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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 48798

Chapter 48798 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Feng, L.; Li, Z-Ming.; Chen, Z-Xia.; Tan, Y-Sheng.; Weng, L-Hong.; Tao, F-Gang., 2004:
Dimethyl 2-(4-bromophenyl)-10,11-dimethoxy-2,3,7,8-tetrahydrospiro[azepino[2,1-a]isoquinoline-3,9'-fluorene]-4,5-dicarboxylate

Domagała, Młgorzata.; Palusiak, M.; Pfitzner, A.; Zabel, M.; Urbaniak, K.; Mlostoń, G.; Grabowski, Sławomir.J., 2004:
Dimethyl 3,4,5,5-tetraphenyl-1,3-thiazolidine-2,2-dicarboxylate and 3,3-dichloro-2,2,4,4,3'-pentamethyl-r-2',t-4'-diphenylcyclobutane-1-spiro-5'-1,3-thiazolidine

Mondal, S.; Mukherjee, M.; Roy, A.; Mukherjee, D., 2003:
Dimethyl 6-methoxy-4abeta-methyl-9-oxo-1,2,3,4,4a,9,10,10abeta-octahydrophenanthrene-1,1-dicarboxylate

ROWAN, R.L.; HOWLEY, T.F., 1963:
Dimethyl Polysiloxane Enema In Diagnosis And Treatment Of Diseases Of The Colon

Rosenbaum, E.E.; Jacob, S.W., 1964:
Dimethyl Sulfoxide (Dmso) In Acute Musculoskeletal Injuries And Inflammations. I. Dimethyl Sulfoxide In Acute Subdeltoid Bursitis

Rosenbaum, E.E.; Jacob, S.W., 1964:
Dimethyl Sulfoxide (Dmso) In Musculoskeletal Injuries And Inflammations. Ii. Dimethyl Sulfoxide In Rheumatoid Arthritis, Degenerative Arthritis And Gouty Arthritis

Jacob, S.W.; Bischel, M.; Herschler, R.J., 1964:
Dimethyl Sulfoxide (Dmso): A New Concept In Pharmacotherapy

Rosenbaum, E.E.; Herschler, R.J.; Jacob, S.W., 1965:
Dimethyl Sulfoxide In Musculoskeletal Disorders

Jacob, S.W.; Bischel, M.; Herschler, R.J., 1964:
Dimethyl Sulfoxide: Effects On The Permeability Of Biologic Membranes (Preliminary Report)

Fabbri, D.; Baravelli, V.; Chiavari, G.; Prati, S., 2005:
Dimethyl carbonate as a novel methylating reagent for fatty acids in analytical pyrolysis

Tundo, P.; Rossi, L.; Loris, A., 2005:
Dimethyl carbonate as an ambident electrophile

Bonino, F.; Damin, A.; Bordiga, S.; Selva, M.; Tundo, P.; Zecchina, A., 2005:
Dimethyl carbonate in the supercages of NaY zeolite: the role of local fields in promoting methylation and carboxymethylation activity

Backhus, L.M.; Petasis, N.A.; Uddin, J.; Schönthal, A.H.; Bart, R.D.; Lin, Y.; Starnes, V.A.; Bremner, R.M., 2005:
Dimethyl celecoxib as a novel non-cyclooxygenase 2 therapy in the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer

James, P.F.; O'Hair, R.A.J., 2004:
Dimethyl cuprate undergoes C-C bond coupling with methyliodide in the gas phase but dimethyl argenate does not

Rosado-Reyes, C.M.; Francisco, J.S.; Szente, J.J.; Maricq, M.Matti.; Frøsig Østergaard, L., 2005:
Dimethyl ether oxidation at elevated temperatures (295-600 K)

Ma, S.; Zhou, J.; Kang, Y.C.; Reddic, J.E.; Chen, D.A., 2004:
Dimethyl methylphosphonate decomposition on Cu surfaces: supported Cu nanoclusters and films on TiO2(110)

Beaufils, F.; Dénès, F.; Renaud, P., 2005:
Dimethyl phosphite mediated hydrogen atom abstraction: a tin-free procedure for the preparation of cyclopentane derivatives

