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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 48891

Chapter 48891 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Kohli, R.P.; Gupta, G.P.; Bhargava, K.P., 1960:
Effect of some newer compounds on experimental cough

Neish, W.J., 1958:
Effect of some nitrogen mustard derivatives on growth of rabbit's hair

Shirk, H.G.; Byrne, H.E., 1951:
Effect of some nitrophenols on the respiration of Myrothecium verrucaria spores

Fodor, K.; Léhman, A.; Perjési, Pál., 2006:
Effect of some non-steroidal antiinflammatory drugs and isomeric dihydroxy benzoic acids on the AAPH initiated degradation of crocin

Rozmer, Z.; Perjési, Pál., 2005:
Effect of some nonsteroid antiinflammatory drugs on Fenton-reaction initiated degradation of 2-deoxy-D-ribose

Dalhamn, T., 1956:
Effect of some nose-drop preparations on the frequency of ciliary movement in the tracheal mucosa

Somogyi, J.C.; Koller, A., 1958:
Effect of some organic amines on the breakdown of thiamine

Mutalik, S.; Udupa, N., 2004:
Effect of some penetration enhancers on the permeation of glibenclamide and glipizide through mouse skin

Saxena, P.K.; Singh, V.P.; Kondal, J.K.; Soni, G.L., 1989 :
Effect of some pesticides on in-vitro lipid and protein synthesis by the liver of the freshwater teleost, Channa punctatus (Bl.)

Shubina, A.V., 1962:
Effect of some pharmaceutical preparations on radiation injury in experimental conditions

Bujas, Z.; Vidacek, S.; Vodanovic, M., 1960:
Effect of some pharmacological agents on the efficiency of repeated physical performances

Kisin, I., 1960:
Effect of some pharmacological preparations used in the treatment of stenocardia on the coronary circulation

Zakusov, V.V., 1961:
Effect of some phenothiazine derivatives on coronary circulation

Feller, K., 1955:
Effect of some phenothiazine derivatives, especially megaphen, on gas exchange in white rats

Effect of some phenylbutazone derivatives on various edematous reactions in the rat

Vistoli, G., 1954:
Effect of some phenylethylamine derivatives on the vitamin C content of the adrenal capsule

Tomberg, V.; Lagrange, E., 1952:
Effect of some physical agents on planorbes and cercaria of Bilharzia mansoni

Mozolewski, E.; Remlein, G., 1962:
Effect of some physical factors on the degree of caloric reactions

Pleshkov, A.M., 1962 :
Effect of some plant oils on the level of cholesterol and lecithin in the blood of patients with arteriosclerosis

Sharovskaia, I.Iu.; Rokitskaia, T.I.; Kobliakov, V.A., 2003:
Effect of some polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons on gap junction intercellular communication in hepatoma Hep G2 cell culture

Lecoq, R., 1953:
Effect of some progestoids and estrogens, administered intravenously, on the plasma alkaline reserve of the rabbit

Martinez, C., 1950:
Effect of some purine and pyrimidine compounds on alloxan diabetes

Szmal, Z.; Venulet, J., 1962:
Effect of some quarternary ammonium compounds with sulfur in the aliphatic chain on myoneural transmission

Telivuo, L., 1961:
Effect of some saccharides on the recovery of the heart after elective cardiac arrest with potassium citrate

Aripov, M.A., 1962:
Effect of some saponins on the secretory and enzyme function of the gastric glands in dogs

Stuart, A.E.; Biozzi, G.; Stiffel, C.; Halpern, B.N.; Mouton, D., 1960:
Effect of some simple lipids on the phagocytic function of the reticuloendothelial system

Menkin, V., 1953:
Effect of some steroids and of corticotropin (ACTH) on cellular activity

Castellani, L.; Adezati, L., 1953:
Effect of some stimulins on pituitary morphology; action of thyrotropic hormone, ACTH and chorionic gonadotropin

Matthews, R.E.F., 1951:
Effect of some substituted purines on the development on lant virus infections

Sakurai, Y.; Matsui, E., 1954:
Effect of some sulfhydryl containing compounds on nitrogen mustard N-oxide induced leukopenia

Cole, V.V.; Hulpieu, H.R.; Hopper, S.H., 1950:
Effect of some surface active agents on the action of barbiturates

Uccheddu, G.M., 1950:
Effect of some sympathomimetic drugs injected intracisternally in the rabbit

