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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 49377

Chapter 49377 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

MacDonald, R.D.; O'Donnell, C.; Allan, G.Michael.; Breeck, K.; Chow, Y.; DeMajo, W.; Peerbaye, Y.; Sawadsky, B.; Wax, R., 2006:
Interfacility transport of patients with decompression illness: literature review and consensus statement

Anonymous, 2006:
Interfacility transportation of the critical care patient and its medical direction

Woodcock, H.Lee.; Hodošček, M.; Gilbert, A.T.B.; Gill, P.M.W.; Schaefer, H.F.; Brooks, B.R., 2007:
Interfacing Q-Chem and CHARMM to perform QM/MM reaction path calculations

Wu, Z-Zhi.; Zhao, Y.; Kisaalita, W.S., 2006:
Interfacing SH-SY5Y human neuroblastoma cells with SU-8 microstructures

Martin, R.Scott., 2006:
Interfacing amperometric detection with microchip capillary electrophoresis

Dalgleish, T.; Teasdale, J., 2004:
Interfacing basic science with clinical practice: a Festschrift special issue for John Teasdale

Lee, A.; Wong, W.; Wong, S.Yeung.Shan.; Tsang, K.Ka., 2004:
Interfacing between primary and secondary care is needed

Miller, B.L., 2005:
Interfacing biology and computing for health: the future of home diagnostics

Li, Y.; Yan, X-Ping.; Jiang, Y., 2005:
Interfacing capillary electrophoresis and electrothermal atomic absorption spectroscopy to study metal speciation and metal-biomolecule interactions

Xu, Y.; Little, M.W.; Murray, K.K., 2006:
Interfacing capillary gel microfluidic chips with infrared laser desorption mass spectrometry

Chen, X.; Tam, U.Chong.; Czlapinski, J.L.; Lee, G.Soo.; Rabuka, D.; Zettl, A.; Bertozzi, C.R., 2006:
Interfacing carbon nanotubes with living cells

Hullin, C.; Nelson, S.; Dalrymple, J.; Hart, G., 2005:
Interfacing clinical practice and error prevention

Bernstein, J.A., 2004:
Interfacing computers and the internet with your allergy practice

Rosenbaum, M.; Zhao, F.; Schröder, U.; Scholz, F., 2006:
Interfacing electrocatalysis and biocatalysis with tungsten carbide: a high-performance, noble-metal-free microbial fuel cell

Razunguzwa, T.; Timperman, A.T., 2006:
Interfacing microchip capillary electrophoresis with electrospray ionization mass spectrometry

Tian, L.; Rabl, P.; Blatt, R.; Zoller, P., 2004:
Interfacing quantum-optical and solid-state qubits

Hedenstierna, G.; Lichtwarck-Aschoff, M., 2006:
Interfacing spontaneous breathing and mechanical ventilation. New insights

Hardman, M.; Makarov, A.A., 2003:
Interfacing the orbitrap mass analyzer to an electrospray ion source

Martin, J., 1951:
Interfactory committees and interfactory medical service

Stoppani, A.O., 1957:
Interfaculty & interuniversity institutions

Liao, X.; Huang, J.; Lin, W.; Long, Z.; Xie, Y.; Ma, W., 2017:
APTM, a Thiophene Heterocyclic Compound, Inhibits Human Colon Cancer HCT116 Cell Proliferation Through p53-Dependent Induction of Apoptosis

Barski, G.; Youn, J.K., 1964:
Interference Between Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis and Rauscher Mouse Leukemia

Fenwick, M.L., 1963:
Interference Between Polioviruses and the Effect of Ultra-Violet Light

Zalan, E.; Labzoffsky, N.A., 1965:
Interference Between Proflavine Treated Reovirus and Related and Unrelated Viruses

Sakaguchi, B.; Oishi, K.; Kobayashi, S., 1965:
Interference between "Sex-Ratio" agents of drosophila Willistoni and drosophila Nebulosa

Ferri, S.; Maffei-Faccioli, A.; Ornesi, A.; Scamazzo, T., 1963:
Interference by D-Amphetamine in the Action of some Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors

Klotz, M.O.; Richter, H.; Meuffels, M., 1964:
Interference by Formaldehyde-Forming Drugs in the Determination of Urinary Catecholamines

Gispen, R., 1964:
Interference by Interferon in Virus Infections

Kats, B.A., 1965:
Interference Dissociation in Acute Myocardial Infarction

Belbin, E.; Downs, S., 1965:
Interference Effects From New Learning: Their Relevance To The Design Of Adult Training Programs

