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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 49243

Chapter 49243 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Zubaidah, A.W.; Ariza, A.; Azmi, S., 2007:
Hospital-acquired vancomycin-resistant enterococci: now appearing in Kuala Lumpur Hospital

Barr, C.J., 2004:
Hospital-affiliated home health: communicating the value of partnership

Tennyson, D.H., 2003:
Hospital-affiliated pediatric urgent care clinics: a necessary extension for emergency departments?

Porter, F.R., 1957:
Hospital-auxiliary relations: activate your good intentions

Meyer, R.E., 1971:
Hospital-based ambulance services Illinois. A summary statement and guidelines for hospitals getting into the ambulance business

Liu, K.; Black, K.J., 2003:
Hospital-based and freestanding skilled nursing facilities: any cause for differential Medicare payments?

Pereira, A., 2003:
Hospital-based blood donor recruitment

Floyd, C., 2007:
Hospital-based case management: where are we and how are we doing?

Ketchum, P.W., 2007:
Hospital-based dialysis centers: perspectives from the for-profit sector

Asplin, B.R., 2006:
Hospital-based emergency care: a future without boarding?

Wagner, B.K.J., 2004:
Hospital-based emergency contraception

Pancharoen, C.; Niwattanakanjana, N.; Mekmullica, J.; Chongsrisawat, V., 2005:
Hospital-based epidemiology of childhood cholera: a 6-year review in a university hospital in Bangkok, Thailand

Rollins, G., 2004:
Hospital-based falls are surprisingly common in younger patients

Martin-Gill, C.; Brady, W.J.; Barlotta, K.; Yoder, A.; Williamson, A.; Sojka, B.; Haugh, D.; Martin, M.L.; Sidebottom, M.; Sandridge, L., 2006:
Hospital-based healthcare provider (nurse and physician) integration into an emergency medical services-managed mass-gathering event

Wells, J.S.G., 2006:
Hospital-based industrial therapy units and the people who work within them - an Irish case analysis using a soft-systems approach

Markowitz, J.R.; Steer, S.; Garland, M., 2005:
Hospital-based intervention for intimate partner violence victims: a forensic nursing model

Galanos, A.N., 2004:
Hospital-based palliative care units: answering a growing need

Feigenbaum, A.; Kutner, B., 1959:
Hospital-based prehospitalization home care

Pentel, P.R.; Nelson, B.; Wikelius, N.; Cooper, C., 2004:
Hospital-based program for increasing the availability of emergency contraception: simulating nonprescription access

Tillotson, G.S.; Blondeau, J.M.; Carroll, J., 2007:
Hospital-based strategies to reduce antibiotic resistance: are they valid in the community setting?

Nagami, H.; Nishigaki, Y.; Matsushima, S.; Matsushita, T.; Asanuma, S.; Yajima, N.; Usuda, M.; Hirosawa, M., 2005:
Hospital-based survey of pesticide poisoning in Japan, 1998--2002

Manheimer, R.H.; Goldman, R.; Brennan, M.C.; Greene, K.R.; Sumner, P.; Benton, J.G., 1960:
Hospital-centered vocational rehabilitation

Wish, J.R.; Seth, M.Ann.; Owca, M.; Pakiela, J.; Papesh, N.D., 2005:
Hospital-division operations: Metro Life Flight

Johnson, E.C., 1958:
Hospital-funeral directors relations

Jourlait, J., 1959:
Hospital-hospices and the problem of aged persons

Jendrisak, M.D.; Hruska, K.; Wagner, J.; Chandler, D.; Kappel, D., 2005:
Hospital-independent organ recovery from deceased donors: a two-year experience

Durward, A.; Tibby, S.M., 2005:
Hospital-induced hyponatremia

Liswood, S.; Riesz, G.J., 1957:
Hospital-intern relations

Bradley, E.H.; Herrin, J.; Mattera, J.A.; Holmboe, E.S.; Wang, Y.; Frederick, P.; Roumanis, S.A.; Radford, M.J.; Krumholz, H.M., 2004:
Hospital-level performance improvement: beta-blocker use after acute myocardial infarction

Barnato, A.E.; Lucas, F.Lee.; Staiger, D.; Wennberg, D.E.; Chandra, A., 2005:
Hospital-level racial disparities in acute myocardial infarction treatment and outcomes

Worrell, B., 2003:
Hospital-linked care continuums can create provider feedback loop

Brines, W.S., 1962:
Hospital-medical staff communications: a check list of resources

Donegan, D.K., 1960:
Hospital-medical-insurance partnership from a physician's standpoint

Stahlhut, E.O., 1962:
Hospital-operated nursing home fulfills a promise

Szasz, T.S., 1961:
Hospital-patient relationships in medicine and psychiatry

Liswood, S.; Turner, G.P.; Fischer, M.A., 1961:
Hospital-patient-family relationships

Madison, K., 2004:
Hospital-physician affiliations and patient treatments, expenditures, and outcomes

Grandusky, R.; Kronenberg, K., 2006:
Hospital-physician gainsharing

Pizzo, J.J.; Redd, L., 2006:
Hospital-physician joint ventures: maximizing the potential

Strode, R.D., 2004:
Hospital-physician joint ventures: threat-or opportunity?

