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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 48994

Chapter 48994 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Kingwell, B.A.; Anderson, G.P.; Duckett, S.J.; Hoole, E.A.; Jackson-Pulver, L.R.; Khachigian, L.M.; Morris, M.E.; Roder, D.M.; Rothwell-Short, J.; Wilson, A.J., 2006:
Evaluation of NHMRC funded research completed in 1992, 1997 and 2003: gains in knowledge, health and wealth

Gluck, S.; Glenn, C.; Logan, T.; Vu, B.; Walsh, M.; Williams, P., 2003:
Evaluation of NO(x) flue gas analyzers for accuracy and their applicability for low-concentration measurements

Macnee, C.L.; Edwards, J.; Kaplan, A.; Reed, S.; Bradford, S.; Walls, J.; Schaller-Ayers, J.M., 2006:
Evaluation of NOC standardized outcome of "health seeking behavior" in nurse-managed clinics

Broderick, P.; Bagratuni, T.; Vijayakrishnan, J.; Lubbe, S.; Chandler, I.; Houlston, R.S., 2006:
Evaluation of NTHL1, NEIL1, NEIL2, MPG, TDG, UNG and SMUG1 genes in familial colorectal cancer predisposition

Imarisio, J.J.; Gamez, R.D.; Voris, H.C.; Kaplan, E., 1962:
Evaluation of NaI-131 brain-tumor localization

Arpaz, S.; Keskin, S.; Kiter, Göksel.; Sezgin, N.; Budin, D.; Algan, A.; Calişir, H.C., 2004:
Evaluation of Nazilli Tuberculosis Dispensary activities executed between June 1996-May 2000: Pre-DOT situation

McDonald, P.R., 1948:
Evaluation of Night Vision

Kotch, J.B.; Hussey, J.M.; Carter, A., 2003:
Evaluation of North Carolina child care safety regulations

Squires, S.G.; MacDonald, D.M.; Scott, J.W.; Anderson, D.R.; Peltekian, K., 2003:
Evaluation of Nova Scotia's hepatitis C risk notification program

Lam, H.Y.; Chen, J.H.K.; Wong, K.H.; Chan, K.; Li, P.; Lee, M.P.; Tsang, D.N.; Yuen, K.Y.; Yam, W.C., 2006:
Evaluation of NucliSens EasyQ HIV-1 assay for quantification of HIV-1 subtypes prevalent in South-east Asia

Araújo, F.; Henriques, I.; Monteiro, Fátima.; Meireles, E.; Cruz, A.; Tavares, G.; Mota-Miranda, A., 2005:
Evaluation of NucliSens-AmpliScreen methodology to detect subtypes G of HIV-1 and 4c/4d of HCV in the screening of blood donors

Howard-Sparks, M.; Al-Ghananeem, A.M.; Pearson, A.P.; Crooks, P.A., 2005:
Evaluation of O(3alpha)-, O(21)-di-(N(1)-methyloxycarbonyl-2, 4-dioxo-5-fluoropyrimidinyl) 17alpha-hydroxy-5beta-pregnan-20-one as a novel potential antiangiogenic codrug

Ishiwata, K.; Kawamura, K.; Wang, W-Fang.; Furumoto, S.; Kubota, K.; Pascali, C.; Bogni, A.; Iwata, R., 2004:
Evaluation of O-[11C]methyl-L-tyrosine and O-[18F]fluoromethyl-L-tyrosine as tumor imaging tracers by PET

Arya, S.C., 2005:
Evaluation of OPV and polio eradication

Tami, A.; Mubyazi, G.; Talbert, A.; Mshinda, H.; Duchon, Séphane.; Lengeler, C., 2004:
Evaluation of Olyset insecticide-treated nets distributed seven years previously in Tanzania

Mohan, V.; Deepa, R.; Shefali, A.K.; Poongothai, S.; Monica, M.; Karkuzhali, K., 2005:
Evaluation of One Touch HORIZON--a highly affordable glucose monitor

Kostanski, J.W.; Dani, B.A.; Reynolds, G.A.; Bowers, C.Y.; DeLuca, P.P., 2004:
Evaluation of Orntide microspheres in a rat animal model and correlation to in vitro release profiles

Tez, M.; Yoldaş, O.; Gocmen, E.; Külah, B.; Koc, M., 2006:
Evaluation of P-POSSUM and CR-POSSUM scores in patients with colorectal cancer undergoing resection

Poon, J.T.C.; Chan, B.; Law, W.Lun., 2005:
Evaluation of P-POSSUM in surgery for obstructing colorectal cancer and correlation of the predicted mortality with different surgical options

Gu, G-shan.; Zhang, D-bao.; Zhang, B-hao.; Sun, N-kun., 2006:
Evaluation of P-POSSUM scoring system in predicting mortality in patients with hip joint arthroplasty

Yan, J.H.; Chen, T.; Li, X.D.; Zhang, J.; Lu, S.Y.; Ni, M.J.; Cen, K.F., 2006:
Evaluation of PCDD/Fs emission from fluidized bed incinerators co-firing MSW with coal in China

Ogawa, M.; Setiyono, A.; Sato, K.; Cai, Y.; Shiga, S.; Kishimoto, T., 2005:
Evaluation of PCR and nested PCR assays currently used for detection of Coxiella burnetii in Japan

