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Biology, Geography & Health: Section 50

Section 50 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Murphy, R.J., 1952:
Evaluation of the North Carolina premature infant care program

Maschewsky-Schneider, U.; Lampert, T.; Kröger, C.; Schulze, A.; Stander, V.; Töppich, J., 2006:
Evaluation of the health target "tobacco control"

Colburn, M.; Williams, M., 2003:
Evaluation of the treatment of idiopathic clubfoot by using the Ponseti method

Beyer, H., 1953:
Evaporated homogenized unsweetened milk in infant nutrition (condensed milk)

Díaz-Reval, Mía.Irene.; Ventura-Martínez, R.; Déciga-Campos, M.; Terrón, Jé.A.; Cabré, F.; López-Muñoz, F.Javier., 2004:
Evidence for a central mechanism of action of S-(+)-ketoprofen

Ward, H.J.T., 2006:
Evidence of a new human genotype susceptible to variant CJD

Moya, F.R.; Lally, K.P., 2005:
Evidence-based management of infants with congenital diaphragmatic hernia

Vasilev, I.M., 1964:
Evolution Of Some Biological Properties Of The Cutaneous Epithelium In Carcinogenesis

Craciun, E.C., 1961:
Evolution of some acute and hyperacute pneumonias in relation to the characteristics of the vascular regions of the lung

Fragale, A.R.; Heath, C., 2004:
Evolving informational credentials: the (mis)attribution of believable facts to credible sources

McQUEEN.R., 1957:
Examination deception as a function of residual, background, and immediate stimulus factors

Phaosavasdi, S.; Taneepanichskul, S.; Tannirandorn, Y.; Pruksapong, C.; Karnchanapitak, A., 2004:
Examination on ethics 1 : Friday August 22, 2003

Anonymous, 1932:
Exchange News

Tartaglia, M.; Cotter, P.D.; Zampino, G.; Gelb, B.D.; Rauen, K.A., 2003:
Exclusion of PTPN11 mutations in Costello syndrome: further evidence for distinct genetic etiologies for Noonan, cardio-facio-cutaneous and Costello syndromes

Anonymous, 2006:
Exercise and aging: can you walk away from Father Time?

Neuhold, A.; Wolfram, S., 1950:
Exfoliative erythroderma

Nyquist, R.H., 1956:
Exoskeletal splithook prostheses for patients with traumatic tetraplegia; preliminary experience with their use for upper extremities

Gorby, J.H., 1957:
Expense accounts are deductible-but

Experience in reconstruction of defects of the anterior abdominal wall by the method of alloplasty

Baerschneider, M., 1960:
Experience with Sedestal in the treatment of the vegetative-neurotic syndrome

Lehmann, F., 1957:
Experience with radiotherapy in eczema

Finsterbusch, W., 1964:
Experiences With Cold Sterilization Using Ethylene Oxide Under Increased Tension During 1 Year Of Clinical Use

Ohzawa, R.; Muto, J.; Kudo, R., 1961:
Experiences in the use of Syncillin in the field of otorhinolaryngology

Perevodchikova, N.J., 1958:
Experiences with clinical use of some new chemotherapeutics in tumor therapy

Uher, M.; Dite, J., 1951:
Experiences with streptomycin in the treatment of osteoarticular tuberculosis

Swiderski, G.; Kalinowska, M.; Wojtulewski, S.; Lewandowski, W., 2005:
Experimental (FT-IR, FT-Raman, 1H NMR) and theoretical study of magnesium, calcium, strontium, and barium picolinates

Prokop, O., 1952:
Experimental Rh immune sera

Jalife, Jé., 2003:
Experimental and clinical AF mechanisms: bridging the divide

Budzinskaia, M.V.; Likhvantseva, V.G.; Shevxchik, S.A.; Loshchenov, V.B.; Kuz'min, S.G.; Vorozhtsov, G.N., 2005:
Experimental assessment of the capacities of use of photosense. Communication 2. Photodynamic therapy for epibulbar and choroid tumors

