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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 49404

Chapter 49404 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Calnan, J., 1958:
Investigation of children with speech defect, with particular reference to nasality

Kovalenko, P.P., 1957:
Investigation of chilled and frozen bone isografts by radioautography

Bartók, Mály.; Kele, Zán.; Sutyinszki, Mária.; Bucsi, I.; Felföldi, Károly., 2004:
Investigation of chiral reactions: the structural detection of new hydrogenated isocinchona alkaloids from mixtures without isolation using electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry

Forrest, K.; Welch, C.; Williams, E.; Smart, H.; Lombard, M., 2006:
Investigation of cholesterol gallstone disease

Marco, J.; De Reyes, S.; Montero, E.; Guirao, M., 1962:
Investigation of cholinesterase in the olfactory bulb

Zivanovic, L.; Ivanovic, I.; Vladimirov, S.; Zecevic, M., 2003:
Investigation of chromatographic conditions for the separation of cefuroxime axetil and its geometric isomer

Apitz, D.; Bertram, R.P.; Benter, N.; Hieringer, W.; Andreasen, J.W.; Nielsen, M.M.; Johansen, P.M.; Buse, K., 2005:
Investigation of chromophore-chromophore interaction by electro-optic measurements, linear dichroism, x-ray scattering, and density-functional calculations

Mavelian, M.S.; Okoev, G.G.; Simonian, I.V.; Zurabian, N.P.; Zakeian, A.G.; Arutiunian, R.M., 2006:
Investigation of chromosomal anomalies by fluorescence in-situ hybridization (fish) in Armenia

Trussler, J.L.; Pickering, S.J.; Ogilvie, C.Mackie., 2004:
Investigation of chromosomal imbalance in human embryos using comparative genomic hybridization

Samatadze, T.E.; Muravenko, O.M.; Bol'sheva, N.L.; Amosova, A.B.; Gostimsckiĭ, S.A.; Zelenin, A.V., 2006:
Investigation of chromosomes in varieties and translocation lines of pea Pisum sativum L. by FISH, Ag-NOR, and differential DAPI staining

Pollok, R.C.G., 2004:
Investigation of chronic diarrhoea

Hess, P.F., 1950:
Investigation of chronic hematuria in cattle

Siltzbach, L.E., 1961:
Investigation of chronic lung disease

Sikorska, E.; Slusarz, M.J.; Slusarz, Rł.; Kowalczyk, W.; Lammek, B., 2005:
Investigation of cis/trans ratios of peptide bonds in AVP analogues containing N-methylphenylalanine enantiomers

Vanezis, P., 2004:
Investigation of clandestine graves resulting from human rights abuses

Cheng, N.; Lee, G.Kwee.; Yap, B.Sing.; Lee, L.Tiang.; Tan, S.Kim.; Tan, K.Puay., 2005:
Investigation of class characteristics in English handwriting of the three main racial groups: Chinese, Malay and Indian in Singapore

Peolsson, A., 2006:
Investigation of clinically important benefit of anterior cervical decompression and fusion

Wald, N.; Weiner, M.; Sussman, L.N., 1952 :
Investigation of coagulation defects using a modified prothrombin consumption test

Seker, D.Z.; Goksel, C.; Kabdasli, S.; Musaoglu, N.; Kaya, S., 2004:
Investigation of coastal morphological changes due to river basin characteristics by means of remote sensing and GIS techniques

Stubbs, D.D.; Lee, S-Hun.; Hunt, W.D., 2003:
Investigation of cocaine plumes using surface acoustic wave immunoassay sensors

Skopp, N.A.; Novy, D.; Kunik, M.; Daza, P.; Adams, J.Harned.; Senior, A.; Stanley, M., 2006:
Investigation of cognitive behavior therapy

Shinozaki, T.; Takeda, T., 2005:
Investigation of color motion using MEG and binocular rivalry stimuli

Wang, S-e.; Liu, X-na.; Zhang, H-ling.; Liang, F-shu.; Guo, D-mei., 2005:
Investigation of color vision fatigue in car driver

Kuchenbecker, J.; Wecke, T.; Wiermer, R.; Röhl, F.W.; Lindner, H.; Behrens-Baumann, W., 2004:
Investigation of color vision using a web-based color vision test

Kwon, S-Joo.; Park, S-Sup.; Kim, J-Min.; Ahn, T-Beom.; Kim, S.Hyun.; Kim, J.; Lee, S-Hyun.; Ha, C-Kun.; Ahn, M-Young.; Jeon, B.S., 2004:
Investigation of common mitochondrial point mutations in Korea

Guo, X-Zhong.; Yang, H., 2004:
Investigation of compaction and sintering behavior of SiC powder after ultra-fine treatment

Grimaldi, M.; Liberti, A.; Vicedomini, M., 1963:
Investigation of complex equilibria by means of chromatography with ion-exchange papers

Higuchi, T.; Lach, J.L., 1954:
Investigation of complexes formed in solution by caffeine. VI. Comparison of complexing behaviors of methylated xanthines with p-aminobenzoic acid, salicylic acid, acetylsalicylic acid, and p-hydroxybenzoic acid

Juillet, Y.; Gibert, E.; Bégos, A.; Bellier, B., 2005:
Investigation of compound-independent calibration and partial molecular formula determination by gas chromatography-atomic-emission detection for characterisation of organophosphorus and organosulfur agents related to the chemical weapons convention

Wang, F.; Qian, K., 2006:
Investigation of computational fluid dynamics application in blood pumps

Xu, H.; Chen, Y.; Li, F.; Yu, S.; Chen, C.; Yan, W., 2003:
Investigation of concentration of microcystin in raw materials and finished products of spires health food

Tu, H.; Ray, A.K., 2006:
Investigation of concentrically and eccentrically layered droplets by light scattering

Aksent'ev, S.B.; Ermulovich, I.V.; Zhmudskaia, L.F.; Reznichenko, L.G., 1957:
Investigation of conditioned and unconditioned vascular reflexes as a method of analysis of cortico-visceral correlations in various diseases

Paston, S.V.; Zamotin, V.V.; Zyrianova, I.M., 2004:
Investigation of conformational changes of DNA molecule caused by gamma-irradiation in water-ethanol solutions

Horsley, H.T.; Holmes, A.B.; Davies, J.E.; Goodman, J.M.; Silva, Mía.A.; Pascu, S.I.; Collins, I., 2004:
Investigation of conjugate addition/intramolecular nitrone dipolar cycloadditions and their use in the synthesis of dendrobatid alkaloid precursors

Humphreys, B.K.; Kenin, S.; Hubbard, B.B.; Cramer, G.D., 2003:
Investigation of connective tissue attachments to the cervical spinal dura mater

Li, Q.; Zhao, H.; Wang, J.; Fu, J.; Zhao, S.; Jiang, L., 2003:
Investigation of connective tissue growth factor's gene cloning

Edelstyn, N.M.J.; Drakeford, J.; Oyebode, F.; Findlay, C., 2004:
Investigation of conscious recollection, false recognition and delusional misidentification in patients with schizophrenia

Lang, Q-de.; Ma, B-ping.; Li, W-hua.; Zhang, C.; Wang, H-xia.; Zhang, S-guo.; Wei, K-hua.; Wang, S-qi., 2005:
Investigation of constituents in siwu tang fractions by chromatographic and ESI-MS methods

Stuart, J., 1956:
Investigation of contacts in the campaign against infectious venereal diseases

Morrison, M.A.; Benoit, G., 2005:
Investigation of conventional membrane and tangential flow ultrafiltration artifacts and their application to the characterization of freshwater colloids

Scanlon, L.G.; Balbuena, P.B.; Zhang, Y.; Sandi, G.; Back, C.K.; Feld, W.A.; Mack, J.; Rottmayer, M.A.; Riepenhoff, J.L., 2006:
Investigation of corannulene for molecular hydrogen storage via computational chemistry and experimentation

Choy, E.Pik.Yin.; Cho, P.; Benzie, I.Frances.Forster.; Choy, C.Kar.Man., 2006:
Investigation of corneal effect of different types of artificial tears in a simulated dry eye condition using a novel porcine dry eye model (pDEM)

Yoshida, H.; Yokoyama, K.; Maruvama, Y.; Yamanoto, H.; Yoshida, S.; Hosoya, T., 2005:
Investigation of coronary artery calcification and stenosis by coronary angiography (CAG) in haemodialysis patients

Canivenc, R.; Bonnin-Laffargue, M., 1959:
Investigation of corpus luteum of pregnancy in the European badger, Meles meles L

Davydov, L.; Caliendo, G.; Mehl, B.; Smith, L.G., 2004:
Investigation of correlation between house-staff work hours and prescribing errors

Zhang, C.; Shu, Y.; Huang, Y.; Zhao, X.; Dong, H., 2006:
Investigation of correlation between impact sensitivities and nitro group charges in nitro compounds

Hrbek, J., 1954:
Investigation of correlation between the first and the second signal systems by the method of laboratory (artificial, experimental, unknown) languages; preliminary report

Wang, B.; Hu, Y.; Sun, H.; Zhang, N.; Xu, Z., 2004:
Investigation of correlative factors affecting successful intrauterine insemination

Popkhadze, N.A.; Geine, A.O., 1957:
Investigation of cortical dynamics in normal and pathological conditions in humans by observations on manifestation of relationships

Green, H.; Leopold, I.H., 1954:
Investigation of corticosteroids in the aqueous humor of normal animal eyes

Green, H.; Sawyer, J.L.; Leopold, I.H., 1955:
Investigation of corticosteroids in the aqueous humor of normal animal eyes. II. Further observations

Lisson, Jörg.A.; Scholtes, S., 2005:
Investigation of craniofacial morphology in patients with hypo- and oligodontia

Démoré, C.E.M.; Brown, J.A.; Lockwood, G.R., 2006:
Investigation of cross talk in Kerfless annular arrays for high-frequency imaging

Lai, F-cai.; Bai, Y-ming.; Mu, C-hui.; Peng, D-bo.; Zhao, H., 2004:
Investigation of cross-infection of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in an intensive care unit

Burdon, K.P.; Wirth, M.G.; Mackey, D.A.; Russell-Eggitt, I.M.; Craig, J.E.; Elder, J.E.; Dickinson, J.L.; Sale, M.M., 2003:
Investigation of crystallin genes in familial cataract, and report of two disease associated mutations

Kieu, K.; Narumi, K.; Mansuripur, M., 2006:
Investigation of crystallization and amorphization dynamics of phase-change thin films by subnanosecond laser pulses

Waller, V.; Pégourié, B.; Giruzzi, G.; Huysmans, G.T.A.; Garzotti, L.; Géraud, A., 2003:
Investigation of current-density modification during magnetic reconnection by analysis of hydrogen-pellet deflection

Malfatti, T., 1961:
Investigation of cutaneous reactivity to streptokinase and streptodornase in subjects of pediatric age

Sapigni, T., 1962:
Investigation of cytochrome c in the leukocytes of horse blood. Preliminary note

Baraczka, K.; Nékám, K.; Pozsonyi, T.; Szüts, I.; Ormos, G., 2003:
Investigation of cytokine (tumor necrosis factor-alpha, interleukin-6, interleukin-10) concentrations in the cerebrospinal fluid of female patients with multiple sclerosis and systemic lupus erythematosus

Yang, S.; Yu, H.; Xu, Y.; Goh, C.Jin., 2003:
Investigation of cytokinin-deficient phenotypes in Arabidopsis by ectopic expression of orchid DSCKX1

Gol'dburt, S.N.; Makarov, P.O., 1955:
Investigation of dark adaptation by short-duration light stimulation

