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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 49301

Chapter 49301 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Hass, H-Jürgen.; Krause, H.; Kroker, S.; Wagemann, W., 2006:
Implantation of human demineralized bone matrix (DBM) for the treatment of juvenile bone cysts

Zaleski, W., 1957:
Implantation of human tumors in laboratory animals

Kuthan, S., 1951:
Implantation of hypophysis in the treatment of rheumatism

Perzanowski, C.; Timothy, P.; McAfee, M.; McDaniel, M.; Meyer, D.; Torres, V., 2004:
Implantation of implantable cardioverter-defibrillators from an ileofemoral approach

Mueller, H.W.; Graham, J.E.; Pulaski, E.J., 1960:
Implantation of intestinal cancer following colotomy, coloscopy, and colon resection

Juret, P.; Hayem, M., 1961:
Implantation of intrapituitary radioactive material (Au-198 and Y-90) in metastatic cancers of the breast. Clinical and biological review apropos of 75 cases

Menezo, J.L.; Martínez-Costa, R.; Cisneros, A.; Desco, M.C., 2005:
Implantation of iris devices in congenital and traumatic aniridias: surgery solutions and complications

Lind, Göran.; Meyerson, Börn.A.; Winter, J.; Linderoth, B., 2003:
Implantation of laminotomy electrodes for spinal cord stimulation in spinal anesthesia with intraoperative dorsal column activation

Tobalina Aguirrezábal, E.; Múgica Alcorta, Iés.; Portugal Porras, V.; Sarabia García, Sán., 2007:
Implantation of laparoscopic colon surgery in a general surgery department

Stava, Z., 1950:
Implantation of large dose of follicular hormone in young man; effect on acne conglobata

Jorgensen, J.; Palmer, S.; Kalogeropoulos, A.; Arita, T.; Block, P.; Martin, R.; Lerakis, S., 2007:
Implantation of left atrial appendage occlusion devices and complex appendage anatomy: the importance of transesophageal echocardiography

Zanon, F.; Baracca, E.; Pastore, G.; Aggio, S.; Rigatelli, G.; Dondina, C.; Marras, G.; Braggion, G.; Boaretto, G.; Cardaioli, P.; Galasso, M.; Zonzin, P.; Barold, S.Serge., 2006:
Implantation of left ventricular leads using a telescopic catheter system

Schrom, T.; Habermann, A.; Wernecke, K.; Scherer, H., 2005:
Implantation of lid weights for therapy of lagophthalmos

Tsuman, V.G., 1958:
Implantation of lyophilized homologous bone and plaster of paris in parotid insufficiency

Jubel, A.; Fischer, J.; Andermahr, J.; Isenberg, J.; Schiffer, G.; Stoddart, M.; Rehm, K.E.; Häuselmann, H.J., 2006:
Implantation of matrix-free cartilage transplants in standardized defects in sheep knee joints

Ngoy Nkulu, D.; Dauphin, C.; Motreff, P.; Joly, H.; Souteyrand, G.; Lamaison, D.; Cassagnes, J.; de Riberolles, C.; Lusson, J.R., 2006:
Implantation of mechanical pulmonary and tricuspid valve prostheses at a distance from complete repair of Tetralogy of Fallot

Urminský, J.; Rozsíval, P.; Feuermannová, A.; Lorencová, V.; Jirásková, N., 2004:
Implantation of multifocal intraocular lenses

Prosser, L.; Agrawal, C.Mauli.; Polan, J.; Elliott, J.; Adams, D.G.; Bailey, S.R., 2006:
Implantation of oxygen enhanced, three-dimensional microporous L-PLA polymers: a reproducible porcine model of chronic total coronary occlusion

al-Khadra, A.S., 2003:
Implantation of pacemakers and implantable cardioverter defibrillators in orally anticoagulated patients

Claude, R., 1952:
Implantation of penicillin-retard tablets

Maspes, P.E.; Beduschi, A.; Cassinari, V.; Marossero, F.; Migliore, A.; Pagni, C.A., 1961:
Implantation of permanent deep electrodes by the Talairach stereotaxic method

Yao, K.; Xu, W.; Zhang, W-Ying.; Pan, Y-Chen.; Li, Z-Qi., 2003:
Implantation of phakic anterior chamber intraocular lens for high myopia

Bi, H-sheng.; Ma, X-hua.; Cai, W-ting.; Liu, D-mei.; Ji, P., 2006:
Implantation of phakic anterior chamber intraocular lens for the correction of severe myopia

Roemer, H.; Vollmer, E., 1954:
Implantation of pituitary gland in menstrual disorders. I..

Kuhnau, 1953:
Implantation of pituitary gland of calf: new therapy of skin diseases

Bues, E., 1952:
Implantation of pituitary tissue in trigeminal neuralgia

Gasteiger, H., 1958:
Implantation of plastic lens in the human eye

Hamit, H.F., 1957:
Implantation of plastics in the breast; complications in a case

Rouane-Crepeaux, J., 1956:
Implantation of polysteroid hormones in menopause

Riviere, M.R.; Chouroulinkov, I.; Oberling, C.; Guerin, M., 1960:
Implantation of polystyrene in the rat. I. Anatomopathological study of the tumors obtained and their transplantation by graft

Vendrely, C.; Riviere, M.R.; Chouroulinkov, I.; Guerin, M., 1961:
Implantation of polystyrene in the rat. II. Comparative study of the DNA content of the nuclei of a solid tumor and of its ascitic form

Nikolaenko, V.P.; Astakhov, I.S., 2006:
Implantation of porous polytetrafluoroethylene orbital inserts: complications. Communication 2

Nikolaenko, V.P.; Astakhov, I.S., 2006:
Implantation of porous polytetrafluoroethylene orbital inserts: techniques and outcomes. Communication 1

Rouher, N.; Pilon, F.; Dalens, H.; Fauquert, J-L.; Kemeny, J-L.; Rigal, D.; Chiambaretta, F., 2005:
Implantation of preserved human amniotic membrane for the treatment of shield ulcers and persistent corneal epithelial defects in chronic allergic keratoconjunctivitis

Burian, K.; Stockinger, L., 1955:
Implantation of preserved skin homografts on bone; study on experimental animals

Roubillard, J.; Pardo, A., 1952:
Implantation of progesterone in habitual abortion and in symptoms of abortion

Baltzer, H.; Durbeck, K., 1951 :
Implantation of progynon and proluton C crystals in the management of pregnancy complicated by severe diabetes

Winter, A.; Vargas, L.; Lewin, J., 1951:
Implantation of protamine zinc insulin in diabetes in children and adolescents; preliminary communication

Muller, C., 1953:
Implantation of purified estrogen hormones in women

Meyer, H.J.; Chansue, N.; Monticelli, F., 2005:
Implantation of radio frequency identification device (RFID) microchip in disaster victim identification (DVI)

Fergusson, J.D., 1957:
Implantation of radioactive material into the pituitary for the control of prostatic cancer: an interim review

Goffrini, P.; Fesani, F.; Peracchia, A., 1959:
Implantation of radioactive yttrium (Y90) in the sella turcica in the treatment of breast and prostate carcinoma in the advanced stage (considerations on 21 cases)

Ishiyama, S.; Inoue, S.; Kobayashi, K.; Sano, Y.; Kushida, N.; Yamazaki, Y.; Yanaga, K., 2006:
Implantation of rectal cancer in an anal fistula: report of a case

Hovenanian, M.S., 1950:
Implantation of renal parenchymal carcinoma

Flohr, W., 1953:
Implantation of resin in the region of the face and maxilla; clinical and histological results

Vanysek, J., 1951:
Implantation of resins into the orbit

Schmidt, H.J., 1955:
Implantation of saddle plantates made from steel as bridge support under the gingiva

Aron Brunetiere, M.R., 1954:
Implantation of serum gonadotropin in acne; general statistical results

Kugelberg, M.; Kugelberg, U.; Bobrova, N.; Tronina, S.; Zetterström, C., 2006:
Implantation of single-piece foldable acrylic IOLs in small children in the Ukraine

Kammer, S., 1956:
Implantation of steel braces for prosthetic purposes

Schmidt, H.J., 1953:
Implantation of steel frames beneath the gingiva; for information, illustration, critical study and debate, but not for imitation

Son, S.; Thamlikitkul, V.; Chokephaibulkit, K.; Perera, J.; Jayatilleke, K.; Hsueh, P-R.; Lu, C-Y.; Balaji, V.; Moriuchi, H.; Nakashima, Y.; Lu, M.; Yang, Y.; Yao, K.; Kim, S.H.; Song, J.H.; Kim, S.; Kim, M-J.; Heininger, U.; Chiu, C-H.; Kim, Y-J., 2018:
Prospective multinational serosurveillance study of Bordetella pertussis infection among 10- to 18-year-old Asian children and adolescents

Sachs, H.G.; Gekeler, F.; Schwahn, H.; Jakob, W.; Köhler, M.; Schulmeyer, F.; Marienhagen, J.; Brunner, U.; Framme, C., 2005:
Implantation of stimulation electrodes in the subretinal space to demonstrate cortical responses in Yucatan minipig in the course of visual prosthesis development

Ozin, Bülent.; Borman, Hüseyin.; Bozbaş, Hüseyun.; Atar, I.; Korkmaz, M.Emin.; Müderrisoglu, H., 2004:
Implantation of submammary implantable cardioverter defibrillators

Rottenberg, A., 1952:
Implantation of teeth in acrylic

Schick, V., 2005:
Implantation of the AMS 800 artificial sphincter system in a woman via a paraurethral access

Lamarche, Y.; Cartier, R.; Denault, Aé.Y.; Basmadjian, Aène.; Berry, C.; Laborde, J-Claude.; Bonan, R., 2006:
Implantation of the CoreValve percutaneous aortic valve

Dorffner, R.; Neumann, C.; Gergely, I.; Renner, R.; Juhasz, M.; Resinger, M.; Dorffner, G., 2003:
Implantation of the Corinthian IQ stent into the femoropopliteal arteries using 6-F introducer sheaths in antegrade and crossover procedures: midterm results

