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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 49091

Chapter 49091 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Enislidis, G.; Lagogiannis, G.; Wittwer, G.; Glaser, C.; Ewers, R., 2004:
Fixation of zygomatic fractures with a biodegradable copolymer osteosynthesis system: short- and long-term results

Daudel, P.; Nectoux, F.; Pichat, L.; Prodi, G., 1960:
Fixation on cellular proteins of anthanthrene labeled by radiocarbon

Daudel, P.; Vallee, G.; Vasquez, R., 1959:
Fixation on cellular proteins of carcinogenic derivatives of branched benzacridine labeled with radiocarbon

Midena, E.; Radin, P.Paolo.; Pilotto, E.; Ghirlando, A.; Convento, E.; Varano, M., 2004:
Fixation pattern and macular sensitivity in eyes with subfoveal choroidal neovascularization secondary to age-related macular degeneration. A microperimetry study

Burian, H.M.; Hauser, P.J., 1957:
Fixation patterns in strabismic amblyopia

Steiger, R.M.; Wurth, A., 1955:
Fixation photography and electroencephalography in the evaluation of strabismus amblyopia

Urrets-Zavalia, A., 1959:
Fixation pick and scleral depressor for use in operations of retinal detachment

May, K., 1951:
Fixation plate for abdominal paracentesis

Novikov, N.V., 1958:
Fixation plate for osteosynthesis of long bones

Khan, A.O.; Oystreck, D.T., 2006:
Fixation preference for the affected eye in patients with unilateral Duane syndrome

Curtis, R.; Goldhahn, J.; Schwyn, R.; Regazzoni, P.; Suhm, N., 2004:
Fixation principles in metaphyseal bone--a patent based review

Lindstrom, B., 1960:
Fixation problems in quantitative cytochemistry

Fixation procedure for an intermetacarpal graft

Petit, J., 1956:
Fixation procedure for permanent vesical sound

Dammak, M.; Shirazi-Adl, A.; Zukor, D.J., 2003:
Fixation response of two cementless tibial implants under static and fatigue compression loading

Crossland, M.D.; Culham, L.E.; Rubin, G.S., 2004:
Fixation stability and reading speed in patients with newly developed macular disease

Ygge, J.; Aring, E.; Han, Y.; Bolzani, R.; Hellström, A., 2005:
Fixation stability in normal children

González, E.G.; Teichman, J.; Lillakas, L.; Markowitz, S.N.; Steinbach, M.J., 2006:
Fixation stability using radial gratings in patients with age-related macular degeneration

Rosenstein, A.D.; Postak, P.D.; Greenwald, A.Seth., 2007:
Fixation strength comparison of onlay and inset patellar implants

Piltz, S.; Strunk, P.; Meyer, L.; Plitz, W.; Lob, G., 2004:
Fixation strength of a novel bioabsorbable expansion bolt for patellar tendon bone graft fixation: an experimental study in calf tibial bone

Ebramzadeh, E.; Beaulé, P.E.; Culwell, J.Lee.; Amstutz, H.C., 2004:
Fixation strength of an all-metal acetabular component cemented into an acetabular shell: a biomechanical analysis

Chen, C-Hwa.; Chou, S-Wei.; Chen, W-Jer.; Shih, C-Hsiung., 2003:
Fixation strength of three different graft types used in posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

Holgado, S.; Toth, C.A.; Freedman, S.F., 2007:
Fixation switch and diplopia after full macular translocation surgery

Koslin, A.J., 1963:
Fixation technic for sulcus deepening

Ehrich, W., 1956:
Fixation time and fixation point

Ko, P.Shui.; Chan, W.Fu.; Wong, M.Kwan.; Leung, M.Fai.; Lee, O.Bong.; Lam, J.Joseph., 2004:
Fixation using acetabular reconstruction cage and cancellous allografts for intraoperative acetabular fractures associated with cementless acetabular component insertion

Aulhorn, E., 1953:
Fixation width and fixation frequency of the contours presented in reading

Salmon, M.; Trifaud, A.; Sedat, 1951:
Fixation with a Rocher nail in surgery of the foot

Ito, H.; Matsuno, T.; Minami, A., 2006:
Fixation with poly-L-lactide screws in hip osteotomies

Brumback, J.E., 1951:
Fixation-light holder modifications. For screen and cover test in cardinal positions for near

