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Influence of an Er:YAG laser on the surface structure of titanium implants

Schwarz, F.; Rothamel, D.; Becker, J.ür.

Schweizer Monatsschrift für Zahnmedizin 113(6): 660-671


ISSN/ISBN: 0256-2855
PMID: 12872590
Accession: 049345620

In addition to conventional treatment modalities (mechanical and chemical), the use of lasers has been proposed for cleaning and detoxification of implant surfaces. The aim of the present clinical investigation was (1) to evaluate the effects of an Er:YAG laser on the surface properties of titanium implants in vivo and (2) to determine the effectiveness of this treatment modality for subgingival calculus removal. This investigation was conducted on eight implants of two patients, considered for explantation due to severe peri-implantitis inflammation. Immediately before explanatation, six implants were instrumented subgingivally with an Er:YAG laser (100 mJ/pulse and 10 Hz). Two implants served as a control. All titanium implants were examined using scanning electron microscopy by one calibrated and blinded examiner. In comparison to the untreated control group, non-surgical instrumentation of titanium implants with an Er:YAG laser resulted in an effective removal of subgingival calculus without leading to any thermal damages. However, all samples of the test group revealed amounts of residual debris which should be taken into account under clinical conditions.

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