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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 49187

Chapter 49187 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Fischer, E., 1960:
Hallucinogenic drugs: their importance in the pathogenic investigation of schizophrenia

Janoszka, J.; Rymkiewicz, A.; Dobosz, T., 2005:
Hallucinogenic fungi (Psylocibe). Part I. Characteristics, results of consumption, recognition

Supniewski, J.; Supniewska, H., 1959:
Hallucinogenic mushrooms and their chemical components

Abanades, S.; Unizony, C.; Alvarez, Y.; Farré, M., 2005:
Hallucinogenics: drugs for dreaming?

Nichols, D.E., 2004:

Pagani, F., 1962:
Hallucinogens and tranquilizers

Wieser, S., 1960:
Hallucinogens in psychiatric therapy and on the problem of exogenous reaction types

Vollenweider, F.X.; Vollenweider-Scherpenhuyzen, M.F., 2003:
Hallucinogens, amphetamines and entactogens

Ullman, W.H., 1964:
Hallucinogens--The Modern Sirens. Conscious, Self-Induced Disturbances of Consciousness. Report on and Warning about a new Hazard

Charalampous, K.D.; Kinross-Wright, J., 1963:
Hallucinogens. Tools for Research or Therapeutic Agents

Halpern, J.H., 2003:
Hallucinogens: an update

Royo-Isach, J.; Magrané, M.; Martí, R.; Gómez, S., 2004:
Hallucinogens: drugs to dream with? A preventive health-care intervention in the primary care context

Hartmann-Von Monakow, K., 1959:
Hallucinoses after bilateral stereotactic operation in Parkinson's disease

Stoewsand, D., 1960:
Hallucinoses in chronic analgesic abuse

Podolsky, E., 1956:

Nyiro, G.; Drietomszky, J., 1959:
Hallucinosis & schizophrenia

Castorina, G., 1950:
Hallucinosis and epilepsy following sunstroke, treated with pneumoencephalon

Flox Benítez, G.; Rondón Fernández, P.; Quero Escalada, M.; Fernández Ballesteros, A., 2006:
Hallucinosis as side effect of voriconazole

Fandiño-Orgeira, Jé.Manuel.; Fernández-Ameneiros, Mía.José.; Oubiña-González, W., 2005:
Hallucitations and agitation in two young patients

Moyer, J.; Lowery, C.; Knox, J., 2004 :
Hallux IPJ fusion

Kroonen, P., 1954:
Hallux Rigidus

Schalle, H., 1965:
Hallux Valgus

Mincione, A.; Cristallo, V., 1965:
Hallux Valgus (Generalities and Clinico-Statistical Considerations)

Ruett, A., 1964:
Hallux Valgus and Women's Hosiery

Goucher, N.R.; Coughlin, M.J., 2006:
Hallux metatarsophalangeal joint arthrodesis using dome-shaped reamers and dorsal plate fixation: a prospective study

Roukis, T.S., 2004:
Hallux proximal phalanx Akin-Scarf osteotomy

Diaz Bordeu, E., 1951:
Hallux rigidus in children

Kessel, L.; Bonney, G., 1958:
Hallux rigidus in the adolescent

Unger, H., 1953:
Hallux rigidus or hallux flexus

Healy, J.W., 1951:
Hallux rigidus, pes valgo planus, osteochondritis--a case history

Coughlin, M.J.; Shurnas, P.S., 2003:
Hallux rigidus: demographics, etiology, and radiographic assessment

Webb, B.S.; Amiot, R.; Wilson, S.; Nute, M., 2005:
Hallux rigidus: grading and long-term results of operative treatment

Vogl, A., 1960:
Hallux rigidus; surgical procedure

Kokh, A.A., 1962:
Hallux valgus and K. N. Kochev's operation

Bock, P.; Kristen, K.H.; Kröner, A.; Engel, A., 2004:
Hallux valgus and cartilage degeneration in the first metatarsophalangeal joint