Filatov, A.S.; Block, E.; Petrukhina, M.A., 2005:
Dimethyl selenoxide

Haswell, R.W., 1960:
Dimethyl sulfate poisoning by inhalation

Barnes, I.; Hjorth, J.; Mihalopoulos, N., 2006:
Dimethyl sulfide and dimethyl sulfoxide and their oxidation in the atmosphere

Engelke, U.F.H.; Tangerman, A.; Willemsen, Mèl.A.A.P.; Moskau, D.; Loss, S.; Mudd, S.Harvey.; Wevers, R.A., 2005:
Dimethyl sulfone in human cerebrospinal fluid and blood plasma confirmed by one-dimensional (1)H and two-dimensional (1)H-(13)C NMR

Dimethyl sulfoxide and the cryotolerance of himan skin

Shaked, G.M.; Engelstein, R.; Avraham, I.; Kahana, E.; Gabizon, R., 2003:
Dimethyl sulfoxide delays PrP sc accumulation and disease symptoms in prion-infected hamsters

Mereghetti, I.; Cagnotto, A.; Mennini, T., 2006:
Dimethyl sulfoxide: an antagonist in scintillation proximity assay [(35)S]-GTPgammaS binding to rat 5-HT(6) receptor cloned in HEK-293 cells?

Dimethyl sulphate poisoning

Schettgen, T.; Broding, H.C.; Angerer, J.; Drexler, H., 2003:
Dimethyl sulphate; a hidden problem in occupational medicine

Sugimoto, H.; Iguchi, H.; Nomoto, N.; Kurihara, T.; Wakata, N., 2003:
Dimethyl sulphoxide suppresses hydroxyl radical formation of muscle fiber necrosis induced by bupivacaine hydrochloride

Britton, D., 2006:
Dimethyl- and diethyldithiocyanatotin(IV)

Coirault, R.; Jarret, T.; Ramel, P.; Cadour, E.; Crocq, L.; Vincent, A., 1962:
Dimethyl-amino-ethyl ester of parachlorophenoxy acetic acid-its pychopathological action

Kardosh, A.; Wang, W.; Uddin, J.; Petasis, N.A.; Hofman, F.M.; Chen, T.C.; Schönthal, A.H., 2005:
Dimethyl-celecoxib (DMC), a derivative of celecoxib that lacks cyclooxygenase-2-inhibitory function, potently mimics the anti-tumor effects of celecoxib on Burkitt's lymphoma in vitro and in vivo

Anonymous, 1951:
Dimethyl-dithio-hydantoin therapy in essential facial neuralgia

Huang, C-Chang.; Kuo, H-Chou., 2006:
Dimethylamine borane neurotoxicity

Hauschild, F.; Seidel, K.; Wiezorek, W.D.; Gebhard, J., 1964:
Dimethylaminoethanol In The Therapy Of Schizophrinic And Oligophrenic Conditions

Willett, R.D.; Twamley, B.; Montfrooij, W.; Granroth, G.E.; Nagler, S.E.; Hall, D.W.; Park, J-Hyun.; Watson, B.C.; Meisel, M.W.; Talham, D.R., 2006:
Dimethylammonium trichlorocuprate(II): structural transition, low-temperature crystal structure, and unusual two-magnetic chain structure dictated by nonbonding chloride-chloride contacts

Weiss, J.M.; Flynn, T.T.; Counts, R.M., 1957:
Dimethylane in the treatment of anxiety reactions

Boines, G.J., 1951:
Dimethylane in the treatment of dysmenorrhea

Zheng, Y-Na.; Wang, Y-Qun., 2007:
Dimethylarginine dimethylaminohydrolase and endothelium dysfunction

Gurber, E., 1951:
Dimethylbenzoyl-sulfanilamide in coli bacteria infections of the urinary tract

Allen, G.E.; Montgomery, D.A.; Weaver, J.A., 1961:
Dimethylbiguanide in the treatment of diabetes mellitus

