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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 48721

Chapter 48721 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Li, X.; Rao, S-qi.; Zhang, W.; Guo, Z.; Jiang, W.; Du, L., 2006:
Decision forest analysis of large-scale sib-pair identical-by-decent profiles for locating the underlying disease genes for alcoholism in human

Tong, W.; Hong, H.; Fang, H.; Xie, Q.; Perkins, R., 2003:
Decision forest: combining the predictions of multiple independent decision tree models

Flint, D.H.; Cole, N.D., 2003:
Decision frame and procedural justice: interactive effects on perceptions of distributive justice

van Gorp, M.J.; Steyerberg, E.W.; Van der Graaf, Y., 2004:
Decision guidelines for prophylactic replacement of Björk-Shiley convexo-concave heart valves: impact on clinical practice

Ozono, Y.; Miyazaki, M.; Harada, T., 2004:
Decision in timely initiation of hemodialysis therapy

Humenick, S.S., 2007:
Decision latitude in childbirth

Fortunato, A.; Giavarina, D., 2004:
Decision limit for troponin I on ADVIA:Centaur and evaluation of the analytical precision at low concentrations

Günther, O.H.; König, H-Helmut., 2006:
Decision makers' and scientists' opinion about contingent valuation and choice experiments for measuring willingness to pay in health care: results from a survey in Germany

Dowie, J., 2003:
Decision makers' needs as capacities to benefit

Al, M.J.; Feenstra, T.; Brouwer, W.B.F., 2004:
Decision makers' views on health care objectives and budget constraints: results from a pilot study

Shaw, P.; Rapoport, J.L., 2006:
Decision making about children with psychotic symptoms: using the best evidence in choosing a treatment

Moffat, M.A.; Bell, J.S.; Porter, M.A.; Lawton, S.; Hundley, V.; Danielian, P.; Bhattacharya, S., 2007:
Decision making about mode of delivery among pregnant women who have previously had a caesarean section: A qualitative study

Procianoy, R.S.; Carvalho, P.R.; Piva, J.P.; Garcia, P.C., 1995:
Decision making about the child in CIU--participation of the family

Pape, H.C.; Hildebrand, F.; Krettek, C., 2004:
Decision making and and priorities for surgical treatment during and after shock trauma room treatment

Murray, D., 2006:
Decision making and decision analysis

Schwartz, M.D.; Peshkin, B.N.; Tercyak, K.P.; Taylor, K.L.; Valdimarsdottir, H., 2005:
Decision making and decision support for hereditary breast-ovarian cancer susceptibility

Taylor, S.D.; Bagozzi, R.P.; Gaither, C.A., 2005:
Decision making and effort in the self-regulation of hypertension: testing two competing theories

Wiederkehr, S.; Barat, M.; Dehail, P.; de Sèze, M.; Lozes-Boudillon, S.; Giroire, J-M., 2005 :
Decision making and executive function in severe traumatic brain injured patients: validation of a decision-making task and correlated features

Kumar, U.; Baraitser, P.; Morton, S.; Massil, H., 2004:
Decision making and referral prior to abortion: a qualitative study of women's experiences

Mello, M.M.; Burns, J.P.; Truog, R.D.; Studdert, D.M.; Puopolo, A.Louise.; Brennan, T.A., 2003:
Decision making and satisfaction with care in the pediatric intensive care unit: findings from a controlled clinical trial

Lawrence, N.S.; Wooderson, S.; Mataix-Cols, D.; David, R.; Speckens, A.; Phillips, M.L., 2006:
Decision making and set shifting impairments are associated with distinct symptom dimensions in obsessive-compulsive disorder

Sakagami, M., 2004:
Decision making and the brain

Luce, M.Frances., 2005:
Decision making as coping

Weissman, D.E., 2004:
Decision making at a time of crisis near the end of life

Kuhl, D.R.; Wilensky, P., 2005:
Decision making at the end of life: a model using an ethical grid and principles of group process

