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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 49069

Chapter 49069 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Overath, P.; Stumpf, P.K., 1964:
Fat Metabolism in Higher Plants. 23. Properties of a Soluble Fatty Acid Synthetase from Avocado Mesocarp

Yang, S.F.; Stumpf, P.K., 1965:
Fat Metabolism in Higher Plants. Xxii. Enzymic Synthesis of 14-Hydroxy-11-Eicosenoic Acid by Particulate Preparations of Avocado Mesocarp

Hoshino, T., 1964:
Fat Metabolism in Infants and Young Children. I. on Nefa Value in Serum and its Metabolic Significance in Pediatrics

Thomas, H.K.; Alfin-Slater, R.B., 1964:
Fat Metabolism in Liver Disease

Gries, F.A.; Zimmer, G.; Jahnke, K., 1964:
Fat Metabolism Studies in Obesity

Macey, M.J.; Stumpf, P.K., 1968:
Fat Metabolism in Higher Plants XXXVI: Long Chain Fatty Acid Synthesis in Germinating Peas

Hatch, M.D.; Stumpf, P.K., 1962:
Fat Metabolism in Higher Plants. XVII. Metabolism of Malonic Acid & Its alpha-Substituted Derivatives in Plants

Jacobson, B.S.; Jaworski, J.G.; Stumpf, P.K., 1974:
Fat Metabolism in Higher Plants: LXII. Stearl-acyl Carrier Protein Desaturase from Spinach Chloroplasts

Deprez, A.; Vantrappen, G., 1963:
Fat Resorption and Malabsorption--Gluten Enteropathy

Anonymous, 1955:
Fat Went Fast

Gertich, I.; Berndt, H.; Ernst, H., 1960:
Fat absorption after stomach surgery. Studies with radioiodine-labelled oil

Sevá-Pereira, G.; Lopes, L.Roberto.; Brandalise, N.Ary.; Andreollo, N.Adami., 2006:
Fat absorption after total gastrectomy in rats submitted to Roux-en-Y or Rosanov-like double-transit technique

Frazer, A.C., 1958:
Fat absorption and its disorders

Geyer, R.P., 1952:
Fat absorption and the experimental basis of oral fat emulsions

Anonymous, 1961:
Fat absorption and utilization in tumor-bearing rats

Lacy, D.; Taylor, A.B., 1962:
Fat absorption by epithelial cells of the smal intestine of the rat

Kamba, S., 1963:
Fat absorption during artificial hibernation clinical and animal experimental study

Reeves, R.J.; Sanders, A.P.; Isley, J.K.; Sharpe, K.W.; Baylin, G.J., 1959:
Fat absorption from the human gastrointestinal tract in patients undergoing radiation therapy

Linazasoro, J.M.; Jimenez Diaz, C., 1960:
Fat absorption in adrenalectomized animals and factors influencing it

Vignetti, P.; Ferreri, S., 1957:
Fat absorption in children after oral CAF treatment

Monckeberg, F.; Navarro, O.; Lopez, M., 1957:
Fat absorption in dystrophy in infants; effect of vitamin B12

Becker, G.H.; Meyer, J.; Necheles, H., 1950:
Fat absorption in young and old age

Soderhjelm, L., 1952:
Fat absorption studies in children. III. Fat tolerance tests

Kerr, N.C., 2004:
Fat adherence syndrome: an animal model

Bang, H.O.; Jesting, E.; Thaysen, E.H., 1961:
Fat analysis with the aid of gas chromatography

Koessler, M.J.; Aebli, N.; Pitto, R.P., 2003:
Fat and bone marrow embolism during percutaneous vertebroplasty

Forsgren, E., 1954:
Fat and carbohydrate metabolism, diabetes, insulin and luxury diet

Nicolaysen, R., 1960:
Fat and cardiovascular diseases

Hampton, T., 2006:
Fat and cholesterol regulator identified

Mordovskaia, V.I.; Krivoshapkin, V.G.; Pogozheva, A.V.; Baĭkov, V.G., 2006 :
Fat and content of yakutan horse fat tissue

Daniewski, M.; Balas, Jław.; Pawlicka, Młgorzata.; Filipek, A.; Mielniczuk, E.; Jacórzyński, B., 2003:
Fat and fatty acid content in selected powdered ready to eat dishes

Miyamoto, S.; Miyake, Y.; Sasaki, S.; Tanaka, K.; Ohya, Y.; Matsunaga, I.; Yoshida, T.; Oda, H.; Ishiko, O.; Hirota, Y., 2007:
Fat and fish intake and asthma in Japanese women: baseline data from the Osaka Maternal and Child Health Study

Rakhmanova, P.I., 1951:
Fat and glycogen reserve deposits in tissue of Anopheles maculipennis messae Fall

Scharfetter, H.; Brunner, P.; Mayer, M.; Brandstätter, B.; Hinghofer-Szalkay, H., 2005:
Fat and hydration monitoring by abdominal bioimpedance analysis: data interpretation by hierarchical electrical modeling

Bruckel, K.W.; Pietzonka, H., 1956:
Fat and iron content of the liver

Miyake, M.; Okuhira, M.; Hisani, T.; Kitakawa, M., 1962:
Fat and lipase in the liver

Droese, W.; Stolley, H., 1953:
Fat and lipid metabolism in acute infant nutrition disorders

Gol'tskener, S.L., 1954:
Fat and lipoids in the blood in atherosclerosis

Medwid, A.; Randall, H.T.; Roberts, K.E.; Schwartz, M.K.; Sleisenger, M., 1956:
Fat and nitrogen metabolism in patients with massive small bowel resections

Netzer, N.C., 2006:
Fat and prejudice : Report from the 2006 American Thoracic Society Conference in San Diego

Bagaric, M.; Erbacher, S., 2005:
Fat and the law: who should take the blame?

Nelson, M.F., 1961:
Fat and your heart

Calder, P.C.; Deckelbaum, R.J., 2003:
Fat as a physiological regulator: the news gets better

Deuel, H.J., 1955:
Fat as a required nutrient of the diet

Gilman, S.L., 2004:
Fat as disability: the case of the Jews

Hofmann, M.; Merker, H.J.; Schwarz, W., 1960:
Fat as secretion. Studies on the coccygeal glands of the duck (Anas boschas)

Feng, F.; Yu, W.; Meng, C-ling.; Jiang, M., 2003:
Fat at sacroiliac joints: MR imaging findings (comparison and analysis of 18 volunteers and 52 patients with ankylosing spondylitis)

Arsov, T.; Silva, D.G.; O'Bryan, M.K.; Sainsbury, A.; Lee, N.J.; Kennedy, C.; Manji, S.S.M.; Nelms, K.; Liu, C.; Vinuesa, C.G.; de Kretser, D.M.; Goodnow, C.C.; Petrovsky, N., 2006:
Fat aussie--a new Alström syndrome mouse showing a critical role for ALMS1 in obesity, diabetes, and spermatogenesis

Butterwick, K.J., 2006:
Fat autograft muscle injection (FAMI): new technique for facial volume restoration

Uomo, G., 2004:
Fat balance in cystic fibrosis: is it only a simple matter of maldigestion and malabsorption?

Gostof, R.; Homolka, J., 1951:
Fat balance in prematures

Nicolaj, P., 1958:
Fat balance of the premature infant fed various types of milk

Lipskii, I.A.; Litman, I.P., 1952:
Fat base for ointments

Yen, C-Liang.Eric.; Farese, R.V., 2006:
Fat breakdown: a function for CGI-58 (ABHD5) provides a new piece of the puzzle

Mathieson, P.W.; Peters, D.Keith., 2004:
Fat cell loss and mesangiocapillary glomerulonephritis: chicken, egg or both?

Ehrhart-Bornstein, M.; Arakelyan, K.; Krug, A.W.; Scherbaum, W.A.; Bornstein, S.R., 2005:
Fat cells may be the obesity-hypertension link: human adipogenic factors stimulate aldosterone secretion from adrenocortical cells

Kay, S., 2004:
Fat chance

Hawkes, N., 2007:
Fat chance of hitting obesity targets

Shulman, S.T., 2007:
Fat city: 2007

Rabinowitz, J.L.; Skerrett, P.V.; Riemenschneider, R.W., 1962:
Fat composition and fat biogenesis in various areas of a single human aorta. A preliminary report

Chechenkin, M.N., 1951:
Fat composition in fresh water fish of various families

Cleave, T.L., 1957:
Fat consumption and coronary disease; the evolutionary answer to this problem: a basic approach to the prevention and arrest of coronary disease

Dalderup, L.M.; Appeldoorn, W.C., 1962:
Fat consumption, body weight, and serum cholesterol content in a group of aged persons

Neuhaus, H., 1950:
Fat content and alkali-neutralizing ability of the skin during the use of alkali-free lotion

Masek, J., 1951:
Fat content in Czechoslovakia

Larnkjaer, A.; Schack-Nielsen, L.; Michaelsen, K.Fleischer., 2006:
Fat content in human milk according to duration of lactation

Helander, E., 1959:
Fat content of skeletal muscular tissue

Pollack, H., 1960:
Fat content of the diabetic diet

Polak, R., 1954:
Fat content of the uterus and vaginal smears

Proks, C., 1961:
Fat crystals in the subcutaneous tissue in sclerema neonatorum

Anonymous, 1961:
Fat deficiency and pituitary-gonad relationships

Dallemagne, M.J.; Philippot, E.; Gerebtzoff, M.A., 1950:
Fat deposits in the kidney in chronic intoxication of the dog by hexachlorocyclohexane

Reynolds, R.D., 2005:
Fat desire and fat intake at extreme altitude: observations from the "On Top Everest '89" Nutrition Research Expedition

Darnaud, C.; Ferret, P.; Denard, Y.; Moreau, G., 1954:
Fat diabetes and adiposity

Wicke, G., 1949:
Fat digestion from soybean cells; experimental research on digestive extraction of nutrients from closed plant cells

Bray, G.A., 1993:
Fat distribution and body weight

Domingo, P.; Sambeat, Mía.A.; Pérez, A.; Ordoñez, J.; Rodriguez, Jé.; Vázquez, G., 2003:
Fat distribution and metabolic abnormalities in HIV-infected patients on first combination antiretroviral therapy including stavudine or zidovudine: role of physical activity as a protective factor

Mulligan, K.; Anastos, K.; Justman, J.; Freeman, R.; Wichienkuer, P.; Robison, E.; Hessol, N.A., 2004:
Fat distribution in HIV-infected women in the United States: DEXA substudy in the Women's Interagency HIV Study

Ibáñez, L.; Ong, K.; de Zegher, F.; Marcos, M.Victoria.; del Rio, L.; Dunger, D.B., 2003:
Fat distribution in non-obese girls with and without precocious pubarche: central adiposity related to insulinaemia and androgenaemia from prepuberty to postmenarche

Kosmiski, L.; Kuritzkes, D.; Hamilton, J.; Sharp, T.; Lichtenstien, K.; Hill, J.; Eckel, R., 2003:
Fat distribution is altered in HIV-infected men without clinical evidence of the HIV lipodystrophy syndrome

Stolk, R.P.; Suriyawongpaisal, P.; Aekplakorn, W.; Woodward, M.; Neal, B., 2005:
Fat distribution is strongly associated with plasma glucose levels and diabetes in Thai adults-the InterASIA study

Canoy, D.; Luben, R.; Welch, A.; Bingham, S.; Wareham, N.; Day, N.; Khaw, K-Tee., 2004:
Fat distribution, body mass index and blood pressure in 22,090 men and women in the Norfolk cohort of the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC-Norfolk) study

Hazenberg, K., 1953:
Fat dystrophy caused by insulin injections

Dienstbier, E., 1953:
Fat dystrophy of the cornea

Steenstrup, O.R., 1954:
Fat emboli after fractures

Rubinshtein, R.; Meri-Dobrecki, I.; Lewis, B.S.; Flugelman, M.Y., 2006:
Fat emboli syndrome mimicking acute coronary syndrome and pulmonary congestion