Von Haxthausen, E.F., 1955:
Effect of some sympathomimetics in heart-lung preparation in rats

D'amico, G., 1952:
Effect of some synthetic ganglioplegics (antipar and pendiomid) in acute adrenaline-induced pulmonary edema in the rabbit

Petragnani, G., 1955:
Effect of some tensio-active substances, various oils and beeswax on the development and the type of growth of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in my medium

Chauchard, P.; Mazoue, H., 1962:
Effect of some thymo-analeptics on the excitability of nerve centers

Potop, I.; Juvina, E.; Lupulescu, A., 1961:
Effect of some thymus extract fractions on the development of experimental malignant tumors

Mantegazzini, P.; Fabbri, S.; Magni, C., 1960:
Effect of some tranquilizing drugs on intra-species aggresion in mice

Klosa, J., 1953:
Effect of some tuberculostatic drugs on germination of the seeds

Kasanen, A.; Hakkinen, I.; Vanha-Perttula, T.; Hartiala, K., 1961:
Effect of some tubular inhibiting agents on the urinary output of sulphates

Jankowski, W.; Gieldanowski, J.; Birecki, W., 1962:
Effect of some vasoconstrictor drugs on the microphonic potential of the cochlea

Jankowski, W.; Gieldanowski, J.; Birecki, W., 1962:
Effect of some vasodilator drugs on the microphonic potential of the cochlea

Kupka, E.; Neuhold, K., 1954:
Effect of some vitamin B factors on experimental diphtheric toxicosis in gold hamster

Nitti, V.; Marra, A., 1950:
Effect of some vitamin factors on acquisition of streptomycin resistance by Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Sharova, L.S., 1961:
Effect of some vitamins from the B group (B12 and choline) on the cholesterol-esterifying function of the liver in liver cirrhosis

De Bonis, B.; Goffrini, M., 1962:
Effect of some vitamins on the concentration of ATP in the blood during anesthesia

Naderi, G.Ali.; Asgary, S.; Ani, M.; Sarraf-Zadegan, N.; Safari, M.Reza., 2005:
Effect of some volatile oils on the affinity of intact and oxidized low-density lipoproteins for adrenal cell surface receptors

Berkhin, E.B., 1953:
Effect of somnifacients on urination

Kudrin, A.N.; Kokina, L.P., 1961:
Effect of somniferous agents and of their combinations with pentamin on the external inhibition of positive conditioned food reflexes

Chen, W.Q.; Chen, F.R., 2003:
Effect of songling xuemaikang capsule combined with captopril on quality of life in primary hypertension patients

Goldstein, A.; Brown, B.J., 1961:
Effect of sonic oscillation upon "old" and "new" nucleic acids in Escherichia coli

Chiba, A.; Haijima, H.; Wu, W.C., 2004:
Effect of sonication on the electroless Ni-B deposited powder from acid bath

Hirano, K.; Nitta, H.; Sawada, K., 2004:
Effect of sonication on the photo-catalytic mineralization of some chlorinated organic compounds

Lupi-Pegurier, L.; Muller-Bolla, M.; Bertrand, M.F.; Ferrua, G.; Bolla, M., 2005:
Effect of sono-abrasion in the microleakage of a pit and fissure sealant

Barac, G., 1960:
Effect of sorbitol on burn oliguria in the dog

Cherkes, L.A.; Dinerman, A.A., 1959:
Effect of sorbitol on the course of choline deficiency

Watson, J.D.; Yudkin, J., 1959:
Effect of sorbitol on the urinary excretion of some B vitamins in man

Heinrich, H.C., 1959:
Effect of sorbose and sorbit on vitamin metabolism

Vanderveken, J., 1956:
Effect of sound on phonation in the deaf-mute

Zhantiev, R.D.; Korsunovskaia, O.S.; Chukanov, V.S., 2005:
Effect of sound signals on spontaneous activity of interneurons in grasshoppers (Orthoptera, Tettigoniidae)

Kuśmierek, Pł.; Kowalska, D.M., 2003:
Effect of sound source position on learning and performance of auditory delayed matching-to-sample task in dogs

Mitrinowicz-Modrzejewska, A., 1959:
Effect of sound stimuli on chronaxy of the vestibular apparatus

Zhou, Y-bing.; Luo, R-yin.; Zhao, L., 2005:
Effect of sour TCM compound recipe on insulin resistance in experimental rats with diabetes mellitus type 2