Sadusk, J.F., 1959:
Hospital-physician liability: a growing problem

Groeschel, A.H., 1959:
Hospital-physician liability: inhospital medicolegal education committees can pinpoint problem areas

Grossman, J.M.; Bodenheimer, T.S.; McKenzie, K., 2006:
Hospital-physician portals: the role of competition in driving clinical data exchange

Huff, W.R., 1957:
Hospital-physician relations in West Virginia

Dickey, N.W., 2004:
Hospital-physician relations--a response

Mullins, L.A., 2004:
Hospital-physician relationships: a synergy that must work

Berenson, R.A.; Ginsburg, P.B.; May, J.H., 2006:
Hospital-physicians relations: cooperation, competition, or separation?

Braley, I., 1963:
Hospital-prepared meals for homebound aged persons

Slonim, A.D.; LaFleur, B.J.; Ahmed, W.; Joseph, J.G., 2003:
Hospital-reported medical errors in children

Kanter, D.E.; Turenne, W.; Slonim, A.D., 2004 :
Hospital-reported medical errors in premature neonates

Myers, R.S., 1961:
Hospital-specialist conflict is primarily a matter of economics

Pieper, S.K., 2004:
Hospital-sponsored childcare. On-site childcare can help hospitals become employers of choice

Berkow, S.G., 1955:
Hospital-staff politics

Cameron, D., 1952:
Hospital-staff relationship at issue in Poughkeepsie case

Rantasalo, I.; Ahvenainen, E.K.; Tuuteri, L.; Sippola, R.; Kunnas, K., 1960:
Hospital-strains of Staphylococcus aureus with special reference to their differences in the hospitals and wards, persistence and virulence

Guliaev, V.A.; Kliuzhev, V.M.; Zerkalov, V.N., 2007:
Hospital-substituting technologies in the diagnosis of primary malignant neoplasm and patients' preparation for surgical treatment

Palvanen, M.; Kannus, P.; Niemi, S.; Parkkari, J., 2004:
Hospital-treated minimal-trauma rib fractures in elderly Finns: long-term trends and projections for the future

Hanefeld, C.; Lichte, C.; Mentges-Schröter, I.; Sirtl, C.; Mügge, A., 2005:
Hospital-wide first-responder automated external defibrillator programme: 1 year experience

Smith, G.B.; Prytherch, D.R.; Schmidt, P.; Featherstone, P.I.; Knight, D.; Clements, G.; Mohammed, M.A., 2006:
Hospital-wide physiological surveillance-a new approach to the early identification and management of the sick patient

Visseren, F.L.; de Jaegere, P.P.; Banga, J.D.; Kappelle, L.J.; Eikelboom, B.C.; Mali, W.P.; Algra, A.; van der Graaf, Y., 2003:
Hospital-wide vascular screening program at the University Medical Center, Utrecht: prevalence of risk factors and asymptomatic vascular disease from 1996 to 2002

Forster, K.P., 2003:
Hospital/physician collaboration strategies in radiology

Wolf, E.J., 2003:
Hospital/physician relations: collaboration or competition?

Hurley, S.F., 2006:
Hospitalisation and costs attributable to tobacco smoking in Australia: 2001-2002

Marocco, A.; Assael, B.; Gabutti, G.; Guarino, A.; Lopalco, P.Luigi.; Marchetti, F.; Ruggeri, F.Maria.; Titone, L.; Tozzi, A.Eugenio.; Vitali Rosati, G.; Zotti, C.; Franco, E., 2007:
Hospitalisation associated with Rotavirus gastroenteritis in Italy, 2001-2003, evaluated by means of ICD9-CM diagnostic codes

Schreyögg, J.; Hollmeyer, H.; Bluemel, M.; Staab, D.; Busse, R., 2006:
Hospitalisation costs of cystic fibrosis

Schreyer, N.; Yersin, B., 2006:
Hospitalisation criteria for the acute abdominal pain patient seen at home or in an ambulatory setting

Ross, D.A., 2005:
Hospitalisation due to Lyme disease: case series in British forces Germany

Lam, L.T., 2006:
Hospitalisation due to sports-related injuries among children and adolescents in New South Wales, Australia: an analysis on socioeconomic and geographic differences

Dodd, J.M.; Crowther, C.A., 2005:
Hospitalisation for bed rest for women with a triplet pregnancy: an abandoned randomised controlled trial and meta-analysis

Gaddini, A.; Franco, F.; Di Lallo, D.; Biscaglia, L., 2006:
Hospitalisation for schizophrenia in acute psychiatric wards of the Lazio region: a 4-year follow-up study

Estève, E.; Ah-Toye, C.; Nseir, A.; Martin, L., 2004:
Hospitalisation modes for patients with acute dermatoses

Rentsch, D.; Luthy, C.; Perneger, T.V.; Allaz, A-Françoise., 2003:
Hospitalisation process seen by patients and health care professionals

Gianfrancesco, F.; Wang, R.H.; Pesa, J.; Rajagopalan, K., 2006:
Hospitalisation risks in the treatment of schizophrenia in a Medicaid population: comparison of antipsychotic medications

Kool, B.; Ameratunga, S.; Robinson, E.; Jackson, R., 2007:
Hospitalisations and deaths due to unintentional falls at home among working-aged New Zealanders

Ramroth, H.; Specht-Leible, N.; Brenner, H., 2005:
Hospitalisations before and after nursing home admission: a retrospective cohort study from Germany

