Deep brain stimulation and motor cortex and spinal cord stimulation in the treatment of movement disorders and pain syndromes -- the theoretical baseline and practical guidelines

Zabek, Mław.; Sławek, Jław.; Harat, M.; Koszewski, W.; Opala, G.; Friedman, A.

Neurologia i Neurochirurgia Polska 40(1): 1-9


ISSN/ISBN: 0028-3843
PMID: 16463215
Accession: 048722439

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The authors present the current views on the use of electrical stimulation in selected movement disorders (Parkinson's disease, dystonia) and pain syndromes (central and neuropathic pain) refractory to pharmacological therapy. Stimulation should be applied in cases with an established diagnosis (especially Parkinson's disease and dystonia) and with a lack of efficacy despite the best available medical therapy. Therefore it should be the last treatment option, except of generalized dystonia, where it seems to be nowadays the treatment of choice. Suggested selection criteria are based on experience of different centers and on current medical literature. They are published to make the procedure more rational and more available in Poland.