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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 49249

Chapter 49249 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Pearce, C., 2004:
How to ... manage your boss

Banks, C., 2003:
How to ... manage your time effectively

Pearce, C., 2004:
How to ... network

Shah, A.A.; Sandler, P.J.; Murray, A.M., 2005:
How to ... place a lower bonded retainer

Fitzpatrick, J., 2004:
How to ... surf the Internet

Smy, J., 2003:
How to ... write a great essay

le May, Aée., 2003:
How to ... write a proposal

Hazelzet, J.A., 2006:
How to ENHANCE our knowledge of activated protein C during pediatric sepsis trials: pediatric versus adult trials

Hinton, J., 2003:
How to Map Noise

James, J.S., 2004:
How to Network Action Alerts, So That Others Can Help

Dawid, I.B., 1989:
How to Prepare a Manuscript for PNAS

Greenberg, N.; Cawkill, P.; Sharpley, J., 2005:
How to TRiM away at post traumatic stress reactions: traumatic risk management--now and the future

Maier, M.; Bwana, M.; Emenyonu, N.; Pepper, L.; Bangsberg, D.R., 2006:
How to Take HIV antiretroviral medications on time without a watch in rural Uganda

Friedman, P.L., 2005:
How to ablate atrioventricular nodal reentry using cryoenergy

Shah, D.; Sunthorn, H.; Burri, H.; Gentil-Baron, P., 2005:
How to ablate left atrial flutter

Ong, A.T.L.; Aoki, J.; Kutryk, M.J.; Serruys, P.W., 2005:
How to accelerate the endothelialization of stents

Docherty, B., 2003:
How to access online research reviews to inform nursing practice

Belott, P., 2006:
How to access the axillary vein

Bedford, J.E., 1960:
How to accomplish more with less work

Berger, N.S., 2004:
How to accomplish practice change in behavioral healthcare in less than one year

Kurtzhals, P., 2006:
How to achieve a predictable basal insulin?

Morton, C.B., 1960:
How to achieve complete surgical practice records

Molimard, M., 2005:
How to achieve good compliance and adherence with inhalation therapy

Crompton, G.K., 2004:
How to achieve good compliance with inhaled asthma therapy

Chen, L.; Sutherland, I.A., 2006:
How to achieve rapid separations in counter-current chromatography

Chen, Z-hui., 2006:
How to achieve the global protection of traditional Chinese medicine

Francon, F.; Francon, J., 1957:
How to achieve therapeutic prognosis in chronic evolutive polyarthritis

Levin, R.P., 2005:
How to achieve "WOW" customer service

Ross, M., 1962:
How to act toward emotionally disturbed neighbors, friends and relatives

Ulrich, H.D., 2003:
How to activate a damage-tolerant polymerase: consequences of PCNA modifications by ubiquitin and SUMO

Nagase, T., 2006:
How to activate clinical management of the aged patients using COPD guidelines?

Hamacek, J.; Piguet, C., 2006:
How to adapt Scatchard plot for graphically addressing cooperativity in multicomponent self-assemblies

Junod, O.; de Roten, Y.; Martinez, E.; Drapeau, M.; Despland, J-Nicolas., 2005:
How to address patients' defences: a pilot study of the accuracy of defence interpretations and alliance

Bakris, G., 2004:
How to adjust ACE inhibitors and ARBs in diabetes?

Callahan, J.F., 1959:
How to adjust recipe yields quickly and accurately

Rushing, J., 2004:
How to administer a subcutaneous injection

Mafrici, A., 2005:
How to administer antithrombotic therapy in non-ST-elevation acute coronary syndromes: guidelines and clinical practice

Wilson, R.C., 1951:
How to admit patients with nine easy records; nine-part manifold system used at Southern Baptist Hospital quickly furnishes needed information to all departments

Tschudin, V., 2004:
How to adopt an ethically questioning approach

Krsiak, M., 2005:
How to advance in treating pain with opioids: less myths--less pain

Morin, P., 1958:
How to advise a middle-aged woman with genital prolapse, giving up motherhood but desiring to preserve a normal sexual life

Burgess, I., 2003:
How to advise a patient when over the counter products have failed

Funck-Brentano, P., 1958:
How to advise a woman desiring motherhood & afflicted with genital prolapse

Ameline, A., 1958:
How to advise a woman with genital prolapse giving up sexual activity

Anonymous, 2006:
How to aim for 5 extra years of life. Here's the possible payoff from fighting major cardiovascular risks

Kathiresan, K., 2005:
How to alleviate degradation of mangroves?

Pirkey, J.S., 1953:
How to allocate food storage space

Keeling, B., 2004:
How to allocate the right staff mix across shifts, Part 2

Casey, S., 2005:
How to amp your mind and body

Richter, S.; Duray, G.; Hohnloser, S.H., 2005:
How to analyze T-wave alternans

Urschel, J.D., 2005:
How to analyze an article

Zhu, Q.; Guo, X-Feng.; Lai, S-Long., 2005:
How to analyze and interpret the effective values in clinical trials

Hammonds, G., 1955:
How to analyze your insurance coverage

Hills, L.Sachs., 2006:
How to answer the most common zinger questions

Weinfeld, J.M.; Finkelstein, K., 2005:
How to answer your clinical questions more efficiently

Guilhem, P.; Pontonnier, A.; Ducos, J.; Espagno, G.; Bierme, R., 1961:
How to anticipate and treat hemolytic complications of the newborn due to a fetomaternal immunological conflict

Dubosq, F.; Beley, Sébastien.; Neuzillet, Y.; Larré, Séphane.; Simon, P.; Ballereau, C.; Richard, Fçois.; Roupret, M., 2006:
How to anticipate specialization at the Examen National Classant (National Entrance Examination) to encourage interns to choose urology

Tanaka, J., 2005:
How to apply X-ray CT reasonably: obligation of the radiologists

Fukagawa, M.; Akizawa, T., 2005:
How to apply and adapt international guidelines on bone metabolism and disease to the management of Japanese dialysis patients

Tonkin, M.E.L., 1951:
How to apply for a medical post

Gold, M.M., 1952:
How to apply for appointment in a veterans administration hospital

Xu, X-gang., 2007:
How to apply for european CE certification for Chinese medical device manufacturers

Setbon, M., 2006:
How to apply the 4th March 2002 French law, making information to patients mandatory after the identification of a new risk?

Mak, K.; Kum, C.Kiong., 2005:
How to appraise a prognostic study

Ford, H., 1962:
How to approach a geriatric patient

Lipton, M.J.; Boxt, L.M., 2004:
How to approach cardiac diagnosis from the chest radiograph

Baruk, H., 1963:
How to approach clinical psychopathology and experimental psychopathology in animals

Roy, P.; Waksman, R., 2006:
How to approach drug-eluting stent restenosis

Gohel, M.S.; Bulbulia, R.A.; Slim, F.J.; Poskitt, K.R.; Whyman, M.R., 2005:
How to approach major surgery where patients refuse blood transfusion (including Jehovah's Witnesses)

Vincent, J-Louis., 2004:
How to approach sepsis today?

De Bleecker, J.L., 2005:
How to approach the patient with muscular symptoms in the general neurological practice?

Chalnot, P.; Grosdidier, J.; Vichard, P.; Mathieu, P., 1961:
How to approach the treatment of perforated gastroduodenal ulcers in the present day

Bengs, H.A., 1955:
How to arrange admission to a mental hospital

Goodman, B., 2006:
How to ask an intelligent question

Gaddis, S., 2006:
How to ask for help and increase your odds of getting it

Andrews, L.Wasmer., 2006:
How to ask for help--and get it

Collins, F., 2003:
How to assess a patient's seating needs: some basic principles

Parati, G.; Bernardi, L., 2006:
How to assess arterial compliance in humans

Giannattasio, C., 2003:
How to assess central arterial blood pressure?

Schartl, M.; Bocksch, W., 2006:
How to assess coronary artery remodeling by intravascular ultrasound

Barthélémy, O., 2004:
How to assess coronary lesion, reperfusion quality, and PCI result?

Soubrier, M.; Dougados, M., 2004:
How to assess early rheumatoid arthritis in daily clinical practice

Cracowski, J-Luc.; Salvat, M.; Tamisier, R., 2005:
How to assess endothelial function in patients with obstructive sleep apnea?

Zaccai, J.H., 2004:
How to assess epidemiological studies

Sugden, A.; Cox, F., 2006:
How to assess epidural blockade

Filler, G.; Hadjiyannakis, S., 2006:
How to assess for impaired glucose tolerance before transplantation and should these results influence the choice of calcineurin inhibitors?

Beaugrand, M., 2006:
How to assess liver fibrosis and for what purpose?

Laws, J.; Soranno, C., 2006:
How to assess machine risks

Zeuner, K.E.; Peller, M.; Knutzen, A.; Holler, I.; Münchau, A.; Hallett, M.; Deuschl, Günther.; Siebner, H.R., 2007:
How to assess motor impairment in writer's cramp

Guillemin, F., 2003:
How to assess musculoskeletal conditions. Assessment of disease activity

Woolf, A.D., 2003:
How to assess musculoskeletal conditions. History and physical examination

Visser, H.; Hazes, J.Mieke., 2003:
How to assess musculoskeletal conditions. Prognostics

Maly, C.; Fan, K.L.; Rogers, G.F.; Mitchell, B.; Amling, J.; Johnson, K.; Welch, L.; Oh, A.K.; Chao, J.W., 2018:
A Primer on the Acute Management of Intravenous Extravasation Injuries for the Plastic Surgeon

Roach, A.; Roach, E., 2005:
How to assess phenytoin levels

Vanhees, L.; Lefevre, J.; Philippaerts, R.; Martens, M.; Huygens, W.; Troosters, T.; Beunen, G., 2005:
How to assess physical activity? How to assess physical fitness?

Schumacher, M.; Graf, E.; Gerds, T., 2003:
How to assess prognostic models for survival data: a case study in oncology

Stucki, G.; Ewert, T., 2005:
How to assess the impact of arthritis on the individual patient: the WHO ICF

Bereczki, Róbert.; Takács, Bárka.; Langmaier, J.; Neely, M.; Gyurcsányi, Róbert.E.; Tóth, Kára.; Nagy, Géza.; Lindner, E., 2006:
How to assess the limits of ion-selective electrodes: method for the determination of the ultimate span, response range, and selectivity coefficients of neutral carrier-based cation selective electrodes

Liberati, A., 2006:
How to assess the methodological quality of systematic reviews of diagnostic trials

Lexell, J.E.; Downham, D.Y., 2005:
How to assess the reliability of measurements in rehabilitation

Renard, J-P., 2006:
How to assess the stability of glaucoma? Optic nerve

Nordmann, J-P., 2006:
How to assess the stability of glaucoma? Visual field

Walsh, K., 2006:
How to assess your learning needs

Lance, G., 1951:
How to assist at an emergency operation

Bueno, M.; Valeis, N.; Dainesi, S.Mansoldo., 2007:
How to assure the autonomy of the research subject in pediatric clinical studies?