Carey, D.; Laffoy, M., 2005:
Hospitalisations due to falls in older persons

Somerville, R.L.; Grant, C.C.; Scragg, R.K.; Thomas, M.G., 2007:
Hospitalisations due to pertussis in New Zealand in the pre-immunisation and mass immunisation eras

Prato, R.; Germinario, C.; Pastore, R.; Napoli, C.; Squicciarini, R.; Lopalco, P.Luigi., 2007:
Hospitalisations for cataract surgery in Puglia 2000-2002

Fjaerli, H-Olav.; Farstad, T.; Bratlid, D., 2004:
Hospitalisations for respiratory syncytial virus bronchiolitis in Akershus, Norway, 1993-2000: a population-based retrospective study

Prato, R.; Germinario, C.; Mastrogiacomo, M.Grazia.; Lepore, V.; Lopalco, P.Luigi., 2003:
Hospitalisations for vertebral fractures in Apulia during 1998-2000

Chan, S.S.W., 2004:
Hospitalised care for patients with transient ischaemic attack

Bouza, C.; López, T.; Palma, M.; Amate, J.M., 2007:
Hospitalised osteoporotic vertebral fractures in Spain: analysis of the national hospital discharge registry

Vic-Dupont; Monsallier, J.F.; Amstutz, P., 1963:
Hospitalism in Respiratory Resuscitation

Aschenbrenner, R.; Caselitz, F.H.; Brugsch, T.; Elert, R.; Eyer, H.; Jahn, D.; Lammers, T.; Maurer, G.; Lechner, F., 1958:
Hospitalism and its prevention

Launay, C.; Verliac, F.; Trelat, J.; Lyard, D., 1956:
Hospitalism and lack of maternal care in early childhood

Bravo Oliva, J., 1963:
Hospitalism and resistance to antibiotics

Ocklitz, H.W.; Rothkath, B., 1960:
Hospitalism and the accompanying child

Gruen, L., 1962:
Hospitalism and the disinfection of transportable beds

Knorr, K., 1963:
Hospitalism from the obstertrical and gynecological point of view

Hegemann, G.; Beck, H.; Wagner, B., 1961:
Hospitalism from the viewpoint of the surgeon

Olechnowicz, H., 1957:
Hospitalism in a small child reared away from its family

Fischer, L.K., 1952:
Hospitalism in six-month-old infants

Pichon, R., 1961:
Hospitalism of Moroccan infants

Grunholz, G., 1950:
Hospitalism today

Kikuth, W., 1957:
Hospitalism; bacteriological aspects

Breton, A.; Maurin, P.; Roger, F., 1953:
Hospitalism; its importance in preventorium and sanatorium environment; prophylactic measures

Dubois, R.; Leschanowsky, H., 1957:
Hospitalism; recuperation possibilities; role of hospital organization in treatment of infants with hospitalism; problems of prevention

Nissen, R., 1958:

Srivastava, R.; Stone, B.L.; Murphy, N.A., 2005:
Hospitalist care of the medically complex child

Lowes, R., 2006:
Hospitalist movement moves into OB

Navaneethan, S.D.; Nautiyal, A.; Abdel-Gadir, K.; Shrivastava, R.; Parameswaran, G.; DiSalle, M.R.; Haley, J., 2006:
Hospitalist physicians as educators in a community hospital: the trainee's view

Anonymous, 2004:
Hospitalists and case managers team up for better outcomes

Ramey, M.McHale.; Daniels, S., 2004:
Hospitalists and case managers: the perfect partnership

McAlearney, A.Scheck., 2004:
Hospitalists and family physicians: understanding opportunities and risks

Whitcomb, W., 2007:
Hospitalists and geriatrics

Meltzer, D., 2003:
Hospitalists and the doctor-patient relationship

Goldman, L., 2003:
Hospitalists as cure for hospitalism

Kripalani, S.; Pope, A.C.; Rask, K.; Hunt, K.; Dressler, D.D.; Branch, W.T.; Zhang, R.; Williams, M.V., 2004:
Hospitalists as teachers

Runy, L.Ann., 2003:
Hospitalists becoming a popular practice

Wilson, E., 2006:
Hospitalists here to stay

Freed, G.L.; Uren, R.L., 2006:
Hospitalists in children's hospitals: What we know now and what we need to know

Saint, S.; Flanders, S.A., 2004:
Hospitalists in teaching hospitals: opportunities but not without danger

Wachter, R.M., 2004:
Hospitalists in the United States--mission accomplished or work in progress?

Akl, H.Z.; Johnson-Phillippe, S.E., 2003:
Hospitalists increase care

Kirchheimer, B., 2006:
Hospitalists make a mark. Emerging specialty linked to shorter lengths of stay and improved mortality, but not to lower costs, Solucient finds

Anonymous, 2004:
Hospitalists may spur return to global capitation

Baker, S., 2006:
Hospitalists no longer novel

Anonymous, 2004:
Hospitalists save $2.5 million and decrease LOS

Anonymous, 2005:
Hospitalists take on role in rapid response teams with early success

Anonymous, 2004:
Hospitalists working with orthopedic surgeons is a hot idea at Mayo Clinic

Anonymous, 2005:
Hospitalists, pharmacists partner to cut errors

Thrall, T.Hudson., 2003:
Hospitalists. A specialty coming into its own

Waltman, R.E., 2007:
Hospitalists. How I make it work

Hodges, B.G., 2007:
Hospitalists. Why I don't use them

Freed, D.H., 2004:
Hospitalists: Evolution, evidence, and eventualities

Olender, L., 2005:
Hospitalists: a chief nursing officer's perspective

Terry, K., 2005:
Hospitalists: communication is key

Scalise, D., 2006:
Hospitalists: in-house docs can ease some vexing problems, but first you've got to win over the skeptics

Susman, J.L., 2004:
Hospitalists: scourge or salvation?