Frazier, O.H., 2003:
Implantation of the Jarvik 2000 left ventricular assist device without the use of cardiopulmonary bypass

Hohlweg-Majert, B.; Gutwald, R.; Siegenthaler, M.P.; Schmelzeisen, R., 2005:
Implantation of the Jarvik 2000 left-ventricular-assist-device: role of the maxillofacial surgeon

Vlková, E.; Horácková, M.; Hrubá, H.; Svacinová, J., 2003:
Implantation of the Starr Surgical intraocular posterior chamber lenses for phakic eyes in medium and higher levels of myopia and hyperopia

James, N.L.; van der Meer, A.L.; Edwards, G.A.; Snelling, S.R.; Begg, J.D.; Esmore, D.S.; Woodard, J.C., 2003:
Implantation of the VentrAssist Implantable Rotary Blood Pump in sheep

Felinski, L., 1957:
Implantation of the cannula into the duodenum in lambs

Jakovljevic, V., 1950:
Implantation of the choledochus and pancreas into the jejunum in cancer of the head of the pancreas

Jakovljevitch, V., 1950:
Implantation of the common bile duct and pancreas in the jejunum in exeresis for cancer of the head of the pancreas

Tireli, E.; Korkut, A.K.; Basaran, M., 2003:
Implantation of the coronary arteries after reconstruction of the neoaorta by using pericardial or pulmonary hood techniques. A significant impact on the outcome of arterial switch operations

Carando, M., 1951:
Implantation of the ectatic ureters into the sigmoid

Johnstone, J.W., 1955:
Implantation of the fallopian tubes for sterility

Martinek, A.; Veselsky, J., 1951:
Implantation of the fresh animal pituitary in the treatment of coxa vara in adolescents and in various forms of Perthes' disease

Bischof, P.; Aplin, J.D.; Bentin-Ley, U.; Brannstrom, M.; Casslen, B.; Castrillo, J.L.; Classen-Linke, I.; Critchley, H.O.D.; Devoto, L.; D'Hooghe, T.; Horcajadas, J.A.; Groothuis, P.; Ivell, R.; Pongrantz, I.; Macklon, N.S.; Sharkey, A.; Vicovac, L.; White, J.O.; Winterhager, E.; von Wolff, M.; Simon, C.; Stavreus-Evers, A., 2006:
Implantation of the human embryo: research lines and models. From the implantation research network 'Fruitful'

Herman, B.; Vykydal, M., 1951:
Implantation of the hypophysis in the treatment of rheumatism

Implantation of the internal mammary artery in revascularization of the myocardium

Bentzik, M.; Berci, G.; Nemeth, A.; Petri, G., 1955:
Implantation of the internal mammary artery into the heart muscle for the improvement of its blood supply as based on experimental research

Bakst, A.A.; Maniglia, R., 1956:
Implantation of the left internal mammary artery in the myocardium; a histopathological evaluation after six months

Li, Q.; Chen, L.; Chen, J.; Wang, N., 2003:
Implantation of the molteno tube for refractory glaucoma following penetrating keratoplasty

Solerio, L.; Ferrero, R., 1951:
Implantation of the nerve stump into the diaphyseal cavity for the prevention of painful amputation neuroma

Millar, D.A.; Hillman, T.A.; Shelton, C., 2005:
Implantation of the ossified cochlea: management with the split electrode array

Fels, E., 1953:
Implantation of the ovaries in rats following castration and following ovarian ligatio1n

Simionescu, N.; Goldstein, M., 1961:
Implantation of the pineal gland into the portal system of the liver

D'ingianni, V.; Fontenelle, I.L., 1951:
Implantation of the salpinx employing a cannula

Paetzel, W., 1952:
Implantation of the ureter

Puigvert, A., 1961:
Implantation of the ureter into the bladder by the A. Puigvert method

Uebelhoer, R., 1962:
Implantation of the ureter into the intact large intestine. A review of 158 cases

Brancati, R., 1953:
Implantation of the ureters by the extraperitoneal approach

Conradt, J., 1950:
Implantation of the ureters in the large intestine

Pyrah, L.N., 1960:
Implantation of the ureters into an isolated rectosigmoid bladder

Cifuentes Delatte, L., 1952:
Implantation of the ureters into the intestine in non-neoplastic diseases of the urinary bladder

Laznicka, M.; Prochazkova, M., 1956:
Implantation of thyreotoxic thyroid gland tissue in parathyroprival tetany

Mandl, F.; Gyri, W., 1951:
Implantation of thyroid tissue in rheumatic and other diseases of the joints

Laznicka, M.; Prochazkova, M., 1956:
Implantation of thyrotoxic goiter in parathyroid tetany

Bejdl, W.; Weizenberg, J., 1955:
Implantation of tooth germs. I

Wiedemann, E., 2006:
Implantation of total prosthesis for omarthritis

Kelenyi, G.; Berki, E., 1955:
Implantation of tumor cells into the peritoneum

Baamonde, A.; Lastra, A.; Fresno, M.F.; Llames, S.; Meana, A.; Hidalgo, Aín.; Menéndez, L., 2004:
Implantation of tumoral XC cells induces chronic, endothelin-dependent, thermal hyperalgesia in mice

Wesolowski, S., 1955:
Implantation of ureters into the sigmoid colon

Moshirfar, M.; Feilmeier, M.R.; Kang, P.C., 2005:
Implantation of verisyse phakic intraocular lens to correct myopic refractive error after penetrating keratoplasty in pseudophakic eyes

Kolibianakis, E.M.; Zikopoulos, K.; Devroey, P., 2003:
Implantation potential and clinical impact of cryopreservation--a review

Strauss, F., 1956:
Implantation preparations in hamster uterus

Le Quesne, L.P.; Thomson, A.D., 1958:
Implantation recurrence of carcinoma of rectum and colon

Cavagna, M.; Contart, P.; Petersen, C.G.; Mauri, A.L.; Martins, A.M.C.; Baruffi, R.L.R.; Oliveira, J.B.A.; Franco, J.G., 2006:
Implantation sites after embryo transfer into the central area of the uterine cavity

Zemplenyi, T.; Beck, W.; Smejkalova, M.; Rauchenberg, M., 1954:
Implantation stenosis of liver carcinoma to the heart with a clinical picture of valvular lesions

Weigele, E.B., 1952:
Implantation technique for full prothesis of lower jaw

Sackmann, W., 1959:
Implantation therapy & intestinal flora; a survey based on recent literature

Lesny, I.; Vojta, V.; Janda, V., 1955:
Implantation therapy of perinatal encephalopathies

Fazleabas, A.T.; Kim, J.J.; Strakova, Z., 2004 :
Implantation: embryonic signals and the modulation of the uterine environment--a review

Perrier d'Hauterive, S., 2004:
Implantation: the first maternal-embryo crosstalk

Daubresse, E., 1950:
Implantations of stilbestrol in the treatment of rheumatism

Ondrák, M.; Kaplan, Z.; Fait, V.; Sýkorová, Z., 2005:
Implantations of venous ports--the latest advances

Dubiel, J., 1965:
Implanted Endometriosis of the Cervix Uteri After Electrosurgical Interventions

Lutherer, L.O.; Wunder, C.C.; Moressi, W.J.; Dodge, C.H., 1964:
Implanted Tumour Growth in Mice Exposed to Continuous Centrifugation

Young, I.J.; Naylor, W.S., 1964:
Implanted two way Telemetry in Laboratory Animals

Yamada, M.; Chiba, T.; Sasabe, J.; Nawa, M.; Tajima, H.; Niikura, T.; Terashita, K.; Aiso, S.; Kita, Y.; Matsuoka, M.; Nishimoto, I., 2005:
Implanted cannula-mediated repetitive administration of Abeta25-35 into the mouse cerebral ventricle effectively impairs spatial working memory

Bordelon, S.Jones.; DeBakey, M.E., 2006:
Implanted cardiac defibrillators in the endoscopy setting

Haupt, G.J.; Myers, R.N.; Daly, J.W.; Birkhead, N.C., 1963:
Implanted cardiac pacemakers of variable frequency

Dorian, P.; Talajic, M.; Tang, A., 2005 :
Implanted cardioverter defibrillators for the prevention of sudden death

Young, G.Bryan., 2003:
Implanted cardioverters/defibrillators: is the brain threatened?

Kovacs, N.; Nagy, F.; Kover, F.; Feldmann, A.; Llumiguano, C.; Janszky, J.; Kotek, G.; Doczi, T.; Balas, I., 2006:
Implanted deep brain stimulator and 1.0-Tesla magnetic resonance imaging

Lange, S.; Malli, S., 2006:
Implanted device + MRI = trouble?

Li, C.L.; Baldwin, M., 1961:
Implanted electrodes in the human brain

Cornwall, R.; Hausman, M.R., 2004:
Implanted neuroprostheses for restoration of hand function in tetraplegic patients

Camp-Sorrell, D., 2004:
Implanted ports: skin erosion

Patwardhan, R.V.; Nanda, A., 2004:
Implanted ventricular shunts in the United States: the billion-dollar-a-year cost of hydrocephalus treatment

Nind, F., 2004:
Implanting microchips in horses

Bellavance, M.; Béland, M.J.; van Doesburg, N.H.; Paquet, M.; Ducharme, F.M.; Cloutier, A., 2005:
Implanting telehealth network for paediatric cardiology: learning from the Quebec experience

Izquierdo Carrasco, J.Miguel.; Pérez Badía, Mía.Belén.; Ramírez Rodríguez, F.José.; Serrano Escalona, I.; Torres Montero, Mía.Dolores.; Conde Lara, G., 2003 :
Implanting the nursing process

Stellingsma, C.; Vissink, A.; Meijer, H.J.A.; Kuiper, C.; Raghoebar, G.M., 2004:
Implantology and the severely resorbed edentulous mandible

Weber, S.P., 1965:
Implants as An Aid to the Periodontium. 2

Gonzalez Ulloa, M.; Stevens, E., 1964:
Implants in the Face; a Review of our Experience in the Subcutaneous use of Methylmethacrylate

Otto, M., 2006:
Implants and age

Flanagan, D., 2004:
Implants and arteries

Otomo-Corgel, J., 2007:
Implants and oral bisphosphonates: risky business?