Neiman, I.Z., 1961:
Experimental data on the effect of osteoplastic spine fixation on its growth and form

D.Almeida, C.G.L., 1952:
Experimental hetrazan therapy of Acanthocheilonema perstans

Cosen-Binker, L.Iris.; Binker, M.Gustavo.; Negri, G.; Tiscornia, O., 2003:
Experimental model of acute pancreatitis in Wistar rat: glucocorticoid treatment profile

Mosley, P.J.; Croke, S.; Walmsley, I.A.; Barnett, S.M., 2006:
Experimental realization of maximum confidence quantum state discrimination for the extraction of quantum information

Smirnov, P.V.; Beletskaia, L.V., 1955:
Experimental rheumatism in white rats

Ollivier, H.; Quicke, J., 1956:
Experimental studies on methemoglobinizing power of sodium nitrite on crystalline oxyhemoglobin solutions

Enenkel, H.J.; Heymann, G., 1956:
Experimental studies on the toxins of dysentery bacteria. VII. Effect specificity of Flexner endotoxin and Shiga toxin after single injections and in prolonged infusions

Lorian, V., 1961:
Experimental study of the pulmonary concentrations of antibiotics after endobronchial treatment. Kanamycin and cycloserine

Allred, D.M.; Lavender, J.F.; Stagg, G.N., 1956:
Experimental transmission of Pasteurella tularensis by the tick, Dermacentor parumaperlus

Bernardini, G., 1951:
Experiments on kidney transplantation, femoral vessels and the anastomosis of vessels performed with a new type of forceps

Herzog, H., 1959:
Expiratory stenosis of the trachea and the large bronchi caused by a relazed pars membranacea

Smaglik, P., 2004:
Exploring careers

Rignell-Hydbom, A.; Rylander, L.; Giwercman, A.; Jönsson, B.A.G.; Lindh, C.; Eleuteri, P.; Rescia, M.; Leter, G.; Cordelli, E.; Spano, M.; Hagmar, L., 2005:
Exposure to PCBs and p,p'-DDE and human sperm chromatin integrity

Feng, B.; Zheng, M-hua.; Ma, J-jun.; Cai, Q.; Zhang, Y.; Ji, J.; Qu, Y.; Li, J-wen.; Lu, A-guo.; Wang, M-liang.; Liu, B-ya.; Zhu, Z-gang., 2006:
Expression and single nucleotide polymorphisms of kallikrein 10 in colorectal cancer

Sutrisno, A.; Ueda, M.; Inui, H.; Kawaguchi, T.; Nakano, Y.; Arai, M.; Miyatake, K., 2005:
Expression of a gene encoding chitinase (pCA 8 ORF) from Aeromonas sp. no. 10S-24 in Escherichia coli and enzyme characterization

Mo, B.; Zhang, Z.; Xu, Y.; Xiong, W.; Liu, X.A.; Zhen, G., 2005:
Expression of heme oxygenase-1 in the peripheral blood mononuclear cells from asthmatic patients

Liu, Y-Mei.; Huang, J-Hua.; Feng, D-Yun.; Guo, X-Cheng., 2006:
Expression of survivin and its correlation to angiogenesis in oral squamous cell carcinoma

Chen, Q-hua.; Qu, J-ying.; Xu, Y-yun.; Qiu, N-xuan.; Zhuang, Y-zhen.; Zhong, S.; Fang, Q-quan., 2005:
Expressions of matrix metalloproteinase-9 and tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase-1 in ectopic and eutopic endometrium

Lube, J.; Kniepf, H., 1961:
Extension of prenatal care by legally established cooperation of the gynecologist and stomatologist

Hagemeyer, F.W., 1955:
External and internal spontaneous pancreas fistula; report of two rare cases

Seymour, J.F., 2006:
Extra-pulmonary aspects of acquired pulmonary alveolar proteinosis as predicted by granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor-deficient mice

Surraco, L.A., 1964:
Extraction Of Large Kidney Calculi By Pelvi-Calicial Extended Posterior Pyelotomy

