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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 49304

Chapter 49304 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Montejo, J.Carlos.; Del Palacio, A., 2006:
Importance of invasive candidiasis in critical non-neutropenic patients

Buri, J.F., 1959:
Importance of investigation of urinary and serum amino-acids in general pathology and in pediatrics

Papazian, R.; Iota, C.G., 1961:
Importance of investigatons of vasomotor asymmetries in clinical medicine

Schonbauer, L., 1950:
Importance of iodine in surgery

De Rezende, V.P., 1953:
Importance of iron in therapy and prophylaxis of schizophrenia

Bastos, J., 1949:
Importance of ischaemia in certain peripheral nerve palsies

Pu, M.; Thomas, J.D.; Gillinov, M.A.; Griffin, B.P.; Brunken, R.C., 2003:
Importance of ischemic and viable myocardium for patients with chronic ischemic mitral regurgitation and left ventricular dysfunction

Meyer, J.S., 1958:
Importance of ischemic damage to small vessels in experimental cerebral infarction

Corda, R., 1952:
Importance of isoimmunization in pathogenesis of mongoloid idiocy

Van Den Eynde, P.; Lefebvre, P.; Buisseret, E., 1957:
Importance of jejunal interposition after total gastrectomy

Topçuoglu, M.Akif.; Buonanno, F.S., 2003:
Importance of jugular valve incompetence in contrast transcranial Doppler ultrasonography for the diagnosis of patent foramen ovale

Chiarini, G.C., 1958:
Importance of karyological studies in precancerous states and in preclinical chancres of the oral cavity

Khan, M.K., 1960:
Importance of keeping statistics related to maternal and child health services-what statistics should be maintained in the centres

Caldeira, J.A., 1961:
Importance of keratometry in the evaluation of total astigmatism

de Granda Orive, Jé.Ignacio.; García Río, F.; Callol Sánchez, L., 2004:
Importance of key words in bibliographic searches

Donzelot, E.; Heim De Balsac, R.; Durand, M.; Escalle, J.E.; Metianu, C.; Preaux, L., 1950:
Importance of kidney function tests before and after angiocardiography

Berrios, A., 1962:
Importance of knowledge concerning mental defectives

Croizat, P.; Favre-Gilly, J.; Borelmilhet, J., 1951:
Importance of laboratory data in the control of antihemorrhagic medications

Davy; Tison, 1950:
Importance of laboratory findings in the conduct of ulcero-caseous tuberculosis

Jankov, M., 1957:
Importance of laboratory methods in diagnosis of tuberculosis

Hausdorf, G., 1958:
Importance of laboratory studies for diagnosis and proposed therapy

Das, N.; Sengupta, S.; Mukherjee, M., 2006:
Importance of laccase in vegetative growth of pleurotus Florida

Negri, R.; Princivalle, M., 1956:
Importance of lactobacilli in dental caries and their sensitivity to antibiotics

Noccioli, G., 1956:
Importance of lamps with ultraviolet rays in hospital wards

Lozano, M.; Mazzara, R., 2003:
Importance of language

Kalk, H., 1955:
Importance of laparoscopy and hepatic puncture in the different diagnosis of jaundice, especially for the diagnosis of obstruction of the bile ducts

Beyreder, J.; Rieder, H., 1958:
Importance of laparoscopy and precise liver biopsy for diagnosis of Boeck's sarcoidosis

Friedrich, L.; Medgyes, A.; Denes, Z., 1958:
Importance of laparoscopy for stomach diagnosis

Ocariz, J.H., 1955:
Importance of laparoscopy in diagnosis and therapy

Girard, M.; Coulot, M.; Pinet; Alex, R., 1957:
Importance of laparoscopy in the diagnosis of tuberculous peritonitis

Pruche, A., 1958:
Importance of large amplifications in electrocardiography

Berthier, C.; Barnaud, J.; Bonneru-Couchoud, 1957:
Importance of large doses of vitamin B1 in the treatment of alcoholic encephalopathies; 3 case reports

Pereira, A.F., 1949:
Importance of laryngoscopy pre-and postoperative in thyroid surgery

Palomar García, V.; Palomar Asenjo, V.; Ruiz Giner, A.; Sarroca Capell, E., 2006:
Importance of laser in the surgical technique of otosclerosis and its results

Ott, W., 1957:
Importance of latent iron deficiency in the postoperative period

Munhoz, A.Mendonça.; Ishida, L.Henrique.; Sturtz, G.Pinós.; Cunha, M.Sacramento.; Montag, E.; Saito, Fábio.Lopes.; Gemperli, R.; Ferreira, M.Castro., 2004:
Importance of lateral row perforator vessels in deep inferior epigastric perforator flap harvesting

Brejcha, M.; Skokan, Z.V., 1955:
Importance of lateral skiagraphy in determination of the extent of laryngeal and pharyngeal tumors

Allegra, G.; Macchini, M., 1956:
Importance of latero-lateral projection in phlebography of obstruction of deep circulation of leg

Gelez, H.; Archer, E.; Chesneau, D.; Campan, R.; Fabre-Nys, C., 2004:
Importance of learning in the response of ewes to male odor

Hartmann, F.; Hess, R.G., 1958:
Importance of lecithin in fat metabolism & experimental fatty liver in rat

Dyckerhoff, H.; Frielingsdorf, G., 1957:
Importance of lecithin in total metabolism and cellular metabolism based on results of newer research; cytoplasma, cell nucleus, mitochondria and microsomes

de VET, A.; LEYTEN, A.M., 1963:
Importance of leucotomy

Szczygielska, J., 1950:
Importance of leukergic stimulus and specific resistance

Herbeuval, H.; Herbeuval, R.; Duheille, J.; Cuny, G.; Guerci, O.; Herzog, B., 1960:
Importance of leukococentration in the study of hemopathies

Akerman, R., 1950:
Importance of leukocyte count in threatened febrile abortions

Marson, P., 1960:
Importance of leukopenia with granulopenia in the course of treatment by N-desacetylthiocolchicine. Preliminary note

Agarwal, R.; Tullu, M.S.; Lahiri, K.R., 2004:
Importance of life-long continuous antimicrobial prophylaxis to prevent infections in patients with Job's syndrome

Nordio, C.B., 1952:
Importance of light in blood picture in onions induced anemia in rabbits

Westphal, O.; Nowotny, A.; Luderitz, O.; Hurni, H.; Eichenberger, E.; Schonholzer, G., 1958:
Importance of lipid components (lipid A) for the biological effects of bacterial endotoxins (lipopolysaccharides)

De Bastiani, G.; Fonzone, B.; Lunardo, C., 1957:
Importance of lipid metabolism on skeletal growth in rats

Warter, J.; Argenson, G.; Wackenheim, A., 1953:
Importance of lipid transfer in a case of cancer of the pancreas head; exploration of the exocrine function of pancreas

Soderhjelm, L.; Hansen, A.E., 1962:
Importance of lipids in infant nutrition

Mesa García, M.D.; Aguilera García, C.M.; Gil Hernández, A., 2006:
Importance of lipids in the nutritional treatment of inflammatory diseases

Vanzetti, G., 1950:
Importance of lipids in the pathogenesis of arteriosclerosis

Laval, P.; Clement, R.; Amalric, R.; Laurent, C., 1958:
Importance of lipiodol bronchography in radiotherapy of bronchial cancer

Jeney, E.; Csoka, I.; Biro, L., 1957:
Importance of lipoid fraction of Reiter's Spirochaeta in pallida reaction

Del Guerra, A., 1950:
Importance of lipotropic and liver-protective factors in subacute selenium poisoning

Lindgren, P., 1956:
Importance of lipotropic factors in fat conversion

Nissen, K., 1950:
Importance of lipotropic substances--especially of hepsan--in parenchymal liver injuries

Urbánek, P.; Vedralová, J.; Marecek, Z.; Brodanová, M.; Procházková-Francisci, E.; Brůha, R.; Petrtýl, J.; Kaláb, M., 2003:
Importance of liver biopsy in chronic hepatitis C virus infection

Omagari, K.; Ohba, K.; Kadokawa, Y.; Ohnita, K.; Mizuta, Y.; Kohno, S.; Onizuka, Y.; Nakamura, M.; Aoyama, H.; Nakanuma, Y., 2005:
Importance of liver biopsy in patients with nonalcoholic steatohepatitis coexisting with clinical or biochemical signs of autoimmunity

Rossi, M., 1953:
Importance of liver in the inactivation of estrogens in vitro. I

Papi, E.F., 1957:
Importance of liver proteolysate in the rearing of premature & newborn infants

Magnenat, P., 1955:
Importance of liver puncture biopsy in diagnosis of certain forms of tuberculosis and of Besnier-Boeck-Schaumann disease

Gahbler, J., 1957:
Importance of local anesthesia in lung collapse therapy

Kotzmann, H.; Rummelhardt, K., 1956:
Importance of local anesthetics, especially of panthesin in the treatment of rheumatic diseases

Lopez, M., 1961:
Importance of local factors for the pathogenesis of arteriosclerotic disease

Brkic, D.; Ivankovic, D., 1955:
Importance of local foci in the genesis and symptomatology of gastroduodenal ulcer

Campagnari, F.; Malamani, V., 1957 :
Importance of local phenomena of water diffusion and osmosis in the determination of tissue pressure

Kozlova, A.V., 1962:
Importance of localization and dimensions of the fields of irradiation in distance gamma therapy

Schulz, O.; Kirpal, K.; Stein, J.; Bensch, R.; Berghöfer, G.; Schimke, I.; Jaffe, A.S., 2006:
Importance of low concentrations of cardiac troponins

Gerbec, M.; Morelj, M., 1957:
Importance of low titres in epidemiology of Q-fever

Dağlar, Bülent.; Bayrakçi, K.; Taşbaş, Bülent.A.; Dağlar, Gül.; Ozdemir, Güzelali.; Delialioğlu, O.M.; Günel, Uğur., 2005:
Importance of lumbar vertebra transverse process fractures in multitrauma patients who had undergone emergent laparotomy

Berlanga Berumen, L., 1962:
Importance of lung diseases in childhood

Nishimura, M.; Nishimura, T.; Ishikawa, M.; Masuoka, A.; Okamura, N.; Abe, K.; Matsuoka, T.; Iwazaki, M.; Imanaka, K.; Asano, H.; Kyo, S., 2006:
Importance of luxury flow for critically ill patients receiving a left ventricular assist system

Bochner, B.H., 2004:
Importance of lymph node dissection in urologic cancers

Mariano Elizalde, A., 1962:
Importance of lymph-node punch biopsy in the diagnosis of a patient with adenopathy

Natucci, G.; Giarelli, L., 1951:
Importance of lymphostasis in pathology of the spleen

Durlach, J.; Pagès, N.; Bac, P.; Bara, M.; Guiet-Bara, A., 2005:
Importance of magnesium depletion with hypofunction of the biological clock in the pathophysiology of headhaches with photophobia, sudden infant death and some clinical forms of multiple sclerosis

Alvarez Posadilla, M.; Linares Torres, P.; Jorquera Plaza, F.; Rueda Castañón, R.; González de Francisco, Tás.; Olcoz Goñi, J.Luis., 2006:
Importance of magnetic resonance imaging in the diagnosis of multiple small biliary hamartomas (von Meyenburg complexes)

Beliaeva, N.K.; Spivak, G.L., 1958:
Importance of maintenance of a regime and occupation in hypertensive disease

Bertrand, D.; De Wolf, A., 1955:
Importance of manganese as a trace element in citric acid cycle in Aspergillus niger

Petit, J.M.; Milic-Emili, G., 1960:
Importance of manometric equipment in the measurement of intrathoracic pressure by the esophageal approach

Raposo, C.P.; Fernandes, C.; Cancella, L.De.C., 1952:
Importance of mass radiography (abreugraphy) in the early diagnosis of tuberculosis

Calamari, F., 1952:
Importance of mass x-ray in the recognition of non-tuberculous diseases of the thorax

Hoffstaedt, E.G.W., 1952:
Importance of mass x-ray survey for early diagnosis of pulmonary diseases

Ledesma-Montes, C.; Garcés-Ortíz, M.; Rosales-García, G.; Hernández-Guerrero, J.Carlos., 2004:
Importance of mast cells in human periapical inflammatory lesions

Lantuejoul, P., 1961:
Importance of maternal breast feeding

Rossier, A.; Michelin, J.; Gascuel, H., 1950:
Importance of maternal milk to the premature infant

Kolár, P.; Starha, P.; Hájek, D.; Vlková, E.; Druckmüller, M., 2003:
Importance of mathematical analysis of the retinal image in diabetic retinopathy

Taneja, P.N.; Ghai, O.P.; Bhakoo, O.N., 1962:
Importance of measles to India

Sadoul, P.; Chabot, B.; Pivoteau, C.; Pillot, P.; Graimppey, J., 1957:
Importance of measurement of alveolar ventilation in respiratory insufficiency

Chlumský, J.; Charvát, J., 2003:
Importance of measurement of carotid artery distensibility

Pavlovic, M., 1951:
Importance of measurement of maximum minute volumes in spirometry

Huguenard, P.; Fayot, G., 1955:
Importance of measurement of neuromuscular excitability in anesthesiology

Petit, J.M.; Milic-Emili, G.; Koch, R.; Sadoul, P., 1959:
Importance of measurement of ventilatory activity in the functional respiratory examination

Bauerova, V.; Gorner, F.; Hecko, I., 1956:
Importance of measures for microbiological purity in infant nutrition

Polisadov, P.V., 1963:
Importance of measuring the pressure in the temporal and occipital arteries in patients with headache

Hluzova, E.; Sebestik, V., 1962:
Importance of measuring the skin temperature in craniocerebral wounds in children

Pavlov, K.A., 1962:
Importance of mediastinal phlebography in the determination of the degree of metastasis of the process in intrathoracic tumors

Kassay, D., 1962:
Importance of mediastinal shift in diagnosis of bronchial stenosis

Alvarez, J.M.; Ha, T.; Musk, W.; Robins, P.; Price, R.; Byrne, M.J., 2005:
Importance of mediastinoscopy, bilateral thoracoscopy, and laparoscopy in correct staging of malignant mesothelioma before extrapleural pneumonectomy

Mette, A., 1950:
Importance of medical and scientific societies in the higher education of the physician

Gavito, D.Emma.Ginorio.; Duque, Mía.Victoria.Rodríguez.; Iraola, R.Cox.; Galindo, L.Fonte.; Rivero, Lázara.Rojas., 2005:
Importance of medical education in the diagnosis of toxoplasmosis in Cuba

Pazzini, A., 1952:
Importance of medical history studies

Zeglio, P., 1950:
Importance of medical prophylaxis for the health and productivity of workers

Guyton, A.C., 1960:
Importance of medical research in the South and in Mississippi

Lavalee, G., 1950:
Importance of medical statistics

Saggese, P., 1952:
Importance of medical statistics and utility of their unification

Pollosson, E.; Rochet, Y., 1963:
Importance of medical treatment with synthetic progestational hormones in severe endometriosis of pseudo-tumoral form

Gabaldon, A., 1953:
Importance of medically undiagnosed deaths in relation to biostatistic data on malaria in Venezuela

Fernandez-Llimos, F.; Faus, M.Jose., 2003:
Importance of medicine-related problems as risk factors

Bocalandro, C.A.; Maciel Crespo, F.A.; Sbarra, N.H., 1951:
Importance of medico-social work for a rural worker

De Castroverde, J.A., 1952:
Importance of medicolegal dentistry in identification; the identostomagram

Beaudouin, M.; Poire, R.; Degraeve, M.; Mabille, P., 1963:
Importance of megimide in the treatment of coma caused by mysoline

Lewin, H., 1951:
Importance of menarche in evaluation of disorders of the cycle

Ory, M.; Ruelle, M., 1960:
Importance of mental factors in the pathogenesis and treatment of rheumatic diseases