Bonmassar, E.; Melan, F.; Prada, A.; Testorelli, C., 1965:
Interference Exercised by Epsilon-Aminocaproic Acid and its Acetyl Derivative on the Agglutination Reaction

Francon, M.; Prat, R., 1964:
Interference Focometer

Molloy, S.; Jasper, L.E.; Burkhart, B.G.; Brumback, R.J.; Belkoff, S.M., 2005:
Interference Kirschner wires augment distal humeral fracture fixation in the elderly

Boguth, W.; Kern, D., 1963:
Interference Microscopic Determination of the Refraction Index with the Aid of a Gypsum Crystal

Walter, F., 1963:
Interference Microscopy and Hematological Research

Kazda, S.; Brotanek, V.; Zidovsky, J., 1963:
Interference of Exogenous Oxytocin with the Dynamics of Uterine Reactivity and Vaginal Cytology in Pregnancy at Term

Tronconi, L.; Ghiringhelli, F., 1964:
Interference of Extracardiac Muscle Potentials with the Ecg

Svet-Moldavsky, G.J., 1964:
Interference of Information Controlling Mutually Complementary Synthesis of Protein

Biscatti, G., 1965:
Interference of Insulin and Adrenalin on Criteria of Analytic Evaluation of Blood Glucose Curves from Venous Load of Glucose

Dimaggio, G.; Ciaceri, G., 1963:
Interference of Pyrrolidonecarboxylic Acid in the Activity of some Antihistaminics

Dimaggio, G.; Ciaceri, G., 1963:
Interference of some Benzopyrone Derivatives on the Bond that 5-Hydroxytryptamine Forms with Protein Fractions

Benzi, G.; Frigo, G.M., 1964:
Interference of some Factors in the Cotton Pellet Granuloma Test

Kawecki, Z., 1964:
Interference of the Tick-Borne Encephalitis (Te) Virus in Tissue Culture. Ii. Isolation in Tissue Culture of Te Virus from Pathological Material

Haefely, W.; Huerlimann, A.; Thoenen, H., 1964:
Interference of Vascular Drug Effects with its other Non-Vascular Pharmacological Actions

Manolov, D.G., 1964:
Interference Phenomenon in Dysentery Bacteria of Different Species in Animal Experiments

Tolentino, M., 2006:
Interference RNA technology in the treatment of CNV

Wyszko, E.; Szaflarski, W.; Barciszewski, J., 2003:
Interference RNA--molecular regulator of gene expression

Negrin, J., 1964:
Interference with Frontal Lobe Function for the Relief of Intractable Pain: with Special Reference to Intracerebral Electrotherapy

Sundararajan, T.A., 1963:
Interference With Glycerokinase Induction In Mutants Of E. Coli Accumulating Gal-1-P

Peytavin, G., 2005:
Interference among antiretroviral, anti-HCV, and immunosuppressive treatments

Bourgaux, P., 1962:
Interference among inactivated phages

Ricci, M.; Lombardi, V.; Toscani, A.; Passaleva, A., 1963:
Interference and correlations between basophilic and eosinophilic leukocytes and glucide and lipid metabolism

Smith-Olinde, L.; Besing, J.; Koehnke, J., 2004:
Interference and enhancement effects on interaural time discrimination and level discrimination in listeners with normal hearing and those with hearing loss

Riediger, M.; Freund, A.M., 2004:
Interference and facilitation among personal goals: differential associations with subjective well-being and persistent goal pursuit

Merrill, E.C., 2006:
Interference and inhibition in tasks of selective attention by persons with and without mental retardation

Gómez-Ariza, C.J.; Bajo, M.Teresa., 2004:
Interference and integration: the fan effect in children and adults

Ma, Y.; Pan, X.; Zhou, S., 2003:
Interference and interference-restraining in flame-emitting method

Schafer, W., 1958:
Interference and interferon

Helmcke, J.G.; Rienitz, J., 1957:
Interference and phase contrast microscopy, light and electron stereomicroscopy of the enamel surface of human teeth

Ruol, A., 1956:
Interference and relation between cholemic states and hemolytic icterus

Carminati, G.M., 1956:
Interference and synergism between antibiotics in experimental recurring spirochetosis

Escobar, M.; Arcediano, F.; Platt, T.L.; Miller, R.R., 2005:
Interference and time: a brief review and an integration

Kindermann, M.; Brouwer, P.W.; Millis, A.J., 2006:
Interference as a probe of spin incoherence in strongly interacting quantum wires