Agosti, Mía.Elena., 2003:
How to assure the quality of a medicinal product

Jodin, R., 1951:
How to assure the security of old age

Anderson, M.H., 1959:
How to attend an institute or a convention

Stafstrom, C.E., 2004:
How to attract students to child neurology

Bozhinova, S.; Ivanova, I.; Lukanova, M., 2005:
How to avoid a haemotransfusion which is not lifesaving? (our experience with administration of intravenous iron to pregnant women and young mothers)

Petkar, S.; Cooper, P.; Fitzpatrick, A.P., 2006:
How to avoid a misdiagnosis in patients presenting with transient loss of consciousness

Ohresser, M.; Florentin, V., 2005:
How to avoid a phantom curve?

Badran, K.; Jani, P., 2006:
How to avoid accidental burns during anterior nasal cautery

Traxer, O.; Dubosq, F.; Chambade, D.; Sèbe, P.; Sylvestre, Ségolène.; Haab, Fçois.; Gattegno, B.; Thibault, P., 2005:
How to avoid accumulation of stone fragments in the lower calix during flexible ureterorenoscopy

Soong, V.K.Y.; Duvvi, S.K.; Kumar, B.N., 2006:
How to avoid alar cartilage injury while securing post-nasal balloon packs

Giacomini, M.; Iapichino, G.; Armani, S.; Cozzolino, M.; Brancaccio, D.; Gallieni, M., 2006:
How to avoid and manage a pneumothorax

Sand, M.; Sand, D.; Altmeyer, P.; Hoffmann, K.; Bechara, F.G., 2007:
How to avoid and manage ruptured subcuticular sutures

Little, A., 2006:
How to avoid asking the question 'how are you feeling?'

Panting, G., 2004:
How to avoid being sued in clinical practice

Lacomme, M., 1950:
How to avoid benign excoriations of the cheeks due to forceps

Friedman, G.A., 1960:
How to avoid breach of contract suits

Redaelli, A.; Forte, R., 2004:
How to avoid brow ptosis after forehead treatment with botulinum toxin

McKeown, H.F.; Murray, A.M.; Sandler, P.J., 2005:
How to avoid common errors in clinical photography

Dernovsek, M.Z.; Marusic, A.; Tavcar, R., 2003:
How to avoid community psychiatry?

Sommer, B., 2004:
How to avoid complications when treating hyperdynamic folds and wrinkles

Thurmond, L., 1958:
How to avoid complications with insurance and compensation claims

Daigrepont, J., 2006:
How to avoid costly EMR purchasing mistakes

Freeman, T.I., 2005:
How to avoid deferred-compensation troubles

Beaty, J.Y., 1952:
How to avoid delinquent accounts

Sperantzas, S., 1950:
How to avoid deviation of the anchorage during mechanical distal displacement of the canine

Lowrie, W.L.; Redfern, W.E.; Brush, B.E., 1955:
How to avoid diabetic complications and foot amputation

Kasahara, A., 2004:
How to avoid discontinuation of ribavirin in combination with interferon to maintain efficacy of treatment for chronic hepatitis C patients

Jarvis, C.R.; Mandell, D.B., 2004:
How to avoid finanical gridlock in a medical group

Anonymous, 2005:
How to avoid future Vioxx-type scandals

Erixon, M.; Wieslander, A.; Lindén, Törn.; Carlsson, O.; Forsbäck, G.; Svensson, E.; Jönsson, J.Ake.; Kjellstrand, P., 2006:
How to avoid glucose degradation products in peritoneal dialysis fluids

Wang, H-shi.; Wang, Z-ying.; Li, D-shu., 2003:
How to avoid hoarseness for operation of schwannoma of the cervical vagus nerve

Luys, G., 1950:
How to avoid hypertrophy of the prostate

Barranger, E., 2007:
How to avoid intraoperative evaluation of sentinel lymph nodes in breast cancer

Ockander, M.; Timpka, T.; Nyce, J.M., 2005:
How to avoid long-term sickness absence: the advice from women with personal experience

Evis, F., 1958:
How to avoid medico-legal problems

Evis, F., 1958:
How to avoid medico-legal problems. I

Perry, J.; Metules, T., 2004:
How to avoid needlesticks

Paoli, A.R., 1959:
How to avoid poisoning due to losses of hydrogen sulfide in analytical laboratories

Gervois, M.; Lebeurre, R., 1959:
How to avoid postvaccinal suppurative adenitis after parenteral administration of BCG

Machiraju, V.R., 2004:
How to avoid problems in redo coronary artery bypass surgery

Arsan, S., 2004:
How to avoid problems with reduction aortoplasty

Lacroix, R., 1954:
How to avoid rupture of tendons

Paolo, T., 1953:
How to avoid rupture of the uterus in the application of forceps

Badran, K., 2006:
How to avoid spillage of pus when draining peritonsillar abscess

Parker, A.J., 1960:
How to avoid tax penalties

Trusler, G.I., 1950:
How to avoid the early waking of patients

Picaud, A.J., 1953:
How to avoid the pains, sequelae, arthroses and vicious callus of the ankle after fractures with displacement

McCarthy, S.; Cooper, R.M., 2018:
A primer on the ethics of teaching and learning in airway management

Aubard, Y.; Mollard, J.; Fermeaux, V., 2004:
How to avoid the uncertainties of intraoperative examination of the sentinel lymph node in breast cancer?

Bernet, F.H.; Grapow, M.T.R.; Zerkowski, H-Reinhard., 2005:
How to avoid traction to a pedicled internal thoracic artery graft

Houghton, J.F., 1960:
How to avoid use of the retrospectroscope in coronary occlusions

Couch, F.H., 1962:
How to avoid "write backs" in medical reporting

Fisher, A., 2005:
How to battle the coming brain drain

Prakash, E.Sankaranarayanan., 2005:
How to be a bad teacher

Schumann, T.C., 2005:
How to be a better dental entrepreneur

Spath, P., 2004:
How to be a better problem solver

Spray, J.L., 1955:
How to be a good medical witness

Dolev, R.; Zeedyk, M.S., 2006:
How to be a good parent in bad times: constructing parenting advice about terrorism

Anonymous, 2005:
How to be a leader

Pan, R., 2003:
How to be a qualified doctor?

Golub-Evans, J., 2003:
How to be a smile designer, Part 1

Monge-Nájera, Ján., 2003:
How to be a tropical scientist. Science seen from childhood: the white man scientist stereotype

Geist, S., 2005:
How to be a "change manager"

Sokol, D.K., 2004:
How to be a "good" medical student

Sudha, R., 2006:
How to be an assertive nurse?

Davidson, H.A., 1961:
How to be an unsuccessful executive

Domsky, R.Z., 1963:
How to be charitable without really trying

Mossberg, T., 2006:
How to be confident as an executive officer. Good and confident leadership no utopia in current Swedish, regulated health care

Beyers, A., 2005:
How to be cooperative in a competitive system: The multi-professional and multicultural face of European health care education

Davidson, H.A., 1959:
How to be misunderstood

Sincox, A.Kettering., 2004:
How to be politically active in 2 minutes

Anonymous, 2004:
How to be smart about your heart. New guidelines gear prevention strategies to personal risk factors

Fiolhais, C., 2004:
How to be successful in obtaining financing for research projects

Lomas, C., 2005:
How to be successful in senior job interviews

Greenwood, L., 2006:
How to be top

Santa Barbara, J., 2006:
How to be wise and compassionate in working for peace through health

Anonymous, 2004:
How to beat genes that raise risks. Draw up an accurate family tree, and use it to protect your heart

Cox-Havron, A.K., 2005:
How to become a defensive filer

Al-Ubaydli, M., 2003:
How to become a publisher: part I

Munnell, D., 1951:
How to become an efficient social-service interviewer?

Lubrano, R.; Romero, S.; Scoppi, P.; Cocchi, G.; Baroncini, S.; Elli, M.; Turbacci, M.; Scateni, S.; Travasso, E.; Benedetti, R.; Cristaldi, S.; Moscatelli, R., 2005:
How to become an under 11 rescuer: a practical method to teach first aid to primary schoolchildren

Chamberlain, B., 2007:
How to become involved: engaging your faculty in chapter and association activities

Morales, A.V.; Barbas, J.A.; Nieto, M.Angela., 2005:
How to become neural crest: from segregation to delamination

Ma, X.; Papanastasiou, C., 2006:
How to begin a new topic in mathematics: does it matter to students' performance in mathematics?

Hudgins, A.P., 1953:
How to begin marriage counselling

Decrop, M., 1950:
How to begin the sexual education of Moroccan Mohammedans

Bernheim, J., 2004:
How to best manage a patient with renal artery stenosis?

Reinhard, T., 2005:
How to best treat adenoviral corneal opacities

Anonymous, 2005:
How to better inform pregnant women? Recommendations of the HAS for health professionals (April 2005)

Fabregas, B.; Brillet, G., 2004:
How to better the quality of life of dialysed patients

Nicoletti, B., 2006:
How to bill for services performed by nonphysician practitioners

Mauss, I.B.; Evers, C.; Wilhelm, F.H.; Gross, J.J., 2006:
How to bite your tongue without blowing your top: implicit evaluation of emotion regulation predicts affective responding to anger provocation

Anonymous, 2006:
How to block medical mistakes. What to do about a major heart threat: errors of omission

Anonymous, 2004:
How to boost satisfaction rates: a tale of two EDs

Martz, W.D., 2003:
How to boost your bottom line with an office procedure

van Steenberghe, D., 2007:
How to bridge the gap between available information and clinical concepts and practice?

Hongoro, C.; McPake, B., 2004:
How to bridge the gap in human resources for health

Theroux, R., 2006:
How to bring evidence into your practice

Lawson, P., 2005:
How to bring evidence-based practice to the bedside

Cowdry, E.V., 1951:
How to bring the best known treatment to advanced cancer patients

Levin, R.P., 2006:
How to build a better team

Pedersen, A.; Earley, M.B.; Fenner, D.J.; Postlewaite, C.S.; Scott, A.D., 2004:
How to build a cardiac surgery program

Mottershead, E., 1953:
How to build a good supervisory staff

Steine, L., 1950:
How to build a reference file

Beatty, J.D., 2005 :
How to build an inexpensive laparoscopic webcam-based trainer

Deliège, D.; Debacker, C.; Smeesters, S.; Knani, H.; Neirynck, I.; De Clercq, E., 2004:
How to build an information system application to the health domain

Barbot, J., 2005:
How to build an "active" patient? The work of AIDS associations in France

Kerppola, W., 1951:
How to build modern hospitals

Carey, M.G., 1963:
How to build sanitation, safety and security into food service design

Ghadi, V.; Naiditch, M., 2006:
How to build the legitimacy of patient and consumer participation in health issues?

Pereira, R.de.Souza., 2003:
How to build up biosensors with the cantilever of the atomic force microscope

Westerman, R.D., 2003:
How to build your dream practice, Part 1. The first steps

Westerman, R.D., 2003:
How to build your dream practice, Part 2. The next steps

Westerman, R.D., 2004:
How to build your dream practice, Part 3. Some remaining steps

Uzzi, B.; Dunlap, S., 2005:
How to build your network

Reed, R., 2005:
How to build your role in healthcare construction projects

Miller, C., 1951:
How to buy a lot

Deming, E.C., 1962:
How to buy cleaners, waxes and germicides

Deming, E.C., 1962:
How to buy hospital cleaning equipment

Sleeper, R.C.; Sleeper, D.W., 1952:
How to buy insurance for the hospital. 2. How much coverage-what is the cost?

