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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 49188

Chapter 49188 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Whiteside, T.C., 1961:
Hand-eye coordination in weightlessness

Lai, S.E.; Kuzel, T.; Lacouture, M.E., 2007:
Hand-foot and stump syndrome to sorafenib

Bardia, A.; Loprinzi, C.L.; Goetz, M.P., 2006:
Hand-foot syndrome after dose-dense adjuvant chemotherapy for breast cancer: a case series

Tsai, K-Ying.; Yang, C-Hsun.; Kuo, T-Tong.; Hong, H-Shang.; Chang, J.W.C., 2006:
Hand-foot syndrome and seborrheic dermatitis-like rash induced by sunitinib in a patient with advanced renal cell carcinoma

Farah, R.; Shay, M.; Bitterman, O., 2006:
Hand-foot syndrome caused by brown spider bite

Heo, Y.Seol.; Chang, H.Moon.; Kim, T.Won.; Ryu, M-Hee.; Ahn, J-Hee.; Kim, S.Bae.; Lee, J.Shin.; Kim, W.Kun.; Cho, H.Kyung.; Kang, Y-Koo., 2004:
Hand-foot syndrome in patients treated with capecitabine-containing combination chemotherapy

Saif, M.Wasif.; Elfiky, A.; Diasio, R., 2006:
Hand-foot syndrome variant in a dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase-deficient patient treated with capecitabine

Marini, A.; Hengge, U.R., 2006:
Hand-foot syndrome with capecitabine therapy

Posnett, H.; Derodra, J., 2004:
Hand-held Doppler to assess valvular incompetence--a new OSCE station?

Pan, Y.; Li, Z.; Xie, T.; Chu, C.R., 2003:
Hand-held arthroscopic optical coherence tomography for in vivo high-resolution imaging of articular cartilage

Drury, C.G., 1987:
Hand-held computers for ergonomics data collection

Barrera, M., 2006:
Hand-held disaster relief

Burns, S.P.; Breuninger, A.; Kaplan, C.; Marin, H., 2005:
Hand-held dynamometry in persons with tetraplegia: comparison of make- versus break-testing techniques

Bohannon, R.W., 2006:
Hand-held dynamometry: adoption 1900-2005

Martín-Peñato, A.; Zamorano, Jé.L.; Almería, C.; Rodrigo, Jé.L.; Corros, C.; Luaces, Mía.; Conde, A.; Vilacosta, I.; Macaya, C., 2003:
Hand-held echocardiographic devices: what do they add to the initial cardiovascular evaluation?

Mondillo, S.; Galderisi, M., 2005:
Hand-held echocardiography in clinical practice

Vignon, P.; Frank, Mël.B.J.; Lesage, Jérôme.; Mücke, Fédérique.; François, B.; Normand, S.; Bonnivard, M.; Clavel, M.; Gastinne, Hé., 2004:
Hand-held echocardiography with Doppler capability for the assessment of critically-ill patients: is it reliable?

Giannotti, G.; Mondillo, S.; Galderisi, M.; Barbati, R.; Zacà, V.; Ballo, P.; Agricola, E.; Guerrini, F., 2005:
Hand-held echocardiography: added value in clinical cardiological assessment

Rubello, D.; Mariani, G., 2006:
Hand-held gamma probe or hand-held miniature gamma camera for minimally invasive parathyroidectomy: competition, evolution or synergy?

Renzi, R.F.; Stamps, J.; Horn, B.A.; Ferko, S.; Vandernoot, V.A.; West, J.A.A.; Crocker, R.; Wiedenman, B.; Yee, D.; Fruetel, J.A., 2005:
Hand-held microanalytical instrument for chip-based electrophoretic separations of proteins

Scholten, C.; Rosenhek, R.; Binder, T.; Zehetgruber, M.; Maurer, G.; Baumgartner, H., 2005:
Hand-held miniaturized cardiac ultrasound instruments for rapid and effective bedside diagnosis and patient screening

El Rouby, S.; Rinehart, K.; Zucker, M.L.; LaDuca, F.M., 2003:
Hand-held personal digital assistant program for the HEMOCHRON RxDx heparin and protamine dosing system

Cameron, S., 2003:
Hand-held presentations

Jung, B.; Kim, C-Seok.; Choi, B.; Nelson, J.Stuart., 2006:
Hand-held pulsed photothermal radiometry system to estimate epidermal temperature rise during laser therapy