Smorodintsev, A.A.; Chaklina, O.M., 1953:
Interference between A and B strains of influenza viruses in the lungs of white mice

Preziosi, P.; Di Carlo, V.; Arciello, G.; La Fianza, F., 1959:
Interference between DL-thioctic acid & methyl bis-(beta-chloroethyl)-amine

Hoftman, N., 2005:
Interference between Extraneal peritoneal dialysis and the Accu-Chek blood glucose monitor

Sinkovics, J., 1954:
Interference between Newcastle virus and influenza virus in mouse lung

Lennette, E.H., 1951:
Interference between animal viruses

Hyndman, D.; Ashburn, A.; Yardley, L.; Stack, E., 2006:
Interference between balance, gait and cognitive task performance among people with stroke living in the community

Francis, J.; Niehaus, M., 2006:
Interference between cellular telephones and implantable rhythm devices: a review on recent papers

Dinter, Z., 1958:
Interference between cytopathogenic & non-cytopathogenic particles of the foot & mouth disease virus

Patrono, V., 1961:
Interference between diet and hormones in the course of senescence

Valentini, V.D., 1955:
Interference between emetine and ascorbic acid on isolated uterus of rabbits

Lenzi, F., 1950:
Interference between enlarged left auricle and pictures of right insufficiency

Barski, G., 1963:
Interference between herpes virus and polyoma virus in the adult hamster in vivo

Atanasiu, P.; Basset, J.; Atanasiu, I., 1955:
Interference between homologous, pressed, heated and formaldehyde treated virus and normal liquids in Newcastle disease in chick embryo

Halpern, B.N.; Roux, J.L., 1950:
Interference between immunization by Hemophilus pertussis and histamine toxicity

Isaacs, A.; Edney, M., 1950:
Interference between inactive and active influenza viruses in the chick embryo

Isaacs, A.; Edney, M., 1950:
Interference between inactive and active influenza viruses in the chick embryo. I. Quantitative aspects of interference

Wesslen, T.; Hermodsson, S.; Philipson, L., 1959:
Interference between influenza and poliomyelitis viruses in tissue culture

Groupe, V.; Pugh, L.H., 1952:
Interference between influenza virus and infectious bronchitis virus of chickens

Preziosi, P., 1952:
Interference between isonicotyl hydrazide and sugar

Gagniere, E.; Klein, M., 1956:
Interference between lactation and pregnancy in rabbits

Jungeblut, C.W.; Kodza, H., 1963:
Interference between lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus and the leukemia-transmitting agent of leukemia L2C in guinea pigs

Ashraf, S.; Abdel-Alim, G.; Al-Natour, M.Q.; Saif, Y.M., 2005:
Interference between mild and pathogenic strains of infectious bursal disease virus in chickens

Ginsberg, H.S.; Horsfall, F.L., 1951:
Interference between mumps virus and pneumonia virus of mice (PVM) fate of mumps virus in the mouse lung

Thiede, O.; Klüsener, T.; Sielenkämper, A.; Van Aken, H.; Stoll, W.; Schmäl, F., 2006:
Interference between muscle relaxation and facial nerve monitoring during parotidectomy

Guyomar, Y.; Vandeville, L.; Heuls, S.; Coviaux, Fçois.; Graux, P.; Cornaert, P.; Filoche, B., 2004:
Interference between pacemaker and video capsule endoscopy

Lycke, E., 1958:
Interference between poliomyelitis virus and Coxsackie B or ECHO viruses

Casaglia, G.; Pierfederici, P., 1961:
Interference between splenic extracts and estrogen hormones. (Experimental contribution)

Levin, M.L.; Fish, D., 2003:
Interference between the agents of Lyme disease and human granulocytic ehrlichiosis in a natural reservoir host

Schulz-Ehlbeck, H.W., 1954:
Interference between the ectromelia and Columbia SK viruses

Elithorn, A.; Halliday, A.M., 1958:
Interference between the responses of the human subject of two nearly simultaneous stimuli

Gambigliani-Zoccoli, A.; Franzini, C., 1958:
Interference between the spleno-hepatic and hepatic mesenchymal apparatus and the parenchyma of the liver in the development of cirrhotic liver diseases

Altstein, A.D.; Kazantseva, V.A.; Shirman, G.A., 1962:
Interference between tick-borne encephalitis and poliomyelitis viruses in tissue culture. I. Resilstance of tick-borne enecephalitis virus-infected cells to the cytopathic effect of poliovirus