Kasanen, A.; Nieminen, T., 1961:
Dimethylchlortetracycline as cause of phototoxic reaction

Donnelly, P., 1960:
Dimethyldiguanide in diabetes mellitus; report of a small trial

Ferguson, A.W.; D.L.H.Rpe, P.L.; Farquhar, J.W., 1961:
Dimethyldiguanide in the treatment of diabetic children

Fiszer, B.; Kanski, M., 1965:
Dimethyleulphoxide, Its Chemical Properties And Possibilities Of Application In Medicine And Biology

Francois, R.; Ruiton, U.Liengo, A., 1960:
Dimethylguanidine in the treatment of infantile diabetes

McNulty, J.; Capretta, A.; Laritchev, V.; Dyck, J.; Robertson, A.J., 2003:
Dimethylmalonyltrialkylphosphoranes: new general reagents for esterification reactions allowing controlled inversion or retention of configuration on chiral alcohols

Mussa, B., 1959:
Dimethyloxyquinazine and para aminobenzoic acid in nepiological therapy

Schulze-Matthäi, K.; Bendig, J.; Neubauer, P.; Ziemer, B., 2004:
Dimethylphenylsulfonium trifluoromethanesulfonate and methyldiphenylsulfonium trifluoromethanesulfonate

Vashkov, V.I., 1952:
Dimethylphthalate as mosquito repellent

L.Manna, A., 1960:
Dimethylpyrindene: a potent new anthistaminic

Brown, J.B.; Fryer, M.P.; Ohlwiler, D.A.; Kollias, P., 1962:
Dimethylsiloxane and halogenated carbons as subcutaneous prosthesis

Harada, T.; Adachi, S.; Wang, X., 2004:
Dimethylsilyl ketene acetal as a nucleophile in asymmetric Michael reaction: enhanced enantioselectivity in oxazaborolidinone-catalyzed reaction

Tredt, H.J., 1964:
Dimethylsulfate Poisoning

Ghiringhelli, L.; Sironi, G., 1958:
Dimethylsulfate and catalase

Kim, K.H.; Lee, G.; Kim, Y.P., 2004:
Dimethylsulfide and its oxidation products in coastal atmospheres of Cheju Island

Consoli, G.; Napoli, V.M., 1955:
Dimethylsulfonyl esters and the treatment of chronic myelocytic leukemia; review of literature and case reports

Stoughton, R.B., 1965:
Dimethylsulfoxide (Dmso) Induction Of A Steroid Reservoir In Human Skin

Huggins, C.E., 1962:
Dimethylsulfoxide analysis to facilitate study of whole organ preservation by freezing

Dorta, R.; Rozenberg, H.; Shimon, L.J.W.; Milstein, D., 2003:
Dimethylsulfoxide as a ligand for RhI and IrI complexes--isolation, structure, and reactivity towards X-H bonds (X=H, OH, OCH3)

Delmer, D.P., 1979:
Dimethylsulfoxide as a potential tool for analysis of compartmentation in living plant cells

Lee, Y-Rae.; Shim, H-Jaung.; Yu, H-Nu.; Song, E-Kyung.; Park, J.; Kwon, K-Beom.; Park, J-Woo.; Rho, H-Won.; Park, B-Hyun.; Han, M-Kwan.; Kim, J-Suk., 2005:
Dimethylsulfoxide induces upregulation of tumor suppressor protein PTEN through nuclear factor-kappaB activation in HL-60 cells

Homer, N.Z.M.; Reglinski, J.; Sowden, R.; Spickett, C.M.; Wilson, R.; Walker, J.J., 2005:
Dimethylsulfoxide oxidizes glutathione in vitro and in human erythrocytes: kinetic analysis by 1H NMR

Braude, M.C.; Monroe, R.R., 1965:
Dimethylsulfoxide: Interactive Effects With Alphaglucochloralose

Wang, Z.; Song, Q.; Sanghvi, Y.S., 2004:
Dimethylthiarum disulfide: new sulfur transfer reagent in phosphorothioates oligonucleotide synthesis

