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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 49232

Chapter 49232 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Dickson-González, S.María.; García de Barriola, V.; Barbella-Aponte, R.Angélica.; Figueira, L.; Cortés-Charry, R.; Naranjo de Gómez, M., 2007:
Histopathologic and immunohistochemical evaluation of blood vessels in complete and partial hydatidiform mole

Li, T.; Luo, Q-li.; Wu, H-ying., 2004:
Histopathologic and immunohistochemical studies on retina after laser photocoagulation

Simionescu, C.; Florescu, M.; Margaritescu, C.; Marinescu, M., 2005:
Histopathologic and immunohistochemical study in one case of cystadenoma of parotid gland becoming malignant

Kalenderer, O.; Göre, O.; Dülgeroğlu, A., 2005:
Histopathologic and morphometric changes in rat nerve and blood vessels associated with femoral lengthening

Wang, Q.; Chen, J.; Xiao, Y., 2006:
Histopathologic and ultrastructure changes of corneal dystrophy of bowman layer, type I

Niero, G., 1950:
Histopathologic aspect of the duodenum in antropyloric hypertrophic stenosis of infants

Florescu, M.; Simionescu, C.; Georgescu, C.V.; Marinescu, M., 2005:
Histopathologic aspects in microglandular hyperplasia of endocervix

Crăiţoiu, S., 2003:
Histopathologic aspects of degenerative and inflammatory disease of cornea

Simionescu, C.; Florescu, M.; Niculescu, M.; Bălă, S.; Manea, Mădălina., 2005:
Histopathologic aspects of the limited endometrial hyperplasias--a study concerning 149 cases

Erkiliç, S.; Aydin, A.; Bayazit, Y.A.; Güldür, E.; Deniz, H.; Bayazit, N.; Ozer, E., 2003:
Histopathologic assessment of fungal involvement of the paranasal sinuses in Turkey

Ficarra, B.J., 1956:
Histopathologic association between regional ileitis and giant follicular hyperplasia

Kopera, D.; Binder, B.; Toplak, H.; Kerl, H.; Cerroni, L., 2006:
Histopathologic changes after intralesional application of phosphatidylcholine for lipoma reduction: report of a case

Ladipo, J.K.; Seidel, S.A.; Bradshaw, L.A.; Halter, S.; Wikswo, J.P.; Richards, W.O., 2003:
Histopathologic changes during mesenteric ischaemia and reperfusion

Histopathologic changes following fenestration and stapes mobilization

Price, P.B.; Call, D.E.; Hansen, F.L.; Zerwick, C.J., 1954:
Histopathologic changes in experimental thermal wounds

Salge, A.Karina.M.; Peres, L.César.; Reis, M.A.; Teixeira, V.de.Paula.A.; Castro, E.Costa.da.Cunha., 2006:
Histopathologic changes in human true vocal folds: a postmortem study

Modrzyński, M.; Grochowski, Pł.; Zawisza, E.; Rapiejko, P., 2003:
Histopathologic changes in hyperplastic palatine tonsils of children with coexisting atopy

Binhammer, R.T.; Metz, G.; Schneider, M.; Finerty, J.C., 1955:
Histopathologic changes in irradiated rats protected by parabiosis

Raubenheimer, E.J., 2003:
Histopathologic changes in metabolic bone disease

Ali, A.A., 2007:
Histopathologic changes in oral mucosa of Yemenis addicted to water-pipe and cigarette smoking in addition to takhzeen al-qat

Bennett, W.A., 1953:
Histopathologic changes in the adrenal and anterior pituitary in patients treated with cortisone: preliminary impressions

Tsivil'ko, V.S., 1955:
Histopathologic changes in the brain in amytal sodium sleep

Khondkarian, O.A., 1953:
Histopathologic changes in the central nervous system in myelomatous disease, Rustitskii's disease

Wentz, F.M.; Anday, G.; Orban, B., 1949:
Histopathologic changes in the gingiva in leukemia