Altstein, A.D., 1962:
Interference between tick-borne encephalitis and poliomyelitis virusus in tissue culture. II. Mechanism of cell resistance to poliovirus in tissue cultures infected with tick-borne encephalitis virus

Topchii, M.K., 1958:
Interference between viruses of fowl Asiatic plague and vaccinia

Zakhar'evskii, A.N.; Kuznetsova, A.F., 1961:
Interference biological microscopes

Stafford, H.A.; Lewis, L.L., 1977:
Interference by a phenylacetate pathway in isotopic assays for phenylalanine ammonia-lyase in leaf extracts

Curry, A.S., 1957:
Interference by beta-methyl-beta-ethyl glutarimide in the determination of barbiturates

Hekmat, K.; Salemink, B.; Lauterbach, G.; Schwinger, R.H.G.; Südkamp, M.; Weber, H.J.; Mehlhorn, U., 2004:
Interference by cellular phones with permanent implanted pacemakers: an update

Trigano, A.; Blandeau, O.; Levy, S., 2005:
Interference by cellular telephone with an implantable loop recorder

Salgarello, G., 1956:
Interference by diphosphothiamine (DPT) in changes of tissue respiration induced by a sterol anesthetic

Gijbels, K.; De Coster, J.; Bossuyt, X., 2004:
Interference by gelatin-based plasma substitutes in capillary zone electrophoresis

Jago, M.V.; Nelson, J.F.; Rose, S., 1963:
Interference by reactions of kynurenine metabolism in the estimation of tryptophan pyrrolase in rat-liver homogenate

Peel, J.L.; Fox, M.; Elsden, S.R., 1955:
Interference by sulphide with inorganic phosphate determinations by the method of Lowry & Lopez and its elimination by the addition of copper ions

Anderson, N.R.; Chatha, K.; Holland, M.R.; Gama, R., 2004:
Interference caused by the contents of serum separator tubes in the Vitros CRP assay

Frank, E., 1951:
Interference causing periodic movements of the frog stomach

Lebed, A.G.; Naughton, M.J., 2003:
Interference commensurate oscillations in quasi-one-dimensional conductors

Massey, R.C.; Buckling, A.; ffrench-Constant, R., 2004:
Interference competition and parasite virulence

Müller, U.; Zelazo, P.David.; Hood, S.; Leone, T.; Rohrer, L., 2004:
Interference control in a new rule use task: age-related changes, labeling, and attention

Khan, M.A.; Popov, V.V.; Podgornaia, O.V., 2006:
Interference currents and chloride sodium baths in combined treatment of scoliosis in children

Khan, M.A.; Popov, V.V.; Morgun, V.A.; Podgornaia, O.V., 2005:
Interference currents for scoliosis in children

Khan, M.A.; Bobrovnitskiĭ, I.P.; Novikova, E.V., 2007:
Interference currents in combined therapy of chronic pyelonephritis in children

Ballarino, M.; Rumolo, R.; Folli, G., 1959:
Interference dissociation during atrio-ventricular block

Faldini, G., 1952:
Interference dissociation; considerations on a case of aortic stenosis with interference dissociation, transformed later to third grade auriculo-ventricular dissociation

Fragola, A.; Aigouy, L.; Boccara, C., 2003 :
Interference effect in apertureless near-field fluorescence imaging

Misra, D.; Kadhane, U.; Singh, Y.P.; Tribedi, L.C.; Fainstein, P.D.; Richard, P., 2004:
Interference effect in electron emission in heavy ion collisions with h2 detected by comparison with the measured electron spectrum from atomic hydrogen

Ertaş, Gülay.; Ataman, O.Yavuz., 2006:
Interference effect of iron on the determination of gold in geological samples using the vapor generation technique and preconcentration in a graphite furnace

Moore, B.C.J., 2003:
Interference effects and phase sensitivity in hearing

Kokubu, M.; Ando, S.; Kida, N.; Oda, S., 2007:
Interference effects between saccadic and key-press reaction times of volleyball players and nonathletes

Fernandes, M.A.; Moscovitch, M., 2003:
Interference effects from divided attention during retrieval in younger and older adults

Kaufmann, L.; Nuerk, H-Christoph., 2006:
Interference effects in a numerical Stroop paradigm in 9- to 12-year-old children with ADHD-C

Roberts, G., 2003:
Interference effects in femtosecond spectroscopy

Kietz, H., 1955:
Interference effects in the inner ear in sound stimulation of oval and round windows

Chen, Z.; Bratschitsch, R.; Cundiff, S.T., 2005:
Interference effects in transient Kerr spectra of a semiconductor multilayer structure