Cale, J.O.; Gregory, C.F.; Jenkins, M.T., 1959:
Fat embolic phenomena during anesthesia and surgery

Pape, H-Christoph.; Giannoudis, P.V., 2006:
Fat embolism and IM nailing

Summers, J.E., 1953:
Fat embolism associated with multiple fractures

Heisel, C.; Mau, H.; Borchers, T.; Müller, J.; Breusch, S.J., 2003:
Fat embolism during total hip arthroplasty. Cementless versus cemented--a quantitative in vivo comparison in an animal model

Schofield, H.L.; Pratt-Thomas, H.R., 1956:
Fat embolism following abdominal surgery; report of a case

Peltier, L.F., 1952:
Fat embolism following intramedullary nailing; report of a fatality

Klepatskii, B.I., 1958:
Fat embolism following nail osteosynthesis

Charles, M.; Barr, T.; Clokie, C.M.L.; Sándor, G.K.B., 2007:
Fat embolism following posterior iliac graft harvest for jaw reconstruction: managing the complications of major surgery

Nguyen-Van-Phan; David, H., 1959:
Fat embolism in acquired hemolytic anemia

Carty, J.B., 1957:
Fat embolism in childhood: review and case report

Lynch, M.J.; Raphael, S.S.; Dixon, T.P., 1957:
Fat embolism in chronic alcoholism

Saikku, L.A., 1954:
Fat embolism in connection with treatment of fractures

Nikolić, S.; Micić, J.; Savić, S., 2003:
Fat embolism in forensic pathology

Bartos, J., 1954:
Fat embolism in fractures

Bonnal, J.; Carcassonne, M.; Courson, N.; Dor, V., 1961:
Fat embolism in injury of the extremities

Khelimskii, M.A.; Nefedov, V.I.; Barsukov, G.P., 1957:
Fat embolism in intraossal fixation of bone fractures

Tsiv'ian, I.L., 1955:
Fat embolism in intraosseous anesthesia

Cooper, J.R., 1952:
Fat embolism in neurosurgery

Alexander, M.E.F., 1950:
Fat embolism in penicillin therapy

Morton, K.S.; Kendall, M.J., 1960:
Fat embolism in the rat

McKEOWN, F., 1955:
Fat embolism in thoracic operations

Fular, W., 1955:
Fat embolism in traffic accident cases

Saker, G., 1955:
Fat embolism in traffic accidents

Toczek, S., 1954:
Fat embolism of the brain and its possible effect on intracranial hypotension

Kraus, K.A., 1955:
Fat embolism of the brain caused by accidents

Schaefer, J.H., 1956:
Fat embolism of the brain; mechanism of

Laudanna, A.A., 1958:
Fat embolism of the lung; case report

Taquini, A.C.; Roncoroni, A.J.; Aramendia, P., 1956:
Fat embolism of the lungs

Maslov, V.I., 1958:
Fat embolism of the mesenteric vessels

Braun, R., 1957:
Fat embolism of the retina as a symptom in surgery

Kearns, T.P., 1956:
Fat embolism of the retina demonstrated by a flat retinal preparation

Emson, H.E., 1958:
Fat embolism studied in 100 patients dying after injury

Taviloglu, K.; Yanar, H., 2006:
Fat embolism syndrome

Clerk, A.M.; Sunavala, J.D.; Katrak, S.M.; Kothari, S.S., 2005:
Fat embolism syndrome after polytrauma

Sarmiento Penide, A.; Rodríguez Velasco, A.; López Pérez, M.; Rama-Maceiras, P.; Molíns Gauna, N.; Rey Rilo, T.; Acción Barral, M., 2004:
Fat embolism syndrome after surgery to replace the femoral stem of a hip prosthesis

Yanagawa, Y.; Kaneko, N.; Sakamoto, T.; Okada, Y., 2007:
Fat embolism syndrome with multiple hypointensity signals detected by head magnetic resonance imaging demonstrating a favorable outcome: a case report

Georgopoulos, D.; Bouros, D., 2003:
Fat embolism syndrome: clinical examination is still the preferable diagnostic method

Talbot, M.; Schemitsch, E.H., 2006:
Fat embolism syndrome: history, definition, epidemiology

Istvan, L.; Barta, O., 1963:
Fat embolism triggering transfusion complication

Adler, F., 2003:
Fat embolism versus fat embolization following total hip arthroplasty

Punder, H.; Schmidt, K.H., 1955:
Fat embolism with participation of eyes

Zander, E.; Richon, C.A., 1962:
Fat embolism, a frequently misunderstood disorder

Owens, G.; Scott, H.W., 1958:
Fat embolism, ether convulsions and neurologic deficits

Askrog, V., 1962:
Fat embolism. A case occurring under anesthesia

Peltier, L.F., 1956:
Fat embolism. III. The toxic properties of neutral fat and free fatty acids

Zuniga, C.A., 1963:
Fat embolism. Report of 2 cases

Love, J.; Stryker, W.S., 1957:
Fat embolism: a problem of increasing importance to the orthopedist and the internist

Peltier, L.F.; Lai, S.P., 1958:
Fat embolism: changes in the serum lipase levels of patients after fresh fractures and orthopedic operations

Adler, F.; Lai, S.P.; Peltier, L.F., 1960:
Fat embolism: correlation of serum lipase level with the incidence of lipuria

Kane, A.A.; Peller, C.; Rudolph, I.; Fink, H., 1961:
Fat embolism: histochemical studies with fluorescent light source and fluorochrome dye (phosphine 3R)

Morton, K.S., 1956:
Fat embolism: incidence of urinary fat in trauma

Scuderi, C.S., 1953:
Fat embolism: its relation to intramedullary nailing

Adler, F.; Lai, S.P.; Peltier, L.F., 1961:
Fat embolism: prophylactic treatment with lipase inhibitors

Kontakis, G.M.; Tossounidis, T.; Weiss, K.; Pape, H-Christoph.; Giannoudis, P.V., 2006:
Fat embolism: special situations bilateral femoral fractures and pathologic femoral fractures

Adler, F.; Peltier, L.F.; Lai, S.P., 1960:
Fat embolism: the determination of fat in the urine by microscopic and macroscopic methods

Giannoudis, P.V.; Tzioupis, C.; Pape, H-Christoph., 2006:
Fat embolism: the reaming controversy

Peltier, L.F.; Adler, F.; Lai, S.P., 1960:
Fat embolism: the significance of an elevated serum lipase after trauma to bone

Musselman, M.M.; Glas, W.W.; Grekin, T.D., 1952:
Fat embolism; a clinical investigation

Schneider, R.C., 1952:
Fat embolism; a problem in the differential diagnosis of craniocerebral trauma

Ray, R.B., 1951:
Fat embolism; a report of 6 cases

Nelson, T.G.; Bowers, W.F., 1956:
Fat embolism; an analysis of four fatal cases

Briant, T.D.; Harris, W.R., 1959:
Fat embolism; an experimental study using quartz rod microscopy

Perkins, B.S., 1959:
Fat embolism; case report and review of the literature

Peltier, L.F.; Scott, J.R., 1957:
Fat embolism; changes in the level of the blood lipase following the intravenous injection of neutral fat, fatty acids, and other substances into dogs

Johnson, S.R.; Rieger, A.; Svanborg, A., 1956:
Fat embolism; discussion on case histories and pathogenesis

Landau, E., 1958:
Fat embolism; presentation of a case and clinical résumé

Sayet, M.M.; Cullipher, E.W., 1951 :
Fat embolism; report of a fatal case

Buck, R.L., 1954:
Fat embolism; report of two fatal cases

Peltier, L.F., 1954:
Fat embolism; the detection of fat emboli in the circulating blood

Peltier, L.F., 1955:
Fat embolism; the failure of lipemia to potentiate the degree of fat embolism accompanying fractures of the femur in rabbits

Peltier, L.F., 1956:
Fat embolism; the prophylactic value of a tourniquet

Peterson, T.A., 1962:
Fat embolization

Graber, S., 1961:
Fat embolization associated with sickle cell crisis

Mealey, J., 1962:
Fat emulsion as a cause of cloudy cerebrospinal fluid

Khlentzos, C.T., 1953:
Fat emulsion as dietary supplement

Martin, M., 1959:
Fat emulsion for intravenous use discovered in Louisiana (U.S.A)

Zhang, L.; Zhang, H.; Ai, H.; Hu, H.; Li, S.; Zhao, J.; Liu, H., 2018:
Applications of Machine Learning Methods in Drug Toxicity Prediction

Sorgdrager, P., 1952:
Fat emulsions for intravenous administration

Shoshkes, M.; Van Itallie, T.B.; Geyer, R.P.; Stare, F.J., 1951:
Fat emulsions for oral nutrition. III. Use of orally administered fat emulsions as caloric supplements in man

Müller, R.H.; Heinemann, S., 1992:
Fat emulsions for parenteral nutrition. I: Evaluation of microscopic and laser light scattering methods for the determination of the physical stability

Adolph, M., 2004:
Fat emulsions in parenteral feeding: the present and the future perspectives

Schoen, H.; Zeller, W., 1962:
Fat emulsions in parenteral nutrition

Bourdet, E., 1956:
Fat esters of polyethylene glycols

Kikkawa, D.O.; Lucarelli, M.J., 2005:
Fat extrusion and septal reset in patients with tear trough triad: a critical appraisal

Barton, F.E.; Ha, R.; Awada, M., 2004:
Fat extrusion and septal reset in patients with the tear trough triad: a critical appraisal

Fineberg, S.K., 1960:
Fat facts and fallacies

Pouwer, F.; Nijpels, G.; Beekman, A.T.; Dekker, J.M.; van Dam, R.M.; Heine, R.J.; Snoek, F.J., 2005:
Fat food for a bad mood. Could we treat and prevent depression in Type 2 diabetes by means of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids? A review of the evidence

Bradford, L., 2004:
Fat foods: back in court

Cogan, D.G.; Kuwabara, T., 1955:
Fat formation and foam cells following injection of brain tissue into the cornea

Kleinzeller, A., 1944:
Fat formation in Torulopsis lipofera

Mulkern, R.V.; Huang, J.; Vajapeyam, S.; Packard, A.B.; Oshio, K.; Grinspoon, S., 2004:
Fat fractions and spectral T2 values in vertebral bone marrow in HIV- and non-HIV-infected men: a 1H spectroscopic imaging study

Wright, E.S.; Sarkozy, E.; Dobell, A.R.; Murphy, D.R., 1963:
Fat globulemia in extracorporeal circulation

Grandin, P.; Deroubaix, P., 1954:
Fat graft in surgery of a giant periodontal cyst of the lower jaw

Landsberg, R.; Fishman, G.; DeRowe, A.; Berco, E.; Berger, G., 2006:
Fat graft myringoplasty: results of a long-term follow-up

Ringenberg, J.C., 1962:
Fat graft tympanoplasty

Laico, J.E., 1951:
Fat grafting in facial deformity

Coleman, S.R.; Saboeiro, A.P., 2007:
Fat grafting to the breast revisited: safety and efficacy

Llaneza Rodriguez, E., 1952 :
Fat grafts in radical surgery of the ear

Zinnitz, F.; Hammer, O.; Rohrbach, J., 1959:
Fat granulation in the diagnosis of bronchial carcinomas

Vakhrushev, I.M.; Suchkova, E.V., 2007:
Fat hepatosis

Karady, G.; Szanto, E., 1959:
Fat hernias of the anterior part of the diaphragm

Roarke, M.C.; Nguyen, B.D., 2005:
Fat hypertrophy in a pharyngeal reconstruction flap presenting as an enlarging neck mass: demonstration of benign changes with PET/CT

Maccarini, H., 1956:
Fat in infant nutrition. I

Stare, F.J.; Geyer, R.P., 1951:
Fat in parenteral nutrition

Yerushalmy, J.; Hilleboe, H.E., 1957:
Fat in the diet and mortality from heart disease; a methodologic note

