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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 49237

Chapter 49237 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

You, S-Ju.; Chang, H-Sook., 2005:
Home health resource utilization measures using a case-mix adjustor model

Smith-Stoner, M.; Markley, J., 2007:
Home healthcare nurse recruitment and retention: tips for retaining nurses: one state's experience

Rosati, R.J., 2004:
Home healthcare quality

Qyinan, P., 2005:
Home hemodialysis and the caregivers' experience: a critical analysis

Rolie, J.Peter.; Paulsen, D.; Aksnes, Håvard.; Thorud, L.Ola., 2006:
Home hemodialysis as an alternative to in-center dialysis

Piccoli, G.Barbara.; Bermond, F.; Mezza, E.; Soragna, G.; Burdese, M.; Jeantet, A.; Segoloni, G.Paolo.; Piccoli, G., 2004:
Home hemodialysis à la carte: a tailormade program (1998-2003)

Buck, J., 2003:
Home hospice versus home health: cooperation, competition, and cooptation

Leff, B.; Montalto, M., 2004:
Home hospital-toward a tighter definition

Goenaga, M.Angel., 2004:
Home hospitalization and community-acquired pneumonia

Horani, M.H.; Gammack, J.K., 2004:
Home hospitalization service for acute uncomplicated first ischemic stroke in elderly patients

Vallés Fernández, M.Jesús.; Dorado Peña, M.José., 2003:
Home hospitalization. A bet for the future

Jacobs, J.M.; Hammerman-Rozenberg, R.; Stessman, J., 2006:
Home hospitalization: 15 years of experience

Nath, K.; Bloomfield, S.; Pellegrini, S.; Beumer, R.; Exner, M.; Scott, E.; Fara, G., 2003:
Home hygiene and the prevention of infectious disease in developing countries: a responsibility for all

Popov, B.V., 1954:
Home hygiene of a collective farmer

Romanowska, I., 1956:
Home industry

Roback, K.; Herzog, A., 2003:
Home informatics in healthcare: assessment guidelines to keep up quality of care and avoid adverse effects

Polzien, G., 2006:
Home infusion therapy. First things first: the patient and the prevention of central catheter infections

Cox, J.Anne.; Westbrook, L.J.Oakes., 2005:
Home infusion therapy: essential characteristics of a successful education process: grounded theory study

Newton, A.F.; DeLegge, M.H., 2007:
Home initiation of parenteral nutrition

Newcombe, R.G.; Lyons, R.A.; Jones, S.J.; Patterson, J., 2005:
Home injuries and built form--methodological issues and developments in database linkage

Sister MARY AMATORA, 1962:
Home interests in early adolescence

Dobson, P.M.; Boyle, M.; Loewenthal, M., 2004:
Home intravenous antibiotic therapy and allergic drug reactions: is there a case for routine supply of anaphylaxis kits?

Mendoza-Ruiz de Zuazu, H.; Casas-Arrate, J.; Martínez-Martínez, C.; de la Maza, I.; Regalado de los Cobos, Jé.; Cía-Ruiz, J.Miguel., 2005:
Home intravenous antibiotic treatment: a study in 515 patients

Girón, R.María.; Martínez, A.; Máiz, Lís.; Salcedo, A.; Beltrán, B.; Martínez, Mía.Teresa.; Antelo, C.; Barrio, I.; Prados, C.; Cabanillas, J.; Ancochea, J., 2004:
Home intravenous antibiotic treatments in cystic fibrosis units of Madrid

Dubin, R., 2005:
Home invasion

Rom, J., 1963:
Home is important to aged patient

Lynch, E., 2006:
Home is where the hate is

Krakoff, L.R., 2006:
Home is where the heart (and prevention of heart disease) is

Benson, K., 2006:
Home is where the heart is: do blood transfusions belong there too?