Barma, D.K.; Bandyopadhyay, A.; Capdevila, J.H.; Falck, J.R., 2003:
Dimethylthiocarbamate (DMTC): an alcohol protecting group

Szara, S., 1956:
Dimethyltryptamin: its metabolism in man; the relation to its psychotic effect to the serotonin metabolism

Szara, I.; Sai, H.Lasz, A.; Boszormenyi, Z., 1957:
Dimethyltryptamine as a new psychotic agent

Boszormenyi, Z.; Szara, S., 1958:
Dimethyltryptamine experiments with psychotics

Sai, H.Lasz, A.; Brunecker, G.; Szara, S., 1958:
Dimethyltryptamine: a new psycho-active drug

Anonymous, 2004:
Dimethylvinyl chloride

Zani, L.; Alesi, S.; Cozzi, P.Giorgio.; Bolm, C., 2006:
Dimethylzinc-mediated alkynylation of imines

Zani, L.; Eichhorn, T.; Bolm, C., 2006:
Dimethylzinc-mediated, enantioselective synthesis of propargylic amines

Casentini, S.; Hukovic, S.; Tani, F., 1957:
Diminished ACTH sensitivity in rats following hypophysectomy and treatment with adrenocorticoids

Rossi, M.; Tirotta, C.F.; Lagueruela, R.G.; Madril, D., 2006:
Diminished Blalock-Taussig shunt flow detected by cerebral oximetry

Fathy, A.; Mohamed, R.Wasfi.; Tawfik, G.Ahmed.; Omar, A.Sayed., 2006:
Diminished CD4+CD25+ T-lymphocytes in peripheral blood of patients with systemic lupus erythematosus

Swartz, C.M.; Acosta, D.; Bashir, A., 2003:
Diminished ECT response in catatonia due to chronic neurologic condition

Vary, T.C.; Deiter, G.; Lang, C.H., 2004:
Diminished ERK 1/2 and p38 MAPK phosphorylation in skeletal muscle during sepsis

Gärtner, R., 2004:
Diminished TSH level--an incidental finding

Pieper, K.H., 1963:
Diminished action of caffeine after repeated administration

Iglesias Iglesias, A-Aurelia.; Ortega García, M.Pilar.; Guevara Serrano, J., 2005:
Diminished antiepileptic drug serum levels during acyclovir treatment

Pastrana González, Ván.; Montaño Velázquez, B.Beatriz.; Huerta Yépez, S.; Bekker Méndez, V.Carolina.; Campillo Navarrete, Rón.; Cisneros Salazar, Mía.del.Refugio.; Mogica Martínez, Mía.Dolores.; Salazar Santiago, R.; Becerril Angeles, Mín.; Jáuregui Renaud, K., 2005:
Diminished apoptosis in nasal mucosa of patients with persistent allergic rhinitis

Murphey, E.D.; Lin, C.Y.; McGuire, R.W.; Toliver-Kinsky, T.; Herndon, D.N.; Sherwood, E.R., 2004:
Diminished bacterial clearance is associated with decreased IL-12 and interferon-gamma production but a sustained proinflammatory response in a murine model of postseptic immunosuppression

Fernando, K.A.Shiral.; Lin, Y.; Wang, W.; Kumar, S.; Zhou, B.; Xie, S-Yuan.; Cureton, L.T.; Sun, Y-Ping., 2004:
Diminished band-gap transitions of single-walled carbon nanotubes in complexation with aromatic molecules

Aboulker, P.; Lassner, J., 1952:
Diminished bleeding by the method of controlled hypotension in pelvic surgery

Moore, K.D.; Coddington, D., 2004:
Diminished capacity: a guide to coping with America's packed hospitals

Godekmerdan, A.; Ozden, M.; Ayar, A.; Gursu, M.Ferit.; Ozan, A.Tevfik.; Serhatlioglu, S., 2004:
Diminished cellular and humoral immunity in workers occupationally exposed to low levels of ionizing radiation

Nishimori, I.; Miyaji, E.; Morimoto, K.; Kohsaki, T.; Okamoto, N.; Onishi, S., 2004:
Diminished cellular immune response to carbonic anhydrase II in patients with Sjögren's syndrome and idiopathic chronic pancreatitis

