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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 48911

Chapter 48911 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Effects of introducing a risk manager for prevention of falls in a long-term care facility
, Nihon Ronen Igakkai Zasshi. Japanese Journal of Geriatrics 41(4): 414-419 (2004)

Effects of introducing silicon isosteres in COX-2 inhibitors: a preliminary in silico evaluation
, Medicinal Chemistry ) 1(3): 215-226 (2005)

Effects of inulin-type fructans on lipid metabolism in man and in animal models
, British Journal of Nutrition 93(Suppl. 1): S163 (2005)

Effects of invenol on the carbohydrate and protein metabolism in diabetes mellitus
, Arztliche Wochenschrift 12(4): 77-81 (1957)

Effects of inversion asymmetry on electron-nuclear spin coupling in semiconductor heterostructures: possible role of spin-orbit interactions
, Physical Review Letters 94(14): 146601 (2005)

Effects of inversion of the graft in transplantations in young gastrulas of urodeles
, Archives de Biologie 64(1): 1-96 (1953)

Effects of inversion of the visual field on human motions
, Journal of Experimental Psychology 57(5): 338-343 (1959)

Effects of investment materials on cast shrinkage of base metal alloys
, Hua Xi Kou Qiang Yi Xue Za Zhi 21(5): 406-409 (2003)

Effects of invigorating the kidney and strengthening the bones capsule on osteoporosis in ovariectomized rats
, Zhong Yao Cai 25(7): 489-491 (2002)

Effects of involuntary outpatient commitment on subjective quality of life in persons with severe mental illness
, Behavioral Sciences and the Law 21(4): 473-491 (2003)

Effects of iodide on the fluorescence and activity of the hydroperoxyflavin intermediate of Vibrio harveyi luciferase
, Photochemistry and Photobiology 81(2): 425-430 (2005)

Effects of iodinated contrast media on blood and endothelium
, European Radiology 16(5): 1041-1049 (2006)

Effects of iodinated contrast media on common carotid and brachial artery blood flow and wall shear stress
, European Radiology 16(12): 2721-2727 (2006)

Effects of iodine on the central arterial & general blood pressure during a course of treatment at Bad Hall, upper Austria
, Wiener Klinische Wochenschrift 69(31): 565-567 (1957)

Effects of iodine-containing food on 99mTc and 131I uptake in patients with Graves' disease
, Di 1 Jun Yi Da Xue Xue Bao 24(11): 1292-1294 (2004)

Effects of iodine-containing germinating green barley on the development and metamorphosis of tadpoles of Bufo vulgaris
, Bollettino Della Societa Italiana di Biologia Sperimentale 32(7-8): 558-560 (1956)

Effects of iodoacetate on zymase fermentation
, Nature 165(4207): 975-976 (1950)

Effects of iodoacetic acid on ocular inflammatory responses
, A.M.A. Archives of Ophthalmology 58(5): 632-640 (1957)

Effects of iodophor on the thyroid glands of female medical workers
, Zhonghua Yi Xue Za Zhi 83(8): 647-649 (2003)

Effects of iodothyronines on the hepatic outer-ring deiodinating pathway in killifish
, General and Comparative Endocrinology 135(2): 201-209 (2004)

Effects of iohexol on ventilatory functions in patients undergoing diagnostic coronary angiography
, International Journal of Cardiovascular Imaging 20(6): 465-470 (2004)

Effects of ion exchange and their clinical use
, Schweizerische Medizinische Wochenschrift 86(17): 438-442 (1956)

Effects of ion motion in intense beam-driven plasma wakefield accelerators
, Physical Review Letters 95(19): 195002 (2005)

Effects of ion-carrier substituents on the potentiometric-response characteristics in anion-selective membrane electrodes based on iron porphyrins
, Chemphyschem 5(5): 652-660 (2004)

Effects of ion-pairing reagents on the electrospray signal suppression of sulphonated dyes and intermediates
, Journal of Mass Spectrometry 39(1): 43-50 (2004)