De Erice, T., 1952:
Implants and re-implants of ureters

Rungcharassaeng, K.; Kan, J.Y.K.; Caruso, J.M., 2006:
Implants as absolute anchorage

Higginbottom, F.L., 2005:
Implants as an option in the esthetic zone

Moritz, N.; Rossi, S.; Vedel, E.; Tirri, T.; Ylänen, H.; Aro, H.; Närhi, T., 2004:
Implants coated with bioactive glass by CO2-laser, an in vivo study

Gautam, P.; Valiathan, A., 2006:
Implants for anchorage

Labanauskaite, B.; Jankauskas, G.; Vasiliauskas, A.; Haffar, N., 2006:
Implants for orthodontic anchorage. Meta-analysis

Carvalho, W.; Casado, P.Ladeira.; Caúla, Aé.Luis.; Barboza, E.Porto., 2004:
Implants for single first molar replacement: important treatment concerns

Joyce, T.J., 2005:
Implants for the first metatarsophalangeal joint and prospective considerations

Sanfilippo, J.A.; Austin, M.S., 2007:
Implants for total hip arthroplasty

Achong, R.M.; Shetty, K.; Arribas, A.; Block, M.S., 2006:
Implants in HIV-positive patients: 3 case reports

Baron, M.; Gritsch, F.; Hansy, A-Maria.; Haas, R., 2004:
Implants in an HIV-positive patient: a case report

Sorní, M.; Guarinos, J.; Peñarrocha, M., 2005:
Implants in anatomical buttresses of the upper jaw

Kramer, F-Josef.; Baethge, C.; Tschernitschek, H., 2007:
Implants in children with ectodermal dysplasia: a case report and literature review

Machtei, E., 2003:
Implants in dentistry--a breakthrough

López-Jiménez, Ján.; Romero-Domínguez, Aés.; Giménez-Prats, M.José., 2003:
Implants in handicapped patients

Converse, J.M.; Becker, O.J.; Peer, L.A., 1955:
Implants in nasal plastic surgery: a panel discussion

Carano, A.; Melsen, B., 2005:
Implants in orthodontics. Interview

Gunne, J.; Astrand, P.; Ahlén, K.; Borg, K.; Olsson, M., 1992:
Implants in partially edentulous patients. A longitudinal study of bridges supported by both implants and natural teeth

Mengel, R.; Flores-de-Jacoby, L., 2005:
Implants in regenerated bone in patients treated for generalized aggressive periodontitis: a prospective longitudinal study

Buser, D., 2003:
Implants in the atrophic partially edentulous maxilla. Single tooth gaps vs extended edentulous spaces

Wanivenhaus, A., 2006:
Implants in the hand

Beikler, T.; Flemmig, T.F., 2003:
Implants in the medically compromised patient

Rodoni, L.R.; Glauser, R.; Feloutzis, A.; Hämmerle, C.H.F., 2005:
Implants in the posterior maxilla: a comparative clinical and radiologic study

Di Tizio, A.; Adami, M., 1961:
Implants of Teflon for mobile prosthesis. Preliminary note

Erich, J.B., 1958:
Implants of bone or cartilage for depression defects of the nose

Leao, L.E.; Khouri, V.; Bueno Neto, J.; Freitas Neto, A.G., 1959:
Implants of homologous arteries in the treatment of peripheral arterial occlusions

Pearl, F.; Joseph, P.; Citret, C., 1959:
Implants of the internal mammary artery into ischemic dog ventricles

Pearl, F.; Joseph, P.; Citret, C.; Kallemeyn, B., 1959:
Implants of the internal mammary artery into normal dog ventricles

Martin, E.; Klepping, C.; Troubat, M.; Klepping, J.; Cabanne, F., 1952:
Implants of thyroid gland in the treatment of chronic rheumatism

Carter, S.D., 2007:
Implants versus root canal therapy

Anonymous, 2006:
Implants will aid care of unconscious patients

Hlawaty, M.; Podolec, P.; Olszowska, M.; Leśniak-Sobelga, A.; Sadowski, J.; Tracz, Wława.; Dziatkowiak, A., 2003:
Implants with aortic valve homografts in patients with critical left aortic stenosis

Meier, B., 2005:
Implants with flaws: disclosure and delay

Wittlinger, E., 2007:
Implants, endodontics and orthodontics

Estabrooks, L.N., 2003:
Implants--legal and liability issues

Barrett, S., 2003:
Implausible research: how much is enough?

Adamski, P., 2007:
Implement a handoff communications approach

Anonymous, 2004:
Implement balanced scorecard to translate strategic plan into actionable objectives

DeRosa, N.; Kochurka, K., 2006:
Implement culturally competent healthcare in your workplace

Tigges, 1951:
Implement for electrodiagnosis and electrotherapy

Bousquet, S., 2004:
Implementation Guidelines... Do they change with time?

Reifenstein, G.H., 1965:
Implementation Of The Essentials Of Approved Internships And Residencies

Warren, S.L., 1964:
Implementation of the President's Program on Mental Retardation

Su, Z-Xin.; Xie, H-Bin.; Luo, L.; Wang, W-Cheng.; Wang, Y.; Sun, M.; Ma, N.; Yu, J.; Yu, M.; Duan, Y.; Gong, X.; Chen, Z.; Wang, H.; Shi, P.; Liang, Z.; Yang, F.; Wang, D.; Yue, J.; Luo, S.; Hao, M., 2005:
Implementation analysis of public functions of 161 centers of disease prevention and control in 7 provinces

Su, Z-Xin.; Ma, N.; Xie, H-Bin.; Wang, W-Cheng.; Wang, Y.; Sun, M.; Luo, L.; Yu, J.; Yu, M.; Duan, Y.; Gong, X.; Chen, Z.; Wang, H.; Shi, P.; Liang, Z.; Yang, F.; Wang, D.; Yue, J.; Luo, S.; Hao, M., 2005:
Implementation analysis of public functions of centers of disease prevention and control of China

Abdul-Quader, A.S.; Heckathorn, D.D.; Sabin, K.; Saidel, T., 2006:
Implementation and analysis of respondent driven sampling: lessons learned from the field

Gioe, T.J.; Killeen, K.K.; Mehle, S.; Grimm, K., 2006:
Implementation and application of a community total joint registry: a twelve-year history

Uretsky, B.F.; Wang, F.Wei., 2006:
Implementation and application of a continuous quality improvement (CQI) program for the cardiac catheterization laboratory: one institution's 10-year experience

Gerbaudo, L.; Violante, B., 2006:
Implementation and application of an index method for assessment of occupational biological risk in a hospital setting

Lee, J.; Im, W., 2006:
Implementation and application of helix-helix distance and crossing angle restraint potentials

King, D.E.; Blue, A.; Mallin, R.; Thiedke, C., 2004:
Implementation and assessment of a spiritual history taking curriculum in the first year of medical school

Taylor, B., 2006:
Implementation and clinical audit of alcohol detoxification guidelines

Amon, U.; Weidringer, J.W., 2005:
Implementation and development of quality management in hospitals and private practice -- present state of the art

Jimmy, G.; Martin, B.Winfried., 2005:
Implementation and effectiveness of a primary care based physical activity counselling scheme

Ducharme, F.; Lebel, P.; Lachance, L.; Trudeau, D., 2006 :
Implementation and effects of an individual stress management intervention for family caregivers of an elderly relative living at home: a mixed research design

Armour, C.L.; Taylor, S.J.; Hourihan, F.; Smith, C.; Krass, I., 2004:
Implementation and evaluation of Australian pharmacists' diabetes care services

Mancini, L.; Payne, G.S.; Leach, M.O., 2005:
Implementation and evaluation of CSI-localized J cross-polarization for detection of 31P magnetic resonance spectra in vivo

Bernhardt, J.M.; Runyan, C.W.; Bou-Saada, I.; Felter, E.M., 2003:
Implementation and evaluation of a Web-based continuing education course in injury prevention and control

Moreno, N.; Feijó, Jé.A.; Cox, G., 2004:
Implementation and evaluation of a detector for forward propagated second harmonic signals

Sturm, L.D., 2005:
Implementation and evaluation of a home gavage program for preterm infants

Russomando, G.; Almirón, M.; Candia, N.; Franco, L.; Sánchez, Z.; de Guillen, I., 2006:
Implementation and evaluation of a locally sustainable system of prenatal diagnosis to detect cases of congenital Chagas disease in endemic areas of Paraguay

Cone, S.W.; Hummel, R.; León, J.; Merrell, R.C., 2007:
Implementation and evaluation of a low-cost telemedicine station in the remote Ecuadorian rainforest

Mitchell, K.J.; Becich, M.J.; Berman, J.J.; Chapman, W.W.; Gilbertson, J.; Gupta, D.; Harrison, J.; Legowski, E.; Crowley, R.S., 2004:
Implementation and evaluation of a negation tagger in a pipeline-based system for information extract from pathology reports

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Implementation and evaluation of an internet health site for adolescents in Switzerland

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Implementation and evaluation of the MSc course in health informatics in Greece

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Implementation and evaluation of the empower youth program

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Implementation and management of clinical trials

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Implementation and optimisation of the water framework directive explorer for river management in Flanders

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Implementation and refinement of a research utilization course for oncology nurses

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Implementation and use of an electronic health record within the Indian Health Service

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Implementation evaluation. HIM professionals share their experiences bringing health IT online

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Implementation ideas. Oar inspiring

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Implementation is an iterative process

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Implementation is the greatest challenge to clinical research. Time for the third step?

