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High birth weight babies: incidence and foetal outcome in a mission hospital in Benin City, Nigeria

Onyiriuka, A.N.

Nigerian Journal of Clinical Practice 9(2): 114-119


ISSN/ISBN: 1119-3077
PMID: 17319341
Accession: 049217809

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To determine the incidence of delivery of high birth weight (HBW) babies in Benin City and document their foetal outcome. All babies with HBW (defined as birth weight 4000 g) were recruited into the study. The maternal records were examined for maternal age, parity, height, gestational weight gain and mode of delivery. The sexes, head circumferences and lengths at birth were documented. Foetal outcome such as stillbirth, birth asphyxia, Erb's palsy, fracture of the clavicles and the need for admission into the Special Care Baby Unit in HBW babies (study group) was compared with that of a control group. The incidence of delivery of a HBW infant was 8.1% with a male preponderance. Maternal parity and age influenced the incidence. The highest incidence was among para 4 women and those aged between 35 and 39 years. The lowest incidence was among para zero and teenage women respectively. Women with a history of delivery of a previous baby with birth weight of 4000g, a gestational weight gain of 13-15 kg and a height >1.63 m had an increased tendency towards delivery of a HBW infant. High birth weight babies were at a higher risk of foetal death and delivery by Caesarean Section. Incidence of delivery of HBW infant is relatively high in Benin-City. It is associated with increased rate of Caesarean delivery and foetal death.

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