Coughlin, M.J.; Jones, C.P.; Viladot, Rón.; Golanó, P.; Glanó, P.; Grebing, B.R.; Kennedy, M.J.; Shurnas, P.S.; Alvarez, F., 2004:
Hallux valgus and first ray mobility: a cadaveric study

Bonney, G.; Macnab, I., 1952:
Hallux valgus and hallux rigidus; a critical survey of operative results

Al-Abdulwahab, S.S.; Al-Dosry, R.D., 2007:
Hallux valgus and preferred shoe types among young healthy Saudi Arabian females

Smith, N.R., 1952:
Hallux valgus and rigidus treated by arthrodesis of the metatarsophalangeal joint

Plaster, H.M., 1954:
Hallux valgus as related to the first metatarsal length pattern

Bingold, A.C., 1955:
Hallux valgus associated with dorsal dislocation of the second toe

Mafart, B., 2007:
Hallux valgus in a historical French population: paleopathological study of 605 first metatarsal bones

Cholmeley, J.A., 1958:
Hallux valgus in adolescents

Larichelliere, R., 1951:
Hallux valgus in patients over 50 years of age

Shimizu, A.; Watanabe, S.; Kamada, K.; Tsuboi, I.; Yamamoto, H., 2005:
Hallux valgus interphalangeus following osteochondral fracture of the proximal phalanx: a case report

Opitz, I., 1962:
Hallux valgus operations and their results

Kilmartin, T.E.; Flintham, C., 2003:
Hallux valgus surgery: a simple method for evaluating the first-second intermetatarsal angle in the presence of metatarsus adductus

Garard, W.R., 1951:
Hallux valgus with associated tuberculosis; a case history

McBRIDE, E.D., 1954:
Hallux valgus, bunion deformity; its treatment in mild, moderate and severe stages

Klaue, K., 2004:
Hallux valgus--an atavism?

KAEM, I.Iu., 1954:
Hallux valgus--outward deviation of the great toes

Bonaga, R.; Vasciaveo, F., 1962 :
Hallux valgus: considerations on surgical treatment. (Statistical contribution)

Golden, G.N., 1961:
Hallux valgus: the osteotomy operation

Assal, M., 2005:
Hallux valgus: which treatment

Ponzoni, A., 1953:
Hallux valgus; considerations on surgery and anatomo-pathologic aspects

Hardy, R.H.; Clapham, J.C.R., 1952:
Hallux valgus; predisposing anatomical causes

Brostrom, L., 1956:
Hallux valgus; results in 74 cases operated according to Brandes (resection of the basal phalanx)

Kaczmarek, M., 1957:
Hallux varus & its treatment

Jaros, M., 1950:
Hallux varus and its therapy

Thomson, S.A., 1960:
Hallux varus and metatarsus varus: a five-year study (1954-1958)

Pavasars, R., 1950:
Hallux varus; case report of an unusual deformity of the toes

Hickok, R.J.; Chevillon, C.F., 1957:
Hallway parallel bars for the home

Cook, G.I.; Marsh, R.L.; Hicks, J.L., 2003 :
Halo and devil effects demonstrate valenced-based influences on source-monitoring decisions

Jordan, V.; Ohara, Y.L.; Smith, M.; Townsley, J.A., 1963:
Halo body cast and spinal fusion

Brandt, O.; Christophers, E.; Fölster-Holst, R., 2005:
Halo dermatitis followed by the development of vitiligo associated with Sutton's nevi

Fearon, J.A., 2005:
Halo distraction of the Le Fort III in syndromic craniosynostosis: a long-term assessment

Shimosaki, Y.; Takayama, K., 2003:
Halo formation at early stage of injection in high-intensity hadron rings

Mossop, R.T., 1957:
Halo injury of the scalp

Austin, D.E.; Wang, M.; Tolley, S.E.; Maas, J.D.; Hawkins, A.R.; Rockwood, A.L.; Tolley, H.Dennis.; Lee, E.D.; Lee, M.L., 2007:
Halo ion trap mass spectrometer

Cui, Z.; Willingham, M.C., 2004:
Halo naevus: a visible case of immunosurveillance in humans?