Beglinger, C.; Degen, L., 2004:
Fat in the intestine as a regulator of appetite--role of CCK

Valls, C.; Iannacconne, R.; Alba, E.; Murakami, T.; Hori, M.; Passariello, R.; Vilgrain, Vérie., 2006:
Fat in the liver: diagnosis and characterization

Ariztia, A., 1958:
Fat in the therapeutic diet of the dystrophic infant

Beaton, A.H.; Heatly, C.A., 1952:
Fat in the tracheo-bronchial tree with report of a case of true lipoma of the bronchus

Necheles, H., 1952:
Fat ingestion and chylomicrons

Spear, S.L.; Wilson, H.B.; Lockwood, M.D., 2005:
Fat injection to correct contour deformities in the reconstructed breast

Toledo, L.S.; Mauad, R., 2006:
Fat injection: a 20-year revision

Dasiou-Plakida, D., 2006:
Fat injections for facial rejuvenation: 17 years experience in 1720 patients

Osancova, K., 1958:
Fat intake and body weight

Maken, J.S., 2004:
Fat intake and diabetes

Koppel, J.L.; Olwin, J.H., 1961:
Fat intake and metabolism: their relation to blood coagulation and atherosclerosis

Laitinen, M.H.; Ngandu, T.; Rovio, S.; Helkala, E-L.; Uusitalo, U.; Viitanen, M.; Nissinen, A.; Tuomilehto, J.; Soininen, H.; Kivipelto, M., 2006:
Fat intake at midlife and risk of dementia and Alzheimer's disease: a population-based study

van de Laar, F.A.; van de Lisdonk, E.H.; Lucassen, P.L.B.J.; Tigchelaar, J.M.H.; Meyboom, S.; Mulder, J.; van den Hoogen, H.J.M.; Rutten, G.E.H.M.; van Weel, C., 2004:
Fat intake in patients newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes: a 4-year follow-up study in general practice

Anonymous, 2003:
Fat intake, antioxidants and Alzheimer's disease

Elmadfa, I.; Freisling, H., 2005:
Fat intake, diet variety and health promotion

Walker, A.R.; Arvidsson, U.B., 1954:
Fat intake, serum cholesterol concentration, and atherosclerosis in the South African Bantu. I. Low fat intake and the age trend of serum cholesterol concentration in the South African Bantu

Higginson, J.; Pepler, W.J., 1954:
Fat intake, serum cholesterol concentration, and atherosclerosis in the South African Bantu. II. Atherosclerosis and coronary artery disease

Billis, A., 2005:
Fat invasion in ten-core prostate needle biopsies: incidence, biopsy and clinical findings

Jones, D.E.J., 2005:
Fat is an immuno-regulatory issue

de Simone, G.; Grassi, G., 2004:
Fat is bad: even in thin people?

González-Camacho, J.Manuel.; Ornella, L.; Pérez-Rodríguez, P.; Gianola, D.; Dreisigacker, S.; Crossa, Jé., 2018:
Applications of Machine Learning Methods to Genomic Selection in Breeding Wheat for Rust Resistance

Cheng, T.O., 2006:
Fat kids grow up to be fat adults: a lesson to be learned from China

Ortolon, K., 2003:
Fat kids on the block

Schneider, W.; Schuleit, H., 1951:
Fat layer of the skin and its importance in hydration

Rydén, M.; Arner, P., 2006:
Fat loss in cachexia--is there a role for adipocyte lipolysis?

Anonymous, 2006:
Fat loss prompts SA treatment switch

Romero Calatayud, A., 1950:
Fat meal as a method of visualization of gallbladder

Medes, G., 1950:
Fat metabolism

Frazer, A.C., 1952:
Fat metabolism

Plotz, M., 1952:
Fat metabolism and arterial disease

Orzechowski, G., 1962:
Fat metabolism and arteriosclerosis

Schoen, H., 1961:
Fat metabolism and atherosclerosis. II. Cholesterin metabolism

Bloomgarden, Z.T., 2003:
Fat metabolism and diabetes: 2003 American Diabetes Association postgraduate course

Petersen, V.P., 1955:
Fat metabolism and its endocrine regulation

Depisch, F., 1953:
Fat metabolism and its relations to arteriosclerosis

Knowles, H.C., 1961:
Fat metabolism and the pathogenesis of vascular disease in diabetes mellitus

Sinclair, H.M., 1960:
Fat metabolism and vascular disease: atherosclerosis and metabolism of cholesterol

Traissac, F.I., 1962:
Fat metabolism in alcoholic cirrhosis. Notes on steatosis

Barta, L.; Nemeth, E.; Rupnik, E., 1953:
Fat metabolism in atrophic infants

Iordanov, Z., 1951:
Fat metabolism in chicks in the late embryonic state and early postembryonal period in relation to feeding

Plotz, M.B., 1951:
Fat metabolism in coronary atheroma

Giovanelli, J.; Stumpf, P.K., 1958:
Fat metabolism in higher plants. X. Modified beta oxidation of propionate by peanut mitochondria

Martin, R.O.; Stumpf, P.K., 1959:
Fat metabolism in higher plants. XII. alpha-Oxidation of long chain fatty acids

Stumpf, P.K.; Bove, J.M.; Goffeau, A., 1963:
Fat metabolism in higher plants. XX. Relation of fatty acid synthesis and photophosphorylation in lettuce chloroplast

De Langen, C., 1954:
Fat metabolism in hypoxia and its central regulation

Woringer, P., 1952:
Fat metabolism in infants

Monguio, J., 1955:
Fat metabolism in obesity and diabetes

Iakovlev, N.N., 1952:
Fat metabolism in prolonged physical stress

Bloor, W.R., 1952:
Fat metabolism in the early 1900's

Nekam, L., 1960:
Fat metabolism of the skin

Schreier, K., 1958:
Fat metabolism studies in early childhood; resorption of fats with a high content of unsaturated fatty acids

Goldner, M.G., 1955:
Fat metabolism, obesity and hypercholesterolemia

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Fatal Cases in the Treatment of Taeniasis

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Fatal Cervical Cord Injury in a Swimmer

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Fatal Complications in the use of Antibiotics Studied from the Legal Medical Aspect

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Fatal Complications of Stellate Ganglion Infiltrations

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Fatal Course of Therapy-Resistant Staphylococcal Diseases of the Oral Mucosa

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Fatal Coxsackie B Myocarditis in An Adult

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Fatal Craneocerebral Trauma Due to Penetration of An Unusual Foreign Body

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Fatal Diabetic Glomerulosclerosis After Total Pancreatectomy

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Fatal Effect of Treatment with Anticoagulants

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Fatal Emetine Poisoning from Aversion Treatment

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Fatal Enteritis Following Intravenous Tetracycline Treatment

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Fatal Ethibloc embolization of vertebrobasilar system following percutaneous injection into aneurysmal bone cyst of the second cervical vertebra

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Fatal Extrusion of the Ball from a Starr-Edwards Aortic Valve Prosthesis; Report of a Case

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Fatal Fat Embolism Following Multiple Rib Fractures Due to Forced Sexual Intercourse

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Fatal Fat Embolism Following Multiple Rib Fractures During a Rape

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Fatal Gastric Cancer During the Treatment of Pulmonary Tuberculosis with Antibacterial Drugs and Cortisone

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Fatal Gastroduodenitis Caused by Hydrochloric Acid Ingestion

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Fatal Gunshot Wound of Foetus Inflicted by the Mother

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Fatal HBV reactivation in a subject with anti-HBs and anti-HBc

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Fatal HHV-6 associated encephalitis in an HIV-1 infected patient treated with cidofovir

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Fatal HHV-8-associated hemophagocytic syndrome in an HIV-negative immunocompetent patient with plasmablastic variant of multicentric Castleman disease (plasmablastic microlymphoma)

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Fatal Haemophilus influenzaetype b sepsis in a 10-month-old infant despite complete vaccination and adequate Hib antibodies

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Fatal Haemorrhage from the Innominate Artery After Tracheotomy

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Fatal Heart Attacks In Male American Physicians In 1954 And 1964

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Fatal Hemoglobin S-C Disease Crises Following Tonsillectomy

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Fatal Hemolysis Following Ball Valve Replacement of the Aortic Valve

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Fatal Hemoptysis Caused By Rupture Of An Aneurysm Of The Descending Thoracic Aorta Into The Lung

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Fatal Hemorrhage 9 Days After Tracheotomy

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Fatal Hemorrhage as a Result of Multiple Spontaneous Ruptures of the Gastric Mucosa

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Fatal Hemorrhage from Colonic Ulcers in a Hypertensive Patient with Arteriolonecrosis

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Fatal Herxheimer reaction following penicillin therapy; report of a case of syphilitic pachyleptomeningitis

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Fatal Hyperpyrexia with Antidepressant Drugs

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Fatal Idiopathic Thrombopenic Purpuras

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Fatal Industrial Accident Caused By A Nail-Firing Pistol

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Fatal Infarction of the Brain in Migraine

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Fatal Injuries in Boxing

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Fatal Intestinal Hemorrhage Due to Hookworm in Infants

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Fatal Intracranial Complications Due to Politerization of the Outer Ear Canal in Otitis Therapy, Caused by Intracranial Temporal Bone Defects

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Fatal Intracranial Hypertension Caused by Chronic Grave Respiratory Insufficiency with Severe Hypercapnia

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Fatal Jaundice After Halothane

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Fatal Kaposi's sarcoma-associated immune reconstitution following highly active antiretroviral therapy

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Fatal Kawasaki disease due to coronary aneurysm rupture with massive cardiac tamponade

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Fatal Kytococcus schroeteri bacteremic pneumonia

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Fatal Listeria monocytogenes meningitis in a child aged 3 months

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Fatal Lung Hemorrhage from An Infarct Cavity

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Fatal Meningitis Related to Stapes Operation. Report of a Case with Temporal Bone Study

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Fatal Meningo-Encephalic Listeriosis After Porto-Caval Anastomosis

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Fatal Mycobacterium bovis bacille Calmette-Guérin infection caused by contamination of chemotherapeutic agents and not by endogenous reactivation: correction of a previous conclusion

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Fatal Myocarditis After Vaccination Against Smallpox. Report Of A Case

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Fatal Myocarditis Due to Sensitivity to Phenindione

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Fatal Myocarditis In An Adolescent Caused By Coxsackie Virus, Group B, Type Four

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Fatal N-butyl-2-cyanoacrylate pulmonary embolism after sclerotherapy for variceal bleeding

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Fatal Neonatal Cirrhosis: Entity or End Result?a Comparative Study of 24 Cases

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Fatal Neonatal Illness Associated with Echo 9 (Coxsackie A-23) Virus

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Fatal Osler's disease with negative hemoculture; discovery of Streptococcus viridans in aortic valves

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Fatal Outcome in Perforated Gastroduodenal Ulcers

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Fatal Outcome in Respiratory Arrest as a Late Sequel to Chemical Burn of the Trachea

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Fatal Outcome of Type E Botulism

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Fatal PAS intoxication

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Fatal Parathion Poisoning

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Fatal Parkinsonism-hyperpyrexia syndrome in a Parkinson's disease patient while actively treated with deep brain stimulation

Athar, M.K.; Karim, M.S.; Mannam, S.; Ahmed, M., 2003:
Fatal Pasteurella sepsis and hairy-cell leukemia

Lines, D.R., 1965:
Fatal Peptic Ulceration in a Child Following Administration of Adrenocorticotrophic Hormone

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Fatal Perforations of the Stomach Due to Mucormycosis of the Gastro-Intestinal Tract

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Fatal Phenacetin Nephritis. Report of a Case

Dalley, R.A.; Hainsworth, D., 1965:
Fatal Plaquenil Poisoning

Breton, J.; Caroff, J.; Derobert, L., 1964:
Fatal Poisoning by Opipramol Ingestion

