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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 49184

Chapter 49184 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Anonymous, 1955:
HOSPITAL San Juan de Dios, Bogota anatomical lectures, case No. 21

Anonymous, 1956:
HOSPITAL San Juan de Dios, Bogota anatomical lectures, case No. 25

Anonymous, 1956:
HOSPITAL San Juan de Dios, Bogota anatomical lectures, case No. 26

Anonymous, 1958:
HOSPITAL St. Anthony of Padua

Anonymous, 1950:

Anonymous, 1957:
HOSPITAL accommodation for children; memorandum by executive committee of British paediatric association

Anonymous, 1953:
HOSPITAL accreditation program

Anonymous, 1953:
HOSPITAL accreditation: aims exceed standards

Anonymous, 1955:
HOSPITAL administration in N.H.S

Anonymous, 1952 :
HOSPITAL and community challenge; rehabilitation

Anonymous, 1956:
HOSPITAL and community needs and the Ford grants; a symposium

Anonymous, 1951:
HOSPITAL and the community

Anonymous, 1954:
HOSPITAL art exhibit

Anonymous, 1952:
HOSPITAL beds for tuberculosis

Anonymous, 1952:
HOSPITAL beds in the United States

Anonymous, 1959:
HOSPITAL biochemist

Anonymous, 1952:
HOSPITAL board versus professional staff

Anonymous, 1951:
HOSPITAL building program

Anonymous, 1959:
HOSPITAL chimneys

Anonymous, 1960:
HOSPITAL competitive examinations in France. Resident medical studentship of Lyons

Anonymous, 1951:
HOSPITAL corpsmen training with the Marine Corps

Anonymous, 1952:
HOSPITAL cost accounting

Anonymous, 1952:
HOSPITAL costing

Anonymous, 1958:
HOSPITAL costing returns

Anonymous, 1952:

Anonymous, 1955:
HOSPITAL denies illegal practice in suit

Anonymous, 1954:
HOSPITAL dental internships and residencies approved by the council on dental education (revised to February, 1954)

Anonymous, 1953:
HOSPITAL departments of dentistry

Anonymous, 1960:
HOSPITAL difficulties to-day

Anonymous, 1952:
HOSPITAL disaster planning

Anonymous, 1952:
HOSPITAL dividends

Anonymous, 1955:

Anonymous, 1950:
HOSPITAL executives tell ideas on flower room facilities

Anonymous, 1950:
HOSPITAL expenditure; new checks and controls

Anonymous, 1951:
HOSPITAL finance

Anonymous, 1953:
HOSPITAL finances

Anonymous, 1953:
HOSPITAL for Joint Diseases

Anonymous, 1952:
HOSPITAL for sick children, Toronto; when the big day arrives

Anonymous, 1950:
HOSPITAL gives home care

Anonymous, 1950:
HOSPITAL goes "on record" with its sales story

Anonymous, 1951:
HOSPITAL in Iceland at Aklavik, in the Arctic Circle

Anonymous, 1958:
HOSPITAL in a winter wonderland

Anonymous, 1959:
HOSPITAL industry protests solicitations for funds

Anonymous, 1957:
HOSPITAL infection

Anonymous, 1959:
HOSPITAL infections

Anonymous, 1958:
HOSPITAL insurance and medical education

Anonymous, 1954:
HOSPITAL junior staffing arrangements

Anonymous, 1954:
HOSPITAL liabilities in England and Scotland

Anonymous, 1952:
HOSPITAL loses tax exemption

Anonymous, 1952:
HOSPITAL management introduces practical, 3-way menu service

Anonymous, 1953:
HOSPITAL medical staff committees; medical advisory machinery

Anonymous, 1954:
HOSPITAL medical staff remuneration scales

Anonymous, 1958:
HOSPITAL medical staffs

Anonymous, 1951:
HOSPITAL nationalisation

Anonymous, 1960:
HOSPITAL needs and population trends

Anonymous, 1953 :
HOSPITAL nursing services

Anonymous, 1954:
HOSPITAL of Traumatology of Linz

Anonymous, 1951:
HOSPITAL of contrasts, St. Luke's Hospital, Bradford

Anonymous, 1955:
HOSPITAL of the State Workers, Service of Pediatrics clinicopathological conference

Anonymous, 1953:
HOSPITAL pay-beds

Anonymous, 1950:
HOSPITAL pharmacists submit proposed minimum standards for consideration

Anonymous, 1953:

Anonymous, 1951:
HOSPITAL procedures training area

Anonymous, 1953:
HOSPITAL public-relations officer

Anonymous, 1952:
HOSPITAL rates still rising

Anonymous, 1960:
HOSPITAL records used in court

Anonymous, 1957:
HOSPITAL records: assignment of claim as prerequisite to obtaining copy of records

Anonymous, 1957:
HOSPITAL records: limitations on admissibility

Anonymous, 1950:
HOSPITAL records; when admissible in evidence

Anonymous, 1951:
HOSPITAL relationships; the Select Committee's report

Anonymous, 1952:
HOSPITAL research and educational center proposed; university affiliation sought

Anonymous, 1950:
HOSPITAL right motor service

Anonymous, 1953:
HOSPITAL service in the United States

Anonymous, 1953:
HOSPITAL service is personal

Anonymous, 1951:
HOSPITAL situation in Georgia

Anonymous, 1955:
HOSPITAL staff privileges contingent upon membership in county medical society