Kirkpatrick, A.W.; Sirois, M.; Laupland, K.B.; Liu, D.; Rowan, K.; Ball, C.G.; Hameed, S.M.; Brown, R.; Simons, R.; Dulchavsky, S.A.; Hamiilton, D.R.; Nicolaou, S., 2004:
Hand-held thoracic sonography for detecting post-traumatic pneumothoraces: the Extended Focused Assessment with Sonography for Trauma (EFAST)

Korhonen, H.; Remes, S.Tapani.; Kannisto, S.; Korppi, M., 2005:
Hand-held turbine spirometer: agreement with the conventional spirometer at baseline and after exercise

Helgeson, L., 2005:
Hand-helds tossed aside, for now

Hunt, D.C.E.; Mohammudally, A.; Stone, S.P.; Dacre, J., 2005:
Hand-hygiene behaviour, attitudes and beliefs in first year clinical medical students

Roberts, S.; Upton, A.; Morris, A.; Woodhouse, A., 2005:
Hand-hygiene practices of medical staff: room for improvement

Higgins, J., 2003:
Hand-in-hand in the "trading zone"

Naber, D.; Pincus, H., 2006:
Hand-offs and trade-offs in psychiatric care

Crozier, H.C., 1954:
Hand-operated barium pump assembly for examination of the colon

Schmidt, D., 2006:
Hand-over-mouth: another perspective

Adair, S.M., 2005:
Hand-over-mouth: no science and no social validity

Dallmeijer, A.J.; Kilkens, O.J.E.; Post, M.W.M.; de Groot, S.; Angenot, E.L.D.; van Asbeck, F.W.A.; Nene, A.V.; van der Woude, L.H.V., 2005:
Hand-rim wheelchair propulsion capacity during rehabilitation of persons with spinal cord injury

Baik, S.Hyuk.; Kim, N.Kyu.; Lee, K.Young.; Sohn, S.Kook.; Cho, C.Hwan., 2005:
Hand-sewn coloanal anastomosis for distal rectal cancer: long-term clinical outcomes

Baltasar, A., 2007:
Hand-sewn laparoscopic duodenal switch

Singer, M.A.; Cintron, Jé.R.; Benedetti, E.; Lamba, A.; Abcarian, H., 2004:
Hand-sewn versus stapled intestinal anastomoses in a chronically steroid-treated porcine model

Losada, M.; Zanartu, J., 1953:
Hand-shoulder syndrome

Rolandi Ricci, V.; Peris, G.; Gatto, E., 1957:
Hand-shoulder syndrome associated with myocardial infarct

Musial, W.; Pracka, H., 1957:
Hand-shoulder syndrome in coronary disease

Navarro, A., 1952:
Hand-shoulder syndrome in coronary diseases

Drugan, A.; Mates, E., 1954:
Hand-shoulder syndrome in the pathology of visceral infarcts

Romero, D.Victoria.; Treston, J.; O'Sullivan, A.L., 2006:
Hand-to-hand combat: preventing MRSA

Dellinger, S.Lucas., 2003:
Hand-to-hand help

Collins, F.; Hampton, S., 2005:
Hand-washing and methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus

Grave, K.; Townsend, G., 2004:
Hand-wrist and cervical vertebral maturation indicators: how can these events be used to time Class II treatments?

Trinh, L.A.; Yelon, D.; Stainier, D.Y.R., 2005 :
Hand2 regulates epithelial formation during myocardial diferentiation

Vlak, T.; Pivalica, D., 2004:
Handball: the beauty or the beast

Lanier, L.H.; Grant, D.A.; Kennedy, J.L.; Anderson, J.E.; Stellar, E.; Brown, J.S.; Riggs, L.A.; Garner, W.R.; Kappauf, W.E., 1952:
Handbook of Experimental Psychology; a special review by nine psychologists

Anonymous, 2018:
A Practical Treatise on Injuries of the Head

Kennedy, J.L., 1951:
Handbooks of human engineering data

Matsushita, M.; Takakuwa, H.; Matsubayashi, Y.; Kido, M.; Shimeno, N.; Okazaki, K., 2005:
Handcrafted two-channel colonoscope for grasping-forceps-assisted resection of giant pedunculated polyps

Matsushita, M.; Danbara, N.; Shimatani, M.; Matsumoto, T.; Uchida, K.; Omiya, M.; Okazaki, K., 2007:
Handcrafted two-channel colonoscope for removing large lipomas

Goodglass, H.; Barton, M., 1963:
Handedness and Differential Perception of Verbal Stimuli in Left and Right Visual Fields