Anonymous, 2004:
Home is where the heart test is. How to choose and use devices to track your health

Gilbertson, J.; Stevens, M.; Stiell, B.; Thorogood, N., 2006:
Home is where the hearth is: grant recipients' views of England's home energy efficiency scheme (Warm Front)

Crouch, D., 2004:
Home is where the nurse is

Hayes, P.A., 2006:
Home is where their health is: rethinking perspectives of informal and formal care by older rural Appalachian women who live alone

Reid, D.; Angus, J.; McKeever, P.; Miller, K-Lee., 2003:
Home is where their wheels are: experiences of women wheelchair users

Anonymous, 2006:
Home legislation should not distinguish between alliance and property and become commonplace

Imbert, F.; Lang, P-O.; Meyer, N.; Heitz, D.; Berthel, M.; Kuntzmann, F., 2005:
Home living conditions in Alsace of the disabled elderly aged 75 years and more

Rosenbaum, S., 1961:
Home localities of national servicemen with respiratory disease

Brett, L., 1952:
Home made cart solves problem of hospital linen storage

Hossack, J.R., 1956:
Home management for the disabled

Couillault, G., 2003:
Home management of central venous catheters in children

Ellis, A.A.; Winch, P.; Daou, Z.; Gilroy, K.E.; Swedberg, E., 2006:
Home management of childhood diarrhoea in southern Mali--implications for the introduction of zinc treatment

Olaogun, A.A.E.; Ayandiran, O.; Olasode, O.A.; Adebayo, A.; Omokhodion, F., 2005:
Home management of childhood febrile illnesses in a rural community in Nigeria

Teitel, J.M.; Barnard, D.; Israels, S.; Lillicrap, D.; Poon, M-C.; Sek, J., 2004:
Home management of haemophilia

Richards, D.A.; Toop, L.J.; Epton, M.J.; McGeoch, G.R.B.; Town, G.Ian.; Wynn-Thomas, S.M.H.; Dawson, R.D.; Hlavac, M.C.; Werno, A.M.; Abernethy, P.D., 2005:
Home management of mild to moderately severe community-acquired pneumonia: a randomised controlled trial

Bridier, Gève.; Lavisse, Fçoise., 2003:
Home management of patients on anticoagulants

McKAY, D.R., 1955:
Home management of pulmonary tuberculosis and other forms

Nagarajappa, D.; Rana, L., 2004:
Home management of the child with cerebral palsy

Craig, F.; Goldman, A., 2004:
Home management of the dying NICU patient

Bither, C.J.; Apple, S., 2003:
Home management of the failing heart. Inotropic therapy in the outpatient setting

Agwu, J.C., 2005:
Home management versus inpatient care of adolescents with newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes mellitus: survey of current practice

Doménech-Clar, Ría.; Nauffal-Manzur, D.; Perpiñá-Tordera, M.; Compte-Torrero, L.; Macián-Gisbert, V., 2003:
Home mechanical ventilation for restrictive thoracic diseases: effects on patient quality-of-life and hospitalizations

Muir, J-F., 2004:
Home mechanical ventilation in France

Kjartansson, G.; Ingadóttir, S.; Halldórsdóttir, B.; Gunnarsdóttir, A.; Guðmundsson, G.; Einarsson, E.O.; Gíslason, T., 2006:
Home mechanical ventilation in Iceland.

Laub, M.; Berg, Sören.; Midgren, B., 2004:
Home mechanical ventilation in Sweden--inequalities within a homogenous health care system

Scala, R., 2006:
Home mechanical ventilation in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Suzuki, Y.; Ogata, K., 2006:
Home mechanical ventilation in pediatric neuromuscular disorders

Roque d'Orbcastel, O.; Polu, J-M., 2004:
Home mechanical ventilation, another unique French phenomenon?

Hill, N.S., 2004:
Home mechanical ventilation, the North American perspective

Simonds, A.K., 2004:
Home mechanical ventilation, the situation in the United Kingdom

Midgren, B., 2006:
Home mechanical ventilation. A growing challenge in an aging society

Jounieaux, V.; Rodenstein, D.O., 2004:
Home mechanical ventilation: indications and pathophysiological limitations

Duiverman, M.L.; Bladder, G.; Meinesz, A.F.; Wijkstra, P.J., 2005:
Home mechanical ventilatory support in patients with restrictive ventilatory disorders: a 48-year experience

Bakst, H.J., 1962:
Home medical care and the aged

Nakagawa, M., 2006:
Home medical care in the elderly

Fiessinger, H., 1961:
Home medical care in the provinces and abroad

Ohtsu, Y.; Shinobu, A., 2004:
Home medical care network in the community supporting hospital--nursing consultant acting for community coordination

Loos, H., 1957:
Home medical care of chronic persistent hypertension

Kashiwagi, E., 2004:
Home medical care service and regional medical plan

Bhuiyan, A.K.M.Fakhruzzaman., 2004:
Home medication review. A personal experience in rural Tasmania

Baldock, M.S.; Kaufman, J.; Lydeamore, A.M.; Roodenburg, S.L.; Tomlinson, H.C., 2006:
Home medication reviews: what do people in the Australian Riverland think of them?