Lang, S.; Watkin, R.W.; Lambert, P.A.; Bonser, R.S.; Littler, W.A.; Elliott, T.S.J., 2004:
Evaluation of PCR in the molecular diagnosis of endocarditis

Al-Attas, R.A.; Al-Khalifa, M.; Al-Qurashi, A.R.; Badawy, M.; Al-Gualy, N., 2007:
Evaluation of PCR, culture and serology for the diagnosis of acute human brucellosis

Wang, Z.; Ramin, S.A.; Tsai, C.; Lui, P.; Ruckle, H.C.; Beltz, R.E.; Sands, J.F.; Slattery, C.W., 2003:
Evaluation of PCR-ELISA for determination of telomerase activity in prostate needle biopsy and prostatic fluid specimens

Huang, X.; Lin, J.; Demner-Fushman, D., 2007:
Evaluation of PICO as a knowledge representation for clinical questions

Tong, W.; Wang, L.; D'Souza, M.J., 2003:
Evaluation of PLGA microspheres as delivery system for antitumor agent-camptothecin

Zhang, Z.; Wu, W-Shu., 2018:
Application of TALE-Based Approach for Dissecting Functional MicroRNA-302/367 in Cellular Reprogramming

Floris, F.; Chiron, L.; Lynch, A.M.; Barrow, M.P.; Delsuc, M-André.; O'Connor, P.B., 2018:
Application of Tandem Two-Dimensional Mass Spectrometry for Top-Down Deep Sequencing of Calmodulin

Senagore, A.J.; Delaney, C.P.; Duepree, H.J.; Brady, K.M.; Fazio, V.W., 2003:
Evaluation of POSSUM and P-POSSUM scoring systems in assessing outcome after laparoscopic colectomy

Slim, K.; Panis, Y.; Mantion, G.; Kwiatkowski, F., 2003:
Evaluation of POSSUM and P-POSSUM scoring systems in assessing outcome after laparoscopic colectomy (Br J Surg 2003; 90: 1280-1284)

Tekkis, P.P.; Kessaris, N.; Kocher, H.M.; Poloniecki, J.D.; Lyttle, J.; Windsor, A.C.J., 2003:
Evaluation of POSSUM and P-POSSUM scoring systems in patients undergoing colorectal surgery

Khoury, G., 2003:
Evaluation of POSSUM and P-POSSUM scoring systems in patients undergoing colorectal surgery (Br J Surg 2003; 90: 340-345)

Bollschweiler, E.; Lubke, T.; Monig, S.P.; Holscher, A.H., 2005:
Evaluation of POSSUM scoring system in patients with gastric cancer undergoing D2-gastrectomy

Saxena, A.K.; Aggarwal, B.; Nakra, D.; Sethi, A.K.; Aggarwal, A.N., 2006:
Evaluation of PR, RR, QT intervals and QT dispersion following stellate ganglion block in chronic shoulder-hand pain patients

Sutton, D.R.; Taylor, P.; Earle, K., 2006:
Evaluation of PROforma as a language for implementing medical guidelines in a practical context

El-Mansi, M.Tawfik.; Williams, A.R.W., 2006:
Evaluation of PTEN expression in cervical adenocarcinoma by tissue microarray

Tortora, M., 1951:
Evaluation of Papanicolaou method in early diagnosis of uterine cancer

Ayyad, S.B.A.; Israel, E.; El-Setouhy, M.; Nasr, G.Radwan.; Mohamed, M.K.; Loffredo, C.A., 2006:
Evaluation of Papanicolaou stain for studying micronuclei in buccal cells under field conditions

Devi, G.; Indumathi, V.A.; Sridharan, D.; Srinivas, B.P.R.; Sandhya, B.M.R., 2003:
Evaluation of ParaHITf strip test for diagnosis of malarial infection

Bertoni, J.M.; Sprenkle, P.M.; Strickland, D.; Noedel, N., 2006:
Evaluation of Parkinson's disease in entrants on the Nebraska State Parkinson's Disease Registry

Kosmider, S.; Piekarski, B.; Kossmann, S., 1960:
Evaluation of Parri's test in differentiating pneumoconiosis from pneumoconiosis-tuberculosis

Streli, R., 1956:
Evaluation of Payr's S-shaped incision in surgery of the meniscus

Gérardin, P.; Rogier, C.; Leteurtre, Séphane.; Jouvencel, P.; Ka, A.Sidy.; Imbert, P., 2006:
Evaluation of Pediatric Risk of Mortality (PRISM) scoring in African children with falciparum malaria

de Sousa, G.B.; Tamagnini, L.M.; González, R.D.; Budde, C.E., 2006:
Evaluation of Petrifilm method for enumerating aerobic bacteria in Crottin goat cheese

Manicki, J.; Wigura, A., 1950:
Evaluation of Philips' and van Slyke's tests in postoperative states

Ahmad, S.Qayyum.; Abbasi, S.Ahmad.; Tariq, M.Azeem.; Mirza, S.Ahmed.; Salamat, A., 2003:
Evaluation of Plasmodium-lactate dehydrogenase based immunochromatographic kit for the diagnosis of malaria

Iikuni, N.; Kitahama, M.; Ohta, S.; Okamoto, H.; Kamatani, N.; Nishinarita, M., 2006:
Evaluation of Pneumocystis pneumonia infection risk factors in patients with connective tissue disease

Lee, M.S.; Olson, M.A., 2006:
Evaluation of Poisson solvation models using a hybrid explicit/implicit solvent method