Puca, A.; Maria, G., 1955:
Importance of mental hygiene and the establishment of dispensaries; report of the first year of activity of the dispensary of the province of Caserta

Medea, E., 1953:
Importance of mental hygiene in relation to social medicine

Thiers, H.; Olivier, L.; Colomb, D.; Fayolle, J.; Moulin, J., 1958:
Importance of meprobamate in dermatology

Maldague, P.; Dunjic, A.; Maisin, H.; Maisin, J., 1956:
Importance of mercaptoethylamine in the protection against the esophageal syndrome and severe cutaneous lesions

Musumeci, V., 1961:
Importance of mercaptopropanol (B.A.L.) in the study of Duhring's disease and of its relations to pemphigus vulgaris

Horalek, F.; Kucera, F., 1955:
Importance of mesenchymal changes for genesis and early diagnosis of cancer of uterine cervix

Meier, R.; Desaulles, P.A., 1956:
Importance of mesenchymal effects of certain substances in the interpretation of their pharmacodynamic action

Kohler, V.; Scharf, J., 1951:
Importance of metabolic processes sensitive to mono-iodoacetic acid for tissue inflammation

Warshawsky, I.; Farver, C.; Paul, P.; Mehta, A.; Decamp, M.M., 2005:
Importance of metastatic site analysis in determining tumor lineage in a lung transplant recipient

Lawrence, E.N., 1962:
Importance of meteorological factors to the incidence of poliomyelitis

Fister, V.; Rabadjija, L.; Baic, D., 1957:
Importance of method of administration of alioxan in rats

Hoymans, V.Y.; Bosmans, J.M.; Van Renterghem, L.; Mak, R.; Ursi, D.; Wuyts, F.; Vrints, C.J.; Ieven, M., 2003:
Importance of methodology in determination of Chlamydia pneumoniae seropositivity in healthy subjects and in patients with coronary atherosclerosis

Perris, C.; Stancati, G., 1954:
Importance of methods of activation in electroencephalographic investigation of psychiatric syndromes; study presented at the Twenty-sixth National Psychiatric Congress in Varese

Posteraro, G.; Rinaldi, G., 1954:
Importance of methylandrostenediol in auxology

Patist, A.; Kanicky, J.R.; Shukla, P.K.; Shah, D.O., 2005:
Importance of micellar kinetics in relation to technological processes

Togashi, M.; Tazawa, S.; Taguchi, K., 2006:
Importance of microbial test for vaginal secretion from a pregnant women

Arsić-Arsenijević, V.; Radonjić, I.; Mijac, V.; Cirković, I., 2004:
Importance of microbiologic examination of vaginal secretions in the reproductive period

Cuzzoni, M.T., 1959:
Importance of microchemistry and of microanalysis in the development of pharmacy

Kurzawski, G.; Suchy, J.; Debniak, T.; Kładny, J.; Lubiński, J., 2004:
Importance of microsatellite instability (MSI) in colorectal cancer: MSI as a diagnostic tool

Palel, G.; Coman, A.Elena.; Petrovanu, C.; Ungureanu, D., 2004:
Importance of mild dyslipidemias determining the cardio-vascular risk factors

Nakabayashi, N., 2004:
Importance of mini-dumbbell specimen to access tensile strength of restored dentine: historical background and the future perspective in dentistry

Aricò, M.; Conter, V.; Valsecchi, M.Grazia.; Masera, G., 2003:
Importance of minimal residual disease testing during the second year of disease: still no answer?

Marshall, G.M.; Haber, M.; Kwan, E.; Zhu, L.; Ferrara, D.; Xue, C.; Brisco, M.J.; Sykes, P.J.; Morley, A.; Webster, B.; Dalla Pozza, L.; Waters, K.; Norris, M.D., 2003:
Importance of minimal residual disease testing during the second year of therapy for children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Geissler, B.; Mayer, H.; Witte, J., 2003:
Importance of minimum numbers in continuous education for specialist physicians in visceral surgery

Capone Braga, M., 1959:
Importance of minor electrocardiographic changes in the diagnosis of early subendocardial coronary insufficiency

Branco, Lísa.M., 2005:
Importance of mitral regurgitation in ischaemic heart disease--more than just a bystander

Pellizzon, G.G.; Grines, C.L.; Cox, D.A.; Stuckey, T.; Tcheng, J.E.; Garcia, E.; Guagliumi, G.; Turco, M.; Lansky, A.J.; Griffin, J.J.; Cohen, D.J.; Aymong, E.; Mehran, R.; O'Neill, W.W.; Stone, G.W., 2004:
Importance of mitral regurgitation inpatients undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention for acute myocardial infarction: the Controlled Abciximab and Device Investigation to Lower Late Angioplasty Complications (CADILLAC) trial

Winkle, S.; Rohde, R., 1958:
Importance of mixed infections causing various Salmonella types for diagnosis & epidemiology

Bousquet, P.J.; Co-Minh, H.B.; Arnoux, B.; Daures, J.P.; Demoly, P., 2005:
Importance of mixture of minor determinants and benzylpenicilloyl poly-L-lysine skin testing in the diagnosis of beta-lactam allergy

Coelst, 1952:
Importance of modelling in bone graft cutting in plastic surgery

Lam, B-Khanh.; Gillinov, A.Marc.; Blackstone, E.H.; Rajeswaran, J.; Yuh, B.; Bhudia, S.K.; McCarthy, P.M.; Cosgrove, D.M., 2005:
Importance of moderate ischemic mitral regurgitation

Vandecasteele, J.; Soots, G.; Fovet-Ramez, C., 1961:
Importance of moderated hypothermia in the surgical treatment of aortic coarctations in adults

Barth, L., 1951:
Importance of modern anesthesia technique for surgery

Hutschenreuter, K., 1958:
Importance of modern wetting agents for surgery

Rayner, B., 2006:
Importance of modulating the renin-angiotensin system in preventing renal complications of hypertension

Bishop, S.M.; Walker, M.; Rogers, A.A.; Chen, W.Y.J., 2003:
Importance of moisture balance at the wound-dressing interface

Fortunato, V., 1955:
Importance of molds in nasal and bronchial allergy

Salerno, M.B.; Logan, B.E.; Velegol, D., 2004:
Importance of molecular details in predicting bacterial adhesion to hydrophobic surfaces

Quijano, M., 1958:
Importance of moniliasis in general surgery

Seitz, O.; Böcking, T.; Salomon, A.; Gooding, J.Justin.; Cahen, D., 2006:
Importance of monolayer quality for interpreting current transport through organic molecules: alkyls on oxide-free Si

Giammarco, R., 1956:
Importance of monthly shifts in lead tetraethyl production department; personal experience of 5 years of clinical observations

Kolodny, A.L., 1963:
Importance of mood amelioration in relief of pain. A controlled comparative study of three analgesic agents

Klotz, H.P.; Elmaleh, H., 1953:
Importance of morbid predisposition in so-called psychosomatic thyroid diseases; analysis of the problem

Mamedov, R.A., 2003:
Importance of morphofunctional condition of endocrine cells of gastric mucosa in prognosis of ulcer disease complications

Platzbecker, P., 1956:
Importance of morphological aspects of the pituitary gland and adrenal glands in Cushing's syndrome

Ruffilli, D., 1954:
Importance of morphological control in virus culture on explants

Le Huche, R., 1952:
Importance of morphology for the preparation of onlays and jacket crowns

Sambataro, C.; Clerici, E., 1953 :
Importance of moulds in the appearance of nasal allergic phenomena in subjects sensitive to environmental dusts

da Silva, Vérie.Pédro.; Desmarest, M.; Trivalle, C., 2005:
Importance of mouth care in gerontology and palliative care

Ryan, F.J., 1950:
Importance of mutants in the study of fermentation metabolism

Omar, A.Aly., 2006:
Importance of mycological confirmation of clinically suspected cases of tinea corporis, tinea pedis and tinea cruris

Morel, P.; Bretin, A.P., 1952:
Importance of myelograms in the diagnosis of secondary neoplastic osteosis

Perna, E.R.; Címbaro Canella, J.P.; Macin, S.M., 2005:
Importance of myocardial damage in acute decompensated heart failure: changing the paradigm from a passive to an active process

Gori, R.M., 1957:
Importance of myomectomy in the treatment of uterine fibromyoma of the uterus

Xie, S-Shen., 2006:
Importance of nanobiology and nanomedicine

Hess, C.; Looi, M.Hoong.; Bee, S.; Hamid, A.; Shclögl, R., 2006:
Importance of nanostructured vanadia for selective oxidation of propane to acrylic acid

Strnad, F.; Kutting, J., 1952:
Importance of native investigation of the lung for early diagnosis and differential diagnosis of lung neoplasms

Gromiha, M.Michael., 2003 :
Importance of native-state topology for determining the folding rate of two-state proteins

Gussenhoven, G.A., 1952:
Importance of natural drainage in treatment of lung abscess

Atanackovic, A., 1957:
Importance of negative U wave in diagnosis of prodromal stage of myocardial infarct

Maloney, J.V.; Elam, J.O.; Handford, S.W.; Balla, G.A.; Eastwood, D.W.; Brown, E.S.; Ten Pas, R.H., 1953:
Importance of negative pressure phase in mechanical respirators

Klein, J.; Král, V.; Neoral, C.; Bohanes, T.; Drác, P.; Grygárková, I.; Herman, M., 2003:
Importance of neoadjuvant chemotherapy in the treatment of advanced bronchogenic carcinoma

Brecka, M.; Mathesius, V., 1956:
Importance of neonatal trauma of obscure origin

Popow, G.W., 1955:
Importance of nerve factors in tissue therapy

Vogt, C.; Vogt, O., 1951:
Importance of neuroanatomy in the field of neuropathology

Ohue, S.; Oka, Y.; Kumon, Y.; Ohta, S.; Sakaki, S.; Hatakeyama, T.; Shiraishi, T.; Takeda, S.; Ohnishi, T., 2003:
Importance of neuropsychological evaluation after surgery in patients with unruptured cerebral aneurysms

Krayenbuhl, H., 1950:
Importance of neurosurgery in pediatrics

Sedan, J.; Guillot, P.; Saraux, H.; Sedan, R., 1962 :
Importance of neurosurgical radiological examinations for the ophthalmologist

Ward, J.I., 2004:
Importance of new combination vaccines

Eichhorn, H.J., 1956:
Importance of new radiation qualities (betatron and cobalt bomb) in x-ray therapy for the treatment of tumors

Kubler, W., 1958:
Importance of nitrate content of vegetables in infant nutrition

Brzozowski, T.; Ptak, A.; Kwiecień, S.; Pajdo, R.; Drozdowicz, D.; Pawlik, M.; Konturek, S.J.; Pawlik, W.W., 2004:
Importance of nitric oxide (NO) and adenosine in the mechanism of gastric preconditioning induced by short ischemia

Van Leeuwen, P., 1963:
Importance of noctural gastric secretion in duodenal ulcer

Huang, W.C.; Bochner, B.H., 2006:
Importance of node dissection in relation to neoadjuvant and adjuvant therapy

Seryes, O., 1956:
Importance of non alcoholic type soda for youth

Tärnvik, A., 2004:
Importance of non-graded student case discussions

Eikermann, M.; Krüger, T.H.C.; Schiffer, B.; Beiderlinden, M.; Forsting, M.; Schedlowski, M., 2006:
Importance of non-pharmacological mechanism of analgesia with spinal puncture

Stoichita, M.; Teican-Gheorgiu, M.; Mihaescu, E., 1957:
Importance of non-specific factors for coagulation

van Zanten, A.R.H.; Engelfriet, P.M.; van Dillen, K.; van Veen, M.; Nuijten, M.J.C.; Polderman, K.H., 2003:
Importance of nondrug costs of intravenous antibiotic therapy

Rabli, D.; Morrison, M.A., 2006:
Importance of nonresonant scattering in low-energy dissociative electron attachment to molecular hydrogen

Boittelle, G.; Boittelle-Lentulo, C.; Dumezil, C., 1962:
Importance of norandrostenolone phenylpropionate in psychiatric therapy

Jung, F., 1951:
Importance of normal hemoglobin in blood

Vaqué-Rafart, J.; Armadans-Gil, Lís., 2004:
Importance of nosocomial transmission on severe acute respiratory syndrome and its prevention

Kunos, I.; Soltesz, L., 1959:
Importance of novocaine infiltration of the preaortic plexus in therapy of angina pectoris

Wołczek, O., 1955:
Importance of nuclear energy in modern medicine

Grassberger, A.; Seyss, R., 1955:
Importance of nucleography in spondylosis of the lumbar spine

Menze, H., 1957:
Importance of nucleoproteins for the development & maintenance of organisms & viruses

Castelain, G.; Castelain, C., 1957:
Importance of nucleotypes in cancer cytology

Di Carlo, I.; Toro, A.; Fasone, A.; Barbagallo, F.; Di Stefano, A.; Cordio, S.; Russello, D., 2003:
Importance of nursing in the prevention of complications of totally implantable venous access devices

Fierro Del Rio, L., 1954:
Importance of nutriology in the teaching of medicine

Halter, G., 1958:
Importance of nutrition during pregnancy for mother & child

Gounelle, H.; Francois, A.; Billette, J., 1951:
Importance of nutrition during pregnancy from viewpoint of mother and child

Franco, A., 1952:
Importance of nutrition in atherosclerosis

de Lorgeril, M.; Salen, P.; Defaye, P., 2005:
Importance of nutrition in chronic heart failure patients

Costa, D., 1953:
Importance of nutritional education; its development in Brazil

Ivady, G., 1956:
Importance of nutritional factors in skin and total body metabolism, with special reference to Leiner's disease

Milivojević, L.; Strkalj Ivezić, S., 2004:
Importance of object relations theories for development of capacity for mature love

Maspetiol; Gougerot; Korine, 1951:
Importance of objective audiometry by study of the psychogalvanic reflex in the diagnosis of functional deafness in adults

Portmann, M.; Portmann, C., 1955:
Importance of objective audiometry in clinical otology

Sattler, A., 1957:
Importance of observation of the course of the disease in tuberculosis

Coste, F.; Delbarre, F.; Basset, G., 1950:
Importance of observing eosinophilia during treatments with ACTH

Strand, A., 1953:
Importance of obstetric control in prematurity and postmaturity

Giraud, P.; Espinas, J., 1955:
Importance of obstetrical meningeal hemorrhage in neonatal mortality

Tripathy, D.; Wessman, Y.; Gullström, M.; Tuomi, T.; Groop, L., 2003:
Importance of obtaining independent measures of insulin secretion and insulin sensitivity during the same test: results with the Botnia clamp

Denion, E.; Dedes, V.; Bonne, M.; Labalette, P.; Berger, C.; Guilbert, F.; Bouckehove, S.; Rouland, J-F., 2004:
Importance of occlusion therapy for amblyopia in partial unilateral congenital cataracts that are discovered late

Bloomfield, J.J., 1962:
Importance of occupational hygiene in the economic development of Latin America

Bregeat, P.; Juge, P., 1961:
Importance of ocular examination in recent and closed cranial trauma

Nikolic, V.T., 1958:
Importance of ocular examination in recruits during enlistment

Volpi, U., 1959:
Importance of ocular ridgidity in glaucoma of myopic patients

Donoso, F.; Jadresic, A.; Sanz, R.; Lopez, E., 1953:
Importance of ocular symptoms in diagnosis of thyroid diseases

Soulairac, A.; Baron, J.; Quetin; Morlon, C.; Bessineton, 1957:
Importance of oculomotor disorders in various types of postural imbalance; findings on a hypochondriacal depression from the oculomotor aspect

De Castroverde, J.A., 1953:
Importance of odontology in medicolegal identification- the idento stomagram; criminal cases solved by medicolegal odontology

Cozen, L.; Mazet, R., 1954:
Importance of of skin towels in orthopedic operations

Offret, G.; Aron-Rosa, D.; Dilenge, D., 1963:
Importance of opacification of the vessels in orbitopalpebral angioma