Chiarabelli, C.; Vrijbloed, J.W.; Thomas, R.M.; Luisi, P.Luigi., 2006:
Investigation of de novo totally random biosequences, Part I: A general method for in vitro selection of folded domains from a random polypeptide library displayed on phage

Chiarabelli, C.; Vrijbloed, J.W.; De Lucrezia, D.; Thomas, R.M.; Stano, P.; Polticelli, F.; Ottone, T.; Papa, E.; Luisi, P.Luigi., 2006:
Investigation of de novo totally random biosequences, Part II: On the folding frequency in a totally random library of de novo proteins obtained by phage display

De Lucrezia, D.; Franchi, M.; Chiarabelli, C.; Gallori, E.; Luisi, P.Luigi., 2006:
Investigation of de novo totally random biosequences, Part III: RNA Foster: A novel assay to investigate RNA folding structural properties

De Lucrezia, D.; Franchi, M.; Chiarabelli, C.; Gallori, E.; Luisi, P.Luigi., 2006:
Investigation of de novo totally random biosequences, Part IV: Folding Properties of de novo, totally random RNAs

Matsumoto, K., 2003:
Investigation of death certificate in Aichi prefecture

Yoshida, K-ichi.; Uemura, K.; Takeichi, H.; Kawai, K.; Kikuchi, Y., 2003:
Investigation of deaths in prison in Japan

Shu, C.B.; Feng, X.P.; Pan, Y., 2004:
Investigation of deciduous teeth caries in children under 14-year-old

Petkovic, S., 1951:
Investigation of decubitus calculosis

Pavlak, R.; Nosek, I.; Zamostna, O., 1954:
Investigation of deep sensitivity in lesions of the intervertebral disks by means of dermatokinesthesia

Haghedooren, E.; Raju V S, K.Kumar.Raju.Bhupathi.; Dehouck, P.; Govaerts, C.; Schepdael, A.Van.; Hoogmartens, J.; Adams, E., 2005:
Investigation of degradation products in a topical gel containing erythromycin and benzoyl peroxide by liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry

Xu, S.; Zhang, X-xing.; Huang, G-ying., 2004:
Investigation of dental caries for 648 preschool children in Shanghai Yangpu district

Gomes, M..E..D..; Souza, A..V..P..; Guimaraes, H..N..; Aguirre, L..A.., 2003:
Investigation of determinism in heart rate variability

Canessa, I.; Valiente, S.; Jaramillo, J.; Pantoja, A.; Garcia De Los Rios, M.; Mella, I., 1960:
Investigation of diabetic morbidity (in Chile)

Murphy, H.; Alexander, S.; Stone, P., 2006:
Investigation of diagnostic criteria for cancer-related fatigue syndrome in patients with advanced cancer: a feasibility study

Kagami, Y.; Furuichi, T., 2004:
Investigation of differentially expressed genes during the development of mouse cerebellum

Ishihata, A.; Katano, Y., 2006:
Investigation of differentially expressed genes in the ventricular myocardium of senescent rats

Choudhury, R.Ranjan.; Chitra, R.; Ramanadham, M., 2003:
Investigation of diffraction line broadening due to compositional fluctuations in L-alanine-doped triglycine sulfate

Eijkel, G.; Hofstra, R.; Nauta, W.T., 1956:
Investigation of diphenhydramine hydrochloride (benadryl, benodine), its 4-methyl-(neobenodine, toladryl), 2-methyl-(disipal) and 2, 6, 2', 6'-tetramethyl (BS 5933) homologues

Laterza, A., 1955:
Investigation of diplopia in clinical neurology; use of convergence of images

Lesage, A.; Emsley, L.; Penin, Fçois.; Böckmann, A., 2006:
Investigation of dipolar-mediated water-protein interactions in microcrystalline Crh by solid-state NMR spectroscopy

Ye, L-Hong.; You, J-Cong.; Guo, W.; Xu, S-Feng.; Wu, L-Ying.; Qi, R.Z.; Zhang, X-Dong., 2006:
Investigation of discrepant proteins between two breast cancer cell lines with different metastatic abilities

Owen, C.A.; Mcconahey, W.M.; Keating, F.R.; Orvis, A.L., 1955:
Investigation of diseases of the thyroid gland by means of radioactive iodine

Bateman, J.C.; Carlton, H.N.; Calvert, R.C.; Lindenblad, G.E., 1960:
Investigation of distribution and excretion of C14 tagged triethylene thiophosphoramide following injection by various routes

Wiggins, H.E.; West, F.E.; O'connell, T.F., 1957:
Investigation of disturbances in blood flow following acute anterior poliomyelitis; a preliminary report

Zhang, W.; Cai, Y.; Kavallieratos, K., 2005:
Investigation of disulfonamide ligands derived from o-phenylenediamine and their Pb(II) complexes by electrospray ionization mass spectrometry

Krause, G.; Zimmermann, S.; Beutin, L., 2005:
Investigation of domestic animals and pets as a reservoir for intimin- (eae) gene positive Escherichia coli types

Semkova, J.; Koleva, R.; Todorova, G.; Kanchev, N.; Petrov, V.; Shurshakov, V.; Benghin, V.; Tchhernykh, I.; Akatov, Y.; Redko, V., 2003:
Investigation of dose and flux dynamics in the Liulin-5 dosimeter of the tissue-equivalent phantom onboard the Russian segment of the International Space Station

Duggan, L.; Warren-Forward, H.; Smith, T.; Kron, T., 2003:
Investigation of dose reduction in neonatal radiography using specially designed phantoms and LiF:Mg,Cu,P TLDs

Parrott, E.L.; Wurster, D.E.; Higuchi, T., 1955:
Investigation of drug release from solids. I. Some factors influencing the dissolution rate

Higuchi, W.I.; Parrott, E.L.; Wurster, D.E.; Higuchi, T., 1958:
Investigation of drug release from solids. II. Theoretical and experimental study of influences of bases and buffers on rates of dissolution of acidic solids

Wurster, D.E.; Seitz, J.A., 1960:
Investigation of drug release from solids. III. Effect of a changing surface-weight ratio on the dissolution rate

Wurster, D.E.; Polli, G.P., 1961:
Investigation of drug release from solids. IV. Influence of adsorption on the dissolution rate

Peng, W.; Banerji, S.; Kim, Y-Chang.; Booksh, K.S., 2005:
Investigation of dual-channel fiber-optic surface plasmon resonance sensing for biological applications

Zorzoli, E., 1954:
Investigation of dust factors in otorhinolaryngological disorders in workers manufacturing shoes

Gorelik, L.V., 2004:
Investigation of dynamic streaming potential by dimensional analysis

Faeder, J.R.; Hlavacek, W.S.; Reischl, I.; Blinov, M.L.; Metzger, H.; Redondo, A.; Wofsy, C.; Goldstein, B., 2003:
Investigation of early events in Fc epsilon RI-mediated signaling using a detailed mathematical model

Luginbuhl, R.E.; Satriano, S.F.; Helmboldt, C.F.; Lamson, A.L.; Jungherr, E.L., 1958:
Investigation of eastern equine encephalomyelitis. II. Outbreaks in Connecticut pheasants

Satriano, S.F.; Luginbuhl, R.E.; Wallis, R.C.; Jungherr, E.L.; Williamson, L.A., 1958:
Investigation of eastern equine encephalomyelitis. IV. Susceptibility and transmission studies with virus of pheasant origin

Liu, Y-wei., 2007:
Investigation of editions of Wenrebing Zhinan Ji (Collection of Guide for Warm Heat Disease)

Muzi, F.; Boccitto, G.; Salomone, G., 1961:
Investigation of effective quantitative and qualitative food allowances and spontaneous periodical variations of diet in the patients in the sanatorium

Ivleva, A.Ia., 2006:
Investigation of efficacy of cardiovascular drugs in women

Choi, M.Yee.; Chan, C.K., 2006:
Investigation of efflorescence of inorganic aerosols using fluorescence spectroscopy

Radionova, E.A., 1958:
Investigation of electrical potential of the peripheral end of the acoustic analyzer in chronic conditions

Chang, C-Chin.; Chen, L-Chia.; Liu, S-Jiun.; Chang, H-Chang., 2006:
Investigation of electro-oxidation of methanol and benzyl alcohol at boron-doped diamond electrode: evidence for the mechanism for fouling film formation

Wang, W-Lin.; Wan, C-Chao.; Wang, Y-Yun., 2006:
Investigation of electrodeposition of Bi2Te3 nanowires into nanoporous alumina templates with a rotating electrode

Soller, B.R.; Favreau, J.; Idwasi, P.O.; Soller, B.R., 2003:
Investigation of electrolyte measurement in diluted whole blood using spectroscopic and chemometric methods

Xu, C-tan., 2005:
Investigation of electron paramagnetic resonance spectrum in Ni2+:RbMgF3

Thompson, J.Will.; Eschelbach, J.W.; Wilburn, R.T.; Jorgenson, J.W., 2005:
Investigation of electrospray ionization and electrostatic focusing devices using a three-dimensional electrospray current density profiler

Liu, Y.; Ren, K.Liang.; Hofmann, H.F.; Zhang, Q., 2006:
Investigation of electrostrictive polymers for energy harvesting

Barlow, A., 2003:
Investigation of elevated whole body radiation monitoring results in a research environment

Aldunate, G., 1959:
Investigation of endemic goiter in school children of Alto Palena

Nagel, R.; Etcheverry, R.; Guzman, C.; Hille, A.; Barzelatto, J.; Covarrubias, E., 1962:
Investigation of endemic goiter in the Mapuche population and in elementary school children of the provinces of Cautin and Malleco

Kirubakaran, V.; Sivaramakrishnan, V.; Premalatha, M.; Subramanian, P., 2006:
Investigation of energy recovery from poultry litter and municipal solid waste by thermochemical conversion method in India

Dua, K.; Ramana, M.V.; Sara, U.V.Singh.; Himaja, M.; Agrawal, A.; Garg, V.; Pabreja, K., 2007:
Investigation of enhancement of solubility of norfloxacin beta-cyclodextrin in presence of acidic solubilizing additives

Wang, Z-yi.; Zhang, D-zhi.; Shi, X-feng.; Zhou, Z.; Ren, H., 2007:
Investigation of entecavir medication of chronic hepatitis B patients in the Chongqing area who failed lamivudine treatment

Felsenfeld, O.; Young, V.M.; Grant, L.S.; Ferreira, S., 1953:
Investigation of enteric infections in the Caribbean area. III. Distribution of Shigella strains in Jamaica and Costa Rica

Lamarão, Lícia.Martins.; Gomes, M.de.Lourdes.Contente.; Ferreira, L.Lee.Alves.; Fonseca, C.Mara.; Araújo, L.C.B.; Santana, M.B.; Tavares-Neto, Jé., 2005:
Investigation of enterovirus in cases of aseptic meningitis syndrome of Belém, PA

Kunsch, J.P.; Rösgen, T., 2006:
Investigation of entrainment and thermal properties of a cryogenic dense-gas cloud using optical measurement techniques

Liao, Q.; Chiu, N.H.L.; Shen, C.; Chen, Y.; Vouros, P., 2007:
Investigation of enzymatic behavior of benzonase/alkaline phosphatase in the digestion of oligonucleotides and DNA by ESI-LC/MS

Landivar, R.O.; Kvicala, R.D.; Bugnard, E.R., 1962:
Investigation of enzymatic deficiency in a case of favism

Ingram, A.M.; Stirling, K.; Faulds, K.; Moore, B.D.; Graham, D., 2006:
Investigation of enzyme activity by SERRS using poly-functionalised benzotriazole derivatives as enzyme substrates

Lewis, D.F.V.; Dickins, M.; Lake, B.G.; Goldfarb, P.S., 2004:
Investigation of enzyme selectivity in the human CYP2C subfamily: homology modelling of CYP2C8, CYP2C9 and CYP2C19 from the CYP2C5 crystallographic template