Comalli, P.E.; Wapner, S.; Werner, H., 1962:
Interference effects of Stroop color-word test in childhood, adulthood, and aging

Francon, M., 1953:
Interference eyepiece with and without color contrasts

Brungart, D.S.; Simpson, B.D., 2006:
Interference from audio distracters during speechreading

Makovski, T.; Shim, W.Mok.; Jiang, Y.V., 2007:
Interference from filled delays on visual change detection

Blanco, M.; Varela, C., 2006:
Interference from heterophilic antibodies in the Olympus ferritin method

Ben-Aziz, A.; Koren, E., 1974:
Interference in Carotenogenesis as a Mechanism of Action of the Pyridazinone Herbicide Sandoz 6706: Accumulation of C-40 Carotenoid Precursors Inhibition of beta-Carotene Synthesis and Enhancement of Phytoene Epoxidation

Gimbel, J.Rod., 2003:
Interference in implanted cardiac devices

Bieling, 1951:
Interference in infection

Hunter, G.S., 1960:
Interference in labour

Kogan, L.S., 1951:
Interference in maze learning as a factorial function of similarity and goal gradient

Shepherd, J.; Baldwin, B., 2004:
Interference in measurement of potassium caused by bacterial contamination of an analyzer

Lambert, L.; Caban, J.; Jay, D.W., 2004:
Interference in the Vitros CREA method when measuring urine creatinine on samples acidified with acetic acid

Tokumaru, T.; Schafer, W., 1958:
Interference in the classical fowl plague virus. I. Effect of ultraviolet inactivated virus. production of viral division & receptor destroying enzyme on the reproduction of fowl plague virus in tissue culture

Cohen, S., 2003:
Interference in the creatine kinase assay: the "wave" phenomenon

Vangelista, G.; Mazzoleni, G., 1957:
Interference in the development of experimental arteriosclerosis due to adrenalin in rabbits pretreated with 1-methyl-4-(m-hydroxyphenyl)-4-propionyl-piperidine

Danielescu, G.; Aderca, I.; Iftimovici, M., 1962:
Interference in vitro between type 9 ECHO virus and attenuated Sabin type I poliomyelitis virus

Gambassi, G.; Maggi, V., 1956:
Interference in vitro of the effects of desoxycorticosterone, cortisone and digitoxin on the rat myocardium

Bornschein, H.; Krejci, F., 1950:
Interference method for determination of latency of action potentials of the internal ear

Sandritter, W.; Schiemer, H.G.; Uhlig, H., 1960:
Interference microscopic determination of the dry weight of cells with haploid and diploid chroosome series

Hofmeier, G.; Grundmann, E., 1962:
Interference microscopic dry mass determinations on rat liver cell nuclei after partial hepatectomy

Swanbeck, G., 1957:
Interference microscopic measurements on red blood cells from newborn infants

Sandritter, W.; Schiemer, H.G.; Kraus, H.; Doerrien, U., 1960:
Interference microscopic studies on the growth of individual cells (HeLa cells) in tissue culture

Barer, R., 1952:
Interference microscopy and mass determination

Sandritter, W.; Schiemer, H.G.; Alt, W., 1960:
Interference microscopy in cytology and cancer research

Foraker, A.G., 1957:
Interference microscopy in the study of human endometrium

Interference microscopy of ganglionic cells during different functional states of the retinal

Sosnovtseva, O.V.; Pavlov, A.N.; Brazhe, N.A.; Brazhe, A.R.; Erokhova, L.A.; Maksimov, G.V.; Mosekilde, E., 2005:
Interference microscopy under double-wavelet analysis: a new approach to studying cell dynamics

Ostrowski, K., 1959:
Interference microscopy; theory and application

Ishizuka, Y.; Tsukada, H.; Gejyo, F., 2004:
Interference of (1 --> 3)-beta-D-glucan administration in the measurement of plasma (1 --> 3)-beta-D-glucan

Fiore-Donati, L.; Maiorano, G.; Chieco-Bianchi, L., 1958:
Interference of 5-hydroxytryptamine with the development of experimental cirrhosis induced by carbon tetrachloride

Larsen, C.L.; Jackson, C.; Lyon, M.E., 2005:
Interference of Accel wipes with LifeScan SureStep Flexx glucose meters

Klein, F.; Feldhahn, N.; Müschen, M., 2004:
Interference of BCR-ABL1 kinase activity with antigen receptor signaling in B cell precursor leukemia cells