Brazzelli, V.; Larizza, D.; Martinetti, M.; Martinoli, S.; Calcaterra, V.; De Silvestri, A.; Pandolfi, R.; Borroni, G., 2004:
Halo nevus, rather than vitiligo, is a typical dermatologic finding of turner's syndrome: clinical, genetic, and immunogenetic study in 72 patients

Oiso, N.; Iba, Y.; Kawara, S.; Kawada, A., 2007:
Halo phenomenon in neurofibromas and generalized vitiligo in a patient with neurofibromatosis type 1

Loring, E.G., 1871:
Halo round Macula

Lezovie, J., 1952:
Halo saturninus and its significance in lead poisoning

Harisinghani, M.G.; Wittenberg, J.; Blake, M.A.; Chen, S.; Jhaveri, K.; Mueller, P.R., 2003:
Halo sign: useful CT sign for differentiating benign from malignant colonic disease

Padwa, A.; Crawford, K.R.; Straub, C.S.; Pieniazek, S.N.; Houk, K.N., 2006:
Halo substituent effects on intramolecular cycloadditions involving furanyl amides

Roth, H.; Frost, H.M.; Villanueva, A.R., 1961:
Halo volume. I. The effect of pH on size

Roth, H.; Frosh, H.M.; Villanueva, A.R., 1961:
Halo volume. II. The effect of citrate ion concentration on size

Villanueva, A.R.; Frost, H.M.; Roth, H., 1961:
Halo volume. III. Existence of a pattern in the matrix

Frost, H.M., 1961:
Halo volume. IV. Measurement of the diffusion pathway between osteocyte lacuna and blood

Matthews, S.E.; Felix, V.; Drew, M.G.B.; Beer, P.D., 2003:
Halo-derivatised calix[4]tubes

Tashjian, R.Z.; Majercik, S.; Biffl, W.L.; Palumbo, M.A.; Cioffi, W.G., 2006:
Halo-vest immobilization increases early morbidity and mortality in elderly odontoid fractures

Zhang, Y.; So, M-Kyung.; Loening, A.M.; Yao, H.; Gambhir, S.S.; Rao, J., 2006:
HaloTag protein-mediated site-specific conjugation of bioluminescent proteins to quantum dots

Lang, C.; Schulze, J.; Mendel, R-R.; Hänsch, R., 2006:
HaloTag: a new versatile reporter gene system in plant cells

Friestad, G.K.; Fioroni, G.M., 2005:
Haloacetal radical cyclizations of alpha- and beta-hydroxyhydrazones

Finze, M.; Bernhardt, E.; Willner, H.; Lehmann, C.W., 2005:
Haloacyl complexes of boron, [(CF3)3BC(O)Hal]- (Hal=F, Cl, Br, I)

Sorokin, D.Yu.; Kuenen, J.Gijs., 2005:
Haloalkaliphilic sulfur-oxidizing bacteria in soda lakes

De Castro, R.E.; Maupin-Furlow, J.A.; Giménez, Mía.Inés.; Herrera Seitz, Mía.Karina.; Sánchez, J.J., 2006:
Haloarchaeal proteases and proteolytic systems

Yang, Y.; Cui, H-Lin.; Zhou, P-Jin.; Liu, S-Jiang., 2007:
Haloarcula amylolytica sp. nov., an extremely halophilic archaeon isolated from Aibi salt lake in Xin-Jiang, China

Pijper, A., 1953:
Halobacterium halobium

Yang, Y.; Cui, H-Lin.; Zhou, P-Jin.; Liu, S-Jiang., 2006:
Halobacterium jilantaiense sp. nov., a halophilic archaeon isolated from a saline lake in Inner Mongolia, China