Karaseva, A.N.; Afanas'ev, D.S.; Khokhriakov, A.S., 1955:
Investigation of epidemiology of diphyllobothriasis in the Astrakhan region

Hooper, S.; West, N.X.; Pickles, M.J.; Joiner, A.; Newcombe, R.G.; Addy, M., 2003:
Investigation of erosion and abrasion on enamel and dentine: a model in situ using toothpastes of different abrasivity

Grigoriev, A.I.; Maksimov, G.V.; Morukov, B.V.; Ivanova, S.M.; Yarlikova, Y.V.; Luneva, O.G.; Ulyanova, N.A.; Parshina, E.Yu.; Rubin, A.B., 2005:
Investigation of erythrocyte shape, plasma membrane fluidity and conformation of haemoglobin haemoporphyrin under the influence of long-term space flight

Kaya, E.Gündüz.; Yücel, M.; Karakoç, A.Esra., 2006:
Investigation of erythromycin resistance and resistance phenotypes in group A beta hemolytic streptococci

Sumtsov, B.M.; Murav'eva, N.I., 1954:
Investigation of esterase activity of milk and blood serum in cows and its relation to milk fat and stage of lactation

Phipps, E.; Harris, D.; Brown, N.; Harralson, T.; Brecher, A.; Polansky, M.; Whyte, J., 2004:
Investigation of ethnic differences in willingness to enroll in a rehabilitation research registry: a study of the Northeast Cognitive Rehabilitation Research Network

Rupper, P.; Sharp, E.N.; Tarczay, Görgy.; Miller, T.A., 2007:
Investigation of ethyl peroxy radical conformers via cavity ringdown spectroscopy of the A-X electronic transition

Namuangruk, S.; Pantu, P.; Limtrakul, J., 2005:
Investigation of ethylene dimerization over faujasite zeolite by the ONIOM method

Perez Argiles, V.; Sanchez Capuchino Alderete, A., 1955:
Investigation of ethylic impregnation by means of analysis of expired air

Snape, I.; Ferguson, S.H.; Harvey, P.McA.; Riddle, M.J., 2005:
Investigation of evaporation and biodegradation of fuel spills in Antarctica: II-extent of natural attenuation at Casey Station

Fu, D., 2006:
Investigation of excess adsorption, solvation force, and plate-fluid interfacial tension for Lennard-Jones fluid confined in slit pores

Hutchinson, D.F., 1955:
Investigation of excessive prescribing

Copley, K.; McCowen, K.; Hiles, R.; Nielsen, L.L.; Young, A.; Parkes, D.G., 2006:
Investigation of exenatide elimination and its in vivo and in vitro degradation

Jeong, S.H.; Bae, I.K.; Kwon, S.B.; Lee, J.H.; Jung, H.I.; Song, J.S.; Jeong, B.C.; Kim, S-J.; Lee, S.H., 2004:
Investigation of extended-spectrum beta-lactamases produced by clinical isolates of Klebsiella pneumoniae and Escherichia coli in Korea

Ding, Y.; Huang, X., 2005:
Investigation of external auditory meatus secretion demodex folliculorum and demodex breuis infection in college students

Hill, E.V.; Houslay, M.D.; Baillie, G.S., 2005:
Investigation of extracellular signal-regulated kinase 2 mitogen-activated protein kinase phosphorylation and regulation of activity of PDE4 cyclic adenosine monophosphate-specific phosphodiesterases

Wang, Q-Xu.; Shen, L.; Sun, C-Fu., 2005:
Investigation of extracellular signal-regulated protein kinase and lymphnode metastasis in oral squamous cell carcinoma

Richter, A., 1956:
Investigation of extracts from dental cysts for antigen effect

Batty, L.; Holland-Elliott, K.; Rosenfeld, D., 2003:
Investigation of eye splash and needlestick incidents from an HIV-positive donor on an intensive care unit using root cause analysis

Diaz, L.; Liauw, C.M.; Edge, M.; Allen, N.S.; McMahon, A.; Rhodes, N., 2005:
Investigation of factors affecting the adsorption of functional molecules onto gel silicas. 1. Flow microcalorimetry and infrared spectroscopy

Demir, A.; Ulusoy, M.; Ulusoy, M.F., 2003:
Investigation of factors influencing burnout levels in the professional and private lives of nurses

Buffa, F.; Maraini, G.; Chiarle, S., 1959:
Investigation of factors influencing erythrocyte glycolysis in vitro and in vivo

Zhu, G-Ying.; Liu, J-Xin., 2005:
Investigation of factors on a fungal biofilter to treat waste gas with ethyl mercaptan

Ownsworth, T.; McKenna, K., 2004:
Investigation of factors related to employment outcome following traumatic brain injury: a critical review and conceptual model

Nishimura, R.; Akizuki, M.; Tashima, R.; Ootao, R., 2006:
Investigation of factors related to periods to ipsilateral breast tumor recurrence after breast-conserving surgery and measures for preventing recurrence in early breast cancer

Jafa, K.; Patel, P.; Mackellar, D.A.; Sullivan, P.S.; Delaney, K.P.; Sides, T.L.; Newman, A.P.; Paul, S.M.; Cadoff, E.M.; Martin, E.G.; Keenan, P.A.; Branson, B.M., 2007:
Investigation of false positive results with an oral fluid rapid HIV-1/2 antibody test

Wright, S.W.; Tarjan, G.; Eyer, L., 1959:
Investigation of families with two or more mentally defective siblings; clinical observations

Szyrynski, V., 1963:
Investigation of family dynamics with the "two houses technique"

Walker, S.; Harris, R., 1962:
Investigation of family showing transmission of a 13-15 chromosomal translocation (Denver classification)

Martínez, Mía.A.; Ballesteros, Sé., 2006:
Investigation of fatalities due to acute gasoline poisoning

Roques, A.; Browne, M.; Thompson, J.; Rowland, C.; Taylor, A., 2003:
Investigation of fatigue crack growth in acrylic bone cement using the acoustic emission technique

Yilmaztepe, A.; Ulukaya, E.; Ersoy, C.; Yilmaz, M.; Tokullugil, H.Asuman., 2005:
Investigation of fecal pancreatic elastase-1 levels in type 2 diabetic patients

Kometiani, P.A., 1953:
Investigation of fermentative conversions in the brain

Mukumoto, K.; Nojima, T.; Takenaka, S., 2006:
Investigation of ferrocenyl carbodiimide (FCDI) in the modification reaction of nucleic acids

Skala, M.C.; Palmer, G.M.; Zhu, C.; Liu, Q.; Vrotsos, K.M.; Marshek-Stone, C.L.; Gendron-Fitzpatrick, A.; Ramanujam, N., 2004:
Investigation of fiber-optic probe designs for optical spectroscopic diagnosis of epithelial pre-cancers

Sun, T.; Norton, D.; Ryan, A.J.; MacNeil, S.; Haycock, J.W., 2007:
Investigation of fibroblast and keratinocyte cell-scaffold interactions using a novel 3D cell culture system

Ha, B.; Park, J.; Kim, S.Young.; Lee, C.Jin., 2006:
Investigation of field emission and photoemission properties of high-purity single-walled carbon nanotubes synthesized by hydrogen arc discharge

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Investigation of flour and bread of various types for vitamins B1 and B2 contents

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Investigation of foam and emulsion destruction under the great pressure gradients

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Investigation of foetal mortality associated with placenta praevia

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Investigation of folding and degradation of in vitro synthesized mutant proteins in microsomes

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Investigation of folding and degradation of in vitro synthesized mutant proteins in mitochondria

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Investigation of folding and degradation of in vitro synthesized mutant proteins in the cytosol

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Investigation of folding and degradation of mutant proteins synthesized in semipermeabilized cells

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Investigation of folic acid antagonist therapy in cancer of hemopoietic organs and leukemia

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Investigation of food contamination since the Chernobyl fallout in Austria

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Investigation of frog skin with special reference to its glands with the aid of luminescence and ultraviolet microscopes and with the aid of certain histochemical methods

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Investigation of fumagillin by means of a paper chromatographic method

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Investigation of functional hemispheric asymmetry of language in tinnitus sufferers

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Investigation of functions of the central nervous system by means of chain stimulants; formations of positive and negative conditioned reflexes to chain stimulants and peculiarities of the conditioned secretory reaction

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Investigation of fungi in hanging drop cultures; preliminary report

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Investigation of fuzzy-clustering in octane number prediction model based on detailed hydrocarbon analysis data

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Investigation of gamma camera detector uniformity using a dynamic line phantom

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Investigation of gamma knife image registration errors resulting from misalignment between the patient and the imaging axis

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Investigation of gas phase ion structure for proline-containing b(2) ion

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Investigation of gastric secretory response to prednisone

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Investigation of general and cytoskeletal markers to estimate numbers and proportions of neurons in the human intestine

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Investigation of general toxic influence of preparation Buta in experiment on rats

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Investigation of generalized osteoarthritis by combining X-ray grading of the knee, spine and hand using biochemical markers for arthritis in patients with knee osteoarthritis

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Investigation of genetic heterogeneity in Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates from tuberculosis patients using DNA fingerprinting

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Investigation of geo-spatial hotspots for the occurrence of tuberculosis in Almora district, India, using GIS and spatial scan statistic

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Investigation of germline GFRA4 mutations and evaluation of the involvement of GFRA1, GFRA2, GFRA3, and GFRA4 sequence variants in Hirschsprung disease

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Investigation of germs of the genus "Brucella" in the milk supply of Madrid

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Investigation of glass-ionomer cements using differential scanning calorimetry

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Investigation of glucose binding sites on insulin

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Investigation of glutathione concentrations in peritoneal fluid from women with and without endometriosis

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Investigation of glycine alpha-ketoamide HCV NS3 protease inhibitors: effect of carboxylic acid isosteres

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Investigation of goiter in school children of the provinces of Linares and Nuble

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Investigation of group 12 metal complexes with a tridentate SNS ligand by X-ray crystallography and 1H NMR spectroscopy

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Investigation of growth factors of tuberculosis bacillus in preparation of tuberculins

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Investigation of guanosine-quartet assemblies by vibrational and electronic circular dichroism spectroscopy, a novel approach for studying supramolecular entities

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Investigation of haemolytic anaemia

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Investigation of hand trauma in the emergency department of a hospital

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Investigation of health perspectives of those with physical disabilities: the role of spirituality as a determinant of health

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Investigation of hearing in noise exposed workers in a factory

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Investigation of hearing loss in patients with acute brucellosis by standard and high-frequency audiometry

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Investigation of heated cottonseed oil as a possible dietary carcinogen

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Investigation of helical plant virus ribonucleoprotein structures with the help of tritium planigraphy and theoretical modeling

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Investigation of hemodynamic changes in the ophthalmic artery using color Doppler imaging after strabismus surgery

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Investigation of hemoglobin metabolism in premature infants and its significance in the pathogenesis of anemia in premature infants

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Investigation of hemorrhagic risk in synergistic sulfonamide and dicoumarin therapy

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Investigation of hemorrhoidal artery ligation

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Investigation of hepatic function by clearance techniques

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Investigation of herpes simplex virus DNA by real-time polymerase chain reaction in the clinical samples

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Investigation of herpes simplex virus DNA in pityriasis rosea by polymerase chain reaction

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Investigation of hexagonal and cubic GaN by high-resolution electron energy-loss spectroscopy and density functional theory

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Investigation of high power effects on Ti/Al and Ta-Si-N/Cu/Ta-Si-N electrodes for SAW devices

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Investigation of high-speed miniature turbines for dental drills

