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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 48732

Chapter 48732 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Niesert, W., 1962:
Demonstration of transferrin in the urine in pregnancy toxemias and in the nephrotic syndrome

Hartmann, I.; Wyss, O.A., 1953:
Demonstration of transmission of natural release of impulses in intact nerve stem

Vallebona, A., 1952:
Demonstration of transverse tomogram of the heart

Courtois, J.E.; Debris, M.; Georget, J.C., 1962:
Demonstration of trehalase in human serum

Vigliani, R., 2003:
Demonstration of trivalent iron in decalcified bone marrow specimens. Comparative study of standard Perls stain on sections and the Perls pre-reaction on fragments

Kovats, F.; Eidus, L.; Lanyi, M., 1952:
Demonstration of tubercle bacilli by a new pharyngeal slide procedure

Adamczyk, B., 1957:
Demonstration of tubercle bacilli by simplified fluorescence microscopy

Coutelle, R., 1952:
Demonstration of tubercle bacilli in centrifuged cerebrospinal fluid of a carrier; preliminary report

Sievers, O., 1952:
Demonstration of tubercle bacilli in gastric lavage and urine

Andersen, T.T.; Engbaek, H.C.; Marker-Jensen, B., 1956:
Demonstration of tubercle bacilli in gastric lavage. 2. The diagnostic value of repeated examination

Vallejo, J.L., 1950:
Demonstration of tubercle bacilli in organs of children who died some time after oral administration of BCG vaccine

Hølund, T., 1951:
Demonstration of tubercle bacilli in semen

Friis, T.; Lester, V.; Rasmussen, K.N., 1955:
Demonstration of tubercle bacilli in sputum and pleural fluid specimens

Kreibich, H., 1955:
Demonstration of tubercle bacteria in menstrual blood

Pothmann, F.J.; Wilms, D., 1950:
Demonstration of tuberculosis antibodies in the cerebrospinal fluid

Sotomayor, H.; Burgos, J.; Arango, M., 2004:
Demonstration of tuberculosis by DNA ribotyping of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in a Colombian prehispanic mummy

Lohlein, W., 1950:
Demonstration of tuberculous etiology in disease of the eyes

Hakim, A.A., 1957:
Demonstration of tumor anti-phospholipids in sera of animals bearing tumor, and in sera of certain cancer patients

Gastpar, H.; Graeber, F., 1961:
Demonstration of tumor cells from the peripheral blood

Herrmann, A., 1961:
Demonstration of tumor cells in the blood and its significance for clinical practice

Graeber, F., 1961:
Demonstration of tumor cells in the circulating blood

Danielsson, H., 1961:
Demonstration of tumor cells in the circulating blood with a spiral centrifuge. Preliminary report

Nash, J.J.; Nizzi, K.E.; Adeuya, A.; Yurkovich, M.J.; Cramer, C.J.; Kenttämaa, H.I., 2005:
Demonstration of tunable reactivity for meta-benzynes

Van Bouwdijk Bastiaanse, M.A., 1957:
Demonstration of two cases operated for urethral aplasia with total incontinence

Zenker, M.; Pierson, M.; Jonveaux, P.; Reis, Aé., 2005:
Demonstration of two novel LAMB2 mutations in the original Pierson syndrome family reported 42 years ago

Tsyganova, A.M., 1953:
Demonstration of two patients with infectious mononucleosis

Richardson, E.P.; Perlo, V.P., 1951:
Demonstration of two patients with myositis; description of muscle biopsies

Raspe, R., 1955:
Demonstration of ulcer as a source of hemorrhage in hiatal hernia

Vendramini, R.; Bruni, A.; Majori, L., 1951:
Demonstration of ultravirus in canine leukemia

Herhaus, B., 1951:
Demonstration of untoward effects of thiosemicarbazone therapy upon the liver in tuberculosis

Bladen, H.A., 1963:
Demonstration of unusual ultrastructure found in Bacteroides: a conjugatory bridge?