Senbil, N.; Soyer, O.; Turanlý, Güzide.; Gürer, Y.K.Yavuz., 2006:
Fixation-off sensitivity and generalized epileptic EEG induced by eyes closed

Mitchell, A.M.; Ellerbrock, V.J., 1955:
Fixational disparity and the maintainence of fusion in the horizontal meridian

Murakami, I., 2006:
Fixational eye movements and motion perception

Martinez-Conde, S., 2006:
Fixational eye movements in normal and pathological vision

Rucci, M.; Casile, A., 2006:
Fixational instability and natural image statistics: implications for early visual representations

Salomon, F., 1959:
Fixations, regressions & homosexuality in tests of the Rorschach type; contribution to a dynamic & structural diagnosis

Maclean, K.S., 1957:
Fixative and staining cytologic techniques; proposed modification of the Papanicolaou methods

Manfredi, D., 1954:
Fixative methods for preservation of blood vessel grafts

Hammacher, E.R., 2003:
Fixator for the treatment of patellar fractures

Fink, W.H.; Fink, R.J., 1957:
Fixator for the version test

Bairachnyi, V.M., 1962:
Fixator of an intracavitary chamber for measurement of the depth dose in the vagina and rectum

KOLONTAI, I.Iu., 1958:
Fixator used in active and passive exercises of the hip and knee joints

Leng Levy, J.; David Chausse, J.; Lagoarde, J.; Picot, C.; Bernard, J.P., 1964:
Fixed and Generalized Superficial "wire" Phlebitis Revealing a Visceral Cancer

Robinson, R.R.; Glenn, W.G., 1964:
Fixed and Reproducible Orthostatic Proteinuria. Iv. Urinary Albumin Excretion by Healthy Human Subjects in the Recumbent and Upright Postures

Degen, I.L., 1965:
Fixed Bone Graft on a Round Stalk

Welte, T., 2003:
Fixed Combination of a Long-Acting beta(2)-Agonist and an Inhaled Steroid. A Therapeutic Option for COPD?

Auerbach, R., 1965:
Fixed Drug Eruption: Ethchlorvynol: Report of a Case

Klevansky, H.; Kingsley, H.J., 1964:
Fixed Drug Eruptions Caused by Dyes

Kuske, H.; Krebs, A., 1964:
Fixed Drug Exanthema Due to Optadilon

Schweigert, G.E., 1943:
Fixed Elements and Periodic Types for Homeomorphisms on S. L. C. Continua

Brehm, G.; Brehm, I., 1963:
Fixed Exanthemata Medicamentosa with use of the Cytostatic "trenimon"

Godwin, J.G., 1965:
Fixed Internal Splinting of Anterior Teeth

Rubio-Huertos, M.; Beltra, R., 1962:
Fixed L-forms of Agro-bacterium tumefaciens obtained by means of glycocoll

Baumhammers, A., 1965:
Fixed Permanent Amalgam Splints Utilizing Chrome-Cobalt Alloy Reinforcement Bars

Nicoll, K.B., 1963:
Fixed Skin Traction on a Thomas' Splint

Bauer, F., 1964:
Fixed Stapes or Interrupted Ossicular Chain?

Funfack, M., 1965:
Fixed Urethra in Females. Contribution to the Clinical Picture of Abnormalities of the Urinary System

Apollonio, A., 1956:
Fixed acrylic lenses in the anterior chamber

Holt, S.; Ryder-Lewis, S.; Masoli, M.; Weatherall, M.; Beasley, R., 2005:
Fixed and adjustable dose asthma action plans based on combination therapy: a pilot study

Muntimadugu, B.T.; Goldstraw, P., 2005:
Fixed and dynamic airway obstruction in polychondritis

Leu, G.; Fordham, E.J.; Hürlimann, M.D.; Frulla, P., 2005:
Fixed and pulsed gradient diffusion methods in low-field core analysis

Pieragnoli, E.; Tura, S., 1957:
Fixed and soluble sulfhydryl groups of bone marrow in diabetic subjects treated with butylsulfanulurea

Orbay, J.L.; Touhami, A.; Orbay, C., 2005:
Fixed angle fixation of distal radius fractures through a minimally invasive approach

Schlack, H., 1956:
Fixed behavior patterns in infancy; problems of easy and difficult rearing of infants

Tamarin, A.H., 1961:
Fixed bridge work with one piece cast backings and acrylic resin facings