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Investigation of histoplasmin and coccidioidin sensitivity in school children of the northern part of the city of Santiago, Chile

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Investigation of home accidents in the state of Baja California

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Investigation of homologous acquired immunity in Australorbis glabratus in Schistosoma mansoni infections

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Investigation of horizontal gene transfer in poplar/Amanita muscaria ectomycorrhizas

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Investigation of hormonal control of genesis of the sex organs in rabbit and notes on certain malformations of the genital apparatus in man

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Investigation of hospital infection in the pediatric department of a general hospital

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Investigation of hospital-acquired infections due to Achromobacter xylosoxidans in a tertiary care hospital in India

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Investigation of host-guest stability constants of calix[n]arenes complexes with aromatic molecules by RP-HPLC method

Investigation of human acute encephalomyelitis virus; susceptibility of animals

Brown, D.J.; Mather, H.; Browning, L.M.; Coia, J.E., 2003:
Investigation of human infections with Salmonella enterica serovar Java in Scotland and possible association with imported poultry

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Investigation of human interpretation process based on eyetrack features of biosignal visual inspection

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Investigation of human papillomavirus DNA in cervical specimens by hybrid capture assay

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Investigation of human papillomavirus by hybrid capture II in cervical carcinomas including 113 adenocarcinomas and related lesions

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Investigation of human papillomavirus, its types and variants

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Investigation of human viral diseases

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Investigation of hydrogeologic processes in a dipping layer structure: 1. The flow barrier effect

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Investigation of hydrophobic moment and hydrophobicity properties for transmembrane alpha-helices

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Investigation of hydrophobicity of Proteus vulgaris strains and ability of Proteus vulgaris and Proteus penneri strains to penetrate bladder membrane HCV T-29 cells

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Investigation of hydrothermal routes to mixed-metal cerium titanium oxides and metal oxidation state assignment using XANES

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Investigation of hygienic conditions of housing for agricultural workers in the Communa di Vigevano

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Investigation of hygienic quality and freshness of marketed fresh seafood in Northern Taiwan

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Investigation of hyperaldosteronism in the hypertensive patient. Why? When? How?

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Investigation of hyperthyroidism in the aged

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Investigation of idiopathic pleural effusions by thoracoscopy

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Investigation of immunogenicity of smallpox vaccines

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Investigation of immunologic dysfunction in patients with alcoholic liver cirrhosis

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Investigation of immunological mechanism of the in vivo anti-tumor effect of K8 (C6H11N3O2)2[SiW9Ti3O40]] (WT)

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Investigation of in vitro hematopoietic differentiation of embryonic stem cell line established from C57BL/6 mice

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Investigation of in vitro interactions between different polymeric surfaces and blood proteins via phagocytosis phenomena

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Investigation of in vitro transdermal absorption of fentanyl from patches placed on skin samples obtained from various anatomic regions of dogs

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Investigation of incest: opportunity to motivate families to seek help

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Investigation of incidence of superficial peroneal nerve injury following ankle fracture

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Investigation of individual micrometer-size Kosa particle with on-site combination of electron microscope and synchrotron X-ray microscope

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Investigation of induction of air due to ultrasound source in the sonochemical reactors

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Investigation of infant and perinatal deaths: its use in planning public health policies

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Investigation of infant mortality (Pôrto Alegre) among poor and rich groups

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Investigation of infection and cerebrovascular infarct

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Investigation of infection risk and the value of antibiotic prophylaxis during transrectal biopsy of the prostate by endotoxin determination

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Investigation of infectious agents associated with arthritis by reverse transcription PCR of bacterial rRNA

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Investigation of infertility management in primary care with open access hysterosalpingography (HSG): a pilot study

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Investigation of influence of gas atmosphere and pressure upon non-contact atomic force microscopy

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Investigation of influence of hydrogen gas on Pd/BST/Pt device by impedance spectroscopy

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Investigation of inhibiting properties of rat liver catalase in the blood plasma of cancerous and non-cancerous subjects

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Investigation of initial pellicle formation on modified titanium dioxide (TiO2) surfaces by reflectometric interference spectroscopy (RIfS) in a model system

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Investigation of injury potential through matched pair drop testing

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Investigation of inorganic sulfur decomposition in a coal-like environment during pyrolysis

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Investigation of intact protein complexes by mass spectrometry

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Investigation of interaction between Pax-5 isoforms and thioredoxin using de novo modelling methods

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Investigation of interaction between two neutralizing monoclonal antibodies and SARS virus using biosensor based on imaging ellipsometry

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Investigation of interaction of Leu-enkephalin with lipid membranes

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Investigation of interaction of immunoglobulins and detection of viral antigens in cell homogenates by the surface plasmon resonance method

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Investigation of interaction parameters in mixed micelle using pulsed field gradient NMR spectroscopy

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Investigation of interactions between two monoclonal antibodies and SARS virus with a Label-free Protein Array

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Investigation of interconversion between aspacochiosides A and B by fast-atom bombardment mass spectrometry

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Investigation of interferences caused by extraneous chloride in the analysis of inorganic anions with ion chromatography

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Investigation of interleukin 1beta-mediated regulation of NF-kappaB activation in colonic cells reveals divergence between PKB and PDK-transduced events

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Investigation of interparticle interactions of larger (4.63 nm) monolayer protected gold clusters during quantized double layer charging

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Investigation of intestinal bacterial translocation in 78 patients with cirrhosis after liver transplantation

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Investigation of intestinal enzymes in feces of young & older infants & preschool children

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Investigation of intracellular signalling events mediating the mechanism of action of 7-hydroxycoumarin and 6-nitro-7-hdroxycoumarin in human renal cells

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Investigation of intramolecular proton migration in a series of model, metal-cationized tripeptides using in situ generation of an isotope label

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Investigation of intranasal bacteriological character and pH value in patients with chronic rhinitis treated by Budesonide aqueous nasal spray

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Investigation of invaginated Meckel's diverticlum and perforated diverticulitis

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Investigation of ion/molecule reactions as a quantification method for phosphorylated positional isomers. an FT-ICR approach

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Investigation of ionic stability criteria for ion-permeable charged membranes

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Investigation of irregular discharge of tuberculous patients; a special ward procedure for reducing against-medical-advice discharges

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Investigation of irregular discharge of tuberculous patients; report of a preliminary study

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Investigation of isonicotinic acid hydrazide (INAH) metabolism by azometry. II. INAH metabolism and liver damage

Nasu, Y., 1957:
Investigation of isonicotinic acid hydrazide (INAH) metabolism by azotometry. I. Acetylation of INAH in human body

Nasu, Y., 1957:
Investigation of isonicotinic acid hydrazide (INAH) metabolism by azotometry. III. Azotometry of INAH derivatives and improvement of analytical method

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Investigation of isotope effects with the nuclear-electronic orbital approach

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Investigation of jute imports as potential plague source

Cammarota, H.E., 1960:
Investigation of lactose in urine

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Investigation of lapses of consciousness using a tracking task: preliminary results

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Investigation of laser annealing parameters for optimal laser-damage performance in deuterated potassium dihydrogen phosphate

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Investigation of laser cervical cone biopsies negative for premalignancy or malignancy

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Investigation of laser induced photocurrent generation experiments

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Investigation of laser percussion hole drilling by use of speckle correlation

Dorchies, F.; Caillaud, T.; Blasco, F.; Bonté, C.; Jouin, H.; Micheau, S.; Pons, B.; Stevefelt, J., 2005:
Investigation of laser-irradiated Ar cluster dynamics from K-shell x-ray emission measurements

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Investigation of late results of Filatov's tissue therapy

Going, H.; Schaumann, W., 1955:
Investigation of laxatives acting by reflex stimulation of the intestinal mucosa

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Investigation of layered structure SAW devices fabricated using low temperature grown AlN thin film on GaN/sapphire

Jiang, J-guo.; Xu, X.; Zhang, Y., 2007:
Investigation of leaching characteristics of heavy metals during cement stabilization of fly ash from municipal solid waste incinerator

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Investigation of leptospirosis in the Tapio region

Gamski, M., 1954:
Investigation of leukergy following antigen provocation in diagnosis of malignant neoplasms

Yan, X.; Deinzer, M.L.; Schimerlik, M.I.; Broderick, D.; Leid, M.E.; Dawson, M.I., 2006:
Investigation of ligand interactions with human RXRalpha by hydrogen/deuterium exchange and mass spectrometry

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Investigation of lipoprotein metabolism in persons with abstinence

Formijne, P., 1955:
Investigation of liver regeneration in a rat

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Investigation of local reaction of muscular tissue after injection of polyvinylpyrrolidone preparation

Xie, R.Guo.; Tang, J.Bo., 2005:
Investigation of locking configurations for tendon repair

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Investigation of longitudinal 31P relaxation in metal selenophosphate compounds

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Investigation of loss of heterozygosity and SNP frequencies in the RET gene in papillary thyroid carcinoma

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Investigation of low-abundant in vitro metabolites of stable isotope-labelled BAL4815 by accurate mass capillary-LC-ESI-qTof-MS and MS/MS

Burin, M.G.; Scholz, A.P.; Gus, R.; Sanseverino, M.Teresa.V.; Fritsh, A.; Magalhães, Jé.A.; Timm, F.; Barrios, Pícia.; Chesky, M.; Coelho, J.C.; Giugliani, R., 2004:
Investigation of lysosomal storage diseases in nonimmune hydrops fetalis

Yang, X.; Xian, S.; Liao, Y.; Liang, X.; Mi, N.; Wan, M., 2004:
Investigation of machinable-infiltrated-ceramic glass infiltrating through the aluminous matrix

Voloshinov, V.B.; Gupta, N., 2006:
Investigation of magnesium fluoride crystals for imaging acousto-optic tunable filter applications

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Investigation of mandibular movement tracing in anterior crossbite malocclusion before and after orthodontic treatment

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Investigation of manifestations of cardiac insufficiency

Neusser, M.; Münch, M.; Anzenberger, G.; Müller, S., 2004:
Investigation of marmoset hybrids (Cebuella pygmaea x Callithrix jacchus) and related Callitrichinae (Platyrrhini) by cross-species chromosome painting and comparative genomic hybridization

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Investigation of materials for blood-immersed bearings in a microaxial blood pump

Qian, Y-fen.; Wang, G-min., 2004:
Investigation of maxillary expansion in cleft lip and palate patients

Cao, Y.; Sun, G.; Weischer, T., 2005:
Investigation of maxillary preprosthetic situations after oral tumor treatment

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Investigation of maxillary tooth sizes in patients with palatal canine displacement

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Investigation of meals in health care service facility

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Investigation of meals served in cafeterias

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Investigation of means to prevent spinal cord and renal damage incident to Urokon aortography

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Investigation of measles and rubella outbreaks in Tamil Nadu, India-2003

Anonymous, 2005:
Investigation of measles cases in the State of São Paulo after monitoring

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Investigation of mechanical properties of anodized aluminum using dilatometric measurements

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Investigation of mechanical properties of diatom frustules using nanoindentation

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Investigation of mechanism of cell proliferation regulation and its clinical application

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Investigation of mechanisms of mammalian hibernation and its possible application in medical treatment

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Investigation of mechanisms responsible for peripheral lymphocytic apoptosis in patients with infiltrative pulmonary tuberculosis

Duan, Y-hui.; Wang, Z-ai., 2005:
Investigation of medical journal website construction in Guangdong province

Wren, J.; Loyd, D.; Karlsson, M., 2007:
Investigation of medical thermal treatment using a hybrid bio-heat model

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Investigation of medicinal plants

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Investigation of membrane fouling by synthetic and natural particles

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Investigation of mesenchymal-epithelial transdifferentiation in the morphogenesis mechanism of embryonic epidermic cells