Kołodziejski, J., 1954:
Evaluation of Polish Juniperus communis berries

Manoharan, K.Pillai.; Yang, D.; Hsu, A.; Huat, B.Tan.Kwong., 2007:
Evaluation of Polygonum bistorta for anticancer potential using selected cancer cell lines

Prabha, T.; Dora Babu, M.; Priyambada, S.; Agrawal, V.K.; Goel, R.K., 2004:
Evaluation of Pongamia pinnata root extract on gastric ulcers and mucosal offensive and defensive factors in rats

Mariani, G.; Chella, A.; Giorgetti, A.; Davini, F.; Bonora, D.; Sorace, O.; Poli, M.; Mussi, A.; Angeletti, C.A..; Salvadori, P.A.., 2003:
Evaluation of Post-Surgical Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer by PET with FDG

Yao, S-N.; Cottraux, J.; Note, I.; De Mey-Guillard, C.; Mollard, E.; Ventureyra, V., 2003:
Evaluation of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder: validation of a measure, the PCLS

Chinnakotla, S.; Pande, G.K.; Sahni, P.; Gupta, S.Datta.; Maulik, M.; Kumari, R.; Nundy, S.; Chattopadhyay, T.K., 2005:
Evaluation of Pringle maneuver during liver resection in a rat model of surgical obstructive jaundice

Loubinoux, J.; Mihaila-Amrouche, L.; Bouvet, A., 2004:
Evaluation of Prolex for the rapid identification of streptococci isolated in medical microbiology

Tommaselli, A., 1956:
Evaluation of Q3 wave in electrocardiographic diagnosis of myocardial infarct

Li, M.; Gong, J.; Cottrill, M.; Yu, H.; de Lange, C.; Burton, J.; Topp, E., 2003:
Evaluation of QIAamp DNA Stool Mini Kit for ecological studies of gut microbiota

Terauchi, F.; Nagashima, T.; Iwaki, S.; Kobayashi, Y.; Kanemura, Y.; Yamamoto, Y.; Moritake, T.; Seiki, T.; Ogura, H., 2003:
Evaluation of QOL with orally disintegrating antiemetic tablets in outpatient chemotherapy

Whiting, P.F.; Weswood, M.E.; Rutjes, A.W.S.; Reitsma, J.B.; Bossuyt, P.N.M.; Kleijnen, J., 2006:
Evaluation of QUADAS, a tool for the quality assessment of diagnostic accuracy studies

Szeinberg, A.; Moscowitz, D., 1956:
Evaluation of Quick's thromboplastinogen activity test in the diagnosis of hemophilia

Weinberg, A.; Brewster, L.; Clark, J.; Simoes, E., 2004:
Evaluation of R-Mix shell vials for the diagnosis of viral respiratory tract infections

Tommiska, J.; Seal, S.; Renwick, A.; Barfoot, R.; Baskcomb, L.; Jayatilake, H.; Bartkova, J.; Tallila, J.; Kaare, M.; Tamminen, A.; Heikkilä, Päivi.; Evans, D.Gareth.; Eccles, D.; Aittomäki, K.; Blomqvist, C.; Bartek, J.; Stratton, M.R.; Nevanlinna, H.; Rahman, N., 2005 :
Evaluation of RAD50 in familial breast cancer predisposition

Begnami, M.D.; Rushing, E.J.; Evangelista, R.; Santi, M.; Quezado, M., 2006:
Evaluation of RB gene and cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitors P21 and P27 in pleomorphic xantoastrocytoma

Muranaka, H.; Horiguchi, T.; Usui, S.; Ueda, Y.; Nakamura, O.; Ikeda, F.; Iwakura, K.; Nakaya, G., 2006:
Evaluation of RF heating on humerus implant in phantoms during 1.5T MR imaging and comparisons with electromagnetic simulation

Liu, Y-Li.; Shen-Jang Fann, C.; Liu, C-Min.; Wu, J-Yuarn.; Hung, S-Iu.; Chan, H-Yu.; Chen, J-Jyh.; Lin, C-Yu.; Liu, S-Kai.; Hsieh, M.H.; Hwang, T-Jeng.; Ouyang, W-Chen.; Chen, C-Ying.; Lin, J-Jia.; Chou, F.Huang-Chih.; Chueh, C-Mo.; Liu, W-Ming.; Tsuang, M-Min.; Faraone, S.V.; Tsuang, M.T.; Chen, W.J.; Hwu, H-Gwo., 2006:
Evaluation of RGS4 as a candidate gene for schizophrenia

Khymenets, O.; Ortuño, J.; Fitó, M.; Covas, M.A.Isabel.; Farré, Mí.; de la Torre, R., 2005:
Evaluation of RNA isolation procedures from human blood and its application for gene expression studies (Sod-1, Sod-2)

Massonnet, Gève.; Buzzini, P.; Jochem, G.; Stauber, M.; Coyle, T.; Roux, C.; Thomas, J.; Leijenhorst, H.; Van Zanten, Z.; Wiggins, K.; Russell, C.; Chabli, S.; Rosengarten, A., 2005:
Evaluation of Raman spectroscopy for the analysis of colored fibers: a collaborative study

Diederen, B.M.W.; Peeters, M.F., 2006:
Evaluation of Rapid U Legionella Plus Test, a new immunochromatographic assay for detection of Legionella pneumophila serogroup 1 antigen in urine