Effects of ionic and non-ionic paramagnetic contrast media on brain bio-electric activity
, Neuroradiology 47(11): 820-825 (2005)

Effects of ionic and non-ionic roentgen-contrast media upon ex vivo hemostasis in rabbits
, Eksperimental'naia i Klinicheskaia Farmakologiia 69(1): 60-64 (2006)

Effects of ionic ratios of the environment on the growth & development of embryos of Discoglossus pictus (Otth) & Rana temporaria (Linné); preliminary observations
, Comptes Rendus Hebdomadaires des Seances de l'Academie des Sciences 248(23): 3349-3351 (1959)

Effects of ionic strength and surface charge on protein adsorption at PEGylated surfaces
, Journal of Physical Chemistry. B 109(37): 17545-17552 (2005)

Effects of ionic strength on the flocculation and removal of cyanobacterial cells of Microcystis aeruginosa by clays
, Huan Jing Ke Xue= Huanjing Kexue 26(2): 148-151 (2005)

Effects of ionic strength on the ralative mobility of abnormal serum proteins
, Journal of Laboratory and Clinical Medicine 53(2): 178-185 (1959)

Effects of ionic surfactant adsorption on single-walled carbon nanotube thin film devices in aqueous solutions
, Langmuir 21(4): 1162-1165 (2005)

Effects of ionising radiation exposure on plants, fish and mammals: relevant data for environmental radiation protection
, Journal of Radiological Protection 24(4a): A123 (2004)

Effects of ionization on N-glycylglycine peptide: influence of intramolecular hydrogen bonds
, Journal of Chemical Physics 124(15): 154306 (2006)

Effects of ionization, metal cationization and protonation on 2'-deoxyguanosine: changes on sugar puckering and stability of the N-glycosidic bond
, Journal of Physical Chemistry. B 110(11): 5767-5772 (2006)

Effects of ionizing radiation and peroxides on haemocyanin
, Nature 195: 1096-1097 (1962)

Effects of ionizing radiation of oral structures. I. Pilot studies on dental caries in the white rat
, Journal of Dental Research 30(6): 787-791 (1951)

Effects of ionizing radiation on brain tissue surrounding arteriovenous malformations: an experimental study in a rat caroticojugular fistula model
, Neurosurgical Review 27(2): 121-127 (2004)

Effects of ionizing radiation on cellular structures, induced instability and carcinogenesis
, Exs 2006(96): 293-301 (2006)

Effects of ionizing radiation on fertility
, Pakistan Journal of Health 10: 28-33 (1960)

Effects of ionizing radiation on human embryo and foetus
, Pakistan Journal of Health 10: 218-222 (1961)

Effects of ionizing radiation on human psychomotor skills
, United States Armed Forces Medical Journal 10: 1009-1021 (1959)

Effects of ionizing radiation on the adult and embryonic nervous system
, Research Publications - Association for Research in Nervous and Mental Disease 32: 439-462 (1953)

Effects of ionizing radiation on the bones
, Ortopediia Travmatologiia i Protezirovanie 17(5): 73-78 (1956)

Effects of ionizing radiations in fractional doses on the phagocytic activity of the reticuloendothelial system (R.E.S.)
, Minerva Nucleare 6: 318-321 (1962)

Effects of ionizing radiations on collagen. I. Collagen fractions in irradiated skin
, Radiobiologia Radioterapia E Fisica Medica 17: 129-136 (1962)

Effects of ionizing radiations on collagen. III. Collagen fractions in atrophic muscle
, Radiobiologia Radioterapia E Fisica Medica 17: 187-192 (1962)

Effects of ionizing radiations on hemopoiesis
, Bulletin der Schweizerischen Akademie der Medizinischen Wissenschaften 12(5): 344 (1956)

Effects of ionizing radiations on plant tissues. I. Quantitative measurements of the softening of apples, beets, and carrots
, Radiation Research 5(2): 127-133 (1956)