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Investigation of metabolic changes in irradiated rat brain tissue by means of 1H NMR in vitro relaxation study

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Investigation of metabolic processes in isolated cell nuclei. VI. A method to obtain pure intact cell nuclei in any amount

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Investigation of metal-oligonucleotide complexes by nanoelectrospray tandem mass spectrometry in the positive mode

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Investigation of methicillin resistance and aminoglycoside modifying enzyme genes in hospital staphylococci by multiplex-polymerase chain reaction

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Investigation of methyl pyridinium-2-aldoxime salts

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Investigation of micelle formation by fluorescence correlation spectroscopy

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Investigation of microbial communities of Viluchinskaya hydrothermal system (Kamchatka) by methods of optical and electron microscopy

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Investigation of microbiol infections in a hospital in Beijing

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Investigation of microcystin pollution on Dong Lake, Wuhan City

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Investigation of microdeformation-induced attenuation spectra in a photonic crystal fiber

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Investigation of microenvironmental factors influencing the longitudinal relaxation times of drugs and other compounds

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Investigation of microstructural features in regenerating bone using micro computed tomography

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Investigation of milk and milk products for Brucella

Bugiardini, G., 1951:
Investigation of milk in the city of Bologna

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Investigation of misfiled cases in the PACS environment and a solution to prevent filing errors for chest radiographs

Li, L.; Schülzgen, A.; Temyanko, V.L.; Li, H.; Sabet, S.; Morrell, M.M.; Mafi, A.; Moloney, J.V.; Peyghambarian, N., 2006:
Investigation of modal properties of microstructured optical fibers with large depressed-index cores

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Investigation of modified basal plane pyrolytic graphite electrodes: definitive evidence for the electrocatalytic properties of the ends of carbon nanotubes

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Investigation of molecular beacon aptamer-based bioassay for platelet-derived growth factor detection

Akashi, S., 2006:
Investigation of molecular interaction within biological macromolecular complexes by mass spectrometry

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Investigation of molecular-genetic heterogeneity of clematis plants (Clematis L.) obtained by organogenesis and somatic embryogenesis in vitro

Pontet, F., 2005:
Investigation of monoclonal additional free light chains

Simon, Z.; Sipka, S.; Gergely, L.; Csípö, I.; Illés, A., 2006:
Investigation of monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance: a single-centre study

Moritz, S.; Gläscher, J.; Brassen, S., 2005:
Investigation of mood-congruent false and true memory recognition in depression

Wang, W-ming., 2006:
Investigation of morbidity of pneumoconiosis in the rock gold mining peasant-workers

Alifonov, L.E., 1957:
Investigation of morbidity of tractor operators

He, J.; Liu, H.; Huang, B.; Chi, C., 2007:
Investigation of morphology and anatomic variations of circle of Willis and measurement of diameter of cerebral arteries by 3D-TOF angiography

Shimada, Y., 2005:
Investigation of moth repellents exposure by JPIC inquiries--from the viewpoint of effective product label on prevention of accidental ingestion

Davydov, A.F., 1958:
Investigation of motor activity in farm animals

Kaneko, K.; Hashiguchi, A.; Kato, Y.; Kojima, T.; Imajyo, Y.; Taguchi, T., 2006:
Investigation of motor dominant C5 paralysis after laminoplasty from the results of evoked spinal cord responses

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Investigation of mouth washing by patients after inhaling corticosteroids

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Investigation of multi-channel collecting and temperature calculating by using minimum error principle for thermal radiation spectra

Huang, Y.; Vold, R.L.; Hoatson, G.L., 2006:
Investigation of multiaxis molecular motion by off-magic angle spinning deuteron NMR

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Investigation of multicomponent diffusion in cat brain using a combined MTC-DWI approach

Abu-Safe, H.H., 2005:
Investigation of multiconversion processes in periodically poled LiNbO3-based optical parametric oscillators

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Investigation of multidrug resistance in cultured human renal cell carcinoma cells by 31P-NMR spectroscopy and treatment survival assays

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Investigation of multifocal electroretinogram in amblyopia

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Investigation of multiphoton-induced fluorescence from solutions of 5-hydroxytryptophan

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Investigation of muscle lipid metabolism by localized one- and two-dimensional MRS techniques using a clinical 3T MRI/MRS scanner

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Investigation of muscle recruitment patterns in scoliosis using a biomechanical finite element model

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Investigation of muscular aldolase in various stages of isolation

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Investigation of natural dyes occurring in historical Coptic textiles by high-performance liquid chromatography with UV-Vis and mass spectrometric detection

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Investigation of natural head posture in different head types

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Investigation of neoplastic cell in gastric content and material obtained with the Panico-Papanicolau's insufflable ball

Varela Chilese, R., 1963:
Investigation of neoplastic cells in the blood

Caram, L.Helena.Acerbi.; Funayama, C.Araújo.Rodrigues.; Spina, C.Iris.; Giuliani, L.de.Rosso.; de Pina Neto, Jão.Monteiro., 2006:
Investigation of neurodevelopment delay etiology: resources and challenges

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Investigation of neuroses in aviators

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Investigation of neutral loss during collision-induced dissociation of peptide ions

Peebles, B.C.; Setter, M.P., 2004:
Investigation of new chelation ion chromatography procedure to determine the surface composition of powdered metal oxide samples in the solid state

Fenlon, M.Robert.; Sherriff, M., 2004:
Investigation of new complete denture quality and patients' satisfaction with and use of dentures after two years

Kanda, R.; Minamihisamatsu, M.; Tsuji, S.; Ohmachi, Y.; Hiraoka, T.; Shimada, Y.; Ogiu, T.; Ohno, T.; Hayata, I., 2006:
Investigation of new cytogenetic biomarkers specific to high-LET radiation using in vivo and in vitro exposed human lymphocytes

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Investigation of new psychophysical measures for evaluation of similar images on thoracic computed tomography for distinction between benign and malignant nodules

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Investigation of newly developed added damping and stiffness device with low yield strength steel

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Investigation of nicotinic acid metabolism in dysentery

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Investigation of nitric oxide in pterygium

Sheth, A.C.; Bagchi, B., 2005:
Investigation of nitrogen-bearing species in catalytic steam gasification of poultry litter

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Investigation of nodal domains in the chaotic microwave ray-splitting rough billiard

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Investigation of non-uniform airflow signal oscillation during high frequency chest compression

Li, H.; Zhou, J.; Tang, F.; Yuan, G., 2005:
Investigation of noncovalent complexes between beta-cyclodextrin and polyamide acids containing N-methylpyrrole and N-methylimidazole by electrospray ionization mass spectrometry

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Investigation of nonlinear absorption processes with femtosecond light pulses in lithium niobate crystals

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Investigation of nonulcer dyspepsia by gastric biopsy

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Investigation of normal and malignant laryngeal tissue by autofluorescence imaging technique

Prayer, D.; Brugger, P.C., 2007:
Investigation of normal organ development with fetal MRI

Pyun, H-Jung.; Fardis, M.; Tario, J.; Yang, C.Y.; Ruckman, J.; Henninger, D.; Jin, H.; Kim, C.U., 2003:
Investigation of novel fumagillin analogues as angiogenesis inhibitors

Zhang, P., 2006:
Investigation of novel quantum dots/proteins/cellulose bioconjugate using NSOM and fluorescence

Srivastava, S.K.; Ojha, A.K.; Kiefer, W.; Asthana, B.P., 2005:
Investigation of nu(N-H) and nu(C-N) stretching modes of propylamine (C3H7NH2) in a binary system C3H7NH2 + CH3OH via concentration dependent Raman study and ab initio calculations

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Investigation of nuclear Ca2+ regulation in the isolated cardiac nuclei

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Investigation of nuclear motion by electron diffraction

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Investigation of nutrition and feeding status among children under 2 years in Beijing

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Investigation of obliterative arterial disease of the lower limb

Akmal, S.; Tsoi, E.; Howard, R.; Osei, E.; Nicolaides, K.H., 2004:
Investigation of occiput posterior delivery by intrapartum sonography

Investigation of occupational dermatoses in the citrus fruit canning industry

Goni, H.; Papadopoulou, D.; Yakoumakis, E.; Stratigis, N.; Benos, J.; Siriopoulou, V.; Makri, T.; Georgiou, E., 2006:
Investigation of occupational radiation exposure during interventional cardiac catheterisations performed via radial artery

Anonymous, 1955:
Investigation of occupational tabagism and pregnancy; made by the Division of Social Security of the National Department of Child Welfare

Heikkilä, J.; Hynynen, K., 2006:
Investigation of optimal method for inducing harmonic motion in tissue using a linear ultrasound phased array--a simulation study

Honey, I.D.; Mackenzie, A.; Evans, D.S., 2005:
Investigation of optimum energies for chest imaging using film-screen and computed radiography

Rolf, B.; Keil, W., 2003:
Investigation of oral swabs taken from newborn infants after breastfeeding

Iankovskiĭ, V.E.; Kiselev, V.D.; Piatchuk, S.V., 2006:
Investigation of osteoporotic changes of the long tubular leg bones for identification of human biological age

Balraj, V., 2003:
Investigation of outbreaks in India. How good are we at it?

Williams, R.E., 1954:
Investigation of outbreaks of infection

Kuduz, M.; Schmitz, G.; Kirchheim, R., 2004:
Investigation of oxide tunnel barriers by atom probe tomography (TAP)

Komanicky, V.; Menzel, A.; You, H., 2005:
Investigation of oxygen reduction reaction kinetics at (111)-(100) nanofaceted platinum surfaces in acidic media

Leung, T.S.; Tachtsidis, I.; Velayuthan, P.; Oliver, C.; Henty, J.R.; Jones, H.; Smith, M.; Elwell, C.E.; Delpy, D.T., 2006:
Investigation of oxygen saturation derived from cardiac pulsations measured on the adult head using NIR spectroscopy

West, R.O., 1951:
Investigation of oxyuriasis in children of two schools of Lausanne

Liu, Y-bo.; Gao, J-hua.; Duan, H-jie.; Liu, X-jun., 2003:
Investigation of p53 gene mutations in keloids using PCR-SSCP

Wang, C-mei.; Hiko, H.; Nakazawa, N., 2005:
Investigation of p53 polymorphism for genetic predisposition of keloid and hypertrophic scar

Demoulin, O.; Rupprechter, G.; Seunier, I.; Le Clef, B.; Navez, M.; Ruiz, P., 2006:
Investigation of parameters influencing the activation of a Pd/gamma-alumina catalyst during methane combustion

Sun, Z.; Tomlin, C.D.; Sevick-Muraca, E.M., 2005 :
Investigation of particle interactions in concentrated colloidal suspensions using frequency domain photon migration: monodisperse systems

Shi, M-yun.; Xie, H-fang.; Wei, J-peng., 2004:
Investigation of pathogenic bacteria for pulmonary infections and their drug resistance in neurological intensive care unit

Vandor, F., 1950:
Investigation of pathologic effect of industrial tar

Khavkin, I.A.; Levin, G.S., 1960:
Investigation of pathological gamma-globulin isolated from the blood serum in a case of multiple myeloma

Akamizu, T., 2004:
Investigation of pathophysiology of Graves' disease by animal models

Carbonne, A.; Poirier, C.; Antoniotti, G.; Burnat, C.; Delacourt, C.; Orzechowski, C.; Astagneau, P.; Bouvet, E., 2005:
Investigation of patient contacts of heath care workers with infectious tuberculosis: 6 cases in the Paris area

Kirchhoff, M.; Gerdes, T.; Brunebjerg, S.; Bryndorf, T., 2005:
Investigation of patients with mental retardation and dysmorphic features using comparative genomic hybridization and subtelomeric multiplex ligation dependent probe amplification