Bhan, A., 2005:
Importance of open access for clinicians and researchers in developing countries

Pastorova, J.; Balas, V.; Biganovsky, M.; Junger, L.; Lukesova, T.; Vlach, V., 1959:
Importance of open intracranial injuries with regard to mortality & loss of working ability

Ladyzhenskii, M.E., 1950:
Importance of open pneumonolysis in collapse therapy

Mapelli, G., 1962:
Importance of ophthalmodynamometric findings in the diagnosis of internal carotid occlusion

Vischer, A.L., 1957:
Importance of ophthalmology for geriatric research

Straneo, G.; Caffi, M.; Seghizzi, P., 1961:
Importance of ophthalmoscopic examination in benzolism

Havener, W.H., 1959:
Importance of ophthalmoscopic examination in the interpretation of visual fields

Nichele, G.; Cati, P., 1954:
Importance of ophthalmoscopic observations in tuberculous meningitis

Margetić, B.; Aukst-Margetić, B.; Badanjak, A., 2006:
Importance of oral glucose tolerance test in patient with schizophrenia

Pastore, L.; De Benedittis, M.; Petruzzi, M.; Tatò, D.; Napoli, C.; Montagna, M.Teresa.; Catassi, C.; Serpico, R., 2004:
Importance of oral signs in the diagnosis of atypical forms of celiac disease

Boudet, C., 1955:
Importance of orbital phlebography in the diagnosis of tumors of the orbit

Petren, A., 1954:
Importance of orderly living conditions on return from institution for alcoholism

Hanhart, E., 1951:
Importance of organic constitution and heredity in manifestations of allergic diseases

Polo Castellanos, F., 1955:
Importance of organized clinics in the prevention of neoplastic disease

Lippelt, H., 1954:
Importance of ornothosis

Dostal, V., 1950:
Importance of orthoptics

Bock, H.E.; Gruner, P.; Seybold, G., 1951:
Importance of oscillography and combitonography in clinical practice, particularly in endocarditis lenta

Amantea, L.; Marcialis, A., 1957:
Importance of oscillometry after effort test in diagnosis of chronic obstructive arterial diseases of legs

Maione, P., 1954:
Importance of oscillometry in the early diagnosis of arterial circulatory disorders of the joints

Ramadier, J.O., 1954:
Importance of osteoarticular tomography

Theodore, S.; Madhusankar, N.; Jagannath, B.Raghvendrarao.; Cherian, K.Mammen., 2007:
Importance of ostial coronary stenosis in non infectious aortitis

Mazzacuva, D.; Malfatti, T., 1960:
Importance of otogenic pathogenesis in acute parenteral enteritis in the infant (casuistic study)

Badeer, H.S., 1962:
Importance of oxygen differentials in the etiology of ventricular fibrillation after ligation of the coronary artery

Vedra, B., 1960:
Importance of oxygen dissociation curve in fetal blood

Vignolo-Lutati, U., 1957:
Importance of oxygen therapy of the parturient for prevention of neonatal anoxia

Cecchi, G., 1952:
Importance of oxygenation in nutritive doses of the nerve centers in the mechanism of action of intracarotid blood transfusion in hemorrhagic shock; experimental research

Nano, H.M., 1950:
Importance of oxygeno-therapy in the treatment of vascular obstructions of the eye fundus

Blomqvist, R., 2006:
Importance of pH control of osteoclasts on bone resorption

Fabricant, N.D., 1953:
Importance of pH values in nasal medication

Neffson, A.H., 1953:
Importance of palpating tonsils

Colin, J.; Polonovski, C., 1953:
Importance of paper chromatography in pediatrics

De Blieck, J.; Ghilain, A., 1957:
Importance of paper chromatography in the colorimetric determination of urinary pregnandiol

Michon, P.; De Lavergne, E.; Racadot, A.; Burdin, J.C., 1957:
Importance of paper electrophoresis in the detection of abnormal serum globulin meaning & discussion

Moritsch, E., 1957:
Importance of paracentesis and adenotomy in treatment of otitis in the antibiotic era

Nitsch, K., 1957:
Importance of paranasal sinus diseases in children

Raffaele, G., 1960:
Importance of parasite carriers in the eradication of malaria

Redon, H.; Lacour, J., 1954:
Importance of parasternal curettage in surgical treatment of breast cancer

Pospísil, R., 2003:
Importance of parenchymal-sparing operations in the treatment of bronchogenic carcinoma

Crushell, E.; Rowland, M.; Doherty, M.; Gormally, S.; Harty, S.; Bourke, B.; Drumm, B., 2003:
Importance of parental conceptual model of illness in severe recurrent abdominal pain

Buffard, P., 1955:
Importance of parietography in the study of tumors of the greater curvature

Sisková, A.; Ríhová, E.; Skalická, P.; Jandusová, J.; Dotrelová, D., 2003:
Importance of pars plana vitrectomy in the diagnosis of ocular toxocariasis

Kubikova-Kourilova, A.; Bila, K., 1957:
Importance of particular blood types on the incidence of hemolytic disease of newborn

Leiman, V.N., 1962:
Importance of pathology of the cardiovascular system for the occupational prognosis of patients with brucellosis

Ellison, R.Curtis., 2005:
Importance of pattern of alcohol consumption

Staffa, R.; Leypold, J.; Kríz, Z., 2004:
Importance of pedal bypass in limb salvage

Erdogan, Bülent.; Ayhan, M.; Deren, O.; Tuncel, A., 2003:
Importance of pedicle length in inferior pedicle technique and long-term outcome of areola-to-fold distance

Bacon, L.; Goalen, V., 2004:
Importance of peer review for CDPH

Herbert, J.J.; Jacqueline, F., 1963:
Importance of pelvic equilibrium in the pathogenesis, prognosis and therapy of diseases of the hip

Kreibich, H., 1952:
Importance of penicillin administration in urgent indication for caesarean section

Andrieu, G.; Enjalbert, E.; Monnier, J.; Quercy, J.; Levrat, R., 1951:
Importance of penicillin-resistant staphylococci in epidemiology

Kloosterman, G.J., 1963:
Importance of penile hygiene in the prevention of cervical carcinoma

Ganem, R.; Barsotti, J., 1954:
Importance of per-operative cholangiography in diagnosis and therapy of hydatid cysts of the liver perforated into the bile ducts

Koskas, R.; Hagege, A.; Pietri, S., 1957:
Importance of per-operative cholangiography in hepato-biliary surgery; study of four cases

Roth, M.; Jona, I., 1955:
Importance of percutan in splenoportographic diagnosis

Maassen, W., 1957:
Importance of perfect air sanitation in town planning

Boeck, S.; Hinke, A.; Wilkowski, R.; Heinemann, V., 2007:
Importance of performance status for treatment outcome in advanced pancreatic cancer

Hedström, E.; Arheden, Håkan.; Eriksson, R.; Johansson, L.; Ahlstrom, Håkan.; Bjerner, T., 2006:
Importance of perfusion in myocardial viability studies using delayed contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging

Moricard, R., 1955:
Importance of peri-orificial micro-biopsies in early diagnosis of cancer of the uterine cervix and comparative statistical study of errors of vaginal cytology

Renzoni, A., 1955:
Importance of peribronchial venous plexus in dog

Chubarova, A.S., 1962:
Importance of perifocal reactions in the prognosis and treatment of some skin diseases

Porras, T., 1955:
Importance of periodical mass chest-x-ray surveys

Garcia Valcarcel, A., 1951:
Importance of periodicity in medicine

Hollenbeck, B.K.; Roberts, W.W.; Wolf, J.Stuart., 2006:
Importance of perioperative processes of care for length of hospital stay after laparoscopic surgery

Kumar, V., 2007:
Importance of peripheral biopsies in maximising the detection of early prostate cancer in repeat 12-core biopsy protocols

Turchetti, A., 1949:
Importance of peripheral tissues in the exchange of carbohydrates

Ruffo, A.; Badellino, F.; Rossotto, P., 1958:
Importance of peripituitary vascular formations in surgery of the hypophysis

Alieri, F., 1950:
Importance of peritoneal drainage in the treatment of the gravest forms of acute appendicitis

Tiedemann, R.; Handl, K., 1958:
Importance of peritubal blood vessels for inner pressure of the tympanum of the guinea pig

Blumenfeld, G., 1955:
Importance of permanent characteristics of increased ST wave

De Castro, F.P.; Sayeg, F., 1955:
Importance of peroral endoscopy

Quental, B., 1951:
Importance of personality in medicine

Jovanović, D.; Jakovljević, B.; Paunović, K.; Grubor, D., 2006:
Importance of personality traits and psychosocial factors for the development of coronary heart disease

Gartner, H., 1958:
Importance of phage typing in paratyphoid fever B for practical prevention

Urrutia, J.M.; Lavezzo, P., 1950:
Importance of pharmaco-cholangiography in the operative study of the principal bile duct

Velasco Suarez, 1950:
Importance of pharmacocholangiography in the operative study of the common bile duct

Aguilera Celorrio, L., 2003:
Importance of pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic parameters in drug interactions

Kosarev, V.V.; Lotkov, V.S.; Babanov, S.A., 2005:
Importance of pharmacological and economic research of rational use of drugs

Centore, F., 1959:
Importance of pharmacological tests in prevention of post-operative disease

Zahn, K., 1957:
Importance of pharmacological tests of retinal circulation in hypertensive retinopathy

Paracchi, N.; Perotti, F., 1952:
Importance of pharyngeal paresis in early diagnosis of esophageal carcinoma

Mampel, E., 1957:
Importance of phase contrast microscopy for study of fungi in sputum

Fritze, E.; Strufe, H.O., 1951:
Importance of phase contrast microscopy in clinical diagnosis

Cazal, P.; Izarn, P., 1950:
Importance of phase contrast microscopy in platelet and reticulocyte count

Kimmig, J., 1956:
Importance of phenothiazines in management of skin diseases

Cervos Navarro, J.; Unterharnscheidt, F., 1956:
Importance of phenothiazines in psychiatry

Echte, W., 1958:
Importance of phlebography in cardiac valve defects

Mairano, M.; Castagna, R.; Monateri, P.C., 1954:
Importance of phlebography in the diagnosis and treatment of recurrent varices

Gasbarrini, A.; Sotgiu, G., 1950:
Importance of phlogistic involvement of the biliary tract in catarrhal jaundice

Ianbaeva, K.I.; Guliamova, S.G., 1961:
Importance of phonocardiography in the diagnosis of mitral and aortic defects of the heart

Ragazzini, F.; Dettori, M.; Scalfani, G.; Moggi, P.; Mori, S.; Baldasseroni, G., 1960:
Importance of phonocardiography in the prevention of rheumatic fever

Lura, H.E., 1950:
Importance of phosphatase in the pathogeny of dental caries

McReynolds, J.L.; Rossen, E.K., 2004:
Importance of physical activity, nutrition, and social support for optimal aging

Diratzouian, H.; Freedman, G.M.; Hanlon, A.L.; Eisenberg, D.F.; Anderson, P.R., 2005:
Importance of physical examination in the absence of a mammographic abnormality for the detection of early-stage breast cancer

Zaidmann, H.; Cohen, B.; Vasseur, C., 1963:
Importance of physical exercises in obstetrical psycho-prophylaxis

Iagunov, S.A., 1950 :
Importance of physical exercises in pregnancy

Schulze, W., 1952:
Importance of physical rest as partial cause of urolithiasis

Majder, A., 1955:
Importance of physical therapy in the prevention of abnormalities after thoracoplasty

Wierenga, P.A.; Kosters, H.; Egmond, M.R.; Voragen, A.G.J.; de Jongh, H.H.J., 2006:
Importance of physical vs. chemical interactions in surface shear rheology

Berndorfer, A., 1950:
Importance of physiognomy in esthetic rhinoplasty

Holzer, H., 1956:
Importance of physiologically static development of infants and newborn in later faulty postures

Holub, K., 1958:
Importance of physiology and pathophysiology in brain surgery

Coelho, E.; Fonseca, J.M.; Nunes, A.; Barros, F., 1952:
Importance of physiopathological study of mitral stenosis in the indication for commissurotomy

Simkhada, P.; Bhatta, P.; van Teijlingen, E.R., 2007:
Importance of piloting a questionnaire on sexual health research

Kayser, H.W., 1957:
Importance of placental circulation for exchange of material between mother and child

Gedda, L.; Poggi, D., 1960:
Importance of placentation on the birth weight of twins

Satler, L.F., 2004:
Importance of plaque modification

Guth, G.; Zorn, G., 1957:
Importance of plasma & blood volume determination in preoperative care

Caraco, A., 1959:
Importance of plasma cells in the production of antibodies

Duchesne, G., 1959:
Importance of plasma for the Military Health Service

Wang, J.Chin., 2005:
Importance of plasma matrix metalloproteinases (MMP) and tissue inhibitors of metalloproteinase (TIMP) in development of fibrosis in agnogenic myeloid metaplasia

Basić-Jukić, N.; Kes, P.; Basić-Kes, V.; Brunetta, B., 2004:
Importance of plasmapheresis in the treatment of paraneoplastic cerebellar degeneration

De Aguiar Pupo, J.; Farina, R., 1956:
Importance of plastic and reconstructive surgery in dermatology; dermatological surgery

Nonne, C.; Lenain, Nège.; Hechler, Béatrice.; Mangin, P.; Cazenave, J-Pierre.; Gachet, C.; Lanza, Fçois., 2005:
Importance of platelet phospholipase Cgamma2 signaling in arterial thrombosis as a function of lesion severity

Kirschenbaum, L.A.; McKevitt, D.; Rullan, M.; Reisbeck, B.; Fujii, T.; Astiz, M.E., 2004:
Importance of platelets and fibrinogen in neutrophil-endothelial cell interactions in septic shock

Mommsen, H., 1955:
Importance of pleomorphism and monomorphism for medical microbiology

Payfa, M.; De Clercq, F., 1959:
Importance of pleuroscopy in the etiologic diagnosis of pleural effusions

Bonnel, R.; Cazejust, J.; Mocquot, A.; Petit, J., 1955:
Importance of pneumatic prehension of the cervix in hysterography

Brauner, R.; Sorin, E.; Altescu, E., 1954:
Importance of pneumographical methods in clinical examination

Monguio, J., 1952:
Importance of polyoxyphenoloxidases in animal organs

Chen, S.; Gjerde, A.Underhaug.; Holmsen, H.; Nerdal, W., 2005:
Importance of polyunsaturated acyl chains in chlorpromazine interaction with phosphatidylserines: a 13C and 31P solid-state NMR study

Utkina, R.V., 1956:
Importance of posterior root innervation for gastric motility

Paschetta, V.; Rometti, M., 1952:
Importance of posterior vertebral arthroses in lumbar and in lumbo-sciatic pains

Schoenmackers, J.; Vieten, H., 1951:
Importance of postmortal angiocardiography for the roentgenologic and pathological analysis of congenital heart and vascular abnormalities

Jagdschian, V.; Neuhaus, G.; Graumann, W., 1958:
Importance of postoperative mediastinal displacement in bronchial carcinoma

Roman, D.A., 1957:
Importance of postoperative rounds

Caithaml, W., 1957:
Importance of postoperative vitamin supply

Cocchia, N.; Carbone, M.; Cuocolo, R., 1962:
Importance of posture in anesthesia and its effect on principle functions

Olinto, D., 1951:
Importance of posture in rheumatology

Greisheimer, E.M., 1952:
Importance of potassium

Harris, S.J.; Lester, R.L., 1955:
Importance of potassium in heat exhaustion in fibrocystic disease of the pancreas

Dotta, J.S.; Delporte, T.V., 1955:
Importance of potassium in the post-ureterosigmoidostomy humoral syndrome

Marxer, A.; Forteza, A.; Giobbio, V.; Magri, S.; Mondino, A.; Olivetti, S.; Segre, G., 1961:
Importance of potassium ion in protein synthesis

Engler, H., 1954:
Importance of poultry production in the world

Viteri, F.E.; Berger, J., 2006:
Importance of pre-pregnancy and pregnancy iron status: can long-term weekly preventive iron and folic acid supplementation achieve desirable and safe status?