Effects of ionizing radiations on serum complement and enzymes
, Nature 178(4528): 307 (1956)

Effects of ionizing radiations on the cell
, Deutsche Medizinische Wochenschrift 87: 1395-1399 (1962)

Effects of ionizing radiations on the fetus. (Radiologist's viewpoint)
, Annales de Pediatrie 37: 362-364 (1961)

Effects of ionizing radiations on the production of antibodies
, Minerva Medica 49(59-60): 2916-2919 (1958)

Effects of ionizing radiations on tissue culture
, Radioterapia Radiobiologia E Fisica Medica 12(4): 279-302 (1957)

Effects of ionizing radiations on tissue mast cells
, International Journal of Applied Radiation and Isotopes 4(3-4): 268-269 (1959)

Effects of ionizing radiations on variability in corn
, Strahlentherapie 51: 156-159 (1962)

Effects of ionizing radiations upon isolated deoxyribosenucleoprotein fibres
, Nature 168(4277): 694 (1951)

Effects of ionotropic glutamate receptor channel blockers on the development of pentylenetetrazol kindling in mice
, Neuroscience and Behavioral Physiology 37(1): 75-81 (2007)

Effects of ions of a neutral salt solution on the morphology of erythrocytes
, Yokohama Medical Bulletin 9(2): 90-100 (1958)

Effects of iophenoxic acid on tests of thyroid function
, JAMA 177: 648-649 (1961)

Effects of ipriflavone on augmented bone using a guided bone regeneration procedure
, Clinical Oral Implants Research 18(1): 60-68 (2007)

Effects of iproniazid in coronary arteriosclerosis
, La Semana Medica 117: 400-401 (1960)

Effects of iproniazid in depressive syndromes
, British Medical Journal 1(5136): 1491-1494 (1959)

Effects of iproniazid on chronic and regressed schizophrenics
, Diseases of the Nervous System 20(3): 123-125 (1959)

Effects of iproniazid on hypothalamic reactions to adrenaline
, Comptes Rendus des Seances de la Societe de Biologie et de Ses Filiales 153: 962-965 (1959)

Effects of iproniazid on increased spontaneous motility due to central stimulants
, Bollettino Della Societa Italiana di Biologia Sperimentale 34(22): 1576-1580 (1958)

Effects of iptakalim on intracellular calcium concentrations, PKA and PKC activities in rat tail artery smooth muscle cells
, Yao Xue Xue Bao 40(10): 954-957 (2005)

Effects of iptakalim on the proliferation of cultured rabbit pulmonary arterial smooth muscle cells induced by endothelin-1
, Zhonghua Jie he He Hu Xi Za Zhi 27(11): 752-755 (2004)

Effects of irbesartan and perindopril on forearm reactive hyperemia and inflammatory process, in normotensive patients with coronary artery disease
, International Journal of Cardiology 124(1): 127-129 (2008)

Effects of irbesartan on atrial cell electrophysiology
, Chinese Medical Journal 118(3): 231-233 (2005)

Effects of irbesartan on nitric oxide system in the heart of diabetic rats
, Nan Fang Yi Ke Da Xue Xue Bao 26(9): 1359-1362 (2006)

Effects of irbesartan on remodeling of the left ventricular following acute myocardial infarction
, Zhongguo Wei Zhong Bing Ji Jiu Yi Xue 15(8): 476-478 (2003)

Effects of irbesartan on the expression of matrix metalloproteinase-2/tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase-2 in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rat kidney
, Chinese Medical Journal 118(12): 1040-1044 (2005)

Effects of irgapyrin similar to those of antabuse
, Schweizerische Medizinische Wochenschrift 84(46): 1281-1283 (1954)

Application of membrane distillation for the treatment of anaerobic membrane bioreactor effluent: An especial attention to the operating conditions
, Chemosphere 208: 530-540 (2018)