Windfuhr, J.P.; Remmert, S., 2004:
Extranasopharyngeal angiofibroma of the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses

Játiva-Porcar, M.R.; Sala-Francino, P.; Tello-Galindo, I.; Sánchez-Sánchez, J.; Masip-Serra, R.; Sardà-Auré, I.; Cuenca-Peña, J., 2003:
Extreme reflex bradycardia during laryngoscopy

Merz, M., 1963:
Eyelashes In The Anterior Chamber Of The Eye

Kurtovic, J.; Van Der Wall, H.; Riordan, S.M., 2005:
FDG PET for discrimination between tumor extension and blood thrombus as a cause for portal vein thrombosis in hepatocellular carcinoma: important role in exclusion of transplant candidacy

Jones, F.W., 1951:
FRED Wade Jones

Simpson, P.; Batchelor, A., 2006:
Face transplants

Singh, A.; Awar, M.; Ahmed, A.; Fischman, D.L.; Walinsky, P.; Savage, M.P., 2006:
Facilitated stent delivery using applied topical lubrication

Malcarne, V.L.; Fernandez, S.; Flores, L., 2005:
Factorial validity of the multidimensional health locus of control scales for three American ethnic groups

Higgins, D.J.; Bailey, S.R.; Pearce, J.C., 2005:
Factors associated with functioning style and coping strategies of families with a child with an autism spectrum disorder

Song, E-Kyeung.; Kim, C-Ja.; Yoo, I-Young.; Kim, G-Yon.; Kim, J-Hyeung.; Ha, J-Won., 2006:
Factors influencing functional status in patients with heart failure

Rowe, C.R.; Sakellarides, H.T., 1961:
Factors related to recurrences of anterior dislocations of the shoulder

Fletcher, S.J., 2005:
Failure of a Luer lock

Palombo, S.R.; Bruch, H., 1964:
Falling Apart: The Verbalization Of Ego Failure

Adair, R.; Colon, J.M.; McGovern, P.G., 2003:
Familial Mediterranean fever presenting as recurrent acute pelvic inflammatory disease

Valledor, T.; Borbolla, L.; Prieto, E.; Urquiza, L.; Valdes, O.; Alvare, F.Ores, G., 1960:
Familial obesity. (Presentation of 3 cases)

Hawe, E.; Talmud, P.J.; Miller, G.J.; Humphries, S.E., 2003:
Family history is a coronary heart disease risk factor in the Second Northwick Park Heart Study

Donoghue, F.E.; Schmidt, H.W., 1964:
Farmer's Lung And Silo-Filler's Disease

Overath, P.; Stumpf, P.K., 1964:
Fat Metabolism In Higher Plants. 23. Properties Of A Soluble Fatty Acid Synthetase From Avocado Mesocarp

Frazee, B.W.; Salz, T.O.; Lambert, L.; Perdreau-Remington, F., 2005:
Fatal community-associated methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus pneumonia in an immunocompetent young adult

Kirberger, E., 1953:
Fatal tetraplegia caused by fracture of tuberculous epistropheus after suboccipital puncture

Hejnar, P.; Chmela, Z.; Rypka, M., 2003:
Fatty acid analysis of Stenotrophomonas maltophilia clinical strains showing different susceptibility to antibiotics at 30 and 37 degrees C

Hochmann, J., 1981:
Fear of the mad.

Kozlova, I.V.; Loginov, S.V.; Shvarts, I.G., 2003:
Features of the clinical course and some electrophysiological characteristics of the myocardium in patients with combined gastroesophageal reflux and ischemic heart disease

Damste, P.H., 1959:
Feeding problems in patients with a pharyngostoma

Wong, P.C., 1964:
Femoral Neck Fractures Among The Major Racial Groups In Singapore. Incidence Patterns Compared With Non-Asian Communities. Ii

Botar, B.; Kögerler, P.; Müller, A.; Garcia-Serres, R.; Hill, C.L., 2005:
Ferrimagnetically ordered nanosized polyoxomolybdate-based cluster spheres