Bogan, J.; Rentoul, E.; Smith, H., 1965:
Fatal Poisoning by Primidone

Erben, J.; Poddany, V.; Rotrekl, V., 1963:
Fatal Poisoning Caused by the use of Stamping Ink Instead of Gentian Violet in Vaginal Therapy

Freundt, K.J.; Eberhardt, H.; Liebaldt, G., 1963:
Fatal Poisoning with Chlorprothixene

Madsen, E.F., 1965:
Fatal Poisoning with Fluid Ammonia

Kaymakcalan, S., 1964:
Fatal Poisoning with Podophyllum Resin

Popova, M.; Terziev, G.; Dimitrov, D., 1964:
Fatal Poisoning with Rimicid and its Demonstration by Chemical Methods

Hromadka, M., 1965:
Fatal Poisoning with Sulfur Dioxide During Repair of a Spinning Tank

Gibb, B.; Giebelmann, R.; Maier, E., 1964:
Fatal Poisoning with the Antihistamine Ah3

Everitt, D.W., 1964:
Fatal Poliomyelitis After Homoeopathic Vaccine

Bazan, A.; Chavez, P.M.; Gurmendi, G.; Markley, K., 1957:
Fatal Pseudomonas septicemias in burned patients

Streli, R., 1964:
Fatal Pulmonary Embolism Following Application of a Tourniquet

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Fatal Pulmonary Embolism. a Pathologic-Anatomical Contribution

Madsen, C.M.; Buhl, J., 1964:
Fatal Pulmonary Embolism. the Prospects of Surgery

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Fatal Pulmonary Phycomycosis Complicating Leukemia. a Case Report

Vanroey, A.; Bourlond, A.; Vandeput, K., 1963:
Fatal Pustulosis with Intestinal Syndrome

Bell, D.B.; Scaff, J., 1963:
Fatal Reaction to Tranylcypromine (Parnate)

Deacock, A.R.; Simpson, W.T., 1964:
Fatal Reactions to Lignocaine

Hyatt, H.W., 1964:
Fatal Recurrence of Acute Thrombocytopenic Purpura in An 8-Year-Old Negro Child

Dalgaard, J.B., 1964 :
Fatal Right Ventricular Perforation During Cardiac Catheterization

Otto, L., 1964:
Fatal Rupture of An Aneurysm of the Ductus Arteriosus Botalli in An Adult

Neser, A.T.; Louw, A.; Klein, S.; Sacks, I., 1957:
Fatal Salmonella food-poisoning from infected biltong

Chard, S.; Stern, D., 1950:
Fatal Salmonella infection simulating enteric fever

Wang, J-Yu.; Hsueh, P-Ren.; Ho, Y-Lwun.; Liau, C-Suong., 2005:
Fatal Salmonella pulmonary arteritis in a patient with Eisenmenger syndrome

Babincová, Nália.; Sourivong, P.; Babinec, P.; Bergemann, C.; Babincová, Mánia.; Durdík, Štefan., 2018:
Applications of magnetoliposomes with encapsulated doxorubicin for integrated chemotherapy and hyperthermia of rat C6 glioma

Miller, S.E., 1965:
Fatal Spontaneous Rupture of An Aneurysm of the Splenic Artery Presenting as Renal Colic

Cowen, P.N., 1965:
Fatal Stab-Wound by Column Gear-Change Lever

Sels, J., 1956:
Fatal Staphylococcus aureus toxicosis caused by antibiotics after tonsillectomy

Bakir, F., 1963:
Fatal Sternal Puncture; Report of a Case

Davis, D.H.; Ordman, D., 1957:
Fatal Streptococcus zooepidemicus infection in a gerbil (Tatera brantsi) in South Africa

Marinho, S.D., 1963:
Fatal Strongyloidiasis with Anatomo-Pathological Verification of the Parasite in the Brain. Presentation of a Case

Greendyke, R.M., 1965:
Fatal Systemic Fat Embolism

Chan-Tack, K.M., 2005:
Fatal Trichosporon asahii septicemia in a Guatemalan farmer with acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Seneca, H.; Rockenbach, J., 1952:
Fatal Trypanosoma cruzi infection in the white rat

Molina, C.; De Laguillaumie, B.; Passemard, N., 1963:
Fatal Tuberculosis Intestinal Perforation in the Course of Sero-Fibrinous Pleurisy

Bernard, J.G.; Laverdant, C.; Badrouillard, R.; Girer, G., 1964:
Fatal Viral Hepatitis. Apropos of 45 Cases

Tsokos, M., 2003:
Fatal Waterhouse-Friderichsen syndrome due to Ewingella americana infection

Mawhorter, S.D.; Sierk, A.; Staugaitis, S.M.; Avery, R.K.; Sobecks, R.; Prayson, R.A.; Procop, G.W.; Yen-Lieberman, B., 2005:
Fatal West Nile Virus infection after rituximab/fludarabine--induced remission for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma

Leclercq, A.; Martin, L.; Vergnes, M.Laporte.; Ounnoughene, N.; Laran, J-François.; Giraud, P.; Carniel, E., 2005:
Fatal Yersinia enterocolitica biotype 4 serovar O:3 sepsis after red blood cell transfusion

Herskowitz, M.M.; Wang, W.; Agriantonis, G., 2004:
Fatal abdominal aortic compression associated with thoracic vertebral fracture-dislocation after a short fall

Brunar, M., 1952:
Fatal abdominal hemorrhage in rupture of a mycotic aneurysm of the lienal artery during tonsillectomy

Chosson, J.; Serment, H., 1950:
Fatal abortion

Lindner, H., 1956:
Fatal accident after laevohepan therapy

Muller, M.; Watel, E.; Muller, P.H., 1959:
Fatal accident after radiotherapy during porphyria

Bauers, H.G., 1960:
Fatal accident caused by compressed air

Weiss, A.G.; Hollender, L., 1951:
Fatal accident caused by low doses of dicumarol

Muller, M.; Muller, P.H., 1959:
Fatal accident during an operation with controlled hypotension

Lemoine, J., 1953:
Fatal accident following anesthesia with choropromazine premedication

L'vovich, D.B., 1951:
Fatal accident in a well due to a great carbon dioxide concentration

Berkel, H.A., 1962:
Fatal accident in anesthesia after injection of a phenoxyacetic acid amide derivative

Waltrigny, H.; Lesure, J.; Poignon, J., 1957:
Fatal accident in corticotherapy

Flick, K.; Bohme, R., 1956:
Fatal accident in decantation of calcium carbide

Von Wichert, E.; Dihlmann, W., 1957:
Fatal accident in patient with heart disease after biligrafin

Luhrs, 1951:
Fatal accident to a horse during fumigation for mange

Kumar, V.; Tripathi, C.Bhal., 2003:
Fatal accidental burns in married women

Gueniot, M.; Michon, R., 1957:
Fatal accidental hanging in infant caused by a restraining belt

Tindall, H.L.; Clayton, T.D.; Winfield, A.C., 1957:
Fatal accidental poisoning by aminophylline in a child

Hassler, S.; Sjölander, P.; Johansson, R.; Grönberg, H.; Damber, L., 2005:
Fatal accidents and suicide among reindeer-herding Sami in Sweden

Hadengue, A., 1958:
Fatal accidents caused by bursting of pottery wheel

Derobert, L.; Hadengue, A.; Michon, R.; De Fremont, H.; Vacher, J., 1955:
Fatal accidents caused by hammer drills operated by explosive charges

Barazzone, J.; Lambelet, F., 1954 :
Fatal accidents following injection of thiamine (Vitamine B1)

Olmer, J.; Knebelmann, G., 1952:
Fatal accidents from sternal puncture

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Fatal accidents in Sweden with special consideration of accidents to children

Bejerot, N.; Berfenstam, R., 1955:
Fatal accidents in Sweden with special consideration of accidents to children. III..

Schwarz, F., 1956:
Fatal accidents in childhood

Tesar, J., 1955:
Fatal accidents in children

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Fatal accidents in children in Budapest and Pest regions from 1957 to 1959

Brower, E.J., 1958:
Fatal accidents in the home

Cavallazzi, D.; Molla, W., 1957:
Fatal accidents occurring in human blood transfusion

Bader, H.; Klotz, E., 1956:
Fatal accidents of a metropolitan clinic

Gropp, H., 1951:
Fatal acetonemic vomiting

Aragona, F., 1960 :
Fatal acute adrenal insufficiency caused by bilateral apoplexy of the adrenal glands (Waterhouse-Friderichsen syndrome) following anti-poliomyelitis vaccination

Fatal acute agranulocytosis following prolonged administration of small doses of sulfadiazine for urinary bacteriostasis

Kaszas, T.; Szerdahelyi, F., 1959:
Fatal acute alcohol poisoning in childhood

Derot, M.; Kahn, J.; Mazalton, A.; Peyrafort, J., 1954:
Fatal acute anuric nephritis after gold therapy, with associated chrysocyanosis

Shinaberger, J.H.; Tomsovic, E.J.; Butz, W.C., 1957:
Fatal acute appendicitis in a fifteen-day-old infant

Elliott, R.N.; Schrut, A.H.; Marra, J.J., 1956:
Fatal acute aseptic necrosis of the liver associated with chlorpromazine

Cartolano, G-Luigi.; Barbier, C.; Arnoult, Lïla.; Simon, D.; Ricome, J-Louis.; Hayon, J., 2003:
Fatal acute cellulitis due to Neisseria meningitidis

Saccani, F.; Baschieri, F., 1952:
Fatal acute cerebropathy after treatment by streptomycin

Cann, H.M.; Verhulst, H.L., 1961:
Fatal acute chloroquine poisoning in children

Aubertin, E.; Bergouignan, M.; Labadie; Martin-Dupont, C., 1953:
Fatal acute dermatomyositis; failure of cortisone therapy

Malhotra, P.; Sharma, N.; Awasthi, A.; Vasishta, R.K., 2005:
Fatal acute disseminated encephalomyelitis following treated snake bite in India

Brock, S.; Jennings, H.R., 2004:
Fatal acute encephalomyelitis after a single dose of intrathecal methotrexate

Mémain, N.; Angellier, J-F.; Obadia, E.; Angellier, E.; Chelha, R.; Couprie, R., 2005:
Fatal acute encephalopathy due to 5-fluorouracil treatment

Sakamoto, S.; Homma, S.; Kawabata, M.; Kono, T.; Seki, K.; Nakata, K.; Yoshimura, K., 2004:
Fatal acute exacerbation of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis/usual interstitial pneumonia initially in the right lung after surgery lobectomy for left lung cancer

Lord, G.; Babin-Chevaye, J.; Beaurepaire; Diverres, J.C., 1960:
Fatal acute fibrinolysis after arthroplasty of the hip

Johnson, G.W., 1954:
Fatal acute frontal lobe abscess presenting as pyrexia of unknown origin

Chiorboli, L., 1951:
Fatal acute glomerulonephritis from Brucella melitensis

Lowenstein, L.; Ballew, D.H., 1958:
Fatal acute haemolytic anaemia, thrombocytopenic purpura, nephrosis and hepatitis resulting from ingestion of a compound containing apiol

De Grailly; Leger, H.; David-Chausse, F.; Lacour, M., 1953:
Fatal acute hemopathy; discussion of the relations of agranulocytosis and acute leukopenic leukemia

De Witte, J., 1955:
Fatal acute hemorrhagic necrosis of the pancreas without electrocardiographic image of infarct

Bledsoe, J.W., 1962:
Fatal acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis following abdominal hysterectomy. Report of a case

Eisen, M.J.; Markovich, V., 1951:
Fatal acute hepatitis; report of a case with massive hemorrhage in pericardial and pleural cavities

Vourc'h, G.; Schnoebelen, E.; Buck, F.; Fruhling, L., 1960:
Fatal acute hepatonephritis after anesthesia including halothane (Fluothane)