Effects of iron and copper ions in promotion of selective abscission and ethylene production by citrus fruit and the inactivation of indoleacetic Acid
, Plant Physiology 45(5): 604-607 (1970)

Effects of iron and multimicronutrient supplementation on geophagy: a two-by-two factorial study among Zambian schoolchildren in Lusaka
, Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 98(4): 218-227 (2004)

Effects of iron deficiency anemia on immunity and infectious disease in pregnant women
, Wei Sheng Yan Jiu 35(1): 79-81 (2006)

Effects of iron deficiency upon the antibody response to influenza virus in rats
, Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry 1(12): 629-634 (1990)

Effects of iron deficiency versus iron deficiency anemia on brainstem auditory evoked potentials in infancy
, Turkish Journal of Pediatrics 48(4): 334-339 (2006)

Effects of iron medicines and iron-containing water on teeth; literary review
, Odontologisk Tidskrift 62(3): 235-246 (1954)

Effects of iron on muscle action potentials in normal subjects
, Bollettino Della Societa Italiana di Biologia Sperimentale 34(19): 1198 (1958)

Effects of iron salts of strong mineral acids on dental enamel
, Odontologisk Tidskrift 62(3): 247-261 (1954)

Effects of iron therapy on cognition in anemic school going boys
, Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology 47(3): 301-310 (2003)

Effects of iron therapy on motor and mental development of infants and small children suffering from iron deficiency anaemia
, Medicinski Arhiv 58(4): 227-229 (2004)

Effects of iron-deficiency anemia on placenta and birth weight
, Ginecologia y Obstetricia de Mexico 71: 75-81 (2003)

Effects of irradiated medium on chromatid aberrations in mammalian cells using double mylar dishes
, Uchu Seibutsu Kagaku 18(3): 110-111 (2004)

Effects of irradiation by gamma rays on various immunity factors
, Revue Francaise d'Etudes Cliniques et Biologiques 1(6): 643-651 (1956)

Effects of irradiation combined with cis-diamminedichloroplatinum (CDDP) suppository in rabbit VX2 rectal tumors
, World Journal of Surgery 29(3): 388-395 (2005)

Effects of irradiation in vitro on calcifying mechanism of epiphyseal cartilage
, Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine 104: 659-662 (1960)

Effects of irradiation methods, hypophysectomy, gonadotrophic hormones and chemical radioprotectors on the response of the rabbit ovary to roentgen rays
, Acta Radiologica 41(6): 545-557 (1954)

Effects of irradiation of chest on pulmonary function in man
, Journal of Applied Physiology 16: 331-338 (1961)

Effects of irradiation of embryonic development. II. X-rays on the ninth day of gestation in the rat
, American Journal of Anatomy 92(1): 153-177 (1953)

Effects of irradiation of the central nervous system on the blood sugar. Observations in the course of roentgenotherapeutic treatment of cerebral neoplasms
, Minerva Fisioterapica E Radiobiologica 7: 62-66 (1962)

Effects of irradiation of the fetus; ten-year follow-up of pelvimetry during pregnancy
, Minnesota Medicine 41(5): 339-341 (1958)

Effects of irradiation of the pituitary on the thymus and other endocrine glands
, Archivio "de Vecchi" Per l'Anatomia Patologica E la Medicina Clinica 16(3): 1113-1119 (1951)

Effects of irradiation of trypsin by x-rays
, Comptes Rendus Hebdomadaires des Seances de l'Academie des Sciences 246(7): 1081-1084 (1958)

Effects of irradiation on D.A.B. hepatic carcinogenesis in rats
, Gan 47(3-4): 578-580 (1956)

Effects of irradiation on bone remodelling around mandibular implants: an experimental study in dogs
, International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 35(9): 850-855 (2006)

Effects of irradiation on cementum matrix cytokins function during periodontal regeneration
, Human Cell 16(4): 217-229 (2003)