Cizkova, P.Sarovicova, J.; Padovec, J.; Skamenova, B.; Stolz, J., 1961:
Fetal development in a hypothyroid mother

Bartolomeo, O.; Dell, B.Ffa, A., 1953:
Fever in hyperthyroidism

Zographov, D., 1962:
Fibrinolysis in total-body irradiation in rabbits

Constantiner, J.P.; Dejesusmartinez, J.; Licea, A.G., 1963:
Fibrosarcomas Of The Abdominal Wall

Yoon, T.Rim.; Rowe, S-Man.; Kim, M-Sun.; Cho, S-Gwon.; Seon, J-Keun., 2007:
Fifteen- to 20-year results of uncemented tapered fully porous-coated cobalt-chrome stems

Graul, A.I., 2005:
Filling the gaps: osteogenesis imperfecta

Kawashima, M.; Hayashi, N.; Igarashi, A.; Kitahara, H.; Maeguchi, M.; Mizuno, A.; Murata, Y.; Nogita, T.; Toda, K.; Tsuboi, R.; Ueki, R.; Yamada, M.; Yamazaki, M.; Matsuda, T.; Natsumeda, Y.; Takahashi, K.; Harada, S., 2004:
Finasteride in the treatment of Japanese men with male pattern hair loss

Retali, R.; Bartalucci, B., 1960:
Findings on tuberculin allergy and bacillary allergy in old age

Siirala, U.; Mali, A.M., 1960:
Finnish medicine today

Gordon, E.M.; Cornelio, G.H.; Lorenzo, C.C.; Levy, J.P.; Reed, R.A.; Liu, L.; Hall, F.L., 2003:
First clinical experience using a 'pathotropic' injectable retroviral vector (Rexin-G) as intervention for stage IV pancreatic cancer

Mossé, S.; Alexakis, A., 2005:
First organocatalyzed asymmetric Michael addition of aldehydes to vinyl sulfones

Northoff, G.; Heinzel, A., 2006:
First-Person Neuroscience: a new methodological approach for linking mental and neuronal states

St-Germain, D.; Blais, Régis., 2005:
Five Commissions face a Canadian law on health: disagreement or consensus?

Enislidis, G.; Lagogiannis, G.; Wittwer, G.; Glaser, C.; Ewers, R., 2004:
Fixation of zygomatic fractures with a biodegradable copolymer osteosynthesis system: short- and long-term results

Stuke, K.; von Samson-Himmelstjerna, G.; Mencke, N.; Hansen, O.; Schnieder, T.; Leibold, W., 2003:
Flea allergy dermatitis in the cat: establishment of a functional in vitro test

Duriagin, S.; Ofori, H.; Jagodziński, P.P., 2007:
Flow cytometric analysis of CD4+ T cell receptor zeta chain deficiency in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus

Hardy, J.D.; Neely, W.A.; Wilson, F.C.; Milnor, E.P.; Wilson, H., 1953:
Fluid kinetics following thermal burns in man; a preliminary report

Sapsford, K.E.; Shubin, Y.S.; Delehanty, J.B.; Golden, J.P.; Taitt, C.R.; Shriver-Lake, L.C.; Ligler, F.S., 2003:
Fluorescence-based array biosensors for detection of biohazards

Vennesland, B.; Gattung, H.W.; Birkicht, E., 1963:
Fluorometric measurement of the photoreduction of flavin by illuminated chloroplasts

Tietze, H.F., 1953:
Focal infection, an organizer-induction on the tissue of three germinal layers

Li, A.D.Q.; Wang, W.; Wang, L-Qiong., 2003:
Folding versus self-assembling

Wegelius, C.Q., 1951:
Follow-up of wartime cases of cardiac neurosis

Pieri, C.; Falasca, M.; Marcheselli, F.; Moroni, F.; Recchioni, R.; Marmocchi, F.; Lupidi, G., 1992:
Food restriction in female Wistar rats: V. Lipid peroxidation and antioxidant enzymes in the liver