Steinbach, M., 1964:
Handedness and Leg Dominance. a Contribution to the Problem of Dominance of a Hemisphere

Cernacek, J., 1964:
Handedness as a Quantitative Estimation

Gümüştekin, K.; Akar, S.; Dane, S.; Yildirim, M.; Seven, B.; Varoglu, E., 2004 :
Handedness and bilateral femoral bone densities in men and women

Roberts, L., 1955:
Handedness and cerebral dominance

Bourassa, D.C.; McManus, I.C.; Bryden, M.P., 1996:
Handedness and eye-dominance: a meta-analysis of their relationship

Bryden, P.J.; Bruyn, J.; Fletcher, P., 2005:
Handedness and health: an examination of the association between different handedness classifications and health disorders

Todor, J.I.; Doane, T., 1978:
Handedness and hemispheric asymmetry in the control of movements

Giotakos, O., 2004:
Handedness and hobby preference

Ross, S., 1951:
Handedness and mirror-drawing

Hardyck, C., 1977:
Handedness and part-whole relationships: a replication

Gaillard, F.; Satz, P., 1989:
Handedness and reading disability: a developmental study

Chen, W.J.; Su, C-Hsia., 2006:
Handedness and schizotypy in non-clinical populations: influence of handedness measures and age on the relationship

Reio, T.G.; Czarnolewski, M.; Eliot, J., 2004:
Handedness and spatial ability: differential patterns of relationships

Goldberg, C.J.; Moore, D.P.; Fogarty, E.E.; Dowling, F.E., 2006:
Handedness and spinal deformity

Niebauer, C.Lee., 2004:
Handedness and the fringe of consciousness: strong handers ruminate while mixed handers self-reflect

Vlachos, F.; Bonoti, F., 2004:
Handedness and writing performance

van der Meer, A.; Husby, A., 2006:
Handedness as a major determinant of functional cradling bias

Coren, S., 2004:
Handedness as a marker for drug hypersensitivity

Coren, S.; Previc, F.H., 1996:
Handedness as a predictor of increased risk of knee, elbow, or shoulder injury, fractures and broken bones

Clark, C.M.; Klonoff, H.; Tyhurst, J.S., 1986:
Handedness concordance and intelligence discrepancies in identical twins

Andreetto, E.; Peggion, C.; Crisma, M.; Toniolo, C., 2006:
Handedness control of peptide helices by amino acid side-chain chirality: Ile/aIle peptides

Dane, S.; Ersöz, M.; Gümüştekin, K.; Polat, P.; Daştan, A., 2004:
Handedness differences in widths of right and left craniofacial regions in healthy young adults

Laeng, B.; Park, A., 2004:
Handedness effects on playing a reversed or normal keyboard

Ardila, A.; Rosselli, D., 2004:
Handedness in Colombia: some associated conditions

Doll, E.E.; Walker, M.S., 1951:
Handedness in cerebral palsied children

Hutter, K., 1951:
Handedness in identical twins

Mandal, M.K.; Pandey, G.; Das, C.T.; Bryden, M.P., 2004:
Handedness in mental retardation

Steele, J., 2004:
Handedness in past human populations: skeletal markers

Ross, D.C.; Jaffe, J.; Collins, R.L.; Page, W.; Robinette, D., 2004:
Handedness in the NAS/NRC twin study

Sicotte, N.L.; Woods, R.P.; Mazziotta, J.C., 2004:
Handedness in twins: a meta-analysis

Medland, S.E.; Duffy, D.L.; Wright, M.J.; Geffen, G.M.; Martin, N.G., 2006:
Handedness in twins: joint analysis of data from 35 samples

Westergaard, G.C.; Suomi, S.J.; Higley, J.D., 2004:
Handedness is associated with immune functioning and behavioural reactivity in rhesus macaques

Curt, F.; Mesbah, M.; Lellouch, J.; Dellatolas, G., 1997:
Handedness scale: how many and which items?