Effects of irradiation on embryonal development. Preliminary note on defects of ponderal and volumetric development
, Minerva Fisioterapica E Radiobiologica 6: 249-254 (1961)

Effects of irradiation on metabolism of nucleic acids and the acid soluble derivatives in rats
, Experientia 12(1): 23-24 (1956)

Effects of irradiation on post-tonsillectomy pain
, American Journal of Roentgenology Radium Therapy and Nuclear Medicine 71(2): 251-252 (1954)

Effects of irradiation on taurine metabolism
, Bulletin der Schweizerischen Akademie der Medizinischen Wissenschaften 12(5): 336-343 (1956)

Effects of irradiation on the calcifying mechanism of epiphyseal cartilage
, Orins Reports . U.S. Atomic Energy Commission 6054: 1-13 (1960)

Effects of irradiation on the components of implantable pacemakers
, Igaku Butsuri 23(1): 73-80 (2003)

Effects of irradiation on the tripeptidase activity of the plasma in the rat
, Revue Francaise d'Etudes Cliniques et Biologiques 3(5): 474-476 (1958)

Effects of irradiation on wholesomeness of mixed organ meats in diet of the rat
, Federation Proceedings 15(3): 930-932 (1956)

Effects of irradiation therapy and inhibiting drugs on the pituitary and its adenomas
, Der Pathologe 27(1): 57-60 (2006)

Effects of irradiation using a radioisotope-filled balloon on tissue hyperplasia caused by stent placement in a canine urethral model
, Acta Radiologica 47(4): 436-443 (2006)

Effects of irregular preparatory intervals on reaction time in schizophrenia
, Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology 67: 44-52 (1963)

Effects of irrigating solution of Sihuang on morphology and function of nasal mucosa following surgery for chronic sinusitis and nasal polyps
, Di 1 Jun Yi Da Xue Xue Bao 25(4): 424-427 (2005)

Effects of irrigation volume on growth and quality of Lonicera japonica
, Zhongguo Zhong Yao Za Zhi 31(8): 634-637 (2006)

Effects of ischaemia and hypoxia on the development of the nervous system in acardiac foetus
, Folia Neuropathologica 42(4): 227-233 (2004)

Effects of ischemia and anoxia on cell activation and cell cycle of cultured astrocytes in vitro
, Journal of Huazhong University of Science and Technology. Medical Sciences 26(1): 21-24 (2006)

Effects of ischemia on epicardial deformation in the passive rabbit heart
, Journal of Biomechanical Engineering 126(1): 70-75 (2004)

Effects of ischemia on repolarization in patients with single and multivessel coronary disease
, Pacing and Clinical Electrophysiology 26(1p2): 390-393 (2003)

Effects of ischemia-reperfusion injury on apolipoprotein M expression in the liver
, Transplantation Proceedings 38(9): 2769-2773 (2006)

Effects of ischemia-reperfusion on NMDA receptor subunits 2a and 2b level in rat hippocampus
, International Journal of Neuroscience 115(3): 305-314 (2005)

Effects of ischemic preconditioning in human heart
, Journal of Cardiac Surgery 20(3): 241-245 (2005)

Effects of ischemic preconditioning on cyclinD1 expression during early ischemic reperfusion in rats
, World Journal of Gastroenterology 12(18): 2936-2940 (2006)

Effects of ischemic preconditioning on myocardial protective on cardiac surgery: possibility of ischemic preconditioning and adenosine administration
, Annals of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery 9(5): 307-313 (2003)

Effects of ischemic reperfusion on the expression of cell adhesion molecules and monocyte chemotactic protein-1 and the protective role of MgSO4
, Zhejiang Da Xue Xue Bao. Yi Xue Ban 32(3): 223-226 (2003)

Effects of ischemic training on leg exercise endurance
, Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development 42(4): 511-522 (2005)

Effects of island disaggregation in growth models
, Physical Review. E Statistical Nonlinear and Soft Matter Physics 74(1 Pt 1): 011602 (2006)