Anonymous, 2005:
For the dental patient. Dealing with dry mouth

Valenta, J.C.; Chenoweth, C.V., 1953:
Foreign bodies in ureter: a complication from use of electrodes for ureteral meatotomy

Haas, K.B.; Hart, H.Maurice.; Villa, F., 2004:
Forgotten veterinarians 1. Harry Hart and Pancho Villa

Lević, J.; Petrović, T., 1997:
Formation of alpha- and beta-conidia by Phaeocytostroma ambiguum

Rusanova, D.; Forsling, W.; Antzutkin, O.N.; Pike, K.J.; Dupree, R., 2005:
Formation of {Cu6[S2P(OC2H5)2]6} on Cu2S surfaces from aqueous solutions of the KS2P(OC2H5)2 collector: scanning electron microscopy and solid-state 31P cross-polarization/magic angle spinning and static 65Cu NMR studies

Francois, J.; Neetens, A., 1954:
Foster-Kennedy syndrome

Fedushkin, I.L.; Skatova, A.A.; Chudakova, V.A.; Fukin, G.K., 2003:
Four-step reduction of dpp-bian with sodium metal: crystal structures of the sodium salts of the mono-, di-, tri- and tetraanions of dpp-bian

Sigdel, T.K.; Cilliers, R.; Gursahaney, P.R.; Crowder, M.W., 2004:
Fractionation of soluble proteins in Escherichia coli using DEAE-, SP-, and phenyl sepharose chromatographies

Bonet, H., 1955:
Fractures of lower extremities, of the two bones of the forearm with severe and unexpected complications; presentation of the patient

Hepp, J.; Moutier, F., 1961:
Francois MOUTIER (1881-1961)

Arablinskaia, N.E.; Borisov, S.E.; Gracheva, M.P.; Kupavtseva, E.A., 2007:
Free radical processes in the phagocytes of the lung in the diagnosis of granulomatous diseases

Arman, I.P., 1964:
Frequency Of Prototropic Mutations Appearing In Some Yeasts Of Different Ploidy Under The Influence Of Irradiation

Donati, G., 2006:
Frequency of recurrence after Verteporfin photodynamic therapy in AMD

Machida, M.; Koyama, T., 2003:
Friedel oscillation in charge profile and position dependent screening around a superconducting vortex core

Kela, N.; Kela, P., 2004:
From case to case: life afterward

Bannel, F.; Charon, J., 1958:
From penal expert testimony to the social future of the delinquent

Decker, S.; Cary, P.; Krautscheid, L., 2006:
From the streets to assisted living: perceptions of a vulnerable population

Dobbs, C.G., 1951:
Fruiting of the oak mildew

Vanwyk, J.; Tait, I.; Eiseman, B., 1965:
Function Of Livers Left For Graded Periods Within The Cadaver

Vague, J.; Boyer, J.; Vague, P.; Codaccioni, J.L., 1964:
Functional Picture In Obesity

Frol, K.S.V.V.; Golovchenko, S.F.; Dukhovichnyi, S.M.; Tanin, S.A., 1962:
Functional changes in the blood circulation and respiration in old age

Lichtwitz, A.; D.S.Ze.S.; Parlier, R.; Hioco, D.; Bordier, P.; Strauss, M., 1958:
Functional exploration of the skeleton in retentional nephritis without apparent bone lesions

MacDermid, J.C.; King, G.J.W., 2005:
Functional outcome was better after percutaneous surgery than after open formal release for tennis elbow

Adant, M.; Boxus, V., 1950:
Functional tests of the liver in colonials

Cross, F.S., 1964:
Fundamentals Of The Pump Oxygenator

Lester, C.W., 1950:
Funnel chest: its cause, effects, and treatment

Rossi, G.F., 1962:
Further considerations on the physiopathological mechanisms of changes in consciousness

Pfaltz, H., 1955:
Further investigations of the question of vitamin deficiency and its effect

Wechsler, H., 1957:
Further studies of reactions due to intravenous urography

Yasukawa, K.; Tsuchiya, S.; Ekida, T.; Iida, H.; Ide, T.; Miki, D.; Yagame, H.; Murayama, K.; Ishiguro, T., 2005 :
Fusion protein of interleukin-6 and interleukin-6 receptor without a polypeptide linker