Fan, L.; Parkin, S.; Ozerov, O.V., 2005:
Halobenzenes and Ir(I): kinetic C-H oxidative addition and thermodynamic C-Hal oxidative addition

Smythe-Wright, D.; Boswell, S.M.; Lucas, C.H.; New, A.L.; Varney, M.S., 2004:
Halocarbon and dimethyl sulphide studies around the Mascarene Plateau

Duboff, G.S.; Behrman, S.J.; Hawver, D., 1961:
Halochromogens in human urine associated with pregnancy and ovulation. I. Application of absorption spectroscopy to the iodinecolor complex with particular reference to catecholamines

Goh, F.; Leuko, S.; Allen, M.A.; Bowman, J.P.; Kamekura, M.; Neilan, B.A.; Burns, B.P., 2006:
Halococcus hamelinensis sp. nov., a novel halophilic archaeon isolated from stromatolites in Shark Bay, Australia

Lindsay, J., 1950:
Haloes: their differential diagnosis

Enache, M.; Itoh, T.; Kamekura, M.; Teodosiu, G.; Dumitru, L., 2007:
Haloferax prahovense sp. nov., an extremely halophilic archaeon isolated from a Romanian salt lake

Balatre, P.H.; Traisnel, M.; Delcambre, J.P., 1961:
Halofluoric micro-determination of codeine and codethyline

Popov, Y.; Patsenker, E.; Bauer, M.; Niedobitek, E.; Schulze-Krebs, A.; Schuppan, D., 2006:
Halofuginone induces matrix metalloproteinases in rat hepatic stellate cells via activation of p38 and NFkappaB

Leiba, M.; Cahalon, L.; Shimoni, A.; Lider, O.; Zanin-Zhorov, A.; Hecht, I.; Sela, U.; Vlodavsky, I.; Nagler, A., 2006:
Halofuginone inhibits NF-kappaB and p38 MAPK in activated T cells

Abramovitch, R.; Itzik, A.; Harel, H.; Nagler, A.; Vlodavsky, I.; Siegal, T., 2004:
Halofuginone inhibits angiogenesis and growth in implanted metastatic rat brain tumor model--an MRI study

Olbrich, K.C.; Meade, R.; Bruno, W.; Heller, L.; Klitzman, B.; Levin, L.Scott., 2005:
Halofuginone inhibits collagen deposition in fibrous capsules around implants

Yee, K.O.; Connolly, C.M.; Pines, M.; Lawler, J., 2006:
Halofuginone inhibits tumor growth in the polyoma middle T antigen mouse via a thrombospondin-1 independent mechanism

Benchetrit, S.; Yarkoni, S.; Rathaus, M.; Pines, M.; Rashid, G.; Bernheim, J.; Bernheim, J., 2007:
Halofuginone reduces the occurrence of renal fibrosis in 5/6 nephrectomized rats

Taras, Dèle.; Blanc, J-Frédéric.; Rullier, A.; Dugot-Senant, N.; Laurendeau, I.; Bièche, I.; Pines, M.; Rosenbaum, J., 2006:
Halofuginone suppresses the lung metastasis of chemically induced hepatocellular carcinoma in rats through MMP inhibition

Pines, M.; Snyder, D.; Yarkoni, S.; Nagler, A., 2003:
Halofuginone to treat fibrosis in chronic graft-versus-host disease and scleroderma

DiMichele, L.; Menzel, K.; Mills, P.; Frantz, D.; Nelson, T., 2006:
Halogen - metal exchange of 3-substituted 1,2-dibromoarenes: the use of long-range JCH coupling constants to determine regiochemistry

Wolfrom, M.L.; Garg, H.G.; Horton, D., 1965:
Halogen and Nucleoside Derivatives of Acyclic 2-Amino-2-Deoxy-D-Glucose. Ii

Raffa, L.; Monzani, A.; Albasini, A., 1964:
Halogen Derivatives of 2-Aminobenzenesulfonamide