Figueiredo, K.A.; Palmer, J.B.; Mui, A.L.; Nelson, C.C.; Cox, M.E., 2005:
Demonstration of upregulated H2 relaxin mRNA expression during neuroendocrine differentiation of LNCaP prostate cancer cells and production of biologically active mammalian recombinant 6 histidine-tagged H2 relaxin

Edling, N.P.G., 1950:
Demonstration of urethra and bladder with a water-soluble contrast medium

Baulieu, E.E.; Michaud, G.; Benhamou, R., 1961:
Demonstration of urinary glucuronide of dehydroepiandrosterone in a female patient with a tumor of the adrenal

Lefken, E.B., 1962:
Demonstration of urinary-lymphatic fistula by use of I-131 labeled triolein

Kreis, J., 1952:
Demonstration of uterine reactions to posterior pituitary extracts during the first stage of labor

Noguchi, Y.; Fujita, K.; Ishiwara, K., 1959:
Demonstration of vaccinia virus in purified vaccine lymph (PVL-YAOI) by electron microscope

Cathcart, J.F., 1952:
Demonstration of value of preserving certain third molars for future use

Von Kugelgen, A.; Zuleger, S., 1958:
Demonstration of valves in veins of kidney in dog, pig & man

Buchel, L., 1953:
Demonstration of variations in the mechanism of action of hypnotics by in vitro modifications in the calcium ion content of the nutritive medium

Shepherd, J.T.; Burchell, H.B.; Wood, E.H., 1954:
Demonstration of variations of aortic to pulmonary artery flow during the cardiac cycle in a patient with a patent ductus arteriosus and pulmonary hypertension

Alper, F.; Akgun, M.; Kantarci, M.; Eroglu, A.; Ceyhan, E.; Onbas, O.; Duran, C.; Okur, A., 2006:
Demonstration of vascular abnormalities compressing esophagus by MDCT: special focus on dysphagia lusoria

Poulhes, J.; Gaubert, J., 1954:
Demonstration of vascularization of uterine fibroma by the technic of injecting plastic substances followed by corrosion

Petersen, H.; Reinwein, H., 1959:
Demonstration of vasopressor substances in urine

Lierse, W., 1958:
Demonstration of venous valves in the plexus uterovaginalis

Birchall, D.; Hughes, D.; Gregson, B.; Williamson, B., 2004:
Demonstration of vertebral and disc mechanical torsion in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis using three-dimensional MR imaging

Buyukdereli, G.; Guney, I.Burak., 2005:
Demonstration of vesicorectal fistula on renal scan

Friedland, G.W.; Filly, R., 1974:
Demonstration of vestibular implantation of ectopic ureters on an excretory urogram

Vago, C.; Lepine, P.; Croissant, O., 1955:
Demonstration of virus of granulosis (pseudograsserie) of Pieris brassicae L

Bernhard, W.; Guerin, M.; Oberling, C., 1956:
Demonstration of virus-like corpuscles in various strains of mouse mammary cancers; electron microscope study

Poetschke, G., 1961:
Demonstration of viruses and viral antigens with the aid of fluorescent-labeled antibodies

Gerloczy, F.; Bencze, B.; Ivanyi, K., 1963:
Demonstration of vitamin E, a new biologically active substrate, in the vernix caseosa

Hallauer, C.; Kronauer, G., 1960:
Demonstration of yellow fever virus hemagglutinin in human explantate

Gipouloux, J.D., 1962:
Demonstration of "germinal cytoplasm" in the egg and embryo of Discoglossus: Discoglossus pictus Otth. (anurous amphibian)

Kao, C-Hung., 2003:
Demonstration on Tl-201 scan of a pelvic lymph node metastasis from prostate cancer after radical prostatectomy

Schwetz, J., 1956:
Demonstration on a collection of various lacustral and fluviatile African molluscs, intermediary hosts of human and animal Schistosoma; presentation of the collection

Brun, F.; Plauchu, G.; Perrin, A., 1962:
Demonstration on a trial treatment with Euclidan injected by the intra-arterial route of severe ischemic conditions of the lower limbs

Dumont, L.C., 1962:
Demonstration on agricultural pesticides

Rouher, F.; Cantat, M.A.; Aillot, M.J., 1961:
Demonstration on fluothane anesthesia in ocular surgery

Silva, E.Pinho.de.Castro.; Silva, E.Pinho.de.Castro., 2007:
Demonstration plan used in the study of human reproduction in the district of Sao Paulo. 1967

Anonymous, 2006:
Demonstration project claims 1 billion dollars in potential savings

Anonymous, 2006:
Demonstration project claims dollar 1 billion in potential savings