Sleeper, R.C.; Sleeper, D.W., 1952:
How to buy insurance for the hospital. 4. Loopholes in the insurance program

Sleeper, R.C.; Sleeper, D.W., 1952:
How to buy insurance for the hospital. 5. Hospital liability

Sleeper, R.C.; Sleeper, D.W., 1952:
How to buy insurance for the hospital. 6. Miscellaneous crime risks

Sleeper, R.C.; Sleeper, D.W., 1952:
How to buy insurance for the hospital. I. The administrator's responsibility

Little, K.C., 1956:
How to buy office equipment

Mohr, O., 1957:
How to buy oxygen

Byrd, T., 2006:
How to buy welding safety equipment

Collentine, G.E., 1962:
How to calculate fluids for burned patients

Donath, S.M., 2005:
How to calculate standard errors for population estimates based on Australian National Health Survey data

Owen, S.E.; Finch, E.P., 1957:
How to calculate the laboratory work load

D'Arcy, Y., 2006:
How to care for a surgical patient with chronic pain

Hollinger-Smith, L., 2003:
How to care for an aging nation. Start with educating the educators

Vestal, A.J., 1951:
How to care for furnishings in the patients' units

Carpi Ballester, A.; Ballester Arnal, R., 2005:
How to care for patients who have HIV. Main stress factors

Ochs, T., 1953:
How to care for window shades

Lomas, C., 2005:
How to carry out a clinical audit

Platen, P.; Schaar, B., 2003:
How to carry out a health-orientated marathon training programme for running and inline skating

Strike, P.C., 2005:
How to carry out pericardial aspiration

Amara, W.; Mazouz, S.; Sergent, J., 2006:
How to carry out the indications of cardiac resynchronization therapy in practice?

Bryceson, A., 2005:
How to catch an interesting disease when you travel

Russo, F., 2007:
How to change a personality

Ramé, A., 2006:
How to change a simple dressing

Stello, B., 2005:
How to change behavior

Jewell, D., 2003:
How to change clinical behaviour: no answers yet

Commers, M.J.; Gottlieb, N.; Kok, G., 2006:
How to change environmental conditions for health

Wiers, R.W.; de Jong, P.J.; Havermans, R.; Jelicic, M., 2004:
How to change implicit drug use-related cognitions in prevention: a transdisciplinary integration of findings from experimental psychopathology, social cognition, memory, and experimental learning psychology

Koneczny, N.; Butzlaff, M., 2006:
How to change physicians' practice--health services research with the knowledge-performance gap on focus

Pearce, C., 2005:
How to change your career direction

Reilly, P.Mullen., 2004:
How to check perfusion lickety split

Montieth, C., 1961:
How to check piped service systems

Terry, K., 2006:
How to choose (and use) a collection agency

Anonymous, 2004:
How to choose a cold remedy

Watson, R., 2005:
How to choose a financial advisor for effective asset & investment management

Anonymous, 2005:
How to choose a health club. As fitness centers sweat to attract you, stay cool and careful

Nahas, F.Xerfan.; Ferreira, L.Masako., 2005:
How to choose a journal to submit an article

Iványi, Z.; Radermacher, P.; Kuhlen, R.; Calzia, E., 2005:
How to choose a mechanical ventilator

Bouillot, J-L.; Servajean, S.; Berger, N.; Veyrie, N.; Hugol, D., 2004:
How to choose a mesh for the treatment of incisional hernias?

Weyers, P.; Milnik, A.; Müller, C.; Pauli, P., 2006:
How to choose a seat in theatres: always sit on the right side?

Meier, D.E., 2005:
How to choose a site visit program

Shibagaki, Y., 2006:
How to choose among 3 treatment options in the care of end stage renal disease: special emphasis on kidney transplantation

Lanier, B.G., 2006:
How to choose an electronic medical record

Walker, R.W., 1957:
How to choose an emergency generator

Roberts, W.D.; Stone, P.W., 2003:
How to choose and evaluate a research instrument

Molyneux, A.J., 2003:
How to choose and use a computer

Lidtke, R.H., 2005:
How to choose footwear

Dawes, R.; Carrington, T., 2005:
How to choose one-dimensional basis functions so that a very efficient multidimensional basis may be extracted from a direct product of the one-dimensional functions: energy levels of coupled systems with as many as 16 coordinates

Letón, E.; Zuluaga, P., 2006:
How to choose the adequate test to compare survival curves

Huang, Y-zi.; Qiu, H-bo.; Liu, L.; Yang, Y.; Yan, Y-li., 2005:
How to choose the duration of prone-position ventilation in patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome caused by pulmonary or extrapulmonary diseases?

Osborn, J., 2004:
How to choose the right banker..

Overturf, R., 2006:
How to choose the right clinical engineering software

Durney, D., 2006:
How to choose the right escape mask

Calianno, C., 2003:
How to choose the right treatment and dressing for the wound

Morrison, J., 2005:
How to choose tomorrow's doctors

Anonymous, 2006:
How to choose your nursing agency

Mizunuma, H., 2005:
How to chose HRT or bisphosphonate for postmenopausal osteoporosis?

Dolenek, A., 1957:
How to cite ophthalmological literature

Watanabe, A.; Koyanagi, T.; Nakashima, S.; Higami, T., 2006:
How to clamp the main pulmonary artery during video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery lobectomy

Coindre, J.M.; Ranchère, D.; Collin, F., 2006:
How to classify a soft tissue sarcoma in 2006

King, J.E., 2004:
How to classify heart failure

Chase, M.L., 1962:
How to clean and maintain floor surfaces

Slim, K.; Valleur, P., 2003:
How to clean the colon before colorectal surgery?

Hamann, C.P., 2005:
How to clean, disinfect, and sterilize a dental operatory

Bouche, P., 2004:
How to clinically and electrophysiologically diagnose hereditary polyneuropathies without a family history?

Shibasaki, H., 2004:
How to clinically approach involuntary movements

Weiss, G.Garfinkel., 2004:
How to close a practice

Nicoletti, B., 2004:
How to code for observation services

Pennachio, D.L., 2005:
How to code for the new Medicare benefit

Johnson, J.W., 1958:
How to collect good will with the bills

Fort, C.W., 2003:
How to combat 3 deadly trauma complications

Bowen, T., 1962:
How to combat hospital odors

Widdershoven, G.A.M., 2006:
How to combine hermeneutics and Wide Reflective Equilibrium?

Mathivat, A.; Broustet, P.; Cottet, J.; Crosnier, J.; Hamburger, J.; Laroche, C.; Milliez, P.; Richet, G., 1961:
How to combine hypotensive agents in the treatment of essential arterial hypertension

Hansson Mild, K.; Carlberg, M.; Wilén, J.; Hardell, L., 2005:
How to combine the use of different mobile and cordless telephones in epidemiological studies on brain tumours?

Durbin, C.G., 2004:
How to come up with a good research question: framing the hypothesis

Sister Mary William, 1955:
How to communicate with your personnel

Van den Berghe, G., 2004:
How to compare adequacy of algorithms to control blood glucose in the intensive care unit?

Verguts, T., 2007:
How to compare two quantities? A computational model of flutter discrimination

Huijsmans, D.P.; Sebe, N., 2005:
How to complete performance graphs in content-based image retrieval: add generality and normalize scope

Grimme, S.; Steinmetz, M.; Korth, M., 2007:
How to compute isomerization energies of organic molecules with quantum chemical methods

Stine, H.I., 1958:
How to compute outpatient department costs

Van De Camp, K.; Vernooij-Dassen, M.J.F.J.; Grol, R.P.T.M.; Bottema, B.J.A.M., 2005:
How to conceptualize professionalism: a qualitative study

Violi, F., 2006:
How to concile bleeding and thrombotic tendency in liver cirrhosis?

Hatem, J., 1961:
How to conciliate the exigencies of modern therapeutics and the slowness of the laboratory in the diagnosis of Salmonella infections

Schwartz, M.D.; Cottet, J.; Hamburger, J.; Pequignot, H., 1962:
How to conduct a clinical therapeutic trial

Dimond, E.G., 1955:
How to conduct a medical program (hostmanship)

Korin, L.A., 1954:
How to conduct a meeting

Card, R.O., 2005:
How to conduct a "welcome to Medicare" visit

Timmins, F.; McCabe, C., 2005:
How to conduct an effective literature search

Brown, H.N., 1960:
How to conduct campaigns: from selecting counsel to collecting pledges

Nordmann, J-P., 2003:
How to conduct glaucoma therapy when pressure stays high despite topical treatment?

Auvert, J., 1957 :
How to conduct the clinical examination of the urological patient

Sans Sola, L., 1955:
How to conduct the interrogation of rheumatic patients

Chabbert, Y.; Hamburger, J.; Laplane, R.; Marie, J.; Martin, R.; Siguier, F., 1959:
How to conduct the treatment of acute purulent meningitis

Verstraete, M., 1962:
How to conduct treatment with anticoagulants

Valla, D.; Pariente, A., 2005:
How to confirm or exclude the existence of cirrhosis of the liver?

Piechowski, J., 2005:
How to consider cancer: implications for the risk due to ionizing radiation

Dubuis, P., 1953:
How to consider hormone therapy of menopause disturbances

Maruyama, T., 2005:
How to consider of fundamental photography technology

Roche, M., 1953:
How to consider the etiology and pathogenesis of rhinobronchorrhea and bronchiectasis of childhood; arguments taken from 298 cases

Joyeux, R., 1951:
How to consider today the therapy of uterine fibromyomas

Mayor, E., 1961:
How to construct and equip a hospital laboratory

Muller, E., 1955:
How to construct chairs and what to consider when sitting

Knipp, M., 2006:
How to control NO production in cells: N(omega),N(omega)-dimethyl-L-arginine dimethylaminohydrolase as a novel drug target

Kan, S.; Onodera, H.; Nagayama, S.; Furutani, E.; Araki, M.; Imamura, M., 2003:
How to control blood glucose under continuous glucose challenge

Davis, K., 2005:
How to control healthcare costs: take a walk on the supply side

Occella, P.; Vivaldi, F., 2003:
How to control postoperative pain: intravenous route

Filderman, J., 1952:
How to control saliva effectively

Fernand-Laurent, J.; Raby, C., 1962:
How to control the quality of the artificial heart-lung apparatus

Jeandel, C., 2004:
How to control wandering and yelling in the dementia patient

Dainesi, S., 2005:
How to cooperate in the implementation of a drug surveillance program in our country?

Angeles, R.R., 1955:
How to coordinate and promote the interests of private practitioners and government physicians

Krantz, J.C., 1960 :
How to cope with drug addiction in hospitals

Clarke, J.T.R., 2005:
How to cope with new challenges in the diagnosis and management of inborn errors of metabolism

Grunewald, M.; Kuefner, M.A.; Ketelsen, D.; Alibek, S.; Neuhuber, W.N.; Bautz, W.A.; Greess, H., 2005:
How to cope with the demands of the new "Approbation Regulation" (AR) by radiology-related interdisciplinary courses. The Erlangen model

Ishikawa, N., 2005:
How to cope with the global tuberculosis burden--experiences and perspectives for Japan's international cooperation

Lateur, N., 2004:
How to cope with tinea capitis?

Stergiou, G.S., 2005:
How to cope with unreliable office blood pressure measurement?