Glabman, M., 2005:
Hospitalists: the next big thing?

Gilgan, E.W., 1951:
Hospitality wagon sells good will to all

Gilje, F.L., 2005:
Hospitality: a call for dialogue

Plisskin, P., 1958:
Hospitalization & home care of cancer cases

Labrack, E.K., 1963:
Hospitalization and Nursing Home Care of Public Assistance Recipients and Aged Persons

Resnick, R.J., 1965:
Hospitalization and Simple Reaction time

Mcgregor, R.M., 1964:
Hospitalization and Specialist Needs of a General Practice

Schujman, S., 1963:
Hospitalization and Surgical Care of Children: Age and Sex Variations

Dreyfus-Moreau, J., 1964:
Hospitalization and Surgical Care of Children: Length of Hospital Stay for Surgical Cases

Mattera, L., 1964:
Hospitalization and Surgical Care of Children: Types of Surgery

Vernon, D.T.; Schulman, J.L., 1964:
Hospitalization as a Source of Psychological Benefit to Children

Wegman, M.E., 1964:
Hospitalization of Children

Alison, F., 1965:
Hospitalization of Children and the Overcrowding of Dwellings (Survey at Le Havre, Limoges and Mulhouse)

Kravitz, H., 1965:
Hospitalization of Children as a Psychological Benefit and Learning Experience

Blondet, P., 1965:
Hospitalization of Children at Le Havre

Beyer, P., 1965:
Hospitalization of Children in the Mulhouse Hospital Center

Bongiovanni, A.M., 1965:
Hospitalization of Children in the United States

Goldman, L.; Moraites, R.S., 1964:
Hospitalization of Children: Nonsurgical Conditions

Bongiovanni, A.M., 1964:
Hospitalization of Children: Report of An International Seminar

Sand, E.A., 1965:
Hospitalization of Mentally Ill Children

Kopytin, I.V., 1965:
Hospitalization of Patients with Acute Appendicitis in Rural Regions

Fanconi, G., 1963:
Hospitalization of the Child)

Brody, S.A., 1964:
Hospitalization of the Mentally Ill During California's Early Years: 1849-1853

Victoroff, V.M.; Mantel, S.J., 1965:
Hospitalization of the Mentally Ill. Analysis of Questionnaire Concerning Knowledge of Ohio Hospitalization Laws Applying to Mental Patients

Fodor, F.; Madai, L., 1963:
Hospitalization of Therapeutic Patients for Emergency Causes in Budapest

Nascimbeni, R.; Cadoni, R.; Di Fabio, F.; Casella, C.; Salerni, B., 2005:
Hospitalization after open colectomy: expectations and practice in general surgery

Myers, G.W., 1953:
Hospitalization among residents of urban and rural communities

Tobias, D.E., 2006:
Hospitalization and death associated with potentially inappropriate medication prescriptions among elderly nursing home residents

Boyd, C.M.; Xue, Q-Li.; Guralnik, J.M.; Fried, L.P., 2005:
Hospitalization and development of dependence in activities of daily living in a cohort of disabled older women: the Women's Health and Aging Study I

Veyret, 1954:
Hospitalization and efficiency

Smith, A.A.; Carusone, S.B.Chan.; Willison, K.; Babineau, T.J.; Smith, S.D.; Abernathy, T.; Marrie, T.; Loeb, M., 2005:
Hospitalization and emergency department visits among seniors receiving homecare: a pilot study

Camara, A.; Fernandes, M.; Morais Neto, 1953:
Hospitalization and medical assistance of the indigent of the Northeast

Resendes, A.Paula.da.Costa.; Souza-Santos, R.; Barbosa, Cça.Simões., 2005:
Hospitalization and mortality from mansoni schistosomiasis in the state of Pernambuco, Brazil, 1992/2000

Birkman, M.; Cunha, M.Claudia., 2006:
Hospitalization and premature surgeries; language and psychism: a report of 2 cases

Reeder, C.L., 1953:
Hospitalization and the aged

Lahey, T.H., 1954:
Hospitalization as a corrective experience

Roe, D.; Ronen, Y'ir., 2003:
Hospitalization as experienced by the psychiatric patient: a therapeutic jurisprudence perspective

Anonymous, 1953:
Hospitalization at home

Cousteix, J-Pierre., 2004:
Hospitalization at home: "The announced orientations must be rapidly concrete"

Anonymous, 2018:
April 1 2018 News

Chopard, J-Luc., 2003:
Hospitalization at the request of a third party and official hospitalization

Schanzer, D.L.; Langley, J.M.; Tam, T.W.S., 2006:
Hospitalization attributable to influenza and other viral respiratory illnesses in Canadian children

Olsen, J.; Li, J.; Precht, D.H., 2005:
Hospitalization because of diabetes and bereavement: a national cohort study of parents who lost a child

Gil, A.; Gil, R.; Oyagüez, I.; Carrasco, P.; Gonz Lez, A., 2006 :
Hospitalization by pneumonia and influenza in the 50-64 year old population in Spain (1999-2002)