Nagler, B., 1963:
Demonstration project in P.K.U

Louwerse, K., 2004:
Demonstration results for the standard ENV 12924

Taylor, M.L.; Sehgal, D.; Raffeld, M.; Obiakor, H.; Akin, C.; Mage, R.G.; Metcalfe, D.D., 2004:
Demonstration that mast cells, T cells, and B cells bearing the activating kit mutation D816V occur in clusters within the marrow of patients with mastocytosis

Rottino, A.; Angers, J.; Dool, A., 1962:
Demonstration that red blood cell slowing factor found in cancer serum by microelectrophoresis is an alpha1 component

Sarpejener, M.A., 1952:
Demonstration that the cases of osteo-articular tuberculosis treated locally with streptomycin, need no plaster fixation

Rosenfeldova, A.; Rosenfeld, R., 1958:
Demonstration the validity of Cannon's law on the bone

Linser, K., 1956:
Demonstration theater of a modern university dermatological clinic and a new kind of episcope for patients

Lepine, P.; Vago, C.; Croissant, O., 1953:
Demonstration with electron microscope of the virus of polyhedria of Plusia gamma L.; Lepidoptera

Berger, J.; Yaneva, H., 1964:
Demonstration, by Histo-Autoradiography, of a Morphological and Functional Heterogeneity of the Colloid in Certain Human Thyroid Follicles

Berger, J.; Yaneva, H., 1964:
Demonstration, by Histo-Autoradiography, of a Morphological and Functional Heterogrneity of the Colloid in Certain Human Thyroid Follicles

Duheille, J.; Herbeuval, H.; Herbeuval, R., 1964:
Demonstration, By Immunofluorescence, Of Blood Plasmacytes In Leukoconcentration

Baehler, B., 1964:
Demonstration, by Microsublimation, of Thin-Layer Chromatograms

Asch, L.; Aron, C.; Weryha, A., 1963:
Demonstration, by the Iodine Fixation Test, of Thyroid Activity Fluctuations in the Rat. Comparison with Results Contributed by the Morphological Method

Eiden, F.; Nagar, B.S., 1964:
Demonstration, Conversion and Properties of Enamides. 7. on Research on Acyl-Enamines

Signoret, P., 1964:
Demonstration, In Certain Marine Bivalves, Of Inhibitory Systems Acting On The Tobacco Mosaic Virus

Fiedler, M.; Heine, W., 1964:
Demonstration, Isolation and Properties of Hydrolytic Split Products of Thalidomide

Charney, J.; Coriell, L.L., 1964:
Demonstration, Purification, and Partial Characterization of Abnormal (Hsl) Antigens in Stable Human Cell Lines

Denys, A.; Levy, J.; Michel-Ber, E., 1962:
Demonstration, by a pharmacological test, of relations between the metabolism of some pyridoxine derivatives and the antidepressive action, in the mouse, of monoamine oxidase inhibitor (IMAO)

Tripod, J., 1963:
Demonstration, by animal experiments, of the affinity of Desferal for iron

Dahl, C.; Sarles, H., 1961:
Demonstration, by crossed circulation in the dog, of an anticholecystokinetic hormone secreted long after ingestion of fatty substances

Thivolet, J.; Grospiron, D.; Murat, M., 1960:
Demonstration, by immunofluorescent technics, of antibodies in the course of syphilitic infection

Nicolle, P.; Rita, G.; Huet, M., 1951:
Demonstration, by test of bacteriophages Vi, of a physiologic analogy between the antigens Vi present in different species of bacteria

Depieds, R.; Carouzou, G.; Lissitzky, S.; Gignoux, H.; Gignoux, D., 1962:
Demonstration, by the immunoelectrophoretic method, of the blood contamination of various organs of the rabbit bathed by perfusion

Schoffeniels, E., 1951:
Demonstration, by use of radiocalcium, of a mechanism of absorption of calcium from the exterior medium in Anodonta

Le Gac, P.; Sauermann, M.; N'koa, A., 1953:
Demonstration, for the first time in Ubangui-Shari, of Schistosoma intercalatum (Fisher, 1934)

Girardier, L.; Reuben, J.; Brandt, P.; Grundfest, H., 1962:
Demonstration, in caryfish muscle, of a sarcoplasmic reticulum compartment probably involved in electromechanical coupling

Barski, G.; Cornefert, F., 1960:
Demonstration, in cultures of the HeLa cell strain, of latent ectromelic infection in the mouse