Emblen, G.; Miller, E., 2004:
Home medicines review. The how and why for GPs

Quirke, J.; Wheatland, B.; Gilles, M.; Howden, A.; Larson, A., 2006:
Home medicines reviews - do they change prescribing and patient/pharmacist acceptance?

McCullagh, M.Cook., 2006:
Home modification

Gerson, L.W.; Camargo, C.A.; Wilber, S.T., 2005:
Home modification to prevent falls by older ED patients

Anonymous, 2006:
Home monitoring aids in blood pressure control

Mullan, B.; Snyder, M.; Lindgren, B.; Finkelstein, S.M.; Hertz, M.I., 2003:
Home monitoring for lung transplant candidates

Theuns, D.A.M.J.; Res, J.C.J.; Jordaens, L.J., 2003:
Home monitoring in ICD therapy: future perspectives

Kotses, H.; Harver, A.; Humphries, C.Thomas., 2006:
Home monitoring in asthma self-management

Hambleton, J., 2004:
Home monitoring of anticoagulation

Jimison, H.B.; Pavel, M.; Pavel, J.; McKanna, J., 2007:
Home monitoring of computer interactions for the early detection of dementia

Lavery, L.A.; Higgins, K.R.; Lanctot, D.R.; Constantinides, G.P.; Zamorano, R.G.; Armstrong, D.G.; Athanasiou, K.A.; Agrawal, C.Mauli., 2004:
Home monitoring of foot skin temperatures to prevent ulceration

Ghanayem, N.S.; Cava, J.R.; Jaquiss, R.D.B.; Tweddell, J.S., 2004:
Home monitoring of infants after stage one palliation for hypoplastic left heart syndrome

Fritzsche, D.; Eitz, T.; Grimmig, O.; Horstkotte, D.; Körfer, R., 2004:
Home monitoring of patients after prosthetic valve replacement-a new method of early detection of valve dysfunction

Goldbart, A.D.; Eid, N.; Gozal, D., 2005:
Home nasal bilevel positive airway pressure therapy for diaphragmatic paresis in transverse myelitis

O'Driscoll, B.R.; Downes, C.; Neill, J., 2005:
Home nebulisers can affect the colour of domestic gas flames

Phillips, T., 2005:
Home non-invasive ventilation: a brief guide for primary care staff

Macdonald, C., 1953:
Home nursing and civil defence

Kilander, H.F., 1952:
Home nursing and first aid

Addams, R.; Torrens, I.F., 1956:
Home nursing care for veterans

Hardy, A.V., 1963:
Home nursing care in Florida

Dale, J.O., 1961:
Home nursing care--a public health service

Creech, E.A., 1952:
Home nursing experience for the student practical nurse

Jennings, J., 1953:
Home nursing for the cardiac patient, as it looks to your State Board of Health

Daschinger, M., 1951:
Home nursing in Zurich

Drenhaus-Wagner, R., 2006:
Home nursing in dementia in the elderly

van Der Boom, H.; Philipsen, H.; Stevens, F., 2004:
Home nursing in the Netherlands since 1950

Bachl, M.; Lüthi, U., 2003:
Home nursing must be marketable

Köhlen, C., 2004:
Home nursing of a child with a heart defect: a bridge to the outside world

Hallauer, J., 2004:
Home nursing of demented patients as an economic factor in public health

Hedmeg, A., 1962:
Home nursing project: a collaborative effort of the Louisiana State Board of Health and the Louisiana State Welfare Department

Horner, C.M., 1959:
Home nursing service by public health nurses

Striegel, B., 1952:
Home nursing service for employees

Auger, M-Claire., 2003:
Home nursing services, a cross between a care project and a life project

Mannin, E., 1958:
Home nursing versus the hospital

Ireton-Jones, C.; Lang, R.K.; Gravenstein, M.E.; Schimel, S., 2006:
Home nutrition support from the patient's perspective: the real reality story!

Hudson, M., 2005:
Home office project licence information goes online: increased transparency about animal experiments or a mere attempt to silence critics?