Gentile, D.A.; Schreiber, R.; Howe-Adams, J.; Trecki, J.; Patel, A.; Angelini, B.; Skoner, D.P., 2004:
Diminished dendritic cell interleukin 10 production in atopic children

Baumann, T., 1956:
Diminished effect of BCG vaccination and duration of BCG vaccination

Souchay, Céline.; Moulin, C.J.A.; Clarys, D.; Taconnat, L.; Isingrini, M., 2006:
Diminished episodic memory awareness in older adults: evidence from feeling-of-knowing and recollection

Torroella-Kouri, M.; Ma, X.; Perry, G.; Ivanova, M.; Cejas, P.J.; Owen, J.L.; Iragavarapu-Charyulu, V.; Lopez, D.M., 2005:
Diminished expression of transcription factors nuclear factor kappaB and CCAAT/enhancer binding protein underlies a novel tumor evasion mechanism affecting macrophages of mammary tumor-bearing mice

Ernst, C.W.O.; Lee, J.E.; Nakanishi, T.; Karimbux, N.Y.; Rezende, T.M.B.; Stashenko, P.; Seki, M.; Taubman, M.A.; Kawai, T., 2007:
Diminished forkhead box P3/CD25 double-positive T regulatory cells are associated with the increased nuclear factor-kappaB ligand (RANKL+) T cells in bone resorption lesion of periodontal disease

Harcourt, G.; Gomperts, E.; Donfield, S.; Klenerman, P., 2006:
Diminished frequency of hepatitis C virus specific interferon gamma secreting CD4+ T cells in human immunodeficiency virus/hepatitis C virus coinfected patients

Tenga, A.Z.; Ormrod, D.P., 1990:
Diminished greenness of tomato leaves exposed to ozone and post-exposure recovery of greenness

Ning, Y.; Schuller, A.G.P.; Bradshaw, S.; Rotwein, P.; Ludwig, T.; Frystyk, J.; Pintar, J.E., 2006:
Diminished growth and enhanced glucose metabolism in triple knockout mice containing mutations of insulin-like growth factor binding protein-3, -4, and -5

Burgess, S.C.; Leone, T.C.; Wende, A.R.; Croce, M.A.; Chen, Z.; Sherry, A.Dean.; Malloy, C.R.; Finck, B.N., 2006:
Diminished hepatic gluconeogenesis via defects in tricarboxylic acid cycle flux in peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma coactivator-1alpha (PGC-1alpha)-deficient mice

Zajdel, R.W.; Denz, C.R.; McLean, M.D.; Dube, S.; Muthuchamy, M.; Poiesz, B.J.; Wieczorek, D.F.; Dube, D.K., 2005:
Diminished myofibril organization in mutant axolotl hearts transfected with site-directed mutants of sarcomeric tropomyosins

Kim, J-Hoon.; Yi, S.Hoon.; Park, K.Tae.; Ahn, Y.Min.; Lee, K.Young.; Yang, S.Ae.; Kim, Y.Sik., 2005:
Diminished neurocardiac dynamics associated with antipsychotic-induced extrapyramidal syndrome

Maskaly, K.Rosera.; Maskaly, G.R.; Carter, W.Craig.; Maxwell, J.L., 2004:
Diminished normal reflectivity of one-dimensional photonic crystals due to dielectric interfacial roughness

Bradley, R.F.; Schonfeld, A., 1962:
Diminished pain in diabetic patients with acute myocardial infarction

Skendros, P.; Boura, P.; Chrisagis, D.; Raptopoulou-Gigi, M., 2006:
Diminished percentage of CD4+ T-lymphocytes expressing interleukine-2 receptor alpha in chronic brucellosis

de Groot, P.C.E.; Borghouts, L.B.; Adam, J.J.; Keizer, H.A., 2003:
Diminished performance on response-selection tasks in Type 2 diabetes

