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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 48833

Chapter 48833 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Rouillier, P.; Boutron-Ruault, M-Christine.; Bertrais, S.; Arnault, N.; Daudin, J-Jacques.; Bacro, J-Noël.; Hercberg, S., 2004:
Drinking patterns in French adult men--a cluster analysis of alcoholic beverages and relationship with lifestyle

Young, P.T.; Heyer, A.W.; Richey, H.W., 1952:
Drinking patterns in the rat following water deprivation and subcutaneous injections of sodium chloride

Williams, P.H.; Straus, R., 1950:
Drinking patterns of Italians in New Haven. Utilization of the personal diary as a research technique; IV. Diaries 8, 9 and 10; summary and conclusions

Williams, P.H.; Straus, R., 1950:
Drinking patterns of Italians in New Haven; utilization of the personal diary as a research technique. III. Diaries 6 and 7

Williams, P.H., 1950:
Drinking patterns of Italians in New Haven; utilization of the personal diary of a research techniques diaries 3, 4 and 5

Carlini-Marlatt, B.; Gazal-Carvalho, C.; Gouveia, N.; Souza, M.de.Fátima.Marinho., 2003:
Drinking practices and other health-related behaviors among adolescents of São Paulo City, Brazil

Anonymous, 2004:
Drinking red wine may prevent cancer

Connors, G.J.; Maisto, S.A., 2004:
Drinking reports from collateral individuals

Anonymous, 2003:
Drinking tea may benefit people who've had heart attacks

Gruenewald, P.J.; Johnson, F.W.; Light, J.M.; Saltz, R.F., 2004:
Drinking to extremes: theoretical and empiricalanalyses of peak drinking levels among college students

Benjamin, M.; Ash, D.M., 2006:
Drinking to their health: social analysis of a micronutrient-fortified beverage field trial

Lakasing, E., 2005:
Drinking to, and gambling with, our health

McCurry, J., 2005:
Drinking too much sake in Osaka

Boulard, G., 2005:
Drinking too much, too young: trying to find an answer to the persistent habit of binge drinking among young people vexes the nation's policymakers

Jacob, T.; Bucholz, K.K.; Sartor, C.E.; Howell, D.N.; Wood, P.K., 2006:
Drinking trajectories from adolescence to the mid-forties among alcohol dependent males

Bobak, M., 2005:
Drinking volume and patterns: back to basics

Schaefer, B., 2007:
Drinking water analysis for Legionella. Suggestions for sampling, laboratory analysis and assessment

Zimmermann, W.; Rheinfurth, H.; Schwille, F., 1959:
Drinking water and tar products

Pierot, M., 1951:
Drinking water and the antagonistic toxins of the colibacilli

Afzal, B.M., 2006:
Drinking water and women's health

Dutra-de-Oliveira, J.E.; Marchini, J.Sergio., 2007:
Drinking water as an iron carrier in Brazil

Remlinger, P., 1950:
Drinking water at Tangier; good and bad examples

Brunnhofer, H., 1957:
Drinking water conditions in Switzerland

Krasnov, M.S., 2005:
Drinking water decontamination with isolative sorbent disinfectants

Marthaler, T.; Meyer, Jürg., 2004:
Drinking water fluoridation in Basle 1962-2003

Backer Dirks, O.; Winkler, K.C., 1952:
Drinking water fluoridation in Netherlands

Meyer, R., 1953:
Drinking water from cisterns

Thiele, H.; Ratschko, H., 1954:
Drinking water from the cisterns and ditches

Nardi, G.; Donato, F.; Monarca, S.; Gelatti, U., 2003:
Drinking water hardness and chronic degenerative diseases. I. Analysis of epidemiological research

Monarca, S.; Zerbini, I.; Simonati, C.; Gelatti, U., 2003:
Drinking water hardness and chronic degenerative diseases. II. Cardiovascular diseases

Donato, F.; Monarca, S.; Premi, S.; Gelatti, U., 2003:
Drinking water hardness and chronic degenerative diseases. III. Tumors, urolithiasis, fetal malformations, deterioration of the cognitive function in the aged and atopic eczema

Vitoria Miñana, I., 2004:
Drinking water in infants

Il'nitskiĭ, A.P., 2004:
Drinking water nitrates and nitrites as a carcinogenic risk factor