Quimby, F.H.; Goff, L.G., 1952:
Effect of source of blood sample on total white cell count of the rat

Akcay, A.Ceyhun.; Clarkson, E.; Rolland, J.P., 2005:
Effect of source spectral shape on task-based assessment of detection and resolution in optical coherence tomography

Zhang, F.; Wang, J-hua.; Yu, S-lie.; Chen, Y-hai.; Dong, Q-yu., 2006:
Effect of source-sink ratio changing on yield formation of Cynanchum bungei

Sokurova, E.N., 1957:
Effect of sources of beta rays on root-nodule bacteria

Shumilenko, E.P., 1957:
Effect of sources of carbon on morphological and parasitic properties of the causative agent of clover sprouts diseases Alternaria tenuis Ness

Pflanz, C., 1951:
Effect of soventol on hay fever and vasomotor rhinitis

Young, M.G.; Tokach, M.D.; Aherne, F.X.; Main, R.G.; Dritz, S.S.; Goodband, R.D.; Nelssen, J.L., 2004:
Effect of sow parity and weight at service on target maternal weight and energy for gain in gestation

Sen Gupta, J.C.; Saha, J., 1950:
Effect of sowing time and photoperiods in Sorghum roxburghii var. hians, Stapf. (Jowar)

Chen, S-wei.; Zhang, L-shi.; Zhang, H-min.; Feng, X-fan.; Peng, X-li., 2006:
Effect of soy isoflavone on gene expression of leptin and insulin sensibility in insulin-resistant rats

Kosulina, O.N., 1962:
Effect of soy lecithin and a low cholesterol diet on the course of atherosclerosis

Zemplenyi, T.; Lojda, Z.; Grafnetter, D.; Fodor, J.; Felt, V., 1960:
Effect of soy oil on experimental atheromatosis of the aorta and on certain enzymes in the vascular wall in rabbits

Zalietok, S.P.; Orlovs'kyĭ, O.A.; Hohol', S.V.; Klenov, O.A.; Samoĭlenko, O.A.; Anisimova, I.M.; Borovs'kyĭ, V.P.; Chekhun, V.F., 2007:
Effect of soy products on graft tumor growth in rats

Son, G-Soon., 2006:
Effect of soybean intake on bone mineral density and bone turnover markers in postmenopausal women

Zhu, J-Lin.; Yang, G-Lian.; Huang, Y-Ming., 2005:
Effect of soybean isoflavone on the cognitive function in ovariectomized mice

Ma, S-Feng.; Guan, S-Dong.; Zhu, Y., 2004:
Effect of soybean isoflavones on heart function of rats with adriamycin-induced heart failure

Jia, S.; Chen, G.; Kahar, P.; Choi, D.B.; Okabe, M., 2005:
Effect of soybean oil on oxygen transfer in the production of tetracycline with an airlift bioreactor

Gajewski, J., 1961:
Effect of soybean oil on selected coagulation indices

White, S.G.; Lagen, J.B.; Aggeler, P.M.; Geyer, R.P., 1953:
Effect of soybean phosphatide on blood coagulation defect following total body x-irradiation in the dog

Gutiérrez Martínez, Mía.Del.Mar.; Riquelme Raya, R.; Campos Martínez, A.María.; Lorite Garzón, C.; Strivens Vilchez, H.; Ruiz Rodríguez, Cón., 2006:
Effect of soybeans and soy sauce on vasomotor symptoms during menopause

Dzierzynski, M.; Straburzynski, G.; Szulc, S., 1960:
Effect of spa therapy on the behavior of glutathione and ascorbic acid in the venous blood in patients with spondyloarthritis ankylopoietica

Poliakov, N.M., 1962:
Effect of spa therapy on the motor function of the gallbladder in patients with chronic cholecystitis. (Roentgenological studies)

Ciach, A.; Stell, G., 2003:
Effect of space discretization on phase diagrams in ionic systems: a field-theoretic approach

Kvetnanský, R.; Ksinantová, L.; Koska, J.; Noskov, V.B.; Vigas, M.; Grigoriev, A.I.; Macho, L., 2005:
Effect of space flight and head-down bedrest on neuroendocrine response to metabolic stress in physically trained subjects

Tosini, G.; Aguzzi, J.; Tosini, G., 2005:
Effect of space flight on circadian rhythms