Bucher, U., 1957:
Importance of precise sputum examination in diagnosis and therapy of chronic bronchitis

Danesi, R.; Bocci, G.; Di Paolo, A., 2005:
Importance of preclinical investigations of the integration of capecitabine into polychemotherapy regimens

Muchowski, K.; Paladine, H., 2003:
Importance of preconception counseling

Carletti, B., 1962:
Importance of predisposing factors in the pathogenesis of infantile asthma

Vadhan-Raj, S.; Patel, S.; Bueso-Ramos, C.; Folloder, J.; Papadopolous, N.; Burgess, A.; Broemeling, L.D.; Broxmeyer, H.E.; Benjamin, R.S., 2003:
Importance of predosing of recombinant human thrombopoietin to reduce chemotherapy-induced early thrombocytopenia

Mobest, H., 1953:
Importance of pregnancy syphilis

Beclere, C.; Jayle, M., 1952:
Importance of pregnandiol and estrogens in pregnancies in patients with previously pathological pregnancies

Rieder, W., 1951:
Importance of preliminary tests in effective antibiotic therapy of chronic ear and nose diseases

Welsch, M.; Cavallo, G., 1951:
Importance of prelytic growth in bacteriophagia, induced by ultraviolet rays, of lysogenic Staphylococcus aureus

Binda, B.; Possenti, B., 1951:
Importance of premedication in anesthesia; general considerations and experimental research

Perasalo, O.; Vapaavuori, M.; Virkkula, L., 1957:
Importance of premedication in anoxemia in narcosis

Zacco, M.; Pacilio, V.; Antelmy, E.; Mininni, G.; D'antona, N.; Dalfino, G.; Leonardi, M., 1958:
Importance of premenstrual syndrome in respect to social relations and pathology of work as based on statistical findings in a group of women

Mallardi, A., 1954:
Importance of premonitory signs in meningeal tuberculosis

Stroink, J.A., 1954:
Importance of prenatal care centers

Galacteros, E.; Hauslich, S.; Preault, M., 1956:
Importance of preoperative and postoperative care in excision for bronchiectasis in children and adolescents

Simpson, W.E., 1960:
Importance of preoperative blood values

Latscha, B.; Du Bouchet, N., 1953:
Importance of preoperative diagnosis of cardiac hyperexcitability

Littmann, I.; Robicsek, F.; Temesvari, A.; Kunos, I., 1955:
Importance of preoperative hemodynamic tests in mitral stenosis

Kulka, F., 1960:
Importance of preoperative pleural changes in postoperative results in thoracic surgery

Buyuksalvarci, K.; Yahya, A., 1959:
Importance of preoperative radiological control in cases of ureteral calculi

Jacod, M.; Masserann, L., 1953:
Importance of preoperative roentgenotherapy in the treatment of certain laryngopharyngeal epitheliomas

Spinadel, L., 1957:
Importance of preparation and general anesthesia in toxic goiter surgery

Solomon, N.A.G.; Pranav, S.K.; Naik, D.; Sukumaran, S., 2006:
Importance of preservation of chordal apparatus in mitral valve replacement

Koyama, T.; Nishimura, K.; Soga, Y.; Unimonh, O.; Ueyama, K.; Komeda, M., 2003:
Importance of preserving the apex and plication of the base in left ventricular volume reduction surgery

Lampen, H., 1952:
Importance of pressoceptive apparatus in circulatory pathology

Pelaez Gomez, A.; Vidarte Zabala, M., 1958:
Importance of pressure behavior & its immediate value in myocardial infarct

Muller, C., 1951:
Importance of pressure in hysterosalpingography, and a new manometer

Subramaniam, R.M.; Chou, T.; Heath, R.; Allen, R., 2005:
Importance of pretest probability score and D-dimer assay before sonography for lower limb deep venous thrombosis

Izeki, K., 2005:
Importance of prevention of chronic kidney diseases viewed from the epidemiological studies in Japan

Gregoric, P., 1957:
Importance of preventive medicine in protection of public health

Conesa Bernal, C.; Ríos Zambudio, A.; Ramírez Romero, P.; Rodríguez Martínez, M.M.; Canteras Jordana, M.; Parrilla Paricio, P., 2004:
Importance of primary health-care professionals in the sanitary education about organ donation

Jalet; Merioua, 1956:
Importance of proceeding to radiological examination of the digestive tube after systematic opacification of the gallbladder and by using for its functional study a cholecystokinetic barium meal

Dias, F.V., 1953:
Importance of proctological examinations; suggestions for conducting them

Vaucher; Sichel; Forster; Schalckuhrig; Blum, H., 1952:
Importance of profile tomography in the diagnosis and localization of pulmonary lesions

Leeds, F.H.; Gilfillan, R.S., 1961:
Importance of profunda femoris artery in the revascularization of the ischemic limb

Cmunt, E.; Michalová, K.; Sindelárová, L.; Karban, J.; Zemanová, Z.; Kurková, S.; Brezinová, J.; Schwarz, J.; Bosáková, Z., 2003:
Importance of prognostic factors in patients with chronic B-lymphocytic leukemia at the time of diagnosis

Amelotti, G., 1959:
Importance of projection of data & clinical analysis of work accidents

Guglielmi, G.; Barlattani, M.; Zucconi, C., 1958:
Importance of prolonged daily intravenous administration of concentrated human albumin

Neveu, P.; Boyer, R., 1951:
Importance of prolonged insulin therapy; treatment of long-standing schizophrenia by numerous comas

Kollar, K., 1955:
Importance of proper application of penicillin outside of hospitals

Iselin, M., 1958 :
Importance of proper timing in surgical repair flexor tendons

Kratkova, E.; Zahradnicky, J., 1957:
Importance of proper treatment of pharyngitis in prevention of sterile complications

Kopp, J.H., 1955:
Importance of proper urologic care in spinal cord injuries

Tarle, I.D., 1950:
Importance of proper ventilation in schools and children institutions

Hara, M.; Samori, S.; Cai, X.; Fujitsuka, M.; Majima, T., 2006:
Importance of properties of the lowest and higher singlet excited states on the resonant two-photon ionization of stilbene and substituted stilbenes using two-color two-lasers

Zal'tsman, Z.A.; Kuleshova, N.N., 1963:
Importance of prophylactic method of treatment for preventing recurrences of rheumatism and the development of heart defects

Guldner, P., 1952:
Importance of prophylactic serodiagnosis of syphilis

Kozhevnikova, M.I., 1955:
Importance of prophylactic surveys in early diagnosis of fungus diseases

Petranyi, G., 1956:
Importance of propyliodone bronchography in pulmonary diseases in childhood

Moreno, R.; Gasset, F.; Sanchez, A., 1957:
Importance of prosthesis in maxillofacial surgery

Duong, S.; Lim, P.; Fandeur, T.; Tsuyuoka, R.; Wongsrichanalai, C., 2004 :
Importance of protection of antimalarial combination therapies

Maisin, J.H.; Dunjic, A.; Maisin, H.E., 1954:
Importance of protection of the liver region in rats exposed to a fatal dose of x-rays; attempted interpretation

Rodriguez Miranda, J.V., 1951:
Importance of protein diet in normal pregnancy

Svejcar, J.; Hnatek, J., 1957:
Importance of protein intake in prevention & treatment of dystrophy of childhood

Knuchel, F., 1957:
Importance of protein lability tests for diagnosis of endocardial diseases

Passarino, F.; Plotnicoff, J.; Pan, E., 1957:
Importance of protein nutrition in children; value of lysine as dietary supplement

Silink, K.; Rohling, S.; Vohnout, S., 1958:
Importance of protein-bound radioiodine in blood as an indicator of thyroid function

Gontea, I.; Dumitrache, S.; Isvoranu, Z.; Pambuccian, G., 1961:
Importance of proteins for resistance of the body to a toxic substance (phenylhydrazine)

Plas, F., 1963:
Importance of proteins in the diet of athletes

Snively, W.D., 1950:
Importance of proteins in the diet of preschool children

Guzzinati, G.C., 1953:
Importance of proximal convergence in subjects of orthophoria and heterophoria

Hoyer, H., 1956:
Importance of psychic trauma in attempted suicide from the viewpoint of hospital physician

Mestas, C., 1959:
Importance of psychoemotional factors in the genesis of schizophrenia in children

Ziviani, N., 1951:
Importance of psychogenic factors in the etiology of functional hypoglycemia; neurological and psychological mechanism of in the production of chronic fatigue in the light of the Selye adaptation syndrome

Cesaretti, G., 1956:
Importance of psychological characteristics in production and evaluation of workers in chemical industry

Pinto Filho, H., 1952:
Importance of psychological factors in gastroenterology

Anonymous, 1956:
Importance of psychological factors in urban housing developments

Tonini, G., 1957:
Importance of psychopathological factors & drug dosage in experimental psychoses

Bolgert, M.; Soule, M., 1959:
Importance of psychosomatic research in dermatoses & practical difficulties which it raises because of the current organization of hospital services

COLLET E SILVA, T.de.A., 1950:
Importance of psychotherapy in prisons

Rossi, J., 2005:
Importance of public engagement found through involvement in horse slaughter bill

Yalim, Z.R., 1960:
Importance of public health in the social structure

Ege, T.; Huseyin, Gülara.; Yalcin, O.; Us, M.Hulusi.; Arar, C.; Duran, E., 2004:
Importance of pulmonary artery perfusion in cardiac surgery

Binet, J.P.; Baussan, P.; Abeloos, D.; Arveiller, Y.; Roussel, G., 1957:
Importance of pulmonary biopsy in the diagnosis of retractile forms of silicosis; case report

Devens, K.; Schoen, H.R., 1957:
Importance of pulmonary function tests for the prevention and therapy of postoperative lung diseases

Rudat, K.D., 1954:
Importance of pyrogenic substances in clinic medicine and practice

Deligne, P., 1959:
Importance of pyrrolamidol in anesthesiology; its application in surgery of the head (neurosurgery, O.R.L., ophthalmological, stomatological, plastic and esthetic facial surgery)

Ahrén, B.; Pacini, G., 2004:
Importance of quantifying insulin secretion in relation to insulin sensitivity to accurately assess beta cell function in clinical studies

Shepard, A.R.; Jacobson, N.; Clark, A.F., 2005:
Importance of quantitative PCR primer location for short interfering RNA efficacy determination

Jirsova, V.; Jirsa, M.; Janovsky, M., 1957:
Importance of quantitative determination of direct & indirect bilirubin in hemolytic disease of the newborn

Berman, J., 1955:
Importance of quantitative determination of urinary and fecal porphyrins and stercobilinogen in liver diseases

Beránek, M.; Voglová, J.; Sýkorová, A.; Belada, D.; Bláha, M., 2006:
Importance of quantitative evaluation of BCR-ABL transcripts using real-time PCR for effective treatment of chronic myeloid leukemia

Link, F., 1955:
Importance of quantum responses in routine work

Shaw, M.J.; Briddon, P.R.; Goss, J.P.; Rayson, M.J.; Kerridge, A.; Harker, A.H.; Stoneham, A.M., 2005:
Importance of quantum tunneling in vacancy-hydrogen complexes in diamond

Curbelo, A.; Marquez, V., 1954:
Importance of quick identification of influenza viruses

Back, M.; Ahern, V.; Berry, M.; Borg, M.; Sexton, M.; Cameron, F.; Stevens, G.; Allison, R.; Childs, J.; Barton, M., 2005:
Importance of radiation time and dose factors on outcome for childhood medulloblastoma

Romero Torres, A.A., 1951:
Importance of radio-anatomic-clinical comparison

Rubello, D.; Casara, D.; Giannini, S.; Piotto, A.; De Carlo, E.; Muzzio, P.C.; Pelizzo, M.R., 2003:
Importance of radio-guided minimally invasive parathyroidectomy using hand-held gamma probe and low (99m)Tc-MIBI dose. Technical considerations and long-term clinical results

Pochin, E.E., 1959:
Importance of radioactive iodine in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the thyroid

Guerin, M.T.; Guerin, R.A.; Welti, H., 1956:
Importance of radioactive iodine in the treatment of pulmonary metastasis of thyroid cancer

Porcher, 1956:
Importance of radiocinematography in the diagnosis of lacunar images of the lower common bile duct

Gros, C.; Vlahovitch, B.; Mohasseb, G., 1960:
Importance of radiographic signs in giant tumors of the lumbosacral cancal

Jirout, J., 1950:
Importance of radiography during insufflation in encephalography

Hutt, J.P.; Maier, A.; Oudet, P.; Wagner, J.P.; Weiss, A.G.; Witz, J.P., 1956:
Importance of radiography in postoperative care in partial pulmonary resection

Arnous, J.; Parnaud, E.; Jourde, L., 1959:
Importance of radiography in the diagnosis and treatment of anal fistulae

Arce Alonso, D.F., 1953:
Importance of radiologic diagnosis of generalized osteopathies not including tumors and infectious osteitis

Bollini, V., 1954:
Importance of radiologic examination in associated nephro-digestive syndromes

Bohndorf, W., 1958:
Importance of radiological destruction of the pituitary in relation to the cancer problem

Blondet, C., 1953:
Importance of radiological examination of the digestive apparatus in the diagnosis of voluminous tumors of the ovary

Torricelli, C., 1952:
Importance of radiological picture in the study and prognosis of neonatal intracranial hemorrhage

Curci, G.; Scoles, E., 1952:
Importance of radiological signs in diagnosis of pleural cavities; pseudo-obliteration of the costophrenic sinus in two cases of tuberculosis

Yodice, A.; Garcia Mata, A., 1952:
Importance of radiology in diagnosis of sigmoidal lesions

Bismuth, V.; Vallee, G.; Michel, J.R., 1961:
Importance of radiology in the diagnosis of cancer of the ascending cecum

Metzger, M.; Vallee, G.; Michel, J.R., 1962:
Importance of radiology in the diagnosis of cancer of the kidney

Hoeffel, J.C.; Vallee, G.; Michel, J.R., 1962:
Importance of radiology in utero-adnexal tuberculosis

Lavezzo, P., 1954:
Importance of radiology of the acute abdomen

Varga, G.; Wald, B., 1950:
Importance of radium treatment of the nasopharynx for prevention of deafness

Meijer, A., 2005:
Importance of rapid testing to combat the global threat of bird flu

Berlin, I.I., 1950:
Importance of rare tubercle bacilli in the diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis

Swaby, R.F.; Bhalla, K.N., 2005:
Importance of rational pre-clinical development: gemcitabine comes of age

Li, T.S.T.; Lee, A.; Joynt, G.M., 2007:
Importance of realistic sample size calculations and why the next randomized trial needs to be large and multicentered

Mardones, J.; Vial, M.; Del Solar, V.; Cembrano, J.; Lira, E., 1952:
Importance of recent findings in experimental arteriosclerosis in the study of human arteriosclerosis

Ledermair, O., 1958:
Importance of recent laboratory methods for practical gynecology

Parale, G.P.; Kulkarni, P.M.; Khade, S.K.; Athawale, S.; Vora, A., 2005:
Importance of reciprocal leads in acute myocardial infarction

Ikic, D., 1950:
Importance of recognition of coli bacteria

Cohen, M.; Siddiqui, A., 2005:
Importance of recognizing differences between bone marrow and bone cortex

He, X-hu., 2007:
Importance of recognizing macrophage activation syndrome

Cheek, D.B., 1962:
Importance of recognizing that surgical patients behave as though hypnotized

Barthet, C.; Lewin, P.; Sabbah, A., 2003:
Importance of recombinant k82 in the diagnosis of latex allergy

