispose metastatic breast cancer patients to undergo osteonecrosis of the jaw?

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Could the pale, soft, and exudative condition be explained by distinctive histological characteristics?

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Could the peer group explain school differences in pupil smoking rates? An exploratory study

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Could the peroperative manometry of the oesophagus be used for prediction of dysphagia following antireflux procedures?

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Could the presence of a Carhart notch predict the presence of glue at myringotomy?

Coggon, J., 2006:
Could the right to die with dignity represent a new right to die in English law?

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Could the sextant prostate biopsy be replaced by transurethral resection?

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Could the theory of chaos contribute to the interpretation of pathogenesis of polycystic ovary syndrome?

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Could the transit-amplifying stage of stem cell differentiation be the most suited for transplantation purposes?

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Could the way of approaching the implantation of silicone breast prostheses alter the investigation of the sentinel lymph node in eventual cancer of the breast?

Sies, C.W.; Brooker, J., 2005:
Could these be gallstones?

Perkins, H.R., 1963:
Could this be yours?

Anonymous, 2005:
Could this nurse midwife deliver for you or yours? O'Connor v. Washington DOH, Nursing Care Q.A. Com., 2005 WL 2338685, P.2d -WA

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Could this unusual scaphoid fracture occurring in a badminton player be a stress fracture?

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Could tourist boots act as vectors for disease transmission in Antarctica?

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Could transcranial endoscopy represent an alternative to craniotomy in skull base surgery?

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Could urological questionnaires completely replace physiological testing?

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Could visual neglect induce amblyopia?

Morgan, G., 2004:
Could vitamin S (salicylate) protect against childhood cancer?

Worthley, L.I., 2006:
Could we have a second opinion?

Ortega, O., 2005:
Could we reduce the prevalence of inflammation among patients with chronic kidney disease?

Bellemare, S.; Morin, M.; Bastien, E.; Girard, R.; Blais, R.; Dubé, S., 2004:
Could we trust clinical statistics from data banks of the National Health Service (NHS)?

Anonymous, 2006:
Could you be at risk for metabolic syndrome? Experts believe Syndrome X contributes to diabetes, heart disease, vascular disease and stroke

Anonymous, 2004:
Could you benefit from talk therapy? "Maybe you should consider seeing a therapist..."

Gilpin, R.K., 2003:
Could you briefly explain how electrospray works, and give us some insights into what to expect in terms of seeing the analytes?

Mahajan, A.L.; Ajmal, N.; Barry, J.; Barnes, L.; Lawlor, D., 2005:
Could your case of necrotising fascitis be Pyoderma gangrenosum?

Garza, M., 2006:
Could your chief use some coaching?

Finarelli, H.J., 2003:
Could your financial health be heading for heart break?

Freda, M.Comerford., 2004:
Could your workplace environment improve?

Tahan, F., 2006:
Could zinc be protective against bronchiolitis obliterans?

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Coulomb and liquid dimer models in three dimensions

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Coulomb and overlap self-similarities: a comparative selectivity analysis of structure-function relationships for auxin-like molecules

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Coulomb bicrystals of species with identical charge-to-mass ratios

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Coulomb blockade of a noisy metallic box: a realization of Bose-Fermi Kondo models

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Coulomb explosions and stability of multiply charged ions in the gas phase

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Coulomb's Function

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Coulomb's Law and the Hydrogen Spectrum

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Coulomb-modified Fano resonance in a one-lead quantum dot

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Coulombic amino group-metal bonding: adsorption of adenine on Cu110

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Coulombic dragging of molecules on surfaces induced by separately flowing liquids

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Coulombic interactions on the deposition and rotational mobility distributions of dyes in polyelectrolyte multilayer thin films

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Coulometric Generation Of Ethylene Glycol Bis-(Beta-Aminoethyl Ether)-N,n'-Tetraacetic Acid. Titration Of Calcium In The Presence Of Magnesium

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Coulometric Microdetermination of a Mixture of Isoniazid and the Sodium Salt of P-Aminosalicylic Acid with the Aid of 2 Haloids

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Coulometric Microdetermination of Methionine

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Coulometric determination of sulfadimethoxine and sulfafurazole

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Coulometric micro-determination of reserpine in various substances and in tablets

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Coulometric titration

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Coulometric titration of various organomercurials and mercury containing compounds

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Coulometric titrations with externally generated reagents

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Coulometry of C1

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Coulter blood count

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Coulter counter model ;s' system

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Coulter counter use in the enumeration of muscle and fat stem cells

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Coumadin (warfarin) sodium; a new anticoagulant

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Coumadin and ginseng: a potentially dangerous combination

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Coumarin anticoagulant agents

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Coumarin in practice

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Coumarins from Peucedanum wulongense

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Coumestrol as well as isoflavones in soybean extract prevent bone resorption in ovariectomized rats

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Coumestrol, bisphenol-A, DDT, and TCDD modulation of interleukin-2 expression in activated CD+4 Jurkat T cells

Evans, R.E.; Leake, D., 1964:
Council Adopts American Dental Association Specification No. 12; Council On Dental Research

Kortsch, W.E., 1963:
Council Adopts American Dental Association Specification No.18. Council On Dental Research

Yrastorza, J.A., 1963:
Council Adopts Changes In American Dental Association Specification No. 16 For Impression Paste-Zinc Oxide-Eugenol Type. Council On Dental Research