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Implementation of ALARA radiation protection on the ISS through polyethylene shielding augmentation of the Service Module Crew Quarters

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Implementation of AUGE plan for chronic renal failure patients. The implementation of Universal Access and Explicit Guaranties Plan (AUGE), generates longer waiting lists among patients with chronic renal failure

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Implementation of Advanced Access in general practice: postal survey of practices

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Implementation of British Thoracic Society guidelines for acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: impact on quality of life

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Implementation of CIEMAT/NIST LSC efficiency tracing method in KRISS: (204)T1 standardization

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Implementation of DRLs in the UK

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Implementation of Enhanced Image from Backscatter X-ray System

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Implementation of HIPAA

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Implementation of HIV postexposure prophylaxis guidelines

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Implementation of Hawaii's Prepaid Health Care Act: root cause of a health care monopoly

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Implementation of High-Temperature Superconducting tapes RF coils for 3T MRI system

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Implementation of IMRT in the radiotherapy department

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Implementation of Measuring Bio-signals Simultaneously using Time-Sharing Method

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Implementation of Medical Self-Help Training

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Implementation of NCCN distress management guidelines by member institutions

Anonymous, 2005:
Implementation of NIH on-line archive of research publications revised to reflect publishers' objections

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Implementation of Neuropsychological Testing Models for the High School, Collegiate, and Professional Sport Settings

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Implementation of QA and QC standards in radiology in Slovakia

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Implementation of RxNorm as a terminology mediation standard for exchanging pharmacy medication between federal agencies

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Implementation of SI units for clinical laboratory data: style specifications and conversion tables

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Implementation of Tuy's cone-beam inversion formula

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Implementation of a Basic Package of Oral Care: towards a reorientation of dental Ngos and their volunteers

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Implementation of a Bayesian adaptive design in a proof of concept study

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Implementation of a CT-based navigation system in two-stage reimplantation for infected total knee arthroplasty

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Implementation of a Health Impact Assessment (HIA) tool in a regional health organization in Sweden--a feasibility study

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Implementation of a PDA based program to quantify urology resident in-training experience

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Implementation of a Project Management Office (PMO)--experiences from year 1

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Implementation of a Quality Plan (ISO 9002) In a Regional Tissue Bank

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Implementation of a SNAP intervention in two divisions of general practice: a feasibility study

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Implementation of a Victorian Cardiac Surgery Database

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Implementation of a WAP-based telemedicine system for patient monitoring

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Implementation of a Web- and simulation-based curriculum to ease the transition from medical school to surgical internship

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Implementation of a Web-based teleradiology management system

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Implementation of a best management practice (BMP) system for a clay mining facility in Taiwan

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Implementation of a bundle of quality indicators for the early management of severe sepsis and septic shock is associated with decreased mortality

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Implementation of a cardiac surgery report card: lessons from the Massachusetts experience

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Implementation of a cardiovascular disease prevention program among school-aged children: a pilot study

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Implementation of a clinical dementia guideline. A controlled study on the effect of a multifaceted strategy

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Implementation of a clinical pathway for laparoscopic colorectal surgery

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Implementation of a combined association-linkage model for quantitative traits in linear mixed model procedures of statistical packages

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Implementation of a common clinical path for transurethral resection of prostate (TURP) in multiple hospitals

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Implementation of a competency-based graduate medical education program in a neurology department

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Implementation of a comprehensive schoolwide behavioral intervention: The ABC program

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Implementation of a computerized physician medication order entry system at the Academic Medical Centre in Amsterdam

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Implementation of a computerized physician order entry system of medications at the University Health Network--physicians' perspectives on the critical issues

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Implementation of a consumer-directed approach in behavioral health care: problems and prospects

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Implementation of a contractual relationship for anesthesia services in an acute care facility

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Implementation of a course on wellness concepts into a chiropractic college curriculum

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Implementation of a crisis intervention program for police response to mental health emergencies in Louisville

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Implementation of a feedback system in a managed care environment: what are patients teaching us?

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Implementation of a feeding program in the slums of Dhaka or report of a 4th mission of medical assistance in West-Bengal

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Implementation of a general multireference configuration interaction procedure with analytic gradients in a semiempirical context using the graphical unitary group approach

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Implementation of a graded-index medium by use of subwavelength structures with graded fill factor

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Implementation of a health care policy: an analysis of barriers and facilitators to practice change

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Implementation of a health education programme in a sample of hairdressing trainees

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Implementation of a high-speed face recognition system that uses an optical parallel correlator

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Implementation of a homegrown computerized management system

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Implementation of a key skills agenda within an undergraduate programme of midwifery studies

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Implementation of a loss-compensated recirculating delayed self-heterodyne interferometer for ultranarrow laser linewidth measurement

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Implementation of a map in radical prostatectomy specimen allows visual estimation of tumor volume

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Implementation of a massage therapy program in the home hospice setting

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Implementation of a minimally invasive breast biopsy program in countries with limited resources

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Implementation of a model for service delivery and organisation in mental healthcare: a qualitative exploration of service provider views

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Implementation of a national guideline on prophylaxis of venous thromboembolism: a survey of acute services in Scotland. Thromboembolism Prevention Evaluation Study Group

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Implementation of a national metrology network of radionuclides used in nuclear medicine

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Implementation of a new Central Intake system in community care

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Implementation of a new policy results in a decrease of pressure ulcer frequency

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Implementation of a nursing home urinary incontinence management program with and without tolterodine

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Implementation of a palliative care team in an Austrian university hospital

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Implementation of a patient medication assistance program in a community pharmacy setting

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Implementation of a pharmacist-led clinic for hypertensive patients in primary care--a pilot study

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Implementation of a pilot programme for screening for chlamydial infection in general practice

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Implementation of a pre-dialysis clinical pathway for patients with chronic kidney disease

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Implementation of a prechemotherapy educational intervention for women newly diagnosed with breast cancer

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Implementation of a professional program in Finnish community pharmacies in 2000-2002

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Implementation of a program for discharge planning

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Implementation of a programme for detection and treatment of patients with tuberculosis in the Vladimir Region

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Implementation of a public smoking ban resulted in rapid reduction of myocardial infarction. Main event of the 2003 ACC scientific session

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Implementation of a publication-subscription environment within a multi-agents paradigm

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Implementation of a quality assurance instrument (Preffi 1.0) to improve the effectiveness of health promotion in The Netherlands

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Implementation of a radiology information system/picture archiving and communication system and an image transfer system at a large public teaching hospital--assessment of success of adoption by clinicians

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Implementation of a rapid inversion-prepared dual-contrast gradient echo sequence for quantitative dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging of the human prostate

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Implementation of a rapid microbial screening procedure for biotransformation activities

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Implementation of a redistribution system for near-outdate red blood cell units

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Implementation of a redox microarray: an experimental model for future nanoscale biomolecular computing using integrated circuits

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Implementation of a safe and effective insulin infusion protocol in a medical intensive care unit

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Implementation of a scheduled toileting program in a long term care facility: evaluating the impact on injury risk to caregiving staff

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Implementation of a school environment intervention to increase physical activity in high school girls

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Implementation of a school health listener: experience report

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Implementation of a scoring system for assessing difficult cholecystectomies in a single center

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Implementation of a sedation and analgesia scale

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Implementation of a short-tip tapping-mode tuning fork near-field scanning optical microscope

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Implementation of a simplified procedure for sorting of waste

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Implementation of a smoking cessation counseling module in a preceptorship program

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Implementation of a specialist-led service for the management of acute gallstone disease

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Implementation of a split-night protocol to improve efficiency in assessment and treatment of obstructive sleep apnoea

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Implementation of a spreadsheet program for calculation of equivalent square field size

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Implementation of a standardised treatment protocol for post resuscitation care after out-of-hospital cardiac arrest

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Implementation of a statewide outcome monitoring system: lessons learned from substance abuse treatment provider staff

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Implementation of a strategy to prevent TRALI in a regional blood centre

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Implementation of a structured paediatric admission record for district hospitals in Kenya--results of a pilot study

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Implementation of a successful endovascular surgical program in a non-teaching tertiary-care centre in Ontario

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Implementation of a surveillance system for stroke based on administrative and clinical data in the Lazio region (Italy): methodological aspects

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Implementation of a symplectic multiple-time-step molecular dynamics algorithm, based on the united-residue mesoscopic potential energy function

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Implementation of a system using reflective tomographic reconstruction for breast cancer detection

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Implementation of a telemonitoring system for the control of an EEG-based brain-computer interface

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Implementation of a tight glycaemic control protocol using a web-based insulin dose calculator

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Implementation of a touch-screen new patient registration system: a case study

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Implementation of a transcutaneous charger for fully implantable middle ear hearing device

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Implementation of a water compensator for total body irradiation

Ahlin, C.; Klang-Söderkvist, B.; Brundin, S.; Hellström, B.; Pettersson, K.; Johansson, E., 2006:
Implementation of a written protocol for management of central venous access devices: a theoretical and practical education, including bedside examinations

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Implementation of abortion policy in Canada as a women's issue

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Implementation of acute myocardial infarction guidelines in community hospitals

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Implementation of advanced laparoscopy into daily gynecologic practice: difficulties and solutions

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Implementation of an ED protocol for pain management at triage at a busy Level I trauma center

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Implementation of an Internet-based geographic information system: the Florida experience

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Implementation of an ad hoc hospital-based palliative care consult service

Parry, M.; Lipp, A., 2006:
Implementation of an adaptation programme for Filipino nurses in a UK adult cancer hospice

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Implementation of an adaptive umbrella sampling method for the calculation of multidimensional potential of mean force of chemical reactions in solution

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Implementation of an antibiotic control program

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Implementation of an antiretroviral access program for HIV-1-infected individuals in resource-limited settings: clinical results from 4 African countries

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Implementation of an assisted electronic prescription system applied to parenteral nutrition in a general hospital

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Implementation of an asthma intervention in the inner city

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Implementation of an effective hybrid GA for large-scale traveling salesman problems

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Implementation of an electromagnetic tracking system for accurate intrahepatic puncture needle guidance: accuracy results in an in vitro model

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Implementation of an electronic system for medication reconciliation

Ciottone, G.R.; Old, A.; Nicholas, S.; Anderson, P.D., 2005:
Implementation of an emergency and disaster medical response training network in the Commonwealth of Independent States

Harbold, L.A., 2006:
Implementation of an enteral nutrition and medication administration system utilizing oral syringes in the NICU

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Implementation of an i.v. medication safety system

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Implementation of an online tailored physical activity intervention for adults in Belgium

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Implementation of an open access scheduling system in a residency training program

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Implementation of an optical method for the real-time determination of uniaxial strain and vessel mechanics

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Implementation of an osteopathic manipulative medicine clinic at an allopathic teaching hospital: a research-based experience

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Implementation of behaviour management techniques--how well accepted they are today

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Implementation of brief alcohol interventions by nurses in primary care: do non-clinical factors influence practice?