Anonymous, 1953:
HOSPITAL staff survey; economy in manpower

Anonymous, 1953:
HOSPITAL staffing

Anonymous, 1952:
HOSPITAL statistics

Anonymous, 1960:
HOSPITAL takes long-term patients under its wing

Anonymous, 1952:
HOSPITAL team works for the patient; Denver hospital study of patient education; panel discussion

Anonymous, 1957:
HOSPITAL treatment: a changing scene

Anonymous, 1953:
HOSPITAL trustees

Anonymous, 1953:
HOSPITAL utilization

Anonymous, 1951:
HOSPITAL viewpoint in Saskatchewan

Anonymous, 1953:
HOSPITAL'S liability

Anonymous, 1955:
HOSPITAL'S liability for negligence of laboratory technician

Anonymous, 1950:
HOSPITAL'S role in a plan for survival

Anonymous, 1950:
HOSPITAL--health center serves Alabama community

Anonymous, 1950:
HOSPITAL-APPROVAL row simmers down

Anonymous, 1952:
HOSPITAL-physician relationship

Anonymous, 1952:
HOSPITALIZATION of cases of communicable diseases; Committee on Research and Standards

Anonymous, 1952:
HOSPITALIZATION of patients having communicable disease

Anonymous, 1952:
HOSPITALIZATION of patients with communicable diseases

Anonymous, 1960:
HOSPITALS -- yesterday and today

Anonymous, 1950:
HOSPITALS air nursing plight

Anonymous, 1952:
HOSPITALS and Red Cross cooperate in flood areas

Anonymous, 1952:
HOSPITALS and negligence

Anonymous, 1951:
HOSPITALS and the law

Anonymous, 1954:
HOSPITALS and the public

Anonymous , 1958:
HOSPITALS are not in a recession; yet

Anonymous, 1958:
HOSPITALS dear and cheap

Anonymous, 1951:
HOSPITALS for profit: Liability for inaction of special nurse

Anonymous, 1951:
HOSPITALS for profit: liability for nurse's negligence during operation

Anonymous, 1955:
HOSPITALS hard hit by floods

Anonymous, 1954:
HOSPITALS in general: admissibility in evidence of hospital records

Anonymous, 1953:
HOSPITALS in general: criteria of tax exemption

Anonymous, 1953:
HOSPITALS in general: injury to patient following collapse of adjustable chair

Anonymous, 1953:
HOSPITALS in general: liability for injuries caused by drunken patient

Anonymous, 1954:
HOSPITALS in general: mental suffering as element of damages

Anonymous, 1954:
HOSPITALS in general: suit by hospital to recover for surgical services of staff physician

Anonymous, 1953 :
HOSPITALS in general; board's right to dismiss practitioner from staff

Anonymous, 1950:
HOSPITALS in general; liability for death of patient following blood transfusion

Anonymous, 1950:
HOSPITALS in the new world

Anonymous, 1950:
HOSPITALS of British Columbia hold lecture sessions and convention

Anonymous, 1951:
HOSPITALS playing major role in ACTH research program

Anonymous, 1956:
HOSPITALS through the centuries

Anonymous, 1952:
HOSPITALS violating corporate practice act in collecting professional fees

Anonymous, 1951:
HOSPITALS vs. specialist in "no decision" round

Anonymous, 1951:
HOSPITALS, charitable: effect on status of hospital of outstanding capital stock

Anonymous, 1951:
HOSPITALS, in general: doctrine of res ipsa loquitur

Anonymous, 1953:
HOSPITALS, in general: liability of public hospital for injuries to pay patient

Anonymous, 1951:
HOSPITALS: broken needle left in patient's arm by nurse

Anonymous, 1951:
HOSPITALS: liability for negligence of nurse

Anonymous, 1959:
HOSPITALS: liability for self-inflicted injury to mentally disturbed patient

Anonymous, 1952:
HOSPITALS: osteopath's right to operate hospital as incident to practice

Anonymous, 1955:
HOSPITALS; a study of turnover and its costs

Anonymous, 1950:
HOSTEL for employed paraplegics; the Ministry of Pensions scheme

Anonymous, 1958:
HOT WEATHER feeding of children and infants

Spinar, J.; Vítovec, J., 2005:
HOTEL P--Hypertension Optimal Treatment with Enalapril Lachema-Pliva. Optimal treatment of hypertension with Enalapril Lachema--Pliva

Korytko, A.; Schulz, K-P.; Madison, M.S.; Munk, M.E., 2003:
HOUDINI: a new approach to computer-based structure generation

Anonymous, 1953:
HOURS and patterns of nursing service

Anonymous, 1952:
HOUSE dust as an allergen

Anonymous, 1952:
HOUSE fly resistance to chemicals

Anonymous, 1951:
HOUSE of Delegates of the Illinois State Medical Society

Xu, J.; Williams-Livingston, A.; Gaglioti, A.; McAllister, C.; Rust, G., 2018:
A Practical Risk Stratification Approach for Implementing a Primary Care Chronic Disease Management Program in an Underserved Community

Anonymous, 1952:
HOUSE of Delegates takes action

Anonymous, 1952:
HOUSE of Delegates: special session Monday, April 28, 1952, 2:00 p.m

Anonymous, 1952:
HOUSE of delegates call for semi-annual meeting

Anonymous, 1952:
HOUSE of delegates; sixty-third annual meeting

Anonymous, 1959:
HOUSEKEEPING problems of the mental hospital

Anonymous, 1952:
HOUSES of torture

Anonymous, 1953:
HOUSING London's tuberculous

Anonymous, 1955:
HOW A LIGHTING maintenance program can save money

Anonymous, 1955:
HOW A SMALL hospital has prepared

Anonymous, 1957:
HOW AUTHENTIC is medicine on television?