Kemeny, I., 1953:
Fixed bridges instead of retention prostheses

Joffee, R.W.; Joffee, N.R., 1953:
Fixed bridgework with universal movement

Granlund, D.; Rudholm, N.; Wikström, M., 2006:
Fixed budgets as a cost containment measure for pharmaceuticals

Peñarrocha-Diago, M.; Boronat, A.; Cervera, R.; Garcia, B., 2006:
Fixed ceramometallic prostheses over anterior and transzygomatic implants by using the sinus slot technique--report of a case

Wernsdorfer, R., 1957:
Fixed chronic recurrent erythema

Franciosa, J.A., 2006:
Fixed combination isosorbide dinitrate-hydralazine for nitric-oxide-enhancing therapy in heart failure

Bönner, G.; Fuchs, W., 2004:
Fixed combination of candesartan with hydrochlorothiazide in patients with severe primary hypertension

Novotný, M.; Kostrica, R., 2004:
Fixed combination of cinnarizine and dimenhydrinate versus betahistine dimesylate in the treatment of Ménière's disease: a randomized, double-blind, parallel group clinical study

Borghi, C.; Cicero, A.F.G., 2007:
Fixed combination of zofenopril plus hydrochlorothiazide in the management of hypertension: a review of available data

Wolf, R.L.; Mendlowitz, M.; Gitlow, S.E.; Naftchi, N.E., 1962:
Fixed combination therapy in hypertension

Chrysant, S.G., 2004:
Fixed combination therapy of hypertension: focus on valsartan/hydrochlorothiazide combination (Diovan/HCT)

Tunevall, G., 1957:
Fixed combinations of antibiotics from the Swedish clinical point of view

Fechtner, R.D.; Realini, T., 2004:
Fixed combinations of topical glaucoma medications

Hruska, G., 1950:
Fixed concepts regarding dental caries

Anonymous, 2005:
Fixed contribution, costs, multiple service and Co

Seale, J.R., 1960:
Fixed costs in the Health Service

Bachmeyer, C.; Buot, G.; Binet, O.; Beltzer-Garelly, E.; Avram, A., 2006:
Fixed cutaneous sporotrichosis: an unusual diagnosis in West Europe

Bradley, J.T.; Sutthiwan, P.; Jenkins, L.Ann.; Meyerrose, G.E., 2005:
Fixed defect on stress myocardial imaging resulting from previous trauma masquerading as coronary artery disease

Ten Eyck, E.A., 1958:
Fixed defects in the gallbladder wall

Reznikov, E.K., 1961:
Fixed dermatites arising at the site of smallpox vaccinations several months after inoculation

Srinivasan, M.; Patnaik, L., 2004:
Fixed dilated pupil (Urrets-Zavalia syndrome) in corneal dystrophies

Al Dieri, R.; Alban, S.; Béguin, S.; Hemker, H.C., 2006:
Fixed dosage of low-molecular-weight heparins causes large individual variation in coagulability, only partly correlated to body weight

Anderson, A.M.L.; Bartlett, J.A., 2005:
Fixed dose combination abacavir/lamivudine in the treatment of HIV-1 infection

Panchagnula, R.; Agrawal, S.; Ashokraj, Y.; Varma, M.; Sateesh, K.; Bhardwaj, V.; Bedi, S.; Gulati, I.; Parmar, J.; Kaul, C.Lal.; Blomberg, B.; Fourie, B.; Roscigno, G.; Wire, R.; Laing, R.; Evans, P.; Moore, T., 2005:
Fixed dose combinations for tuberculosis: Lessons learned from clinical, formulation and regulatory perspective

van Dongen, C.J.J.; van den Belt, A.G.M.; Prins, M.H.; Lensing, A.W.A., 2004:
Fixed dose subcutaneous low molecular weight heparins versus adjusted dose unfractionated heparin for venous thromboembolism

Loder, E., 2005:
Fixed drug combinations for the acute treatment of migraine : place in therapy

Sehgal, V.N.; Srivastava, G., 2006:
Fixed drug eruption (FDE): changing scenario of incriminating drugs

Schmutz, J-L.; Barbaud, A.; Trechot, P., 2005:
Fixed drug eruption and carbocysteine

Fixed drug eruption and epididymitis due to antipyrine

George, A.O.; Ogunbiyi, A.O., 2005:
Fixed drug eruption and fixed drug-like eruption

Augustine, M.; Sharma, P.; Stephen, J.; Jayaseelan, E., 2006:
Fixed drug eruption and generalised erythema following etoricoxib