Jadvar, H.; Fischman, A.J.., 2003:
Evaluation of Rare Tumors with [F-18]Fluorodeoxyglucose Positron Emission Tomography

Lotterhos, W.E., 1960:
Evaluation of Rauwolfia serpentina with flumethiazide in hypertension

Hammon, W.M.; Coriell, L.L.; Stokes, J., 1952:
Evaluation of Red Cross gamma globulin as a prophylactic agent for poliomyelitis. 2. Conduct and early follow-up of 1952 Texas and Iowa-Nebraska studies

Hammon, W.M.; Coriell, L.L.; Wehrle, P.F.; Klimt, C.R.; Stokes, J., 1952:
Evaluation of Red Cross gamma globulin as a prophylactic agent for poliomyelitis. 3. Preliminary report of results based on clinical diagnosis

Hammon, W.M.; Coriell, L.L.; Stokes, J., 1952:
Evaluation of Red Cross gamma globulin as a prophylactic agent for poliomyelitis. I. Plan of controlled field tests and results of 1951 pilot study in Utah

Zamoiskii, E.A., 1956:
Evaluation of Reed-Muench method in determination of activity of biological preparations

Hao, Q.; Harding, M.M.; Campbell, J.W., 1995:
Evaluation of Reflection Intensities for the Components of Multiple Laue Diffraction Spots. III. Using a Real-Space Density Modification Method

Carter, B.B.; Ingram, C.H.; Loughrey, J.; Williamson, A.C., 1956:
Evaluation of Rh hapten

Gismondi, A.; Mainiero, F.; Santoni, A., 2003:
Evaluation of Rho family small G-protein activity induced by integrin ligation on human leukocytes

Waters, H.W., 1955:
Evaluation of Richardson pregnancy test

Lorenz, H., 1957:
Evaluation of Rinne's tuning fork test

Feldman, M.; Kuntz, D.; Botelho, K.; Ananias, D.C.; Gnezda, M.; Hoch, D.K.; Jordan, S.L.; Rashid, S.; Zhao, Y., 2004 :
Evaluation of Roche Diagnostics ONLINE DAT II, a new generation of assays for the detection of drugs of abuse

Frizziero, C., 1952:
Evaluation of Rosegger's reaction

Sakai, T.; Iida, K.; Tanaka, Y.; Kohzaki, K.; Kitahara, K., 2005:
Evaluation of S-cone sensitivity in reattached macula following macula-off retinal detachment surgery

Diederen, B.M.W.; van Leest, C.M.; van Duijn, I.; Willemse, P.; van Keulen, P.H.J.; Kluytmans, J.A.J.W., 2006:
Evaluation of S. aureus ID, a chromogenic agar medium for the detection of Staphylococcus aureus

Perry, J.D.; Rennison, C.; Butterworth, L.A.; Hopley, A.L.J.; Gould, F.Kate., 2003:
Evaluation of S. aureus ID, a new chromogenic agar medium for detection of Staphylococcus aureus

Nguyen, M.; Henniges, W.; Lobisch, M.; Reifert, S.; Larbig, M.; Pfützner, A.; Forst, T., 2005:
Evaluation of SET--a new device for the measurement of pain perception in comparison to standard measures of diabetic neuropathy

Crawford, N.P.S.; Eichenberger, M.R.; Colliver, D.W.; Lewis, R.K.; Cobbs, G.A.; Petras, R.E.; Galandiuk, S., 2005:
Evaluation of SLC11A1 as an inflammatory bowel disease candidate gene

Ghebranious, N.; Burmester, J.K.; Glurich, I.; McPherson, E.; Ivacic, L.; Kislow, J.; Rasmussen, K.; Kumar, V.; Raggio, C.L.; Blank, R.D.; Jacobsen, F.Stig.; Faciszewski, T.; Womack, J.; Giampietro, P.F., 2006:
Evaluation of SLC35A3 as a candidate gene for human vertebral malformations

Mori, N.; Oono, Y.; Murase, Y.; Sibachi, M.; Taketani, K.; Tsuji, N.; Ushirooka, Y.; Nakamoto, M.; Kamei, T.; Miura, R.; Nabiki, J.; Miyawaki, T.; Ueda, F.; Ikeda, M.; Harano, Y., 2005:
Evaluation of SMBG values using various instruments and clinical significance of forearm SMBG measurement

Penz, J.F.E.; Brown, S.H.; Carter, J.S.; Elkin, P.L.; Nguyen, V.N.; Sims, S.A.; Lincoln, M.J., 2004:
Evaluation of SNOMED coverage of Veterans Health Administration terms

Bjurö, T.; Gullestad, L.; Endresen, K.; Nordlander, M.; Malm, A.; Höglund, L.; Wahlqvist, I.; Pernow, J., 2004:
Evaluation of ST-segment changes during and after maximal exercise tests in one-, two- and three-vessel coronary artery disease

Dong, Q-hua.; Zheng, S.; Hu, Y.; Chen, G-xing.; Ding, J-Yi., 2005:
Evaluation of ST13 gene expression in colorectal cancer patients

Macarthur, C., 2003:
Evaluation of Safe Kids Week 2001: prevention of scald and burn injuries in young children

Howard, A.; Beben, N.; Rothman, L.; Fiissel, D.; MacArthur, C., 2006:
Evaluation of Safe Kids Week 2004: age 4 to 9? It's booster seat time!