Yrastorza, J.A., 1963:
Council Adopts Changes In American Dental Association Specifications No. 15 For Acrylic Resin Teeth And No. 17 For Denture Base Temporary Relining Resin. Council On Dental Research

Kortsch, W.E., 1963:
Council Adopts Labeling Requirement And A Change In A.D.A. Specification No.17. Council On Dental Research

Kortsch, W.E., 1963:
Council Adopts Revision Of American Dental Association Specification No.11. Council On Dental Research

Yrastorza, J.A., 1963:
Council Adopts Standards For Shapes And Dimensions Of Excavation Burs And Diamond Instruments. Council On Dental Research

Bowen, R.L., 1964:
Council Announces Classification Of Additional Products; Council On Dental Therapeutics

Trijbits, I., 1964:
Council Of Inspection For Public Approval Of Drugs And Curative Methods

Callaway, J.L., 1963:
Council On Drugs. New Names

Schneidau, J.D.; Lamar, L.M.; Hairston, M.A., 1964:
Council On Drugs. Registry On Adverse Reactions

Anonymous, 1962:
Council On Library Resources, Inc

Cronin, J.J., 1965:
Council Utilizes Computers To Provide Hospital Data

Kremer, L.W., 1951:
Council adopts new regulations and revised application forms

Anonymous, 1961 :
Council adopts revision of American Dental Association Specification no. 2 for casting investment for dental gold alloy

Anonymous, 2006:
Council and strategy launched

Anonymous, 1961:
Council approves American Dental Association specification No. 16 for impression paste--zinc oxide-eugenol type

van Hassel-O'Brien, C., 2006:
Council creates barriers to practice

Ting, D.K.; Lang, E.S., 2018:
Apneic oxygenation provides incremental benefit during intubation of patients in the emergency medicine and critical care settings

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Apneic oxygenation reduces hypoxemia during endotracheal intubation in the pediatric emergency department

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Council grants MS sufferer right to choke to death

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Council meeting minutes; tentative draft: minutes of the 397th and 398th meetings of the Council of the California Medical Association

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A pneumatic Bionic Voice prosthesis-Pre-clinical trials of controlling the voice onset and offset

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Council of Europe (Recommendation of the Committee of Ministers to member states on xenotransplantation)

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Council of Europe recommendation on human rights and psychiatry: a major opportunity for mental health services

Harmon, S.H.E., 2006:
Council of Europe: the recommendation on research on biological materials of human origin: another brick in the wall

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Council of Social Life, a new place for families and residents

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Council of State Neurosurgical Societies Resident Award: The utilization of carotid endarterectomy by neurosurgeons in the United States from 1990 to 2000

Anonymous, 1951:
Council of World Health Organization convened in Geneva, 29 April 6 May 51

Anonymous, 2006:
Council of the European Union publishes action list for Commission and member states to continue to fight HIV/AIDS in Europe and beyond

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Council ofMedical Specialty Societies: committed to continuing medical education reform

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Council on Foods and Nutrition, American Medical Association; its relation to physicians

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Council on Podiatric Medical Education Eighty-fourth Annual Report, 2003

Anonymous, 2003:
Council on Podiatric Medical Education: Eighty-third Annual Report, 2002

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Council on medical service: control of fatigue in older persons

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A pneumatic tactile ring for instantaneous sensory feedback in laparoscopic tumor localization

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Council tax valuation band of patient residence and clinical contacts in a general practice

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Council tax valuation bands and contacts with a GP out-of-hours service

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Council tax valuation bands, socio-economic status and health outcome: a cross-sectional analysis from the Caerphilly Health and Social Needs Study

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Councilmember child Demographics Navia (Asturias)

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Councilor Professor Dr. Wilhelm Falta

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A pneumatosis intestinalis case diagnosed with water-immersion technique

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Councils of member agencies in NLN's division of nursing education

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Counsel your patients about contraceptive options

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Counsel's "reasonable investigation" of mental health evidence in capital litigation: implications for post-conviction proceedings

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Shaw, F.J., 1957:

Tyler, L.E., 1958:

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Counseling Hearing Handicapped Children in School

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Counseling in Nursing

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Counseling Parents of Chronically Ill Children. the Problem and Suggested Techniques

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Counseling Spanish-speaking patients: Atlanta pharmacists' cultural sensitivity, use of language-assistance services, and attitudes

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Counseling The Adolescent Addict

Bakwin, R.M., 1965:
Counseling the Parents of the Handicapped Child

Rittenour, M.W., 1964:
Counseling with Parents of Children with Abnormal Speech and Language Development

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Counseling a primigravida

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Counseling abortion alternatives: can it be value-free?

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Counseling about contraception among repeated aborters in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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Counseling about sexuality in the older person

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Counseling about turbuhaler technique: needs assessment and effective strategies for community pharmacists

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Counseling activities in a medical school setting

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Counseling adolescents about abstinence in the office setting

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Counseling adolescents with hearing loss with the use of self-assessment/significant other questionnaires

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Counseling aids for chief physician service contracts

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Counseling and guidance exemplified by kinesthetic mobilization: knowledge fosters safety

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Counseling and placement; a profession's function

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Counseling and psychotherapy

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Counseling and treatment from a medical analytical-psychotherapeutic viewpoint

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