Matarredona, J.; Borrás Blasco, Jín.; Navarro-Ruiz, Aés.; Devesa, P., 2005:
Fixed drug eruption associated to loperamide

Kleinhans, M.; Böer, A.; Kaufmann, R.; Boehncke, W-H., 2003:
Fixed drug eruption caused by articain

Gupta, S.; Jain, V.Kumar.; Aggarwal, K.; Gupta, S.; Mahendra, A., 2005:
Fixed drug eruption caused by ornidazole

Dougherty, J.W., 1952:
Fixed drug eruption due both to aureomycin and to terramycin; report of a case

Alvarez Santullano, C.Villanueva.; Tover Flores, V.; De Barrio Fernández, M.; Tornero Molina, P.; Prieto Garcia, A., 2007:
Fixed drug eruption due to ibuprofen

Al-Mutairi, N.; Al-Fouzan, A.; Nour-Eldin, O., 2004:
Fixed drug eruption due to influenza vaccine

Zaccaria, E.; Gualco, F.; Drago, F.; Rebora, A., 2006:
Fixed drug eruption due to propranolol

Ballin, D., 1953:
Fixed drug eruption due to sulfadiazine

Gaul, L.E., 1961:
Fixed drug eruption from chlordiazepoxide

Cuerda Galindo, E.; Goday Buján, J.J.; García Silva, J.M.; Martínez, W.; Verea Hernando, M.; Fonseca, E., 2004:
Fixed drug eruption from piroxicam

Böhm, I.; Medina, J.; Prieto, P.; Block, W.; Schild, H.H., 2006:
Fixed drug eruption induced by an iodinated non-ionic X-ray contrast medium: a practical approach to identify the causative agent and to prevent its recurrence

Baykal, Yşim.; Baykal, C.; Yeşim, B.; Cem, B., 2004:
Fixed drug eruption of the penis due to zolmitriptan

Alonso, J.C.Martínez.; Melgosa, A.Callejo.; Gonzalo, M.J.Fuentes.; García, C.Martín., 2005:
Fixed drug eruption on the tongue due to clarithromycin

Honeycutt, W.M.; Curtis, A.C., 1962:
Fixed drug eruption to carisoprodol and cross reaction with meprobamate

Al Aboud, K.; Ramesh, V.; Al Hawsawi, K., 2004:
Fixed drug eruption to ibuprofen in daughter and father

Tai, Y.J.; Tam, M., 2005:
Fixed drug eruption with interferon-beta-1b

Berger, R.E., 2005:
Fixed drug eruption--a sexually inducible reaction?

Mahajan, V.K.; Sharma, N.Lal.; Sharma, V.C., 2005:
Fixed drug eruption: a novel side-effect of levocetirizine

Mahboob, A.; Haroon, T.Saeed.; Iqbal, Z.; Iqbal, F.; Saleemi, M.Akhtar.; Munir, A., 2006:
Fixed drug eruption: topical provocation and subsequent phenomena

Philpott, J.A., 1951:
Fixed drug eruptions due to sulfonamides; a report of three cases

Chenoweth, E., 1951:
Fixed drug eruptions: two cases of identical distribution (sulphadiazine)

Nelson, L.M., 1955:
Fixed drug eruptions; a report of two cases, one caused by niacin, the other by cocaine

Monroe, M.; Crutchfield, C.E., 2005:
Fixed drug reaction

Zawar, V.; Chuh, A., 2006:
Fixed drug reaction may be sexually induced

Sánchez Merino, Jé.María.; López Pacios, Jé.Carlos.; Parra Muntaner, L.; Alija Senra, A.; Piñeiro Fernández, Mía.del.Carmen.; García Alonso, Jús., 2003:
Fixed drug-induced exanthema of the glans

Wan, L.Q.; Miller, C.; Guo, X.Edward.; Mow, V.C., 2006:
Fixed electrical charges and mobile ions affect the measurable mechano-electrochemical properties of charged-hydrated biological tissues: the articular cartilage paradigm

Cornbleet, T.; Hoit, L.; Sickley, J.F., 1955:
Fixed eruption

Baker, H., 1962:
Fixed eruption due to iodide and antipyrine

Meltzer, L., 1962:
Fixed eruption to hormones

Markinkovic, I.J.; Sofronic, A., 1955:
Fixed erythema

Cuilleret, P.; Fayolle, J., 1955:
Fixed erythemato-pigmented aspirinids; histologic lesions of allergic and toxidermic type