Pfund, A.H., 1925:
Halogen Isotopes and Infra-Red Reflection Spectra

Schneider, L.F.; Consani, S.; Correr-Sobrinho, L.; Correr, A.B.; Sinhoreti, M.A., 2006:
Halogen and LED light curing of composite: temperature increase and Knoop hardness

Caronna, T.; Liantonio, R.; Logothetis, T.A.; Metrangolo, P.; Pilati, T.; Resnati, G., 2004:
Halogen bonding and pi...pi stacking control reactivity in the solid state

Metrangolo, P.; Neukirch, H.; Pilati, T.; Resnati, G., 2005:
Halogen bonding based recognition processes: a world parallel to hydrogen bonding

Nguyen, H.Loc.; Horton, P.N.; Hursthouse, M.B.; Legon, A.C.; Bruce, D.W., 2004:
Halogen bonding: a new interaction for liquid crystal formation

Clark, T.; Hennemann, M.; Murray, J.S.; Politzer, P., 2006:
Halogen bonding: the sigma-hole. Proceedings of "Modeling interactions in biomolecules II", Prague, September 5th-9th, 2005

Green, B.James.; Yli-Panula, E.; Tovey, E.Roger., 2006:
Halogen immunoassay, a new method for the detection of sensitization to fungal allergens; comparisons with conventional techniques

Vaughan, J.; Wilkins, C.J., 1951:
Halogen replacement in covalent halides

Obolensky, A.; Singer, P.C., 2005:
Halogen substitution patterns among disinfection byproducts in the information collection rule database

Dieter, R.Karl.; Li, S.; Chen, N., 2004:
Halogen- and N-haloimide-promoted homo- and heterocoupling of alpha-(N-carbamoyl)alkylcuprates and alpha-(alkoxy)alkylcuprates

Ouvrard, C.; Le Questel, J-Yves.; Berthelot, M.; Laurence, C., 2003:
Halogen-bond geometry: a crystallographic database investigation of dihalogen complexes

Kawakami, D.; Yamashita, M.; Matsunaga, S.; Takaishi, S.; Kajiwara, T.; Miyasaka, H.; Sugiura, K-ichi.; Matsuzaki, H.; Okamoto, H.; Wakabayashi, Y.; Sawa, H., 2006:
Halogen-bridged PtII/PtIV mixed-valence ladder compounds

Tsukatani, T.; Katano, H.; Tatsumi, H.; Deguchi, M.; Hirayama, N., 2006:
Halogen-free water-immiscible ionic liquids based on tetraoctylammonium cation and dodecylsulfate and dodecylbenzenesulfonate anions, and their application as chelate extraction solvent

Korger, G.; Nesemann, G., 1960:
Halogen-hydroxybenzoic acid derivatives as antimycotics

Lambert, R.M.; Cropley, R.L.; Husain, A.; Tikhov, M.S., 2003:
Halogen-induced selectivity in heterogeneous epoxidation is an electronic effect--fluorine, chlorine, bromine and iodine in the Ag-catalysed selective oxidation of ethene

El Sheikh, S.; Schmalz, H-Günther., 2004:
Halogen-lithium exchange reactions under in situ-quench conditions: a powerful concept for organic synthesis

Wong, K.L.; Lin, X.; Kwon, K-Y.; Pawin, G.; Rao, B.V.; Liu, A.; Bartels, L.; Stolbov, S.; Rahman, T.S., 2004:
Halogen-substituted thiophenol molecules on Cu(111)

Bujak, M.; Dziubek, K.; Katrusiak, A., 2007:
Halogen...halogen interactions in pressure-frozen ortho- and meta-dichlorobenzene isomers

Pan, J-Qing.; Sun, Y-Zhi.; Wan, P-Yu.; Wang, Z-Hao.; Liu, X-Guang., 2005:
Halogen: a high-capacity cathode for rechargeable alkaline batteries

Stanetty, P.; Schnürch, M.; Mihovilovic, M.D., 2006:
Halogenated 2'-chlorobithiazoles via Pd-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions

Peng, X.; Seela, F., 2004:
Halogenated 7-deazapurine nucleosides: stereoselective synthesis and conformation of 2'-deoxy-2'-fluoro-beta-D-arabinonucleosides

Kleinman, H.; Cooney, M.K.; Nelson, C.B.; Owen, R.R.; Boyd, L.; Swanda, G., 1964:
Halogenated Anesthetics--Are they Hepatotoxic?