Tazelaar, M.J.A.; Van Lange, P.A.M.; Ouwerkerk, J.W., 2004:
How to cope with "noise" in social dilemmas: the benefits of communication

Anonymous, 1988:
How to copyedit scientific books and journals

Carroll, H.E., 1962:
How to correct employees

Strachan, I., 2003:
How to count curves: from nineteenth-century problems to twenty-first-century solutions

Casalins, A.G., 1951:
How to cover patient's head during oral surgery

Dowe, D.A., 2007:
How to create a cardiac CT clinic

Snow, D., 2003:
How to create a culture of customer service--a checklist

Feery, B.; Tierney, C.M., 2003:
How to create a job winning resume

Anonymous, 2004:
How to create and monitor your measures of success

Harding, P., 2006:
How to create real sustainable change in your community

Wildridge, V.; Childs, S.; Cawthra, L.; Madge, B., 2004:
How to create successful partnerships-a review of the literature

Ferrández-Sempere, D.; Eiras-Ajuria, Jé., 2005:
How to create vectorial templates for stereotactic functional surgery with Microsoft PowerPoint

Holland, D.E.; Krulish, Y.A.; Reich, H.K.; Roche, J.D., 2004:
How to creatively meet care needs of the morbidly obese

McGhee, S.M.; Hedley, A.J.; Lam, T.H., 2003:
How to critique consultancy reports?

Weil, A., 2006:
How to curb your cravings

Emanuel, E., 2006:
How to cure U.S. health care. A voucher plan that covers everyone--and helps businesses too

Bradd, T., 2005:
How to cure a bad case of fax-o-rrhea

Lelievre, J., 1957:
How to cure an ingrown nail

Lowes, R., 2004:
How to cut A/R

Hundley, E.B., 1959:
How to cut cost of printed forms

Servais, L.T., 1960:
How to cut credit losses: file information as a credit aid

Weiss, G.Garfinkel., 2003:
How to cut patient wait time

Bross, I.D., 1960:
How to cut the highway toll in half in the next ten years

Lindskog, P., 2005:
How to cut world hunger in half

Wager, E., 2003:
How to dance with porcupines: rules and guidelines on doctors' relations with drug companies

Weismann, K., 2006:
How to deal with a tomato which has undergone surgery

Schneider, E.F.; Irwin, M.E., 1995:
How to deal with an angry health care professional

Paul, H., 1955:
How to deal with an outbreak of food poisoning

Verhelle, N.; Van Zele, D.; Liboutton, L.; Heymans, O., 2004:
How to deal with bone exposure and osteomyelitis: an overview

Ben-Dor, D., 1956:
How to deal with cases of advanced glaucoma with severe contraction of the field

Berbari, E.J., 2006:
How to deal with data overload

Leichtling, B., 2003:
How to deal with difficult and manipulative clients

Cherny, N.I., 2005:
How to deal with difficult pain problems

Essén, B.; Wilken-Jensen, C., 2003:
How to deal with female circumcision as a health issue in the Nordic countries

Schuler Barazzoni, M.; Belli, D.C.; Schäppi, M., 2006:
How to deal with gastroesophageal reflux in childhood

Fowler, A.W., 2004:
How to deal with influenza: fever may be used as treatment

Quigley, C.; Sopwith, W.; Ashton, M., 2004:
How to deal with influenza: worthwhile surveillance system is in action

Jefferson, T., 2004 :
How to deal with influenza?

Schraub, S.; Hoerni, B., 2005:
How to deal with non conventional therapies?

Barzey, S., 2005:
How to deal with poor performers

Gerosa, G.; Carta, R.; Montisci, M.; Leoni, L.; Iliceto, S.; Rizzoli, G.; di Marco, F., 2006:
How to deal with recipients of valves prone to structural failure in the 2000s: Padua experience with the TRI Technologies valve

Kerkhof, A.J.F.M., 2003:
How to deal with requests for assisted suicide: some experiences and practical guidelines from the Netherlands

Ganten, D., 2003:
How to deal with scientific controversy?

Brand, A.A.; Naidoo, S., 2003:
How to deal with stress

Binder, P., 2005:
How to deal with teenagers in general practice?

Li, Y-an., 2003:
How to deal with the cultural factors in English translation of Chinese articles

Duff, G.L., 1955:
How to deal with the important needs for service

Schmidt, K., 2006:
How to deal with this patient?

Ramos, Jé.Lauro.Araújo., 2004:
How to decide about not resuscitating very low birth weight infants in the delivery room?

Hartman, J., 1962:
How to decide if remodeling is needed

Tomás y Garrido, G.María., 2004:
How to decide in a dilemma. Bioethical?

Monod, S.; Büla, C.; Benaroyo, L., 2006:
How to decide when a situation is too complex?

Willis, D.R., 2004:
How to decide whether to buy new medical equipment

Peyrethon, C.; Bensefa, L.; Choudat, D., 2004:
How to declare an occupational cancer and why?

Blumenauer, G., 1955:
How to decorate hospital rooms

Nishiyama, T., 2005:
How to decrease pain at rapid injection of propofol: effectiveness of flurbiprofen

Klevenhagen, S.; Wojtowicz, J., 1961:
How to decrease radiation doses during radiological examination of the thoracic cage

Broszkiewicz, M.; Pikala, Młgorzata.; Drygas, W., 2007:
How to decrease smoking among people? The experience of international anti-tobacco campaign Quit&Win in Poland in 2000-2006

Miller, M., 2004 :
How to defang the health-care cost monster

Falgarone, G.; Zerkak, D.; Bauer, C.; Messow, M.; Dougados, M., 2005:
How to define a Minimal Clinically Individual State (MCIS) with pain VAS in daily practice for patients suffering from musculoskeletal disorders

Barbe, P.; Pinaquy, S., 2004:
How to define and to analyse troubles of eating behaviours?

Grammaticos, P.C.; Vlachogianni, E., 2003:
How to define rest in nuclear medicine?

Schumer, D., 2006:
How to defuse an exploding physician

Janka, H.Uwe., 2003:
How to defuse the diabetes mellitus time bomb: identify early signs and vascular injuries, minimize risk factors

Birch-Lindgren, G., 1961:
How to describe a hospital

Crippen, G.M., 2004:
How to describe chirality and conformational flexibility

Dart, T.; Chatellier, G., 2004:
How to describe the distribution of a variable? Normality tests and management of extreme values

Rodrigues, M.Soares.; Gil, V.M., 2006:
How to design a clinical in cardiology. The main issues

Curtis, B.M.; Barrett, B.J.; Parfrey, P.S., 2003:
How to design a clinical trial

Molimard, Méu.; Moore, N., 2003:
How to design a negative study

Vickers, A.J., 2006:
How to design a phase I trial of an anticancer botanical

Smith, C.Bruce., 2006:
How to design a radiation safety computer system

Najavits, L.M., 2003:
How to design an effective treatment outcome study

Hicks, S.P.; D'amato, C.J., 1960:
How to design and build abnormal brains using radiation during development

Feldstein, A.; Simon, S.R.; Schneider, J.; Krall, M.; Laferriere, D.; Smith, D.H.; Sittig, D.F.; Soumerai, S.B., 2004:
How to design computerized alerts to safe prescribing practices

Kosa, M.; Karni, M.; Apeloig, Y., 2004:
How to design linear allenic-type trisilaallenes and trigermaallenes

Yonemitsu, Y., 2006:
How to design the translational research--special reference to gene therapy products

Gautier, P.; Samaille-Piette, R., 1960:
How to detect a so called "clinically inapparent" form of female genital tuberculosis

Betourne, C., 1956:
How to detect an abscess of the liver in an infected person

Champeau, M., 1956:
How to detect an abscess of the liver in surgery

Bowles, G., 1962:
How to detect and reduce drug pilferage in hospital pharmacy

Carmichael, L.P., 1962:
How to detect glaucoma in the office

Kirk, J., 2006:
How to detect growth disorders

Hoppe, U.C., 2005:
How to detect impending cardiac insufficiency

BARKER, K.N.; McCONNELL, W.E., 1962:
How to detect medication errors

Couvelaire, R., 1957:
How to detect prostate adenoma; the necessary examinations & dangerous examinations

Boulard, C.; Pietri, H., 1956:
How to detect the abscess in dysentery

Ankerhold, J.; Grabert, H., 2005:
How to detect the fourth-order cumulant of electrical noise

Mercadier, M., 1956:
How to detect the hepatic origin of a subphrenic abscess

Anonymous, 2003:
How to determine 'what's a business associate?'

Satomi, K.; Ouyang, F.; Kuck, K-Heinz., 2007 :
How to determine and assess endpoints for left atrial ablation

Chase, M.L., 1962:
How to determine cost per use of linens

Barge, A.; Cravotto, G.; Gianolio, E.; Fedeli, F., 2006:
How to determine free Gd and free ligand in solution of Gd chelates. A technical note

Stagl, J.M.; Gebert, H., 1963:
How to determine hospital food costs

Norouzi, D.; Müller, M.Michael.; Deserno, M., 2007:
How to determine local elastic properties of lipid bilayer membranes from atomic-force-microscope measurements: a theoretical analysis

Kumagai, T.; Suzuki, C.; Awataguchi, S.; Otsuzi, Y.; Niitsu, Y.; Sato, S., 1955:
How to determine localization of main focus in pulmonary tuberculosis

Harris, K.D.M.; Cheung, E.Y., 2004:
How to determine structures when single crystals cannot be grown: opportunities for structure determination of molecular materials using powder diffraction data

Mozziconacci, P.; Attal, C.; Caramanian, M.K., 1962:
How to determine the duration of hormonal treatment of Bouillaud's disease

Manji, I., 2005:
How to determine the real value of your practice

Lassner, J., 1954:
How to determine the value of a new treatment

Sousa, V.D.; Zauszniewski, J.A.; Musil, C.M., 2004 :
How to determine whether a convenience sample represents the population

Higdon, J.; Topp, R., 2004:
How to develop a budget for a research proposal

Reiter, K.L.; Kilpatrick, K.E.; Greene, S.B.; Lohr, K.N.; Leatherman, S., 2006:
How to develop a business case for quality

Houdek, P.K., 1951:
How to develop a community family life institute

Newton, L., 1953:
How to develop a hearing conservation program

Collins, L.A., 1956:
How to develop a hospital site; a short course in the fine and practical art of landscaping

Lanza, V., 2003:
How to develop a low cost, in-house distance learning center for continuing medical education. Part I

Lanza, V., 2003:
How to develop a low cost, in-house distance learning center for continuing medical education. Part II

Flitter, H., 1960:
How to develop a questionnaire

Newell, D.R., 2005:
How to develop a successful cancer drug--molecules to medicines or targets to treatments?