Anonymous, 2004:
Investigation of payments for disabled workers in Ben-Xi metal foundry from 1992-2000

Keis, K.; Persaud, D.; Kamath, Y.K.; Rele, A.S., 2005:
Investigation of penetration abilities of various oils into human hair fibers

Munch, E.P., 2003:
Investigation of penicillin allergy

Borch, J.E.; Bindslev-Jensen, C., 2003:
Investigation of penicillin allergy. Procedures and retrospective statement of results for the period 1997 to 2001

Rao, N.; Cao, Y.; Wei, W., 2007:
Investigation of peri-implant status and risk variables for implant failure in body of maxilla after oral tumor surgery

Altaeva, A.Zh.; Aĭdakrulov, A.Sh.; Zhunisov, S.S., 2006:
Investigation of pericardial fluid and blood from the left and right heart ventricles in forensic medical examination of drowning

Simakova, M.N.; Simakov, N.N., 2005:
Investigation of periodic distributions of amino acids in the sequences of fiber proteins of bacteriophage T4

Baharin, B.; Palmer, R.M.; Coward, P.; Wilson, R.F., 2006:
Investigation of periodontal destruction patterns in smokers and non-smokers

Kaku, M.; Uoshima, K.; Yamashita, Y.; Miura, H., 2004:
Investigation of periodontal ligament reaction upon excessive occlusal load--osteopontin induction among periodontal ligament cells

Das, R.; Garewal, G.; Shaji, R.V.; Ahluwalia, J.; Bali, H.K.; Varma, S., 2005:
Investigation of persistent hypochromic microcytosis unmasks hemoglobin Evanston [alpha 14 (A12) Try--> Arg] in a patient of cyclic thrombocytopenia preceding Takayasu's disease

Hernando, J.; de Witte, P.A.J.; van Dijk, E.M.H.P.; Korterik, J.; Nolte, R.J.M.; Rowan, A.E.; García-Parajó, Mía.F.; van Hulst, N.F., 2004:
Investigation of perylene photonic wires by combined single-molecule fluorescence and atomic force microscopy

Zong, Q.; Xie, Y-ming.; Chen, F-en.; Yu, J-yuan., 2005:
Investigation of phase morphology of PS/PMMA blend thin film by surface enhanced raman scattering

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Investigation of phenolic compounds in Sedum sexangulare L. (Crassulaceae)

Lievre, J.A., 1960:
Investigation of phospho-calcic metabolism

Sokolova, T., 1959:
Investigation of phosphorus metabolism in polycythemia patients during treatment with radioactive phosphorus

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Investigation of phosphorus metabolism of Yoshida sarcoma with the aid of P32. I

Araki, M.; Yonezawa, T.; Chin, S.; Kuga, M.; Shimada, N.; Imagi, S.; Ochiai, Y., 1953:
Investigation of phosphorus metabolism of Yoshida sarcoma with the aid of P32. II

Araki, M.; Yonezawa, T.; Shimada, N., 1954:
Investigation of phosphorus metabolism of Yoshida sarcoma with the aid of P32. III. On the acid soluble fraction

Araki, M.; Yonezawa, T.; Shimada, N., 1954:
Investigation of phosphorus metabolism of ascitic hepatoma with the aid of P32

Jiang, Y., 2005:
Investigation of photoacoustic spectroscopy for polydiacetylene Langmuir-Blodgett films (II) synthetical analyse of the spectra and fluorescence quantum efficiency

Duan, X-Hui.; Li, Z-Rong.; Li, X-Yuan.; Li, L-Ming., 2004:
Investigation of photoinduced electron transfer in model system of vitamin E-duroquinone by time-dependent density functional theory

Basyigit, C.; Akkurt, I.; Kilincarslan, S.; Akkurt, A., 2005 :
Investigation of photon attenuation coefficients for marble

Ding, W.; Johnston, P.N.; Wong, T.P.Y.; Bubb, I.F., 2004:
Investigation of photon beam models in heterogeneous media of modern radiotherapy

Lin, J-Perng.; Liu, W-Chung.; Lin, C-Chih., 2007:
Investigation of photoneutron dose equivalent from high-energy photons in radiotherapy

Wagner, S.J.; Skripchenko, A., 2004:
Investigation of photosensitizing dyes for pathogen reduction in red cell suspensions

Meboniia, N.M.; Kalandadze, I.L.; Chachava, T.D.; Sadzhaia, M.V., 2006:
Investigation of physical activity among adults

Kosior, A., 2003:
Investigation of physical and hypoglycaemic properties of rectal suppositories with chosen insulin

Hoshika, S.; Inoue, N.; Minakawa, N.; Matsuda, A., 2003:
Investigation of physical and physiological properties of 4'-thioribonucleotide (4'-thioRNA)

Wilkie, J.R.; Giger, M.L.; Chinander, M.R.; Vokes, T.J.; Nishikawa, R.M.; Carlin, M.D., 2004:
Investigation of physical image quality indices of a bone densitometry system

Du, Z.; Li, Z.; Guo, S.; Zhang, J.; Zhu, L.; Deng, Y., 2006:
Investigation of physicochemical properties of lactam-based Brønsted acidic ionic liquids

Boswood, A.; McEwan, J.Dukes.; French, A.; Little, C.; Swift, S.; Smith, S.; Patteson, M., 2003:
Investigation of pimobendan versus benazepril in canine myxomatous valvular disease

Kvisselgaard, N.; Moya, F., 1961:
Investigation of placental thresholds to succinylcholine

Baltazard, M.; Seydian, B., 1960:
Investigation of plague conditions in the Middle East

Investigation of plant extracts for their cytotoxic and anti-cancer properties

McLaren, M.; Waring, A.; Galarraga, B.; Rudd, A.; Morley, K.; Belch, J.J.F., 2006:
Investigation of platelet glycoprotein IIIa polymorphism using flow cytometry in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

Stewart, C.R., 1951:
Investigation of plus-lens visual acuity screening test

Chen, S-xian.; Zhu, G-ping.; Liao, G-qiang.; Lu, W.; Guo, W-feng., 2004:
Investigation of pneumoconiosis in a factory

Ming, N.; Yang, H-yong.; Xiong, S-dong.; Hu, Y-ming., 2006:
Investigation of polarization-induced fading in fiber-optic interferometers with polarizer-based polarization diversity receivers

Ozkul, Hülya.; Ince, A.; Akkaya, A., 2004:
Investigation of pollens, fungal spors and other materials in houst dust of Isparta

Zalietok, S.P.; Iakovenko, O.Ia.; Aleksandrova, N.O.; Holub, A.H.; Chekhun, V.F., 2003:
Investigation of polyamine interactions with the nuclear transcription factor NF-kappa B by computer modelling

Masih, A.; Lawrence, A.J.; Kulshrestha, P.R.; Taneja, A., 2006:
Investigation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in soil at Agra, India--a case study

Fleming, G.J.P.; Khan, S.; Afzal, O.; Palin, W.M.; Burke, F.J.T., 2006:
Investigation of polymerisation shrinkage strain, associated cuspal movement and microleakage of MOD cavities restored incrementally with resin-based composite using an LED light curing unit

Hamilton, S.P.; Slager, S.L.; Mayo, D.; Heiman, G.A.; Klein, D.F.; Hodge, S.E.; Fyer, A.J.; Weissman, M.M.; Knowles, J.A., 2004:
Investigation of polymorphisms in the CREM gene in panic disorder

Moore, A.M.; Brown, J.B., 1952:
Investigation of polyvinyl compounds for use as subcutaneous prostheses

Cordeiro, Q.; Miguita, K.; Miracca, E.; Elkis, Hélio.; Vallada, H., 2006:
Investigation of possible association between Ser9Gly polymorphism of the D3 dopaminergic receptor gene and response to typical antipsychotics in patients with schizophrenia

Stark, R.B.; De Forest, M.; Harris, E.; Vollenweider, H., 1962:
Investigation of possible causative factors producing human maldevelopment

Kixmiller, J.S.; Williams, R.; Gatten, S.; Dean, R.S., 1994:
Investigation of possible cognitive, behavioral, and emotional heterogeneity in patients with Alzheimer's disease

Chatzipanagiotou, S.; Michalopoulou, M.; Marinou, I.; Boufidou, F.; Papavasileiou, E.; Trikka-Graphakos, E.; Kabouri, E.; Nicolaou, C.; Legakis, N.J., 2005:
Investigation of possible cytokine induction in peripheral blood mononuclear cells by heat-stable serotypes of Campylobacter jejuni

Zoetelief, J.; Idris, H.H.E.; Jansen, J.T.M., 2006:
Investigation of possible methods for equipment self-tests in digital radiology

Tatsuno, M.; Okada, M., 2004 :
Investigation of possible neural architectures underlying information-geometric measures

Zhang, R.Q.; Lee, H-Lam.; Li, W-Kee.; Teo, B.K., 2006:
Investigation of possible structures of silicon nanotubes via density-functional tight-binding molecular dynamics simulations and ab initio calculations

Rose, N., 1963:
Investigation of post-thyroidectomy patients for hypoparathyroidism

Zheng, Y-li.; Guo, J-zhou., 2004:
Investigation of postoperation complications of the congenital aural atresia

Liu, D.T.L.; Lee, V.Y.W.; Chan, W-Man.; Lam, D.S.C., 2005:
Investigation of postoperative endophthalmitis

Sahovic, K.; Mihailovic, L.; Draskoci, M., 1955:
Investigation of potassium metabolism in the central nervous system; distribution of potassium in the brain, cerebellum and spinal cord following nephrectomy in dogs

Maruo, Y.; Irie, M.; Nishigawa, G.; Oka, M.; Minagi, S.; Suzuki, K., 2004:
Investigation of preferred viscosity of irreversible hydrocolloid on preliminary impression for edentulism

Bronisch, F.W., 1950:
Investigation of pressure of the cerebrospinal fluid in compression of the spinal cord

Hammond, C.J.; Gill, J.; Peto, T.E.A.; Cadoux-Hudson, T.A.D.; Bowler, I.C.J.W., 2003:
Investigation of prevalence of MRSA in referrals to neurosurgery: implications for antibiotic prophylaxis

Hua, X., 2003:
Investigation of prevention and treatment of dental caries for 3 schools in Shanghai Jinshan District

Schlenzig, H.; Schmitt, F., 1956:
Investigation of prevention of lead poisoning

Giddon, D.B.; Lebeaux, M., 2003:
Investigation of previously reported mucosal swellings after injection with Citanest Forte

Liu, S-hua.; Wei, F-cai.; Sun, S-zhen.; Zhang, C-yan.; Liu, Y-sheng., 2004:
Investigation of primary cell culture for dental pulp: comparing of coronal pulp and root pulp

Barron, M.K.; Young, T.J.; Johnston, K.P.; Williams, R.O., 2003:
Investigation of processing parameters of spray freezing into liquid to prepare polyethylene glycol polymeric particles for drug delivery

Mahaguna, V.; McDermott, J.Mario.; Zhang, F.; Ochoa, F., 2004:
Investigation of product quality between extemporaneously compounded progesterone vaginal suppositories and an approved progesterone vaginal gel

Atchison, T.B.; Bradshaw, M.; Massman, P.J., 2004:
Investigation of profile difference between Alzheimer's disease patients declining at different rates: examination of baseline neuropsychological data

Parra, G.R.; DuBois, D.L.; Sher, K.J., 2006:
Investigation of profiles of risk factors for adolescent psychopathology: a person-centered approach

Arneill, J.R., 1957:
Investigation of promethazine in a general surgical practice

Geimberg, V.G.; Nefed'eva, N.P., 1954:
Investigation of properties of different variations of Shigella sonnei

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Investigation of prostate specific antigen in the first decade of its use, in our clinic (1994-2004)