Lindenmann, J., 1963:
Halogenated Deoxyuridine as Virus Inhibitors

Trohalaki, S.; Pachter, R.; Geiss, K.T.; Frazier, J.M., 2004:
Halogenated aliphatic toxicity QSARs employing metabolite descriptors

Chiavarelli, S., 1956:
Halogenated analogs of natural alkaloids. I. 3,4,5-Trichlorophenylethylamine

Cochs, J., 1963:
Halogenated anesthetics in neurosurgery

Zelcer, I., 1955:
Halogenated compounds of hydrocortisone; 9alpha-fluorohydrocortisone in dermatology

Vauthey, M., 1955:
Halogenated derivatives of acyclic hydrocarbons and their effect on the liver

Reichle, F.M.; Conzen, P.F., 2003:
Halogenated inhalational anaesthetics

Glasius, M.; Christensen, J.H.; Platz, J.; Vorkamp, K., 2005:
Halogenated organic contaminants in marine fish and mussels from southern Greenland--pilot study on relations to trophic levels and local sources

Benzecry, I., 1950:
Halogenated proteins in the treatment of the cardiovascular complications of myxedema

Aydoğmuş, Z.; Imre, S.; Ersoy, L.; Wray, V., 2004:
Halogenated secondary metabolites from Laurencia obtusa

Bettini, S.; Boccacci, M., 1952:
Halogenated substances as contact insecticides for resistent flies

Fantuzzi, G.; Righi, E.; Predieri, G.; Pinotti, M.A.; Aggazzotti, G., 2005:
Halogenated volatile organic compounds in bottled mineral water and soft drinks

Roche, J.; Michel, O.; Michel, R.; Gorbman, A., 1953:
Halogenating activity of the thyroid and thyrotropin

Duval, J.; Ebel, J.P., 1964:
Halogenation of Nucleic Acids. I. Action of Bromine on Bases and Nucleosides in Dimethylformamide Medium

Gerebtzoff, Gégori.; Li-Blatter, X.; Fischer, H.; Frentzel, A.; Seelig, A., 2004:
Halogenation of drugs enhances membrane binding and permeation

Sanger, F.; Thompson, E.O., 1963:
Halogenation of tyrosine during acid hydrolysis

Galonić, D.P.; Vaillancourt, Fédéric.H.; Walsh, C.T., 2006:
Halogenation of unactivated carbon centers in natural product biosynthesis: trichlorination of leucine during barbamide biosynthesis

Eichler, W.; Wasserburger, H.J., 1953:
Halogenhydrocarbon causing contact-insecticide intoxications in warm-blooded animals

Nicoli, R.M., 1958:
Halogenic intoxication of hexapodes. Some experiences on the variations of susceptibility to DDT: the hierarchy of integuments

Simkhovich, L.; Gross, Z., 2004:
Halogeno-coordinated iron corroles

Harvey, D.J., 2005:
Halogeno-substituted 2-aminobenzoic acid derivatives for negative ion fragmentation studies of N-linked carbohydrates

Marks, H.C.; Strandskov, F.B., 1950:
Halogens and their mode of action

Novak, I.; Kovac, B., 2006:
Halogens in competition: electronic structure of mixed dihalobenzenes

Valverde, C.; Orozco, A.; Becerra, A.; Jeziorski, M.C.; Villalobos, P.; Solís, J.Carlos., 2004:
Halometabolites and cellular dehalogenase systems: an evolutionary perspective

Boroviczeny, K.G.; Saffar, H., 1962:
Halometric determination of erythrocyte diameter