Sviatukhin, M.V., 1951:
Histopathologic changes in the intercostal lymph nodes in pleurisy and hemothorax

Ciftci, F.; Erşanli, D.; Civelek, L.; Baloglu, Hüseyin.; Karadayi, K.; Güngör, A., 2005:
Histopathologic changes in the lacrimal sac of dacryocystorhinostomy patients with and without silicone intubation

Senkul, Tçin.; Yildirim, Sükrü.; Işeri, Cüneyt.; Karademir, K.; Erden, Dğan.; Baykal, K., 2003:
Histopathologic changes in the mucosa of ileal orthotopic neobladder--findings in 24 patients followed up for 5 years

Dluhos, M., 1954:
Histopathologic changes in the organs due to Corynebacterium diphtheriae alone and with other bacteria

Rappaport, A.M.; Hiraki, G.Y., 1958:
Histopathologic changes in the structural and functional unit of the human liver

Gandhi, S.; Kubba, L.M.; Abramov, Y.; Botros, S.M.; Goldberg, R.P.; Victor, T.A.; Sand, P.K., 2005:
Histopathologic changes of porcine dermis xenografts for transvaginal suburethral slings

Aleksandrovskaia, M.M., 1952:
Histopathologic changes of the central nervous system in malignant hypertension with psychotic states

Ermakova, N.I., 1952:
Histopathologic changes of the nerves and skin in tuberculoid leprosy and their relation to the development of causative agent in leprosy

Namysłowski, G.; Scierski, W.; Zembala-Nozyńska, E.; Nozyński, J.; Misiołek, M., 2005:
Histopathologic changes of the soft palate in snoring and obstructive sleep apnea syndrome patients

Shah, A.A.; Schripsema, J.H.; Imtiaz, M.T.; Sigar, I.M.; Kasimos, J.; Matos, P.G.; Inouye, S.; Ramsey, K.H., 2004:
Histopathologic changes related to fibrotic oviduct occlusion after genital tract infection of mice with Chlamydia muridarum

Dhong, H-Jong.; Kim, H.Y.; Cho, D-Yeon., 2005:
Histopathologic characteristics of chronic sinusitis with bronchial asthma

Chen, G-ping.; Tang, H-feng.; Gu, W-zhong.; Ye, H-ying.; Lin, L.; Shu, Y.; Zhao, Y., 2006:
Histopathologic characteristics of intestinal metaplasia in gastric mucosa of children

Chantranuwat, C.; Sriuranpong, V.; Huapai, N.; Chalermchai, T.; Leungtaweeboon, K.; Voravud, N.; Mutirangura, A., 2006:
Histopathologic characteristics of pulmonary adenocarcinomas with and without EGFR mutation

Smith, L.W.; Molomut, N., 1960:
Histopathologic characteristics of sarcoma I as found in mice of resistant strains following host and tumor immunologic adaptation

Prati, R.; Apple, S.K.; He, J.; Gornbein, J.A.; Chang, H.R., 2005:
Histopathologic characteristics predicting HER-2/neu amplification in breast cancer

Posther, K.E.; Selim, M.Angelica.; Mosca, P.J.; Stanley, W.E.; Johnson, J.L.; Tyler, D.S.; Seigler, H.F., 2006:
Histopathologic characteristics, recurrence patterns, and survival of 129 patients with desmoplastic melanoma

Cesario, D.A.; Broder, H.J.; Fishbein, M.C.; Shivkumar, K., 2005:
Histopathologic characterization of the atrioventricular conduction axis following catheter ablation

Johansson, L., 2004:
Histopathologic classification of lung cancer: Relevance of cytokeratin and TTF-1 immunophenotyping

Lin, C-Hsiang.; Moinzadeh, A.; Ramani, A.P.; Gill, I.S., 2004:
Histopathologic confirmation of complete cancer-cell kill in excised specimens after renal cryotherapy