Anonymous, 1955:
HOW BLACKWELL'S disaster plan provided relief to victims

Anonymous, 1950:
HOW Britain's specialists are faring

Anonymous, 1959:
HOW CAN students develop more feeling about patients

Anonymous, 1959:
HOW COMMON is sex reversal

Anonymous, 1954:
HOW GOOD is your emergency room?

Anonymous, 1959:
HOW HOSPITALS are used today

Anonymous, 1956:
HOW HOSPITALS fought Chicago's polio threat

Anonymous, 1956:
HOW HOSPITALS will use Ford Foundation grants

Anonymous, 1958:
HOW I CAME into analysis with Freud, by the Wolf Man

Anonymous, 1957:
HOW LONG should you keep case records and x-rays?

Braille, L., 1952:
HOW Louis Braille lost his sight

Anonymous, 1957:
HOW MANY are chosen?

Anonymous, 1956:
HOW MANY iatrics?

Anonymous, 1958:
HOW MANY patients per day?

Anonymous, 1950:
HOW Montefiore interiors were redesigned with improved patient morale in mind

Anonymous, 1955:
HOW NATIONS can work together

Anonymous, 1959:
HOW OLD is too old to work

Anonymous, 1959:
HOW ONE general practitioner simplified his bookkeeping chores

Anonymous, 1955:
HOW SKILLFUL is our communication?

Anonymous, 1957:
HOW STATE medical society executives size up professional liability

Topaz, S.R.., 1977:

Anonymous, 1958:
HOW THE College works. II. Organization of the Board of Regents

Anonymous, 1958:
HOW TO choose metal casework

Anonymous, 1954:
HOW TO evaluate a new drug

Anonymous, 1956:
HOW TO question the Polish patient

Anonymous, 1956:
HOW TO question the Spanish patient

Anonymous, 1955:
HOW TO select an auditor

Anonymous, 1955:
HOW WE do team nursing

Anonymous, 1960:
HOW a double-duty department head spends his day

Anonymous, 1950:
HOW are you going to remove those stains? Here are expert answers

Anonymous, 1951:
HOW babies are born: first of four recordings for parents

Anonymous, 1950:
HOW businesslike should a doctor be?

Anonymous, 1952:
HOW can we prevent premature birth?

Anonymous, 1950:
HOW critical will the supply situation for hospitals be?

Anonymous, 1951:
HOW deferrals are being decided

Anonymous, 1950:
HOW did the railway strike affect hospitals across Canada?

Anonymous, 1952:
HOW does psychiatry affect medical education?

Anonymous, 1951:
HOW does the psychiatric nursing affiliation fail?

Anonymous, 1952:
HOW fast can you see?

Anonymous, 1951:
HOW hospitals and states are recruiting student nurses

Huang, S.; Wu, Z.; Misra, A., 2017:
A Practical, Robust and Fast Method for Location Localization in Range-Based Systems

Anonymous, 1953:
HOW long will it keep?

Anonymous, 1960:
HOW many more medical schools?

Anonymous, 1959:
HOW many mouths?

Anonymous, 1952:
HOW many nurses and where they work

Anonymous, 1949:
HOW many nurses?

Anonymous, 1950:
HOW many people per doctor?

Anonymous, 1952:
HOW much nutrition do we need? Dietitians told of standards

Anonymous, 1952:
HOW much water do hospitals use?

Anonymous, 1951:
HOW not to pick a location

Anonymous, 1953:
HOW old are you? The most significant question put to a women with an ovarian tumor

Anonymous, 1952:
HOW one city is handling the termination of MLI contracts

Anonymous, 1952:
HOW one hospital gets surplus of student nurses

Anonymous, 1952:
HOW safety program in Ohio hospitals cut accidents

Anonymous, 1953:
HOW temperature controlls can help you lower your fuel bills

Anonymous, 1953:
HOW the gradient determined construction at West Point's Memorial Hospital

Anonymous, 1952:
HOW the states regulate formula room technique

Anonymous, 1950:
HOW they charge for X-ray examinations

Anonymous, 1950:
HOW to build the hospital to fit the patients

Anonymous, 1950:
HOW to buy a used car

Anonymous, 1952:
HOW to clean a hospital room

Anonymous, 1952:
HOW to design an efficient hospital

Anonymous, 1959:
HOW to determine costs of progressive care

Anonymous, 1951:
HOW to do it advice on the care of hospital flooring

Anonymous, 1951:
HOW to encourage contributions

Anonymous, 1950:
HOW to judge the effectiveness of a school health program

Anonymous, 1951:
HOW to maintain control over meals served to non-patients

Anonymous, 1951:
HOW to maintain high morale among hospital employes

Anonymous, 1950:
HOW to remove those stains; here is section 5 of answers

Anonymous, 1951:
HOW to repel patients

Anonymous, 1953:
HOW to run a meeting

Anonymous, 1951:
HOW we can get better federal medical services

Anonymous, 1953:
HOW we make noise evaluation studies

Anonymous, 1951:
HOW you can foster the prepay plans

Anonymous, 1950:
HOW your savings grow

Miller, H.C., 1950:
HOWARD C. Miller

Lindeman, H.Edward., 1952 :
HOWARD Edward Lindeman, M.D

Ricketts, H.Taylor., 1953:
HOWARD TAYLOR RICKETTS, 1871-1910, and Rickettsiae

Kaye, A.R.; Marlow, W.; Williams, G.; Molloy, A.P.; Mason, L.W., 2018:
A practical 'safe zone' technique for lag screw fixation of the fibula