Schwartz, C., 2005:
Decision making at the end of life: shifting sands

Col, N.F., 2006:
Decision making at the fringe of evidence: take what you can get

Siegel, S.; Goldstein, D.A., 1959 :
Decision making behavior in a two-choice uncertain outcome situation

Benbenishty, R.; Chen, W., 2003:
Decision making by the child protection team of a medical center

Jenkins, R.A.; Carey, J.W., 2005:
Decision making for HIV prevention planning: organizational considerations and influencing factors

Browder, D.A.; Erhard, R.E., 2005:
Decision making for a painful hip: a case requiring referral

Weyrauch, S., 2005:
Decision making for incompetent patients: who decides and by what standards?

Cohen, G.; Permut, L., 2005:
Decision making for mechanical cardiac assist in pediatric cardiac surgery

Hall, L.McGillis.; Pink, L.; Lalonde, M.; Murphy, G.Tomblin.; O'Brien-Pallas, L.; Laschinger, H.K.Spence.; Tourangeau, A.; Besner, J.; White, D.; Tregunno, D.; Thomson, D.; Peterson, J.; Seto, L.; Akeroyd, J., 2007:
Decision making for nurse staffing: Canadian perspectives

Poston, G.J.; Byrne, C., 2005:
Decision making for patients with colorectal cancer liver metastases

Kondziolka, D.; Patel, A.; Lunsford, L.D.; Flickinger, J.C., 2006:
Decision making for patients with multiple brain metastases: radiosurgery, radiotherapy, or resection?

Kaminker, M.K.; Chiarello, L.A.; Chiarini Smith, J.A., 2006:
Decision making for physical therapy service delivery in schools: a nationwide analysis by geographic region

Kaminker, M.K.; Chiarello, L.A.; O'Neil, M.E.; Dichter, C.G., 2004:
Decision making for physical therapy service delivery in schools: a nationwide survey of pediatric physical therapists

Rodriguez, D.S.; Sarlani, E., 2005:
Decision making for the patient who presents with acute dental pain

Amella, E.J., 2003:
Decision making for tube feeding in dementia: when evidence becomes paramount

Bakalis, N.; Bowman, G.S.; Porock, D., 2003:
Decision making in Greek and English registered nurses in coronary care units

Kee, F.; Owen, T.; Leathem, R., 2004:
Decision making in a multidisciplinary cancer team: does team discussion result in better quality decisions?

Sozer, S.O.; Agullo, F.J.; Santillan, A.A.; Wolf, C., 2007:
Decision making in abdominoplasty

Greenberg, D.; Pliskin, J.S.; Peterburg, Y., 2003:
Decision making in acquiring medical technologies in Israeli medical centers: a preliminary study

Bailey, S., 2006:
Decision making in acute care: a practical framework supporting the 'best interests' principle

Barnes, P.J., 2004:
Decision making in asthma therapy--what is important in clinical practice?

Verdonschot, E.H.; Liem, S.L.; van Palenstein Helderman, W.H., 2004:
Decision making in cariology

Jansen, I., 2006:
Decision making in childbirth: the influence of traditional structures in a Ghanaian village

Garon, N.; Moore, C.; Waschbusch, D.A., 2006:
Decision making in children with ADHD only, ADHD-anxious/depressed, and control children using a child version of the Iowa Gambling Task

Orr, R.D.; Chay, F., 2003:
Decision making in clinical ethics: secular and Christian approaches

Pearl, M.L.; Romeo, A.A.; Wirth, M.A.; Yamaguchi, K.; Nicholson, G.P.; Creighton, R.Alexander., 2005:
Decision making in contemporary shoulder arthroplasty

Overton, T.; Fielding, C.; Simonsson, M., 2004:
Decision making in determining eligibility of culturally and linguistically diverse learners: Reasons given by assessment personnel

Sykes, J.M.; Bettens, R.M.A., 2004:
Decision making in facial plastic surgery: a problem-oriented approach

Fauli, S.; Thue, G., 2005:
Decision making in general practice: the availability and use of a specific laboratory analysis