Braun, R.Peter.; Kaya, Gürkan.; Masouyé, I.; Krischer, J.; Saurat, J-Hilaire., 2003:
Histopathologic correlation in dermoscopy: a micropunch technique

Saygili, H., 2006:
Histopathologic correlation of dilatation and currettage and hysterectomy specimens in patients with postmenopausal bleeding

Shaffer, B.; Jacobson, C.; Beerman, H., 1954:
Histopathologic correlation of lesions of papular urticaria and positive skin test reactions to insect antigens

Alberdas, J.L.; Shibahara, T.; Noma, H., 2003:
Histopathologic damage to vessels in head and neck microsurgery

Policard, A.; Collet, A., 1953:
Histopathologic development of fibrohyalin masses in pseudotumoral silicosis

Menghini, G.; Benda, N.; Orlandi, F., 1954:
Histopathologic development of the liver in phenylbutazone intoxication; case studied with repeated puncture biopsy

Okolo, S.N.; Nwana, E.J.; Mohammed, A.Z., 2003:
Histopathologic diagnoses of lymphadenopathy in children in Jos, Nigeria

Risio, M.; Baccarini, P.; Casson, P.; Clemente, C.; Ederle, A.; Fiocca, R.; Senore, C.; Sonzogno, A.; Tomezzoli, A.; Zamboni, G., 2006:
Histopathologic diagnosis in colorectal cancer screening: guidelines

Faller, G., 2003:
Histopathologic diagnosis of Barrett mucosa and associated neoplasias: results of a consensus conference of the Working Group for Gastroenterological Pathology within the Germany Society of Pathology, September 2001 in Erlangen

Shulman, H.M.; Kleiner, D.; Lee, S.J.; Morton, T.; Pavletic, S.Z.; Farmer, E.; Moresi, J.Margaret.; Greenson, J.; Janin, A.; Martin, P.J.; McDonald, G.; Flowers, M.E.D.; Turner, M.; Atkinson, J.; Lefkowitch, J.; Washington, M.Kay.; Prieto, V.G.; Kim, S.K.; Argenyi, Z.; Diwan, A.Hafeez.; Rashid, A.; Hiatt, K.; Couriel, D.; Schultz, K.; Hymes, S.; Vogelsang, G.B., 2006:
Histopathologic diagnosis of chronic graft-versus-host disease: National Institutes of Health Consensus Development Project on Criteria for Clinical Trials in Chronic Graft-versus-Host Disease: II. Pathology Working Group Report

Orosz, Z., 2005 :
Histopathologic diagnosis of gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST)

Mäkinen, J.E.A., 2005:
Histopathologic diagnosis of hepatitis

Endoh, M., 2007:
Histopathologic diagnosis of malignant pleural mesothelioma

Jones, S.T.; Zimmerman, L.E., 1961:
Histopathologic differentiation of granular, macular and lattice dystrophies of the cornea

Vatansever, H.S.; Kayikcioglu, O.; Gumus, B., 2003:
Histopathologic effect of chronic use of sildenafil citrate on the choroid & retina in male rats

Spiegel, J.H.; Andrus, J.G.; Stefanato, C.M.; Heeren, T., 2005:
Histopathologic effects of cidofovir on cartilage

Yücesoy, K.; Ozer, E.; Gülay, Z.; Göre, O.; Mertol, T., 2004:
Histopathologic effects of discitis on neural tissues: an experimental study

Pizzolato, P.; Renegar, O.J., 1959:
Histopathologic effects of long exposure to local anesthetics on peripheral nerves

Block, M., 1958:
Histopathologic effects of x-rays, radiophosphorus, nitrogen mustard, urethane, and steroids upon the spleen in leukemias and lymphomas

Verheye, S.; De Meyer, G.; Salu, K.; Knaapen, M.; Kockx, M., 2004:
Histopathologic evaluation of a novel-design nitinol stent: the Biflex stent