Martinek, M.; Martinek, R., 1955:
Drinking water of the city of Magdeburg with a special reference to school wells of rural districts

Tjonn, H.H., 1956:
Drinking water on board ships; a study on the quality of drinking water on board ships in Oslo harbor

Doorentz, J.O., 1957:
Drinking water pollution by phenol in the ground water

Reimann, C.; Bjorvatn, K.; Frengstad, Børn.; Melaku, Z.; Tekle-Haimanot, R.; Siewers, U., 2003:
Drinking water quality in the Ethiopian section of the East African Rift Valley I--data and health aspects

Drobek, W., 1953:
Drinking water supply from the viewpoint of the technical engineers

Messerschmidt, T., 1950:
Drinking water supply in schools

Onishchenko, G.G., 2006:
Drinking water supply in the Russian Federation

Pourtau, A., 1950:
Drinking water supply of Marrakech

Lojander, W., 1955:
Drinking water, sewage and garbage as hygeinic-epidemiological problem

Pierot, M., 1951:
Drinking water, the greatest unknown: typho-colibacillosis of the horse

Macdonald, H., 1954:
Drinking water: source of poliomyelitis infection?

Adlaf, E.M.; Mann, R.E.; Paglia, A., 2003:
Drinking, cannabis use and driving among Ontario students

Fitzpatrick, P.; Daly, L.; Leavy, C.P.; Cusack, D.A., 2006:
Drinking, drugs and driving in Ireland: more evidence for action

Tlusty, B.Ann., 2004:
Drinking, family relations, and authority in early modern Germany

Mann, R.E.; Zalcman, R.Flam.; Asbridge, M.; Suurvali, H.; Giesbrecht, N., 2006:
Drinking-driving fatalities and consumption of beer, wine and spirits

Schillinger, J.; Du Vall Knorr, S., 2004:
Drinking-water quality and issues associated with water vending machines in the city of Los Angeles

Anonymous, 2003:
Drinking-water security

Parmeggiani, L., 1960:
Drinks and food of laborers working in high temperatures

Keating, V.J., 1953:
Drip feed for divinyl ether ampoules

Michon, P.; Ling, C.; Pagnard, J., 1954:
Drip feeding as used in Miami and some of its applications

Starkiewiczowa, J.; Licht, E.; Lacki, L., 1958:
Drip infusion into the stomach as method of hydration of infants

Duverges, C.J., 1954:
Drip infusion to induce labor in prolonged pregnancy

Krutovertsev, A.I., 1955:
Drip intravenous administration of strophanthin, novocain, and adrenalin

Moskvina, V.S., 1954:
Drip method of investigation of humor of the anterior chamber following introduction of copper and brass fragments into the eve

Fortuna, A., 1959:
Drip proctoclysis with iodine salt water, in chronic diseases of the left colon with radiological controls, opaque clysma, before and after the treatment

Sorribes-Santamaria, V., 1956:
Drip strophanthin associated with nerve block in cardiac insufficiency in myocardial infarct: review of indications for use of strophanthin in myocardial infarct

Gottschalk, E., 1955:
Drip transfusion in gastric hemorrhage

Bugaeva, A.Z., 1952:
Drip transfusion of solution of dried plasma (serum) with glucose in toxic conditions in children

Bekhtereva, E.I., 1955:
Drip transfusion of the blood and infusion of blood substitutes

Goss, E.O., 1957:
Drip trays for channel type hangers

Forster, E.; Fromes, R.; Gangloff, J.M., 1957:
Drip-feeding & tube-feeding

Michon, P.; Pagnard, Y., 1954:
Drip-feeding: peroral feeding by continuous drip through nasal catheter according to the method of the Blood Bank of Dade County, Miami

Suryo, R.; Basaran, O.A., 2006:
Dripping of a liquid from a tube in the absence of gravity

Erich, J., 2004:
Dripping toward disaster: EMS in crisis

Ambravaneswaran, B.; Subramani, H.J.; Phillips, S.D.; Basaran, O.A., 2004:
Dripping-jetting transitions in a dripping faucet

Jones, A., 1964:
Drive and Incentive Variables Associated with the Statistical Properties of Sequences of Stimuli