Bernard, J.; Najean, Y.; Levy, J.P.; Bidart, C.; Boiron, M.; Seligmann, M., 1963:
Fatal acute idiopathic medullary aplasia of young subjects

Aoun, N.Y.; Velez, E.; Aggarwal, A.; Hayes, G.B.; Kenney, L.A., 2004:
Fatal acute interstitial pneumonitis complicating polymyositis in a 41-year-old man

Ollivier, H.; Robert, F.; Desideri, D.; Helvadjian, G., 1956:
Fatal acute intoxication by ingestion of methyl salicylate

Sumner, J.; Lichter, A.I.; Nassau, E., 1951:
Fatal acute iodism after bronchography

Anonymous, 2003:
Fatal acute iron intoxication

Hussain, S.Zaheed.; Jaiswal, A.; Bader, A.Amjed.; Mohan, P.; Markle, B.M.; Minnitti, C.; Przygodzki, R.; Kerzner, B.; Kaufman, S.S., 2006:
Fatal acute liver failure in a child with metastatic gastric adenocarcinoma

Bourret, J.; Gravier, J.; Colas, Y., 1957:
Fatal acute lung disease following inhalation of hydrochloric acid vapors

Marmey, J.; Lacroix, A., 1952:
Fatal acute meningitis of the newborn

Lee, K.T.; Rabin, E.R.; Thomas, W.A., 1956:
Fatal acute myocardial infarction in diabetic patients; a comparative study of ninety-four autopsied diabetics with acute myocardial infarction and four hundred six autopsied nondiabetics with acute myocardial infarction, with special reference to age and sex distribution

Thomas, W.A., 1957:
Fatal acute myocardial infarction: sex, race, diabetes and other factors

Bax-Loeber, N., 1962:
Fatal acute pancreatitis following transpapillary drainage of the common bile duct

Barquero Romero, Jé.; Redondo López, Jé.María.; Galeano Díaz, F.; Pérez Miranda, M., 2004:
Fatal acute pancreatitis in a patient who received an homeopathic treatment

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Fatal acute pancreatitis. A survey

Andersson, R.; Andrén-Sandberg, A., 2003:
Fatal acute pancreatitis. Characteristics of patients never reaching hospital

Csiky, P., 1957:
Fatal acute peroral poisoning by medobis

Turcant, A.; Harry, P.; Cailleux, A.; Puech, M.; Bruhat, C.; Vicq, N.; Le Bouil, A.; Allain, P., 2003:
Fatal acute poisoning by bentazon

Faraone, G., 1960:
Fatal acute poisoning by ingestion of massive doses of zinc sulfate. (On the professional responsibility of the pharmacist)

Desbuquois, G.; Lutier, J.; Lebrettevillois, G., 1963:
Fatal acute poisoning by lindane and malathion ingestion in a child

Naeve, W., 1955:
Fatal acute poisoning with insecticide systox (E 1059 Bayer)

Rimbaud, L.; Janbon, M.; Bertrand, L., 1960:
Fatal acute polyradiculoneuritis contemporaneous with infectious hepatitis

Tricomi, G.; Perelli, A., 1953:
Fatal acute radiation syndrome

Killmann, S.A.; Gjorup, S.; Thaysen, J.H., 1957:
Fatal acute renal failure following intravenous pyelography in a patient with multiple myeloma

O'driscoll, K., 1953:
Fatal acute renal failure in obstetrics; a peculiar association with accidental hoemorrhage

Farah, R., 2005:
Fatal acute sodium phosphate enemas intoxication

Arenas, M.Dolores.; Niveiro, E.; Moledous, Aía.; Gil, M.Teresa.; Albiach, Bña.; Carretón, M.Antonia., 2006:
Fatal acute systemic hypersensitivity reaction during haemodialysis

Langman, L.J.; Kaliciak, H.A.; Boone, S.A., 2003:
Fatal acute topiramate toxicity

Hoschek, R., 1953:
Fatal acute trichlorethylene poisoning with detection of the poison in the cadaver

Yamazaki, E.; Kamijoh, A.; Taguchi, J.; Hyoh, R.; Motomura, S.; Kodama, F.; Kobayashi, S.; Maruta, A.; Nagao, T.; Ishigatsubo, Y., 2004:
Fatal acute visceral disseminated varicella-zoster virus infection in a patient with chronic graft-versus-host disease

Naeve, W., 1957:
Fatal acute zinc phosphide poisoning

Hough, R.; Chetwood, A.; Sinfield, R.; Welch, J.; Vora, A., 2005:
Fatal adenovirus hepatitis during standard chemotherapy for childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Yabe, H.; Hattori, K.; Inoue, H.; Matsumoto, M.; Hamanoue, S.; Hiroi, A.; Koike, T.; Kato, S.; Shimamura, K.; Yabe, M., 2005:
Fatal adenovirus infection indistinguishable from thrombotic microangiopathy after allogeneic CD34+ peripheral progenitor cell transplantation

Vinh, L.T.; Lebon, P.; Rousset, M.; Huault, G., 1978:
Fatal adenovirus pneumonia in the newborn

Rosario, R.F.; Kimbrough, R.C.; Van Buren, D.H.; Laski, M.E., 2006:
Fatal adenovirus serotype-5 in a deceased-donor renal transplant recipient

Pierson, M.; Manciaux, M.; Remigy, E.; Barbelin, R., 1960:
Fatal adrenal atrophy after prolonged corticotherapy in an infant

David, M.; Kardos, G., 1956:
Fatal adrenal cortex insufficiency in case of heterotopic adrenal gland

Johnson, H.W.; Fuller, B.F., 1958:
Fatal adrenal cortical failure following a medical emergency; patient previously treated with cortisone

David, M.; Kardos, G., 1956:
Fatal adrenal cortical insufficiency in adrenal heterotopia

Arkhangel'skaia, N.V., 1954:
Fatal adrenal hemorrhage in adults

Linquette, M.; Clay, A.; Gerard, A.; Stalniekiewicz, G., 1960:
Fatal adrenal insufficiency caused by caseous adrenocortical tuberculosis. Acute manifestation of latent hypocorticism

Raffai, I., 1959:
Fatal adrenocortical insufficiency in corticosteroid therapy of asthmatics

Noetzel, H., 1951:
Fatal adult case of toxoplasmosis

Mortimer, N.J.; Bermingham, M.R.; Chapple, S.J.; Sladden, M.J., 2005:
Fatal adverse drug reaction to trimethoprim

Liu, B-Ming.; Changchien, C-Sin.; Chen, C-Hung.; Chung, K-Jung.; Kung, C-Te., 2005:
Fatal aeromonas hydrophila infection of soft tissue after endoscopic injection sclerotherapy for gastric variceal bleeding

Ghaly, R.F.; Gibbons, W.P.; Plackett, T.P., 2006:
Fatal afebrile streptococcal meningitis in a chronic alcoholic patient

Chalnot, P.; Michon, P.; Lochard, 1952:
Fatal afibrinemis due to endothoracic surgery; pathogenic and therapeutic problems

Chalnot, P.; Michon, P.; Lochard, 1951:
Fatal afibrinogenemia following endothoracic intervention; pathogenesis and therapy

Lewis, H.M.; Johnson, F.C., 1957:
Fatal agammaglobulinemic progressive vaccinia; report of a case with a classification of human cutaneous vaccinia

Anonymous, 1952:
Fatal agranulocytosis

Dilling, N.V., 1953:
Fatal agranulocytosis and gastric ulceration due to phenylbutazone

Hoffman, F.G.; Zimmerman, S.L.; Reese, J.D., 1960:
Fatal agranulocytosis associated with acetazolamide

Fau, R.; Flandrin, P.; Hollard, D., 1962:
Fatal agranulocytosis associated with chlorpromazine therapy: myelogram of lymphosis

Tuteur, W., 1956:
Fatal agranulocytosis due to chlorpromazine

Smith, P.C., 1959:
Fatal agranulocytosis due to phenylindanedione: report of a case

Earle, B.V., 1957:
Fatal agranulocytosis due to promazine hydrochloride

SREEBNY, L.M.; McGREW, E.A., 1953:
Fatal agranulocytosis due to tridione therapy

Ayd, F.J., 1958:
Fatal agranulocytosis due to triflupromazine hydrochloride

Tait, G.B., 1957:
Fatal agranulocytosis during carbimazole therapy

Maurel, H.; Nitzan, L.; Spielmann, J.P., 1958:
Fatal agranulocytosis during chlorpromazine therapy

Holmes, J.R.; Barg, P., 1959:
Fatal agranulocytosis during promazine therapy

Glick, L., 1957:
Fatal agranulocytosis during treatment with a amodiaquine

Tasker, J.R., 1955:
Fatal agranulocytosis during treatment with chlorpromazine

Feldman, P.E.; Bertone, J.; Panthel, H., 1957:
Fatal agranulocytosis during treatment with pacatal

Karlin, H., 1960:
Fatal agranulocytosis following chlorpropamide treatment of diabetes. Report of a case

Stein, T., 1954:
Fatal agranulocytosis following phenylbutazone (butazolidin) therapy; report of case with autopsy findings

Covner, A.H.; Halpern, S.L., 1950:
Fatal agranulocytosis following therapy with presidon (3,3-diethyl-2,4-dioxotetrahydropyridine) a new sedative hypnotic agent

Solomon, J.D.; Woodward, D.J., 1956:
Fatal agranulocytosis occurring during promazine (sparine) therapy

Miller, H.; Pollock, R.C.; Griffith, G.C., 1951:
Fatal agranulocytosis resulting from a procaine derivative

Fatal agranulocytosis with methyl-thiouracil

Brison, R.J.; Pickett, W.; Berg, R.L.; Linneman, J.; Zentner, J.; Marlenga, B., 2006:
Fatal agricultural injuries in preschool children: risks, injury patterns and strategies for prevention

Siddiqui, J.; Jaffe, P.E.; Aziz, K.; Forouhar, F.; Sheppard, R.; Covault, J.; Bonkovsky, H.L., 2005:
Fatal air and bile embolism after percutaneous liver biopsy and ERCP

Anonymous, 2004:
Fatal air embolism caused by the misconnection of medical device hoses to needleless Luer ports on IV administration sets

Faber, V.; Harsanyi, L., 1962:
Fatal air embolism due to therapeutic and diagnostic abdominal air insufflation

Cooke, R.T., 1950:
Fatal air embolism due to vaginal douching in pregnancy

Sakiyama, S.; Kondo, K.; Matsuoka, H.; Yoshida, M.; Miyoshi, T.; Yoshida, S.; Monden, Y., 2003:
Fatal air embolism during computed tomography-guided pulmonary marking with a hook-type marker

Lefkovits, A.M., 1957:
Fatal air embolism during presacral insufflation of air

Waldrop, G.S., 1953:
Fatal air embolism during term labor and the puerperium

Goddard, D.W.; Moffett, J.D., 1954:
Fatal air embolism during urologic operation

Gioustremes, V.; Boyarsky, S.; Newman, H.R., 1961:
Fatal air embolism following presacral air insufflation. Occurrence despite manometric control

Wuermeling, H.B., 1959:
Fatal air embolism in a pregnant subject caused by vaginal air insufflation with the mouth

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Fatal air embolism in an extremely low birth weight infant: can it be caused by intravenous injections during resuscitation?