Balogou, A.Ayélola.Koffi.; Tossa, K.Robert.; Kowu, A.; Belo, M.; Grunitzky, K.Eric., 2004:
Hospitalization charges for patients in the Neurology Department of Lomé Teaching Hospital

Herold, G., 1963:
Hospitalization contract and the patient

de San Román y Terán, C.M.; Guijarro Merino, R.; Pérez Díaz, J.M., 2005:
Hospitalization costs for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in Andalusia, Spain: 1998 through 2002

Ammann, 1957:
Hospitalization costs of motorcycle drivers who had accidents

Leão, T.Saraiva.; Johansson, L-Maria.; Sundquist, K., 2006:
Hospitalization due to alcohol and drug abuse in first- and second-generation immigrants: a follow-up study in Sweden

Hemmann, C., 1955:
Hospitalization during Christmas

Konstantinov, G.F.; Letko, L.V., 1961:
Hospitalization during acute infectious diseases and their seasonal incidence

Mix, T-Christian.H.; St peter, W.L.; Ebben, J.; Xue, J.; Pereira, B.J.G.; Kausz, A.T.; Collins, A.J., 2003:
Hospitalization during advancing chronic kidney disease

Shapiro, S.; Vahey, V.V., 1960:
Hospitalization experience of the indigent in New Jersey

Ferri-Dessens, R.M.; Thomas, P.; Barlesi, F.; Raholimina, V.; Kleisbauer, J.P., 2003:
Hospitalization facilities required for quality care of lung cancer patients

Henderson, J.; Hilliard, T.N.; Sherriff, A.; Stalker, D.; Al Shammari, N.; Thomas, H.M., 2005:
Hospitalization for RSV bronchiolitis before 12 months of age and subsequent asthma, atopy and wheeze: a longitudinal birth cohort study

Broderick-Villa, G.; Burchette, R.J.; Collins, J.Craig.; Abbas, M.A.; Haigh, P.I., 2005:
Hospitalization for acute diverticulitis does not mandate routine elective colectomy

Pelletier, J.E., 1958:
Hospitalization for assurance

Bacharier, L.B.; Dawson, C.; Bloomberg, G.R.; Bender, B.; Wilson, L.; Strunk, R.C., 2003:
Hospitalization for asthma: atopic, pulmonary function, and psychological correlates among participants in the Childhood Asthma Management Program

Marrie, T.J.; Carriere, K.C.; Jin, Y.; Johnson, D.H., 2004:
Hospitalization for community-acquired pneumonia in Alberta First Nations Aboriginals compared with non-First Nations Albertans

Johnson, D.H.; Carriere, K.C.; Houston, S.; Jin, Y.; Predy, G.; Gill, J.; Shafran, S.; Marrie, T.J., 2003:
Hospitalization for community-acquired pneumonia in Alberta patients with human immunodeficiency virus infections: a case control study

Agraharkar, M.; Martinez, M.A.; Kuo, Y-Fang.; Ahuja, T.S., 2004:
Hospitalization for initiation of maintenance hemodialysis

Mulla, Z.D.; Margo, C.E., 2004:
Hospitalization for nontraumatic disorders of the eye and ocular adnexa: analysis of the Florida agency for health care administration data set

O'Brien, J.A.; Caro, J.Jaime., 2005:
Hospitalization for pertussis: profiles and case costs by age

Giorgi Rossi, P.Giorgi.; Agabiti, N.; Faustini, A.; Ancona, C.; Tancioni, V.; Forastiere, F.; Perucci, C.Alberto., 2003:
Hospitalization for pneumonia in adults. Lazio, 1997-1999

Sangaré, L.; Curtis, M.P.; Ahmad, S., 2006:
Hospitalization for respiratory syncytial virus among California infants: disparities related to race, insurance, and geography

Vicente, D.; Montes, M.; Cilla, G.; Perez-Yarza, E.G.; Perez-Trallero, E., 2003:
Hospitalization for respiratory syncytial virus in the paediatric population in Spain

Ayyalaraju, R.Sowjanya.; Finlay, A.Y.; Dykes, P.J.; Trent, J.T.; Kirsner, R.S.; Kerdel, F.A., 2003:
Hospitalization for severe skin disease improves quality of life in the United Kingdom and the United States: a comparative study

De Luca, L.; Gheorghiade, M., 2004:
Hospitalization for worsening chronic heart failure

Selander, P., 1954:
Hospitalization from parents' point of view

Gray, B.Ann., 2006:
Hospitalization history and differences in self-rated pregnancy risk

Locke, B.Z., 1962:
Hospitalization history of patients with mental diseases of the senium

Sherer, R.; Pulvirenti, J.; Stieglitz, K.; Narra, J.; Jasek, J.; Green, L.; Moore, B.; Shott, S.; Cohen, M., 2003:
Hospitalization in HIV in Chicago

Tournier, Ré., 2006:
Hospitalization in Menton and Monaco

Delachaux, A., 1957:
Hospitalization in chronic diseases

Gaddini De Benedetti, R., 1958:
Hospitalization in early childhood; the behaviour after discharge

Vaiciuniene, R.; Kuzminskis, V.; Bumblyte, I.A., 2006:
Hospitalization in hemodialysis patients in one region of Lithuania