Hatton, G.I., 1965 :
Drive Shifts During Extinction: Effects on Extinction and Spontaneous Recovery of Bar-Pressing Behavior

Jenkins, W.O.; Daugherty, G., 1951:
Drive and the asymptote of extinction

Meehl, P.E.; Maccorquodale, K., 1953:
Drive conditioning as a factor in latent learning

Howarth, C.I.; Deutsch, J.A., 1962:
Drive decay: the cause of fast "extinction" of habits learned for brain stimulation

Buttes, P.; Lattus, J.; Stout, C.; Thomas, L.Ann., 2006:
Drive down infection rates

Moore, A., 2004:
Drive for diversity

Romano, M., 2003:
Drive for membership. Lagging membership tops busy agenda at AMA's annual meeting

Levitt, D.Heller., 2006:
Drive for thinness and fear of fat: separate yet related constructs?

Wood, C., 2006:
Drive further gains in workforce productivity through return to work strategy

Seeman, W.; Green, R.C., 1957:
Drive in illness: an experimental study of barrier behavior of (alloxan) diabetic and nondiabetic animals

Champion, R.A.; Jones, J.E., 1962:
Drive level (D) and extinction in classical aversive conditioning

Deese, J.; Carpenter, J.A., 1951:
Drive level and reinforcement

Troester, S., 2006:
Drive nursing activities to the bedside with a closed-loop system

Springstein, D.; Wendt, Z.; Boenick, U., 2003:
Drive principles of a triaxial physiological hip joint simulator for wear testing of hip endoprostheses

Walker, E.L., 1951:
Drive specificity and learning: demonstration of a response tendency acquired under a strong irrelevant drive

Theios, J., 1963:
Drive stimulus generalization increments

Hurwitz, H.M.; Rowell, J., 1958:
Drive strength and adaptation to stress

Wittenborn, J.R.; Kline, N.S., 1959:
Drive strength and symptom manifestations

Borstell, D., 2006:
Drive systems for miniature pumps

Swanson, L., 2003:
Drive thru, prevent flu

Streets, P., 2004:
Drive time. Interview by Nick Edwards

Cooper, R., 2003:
Drive to cut hospital infection deaths

Jeffcoate, W., 2006:
Drive to eliminate the burden of type 1 diabetes

Dean, M., 2004:
Drive to improve patient choice within the UK NHS. More patient involvement in treatment decisions could lead to more efficient NHS, experts say

Wise, J., 2005:
Drive to produce more long-lasting insecticidal mosquito nets for malaria

Anonymous, 2006:
Drive to survive. Vehicle safety 2006. Part 2: what's new, what's next

Anonymous, 2004:
Drive to tackle domestic violence

Krasnoff, A.; Winokur, G., 1963:
Drive, Punishment, and Forgetting: Effect of Levels of Drive and Punishment on Learned Behavior

Eysenck, H.J.; Willett, R.A.; Slater, P., 1962:
Drive, direction of rotation, and massing of practice as determinants of the duration of the after-effects from the rotating spiral

Wise, R.A., 2004:
Drive, incentive, and reinforcement: the antecedents and consequences of motivation

Reed, G.F.; Francis, T.R., 1962:
Drive, personality, and audiometric response consistency

Feldman, H., 1965:
Drive-Level and Stimulus-Impoverishment

Turi, Z.G., 2003:
Drive-by renal angiography: searching for an algorithm on an unlighted path

Lyon, R.H., 2007:
Drive-point functions and modal density

Mixon, T.A.; Dehmer, G.J., 2006:
Drive-through angioplasty: is it safe or necessary?

Spellman, J., 2003:

Longmore, D.B., 1965:
Driven Roller-Pump Adjustable for Occlusiveness

Lund, A.C.; Schuh, C.A., 2003:
Driven alloys in the athermal limit

al-Muhtaseb, L., 2004:
Driven behaviour

Lee, F.R., 2005:
Driven by costs, fertility clients head overseas

Melara, R.D.; Algom, D., 2003:
Driven by information: a tectonic theory of Stroop effects

Pryadko, L.P.; Lin, J-Xian., 2005:
Driven classical diffusion with strong correlated disorder