Sellheyer, K.; Bergfeld, W.F., 2006 :
Histopathologic evaluation of alopecias

Khanna, M.; Fortier-Riberdy, Gève.; Dinehart, S.M.; Smoller, B., 2003:
Histopathologic evaluation of cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma: results of a survey among dermatopathologists

Burgoon, C.F.; Graham, J.H.; Keiper, R.J.; Urbach, F.; Burgoon, J.S.; Helwig, E.B., 1960:
Histopathologic evaluation of griseofulvin in Microsporum audouini infections

Junker, K., 2004:
Histopathologic evaluation of mediastinal lymph nodes in lung cancer

Sanada, Y.; Yoshida, K.; Ohara, M.; Oeda, M.; Konishi, K.; Tsutani, Y., 2006:
Histopathologic evaluation of stepwise progression of pancreatic carcinoma with immunohistochemical analysis of gastric epithelial transcription factor SOX2: comparison of expression patterns between invasive components and cancerous or nonneoplastic intraductal components

Sofocleous, C.T.; Klein, K.M.; Hubbi, B.; Brown, K.T.; Weiss, S.H.; Kannarkat, G.; Hinrichs, C.R.; Contractor, D.; Bahramipour, P.; Barone, A.; Baker, S.R., 2004:
Histopathologic evaluation of tissue extracted on the radiofrequency probe after ablation of liver tumors: preliminary findings

Newman, L.A.; Pernick, N.L.; Adsay, V.; Carolin, K.A.; Philip, P.A.; Sipierski, S.; Bouwman, D.L.; Kosir, M.A.; White, M.; Visscher, D.W.; Philip, P.I., 2003:
Histopathologic evidence of tumor regression in the axillary lymph nodes of patients treated with preoperative chemotherapy correlates with breast cancer outcome

McDONALD, J.R.; WEED, L.A., 1950:
Histopathologic examination for tuberculosis

Viale, G.; Sonzogni, A.; Pruneri, G.; Maffini, F.; Masullo, M.; Dell'Orto, P.; Mazzarol, G., 2004:
Histopathologic examination of axillary sentinel lymph nodes in breast carcinoma patients

Cserni, Gábor., 2006:
Histopathologic examination of the sentinel lymph nodes

Peters, E.; Lau, M., 2003:
Histopathologic examination to confirm diagnosis of periapical lesions: a review

Heenan, P.J., 2006:
Histopathologic excision margin affects local recurrence rate: Analysis of 2681 patients with melanoma < or = 2 mm thick

McKinnon, J.Gregory.; Starritt, E.C.; Scolyer, R.A.; McCarthy, W.H.; Thompson, J.F., 2005:
Histopathologic excision margin affects local recurrence rate: analysis of 2681 patients with melanomas < or =2 mm thick

Whiting, D.A., 2003:
Histopathologic features of alopecia areata: a new look

Leinweber, B.; Kerl, H.; Cerroni, L., 2005:
Histopathologic features of cutaneous herpes virus infections (herpes simplex, herpes varicella/zoster): a broad spectrum of presentations with common pseudolymphomatous aspects

Massone, C.; Kodama, K.; Kerl, H.; Cerroni, L., 2005:
Histopathologic features of early (patch) lesions of mycosis fungoides: a morphologic study on 745 biopsy specimens from 427 patients

Guyer, D.R.; Green, W.Richard.; de Bustros, S.; Fine, S.L., 2005:
Histopathologic features of idiopathic macular holes and cysts. 1990

Kansal, R.; Ross, C.W.; Singleton, T.P.; Finn, W.G.; Schnitzer, B., 2003:
Histopathologic features of splenic small B-cell lymphomas. A study of 42 cases with a definitive diagnosis by the World Health Organization classification

Ito, K.; Leunig, M.; Ganz, R., 2004:
Histopathologic features of the acetabular labrum in femoroacetabular impingement