Balcázar, Héctor.; Alvarado, M.; Hollen, M.Luna.; Gonzalez-Cruz, Y.; Pedregón, Vónica., 2005:
Evaluation of Salud Para Su Corazón (Health for your Heart) -- National Council of La Raza Promotora Outreach Program

Fenster, A.; Chiu, B., 2007:
Evaluation of Segmentation algorithms for Medical Imaging

Schaumann, N.; Lorenz, V.; Schellongowski, P.; Staudinger, T.; Locker, G.J.; Burgmann, H.; Pikula, B.; Hofbauer, R.; Schuster, E.; Frass, M., 2004:
Evaluation of Seldinger technique emergency cricothyroidotomy versus standard surgical cricothyroidotomy in 200 cadavers

Hedayaty, J., 1957:
Evaluation of Semon's law in laryngeal paralysis

Chapin, K.C.; Musgnug, M.C., 2004:
Evaluation of Sensititre automated reading and incubation system for automated reading of Sensititre broth microdilution susceptibility plates

Pedrazzani, C.; Bernini, M.; Giacopuzzi, S.; Pugliese, R.; Catalano, F.; Festini, M.; Rodella, L.; de Manzoni, G., 2005:
Evaluation of Siewert classification in gastro-esophageal junction adenocarcinoma: What is the role of endoscopic ultrasonography?

Rancaño García, I.; Rodrigo Pendás, J.A.; Villa Estébanez, R.; Abdelsater Fayad, M.; Díaz Pérez, R.; Alvarez García, D., 2003:
Evaluation of Spanish websites useful for the primary care physicians

Alzogaray, R.A.; Carlson, D.A., 2004:
Evaluation of Stomoxys calcitrans (Diptera: Muscidae) behavioral response to human and related odors in a triple cage olfactometer with insect traps

Nariai, A.; Yokota, S., 2004:
Evaluation of Streptococcus pneumoniae urinary antigen test in healthy children with nasopharyngeal pneumococcal carriage

Kobayashi, T.; Matsumoto, T.; Tateda, K.; Isogai, K.; Kimura, K.; Uchida, K.; Kashitani, H.; Yoshida, K.; Shinozawa, Y.; Kashiyama, T.; Nakatani, T.; Yamaguchi, K., 2003:
Evaluation of Streptococcus pneumoniae-urinary antigen detection kit in patients with community acquired pneumonia

Pett, S.L.; Wand, H.; Law, M.G.; Arduino, R.; Lopez, J.C.; Knysz, B.; Pereira, L.C.; Pollack, S.; Reiss, P.; Tambussi, G., 2006:
Evaluation of Subcutaneous Proleukin (interleukin-2) in a Randomized International Trial (ESPRIT): geographical and gender differences in the baseline characteristics of participants

Polignano, R.; Guarnera, G.; Bonadeo, P., 2004:
Evaluation of SurePress Comfort: a new compression system for the management of venous leg ulcers

Arevalo, G., 1963 :
Evaluation of Surel surgical sutures in a Mexican hospital environment

Ardakani, F.Ezoddini., 2006:
Evaluation of Swallowing Patterns of the Tongue Using Real-time B-mode Sonography

Kawasaki, Y.; Suzuki, J.; Sakai, N.; Isome, M.; Nozawa, R.; Tanji, M.; Suzuki, H., 2004:
Evaluation of T helper-1/-2 balance on the basis of IgG subclasses and serum cytokines in children with glomerulonephritis

Alvarez, C.M.; Opelz, G.; Giraldo, M.C.; Pelzl, S.; Renner, F.; Weimer, R.; Schmidt, J.; Arbeláez, M.; García, L.F.; Süsal, C., 2005:
Evaluation of T-cell receptor repertoires in patients with long-term renal allograft survival

Sajin, M.; Craiu, M.; Iordachescu, M.; Stanescu, A.; Sajin, A.M., 2005:
Evaluation of T-lymphocyte subtypes in the diagnosis of celiac disease

Kamino, T.; Yaguchi, T.; Kuroda, Y.; Ohnishi, T.; Ishitani, T.; Miyahara, Y.; Horita, Z., 2004:
Evaluation of TEM samples of an Mg-Al alloy prepared using FIB milling at the operating voltages of 10 kV and 40 kV

Limoges, M.F.; Rickabaugh, B., 2004:
Evaluation of TENS during screening flexible sigmoidoscopy

Awan, S.B.; Meigooni, A.S.; Mokhberiosgouei, R.; Hussain, M., 2006:
Evaluation of TG-43 recommended 2D-anisotropy function for elongated brachytherapy sources

Li, Q.; Zhou, X-jian.; Zhang, Z-yuan.; Patima; Chen, W-tao., 2004:
Evaluation of TGF-beta1 expressed by oral and maxillofacial malignant neoplasm

Chuquiure Valenzuela, E., 2003:
Evaluation of TIMI-4 flow at the coronary unit (INCICH)

Pereira, L.José.; Bonjardim, L.Rigoldi.; Castelo, P.Midori.; Haiter Neto, F.; Gavião, M.Beatriz.Duarte., 2004:
Evaluation of TMJ by conventional transcranial radiography and indirect digitized images to determine condylar position in primary dentition

Britti, D.; Peli, A.; Massimini, G.; Polci, A.; Luciani, A.; Famigli-Bergamini, P., 2005:
Evaluation of TNF-alpha, IL-8 and IL-10 transcriptional activity in milk from healthy dairy cows during lactation period