Kelley, G.G.; Kaproth-Joslin, K.A.; Reks, S.E.; Smrcka, A.V.; Wojcikiewicz, R.J.H., 2005:
G-protein-coupled receptor agonists activate endogenous phospholipase Cepsilon and phospholipase Cbeta3 in a temporally distinct manner

Anonymous, 1959:
GLYCYRRHETINIC acid ointment

Yavuzer, G.; Yetkin, I.; Toruner, F.B.; Koca, N.; Bolukbasi, N., 2006:
Gait deviations of patients with diabetes mellitus: looking beyond peripheral neuropathy

Lacy, K.E.; Kennedy, C.T., 2006:
Galvanic urticaria

Wald, M., 1964:
Gangrene Of The Distal Two Thirds Of Transverse Colon, Left Colon, Rectum And Anal Canal Due To Superior Mesenteric Vascular Insufficiency

Walsby, A.E.; Dunton, P.G., 2006:
Gas vesicles in actinomycetes?

Maggi, A.L.C.; Meeroff, M.; Kuperman, A., 1950:
Gastric cancer with hyperchlorhydria

Lynch, K.A.; Feola, P.G.; Guenther, E., 2003:
Gastric trichobezoar: an important cause of abdominal pain presenting to the pediatric emergency department

Sood, M.R.; Rudolph, C.D., 2004:
Gastroesophageal reflux in adolescents

Rodriguez D.Castro Y Martinez, A., 1956:
Gastromelus monster; a case without precedent in medical history

Green, V.J.; Parnes, R.Brett.; Montuori, L.M.; Mardigan, T., 2003:
Gem No. 365. Fresh minds, from farm to classroom: a nutrition and agriculture game

Cramer, P.; Westergren, H., 2004:
Gender identity: affected by social change?

Chen, Y.; Li, S.; Ye, L.; Geng, J.; Deng, Y.; Hu, S., 2005:
Gene expression profiling in porcine fetal thymus

Friedmann, T., 2003:
Gene therapy's new era: a balance of unequivocal benefit and unequivocal harm

Rozan, A.; Delbosc, G.; Bouchat, J., 1960:
General anesthesia in wartime ophthalmology

Coupland, C.; Hippisley-Cox, J.; Smith, S.; Irving, W.; Pringle, M.; Ryder, S.; Neal, K.; Cater, R.; Thomson, B.; Pugh, S.; Bicknell, M.; Bullock, D., 2006:
General practice characteristics associated with rates of testing and detection of hepatitis C: cross-sectional study in Nottingham and Derbyshire

Kopocinski, B., 1964:
Generalization Of The Bogdanik-Perkal Cybernetic Scheme

Sandanaraj, B.S.; Demont, R.; Thayumanavan, S., 2007:
Generating patterns for sensing using a single receptor scaffold

Whitfield, K.E.; McClearn, G., 2005:
Genes, environment, and race: quantitative genetic approaches

Messing, R.O., 2003:
Genetic approaches to studying protein kinase C: an introduction

St-Jean, J.R.; Desforges, M.; Talbot, P.J., 2006:
Genetic evolution of human coronavirus OC43 in neural cell culture

Gillespie, N.A.; Evans, D.E.; Wright, M.M.; Martin, N.G., 2004:
Genetic simplex modeling of Eysenck's dimensions of personality in a sample of young Australian twins

Felix, J.F.; Keijzer, R.; van Dooren, M.F.; Rottier, R.J.; Tibboel, D., 2004:
Genetics and developmental biology of oesophageal atresia and tracheo-oesophageal fistula: lessons from mice relevant for paediatric surgeons

Fernandez Doblado, R., 1959:
Genital tuberculosis and extrauterine pregnancy; case report

Normile, D., 2005:
Genomics. Painstaking approach pays off for rice sequencing project

Leary, S.; Fall, C.; Osmond, C.; Lovel, H.; Campbell, D.; Eriksson, J.; Forrester, T.; Godfrey, K.; Hill, J.; Jie, M.; Law, C.; Newby, R.; Robinson, S.; Yajnik, C., 2006:
Geographical variation in neonatal phenotype

Andrews, J.; Insley, M., 1962:
Geriatric medical services in Wales

Sauer, H., 1960:
Gestosis of the respiratory system?