Mccart, H.W.D., 1958:
HOWARD W. D. McCart, 1893-1958

Anonymous, 1949:
HOWE Medal award

Kamibayshi, M., 2005:
HOX gene expression regulation by hepatocyte growth factor in SUIT-2 pancreatic tumor cell line

Chen, H.; Sukumar, S., 2003:
HOX genes: emerging stars in cancer

Lappin, T.R.J.; Grier, D.G.; Thompson, A.; Halliday, H.L., 2006:
HOX genes: seductive science, mysterious mechanisms

Pan, Y.; Li, G-Di.; Liu, W-Ping.; Zhou, Q.; Zhang, W-Yan., 2006:
HOX11L2 expression and its clinical significance in paraffin-embedded T-lymphoblastic lymphoma

Poppe, B.; Yigit, N.; De Moerloose, B.; De Paepe, A.; Benoit, Y.; Speleman, F., 2005:
HOXA gene cluster rearrangement in a t(7;9)(p15;q34) in a child with MDS

Tischfield, M.A.; Chan, W-Man.; Grunert, J-Frederik.; Andrews, C.; Engle, E.C., 2006:
HOXA1 mutations are not a common cause of Duane anomaly

Chu, M.C.; Selam, F.Belgin.; Taylor, H.S., 2004:
HOXA10 regulates p53 expression and matrigel invasion in human breast cancer cells

Tang, Y-Hong.; Wang, C-Ya., 2005:
HOXB gene family and functions of hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells--review

López, R.; Garrido, E.; Piña, P.; Hidalgo, A.; Lazos, M.; Ochoa, R.; Salcedo, M., 2006:
HOXB homeobox gene expression in cervical carcinoma

Jansen, M.P.H.M.; Sieuwerts, A.M.; Look, M.P.; Ritstier, K.; Meijer-van Gelder, M.E.; van Staveren, I.L.; Klijn, J.G.M.; Foekens, J.A.; Berns, E.M.J.J., 2007:
HOXB13-to-IL17BR expression ratio is related with tumor aggressiveness and response to tamoxifen of recurrent breast cancer: a retrospective study

Amsellem, S.; Fichelson, S., 2004:
HOXB4 and primitive human hematopoietic cell expansion

Will, E.; Speidel, D.; Wang, Z.; Ghiaur, G.; Rimek, A.; Schiedlmeier, B.; Williams, D.A.; Baum, C.; Ostertag, W.; Klump, H., 2005:
HOXB4 inhibits cell growth in a dose-dependent manner and sensitizes cells towards extrinsic cues

Fischbach, N.A.; Rozenfeld, S.; Shen, W.; Fong, S.; Chrobak, D.; Ginzinger, D.; Kogan, S.C.; Radhakrishnan, A.; Le Beau, M.M.; Largman, C.; Lawrence, H.Jeffrey., 2004:
HOXB6 overexpression in murine bone marrow immortalizes a myelomonocytic precursor in vitro and causes hematopoietic stem cell expansion and acute myeloid leukemia in vivo

Taniguchi, Y.; Sato, M.; Tanaka, O.; Sekiguchi, M.; Inoko, H.; Kimura, M., 2003:
HOXD3 regulates expression of JAGGED1, a ligand for Notch receptors

Wilkison, W.O., 2005:
HP-228 (Trega Biosciences Inc)

Rzayev, J.; Penelle, J., 2004:
HP-RAFT: a free-radical polymerization technique for obtaining living polymers of ultrahigh molecular weights

Ehnvall, A.; Sjögren, M.; Zachrisson, O.C.; Agren, H., 2004:
HPA axis activation determined by the CRH challenge test in patients with few versus multiple episodes of treatment-refractory depression

Chittiprol, S.; Shetty, K.Taranath.; Kumar, A.M.; Bhimasenarao, R.S.; Satishchandra, P.; Subbakrishna, D.K.; Desai, A.; Ravi, V.; Satish, K.S.; Gonzalez, L.; Kumar, M., 2006:
HPA axis activity and neuropathogenesis in HIV-1 clade C infection

Abelson, J.L.; Khan, S.; Liberzon, I.; Young, E.A., 2006:
HPA axis activity in patients with panic disorder: review and synthesis of four studies

Johnstone, C.; Razavi, C.; Pawa, A.; Onwochei, D.N.; Vargulescu, R., 2018:
A practical solution for preventing wrong-side blocks

Wolf, O.T., 2003:
HPA axis and memory

Kudielka, B.M.; Buske-Kirschbaum, A.; Hellhammer, D.H.; Kirschbaum, C., 2003:
HPA axis responses to laboratory psychosocial stress in healthy elderly adults, younger adults, and children: impact of age and gender

Loncar, R.; Stoldt, V.; Hellmig, S.; Zotz, R.B.; Mihalj, M.; Scharf, Rüdiger.E., 2007:
HPA-1 polymorphism of alphaIIbbeta3 modulates platelet adhesion onto immobilized fibrinogen in an in-vitro flow system