Stipek, J., 1957:
Hospitalization in infectious diseases

Viller, S.F., 1955:
Hospitalization in myocardial infarct

Kamada, I.; Rocha, S.Melani.; Barbeira, C.Benedita., 2004:
Hospitalization in neonatal intensive care units in Brazil -- 1998-2001

Laverriere, J.P., 1960:
Hospitalization in nursing homes and old age homes of the department of Vaucluse

Donadieu, Y., 1963:
Hospitalization in psychiatry

Bogdanowicz, J., 1952:
Hospitalization in scarlet fever in children

Whitehorn, D.; Richard, J.C.; Kopala, L.C., 2004:
Hospitalization in the first year of treatment for schizophrenia

Niangué-Beugré, M.N.; Couitchéré, L.; Cissé, L.; Kouakou, V.Kouamé.; Enoh, S.J.; Oulaï, S.M.; Andoh, J., 2005:
Hospitalization in the pediatric ward in UHC of Treichville: experience of parents

Bignardi, G., 1959:
Hospitalization in the sphere of social sickness insurance. II. (The controversy and the diagnostic analyses)

Smith, H.B.; Smith, L.H., 1951:
Hospitalization in the treatment of the neuroses

Van Den Berg, T., 1959:
Hospitalization in wartime

Bogdanowicz, J.; Szczepanska, 1953:
Hospitalization in whooping cough

Goyette, R.B., 1957:
Hospitalization insurance

Gelber, S.M., 1959:
Hospitalization insurance in Canada

Gilbert, J., 1961:
Hospitalization insurance in the province of Quebec

Téllez, M.S., 2003:
Hospitalization is covered--why not drugs? The need to add prescription drug benefits to Medicare

Kruger, E.; Dyson, K.; Tennant, M., 2006:
Hospitalization of Western Australian children for oral health related conditions: a 5-8 year follow-up

Medina, E., 1962:
Hospitalization of adults in the National Health Service

Hanssen, P., 1954:
Hospitalization of aged in Oslo; statistical study

Safdar, A.; Chemaly, R.F.; Perego, C.A.; Gonzalez, V.R.; Rolston, K.V.; Raad, I.I.; Tarrand, J.J.; Callender, D.L., 2003:
Hospitalization of an oncology patient suspected of having severe acute respiratory syndrome: a setup for an infection control quagmire at a comprehensive cancer center

Dracova, E.; Kluska, V., 1953:
Hospitalization of child with varicella

Lee, W.S.; Veerasingam, P.D.; Goh, A.Y.T.; Chua, K.B., 2003:
Hospitalization of childhood rotavirus infection from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Robergeau, K.; Joseph, J.; Silber, T.J., 2006:
Hospitalization of children and adolescents for eating disorders in the State of New York

Sarrouy, C.; Gillot, F., 1957:
Hospitalization of children in Algeria

Mimet, P.R., 1960:
Hospitalization of children in small urban centers and in regions with a scattered population

Mimet, P.R., 1960:
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Anonymous, 2018:
April 15 2018 News

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Hospitals will Help Finance the J.C.A.H

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Hospitals adopt Toyota principles to drive out infections

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Hospitals alter billing and collections practice, adopt more generous guidelines for charity care

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Hospitals are beginning to attract their share of nation's pharmacists

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Hospitals are creating sport medicine centers

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Hospitals are crown property

Anonymous, 2003:
Hospitals are going the extra mile to contribute to the community

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Hospitals are hiring again

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Hospitals are invading medicine's territory

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Hospitals are not political battlegrounds

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Hospitals are nursing institutions

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Hospitals are taking a new accountability

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Hospitals are the core of civil defense planning

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Hospitals are the magnets for attracting physicians to smaller communities

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Hospitals await final outlier rule

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Hospitals battling outbreaks of C. difficile

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Hospitals becoming more open about near-misses

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Hospitals between present and future

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Hospitals branch out: a study of multiple unit operations. II

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Hospitals bring medical devices into the I.T. loop

Anonymous, 2003:
Hospitals can accept primary source verification from designated agencies

Bramlett, E.C., 1954:
Hospitals can afford air conditioning

Roswell, C.G., 1950:
Hospitals can benefit from a uniform accounting system

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Hospitals can cut suture costs by reducing abuse and overuse

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Hospitals can help improve medical care

Sodt, P., 1953:
Hospitals can hire the handicapped

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Hospitals can improve off-hours outcomes: study

Neil, R., 2005:
Hospitals can't prepare for disaster without better government help

Anonymous, 2005:
Hospitals challenged by patients who can't pay

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Hospitals cleared in anesthesiology accidents

Anonymous, 2007:
Hospitals collaborate on i.v. meds standards

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Anonymous, 2005:
Hospitals collaborate to reduce surgical infections

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Hospitals compare quality. CMS' release of quality data may change behavior

Taylor, M., 2003:
Hospitals cry foul. HHS report urges reimbursement adjustments

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Hospitals disclosing harm

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Hospitals do not give optimum care

Anonymous, 2006:
Hospitals educate patients to reduce medical errors, improve patient safety

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Hospitals endure under socialized medicine

Diconsiglio, J., 2006:
Hospitals equip to meet the bariatric challenge. Rising number of obese patients necessitates specific supplies

Reed, G.E., 1951:
Hospitals exempt from some regulations

Seleski, D., 2004:
Hospitals expect capital expenditures to increase

Anonymous, 2003:
Hospitals face challenges of smallpox vaccination

Putman, E., 2006:
Hospitals face higher telemetry EMI risks in 2006

Anonymous, 2005:
Hospitals face new generation of medical staff challenges

Shinkman, R., 2003:
Hospitals face their own insurance crisis

Mueller, G., 1961:
Hospitals facing new tasks?