Schleicher, E.M., 1965:
Giant Russell Bodies In Neoplastic Cells In A Case Of Leukemic Lymphosarcomatosis

Skroza, N.; Panetta, C.; Schwartz, R.A.; Balzani, A.; Rota, C.; Buccheri, E.M.; Alfano, C.; Innocenzi, D., 2006:
Giant meta-typical carcinoma: an unusual tumor

Parant, M., 1954:
Gingivodental disorders connected with the eruption of wisdom-teeth

Sahni, D.; Darley, C.R.; Hawk, J.L.M., 2004:
Glaucoma induced by periorbital topical steroid use--a rare complication

Farmer, P.E.; Furin, J.J.; Katz, J.T., 2004:
Global health equity

Lu, F.; Zhou, W-qun.; Lu, Y., 2006:
Glossopharyngeal nerve microwave-coagulation in treatment of refractory glossopharyngeal neuralgia

Pagliaro, L.; Notarbartolo, A.; Catania, A., 1961:
Glucose-6-phosphatase in the liver of subject with acute viral hepatitis and cirrhosis

Little, R.R., 2003:
Glycated hemoglobin standardization--National Glycohemoglobin Standardization Program (NGSP) perspective

Zucca, A.; Brizzi, S.; Riccioni, R.; Azzarà, A.; Ghimenti, M.; Carulli, G., 2006:
Glycosylated and nonglycosylated recombinant human granulocyte colony-stimulating factor differently modifies actin polymerization in neutrophils

Tower, R.N.; Dailey, R.A., 2004:
Gold weight implantation: a better way?

Wade, N.J., 2004:
Good figures

Dewey, T.E., 1950:
Governor Thomas E. Dewey of New York on socialized medicine

HOLLAND.E.; READ.G.Dick., 1959 :
Grantley Dick Read

Imai, Y., 2003:
Graphic modeling of epithelial transport system: causality of dissipation

Zagzag, D.; Miller, D.C.; Chiriboga, L.; Yee, H.; Newcomb, E.W., 2003:
Green fluorescent protein immunohistochemistry as a novel experimental tool for the detection of glioma cell invasion in vivo

Serra, A.; Grillo, C.; Saita, V.; Allegra, E.; L.M.ntia, I., 1989:
Group A streptococcal tonsillitis: comparative evaluation of kits for rapid diagnosis

Moderer, M.; Korting, H.Christian.; Yazdi, A., 2005:
Grover's disease following hemodialysis in a patient with renal failure

Hütler, M.; Beneke, R., 2004:
Growth hormone and exercise tolerance in patients with cystic fibrosis

Dangerfield, P.H., 2004:
Growth, development and puberty indicators on spinal growth

Berges, R.; Dreikorn, K.; Höfner, K.; Jonas, U.; Laval, K.U.; Madersbacher, S.; Michel, M.C.; Muschter, R.; Oelke, M.; Pientka, L.; Tschuschke, C.; Tunn, U.; Schalkhäuser, K.; Göckel-Beining, B.; Heidenreich, A.; Rübben, H.; Schalkhäuser, K.; Thon, W.; Thüroff, J.; Weidner, W., 2003:
Guidelines for German urologists on diagnosis of benign prostate syndrome

Bertoni, L.; Bellotti, G., 1959:
Guillain-Barre syndrome and acute articular rheumatism (clinical contribution)

Carlevarino, A.F., 1961:
Gynecological problems in adolescence

Hovingh, G.K.; Kuivenhoven, J.A.; Bisoendial, R.J.; Groen, A.K.; van Dam, M.; van Tol, A.; Wellington, C.; Hayden, M.R.; Smelt, A.H.M.; Kastelein, J.J.P., 2004:
HDL deficiency and atherosclerosis: lessons from Tangier disease