Chlebus, P.; Brázdil, M.; Hlustík, P.; Mikl, M.; Pazourková, M.; Krupa, P., 2005:
Handedness shift as a consequence of motor cortex reorganization after early functional impairment in left temporal lobe epilepsy--an fMRI case report

Dos Santos Sequeira, S.; Woerner, W.; Walter, C.; Kreuder, F.; Lueken, U.; Westerhausen, Ré.; Wittling, R.Arne.; Schweiger, E.; Wittling, W., 2005:
Handedness, dichotic-listening ear advantage, and gender effects on planum temporale asymmetry--a volumetric investigation using structural magnetic resonance imaging

Aygül, R.; Dane, S.; Ulvi, H., 2005:
Handedness, eyedness, and crossed hand-eye dominance in male and female patients with migraine with and without aura: a pilot study

Watson, G.S.; Pusakulich, R.L.; Ward, J.P.; Hermann, B., 2004:
Handedness, footedness, and language laterality: evidence from Wada testing

Coulson, S.; Lovett, C., 2004:
Handedness, hemispheric asymmetries, and joke comprehension

Lavidor, M.; Hayes, A.; Bailey, P., 2004:
Handedness, measures of hemispheric asymmetry, and lateralised lexical decision

de Poel, H.J.; Peper, C.Lieke.E.; Beek, P.J., 2006:
Handedness-related asymmetry in coupling strength in bimanual coordination: furthering theory and evidence

He, Y.; Zang, Y.; Jiang, T.; Gong, G.; Xie, S.; Xiao, J., 2005:
Handedness-related functional connectivity using low-frequency blood oxygenation level-dependent fluctuations

Sainburg, R.L., 2005:
Handedness: differential specializations for control of trajectory and position

Kloevekorn, G.H., 1963:
Handel's Apoplexy

Vinci, P.; Villa, L.M.; Castagnoli, L.; Marconi, C.; Lattanzi, A.; Manini, M.P.; Calicchio, M.L.; Vitangeli, L.; Di Gianvito, P.; Perelli, S.L.; Martini, D., 2005:
Handgrip impairment in Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease

Raudsepp, J.; Djupsjöbacka, M., 2005:
Handgrip maximum force and the visual horizontal-vertical illusion

Bautmans, I.; Gorus, E.; Njemini, R.; Mets, T., 2007:
Handgrip performance in relation to self-perceived fatigue, physical functioning and circulating IL-6 in elderly persons without inflammation

Jeune, B.; Skytthe, A.; Cournil, A.; Greco, V.; Gampe, J.; Berardelli, M.; Andersen-Ranberg, K.; Passarino, G.; Debenedictis, G.; Robine, J-Marie., 2006:
Handgrip strength among nonagenarians and centenarians in three European regions

Alfaro-Acha, A.; Al Snih, S.; Raji, M.A.; Kuo, Y-Fang.; Markides, K.S.; Ottenbacher, K.J., 2006:
Handgrip strength and cognitive decline in older Mexican Americans

Mahalakshmi, V.N.; Ananthakrishnan, N.; Kate, V.; Sahai, A.; Trakroo, M., 2004:
Handgrip strength and endurance as a predictor of postoperative morbidity in surgical patients: can it serve as a simple bedside test?

Alperovitch-Najenson, D.; Carmeli, E.; Coleman, R.; Ring, H., 2004:
Handgrip strength as a diagnostic tool in work-related upper extremity musculoskeletal disorders in women

Grasso, M.A., 2007:
Handheld computer application for medical disaster management

Asaro, P.V., 2004:
Handheld computer application for time-motion studies in the emergency department

Murphy, E.Ann., 2006:
Handheld computer software for school nurses

Sutton, J.; Stockton, L.; McCord, G.; Gilchrist, V.J.; Fedyna, D., 2004:
Handheld computer use in a family medicine clerkship

Sintchenko, V.; Iredell, J.R.; Gilbert, G.L.; Coiera, E., 2005:
Handheld computer-based decision support reduces patient length of stay and antibiotic prescribing in critical care

Arnold, E.; Heddle, N.; Lane, S.; Sek, J.; Almonte, T.; Walker, I., 2005:
Handheld computers and paper diaries for documenting the use of factor concentrates used in haemophilia home therapy: a qualitative study

Aziz, O.; Panesar, S.S.; Netuveli, G.; Paraskeva, P.; Sheikh, A.; Darzi, A., 2005:
Handheld computers and the 21st century surgical team: a pilot study

Thueux, G.; Watson, J.C., 2006:
Handheld computers are a neglected teaching resource

Shelby-James, T.M.; Abernethy, A.P.; McAlindon, A.; Currow, D.C., 2007:
Handheld computers for data entry: high tech has its problems too

Magos, A.; Sharma, M.; Buck, L., 2004:
Handheld computers in clinical practice: are useful in informing and educating patients..