King, C., 1985:
How to develop and produce educational programs

Shapiro, H.L., 1957:
How to develop and use program policy and procedure manuals; a program director's guide

Ueno, T.; Urano, Y.; Nagano, T., 2007:
How to develop custom-designed fluorescence probes for molecular imaging

Anonymous, 2004:
How to develop evidence-based ophthalmology

Ginsberg, F., 1959:
How to develop good relations between O.R. and central service

Katigbak, C.; Fontenot, H.B., 2018:
A Primer on the New Guideline for the Prevention, Detection, Evaluation, and Management of Hypertension

Jennings, D., 2005:
How to develop reliable sofware

Akesson, K.; Woolf, A.D., 2007:
How to develop strategies for improving musculoskeletal health

O'Donnell, M.P., 2004:
How to develop the basic and applied science of health promotion

Izar, G., 1960:
How to diagnose ... brucellosis

Izar, G., 1960:
How to diagnose ... chronic intestinal amebiasis

Izar, G., 1960:
How to diagnose ... chronic lymphatic leukemia

Izar, G., 1960:
How to diagnose Cushing's syndrome

Izar, G., 1960:
How to diagnose Devic-Gault syndrome

Izar, G., 1959:
How to diagnose a case of sodoku

Izar, G., 1959:
How to diagnose a spontaneous pneumothorax

Izar, G., 1960:
How to diagnose acute infectious cerebrospinal meningitis

Izar, G., 1963:
How to diagnose an alimentary toxicosis or toxinfection

Sallam, A.M., 1955:
How to diagnose and deal with early cases of non-pulmonary tuberculosis in the Middle East

Kusano, E., 2004:
How to diagnose and treat a licorice-induced syndrome with findings similar to that of primary hyperaldosteronism

Stefan, H., 2004:
How to diagnose and treat epilepsy

Wise, G.J.; Shteynshlyuger, A., 2006:
How to diagnose and treat fungal infections in chronic prostatitis

Kelly, L.C., 1952:
How to diagnose and treat gout

Luqmani, R.Ahmed.; Pathare, S.; Kwok-Fai, T.Lee., 2005:
How to diagnose and treat secondary forms of vasculitis

Hu, P-jin., 2004:
How to diagnose and treat the Helicobacter pylori infection

Milliez, P.; Hamburger, J.; Pequignot, H.; Richet, G., 1961:
How to diagnose and treat thromboses of the renal veins

Aït-Khaled, N.; Enarson, D.A., 2006:
How to diagnose asthma and determine the degree of severity of the disease

Izar, G., 1963:
How to diagnose constipation according to its pathogeneswis

Weinberg, H.B., 1960:
How to diagnose coronary disease

Geser, F.; Wenning, G.K.; Poewe, W.; McKeith, I., 2005:
How to diagnose dementia with Lewy bodies: state of the art

Sivagnanam, G., 2005:
How to diagnose diabetes

Hill, J., 2005:
How to diagnose diabetes

Maev, I.V.; B'iuchnova, E.S.; Lebedeva, E.G.; Iakimova, S.S., 2005:
How to diagnose functional (non-ulcerative) dyspepsia (review)

Izar, G., 1962:
How to diagnose gangrenous and non-gangrenous pulmonary absecess

Kleine, T.O., 2003:
How to diagnose human brain damage and inflammation

Kornacewicz-Jach, Zława.; Kossuth, I.; Czechowska, Młgorzata., 2005:
How to diagnose ischaemic heart disease in females?

Rogier, C., 2004:
How to diagnose malaria attacks?

Quinn, N.P., 2005:
How to diagnose multiple system atrophy

Janion, M., 2004:
How to diagnose painless acute myocardial infarction?

Izar, G., 1962:
How to diagnose pericarditis

Cassim, F., 2006:
How to diagnose psychogenic tremors

Izar, G., 1960:
How to diagnose tetanus

Roscoe, M.; Landis, T., 2006:
How to diagnose the acute red eye with confidence

Kingston, C.T., 1954:
How to die like a millionaire

Sanders, S., 2006:
How to die--a physician's last lesson

Tao, C., 2004:
How to different and treat irritable bowel syndrome with Chinese drugs?

Zimmerli, W., 2005:
How to differentiate bacterial from viral meningitis

Sood, A.Bela.; Razdan, A.; Weller, E.B.; Weller, R.A., 2005:
How to differentiate bipolar disorder from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and other common psychiatric disorders: a guide for clinicians

Freour, P.; Serise, M., 1958:
How to discover, diagnosis & treat a case of pneumoconiosis & how to indemnify the patient

Grund, F.; Treiman, C.; Ilebekk, A., 2006:
How to discriminate between hibernating and stunned myocardium

Armirotti, A.; Millo, E.; Damonte, G., 2006:
How to discriminate between leucine and isoleucine by low energy ESI-TRAP MSn

Tada, H., 2003:
How to discriminate pulmonary vein potentials from atrial potentials

Auvrignon, A.; Fasola, S.; Loedec, C.; Aumont, C.; Nomdedeu, S.; Landman-Parker, J.; Gervaise, S.; Vaudre, G.; Renolleau, S.; Leverger, G., 2006:
How to discuss death with a dying child: a story can help?

Guglielmo, W.J., 2004:
How to discuss end-of-life care. Here's a guide to making advance care planning a part of your practice

Haas, W., 1960:
How to disinfect blankets and pillows

Daschner, F., 2003:
How to disinfection the operating room after hepatitic C contamination?

Bryant, E., 2005:
How to dismantle a WMSD

Abele, U., 1957:
How to dispose of the waste of a large city

Nièpomniszcze, H.; Schere, D., 2004:
How to distinguish between radioiodine accumulation in a laryngocele from a radioiodine-concentrating thyroid remnant after thyroidectomy for papillary carcinoma

Piasecki, W., 2006:
How to distinguish energetic surface heterogeneity from electrostatic interactions in the case of hydrogen ion adsorption from solution onto oxides

Schulz, S.; Daumke, P.; Smith, B.; Hahn, U., 2006:
How to distinguish parthood from location in bioontologies

Dumas, G.; Schmerber, S., 2006:
How to do a caloric test

Z'graggen, K.; Uhl, W.; Friess, H.; Büchler, M.W., 2003:
How to do a safe pancreatic anastomosis

Hambresin, L., 1959:
How to do a sclerecto-iridectomy

Ferguson, J., 2006:
How to do a telemedical consultation

Bonsack, C., 1949 :
How to do a tracheotomy in a case of emergency?

Larkin, H., 2007:
How to do an RFP for an EHR

Miracle, V.A., 2003:
How to do an effective poster presentation in the workplace

Lowes, R., 2005:
How to do an exit interview

Kanj, M.H.; Wazni, O.M.; Natale, A., 2006:
How to do circular mapping catheter-guided pulmonary vein antrum isolation: the Cleveland Clinic approach

Mogensen, T.S.; Gøtrik, J.Kristian., 2006:
How to do it better?

Cooley, D.A.., 1981:
How to do it: Implantation of an Ionescu-Shiley valve

Cassell, J.A.; Wilkinson, P.; Gaudoin, J.; Good, I.; Iversen, A., 2004:
How to do it? Practical guidance on organising mass antibiotic prophylaxis for a large school after a cluster of meningococcal disease

Tin, 1956:
How to do lumbar puncture

Sierles, F.S., 2003:
How to do research with self-administered surveys

Perron, R., 2006:
How to do research? Reply to Otto Kernberg

Hartman, J., 1963:
How to do the best job in the least time

Chambers, T., 2005:
How to do things with AJOB: the case of facial transplantation

Brown, K.; Piotrowski, M., 2004:
How to do your part to attract more professionals to the field

Nicoletti, B., 2005:
How to document and bill care plan oversight

Gurchiek, D.; Maggiore, W.Ann., 2004:
How to document the unthinkable: 7 situations in which EMS records could become evidence in court

Hatterer, E.; Davoust, N.; Didier-Bazes, M.; Vuaillat, C.; Malcus, C.; Belin, M-Françoise.; Nataf, S., 2005:
How to drain without lymphatics? Dendritic cells migrate from the cerebrospinal fluid to the B-cell follicles of cervical lymph nodes

Zhu, Y-Liang.; Huang, Y-Mei.; Wu, X-Yao., 2006:
How to draw a conclusion in motherless parentage testing using short tandem repeats as genetic makers

Ater, J., 2003:
How to ease a patient's anxiety

Gorman, C., 2003:
How to eat smarter

Orenstein, A., 2003:
How to effectively code drug-eluting stents. Complicated procedure, new codes make coding tricky

Dowsing, P.; Sandler, P.J., 2004:
How to effectively use a 2 x 4 appliance

Baron, F.; Doisy, P., 1957:
How to eliminate postoperative pain in amygdalectomy

Lacy, W.N., 1951:
How to eliminate stores requisitions

Eibling, D.E., 2007:
How to end med confusion

O'Donnell, C.; Williamson, T., 2005:
How to engage in research

Rol de Lama, M.A.; Lozano, J.P.; Ortiz, V.; Sánchez-Vázquez, F.J.; Madrid, J.A., 2005:
How to engage medical students in chronobiology: an example on autorhythmometry

Videla, Sán.; Sust, M.; Fresquet, A.; Villoria, Jús., 2005:
How to ensure clinical trial sensitivity in psychotropic drug development: a case study

Thomas, L., 2006:
How to ensure future compatibility and ensure that your vendor meets government-mandated standards

Romanet, J-P.; Palombi, K.; Noël, C.; Chiquet, C.; Savy, O.; Buguet, A., 2006:
How to ensure that glaucoma is stable? Intraocular pressure

Franklin, P., 2005:
How to ensure you pass an OSCE

Stratton, I.M.; Neil, A., 2005 :
How to ensure your paper is rejected by the statistical reviewer

Ginsberg, F., 1962:
How to equip and use the "clean room"

Coste, F.; Bourel, M., 1961:
How to escape from corticoid therapy?

Krogsgaard, K.; Andreasen, P.Buch., 2003:
How to establish GCP-units in Denmark?

Catleen, H., 1951:
How to establish a branch factory in the Commonwealth

Li, Z-Xi., 2006:
How to establish a first-class international scientific journal in China?

Daly, M.B.; Stearman, B.; Masny, A.; Sein, E.; Mazzoni, S., 2005:
How to establish a high-risk cancer genetics clinic: limitations and successes

Tabern, D.L., 1954:
How to establish a radioisotope unit

Duckworth, T.A., 1954:
How to establish an industrial health program

Mozziconacci, P.; Attal, C.; Caramanian, M.K., 1959:
How to establish the duration of hormonal treatment of Bouillaud's disease

Wynne, W.P.D., 2005:
How to establish the proper plane of occlusion with no reliable landmarks

Herget-Rosenthal, S.; Bökenkamp, A.; Hofmann, W., 2007:
How to estimate GFR-serum creatinine, serum cystatin C or equations?

Cohen, R.A., 1953:
How to estimate the cost of hospital construction

Traeger, J.; Fries, D., 1957:
How to estimate the degree of renal disorder in diseases of the lower urinary tract

Schirm, E.; Monster, T.B.M.; de Vries, R.; van den Berg, P.B.; de Jong-van den Berg, L.T.W.; Tobi, H., 2004:
How to estimate the population that is covered by community pharmacies? An evaluation of two methods using drug utilisation information

Monteiro, J.G., 1954:
How to evaluate a case of diabetes

Thuss, W.G., 1957:
How to evaluate a disabled employee

Boujaoude, J.; Abboud, B.; Abadjian, G., 2005:
How to evaluate a gastric submucosal tumour in a patient with haematemesis?