Shellenbarger, T., 2006:
Decision making in gerontology: nursing home selection

Florman, S.; Kaufman, S.S.; Fishbein, T., 2005:
Decision making in intestinal transplantation

Carlton, T.; Callister, L.Clark.; Stoneman, E., 2005:
Decision making in laboring women: ethical issues for perinatal nurses

Hallström, I.; Elander, G., 2005:
Decision making in paediatric care: an overview with reference to nursing care

Sze, J.; Marisette, S.; Williams, D.; Nyhof-Young, J.; Crooks, D.; Husain, A.; Bezjak, A.; Wong, R.K.S., 2006:
Decision making in palliative radiation therapy: reframing hope in caregivers and patients with brain metastases

Goudriaan, A.E.; Oosterlaan, J.; de Beurs, E.; van den Brink, W., 2005:
Decision making in pathological gambling: a comparison between pathological gamblers, alcohol dependents, persons with Tourette syndrome, and normal controls

Whitney, S.N.; Ethier, A.M.; Frugé, E.; Berg, S.; McCullough, L.B.; Hockenberry, M., 2005:
Decision making in pediatric oncology: who should take the lead? The decisional priority in pediatric oncology model

Han, P.K.J.; Coates, R.J.; Uhler, R.J.; Breen, N., 2006:
Decision making in prostate-specific antigen screening National Health Interview Survey, 2000

Shyung, L-Rung.; Lin, S-Chan.; Shih, S-Chuan.; Kao, C-Roa.; Chou, S-Yen., 2003:
Decision making in right-sided diverticulitis

Hinck, A., 2003:
Decision making in routine nursing care. Experience and knowledge are decisive

Carter, B.S.; Leuthner, S.R., 2003:
Decision making in the NICU--strategies, statistics, and "satisficing"

Guillermont, M-Nöelle., 2004:
Decision making in the management of senile macular degeneration

Persichetti, P.; Cagli, B.; Tenna, S.; Simone, P.; Marangi, G.Francesco.; Li Vecchi, G., 2005:
Decision making in the treatment of tuberous and tubular breasts: volume adjustment as a crucial stage in the surgical strategy

Dashti, H.; Lee, H.Chou.; Karaikovic, E.E.; Gaines, R.W., 2006:
Decision making in thoracolumbar fractures

Tarantino, D.P., 2005:
Decision making in uncertainty (Part 1)

Elliott, B.A.; Gessert, C.E.; Peden-McAlpine, C., 2007:
Decision making on behalf of elders with advanced cognitive impairment: family transitions

Trédaniel, J.; Blay, J-Yves.; Goldwasser, Fçois.; Asselain, B.; Koscielny, S.; de Labareyre, Cécile.; Balogh, N.; Bismut, Hé.; Misset, J-Louis.; Marty, M., 2005:
Decision making process in oncology practice: is the information available and what should it consist of?

Maifeld, M.; Hahn, S.; Titler, M.G.; Mullen, M., 2003:
Decision making regarding multifetal reduction

Truant, T.; Bottorff, J.L., 2003:
Decision making related to complementary therapies: a process of regaining control

Tarantino, D.P., 2005:
Decision making under uncertainty: Part 2

Frost, C.J.; Venne, V.; Cunningham, D.; Gerritsen-McKane, R., 2004:
Decision making with uncertain information: learning from women in a high risk breast cancer clinic

Nieuwenhuis, S.; Aston-Jones, G.; Cohen, J.D., 2005:
Decision making, the P3, and the locus coeruleus-norepinephrine system

Kalenscher, T., 2007:
Decision making: don't risk a delay

Feeg, V.D., 2006:
Decision making: in mothers' own voices

Becker, G.M., 1962:
Decision making: objective measures of subjective probability and utility

Bradley, J.P.; Elkousy, H., 2003:
Decision making: operative versus nonoperative treatment of acromioclavicular joint injuries

Long, A.; Platt, M., 2005:
Decision making: the virtue of patience in primates

Bordage, G., 2005:
Decision management in medicine: some mental processes and practical consultations

Gleicher, N., 2006:
Decision models and their application

Kong, D.F.; Eisenstein, E.L., 2005:
Decision models for assessing the cost effectiveness of drug-eluting stents

Barbui, C.; Lintas, C., 2006:
Decision models in the evaluation of psychotropic drugs : useful tool or useless toy?