Rousseau, J.; Goldman, M.; David, Mèle., 2004:
HPA-5b (Bra) neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia in Quebec: incidence and clinical outcome in 31 cases

Swanson, J., 2005:
HPA-RPD advice on practical implementation of EMF exposure guidelines

Oelschlaegel, U.; Bornhaeuser, M.; Thiede, C.; Ehninger, G.; Hoelig, K., 2003:
HPC enumeration with the Sysmex XE-2100 can guide further flow cytometric CD34(+) measurements and timing of leukaphereses

Yu, L.N.; Li, F.M., 2003:
HPCE determination of trimebutine maleate in rat plasma and its pharmacokinetics

Bateman, C., 2006:
HPCSA President 'embarrasses' delegation

Rogueda, P.G.A., 2003:
HPFP, a model propellant for pMDIs

Alfassi, Z.B.; Lavi, N.; Presler, O.; Pushkarski, V., 2006:
HPGe virtual point detector for radioactive disk sources

Pitotti, A.; Maurich, V.; Moneghini, M.; Vianello, S., 1986:
HPLC Method for evaluation of urinary angiotensin-converting enzyme: some examples of normal subjects and patients with renal transplantation

Segall, A.I.; Vitale, M.F.; Perez, V.L.; Pizzorno, M.T., 2003:
HPLC analysis of 5H-benzo[a]carbazole with antifungal activity

Gey, M.H.; Unger, K.K.; Battermann, G., 1996:
HPLC analysis of carbohydrates on POLYSPHERCH(R)OH columns using pulsed amperometric detection (PAD) with sodium hydroxide as post column detection reagent

Moharamzadeh, K.; Van Noort, R.; Brook, I.M.; Scutt, A.M., 2007:
HPLC analysis of components released from dental composites with different resin compositions using different extraction media

Shi, X.; Bi, X.; Ganser, T.Rose.; Hong, S.; Myc, L.A.; Desai, A.; Holl, M.M.Banaszak.; Baker, J.R., 2006:
HPLC analysis of functionalized poly(amidoamine) dendrimers and the interaction between a folate-dendrimer conjugate and folate binding protein

Schuman, M.; Schneider, S.; Omes, C.; Wennig, R.; Fundira, Léon.; Tayari, J-Claude.; Arendt, V., 2006:
HPLC analysis of generic antiretroviral drugs purchased in Rwanda

Yin, L-hong.; Zhang, G-zhou.; Cheng, G-guang.; Wei, S-shun., 2006:
HPLC analysis of microcystin-RR, YR and LR from Dianshan Lake

Chiu, F-Lan.; Lin, J-Kun., 2005:
HPLC analysis of naturally occurring methylated catechins, 3' '- and 4' '-methyl-epigallocatechin gallate, in various fresh tea leaves and commercial teas and their potent inhibitory effects on inducible nitric oxide synthase in macrophages

Kalász, H.; Benkö, A.; Szücsp, Z.; Szilágyi, A.; Szarvas, T.; Lengyel, J., 2005:
HPLC and HPLC-MS analysis of urinary N(epsilon)-monomethyl-lysine

Dwivedi, A.K.; Saxena, D.; Singh, S., 2003:
HPLC and HPTLC assays for the antimalarial agents chloroquine, primaquine and bulaquine

Bakshi, M.; Singh, S., 2004:
HPLC and LC-MS studies on stress degradation behaviour of tinidazole and development of a validated specific stability-indicating HPLC assay method

Im, K.; Park, S.; Cho, D.; Chang, T.; Lee, K.; Choi, N., 2004:
HPLC and MALDI-TOF MS analysis of highly branched polystyrene: resolution enhancement by branching

Muszalska, I.; Sladowska, H.; Sabiniarz, A., 2005 :
HPLC and TLC methodology for determination or purity evaluation of 4-methoxy-2-(3(4-phenyl-1-piperazinyl))propyl-2,3-dihydro-6-methyl-1,3-dioxo-1H-pyrrolo[3,4-c]pyridine

Whitelegge, J.P., 2004:
HPLC and mass spectrometry of intrinsic membrane proteins

Fisher, B.V.; Smith, D., 1986:
HPLC as a replacement for the animal response assays for insulin

Kastner, P.; Klimes, J.; Láznícek, M.; Jira, T., 2003:
HPLC assay in plasma and preliminary pharmacokinetic study of a quinazolinone derivative with spasmolytic effect

Cai, Y.; Sun, M.; Corke, H., 2005:
HPLC characterization of betalains from plants in the amaranthaceae

Van Zoonen, P.; Gooijer, C.; Velthorst, N.H.; Frei, R.W.; Wolf, J.H.; Gerrits, J.; Flentge, F., 1987:
HPLC detection of choline and acetylcholine in serum and urine by an immobilized enzyme reactor followed by chemiluminescence detection

Wang, L-na.; Zhang, L.; Nan, F.; Cheng, J-qiu.; Bu, H.; Liang, M-zhi.; Lu, Y-rong., 2006:
HPLC determination and diversity analysis of thiopurine methyltransferase activity in human and pig

Li, Y.; Meng, F.; Xiong, Z.; Liu, H.; Li, F., 2005:
HPLC determination and pharmacokinetics of osthole in rat plasma after oral administration of Fructus Cnidii extract