Meister, A.; Udenfriend, S.; Bessman, S.P., 1956:
Diminished phenylketonuria in phenylpyruvic oligophrenia after administration of L-glutamine, L-glutamate or L-asparagine

Kissler, S.; Hamscho, N.; Zangos, S.; Gätje, R.; Müller, A.; Rody, A.; Döbert, N.; Menzel, C.; Grünwald, F.; Siebzehnrübl, E.; Kaufmann, M., 2005:
Diminished pregnancy rates in endometriosis due to impaired uterotubal transport assessed by hysterosalpingoscintigraphy

Richartz, E.; Batra, A.; Simon, P.; Wormstall, H.; Bartels, M.; Buchkremer, G.; Schott, K., 2005:
Diminished production of proinflammatory cytokines in patients with Alzheimer's disease

Kalendra, D.M.; Sickles, B.R., 2003:
Diminished reactivity of ortho-substituted phenacyl bromides toward nucleophilic displacement

Köppel, H.; Renner, W.; Krippl, P.; Wascher, T.C.; Pilger, E., 2004:
Diminished response to activated protein C is not correlated with severity of peripheral arterial occlusive disease

Dawson, J., 2003:
Diminished responsibility: the difference it makes

Bachmann, W., 1963:
Diminished risk in maxillary sinus irrigations with hydraulic pressure syringes through control of irrigation resistance by means of a new accessory device

Pavol, M.J.; Runtz, E.F.; Pai, Y-Chung., 2004:
Diminished stepping responses lead to a fall following a novel slip induced during a sit-to-stand

Bracha, H.Stefan.; Ralston, T.C.; Matsukawa, J.M.; Williams, A.E.; Bernstein, D.M., 2004:
Diminished stress resilience in institutionalized elderly patients: is hypovitaminosis D a factor?

Albin, R.L.; Cross, D.; Cornblath, W.T.; Wald, J.A.; Wernette, K.; Frey, K.A.; Minoshima, S., 2003:
Diminished striatal [123I]iodobenzovesamicol binding in idiopathic cervical dystonia

Berlinghoff, W., 1958:
Diminished toxicity of serums in TPJ Nelson's test

Prelog, M.; Scheidegger, P.; Peter, S.; Gershwin, M.Eric.; Wick, G.; Sgonc, R., 2005:
Diminished transforming growth factor beta2 production leads to increased expression of a profibrotic procollagen alpha2 type I messenger RNA variant in embryonic fibroblasts of UCD-200 chickens, a model for systemic sclerosis

Chan, K.C.Allen.; Lit, L.C.W.; Law, E.L.K.; Tai, M.H.L.; Yung, C.U.; Chan, M.H.M.; Lam, C.W.K., 2004:
Diminished urinary free cortisol excretion in patients with moderate and severe renal impairment

Acoltzin Vidal, Cémoc.; Maldonado Villaseñor, I.; Rodríguez Cisneros, L.; Muñiz Murguía, J.Jesús., 2004:
Diminished vascular density in the aortic wall. Morphological and functional characteristics of atherosclerosis

Soto-Quintana, M.; Alvarez-Nava, F.; Rojas-Atencio, A.; Granadillo, V.; Fernández, D.; Ocando, A.; López, E.; Fulcado, W., 2003:
Diminished zinc plasma concentrations and alterations in the number of lymphocyte subpopulations in Down's syndrome patients

Marzi, F.M., 1951:
Diminishing frequency of various clinical aspects of catatonic syndrome

Bagley, C., 2003:
Diminishing incidence of Internet child pornographic images

Anonymous, 2004:
Diminishing racial disparities in early-onset neonatal group B streptococcal disease--United States, 2000-2003

Stadius, M.L., 2004:
Diminishing returns...and too many choices...the saga of pharmacologic therapy to reduce the complications of percutaneous coronary intervention

Reid, L., 2005:
Diminishing returns? Risk and the duty to care in the SARS epidemic

Su, X.; Zenios, S.A.; Chakkera, H.; Milford, E.L.; Chertow, G.M., 2004:
Diminishing significance of HLA matching in kidney transplantation