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Investigation of protective effects of selenium and vitamin E against DNA oxidation, membrane damage and alteration of COMT metabolism in smoke-exposed male mice (Mus musculus, Balb/c)

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Investigation of proteins exudation in acute dysentery

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Investigation of proton density for measuring tissue temperature

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Investigation of putrefactive anaerobes in drinking water and foods

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Investigation of rabies infections in organ donor and transplant recipients--Alabama, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas, 2004

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Investigation of radium deposition in human skeleton by gross and detailed autoradiography

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Investigation of rape; medicolegal problems

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Investigation of reactions in children to administration of purified and adsorbed diphtheria anatoxin

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Investigation of reactivity and selectivity of DNA-alkylating duocarmycin analogues by high-resolution mass spectrometry

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Investigation of recurrent miscarriages

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Investigation of red natural dyes used in historical objects by HPLC-DAD-MS

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Investigation of regulatory mechanisms in coenzyme Q metabolism

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Investigation of reinforcing effects and central nervous system effects by drug self-administration procedures

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Investigation of relationships between psychometric and biological intelligence

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Investigation of remote results of therapy

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Investigation of removal of Cr(VI), Mo(VI), W(VI), V(IV), and V(V) oxy-ions from industrial waste-waters by adsorption and electrosorption at high-area carbon cloth

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Investigation of renal function by means of intravenous urography

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Investigation of renal function with the aid of plasma purification methods; measurement of glomerular infiltrates with sodium hyposulfite

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Investigation of resistance of digital subcutaneous edema to gliding of the flexor tendon: an in vitro study

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Investigation of resistance of mycobacteria to decolorization

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Investigation of respiratory volumes with the aid of roentgenometry and densitometry

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Investigation of risk acceptance in hand transplantation

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Investigation of risk factors for surgical wound infection among teaching hospitals in Tehran

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Investigation of risk management for radiological technologists

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Investigation of rural rickets in Corrèze

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Investigation of sandwiched gadolinium (III) complexes with tungstosilicates as potential MRI contrast agents

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Investigation of scanography

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Investigation of scattering of elastic waves by cylinders in 1-3 piezocomposites

Werkö, L., 2006:
Investigation of scientific fraud. Responsibility of the authorities

Werkö, L., 2006:
Investigation of scientific fraud. Statements from the Swedish Research Council not sufficiently normative

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Investigation of secondary neutron dose for 18 MV dynamic MLC IMRT delivery

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Investigation of selected baseline removal techniques as candidates for automated implementation

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Investigation of selective catalytic reduction impact on mercury speciation under simulated NOx emission control conditions

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Investigation of sensory receptors of the pleura and intrapulmonary vessels in man and mammals

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Investigation of sentinel lymph nodes of the axillary and cubital regions in upper-extremity malignant skin tumors: a series of 15 patients

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Investigation of separation and identification possibilities of some metal-DEDTC complexes by sequential TLC-IR system

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Investigation of sequential mitomycin C and photodynamic therapy in a mitomycin-resistant bladder cancer cell-line model

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Investigation of serotonin type 4 receptor expression in human and non-human primate gastrointestinal samples

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Investigation of serum IgG subclass distributions and anti-HBs response in healthy adults after hepatitis B vaccination

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Investigation of serum resistance for Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Acinetobacter baumannii strains

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Investigation of serum trypsin and related substances. I. The quantitative demonstration of trypsinlike activity in human blood serum by a micromethod

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Investigation of set-shifting ability in patients with Parkinson's disease: influence of task sequence type

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Investigation of several blood coagulation factors in detection of thrombophilic states in patients with fractures

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Investigation of sexual disorders

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Investigation of sexual function in male kidney transplant recipients

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Investigation of sexual function rehabilitation of 11 male heart transplant recipients

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Investigation of shear-peel bond strength of orthodontic brackets on enamel after using Pro Seal

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Investigation of short-range cedar pollen forecasting

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Investigation of short-time particle dynamics near an interface in the presence of nonadsorbed macro-ions

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Investigation of sildenafil in the treatment of prostatitis-related sexual dysfunction

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Investigation of silica-iron-phosphate glasses for tissue engineering

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Investigation of silver binding to polyamidoamine (PAMAM) dendrimers by ESI tandem mass spectrometry

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Investigation of simple Wiener spectrum measurement in medical imaging systems

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Investigation of single nucleotide polymorphisms in the promoter region of mannan-binding lectin gene in Bais, Uars and Lahus ethnics from China

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Investigation of single nucleotide polymorphisms in the promoter region of mannan-binding lectin gene in a Han population from Guangdong

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Investigation of single, random, and true counts from natural radioactivity in LSO-based clinical PET

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Investigation of single-stack drainage for multi-storey flats

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Investigation of sisal fibers by atomic force microscopy: morphological and adhesive characteristics

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Investigation of sleep disorders

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Investigation of sleep disorders in the vicinity of high frequency transmitters

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Investigation of sludge re-circulating clarifiers design and optimization through numerical simulation

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Investigation of small, airborne, charged particles by an electrical method

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Investigation of social and emotion information processing in temporal lobe epilepsy with ictal fear

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Investigation of sodium sulfate phase transitions in a porous material using humidity- and temperature-controlled X-ray diffraction

Másson, M.; Benediktsson, T.; Thorsteinsson, T.; Loftsson, T., 2006:
Investigation of soft long chain quaternary ammonium compounds as co-factors to enhance in vitro gene delivery

Investigation of soil and water sources of the Vsevolozhskii region in the Leningrad district

Li, Y.; Shi, T.; Sun, Z.; An, L.; Huang, Q., 2006:
Investigation of sol-gel transition in pluronic F127/D2O solutions using a combination of small-angle neutron scattering and monte carlo simulation

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Investigation of solid surfaces modified by Langmuir-Blodgett monolayers using sum-frequency vibrational spectroscopy and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy

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Investigation of solid/solid interface waves with laser ultrasonics

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Investigation of solubility properties of nifluminic acid containing cyclodextrins and polyvidone

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Investigation of some basic water quality parameters of the north Bengal Terai river Kaljani--a tributary of river Torsa, and comparison thereof with the mainstream

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Investigation of some blood values in mothers of immature infants

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Investigation of some complexes formed in solution by caffeine. II. Benzoic acid and benzoate ion

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Investigation of some complexes formed in solution by caffeine. III. Interactions between caffeine and aspirin, p-hydroxybenzoic acid, m-hydroxybenzoic acid, salicylic acid, salicylate ion, and butyl paraben

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Investigation of some complexes formed in solution by caffeine. V. Interactions between caffeine and p-aminobenzoic acid, m-hydroxybenzoic acid, picric acid, o-phthalic acid, suberic acid, and valeric acid

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Investigation of some factors influencing percutaneous absorption

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Investigation of some topical formulations containing dexpanthenol

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Investigation of some virulence factors of Trichosporon asahii strains isolated from the clinical samples of hospitalized patients

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Investigation of sources of atmospheric aerosol at a hot spot area in Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Investigation of spatial clustering from individually matched case-control studies

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Investigation of spatial distribution of sound field parameters in ultrasound cleaning baths under the influence of cavitation

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Investigation of spectral diffusion in ribonuclease by photolabeling of intrinsic aromatic amino acids

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Investigation of spermigration in artificial medium; a preliminary communication

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Investigation of spherical oil agglomeration properties of celestite

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Investigation of spinal pathology in notalgia paresthetica

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Investigation of spontaneous vasomotor activity. Relation of the sympathetic and somatic nervous systems to the occurrence of slow waves (alpha and beta) of the plethysmogram of the dog's paw

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Investigation of stability in emulsions of varying viscosities

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Investigation of stepwise covalent synthesis on a surface yielding porphyrin-based multicomponent architectures

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Investigation of sterility in the female

Syhora, K., 1962:
Investigation of steroid compounds at the Research Institute of Natural Medicaments

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Investigation of steroid hormones in human milk; various data on the reactions of Porter and Silber. I. Findings on colostrum

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Investigation of steroid sulfatase gene in two pedigrees with X-linked ichthyosis

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Investigation of steroids in postpartum plasma

Buhrmann, M.V., 1952:
Investigation of stillbirths and deaths of children under 5 years of age, in the Pretoria Municipal Area, exclusive of Lady Selborne, for the year 1950

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Investigation of stimulus position in the production of the strength duration curve of the external anal sphincter muscle in women with anorectal dysfunction

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Investigation of structure factors in dense colloidal suspensions using frequency domain photon migration: polydisperse systems

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Investigation of structure of liquid 2,2,2 trifluoroethanol: neutron diffraction, molecular dynamics, and ab initio quantum chemical study

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Investigation of structure of macromoleculare gels, I. Analysis of flow curves

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Investigation of structures in soot suspensions

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Investigation of sub-clinical infection of hepatitis E virus in blood donors

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Investigation of subjective and objective secondary phenomena following tonsillectomies

Takano, Y.; Edazawa, Y.; Horiuchi, T.; Kaneko, T.; Kobayashi, K.; Marumo, K.; Urabe, T., 2003:
Investigation of submarine hydrothermal sub-vent biosphere as a model of search for extraterrestrial life

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Investigation of sudden death from Mycobacterium tuberculosis in a foreign-born worker at a resort hotel

Hausman, R., 1959:
Investigation of suicide

Ma, Q.; Zhang, D.; Gong, X.; Ma, Y., 2006:
Investigation of superharmonic sound propagation and imaging in biological tissues in vitro

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Investigation of supervisory attentional system functions in patients with Parkinson's disease using the Hayling task

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Investigation of surface changes in different types of ventilation tubes using scanning electron microscopy and correlation of findings with clinical follow-up

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Investigation of surface interactions in molecular recognition of phosphonate imprinted organosilicates and the role of water

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Investigation of susceptibility loci identified in the UK rheumatoid arthritis whole-genome scan in a further series of 217 UK affected sibling pairs

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Investigation of susceptibility to diphtheria in Vietnam

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Investigation of suspected laboratory cross-contamination: interpretation of single smear-negative, positive cultures for Mycobacterium tuberculosis

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Investigation of suspicious deaths and deaths related to violence--a Malaysian perspective

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Investigation of synapses of the visual area of the cerebral cortex

Lyman, D.J., 1963:
Investigation of synthetic membranes for hemodialysis

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Investigation of systems to prevent diversion of opiate drugs in general practice in the UK

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Investigation of techniques to quantify in vivo lesion volume based on comparison of water apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) maps with histology in focal cerebral ischemia of rats

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Investigation of tetherable distilbazolium compounds as fluorescent probes in nanostructured silica sol-gel materials

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Investigation of tetrahedral mixed-metal carbonyl clusters by two-dimensional 59Co COSY and DQFCOSY NMR experiments

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Investigation of thallium poisoning based on JPIC inquiries

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Investigation of the (6, 1) and (7, 2) bands in the A 2IIi-X 2sigma+ red system of CN radical

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Investigation of the Anti-scorbutic Value of Full Cream Sweetened Condensed Milk by Experiments with Monkeys

Prechelt, L., 1997:
Investigation of the CasCor Family of Learning Algorithms

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Investigation of the Cauchy-Riemann equations for one-dimensional image recovery in intensity interferometry

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Investigation of the CeTX system by means of X-ray absorption spectroscopy: correlation with other data

Smith, J.L.B., 1953:
Investigation of the Coelacanth

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Investigation of the Diels-Alder cycloadditions of 2(H)-1,4-oxazin-2-ones

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Investigation of the G protein subunit Galphaolf gene (GNAL) in attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder

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Investigation of the GSalpha gene in the diagnosis of fibrous dysplasia

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Investigation of the Gm serum factors in dermatological patients

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Investigation of the HLA-DRB1 locus in alopecia areata