Eso, D.A., 2004:
Handheld computers in clinical practice:...and will appeal to new breed of general practitioners

Horsley, A.; Forster, L., 2005:
Handheld computers in medicine: the way forward

Dahlerup, J.F.; Roelsgaard, K., 2004:
Handheld computers in physicians' continuing education. Can and will physicians use them?

Flanders, A.E.; Wiggins, R.H.; Gozum, M.E., 2003:
Handheld computers in radiology

Fletcher, L.A.; Erickson, D.J.; Toomey, T.L.; Wagenaar, A.C., 2003:
Handheld computers. A feasible alternative to paper forms for field data collection

Fischer, S.; Stewart, T.E.; Mehta, S.; Wax, R.; Lapinsky, S.E., 2003:
Handheld computing in medicine

Naylor, D.F., 2005:
Handheld devices, personal digital assistants, and palmtop devices; can you live with them or without them?

Ellis, D., 2006:
Handheld echocardiography--core skill for emergency physicians or another expensive course?

Barbaros, U.; Dinççağ, A.; Erbil, Y.; Mercan, S.; Sanli, Y.; Adalet, Işik.; Küçükkaya, R., 2006:
Handheld gamma probe used to detect accessory spleens during initial laparoscopic splenectomies

Guerra, A., 2006:
Handheld health. UHC is providing residents with Palm handhelds to stay competitive and enhance care

Suliburk, J., 2004:
Handheld medicine--handheld software to ease the day and improve patient care

Futai, N.; Gu, W.; Song, J.W.; Takayama, S., 2005:
Handheld recirculation system and customized media for microfluidic cell culture

Gao, L.; Song, Q.; Patterson, G.E.; Cooks, R.Graham.; Ouyang, Z., 2006:
Handheld rectilinear ion trap mass spectrometer

Tooey, M.Joan.; Mayo, A., 2003:
Handheld technologies in a clinical setting: state of the technology and resources

Levy, A.D.; Harcke, H.Theodore., 2003:
Handheld ultrasound device for detection of non-opaque and semi-opaque foreign bodies in soft tissues

Brooks, A.J.; Price, V.; Simms, M.; Ward, N.; Hand, C.J., 2004:
Handheld ultrasound diagnosis of extremity fractures

Vernez, D.; Poffet, J-Michel.; Besrour, A., 2004:
Handheld-assisted field data collection for occupational risk assessment

Wiggins, R.H., 2004:
Handhelds in radiology

Shapiro, J.; Bessette, M.; Levine, S.R.; Baumlin, K., 2003:
HandiStroke: a handheld tool for the emergent evaluation of acute stroke patients

Al-Hazmy, M.B.; Al Sweilan, B.; Al-Moussa, N.B., 2005:
Handicap among children in Saudi Arabia: prevalence, distribution, type, determinants and related factors

Danel-Brunaud, V., 2006:
Handicap and quality of life assessment in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Sancho, P-O.; Boisson, D., 2006:
Handicap and quality of life evaluation in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Ghoussoub, K.; Mallat, S.; Moussaly, Aïda.; Chelala, D.; Abou Zogheib, W., 2004:
Handicap and rehabilitation in hospitalized hemodialized patients: study of 20 patients

Haddad, J.; Safi, F.; Dargham, L.; Najm, R., 2005:
Handicap and rehabilitation: about a specialized centre in Lebanon

Epelbaum, C., 2003:
Handicap: management or supportive care?

Dellers, M-Paule.Ricchi., 2005:
Handicap: the right to choose one's own life style

Recht, P., 1953:

Bartley, S.H., 1964:
Handicapped Adolescents--Following Up

Currimbhoy, Z.E., 1963:
Handicapped Child

Wiingaard, P., 1964:
Handicapped School Pupils and School Gymnastics

Kirman, B.H., 1964:
Handicapped Youth

Saxer, G., 1961:
Handicapped as patients

Ziegenhorn, K.H., 1954:
Handicapped child: hard of hearing

Finley, E., 1955:
Handicapped children can go camping

Gueyraud, B.; Ameslant, P.; Barnay, D.; Boudaud, Mël.; Ravaine, Nëlle., 2005:
Handicapped persons and self-help devices

Delmotte, H., 2004:
Handicapped persons: a humanist project at Tarbes

Yliruokanen, A., 1957:
Handicapped school-age children

Thiis-Evensen, E., 1962:
Handicapped workers in industry. Health conditions among epileptics in the Eidanger Saltpetre Mills

Drenning, M.G., 2003:
Handicapping the odds on the future of Roe v. Wade: can the right to abortion survive in the High Court?