Wang, W-hao.; Wang, Z-min.; Xu, L-zhen.; Yang, S-lin., 2003:
HPLC determination of 6-gingerol in Rhizoma Zingiberis Recens

Fujino, H.; Yoshida, H.; Nohta, H.; Yamaguchi, M., 2005:
HPLC determination of acetaminophen in saliva based on precolumn fluorescence derivatization with 12-(3,5-dichloro-2,4,6-triazinyl)benzo[d]benzo[1',2'-6,5]isoindolo[1,2-b][1,3]thiazolidine

Li, H.; Chou, G-xin.; Wang, Z-tao.; Hu, Z-bi., 2006:
HPLC determination of acteoside in Radix Rehmanniae

Pires de Abreu, L.Renato.; Ortiz, R.Mas.; de Castro, S.Calafatti.; Pedrazzoli, Jé., 2003:
HPLC determination of amoxicillin comparative bioavailability in healthy volunteers after a single dose administration

Nie, B.; Liu, Y.; Xu, Q.; Shi, J-li.; Liang, X-miao.; Xiao, P-gen., 2006:
HPLC determination of caffeic acid in herba Lycopi

Li, K.; Zhang, X.; Yuan, Y.; Luo, N.; Tan, L., 2005:
HPLC determination of diltiazem in human serum and its pharmacokinetic parameters

Hrobonová, K.; Lehotay, J.; Cizmárik, J., 2004:
HPLC determination of diperodon enantiomers in blood serum by using teicoplanin chiral stationary phase

Derendorf, H.; Rohdewald, P.; Hochhaus, G.; Möllmann, H., 1986:
HPLC determination of glucocorticoid alcohols, their phosphates and hydrocortisone in aqueous solutions and biological fluids

Gagliardi, L.; De Orsi, D.; Chimenti, P.; Porra', R.; Tonelli, D., 2003:
HPLC determination of imidazole antimycotis in antidandruff cosmetic products

Chen, X-jing.; Zhu, J-bi.; Wang, G-ji.; Zhou, M-xia.; Xu, Y-ning., 2003:
HPLC determination of insulin and its related substances in insulin powder for inhalation

Wang, L-run.; Huang, M-zhu.; Zhu, S-hui., 2005:
HPLC determination of metformin hydrochloride-related substances

Tashtoush, B.M.; Al-Taani, B.M., 2003:
HPLC determination of naproxen in plasma

Xie, Y.; Hang, T.J.; Cheng, Z.; Zhang, Z.X.; An, D.K., 2003:
HPLC determination of oleanolic acid and llrolic acid in Chinese medicinal herbs

Colautti, A.; Fontani, F.; Maurich, V., 1987:
HPLC determination of papaveraldine and papaverinol in papaverine injection

Tarnawski, M.; Depta, K.; Grejciun, D.; Szelepin, B., 2005:
HPLC determination of phenolic acids and antioxidant activity in concentrated peat extract--a natural immunomodulator

Chen, D.; Jiang, S.; Chen, Y.; Hu, Y., 2004:
HPLC determination of sertraline in bulk drug, tablets and capsules using hydroxypropyl-beta-cyclodextrin as mobile phase additive

Jiang, Y-hao.; Yang, W-liang.; Gong, Q-feng., 2003:
HPLC determination of strychnine and brucine in Semen Strychni and its processed products

Rubinskiene, M.; Jasutiene, I.; Venskutonis, P.R.; Viskelis, P., 2005:
HPLC determination of the composition and stability of blackcurrant anthocyanins

Kmetec, V.; Roskar, R., 2003:
HPLC determination of tramadol in human breast milk

Lin, R-min.; Wang, D-wei.; Xiong, Z-li.; Xu, Y.; Li, F-mei., 2003:
HPLC determination of two flavonoid compounds in Psoralea corylifolia

Kishore, P.; Rajani Kumar, V.; Satyanarayana, V.; Krishna, D.R., 2003:
HPLC determination of valproic acid in human serum

Hu, Y-zhen.; Yao, T-wei.; Wang, X-jun., 2004:
HPLC determination of zolmitriptan and its related substances

Wipf, P.; Werner, S.; Twining, L.A.; Kendall, C., 2006:
HPLC determinations of enantiomeric ratios

Mauriala, T.; Auriola, S.; Azhayev, A.; Kayushin, A.; Korosteleva, M.; Miroshnikov, A., 2004:
HPLC electrospray mass spectrometric characterization of trimeric building blocks for oligonucleotide synthesis

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HPLC enantioseparation of potential beta-blockers of the aryloxyaminopropanol type. Study of the mechanism of enantioseparation, Part VIII

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HPV vaccine fights cervical cancer

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HPV vaccine gets a shot in the arm

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HPV vaccines

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HR 810: Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act

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HR barometer. Up the agenda

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HR director of the year

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HR framework. Still in the frame?