Marchetti, M.Cristina.; Middleton, A.Alan.; Saunders, K.; Schwarz, J.M., 2003:
Driven depinning of strongly disordered media and anisotropic mean-field limits

Kwak, W.; Landau, D.P.; Schmittmann, B., 2004:
Driven diffusive systems: how steady states depend on dynamics

Thiele, U.; Knobloch, E., 2006:
Driven drops on heterogeneous substrates: onset of sliding motion

Ciftci, E.; Anik, Y.; Arslan, A.; Akansel, G.; Sarisoy, T.; Demirci, A., 2004:
Driven equilibrium (drive) MR imaging of the cranial nerves V-VIII: comparison with the T2-weighted 3D TSE sequence

Gold, G.E.; Fuller, S.E.; Hargreaves, B.A.; Stevens, K.J.; Beaulieu, C.F., 2005:
Driven equilibrium magnetic resonance imaging of articular cartilage: initial clinical experience

Giuseppone, N.; Schmitt, J-Louis.; Lehn, J-Marie., 2006:
Driven evolution of a constitutional dynamic library of molecular helices toward the selective generation of [2 x 2] gridlike arrays under the pressure of metal ion coordination

Kelley, D.H.; Triana, S.Andrés.; Zimmerman, D.S.; Brawn, B.; Lathrop, D.P.; Martin, D.H., 2007:
Driven inertial waves in spherical Couette flow

Braun, O.M.; Zhang, H.; Hu, B.; Tekic, J., 2005:
Driven kinks in the anharmonic Frenkel-Kontorova model

Pierobon, P.; Frey, E.; Franosch, T., 2006:
Driven lattice gas of dimers coupled to a bulk reservoir

Park, S-Chan.; Park, H., 2005:
Driven pair contact process with diffusion

Romano, M., 2006:
Driven to distress. Medical groups fret over expected billing challenges as more companies steer employees to consumer-driven health plants

Landa, A.Snow., 2006:
Driven to doubt

Enos, G.A., 2006:
Driven to improve. Two approaches to ensuring service quality. Winners of the 2006 NAATP James W. West Award

Robinson, M.D.; Goetz, M.C.; Wilkowski, B.M.; Hoffman, S.J., 2006:
Driven to tears or to joy: response dominance and trait-based predictions

Mor, V.; Zinn, J.; Angelelli, J.; Teno, J.M.; Miller, S.C., 2004:
Driven to tiers: socioeconomic and racial disparities in the quality of nursing home care

Lam, P-Man.; Liu, F.; Ou-Yang, Z-can., 2006:
Driven translocation of a polynucleotide chain through a nanopore: a continuous time Monte Carlo study

Ozkan, Türker.; Lajunen, T.; Summala, H., 2005:
Driver Behaviour Questionnaire: a follow-up study

Johnstone, G., 1965:
Driver for Femoral Intramedullary Nails

Reid, J.W., 1965:
Driver Licensing: Being A Report From The Medical Advisory Committee To The Registrar Of Motor Vehicles

Islam, S.; Mannering, F., 2006:
Driver aging and its effect on male and female single-vehicle accident injuries: some additional evidence

Köll, H.; Bader, M.; Axhausen, K.W., 2003:
Driver behaviour during flashing green before amber: a comparative study

Stanton, N.A.; Young, M.S., 2005:
Driver behaviour with adaptive cruise control

Papaioannou, P., 2006:
Driver behaviour, dilemma zone and safety effects at urban signalized intersections in Greece

af Wåhlberg, A.E., 2006:
Driver celeration behavior and the prediction of traffic accidents

Bachman, W.Gary.; Wingert, T.A.; Bassi, C.J., 2006:
Driver contrast sensitivity and reaction times as measured through a salt-covered windshield

Lardelli-Claret, P.; Jiménez-Moleón, J.J.; de Dios Luna-del-Castillo, J.; García-Martín, M.; Bueno-Cavanillas, A.; Gálvez-Vargas, R., 2005:
Driver dependent factors and the risk of causing a collision for two wheeled motor vehicles

Sheridan, T.B., 2005:
Driver distraction from a control theory perspective

Jim, A., 2006:
Driver down!

Steier, S.; Vinker, S.; Bentov, N.; Lev, A.; Kitai, E., 2003:
Driver drowsiness--are physicians at a special risk?