Junod, A.F., 2005:
How to evaluate a patient's prognosis? Or: on the meaning of prognostic scoring

Deterding, R., 2006:
How to evaluate and treat children's interstitial lung disease

Anonymous, 2006:
How to evaluate and treat obesity

Koes, B.W., 2004:
How to evaluate manual therapy: value and pitfalls of randomized clinical trials

Buscail, L.; Bournet, B.; Andrau, P.; Escourrou, J., 2007:
How to evaluate non-alcoholic non-biliary acute pancreatitis

Malaspina, H., 1961:
How to evaluate nurses' work

González Jiménez, F.; Pareja Illeras, M.; Jiménez López, P.; Carmona Sánchez, Mía., 2005:
How to evaluate nursing procedures for bedsores, or decubitus ulcers by means of a codified and computerized record-keeping system

Matesanz, R.; Bozzi, G.; Saviozzi, A.R.; Ferrini, P.L.Rossi.; Cardone, A., 2004:
How to evaluate organ donation: the quality programme in Tuscany

Bernardi, F.; Marchetti, G.; Dolce, A.; Mariani, G., 2004:
How to evaluate phenotype-genotype relationship in rare coagulation haemorrhagic disorders: examples from FVII deficiency

Lyons, R.W., 1953:
How to evaluate shading devices for the hospital

Spath, P., 2006:
How to evaluate social service contributions

Benseñor, I.M., 2004:
How to evaluate the acquisition of clinical skills at medical school: a tough question

Liu, Y-ning., 2006:
How to evaluate the clinical significance of causative organism culture and drug susceptibility test for a clinician

Li, D-hong.; Yu, C., 2004:
How to evaluate the competence in reading chest X-ray film of pneumoconiosis

Weitz, W., 1951:
How to evaluate the erroneous information of the patient regarding lack of sleep?

Tripodi, A.; Chantarangkul, V.; Bressi, C.; Mannucci, P.Mannuccio., 2003:
How to evaluate the influence of blood collection systems on the international sensitivity index. Protocol applied to two new evacuated tubes and eight coagulometer/thromboplastin combinations

Barnes, B.A., 1962:
How to evaluate the literature

Gattoni, F.; Sicola, C., 2005:
How to evaluate the quality of health related websites

Freyberger, H., 1957:
How to evaluate the results of treatment by medical quacks

Hrgovic, Z.; Bukovic, D.; Curzik, D.; Becarevic, R., 2003:
How to evaluate the risks of illnesses when there is a disorder of embroidery and supporting tissues

Schmutz, J.L., 2004:
How to evaluate the severity of psoriasis?

Barras, G., 1962:
How to evaluate the work capacity of stabilized cases of pulmonary tuberculosis and silicotuberculosis

Spath, P., 2007:
How to evaluate transfer of training to workplace

Izar, G., 1960:
How to examine ... a patient of leukemic myelosis

Izar, G., 1960:
How to examine ... a patient of mushroom poisoning

Izar, G., 1960:
How to examine ... a patient of nephroarteriosclerosis caused by chronic lead poisoning

Izar, G., 1960:
How to examine ... a patient with acute gout

Izar, G., 1960:
How to examine ... a renal diabetic patient

Izar, G., 1959:
How to examine a case of acute circulatory collapse

Huard, P., 1951:
How to examine a case of chyluria

Izar, G., 1959:
How to examine a chronic uremic patient

Izar, G., 1959:
How to examine a comatose patient

Izar, G., 1958:
How to examine a cyanotic

Izar, G., 1959:
How to examine a patient of polyuria

Izar, G., 1959:
How to examine a patient of porphyria

Giordanengo, G., 1960:
How to examine a patient with anal pruritus

Izar, G., 1959:
How to examine a patient with ancylostomiasis

Giordanengo, G., 1959:
How to examine a patient with cutaneous or mucosal ulcer

Izar, G., 1960:
How to examine a patient with diabetes insipidus

Izar, G., 1959:
How to examine a patient with gastric carcinoma

Takeda, K., 2005:
How to examine a patient with higher cortical dysfunction at bedside

Di Nola, F., 1959:
How to examine a poliomyelitic

Izar, G., 1960:
How to examine a pulmonary silcosis patient

Izar, G., 1959:
How to examine a subject of barbiturate poisoning

Giordanengo, G., 1958:
How to examine a subject with knee injury

Izar, G., 1958:
How to examine an asthmatic

Lasserre, C., 1950:
How to examine and treat a case of scoliosis

Gerisch, R.A., 1963:
How to examine the ticklish patient

Littlewood, S., 2005:
How to excel at a job interview

Taylor, C., 2005:
How to excel at giving appraisals

Loubert, M.C.; van der Hulst, V.P.M.; De Vries, C.; Bloemendaal, K.; Vahl, A.C., 2003:
How to exclude the dilated false lumen in patients after a type B aortic dissection? The cork in the bottleneck

Anonymous, 2003:
How to exercise an hour a day. Three strategies will help you reach the impossible dream

Löscher, W., 2005:
How to explain multidrug resistance in epilepsy?

Mustajoki, P.; Kaila, M., 2005:
How to explain risks of diseases to a patient

Jian, R., 2005:
How to explore and treat a dyspeptic patient?

Schleich, F.; Krzesinski, J.M.; Legros, J.J., 2005:
How to explore... insipidus polyuropolydipsia syndrome

Scheen, A.J.; Luyckx, F.H.; Lefebvre, P.J., 2006:
How to explore...the metabolic syndrome by its new IDF definition

Zhou, S., 2006:
How to extend hard sphere density functional approximation to nonuniform nonhard sphere fluids: applicable to both subcritical and supercritical temperature regions

Leblanc, E., 2006:
How to extract vaginally a bulky uterine carcinoma with no tumor contamination

Wirta, O., 2005:
How to face the situation when a patient has only one functional kidney?

Pinney, E.V., 1958:
How to face up to administrative problems

Broedsgaard, A.; Wagner, L., 2005:
How to facilitate parents and their premature infant for the transition home

Paulo, L.Pereira., 2006:
How to facilitate the first participation in the education program after the prescription of the base treatment?

Kovarsky, V., 1953:
How to facilitate, in a thwarted left-hander, the passage from acquired dextrokinesia to the innate, but unpracticed or repressed, and therefore unaccustomed, levokinesia

Mardell, A.; Moore, C., 2005:
How to fail an assignment

Greenwald, J., 2007:
How to fail at financial planning without really trying

Thiel, G., 2005:
How to fashion earplugs using cotton wool and petroleum jelly

Raymond, V.; Baruch, C., 1958:
How to feed Parisian workers

Speranskii, G.N., 1955:
How to feed a child under one year of age

Pennachio, D.L., 2003:
How to fight bundling

Penn, R., 1956:
How to figure depreciation: current dollars for current services

Aleman, Aé.; David, A.S., 2006:
How to fill a half-full glass: emotion and schizophrenia

Horty, J.F., 1963:
How to fill vacancies on the board

Koppinen, J., 2005:
How to finance animal health?

Grossman, H., 2006:
How to find a doctor. AAHIVM offers badly needed credentials

Zide, B.M., 2005:
How to find a foreign body: wire grid technique

Quint, B.G., 1976:
How to find a good dentist you can afford

Bartholomew, K.; Knapp, K., 2007:
How to find a nursing job online

Wickner, R.B.; Edskes, H.K.; Shewmaker, F., 2006:
How to find a prion: [URE3], [PSI+] and [beta

Gomez, E.G., 2003:
How to find and evaluate Internet information

Koop, P.M., 2004:
How to find and evaluate potentially useful research instruments

Karim, K.; Breton, F.; Rouillon, R.; Piletska, E.V.; Guerreiro, A.; Chianella, I.; Piletsky, S.A., 2005:
How to find effective functional monomers for effective molecularly imprinted polymers?

Wyer, P.C.; Allen, T.Y.; Corrall, C.James., 2003:
How to find evidence when you need it, part 4: Matching clinical questions to appropriate databases

Byers, M.M., 2005:
How to find great employees

Gelman, S.J.; Smolens, J.B., 1962:
How to find nursing staff for 80,000 new beds

Kern, J.; Becue, M.; Hercigonja-Szekeres, M.; Vuletic, S., 2004:
How to find out burning problem of telemedicine?

Koschorreck, M.; Fischer, M.; Barth, S.; Pleiss, Jürgen., 2005:
How to find soluble proteins: a comprehensive analysis of alpha/beta hydrolases for recombinant expression in E. coli

Kaufman, E.S.; Rosenbaum, D.S., 2005:
How to find the high-risk patient among individuals with a Brugada syndrome-type electrocardiogram

Leo, F.; Venissac, N.; Pop, D.; Khelef, S.; Mouroux, Jérôme., 2006:
How to find the limit between station 2 and station 4 during mediastinoscopy?

Rauch, T.; Kiss, I., 2004:
How to find the real one (at the level of pre-mRNA splicing)

Greiff, J.S., 2003:
How to find training that's right for you

Dunkerley, M., 2004:
How to find what you're looking for. Healthcare's large databases require sophisticated searching and matching techniques

Gerlt, J.A., 2004:
How to find "missing" genes

Tilton, D., 2006:
How to fine-tune your PICC care

Benedetti, G.J., 2006:
How to fire a staff member

Tyre, P.; Staveley-O'Carroll, S., 2005:
How to fix school lunch

Mozziconacci, P.; Attal, C.; Caramanian, M.K., 1961:
How to fix the duration of hormonal treatment of Bouillaud's disease

Braga, E.Mara.; da Silva, M.Júlia.Paes., 2006 :
How to follow communicative competence progress in nursing students

Guski, R., 2004:
How to forecast community annoyance in planning noisy facilities

Foucault, J.P., 1960:
How to forestall hypokalemia appearing in the course of treatment by chlorothiazide

Brown, K., 2004:
How to form and strengthen your local biomedical association

Saavedra, A.M., 1959:
How to form the character of the child

Brown, P.; Brunnhuber, K.; Chalkidou, K.; Chalmers, I.; Clarke, M.; Fenton, M.; Forbes, C.; Glanville, J.; Hicks, N.J.; Moody, J.; Twaddle, S.; Timimi, H.; Young, P., 2006:
How to formulate research recommendations

Kurzenhäuser, S.; Hertwig, R., 2006:
How to foster citizens' statistical reasoning: implications for genetic counseling

Thomson, C.S., 1954:
How to free a stuck syringe

Elbow, P.X., 1955:
How to frustrate prospective pilferers

Roll, C.; Kinner, B.; Gruber, H.; Nerlich, M., 2005:
How to gauge the importance of sports medicine for the medical training of medical students?