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Fatal air embolism in artificial pneumoperitoneum

Cody, M.L.; Windrow, P.D., 1951:
Fatal air embolism in pregnancy

Werkgartner, A.; Maresch, W., 1957:
Fatal air embolism in preserved blood transfusion

Atwell, R.J.; Galanti, S., 1956:
Fatal air embolism in therapeutic pneumoperitoneum

Sadler, D.W.; Pounder, D.J., 2004:
Fatal air embolism occurring during consensual intercourse in a non-pregnant female

Harveyson, K.B.; Hirschfeld, B.E.; Tonge, J.I., 1956:
Fatal air embolism resulting from the use of a compressed air diving unit

Fatal air embolism; a report of two cases, including a case of paradoxical air embolism

Puchowski, B., 1952:
Fatal air embolus in refilling of pneumoperitoneum

Scrimgeour, J.W.; Carrick, J.E., 1955:
Fatal air-embolism associated with ruptured uterus

Stevens, P.J., 1963:
Fatal aircraft accidents and disease of aircrew

Helbig, H., 1962:
Fatal alcohol delirium demonstrated in 54 cases

Wu, Y-Liang.; Guo, H-Ran.; Lin, H-Jung., 2005:
Fatal alcohol immersion during the SARS epidemic in Taiwan

Fazekas, I.G., 1958:
Fatal alcohol poisoning in a child

Kellner, K., 1959:
Fatal allergic disease picture with polyneuritis and thrombopenic thrombosis

Steininger, W.J.; Klopfenstein, M.D.; Woodruff, C.E., 1954:
Fatal allergic reaction to para-aminosalicylic acid

Bruun, E., 1954:
Fatal allergic shock

Voigt, J., 1963:
Fatal allergic shock after injection of Varex (monoethanolamine-oleate). On the risks of injection treatment

Knezevic, S.; Hirtzler, R., 1955:
Fatal allergic syndrome after irgapyrin therapy

Portwich, F.; Maron, H., 1959:
Fatal allergic thrombopenia after influenza prophylaxis with phenylmercuric borate (merfen)

Gutiérrez-Macías, A.; Lizarralde-Palacios, E.; Martínez-Odriozola, P.; Miguel-De la Villa, F., 2005:
Fatal allopurinol hypersensitivity syndrome after treatment of asymptomatic hyperuricaemia

Eisert, J.; Hannibal, J.E.; Sanders, S.L., 1959:
Fatal amebiasis complicating corticosteroid management of pemphigus vulgaris

Ravina, A.; Joseph, A.; Cohen, W., 1960:
Fatal amebiasis in infancy and early childhood

Felix, H.; Mion, C.; Labrousse, C.; Mas, J.P., 1959:
Fatal amebiasis. Associated role of a staphylococcus

Ravina, A.; Guerin, P.; Pecher, Y.; Clavel, B., 1950:
Fatal amebic abscess of the liver occurring in a man repatriated from Indochina 20 months ago and not having presented any appreciable dysenteric manifestations absence of intestinal lesions at autopsy

Raemsch, R., 1960:
Fatal amniotic fluid embolism-a case report contribution

Michel, H., 1963:
Fatal anaphylactic reaction following insulin injection

Christenson, W.N.; Hedrick, G.W.; Schugmann, R.F., 1953:
Fatal anaphylactic reaction following penicillin injection

Antin, I.P., 1963:
Fatal anaphylactic reaction of dog to bee sting

Morrisset, L.M., 1957:
Fatal anaphylactic reaction to lidocaine

Reitz, W.; Schoop, W., 1957:
Fatal anaphylactic shock after injection with dry cells

Kothe, J., 1959:
Fatal anaphylactic shock after second injection of bromsulphalein

Wezel, H., 1958:
Fatal anaphylactic shock after varicose vein obliteration with varicocid

Pick, F.J.; Patterson, J.F., 1953:
Fatal anaphylactic shock due to penicillin

Vidal, J.; Fourcade, J.; Guin, J.J.; Marty, J.C., 1960:
Fatal anaphylactic shock following an intramuscular injection of penicillin

Higgins, G.A.; Rothchild, T.P.E., 1952:
Fatal anaphylactic shock from procaine penicillin

Caldana, E.; Bottoli, E., 1953:
Fatal anaphylactic shock in intramuscular injection of penicillin

Collas, R.; Ode, L.; Gelain, E.; Appeau, A., 1960:
Fatal anaphylaxis caused by PAS

Curphey, J.T., 1953:
Fatal anaphylaxis in bronchial asthma following administration of penicillin; report of two cases with autopsy findings

Pumphrey, R.S.H., 2004:
Fatal anaphylaxis in the UK, 1992-2001

Evans, H.M.; Sharif, K.; Brown, R.M.; Platt, C.; Crisp, W.J.; Kelly, D.A., 2004:
Fatal and life threatening rupture of splenic artery aneurysms in children with portal hypertension

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Fatal and near-fatal accidents associated with endotracheal anaesthesia

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Fatal and near-fatal penicillin anaphylaxis; three new cases with a note on prevention

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Fatal and non-fatal outcome by accidental intoxication with paint thinner

Baumert, Hé., 2006:
Fatal and nonfatal hemorrhagic complications of living kidney donation

Anonymous, 2004:
Fatal and nonfatal occupational injuries involving wood chippers--United States, 1992-2002

Mack, K.A., 2004:
Fatal and nonfatal unintentional injuries in adult women, United States

Dufek, V., 1955:
Fatal and other severe complications after novocain block

Southcott, R.V., 1963:
Fatal and other stingings by sea--wasps

Slavin, M.A.; Grigg, A.P.; Schwarer, A.P., 2004:
Fatal anerobic bacteremia after hematopoietic stem cell transplant

Holczabek, W., 1954:
Fatal anesthesic accidents with ethyl chloride

Siebenmann, R.E., 1955:
Fatal anorexia nervosa with hypokalemia

Poradovsky, K., 1953:
Fatal anoxia in labor

Tolot, F.; Plauchu, G., 1962:
Fatal anthracotic pulmonary fibrosis in a boiler stoker. Anatomo-clinical observation

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Fatal antibiotic sensitiveness; a case report

Cuningham, J.A.; Stewart, D.T., 1956:
Fatal antibiotic-resistant staphylococcal enteritis arising in general practice; report of a case

Merab, A.; Tohme, S.; Chaia, J., 1954:
Fatal antibiotics

Maldyk, H.; Dziwisz, M.; Maldyk, E., 1957:
Fatal anuria & progressive uremia during isonicotinic acid hydrazine therapy of renal amyloidosis

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Fatal anuria caused by phenylbutazone

Romain, N.; Michaud, K.; Brandt-Casadevall, C.; Mangin, P., 2003:
Fatal aortic injury during laparoscopy: report of two cases

Deshmukh, H.L.; Rathod, K.R.; Sheth, R.J.; Garg, A., 2004:
Fatal aortic rupture complicating stent plasty in a case of aortoarteritis

Wolman, B., 1952:
Fatal aplastic anaemia after chloramphenicol

Johnson, R.S.; Moore, W.G., 1961:
Fatal aplastic anaemia after treatment of thyrotoxicosis with potassium perchlorate

Spracklen, F., 1963:
Fatal aplastic anaemia following sulphaphenazole (Orisulf) therapy

Baz, K.; Ikizoglu, G.; Yazici, A.C.; Kokturk, A.; Tiftik, N.; Apa, D.D.; Demirseren, D., 2003:
Fatal aplastic anaemia in a patient with clarithromycin-induced toxic epidermal necrolysis

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Fatal aplastic anemia after streptomycin therapy; description of a case and review of literature

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Fatal aplastic anemia after therapy with nuvarone (3-methyl-5-phenylhydantoin)

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Fatal aplastic anemia associated with chloramphenicol (chloromycetin) therapy; report of two cases

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Fatal aplastic anemia associated with mesantoin; report of a case with autopsy

Spring, M.; Soltz, W.B., 1955:
Fatal aplastic anemia due to methylphenylethyl hydantoin (mesantoin)

Stojsic, S.; Svraka, L.; Deneberg, M., 1962:
Fatal aplastic anemia during the course of chloramphenicol therapy

Willis, J.G.; Nunnally, C.A.; Nutter, P.J., 1952:
Fatal aplastic anemia following chloramphenicol (chloromycetin)

Kaplan, S.R.; Levy, G.; Schwartz, S.O., 1949:
Fatal aplastic anemia following tridione administration

Krevans, J.R.; Asper, S.P.; Rienhoff, W.F., 1962:
Fatal aplastic anemia following use of potassium perchlorate in thyrotoxicosis

Sturgeon, P., 1952:
Fatal aplastic anemia in children following chloramphenicol (chloromycetin) therapy; report of four cases

Simpson, T.W.; Wilson, E.B.; Zimmerman, S.L., 1950:
Fatal aplastic anemia occurring during anticonvulsant therapy: probable idiosyncrasy to phenurone

Richardson, M.A.; Adams, J., 2005:
Fatal apnea in piglets by way of laryngeal chemoreflex: postmortem findings as anatomic correlates of sudden infant death syndrome in the human infant

Rees, W.S., 1952:
Fatal appendicitis; the decline in mortality

Chung, N-Chun.; Liu, Y-Chin.; Ye, X-De.; Wang, Y-Ming.; Kuo, M-Ching.; Liu, K., 2004:
Fatal arrhythmia following intraoperative continuous hyperthermic peritoneal perfusion chemotherapy

Bablik, L., 1955:
Fatal arrosion hemorrhage of the carotid as a delayed sequel of para-arterial thorotrast injection

Warner, F.S.; Healy, J.D., 1961:
Fatal ascariasis in a Negrito child

Martorell, F.; Alsina-Bofill, J., 1957:
Fatal ascending aorta-iliac thrombosis

Coleman, J.M.; Haider, B.; Cuyjet, A.B.; Zakir, R.M.; Riauba, L.; Saric, M., 2005:
Fatal ascending aorta-to-right ventricle fistula formation after Staphylococcus aureus endocarditis of bicuspid aortic valve

Quispel, R.; van der Worp, H.B.; Pruissen, M.; Schipper, M.E.; Oldenburg, B., 2006:
Fatal aseptic meningoencephalitis following infliximab treatment for inflammatory bowel disease

Geever, E.F.; Stone, W.F., 1950:
Fatal asphyxia as a complication of lucite polmbage

Sauvageau, A.; Belley-Côté, E.P.; Racette, Séphanie., 2006:
Fatal asphyxia by a thyroglossal duct cyst in an adult

Cless, D.; Anger, R., 1954:
Fatal asphyxia caused by aspiration of baby powder

Isaacs, H.J.; Barrash, M.J.; Russ, D.R., 1953:
Fatal asphyxia due to massive hemoptysis in a case of mitral stenosis

Francheteau, G., 1954:
Fatal asphyxia in atmosphere consisting of almost pure nitrogen

Kitaev, I.M., 1958:
Fatal aspiration in a case of ascariasis

Molnar, J.J.; Nathenson, G.; Edberg, S., 1962:
Fatal aspiration of talcum powder by a child, Report of a case

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Fatal asthma in Finnish children and adolescents 1976-1998: validity of death certificates and a clinical description

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Fatal asthma in childhod preventable by recognizing risk factors and presenting features

Wijnmaalen, P., 2006:
Fatal asthma in childhood preventable by recognizing risk factors and presenting features

Bell, H.V., 1957:
Fatal atherosclerotic encephalomalacia in a young man

Ferrari, S.F.; Pereira, W.L.A.; Santos, R.R.; Veiga, L.M., 2004:
Fatal attack of a Boa constrictor on a bearded saki (Chiropotes satanas utahicki)

Mahoudeau, D.; Daum, S.; Got, R., 1952:
Fatal attack of asthma in spite of ACTH and cortisone; anatomo-pathological and therapeutic considerations

Vallery-Radot, P.; Milliez, P.; Laroche, C.; Hazard, J., 1951:
Fatal attack of epilepsy after an intraspinal injection of concentrated penicillin during meningococcic cerebrospinal meningitis

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Fatal attraction: the effects of mortality salience on evaluations of charismatic, task-oriented, and relationship-oriented leaders

Blanc, G.; Umdenstock, R.; Malabre, H., 1954:
Fatal auriculoventricular block having begun 48 hours after a first TAB-diphtheria-retanus vaccination

de Jong, M.D.; Bach, V.Cam.; Phan, T.Qui.; Vo, M.Hien.; Tran, T.Thanh.; Nguyen, B.Hue.; Beld, M.; Le, T.Phuong.; Truong, H.Khanh.; Nguyen, V.Vinh.Chau.; Tran, T.Hien.; Do, Q.Ha.; Farrar, J., 2005:
Fatal avian influenza A (H5N1) in a child presenting with diarrhea followed by coma