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Implementation of capecitabine (Xeloda) into a cancer centre: UK experience

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Implementation of cascade testing for the detection of familial hypercholesterolaemia

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Implementation of chlamydia screening in a general practice setting: a 6-month pilot study

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Implementation of clinical guidelines

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Implementation of clinical guidelines in general practice. The effect of journal audit and continuing education for the treatment of cardiovascular risk factors in patients with and without type 2 diabetes

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Implementation of clinical practice guidelines for upper respiratory infection in Thailand

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Implementation of colorectal cancer screening

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Implementation of community consultation for waiver of informed consent in emergency research: one Institutional Review Board's experience

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Implementation of community-based public access defibrillation in the PAD trial

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Implementation of competency standards for tradespeople

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Implementation of computer multimedia for diabetes prevention in African-American women

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Implementation of computerized alcohol screening and advice in an emergency department--a nursing staff perspective

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Implementation of computerized parenteral nutrition orders in a community pediatric hospital

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Implementation of computerized provider order entry in the emergency department: impact on ordering patterns in patients with chest pain

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Implementation of computerized student-patient logs in podiatric medical education

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Implementation of concurrent red blood cell and platelet collection by apheresis in a university haemapheresis unit

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Implementation of curriculum by family medicine fellows: what factors help and what factors hinder?

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Implementation of dermato-epidemiology curriculum at Case Western Reserve University dermatology program

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Implementation of discharge management for geriatric patients at risk of readmission or institutionalization

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Implementation of discrete unitary transformations by multimode waveguide holograms

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Implementation of donor screening for infectious agents transmitted by blood by nucleic acid technology in Poland

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Implementation of duty hour standards in otolaryngology-head and neck surgery residency training

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Implementation of e-learning and the teaching hospital: a local perspective

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Implementation of efficacy enhancement nursing interventions with cardiac elders

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Implementation of electro-optic spectral shearing interferometry for ultrashort pulse characterization

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Implementation of electronic data capture systems: barriers and solutions

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Implementation of enhanced dynamic wedges in Pinnacle treatment planning system

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Implementation of evidence-based alcohol screening in the Veterans Health Administration

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Implementation of evidence-based potentially better practices to decrease nosocomial infections

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Implementation of evidence-based practices in state mental health systems: implications for research and effectiveness studies

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Implementation of evidence-based treatment for schizophrenic disorders: two-year outcome of an international field trial of optimal treatment

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Implementation of fast-Fourier-transform-based simulations of extra-large atmospheric phase and scintillation screens

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Implementation of field lens arrays in beam-deflecting microlens array telescopes

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Implementation of financial disclosure policies to manage conflicts of interest

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Implementation of first Croatian Law on Protection of Persons with Mental Disorders

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Implementation of formal learning objectives during a physical medicine and rehabilitation sports medicine rotation

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Implementation of functional assessment scales in geriatric practice: a feasibility study

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Implementation of gel column technology, including comparative testing of Ortho ID-MTS with standard polyethylene glycol tube tests

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Implementation of guideline-based care for depression in primary care

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Implementation of guidelines for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases in Europe: problems and challenges. Is the SCORE prediction system useful, or does it do more harm than good?

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Implementation of guidelines for the prevention of diabetic nephropathy

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Implementation of guidelines on hospital-acquired pneumonia: is there a clinical impact on outcome?

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Implementation of habituation theory to pulsatile somato-sounds (tinnitus): the heart valve prosthesis sound model

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Implementation of health information systems in Romania

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Implementation of helical computed tomography in magnetic resonance imaging

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Implementation of hospital computerized physician order entry systems in a rural state: feasibility and financial impact

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Implementation of hospital restructuring and nursing staff perceptions of hospital functioning

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Implementation of hysteroscopic surgery in The Netherlands

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Implementation of informed consent for a cystic fibrosis newborn screening program in France: low refusal rates for optional testing

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Implementation of integrated hospital information system in the existing hospital organization--experience at Dubrava Clinical Hospital in Zagreb

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Implementation of integrated medical curriculum in Japanese medical schools

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Implementation of intensity-modulated radiation therapy in head and neck tumors: what are the important data for biological optimization?

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Implementation of interventional procedures guidance

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Implementation of intravascular ultrasound in vascular surgery

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Implementation of ion/ion reactions in a quadrupole/time-of-flight tandem mass spectrometer

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Implementation of kangaroo mother care: a randomized trial of two outreach strategies

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Implementation of laboratory order data in BioSense Early Event Detection and Situation Awareness System

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Implementation of laparoscopic colectomy with fast-track care in an academic medical center: benefits of a fully ascended learning curve and specialty expertise

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Implementation of laparoscopic rectal cancer surgery

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Implementation of laparoscopic resection of the sigmoid colon, initial results and experiences

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Implementation of laparoscopic surgery

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Implementation of liquid-based cytology in the screening programme against cervical cancer in the County of Funen, Denmark, and status for the first year

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Implementation of mandatory Medicaid managed care in Missouri: impacts for pregnant women

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Implementation of medical-surgical nurse extern and student nurse aide programs in critical care

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Implementation of modern principles of blood saving methods at cardiac surgery under extracorporeal circulation

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Implementation of modern trends in the methods of the ventilation support in the new apparatus for artificial lung ventilation Avenir-221 P

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Implementation of monoclonal antibody fluorescence on the Abbott CELL-DYN Sapphire haematology analyser: evaluation of lymphoid, myeloid and platelet markers

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Implementation of multichannel sensors for remote biomedical measurements in a microsystems format

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Implementation of mutual information based medical image registration methods

Anonymous, 2004:
Implementation of named HIV reporting--New York City, 2001

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Implementation of national diabetes retinal screening programme is associated with a lower proportion of patients referred to ophthalmology

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Implementation of neuroreflexotherapy for subacute and chronic neck and back pain within the Spanish public health system: audit results after one year

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Implementation of neuroreflexotherapy in the treatment of back pain. Results of a pilot trial

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Implementation of new BTS guidelines in acute medical assessment units

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Implementation of new medical techniques: experience from the Swedish randomized controlled trial on fetal ECG during labor

Anonymous, 2004:
Implementation of new requirement under National Patient Safety Goal 3

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Implementation of newborn screening for cystic fibrosis varies widely between states

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Implementation of novel imaging strategies in complex ablation procedures: will "real-time histology" be destiny?

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Implementation of nursing care plan in the Electronic Patient Record (EPR) findings and experiences

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Implementation of optical associative memory by a computer-generated hologram with a novel thresholding scheme

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Implementation of outcome measures in a complementary and alternative medicine clinic: evidence of decreased pain and improved quality of life

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Implementation of outpatient treatment of deep-vein thrombosis in private practices in Germany

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Implementation of paragraph 11b of the German Animal Welfare Act on the basis of the so-called "Quality Breeding" Report

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Implementation of parliamentary act D. Lgs 25/02 and definition of "moderate risk"

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Implementation of patient centeredness to enhance patient safety

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Implementation of personal health records by case managers in a VAMC general medicine clinic

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Implementation of pi-pi interactions in molecular dynamics simulation

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Implementation of potentially better practices for the prevention of brain hemorrhage and ischemic brain injury in very low birth weight infants

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Implementation of preoperative visiting for critical care patients

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Implementation of pressure ulcer guidelines: what constitutes a successful strategy?

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Implementation of problem-based learning in Asia: similarities between Far East and Middle East medical schools

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Implementation of problem-based learning in Asian medical schools and students' perceptions of their experience

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Implementation of problem-based learning in a final semester comprehensive nursing course

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Implementation of proficiency testing in conjunction with a rechecking system for external quality assurance in tuberculosis laboratories in Mexico

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Implementation of provincial/territorial health goals in Canada

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Implementation of psychosocial care in pediatric cardiology. Results of a national survey

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Implementation of quality control methods in conjunction with chemometrics toward authentication of dairy products

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Implementation of quality management in French hospitals: staff interplay and induced changes

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Implementation of quantum gate operations in molecules with weak laser fields

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Implementation of radiotelemetry in a lab-in-a-pill format

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Implementation of recommendations on hypertension: the Canadian Hypertension Education Program

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Implementation of second prevention measures on chronic diseases in Chinese, 2002

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Implementation of sector imaging mode with high signal-to-noise ratio in the high frame rate ultrasonic imaging system

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Implementation of sentinel lymph node biopsy with blue dye outside a specialized center: can we improve quality assurance?

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Implementation of sentinel node biopsy for breast cancer in the North of France

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Implementation of social services for the chronically mentally ill in a Polish mental health district: consequences for service use and costs

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Implementation of spin Hamiltonians in optical lattices

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Implementation of standardized medical photography for cleft lip and palate audit

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Implementation of standards for individual monitoring in Europe

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Implementation of standards for intensivist staffing: is it time to jump aboard the Leapfrog bandwagon?