Brody, L., 1956:
Driver education for adults

Williams, A.F.; Ferguson, S.A., 2004:
Driver education renaissance?

Pappanikou, A.J.; Bowman, P.W., 1959:
Driver education; asset or liability

Patten, C.J.D.; Kircher, A.; Ostlund, J.; Nilsson, L.; Svenson, O., 2006:
Driver experience and cognitive workload in different traffic environments

Eby, D.W.; Vivoda, J.M.; St Louis, Rée.M., 2006:
Driver hand-held cellular phone use: a four-year analysis

Eby, D.W.; Vivoda, J.M., 2003:
Driver hand-held mobile phone use and safety belt use

Halldin, M., 1957:
Driver licenses & blood typing

Hermann, S., 2005:
Driver monitoring--new challenges for smart sensor-based systems

Braver, E.R.; Kyrychenko, S.Y.; Ferguson, S.A., 2005:
Driver mortality in frontal crashes: comparison of newer and older airbag designs

Crandall, C.S., 2003:
Driver mortality in paired side impact collisions due to incompatible vehicle types

Goh, P-Kai.; Wong, Y-Diew., 2005:
Driver perception response time during the signal change interval

Vey, A.H., 1957:
Driver proficiency

Nattel, S., 2006:
Driver regions in atrial fibrillation associated with congestive heart failure: where are they, and what are they telling us?

Odenheimer, G.L., 2006:
Driver safety in older adults. The physician's role in assessing driving skills of older patients

Fitten, L.Jaime., 2003:
Driver screening for older adults

Erich, J., 2005:
Driver training: in search of that still-missing link

Ahlm, K.; Eriksson, A., 2006:
Driver's alcohol and passenger's death in motor vehicle crashes

Troup, J.D., 1978:
Driver's back pain and its prevention. A review of the postural, vibratory and muscular factors, together with the problem of transmitted road-shock

Ruffell Smith, H.P., 1973:
Driver's eye position relative to the 'H' point for trucks and buses

Senanayake, S.M.H.M.K., 2006:
Driver's injury pattern; ex-articulation of right big toe nail

Norden, A., 1962:
Driver's licences and disease

Cristiansson, J., 1962:
Driver's licences and disease from the ophthalmologic standpoint

Herner, B., 1961:
Driver's licenses and disease. Internal medical aspects

Anonymous, 1952:
Driver's permits

Zhang, W.; Huang, Y-Hsiang.; Roetting, M.; Wang, Y.; Wei, H., 2005:
Driver's views and behaviors about safety in China--what do they NOT know about driving?

Abbott, L.F.; Chance, F.S., 2005:
Drivers and modulators from push-pull and balanced synaptic input

Rogoski, R.R., 2004:
Drivers and outcomes of PACS

Wurtz, R.H.; Sommer, M.A.; Cavanaugh, J., 2005:
Drivers from the deep: the contribution of collicular input to thalamocortical processing

Walczak, F.; Szumowski, L.; Szufladowicz, E.; Bodalski, R.; Urbanek, P.; Maryniak, A.; Konka, M.; Zagrodzka, M., 2005:
Drivers from the vein of Marshall, left pulmonary veins, and inferior right atrial isthmus for mosaic of incessant left, right and combined atrial tachyarrhythmias--role of selective mapping and RF ablation

Young, B.B., 2003:
Drivers of a network upgrade. Good planning ensures a strong organizational backbone with a minimum of pain

Bilban, M., 2003:
Drivers of advanced age in traffic accidents

Hummel, F.C.; Cohen, L.G., 2005:
Drivers of brain plasticity

Cardinaels, E.; Roodhooft, F.; van Herck, G., 2004:
Drivers of cost system development in hospitals: results of a survey

Raymond, V.; Cassan, F.; Lanard, 1953:
Drivers of dump-trucks of the Euclid type

Simon, J.S.; Rundall, T.G.; Shortell, S.M., 2005:
Drivers of electronic medical record adoption among medical groups

Hearle, K.; Koenig, L.; Rudowitz, R.; Siegel, J.M.; Dobson, A.; Ho, S., 2003:
Drivers of expenditure growth in outpatient care services