García-Rubio, I.; Martínez-Cócera, C.; Robledo Echarren, T.; Vázquez Cortés, S., 2006:
Fixed exanthema from systemic tobramycin

Keane, J.R., 2005:
Fixed eyelid due to metastatic breast cancer

Armstrong, B.G., 2003:
Fixed factors that modify the effects of time-varying factors: applying the case-only approach

Delattre, E.; Dormont, B., 2003:
Fixed fees and physician-induced demand: a panel data study on French physicians

Buraggi, G.L.; Carnevali, G.; Felci, U.; Roncoroni, L., 1959:
Fixed field telecobalt therapy; presentation of a treatment plan

Taylor, F.W.; Jontz, J.G., 1959:
Fixed figure-of-eight type of retention suture

Lam, L.On.; Swift, S.; Shakespeare, D., 2003:
Fixed flexion deformity and flexion after knee arthroplasty. What happens in the first 12 months after surgery and can a poor outcome be predicted?

Hart, A.J.; Eastwood, D.M.; Dowd, G.S.E., 2004:
Fixed flexion deformity of the knee following femoral physeal fracture: the Inverted Cyclops lesion

Volz, T.; Berner, D.; Weigert, C.; Röcken, M.; Biedermann, T., 2005:
Fixed food eruption caused by asparagus

Tsuruta, D.; Sowa, J.; Kobayashi, H.; Ishii, M., 2005:
Fixed food eruption caused by lactose identified after oral administration of four unrelated drugs

Ruf, S.; Pancherz, H., 2004:
Fixed functional appliance treatment and avascular necrosis

Stoppe, A.; Louzã, M.; Rosa, M.; Gil, G.; Rigonatti, Sérgio., 2006:
Fixed high-dose electroconvulsive therapy in the elderly with depression: a double-blind, randomized comparison of efficacy and tolerability between unilateral and bilateral electrode placement

Spirt, A.A.; Morrey, B.F.; Pritchard, D.J.; Stanhope, C.Robert., 2005:
Fixed hip contracture and cyclic hip pain secondary to endometriosis. A case report

Tselishchev, L.I., 1953:
Fixed holder for rabbits

Frejlich, J.; de Oliveira, I.; Arizmendi, L.; Carrascosa, M., 2007:
Fixed holograms in iron-doped lithium niobate: simultaneous self-stabilized recording and compensation

Arct, W., 1954:
Fixed immediate dressing

Engfors, I.; Ortorp, A.; Jemt, T., 2005:
Fixed implant-supported prostheses in elderly patients: a 5-year retrospective study of 133 edentulous patients older than 79 years

Pfalzner, P.M., 1960:
Fixed interval calendar shows appointment dates

Perlo, J.; Anoardo, E., 2006:
Fixed lock-time relaxation dispersion in the rotating frame

Prisant, L.Michael., 2003:
Fixed low-dose combination therapy: current recommendations

Mil'rud, P.A., 1958:
Fixed magnifying glass for illumination of the cornea

Friedmann, M., 1950:
Fixed neosalvarsan exanthem

Gaga, M., 2004:
Fixed obstruction in severe asthma: not just a matter of time

Grove, E.A., 1993:
Fixed or fluid?

Sigwald, J.; Bouttier, D.; Solignac, J., 1959:
Fixed or little developed forms of parkinsonian syndromes. (Apropos of 90 cases)

Gleeson, R.E.; Evans, R.; Ackroyd, C.E.; Webb, J.; Newman, J.H., 2004:
Fixed or mobile bearing unicompartmental knee replacement? A comparative cohort study

Huang, C-Hsiung.; Liau, J-Jong.; Cheng, C-Kung., 2007:
Fixed or mobile-bearing total knee arthroplasty

Preissecker, O., 1953:
Fixed or movable dental prosthesis

Chen, M.D., 2004:
Fixed orthodontic treatment of 32 impacted anterior teeth

Salinas, T.J.; Block, M.S.; Sadan, A., 2004:
Fixed partial denture or single-tooth implant restoration? Statistical considerations for sequencing and treatment

Pellecchia, R.; Kang, K-Ho.; Hirayama, H., 2004:
Fixed partial denture supported by all-ceramic copings: a clinical report