Anonymous, 2006:
Hospitals falling short on NQF's 30 'safe practices'

Rice, B., 2003:
Hospitals feel the malpractice pain

Johnson, D.E., 2004:
Hospitals find ways to fight rising bad debt

Anonymous, 2003:
Hospitals for a healthy environment. Partnership brings national healthcare P2 program to Kansas

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Hospitals for children in Bordeaux: three centuries of history

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Hospitals for chronic diseases

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Hospitals for geriatria

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Hospitals for the chronically ill

Vojtek; Lysonkova, 1954:
Hospitals for tuberculosis in children in Czechoslovakia

Payne, D., 2007:
Hospitals foreign soil for those who don't work there

Anonymous, 2003:
Hospitals gear up for rapid HIV tests for pregnant women, babies

Gillespie, G., 2005:
Hospitals get a wireless makeover

Tieman, J., 2003:
Hospitals get battle-ready. At home and abroad, U.S. military hospitals prepare themselves for war amid staffing shortages and budget cuts

Fong, T., 2005:
Hospitals get some back. CMS finally issues rules for doling out $1 billion for care of illegal immigrants

Anonymous, 2006 :
Hospitals getting more RFIs in 2006: what problems are surveyors finding?

Kinzer, D.M., 1956:
Hospitals give Chicago a shot in the arm

Anonymous, 2004:
Hospitals given incentives to improve access to costly care

Crain, K.C., 1951:
Hospitals granted some relief in getting supplies

Sister THEOPHANE, 1960:
Hospitals have personalities

Jones, F.T., 1952:
Hospitals have responsibility for undetected tuberculosis

Meillet, H., 1955:
Hospitals have the obligation to collect fees owed to their physicians

Brady, J.Lannen., 2004:
Hospitals honored for innovations in patient safety efforts

Anonymous, 2004:
Hospitals improve CMS project performance. Case managers lead the multidisciplinary team

Anonymous, 2006:
Hospitals improve communication, efficiency, and patient safety with hands-free WiFi device

Anonymous, 2005:
Hospitals improve heart attack care. As compliance with guidelines improves, in-hospital deaths fall

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Hospitals in Brno in the Middle ages

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Hospitals in Brno to 1947

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Hospitals in Canada

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Hospitals in Central & South America

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Hospitals in Central and South America

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Hospitals in El Salvador

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Hospitals in France

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Hospitals in Hesse in the view of enlightened travellers

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Hospitals in India woo foreign patients

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Hospitals in Italy

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Hospitals in Nebraska: construction and modernization since 1946

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Hospitals in North Africa

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Hospitals in Scandinavia

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Hospitals in Sweden

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Hospitals in a National Health Service

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Hospitals in countries with a hot climate

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Hospitals in northern Norway; comments

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Hospitals in sparsely populated regions

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Hospitals in the 49th state

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Hospitals in the Middle Ages

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Hospitals in the Shetlands

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Hospitals in the United States

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Hospitals in the beautiful waves

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Hospitals in the flood crisis

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Hospitals in the framework of public health policy

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Hospitals in the recent public health legislation

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Hospitals keep watchful eye on sterilizer

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Hospitals may see plans as their new confidant

Benko, L.B., 2005:
Hospitals mum on bill policies

Anonymous, 2006:
Hospitals must bare it all under new price transparency initiatives

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Hospitals must be more than repair shops

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Hospitals must be really clean

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Hospitals must educate

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Hospitals must face political facts

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Hospitals must fight union domination

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Hospitals must focus on long-term problems

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Hospitals must improve infrastructure, surge capacity, officials say

Anonymous, 2005:
Hospitals must improve workplace communication to help reduce medical errors

Anonymous, 2006:
Hospitals must overcome physician resistance before P4P can take root

Anonymous, 2003:
Hospitals nationwide brace for Oct. 16 HIPAA transactions conversion

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Hospitals need better pricing strategies

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Hospitals need not pay overtime wages under fair labor standards act, court rules

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Hospitals of Montpellier in the past & today

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Hospitals of Quebec ask to be asked

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Hospitals of Russia in the past

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Hospitals of earlier days in Europe; the care of the sick in former times

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Hospitals of skyscraper construction

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Hospitals of the 21st century, which ethics?

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Hospitals of the Catholic Faculties; regulations for externs

Anonymous, 1951:
Hospitals of the Catholic Faculties; regulations for interns

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Hospitals of the Middle Ages in Ile-de-France: their vestiges in South and East Paris

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Hospitals of the war

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Hospitals offer unconventional services in hopes of attracting future patients

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Hospitals on the World Wide Web

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Hospitals on the air

Barr, P., 2004:
Hospitals on winning streak. A charity-care suit dismissed; consolidation denied

Anonymous, 2005:
Hospitals open cardiac clinics to improve care for women

Harris, S.J., 1953:
Hospitals pinched by high costs

Taylor, M., 2003:
Hospitals play hardball. DMC, others are telling governments they can choose between giving them more money or accepting cutbacks

Bates, J., 2004:
Hospitals play havoc with a patient's common sense

Anonymous, 2003:
Hospitals prepare for "cover the uninsured week"