Massion, J.; Meulders, M., 1961:
Demonstration, in the cat, of a cortico-cerebello-rubric reflex arc

Baisset, A.; Tran, L.D.; Montastruc, P., 1963:
Demonstration, in the dog, of a hypoglycemic effect of vasopressin after ablation of the pituitary or adrenals

Albe-Fessard, D.; Mallart, A.; Aleonard, P., 1961:
Demonstration, in the unrestrained awake cat of associative cortical activities appearing only in the inattentive animal

Demonstration, in tissue culture, of cytotoxic substances in material perfused through plastic apparatus

Limasset, P.; Truffaut, L., 1963:
Demonstration, in various mammalian organs, of inhibitory systems acting on the tobacco mosaic virus

Meinhof, W.; Thianprasit, M.; Rieth, H., 1960:
Demonstration, isolation and identification of keratin-utilizing soil fungi pathogenic for the skin

Backhausz, R.; Neubauer, G., 1958:
Demonstration, main types and clinical significance of incomplete anti-D-antibodies

Broun, G.; Avrameas, S., 1963:
Demonstration, on agar, of the isoenzymes of NAD and NADP dehydrogenases

Traub, E., 1960:
Demonstration, properties and significance of neutralizing antibodies in mature mice immune to lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCM)

Febvre, H.; Benedetti, L., 1958:
Demonstration, thanks to tissue culture, of latent virus particles in chick embryo

Vivier, E., 1962:
Demonstration, with the aid of the electron microscope, of cytoplasmic exchanges during conjugation in Paramecium caudatum Ehrb

Van Leuven, R.M., 1961:
Demonstration--multiple sclerosis. Management by physiotherapy

Gordon, J.; Weiner, E.; Trangenstein, P.; McNew, R., 2006:
Demonstration: An online clinical log for nurse practitioner students

Francon, J., 1957:
Demonstration: periodic hydrarthrosis

Trouet, A.; Stadtsbaeder, S., 1964:
Demonstrations Of Group Antigens By The Immuno-Fluorescence Technic

Bode, B.W., 2005:
Demonstrations and discussions of continuous glucose monitors

Anonymous, 1953:
Demonstrations at the University of Geneva's Ophthalmological Clinic

Lehner, A., 1954:
Demonstrations from the surgical clinic of the cantone hospital of Luzern

Gerlis, L.M.; Hampson, F., 1956:
Demonstrations in pathology

Hampson, F.; Gerlis, L.M., 1957:
Demonstrations in pathology: bones

Hampson, F.; Gerlis, L.M., 1957:
Demonstrations in pathology; bones. II

Hampson, F.; Gerlis, L.M., 1957:
Demonstrations in pathology; fallopian tubes & ovaries

Hampson, F.; Gerlis, L.M., 1957:
Demonstrations in pathology; the central nervous system

Hampson, F.; Gerlis, L.M., 1957:
Demonstrations in pathology; the central nervous system. II

Hampson, F.; Gerlis, L.M., 1957:
Demonstrations in pathology; the kidney. II

Gloor, H.U., 1954:
Demonstrations in the medicamentous therapy of renal tuberculosis

Bender, R.M.; Vietze, H.U., 1952:
Demonstrations of Leptospira in the anterior chamber of the eye

Baumann, T., 1960:
Demonstrations of complications in poliomyelitis vaccination and of the differential diagnosis of flaccid paralysis

Rosenthaler, L., 1951 :
Demonstrations of organic compounds

Schiller, P.H.; Carvey, C.E., 2007:
Demonstrations of spatiotemporal integration and what they tell us about the visual system

Kratzer, M., 1956:
Demonstrations of the focal problem

Hottinger, A., 1959:
Demonstrations on polimyelitis-like diseases in childhood

Nissen, R., 1960:
Demonstrations on the surgery of malignant tumors

Klokke, A.H., 1963:
Demonstrations. Dermatological Centre, Rotterdam

Marras, G., 1960:
Demonstrative case of impaction with sand of virtual cavities in clothes found in water

Schrader, A., 1962:
Demonstrative methods and clinical significance of insulin-like activities

Balestra, E., 1964:
Demonstrativity of Stratigraphy in Latero-Lateral Projection in the Study of Neoplastic Diseases of the Respiratory Apparatus