Rosentritt, M.; Behr, M.; Handel, G., 2003:
Fixed partial dentures: all-ceramics, fibre-reinforced composites and experimental systems

Eliasson, A.; Eriksson, Törn.; Johansson, A.; Wennerberg, A., 2006:
Fixed partial prostheses supported by 2 or 3 implants: a retrospective study up to 18 years

Rubio-Huertos, M.; Martinez De Velasco, R.B., 1962:
Fixed pathogenic L forms of Agrobacterium tumefaciens

Neumann, K., 1954:
Fixed personnel plans for pharmacies under government control

Rabut, R., 1951:
Fixed pigmented allergic erythema

van SCHOUWEN, 1961:
Fixed pigmented erythema

Zelcer, I.; Valerga Araoz, P.A., 1954:
Fixed pigmented erythema caused by penicillin

Roederer, 1951:
Fixed pigmented erythema due to thiazamide

Alvarez, Vónica.J.; Picón, Jús.E.; Morales, A.R.; Goncalves, E.T.; Luna, Jé.Rafael., 2006:
Fixed pigmented erythema related to the oral administration of carbamazepine: report of one case

Codello, A.; Percacci, R., 2006:
Fixed points of higher-derivative gravity

Cappell, S.E.; Shaneson, J.L., 1980:
Fixed points of periodic maps

Litim, D.F., 2004:
Fixed points of quantum gravity

Novais, E.; Guinea, F.; Castro Neto, A.H., 2005:
Fixed points of the dissipative Hofstadter model

Ochs, B.G.; Schmelzer-Schmied, N.; Carstens, C.; Thomsen, M., 2005:
Fixed posterior subluxation with lateral rotation of the knee joint caused by congenital dislocation of the patella in combination with aplasia of the posterior cruciate ligament. Case report and review of the literature

Abu-Rub, N.; Samsudin, A.Rani.; Abdullah, A.Burhanudin.; Abdullah, N., 2006:
Fixed presurgical orthopaedics for bilateral cleft lip and palate

Olivieri, P., 1956:
Fixed prices of drugs

Saizar, P., 1955:
Fixed prosthesis

Mazzotto, F.; Sabras, P., 1952:
Fixed prosthesis for complete edentulous patients by means of sub-mucous inclusion of double cast arch wire

Zepponi, F., 1955:
Fixed prosthesis with intramaxillary infibulation

Breault, L.G.; Lee, S.Y.; Mitchell, N.E., 2004:
Fixed prosthetics with a connective tissue and alloplastic bone graft ridge augmentation: a case report

Duperrat, A.B., 1957:
Fixed recurrent pigmented erythemas & Gougerot's autotoxinides

Potiket, N., 2006:
Fixed rehabilitation of an ACP PDI Class IV dentate patient

Michalakis, K.X., 2006:
Fixed rehabilitation of an ACP PDI class III patient

Bohnenkamp, D.M.; Garcia, L.T., 2005:
Fixed restoration of sectioned mandibular molar teeth

Pyrtek, L.J.; Jenney, W.L., 1960:
Fixed retrocolic right sided dolichosigmoid colon

Cazac, G., 1950:
Fixed salaries, taxes and social security

Wagner, G., 1950:
Fixed salvarsan exanthem similar to lichen ruber

Lucchese, A.; Sfondrini, M.Francesca.; Manuelli, M.; Gangale, S., 2005:
Fixed space maintainer for use with a rapid palatal expander

Yilmaz, Y.; Kocogullari, M.Elcin.; Belduz, N., 2006:
Fixed space maintainers combined with open-face stainless steel crowns

Winslow, M.B., 1955:
Fixed splint and bridge assembly

Silva, E.; Coutts, W.E., 1954:
Fixed stained smears observed under darkfield microscope; value in study and diagnosis of parasites

Tsitrin, D.N., 1954:
Fixed steel prosthesis

Doyle, J.O., 1954:
Fixed sulphonamide eruption simulating early syphilis

Tchou, P.J., 2006:
Fixed tilt or programmable pulse widths: are we creatures of habit?