Anonymous, 2003:
Decision no. 1786/EC OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of September 23rd, concerning the adoption of a program of community action in the field of public health (2003-2008)

Zhou, G.; Wang, Y.; Wang, W.; Sun, Y.; Chen, Y., 2007:
Decision of Cirrhosis Using Liver's Ultrasonic Images

Wilton, P.R.; Zaidi, A.; Makova, K.; Nielsen, R., 2018:
A Population Phylogenetic View of Mitochondrial Heteroplasmy

Anonymous, 1956:
Decision of the All-Union conference on wider application of psychoprophylactic preparation for labor

Kelm, R., 2003:
Decision of the European Court regarding on-call duty: a request to work

Daniels, E., 1963:
Decision of the Federal Administrative Court

Wilson, P.B., 2018:
Population-representative analysis of dietary supplementation among Americans with diabetes mellitus

Moore, B.A.; Roux, M.J.; Sebbag, L.; Cooper, A.; Edwards, S.G.; Leonard, B.C.; Imai, D.M.; Griffey, S.; Bower, L.; Clary, D.; Lloyd, K.C.Kent.; Hérault, Y.; Thomasy, S.M.; Murphy, C.J.; Moshiri, A., 2018:
A Population Study of Common Ocular Abnormalities in C57BL/6N rd8 Mice

Beyer, M.K.; Dalaker, T.O.; Greve, O.J.; Pignatiello, S.E.; Agartz, I., 2018:
A population study of Norwegian psychiatric patients referred for clinical brain scanning

Anonymous, 1955:
Decision of the V. full session of the obstetric and gynecologic service at the USSR Public Health Ministry and the RSFSR Public Health Ministry

Todorov, G., 1954:
Decision of the VI Congress of the Bulgarian Communist Party; plan for organization of pharmacy

van Herten, F.J., 2003:
Decision of the Veterinary Association with consequences: registration of vital signs during anesthetic recovery must become standard

Anonymous, 2006:
Decision of the court of December 15th, 2005 (case 02/05)

Brym, J., 1953:
Decision of the party and of the government on medicinal plants

Schleipen, T., 2003:
Decision on drug administration. The Social Court of Dortmund has decided to assume the cost of drug therapy in disease

Di Francesco, S., 1953:
Decision on interruption of pregnancy by internist or obstetrician

Schaum, K.D., 2004:
Decision on national coverage of electromagnetic therapy for wounds

Letort, J., 1958:
Decision on stalinon

Anonymous, 1950:
Decision on the case of S.B.B. Thorsen, M.D., vs. the Danish General Medical Society

Vishnevskiĭ, A.A.; Orlov, A.B.; Tikhodeev, S.A., 2006:
Decision on the immunomodulating therapy in unspecific osteomyelitis of the spine

Romanchishen, A.F.; Lisovskiĭ, O.V., 2006:
Decision on the strategy of treatment of patients with medullary cancer of the thyroid

Feldman, S.R.; Koo, J.Y.M.; Menter, A.; Bagel, J., 2005:
Decision points for the initiation of systemic treatment for psoriasis

Gosper, R.W., 1978:
Decision procedure for indefinite hypergeometric summation

Shaw, M.E.; Rothschild, G.H.; Strickland, J.F., 1957:
Decision processes in communication nets

Swets, J.; Tanner, W.P.; Birdsall, T.G., 1961:
Decision processes in perception

Fischhoff, B., 2005:
Decision research strategies

Chen, X.; Capizzi, T.; Binkowitz, B.; Quan, H.; Wei, L.; Luo, X., 2005:
Decision rule based multiplicity adjustment strategy

Wyer, P.C., 2006:
Decision rule can help identify children at lower risk for appendicitis

Huang, D.T.; Yealy, D.M., 2006:
Decision rules and pneumonia: What are we "predicting," and for whom?