Oertel, M.F.; Preiss, M.; Puille, M.; Bauer, R., 2007:
How to get 133Xe into solution for blood flow studies: a technical note with an emphasis on neurosurgical patients

Sanders, B., 2003:
How to get a consultant before a consultant gets you

Nicoletti, B., 2005:
How to get a good night's sleep: adhere to correct billing practices

Read, L.E., 1955:
How to get action for liberty

Fuller, J.C., 1951:
How to get along with civic groups

Bustard, W.L., 1958:
How to get along with funeral directors

Mead, S., 1962:
How to get an alcoholic history in a woman patient

Jones, E.W., 1951:
How to get building and operating materials

Beal, G.M., 1950:
How to get community acceptance and participation for an activity in tuberculosis control

Farmer, J.E., 1950:
How to get community acceptance and participation in a legislative program

Plishner, M.J., 1950:
How to get community acceptance and participation through the Veterans Administration voluntary services program

Ogden, J., 1950:
How to get community acceptance and participation. The Ogdens talk it over

Brackebusch, F., 1950:
How to get community acceptance and participation. Through development of a community health council

Casey, J.B., 1954:
How to get dental volunteers

Newman, B., 1955:
How to get full value from uniforms

Staggs, R., 1960:
How to get good meals from ground meat

Pouliquen, X., 2004:
How to get into the "frozen" abdomen

Clark, G.E., 1954:
How to get more and better work done

Bridgman, C.F., 1953:
How to get motion economy

Schneegans, E.; Rohmer, A., 1958:
How to get newborn adjusted to industrial milk

Brazier, M.W., 1956:
How to get off the housekeeper's treadmill

Lloyd, G.; O'Sullivan, I.; Rawlinson, N.; Mann, C.; Harris, A., 2003:
How to get on a SpR rotation in emergency medicine (and make the most of it)

Efraimsson, E.; Sandman, P-Olof.; Hydén, L-Christer.; Holritz Rasmussen, B., 2006 :
How to get one's voice heard: the problems of the discharge planning conference

Ripley, A., 2005:
How to get out alive

Anonymous, 2005:
How to get out of the waste emergency in the Campania Region

Reiss, J.B., 2003:
How to get paid for a new diabetes product

Moore, M.C., 1962:
How to get patients to eat right foods

Benson, S., 2004:
How to get practical support and advice

Sister Elenius, 1955:
How to get prompt, complete records

Albarran, J.W.; Scholes, J., 2005:
How to get published: seven easy steps

Saren, M., 1959:
How to get ready for radiation disaster

O'neil, W., 1956:
How to get rich: own a hospital?

Quarterman, K.D.; Wright, J.W., 1956:
How to get rid of flies

Carcassonne, Y., 1954:
How to get rid of intestinal parasites

Sanders, S., 1961:
How to get started in allergy

Anonymous, 2006:
How to get the best heart info. Free or low-cost: a home library from sources you can trust

Floro, G.K., 1958:
How to get the most from old guard employees

Fuller, G., 2005:
How to get the most out of nerve conduction studies and electromyography

Bowles, G., 1961:
How to get the most use out of the stock drug list

Schoeller, V.D., 1954:
How to get the worker into the act; you must convince the worker he has a personal stake in eliminating waste motion on the job

Vanderhoof, W., 2005:
How to get workers to wear it

Ensign, L.Garnsey.; Cohen, K.Bretonnel., 2018:
A Primer to the Structure, Content and Linkage of the FDA's Manufacturer and User Facility Device Experience (MAUDE) Files

Lautman, K.Partney., 2003:
How to get your message across simply and forcefully. Why your fund-raising mail should be ugly

Burgdorf, W.H.C., 2005:
How to get your paper accepted in an English-language journal

Ibrahim, K.Elfaki.; Bakhiet, A.Omer.; Awadalla, M.Elaeed.; Khan, H.Ahmad., 2017:
A priming dose protects against gold nanoparticles-induced proinflammatory cytokines mRNA expression in mice

Brady, N.A., 1955:
How to get your program off to a good start

Redling, R., 2004:
How to get--and keep--employees' trust. Good management is the foundation

Del Torto, U., 1962:
How to give 1st aid to the victim of a traffic accident

Weiss, G.Garfinkel., 2004:
How to give and receive employee feedback

Chase, M.L., 1962:
How to give directions employes can follow

Anonymous, 2007:
How to give medicine to children

Burgess, A.M.; Eagan, M.L., 1957:
How to give oxygen therapy by tent

Labignette, P., 1954:
How to give the result of a biological examination

Kadlec, D., 2006:
How to give to the little guys

Suh, E.; Quintessenza, J.; Huhta, J.; Quintero, R., 2006:
How to grow a heart: fibreoptic guided fetal aortic valvotomy

Whitfield, J.F., 2003:
How to grow bone to treat osteoporosis and mend fractures

Ready, D.A., 2004:
How to grow great leaders

Von Smitten, K., 2005:
How to guarantee the quality of breast cancer surgeries in Finland

McLean, E.; Jamieson, J.; Holmes, G., 2006:
How to guard against assault

Mamer, L.J., 1956:
How to guard against fire hazards in the kitchen

Anonymous, 2006:
How to guard against impostor JCAHO surveyors

Liszka, H.A.; Steyer, T.E.; Hueston, W.J., 2006:
How to guide patients for online information: focus on chronic disease

Guterl, F., 2004:
How to halt another outbreak

Yagi, K.; Watanabe, J.; Nakamura, A.; Sekine, A., 2006:
How to handle Barrett's esophagus

Anonymous, 2006:
How to handle a hangover. Drinking fluids may help with the morning-after misery from getting drunk

Aagesen, W.J.; Morrison, L.E.; Sputh, C.B., 1954:
How to handle acute nasal injuries

Weiss, G.Garfinkel., 2004:
How to handle conflict

Riviere, M., 1951:
How to handle estrogens

Turner, W.K.; Viguers, R.T., 1958:
How to handle four kinds of hospital interviews

Helgesson, G.; Ludvigsson, J.; Gustafsson Stolt, U., 2005:
How to handle informed consent in longitudinal studies when participants have a limited understanding of the study

Lowes, R., 2005:
How to handle no-shows

Bowles, G., 1962:
How to handle personal drug needs of hospital employes

Graff, L., 1955:
How to handle press relations

Hottum, C.H., 1956:
How to handle property and depreciation records

Schachner, T.; Bonaros, N.; Feuchtner, G.; Müller, L.; Laufer, Günther.; Bonatti, J., 2005:
How to handle remote access perfusion for endoscopic cardiac surgery

Hertlein, S., 2006:
How to handle sales demo, reference checks, and site visits

Fair, E.W., 1959:
How to handle salesmen's calls profitably

Miller, J.F., 1950:
How to handle special charges

Talbot, T., 2004:
How to handle sticky personnel situations

Phillips, J., 2005:
How to handle the post-inspection process

Dubreuil, C.; Tringali, S., 2006:
How to harvest and prepare cartilage for tympanoplasty

Beer, M.; Eisenstat, R.A., 2004:
How to have an honest conversation about your business strategy

Lemonick, M.D., 2003:
How to heal a hypochondriac

Sumargono, E.; Hayashi, Y.; Tamura, Y.; Nishiguchi, N.; Yoshida, T.; Wada, A.; Shinfuku, N.; Kurosaka, M.; Maeda, S., 2005:
How to help Acehnese helping themselves?--a note after a visit with Kobe University medical team

Mother M Thomasine, 1954:
How to help C.H.A. hospitals in gaining accreditation

Weiss, G.Garfinkel., 2005:
How to help a new associate succeed

Oppenheim, D.; Hartmann, O., 2004:
How to help children and adolescents suffering from cancer

Wiesenfeld, L.; Samuels, S.C., 2004:
How to help demented or psychotic patients await a psychiatric consultation

Malque, Fçoise., 2006:
How to help migrant children surmount their difficulties at school?

Brehme, T., 1957:
How to help our children in crises of our time

van Biljon, X.; Bolliger, 2006:
How to help smokers quit: Part 2

van Biljon, X.; Bolliger, 2006:
How to help smokers quit: part 1

Broderick, T.J., 1960:
How to help supervisors evaluate employes

Fakkema, L., 1959:
How to help the child with cystic fibrosis

Hogan, S.Leininger., 2004:
How to help wounds heal

Blindauer, C.A.; Sadler, P.J., 2005:
How to hide zinc in a small protein

Talbot, T., 2006:
How to hire an office manager

Gorbach, S.L., 2005:
How to hit the runs for fifty million travelers at risk

Bjerknes, R., 2005:
How to identify adrenal cortex suppression in children treated with inhalation steroids?

Pairon, J-Claude.; Dalphin, J-Charles.; Ameille, J., 2004:
How to identify an occupational exposure to carcinogens and in which cases?

Horsch, A.; Thurmayr, R., 2003:
How to identify and assess tasks and challenges of Medical Image Processing

Baudi, P.; Righi, P.; Bolognesi, D.; Rivetta, S.; Rossi Urtoler, E.; Guicciardi, N.; Carrara, M., 2006:
How to identify and calculate glenoid bone deficit

Villella, A.; Cudennec, T., 2006:
How to identify and prevent the risk of mass food poisoning in institutions?

Klemsdal, T.Ole.; Tonstad, S.; Hjermann, I., 2004:
How to identify individuals with elevated cardiovascular risk?

Cedraschi, C.; Allaz, A.F., 2005:
How to identify patients with a poor prognosis in daily clinical practice

Maury, E.; Guglielminotti, J.; Alzieu, M.; Qureshi, T.; Guidet, B.; Offenstadt, G., 2004:
How to identify patients with no risk for postextubation stridor?

Andersson, A.G.; Kamwendo, K.; Seiger, A.; Appelros, P., 2006:
How to identify potential fallers in a stroke unit: validity indexes of 4 test methods

Glanville, J.M.; Lefebvre, C.; Miles, J.N.V.; Camosso-Stefinovic, J., 2006:
How to identify randomized controlled trials in MEDLINE: ten years on

Traxer, O.; Sèbe, P.; Chambade, D.; Sylvestre, Ségolène.; Haab, Fçois.; Gattegno, B.; Thibault, P., 2005:
How to identify the neck of a caliceal diverticulum in flexible ureterorenoscopy

Sperling, L.; Kiil, C.; Larsen, L.U.; Qvist, I.; Bach, D.; Wøjdemann, K.; Bladh, A.; Nikkilä, A.; Jørgensen, C.; Skajaa, K.; Bang, J.; Tabor, A., 2005:
How to identify twins at low risk of spontaneous preterm delivery

West, O.Clark., 2004:
How to image from head to pubis for blunt abdominal trauma using GE LightSpeed QX/i

Meador, K., 2007:
How to image memory in epilepsy

Morrow, T., 2005:
How to implement a disease management program: ten steps to success

Craig, G.P.; Baker, K., 2007:
How to implement a laptop computer requirement: lessons learned

Kaplan, R.S.; Norton, D.P., 2006:
How to implement a new strategy without disrupting your organization

Powell, C.V.E., 2003:
How to implement change in clinical practice

Zwelling, E.; Johnson, K.; Allen, J., 2006:
How to implement complementary therapies for laboring women

Saleem, T.Faiz.M., 2004:
How to implement evidence into practice to improve diabetes care: response to Ilag et al

Pérez-García, R.; López Gómez, J.; Jofré, R.; Rodríguez Benítez, P., 2006 :
How to implement online HDF in a dialysis unit

Houghton, M., 2005:
How to impress in the oral exam

Impollonia, M., 2004:
How to impress nursing recruiters to get the job you want

Terriou, P.; Giorgetti, C.; Hans, E.; Salzmann, J.; Charles, O.; Cignetti, L.; Avon, C.; Roulier, R., 2006:
How to improve ART results? Is France behind other countries? Strategy for single embryo transfer: The value of embryo selection and embryo freezing

Rossin-Amar, B., 2006:
How to improve IVF results from a clinical point of view?