Cramer, W., 1952:
Fixed torsion of the pregnant uterus as a cause of transverse presentation in a primipara; cesarean section on the dorsal wall of the uterus

Neuhaus, E.C., 2006:
Fixed values and a flexible partial hospital program model

Corfield-Sumner, P.K.; Blackman, D.E., 1976:
Fixed versus variable sequences of food and stimulus presentation in second-order schedules

Kunert, W., 1955:
Fixed vertebral formations in the cervical spine, with a contribution on Klippel-Feil's disease

Urrets Zavalia, A., 1963:
Fixed, Dilated Pupil, Iris Atrophy and Secondary Glaucoma

Yuzbasioglu, E.; Helvacioglu, F.; Sencan, S., 2006:
Fixed, dilated pupil after phakic intraocular lens implantation

Wempe, T.E., 1964:
Fixed-Base-Simulator Evaluation of a Pilot's Terrain-Following Display with Various Modes of Presenting Information. Nasa Tn D-1827

Browder, F.E., 1965:
Fixed-Point Theorems for Noncompact Mappings in Hilbert Space

Chudik, S.C.; Weinhold, P.; Dahners, L.E., 2003:
Fixed-angle plate fixation in simulated fractures of the proximal humerus: a biomechanical study of a new device

Rodriguez, F.; Tibayan, F.A.; Glasson, J.R.; Liang, D.; Daughters, G.T.; Ingels, N.B.; Miller, D.Craig., 2004:
Fixed-apex mitral annular descent correlates better with left ventricular systolic function than does free-apex left ventricular long-axis shortening

Anonymous, 2004:
Fixed-combination therapy for hypertension increases success rate

Hair, P.I.; Scott, L.J.; Perry, C.M., 2007:
Fixed-dose combination lercanidipine/enalapril

Guenther, L.C., 2004:
Fixed-dose combination therapy for psoriasis

Sica, D.A., 2004:
Fixed-dose combination therapy--is it time for this approach to hypertension and dyslipidemia management?

Kjeldsen, S.E.; Os, I.; Høieggen, A.; Beckey, K.; Gleim, G.W.; Oparil, S., 2005:
Fixed-dose combinations in the management of hypertension: defining the place of angiotensin receptor antagonists and hydrochlorothiazide

Martinat, Y.; Desfougères, J-L., 2003:
Fixed-dose fluticasone-salmeterol combination: at least effective and better tolerated than open-dose combinations

Monreal, M.; Zacharski, L.; Jiménez, J.A.; Roncales, J.; Vilaseca, B., 2004:
Fixed-dose low-molecular-weight heparin for secondary prevention of venous thromboembolism in patients with disseminated cancer: a prospective cohort study

Lecumberri, R.; Rosario, E.; Pacho, J.; Rocha, E., 2006:
Fixed-dose low-molecular-weight heparin, bemiparin, in the long-term treatment of venous thromboembolism in patients with transient risk factors in standard clinical practice: the FLEBUS study

George, S.; Yunus, F.; Case, D.; Yang, B.B.; Hackett, J.; Shogan, J.E.; Meza, L.A.; Neumann, T.A.; Liang, B.C., 2003:
Fixed-dose pegfilgrastim is safe and allows neutrophil recovery in patients with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma

Bhala, N.; Shah, A.; King, A.; Molugu, C., 2007:
Fixed-dose unfractionated heparin vs low-molecular-weight heparin for venous thromboembolism

Harrington, D.W.; Jindeel, A., 2007:
Fixed-dose unfractionated heparin vs low-molecular-weight heparin for venous thromboembolism

White, R.H., 2007:
Fixed-dose, weight-adjusted, unfractionated heparin was as effective and safe as low-molecular-weight heparin for venous thromboembolism

Rosenthal, T.; Gavras, I., 2006:
Fixed-drug combinations as first-line treatment for hypertension

Suortti, P.; Fiedler, S.; Bravin, A.; Brochard, T.; Mattenet, M.; Renier, M.; Spanne, P.; Thomlinson, W.; Charvet, A.M.; Elleaume, H.; Schulze-Briese, C.; Thompson, A.C., 2006:
Fixed-exit monochromator for computed tomography with synchrotron radiation at energies 18-90 keV

Suortti, P.; Schulze, C., 1995:
Fixed-exit monochromators for high-energy synchrotron radiation

Cesarani, F.; Jucker, C., 1959:
Fixed-field roentgenoftherapy of extensive neoplasms of the thoracic eosphagus

Botha-Scheepers, S.; Kloppenburg, M.; Kroon, H.M.; Hellio Le Graverand, M-P.; Breedveld, F.C.; Ravaud, P.; Dougados, M., 2006:
Fixed-flexion knee radiography: the sensitivity to detect knee joint space narrowing in osteoarthritis

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