Gridley, D.S.; Timiryasova, T.M.; Miller, G.M.; Andres, M.L.; Dutta-Roy, R.; Bayeta, E.J.; Fodor, I., 2003:
Evaluation of TNF-alpha/Bax gene therapy and radiation against C6 glioma xenografts

Yabusaki, H.; Nashimoto, A.; Tanaka, O., 2003:
Evaluation of TS-1 combined with cisplatin for neoadjuvant chemotherapy in patients with advanced gastric cancer

Anonymous, 2003:
Evaluation of TVT in feminine urinary stress incontinence (March 2002)

Horita, Y.; Nakamura, S.; Hirashima, S.; Tadokoro, M.; Taura, K.; Suyama, N.; Sakamoto, I.; Nishikido, M.; Miyazaki, M.; Kohno, S., 2003:
Evaluation of Tc-99m MAG3 dynamic renal scintigraphy with an aneurysmal type renal arteriovenous fistula

Brouwers, F.M.; Oyen, W.J.G.; Boerman, O.C.; Barrett, J.A.; Verheugt, F.W.A.; Corstens, F.H.M.; Van der Meer, J.W.M., 2003:
Evaluation of Tc-99m-labeled glycoprotein IIb/IIIa receptor antagonist DMP444 SPECT in patients with infective endocarditis

Barai, S.; Bandopadhayaya, G.P.; Julka, P.K.; Kale, S.S.; Kumar, R.; Malhotra, A.; Haloi, A.K.; Seith, A.; Naik, K.K.; Dhanapathi, H., 2005:
Evaluation of Tc99m-glucoheptonate for SPECT functional imaging of medulloblastoma

Verbeek, A.L.M.; Broeders, M.J.M., 2003:
Evaluation of The Netherlands breast cancer screening programme

Trout, E.D.; Kelley, J.P.; Lucas, A.C., 1961:
Evaluation of Thoraeus filters

Arion, V.Ya..; Moskvina, S.N..; Zimina, I.V..; Lopuchin, Y.M.., 2003:
Evaluation of Thymus Functional State by Non-Invasive Method

Diehm, C.; Lawall, H., 2006:
Evaluation of Tielle hydropolymer dressings in the management of chronic exuding wounds in primary care

Schaefer, A.; Meyer, G.Peter.; Hilfiker-Kleiner, D.; Brand, B.; Drexler, H.; Klein, G., 2005:
Evaluation of Tissue Doppler Tei index for global left ventricular function in mice after myocardial infarction: comparison with Pulsed Doppler Tei index

Nigro, M.; Gutierrez, A.; Hoffer, A.M.; Clemente, M.; Kaufer, F.; Carral, L.; Martin, V.; Guarnera, E.A.; Angel, S.O., 2004:
Evaluation of Toxoplasma gondii recombinant proteins for the diagnosis of recently acquired toxoplasmosis by an immunoglobulin G analysis

Konopka, W.; Zalewski, P.; Pietkiewicz, P., 2003:
Evaluation of Transient and Distortion Product Otoacoustic Emissions before and after shooting practice

Le, H.T.T.; Black, L.L.; Sikora, R.A., 2004:
Evaluation of Trichoderma spp. for biocontrol of tomato sudden caused by Pythium aphanidermatum following flooding in tropical hot season

Ezishvili, I.N., 1952:
Evaluation of Tsov'ianov's manual delivery

Frigyesi, T., 1961:
Evaluation of UK-738 in the treatment of extrapyramidal disorders. Preliminary communication

Friedman, A.P.; Losin, S., 1961:
Evaluation of UML-491 in the treatment of vascular headaches. An analysis of the effects of 1-methyl-D-lysergic acid (plus) butanolamide bimaleate (methysergide)

Smith, J.; Hill, J.; Barrett, S.; Hayes, W.; Kirby, P.; Walsh, S.; Gittins, E.; Whitehurst, F.; Cooper, R., 2004:
Evaluation of Urgotol plus K-Four compression for venous leg ulcers

Whitehouse, W.M.; Hodges, F.J., 1954:
Evaluation of Urokon as a cholangiographic medium: a preliminary report

Remacha, A.F.; Puget, G.; Nomdedéu, J.F.; Estivill, C.; Sardà, M.Pilar.; Canals, C., 2006:
Evaluation of V617F mutation of JAK2 in negative chromosome Philadelphia chronic myeloproliferative disorders

McMahon, W.A.; Johnson, R.L., 2004:
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Evaluation of a lipidocolloid wound dressing in the local management of leg ulcers

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Evaluation of a local anesthetic delivery system for the postoperative analgesic management of canine total ear canal ablation--a randomized, controlled, double-blinded study

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Evaluation of a low cost reverse transcriptase assay for plasma HIV-1 viral load monitoring

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Evaluation of a low-cost method, the Guava EasyCD4 assay, to enumerate CD4-positive lymphocyte counts in HIV-infected patients in the United States and Uganda

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Evaluation of a low-cost transient mass measurement system in vehicle inspection and maintenance testing: results of a Gordon-Darby Study

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Evaluation of a mature trauma system

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Evaluation of a mechanical shunt to bypass segments of the thoracic aorta including the arch

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Evaluation of a medical admission ward for old patients in a psychiatric hospital

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Evaluation of a medical emergency team one year after implementation