Effects of iso- and hetero-antibodies against specific antigens of the transplantable Novikoff hepatoma of the rat (solid form)
, Nature 193: 950-952 (1962)

Effects of isocarbophos on the integrity of epidermic cell membrane of human skin
, Hua Xi Yi Ke Da Xue Xue Bao 32(2): 286 (2001)

Effects of isoconessine and neoconessine on Endamoeba histolytica in vitro, as compared with conessine and emetine
, Zeitschrift für Tropenmedizin und Parasitologie 7(2): 211-219 (1956)

Effects of isoflavone (ISO) on advanced glycosylation end products (AGEs) in aortae and serum levels of lipid peroxide in ovariectomized rats
, Zhong Yao Cai 26(1): 26-28 (2003)

Effects of isoflavone supplements on bone metabolic markers and climacteric symptoms in Japanese women
, Biofactors 22(1-4): 221-228 (2004)

Effects of isoflavones containing soy protein isolate compared with fish protein on serum lipids and susceptibility of low density lipoprotein and liver lipids to in vitro oxidation in hamsters
, Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry 10(11): 631-637 (1999)

Effects of isoflurane and halothane on the calcium ion-tension curve in rat myocardium
, Journal of Anesthesia 6(2): 172-175 (1992)

Effects of isoflurane and sevoflurane on the survival of skin flaps in rats
, Scandinavian Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Hand Surgery 39(5): 268-271 (2005)

Effects of isoflurane on glutamate and taurine releases, brain swelling and injury during transient ischemia and reperfusion
, International Journal of Neuroscience 116(2): 191-202 (2006)

Effects of isoflurane on lung surfactant protein A in rats
, Beijing Da Xue Xue Bao. Yi Xue Ban 38(4): 402-406 (2006)

Effects of isoflurane on the actions of neuromuscular blockers on the muscle nicotine acetylcholine receptors
, Journal of Huazhong University of Science and Technology. Medical Sciences 24(6): 605 (2004)

Effects of isoflurane on the auditory brainstem responses and middle latency responses of rats
, Acta Oto-Laryngologica 123(2): 176-181 (2003)

Effects of isoflurane-induced and prostaglandin E(1)-induced hypotension on cytokine responses to oral and maxillofacial surgery
, Journal of Clinical Anesthesia 16(3): 168-172 (2004)

Effects of isokinetic velocity spectrum exercise on average power and total work
, Journal of Athletic Training 27(1): 54-56 (1992)

Effects of isolanid on circulatory insufficiency and vital capacity
, Therapia Hungarica 10(1): 23-26 (1953)

Effects of isolated Weber B fibular fractures on the tibiotalar contact area
, Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery 43(1): 3-9 (2004)

Effects of isolated adrenal cortex hormones on stomach acidity and secretion quantity
, Tip Fakultesi Mecmuasi 16(1): 76-91 (1953)

Effects of isolated cerebral anoxia on pulmonary circulation
, Magyar Tudomany 8(3): 269-275 (1957)

Effects of isolated cerebral anoxia on the mass of the spleen
, Magyar Tudomany 8(3): 277-279 (1957)

Effects of isolated coronary artery ectasia on electrocardiographic parameters reflecting ventricular heterogeneity
, Journal of Electrocardiology 40(2): 203-206 (2007)

Effects of isolated cycle ergometer training on patients with moderate-to-severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
, Respiration; International Review of Thoracic Diseases 71(5): 477-483 (2004)

Effects of isolation of one red nucleus on the cerebral cortex; electroencephalographic study on cats
, Deutsche Zeitschrift für Nervenheilkunde 172(3): 201-219 (1954)

Effects of isometric contraction training by electrostimulation on Type I and II hindlimb muscles in cerebral ischemia model rats
, Taehan Kanho Hakhoe Chi 36(7): 1232-1241 (2006)