Ikenaga, M.; Hirayama, J.; Kato, T.; Kitao, H.; Han, Z-Bo.; Ishizaki, K.; Nishizawa, K.; Suzuki, F.; Cannon, T.F.; Fukui, K.; Shimazu, T.; Kamigaichi, S.; Ishioka, N.; Matsumiya, H., 2003:
Effect of space flight on the frequency of micronuclei and expression of stress-responsive proteins in cultured mammalian cells

Yang, C.; Li, G-cheng., 2005:
Effect of space flight on the in vitro cells

Yin, H.; Xie, S-yi.; Zhang, G-ming.; Xie, S-meng., 2004:
Effect of space flight on yield of Monascus purpureus

DePhillips, P.; Lagerlund, I.; Färenmark, J.; Lenhoff, A.M., 2004:
Effect of spacer arm length on protein retention on a strong cation exchange adsorbent

Poh, C.K.; Hardy, P.A.; Liao, Z.; Huang, Z.; Clark, W.R.; Gao, D., 2003:
Effect of spacer yarns on the dialysate flow distribution of hemodialyzers: a magnetic resonance imaging study

Peterson, L.R.; Wampler, R.; Kirkpatrick, M.; Saltzman, D., 1963:
Effect of spacing presentations on retention of a paired associate over short intervals

Sauter, H., 1950:
Effect of spalmalgin (Roche) on the uterine musculature

Marsalek, J.; Zenisek, L., 1952:
Effect of spamolytics on the fallopian tubes

Zhang, G-Ming.; Harvey, D.M.; Braden, D.R., 2006:
Effect of sparse basis selection on ultrasonic signal representation

Gavend, M.; Mercier, F.; Mercier, J.; Sestier, M.R., 1956:
Effect of sparteine on cardiac oxygen consumption, minute volume and output

Dirner, Z.; Thuranszky, K., 1952:
Effect of sparteine on dynamics of the uterine horn of the rat

Dipont, M., 1953:
Effect of sparteine on labor

Raymond-Hamet, 1952:
Effect of spartinization on secondary hypotensive effect of N-ethyl-noradrenalin

Samoilova, Z.T., 1956:
Effect of spasmolytic and hypotensive substances on renal circulation in normal and hypertensive dogs

Etterich, M.; Mall-Haefeli, M., 1959:
Effect of spasmolytics on the progress of labor

Rodriguez Galindo, M., 1957:
Effect of spasmolytics on tubal obstructions

Chaikovskaia, E.V., 1959:
Effect of spasmolytin (diphacil) and of its quaternary derivatives on experimental hyperkinesis induced by nicotine and arecoline

Denys, P.; Even-Schneider, A.; Ben Smaïl, D.; Chartier-Kastler, E., 2003:
Effect of spasticity on genitosexual and bladder-sphincter function

Mundra, M.K.; Donthu, S.K.; Dravid, V.P.; Torkelson, J.M., 2007:
Effect of spatial confinement on the glass-transition temperature of patterned polymer nanostructures

Every, A.G., 2006:
Effect of spatial dispersion on transient acoustic wave propagation in 3D

Pintaske, J.; Müller-Bierl, B.; Schick, F., 2006:
Effect of spatial distribution of magnetic dipoles on Lamor frequency distribution and MR Signal decay--a numerical approach under static dephasing conditions

Takahashi, K.; Saiki, J., 2005:
Effect of spatial information in the blindness to response-compatible stimuli

Martínez-Mares, M.; Castaño, E., 2005:
Effect of spatial reflection symmetry on the distribution of the parametric conductance derivative in ballistic chaotic cavities

Gellhorn, E.; Ballin, H.M., 1959:
Effect of spatial summation on action of nociceptive stimuli on the cerebral cortex

Kwon, O.; Jo, H-Hyun.; Moon, H-Tae., 2006:
Effect of spatially correlated noise on coherence resonance in a network of excitable cells

Heupke, W.; Kolb, A., 1953:
Effect of special oat diet on diabetes mellitus

Sydorchuk, L.P.; Tryniak, M.H., 2005:
Effect of special regulated respiratory exercises on autonomic support of functional state of the cardio-vascular system

Vadziuk, S.N.; Il'nitskiĭ, V.I.; Il'nitskaia, U.V., 2003:
Effect of specialization in sports on the structural and functional state of the left heart ventricle in schoolchildren of different biological age