Misao, Y.; Takemura, G.; Arai, M.; Ohno, T.; Onogi, H.; Takahashi, T.; Minatoguchi, S.; Fujiwara, T.; Fujiwara, H., 2006:
Importance of recruitment of bone marrow-derived CXCR4+ cells in post-infarct cardiac repair mediated by G-CSF

Marusch, F.; Koch, A.; Schmidt, U.; Meyer, L.; Steinert, R.; Pross, M.; Köckerling, F.; Bauer, H.; Schönleben, K.; Halbfass, H.J.; Scheele, J.; Gastinger, I.; Lippert, H., 2003:
Importance of rectal extirpation for the therapy concept of low rectal cancers

Fernando, H.; Thota, S.S.; Burtt, G.; Waterfall, N.; Husain, I., 2007:
Importance of red patches diagnosed in cystoscopy for haematuria and lower urinary tract symptoms

Cahn, J.; Herold, M., 1960:
Importance of reduced glutathione in the metabolism of the brain

Jernigan, D.H., 2006:
Importance of reducing youth exposure to alcohol advertising

Veselý, J.; Macáková, J.; Dostálová, K.; Riegrová, D.; Cervenková, K., 2003:
Importance of reelin in the development of the central nervous system. II. Cyclin-dependent kinase 5 as an important element in the reelin signalling cascade

Tator, C.H., 2006:
Importance of registering clinical trials

Stembera, Z.; Velebil, P., 2005:
Importance of registry of aggregated data on women giving birth

Stembera, Z., 2005:
Importance of registry of parturient data

Desoille, H.; Tara, S.; Vacher, J., 1952:
Importance of regular blood tests in workers exposed to lead poisoning

Ehrlicher, H., 1958:
Importance of regular cytoscopic examination in workers of amine industry

Pospísil, L.; Stroblová, H.; Pejcoch, M.; Anton, M.; Pohanka, M.; Canderle, J.; Vĕzník, Z.; Medková, Z., 2003:
Importance of regular screening for genital chlamydiosis in adolescents

Hohlweg, W., 1956:
Importance of regulation of peripheral endocrine glands with special reference to practical application of hormonal therapy

Ganse, R., 1952:
Importance of relational pathology in extended colposcopic examination

Low, A.; Low, A., 2006:
Importance of relative measures in policy on health inequalities

Robitaille, A.; Denault, Aé.Y.; Couture, P.; Bélisle, S.; Fortier, A.; Guertin, M-Claude.; Carrier, M.; Martineau, R., 2006:
Importance of relative pulmonary hypertension in cardiac surgery: the mean systemic-to-pulmonary artery pressure ratio

Kovacevic, B., 1958:
Importance of relaxation in labor

Valette, G., 1956:
Importance of renal factor in the process of inactivation of histamine in vivo

Iino, Y., 2006:
Importance of renal transplantation in the comprehensive strategy for ESRD treatment

Ruol, A.; Dal Palu, C., 1956:
Importance of renal venous pressure in liver cirrhosis

Ferro, A.; Gilbert, R.; Krum, H., 2006:
Importance of renin in blood pressure regulation and therapeutic potential of renin inhibition

Matheu, V.; Perez-Rodriguez, E.; Sanchez-Machin, I.; Garcia-Robaina, J.C.; de la Torre Morin, F., 2006:
Importance of repeat testing in the diagnosis of penicillin allergy

Valegeas, A., 1959:
Importance of repetition of films from intravenous urography in the presence of an images of pathological image

Du Pen, S.L.; Patt, R.B.; Hahn, M.B., 1992:
Importance of research design in cost analysis

Berthet, E., 1956:
Importance of research in social service

Wang, D-yun., 2005:
Importance of research of allergic rhinitis

Ohno, Y., 2005:
Importance of research on alternatives to animal experiments and its current issues: animal experiments in The Japanese Pharmacological Society

Milliez, P.; Lagrue, G.; Binet, J.L., 1960:
Importance of research on enuresis in the study of chronic nephropathies in children and adults

Stazzi, A.; Buccelli, A., 1959:
Importance of research on the enterococcus in foods

Sayago, G.; Bai, A., 1958:
Importance of resection of residual tuberculous lesions

Trabucco, A.; Borzone, R.J., 1951:
Importance of resection of the vesical neck in recurring papilliferous epitheliomas

Finsterer, H., 1951:
Importance of resection with isolation of the terebrant duodenal ulcer for prevention of biliary and pancreatic complications

Hackl, H., 1955:
Importance of resistance determination for clinic and practice and the limits of its evaluation

Adams, J.; Cline, M.; Reed, M.; Masters, A.; Ehlke, K.; Hartman, J., 2007:
Importance of resistance training for patients after a cardiac event

Malek, J.; Marek, S.; Tunys, J.; Vacek, J., 1953:
Importance of resolutions of the Party and Government on further development of health services for pharmaceutic industry

Garcia Del Rio, C., 1949:
Importance of rest and silence therapy in the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis

Green, W., 1952:
Importance of rest in the treatment of early convalescent poliomyelitis

Juvara, I.; Munteanu, R.; Ivanovici, F., 1958:
Importance of restoration of water electrolyte balance for pathological histology and clinical aspects of pyioric stenosis

Jardin, C.; Kerbastard, P.; Lauret, L.; Laviron, P., 1956:
Importance of retard-action chemotherapy in the antileprosy campaign

Coccheri, S., 1959:
Importance of reticular formation of brain stem in modern physiopathology

Garnier, C.; Daussy, M., 1957:
Importance of retroclavicular biopsy

Daumet, P.; Garnier, C.; Daussy, M., 1957:
Importance of retroclavicular biopsy in mediastino-pulmonary diseases

Sader, J., 1956:
Importance of retrograde ureteropyelography as complement to the diagnosis of kidney diseases

Charles, F.; Huguenin, A.; Pinet, A.; Charles, J.F., 1963:
Importance of retropneumoperitoneum in 3 recent cases of "massive adrenals"

Sinner, W., 1955:
Importance of retropneumoperitoneum in kidney diagnostic

Merli, A., 1951:
Importance of rheumatic infections in etiopathogenesis of paroxysmal tachycardia

Heller, L., 1958:
Importance of rhodan in cervical mucosa for sterility

Rocchietta, S., 1950:
Importance of ribonucleinic acid in the development of cancer cells

Quaife, R.A.; Chen, M.Y.; Lynch, D.; Badesch, D.B.; Groves, B.M.; Wolfel, E.; Robertson, A.D.; Bristow, M.R.; Voelkel, N.F., 2006:
Importance of right ventricular end-systolic regional wall stress in idiopathic pulmonary arterial hypertension: a new method for estimation of right ventricular wall stress

Kolh, P., 2006:
Importance of risk stratification models in cardiac surgery

Janker, R.; Schwab, W., 1958:
Importance of roentgen cinematography for the study of normal and pathological motion processes in the area of the upper esophagus and lower respiratory tract

Kutting, J., 1951:
Importance of roentgen examination of acute abdomen, with special reference to spontaneous pneumoperitoneum

Jungmannova, C., 1962:
Importance of roentgen examination of the sella in disorders of the menstrual cycle

Spektorova, Z.G.; Taubkin, G.G., 1955:
Importance of roentgeno-urological examination in hypertension

Evdokimova, A.D., 1955:
Importance of roentgenokymography in diagnosis of pleural adhesion in focal and infiltrative pulmonary tuberculosis

Simagina, N.K., 1950:
Importance of roentgenological examination in diagnosis of acute intestinal obstruction

Molokanov, K.P., 1957:
Importance of roentgenology in prevention of occupational diseases

Pomel'tsov, K.V., 1957:
Importance of roentgenology in the development of phthisiology and in tuberculosis control

Khuri-Bulos, N.; Al Khatib, M., 2006:
Importance of rotavirus as a cause of gastroenteritis in Jordan: a hospital based study

Farrag, T.Y.; Lin, F.R.; Cummings, C.W.; Sciubba, J.J.; Koch, W.M.; Flint, P.W.; Tufano, R.P., 2006:
Importance of routine evaluation of the thyroid gland prior to open partial laryngectomy

Erten, J.; Zaman, I., 2004:
Importance of routine health checkups in young adults

Martín de Nicolás, J.; Gómez-Caro Andrés, A.; Moradiellos Díez, F.J.; Díaz-Hellín, V.; Gigirey Castro, O.; Larrú Cabrero, E.; Pérez Antón, J.A.; Marrón Fernández, C., 2005:
Importance of routine mediastinal staging in women with non-small cell lung cancer

Hochuli, E., 1959:
Importance of routine moderate secondary control in pregnancy toxemia

Salmi, L., 1950:
Importance of routine precordial electrocardiography in rheumatic cardiopathy

Dewar, M.R., 1951:
Importance of saliva for the condition of the teeth

Lustinec, K., 1952:
Importance of salivary gland

Pindborg, J.J., 1951:
Importance of salts and vitamins for tooth development

Polano, M.K., 1951:
Importance of salve bases in dermatological therapy

Polito, M., 1956:
Importance of scalenic constriction in nervous and vascular syndromes of the upper extremity

Neyts, K.; Nieto, A.Ullan., 2006:
Importance of scattering and absorption for the outcoupling efficiency in organic light-emitting devices

Herold, M., 1954:
Importance of scientific and technical cooperation with the USSR for the Czechoslovakian drug industry

Boeltzig, 1951:
Importance of scientific research

Serinana Bayer, J.M., 1958:
Importance of sclerosis of Oddi's sphincter in post-cholecystectomy disorders

Bester, G.; Wu, X.; Vanderbilt, D.; Zunger, A., 2006:
Importance of second-order piezoelectric effects in zinc-blende semiconductors

Zrubecky, G., 1958:
Importance of secondary grip forms of the human hand; preliminary report

Hurwitz, S.H., 1957:
Importance of secondary or precipitating causes of asthmatic attacks in the treatment of the asthmatic patient

Michel, L.A.; Donckier, J.E., 2007:
Importance of secretion pattern in minimally invasive surgery for phaeochromocytoma

Waterstradt, A., 1958:
Importance of seemingly insignificant x-ray findings

Arnold, B.L.; Gansneder, B.M.; Van Lunen, B.L.; Szczerba, J.E.; Mattacola, C.G.; Perrin, D.H., 2006:
Importance of selected athletic trainer employment characteristics in collegiate, sports medicine clinic, and high school settings

Vacek, M., 1956:
Importance of selection of proper statistical indices

Calazel, P.; Cassagneau, J.; Bernadet, P., 1962:
Importance of selective angiocardiography in the left ventricle and of aortography in certain congenital heart diseases

Punzi, L.; Ramonda, R., 2005:
Importance of self-reported health-related quality of life in identifying the needs of elderly people with osteoarthritis

Saralegui, J., 1952:
Importance of seminars on infant protection

Visnová, H.; Ventruba, P.; Crha, I.; Záková, J., 2003:
Importance of sensitization of insulin receptors in the prevention of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome

Damgaard, K., 1952:
Importance of sensitization tests for specific therapy in asthmatic children

Gambaro, G.C.; Negrini, A.C., 1962:
Importance of sensitization to mycetes in the etiology of bronchial asthma

Tudor-Hart, B., 1957:
Importance of sensory stimulation and mental activity for experience

Lucas, G., 1953:
Importance of separate spirometry in pneumology; preliminary note

Tonnis, W., 1955:
Importance of serial angiography for the determination of the kind of a brain tumor

Clo, L.T., 1960:
Importance of serial sections as an assurance of conservative treatment of grade "O" cancer of the uterine cervix

Rocha, A.; Teixeira, L., 1954:
Importance of serial sections in diagnosis of atypias of the uterine cervix

Michon, P., 1958:
Importance of serodiagnosis of rickettsiosis in vascular disorders

Giroud, P.; Melnotte, P., 1959:
Importance of serological tests for rickettsial & neorickettsial diseases in the etiological diagnosis of local & general infectious syndromes following a bite of the parasite

Ameriso, J.; Crisci, H.D., 1962:
Importance of serotonin and antiserotonin drugs in allergic diseases and in otorhinolaryngology

Arrigoni-Martelli, E.; Kramer, M., 1958:
Importance of serotonin release by dextran, ovomucoid and ovalbumin in for pathogenesis of induced edema

Eissa, S.A.L.; Zaki, S.A.; El-Maghraby, S.M.; Kadry, D.Y., 2005:
Importance of serum IL-18 and RANTES as markers for breast carcinoma progression

Cammarota, H.E., 1962:
Importance of serum aldolase in medicine

Wachtler, S.F.; Donato, R.A., 1957:
Importance of serum glutamate oxalacetate transaminase in heart infarct and parenchymal diseases of the liver

Marki, H.H.; Merian, P.; Strobel, M., 1957:
Importance of serum protein electrophoresis in investigation of pulmonary tuberculosis

Iuliani, G., 1959:
Importance of several instrumental methods in study of peripheral vascular diseases

Martoni, L.; Musiani, S., 1959:
Importance of several tests in differential diagnosis of neonatal jaundice

de la Torre Hernández, Jé.M.; Fernández Valls, Mónica.; González Enríquez, S.; Royuela, N.; Gómez, I.; Sáinz, Fín.; Cuesta, Jé.María.; Zueco, J.; Figueroa, A.; Colman, T., 2003:
Importance of severe lesions left untreated in patients with acute coronary syndromes and angioplasty of the culprit lesion

Golden, M.R.; Brewer, D.D.; Kurth, A.; Holmes, K.K.; Handsfield, H.Hunter., 2004:
Importance of sex partner HIV status in HIV risk assessment among men who have sex with men

Strobeck, J.; Di Donato, M.; Costanzo, M.Rosa.; Conte, J.; Boyce, S., 2004:
Importance of shape and surgically reshaping the left ventricle in ischemic cardiomyopathy

Caspersen, K.J.; Lew, A.; Ortiz, M.; Carter, E.A., 2004:
Importance of shear in the bcc-to-hcp transformation in iron

Chatonnet, J., 1951:
Importance of shivering in thermogenesis in a dog with spinal cord destruction

Pauer, F.J.; Wandschneider, G., 1956:
Importance of short-lasting anesthesia in urology

Vydrov, O.A.; Heyd, J.; Krukau, A.V.; Scuseria, G.E., 2006:
Importance of short-range versus long-range Hartree-Fock exchange for the performance of hybrid density functionals

Werner, C.; Unger, S.; Pereira, Jão.S.; Maia, R.; David, T.S.; Kurz-Besson, C.; David, J.S.; Máguas, C., 2006:
Importance of short-term dynamics in carbon isotope ratios of ecosystem respiration (delta13C(R)) in a Mediterranean oak woodland and linkage to environmental factors

Mokyr, M.B.; Place, A.T.; Artwohl, J.E.; Valli, V.E.Ted., 2005:
Importance of signaling via the IFN-alpha/beta receptor on host cells for the realization of the therapeutic benefits of cyclophosphamide for mice bearing a large MOPC-315 tumor

Angammare, R.; Fontaine, A.; Ferrane, J., 1951:
Importance of simple and precise terminology in pulmonary radiology

Will, E., 1956:
Importance of simulating tuberculosis in practice

Meyer, T.; Scholz, D.; Warnecke, G.; Kunz, M.; Arndt, R.; Reischl, U.; Wolf, H.; Lissner, R., 1996:
Importance of simultaneous active cytomegalovirus and Epstein-Barr virus infection in renal transplantation

Fieux; Loisance, 1950:
Importance of simultaneous tomography in stomatology

Laico, J.E., 1955:
Importance of skin grafting; post-radical mastectomy; report of cases

Stern, P.; Misirlija, A., 1958:
Importance of skin histamine for hair growth in rats and guinea pigs

Kim, D.W.; Kim, H.S.; Lee, D.H.; Kim, H.C., 2007:
Importance of skin resistance in the reverse iontophoresis-based noninvasive glucose monitoring system

Link, R., 1958:
Importance of skin striation in the development of cholesteatoma cf the middlear