Colson, D.H., 1951:
Diminishing teas swell the hospital's funds

Martini, V.; Orunesu, M.; Fugassa, E., 1964:
Diminution Of Hepatic Polysaccharide Phosphorylase In Hyperthyroidism Caused By Triiocothyronine. Ii. Inactivation Of The Enzyme

Martini, V.; Orunesu, M.; Fugassa, E., 1964:
Diminution Of Hepatic Polysaccharide Phosphorylase In Hyperthyroidism Caused By Triiodothyronine. I. Phosphokinase Activation Of The Enzyme

Gras, J., 1964:
Diminution Of Response To A 2d Antigen Injected At The Moment Of Maximal Antibody Production In Animals Hyperimmunized To A Primary Antigen

Va.L.Ar.B.Eeker.J.; Piena.F.L.; Va.L.Euven.P.Omp.R.; Mimpen.A.M., 1964:
Diminution Of Sound In 10 Different Aids For The Protection Of Hearing

Reville, P.; Stephan, F.; Jahn, H., 1964:
Diminution Of The Concentrating Capacity Of The Rat Kidney During Chronic Hypothyroidism And Severe Hyperthyroidism

Laprand, J.; Garcet, S.; Laurre, M., 1963:
Diminution Of The Local Irritant Action Of Aspirin By Association Of A Silicone Complex. Quantitative Measurement Of Gastric Hyperemia In The Rat By Means Of Cr-51

Kallenbach, H., 1964:
Diminution Of The Natural Defense Against Cancer By Cytostatics?

Chavezlara, B.; Ramirezdelangel, A.; Serranomaass, P.A., 1964:
Diminution Of Tissue Catecholamines In The Rat Treated With Polythiazide

Nordheim, W.; Windisch, F., 1960:
Diminution and restitution of anoxygenic energy potential in aerobic sugar-splitting cells

Murphy, S.A.; Gibson, C.Michael., 2003:
Diminution in flow following primary stenting in the INAMI study

Bartholini, G.; Pletscher, A.; Gey, K.F., 1961:
Diminution of 5-hydroxytryptamine in thrombocytes in vitro by chlorpromazine and related compounds

Edlinger, E.; Nicolle, P., 1952:
Diminution of Vi agglutin-ability of typhoid bacilli having fixed specific bacteriophages of Vi antigen

Finquelievich, J.Luis.; Iovannitti, C.; Landaburu, F.; Raffin, G.; SanJuan, N.; Elías-Costa, M.Rosa.; Negroni, R., 2003:
Diminution of antifungal activity of fluconazole associated with ibuprofen and piroxicam in experimental histoplasmosis of hamsters (Mesocricetus auratus)

Hunzinger, W.A.; Ritzel, G.; Staub, H., 1956:
Diminution of arterenol and epinephrine concentration in blood

Bartalos, M.; Gyorkey, F.; Koppanyi, Z., 1962:
Diminution of beta-glucuronidase activity in post-heparin human sera

Jeschal, E., 1956:
Diminution of bone marrow plasma cells and hypo-gamma-globulinemia

Peracchia, G.; Dazzi, C., 1961:
Diminution of cutaneous radiosensitivity obtained with anti-hyaluronidase serum

Warter, J.; Schirardin, H.; Metais, P., 1963:
Diminution of digestive absorption of vitamin C in the course of cirrhosis

Deltour, G.H.; Kologlu, S., 1950:
Diminution of excretion of total neutral 17-ketosteroids in hypertensive rabbit

Fleisch, A.; Frei, P.C., 1961:
Diminution of hemolysis in preserved blood by continual agitation

Frei, P.C.; Fleisch, A., 1961:
Diminution of hemolysis in preserved blood by continuous motion

Roux, G.; D.C.Ilar, J., 1959:
Diminution of hemorrhage & the use of ganglioplegic drugs in surgical practice

Pellet, C., 1955:
Diminution of hemorrhage in otorhinolaryngology

D.Mattia, R., 1951:
Diminution of infective forms in relation to prophylaxis and modern therapy