Loveland, K.L.; Hogarth, C.; Mendis, S.; Efthymiadis, A.; Ly, J.; Itman, C.; Meachem, S.; Brown, C.W.; Jans, D.A., 2006:
Drivers of germ cell maturation

Koenig, L.; Siegel, J.M.; Dobson, A.; Hearle, K.; Ho, S.; Rudowitz, R., 2003:
Drivers of healthcare expenditures associated with physician services

Hall, D.J.; Garnett, S.T.; Barnes, T.; Stevens, M., 2007:
Drivers of professional mobility in the Northern Territory: dental professionals

Hollweg, J.V., 2006:
Drivers of the solar wind: then and now

Chan, F.; McMahon, B.T.; Cheing, G.; Rosenthal, D.A.; Bezyak, J., 2005:
Drivers of workplace discrimination against people with disabilities: the utility of Attribution Theory

Lange, J.E.; Johnson, M.B.; Reed, M.B., 2006:
Drivers within natural drinking groups: an exploration of role selection, motivation, and group influence on driver sobriety

Williams, A.F.; Wells, J.K., 2003:
Drivers' assessment of Ford's belt reminder system

Albery, I.P.; Guppy, A., 1996:
Drivers' biased perceptions of the adverse consequences of drink-driving

Elliott, M.A.; Armitage, C.J.; Baughan, C.J., 2003:
Drivers' compliance with speed limits: an application of the theory of planned behavior

Renner, D.E., 1950:
Drivers' vision tests

Camp, W.J., 1957:
Drivers, drinks and drugs

Hebb, D.O., 1955:
Drives and the C.N.S. (conceptual nervous system)

Ryan, T.A., 1958:
Drives, tasks, and the initiation of behavior

Holland, A.J.A.; Ross, F.I.; Manglick, P.; Fahy, F.E.; Cass, D.T., 2006:
Driveway motor vehicle injuries in children: a prospective review of injury circumstances

Anonymous, 2006:
Driveway "back-over" injuries to children

Wilkinson, B.M., 1965:
Driving Ability and Reaction Times Following Intravenous Anaesthesia

Maglajlic, A., 1963:
Driving Capacity of Epileptics

Anonymous, 2006:
Driving DM with an electronic solution that goes beyond the EMR

Brown, N., 2005:
Driving EMR adoption: making EMRs a sustainable, profitable investment

Tian, S.Xi.; Yang, J., 2007:
Driving Energies of Hydrogen Scrambling Motions in CH5+

Mayer, K., 1965:
Driving Fitness and Withdrawal of Driver's License in Neurologic and Psychiatric Diseases

Nebylitsyn, V.D., 1964:
Driving Reaction as a Function of the Intensity of the Flickering Light Stimulus

Mcbay, A.J., 1964:
Driving Under the Influence

Bowden, K.M., 1964:
Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol

Bowden, K.M., 1964:
Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol. 6. the Legislation in Operation in Various Countries

Andersen, A.E., 2006:
Driving a RAC or a CAR?

de Simone, V.; Kaplan, L.; Patronas, N.; Wassermann, E.M.; Grafman, J., 2006:
Driving abilities in frontotemporal dementia patients

Klein, R., 1959:
Driving ability and short-term anesthesia

Mandic, V., 1961 :
Driving ability of the amputee

Cox, D.J.; Schächinger, H., 2004:
Driving accidents and diabetes: risks and prevention

Pease, N.; Taylor, H.; Major, H., 2004:
Driving advice for palliative care patients taking strong opioid medication

Harlan, J.E.; Egan, D.A.; Ladror, U.S.; Snyder, S.; Tang, M.I.; Buko, A.; Holzman, T.F., 2004:
Driving affinity selection by centrifugal force

Kotterba, S.; Widdig, W.; Brylak, S.; Orth, M., 2005:
Driving after cerebral ischemia--a driving simulator investigation

Rice, I.; A Hellewell, S., 2004:
Driving after eclampsia: are we acting in our patient's best interests?