Granville, C.A.; Memmott, R.M.; Gills, J.J.; Dennis, P.A., 2006:
Handicapping the race to develop inhibitors of the phosphoinositide 3-kinase/Akt/mammalian target of rapamycin pathway

Rossier-Benes, L., 1953:
Handicraft in the Heilpaedagogische Hilfsschule Zürich

Anonymous, 2004:
Handing ED physicians the cath lab's keys speeds procedures

Heng, B.Chin., 2005:
Handing out free travel and accommodation to oocyte donors in lieu of monetary payment: is this ethically justifiable?

Anonymous, 2004:
Handle common pain reliever with care

Lin, J-Hua.; Radwin, R.G.; Richard, T.G., 2004:
Handle dynamics predictions for selected power hand tool applications

Bokshtein, F.S., 1951:
Handle for galvanocautery

Frey, K.I., 1955:
Handle the children with care

Anonymous, 2005:
Handle with care campaign

Amos, D., 2005:
Handle with care!

Supple, K.G., 2005:
Handle with care. An overview of burn injury

Anonymous, 2018:
A Practical Treatise on Midwifery

Allen, L.K.; Durham, C.E., 2006:
Handle with care: a new curriculum for safe patient handling and movement at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Anonymous, 2004:
Handle with care: fact sheet

Okamoto, D.; Aibe, H.; Hasuo, K.; Shida, Y.; Edamoto, Y., 2006:
Handlebar hernia: a case report

Haimovici, L.; Papafragkou, S.; Kessler, E.; Angus, G., 2007:
Handlebar hernia: traumatic abdominal wall hernia with multiple enterotomies. A case report and review of the literature

Roubal, J., 1961:
Handles for instruments and control levers for machines; remarks on the hygienic aspects of their shape

Hnyk, Dír.; Holub, J., 2006:
Handles for the dicarbadodecaborane basket based on [arachno-5,10-C2B8H13]-: oxygen

Hurlbutt, F.R., 1964:
Handless Surgery

Phadke, S.R.; Girisha, K.M.; Dalal, A., 2006:
Handless, footless fetus

Weissman, B.R., 2006:
Handling BBP requirements in manufacturing and service industries

Heine, E.W., 1963:
Handling Combustible Fluids

Ruether, W.; Steiner, B.; Graul, E.H., 1964:
Handling Cytoplasmatic Problems by Using Radioactive Protein Bodies. I

Jeffrey, L.P., 1963:
Handling Drugs for Investigational use

Duverdier, F., 1964:
Handling Of The Vaccination Risk By The State And Its Limitations

Rahlmann, D.F.; Hansen, J.T.; Pace, N.; Barnstein, N.J.; Cannon, M.D., 1964 :
Handling Procedures and Equipment for Physiological Studies on the Pig-Tailed Monkey (Macaca Nemestrina)

Strydom, C., 2005:
Handling Protocol of Posterior Composites Cavity Preparation

Moore, R.T., 1963:
Handling Public Concern with Hazards of Radioactive Fallout

Dougherty, M., 2005:
Handling a security breach: lessons learned

Dlugacz, Y., 2005:
Handling a surprise JCAHO inspection. Surprise! It's JCAHO. Regular communication with staff is the best way to stay prepared

Kasun, M., 2007:
Handling a wider range of threats

Gilliver-Smith, M., 2004:
Handling abuse in the workplace

Frank, J.E., 2005:
Handling administrative burdens

Tarantino, D., 2006:
Handling an unsolvable problem

Acello, B., 2003:
Handling an unwelcome comeback: Postpolio syndrome

Newell, J.F., 1958:
Handling and disposal of radioactive wastes

Torres, M.Fernanda.Azevedo.Ramos., 2004:
Handling and management of hospital residues

Spence, J.T.; Maher, B.A., 1962:
Handling and noxious stimulation of the albino rat. I. Effects on subsequent emotionality

Spence, J.T.; Maher, B.A., 1962:
Handling and noxious stimulation of the albino rat. II. Effects on subsequent performance in a learning situation

Mikuz, G.; Winstanley, A.M.; Schulman, C.C.; Debruyne, F.M.J.; Parkinson, C.M., 2004:
Handling and pathology reporting of circumcision and penectomy specimens

Che, M.; Grignon, D.J., 2005:
Handling and reporting of tumor-containing kidney specimens

Thomas, S.P., 2003:
Handling anger in the teacher-student relationship

Sorsa, M.; Hämeilä, M.; Järviluoma, E., 2006:
Handling anticancer drugs: from hazard identification to risk management?