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HRDI loses 10 members

Mantone, J., 2006:
HRDI seeks settlement. Networking group is under antitrust scrutiny

Mantone, J., 2006:
HRDI settlement near? Agreement likely to include payment concessions

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HREOC inquiry into paid maternity leave report released

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HRPT2, a marker of parathyroid cancer

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HRS issues grants to combat AIDS

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HRSA reorganization could affect 340B program

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HRSA reports HIV/AIDS programs are slowing spread of disease

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HRSA's failures, drug overcharges lead to overhaul of 340B agency

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HSJ Awards. Chronic disease management. Winner: South Sefton PCT

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HSJ Awards. Clinical service redesign. Winner: Croydon PCT

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HSJ Awards. Communications. Winner: NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

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HSJ Awards. Excellence in cancer care. Winner: Sussex Cancer Network

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HSJ Awards. Good corporate citizenship. Winner: Newham University Hospital Trust

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HSJ Awards. Implementing NICE guidance. Winner: NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

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HSJ Awards. Improving care with e-technology. Winner: South Staffordshire Healthcare Foundation Trust

Anonymous, 2007:
HSJ Awards. Improving patient access. Winner: NHS Forth Valley

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HSJ Awards. Information-based decision making. Winner: Croydon PCT

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HSJ Awards. Mental health innovation. Winner: Avon and Wilts Mental Health Partnership Trust

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HSJ Awards. Patient safety. Winner: Lancashire Care Trust

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HSJ Awards. Patient-centred care. Winner: Croydon PCT

Anonymous, 2007:
HSJ Awards. Primary care innovation. Winner: Croydon PCT

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HSJ Awards. Primary care organisation of the year. Winner: Oldham PCT

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HSJ Awards. Recruitment and retention. Winner: Newham University Hospital Trust

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HSJ Awards. Reducing health inequalities. Winner: Sandwell PCT

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HSJ awards 2003. Mass appeal

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HSJ awards 2005. Acute healthcare organisation of the year. Trust in us

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Anonymous, 2005:
HSJ awards 2005. Clinical service redesign. Winner: a specialist team turned round underachieving stroke service with just a small extra investment

Anonymous, 2005:
HSJ awards 2005. Communications. Winner: patients and staff gave a trust a thousand ideas from catering to cleanliness

Anonymous, 2005:
HSJ awards 2005. Good corporate citizenship. Winner: sustainability programme achieves CO2 reduction, recycling and awareness-raising

Anonymous, 2005:
HSJ awards 2005. Implementing NICE guidance. Winner: forum that brought several disciplines together for a broad NICE approach

Anonymous, 2005:
HSJ awards 2005. Improving care with E-technology. Winner: digital access makes working at night less of a chore

Anonymous, 2005:
HSJ awards 2005. Improving patient access. Winner: primary care innovates with orthopaedic triage service, uniting choice and diversity

Anonymous, 2005:
HSJ awards 2005. Mental health innovation. Winner: a nutritionist and a psychiatrist offer food and mood help for service use

Anonymous, 2005:
HSJ awards 2005. Patient safety. Winner: a monitoring system that holds staff to account for poor performance

Anonymous, 2005:
HSJ awards 2005. Patient-centred care. Winner: improving services by encouraging patients to tell stories and share views

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HSJ campaign. The jobs clear-out that will hit the NHS where it hurts

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HSJ people. Haven't you lot got homes to go to?

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HSJ people. I spy

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HSJ people. Ifs and cuts

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HSJ people. Into extra time

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HSJ people. Judgement day

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HSJ people. Key to the door

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HSJ people. Let's get physio

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HSJ people. Licence to pill

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HSJ people. Live and learn

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HSJ people. Nature and nurture

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HSJ people. Net worth

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HSJ people. Never mind the ballots

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HSJ people. North-east focus. Guten tag, pet

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HSJ people. Off the scale

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HSJ people. Off the wall

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HSJ people. On the pull

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HSJ people. On the shelf

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HSJ people. One for all

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HSJ people. Pack a punch

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HSJ people. Planner in the works

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HSJ people. Retain and you gain

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HSJ people. Safe and sound

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HSJ people. Save and prosper

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HSJ people. Show the way

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HSJ people. Stars and stripes

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HSJ people. Straight to the point

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HSJ people. Stretcher cases

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HSJ people. Studied differences

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HSJ people. Support system

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HSJ people. TIN it to win it

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HSJ people. The chosen few

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HSJ people. The wheels go round

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HSJ people. The wider picture

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HSJ people. The work-life balancing act

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HSJ people. Town planning

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HSJ people. Trail blazers

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HSJ people. Under cover of darkness

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HSJ people. What HR people want

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HSJ people. Where do they come in?

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HSJ people. World view

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HSJ people. Young professionals

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HSJ people: regional focus on the North West. Talkin' about regeneration

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HSJ people: regional focus on the midlands. Central spark

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HUMAN haemoglobin variants

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HUMAN heart changes in prolonged potassium deficiency

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HUMAN milk

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HUMAN reactions to danger

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HUMAN relations demands teamwork, speaker and panel demonstrate

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HUMAN' growth

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HUNGER and hypothalamus

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HUNGER and the land

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HYALINE membrane

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HYALINE membrane in the newborn

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HYALURONIDASE and urinary stones

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HYALURONIDASE as a research tool

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HYALURONIDASE for chronic limb oedema

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HYDRAMECHANICS and hydraulics research in Great Britain

Flint, L.H., 1934:

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HYDRAZINE derivatives if isonicotinic acid

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HYDRO thermal unit accepted

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HYDROCEPHALUS associated with deficiency of vitamin A

Anonymous, 1959:

Anonymous, 1951:
HYDROCOLLATOR steam packs accepted

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HYDROCORTISONE administration during pregnancy: its relation to the occurrence of cleft palate

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HYDROCORTISONE content of human adrenal vein blood

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HYDROCORTISONE in anogenital pruritus

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HYDROCORTISONE snuff for hay-fever