Castelbuono, A.C.; Green, W.Richard., 2004:
Histopathologic features of trabeculectomy surgery

De Cock, H.E.V.; Kyles, A.E.; Griffey, S.M.; Bernsteen, L.; Gregory, C.R., 2004:
Histopathologic findings and classification of feline renal transplants

Lindsay, J.R., 1961:
Histopathologic findings following stapedectomy and polyethylene tube inserts in the human

Sayk, F.; Bos, I.; Schubert, U.; Wedel, T.; Sievers, H-H., 2005:
Histopathologic findings in a novel decellularized pulmonary homograft: an autopsy study

Kobashi, Y., 2004:
Histopathologic findings in idiopathic interstitial pneumonias

Kuhn, A.; Sonntag, M.; Ruzicka, T.; Lehmann, P.; Megahed, M., 2003:
Histopathologic findings in lupus erythematosus tumidus: review of 80 patients

Davis, M.D.P.; Weenig, R.H.; Genebriera, J.; Wendelschafer-Crabb, G.; Kennedy, W.R.; Sandroni, P., 2006:
Histopathologic findings in primary erythromelalgia are nonspecific: special studies show a decrease in small nerve fiber density

de Souza Filho, Jão.Pessoa.; Martins, M.Cristina.; Torres, Vínia.Laura.; Dias, A.Beatriz.Toledo.; Lowen, Márcia.Serva.; Pires, L.Afonso.; Erwenne, Célia.Maria., 2005:
Histopathologic findings in retinoblastoma

Grattarola, F.R.; Maspes, P.E.; Marossero, F., 1953 :
Histopathologic findings in temporal epilepsy

Roizin, L.; Eros, G.; Gold, G.; Weinberg, F.; English, W.H.; Wodraska, T., 1959:
Histopathologic findings in the liver and C.N.S. following administration of tranquilizing drugs

Caballero, C.Requena.; Requena, L.; Sanmartin, O.; Botella, R., 2003:
Histopathologic findings of granuloma caused by polymethylmethacrylate microspheres

Bodingbauer, J., 1949:
Histopathologic findings on the jaws and teeth of a dwarfed miniature dog

Nascu, P.C.; Vilos, G.A.; Ettler, H.C.; Abu-Rafea, B.; Hollet-Caines, J.; Ahmad, R., 2006:
Histopathologic findings on uterosacral ligaments in women with chronic pelvic pain and visually normal pelvis at laparoscopy

Wilson, S.F.; Guarner, J.; Valme, A.L.; Louis-Charles, J.; Jones, T.L.; Addiss, D.G., 2004:
Histopathologic improvement with lymphedema management, Léogâne, Haiti

Lindsay, J.R.; Proctor, L.R.; Work, W.P., 1960:
Histopathologic inner ear changes in deafness due to neomycin

Brkić, Z., 2005:
Histopathologic investigations of nifedipine-induced gingival hyperplasia in Wistar rats

Zulinski, T., 1950:
Histopathologic investigations on infectious anemia in horses

Benoit-Biancamano, M-Odile.; Morin, M.; Langlois, I., 2006:
Histopathologic lesions of diabetes mellitus in a domestic ferret

Tze-Chun, L.; Kuang-Yu, C.; Chin-Jung, W.; Ju-Feng, C., 1962:
Histopathologic lesions of tuberculoid leprosy. Their progressive and regressive changes and clinical significance

Romasenko, V.A., 1953:
Histopathologic modifications in hypertoxic schizophrenia

Aleksandrovskaia, M.M.; Sakhiulina, G.T., 1955:
Histopathologic modifications in the central nervous system in dogs following prolonged anemia

Malatesta, C., 1951:
Histopathologic modifications of the eye in experimental vitamin E deficiency in rats and in other deficiency conditions

Sarteschi, G., 1954:
Histopathologic modifications of the vas deferens in prostatic hypertrophy