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Implementation of state policy in healthy nutrition of the population of the Russian Federation on the regional level: building up regional policy and regional programms. Methodical aspects of development and implementation. Part 1

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Implementation of supported employment for homeless veterans with psychiatric or addiction disorders: two-year outcomes

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Implementation of systems strategies for breast and cervical cancer screening services in health maintenance organizations

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Implementation of the Active Nosocomial Infections Surveillance System in Polish hospitals

Rawlings, D.; Hatton, I.; McDonald, K., 2006:
Implementation of the Adelaide Hills Palliative Care project

Lower, T.; Durham, G.; Bow, D.; Larson, A., 2005:
Implementation of the Australian core public health functions in rural Western Australia

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Implementation of the Bangkok Charter on Health Promotion in a Globalized World: Experience and challenges of selected high income countries in Europe

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Implementation of the Beers criteria: sticks and stones--or throw me a bone

Anonymous, 1952:
Implementation of the Belgium National Defense Against Tuberculosis

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Implementation of the Campaign to Prevent Antimicrobial Resistance in Healthcare Settings: 12 Steps to Prevent Antimicrobial Resistance Among Hospitalized Adults--experiences from 3 institutions

Kerr, D.; Bradshaw, L.; Kelly, A-Maree., 2005:
Implementation of the Canadian C-spine rule reduces cervical spine x-ray rate for alert patients with potential neck injury

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Implementation of the Child Care and Development Block Grant: a research synthesis

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Implementation of the DOTS strategy in prisons at provincial level, Thailand

Tyagi, N.; Bose, A.; Chetty, I.J., 2004:
Implementation of the DPM Monte Carlo code on a parallel architecture for treatment planning applications

O'Brien, M.S., 2006:
Implementation of the EPIC electronic medical record/physician order-entry system

Janzekovic, H., 2006:
Implementation of the EU Council Directive 96/29/EURATOM in industry

DeJonckere, P.H.; Crevier-Buchman, L.; Marie, J.P.; Moerman, M.; Remacle, M.; Woisard, V., 2004:
Implementation of the European Laryngological Society (ELS) basic protocol for assessing voice treatment effect

Vassileva, J.; Avramova-Cholakova, S.; Dimov, A.; Lichev, A., 2005:
Implementation of the European protocol for quality control of the technical aspects of mammography screening in Bulgaria

Bousquat, A.; Cohn, Aélia.; Elias, P.Eduardo., 2006:
Implementation of the Family Health Program and socio-spatial exclusion in the city of São Paulo, Brazil

Lienhart, A.; Puybasset, L.; Beloucif, S.; Boulard, G., 2006:
Implementation of the French law related to the patients' rights and the end of life

Tsai, M-Che.; Arnold, J.L.; Chuang, C-Chang.; Chi, C-Hsien.; Liu, C-Chuan.; Yang, Y-Jen., 2005:
Implementation of the Hospital Emergency Incident Command System during an outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) at a hospital in Taiwan, ROC

Godfrey, K., 2004:
Implementation of the Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool

Anonymous, 2003:
Implementation of the Methamphetamine Anti-Proliferation Act; thresholds for retailers and for distributors required to submit mail order reports; changes to mail order reporting requirements. Final rule

Kennedy, R.; Kingsland, C.; Rutherford, A.; Hamilton, M.; Ledger, W., 2006:
Implementation of the NICE guideline - recommendations from the British Fertility Society for national criteria for NHS funding of assisted conception

Goodman, P.J.; Tangen, C.M.; Crowley, J.J.; Carlin, S.M.; Ryan, A.; Coltman, C.A.; Ford, L.G.; Thompson, I.M., 2004:
Implementation of the Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial (PCPT)

Bredemeyer, S.L., 2005:
Implementation of the SIDS guidelines in midwifery practice

Darling, H.; Reeder, A.I.; Waa, A., 2006:
Implementation of the Smoke-Free Environments Act (2003 Amendments) in New Zealand primary schools

Arenillas, P.; Cassette, P., 2006:
Implementation of the TDCR liquid scintillation method at CNEA-LMR, Argentina

Guekht, A.; Selikhova, M.; Serkin, G.; Gusev, E., 2005:
Implementation of the TMS in the early stages of Parkinson's disease

Toprac, M.G.; Dennehy, E.B.; Carmody, T.J.; Crismon, M.Lynn.; Miller, A.L.; Trivedi, M.H.; Suppes, T.; Rush, A.John., 2006:
Implementation of the Texas Medication Algorithm Project patient and family education program

Miller, F.S.; Nagel, L.E.; Kenny-Moynihan, M.B., 2007:
Implementation of the ThinPrep imaging system in a high-volume metropolitan laboratory

Crevenna, R.; Schneider, B.; Mittermaier, C.; Keilani, M.; Zöch, C.; Nuhr, M.; Wolzt, M.; Quittan, M.; Bigenzahn, W.; Fialka-Moser, V., 2003:
Implementation of the Vienna Hydrotherapy Group for Laryngectomees--a pilot study

Devlin, M.; Best, M.; Haynes, D., 2006:
Implementation of the Water Framework Directive in European marine waters

Ingels, F.; Deferme, S.; Delbar, N.; Oth, M.; Augustijns, P., 2003:
Implementation of the caco-2 cell culture model as a predictive tool for the oral absorption of drugs. In-house evaluation procedures

Meijer, A.; Valette, M.; Manuguerra, J-Claude.; Pérez-Breña, P.; Paget, J.; Brown, C.; van der Velden, K., 2005:
Implementation of the community network of reference laboratories for human influenza in Europe

Anonymous, 1960:
Implementation of the control of foodstuffs in Switzerland in the year 1959

Anonymous, 1949:
Implementation of the control of the food supply in Switzerland, in the year 1948

Slobodianiuk, M.S., 1963:
Implementation of the decisions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and the Council of Ministers of the USSR

Kiyama, T.; Tajiri, T.; Yoshiyuki, T.; Taniai, N.; Uchida, E.; Tokunaga, A., 2004:
Implementation of the diagnosis procedure combination in specific-function hospitals

Compains, B., 2006:
Implementation of the early care service in the rural area of Bortziriak

Darrigan, C.; Rérat, M.; Mallia, G.; Dovesi, R., 2003:
Implementation of the finite field perturbation method in the CRYSTAL program for calculating the dielectric constant of periodic systems

Toulson, K.; Laskowski-Jones, L.; McConnell, L-Ann., 2005:
Implementation of the five-level emergency severity index in a level I trauma center emergency department with a three-tiered triage scheme

Harris, D.; Patel, T.; Dunne, J.; Maconochie, I.K., 2006:
Implementation of the healthcare recommendations arising from the Victoria Climbié report

Lafay, V.; Diarra, M.; Coulibaly, S.; Coulibaly, S.; Desplats, D., 2007:
Implementation of the hypertension network in Mali (RHYTM)

Kolkman, W.; Van de Put, M.A.J.; Van den Hout, W.B.; Trimbos, J.B.M.Z.; Jansen, F.W., 2006:
Implementation of the laparoscopic simulator in a gynecological residency curriculum

Kowalski, K., 2005:
Implementation of the locally renormalized CCSD(T) approaches for arbitrary reference function

Zhang, S.; Wang, J-hui.; Yuan, S-qian.; Dong, J-wei., 2007:
Implementation of the monitoring-software based on the remote ECG monitoring system

Stein, B.; Fritzsche, K.; Schäfer, C.; Pedrosa Gil, F.; Vitinius, F.; von Wachter, M.; Häfner, S.; Loew, T.; Herzog, T.; Söllner, W., 2006:
Implementation of the multi-center basis documentation CL-BaDo for conciliar and liaison services: generating data for internal quality management and cost calculation

Breuer, C.; Lucas, M.; Schütze, F-Walter.; Claus, P., 2007:
Implementation of the multi-channel monolith reactor in an optimisation procedure for heterogeneous oxidation catalysts based on genetic algorithms

Briand, C.; Bélanger, Ré.; Hamel, V.; Nicole, L.; Stip, E.; Reinharz, D.; Lalonde, P.; Lesage, A., 2005:
Implementation of the multi-site Integrated Psychological Treatment (IPT) program for people with schizophrenia. Elaboration of renewed version

Minayo, M.Cecília.de.Souza., 2006:
Implementation of the national policy to reduce accidents and violence

Li, Y.; Robinson, B., 2007:
Implementation of the near-field signal redundancy phase-aberration correction algorithm on two-dimensional arrays

Szewzyk, R.; Knobling, A., 2007:
Implementation of the new EU Bathing Water Directive in Germany

López-Palop, Rón.; Antolinos, Mía.J.; Pinar, E.; Saura, D.; Ruipérez, J.A.; Valdés, M., 2003:
Implementation of the new diagnostic criteria for myocardial infarction

Hentschel, W.; Voigt, K.; Heudorf, U., 2006:
Implementation of the new drinking water regulation section sign 18: monitoring of drinking water systems in houses--water for public use

Vaz, A.Francisca.; Macedo, D.Diniz.; Montagnoli, E.Tavares.de.Lima.; Lopes, M.Helena.; Grion, R.Célia., 2003:
Implementation of the nursing process in a radiotherapy unit: development of a medical record

Pedersen, A.; Crabtree, T.; Ortiz-Tomei, T., 2004:
Implementation of the peer review council

Tarwireyi, F., 2006:
Implementation of the prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV programme in Zimbabwe: achievements and challenges

Sidani, S.; Irvine, D.; DiCenso, A., 2004:
Implementation of the primary care nurse practitioner role in Ontario

Jansen-van der Weide, M.Catharina.; Onwuteaka-Philipsen, B.Dorien.; van der Wal, G., 2004:
Implementation of the project 'Support and Consultation on Euthanasia in The Netherlands' (SCEN)

Obradović, V.; Artiko, V.; Davidović, B.; Vucetić, C.; Lesić, A.; Sudjić, V.; Nikolić, N.; Marinković, V.; Petrović, N.; Bosnjaković, V., 2006:
Implementation of the radiolabelled antibiotic in the detection of orthopedic infections

Imam, S.; Cohen, A., 2006:
Implementation of the sepsis resuscitation bundle: early experiences in a district general hospital

Calver, G.A., 2003:
Implementation of the three Rs in regulatory testing of vaccines in Canada

Duda, M., 2004:
Implementation of the two-stage operation technique for the autotransplantation of teeth with closed apexes--a preliminary report