Mazzei, D.; Delgiacco, G.S.; Curletto, R., 1964:
Demonstraton By Immunofluorescence Of Beta-2m Globulin In Lymphoid-Type Reticular Bone Marrow Cells In A Case Of Waldenstrom's Macroglobulinemia

Briggs, L.; Macleod, A.D.Sandy., 2007:
Demoralisation--a useful conceptualisation of non-specific psychological distress among refugees attending mental health services

Ramirez, M.; Teresi, J.; Holmes, D., 2006:
Demoralization and attitudes toward residents among certified nurse assistants in relation to job stressors and work resources: cultural diversity in long term care

Queyrat, L., 1958:
Demoralization of the sexual concept

Shader, R.I., 2005:
Demoralization revisited

Clarke, D.M.; Kissane, D.W.; Trauer, T.; Smith, G.C., 2006:
Demoralization, anhedonia and grief in patients with severe physical illness

Li, X., 2005:
Demosaicing by successive approximation

Muresan, D.Darian.; Parks, T.W., 2005:
Demosaicing using optimal recovery

Menon, D.; Andriani, S.; Calvagno, G., 2007:
Demosaicing with directional filtering and a posteriori decision

Chen, Y.C.; Lin, Y.C.; Kuo, C.T., 1962:
Demostration of tubercle bacilli from the cerebrospinal fluid of tuberculous meningitis children by using enzymes "kimopsin and ambezine"

Gugleilmini, G., 1951:
Demountable and expansible needle guide for intravenous introduction of polyethylene catheters of flexible needles

Barski, G.; Robineaux, R., 1956:
Demountable and sterilizable perfusion chamber for long-term tissue cultures

CARNEY, J.F.; LINDSEY, Q.; McCREA, L.E., 1951:
Demountable tidal drainage apparatus

Tieman, J., 2004:
Dems hang hat on healthcare. Coverage for poor, uninsured in spotlight at DNC

Zhang, Z.; Xu, G.; Wang, F.; Dong, S.; Chen, Y., 2004:
Demulsification by amphiphilic dendrimer copolymers

Sobrevilla, L.A.; Goodman, M.L.; Kane, C.A., 1964:
Demyelinating Central Nervous System Disease, Macular Atrophy and Acanthocytosis (Bassen-Kornzweig Syndrome)

Noad, K.B., 1960:
Demyelinating disease

Ruiz-Jimeno, T.; Carvajal, A.; Mata, C.; Aurrecoechea, E., 2006:
Demyelinating disease in a patient with psoriatic arthritis and family history of multiple sclerosis treated with infliximab

Galiè, E.; Pietrangeli, A.; Maschio, M.; Pace, A.; Vidiri, A.; Carosi, M.; Jandolo, B., 2003:
Demyelinating disease in monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance

Pearlstone, A.D., 1963:
Demyelinating disease of the optic tract

Jain, D.; Rajesh, L.S.; Vasishta, R.K.; Radotra, B.D.; Banerjee, A.K., 2006:
Demyelinating disease simulating brain tumours: a histopathologic assessment of seven cases

Lumsden, C.E., 1958:
Demyelinating disease: the present situation

Love, S., 2006:
Demyelinating diseases

Van Bogaert, L., 1961:
Demyelinating diseases in the animal and multiple sclerosis in man

Innes, J.R.M., 1950:
Demyelinating diseases of animals

Feigin, I., 1959:
Demyelinating diseases with special emphasis on the metachromatic type (postnatal and early infantile)

Krishnan, C.; Kaplin, A.I.; Pardo, C.A.; Kerr, D.A.; Keswani, S.C., 2006:
Demyelinating disorders: update on transverse myelitis

Chardos, J.F.; Smith, D.; Letendre, S., 2003:
Demyelinating encephalitis

Routsonis, K.G., 1962:
Demyelinating encephalitis after penicillin therapy. A contribution to the allergic genesis of acute demyelinating encephalomyelitis

Pette, H., 1952:
Demyelinating encephalomyelitis

Csermely, H., 1950:
Demyelinating encephalomyelitis following use of antitetanus serum

Williams, H.W.; Chafee, F.H., 1961:
Demyelinating encephalomyelitis in a case of tetanus treated with antitoxin

Verlinde, J.D., 1954:
Demyelinating encephalomyelitis in a cynomolgus monkey following vaccination against smallpox and simultaneous inoculation of a neutropic virus recovered from a case of postvaccinal encephalitis