Shimohata, M.; Shimohata, T.; Igarashi, S.; Naruse, S.; Tsuji, S., 2005:
Interference of CREB-dependent transcriptional activation by expanded polyglutamine stretches--augmentation of transcriptional activation as a potential therapeutic strategy for polyglutamine diseases

Walenkamp, A.M.E.; Ellerbroek, P.; Scharringa, J.; Rijkers, E.; Hoepelman, A.I.M.; Coenjaerts, F.E.J., 2003:
Interference of Cryptococcus neoformans with human neutrophil migration

Barus, C., 1918:
Interference of Pencils Which Constitute the Remote Divergences from a Slit

Leon, A.P.; Santamaria, G.; Cano, C., 1951:
Interference of Salmonella enteritidis with Rickettsia prowazeki mooseri

De Sario, P.N.; Massara, P.; Piccotti, F., 1958:
Interference of a hypoglycemic sulfonamide (D-860) on somatotropic hormone activity in the rat

Rolandi, L.; De Dominicis, E., 1955:
Interference of a nerve blocking agent on the blood coagulation process

Gu, Z-Han.; Méndez, E.R.; Ciftan, M.; Leskova, T.A.; Maradudin, A.A., 2005:
Interference of a pair of symmetric Collett-Wolf beams

Henstell, H.H.; Feinstein, M., 1957:
Interference of abnormal plasma proteins with the clotting mechanism

Di Giorgio, A.M., 1960:
Interference of acquired alimentary rhythm and of secondary vegetative biorhythms with vestibular dynamic manifestations

Gerebtzoff, M.A.; Hoessels, E., 1958:
Interference of aliesterases in histochemical studies of cholinesterases in the smooth muscle

Xu, Z.; He, Y.; Wang, Y.; Yu, G., 2005:
Interference of allelopathic rice cultivars on barnyardgrass under different water irrigation and rice plant density

Hadzibabic, Z.; Stock, S.; Battelier, B.; Bretin, V.; Dalibard, J., 2004:
Interference of an array of independent Bose-Einstein condensates

Colobert, L.; Fontanges, R., 1960:
Interference of an inhibitor in the course of development of Myxovirus parainfluenzae I (Sendai virus) in the embryonated chicken egg

Elfving, B.; Bjørnholm, B.; Knudsen, G.Moos., 2003:
Interference of anaesthetics with radioligand binding in neuroreceptor studies

Tani, F.; Baldratti, G.; Sala, G., 1961:
Interference of anbolic steroids with the anti-inflammatory action of corticoids

Meng, Q.H.; Irwin, W.C.; Fesser, J.; Massey, K.Lorne., 2005:
Interference of ascorbic acid with chemical analytes

Krutitsky, K.V.; Graham, R., 2003:
Interference of atomic levels and superfluid-Mott insulator phase transitions in a two-component Bose-Einstein condensate

Avellaneda, M., 1955:
Interference of barbiturates in the action of tromexan

Movahed, M-Reza., 2007:
Interference of breast implants with echocardiographic image acquisition and interpretation

Clode, W.; Baptista, A.M.; Sobral, J.V., 1959:
Interference of bromine in the metabolism of iodine by the thyroid of rats

Dasgupta, A.; McNeese, C.; Wells, A., 2004:
Interference of carbamazepine and carbamazepine 10,11-epoxide in the fluorescence polarization immunoassay for tricyclic antidepressants: estimation of the true tricyclic antidepressant concentration in the presence of carbamazepine using a mathematical model

Brouwers, A.; Schiettekatte, G.; Mariën, G.; Bossuyt, X., 2006:
Interference of ceftriaxone on capillary zone electrophoresis

Killian, H., 1951:
Interference of chilling and anesthesia

Ruiz, J.C.; Basagoitia, J.S., 1963:
Interference of cholesterol and fatty acids with the inactivation of steroids. Its clinical importance

Carminati, G.M., 1957:
Interference of cocarboxylase in the antimicrobial in vitro activity of various antibiotics

Kabir, S.; Rajendran, N.; Urushigawa, Y.; Itoh, K., 2005:
Interference of contaminating DNA in the quantification of a toluene-induced tod gene in Pseudomonas putida

Lowy, R.; Derache, R.; Tremolieres, J., 1958:
Interference of cortisone in the complex oxidative enzyme systems of mitochondria. I. Metal enzyme-effectors

Lowy, R.; Derache, R.; Tremolieres, J., 1958:
Interference of cortisone in the complex oxidative enzyme systems of mitochondria. II. Enzyme-substrate