Diamond, J., 1982:
Effect of species pool size on species occurrence frequencies: Musical chairs on islands

Reitsma, W.D.; Boschman, T.A.; Doorenbos, H., 1962:
Effect of species-specific growth hormone on a change in the fat metabolism in patients with hypophyseal insufficiency

Frisch-Niggemeyer, W.; Hoffmann-Ostenhof, O., 1957:
Effect of specific amino acids and diamines on desoxyribonuclease from various sources

Gilbert, S.; Zuo, C.; Epstein, F.H., 2005:
Effect of specific and non-specific inhibition of COX-2 on renal oxygenation before and after water diuresis

Bischhausen, P.; Malgras, J.; Meyer, J., 1956:
Effect of specific antibiotic therapy on pantothenemia in tuberculosis

Wen, M.; Cagney, K.A.; Christakis, N.A., 2005:
Effect of specific aspects of community social environment on the mortality of individuals diagnosed with serious illness

Harnach, R., 1950:
Effect of specific fermented antigen on tuberculosis

Kostenko, M.S., 1962:
Effect of specific hemolysins on the dynamics of phagocytosis in peritoneal exudate during radiation injury

Xie, M-qiang.; Meng, Y-xiang.; Li, Z-han.; Li, Y-qi.; Zhang, K-xing.; Zhao, X-ming.; Xiong, G-jun.; Chen, Y-ming., 2004:
Effect of specific immunoglobulin Y in the treatment of acute and chronic pharyngitis

Szentagothai, J.; Rajkovits, K., 1955:
Effect of specific neural function on structure of neural elements

Kleczkowski, F.; Kleczkowski, A., 1952:
Effect of specific polysaccharides from the host bacteria and of ribonuclease on the multiplication of rhizobium phages

Ulbrich, F.; Wiegand, D.; Schwietzer, C.H., 1958:
Effect of specific protection transmitted by colostral milk on brucellosis vaccination in young cattle

Wang, S.; Chai, Y-bo.; Liu, F.; Zhang, X-yong.; Jia, W.; Xie, X.; Yu, W-qiang.; Shang, Z-chuan.; Jin, B-quan.; Sun, B-zhong., 2005:
Effect of specific siRNA targeting against bcr-abl chimeric gene on chronic myelogenous leukemia cells

Wolff, R.; Nabet, P., 1963:
Effect of specific substances of blood groups A and B on the activity of the intrinsic factor

Lippi, G.; Guidi, G.Cesare., 2004:
Effect of specimen collection on routine coagulation assays and D-dimer measurement

Ghanem, K.G.; Koumans, E.H.; Johnson, R.E.; Sawyer, M.K.; Papp, J.R.; Unger, E.R.; Black, C.M.; Markowitz, L.E., 2006:
Effect of specimen order on Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae test performance and adequacy of Papanicolaou smear

Adams, D.J.; Brosche, K.M.; Lewis, J.L., 2004:
Effect of specimen thickness on fracture toughness of bovine patellar cartilage

Voskresenskaia, N.P., 1952:
Effect of spectral component of light on the relation of substances being formed in photosynthesis

Moshkov, B.S., 1951:
Effect of spectral composition of radiant energy on the growth of strawberries and bryophylium

Pu, J.; Nemoto, S.; Lü, B., 2003:
Effect of spectral correlations on spectral switches in the diffraction of partially coherent light

Mccroskey, R.L., 1957:
Effect of speech on metabolism: a comparison between stutterers and non-stutterers

Muller, E.A.; Hettinger, T., 1953:
Effect of speed of the gait on the energy transformation in walking with artificial legs

Nasr-Esfahani, M.Hossein.; Salehi, M.; Razavi, S.; Anjomshoa, M.; Rozbahani, S.; Moulavi, F.; Mardani, M., 2005:
Effect of sperm DNA damage and sperm protamine deficiency on fertilization and embryo development post-ICSI

Ojha, P.; Maikhuri, J.P.; Gupta, G., 2003:
Effect of spermicides on Lactobacillus acidophilus in vitro-nonoxynol-9 vs. Sapindus saponins

de Frutos, M.; Brasiles, S.; Tavares, P.; Raspaud, E., 2005:
Effect of spermine and DNase on DNA release from bacteriophage T5