Theobald, G.W., 1959:
Home on the second day: the Bradford experiment. The combined maternity scheme

Currie, A.; Akwar, H.; MacDonald, W.; Saunders, A.; Baikie, M.; Sweet, L.; Landry, L.; Demczuk, W.; Panaro, L., 2006:
Home or away? Investigation of Salmonella enteritidis PFGE pattern SENXAI.0003 and SENBNI.0003, phage type 8, the in the Maritimes, 2005

Gomes, B.; Higginson, I.J., 2004:
Home or hospital? Choices at the end of life

Sicilia, A.; Arregui, I.; Gallego, M.; Cabezas, B.; Cuesta, S., 2005:
Home oral hygiene revisited. Options and evidence

Abe, H.; Kohshi, K.; Nakashima, Y., 2005:
Home orthostatic self-training in neurocardiogenic syncope

Anonymous, 2006:
Home oxygen inhalation therapy during flight

Anonymous, 2006:
Home oxygen inhalation therapy--preparation for electricity blackout

Sasayama, S., 2006:
Home oxygen therapy (HOT) for patients with heart failure associated with sleep disturbed breathing

Saletti, A.; Stick, S.; Doherty, D.; Simmer, K., 2004:
Home oxygen therapy after preterm birth in Western Australia

Morimoto, T.; Morikawa, T.; Takeuchi, K.; Kikuoka, K.; Uchikoshi, A.; Yamasato, M.; Sakakibara, K.; Sakamoto, K.; Mikami, R., 2003:
Home oxygen therapy for terminal lung cancer cases

Bailey, R.Eugene., 2004:
Home oxygen therapy for treatment of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Laubscher, B., 2003:
Home oxygen therapy: beware of birthday cakes

Goldstein, R.S., 2006:
Home oxygen therapy: the Canadian perspective

Fujimoto, M.; Sakuyama, T.; Mizutani, Y.; Kuroda, T.; Yanaga, K., 2005:
Home palliative care--2 case reports: a long-term cancer pain management with transdermal fentanyl

Takagi, Y., 2003:
Home parenteral and enteral nutritional in Japan-present and future

Freund, H.R.; Rimon, B., 1996:
Home parenteral nutrition in Europe 1993

Van Gossum, A.; Bakker, H.; De Francesco, A.; Ladefoged, K.; Leon-Sanz, M.; Messing, B.; Pironi, L.; Pertkiewicz, M.; Shaffer, J.; Thul, P.; Wood, S., 1996:
Home parenteral nutrition in adults: a multicentre survey in Europe in 1993

Moreno Villares, J.M.; Gomis Muñoz, P.; Valero Zanuy, M.A.; León Sanz, M., 2004:
Home parenteral nutrition in patients with advanced cancer: experience of a single centre over ten years

Moreno Villares, J.M.; Gomis Muñoz, P.; León-Sanz, M., 2006:
Home parenteral nutrition in pediatrics. Some answers

Gómez Alvarez, Mía.E.; Alaguero Calero, M.; Durán Román, C.; Olabarri Blanco, A.; García Riaño, L.; Solís Sánchez, G.; Bousoño García, C., 2005:
Home parenteral nutrition, question mark in pediatrics

Zwerdling, T.; Hamann, K.C.; Kon, A.A., 2006:
Home pediatric compassionate extubation: bridging intensive and palliative care

Menke, A.; Brun, S., 2003:
Home pediatric palliative medicine: facilitating good-byes at home

Bertoli, S.V.; Ciurlino, D.; Maccario, M.; Martino, S.; Bigatti, G.; Traversi, L.; Procaccio, M.; Buzzi, L., 2006:
Home peritoneal ultrafiltration in patients with severe congestive heart failure without end-stage renal disease

Walls, M.; Wright, A.; Fowlie, P.; Irvine, L.; Hume, R., 2004:
Home phototherapy in the United Kingdom

Cameron, M.G.; Farmer, R.H., 1961:
Home physiotherapy for arthritic patients in rural Saskatchewan: a program of the Canadian Arthritis and Rheumatism Society (Saskatchewan Division)

Zinovieff, A., 1963:
Home physiotherapy in the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee

Lesson, G., 1957:
Home physiotherapy service

Hagen, W., 1950:
Home planning, a hygienic problem

Kirchner, S., 2007:
Home pollutants: where does France stand?