Jiang, G-hong.; Yang, Y.; Li, J.; Chang, G., 2005:
Interference of dietary fibers in the relief of constipation

Salgarello, G.; Turri, E., 1958:
Interference of diphosphothiamine (DPT) in the modifications in tissue respiration induced by an anesthetic barbiturate

Corsi, A.; Margreth, A., 1957:
Interference of diphtheria toxin and vitamin E observable in muscle lesions

Lutembacher, R., 1955:
Interference of ectopic rhythms and sinus rhythm

Oliveira, R.M.; Oliveira Neto, A.A.; Miranda, L.C., 2006:
Interference of enalaprilat on glomerular permeability to macromolecules (IgG) in acute unilateral ureteral obstruction in rats

Kirstein, R.; Schopfer, H., 1955:
Interference of eyelid closure in electronystagmography

Yang, X.L.; Cai, L.Z.; Wang, Y.R.; Liu, Q., 2003:
Interference of four umbrellalike beams by a diffractive beam splitter for fabrication of two-dimensional square and trigonal lattices

Rutz, H.Peter.; Herr, I., 2004:
Interference of glucocorticoids with apoptosis signaling and host-tumor interactions

Rodríguez-Granger, J.; Camacho-Muñoz, E.; Sampedro, A.; Rosa-Fraile, M., 2006:
Interference of hemolysis in serological immunoassays

Guéye, P.M.; Sall, I.; Lessinger, J-M.; Férard, G., 2004:
Interference of hemolysis on haptoglobin determined by kinetic immunonephelometry and comparison between phenotypes

Toselli, C., 1953:
Interference of heterophoria with aniseikonia

McMillan, D.E.; Hazendonk, P.; Hodgkinson, P., 2003:
Interference of homonuclear decoupling and exchange in the solid-state NMR of perfluorocyclohexane

Carbonin, P.U.; Sensi, S.; Piffanelli, A.; Greco, A.V.; Zecchi, P.; Gambassi, G., 1963:
Interference of hydrocortisone in digitalis poisoning in the isolated rat heart

Nikolitsch, M.; Jelesitsch, Z., 1958:
Interference of immune serum & vaccines in antirabies treatment

Fabiano, A., 1958:
Interference of insulin with hematic variations of creatinic bodies in labor

Doll, W., 1958:
Interference of interfacial compounds with bacteriological & serological test procedures

Verga, L.; Coucourde, F., 1961:
Interference of ionizing radiations on the biochemistry of karyokinesis. Research on the embryonal cell in vivo

Torriero, S.; Oliveri, M.; Koch, G.; Caltagirone, C.; Petrosini, L., 2004:
Interference of left and right cerebellar rTMS with procedural learning

Ji, S.; Song, C.; Koo, J.; Lee, K-B.; Park, Y.J.; Kim, J.Y.; Park, J-H.; Shin, H.J.; Rhyee, J.S.; Oh, B.H.; Cho, B.K., 2004:
Interference of magnetic and anisotropic tensor susceptibility reflections in resonant X-ray scattering of GdB4

Broadbent, D., 1976:
Interference of noise with work

Halpern, B.N.; Binaghi, R.; Liacopoulos, P.; Liacopoulos-Briot, M., 1961:
Interference of nonspecific gamma globulins with passive anaphylactic sensitization in vitro of isolated organs

Le Magnen, J., 1953:
Interference of oral stimulation in the quantitative regulation of spontaneous water intake in the white rat

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Interference of penicillin on insulin neutralization in vitro by human erythrocytes

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Interference of pentose in the estimation of hexose sugars with anthrone

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Interference of peptone used for desensitization, with the value of ovarian hormones

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Interference of phosphoric esters of seduheptulose with the determination of ketohexoses by the Roe-Papadopoulos method

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Interference of ptomaines in the identification of alkaloids in medico-legal toxicology; value of using paper chromatography

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Interference of quantum channels

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Interference of reserpine with the diuretic action of theophylline and hydrochlorothiazide on the chicken

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Interference of some tryptophan metabolites in the formation of melanin in vitro

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Interference of the Coxsackie and poliomyelitis viruses on the cultures of HeLa cells

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Interference of the action on bacteria of streptomycin, inositol and guanidine

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Interference of the adrenal glands in the synthesis of glutathionine by the liver

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Interference of the electrospray voltage on chromatographic separations using porous graphitic carbon columns

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Interference of the inactive vaccinia virus with infection of skin by the active homologous virus

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Interference of the intra- and postoperative status and the anesthesiological technic in neurosurgery on the behavior of potassium and sodium and on neuromuscular excitability