Torres, M.J.; Blanca, M., 2006:
Importance of skin testing with major and minor determinants of benzylpenicillin in the diagnosis of allergy to betalactams. Statement from the European Network for Drug Allergy concerning AllergoPen withdrawal

Holland, A.E.; Hecht, E.M.; Hahn, W.Y.; Kim, D.C.; Babb, J.S.; Lee, V.S.; West, A.Brian.; Krinsky, G.A., 2005:
Importance of small (< or = 20-mm) enhancing lesions seen only during the hepatic arterial phase at MR imaging of the cirrhotic liver: evaluation and comparison with whole explanted liver

Estivin, A., 1957:
Importance of small accidents in work

Kummer, A., 1958:
Importance of small differences in symptomatology

Bolondinskii, V.K., 1962:
Importance of small doses of aminazin for improving the status of basic processes of higher nervous activity in dogs

Brown, R.E., 1955:
Importance of small hospitals to the nation

Franke, K., 1957:
Importance of small hydrotherapy in the treatment and prevention of hazards of civilization

Rota, L., 1952:
Importance of smoking in the pathogenesis of cancer

Dufour, Y.; Dufour, G., 1954:
Importance of social causes for total efficacy of preventive medicine

Saldun De Rodriguez, M.L.; Portillo, J.M., 1951:
Importance of social factors in the etiology of infant dystrophy

Pezzeri, V., 1951:
Importance of social medicine in an efficient antidiabetic organization

Marcusson, E., 1950:
Importance of social welfare for women

Jung, H., 1958:
Importance of sodium conduction capacity of the uterine muscle cells for the start of labor

Owens, R.E., 1956:
Importance of soft tissue interpretations in foot radiography

Murray, R.A., 1962:
Importance of soft tissue to treatment of chronic osteomyelitis

Hoteling, A.J.; Mourey, T.H.; Owens, K.G., 2005:
Importance of solubility in the sample preparation of poly(ethylene terephthalate) for MALDI TOFMS

Eyal, E.; Najmanovich, R.; McConkey, B.J.; Edelman, M.; Sobolev, V., 2004:
Importance of solvent accessibility and contact surfaces in modeling side-chain conformations in proteins

Ollagnier, C.; Perrin, L.F.; Thome, 1958:
Importance of somatotropic hormone in cleaned tuberculous cavities

Hauduroy, P., 1955:
Importance of some abnormal Mycobacteria in practice and in the laboratory

Fugol', O.M., 1963:
Importance of some aspects of the type of higher nervous activity in regulation of the trophic phase of the salivation reflex

Zeglio, P., 1954:
Importance of some examinations habitually not performed in industrial preventive medicine

Tuveri, A.; Goretti, P.; Gianni, L., 1958:
Importance of some functional and pharmacodynamic stimuli on evaluation of the changes in the repolarization wave of the electrocardiogram noticeable during infectious disease

Ferrazzi, D., 1953:
Importance of some pathological reflexes of the face in mental patients

Martoni, L.; Musiani, S., 1959:
Importance of some tests in differential diagnosis of jaundice of the newborn

Naegeli, T.; Matis, P., 1957:
Importance of some vitamins in therapy of thromboembolism

Schmitt, H., 1958:
Importance of sound pressure transformation & sound protection for the auditory threshold

Pastore, J.M.; Laurita, K.R.; Rosenbaum, D.S., 2006:
Importance of spatiotemporal heterogeneity of cellular restitution in mechanism of arrhythmogenic discordant alternans

Landry, A.S., 1952:
Importance of specialists in industrial hygiene

Königová, R., 2004:
Importance of specialized departments for the treatment of burns

Ferreira C Do, A., 1958:
Importance of specialized services for the diagnosis & treatment of human sterility

Arcavi, M.; Troielli, P.; Pizzimenti, Mía.Cristina.; Griemberg, G., 2005:
Importance of specific IgA antibodies in the diagnosis of active toxoplasmosis associated to polymyositis/dermatomyositis

Beaufils, J.; Beaufils, J.P., 1959:
Importance of specific surface on the therapeutic action of bismuth salts

Schiano, T.D.; Azeem, S.; Bodian, C.A.; Bodenheimer, H.C.; Merati, S.; Thung, S.N.; Hytiroglou, P., 2005:
Importance of specimen size in accurate needle liver biopsy evaluation of patients with chronic hepatitis C

Salomone, C., 1952:
Importance of spetic factors in subacute and chronic nutritional disorders in infants

Mishra, S.; Vallet, V.; Domcke, W., 2006:
Importance of spin-orbit coupling for the assignment of the photodetachment spectra of AuX2- (X=Cl, Br, and I)

Greco, S.; Antonini, L.; Auriti, A.; Peverini, M.; Santini, M., 2004:
Importance of spinal cord stimulation in the treatment of refractory angina

Hamm, J., 1958:
Importance of spirography for diagnosis of pulmonary insufficiency with special reference to emphysema

Gotić, M.; Popović, M.; Petrović, M.; Cemerikić, V.; Elezović, I.; Tomin, D.; Bila, J.; Bosković, D., 2003:
Importance of splenectomy in the treatment of patients with hairy cell leukemia

Nguyen Trinh, C.O.; Schmauss, A.K.; Nguyen Van, K.E.; Ton Duc Lang, 1958:
Importance of splenoportography for diagnosis and control of therapy in liver abscess

Malenchini, M.; Braier, L.; Resano, J.H., 1956:
Importance of splenoportography in demonstrating gastroesophageal varices

Candaele, N., 1956 :
Importance of splenoportography in pancreatic carcinoma

Forcella, I.G.; Chironi, P., 1959:
Importance of spontaneous and induced anterior collapse in the radiographic diagnosis of the site of diskal hernia

Ziolka, H.U., 1953:
Importance of spontaneous eidetic phenomena in psychiatry

Zamora-Perez, A.; Camacho-Magaña, C.; Gómez-Meda, B.; Ramos-Ibarra, Mía.; Batista-González, C.; Zúñiga-González, G., 2007:
Importance of spontaneous micronucleated erythrocytes in bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) to marine toxicology studies

Hermansky, F.; Possnerova, V., 1958:
Importance of stainable iron in the bone marrow

Ogino, S.; Wilson, R.B., 2004:
Importance of standard nomenclature for SMN1 small intragenic ("subtle") mutations

Baron, H., 1955:
Importance of standardization of dressing materials for external application of penicillin

Murdock, T.P., 1953:
Importance of standardization of nursing homes

Moulierac, L.; Sais, J., 1954:
Importance of static muscular work in fatigue of fighter pilots; attempted determination of muscular fatigue by Donaggio's reaction

Ugarte Avendano, J.M., 1960:
Importance of statistical design in medical research

Jung, F., 1952 :
Importance of statistical factors in the analysis of biological reactions

DeBord, J.R., 2004:
Importance of statistical significance

Oeser, H., 1952:
Importance of statistics in control of neoplasms

Fertig, J.W., 1960:
Importance of statistics in medical studies

Lee, P., 1962:
Importance of status of visual field and optic disc in management of open-angle glaucoma

Baron, F., 1951:
Importance of stereoradiography in ear suppurations

Romani, J.D., 1958:
Importance of stimulation of the adrenal cortex by delayed action ACTH during prolonged prednisone therapy

Griboedova, E.A., 1961:
Importance of stimulus duration for inhibition of contraction in different types of muscle tone

Gaillard, B.D.E., 1950:
Importance of stomach wall in determination of barium poisoning

Caffaratti, E.; Argentero, R., 1957:
Importance of stratigraphic examination in obstetrics

Lovisato, L., 1950:
Importance of stratigraphic examination in the etiopathogenetic interpretation of spontaneous pneumothorax

Perone, F., 1952:
Importance of stratigraphic investigations of certain localizations of silent tuberculosis; clinicoradiologic considerations

Manzotti, G.F., 1954:
Importance of stratigraphy in diagnosis of dissecting osteochondritis of the knee

Gandolfo, E.; Secondo, G.; Ottoboni, A., 1958:
Importance of stratigraphy in the study of laryngeal carcinoma

Zavazal, V.; Borikova, E.; Weidenhofer, J.; Lavicka, J., 1958:
Importance of streptococcal infection for the immunological reactivity of the macroorganism

Mate, J., 1961:
Importance of stress and bacillary excretion in the epidemiology of dysentery

Ania, C.O.; Bandosz, T.J., 2005:
Importance of structural and chemical heterogeneity of activated carbon surfaces for adsorption of dibenzothiophene

Pauwels, F., 1951:
Importance of structural principles of the bracing and kinetic apparatus with regard to stress on the long bones

Williams, D.H.; Davies, N.L.; Koivisto, J.J., 2004:
Importance of structural tightening, as opposed to partially bound States, in the determination of chemical shift changes at noncovalently bonded interfaces

Weis, F., 1953:
Importance of study of blood coagulation in cardiovascular diseases

Eliseeva, G.P., 1958:
Importance of study of blood proteins in liver cirrhosis and adhesive pericarditis

De Pascale, A.; Ferrante, L., 1956:
Importance of study of the age of bones in the evaluation of precocious sexual development

Medovyi, I.L.; Chernikova, Z.S., 1957:
Importance of study of the functional state of the central nervous system by motor chronaxlmetry in tuberculosis

Danilenko, A.S., 2004:
Importance of studying the accommodation function in the diagnosis of clinical forms of hypermetropia

Anonymous, 1955:
Importance of style in scientific literature

Hetsch, N.; Sermann, H.; Bochow, H., 2003:
Importance of sub optimal temperatures for the virulence of different geographical provenances of entomopathogenic fungus Verticillium lecanii (Zimm.) Viegas

Castañeda Sanz, S.; Bruges-Armas, J.; Herrero-Beaumont, G., 2006:
Importance of subchondral bone and synovial membrane on the pathogenesis and treatment of osteoarthritis

Scharl, R., 1956:
Importance of subcutaneous PAS infusion in therapy of pulmonary tuberculosis

Ramser, K.; Bjerneld, E.J.; Fant, C.; Käll, M., 2003:
Importance of substrate and photo-induced effects in Raman spectroscopy of single functional erythrocytes

Chopra, M.P.; Zubritsky, C.; Knott, K.; Have, T.Ten.; Hadley, T.; Coyne, J.C.; Oslin, D.W., 2005:
Importance of subsyndromal symptoms of depression in elderly patients

Kaufmann, W., 1951 :
Importance of sufficient chewing in digestive disorders

Ponticaccia, L.; Ceriana, G., 1954:
Importance of sufficient drainage of the abscess cavity in therapy of pulmonary abscess; Monaldi method of transparietal drainage with sound

Taniguchi, N., 2003:
Importance of sugar chain functions and their characterization

Duverne, J.; Volle, H., 1960:
Importance of sulfamethoxypyridazine in dermatology. (Study of 46 cases)

Cahn, J.; Herold, M., 1960:
Importance of sulfhydryl groups in biology. Physiopathology of sulfhydryl derivatives

Kroupa, J.; Sponar, J.; Ostrcil, F., 1958:
Importance of sulpho-phosphoro-vanillin reaction in diagnosis of fat embolism

Koo, H-J.; Dai, D.; Whangbo, M-H., 2005:
Importance of supersuperexchange interactions in determining the dimensionality of magnetic properties. Determination of strongly interacting spin exchange paths in A(2)Cu(PO(4))(2) (A = Ba, Sr), ACuP(2)O(7) (Ba, Ca, Sr, Pb), CaCuGe(2)O(6), and Cu(2)UO(2)(PO(4))(2) on the basis of qualitative spin dimer analysis

Siegler, C.G., 1954:
Importance of supervision in modern medical services

Hornekaer, L.; Baurichter, A.; Petrunin, V.V.; Field, D.; Luntz, A.C., 2003:
Importance of surface morphology in interstellar H2 formation

Karbowiak, T.; Debeaufort, Fédéric.; Voilley, Aée., 2006:
Importance of surface tension characterization for food, pharmaceutical and packaging products: a review

Zelcer, I., 1954:
Importance of surface tension in dermatological preparations and cosmetics

Von Hellens, A.; Nummi, P., 1951:
Importance of surgery in stomach cancer

Aletti, G.D.; Cliby, W.A., 2006:
Importance of surgical aggressiveness in advanced ovarian cancer

Lopez Santibanez, L.M., 1960:
Importance of surgical anatomy in the technic of radical panhysterectomy with lymphadenectomy

Rouzaut, J., 1956:
Importance of surgical excision in a case of secondary peritoneal echinococcosis

Raeva, K.S., 1959:
Importance of surgical removal of the uterus in fibromyoma for the prevention of hypertension

Borghetti, V.; Bovelli, D.; D'Addario, G.; Fiaschini, P.; Fioriello, F.; Nardi, S.; Cappanera, S.; Pardini, A., 2006:
Importance of surgical timing on postoperative outcome in patients with native valve acute endocarditis

Etter, L.E.; Rice, S.M., 1954:
Importance of survey radiograph of the abdomen in surgery

Cushing, R.T., 1959:
Importance of suspecting and treating congenital hip disease in early infancy

Luridiana, N., 1951:
Importance of symptomatic therapy of pulmonary tuberculosis in regard to phenomena of the status of bronchial musculature: the bronchospasmolytic action of isopropyladrenalin

Lechner, H., 1958:
Importance of symptomatology of temporal contusions; a report on studies of 35 cases 2 to 4 years after the accident

Luchsinger, R., 1958:
Importance of synchrone registration of speech melody and of dynamic accent in pathological speakers; description of a speech spectrometer

Personne, C.; Gilbert, J., 1954:
Importance of systematic bronchography before decortication for tuberculous purulent pleurisy

Ferrari, W., 1958:
Importance of systematic exploration during laparotomies; findings; complications; management

Pulido, R.; Roca De Vinals, J.M., 1957:
Importance of systematic exploration of the paranasal sinus in otorhinolaryngological diseases

Neel, R.; Vincent, J., 1959:
Importance of systematic research & early identification of Enterobacteriacae

Bouchet, M.; Dulac, G.; Pailler, R., 1954:
Importance of systematic tomography in radiological examination of the facial sinuses

Bailo, P.; Foresti, M., 1957:
Importance of systematic urographical examination before radiotherapy of carcinoma of the uterine cervix

Mendonca, L.E., 1951:
Importance of systematization of the examination of varicose veins

Gros, C.M.; Bloch, P.; Schwingt, E.; Walter, J.P., 1962:
Importance of taking films of the whole vertebral column in up-right position in disorders of stance

Brookler, K.H., 2003:
Importance of taking into account pre-existing nystagmus when calculating induced nystagmus

Christiaens, L.; Ratel, J.; Dehaene, P.; Briet, B., 1960:
Importance of taking over the affective responsibility of hospitalized hypotrophic infants

Rubin, B.A.; Pereviazkina, L.M., 1951:
Importance of tannic substances in the resistance phenomena in cotton to wilt

Costa, D., 1953:
Importance of teaching of nutrition and its development in Brazil

Gillon, J.J., 1953:
Importance of teaching of psychology

Boccolini, F., 1953:
Importance of teamwork in rehabilitation

Shearer, W.T., 2004:
Importance of technology for the future of allergy and immunology

Schmidt, B., 1952:
Importance of temperature and direction of steam in steam sterilization

Menzio, P.; Giulio, L., 1951:
Importance of temperature of vestibular receptors for manifestation of labyrinth reactions

Sichel, D.; Wild, C.; Heimendinger, E.; Klotz, A.; Chatelain, A., 1955:
Importance of temporal tomography in chronic otorrhea

Birckel, P.A.; Canonge, G.; Stricker, P., 1956:
Importance of temporary hemostasis in the prescalenic subclavin artery in interventions for aneurysm located at the root of the upper extremity

Pereyra, C.C.A., 1950:
Importance of tension in central retinal artery in diagnosis of organic modifications in post-concussion syndrome