Effects of isometric exercise on the diastolic function in patients with severe aortic stenosis
, Medicina 63(1): 33-36 (2003)

Effects of isoniazid administration on the recent changes in tuberculin sensitivity
, Nederlands Tijdschrift Voor Geneeskunde 103(20): 1059-1060 (1959)

Effects of isoniazid and streptomycin on higher nervous activities in healthy rats
, Kiserletes Orvostudomany 8(5): 510-516 (1956)

Effects of isoniazid in the tuberculous lymph node localizations in guinea pigs
, Annali Dell'istituto "carlo Forlanini" 16(4): 387-395 (1956)

Effects of isoniazid on allergy; with some additional observations in children vaccinated with BCG
, American Review of Tuberculosis 74(2 Part 2): 197-208 (1956)

Effects of isoniazid on alloxan diabetes in rats
, Zeitschrift für die Gesamte Innere Medizin und ihre Grenzgebiete 11(2): 71-73 (1956)

Effects of isoniazid on biological oxidation with special consideration of metallic complex formation
, Arzneimittel-Forschung 5(12): 703-705 (1955)

Effects of isoniazid on blood circulation
, Der Tuberkulosearzt 8(9): 557-562 (1954)

Effects of isoniazid on blood tests, vascular fragility and on the ascorbic acid in blood and urine
, Bollettino - Societa Medico Chirurgica Cremona 8(6-8): 56-62 (1954)

Effects of isoniazid on cochleo-vestibular apparatus in children
, Archivio Italiano di Otologia Rinologia E Laringologia 65(6): 802-813 (1954)

Effects of isoniazid on cutaneous tuberculosis
, Dermatologica 108(4-6): 384-393 (1954)

Effects of isoniazid on erythropoiesis and blood iron in tuberculotic children
, Minerva Pediatrica 8(45): 1379-1384 (1956)

Effects of isoniazid on immunity acquired by rabbits previously vaccinated with killed M. tuberculosis
, Annali Dell'istituto "carlo Forlanini" 18(4): 438-442 (1958)

Effects of isoniazid on pathogenesis of lupus carcinoma
, Dermatologische Wochenschrift 133(5): 105-108 (1956)

Effects of isoniazid on the synthesis of lipids in Mycobacterium tuberculosis; comparison of the mode of synthesis between isoniazid-sensitive and isoniazid-resistant M. tuberculosis
, Annali Dell'istituto "carlo Forlanini" 23: 51-57 (1963)

Effects of isoniazid on urinary elimination of estrogens in the healthy & tuberculotic man
, Giornale Italiano Della Tubercolosi 12(6): 347-352 (1958)

Effects of isoniazid prophylaxis on the tuberculin response and the local lesion following BCG vaccination of adults
, American Review of Tuberculosis 77(2): 232-244 (1958)

Effects of isoniazid treatment on blood crasis & leukocyte resistance in the guinea pigs
, Minerva Medica 49(84): 3942-3948 (1958)

Effects of isonicotinic acid and its derivatives on oxygen consumption by liver slices
, Publicaciones. Buenos Aires . Centro de Investigaciones Tisiologicas 18: 51-61 (1954)

Effects of isonicotinic acid hydrazide
, Nederlands Tijdschrift Voor Geneeskunde 97(20): 1262-1265 (1953)

Effects of isonicotinic acid hydrazide (neoteben, rimifon) on humoral blood picture in pulmonary tuberculosis
, Medizinische Monatsschrift 6(10): 658-661 (1952)

Effects of isonicotinic acid hydrazide (rimifon) in 2 cases of pemphigus vulgaris
, Bulletin de la Societe Francaise de Dermatologie et de Syphiligraphie 65(3): 296-297 (1958)

Effects of isonicotinic acid hydrazide derivatives on the pathology of chronic pulmonary tuberculosis; a pathologic study
, Sea View Hospital Bulletin 16(1): 1-40 (1956)

Effects of isonicotinic acid hydrazide in mentally ill patients
, Diseases of the Chest 23(1): 28-35 (1953)