Commons, M.L., 1979:
Decision rules and signal detectability in a reinforcement-density discrimination

Babcock-Cimpello, L.; Blyth, B.; Bazarian, J.J., 2004:
Decision rules for computed tomographic scans in children after head trauma

Simson, E., 2004 :
Decision rules for hematology review. An international perspective

Mutchnick, M.G.; Ross, L.K.; Long, C.J., 1991:
Decision strategies for cerebral dysfunction IV: determination of cerebral dysfunction

Ross, L.; Thrasher, M.; Long, C.J., 1990:
Decision strategies in neuropsychology I: determination of lateralized cerebral dysfunction

Long, C.J.; Klein, K., 1990:
Decision strategies in neuropsychology II: determination of age effects on neuropsychological performance

Ross, L.K.; Long, C.J., 1990:
Decision strategies in neuropsychology III: the relationship among lateralized dysfunction, etiology and depression

Khurd, P.; Gindi, G., 2005:
Decision strategies that maximize the area under the LROC curve

Anonymous, 2006:
Decision support DM tool boosts hypertension care

D'Aquin, M.; Brachais, Sébastien.; Lieber, J.; Amedeo, N., 2004:
Decision support and knowledge management in oncology using hierarchical classification

Gray, D.Emmanuel., 2006:
Decision support and moral sensitivity: must one come at the expense of the other?

Greenes, R.A., 2004:
Decision support at the point of care: challenges in knowledge representation, management, and patient-specific access

Teltsch, D.; Pinelle, D.; Winslade, N.; Hanley, J.; Buckeridge, D.; Tamblyn, R., 2006:
Decision support for community-based empirical antibiotic prescribing

Hejlesen, O.K.; Olesen, K.G.; Dessau, R.; Beltoft, I.; Trangeled, M., 2005:
Decision support for diagnosis of lyme disease

Green, C.J.; Moehr, J.R., 2004:
Decision support for governing boards of integrated delivery networks: explicating versus eliciting knowledge

Fox, J.; Patkar, V.; Thomson, R., 2006:
Decision support for health care: the PROforma evidence base

Gueye, A.Salam.; Buck, M.; Farr, B., 2006:
Decision support for management of febrile children ages 2 months to 5 years in tropical developing countries

Ozbolt, J.; Ozdas, A.; Waitman, L.R.; Smith, J.B.; Brennan, G.V.; Miller, R.A., 2004:
Decision support for patient care: implementing cybernetics

Finkelstein, S.M.; Scudiero, A.; Lindgren, B.; Snyder, M.; Hertz, M.I., 2005:
Decision support for the triage of lung transplant recipients on the basis of home-monitoring spirometry and symptom reporting

Henriksson, P., 2003:
Decision support in drug prescribing. A tool which must be well-functioning in a complex clinical reality

Hagland, M., 2007:
Decision support is in its infancy

Murley, D.; Rees, S.; Rasmussen, B.; Andreassen, S., 2005:
Decision support of inspired oxygen selection based on Bayesian learning of pulmonary gas exchange parameters

Keramitsoglou, I.; Cartalis, C.; Kassomenos, P., 2004:
Decision support system for managing oil spill events

Wu, F.; Lin, J.Rong.; Tsai, W-Chen., 2003:
Decision support system for the analysis of hospital operation indicators

Jairaj, C.; Fitzsimons, C.Mai.; McAuliffe, F.M.; O'Leary, N.; Joyce, N.; McCarthy, A.; Cassidy, E.; Donnelly, J.; Tully, E.; Imcha, M.; Austin, J.; Doolin, K.; Farrell, C.; O'Keane, V., 2018:
A population survey of prevalence rates of antenatal depression in the Irish obstetric services using the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS)

Gheorghe, A.; Vamanu, D., 2004:
Decision support systems for risk mapping: viewing the risk from the hazards perspective