Corti, L.; Romualdi, G., 1950:
Histopathologic modifications of thiosemicarbazone in the thyroid gland; experimental study

Lenzi, R., 1956:
Histopathologic observations in a case of chronic occupational mercury poisoning, with special regard to the adrenal changes

Clagett, O.T.; Mcdonald, J.R.; Ryan, R.F., 1957:
Histopathologic observations on bronchial epithelium with special reference to carcinoma of the lung

Baudoin, T.; Cupić, H.; Geber, G.; Vagić, D.; Grgić, M.; Kalogjera, L., 2006:
Histopathologic parameters as predictors of response to endoscopic sinus surgery in nonallergic patients with chronic rhinosinusitis

Singh, N.; Arif, S., 2004:
Histopathologic parameters of prognosis in cervical cancer--a review

Tsegaye, B.; Ergete, W., 2004:
Histopathologic pattern of thyroid disease

Venturi, V.M., 1950:
Histopathologic picture in hypoxia and the effect some drugs may have on it

Garcia Orcoyen, 1950:
Histopathologic principles in the therapy of uterine cancer

Shiono, S.; Ishii, G.; Nagai, K.; Yoshida, J.; Nishimura, M.; Murata, Y.; Tsuta, K.; Nishiwaki, Y.; Kodama, T.; Ochiai, A., 2004:
Histopathologic prognostic factors in resected colorectal lung metastases

Spacek, J.; Jílek, P.; Petera, J.; Tesarík, Z., 2003:
Histopathologic prognostic factors, serum markers and selected molecular biologic factors in ovarian carcinoma

Florell, S.R.; Boucher, K.M.; Leachman, S.A.; Azmi, F.; Harris, R.M.; Malone, J.C.; Martignoni, G.; Bowen, G.M.; Gerwels, J.W.; Hood, A.F., 2003:
Histopathologic recognition of involved margins of lentigo maligna excised by staged excision: an interobserver comparison study

Taylor, D.R.; Kaplan, L., 1950:
Histopathologic response of the skin to gelfoam

Florentin, P.; Roussel, J.; Schoumacher, P., 1955:
Histopathologic significance of radiologically viewed calcifications in breast cancer

Knox, J.M.; Mchenry, R.K., 1959:
Histopathologic similarities in skin diseases

Ohara, H.; Nakazawa, T.; Sano, H.; Joh, T.; Takahashi, S., 2005:
Histopathologic similarities of inflammatory pseudotumor to autoimmune pancreatitis: a morphologic and immunohistochemical study of 4 cases

Misiuk-Hojło, M.; Woźniak, Zław.; Szymaniec, Sław.; Lugowski, Cław.; Agopsowicz, K., 2005:
Histopathologic studies in experimental uveitis

Shiner, M.; Doniach, I., 1960:
Histopathologic studies in steatorrhea

Girardet, P.; Christen, J.P., 1951:
Histopathologic studies of latent otoantritis in infants

Sadoh, Y., 1953:
Histopathologic studies of oligodendroglia cells in the gliomas

Stegmaier, O.C.; Montgomery, H., 1953:
Histopathologic studies of pigmented nevi in children

Bolsi, D.; Grattarola, F.R.; Schiffer, D., 1953:
Histopathologic studies of the cervical sympathetic nerves in schizophrenia

Heskel, M.M., 1957:
Histopathologic studies of the pituitary gland in diabetes mellitus

Ito, I., 1956:
Histopathologic studies on chronic cystic mastitis, with special reference to malignant degeneration

Milanes, F.; Leon Blanco, P.; Causa Ramirez, A., 1950:
Histopathologic studies on jejunum during surgical biopsy in a case of tropical sprue

Miyakawa, M.; Shibata, I., 1955 :
Histopathologic studies on metaplasia of mucous epithelium from viewpoint of carcinogenesis