Berkovitz, A.; Eltes, F.; Lederman, H.; Peer, S.; Ellenbogen, A.; Feldberg, B.; Bartoov, B., 2006:
How to improve IVF-ICSI outcome by sperm selection

Vickers, A.J., 2007:
How to improve accrual to clinical trials of symptom control 1: recruitment strategies

Gafter, U., 2006:
How to improve anti-hepatitis B vaccination

Devaux, A.; Lévy, R., 2006:
How to improve assisted reproductive techniques results? Biological aspects

Frena, A.; Martin, F., 2006:
How to improve bilio-stasis in liver surgery

Delay, E.; Delpierre, J.; Sinna, R.; Chekaroua, K., 2005:
How to improve breast implant reconstructions?

Condit, G.W., 1958:
How to improve business management and human relations

Banks, C., 2004:
How to improve care through effective decision-making

Merrer, J.; Lefrant, J-Y.; Timsit, J-F., 2005:
How to improve central venous catheter use in intensive care unit?

Bonaldi, A., 2003:
How to improve clinical competence

Söllner, W.; Maislinger, S.; Kappauf, H., 2003:
How to improve communication between physicians and cancer patients about use of complementary and alternative medicine?

Weiner, S.; King, K.; Chen, S-Cheng., 2005:
How to improve communication in dialysis units: a survey of family focus readers

Gourevitch, R., 2006:
How to improve compliance in the patients with schizophrenia?

Flottorp, S.; Bjerkeland, E.; Baerheim, A.; Forland, F.; Forsgren, B.; Hagerup, J.; Haavet, O.Rikard.; Malde, K.; Maartmann-Moe, K.; Nicolaisen, M.; Prestegaard, K.; Thesen, J.; Vinje, L., 2005:
How to improve continuing education and quality improvement in general practice?

Zdrojewski, T.; Babinska, Z.; Kakol, Mł.; Januszko, W.; Rutkowski, M.; Bandosz, P.; Piwonski, J.; Krupa-Wojciechowska, B.; Wyrzykowski, B., 2006:
How to improve cooperation with political leaders and other decision-makers to improve prevention of cardiovascular disease: lessons from Poland

Gupta, A.K.; Ryder, J.E., 2003 :
How to improve cure rates for the management of onychomycosis

German-Fattal, Mèle.; Mösges, R., 2004:
How to improve current therapeutic standards in upper respiratory infections: value of fusafungine

Mandolfo, S.; Borlandelli, S.; Ravani, P.; Imbasciati, E., 2006:
How to improve dialysis adequacy in patients with vascular access problems

Seiff, A.N., 1958:
How to improve doctor-lawyer relations. I. The lawyer's point of view

Kelley, J.F., 1958:
How to improve doctor-lawyer relations. II. Implementing the standards of practice at the local level

Tack, J.; Corsetti, M., 2004:
How to improve drug development for functional disorders

Nowicki, R., 2006:
How to improve efficacy of onychomycosis treatment?

Froissart, M.; Rossert, Jérôme., 2006:
How to improve estimation of renal function in the elderly

Goodman, D.; Hiniker, P.B.; Paley, J.M., 2003:
How to improve home care pain management processes

Bujak, J.S., 2004:
How to improve hospital-physician relationships

Flanagan, J.J., 1953:
How to improve human relations; certain rules must be adhered to but true Christian charity is basic

Lowes, R., 2003:
How to improve in-office collections

Yuan, I.C., 1962:
How to improve infant nutrition in Formosa

Citerio, G.; Galli, D.; Cadore, B.; Rondelli, E.; Sala, F.; Abbruzzese, C., 2006:
How to improve ischemic stroke treatment in the fibrinolysis era

Anonymous, 2006:
How to improve laparoscopic access safety: ENDOTIP

van Marwijk, H., 2004:
How to improve mental health competency in general practice training?--a SWOT analysis

Frezza, E.E., 2005:
How to improve office collection in a bariatric practice

Shaheen, F.A.M.; Souqiyyeh, M.Ziad., 2004:
How to improve organ donation in the MESOT countries

Baran, D., 2004:
How to improve organ donation rates

Cracowski, J-L.; Paris, A., 2005:
How to improve patients' understanding in biomedical research?

Levin, R.P., 2006:
How to improve practice communication

Levin, R.P., 2006:
How to improve practice harmony

Bastiaens, H.; Caris, R.; Van Royen, P.; Hoerée, T.; Ceulemans, L.; Denaeyer, P., 2003:
How to improve primary prevention of neural tube defects in Flanders: perspectives of the target population, care providers and stakeholders

Resch-Genger, U.; Hoffmann, K.; Nietfeld, W.; Engel, A.; Neukammer, J.; Nitschke, R.; Ebert, B.; Macdonald, R., 2005:
How to improve quality assurance in fluorometry: fluorescence-inherent sources of error and suited fluorescence standards

Shroeder, W.D., 1962:
How to improve relationships with other departments

Debruyne, L.; De Bacquer, D.; De Henauw, S.; Maes, L.; Annemans, L.; De Backer, G., 2006:
How to improve screening in first-degree relatives of patients with premature coronary heart disease

Ryynänen, M.; Tekay, A.; Niemimaa, M.; Taipale, P.; Heinonen, S., 2004:
How to improve screening of Down syndrome

Semprini, P.L., 2003:
How to improve the appropriate application of stress test

Bilo, G.; Giglio, A.; Styczkiewicz, K.; Caldara, G.; Kawecka-Jaszcz, K.; Mancia, G.; Parati, G., 2006:
How to improve the assessment of 24-h blood pressure variability

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How to improve the diagnostic and therapeutic levels of oral premalignant lesions

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How to improve the efficiency of an inter-industry medical service

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How to improve the incorporation of massive allografts?

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How to improve the prognosis of stomach cancer. Procedure to follow when faced with gastric ulceration

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How to improve the quality of waived tests

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How to improve the relations between psychoanalysts

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How to improve the safety of patients treated in the NHS

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How to improve the screening and diagnosis of fetal aneuploidy?

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How to improve the specificity and sensitivity of biopsy technique in screening

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How to improve the therapeutic results in intestinal cancer

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How to improve the working methods of economic administrators in the Institutes of National Health. On the problem of the position and working methods of economic and administrative directors in the Institutes of National Health

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How to improve your maths skills

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How to improve your online doctor directory

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How to improve your reading ability

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How to improve, in practice, the prevention of tuberculosis in children

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How to incorporate

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How to incorporate genetic thinking into your practice

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How to increase adequacy of peritoneal dialysis in children?

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How to increase efficiency

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How to increase infantile immunizations

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How to increase inflow in liver transplantation

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How to increase meat yields and decrease costs

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How to increase patient acceptance for cosmetic dentistry: cosmetic imaging with Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0

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How to increase production on state-owned farms

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How to increase return on investment of the intensive care pharmacist - fear of flying

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How to increase the bed capacity in an Internal Medicine Department & problems of the admission room in hospitals

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How to increase the number of studies on wound prevalence?

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How to increase the optimal rate of secondary cytoreductive surgery in recurrent epithelial ovarian cancer

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How to increase the standard of public health education

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How to increase your funding chances: common pitfalls in medical grant applications

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How to induce remission in primary systemic vasculitis

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How to influence state legislatures and regulatory agencies

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How to influence the practice of physical activity in persons with coronary disease?

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How to inform a morbidly obese patient on the specific risk to develop postoperative pulmonary complications using evidence-based methodology

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How to inform the general public that tuberculosis is not yet under control

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How to inform the public that tuberculosis is not yet a conquered disease

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How to inherit IQ: an exchange

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How to inhibit telomerase activity for cancer therapy

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How to initiate and monitor infusional lidocaine for severe and/or neuropathic pain

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How to inject consumerism into your existing health plans

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How to inject the HumanOptics 1CU without an injector

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How to insert a double J stent in laparoscopic retroperitoneal dismembered pyeloplasty: a new technique

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How to insert spirituality in therapeutic process

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How to inspire and involve future medical doctors in CF care?

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How to install a blood bank

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How to install an implantable site for chemotherapy through the cephalic vein

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How to insure a satisfactory building program

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How to insure complete liability coverage

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How to insure health education in the hospital

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How to insure successful repair of cleft palate

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How to integrate computer technology into the practice: maximizing your investment

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How to integrate medical management and vocational rehabilitation in disability management programs

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How to integrate personnel

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How to intensify the campaign against leprosy

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How to interest the public in what it does not want to know

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How to interpret a CSF--the art and the science

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How to interpret a healthcare economic analysis

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How to interpret a thromboelastogram

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How to interpret a "cholecystography"

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How to interpret electroanatomic maps

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How to interpret mental disease

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How to interpret sleep in the child: from physiology to pathology

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How to interpret surrogate markers of efficacy in osteoporosis

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How to interpret the findings of the eVALuate study

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How to introduce cytodiagnosis successfully in general practitioner's detection of cancer of the genitalia

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How to intubate

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How to investigate a putative signal? Stick to the right method when assessing the response of a receiver

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How to investigate ophthalmological problems

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How to investigate skin endothelial dysfunction in diabetes

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How to investigate....A darkened skin lesion during pregnancy. A difficult task for the clinician

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How to involve cancer patients at the end of life as co-researchers

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How to involve consumers in your research team

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How to join the C.A.M.R.L

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How to judge vinyl wall coverings

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How to keep A players productive

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How to keep V(D)J recombination under control

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How to keep a wet preparation of synovial fluid

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How to keep central service central

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How to keep children safe in traffic: find the daredevils early

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How to keep clean in spite of everything

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How to keep conductive floors conductive

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How to keep diet changes in order

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How to keep dressing cart from carrying contamination

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How to keep employees from taking you to court

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How to keep from mislaying patients

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How to keep good judgment from going bad

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How to keep infection out of the air

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How to keep injured CNS neurons viable--strategies for neuroprotection and gene transfer to retinal ganglion cells

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How to keep lay personnel. I

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How to keep lay personnel. II

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How to keep motors efficient

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How to keep one's own independence

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How to keep out of trouble in the kitchen

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How to keep personnel relations personal

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How to keep pots and pans clean

Anonymous, 2003:
How to keep recovery on track. PHone reminders and frank talk help lock in health gains

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How to keep sane during a building program

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How to keep septic the patient alive?

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How to keep small fires from being big ones

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How to keep small patients busy and contented

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How to keep staph off the telephone

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How to keep that well-trained assistant happy

Anonymous, 2006:
How to keep those New Year's resolutions. Psychologists have identified successful ways of meeting self-determined goals, but they may not work if you're a perfectionist

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How to keep track of surgical infection rates

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How to keep up to date with practice

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How to keep voluntary hospitals voluntary

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How to keep your cool

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How to keep your heart healthy

Hoffman, L., 2006:
How to keep your patients moving

Platt-McDonald, S., 2006:
How to kick your career into action

Peterson, K., 2005:
How to kick-start your CAPA process

Tieman, J., 2003:
How to kill a mandate. Hospital lobby persuades Scully, CMS to scuttle proposal that would have required hospitals to measure patient satisfaction

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How to kill a tooth

Crawford, D.H., 2007:
How to kill two herpes viruses with one stone

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How to label lymphocytic meningitis

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How to land the job that's right for you

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How to launch a national Internet-based panel study quickly: lessons from studying how American are coping with the tragedy of September 11, 2001?

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How to launch a public relations program by celebrating a jubilee

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How to launder articles contaminated by atomic radiation

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How to launder soiled surgical gloves