Sedlacek, J., 1952:
Halometric method of measurement of average diameter of erythrocytes

Romano, I.; Lama, L.; Nicolaus, B.; Poli, A.; Gambacorta, A.; Giordano, A., 2007:
Halomonas alkaliphila sp. nov., a novel halotolerant alkaliphilic bacterium isolated from a salt pool in Campania (Italy)

Martínez-Checa, F.; Béjar, V.; Martínez-Cánovas, M.José.; Llamas, I.; Quesada, E., 2005:
Halomonas almeriensis sp. nov., a moderately halophilic, exopolysaccharide-producing bacterium from Cabo de Gata, Almería, south-east Spain

Janssen, P.A.; Niemegeers, C., 1961:
Haloperidide (R 3201), a highly potent and selective anti-emetic agent in dogs

Della Pietra, V.; Fina, G., 1960:
Haloperidol (R 1625) in psychiatric therapy

Di Cristo, G., 1960:
Haloperidol (R-1625) in psychiatric practice (its therapeutic results obtained in 42 cases of mental diseases)

Dyrberg, V., 1962:
Haloperidol (Serenase) in the prevention of postoperative nausea and vomiting

Cardo, W.N.; De Fortes, J.R.; De Carvalho, H.M.; Goncalves, J., 1965:
Haloperidol in Mental Diseases; Clinical Contribution

Mainardi, C.; Ardillo, L., 1965:
Haloperidol in Preanesthesia for Cesarean Section

Ruggerini, R.; Zecca, C., 1964:
Haloperidol in Premedication for Electroshock Therapy

Hollister, L.E.; Motzenbecker, F.P., 1963:
Haloperidol in Schizophrenic Reactions

Sugerman, A.A.; Williams, B.H.; Adlerstein, A.M., 1964:
Haloperidol in the Psychiatric Disorders of Old Age

Perini, U.; Lampo, B., 1964:
Haloperidol in the Treatment of Tic Syndromes

Cipriani, A.; Rendell, J.M.; Geddes, J.R., 2006:
Haloperidol alone or in combination for acute mania

Delay, J.; Pichot, P.; Lemperiere, T.; Elissalde, B., 1960:
Haloperidol and chemotherapy of psychoses

Beganović-Petrović, A.; Mornjaković, Z.; Cosović, E.; Alicelebić, S.; Susko, I., 2006:
Haloperidol and its side effects on the reproductive system

Acerbo, M.J.; Godoy, A.M.; Delius, J.D., 2003:
Haloperidol blocks the acquisition but not the retrieval of a conditioned sensitization to apomorphine

Kuleshova, E.P.; Merghanova, G.Kh.; Kulikov, M.A.; Grigor'ian, G.A., 2006:
Haloperidol does not alter a choice strategy for reinforcement value in cats

Hugenholtz, G.W.K.; Heerdink, E.R.; Stolker, J.J.; Meijer, W.E.E.; Egberts, A.C.G.; Nolen, W.A., 2006:
Haloperidol dose when used as active comparator in randomized controlled trials with atypical antipsychotics in schizophrenia: comparison with officially recommended doses

Zirnheld, P.J.; Carroll, C.A.; Kieffaber, P.D.; O'Donnell, B.F.; Shekhar, A.; Hetrick, W.P., 2004:
Haloperidol impairs learning and error-related negativity in humans

Flegel, H., 1960:
Haloperidol in maintenance doses

Haloperidol in obstetrics. A clinical trial in 350 women in labour

Guilbert, P.; Feron, A.; Monceaux, J.P., 1961:
Haloperidol in states of manic excitation (apropos of 10 cases)

Giacobini, E.; Lassenius, B., 1961:
Haloperidol in the treatment of delirium tremens

Pérez España, L.; Hervella Garcés, M.; Belén Piteiro, A.; Casado Jiménez, M., 2003:
Haloperidol induced pemphigus foliaceus