Pulay, P.; Scherer, E.M.; van der Wel, P.C.A.; Koeppe, R.E., 2005:
Importance of tensor asymmetry for the analysis of 2H NMR spectra from deuterated aromatic rings

Fenner, W., 1952:
Importance of test methods in removal of focal infection

Kunc, V.; Raboch, J.; Zahor, Z., 1958:
Importance of testicular biopsy

Braune, J.F., 1956:
Importance of testing technic in bacteriological examination of drinking water for Escherichia coli

Koltay, M.; Szorady, I., 1955:
Importance of tetracycline in pediatrics

Molinatti, G.M.; Pizzini, A.; Massara, F., 1958:
Importance of the 8-hour Thorn test in differential diagnosis of hyperadrenocortical syndromes

Estibeiro, J., 1958:
Importance of the Arnold-Chiari deformity in the pathogenetic interpretation of hydrocephalus in spina bifida

Dihlmann, W., 1954:
Importance of the Bolen test in general practice

Ikezaki, A.; Nakamura, M., 2003:
Importance of the C-H...N weak hydrogen bonding on the coordination structures of manganese(III) porphyrin complexes

Borsetto, M., 2003:
Importance of the CEAP classification

Tamarow, 1955:
Importance of the CNS in pathogenesis and therapy of periodontosis

Jonquieres, E.D.; Sanchez Caballero, H.J., 1961:
Importance of the Carville-style bacteriologic examination in the recognition of inapparent diffuse lepromatous leprosy

Naudin, E.P.; Chatin, R.; Bel, A., 1958:
Importance of the Chassard and Lapiné position for radiological diagnosis of rectosigmoid diseases

Sauer, W., 1950:
Importance of the Chediak reaction (modified after Guo) for social hygiene

Bychkov, V., 2004:
Importance of the Darrieus-Landau instability for strongly corrugated turbulent flames

Horák, I.; Dvorák, K., 2003:
Importance of the ECG for evaluation of severity of pulmonary embolisms

Janků, K.; Volková, N.; Kaprálová, M., 2003:
Importance of the ECG in pulmonary thromboembolisms in gynecology

Importance of the EEG in the evaluation of the course & treatment of syphilis & neurosyphilis

Tutzke, D.; Struve, C.A., 1956:
Importance of the Gorlitz physician Dr. C.A. Struve in the wide-spread cow pox vaccination in Upper Lusatia in 1800-1807

Farina, A., 1963:
Importance of the IIIP lead in the early diagnosis of disorders of ventricular repolarization

Soulairac, A.; Halpern, B.; Grisoni, F.; Brunhes, M.; Frelot, C.; Geier, S.; Ochonisky, J., 1962:
Importance of the J.R. Wittenborn scales in clinical psychiatry research

Kimbarovskii, I.A., 1958:
Importance of the Kimbarovskii color sedimentation reaction (KCSR) in the clinical manifestations of infectious diseases

Ferreira, W., 1960:
Importance of the Laboratory in the prevention of poliomyelitis

Amalric, R.; Paschetta, V.; Clement, R.; Santamaria, F.; Paschetta, C., 1960:
Importance of the LogEtronic impression in mammary radiology

Jordal, K., 1952:
Importance of the MN blood group in transfusion

Reichert, B., 1958:
Importance of the Mannich reaction in the synthesis of natural substances and drugs

Eysseric, G.; Lebre, V., 1960:
Importance of the Martin and Badin tests with cetavlon and the Vernes test with resorcin in various diseases and especially in thromboses

Ware, M.A.; Martel, M.O.; Jovey, R.; Lynch, M.E.; Singer, J., 2017:
A prospective observational study of problematic oral cannabinoid use

Henschler-Greifelt, A.; Gregorczyk, K., 1958:
Importance of the Nelson test for medical practice

Pospisil, L.; Zahejsky, J., 1963:
Importance of the Nelson-Mayer immobilization test in pediatric practice

Shulman, A., 2004:
Importance of the Neurootological and Equilibriometric Society

Koo, H-Joo.; Whangbo, M-Hwan., 2006:
Importance of the O-M-O bridges (M = V5+, Mo6+) for the spin-exchange interactions in the magnetic oxides of Cu2+ ions bridged by MO4 tetrahedra: spin-lattice models of Rb2Cu2(MoO4)3, BaCu2V2O8, and KBa3Ca4Cu3V7O28

Teply, R., 1953:
Importance of the October socialist revolution on balneology

Kotyza, F., 1954:
Importance of the Pavlovian teaching for otorhinolaryngology

Zorin, V., 1954:
Importance of the Pavlovian theory for pediatrics

Weese, K., 1955:
Importance of the Rh factor for the practicing surgeon

Mittiga, M., 1956:
Importance of the Rh factor in obstetrics

Mosconi, G., 1951:
Importance of the Rh group in clinical obstetrics; contribution and clinico-statistical findings

Vargues, R.; Raffi, A., 1953:
Importance of the Sandor reticuloendothelial index in the diagnosis, prognosis and therapeutic control of kala-azar in children

Garzon Abad, J.A., 1953:
Importance of the Speck test in the diagnosis of tubal permeability; phenolsulfonphthalein or Speck test

Kaiser, R.; Ininger, G.; Stosslein, E., 2003:
Importance of the Therapeutic Products Act for the ENT practitioner

Martin-Laval, J., 1957:
Importance of the Thierry spatula for the extraction of the fetal head

Tramier, G.; Ranque, J., 1955:
Importance of the Treponema immobilization test in the study of familial syphilis

Di Lollo, F., 1950:
Importance of the accumulation of NaCl in the organism in the pathogenesis of the failure of cardiotonic therapy in decomposition

Nasta, M.; Dutu, S.; Stupcanu, C.; Evian, N., 1958:
Importance of the acetylcholine test in examination of ventilatory function in various lung diseases

Ragazzini, F.; Masi, A.; Giusti, M., 1952:
Importance of the action of isonicotinic acid hydrazide

Imperato, C., 1953:
Importance of the activity of a cardiorheumatological center in the diagnosis and control of rheumatism in children

Santagostini, F.; Nauvelade, C.; Thessieux, M., 1961:
Importance of the addition of a soothing agent in the barium enema fluid

Bonanome, A., 1951:
Importance of the adipose capsule in tumors of the parenchyma of the kidney

Del Moro, J.; Lai, S.; Lucci, G., 1963:
Importance of the adrenal cortex hormones in the development of arterial pressure after section of the carotid and aortic depressor nerves in adrenalectomized animlal

van Oorschot, B.; Simon, A., 2006:
Importance of the advance directive and the beginning of the dying process from the point of view of German doctors and judges dealing with guardianship matters: results of an empirical survey

Anonymous, 1959:
Importance of the age of automobile drivers in causes of traffic accidents

Villa, L.; Dioguardi, N., 1954:
Importance of the alimentation factor in liver respiration in rats in the presence of nicotinamide

Marchal, J.G.; Dupaix-Lasseur, A., 1953:
Importance of the alpha carbon atom and the nitrogen atom in aminoacetic acid on chromogenesis in Bacillus roseus fluorescens

Benach Carreras, B., 1950:
Importance of the anamnestic reaction in fetal-maternal conflict

Erdogmus, S.; Govsa, F., 2005:
Importance of the anatomic features of the lacrimal artery for orbital approaches

Bertoletti, P., 1959:
Importance of the anesthetist in the frameowork of neonatal assistance

Piligkos, S.; Bill, E.; Collison, D.; McInnes, E.J.L.; Timco, G.A.; Weihe, Høgni.; Winpenny, R.E.P.; Neese, F., 2007:
Importance of the anisotropic exchange interaction for the magnetic anisotropy of polymetallic systems

Malmejac, J., 1958:
Importance of the anoxemic factor in anesthesia

Kramer, M.; Arrigoni-Martell, E., 1958:
Importance of the anti-serotonin and central sedative action of phenothiazine derivatives for their inhibiting effect on dextran edema in rats

Boriani, A.V.; Prezioso, A., 1957:
Importance of the antibiogram in the therapeutic management of various forms of acute & chronic otitis media

Lichtfus, C.; Gandar, R.; Minck, R., 1959:
Importance of the antibiogram in treatment of mastitis

Farris, G.; Zocchi, S., 1956:
Importance of the antistreptolysin titer in research on etiopathogenic focal factors in some dermatoses

Ragazzini, F.; Dettori, M.; Moggi, P.; Mori, S.; Baldasseroni, G., 1960:
Importance of the antistreptolysin titer in the evaluation of rheumatic status

Costa, J., 1951:
Importance of the approach in the surgical treatment of vesicovaginal fistulae

Hampton, S., 2005:
Importance of the appropriate selection and use of continence pads

Romiti, M.; Miranda, F.; Brochado-Neto, F.Cardoso.; Kikuchi, M.; Albers, M., 2006:
Importance of the arteriographic anatomy of the descending genicular artery and sural arteries in patients with atherosclerotic occlusion of the popliteal artery

Klein, O., 1949:
Importance of the arteriovenous short circuit in physiologic and pathologic conditions and a method for proof of its functioning

Fochem, K.; Froewis, J.; Narik, G., 1955:
Importance of the assimilation pelvis as of an obstetric complication

Pigeaud, H.; Burthiaut, R.; Bethoux; Edelstein, 1950:
Importance of the associated study of the elimination of gonadotropic hormones and of pregnandiol in women threatened with abortion

Fouquet; Teyrrier; Rist, 1950:
Importance of the association of antibiotics in the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis

Bagolan, P.; Serpieri, L., 1960:
Importance of the association of the toxi-infectious and the cholesterol factors in the pathogenesis of experimental arteriosclerosis

Spada, D., 1958:
Importance of the atrial coronary distribution in revascularization of the myocardium according to Fieschi: anatomical, radiological & physiopathological studies of the coronary artery system

Weiland, E., 1952:
Importance of the audiogram for evaluation of ear function

Stout, C.William.; Maron, B.J.; Vanderbrink, B.A.; Estes, N.A.Mark.; Link, M.S., 2006:
Importance of the autonomic nervous system in an experimental model of commotio cordis

Parodi, F., 1957:
Importance of the autonomic nervous system in pathogenesis and treatment of tuberculosis

Ledoux-Lebard, G.; Laurent, Y., 1960 :
Importance of the axial incidence of the cotyloid in arthrography of the hip (preliminary research on the normal subject)

Sceglova, M.A., 1961:
Importance of the axonometric method in the electrocardiographical study of cardiac patients

Christensen, F.B.; Laurberg, I.; Bünger, C.E., 2003:
Importance of the back-café concept to rehabilitation after lumbar spinal fusion: a randomized clinical study with a 2-year follow-up

Leone, R., 1953:
Importance of the bacterial component in the development of late ulcers on x-rayed skin

Adonailo, A.M., 1957:
Importance of the bacteriological method of early diagnosis of whooping cough in children's institutions

Floch, H., 1953:
Importance of the bacteriological study of colitis and enteritis in adults and nursing infants

Vermelin, H.; Ribon, M., 1959:
Importance of the basal temperature curve during the first months of pregnancy

Talesnik, J., 1963:
Importance of the basic and preclinical sciences in the training of a physician

Denoix, 1952:
Importance of the battle against cancer

Piukovich, I.; Szell, A.; Gabor, M., 1961:
Importance of the biochemical study in the prognosis of pelvic organ inflammation

Lanzillotta, E.; Ceccarini, C.; Ferrara, R.; Dini, F.; Frontini, F.P.; Banchetti, R., 2003:
Importance of the biogenic organic matter in photo-formation of dissolved gaseous mercury in a culture of the marine diatom Chaetoceros sp

Dietzel, K., 1956:
Importance of the bronchial motive apparatus for spontaneous expectoration of foreign bodies

Silvestri, A., 1952:
Importance of the cadmium reaction in blood serum in focal infections, with special reference to liver kidney diseases

Asp, K., 1958:
Importance of the cadmium reaction in pulmonary tuberculosis

Crismer, R.; Decharneux, G.; Lambermont, J., 1957:
Importance of the cardiac factor in the pathogenesis and treatment of various types of cirrhotic ascites

Macchi, G.; Carreras, M., 1955:
Importance of the carotid sign in electroencephalography; case reports

Sadek, H.M.; Vasconcelos, E.; Aied, M., 1952:
Importance of the case history, physical examination and laboratory tests in the differential diagnosis of jaundice

Londero, A.T.; Fischman, O.; Ramos, C.D., 1961:
Importance of the cat in the transmission of Microsporum canis in Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil)

Haas, P., 1954:
Importance of the central and peripheral symptoms in connection with indications for struma surgery

Luisi, M., 1957:
Importance of the changes of hormonal basis in women with genital tumors

Lage, A., 1952:
Importance of the chest x-ray mobile unit in the campaign against tuberculosis

Importance of the clinical aspects of the preoperative and postoperative periods in surgery of the colon, rectum and anus

Wey-Vieira, M.; Cavalcanti, D.Pontes.; Lopes, V.Lúcia.Gil.Silva., 2004:
Importance of the clinical genetics evaluation on hydrocephalus

Reinand, T., 1955:
Importance of the clinical history in suppurative intracranial diseases in children

Freijo, M.M.; Alvaro, L.C.; Oleaga, L.; Villaverde, F.J.; Garcia Andrade, L.; Aranzabal, I.; Cortina, C., 2003:
Importance of the clinical-radiological complementarity in superficial cerebral siderosis

Engstrom, H.; Liden, G.; Jakobsson, B., 1957:
Importance of the collapsibility of the endolymphatic labyrinth during fenestration operations

Notter, A.; Plan, R., 1963:
Importance of the collecting the human placenta and retroplacental blood in immunology. (Biochemical determinations in the course of 14 normal afterbirths)

Lallemand, M., 1954:
Importance of the combination of antibiotics in the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis

Riser, M.; Geraud, J.; Lazorthes, G., 1951:
Importance of the combination of various procedures of cerebral visualization, in the surgical management of left rolandic tumors

Abashkina, P.V., 1959:
Importance of the community in hospital activities. (Experiences with a sanitary activity group at the A. A. Ostroumov Hospital)

Badiali, C.; Olivo, R., 1957:
Importance of the complement fixation reaction in ornithosis-psittacosis virus infection in humans

Michelazzi, L., 1959:
Importance of the composition of the diet in relation to the structural integrity of the hepatic cell

Mogena, H.G.; Arrieta, F., 1958:
Importance of the concept of corticosteroid-induced gastric and duodenal ulcers

Seror, J.; Rives, J.; Stoppa, R., 1961:
Importance of the concept of microlithiasis in biliary pathology; sphincteral and choledochal incidences

Vancura, A., 1954:
Importance of the connective tissue in etiology of diseases and syndromes

Stoppani, R.; Monateri, P.C., 1953:
Importance of the constant test in cholecystokinetic test; the cholecystotest

Ishchenko, G.N.; Khamrakulova, K., 1963:
Importance of the constituency of the nutrient media for the determination of microbial air pollution

Hanhart, E., 1951:
Importance of the constitution and heredity in the manifestations of allergic diseases

Calabrese, A., 1951:
Importance of the contribution of the intrinsic and extrinsic factors in the processes of functional recuperation

Massin, M.; Piot, 1963 :
Importance of the corneal lens for raising the visual field in severe ametropia

Benson, E.H.; Zavala, D.C., 1954:
Importance of the costochondral syndrome in evaluation of chest pain: report of sixty-two cases

Colucci, C.F., 1955:
Importance of the coxsackie viruses

Delanaye, P.; Cavalier, E.; Chapelle, J.Paul.; Krzesinski, J.Marie., 2006:
Importance of the creatinine calibration in the estimation of GFR by MDRD equation

Fortunato, M.J.; Manes Rossi, V.G., 1961:
Importance of the creation and operation of small rehabilitation centers

Eberl, R.; Kaminski, A.; Müller, E.J.; Muhr, G., 2003:
Importance of the cross-sectional area of the spinal canal in thoracolumbar and lumbar fractures. Is there any correlation between the degree of stenosis and neurological deficit?