Aufauvre, V.; Kemoun, G.; Carette, P.; Bergeal, E., 2005:
Home postural evaluation in the elderly: comparison between fallers and non fallers

Gautier, V.; Ouksel, H.; Bajon, D.; Veale, D.; Brondel, L.; Pison, C., 2004:
Home pulmonary rehabilitation in chronic respiratory insufficiency

Borel, J-C.; Wuyam, B.; Veale, D.; Maclet, E.; Pison, C., 2004:
Home pulmonary rehabilitation: results in a cohort of 37 patients with respiratory handicap

Cornell, E.H.; Heth, C.Donald., 2006:
Home range and the development of children's way finding

Dietermann, F.; Gärtner, H.; von Nieda, R.; Vogel, G.E.; Heintz, L., 2004:
Home remedies against common cold. What do the colleagues advise to their patients

Poss, J.E.; Jezewski, M.Ann.; Stuart, A.Gonzalez., 2003 :
Home remedies for type 2 diabetes used by Mexican Americans in El Paso, Texas

Martinek, V., 2003:
Home remedies instead of high tech: Gummi Bears in gonarthrosis? (interview by Dr. Judith Neumaier)

Takano-Lee, M.; Edman, J.D.; Mullens, B.A.; Clark, J.M., 2005:
Home remedies to control head lice: assessment of home remedies to control the human head louse, Pediculus humanus capitis (Anoplura: Pediculidae)

Lieberman, D., 2006:
Home repair and colonoscopy: quality counts

Bando, M.; Ohno, S.; Sugiyama, Y., 2004:
Home respiratory care in remote areas and on small islands in Japan: status quo and problems

Battaglia, E.; Fulgenzi, A.; Bernucci, S.; Giardini, M.E.; Ferrero, M.E., 2006:
Home respiratory muscle training in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Saldun De Rodriguez, M.L., 1958:
Home safety for the child

Bissell, D.M., 1958:
Home safety in San Jose

Moore, R.; Ormandy, D., 2005:
Home safety in the U.K.: review of the influence of human and housing factors

LeBlanc, J.C.; Pless, I.Barry.; King, W.James.; Bawden, H.; Bernard-Bonnin, A-Claude.; Klassen, T.; Tenenbein, M., 2006:
Home safety measures and the risk of unintentional injury among young children: a multicentre case-control study

Edmunds, L.Henry. , 2005:
Home schooling

Thost, E., 2004:
Home schooling can be a beneficial educational option

Cook, R.L.; Østergaard, L.; Hillier, S.L.; Murray, P.J.; Chang, C-Chou.H.; Comer, D.M.; Ness, R.B., 2007:
Home screening for sexually transmitted diseases in high-risk young women: randomised controlled trial

Hamoda, H.; Ashok, P.W.; Flett, G.M.M.; Templeton, A., 2005:
Home self-administration of misoprostol for medical abortion up to 56 days' gestation

Turner, E.; Scally, A.L., 1961:
Home service for the mentally ill

Roth, J., 1955:
Home service of the "Für das Alter" foundation in the city of Zürich

Guillard, G., 2003:
Home services and natural disasters

Tieman, J., 2003:
Home stretch. Committee to resolve differences in reform bills

Kaufman, R.H., 2006:
Home study course: Fall 2003

Spitzer, M.; Allmond, L.M.; Avant, C.Clint., 2005:
Home study course: Fall 2004

Spitzer, M., 2006:
Home study course: Spring 2002

Dunton, C.J., 2005:
Home study course: Summer 2004

Wright, V.C., 2006:
Home study course: autumn 2001

Haefner, H.K.; Rhode, J.M., 2006:
Home study course: fall 2006

Waxman, A.G., 2005:
Home study course: spring 2005

Wright, V.C., 2006:
Home study course: summer 2001

Spitzer, M.; O'Connor, D.M., 2005:
Home study course: winter 2005

Pugliese, G.; Bartley, J.M., 2004:
Home study program. Can we build a safer OR?