Shibata, I.; Miyakawa, M., 1956:
Histopathologic studies on metaplasia of mucous epithelium from viewpoint of carcinogenesis. 2

Yaoi, H.; Kimura, Y.; Kyu, K., 1955:
Histopathologic studies on radiation injury. I. Modification of x-ray injuries in bone marrow and blood of mice by purified vaccine lymph (PVL)

Yaoi, H.; Kyu, K.; Kimura, Y., 1955:
Histopathologic studies on radiation injury. II. Modification of x-ray injuries in spleen of mice by purified vaccine lymph (PVL)

Kimura, Y.; Kyu, K.; Yaoi, H., 1956:
Histopathologic studies on radiation injury. III. Modification of x-ray injuries in lymph nodes, thymus and intestines by purified vaccine lymph (PVL)

Van Bogaert, L., 1953:
Histopathologic study of a case of familial symmetric mutilating arthropathy (B family) non-connected with syringomyelia; relations with hereditary sensory radicular neuropathy (Hicks and Denny Brown)

Fioretti, A., 1953:
Histopathologic study of a case of mixed mesenchymal tumor of the palatine tonsil

Keller, T.C.; Giges, B.; Smetana, H.F., 1951:
Histopathologic study of acute nonfatal hepatitis

D'amuri, M.; Vangelista, G., 1961:
Histopathologic study of benign tumors of the vulva (benign connective tumors, syringomas)

Matsui, K., 1957:
Histopathologic study of lymph node tumors producing lymphoid cells with special reference to lymphatic follicles

Aydin, O.; Sengor, G.Atilla.; Gurbuz, Y.; Mola, F., 2007:
Histopathologic study of minced and injected expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (Gore-Tex) in quadriceps muscle of rats for injection laryngoplasty

Bignardi, P., 1961:
Histopathologic study of pigmented cutaneous epitheliomas

Ballerio, L., 1949:
Histopathologic study of prostate adenomatosis by the perirenal route: the Wildbolz method

Wang, T.; Han, D-Min.; Zhou, B.; Cui, S-Jiu.; Fan, E-Zhong.; Li, Y., 2006:
Histopathologic study of the ethmoid bone in chronic sinusitis

Mantilla-Morales, A.; Gallegos-Hernández, Jé.Francisco.; Posada-Sibaja, A., 2005:
Histopathologic study of the frontolateral laryngectomy specimen: topics of clinical interest

Green, J.W.; Lushbaugh, C.C., 1949:
Histopathologic study of the mode of inhibition of cellular proliferation; effect of 4-dimethylaminostilbene on the growth of Walker rat carcinoma 256

Marinoni, J., 1951:
Histopathologic study of toxicosis in infants, II. Late changes

Tani, M., 1962:
Histopathologic study on a case of Kimmelstiel-Wilson's syndrome

Frongia, N.; Costa, V., 1952:
Histopathologic study on late lesions produced by thorotrast

Nitta, I., 1955:
Histopathologic study on the changes induced in cervical cancers of the uterus by artificial radioactive isotopes Co60 and P32

Palazzi, S., 1950:
Histopathologic study on the relation between paradentomas and the paradental tissue

Laskowski, J., 1950:
Histopathologic tests in control of cancer in Poland

Koea, J.B.; Leung, D.; Lewis, J.J.; Brennan, M.F., 2003:
Histopathologic type: an independent prognostic factor in primary soft tissue sarcoma of the extremity?