Fraser, G.E., 1953:
Handling audience anxiety in community education in mental health

Newcomer, E.H., 1952:
Handling avian chromosomes

Strachan, H., 2003:
Handling bad news: an innovative training approach

Amicarella, H., 1951:
Handling cash

Hirani, S., 2005:
Handling characteristics of precoated and operator-coated brackets

Egilman, D.S.; Ehrle, L.H., 2003:
Handling conflicts of interest between industry and academia

Anonymous, 2004:
Handling data: concurrent vs. retrospective approach

Barishansky, R.M., 2005:
Handling difficult employees

Anonymous, 2005:
Handling disruptive patients

Meiches, R., 2004:
Handling dissent

Smith, L.S., 2003:
Handling documentation errors

Lane, P., 2007:
Handling drop-out in longitudinal clinical trials: a comparison of the LOCF and MMRM approaches

Hogan, J.W.; Roy, J.; Korkontzelou, C., 2004:
Handling drop-out in longitudinal studies

Sister Mariel, 1957:
Handling drug samples

O'Oconnor, E.J.; Fiol, C.Marlena., 2006:
Handling emotional reactions to change

Robins, E., 1959:
Handling employee grievances

Taylor, J., 2006:
Handling equipment installation and training challenges

Salumäki, H.N., 2003:
Handling exceptional events

Feldmeier, H., 2004:
Handling exotic animals--an underestimated health risk]

Howarth, W.A., 1961:
Handling femoral and tibial fractures in the dog

Simpson, K.Rice., 2005:
Handling handoffs safely

Block, L., 2003:
Handling happy hour

Coyle, B.; Polovich, M., 2004:
Handling hazardous drugs

Power, L.A., 2006:
Handling hazardous drugs: are our safety programs effective?

Lamme, L., 1960:
Handling health insurance forms

Anonymous, 1992:
Handling hunger strikers

Levin, R.P., 2006:
Handling implant patient financing

Zhou, L.; Parsons, S.; Hripcsak, G., 2007:
Handling implicit and uncertain temporal information in medical text

Kennedy, M., 2003:
Handling infectious disease: how Wisconsin copes with monkeypox and more

Stegenga, B., 2005:
Handling insecurity

Yeung, D.S.; Wang, X-Zhao.; Tsang, E.C.C., 2004:
Handling interaction in fuzzy production rule reasoning

Thornton, R.G., 2005:
Handling investigations of the Texas State Board of Medical Examiners

Manca, A.; Palmer, S., 2005:
Handling missing data in patient-level cost-effectiveness analysis alongside randomised clinical trials

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Handling of behavior problems by the pediatrician

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Handling of cytotoxic drugs, be careful of risks

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Handling of films

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Handling of flintkote

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Handling of injection syringes

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Handling of lepers in accordance with the international classification

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Handling of long objects in iterative improvement of nonexact reconstruction in helical cone-beam CT

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Handling of radioactive waste

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Handling of the petition for ritual slaughter (the area of conflict of the official veterinarian between the special requirements and legal possibilities). Veterinary specialist view

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Handling of thyroid follicular patterned lesions

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Handling of used medical devices

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Handling on epidemic on the college campus

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Handling over-dispersion of performance indicators

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Handling parental pressure for T and A

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Handling phosphorus isotopes in the hospital pharmacy

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Handling poisoning emergencies

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Handling poisonous plants; injurious effects and their prevention

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Handling protocol of posterior composites--part 3: matrix systems

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Handling requests from attorneys

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Handling safety for patients with inflammatory arthritis

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Handling the paper avalanche

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Handling the parent of the difficult child patient

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Handling the pathological sequelae of gastrectomy

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Handling the psychiatric emergency

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Handling the stress in nursing

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Handling transference resistance in group therapy

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Handling unexpected distress on the telephone: the development of interdisciplinary training

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Handling value added tax (VAT) in economic evaluations: should prices include VAT?

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Handling-Gentling as a Positive Secondary Reinforcer

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Handmade somatic cell cloning in cattle

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Handmade suction device with small pieces of microsponge to keep the difficult anastomotic site clear in microvascular surgery

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Handmaiden to maternal assassins

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Handoffs: lessons from other industries

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Hands across the bridge

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Hands across the water

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Hands across the waters

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Hands and feet of Simian primates: an attempt at morphological characterization

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Hands and forearms, feet and ankles

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Hands healing hearts and bodies

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Hands of life

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Hands of light. Moving particles with photons leads to a new form of nanomanufacturing

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Hands of surgeon

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Hands off Medicare

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Hands off alternative resources.