Slinchenko, N.M.; Chernysh, I.H.; Kosterin, S.O., 2003:
Effect of spermine on activity of purified Ca2+, Mg2+-ATPase from plasma membranes of myometrium cells

Reiten, M.T.; Cheville, R.A., 2005:
Effect of spherical aberration and surface waves on propagation of lens-coupled terahertz pulses

Hatanaka, K.; Irie, M.; Tjandrawinata, R.; Suzuki, K., 2006:
Effect of spherical silica filler addition on immediate interfacial gap-formation in Class V cavity and mechanical properties of resin-modified glass-ionomer cement

Furth, F.W., 1956:
Effect of spherocytosis on volume of trapped plasma in red cell column of capillary and Wintrobe hematocrits

Dangel, G.Richard.; Lang, F.; Lepple-Wienhues, A., 2005:
Effect of sphingosine on Ca2+ entry and mitochondrial potential of Jurkat T cells--interaction with Bcl2

Karvonen, M.J., 1962:
Effect of sphygmomanometer cuff size on blood pressure measurement

Bagamboula, C.F.; Uyttendaele, M.; Debevere, J., 2005:
Effect of spices and herbs towards Shigella sonnei and S. flexneri

Shibata, J.; Tatara, G.; Kohno, H., 2005:
Effect of spin current on uniform ferromagnetism: domain nucleation

Szunyogh, L.; Zaránd, G.; Gallego, S.; Muñoz, M.C.; Györffy, B.L., 2006:
Effect of spin-orbit interaction on a magnetic impurity in the vicinity of a surface

Delphaut, J., 1956:
Effect of spinal administration of chlorpromazine in chloralose-treated dogs

Korenevs'kii, L.I., 1953:
Effect of spinal anesthesia on the development of Brown-Pearce carcinoma in rabbits

Tkachenko, N.N., 1958:
Effect of spinal cord hemisection upon vasomotor reflexes of hind limbs in dogs

Wei, Y.; Zhang, X-Bin.; Zhang, J.; Cheng, F., 2003:
Effect of spinal cord injury on iNOS and Bcl-2 gene expression in spermatogenic cell of the male rat

Freidin, K.M., 1950:
Effect of spinal cord injury on the functions of internal organs

Winslow, C.; Rozovsky, J., 2003 :
Effect of spinal cord injury on the respiratory system

Simoes, M.S.; Tavares, A.S., 1954:
Effect of spinal cord section on the lipemic changes in acute cholemia

Selye, H.; Mishra, R.K., 1958:
Effect of spinal cord transection upon the skeletal changes induced by aminoacetonitrile (AAN)

Guglielmi, G.; Floriani, I.; Torri, V.; Li, J.; van Kuijk, C.; Genant, H.K.; Lang, T.F., 2005:
Effect of spinal degenerative changes on volumetric bone mineral density of the central skeleton as measured by quantitative computed tomography

Fettes, P.D.W.; Leslie, K.; McNabb, S.; Smith, P.J., 2006:
Effect of spinal flexion on the conus medullaris: a case series using magnetic resonance imaging

Li, C-de., 2006:
Effect of spinal instrumentation and fusion in the treatment of lumbar degenerative disorders

Fischer, H.E., 1958:
Effect of spindle poisons on Lupinus luteus L

Brignoli, C.; Vassena, E., 1958:
Effect of spiramycin on intestinal flora in infants

Hodges, S.D.; Humphreys, S.Craig.; Eck, J.C., 2003:
Effect of spirituality on successful recovery from spinal surgery

Zhu, W-dong.; Sha, Y-qin.; Chen, Z-bin., 2003:
Effect of spirochetes and porphyromonus gingivalis on oral malodor

Guha, S.K.; Chakravorty, R., 1952 :
Effect of spirochin hydro-iodide on surgical and infective cases; a preliminary note

Godfrey, V.; Farquharson, C.A.J.; Macdonald, J.E.; Yee, K-Meng.; Struthers, A.D., 2006:
Effect of spironolactone on C-reactive protein levels in patients with heart disease

Gross, E.; Rothstein, M.; Dombek, S.; Juknis, H.Irmantas., 2005:
Effect of spironolactone on blood pressure and the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system in oligo-anuric hemodialysis patients

Kaplan, S.A.; Fomon, S.J.; Rapoport, S., 1951:
Effect of splanchnic nerve division on urinary excretion of electrolytes during mannitol loading in the hydropenic dog

