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Detection of type specific antibodies to hepatitis C virus NS4 protein in hepatitis C patients by enzyme immunoassay

Kruglov, I.V.; Znoĭko, O.O.; Klimova, E.A.; Finogenova, M.P.; Alekseenkova, T.I.; Ianina, M.V.; Voropaeva, A.V.; Voropaev, E.V.; Kalinin, A.L.; Doroshenko, N.V.; Shibnev, V.A.; Semiletov, I.A.

Voprosy Virusologii 48(3): 32-36


ISSN/ISBN: 0507-4088
PMID: 12894478
Accession: 048747169

A multi-enzyme immmune-assay test system was designed for serotyping of genotypes hepatitis C virus (HCV) and a method of such typing of the serum of patients with hepatitis C was worked out. The above test-system was worked out on the basis of a study of 10 type-specific peptides modeling different fragments from NS4-protein variable region of HCV. The designed test system was evaluated by using a set of 42 serum samples obtained at random from patients with chronic hepatitis C, which had been preliminarily genotyped by polymerase chain reaction. The serotyping makes it possible to identify the type-specific antibodies in the blood sera of patients, including those cases when viremia was absent. Differences in the circulation of HCV in Moscow (Russia) and Vitebsk (Byelorussia) were established by using the designed test-system.

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