Bonek, R.; Sokólska, E.; Kurkiewicz, T.; Maciejek, Zław., 2004:
Demyelinating lesions in cervical spinal cord and disability in multiple sclerosis patients

Capasso, M.; Di Muzio, A.; Caporale, C.M.; De Angelis, M.V.; Lugaresi, A.; Uncini, A., 2005:
Demyelinating motor Guillain-Barré syndrome following rubella

Zhou, L.; Griffin, J.W., 2003:
Demyelinating neuropathies

Gilhuis, H.J.; Schelhaas, H.J.; Cruysberg, J.R.M.; Zwarts, M.J., 2006:
Demyelinating polyneuropathy in Leber hereditary optic neuropathy

Jaffe, S.L.; Minagar, A., 2005:
Demyelinating pseudotumor

Reis, A.; Cakir, E.; Cobanoglu, U.; Usul, H.; Kuzeyli, K., 2006:
Demyelinating pseudotumor cerebri: a case report

Cavanagh, J.B.; Thompson, R.H., 1954:

Pette, E., 1964:
Demyelination as a Membrane Problem

Serratrice, G.; Toga, M.; Tatossian, A.; Olmer, M., 1963:
Demyelination and cerebral atrophy in the child

Magnano, M.D.; Robinson, W.H.; Genovese, M.C., 2004:
Demyelination and inhibition of tumor necrosis factor (TNF)

Schaltenbrand, G., 1953:
Demyelination diseases

Thomas, C.W.; Weinshenker, B.G.; Sandborn, W.J., 2004:
Demyelination during anti-tumor necrosis factor alpha therapy with infliximab for Crohn's disease

Bornstein, M.B.; Appel, S.H., 1959:
Demyelination in cultures of rat cerebellum produced by experimental allergic encephalomyelitic serum

Jacob, H.; Mumme, C.; Solcher, H., 1962:
Demyelination in lesions caused by cerebral edema (Strangulation myelopathy)

Powers, J.M., 2005:
Demyelination in peroxisomal diseases

Theodoridou, A.; Settas, L., 2006:
Demyelination in rheumatic diseases

Jaster, J.H.; Smith, T.W., 2004:
Demyelination in the brain as a paraneoplastic disorder

Jaster, J.H.; Zamecnik, J.; Bartos, A.; Smith, T.W., 2005:
Demyelination in the brain as a paraneoplastic disorder: candidates include some cases of multiple sclerosis

Gullotta, F., 1960:
Demyelination of corpus callosum in chronic alcoholism (Marchiafava-Bignami's disease)

Solnyshkova, T.G., 2004:
Demyelination of nerve fibers in the central nervous system caused by chronic exposure to natural hydrogen sulfide-containing gas

Yokoi, S.; Kobori, H., 1962:
Demyelination of the cerebral white matter and some findings of the oligodendroglia in the senile brain

Baker, A.B., 1950:
Demyelination resulting from endogenous toxins

Freeman, H.J.; Flak, B., 2005:
Demyelination-like syndrome in Crohn's disease after infliximab therapy

Mackenzie, I.C., 1956:
Demyelination-some aspects of the clinical picture

Perier, O., 1965:
Demyelinization of Central Nervous Tissue Cultures by Lysolecithin

Saenzarroyo, L.; Ramazzini, A.; Marquez, H., 1964:
Demyelinization of the Folia of the Cerebellum in An Undifferentiated Carcinoma Concommitant with a Cerebral Glioblastoma

Pickering, J.E.; Vogel, F.S., 1956:
Demyelinization induced in the brains of monkeys by means of fast neutrons; pathogenesis of the lesion and comparison with the lesions of multiple sclerosis and Schilder's disease

Nardini, L.; Vincenzi, J., 1963:
Demyelinizing Process of Suspected Viral Origin Becoming more Acute in the Presenile Age

Braitenberg, V.; Callieri, B., 1955:
Demyelinizing disease of the Schilder type of acute course

Bertrand, I.; Van Bogaert, L., 1954:
Demyelinizing diseases in man and animals: remarks and conclusions

Anonymous, 1952:
Demyelinizing diseases of the central nervous system

Lefevre, A.B.; Valente, M.I.; Wronski, H., 1952:
Demyelinizing diseases of the nervous system