Ghanayem, N.S.; Hoffman, G.M.; Mussatto, K.A.; Cava, J.R.; Frommelt, P.C.; Rudd, N.A.; Steltzer, M.M.; Bevandic, S.M.; Frisbee, S.S.; Jaquiss, R.D.B.; Litwin, S.B.; Tweddell, J.S., 2003:
Home surveillance program prevents interstage mortality after the Norwood procedure

Pastor, D.K., 2006:
Home sweet home: a concept analysis of home visiting

Bond, G.R., 2003:
Home syrup of ipecac use does not reduce emergency department use or improve outcome

Phillips, H., 2004:
Home taught for abroad: the training of the Cape doctor, 1807-1910

Bennett, D.N., 1957:
Home teaching of young deaf children: a pointer in parent education

Ładyzynski, P.; Wójcicki, J.M., 2007:
Home telecare during intensive insulin treatment--metabolic control does not improve as much as expected

Burgiss, S.; Dimmick, S.L., 2004:
Home telehealth business planning and cost analysis

Finkelstein, S.M.; Speedie, S.M.; Potthoff, S., 2006:
Home telehealth improves clinical outcomes at lower cost for home healthcare

Noel, H.C.; Vogel, D.C.; Erdos, J.J.; Cornwall, D.; Levin, F., 2004:
Home telehealth reduces healthcare costs

Kobb, R.; Dimmick, S., 2006:
Home telehealth special interest group: past, present, and future

Koch, S., 2005:
Home telehealth--current state and future trends

Maiolo, C.; Mohamed, E.I.; Fiorani, C.M.; De Lorenzo, A., 2003:
Home telemonitoring for patients with severe respiratory illness: the Italian experience

Ross, J., 2003:
Home test measures total cholesterol

Tanne, J.Hopkins., 2005:
Home test shows sex of fetus at five weeks of pregnancy

Wright, A.A.; Katz, I.T., 2006:
Home testing for HIV

Ross, J., 2004:
Home testing: friend or foe?

Siragusa, S.; Arcara, C.; Malato, A.; Anastasio, R.; Valerio, M.R.; Fulfaro, F.; Lo Coco, L.; Grimaudo, S.; Bajardi, G.; Abbadessa, V.; Gebbia, N., 2005:
Home therapy for deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism in cancer patients

Rabino, A., 1954:
Home therapy of tuberculosis

Burch, K.A., 2005:
Home to Benin

Mooney, H., 2004:
Home to roost

Sadan, A., 2006:
Home to the masters

Kang, H.Jin.; Loftus, S.; DiCristina, C.; Green, S.; Pong, A.; Zwaan, C.Michel., 2018:
Aprepitant for the prevention of chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting in paediatric subjects: An analysis by age group

Bozzetti, F., 2003:
Home total parenteral nutrition in incurable cancer patients: a therapy, a basic humane care or something in between?

Evans, J.P.; Steinhart, A.H.; Cohen, Z.; McLeod, R.S., 2003:
Home total parenteral nutrition: an alternative to early surgery for complicated inflammatory bowel disease

Kitakoji, T.; Kitoh, H.; Katoh, M.; Kurita, K.; Nogami, K.; Ishiguro, N., 2005:
Home traction in the treatment schedule of overhead traction for developmental dysplasia of the hip

Cianci, V., 1956:
Home training

Helbostad, J.L.; Sletvold, O.; Moe-Nilssen, R., 2004:
Home training with and without additional group training in physically frail old people living at home: effect on health-related quality of life and ambulation

Brimblecombe, N.; O'Sullivan, G.; Parkinson, B., 2004:
Home treatment as an alternative to inpatient admission: characteristics of those treated and factors predicting hospitalization

Schmidt, M.H.; Lay, B.; Göpel, C.; Naab, S.; Blanz, B., 2006:
Home treatment for children and adolescents with psychiatric disorders

Bauersachs, R.; Haas, S.; Schellong, S., 2004:
Home treatment for deep vein thrombosis: pros and cons

Schouten, H.C., 2006:
Home treatment for intensive hematological therapies: who will benefit?

Haslam, J., 2005:
Home treatment for women with stress urinary incontinence

von UEXKUELL, 1960:
Home treatment of cancer patients

Cleveland, E.J.; Townsend, F.R., 1960:
Home treatment of depression with imipramine (tofranil)

Kavakli, K.; Makris, M.; Zulfikar, B.; Erhardtsen, E.; Abrams, Z.S.; Kenet, G., 2006:
Home treatment of haemarthroses using a single dose regimen of recombinant activated factor VII in patients with haemophilia and inhibitors. A multi-centre, randomised, double-blind, cross-over trial

Sydnes, G., 1954:
Home treatment of marginal periodontitis

Nedialkov, A., 1955:
Home treatment of osteoarticular tuberculosis

Beyer, J.E.; Simmons, L.E., 2004:
Home treatment of pain for children and adolescents with sickle cell disease