Shen, J.; Polyakov, V.; Rachapudi, R.; You, T., 2004:
Decision support systems in drug discovery

Vamanu, D.; Slavnicu, S.D.; Slavnicu, E.; Vamanu, B., 2004:
Decision support systems in nuclear emergencies: a scenario-based comparison of domestic and reference tools

Shankar, P.; Walji, M.; Ali, A.; Johnson-Throop, K.A., 2004:
Decision support systems to identify different species of malarial parasites

Urden, L.D., 2003:
Decision support systems to manage outcomes

Nannings, B.; Abu-Hanna, A., 2007:
Decision support telemedicine systems: A conceptual model and reusable templates

Johnson, A.Mond., 2005:
Decision support tools empower consumers

Modgil, S.; Hammond, P., 2003:
Decision support tools for clinical trial design

Malmqvist, P.A.; Palmquist, H., 2005:
Decision support tools for urban water and wastewater systems--focussing on hazardous flows assessment

Kraft, M.Ross.; Hynes, D.M., 2006:
Decision support within the Veterans' Health Administration

Peleg, M.; Tu, S., 2006:
Decision support, knowledge representation and management in medicine

Brigl, B., 2006:
Decision support, knowledge representation and management: A broad methodological spectrum. Findings from the Decision Support, Knowledge Representation and Management

Blair, R., 2004:
Decision support. From opaque to crystal clear

Nelson, D., 2005:
Decision support. More than a pocketful of knowledge

Murray, M.Ann.; Miller, T.; Fiset, V.; O'Connor, A.; Jacobsen, M.Jane., 2004:
Decision support: helping patients and families to find a balance at the end of life

Romano, M., 2005:
Decision time. Ascension likely to sell or close small Ga. hospital

Lee, W.T.K.; Wong, E.; Lui, S.S.H.; Chan, V.; Lau, J., 2007:
Decision to breastfeed and early cessation of breastfeeding in infants below 6 months old--a population-based study of 3,204 infants in Hong Kong

Livermore, L.J.; Cochrane, R.M., 2006:
Decision to delivery interval: a retrospective study of 1,000 emergency caesarean sections

Giacomini, M.; Cook, D.; DeJean, D.; Shaw, R.; Gedge, E., 2006:
Decision tools for life support: a review and policy analysis

Glorennec, P.; Ledrans, M.; Fabres, B., 2006:
Decision tools for selecting industrial sites where a systematic blood lead screening should be implemented

Liu, J.; Wyatt, J.C.; Altman, D.G., 2006:
Decision tools in health care: focus on the problem, not the solution

Toi, M.; Bando, H.; Saji, S., 2003:
Decision tree and paradigms of primary breast cancer: changes elicited by preoperative therapy

Parent, D.; Kelly-Nichols, J., 2003:
Decision tree for additional skills

Sachs, G.S., 2003:
Decision tree for the treatment of bipolar disorder

Blower, P.E.; Cross, K.P., 2006:
Decision tree methods in pharmaceutical research

Oh, H-Sook.; Park, H-Ae., 2004:
Decision tree model of the treatment-seeking behaviors among Korean cancer patients

Audley, R.J., 1964:

Wiesen, R.A., 1964:
Decision-Theoretic and Empirical Investigation of some Probabilistic Discrimination Learning Situations. Esd-Tdr-64-192

Henriksson, M.; Lundgren, F., 2005:
Decision-analytical model with lifetime estimation of costs and health outcomes for one-time screening for abdominal aortic aneurysm in 65-year-old men

Onwudiegwu, U.; Makinde, O.N.; Ezechi, O.C.; Adeyemi, A., 2004:
Decision-caesarean delivery interval in a Nigerian university hospital: implications for maternal morbidity and mortality

Orji, E.O.; Fasubaa, O.B.; Onwudiegwu, U.; Dare, F.O.; Ogunniyi, S.O., 2003:
Decision-intervention interval in ruptured uteri in Ile-Ife, Nigeria