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Interference of the pH of the cerebrospinal fluid in the treatment of acute purulent meningitis in childhood: significance of pH in solutions injected by the intraspinal route

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Interference of thyroid hormones in the regulation of glucide metabolism in experimental animals in vivo

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Interference of vaccinia virus inactivated by ultraviolet rays with multiplication of homologous virus on a chorio-allantoid membrane

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Interference of various pharmacological agents with the establishment and character of sleep induced by 4-hydroxybutyric acid

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Interference phenomena between ECHO virus types 1, 2, 7 and 11

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Interference phenomena in medicine

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Interference phenomenon (scarlet fever-measles interference)

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Interference phenomenon in cattle plague

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Interference phenomenon in histologic preparations of skeletal muscle

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Interference resolution in the elderly: evidence suggestive of differences in strategy on measures of prepotent inhibition and dual task processing

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Interference with 3',5'-cyclic adenosine monophosphate response element binding protein stimulates apoptosis through aberrant cell cycle progression and checkpoint activation

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Interference with family relationships

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Interference with redox-active enzymes as a basis for the design of antimalarial drugs

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Interference with the action of estrogens by administration of pineal extract

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Interference with the activity of some dehydrogenases in intact cells of Ehrlich ascites carcinoma (EAC) as 1 of the criteria in the investigation of carcinostatic antibiotics and other drugs

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Interference with the maturation of vaccinia virus by isatin beta-thiosemicarbazone

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Interferences in parametric interactions driven by quantized fields

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Interferences of medicine & literature

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Interferences removal for cadmium determination in samples with complex matrices by hydride generation coupled with non-dispersive atomic fluorescence spectrometry

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Interferential Contact Lever Experiments Relating to the Elastics of Small Bodies

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Interferential Vaccines Against Virus Diseases: A New Method Of Immunization

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Interferential currents in the treatment of the sequelae of poliomyelitis

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Interferential dissociation in partial atrioventricular block

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Interferential scanning grating position sensor operating in space at 4 K

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Interferential therapy produces antinociception during application in various models of inflammatory pain

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Interfering Substances by Determination of Poisons in Autopsy Material. 3. P-Hydroxyphenylacetic Acid, P-Hydroxybenzoic Acid and P-Hydroxybenzaldehyde

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Interfering factors in the measurement of diffusion capacity by the breathholding method

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Interfering neighbours: the impact of novel word learning on the identification of visually similar words

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Interfering with RNA: kill the messenger

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Interfering with longevity

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Interfering with nature

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Interferometric Determination of Nitrogen and High and Low Oxygen Concentrations

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Interferometric Determination of the Concentration of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide in Expired Air

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Interferometric Determinations of the Density of Brain Slices

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Interferometric Measurement of the Concentration of Fluothane in the Respiratory Mixture During General Anesthesia

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Interferometric detection of spin-polarized transport in the depletion layer of a metal-GaAs Schottky barrier

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Interferometric determination of residual air volume of the lung by nitrogen serial method in closed circulatory system

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Interferometric electrophoresis

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Interferometric ellipsometer with wavelength-modulated laser diode source

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Interferometric fiber-optic sensor embedded in a spark plug for in-cylinder pressure measurement in engines

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Interferometric imaging of the full thickness of the precorneal tear film

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Interferometric imaging polarimeter

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Interferometric laser diode probing of micrometer- and nanometer-scale materials

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Interferometric measurement of the degree of polarization and control of the contrast of intensity fluctuations

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Interferometric methods to measure orbital and spin, or the total angular momentum of a single photon

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Interferometric micro-electrophoresis of Labhart and Staub and its applications

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Interferometric microwave radiometers for high-resolution imaging of the atmosphere brightness temperature based on the adaptive Capon signal processing algorithm

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Interferometric monitoring of dip coating

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Interferometric optical isolator employing a nonreciprocal phase shift operated in a unidirectional magnetic field

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Interferometric optical sensor for measuring glucose concentration

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Interferometric phase-only optical encryption system that uses a reference wave

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Interferometric polarization control

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Interferometric spectrometer for the infrared

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Interferometric technique for measuring broadband ultrashort pulses at the sampling limit

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Interferometric technique to measure biomechanical changes in the cornea induced by refractive surgery

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Interferometric tracking of optically trapped probes behind structured surfaces: A phase correction method

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Interferometric wiring for the detection of ultrasonics

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Interferon (IFN)-alpha, beta, gamma

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Interferon alfa, peginterferon alfa and retinopathy

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