Utkina, R.V., 1958:
Effect of splanchnic nerves on gastric motor function following denervation of the posterior roots

Loyke, H.F.; Hoobler, S.W., 1954:
Effect of splanchnicectomy on the hypoglycemic and eosinopenic response to insulin

Cassano, F., 1955:
Effect of spleen extract on experimental carcinogenesis of fibroma with estrogens

Zulli, P., 1955:
Effect of spleen extract on the development of intrasplenic ovarian graft

Rossetti, O., 1958:
Effect of spleen on estrogen metabolism

Yao, Y-Min.; Liu, Q-Guang.; Yang, W.; Zhang, M.; Ma, Q-Yong.; Pan, C-En., 2003:
Effect of spleen on immune function of rats with liver cancer complicated by liver cirrhosis

Ding, Y-bin.; Xia, J-guo.; Chen, G-yu., 2006:
Effect of spleen tyrosine kinase expression re-activation by inhibition of DNA methylation on oncogenesis growth of gastric cancer

Veil, C.; Pecaut, M., 1962:
Effect of splenctomy on the number of granulocytes in the lungs during the inhalation of hot air

Shevelev, A.S., 1957:
Effect of splenectomy and block on reactivity of the organism in experimental typhus in white mice

Monier, J.C.; Slimane-Taleb, S.; Girod, C., 1957:
Effect of splenectomy and clamping of the splenic pedicle on the leukocyte count

Geller, L.I., 1959:
Effect of splenectomy and diathermy of the spleen on the course of toxic hepatitis

Virdis, S., 1951:
Effect of splenectomy in a case of Rietti-Greppi-Micheli icteric anemia

Gray, C.H.; Neuberger, A., 1952:
Effect of splenectomy in a case of congenital porphyria

Johnson, H.M., 1953:
Effect of splenectomy in acute systemic lupus erythematosus

Huang, D-hua.; Qi, X-yong.; Ge, Y-ru.; Shen, S., 2018:
Application of magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles in magnetic resonance / photothermal dual-modal imaging

Vedrova, D., 1963:
Effect of splenectomy in the neonatal period on further development in children

Corradetti, A.; Verolini, F., 1958:
Effect of splenectomy on Plasmodium rouxi infection in canarybirds

Winckelmann, G., 1959:
Effect of splenectomy on blood coagulation changes in chronic idiopathic thrombocytopenia

Kozlovskii, V.S., 1952:
Effect of splenectomy on cutaneous and muscular calcium and sodium

Haydn, G., 1953:
Effect of splenectomy on development of experimental cardiac hypertrophy in rats and guinea pigs

Bonati, F.; Cucurachi, L.; Strata, A., 1957:
Effect of splenectomy on evolution of peripheral blood picture in dog after surgical ablation of bone marrow

Maltoni, C.; Parmeggiani, A.; Prodi, G., 1958:
Effect of splenectomy on experimental liver cirrhosis induced by carbon tetrachloride

Baev, B.; Braiiski, K., 1962:
Effect of splenectomy on hematopoiesis in patients with splenomegalic liver cirrhosis

Pestova, I.M., 1953:
Effect of splenectomy on hemopoiesis in teleosts

Maltoni, C.; Prodi, G.; Peretti, S., 1957:
Effect of splenectomy on hepatic oncogenesis induced by p-dimethylaminoazobenzene in rats

Ordemann, J.; Jacobi, C.A.; Schmolke, A.; Zieren, H.U.; Sabat, R.; Müller, J.M., 2003:
Effect of splenectomy on intra- and extraperitoneal tumor growth with reference to the immune system in a rat model

Rangam, C.M.; Gupta, J.C.; Arora, M.M.; Salgia, K.M., 1958:
Effect of splenectomy on lymphopoiesis

Fabiani, G.; Orfila, J.; Bonhoure, G., 1957:
Effect of splenectomy on malaria in white rats previously infected by Plasmodium vinckei

Gabe, M.; Parrot, J.L., 1951:
Effect of splenectomy on mean capillary resistance in guinea pig

Bellucci, G., 1951:
Effect of splenectomy on medullary cytology in puppies, with a biometric evaluation of the results

Biedz-Bielawski, D.; Polak, W., 1962:
Effect of splenectomy on mesenchymal cell division on the regeneration of the liver following CC1-4 poisoning. II