Tomson, G.; Paphassarang, C.; Jönsson, K.; Houamboun, K.; Akkhavong, K.; Wahlström, R., 2005:
Decision-makers and the usefulness of research evidence in policy implementation--a case study from Lao PDR

Jette, D.U.; Ardleigh, K.; Chandler, K.; McShea, L., 2006:
Decision-making ability of physical therapists: physical therapy intervention or medical referral

Kalish, R.B.; McCullough, L.B.; Chervenak, F.A., 2006:
Decision-making about caesarean delivery

Fang, W-gang.; Zeng, X-jun.; Li, M-tao.; Chen, L.X.; Schumacher, H.Ralph.; Zhang, F-chun., 2006:
Decision-making about gout by physicians of China and influencing factors thereof

Welton, A.; Hepworth, J.; Collins, N.; Ford, D.; Knott, C.; Meredith, S.; Walgrove, A.; Wilkes, H.; Vickers, M., 2004:
Decision-making about hormone replacement therapy by women in England and Scotland

Vallenga, D.; Grypdonck, M.H.F.; Tan, F.I.Y.; Lendemeijer, B.H.G.M.; Boon, P.A.J.M., 2006:
Decision-making about risk in people with epilepsy and intellectual disability

Bober, S.L.; Hoke, L.A.; Duda, R.B.; Regan, M.M.; Tung, N.M., 2004:
Decision-making about tamoxifen in women at high risk for breast cancer: clinical and psychological factors

Mercado, C.Calkins.; Bornstein, B.H.; Schopp, R.F., 2006:
Decision-making about volitional impairment in sexually violent predators

Hanten, G.; Scheibel, R.S.; Li, X.; Oomer, I.; Stallings-Roberson, G.; Hunter, J.V.; Levin, H.S., 2006:
Decision-making after traumatic brain injury in children: a preliminary study

Sanabria, A., 2006:
Decision-making analysis for selection of antibiotic treatment in intra-abdominal infection using preference measurements

Bechara, A.; Van Der Linden, M., 2005:
Decision-making and impulse control after frontal lobe injuries

Fraser, K.D.; Strang, V., 2004:
Decision-making and nurse case management: a philosophical perspective

Charlson, E.; Legedza, A.T.R.; Hamel, M.Beth., 2006:
Decision-making and outcomes in severe symptomatic aortic stenosis

Moran, B.J., 2006:
Decision-making and technical factors account for the learning curve in complex surgery

Sergean, R., 1958:
Decision-making and the communication of information in an industrial setting

Volz, K.G.; Schubotz, R.I.; von Cramon, D.Yves., 2006:
Decision-making and the frontal lobes

Halliday, S.; Witteck, L., 2003:
Decision-making at the end-of-life and the incompetent patient: a comparative approach

Hazelton, L.D.; Sterns, G.L.; Chisholm, T., 2003:
Decision-making capacity and alcohol abuse: clinical and ethical considerations in personal care choices

Rosenstein, D.L., 2005:
Decision-making capacity and disaster research

Klein, C.A., 2005:
Decision-making capacity and informed consent

Schauenburg, H.; Biller-Andorno, N., 2003:
Decision-making capacity and informed consent in living organ donation--difficult constellations in the psychosomatic and medico-ethical assessment of potential donors

Vellinga, A.; Smit, J.H.; Van Leeuwen, E.; Van Tilburg, W.; Jonker, C., 2005:
Decision-making capacity of elderly patients assessed through the vignette method: imagination or reality?