Goldsmith, S.K., 2004:
Haloperidol reduces IgG immunoreactivity in the rat brain

Beck, L., 1962:
Haloperidol to facilitate labor. Clinical experiences with 1250 deliveries

Shimabukuro, M.; Jinno, Y.; Fuke, C.; Okazaki, Y., 2006:
Haloperidol treatment induces tissue- and sex-specific changes in DNA methylation: a control study using rats

Jensen, O.O., 1962:
Haloperidol treatment of psychotic mentally deficient patients

Milbrandt, E.B.; Kersten, A.; Kong, L.; Weissfeld, L.A.; Clermont, G.; Fink, M.P.; Angus, D.C., 2005:
Haloperidol use is associated with lower hospital mortality in mechanically ventilated patients

Joy, C.B.; Adams, C.E.; Lawrie, S.M., 2006:
Haloperidol versus placebo for schizophrenia

Wilson, M.S.; Gibson, C.J.; Hamm, R.J., 2003:
Haloperidol, but not olanzapine, impairs cognitive performance after traumatic brain injury in rats

Sirois, Fçois.J., 2005:
Haloperidol-induced ileus

Okasha, A.; Tewfik, G.I., 1964:
Haloperidol: a Controlled Clinical Trial in Chronic Disturbed Psychotic Patients

Linderot, T., 1964:
Haloperidol: Chemistry and Pharmacology

Garry, J.W.; Leonard, T.J., 1962:
Haloperidol: a controlled trial in chronic schizophrenia

Smith, J.C.; Wright, E.Laura., 2005:
Haloperidol: an alternative butyrophenone for nausea and vomiting prophylaxis in anesthesia

Sikazwe, D.M.N.; Li, S.; Mardenborough, L.; Cody, V.; Roth, B.L.; Ablordeppey, S.Y., 2004:
Haloperidol: towards further understanding of the structural contributions of its pharmacophoric elements at D2-like receptors

Geigert, J.; Neidleman, S.L.; Dalietos, D.J.; Dewitt, S.K., 1983:
Haloperoxidases: Enzymatic Synthesis of alpha,beta-Halohydrins from Gaseous Alkenes

Kim, H-Jeong.; Joo, W-A.; Cho, C-Won.; Kim, C-Wha., 2006:
Halophile aldehyde dehydrogenase from Halobacterium salinarum

Ribeiro, A.M., 1964:
Halophilic Vibrio in Bacon Brines

Anonymous, 2018:
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Hamartomas of the kidneys

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Hamartomata and chondromata of the lungs

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Hamartomatous polyp of Brunner's glands

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Hamate hook fracture in a 17-year-old golfer: importance of matching symptoms to clinical evidence

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Hamatocrit and Hemoglobin Changes in Insulin Hypoglycemia Therapy

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Hamatometria from complete amputation of the cervix during labor

Anonymous, 2004:
Hamburg 76th Congress of the German Society of Neurology with Continuing Education. Pain becomes visible. Imaging methods visualize pain perception and individual differences in pain perception

Anonymous, 1952:
Hamburg Dermatology Society

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Hamburg Method of Combatting Cancer

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Hamburg and the history of surgery

Anonymous, 1952:
Hamburg obstetrics society meeting held June 1, 1951

Anonymous, 1952:
Hamburg obstetrics society meeting held June 19, 1952

Anonymous, 1952:
Hamburg obstetrics society meeting held March 11, 1951

Anonymous, 1953:
Hamburger continuing education course in jaw and facial surgery

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Hamburger's "micro" method for neutral 17-ketosteroids. The recovery of dehydroisoandrosterone acetate added to water and urine

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Hamden in the past

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Hamelia patens: A New Source of Ephedrine1

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Hamilton BAILEY

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Hamilton Bailey, (1894-1961)

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Hamilton Health Sciences Grateful Patient Program

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Hamilton Naki

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Hamilton Naki, transplant surgeon

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Hamilton-Jacobi modelling of relative motion for formation flying

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