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Evaluation of a medical teaching programme in public health in Laos

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Evaluation of a medication education program for elderly hospital in-patients

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Evaluation of a mental health week program. 2

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Evaluation of a meridian-based intervention, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), for reducing specific phobias of small animals

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Evaluation of a method for detecting and following urinary tract infection in females without catheterization

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Evaluation of a method for issuing warnings pre-epidemics and epidemics in Japan by infectious diseases surveillance

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Evaluation of a method for partitioning the bilirubin glucuronides in the blood

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Evaluation of a method for the study of burn healing

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Evaluation of a modified exogenous creatinine clearance as a suitable renal function test for the small animal practice

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Evaluation of a monolithic silica column operated in the hydrophilic interaction chromatography mode with evaporative light scattering detection for the separation and detection of counter-ions

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Evaluation of a monthly coverage maximum (drug-specific quantity limit) on the 5-HT1 agonists (triptans) and dihydroergotamine nasal spray

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Evaluation of a multi-professional mentoring scheme in primary health care

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Evaluation of a multicomponent worksite health promotion program for cardiovascular risk factors-correcting for the regression towards the mean effect

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Evaluation of a multifaceted "resident-as-teacher" educational intervention to improve morning report

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Evaluation of a multimodal management of prematurity-related spasticity

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Evaluation of a multiple component intervention to support the implementation of a 'Therapeutic Relationships' best practice guideline on nurses' communication skills

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Evaluation of a needle-free system for delivery of skin anaesthesia

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Evaluation of a nested-pCR to detect 18S rDNA for the diagnosis of toxoplasmic meningoencephalitis

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Evaluation of a new (13)CO2 infrared analyzer (POCone) for 13C-urea breath test

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Evaluation of a new 2-paste glass ionomer cement

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Evaluation of a new Aerodynamic Particle Sizer Spectrometer for size distribution measurements of solution metered dose inhalers

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Evaluation of a new CA15-3 protein assay method: optical protein-chip system for clinical application

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Evaluation of a new Internet-based self-help guide for patients with bulimic symptoms in Sweden

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Evaluation of a new agent in the treatment of parkinsonism

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Evaluation of a new analgesic agent; d-propoxyphene hydrochloride (darvon) in preanesthetic and postanesthetic management

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Evaluation of a new anticholinergic, endobenzyline bromide, in the treatment of patients with peptic ulcer

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Evaluation of a new anticonvulsant drug

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Evaluation of a new antihistamine

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Evaluation of a new antitussive

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Evaluation of a new antitussive agent by use of the comparative double blind test

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Evaluation of a new antitussive-sedative combination in children

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Evaluation of a new apparatus for the treatment of peripheral vascular disease

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Evaluation of a new approach to implement structured, evidence-based emergency medical care in undergraduate medical education in Germany

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Evaluation of a new atropine-brand anticholinergic; clinical, gastric secretory and roentgenological effects in peptic ulcer and gastrointestinal functional disorders

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Application of targeted mass spectrometry in bottom-up proteomics for systems biology research

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Evaluation of a new bioadhesive copolymer (ADAL) to seal corneal incisions

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Evaluation of a new caries detecting dye for primary and permanent carious dentin

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Evaluation of a new chromogenic medium for isolation and identification of common urinary tract pathogens

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Evaluation of a new chromogenic medium for isolation of MRSA

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Evaluation of a new contraceptive cream-jel based on long-term usage

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Evaluation of a new contrast medium for bronchography

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Evaluation of a new curing light on the shear bond strength of orthodontic brackets

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Evaluation of a new curved linear array echoendoscopy system for EUS

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Evaluation of a new cycloplegic

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Evaluation of a new decongestant in office rhinology

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Evaluation of a new definition for chronic Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection in cystic fibrosis patients

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Evaluation of a new design pulmonary artery catheter for intraoperative ventricular pacing

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Evaluation of a new desktop spirometer: problem with statistical methods used

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Evaluation of a new device for home cardiorespiratory recording in children

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Evaluation of a new diabetes screening method at the Derbarl Yerrigan Health Service

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Evaluation of a new direct-comparison aniseikonia test

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Evaluation of a new drug (methylpolysiloxane) in the treatment of postoperative gaseous distress

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Evaluation of a new drug for topical anesthesia in the urethra

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Evaluation of a new drug toward a modern trend of therapy of coronary insufficiency syndromes

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Evaluation of a new effect-site controlled, patient-maintained sedation system in dental patients

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Evaluation of a new enzyme immunoassay for the detection of Helicobacter pylori in stool specimens

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Evaluation of a new enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for the determination of neopterin

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Evaluation of a new expert system for fully automated detection of the Alzheimer's dementia pattern in FDG PET

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Evaluation of a new fluoride-releasing one-step adhesive

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Evaluation of a new fluorometric immunoassay for the detection of anti-cyclic citrullinated peptides autoantibodies in rheumatoid arthritis

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Evaluation of a new force field for describing the adsorption behavior of alkanes in various pure silica zeolites

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Evaluation of a new formula for a clinical means of estimating basal metabolic rates

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Evaluation of a new fourth generation enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, the LG HIV Ag-Ab Plus, with a combined HIV p24 antigen and anti-HIV-1/2/O screening test

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Evaluation of a new fully automated one-step C-peptide chemiluminescence assay (LIAISON C-Peptid)

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Evaluation of a new griseofulvin preparation