Dong, X.; Gorbien, M., 2006:
Decision-making capacity: the core of self-neglect

Miller, V.A.; Drotar, D., 2006:
Decision-making competence and adherence to treatment in adolescents with diabetes

White, M.A.; Verhoef, M.J., 2004:
Decision-making control: why men decline treatment for prostate cancer

Fanello, S.; Moreau-Gout, I.; Cotinat, J.P.; Descamps, P., 2003:
Decision-making criteria for feeding of newborns: a survey of 308 women

Brand, M.; Fujiwara, E.; Borsutzky, S.; Kalbe, E.; Kessler, J.; Markowitsch, H.J., 2005:
Decision-making deficits of korsakoff patients in a new gambling task with explicit rules: associations with executive functions

Finucane, T.E., 2004:
Decision-making during grave illness: how to show respect for the person

Hallström, I.; Elander, G., 2004:
Decision-making during hospitalization: parents' and children's involvement

Olgac, G.; Yilmaz, M.Ali.; Ortakoylu, M.Gonenc.; Kutlu, C.Asim., 2005:
Decision-making for lung resection in patients with empyema and collapsed lung due to tuberculosis

Brand, M.; Labudda, K.; Kalbe, E.; Hilker, Rüdiger.; Emmans, D.; Fuchs, G.; Kessler, J.; Markowitsch, H.J., 2005:
Decision-making impairments in patients with Parkinson's disease

Shaposhnikov, A.V., 2006:
Decision-making in a physician's practice

Stenekes, S., 2003:
Decision-making in adolescent oncology patients

Munson, R.F., 1962:
Decision-making in an actual gambling situation

Hoffman, K.; Donoghue, J.; Duffield, C., 2003:
Decision-making in clinical nursing: investigating contributing factors

Young, B.; Moffett, J.Klaber.; Jackson, D.; McNulty, A., 2006:
Decision-making in community-based paediatric physiotherapy: a qualitative study of children, parents and practitioners

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Declaration obligation for fine grain high silicogenic products?

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Declaration of causes of death

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Aporocotylids from batoid and elopomorph fishes from Moreton Bay, Queensland, Australia, including a new genus and species of blood fluke infecting the Giant shovelnose ray, Glaucostegus typus (Rhinopristiformes: Glaucostegidae)

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Declaration of possible conflict of interest--is it reliable?

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Declaration of the principles for the administration of botulinum toxin

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Declarations and propositions of the economic and social council

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Declarative and procedural learning in individuals with subclinical obsessive-compulsive symptoms

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Declarative memory: sleep protects new memories from interference

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Declarative versus episodic: two theories put to the test

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Declared attitudes of girls with Turner's syndrome towards physical education classes

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Declared rabies treated by maximum curarization & endotracheal ventilation by positive pressure

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Declassification of low-power reactors

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Declassifying coverage. New guidance documents issued by the CMS may clarify the great unknown of Medicare coverage determination

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Declassifying diabetes

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Decline of the Psychoprophylactic Method as a Painless Technic?

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Decline and fate of an infectious disease: the plaguel

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Decline and fate of the plague

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Decline and latero-decline therapy in pneumoperitoneum

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Decline in Common Mental Disorder prevalence in men during the sixth decade of life. Evidence from the National Psychiatric Morbidity Survey

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Decline in ICU adverse events, nosocomial infections and cost through a quality improvement initiative focusing on teamwork and culture change

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Decline in Invasive Pneumococcal Disease after Use of Protein-polysaccharide Conjugate Vaccine

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Decline in Verbal Memory Associated with Duration of Epilepsy: An Intracarotid Amobarbital Study

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Decline in annual incidence of varicella--selected states, 1990-2001

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Decline in breast cancer since HRT study

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Decline in cosmetic procedures, but not Botox

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Decline in empathy in medical education: how can we stop the rot?

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Decline in inappropriate antibiotic use over a decade by pediatricians in a Tennessee community

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Decline in large elastic artery compliance with age: a therapeutic target for habitual exercise

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Declining date forests in Iraq/Iran

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Declining number of accidental, hospitalization-requiring poisonings among children

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Declining operating margins show U.S. hospitals still face challenges

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Declining physician workforce is crisis for state

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Declining water resources raise food concerns

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Declivity edema in arteritis of the lower limbs

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Declotting a thrombosed Brescia-Cimino fistula by manual catheter-directed aspiration of the thrombus

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Decoding of malaria genomes opens new era public health

Anonymous, 2003:
Decoding of malaria genomes opens new era public health. New drugs, new insecticides expected to revive struggle against a major killer

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Decoding politics

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