Samardakiewicz, M.; Kowalczyk, J.R.; Mazurowa, Mława.; Budziński, W.; Antonowicz, Młgorzata.; Borysławska, A.; Szweda, E.; Groth, A.; Pyka, Młgorzata.; Figurska, M.; Chybicka, A.; Rokicka-Milewska, R.; Matysiak, Mł.; Balwierz, W.; Sońta-Jakimczyk, D.; Balcerska, A.; Wachowiak, J., 2005:
Implementation of the unified model of presenting cancer diagnosis in Polish pediatric onco-hematology centers

Hanaire-Broutin, H.; Picard, S., 2003:
Implementation of the "Diabetes Prevention Program", in Europe

Halder, M.; Balls, M., 2003:
Implementation of three Rs alternatives in regulatory testing: possibilities and obstacles--the view of the validator

Di Fabio, J.L.; Milstien, J., 2003:
Implementation of three Rs methods in 3rd World countries

Naudy, S.; Peignaux, K.; Brenier, J-P.; Créhange, G.; Arnaud, A.; Truc, G.; Bidault, F.; Maingon, P., 2006:
Implementation of transabdominal ultrasound image guided conformal intensity modulated radiotherapy

Baird, J.; Hammond, M.; Barker, M., 2003:
Implementation of universal antenatal screening for HIV and hepatitis B--lessons for future work

Maucec, M., 2006:
Implementation of variance-reduction techniques for Monte Carlo nuclear logging calculations with neutron sources

Barry, N.; Campbell, P.; Reed, N.; Reid, M.E.; Bower, D.J.; Norrie, J.; Currie, G.D., 2004:
Implementation of videoconferencing to support a managed clinical network in Scotland: lessons learned during the first 18 months

Huang, C.; Noirot, L.A.; Heard, K.M.; Reichley, R.M.; Dunagan, W.Claiborne.; Bailey, T.C., 2007:
Implementation of virtual medical record object model for a standards-based clinical decision support rule engine

Spinewine, A.; Dhillon, S.; Mallet, L.; Tulkens, P.M.; Wilmotte, Léon.; Swine, C., 2006:
Implementation of ward-based clinical pharmacy services in Belgium--description of the impact on a geriatric unit

Øyri, K.; Balasingham, I.; Høgetveit, J.Olav., 2006:
Implementation of wireless technology in advanced clinical practice

Gallagher, K.M.; Stanley, A.; Shearer, D.; Mosca, C., 2005:
Implementation of youth development programs: promise and challenges

Sladek, R.M.; Phillips, P.A.; Bond, M.J., 2006:
Implementation science: a role for parallel dual processing models of reasoning?

Davis, J.; Roberts, R.; Davidson, D.L.W.; Norman, A.; Ogston, S.; Grimshaw, J.M.; Davey, P.; Grant, J.; Ruta, D., 2003:
Implementation strategies for a Scottish national epilepsy guideline in primary care: results of the Tayside Implementation of Guidelines in Epilepsy Randomized (TIGER) trial

Venhuizen, B., 2004:
Implementation timelines...A sample project plan outline

Bradley, V., 2005:
Implementation, CPOE, and medication errors

Wang, G.; Zheng, G.; Keppler, P.; Gebhard, F.; Staubli, A.; Mueller, U.; Schmucki, D.; Fluetsch, S.; Nolte, L-Peter., 2005:
Implementation, accuracy evaluation, and preliminary clinical trial of a CT-free navigation system for high tibial opening wedge osteotomy

Shahidi, R.; Bax, M.R.; Maurer, C.R.; Johnson, J.A.; Wilkinson, E.P.; Wang, B.; West, J.B.; Citardi, M.J.; Manwaring, K.H.; Khadem, R., 2003:
Implementation, calibration and accuracy testing of an image-enhanced endoscopy system

Jenkings, K.Neil., 2007:
Implementation, change management and benefit realization: investigating the utility of ethnographically enriched process maps

Sword, W.; Watt, S.; Krueger, P., 2004:
Implementation, uptake, and impact of a provincial postpartum program

Rowe, R.; McDaid, D., 2007:
Implementation: the need for a contextual approach to the implementation of musculoskeletal guidelines

Liu, H-Ling.; Wu, C-Te.; Chen, J-Chuan.; Hsu, Y-Yu.; Wai, Y-Yau.; Wan, Y-Liang., 2003:
Implementations of clinical functional magnetic resonance imaging using character-based paradigms for the prediction of Chinese language dominance

Sonntag, K-Christian., 2005:
Implementations of translational medicine

ten Brink, L.Tjeerd.; Veerman, J.W.; de Kemp, R.A.T.; Berger, M.A., 2004:
Implemented as intended? Recording family worker activities in a Families First program

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Implementing 1-dose antibiotic prophylaxis for prevention of surgical site infection

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Implementing ADHD guidelines in primary care: does one size fit all?

Bunn, P.A., 2003:
Implementing ASCO's strategic plan 2003: diverse membership needs, prevention, and patient partnerships

Jay, T.; Tanner, L., 2004:
Implementing Agenda for Change in a primary care trust

Bishop, A.; Dougherty, R., 2005:
Implementing CQI at the healthcare provider level

Rondeau, K.V.; Wagar, T.H., 2004:
Implementing CQI while reducing the work force: how does it influence hospital performance?

Katz, E., 1952:
Implementing California's new legislation for severely mentally retarded minors in public schools; the role of psychological services

Patterson, N.W., 1964:
Implementing Concepts Through Design

Hindle, D., 2004:
Implementing DRGs in Slovenia: why the Australian variant was selected

Pope, J., 2006:
Implementing EHRs requires a shift in thinking. PHRs--the building blocks of EHRs--may be the quickest path to the fulfillment of disease management

Howell, S.L., 2006:
Implementing EMRs in the medical office--one doctor's story. Interview by Matthew Sabin

Moghul, J.; Trewin, J.; Grocott, C., 2006:
Implementing Essence of Care in a clinical research facility

Peterson, K.J.; Van Buren, K., 2006:
Implementing Essentials of Critical Care Orientation: one hospital's experience with an online critical care course

Frean, M.; Lilley, M.; Boyle, P., 2006:
Implementing Gaussian process inference with neural networks

Doherty, J.; Noirot, L.A.; Mayfield, J.; Ramiah, S.; Huang, C.; Dunagan, W.Claiborne.; Bailey, T.C., 2007:
Implementing GermWatcher, an enterprise infection control application

Harushima, H.; Ohmichi, K., 2005:
Implementing HACCP system in small and/or less developed business--human development

Berer, M., 2005 :
Implementing ICPD: what's happening in countries

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Implementing Improvements in An Outpatient Department

Blobel, B.; Pharow, P., 2005:
Implementing MDA-based distributed, interoperable, flexible, scalable, portable, and secure EHR systems

Saull-McCaig, S.; Pacheco, R.; Kozak, P.; Gauthier, S.; Hahn, R., 2006:
Implementing MOE/MAR: balancing project management with change management

Anonymous, 2005:
Implementing Medicare Part D could get ugly

Wallace, W.Jon., 2006:
Implementing NFPA 70E at your facility

Bryan, J., 2005:
Implementing NICE guidance. Best practice. Think local

Moore, A., 2005:
Implementing NICE guidance. Get the message

Leng, G., 2005:
Implementing NICE guidance. Implementation planning. Nice work if you can do it

Haslam, D.; Rao, S.; Leng, G.; Steele, J.; Harris, S.; McKeon, A.; Stanton, P.; Thomas, H., 2005:
Implementing NICE guidance. Roundtable discussion. Talking cure

Wanzer, L.J., 2005:
Implementing National Patient Safety Goal 3

Morgen, E.Breck., 2003:
Implementing PDA technology in a medical library: experiences in a hospital library and an academic medical center library

Goodman, C., 1964:
Implementing Public Law 182

Ward, A., 2006:
Implementing SNOMED CT in England

Amoureux, J.P.; Delevoye, L.; Fink, G.; Taulelle, F.; Flambard, A.; Montagne, L., 2005:
Implementing SPAM into STMAS: a net sensitivity improvement in high-resolution NMR of quadrupolar nuclei

van den Heuvel, J.; Does, R.J.M.M.; Bogers, A.J.J.C.; Berg, M., 2006:
Implementing Six Sigma in The Netherlands

Lindberg, E.; Rosenqvist, U., 2005:
Implementing TQM in the health care service

Shanholtz, M.I., 1964:
Implementing the 1963 Federal Legislation on Mental Retardation

Bendall, E.R., 1964:
Implementing the Platt Report. a Suggested Training School Programme for the Register

Young, C.H., 1964:
Implementing the Professional Focus

Macdonald, M., 1965:
Implementing the Wider Basic Training

Parker, E.Rindskopf.; Pate, B., 2005 :
Implementing UN Security Council Resolution 1540 to combat the proliferation of biological weapons

Atun, R.A.; Baeza, J.; Drobniewski, F.; Levicheva, V.; Coker, R.J., 2005:
Implementing WHO DOTS strategy in the Russian Federation: stakeholder attitudes

Russell, N.; Harding, C.; Chamberlain, C.; Johnston, L., 2006:
Implementing a 'Men's Health Pitstop' in the Riverina, South-west New South Wales

Lambert, A.W., 2005:
Implementing a 'New Deal' compliant SHO rota

Barnard, D.; Dumkee, M.; Bains, B.; Gallivan, B., 2006:
Implementing a Good Catch program in an integrated health system

Tellis, W.M.; Andriole, K.P., 2004:
Implementing a MIRC interface for a database driven teaching file

Tellis, W.M.; Andriole, K.P., 2003:
Implementing a MIRC query interface for a database driven teaching file

Spahni, Séphane.; Lovis, C.; Mercille, R.; Verdel, Hé.; Cotten, M.; Geissbühler, A., 2005:
Implementing a New ADT Based on the HL-7 Version 3 RIM

Burns, G.A.; Brown, M.L.; Wardrop, K.Jane.; Hines, S., 2005:
Implementing a Student Progress Committee: the student and faculty perspectives

Yates, C., 2007:
Implementing a bar-coded bedside medication administration system

Booth, J.; Alex, L.; Francis, M.; Tolson, D. , 2005:
Implementing a best practice statement in nutrition for frail older people: Part 1