Songserm, T.; Amonsin, A.; Jam-on, R.; Sae-Heng, N.; Pariyothorn, N.; Payungporn, S.; Theamboonlers, A.; Chutinimitkul, S.; Thanawongnuwech, R.; Poovorawan, Y., 2007:
Fatal avian influenza A H5N1 in a dog

Chua, A.P.; Lee, K.H., 2006:
Fatal bacteraemic pneumonia due to community-acquired methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus

Secchi, C.; Cantarelli, V.Vicente.; Pereira, F.de.Souza.; Wolf, H.Helena.Chaer.; Brodt, T.Cristina.Zenobini.; Amaro, M.Cristina.O.; Inamine, E., 2005:
Fatal bacteremia due to Anaerobiospirillum succiniciproducens: first description in Brazil

Carmichael, D.B., 1953:
Fatal bacterial endocarditis due to Staphylococcus aureus

Anonymous, 2005:
Fatal bacterial infections associated with platelet transfusions--United States, 2004

Lagercrantz, R., 1959:
Fatal bacterial infections in the antibiotic era

Mohr, H.J., 1953:
Fatal balanitis circinata erosiva with acute localized reactive histiocytic reticulosis of inguinal lymph nodes

Fazekas, I.G., 1955:
Fatal barium chloride poisoning with special reference to histological changes in the central nervous system

Voigt, G.E., 1961:
Fatal basal subarachnoid hemorrhage following an occupational accident

Najman, E., 1951:
Fatal belladonna-phenobarbital (luminal) poisoning in a 3 1/2 year old child

Arslan, S.; Sevimli, S.; Gundogdu, F., 2007:
Fatal biatrial thrombus in a patient with idiopathic restrictive cardiomyopathy during sinus rhythm

Munkholm, J.; Thomsen, A.Hedegård.; Lynnerup, N., 2007:
Fatal bicycle accidents involving right turning heavy goods vehicles--forensic pathological findings

Renner, C.; Hegenbarth, U.; Schneider, J.P.; Meixensberger, J., 2004:
Fatal bihemispheric intracerebral hemorrhage after burrhole evacuation of chronic subdural hematoma in a bone marrow-transplanted patient: case report and review of the literature

Brown, C.Y.; Walsh, G.C., 1952:
Fatal bile embolism following liver biopsy

Björck, M.; Pigg, M.; Kragsterman, B.; Bergqvist, D., 2006:
Fatal bleeding following delivery: a manifestation of the vascular type of Ehlers-Danlos' syndrome

Goto, Y.; Hojo, M.; Yamagata, S.; Kikuta, K-ichiro., 2004:
Fatal bleeding from arterial dissection after clipping of a ruptured aneurysm--case report

Isele, H., 2004:
Fatal bleeding under warfarin plus cranberry juice. Is it due to salicylic acid?

Giordano, G.; Petrossi, A.; Turrisi, E.; Violante, A.; Nigro, G., 1955 :
Fatal blood disease induced in chicks by inoculation during embryonic development with material originating from leukemic patients

Olmer, J., 1959:
Fatal blood disorders after "fresh cell therapy"

Rona, G., 1952:
Fatal blood transfusion caused by Rh incompatibility

Digonnet, L.; Vignes, P., 1953:
Fatal blood transfusion complication in a premature newborn infant

Marcoux, F., 1958:
Fatal blows & injuries: medicolegal interpretation of fractures of the ribs in young children

Bergnes, M.A., 1966:
Fatal blunt injury to the omentum

Green, R.A.; Gilbert, M.G., 1959:
Fatal bone marrow aplasia associated with celontin therapy

Underwood, L.C., 1956:
Fatal bone marrow depression after treatment with acetazolamide (diamox)

Schmidt, J.H., 1958:
Fatal bone marrow embolism following thoracotomy

Gleason, D.F.; Aufderheide, A.C., 1953:
Fatal bone marrow embolism occluding the pulmonary arteries

Leeksma, C.H.W., 1952:
Fatal boric acid poisoning after bladder irrigation

Ouaïssi, M.; Moutardier, V.; Emungania, O.; Lelong, B.; Forel, J.M.; Guiramand, J.; Turrini, O.; Delpero, J.R., 2003:
Fatal bowel infarction due to aspergillosis after chemotherapy

Meersseman, W.; Van Laethem, K.; Lagrou, K.; Wilms, G.; Sciot, R.; Van Ranst, M.; Vandamme, A.; Van Wijngaerden, E., 2005:
Fatal brain necrosis in primary HIV infection

Chan, C.; Fryer, J.; Herkes, G.; Prelog, K.; Harrington, T., 2003:
Fatal brain stem event complicating acute pancreatitis

Cabieses, F.; Jeri, R.; Landa, R., 1957:
Fatal brain-stem shift following hemispherectomy

Robertson, C.K.; Sinclair, K., 1954:
Fatal bronchial asthma; a review of 18 cases

Earle, B.V., 1953:
Fatal bronchial asthma; a series of fifteen cases with a review of the literature

Koszegvary, S., 1961:
Fatal broncho-arterial fistula

Vougiouklakis, T., 2006:
Fatal brown bear (Ursus arctos) attack: case report and literature review

Steigman, A.J.; Lipton, M.M., 1960:
Fatal bulbospinal paralytic poliomyelitis due to ECHO 11 virus

Rodriguez-Vigil Lorenzo, E.; Garrido Vela, S., 1957:
Fatal bullous dermatitis caused by primidone (mysoline)

Lapiere, S.; Castermans-Elias, S., 1958:
Fatal bullous epidermolysis of Herlitz

Nguyen, V.A.; Friesenecker, B.; Sepp, N., 2007:
Fatal bullous pemphigoid unresponsive to any therapeutic regimens

Yazzie, J.; Kelly, S.C.; Zumwalt, R.E.; Kerrigan, S., 2004:
Fatal bupivacaine intoxication following unusual erotic practices

Kumar, V.; Mohanty, M.Kumar.; Kanth, S., 2006:
Fatal burns in Manipal area: a 10 year study

Brouns, K.; Verbeken, E.; Degreef, H.; Bobbaers, H.; Blockmans, D., 2006:
Fatal calciphylaxis in two patients with giant cell arteritis

Hauschild, F., 1953:
Fatal calcium cyanide poisoning and the problem of disturbed decomposition of alcohol

Portwich, F., 1957:
Fatal calomel poisoning in 22 year old girl caused by chologen

Stur, D., 1953:
Fatal cancer and birth month

Kohn, W., 1957:
Fatal candidiasis and Ps. aeruginosa septicemia in a fetus as a result of antibiotic therapy; report of a case

Neugebauer, W., 1960:
Fatal carbon dioxide poisoning

Engtrø, F.; Haugen, O.A., 2003 :
Fatal carbon monoxide poisoning

Mazzucchelli, B.; Isalberti, L., 1958:
Fatal carbon monoxide poisoning in unusual environmental conditions; case reports

Berka, I., 1954:
Fatal carbon monoxide poisoning in well digging

Jacobs, A.; Rosemann, G., 1957:
Fatal carbon tetrachloride poisoning

Bartzen, P.J.; Hovis, W.F.; Albrecht, D.J., 1956:
Fatal carcinoma of the cervix; a study of 58 autopsies

Novitsky, Y.W.; Mostafa, G.; Sing, R.F.; Lipford, E.; Heniford, B.Todd., 2005:
Fatal cardiac air embolism

Cachoux, K.; Mofredj, A.; Belhadj, H.; Baraka, D., 2003:
Fatal cardiac arrest following blunt chest trauma 17 years after a Senning operation

Malamud, N.; Zheutlin, A., 1953:
Fatal cardiac complications during electroshock treatment; case report

Muller, C., 1956:
Fatal cardiac failure due to acute myocarditis of uncertain etiology

Walker, D.H., 2004:
Fatal cardiac failure in a 7-month-old child

Lyonnet, R.; Blanc, P.; Tartulier, J., 1951:
Fatal cardiac malformations; etiological considerations

Russell, C.; Greiff, J., 2004:
Fatal cardiac perforation by central venous catheter dilators: does the length matter?

Fernandez Rozas, F., 1960:
Fatal cardiac syncope in industrial forensic medicine. Medicolegal study. Its evaluation

Ozdogu, H.; Boga, C., 2005:
Fatal cardiac tamponade in a patient with Kawasaki disease

Condat, B.; Asselah, T.; Zanditenas, D.; Estampes, B.; Cohen, A.; O'Toole, D.; Bonnet, Jëlle.; Ngo, Y.; Marcellin, P.; Blazquez, M., 2006:
Fatal cardiomyopathy associated with pegylated interferon/ribavirin in a patient with chronic hepatitis C

Greene, N.M., 1959:
Fatal cardiovascular and respiratory failure associated with tracheotomy

Sutherland, J.M., 1959:
Fatal cardiovascular collapse of infants receiving large amounts of chloramphenicol

Tanno, K.; Kohno, M.; Ono, K.; Ohashi, N.; Doy, M.; Yamazaki, K.; Misawa, S.; Takada, A.; Saito, K., 2003:
Fatal cardiovascular injuries to the unbelted occupant associated with airbag deployment: two case-reports

Ramon Guerra, A.; Barani, J.C.; Fabius, S., 1952:
Fatal case due to nose drops

Ball, H.; Pelz, H., 1953:
Fatal case in urethrography with barium sulfate

Siu, Y-Pong.; Leung, K-Tai.; Tong, M.Ka-Hang.; Kwok, Y-Lung.; Wong, P-Kei.; Kwan, T-Hoi., 2005:
Fatal case of Aspergillus coinfection in a renal transplant recipient suffering from cytomegalovirus pneumonitis

Li, M.; Goldberger, B.A.; Hopkins, C., 2005:
Fatal case of BOTOX-related anaphylaxis?

Zeldenrust, J.; Van Schothorst, H.K.; Marseille, A., 1954:
Fatal case of Bang's disease

Boucomont, J.; Bertrand, L.; Roujon, J., 1954:
Fatal case of Gaucher's disease at the age of four months, with opisthotonus

Kraigher, A.; Seme, K.; Krt-Lah, A.; Fisher, I., 2006:
Fatal case of HUS after VTEC E. coli O145 infection in Slovenia highlights importance of testing for this rare strain

Retbøll, K., 1952:
Fatal case of Herxheimer reaction in penicillin therapy of tertiary syphilis

Perrin, M.; Bemer, M.; Delamare, C., 2003:
Fatal case of Listeria innocua bacteremia

Kurn, R.; Waag, A., 1954:
Fatal case of Q fever

Melvin, K.E.; Howie, R.N., 1961:
Fatal case of Stevens-Johnson syndrome after sulphamethoxypyridazine treatment

Vankos, J.; Pastinszky, I., 1957:
Fatal case of Stevens-Johnson syndrome caused by phenylbutazone

Guilhem, P.; Pontonnier, A.; Fournie, J., 1956:
Fatal case of abortion caused by mercurial compound

Guzman, A.; Leiva, W.; Monreal, R.; Schenone, H., 1952:
Fatal case of acute Chagas' disease in an infant

Bauer; Le Scao, 1956:
Fatal case of acute cadmium poisoning

Roman, G.T.; Blache, J.O.; Smith, J.R., 1959:
Fatal case of acute idiopathic pericarditis; discussion of the character and origin of thoracic pain in acute pericarditis

Wiggins, C.A., 1950:
Fatal case of acute porphyria in a Negro

Cayla, A.; Perrot, R.; Froideval, P., 1954:
Fatal case of acute staphylococcal colitis caused by terramycin

Hutchison, H.E.; Conway, H., 1955:
Fatal case of agranulocytosis due to novalgin

Wood, I.H., 1954:
Fatal case of agranulocytosis following phenylbutazone

Aramendi Lizcano, J.; Alvarez Lopez, E.; Hernandez Santamaria, E., 1953:
Fatal case of agranulocytosis; failure of ACTH