Ylostalo, T., 1955:
Home treatment of patients with pulmonary tuberculosis

De Clercq, F.; Groetenbriel, C.; Payfa, M., 1958:
Home treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis

Levi-Valensi, A.; Molina, C.; Aspar, A., 1956:
Home treatment of pulmonary tuberculous patients treated with antibiotics after a short hospitalization

Yeoman, W., 1954:
Home treatment of the rheumatic patient

Potter, B.P., 1956:
Home treatment of tuberculosis

Turner, P.P., 1962:
Home treatment of tuberculosis in the Nyeri District of Kenya

Ben Khalfallah, A.; Annabi, N., 2004:
Home treatment of venous thrombosis. "For and against"

Davis, C., 2004:
Home trial

Yelverton, C.B.; Kulkarni, A.S.; Balkrishnan, R.; Feldman, S.R., 2006:
Home ultraviolet B phototherapy: a cost-effective option for severe psoriasis

Clark, W.H.; Hassoun, D.; Gemzell-Danielsson, K.; Fiala, C.; Winikoff, B., 2005:
Home use of two doses of misoprostol after mifepristone for medical abortion: a pilot study in Sweden and France

Troster, E.J., 2003:
Home ventilation of pediatric patients

Resener, T.D.; Martinez, F.E.; Reiter, K.; Nicolai, T., 2003:
Home ventilation of pediatric patients - description of a program

Bertrand, P.; Fehlmann, E.; Lizama, M.; Holmgren, N.; Silva, M.; Sánchez, I., 2006:
Home ventilatory assistance in Chilean children: 12 years' experience

Verberk, W.J.; Kroon, A.A.; Kessels, A.G.H.; Dirksen, C.; Nelemans, P.J.; Lenders, J.W.M.; Thien, T.A.B.M.; van Montfrans, G.A.; Smit, A.J.; de Leeuw, P.W., 2004:
Home versus Office blood pressure MEasurements: Reduction of Unnecessary treatment Study: rationale and study design of the HOMERUS trial

Ashworth, N.L.; Chad, K.E.; Harrison, E.L.; Reeder, B.A.; Marshall, S.C., 2005:
Home versus center based physical activity programs in older adults

Nazer, D.; Abdulhamid, I.; Thomas, R.; Pendleton, S., 2006:
Home versus hospital intravenous antibiotic therapy for acute pulmonary exacerbations in children with cystic fibrosis

Montes, J.; González, L.; Amador, L.; Novo, A.; Enero, M.; Rey, G.; Mediero, A., 2005:
Home versus inpatient therapy for deep venous thrombosis. A cost-comparative analysis

Michaelson, P.G.; Mair, E.A., 2006:
Home versus laboratory sleep studies

Chataway, J.; Porter, B.; Riazi, A.; Heaney, D.; Watt, H.; Hobart, J.; Thompson, A., 2006:
Home versus outpatient administration of intravenous steroids for multiple-sclerosis relapses: a randomised controlled trial

Johnsen, L.; Peck, W.M., 1954:
Home versus sanatorium treatment for tuberculosis

Moraes, E.; de Campos, G.Mendes.; da Silva, S.Paganini.; Figlie, N.Buzi.; Laranjeira, R., 2005:
Home visit in the treatment of alcohol dependent patients: preliminary data

Lizarraga, C.; Sánchez-Arruiz, A., 2003:
Home visit to the newborn and the post-natal mother. Role of the paediatrician and the nurse

Labate, R.Curi.; Galera, S.Aparecida.Frari.; Avanci, R.de.Cássia., 2005:
Home visit--the perspective of the psychiatric nursing

Pindell, H.D., 1954:
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Homeric psychology [1922

Anonymous, 2005:
Homerton Hospital is home to a unique collection of outsider art. Tate east

Anonymous, 1953:
Homes and nursing homes for aged

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Homes for aged physicians and their wives

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Homes for mother and child

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Homes for nurses just out of reach

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Homes for old people

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Homes for the aged

Anonymous, 1955:
Homes for the aged in Munich

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Homes for the aged in foreign countries

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Homes for the chronically ill and the aged

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Homes for the retired

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Homes must become better places in which to live

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Homes of choice: towards more effective linkages between housing and services

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Homes of the Wayne County Medical Society

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Homes reaction

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Homes' tremor is rare kind of tremor caused by lesion of rubro-spinal tract

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Hometown girl

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Hometown heroes. Don't start!

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