Rigler, R.; Rosenkranz, W., 1958:
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Effect of stimulation of subcortical formations on electric activity of the cerebral cortex

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Effect of stimulation of the autonomic nerve trunks in the abdominal cavity on erythropoiesis in dogs

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Effect of stimulation of the central segment of the vagus nerve on the respiratory center in experimental lungs ventilation

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Effect of stimulation of the gastric mucosa and its relation to the stage of digestion

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Effect of stimulation of the hypothalamic region on reflex fluctuations of skin potentials in a frog

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Effect of stimulation of the hypothalamus in a chronic experiment on the secretory function of the stomach

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Effect of stimulation of the interoceptors on chronaxy of motor zone of the cerebral cortex

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Effect of stimulation of the reticular formation of the brain stem on cerebral circulation

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Effect of stimulation of the reticuloendothelial system by inoculation of the Calmette-Guerin bacillus on the development of the atypical Guerin T-S epithelioma in the rat

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Effect of stimulation of the sciatic nerve on restoration of respiration following clinical death

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Effect of stimulation of the section of the vago-sympathetic trunks on left intracardiac pressure

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Effect of stimulation of the sympathetic nerve on ionic composition of frog skeletal muscle perfusate

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Effect of stimulation of the vagus nerve on the diaphragm and intercostal muscles

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Effect of stimulation of the vagus nerve on the sodium excretion of the kidney

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Effect of stimulation of the vagus nerve on tissue factors of blood coagulation

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Effect of stimulation of the vagus nerves in vagectomized dogs

Effect of stimulation of the vestibular analysor on function state of the heart; electrocardiographic data

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Effect of stimulation of vascular interoceptors on morphologic composition of the blood

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Effect of stimulation on the phosphate esters of the brain

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Effect of stimulation repetition rate on galvanic-evoked vestibulo-collic reflexes

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Effect of stimulation therapy on diseases of the brain in childhood

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Effect of stimulation treatment on the elimination of neutral 17-ketosteroids in urine

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Effect of stimulation with exponential currents on uterine contraction

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Effect of stimulation with middle frequency sinus-shaped alternating current on single fibers of the sciatic nerve of frogs

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Effect of stimulation with secretion on the level of pancreatic ferments in tumors of the head of pancreas

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Effect of stimulators on the electrical activity of single neurons of the spinal cord

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Effect of stimulators on the mediator activity of the aqueous humor in experimental herpetic keratitis

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Effect of stimuli of variable intensity on urine output in unanaesthetized dogs

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Effect of stimuli of various force and duration on formation of temporary connections in man

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Effect of stimuli on gastric mucosa in various stages of digestion. II

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Effect of stimulus-duration on auditory reaction-time

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Effect of stimulus-response meaningfulness on paired-associate learning and retention

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Effect of streptomycin and isoniazid on the development of allergy induced by various doses of BCG vaccine in guinea pigs

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Effect of streptomycin and of immunization on staphylococcal experimental septicemia in rabbits

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Effect of streptomycin on anatomical and pathological picture of experimental tuberculosis in guinea pigs

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Effect of streptomycin on experimental tuberculosis in guinea pigs in various methods of administration and dosage

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Effect of streptomycin on function of the labyrinth in pigeons

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Effect of streptomycin on functional condition of the central nervous system in guinea pigs

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Effect of streptomycin on genitourinary tuberculosis

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Effect of streptomycin on meningeal lesions of the guinea pig produced by killed tubercle bacilli

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Effect of streptomycin on organisms surviving the action of penicillin

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Effect of streptomycin on oxidative processes in barley sprous

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Effect of streptomycin on peristalsis and tomus of the small intestine

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Effect of streptomycin on pleurisy following Jacobaeus' operation

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Effect of streptomycin on post-mortem changes

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Effect of streptomycin on pulmonary tuberculous lesions

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Effect of streptomycin on pupillary modifications from sound stimulation

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Effect of streptomycin on the antigens of Salmonella typhi. I

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Effect of streptomycin on the antigens of Salmonella typhi. II

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Effect of streptomycin on the chlorophyll formation in the timothy. IV. Further studies on the action of metalsalts and pH values upon the streptomycin-treated seeds

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Effect of streptomycin on the course of experimental tuberculosis

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Effect of streptomycin on the course of experimental tuberculosis in the guinea pig

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Effect of streptomycin on the evolution of a mixture of sensitive and resistant bacteria

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