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Evaluation of a new high-viscosity octylcyanoacrylate tissue adhesive for laceration repair: a randomized, clinical trial

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Evaluation of a new hypotensive drug: mecamylamine in malignant hypertension

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Evaluation of a new immunoassay to measure sirolimus blood concentrations compared to a tandem mass-spectrometric chromatographic analysis

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Evaluation of a new indicator test for sudomotor function (Neuropad) in the diagnosis of peripheral neuropathy in type 2 diabetic patients

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Evaluation of a new insecticide methylethylthiophos with special reference to food hygiene

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Evaluation of a new insulating system for infusion solutions in preclinical trauma therapy: a prospective, randomized study

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Evaluation of a new insulinotropic agent by using an innovative technology: efficacy and safety of nateglinide determined by continuous glucose monitoring

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Evaluation of a new invasive continuous cardiac output monitoring system: the truCCOMS system

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Evaluation of a new laxative-deflatulant in constipated, obese patients on restricted diets

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Evaluation of a new linker system cleaved using samarium(II) iodide. Application in the solid phase synthesis of carbonyl compounds

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Evaluation of a new liquid dosage form of hydrocortisone

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Evaluation of a new lithium colorimetric assay performed on the dade behring dimension X-pand system

Anonymous, 1952:
Evaluation of a new local anesthetic

Tomat, L.R.; Manktelow, R.T., 2005:
Evaluation of a new measurement tool for facial paralysis reconstruction

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Evaluation of a new method for automated detection of left ventricular boundaries in time series of magnetic resonance images using an Active Appearance Motion Model

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Evaluation of a new method for detection of obstructive disease in children asthma: the negative expiratory pressure (NEP)

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Evaluation of a new method for diagnosing the origin of urinary bleeding by the morphological characteristics of urinary red blood cells

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Evaluation of a new method for measurement of minute ventilation recovery time

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Evaluation of a novel animal model for teaching intubation

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Evaluation of a novel tourniquet device for bloodless surgery of the hand

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Evaluation of a once-daily moisturizer used to treat xerosis in long-term care patients

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Evaluation of a patient centered e-nursing and caring system

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Evaluation of a patient education tool to reduce the incidence of incontinence post-prostate surgery

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Evaluation of a patient with a parotid tumor

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Evaluation of a peer assessment approach for enhancing the organizational capacity of state injury prevention programs

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Evaluation of a peer provider reproductive health service model for adolescents

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Evaluation of a pen device for self-administration of recombinant human FSH in clomiphene citrate-resistant anovulatory women undergoing ovulation induction

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Evaluation of a pencil beam algorithm for therapeutic carbon ion beam in presence of bolus

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Evaluation of a peripheral rheogram

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Evaluation of a pharmacist pain management education program and associated medication use in a palliative care population

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Evaluation of a pharmacist-managed hepatitis C care clinic

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Evaluation of a pharmacokinetic program for adjusting enoxaparin in renal impairment

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Evaluation of a physiotherapeutic treatment intervention in "Bell's" facial palsy

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Evaluation of a pilot hands-on course in surgical dentistry for primary care dental practitioners in Oxfordshire

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Evaluation of a pilot mentoring programme for nurse managers

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Evaluation of a pilot nurse-led, community-based treatment programme for lymphoedema

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Evaluation of a pilot project: preparenthood and pregrandparenthood education

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Evaluation of a pilot second-opinion child telepsychiatry service

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Evaluation of a pilot service designed to provide support following stroke: a randomized cross-over design study

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Evaluation of a planned behavior theory-based intervention programme to promote healthy eating

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Evaluation of a point-of-care coagulation analyzer on patients undergoing cardiopulmonary bypass surgery

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Evaluation of a police and social services domestic violence program: empirical evidence needed to inform public health policies

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Evaluation of a policy to reduce youth tractor crashes on public roads

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Evaluation of a porcine origin acellular dermal matrix and small intestinal submucosa as dermal replacements in preventing secondary skin graft contraction

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Evaluation of a porous tantalum uncemented acetabular cup in revision total hip arthroplasty: clinical and radiological results of 60 hips

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Evaluation of a porous, biodegradable biopolymer scaffold for mandibular reconstruction

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Evaluation of a portable recording device (Reggie) with actimeter and nasopharyngeal/esophagus catheter incorporated

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Evaluation of a positive youth development program in Hong Kong: issues, principles and design

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Evaluation of a possible proximity effect of aspartame and vitamin C on muscular strength

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Evaluation of a poster campaign against passive smoking for World No-Tobacco Day

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Evaluation of a postgraduate training programme for community mental health practitioners

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Evaluation of a potentiated antihistaminic ointment

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Evaluation of a pre-operative staging protocol in the management of colorectal carcinoma

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Evaluation of a precordial continuous murmur. Rupture of aneurysm of sinus of Valsalva into the right ventricle

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Evaluation of a preoperative multimedia information program in surgical oncology

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Evaluation of a preparation depth controlling device: a pilot study

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Evaluation of a prevention measure against blood exposure accidents

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Evaluation of a prevention program to address body focus and negative affect among children

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Evaluation of a probe-tube insertion technique for measuring the real-ear-to-coupler difference (RECD) in young infants

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Evaluation of a problem-based learning package on pregnancy-induced hypertension for B.Sc. nursing students

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Evaluation of a procedure for assessing the performance of staff nurses

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