Quevauviller, A.; Laroche, M.J., 1956:
Diminution of local surface anesthetic activity of cocaine chloride in tuberculous rabbit

Cremieux, A.; Alliez, J.; Roger, J., 1959:
Diminution of mental processes after cranial injuries

Just, O., 1952:
Diminution of operative blood loss by artificial hypotension

Moser, H., 1959:
Diminution of postoperative thromboembolic complications by prophylaxis with panthesine-hydergin (PH 203)

Hazard, R.; Hazard, J.; Thouvenot, J., 1957:
Diminution of sensitivity to digitalin by rubidium chloride; analogies with potassium

Duplan, J.F., 1958:
Diminution of spontaneous leukemogenesis in total body-irradiated AkR mice with grafts of homologous hemopoietic cells

Woringer, E.; Schneider, J.; Brogly, G.; Baumgartner, J.; Thomalske, G.; Dorgler, R., 1952:
Diminution of the aggression of the neurosurgical act by medicinal synergisms

Braun, F.Lco, O.; Weber, G., 1952:
Diminution of the antidiuretic effect of pituitary hormone by vigantol

Tuchmann, D.Plessis, H.; Mercier, P.Rot, L., 1961:
Diminution of the fertility of the rat subjected to chronic treatment with Niamide

Chiarini, P.; Melani, F., 1961:
Diminution of the hepatic content of coenzyme A in cholesterol-induced steatosis

Tuchmann, D.Plessis, H.; Gabe, M.; Mercier, P.Rot, L., 1962:
Diminution of the hypothalmo-neurohypophyseal secretion product after injection of reserpine

Stephan, F.; Jahn, H.; Reville, P.; Urban, M., 1962:
Diminution of the osmotic power of rat urines by chronic hypothyroidism

Camba, R.; Dianzan, M.R.M.A., 1962:
Diminution of the rate of aseptic autolysis in vitro of hepatic tissue of rats treated with parathion

Fontaine, Y.A., 1957:
Diminution of the thyrotropic power of the hypophysis after thyroidectomy in a mammal (rat) & teleost (eel)

Jahn, H.; Reville, P.; Stephan, F., 1962:
Diminution of the tubular reabsorption of sodium in the hypothyroid rat during mannitol-induced osmotic polyuria

Columba, D., 1960:
Diminution of the visual faculties and criteria of evaluation of damage in the insured accident patient

Maione, M., 1960:
Diminution of the visual faculties in relation to the visual field

Shi, Z.; Liang, X-Ling.; Lu, B-Xun.; Pan, S-Yue.; Chen, X.; Tang, Q-Qiang.; Wang, Y.; Huang, F., 2005:
Diminution of toxic copper accumulation in toxic milk mice modeling Wilson disease by embryonic hepatocyte intrasplenic transplantation

Zervopoulos, G., 1956:
Diminution of vibratory sensitivity as a clinico-topographic pathognomonic sign in the diagnosis of disk rupture

Dufrenoy, J., 1954:
Diminution, in relation to age, of the minimum energy expenditure

Lancet, F.; Alberti, L.E.; Alberti-Flor, J.J., 2004:
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Dimple Contact Lenses

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Dingeman van der Vliet, veterinary artist, 1792-1866

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Dinicotinamidium squarate

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Dining done right. Keeping your facility full by revamping your dining service and menu

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Dining rooms for ambulatory patients

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Dinitro-orthocresol poisoning

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Dinitrosyl iron complexes are endogenous signaling agents in animal and human cells and tissues (a hypothesis)

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Dinner Bed and Breakfast for Older People: early experiences of a short-term service to manage acute hospital demand

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Dinner Of Honour For Alwyn James Arnott On His Retirement From The Mccaughey Chair Of Dentistry

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Dinner at five

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Dinner sans pyrethroid

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Dinner table conversation

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Dinner with Nicole and Mr. Food. Be prepared. This dinner may well become a favorite with your family

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Dinnerware usage in large hospitals

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Dinoprostone: slow release vaginal insert (Propess) and intracervical gel (Prepidil) for the induction of labour with unriped cervix

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Dinosaurs of the 21st century?

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