Prather, E., 2005:
Hospitals put new emphasis on safety

Rusu, V., 2005:
Hospitals rating in France

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Hospitals reach out to employers for new revenues

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Hospitals reconsider outsourcing key support and clinical departments

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Hospitals reorganization and hospital beds reduction

Young, D., 2006:
Hospitals report Katrina-related losses to lawmakers

Anonymous, 2006:
Hospitals respond to public disclosure of mortality, complications and prices

DeJohn, P., 2006:
Hospitals save millions on VAP with oral care program

Anonymous, 2003:
Hospitals save with digital video networks

Pavia, L., 2004:
Hospitals search for better ways to collaborate with their physicians

Anonymous, 2003:
Hospitals seeking SNF beds think creatively

Cephas, M., 1959:
Hospitals share diet manual: cooperation solves problems

Bowles, G., 1962:
Hospitals should adjust own drug charges

Gadsby, A., 2006:
Hospitals should be first to ban smoking

Hayt, E., 1951:
Hospitals should insure their patients

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Hospitals should keep methylene blue

Sutton, J., 1958:
Hospitals shouldn't look like night clubs

Ward, A.; Sjoberg, E., 2003:
Hospitals survive stormy legislative session

Young, D., 2003:
Hospitals take action after theft of expensive drugs

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Hospitals target-marketing wound centers to build profit statements

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Hospitals that follow heart attack guidelines save lives

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Hospitals today and tomorrow

Anonymous, 2007:
Hospitals told: don't delay in getting ready for NPIs

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Hospitals under attack

Anonymous, 2006:
Hospitals use free online resource to boost quality

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Hospitals versus the atom bomb. I. Civil defense

Rosenfield, I., 1950:
Hospitals versus the atom bomb. II. Architecture

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Hospitals view financing of hospital and medical care

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Hospitals want to be heard in GPO debate

Hospitals which do and do not fill their intern quotas; a survey of characteristics

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Hospitals with a mission

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Hospitals within the frame of economic mobilization

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Hospitals without administrators

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Hospitals' ED needs to be evaluated in achieving facilities' overall goals

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Hospitals' behavior in a tort crisis: observations from Pennsylvania

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Hospitals' care of uninsured patients during the 1990s: the relation of teaching status and managed care to changes in market share and market concentration

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Hospitals' compliance with prophylaxis guidelines for venous thromboembolism

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Hospitals' dirty secret. New reports on hospital patient safety and infections reveal pattern of deadly and expensive, yet preventable, medical errors

de Micheli, A., 2005:
Hospitals' evolution through the ages

Reilly, P., 2004:
Hospitals' holiday wishes come true. Behind the drug benefit is a lot of help for hospitals, especially rural providers

Taylor, M., 2006:
Hospitals' legal headache. After record year, feds keep pursuing False Claims cases

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Hospitals' movements toward the electronic medical record: implications for nurses

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Hospitals' negotiating leverage with health plans: how and why has it changed?

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Hospitals' obligation to Blue Cross

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Hospitals' organizational variables and patients' perceptions of individualized nursing care in Finland

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Hospitals' predicament. Will better patient care come from competition or regulation?

Anonymous, 2005:
Hospitals' preparation for surge of patients helps with new Joint Commission standards

Evans, M., 2006:
Hospitals' profitable year. AHA: '05 delivered aggregate profit margin of 5.3%

Traynor, K., 2004:
Hospitals' reimbursement woes continue with 2004 OPPS

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Hospitals' responses to nurse staffing shortages

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Hospitals' role in the social security disability insurance program

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Hospitals' star ratings and clinical outcomes: ecological study

Anonymous, 2004:
Hospitals' terminal disease. Health-care spending continues to rise--so why is this industry struggling to grow?

Anonymous, 2003:
Hospitals, ASCs alarmed about pay proposals

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Hospitals, General Practitioners and Specialists

Anonymous, 2004:
Hospitals, MDs compete for core business

Hove, H., 1965:
Hospitals, Special Ward for Acute Skull Injuries

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Hospitals, a foreign world for children

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Hospitals, a joint responsibility

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Hospitals, doctors and dollars

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Hospitals, group purchasing organizations, and the antitrust laws

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Hospitals, health and welfare services. Co-operation and co-ordination

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Hospitals, managed care, and the charity caseload in California

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Hospitals, medical care and social policy in the French Revolution

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Hospitals, not surgeons, should provide all surgical instruments

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Hospitals, physicians and government domination

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Hospitals, physicians and information technology

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Hospitals, the new center of the universe

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Hospitals, transformations without end

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Hospitals-from the patient's point of view

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Hospitals-retrospect and prospect

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Hospitals. Portrait of a failure

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Hospitals. Weighing need against want

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Hospitals: ever-changing social institutions

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Hospitals: get ready for severity-adjusted reimbursement

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Hospitals: sharing your pain!

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Hospitals: the duty to treat in emergency cases

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Hospitals; 2000 A.D

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Hospitals; planning; the essential first steps

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Hospitals; putting first things first

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Hospitals; their current and future problems

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Hospitalwide adverse drug events before and after limiting weekly work hours of medical residents to 80

Anonymous, 2007:
Hospitalwide program results in top core measures scores

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Hospitalwide quality improvement in Thailand

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Hosptial's web site structured for the patient's perspective. North Memorial Medical Center site features 'care centers'

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