Kusuma, V., 2004:
Driving after sedated endoscopic procedures

Smith, P.; Waterman, M.; Ward, N., 2006:
Driving aggression in forensic and non-forensic populations: relationships to self-reported levels of aggression, anger and impulsivity

Bleakley, J.F.; Akiyama, T., 2003:
Driving and arrhythmias: implications of new data

Stav, W.B.; Pierce, S.; Wheatley, C.J.; Davis, E.Schold., 2005:
Driving and community mobility

Hopkins, R.W.; Kilik, L.; Day, D.J.A.; Rows, C.; Tseng, H., 2004:
Driving and dementia in Ontario: a quantitative assessment of the problem

Meuser, T.M.; Carr, D.B.; Berg-Weger, M.; Niewoehner, P.; Morris, J.C., 2006:
Driving and dementia in older adults: Implementation and evaluation of a continuing education project

Perkinson, M.A.; Berg-Weger, M.L.; Carr, D.B.; Meuser, T.M.; Palmer, J.L.; Buckles, V.D.; Powlishta, K.K.; Foley, D.J.; Morris, J.C., 2005:
Driving and dementia of the Alzheimer type: beliefs and cessation strategies among stakeholders

Hallgrímsdóttir, H.María.; Snædal, Jón., 2006:
Driving and dementia.

Brown, L.B.; Ott, B.R., 2004:
Driving and dementia: a review of the literature

Adams, K.M., 2003:
Driving and diabetes: one piece of the picture

Evans, A.; Eng, C.Y., 2005:
Driving and otolaryngology: do we know the rules?

Chin, Y.S.; Jayamohan, J.; Clouston, P.; Gebski, V.; Cakir, B., 2004:
Driving and patients with brain tumours: a postal survey of neurosurgeons, neurologists and radiation oncologists

Philip, P., 2006:
Driving and professional aptitude

Horrey, W.J.; Wickens, C.D., 2005:
Driving and side task performance: the effects of display clutter, separation, and modality

Zanlonghi, X., 2004:
Driving and the elderly: an ophthalmological and gerontological viewpoint

Clément, R.; Ferreol, S.; Ould-Aoudia, V.; Berger, M.; Rodat, O., 2005:
Driving and the elderly: aspects of aging and handicap

Richards, T.L.; Deffenbacher, J.L.; Rosén, L.A.; Barkley, R.A.; Rodricks, T., 2006:
Driving anger and driving behavior in adults with ADHD

Tonnesen, K.H., 1962:
Driving around as a supervisory physician in the Copenhagen municipality

Godding, E.W., 1952:
Driving at night

McKay, M.Pat.; Coben, J.H.; Larkin, G.Luke., 2003:
Driving beliefs and behaviors of novice teen drivers and their parents: implications for teen driver crash risk

Twombly, Rée., 2003:
Driving cancer research forward deep in the heart of Texas

Brunnauer, A.; Laux, G., 2003:
Driving capacity and antidepressive drugs

Giacomuzzi, S.M.; Ertl, M.; Vigl, A.; Riemer, Y.; Günther, V.; Kopp, M.; Pilsz, W.; Haaser, W., 2005:
Driving capacity of patients treated with methadone and slow-release oral morphine

Lehtimaki, L., 1962:
Driving card medical examination

Price, A., 2005:
Driving cardiac care. Interview by Janis Smy

Maiese, K.; Chong, Z.Zhong.; Li, F., 2005:
Driving cellular plasticity and survival through the signal transduction pathways of metabotropic glutamate receptors

Myburgh, J.A., 2006:
Driving cerebral perfusion pressure with pressors: how, which, when?

Kim, H.; Richardson, V.E., 2006:
Driving cessation and consumption expenses in the later years

Ragland, D.R.; Satariano, W.A.; MacLeod, K.E., 2005:
Driving cessation and increased depressive symptoms

Carr, D.B.; Shead, V.; Storandt, M., 2005:
Driving cessation in older adults with dementia of the Alzheimer's type

Adler, G.; Kuskowski, M., 2003:
Driving cessation in older men with dementia

Laapotti, S.; Keskinen, E.; Hatakka, M.; Hernetkoski, K.; Katila, A.; Peräaho, M.; Salo, I., 2006:
Driving circumstances and accidents among novice drivers

Ball, K.; Owsley, C., 2003:
Driving competence: it's not a matter of age

Matura, P.; Lücke, M., 2006:
Driving convection in a fluid layer by a temperature gradient or a heat current

Zender, A., 2004:
Driving decisions with data. In an EHR implementation, ensuring data integrity is high on the to-do list

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