Lefevre, A.B., 1951:
Demyelinizing disorders of the nervous system

Kornyey, I., 1958:
Demyelinizing encephalomyelitis

Sanchez Juan, J.; Rodriguez-Vigil; Lorenzo, E., 1959:
Demyelinizing leukoencephalitis: Van Bogaert's subacute sclerosing leukoencephalitis

Bibikova, A.F., 1959:
Demyelization of central nervous system fibers following total-body ionizing irradiation of animals

Poblete-Gutiérrez, P.; Wiederholt, T.; Martinez-Mir, A.; Merk, H.F.; Connor, J.M.; Christiano, A.M.; Frank, J., 2007:
Demystification of Chester porphyria: a nonsense mutation in the Porphobilinogen Deaminase gene

Yashiroda, H.; Komatsu, M., 2006:
Demystification of deubiquitinating enzyme

Smith, K.A.; Nelson, P.N.; Warren, P.; Astley, S.J.; Murray, P.G.; Greenman, J., 2004:
Demystified...recombinant antibodies

Packeisen, J.; Korsching, E.; Herbst, H.; Boecker, W.; Buerger, H., 2003:
Demystified...tissue microarray technology

Weeks, S.Kenney.; Satusky, M.Jo., 2005:
Demystify nursing research

Thomas, R.L., 2005:
Demystifying 'digital hospitals'

Brynes, S.D., 2005:
Demystifying 21 CFR Part 556--tolerances for residues of new animal drugs in food

Anonymous, 2004:
Demystifying CINV control in the complex aging patient: assessing the complexities of the aging oncology patient

Mossad, S.B., 2003:
Demystifying FluMist, a new intranasal, live influenza vaccine

Anonymous, 2005:
Demystifying Medicare's new prescription drug benefit

Noji, E.; Goodwin, T.; Hopmeier, M., 2005:
Demystifying bioterrorism: misinformation and misperceptions

Amato-Vealey, E.; Colonies, P.A., 2005:
Demystifying biphasic defibrillation

Akiskal, H.S., 2004:
Demystifying borderline personality: critique of the concept and unorthodox reflections on its natural kinship with the bipolar spectrum

Meyer, C.R., 2005:
Demystifying cancer

Claussen, U.; Michel, S.; Mühlig, P.; Westermann, M.; Grummt, U-W.; Kromeyer-Hauschild, K.; Liehr, T., 2003 :
Demystifying chromosome preparation and the implications for the concept of chromosome condensation during mitosis

Ravenscroft, E.F., 2006:
Demystifying chronic kidney disease for others

Burke, M.R., 2003:
Demystifying common terms in employment agreements

Perrier, A., 2004:
Demystifying decisional analysis

Imrie, R., 2004:
Demystifying disability: a review of the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health

Goldstein, B.Martin., 2005:
Demystifying electrosurge

Wilcox, T., 2006:
Demystifying fire alarm maintenance

Murphy, M., 2005:
Demystifying flowcharts

Anonymous, 2003:
Demystifying genital herpes to better intervene

Bowen, S.; Martens, P., 2005:
Demystifying knowledge translation: learning from the community

Ince, P.G.; Morris, J.C., 2006:
Demystifying lobar degenerations: tauopathies vs Gehrigopathies

Ackroyd-Stolarz, S.; Hartnell, N.; Mackinnon, N.J., 2006:
Demystifying medication safety: making sense of the terminology

Anonymous, 2005:
Demystifying metabolic syndrome. How you can counter a hydra-headed menace to your heart

Heller, J.C., 2005:
Demystifying ministry leadership formation

Colling, J., 2003:
Demystifying nursing research: defining the problem to be studied

Joshi, S.R., 2007:
Demystifying relevance of homocysteine hypothesis in native Asian Indian population

Pasquinelli, A.E., 2006:
Demystifying small RNA pathways

Keysers, C.; Perrett, D.I., 2004:
Demystifying social cognition: a Hebbian perspective

So, E.L., 2006:
Demystifying sudden unexplained death in epilepsy--are we close?

Ghergori, E.; Moorhead, B., 2004:
Demystifying the FRACGP exam

Cooper, K.; Bowers, B., 2006:
Demystifying the OR for baccalaureate nursing students

Price, L.L.; Goodman, T., 2006:
Demystifying the Occupational Safety and Health Administration inspection process

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