Booth, J.; Leadbetter, A.; Francis, M.; Tolson, D., 2005:
Implementing a best practice statement in nutrition for frail older people: Part 2

Kuiper, K.K.J.; Salem, M.; Rotevatn, S.; Mills, J.; Nordrehaug, J.Erik., 2007:
Implementing a best-treatment strategy with intracoronary brachytherapy for in-stent restenosis in patients at high risk for recurrence

Lyon, A.; Marone, S.; Wainman, D.; Weaver, D.F., 2004:
Implementing a bioassay to screen molecules for antiepileptogenic activity: chronic pilocarpine versus subdudral haematoma models

Merchant, K.; Laborde, A., 2005:
Implementing a cardiac resynchronization therapy program in a county hospital

Sacco, I.de.Camargo.Neves.; João, S.Maria.Amado.; Alignani, D.; Ota, D.Kinoshita.; Sartor, C.Dallemole.; Silveira, L.Tomiko.; Gomes, A.Arcanjo.; Cronfli, R.; Bernik, Márcia., 2005:
Implementing a clinical assessment protocol for sensory and skeletal function in diabetic neuropathy patients at a university hospital in Brazil

Coenen, S.; Dirven, K.; Michiels, B.; Denekens, J.; Van Royen, P., 2005:
Implementing a clinical practice guideline on acute cough in general practice: a Belgian experience with academic detailing

Reichley, R.M.; Seaton, T.L.; Resetar, E.; Micek, S.T.; Scott, K.L.; Fraser, V.J.; Dunagan, W.Claiborne.; Bailey, T.C., 2005:
Implementing a commercial rule base as a medication order safety net

Richardson-Nassif, K.; Swartz, R.; Reardon, M., 2004:
Implementing a community education program on stroke for health care providers and consumers

Diamond, R.; Litwak, E.; Marshall, S.; Diamond, A., 2003:
Implementing a community-based oral health care program: lessons learned

Osrin, D.; Mesko, N.; Shrestha, B.P.; Shrestha, D.; Tamang, S.; Thapa, S.; Tumbahangphe, K.M.; Shrestha, J.R.; Manandhar, M.K.; Manandhar, D.S.; Standing, H.; Costello, A.M., 2003:
Implementing a community-based participatory intervention to improve essential newborn care in rural Nepal

McCain, N.L.; Gray, D.Patricia.; Walter, J.M.; Robins, J., 2005:
Implementing a comprehensive approach to the study of health dynamics using the psychoneuroimmunology paradigm

Wroblewski, M.; Tallon, D., 2004:
Implementing a comprehensive postpartum depression support program

White, M.Jo.; Stark, J.R.; Luckmann, R.; Rosal, M.C.; Clemow, L.; Costanza, M.E., 2005:
Implementing a computer-assisted telephone interview (CATI) system to increase colorectal cancer screening: a process evaluation

Doll, M., 2006:
Implementing a continuous insulin infusion protocol on a cardiac surgical service: a PA's perspective

O'Riordan, B.; Gray, K.; McArthur-Rouse, F., 2003:
Implementing a critical care course for ward nurses

Goldstein, M.B., 2007:
Implementing a crown service policy in your practice

Nutting, P.A.; Gallagher, K.M.; Riley, K.; White, S.; Dietrich, A.J.; Dickinson, W.Perry., 2006:
Implementing a depression improvement intervention in five health care organizations: experience from the RESPECT-Depression trial

Harpole, L.H.; Stechuchak, K.M.; Saur, C.D.; Steffens, D.C.; Unützer, Jürgen.; Oddone, E., 2003:
Implementing a disease management intervention for depression in primary care: a random work sampling study

Dott, M.M.; Orakail, N.; Ebadi, H.; Hernandez, F.; MacFarlane, K.; Riley, P.L.; Prepas, R.; McCarthy, B.J., 2005:
Implementing a facility-based maternal and perinatal health care surveillance system in Afghanistan

York, N.L., 2004:
Implementing a family presence protocol option

Hussein, R.; Engelmann, U.; Schroeter, A.; Meinzer, H-Peter., 2004:
Implementing a full-feature PACS solution in accordance with the IHE technical framework: the CHILI approach

Gagnon, J.; Bouchard, F.; Landry, M.; Belles-Isles, M.; Fortier, M.; Fillion, L., 2005:
Implementing a hospital-based animal therapy program for children with cancer: a descriptive study

Ward, E.; Durant, T.; Thompson, M.; Gordon, G.; Mitchell, W.; Ashley, D., 2003:
Implementing a hospital-based violence-related injury surveillance system--a background to the Jamaican experience

Cohen, M.M.; Kimmel, N.L.; Benage, M.Kathleen.; Hoang, C.; Burroughs, T.E.; Roth, C.A., 2004:
Implementing a hospitalwide patient safety program for cultural change

Morris, J.A.; Wachs, J.E., 2003:
Implementing a job hazard analysis program

Powell, D.R., 2003:
Implementing a medical self-care program

Howell, L.Pleotis.; Hogarth, M.A.; Anders, T.F., 2003:
Implementing a mission-based reporting system at an academic health center: a method for mission enhancement

Dorr, D.A.; Wilcox, A.; Burns, L.; Brunker, C.P.; Narus, S.P.; Clayton, P.D., 2006:
Implementing a multidisease chronic care model in primary care using people and technology

Earnshaw, D.; Rees, F.; Dunn, T.W.; Burlingame, G.M.; Chen, S., 2005:
Implementing a multisource outcome assessment protocol in a state psychiatric hospital: a case study

Lewis, R.Q.; Fletcher, M., 2005:
Implementing a national strategy for patient safety: lessons from the National Health Service in England

Coleman, T.; Pound, E.; Adams, C.; Bauld, L.; Ferguson, J.; Cheater, F., 2005:
Implementing a national treatment service for dependent smokers: initial challenges and solutions

Nimsgern, A.; Camponeschi, J., 2005:
Implementing a new diabetes resource for Wisconsin schools and families

Gladwin, J.; Dixon, R.A.; Wilson, T.D., 2003:
Implementing a new health management information system in Uganda

Watson, W.; Mozley, C.; Cope, J.; Hart, D.; Kay, D.; Cowley, K.; Pateraki, J.; Priestley, G., 2006:
Implementing a nurse-led critical care outreach service in an acute hospital

Spencer, J., 2005:
Implementing a nurse-led fracture intervention service

Martin, P.; Klotz, L., 2005:
Implementing a nursing program via live interactive video: lessons learned

Gale, G.; Brooks, A., 2006:
Implementing a palliative care program in a newborn intensive care unit

Furman, C., 2005:
Implementing a patient safety alert system

Pope, D.; Tipler, S.; Kirwan, J.; Hewlett, S., 2005:
Implementing a patient-led service for chronic conditions

Navaie-Waliser, M.; Mersman, C.; Lincoln, P., 2004:
Implementing a pediatric asthma program: enabling self-care management through education

Barnes, J., 2006:
Implementing a perinatal clinical information system: a work in progress

Holmes, S.P., 2004:
Implementing a perioperative nursing elective in a baccalaureate curriculum

Tang, C.Hui.; Li, C.Chi.; Chang, G.Hang.; Chang, P., 2004:
Implementing a personalized portal combined with workflow management tools used in diabetes care

Saunders, S.M.; Tierney, J.A.; Forde, J.M.; Onorato, A.V.; Abramson, M.H., 2003:
Implementing a pharmacist-provided discharge counseling service

Huntzinger, P.E., 2003:
Implementing a pharmacy patient education center

Roth, V.; Worthington, J., 2005:
Implementing a policy for practitioners infected with blood-borne pathogens

Racine, L., 2003:
Implementing a postcolonial feminist perspective in nursing research related to non-Western populations

Calhoun, J.; Admire, K.; Casey, P., 2005:
Implementing a predictive modeling program, part 1

Calhoun, J.; Admire, K.S., 2005:
Implementing a predictive modeling program, part II: Use of motivational interviewing in a predictive modeling program

Hiser, B.; Rochette, J.; Philbin, S.; Lowerhouse, N.; Terburgh, C.; Pietsch, C., 2006:
Implementing a pressure ulcer prevention program and enhancing the role of the CWOCN: impact on outcomes

Lund, C.M., 2004:
Implementing a proactive rejection strategy

Carrera, L.Ivón.; Tellez, Tás.Eduardo.; D'Ottavio, A.Enrique., 2003:
Implementing a problem-based learning curriculum in an Argentinean medical school: implications for developing countries

Goodman, S., 2006:
Implementing a protocol for weaning patients off mechanical ventilation

Rolfhamre, P.; Grabowska, K.; Ekdahl, K., 2004:
Implementing a public web based GIS service for feedback of surveillance data on communicable diseases in Sweden

Durkin, S.E., 2006:
Implementing a rapid response team

Murray, T.; Kleinpell, R., 2006:
Implementing a rapid response team: factors influencing success

Poustie, S.J.; Taylor, D.McD.; Forbes, A.B.; Skiba, M.A.; Nelson, M.R.; McNeil, J.J., 2006:
Implementing a research governance framework for clinical and public health research

Steele, A.M., 2003:
Implementing a research project on the development of diabetes

Inadomi, J.M., 2006:
Implementing a research project: the nitty gritty

Van Wicklin, S.A.; Ward, K.S.; Cantrell, S.W., 2006:
Implementing a research utilization plan for prevention of deep vein thrombosis

Liddicoat, R.V.; Zheng, H.; Internicola, J.; Werner, B.G.; Kazianis, A.; Golan, Y.; Rubinstein, E.P.; Freedberg, K.A.; Walensky, R.P., 2006:
Implementing a routine, voluntary HIV testing program in a Massachusetts county prison

Ortolano, M.; Rainey, J.T., 1962:
Implementing a selective cycle menu system

Ortolano, M.; Rainey, J.T., 1962:
Implementing a selective cycle menu system. II

Stevens, S.; Sin, J., 2005:
Implementing a self-management model of relapse prevention for psychosis into routine clinical practice

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Implementing controls in the OR can help reduce cost and inventory

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