Libiszowska-Staniul, M.; Michejda, B., 1959:
Fatal case of air embolism in supplementary pneumoperitoneum

Fukumoto, Y.; Yamada, A.; Ando, H.; Sobashima, A.; Kuwata, K.; Yamawaki, T.; Nakamura, R.; Eto, Y.; Kishi, T.; Ikeuchi, M.; Sekiya, M.; Ozawa, M.; Okamatsu, S., 2006:
Fatal case of amiodarone-induced acute respiratory distress syndrome in a patient with severe left ventricular dysfunction due to extensive anterior acute myocardial infarction

Bruck, C., 1950:
Fatal case of arsphenamine encephalitis

Pavlov, K., 1955:
Fatal case of asphyxia in asthmatic seizure

Najman, E., 1950:
Fatal case of bellalumal poisoning in a 3 and half year old child

Irmscher, G., 1958:
Fatal case of chronic pneumonia after inhalation of alpha- and beta-active industrial dust 20 years previously

García, C.; Ugalde, E.; Campo, A.B.; Miñambres, E.; Kovács, N., 2004:
Fatal case of community-acquired pneumonia caused by Legionella longbeachae in a patient with systemic lupus erythematosus

Greco, V.; Piras, C.; Pieroni, L.; Ronci, M.; Putignani, L.; Roncada, P.; Urbani, A., 2018:
Applications of MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry in clinical proteomics

Riaz, K.; McCullough, P.A., 2003:
Fatal case of delayed repolarization due to cocaine abuse and global ischemia

Kaeser, O., 1950:
Fatal case of eclampsia with grave hepato-renal insufficiency

Kendall, A.C., 1954:
Fatal case of encephalitis after phenolphthalein ingestion

Flaherty, J.D.; Levett, P.N.; Dewhirst, F.E.; Troe, T.E.; Warren, J.R.; Johnson, S., 2003:
Fatal case of endocarditis due to Weissella confusa

Abba, G.C., 1951:
Fatal case of fetal erythroblastosis

Vermeil, C.; Gordeeff, A.; Haddad, N., 1954:
Fatal case of generalized mycosis in Tunisia

Kemeny, P.; Adler, T.; Nagy, L., 1963:
Fatal case of giant hemangioma with thrombocytopenia and bleeding (Kasabach Merritt's syndrome)

Curtiss, C.D.; Kosinski, A.A., 1954:
Fatal case of iron intoxication in a child

Gibbs, A.E., 1962:
Fatal case of leaning on one elbow

Richardson, J.S.; Sarkany, I.; Campbell, C.D., 1954:
Fatal case of marrow aplasia after treatment with carbimazole; the effect of ACTH

Chase, G.O., 1960:
Fatal case of measles

Letowski, A.; Meyer, J., 1957:
Fatal case of multiple embolism of the branches of the pulmonary artery caused by morphotic components of the amniotic fluid in labor; so-called amniotic fluid of various branches of the pulmonary artery

Eames, D.H., 1952:
Fatal case of obstetric shock due to pulmonary emboli of amniotic fluid

Ban, A.; Berczeller, I., 1951:
Fatal case of panmyelopathy caused by a hydantoin preparation

Audouard, 1952:
Fatal case of pemphigus originating in the mouth

Cayla, A.; Perrot, R.; Bertrand, I.; Pedrono, J., 1952:
Fatal case of periodic vomiting with acetonemia; anatomical examination of the brain; etiological evaluation of the lesions

Anonymous, 2005:
Fatal case of pertussis in an infant--West Virginia, 2004

MacDONALD, A.C.; MONRO, I.C.; SCOTT, G.I., 1950:
Fatal case of poisoning due to inhalation of methyl bromide

Adam, H.; McGeer, A.; Simor, A., 2007:
Fatal case of post-influenza, community-associated MRSA pneumonia in an Ontario teenager with subsequent familial transmission

Berre, L.; Torrenti, P.; Blanc, B., 1957:
Fatal case of postoperative putrid lung abscess

Khoury, J.A.; Dubberke, E.R.; Devine, S.M., 2004:
Fatal case of protothecosis in a hematopoietic stem cell transplant recipient after infliximab treatment for graft-versus-host disease

Todman, R.C., 1960:
Fatal case of spontaneous haemorrhage from internal carotid artery resulting from retropharngeal infection

Pyrlina, N.P., 1958:
Fatal case of sympathicogonioma in a 17-day old infant

Parmeggiani, L., 1953:
Fatal case of tetanus following puncture with a needle infested with tetanic toxin

Vassal, L., 1950 :
Fatal case of tetanus in a revaccinated subject

Mantero, O.; Gianotti, F., 1953:
Fatal case of thrombopenic purpura with a picture of aplastic myelosis

Konecny, Z., 1951:
Fatal case of thrombosis of the cavernous sinus due to carbuncle of the neck

Buttaro, C.A.; Brunori, C.A., 1955:
Fatal case of thyroid crisis during treatment of hyperthyroidism with potassium perchlorate; peculiar clinical and pathogenetic aspects

Boardman, R.H., 1954:
Fatal case of toxic hepatitis implicating chlorpromazine

Korman, T.M.; Boers, A.; Gooding, T.M.; Curtis, N.; Visvanathan, K., 2004:
Fatal case of toxic shock-like syndrome due to group C streptococcus associated with superantigen exotoxin

Aguilar, I.; Granados, E.; Palacios, R.; Martín, E.; Sánchez, M.Antonia.; Santos, Jús., 2006:
Fatal case of tuberculous chancre in a patient with AIDS

Anonymous, 2004:
Fatal case of unsuspected pertussis diagnosed from a blood culture--Minnesota, 2003

Arias, S.J., 1951:
Fatal case of vitamin B1 sensibilization

Ekedahl, A.; Persson, A.; Kero, S., 2005:
Fatal cases caused by fentanyl patches--remaining lethal doses in the used patches!

Poulsen, H.; Bondo, J., 1958:
Fatal cases in connection with carbutamide treatment

Patscheider, H., 1961:
Fatal cases in winter sports

Anonymous, 2004:
Fatal cases of Rocky Mountain spotted fever in family clusters--three states, 2003

Stuen, S.; Nevland, S.; Moum, T., 2003:
Fatal cases of Tick-borne fever (TBF) in sheep caused by several 16S rRNA gene variants of Anaplasma phagocytophilum

Bruun, E., 1955:
Fatal cases of allergic constitutional reactions; with some comments

Ryskova, M.; Votava, Z., 1955:
Fatal cases of antihistaminics poisoning

Bendixen, P., 1955:
Fatal cases of anuria in narcotic poisoning

Sterne, T.L.; Whitaker, C.; Webb, C.H., 1955:
Fatal cases of bismuth intoxication

Rosenberg, A., 1953:
Fatal cases of coronary occlusion with mild symptoms

Racz, L., 1950:
Fatal cases of electric shock; resuscitation

Matsukawa, Y.; Nishinarita, S.; Sawada, S.; Horie, T., 2003:
Fatal cases of gabexate mesilate-induced anaphylaxis

Kouba, K.; Viklicky, J.; Sramkova, L., 1961:
Fatal cases of infectious mononucleosis

Fekete, A., 1951:
Fatal cases of liver injury in pregnancy

Bogicevic, J.; Jokanovic, D.; Stuiar, P., 1961:
Fatal cases of magnesium sulfate poisoning in the treatment of taeniasis

Vaag, A., 1959:
Fatal cases of ornithosis

Johansen, S.Stybe.; Jacobsen, C.; Müller, I.Breum.; Petersen, H.Willads.; Simonsen, K.Wiese.; Kringsholm, B.; Steentoft, A., 2006:
Fatal cases of poisoning in eastern Denmark during a five-year period (1998-2002)

Hohlfeld, R.A., 1954:
Fatal cases of poisoning in praxi in local anesthesia with novocaine

Macias De Torres, 1950:
Fatal cases of provoked abortion

Ravina, A., 1952:
Fatal casualties caused by competitive sports

Riedel, T.; Sojcic, S.Gasser.; Pfenninger, Jürg., 2003:
Fatal catecholamine myocarditis in a child with severe scalding injury

Sirvent-Von Bueltzingsloewen, A.; Sirvent, N.; Morand, P.; Cassuto, J.Patrice., 2003:
Fatal central nervous system lesions emerging during anti-CD20 monoclonal antibody therapy (Rituximab) for a post transplantation Epstein Barr virus-linked lymphoma

Crary, S.E.; Buchanan, G.R.; Journeycake, J.M., 2006:
Fatal central venous catheter-related infection in haemophilia

Harris, B.; Veazie, L.; Lehman, W.L., 1953:
Fatal cerebral abscess caused by Pasteurella multocida

Stabile, L.; Cigada, M.; Stillittano, D.; Morandi, E.; Zaffroni, M.; Rossi, G.; Lapichino, G., 2006:
Fatal cerebral air embolism after endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography

Cornips, E.M.J.; Staals, J.; Stavast, A.; Rijkers, K.; van Oostenbrugge, R.J., 2007:
Fatal cerebral and cerebellar hemorrhagic infarction after thoracoscopic microdiscectomy. Case report

Suominen, Y.K., 1950:
Fatal cerebral apoplexy at term

Schulte, W.; Dreyer, R., 1950:
Fatal cerebral complications following electroshock

Perin, L., 1955:
Fatal cerebral complications in an old syphilitic treated with penicillin for an intercurrent pulmonary infection

Desjacques, R., 1951:
Fatal cerebral disorders following syncope in anesthesia

Camilleri, C.; Albertson, T.; Offerman, S., 2005:
Fatal cerebral edema after moderate valproic acid overdose

Thakur, V.; Rupar, C.Anthony.; Ramsay, D.A.; Singh, R.; Fraser, D.D., 2006:
Fatal cerebral edema from late-onset ornithine transcarbamylase deficiency in a juvenile male patient receiving valproic acid

Crue, B.L.; Freshwater, D.B.; Pudenz, R.H.; Shelden, C.H., 1955 :
Fatal cerebral fat embolism; report of case without fracture but with an interventricular septal defect

Kocvara, S., 1957:
Fatal cerebral hemorrhage after retropneumoperitoneum

Kato, H.; Uchigata, M.; Iijima, M.; Shimizu, S.; Nonaka, I.; Goto, Y., 2005:
Fatal cerebral hemorrhage in mitochondrial encephalomyopathy. Clinical and pathological data of a case

Fazekas, I.G.; Jakobovits, A., 1953:
Fatal cerebral hemorrhage with spasm free eclampsia

Wyen, C.; Stenzel, W.; Hoffmann, C.; Lehmann, C.; Deckert, M.; Fätkenheuer, G., 2006:
Fatal cerebral lymphomatoid granulomatosis in an HIV-1-infected patient

Tian, Y.; Zhang, J.; Cheng, H.; Li, X.; Chen, Y., 2018:
Applications of mass spectrometry-based proteomics in food authentication and quality identification

Menenakos, E.; Alexakis, N.; Leandros, E.; Laskaratos, G.; Nikiteas, N.; Bramis, J.; Fingerhut, A., 2005:
Fatal chest injury with lung evisceration during athletic games in ancient Greece

Solomon, P., 1961:
Fatal chicken pox in a baby treated with antimetabolites

Rigdon, R.H.; Shojaii, S.A.; Garber, E.P., 1962:
Fatal chickenpox: a review of the literature and a report of a case

Shelleh, H.H.; Khan, S.A.; Al-Hateeti, H.; Khan, L.A.; Saleh, A.F.; Qasabah, M.N.; Al-Askari, S.M., 2007:
Fatal child abuse in two children of a family: the alleged role of polygamy

Feng, J.; Gohara, M.; Lazova, R.; Antaya, R.J., 2006:
Fatal childhood calciphylaxis in a 10-year-old and literature review

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