Laborda Rodríguez, A.; Vallmanya Llena, F.; Cortadellas Angel, R.; Lloreta Trull, J.; Gelabert Mas, A., 2004:
Histopathologic validation of the tissue-microarray technology of urothelial cancer. Our experience

Gonsalves, N.; Policarpio-Nicolas, M.; Zhang, Q.; Rao, M.Sambasiva.; Hirano, I., 2006:
Histopathologic variability and endoscopic correlates in adults with eosinophilic esophagitis

Caputo, A., 1955:
Histopathologic variations of carcinoma in situ in the uterine cervix

Ben-Arie-Weintrob, Y.; Berson, E.L.; Dryja, T.P., 2005:
Histopathologic-genotypic correlations in retinitis pigmentosa and allied diseases

Muschio, R., 1958:
Histopathological & clinical remarks on reticulosarcoma of the stomach

Scarlato, G., 1958:
Histopathological & histochemical aspects of CNS function in the course of experimental riboflavin deficiency

Agnolucci, M.T., 1964:
Histopathological Alterations Of The Liver Due To Homologous Liver In Hepatectomized Rats

Violante, E., 1963:
Histopathological and Clinical Findings in a Case of Neurinoma of the External Auditory Canal

Kernbach, M.; Artin, A., 1965:
Histopathological and Forensic Medical Investigations of Myocardial Dystrophies. 1st Report

Maldyk, E., 1963:
Histopathological And Histochemical Picture And Histogenesis Of Kimmelstiel- Wilson Glomerulosclerosis In Diabetes According To Observations On 90 Cases

Kozak, J., 1963:
Histopathological and Histochemical Studies of the Iliac Apophysis in Children with Disorders of Enchondral Ossification

Piccinino, F.; Distasio, G.; Piazza, M., 1964:
Histopathological and Virological Observations Conducted on Various Levels of the Digestive Tract (Stomach, Small Intestine, Colon) in the Course of Experimental Murine Hepatitis Due to Mhv-3 Virus

De Faria, J.L.; Moraes, I.N., 1965:
Histopathological Aspect of Telangiectasis

Spigolon, G.; Maurizio, E., 1963:
Histopathological Aspects and Histogenetic Findings on the So-Called Erdheim Tumor. (Apropos of 4 Personal Cases

Cottini, G.B., 1964:
Histopathological Aspects of Keratoacanthoma

Pitanguy, I.; Torres, E.T., 1964:
Histopathological Aspects of Mammary Gland Tissue in Cases of Plastic Surgery of Breast

Auerbach, O.; Stout, A.P., 1964:
Histopathological Aspects of Occult Cancer of the Lung

Zaffagnini, V., 1963:
Histopathological Aspects of Perineural Lymphatic Diffusion of Carcinoma of the Bladder, with Considerations on their Prognostic Value

Cimellaro, M.; Pietropaolo, F.; Memmi, G., 1963:
Histopathological Aspects of the Endometrium in Malignant Tumors of the Ovary

Hugosson, R.; Nordstroem, S.; Silander, T.; Astroem, K.E., 1965:
Histopathological Brain Studies After Administration of Dextrans

Herzberg, J.J., 1963:
Histopathological Changes in a Case of Thallium Poisoning

Belova, I.P., 1963:
Histopathological Changes in Animal Organs and Tissues Following the Administration of Ristomycin

Jagmin Kopczynska, E.; Mioduszewska, O., 1963:
Histopathological Changes in Chronic Otitis Media

Kapuscinska Czerska, W., 1963:
Histopathological Changes in the Adenoid System and in the Nasal Mucosa in Allergic Diseases in Children

Jankowiak, J.; Majewski, C.; Kubiak, E., 1963:
Histopathological Changes in the Adrenals of Rabbits After Direct Action of Ultrasound on the Brain

Rigoli, E.; Camporese, F., 1963:
Histopathological Changes in the Albino Rat Infected with Plasmodium Berghei. Ii. Observations at the Moment of Parasystolic Crisis and in the Days Immediately After

Rigoli, E., 1963:
Histopathological Changes in the Albino Rat Infected with Plasmodium Berghei. Iii. Observations Made 2 Weeks, 1 Month and 3 Months After the Parasitolytic Crisis

Sengupta, P.C.; Chatterjea, J.B.; Mukherjee, A.M., 1964:
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Histopathology of multiple sclerosis and of diffuse sclerosis in man and in animal

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