Undrits, V.F., 1955:
Importance of the current methods of function test of the sound analysor in the clinic of ear diseases

Boron, P., 1958:
Importance of the cutaneous vascular system in regulation of several vasomotor reactions

Pfaltz, C.R., 1954:
Importance of the cytodiagnosis in the early detection of bronchial carcinoma

Bergeron, M.; Grasset, A., 1950:
Importance of the cytological study of cerebral fluid in general paralysis

Galligioni, F., 1961 :
Importance of the deep cerebral phlebographic picture in anterior-posterior projection in the localization of expansive supratentorial lesions

Ichinose, A.; Tahara, S.; Terashi, H.; Yokoo, S.; Nakahara, M.; Hashikawa, K.; Kenmoku, K., 2003:
Importance of the deep vein in the drainage of a radial forearm flap: a haemodynamic study

Hohman, L.B., 1952:
Importance of the delirioid reaction in psychiatric diagnosis

Burstin, S., 1963:
Importance of the detection of early symptoms of reduced adduction of the thumb in industrial medicine. Its incidence in left-handed workers

Durando, C., 1954:
Importance of the determination in vitro of the sensitivity of the germs to antibiotics in therapy of mastitis

Balmes, J.; Mathieu-Daude, P., 1961:
Importance of the determination of direct and indirect bilirubinemia by the spectrophotometric method in jaundice in the newborn

Chauchard, P., 1959:
Importance of the determination of excitation time in evaluation of modifications in the law of excitability; study of certain recent works

Ihlenfeldt, G., 1952:
Importance of the determination of muscle action potential in spinal infantile paralysis

Paysant, P.; Chanteclair, G.; Lascombes, G.; Gasse, D.; Duc, M., 1960:
Importance of the determination of serum transaminases in hepatic diseases

Rudoi, N.M., 1962:
Importance of the determination of the bacteriostatically active concentration of phtivazid in the blood for chemotherapy of patients with tuberculosis

Brilliant, M.D.; Vorob'ev, A.I.; Dubrovskaia, V.S.; Poslavskaia, E.E.; Svirina, Z.L., 1962:
Importance of the determination of the osmotic and acid resistance of erythrocytes in the clinical aspects of hemolytic anemia

Clode, W.; Sobral, V.; Baptista, A.M.; Perez-Fernandez, M.A.; Martins, M.L.; Botelho, L.; Da Cruz, F.; Colaco, F.M., 1959:
Importance of the determination of the weight of the thyroid gland and clinical biologic factors in the treatment of hyperthyroidism with I 131

Asch, L., 1960:
Importance of the determination of transaminases in cardiology. Clinical case

Leinfelder, P.J.; Owens, F.M., 1956:
Importance of the diagnosis of glaucoma

Pereira, J.A., 1953:
Importance of the diagnosis of tuberculous tracheobronchitis in children

Cotter, M.T., 1957:
Importance of the diet in medical practice

Rinaldi, G., 1951:
Importance of the differential diagnosis of prepuberal hypergenitalism

Lacassagne; Curie, P.; Curie, M., 1960:
Importance of the discoveries of Pierre and Marie CURIE in the campaign against cancer

Cattaneo, M., 1951:
Importance of the discovery of electronarcosis from the surgical and neurological viewpoint

Rossmann, K., 1954:
Importance of the distribution of the cutaneous surface dose to pendulum irradiation

Dufek, V., 1954:
Importance of the doctrine of human constitution for clinical medicine

Limage, J.; Boute, J., 1953:
Importance of the dosage of follicle stimulating hormones in the accurate diagnosis of amenorrhea

Ruszkowski, J.; Sianozecka, E.; Zielinski, J., 1958:
Importance of the early determination of sex in pseudohermaphroditism

Quaintenne, E.J.; Spera, J.N., 1961:
Importance of the early diagnosis and treatment of fractures of the orbital rim

Broustet, P.; Bricaud, H.; Dallocchio, M., 1961:
Importance of the early diagnosis and treatment of interauricular communications

Petukhov, I., 1963:
Importance of the early diagnosis of malignant degeneration of chronic leg ulcers in the prevention of severe complications

Le Gac, P., 1962:
Importance of the early diagnosis of multiple sclerosis of rickettsial origin

Ammori, B.J., 2003:
Importance of the early increase in intestinal permeability in critically ill patients

Gaudefroy, M., 1960:
Importance of the edema in the chorion of the endometrium in case of recent nidation

Meloni, L.; Leoni, R., 1955:
Importance of the effect of the thyroid in determining the fever-producing action of progesterone

Nicoletti, G.; Giusti, C.; Sorbini, C.A., 1961:
Importance of the effort test for the evaluation of respiratory insufficiency

Petit, J.M.; Milic-Emili, G., 1957:
Importance of the elastic properties of the esophagus in the measurement of intrathoracic pressure in animals

Hormann, J., 1950:
Importance of the electrocardiogram, and especially the precordial leads, in the medico-legal examination of silicosis

Farall Mader, A., 1959:
Importance of the electrocardiographic concept of critical frequency from the diagnostic and therapeutic viewpoint in pediatric practice

Pasero, G.; Giusti, C.; Riccioni, N., 1960:
Importance of the electrocardiographic effort test for the exclusion of cardioischemic genesis of precordialgia caused by cervicoarthrosis

Marsico, F.; Sodi Pallares, D., 1955:
Importance of the electrocardiographical picture in the diagnosis of congenital heart diseases; study of the relation between the electrocardiographical and the blood circulation pictures in 350 cases

Brucke, F., 1958:
Importance of the electroencephalogram for the pharmacology of the central nervous system

Sala Matas, J.E., 1961:
Importance of the electroencephalogram in the medical supervision of the diver

Schmidt, H.J., 1952:
Importance of the element fluor

Giunta, A.; Natali, G., 1953:
Importance of the endoallergic mechanism in the pathogenesis of various endocardial and vascular inflammations

Amant, F.; Vergote, I., 2004:
Importance of the endometrioid carcinoma subtype and sarcomatous component in uterine carcinosarcoma

Pompeiano, O., 1957:
Importance of the epithelial cells of the malpighian corpuscles in the endocrine activity of the human kidney

Borgatti, G.; Matscher, R.; Beghelli, V.; Mordenti, A., 1958:
Importance of the esophageal tube (including the reticular part of the reticulo-omasal orifice) for coordinated activity of the prestomach

Calderato, V.; Concina, E.; Orlandi, O., 1954:
Importance of the establishment of a bronchological service near provincial antitubercular dispensaries

Barni, M., 1956:
Importance of the estimation of silica in lungs and other organs in persons exposed to the risk of silicosis

Floch, H., 1954:
Importance of the etiologic diagnosis of infantile diarrhea

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Importance of the evolution of vaccination focus in lymphatic tissue in antituberculous vaccination

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Importance of the examination of Douglas' pouch for an explanation of functional disorders of the female gonads

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Importance of the examination of the functional state of the adrenal cortex in the clinical aspects of internal diseases

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Importance of the examination of vaginal cytology in disturbances during puberty

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Importance of the exposition test in the causal diagnosis of fixed exanthem induced by compound analgesics

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Importance of the factor of imbibition of the fundamental substance in the volumetric reduction of yterine myomas

Ghiringhelli, L., 1957:
Importance of the factory physician in therapy of work accidents

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Importance of the fetal heart beats in diagnosis of fetal suffering and in the neonatal period

Cislaghi, F., 1955:
Importance of the first attack in control of rheumatic diseases

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Importance of the form and dimensions of the pelvic inlet area in labor in pelvic deformities; possibilities and limitations of an arithmetical radiological classification

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Importance of the functional sensitivity determination of a serum hyaluronic acid assay for the prediction of liver fibrosis in patients with features of the metabolic syndrome

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Importance of the functional state of the nervous centers in the rate of re-synthesis of glycogen in striated muscle

Milobratović, D.; Arsić-Arsenijević, V., 2003:
Importance of the fungus, Malassezia, in human pathology

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Importance of the gastric brush in the diagnosis of cancer

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Importance of the gastric stasis fluids of the gastrectomized in the genesis of postoperative complications; clinical and experimental observations, with research on the behavior of intestinal absorption in the postoperative period

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Importance of the general condition in predisposition to intestinal and non-intestinal parasitoses

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Importance of the general examination of the cardiac

Petignat, P.; Joris, Fçois.; Faltin, D., 2003:
Importance of the general practitioner in the early detection of ovarian cancer

Tagle, I., 1962:
Importance of the genus Toxocara in the production of the "visceral larva migrans" syndrome

Nativelle, R.; Deparis, M., 1960:
Importance of the globulous forms of the L cycle preceding the appearance of the adult forms of streptococci and staphylococci in hemocultures and ovo-hemocultures

Steidle, L., 1957:
Importance of the great socialist October revolution for the development of an advancement in health protection

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Importance of the growth medium on the morphological behaviour, inductive action and immunology of cells

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Importance of the gut-brain axis in the control of glucose homeostasis

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Importance of the hemagglutination reaction in diagnosis of tuberculosis and control of BCG vaccination

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Importance of the hemato-encephalic barrier in the pathogenesis of experimental encephalomyelitis

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Importance of the hepatic artery in man

Louros, N.C.; Triantafilopoulo, B.; Kaskarelis, D., 1962:
Importance of the hepato-genital syndrome in gynecology

Meischke, M., 1957:
Importance of the hiatus hernia in practice

Matteucci, L., 1951:
Importance of the histamine component in the determination of cutaneous and visceral tubercular allergic phenomenon

Ratschow, M.; Koelsch, K.A., 1951:
Importance of the histamine conjunctival test in detection of neural disturbance areas

Lison, L., 1951:
Importance of the histochemical reactions of the ketosteroids

Vago, C.; Croissant, O.; Lepine, P., 1962:
Importance of the histological method in the electron microscope characterization of insect viruses

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Importance of the histological study of the innervation in diseases of the digestive system

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Importance of the home environment for healthy aging: conceptual and methodological background of the European ENABLE-AGE Project

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Importance of the hospital dietetic department in control of the diabetic patient

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Importance of the hyaluronidase-hyaluronic acid system in the factor of permeability of the vascular walls in hemorrhagic diathesis

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Importance of the hyo-epiglottic membrane in the spread of epitheliomas of the epiglottic region

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Importance of the hypomagnesium form of spasmophilia

Gelli, G.; Bartalena, R.; Gabrielli, G., 1960:
Importance of the identification of carriers of group A hemolytic beta streptococcus for the purpose of the prevention of rheumatic fever

La Placa, M., 1956:
Importance of the immune reactivity in the duration of the status of carriers of Corynebacterium diphtheriae

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Importance of the immuno-hematological conflict in the pathogenesis of toxicoses in the 2d half of pregnancy

Shapiro-Mendoza, C.K.; Tomashek, K.M.; Davis, T.W.; Blanding, S.L., 2006 :
Importance of the infant death scene investigation for accurate and reliable reporting of SIDS

Rauscher, F.J.; Groupe, V., 1960:
Importance of the infecting dose on growth patterns of Rous sarcoma virus (RSV) in chick brain

Nogueira, P., 1950:
Importance of the infection factor in calculosis of the hepatic bile duct

Romero-Santana, J.A., 2006:
Importance of the information that patients receive on any proposed medical/surgical intervention

Lacoste, J.; Pinheiro, A.; Schrijen, F.; Sadoul, P., 1960:
Importance of the instantaneous measurement of expired and arterial carbon dioxide in the patient

Jayle, G.E.; Camo, R.; Boyer, R.; Filippi, A., 1955:
Importance of the intellectual level on psychosensory thresholds in night vision

Billia, P., 1952:
Importance of the intensity of vestibular excitement in regard to the labyrinthine reflex after cerebellar lesions

Sautot, J.; Sisteron, A.; Descotes, J., 1959:
Importance of the internal lateral route in simultaneous approach to the popliteal artery and the superjacent arterial trunks. On 111 cases

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Importance of the internal shape mode in magnetic vortex dynamics

Nikitenko, L.A., 1958:
Importance of the intradermal test for diagnosis of cholecystitis

Dupont, A., 1951:
Importance of the intradermo-reaction to the Kveim antigen in the diagnosis of doubtful cases of Besnier-Boeck-Schaumann disease

Hurtado-Lopez, L.Mauricio.; Pacheco-Alvarez, M.Isabel.; Montes-Castillo, M.De.la.Luz.; Zaldivar-Ramirez, F.Rafael., 2005:
Importance of the intraoperative identification of the external branch of the superior laryngeal nerve during thyroidectomy: electromyographic evaluation

Pignon, A., 1960:
Importance of the intravenous terramycin solution used "in situ" in O.R.L

Biancani; Godefroy, M., 1950:
Importance of the ionic factor in the determination of climate

Kraft, E., 1954:
Importance of the iron level in differential diagnosis of icterus

Bogsch, S.; Bauer, H.; Horn, Z., 1958:
Importance of the iron loading test in differential diagnosis of benign and malignant tumors of the central nervous system

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Importance of the isometric phase for systolic effect

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Importance of the karyogram in infantile pathology. Apropos of 19 cases

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Importance of the kidneys for the convulsant action of isonicotinic acid hydrazid

Käkelä, A.; Käkelä, R.; Hyvärinen, H., 2003:
Importance of the kidneys in metabolism of vitamins A1 and A2 and their fatty acyl esters in mink feeding on fish-based diets and exposed to Aroclor 1242

Mariani, P.L., 1960:
Importance of the knowledge of etiopathogenetic factors in the definition of a correct diagnosis of tumors

Rubino, F., 1960:
Importance of the knowledge of the body water content for the determination of fats in the carcass and the biological value of proteins

Casal, M., 1954:
Importance of the laboratory in the diagnosis of pancreatic tumors

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Importance of the lateral anatomic tibial slope as a guide to the tibial cut in total knee arthroplasty in Japanese patients

Bettkher, K., 1963:
Importance of the lecithin-vitellin reaction for species differentiation of spore-forming bacteria

Bobić-Randovanović, A.; Vlatković, Z., 2007:
Importance of the length of excised optic nerve in enucleations for uveal melanoma

Viola, P., 1961:
Importance of the lipid quota in the diet of the atherosclerotic subject

Guarini, G., 1957:
Importance of the lipid tolerance test in sprue

Weicker, H., 1957:
Importance of the lipoid protein symplex for the differential bilirubin reaction of serum

Catalano, G., 1953:
Importance of the lipotropic factors (choline) on the behavior of lipids in heterotopic ossification

Camba, R.; Costa, E.; Murtas, L., 1953:
Importance of the liver and the kidneys for the convulsant action of isonicotinic acid hydrazide

Kepinov, L., 1951:
Importance of the liver in the origin of alloxan hypoglycemia

Kluge, A.; Schmidt, H., 1958:
Importance of the lungs as a fat depot

Zapasnik-Kobierska, M.H., 1957:
Importance of the lymphatic system in tuberculosis

Gallo, G., 1959:
Importance of the lymphopathy and of topography of the mesenteric lymph nodes in the determinism of segmentation in Crohn's ileitis

Petit, J.M.; Milic-Emil, G.; Koch, R.; Sadoul, P., 1959:
Importance of the measure of ventilatory work in exploration of respiratory function

Vague, J., 1950:
Importance of the measurement of fat distribution in pathology

Sanchez Hernandez, J.A., 1959:
Importance of the measurement of neuromuscular excitability in anesthesiology

Calvet, J., 1951:
Importance of the measurement of vocal intensity by the sonometer

Mendes, M.F., 1951:
Importance of the medical selection of aviation candidates

Finocchi, G., 1951:
Importance of the membrane of the round window and of the stapes in the experimental determination of the perilymphatic pressure

Sforza, M.; L'abbate, G., 1954:
Importance of the membranous variant of S. typhi for the purpose of epidemiology and vaccinal prophylaxis in Erithrea

Dupre, A.L., 1959:
Importance of the meprobamate-aspirin combination in rheumatology