Effects of isonicotinic acid hydrazide on basal metabolism
, Il Policlinico. Sezione Pratica 60(40): 1387-1389 (1953)

Effects of isonicotinic acid hydrazide on blood coagulation
, La Riforma Medica 67(41): 1137-1138 (1953)

Effects of isonicotinic acid hydrazide on experimental tuberculosis in guinea pig
, Publicaciones. Buenos Aires . Centro de Investigaciones Tisiologicas 17: 89-93 (1953)

Effects of isonicotinic acid hydrazide on the formalin inflammation and the dextran edema
, Schweizerische Medizinische Wochenschrift 82(40): 1023-1025 (1952)

Effects of isonicotinic acid hydrazide on the histamine metabolism
, KlinischeWochenschrift30(37-38):904 (1952)

Effects of isonicotinic acid hydrazide on the lysozyme activity of blood in tuberculosis
, Archivio di Tisiologia E Delle Malattie Dell'apparato Respiratorio 9(12): 967-971 (1954)

Effects of isonicotinic acid hydrazides on mental status of tuberculous patients
, Journal of the American Medical Association 161(3): 204-210 (1956)

Effects of isoprenaline isomers in man
, Lancet 2(7049): 723-724 (1958)

Effects of isopropyl adrenalin in bronchial asthma
, Revista Clinica Espanola 42(6): 393-397 (1951)

Effects of isopropylchloride anesthesia on cardiovascular system in animal experiment
, Der Anaesthesist 1(4): 113-115 (1952)

Effects of isoprostane on tubuloglomerular feedback: roles of TP receptors, NOS, and salt intake
, American Journal of Physiology. Renal Physiology 288(4): F757 (2005)

Effects of isoproterenol and amiodarone on the double potential interval after ablation of the cavotricuspid isthmus
, Journal of Cardiovascular Electrophysiology 14(9): 935-939 (2003)

Effects of isoproterenol on carbohydrate metabolism of isolated canine heart
, Circulation Research 12: 76-84 (1963)

Effects of isosorbide dinitrate on rheumatic and non-rheumatic mitral regurgitation
, Texas Heart Institute Journal 13(4): 453-457 (1986)

Effects of isosorbide-5-mononitrate on esophageal manometry of cirrhotic patients with esophageal varices
, Zhonghua Gan Zang Bing Za Zhi 13(8): 611-612 (2005)

Effects of isoxsuprine hydrochloride on blood sugar levels and on requirement for insulin or for tolbutamide in normal subjects and in diabetic patients
, Journal of the Indiana State Medical Association 54: 1021-1023 (1961)

Effects of item and rater characteristics on checklist recording: what should we look for?
, Medical Education 39(8): 852-858 (2005)

Effects of iversal on the physiologic oral flora
, Medizinische Klinik 52(10): 389-390 (1957)

Effects of jet quenching on the hydrodynamical evolution of quark-gluon plasma
, Physical Review Letters 97(6): 062301 (2006)

Effects of jet-engine noise on the ear
, La Medecine Aeronautique 11(4): 363-394 (1956)

Effects of jet-fuel microbial isolates on a polyurethane foam
, Applied Microbiology 16(12): 1826-1830 (1968)

Effects of jianwei yuyang granule on inflammatory reaction and NF-kappaB expression in rat gastric mucosa of ulcer healing and recurrence
, Zhongguo Zhong Yao Za Zhi 31(17): 1454-1457 (2006)

Effects of jing'an capsule on rat sperm quality
, Zhonghua Nan Ke Xue 9(8): 594 (2003)

Effects of jingui shenqi pill combined prednisone on expression of glucocorticoid receptor and its clinical effect in treating bullous pemphigoid patients
, Zhongguo Zhong Xi Yi Jie he Za Zhi Zhongguo Zhongxiyi Jiehe Zazhi 26(10): 881-884 (2006)

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