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Hands off! The Breastfeeding Best Start Project (2)

Inch, S.; Law, S.; Wallace, L., 2003:
Hands off! The Breastfeeding Best Start project (1)

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Hands off, that's our policy

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Hands that heal--hands that harm

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Hands up for handwriting

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Hands up--it's the hygiene police!

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Hands, arms, and minds: interactions between posture and thought

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Hands, foot and mouth disease

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Hands-free hook for endourological procedures

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Hands-free mobile phone conversation impairs the peripheral visual system to an extent comparable to an alcohol level of 4-5 g 100 ml

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Hands-free technique: preventing occupational exposure during surgery

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Hands-off protein crystallography

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Hands-on care

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Hands-on care. Does your church need an AED?

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Hands-on demonstration and discussion of new pump software/hardware

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Hands-on experience: specific hand conditions affect the aging population

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Hands-on guidance

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Hands-on guide to writing case reports for the JCPSP

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Hands-on help Torsades de pointes

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Hands-on help. Cardiac tamponade

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Hands-on help. Hot and cold packs

Dulak, S.Beattie., 2005:
Hands-on help. Removing chest tubes

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Hands-on help. Surgical drains

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Hands-on help: assessing heart sounds

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Hands-on help: get connected with the right PC

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Hands-on is better than look-on: condom use

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Hands-on learning in biomedical signal processing

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Hands-on technology

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Hands-on treatment in rheumatology

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Hands: reflections of a retired surgeon

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Hands: the last great smallpox outbreak in Minnesota (1924-25)

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Handsome is as orthodontist does

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Handsome new Guelph General completed

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Handsomely compensated. Despite drop in assets, AHA president gets $1 million

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Handstand fractures

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Handwashing and the eyesight in the regimen sanitatis

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Handwashing compliance

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Handwashing compliance depends on professional status

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Handwashing in a Texas evacuation center after Hurricane Katrina, 2005

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Handwashing in the home

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Handwashing versus alcohol-based gels--FDA information

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Handwashing: what is the best solution?

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Handwriting Analysis as An Aid to Case Taking

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Handwriting of physicians

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Handwritten Prescriptions

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Handwritten vs. transcribed records

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Handy Drugs For Rapid Prescribing

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Handy instruments for conservative gum pocket treatment

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Handy reagent making

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Handy surgical techniques

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Hang on in there

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Hang-back retroposition as a variation in oculomotor muscle weakness

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Hanged by the neck

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Hanging Prosthesis in Deafness Surgery

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Hanging as the cause of accidental death in an unusual form of sex perversion. Report of 2 cases

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Hanging bladder stones

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Hanging bladder stones formed on unabsorbable suture and ligature

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Hanging by a thread--the tooth solution

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Hanging cast in fractures of the upper end of the humerus

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Hanging cast in therapy of humerous fracture

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Hanging cast procedure for treatment of upper arm fractures

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Hanging corner of the mouth

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Hanging crepe in suicide prevention

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Hanging in the balance

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Hanging in the balance. Industry awaits word on specialty hospital ban

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Hanging on a line

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Hanging on in tough times. Providers struggle to hold their ground

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Hanging out with the wrong crowd: how much difference can parents make in an urban environment?

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Hanging tough. Modern Healthcare's group purchasing survey reveals that the GPO industry continues to grow despite a stagnant customer pool

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Hanging without knot in the noose

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Hangman's fracture caused by suspected child abuse

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Hanns Alexander

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Hans Finsterer

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Hans Friedrich Jensen, biochemist

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Hans Hinselmann

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Hans Key-Aberg

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Hans Key-Aberg, Linköpings first ENT surgeon

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Hans Knauer

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Hans Krebs, discoverer of metabolic cycles

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A Practical Treatise on Midwifery, &c

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Hans Spitzy

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Happy Birthday betaCare

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Happy Birthday, ASCCP

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Happy anniversary!

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Happy birthday to the journal: best paper of the 1980s

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Happy birthday to us!! JID reaches 100

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Happy birthday, CD34!

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Happy birthday, GISSI!

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Happy birthday. 30 years after their inception, the Area Health Education Centers are alive and well

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Happy hens lay bigger eggs

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