Gebo, K.A., 2006:
HIV and aging: implications for patient management

Alving, C.R.; Beck, Z.; Karasavva, N.; Matyas, G.R.; Rao, M., 2006:
HIV-1, lipid rafts, and antibodies to liposomes: implications for anti-viral-neutralizing antibodies

Anonymous, 1955:
HOSPITAL San Juan de Dios, Bogota anatomical lectures, case No. 21

Kendler, H.H.; Lachman, R., 1958:
Habit reversal as a function of schedule of reinforcement and drive strength

Lladó, L.; Figueras, J.; Comí, S.; Torras, J.; Serrano, T.; Castellote, Jé.; Jaurrieta, E., 2004:
Haemophagocytic syndrome after liver transplantation in adults

Fischer, E., 1960:
Hallucinogenic drugs: their importance in the pathogenic investigation of schizophrenia

Whiteside, T.C., 1961:
Hand-eye coordination in weightlessness

Ueda, K.; Iwasaki, S.; Nagasawa, M.; Sueyoshi, S.; Takahama, J.; Ide, K.; Kichikawa, K., 2003:
Hard-copy versus soft-copy image reading for detection of ureteral stones on abdominal radiography

Băicuş, C.; Tănăsescu, C.; Ionescu, R., 2004:
Has this patient a cancer? The assessment of weight loss, anemia and erythrocyte sedimentation rate as diagnostic tests in cancer. A retrospective study based in a secondary care university hospital in Romania

Ngiwsara, L.; Srisomsap, C.; Winichagoon, P.; Fucharoen, S.; Sae-Ngow, B.; Svasti, J., 2005:
Hb Kurosaki [alpha7(A5)Lys -->Glu (AAG --> GAG)]: an alpha2-globin gene mutation found in Thailand

Peters, D.A.; Verchere, C., 2006:
Healing at home: Comparing cohorts of children with medium-sized burns treated as outpatients with in-hospital applied Acticoat to those children treated as inpatients with silver sulfadiazine

Kvrgić, S.; Grujić, V.; Martinov-Cvejin, M., 2005:
Health behavior of school children without parental care

Rogalski, C.; Simon, J.; Paasch, U., 2005:
Health economics studies in dermatology

Isaksson, R.; Tiitinen, A., 2004:
Health of children born after in vitro fertilization

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Health services of Quebec

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Individual researcher liability for clinical research on humans

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Infectious diseases. Gates pledges 168 million dollars for malaria research

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Information from your family doctor. Psoriasis: what you should know

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Infra-Red Spectrophotometric Measurement Of The Kinetics Of The Action Of Beta-Glucosidase

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Inguinal hernia in the female

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Inherited metabolic disorders with cutaneous manifestations

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Innervation and uterine dynamics: brief considerations on the treatment of functional dystocia

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Insurance coverage for nurses

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Integrating hospitalists into the pediatric intensive care unit

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Integrity in medical testimony

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Interim guidance on reconstituted infant formula

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Intermediate crural overlay in rhinoplasty: a deprojection technique that shortens the medial leg of the tripod without lengthening the nose

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Interview criteria for assessing allegations of sexual abuse in children and adults

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Intracardiac surgery for common congenital heart lesions

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Mother mine

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My dentist says taking better care of my teeth may have heart benefits. What's the connection?

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Nephritis in gout

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New developments in cancerological therapeutics

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New possibilities of treatment of tuberculosis spondylitis

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Ninth International Congress of Haematology: NOMENCLATURE OF ABNORMAL HAEMOGLOBINS

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Noise-induced hearing loss

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Nucleic acids

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Nursing at Boys Town

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Nursing profession in America

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OSHA cracks down on sharps-safety violators

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Objects of study, material and formal, in nursing science

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Occupational diseases with neurological symptoms and signs

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Old CHeS bylaws are bygone. Changes mean more voting members

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Oligo- and anodontia

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