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HYDROCORTISONE, its newer analogs and aldosterone as therapeutic agents

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HYDROMASSAGE Subaqua Therapy Unit, Model HM 1100

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HYDROXYDIONE sodium succinate

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HYDROXYLYSINE in collagen biosynthesis

Anonymous, 1958:

Anonymous, 1957:

Anonymous, 1957:

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HYGE shock test facility at 6571st Aeromedical Research Laboratory

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HYGEIAnet: the integrated regional health information network of Crete

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HYGIENE and epidemic control in Vietnamese rural areas

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HYGIENE in hospital kitchens

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HYGIENE in the baking industry; report of Joint Advisory Committee on Hygiene and Food Manufacture appointed by the Royal Sanitary Institute and the Food Group of the Society of Chemical Industry

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HYGIENIC guide series

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HYGIENIC guide series

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HYPERCHOLESTEROLEMIA with failure to induce atherosclerosis in the rat

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HYPEREMESIS gravidarum

Anonymous, 1959:

Anonymous, 1952:

Anonymous, 1952:

Anonymous, 1952:

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HYPERTENSION after x-irradiation of the kidneys

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HYPERTENSION and coronary heart disease: classification and criteria for epidemiological studies

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HYPERTENSION and hepatic cirrhosis

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HYPERTENSION and selected related conditions

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HYPERTENSION and the kidney

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HYPERTENSION and weight loss in childhood

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HYPERTENSION from poliomyelitis

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HYPERTENSION in pregnancy

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HYPERTENSION, renal disease and potassium wasting

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HYPERTHYROIDISM, possible malignancy, liver disease and therapeutic myxedema

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HYPERTROPHIC pulmonary emphysema

Anonymous, 1959:
HYPERTROPHIC pyloric stenosis in the adult

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HYPERVENTILATION as a cause of cardiovascular symptoms

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HYPERVENTILATION in a patient who stammered; methedrine as an adjunct to psychotherapy

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HYPNOTISM and medicine

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HYPNOTISM in dermatology

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HYPNOTISM on the stage

Anonymous, 1952:

Anonymous, 1952:
HYPNOTIST'S successful appeal

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HYPOCALCEMIA due to cascara intoxication

Anonymous, 1959:
HYPOCHROMIC anemia of infancy

Anonymous, 1956:
HYPOCHROMOTRICHIA and malnutrition

Anonymous, 1956:

Anonymous, 1959:
HYPOGAMMAGLOBULINEMIA, leg ulcers, and terminal miliary granuloma

Anonymous, 1958:
HYPOGLYCAEMIA and the mind

Anonymous, 1956:
HYPOGLYCAEMIA in diabetics

Anonymous, 1960:
HYPOGLYCAEMIA in the newborn

Anonymous, 1956:
HYPOGLYCEMIA associated with tumors

Anonymous, 1960:
HYPOGLYCEMIA induced by galactose

Anonymous, 1957:
HYPOMETABOLISM as a cause of vasomotor rhinitis

Anonymous, 1958:

Anonymous, 1960:
HYPOPHYSECTOMY by irradiation

Anonymous, 1955:
HYPOPHYSECTOMY in diabetes mellitus

Anonymous, 1957 :
HYPOPITUITARISM: clinical-pathological conference at the National Institutes of Health

Anonymous, 1959:

Anonymous, 1954:
HYPOPROTEINEMIA and activity of serum amylase and lipase

Anonymous, 1958:
HYPOTENSION and adrenal insufficiency

Anonymous, 1958:
HYPOTENSION and cerebral ischemia

Anonymous, 1959:
HYPOTENSION due to hemorrhage

Anonymous, 1953:
HYPOTENSION during anaesthesia

Anonymous, 1959:
HYPOTENSION during thoracic sympathectomy

Anonymous, 1960:
HYPOTENSION following a transurethral procedure

Anonymous, 1959:
HYPOTENSION in spinal anesthesia for cesarean section

Anonymous, 1958:
HYPOTENSION of carotid sinus reflex

Anonymous, 1958:
HYPOTENSION of celiac plexus reflex

Anonymous, 1958:
HYPOTENSION of narcotic withdrawal

Anonymous, 1958:
HYPOTENSION of oculocardiac reflex

Anonymous, 1959:

Anonymous, 1957:
HYPOTENSIVE drugs and renal function

Anonymous, 1953:
HYPOTENSIVE drugs in anaesthesia

Anonymous, 1951:
HYPOTHALAMIC regulation of energy intake

Anonymous, 1959:
HYPOTHROIDISM caused by an anomaly of hormonal synthesis

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HYPROSP: a hybrid protein secondary structure prediction algorithm--a knowledge-based approach

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HYSTERECTOMY; some cases

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HYSTERIA after train accident

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H]thymidine incorporation to estimate growth rates of anaerobic bacterial strains

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Habilitation Potential of Elderly State Hospital Patients

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Habilitation for employment

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Habilitation in cerebral palsy

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Habilitation in practice

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Habilitation of a two-year-old bilateral above-knee amputee

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Habilitation of child amputees

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Habilitation of children with cerebral palsy

Habilitation of mentally retarded

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Habilitation of patients with congenital malformations associated with thalidomide: surgery of limb defects

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Habit & enslavement

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Habit and the hub

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Habit neurotic diseases in children

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Habit retraining for the management of urinary incontinence in adults

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Habit reversal after electroshock convulsions as a function of the difficulty of the tasks