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Investigation of the Lith1 candidate genes ABCB11 and LXRA in human gallstone disease

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Investigation of the Lorentz gas in terms of periodic orbits

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Investigation of the NMR spin-spin coupling constants across the hydrogen bonds in ubiquitin: the nature of the hydrogen bond as reflected by the coupling mechanism

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Investigation of the Oedipus phantasy by hypnosis

Herman, P.; Prasad, G.; McGinnity, T.M., 2007:
Investigation of the Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Approach to Classification in an EEG-based Brain-Computer Interface

Guillaume, M.; Champagne, Bît.; Zutterman, F., 2006:
Investigation of the UV/visible absorption spectra of merocyanine dyes using time-dependent density functional theory

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Investigation of the Yamaguchi esterification mechanism. Synthesis of a lux-s enzyme inhibitor using an improved esterification method

Kring, P., 1950:
Investigation of the ability of certain esters of gallic acid and a few other substances to prevent the rancidification of different fats

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Investigation of the abundance and subunit composition of GABAA receptor subtypes in the cerebellum of alpha1-subunit-deficient mice

Oberst, M., 2007 :
Investigation of the accuracy of various techniques for measuring the epicondylar axis

Wang, L.; Shi, X-Fa.; Zhu, Z-Liang., 2006:
Investigation of the acid-base properties of mononitro-calix[4]arene with chemometric methods

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Investigation of the action of glucose, of A. T. P. and of caffeine on fatigue in the rat

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Investigation of the action of high-altitude climatic therapy in infantile asthma

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Investigation of the active constituents of Portulaca oleraceae L. (Portulacaceae) growing in Jordan

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Investigation of the activities and working methods at the communal work procurement office in Stockholm. Remarks of the medical association on the city of Stockholm's social welfare committee

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Investigation of the activity of the preparation cerbiden against Candida spp

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Investigation of the adsorption behaviour of a chiral model compound on a tartardiamide-based network-polymeric chiral stationary phase

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Investigation of the aerosol structure over an urban area using a polarization lidar

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Investigation of the affinities of two new beta-carbolines for rat brain imidazoline(2) receptors

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Investigation of the aging process

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Investigation of the alkaline phosphatase in the cochlear cells of guinea pigs with different levels of deafness

Englhardt-Golkel, A., 1955:
Investigation of the antagonistic effects methylandrostendiol and cortisonacetate on protein metabolism in man

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Investigation of the anti-motion sickness effect of 3-hydroxypyridine derivatives

Petersen, K.F., 1951:
Investigation of the antibiotic effect of tyrosolvin

Pardinas, R., 1955:
Investigation of the anticancerous action of dyes in organisms, tissues and cells; action of dyes in mitosis of the garlic root; action of methylene blue

Pardinas, R., 1956:
Investigation of the anticancerous action of dyes in organisms, tissues and cells; effects of dyes on mitosis of the garlic root; experiment No. 6

Pardinas, R., 1955:
Investigation of the anticancerous effects of stains in organisms, tissues and cells; effect of stains in the mytosis of garlic root; effect of methylene blue

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Investigation of the antimutagenic effects of selected South African medicinal plant extracts

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Investigation of the antimycotic effect of boric, tartaric & citric acids

Anonymous, 1954:
Investigation of the antitoxic function of the liver: santonin test

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Investigation of the applicability of dielectric relaxation properties of amino acid solutions within the resonant recognition model

Coutts-Lendon, C.; Koenig, J.L., 2005:
Investigation of the aqueous dissolution of semicrystalline poly(ethylene oxide) using infrared chemical imaging: the effects of molecular weight and crystallinity

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Investigation of the aqueous transmetalation of pi-allylpalladium with indium salt: the use of the Pd(OAc)2-TPPTS catalyst

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Investigation of the arterenol content of human and animal adrenals

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Investigation of the association and flexibility of cationic lipidic peptide dendrons by NMR spectroscopy

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Investigation of the association between OPA1 polymorphisms and normal-tension glaucoma in Korea

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Investigation of the association of esophageal carcinoma with human papillomaviruses

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Investigation of the asymmetric ionic Diels-Alder reaction for the synthesis of cis-decalins

Haug, H.O.; Liao, Y.P., 1996:
Investigation of the automated determination of As, Sb and Bi by flow-injection hydride generation using in-situ trapping on stable coatings in graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry

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Investigation of the bacteria in the seawater of Xisha in the South China Sea and their antibiotic sensitivity profile

Albayrak, N.; Biriken, D.; Ozenci, H., 2006:
Investigation of the bactericidal effect of urinary epithelial cells against different doses of Escherichia coli

Vasil'ev, A.I.; Vasiliak, L.M.; Kostiuchenko, S.V.; Kudriavtsev, N.N.; Filatov, N.N.; Fokin, S.G.; Khizgiiaev, V.I.; Shandala, M.G.; Shelestova, A.V.; Iuzbashev, V.G., 2006:
Investigation of the bactericidal effectiveness of ultraviolet irradiation in different operating modes of recirculatory irradiators

Escalier, J., 1953:
Investigation of the behavior of workers unwilling to take periodic medical examinations

Kim, S-A.; Ahn, S-Gun.; Kim, S-Gwan.; Park, J-Cheol.; Lee, S-Ho.; Kim, J.; Yoon, J-Hoon., 2006:
Investigation of the beta-catenin gene in a case of dentinogenic ghost cell tumor

Xie, Q.; Tang, Y.; Li, W.; Wang, X-Hai.; Qiu, Z-Bai., 2006:
Investigation of the binding mode of (-)-meptazinol and bis-meptazinol derivatives on acetylcholinesterase using a molecular docking method

Zhang, Z.R.; Fu, J.; Huang, Y.; Duan, Y.S., 2003:
Investigation of the bioadhesion of carbopol and hydroxypropyl methylcellulose to rat gastrointestinal mucosa in vivo and in vitro

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Investigation of the biology of the ergot of rye in the papers of the Research Institute of Natural Medicaments

Nikiforov, S.; Iordanov, I., 1958:
Investigation of the blood circulation in vascular diseases of the extremities by means of dyes

Gibert Balart, J.M.; Mata Merchan, L., 1956:
Investigation of the blood proteins in the laboratory

Pietrangeli, E.; Di Stefano, F.; Barbante, S., 1961:
Investigation of the blood sugar of premature infants. II

Jakab, Z., 2004:
Investigation of the blood supply of liver tumors--ultrasonography with contrast agents

Burić, N.; Jovanović, G.; Krasić, D.; Kesić, L., 2004:
Investigation of the bone tissue response to glass-ionomer microimplants in the canine maxillary alveolar ridge

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Investigation of the calcium-binding site of the oxygen evolving complex of photosystem II using 87Sr ESEEM spectroscopy

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Investigation of the carbonic anhydrase content of the cornea of the rabbit

Wang, Z.; Zhang, G.; Wnag, Y.; Zhao, G., 1997:
Investigation of the carboxymethyl hydroxypropyl guar gum cross-linked with metal ions

Groves, W.G.; Jenkins, H.J., 1961:
Investigation of the cardiovascular response of the dog to 1-phenyl-2-hydrazinopropane

Varela, G.; Siliceo, J., 1956:
Investigation of the carriers of intestinal pathogenic bacteria in human gallbladders

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Investigation of the catabolism of acetate and peptides in the new anaerobic thermophilic bacterium Caldithrix abyssi

Gitter, S.J.; Cooper, C.L.; Friesen, J.A.; Jones, M.A., 2006:
Investigation of the catalytic and structural roles of conserved histidines of human coproporphyrinogen oxidase using site-directed mutagenesis

Sanchez, Vónica.Muriel.; Crespo, A.; Gutkind, J.Silvio.; Turjanski, Aán.Gustavo., 2006:
Investigation of the catalytic mechanism of farnesyl pyrophosphate synthase by computer simulation

Tsukioka, T., 2003:
Investigation of the causative agents related to complaints and accidents using SPME-GC/MS

Hees, C.A., 1959:
Investigation of the cause of a sepsis case

White, L., 1962:
Investigation of the cause of cerebral disorders in newborn infants

Fujio, T.; Yasui, S.; Fukuda, M.; Yamada, S., 2004:
Investigation of the cause of contact dermatitis due to heavy metal in a metal spray process in a film-condenser factory

Yokoyama, H.; Aoyama, T.; Nakajima, K.; Yamada, Y.; Sato, H.; Chiba, S.; Hirai, H.; Iga, T., 2003:
Investigation of the cause of polyurethane catheter cracking during constant infusion of etoposide (VP-16) injection (2)--Analysis of ethanol eluting materials from catheter

Zamiatkina, O.G.; Rodionov, V.M., 1959:
Investigation of the causes of disordered processes of the restoration of blood proteins in irradiated dogs after blood loss. I. Assimilability of nitrogen and the quantity of consumed food

Khoma-Lemishko, A.M., 1955:
Investigation of the cerebrospinal fluid with a normal admixture of blood

Louypot, P.; Marchal, 1952:
Investigation of the cervical column of the aged

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Investigation of the change in cognitive functions during prolonged isolation

Inoue, N.; Mizuno, K.; Kraft, N.; Ohshima, H.; Sekiguchi, C., 2003:
Investigation of the changes in emotional and health status during prolonged isolation

Baydaş, Bülent.; Yavuz, I.; Atasaral, N.; Ceylan, I.; Dağsuyu, I.Metin., 2004:
Investigation of the changes in the positions of upper and lower incisors, overjet, overbite, and irregularity index in subjects with different depths of curve of Spee

Valentine, J.M.; Bluhm, M.M., 1959:
Investigation of the characteristics of a sedimentation tank by a radioactive tracer technique

Yoon, W-Sub.; Balasubramanian, M.; Chung, K.Yoon.; Yang, X-Qing.; McBreen, J.; Grey, C.P.; Fischer, D.A., 2005:
Investigation of the charge compensation mechanism on the electrochemically Li-ion deintercalated Li1-xCo1/3Ni1/3Mn1/3O2 electrode system by combination of soft and hard X-ray absorption spectroscopy

Gohr, H.; Falkenbach, K.H.; Langenberg, H., 1950:
Investigation of the chemical method in the determination alpha-, beta-, and gamma-globulins and albumins in two cc of serum, and its applications in diagnosis of diseases of the liver

Gohr, H.; Gorges, T.; Thiesen, J., 1952 :
Investigation of the chlorophyll metabolism after oral ingestion of chlorophyll preparations; its effects on the bile pigment reactions

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Investigation of the chromatographic process via pulsed-gradient spin-echo nuclear magnetic resonance. Role of the solvent composition in partitioning chromatography

Dikbas, I.; Koksal, T.; Calikkocaoglu, S., 2006:
Investigation of the cleanliness of dentures in a university hospital

Onuma, S.; Yamaji, K.; Kempe, K.; Ogasawara, M.; Ogawa, T.; Yang, K.; Kanai, M.; Tsuda, H.; Takasaki, Y., 2006:
Investigation of the clinical effect of large volume leukocytapheresis on methotrexate-resistant rheumatoid arthritis

Suzuki, S-ichi., 2006:
Investigation of the cognitive process in selection of stress coping behavior

Fung, D.T.C.; Ng, G.Y.F.; Leung, M.C.P.; Tay, D.K.C., 2003:
Investigation of the collagen fibril distribution in the medial collateral ligament in a rat knee model

Tremblay, P.; Lesage, J.; Ostiguy, C.; Tra, H.Van., 2003:
Investigation of the competitive rate of derivatization of several secondary amines with phenylisocyanate (PHI), hexamethylene-1,6-diisocyanate (HDI), 4,4'-methylenebis(phenyl isocyanate) (MDI) and toluene diisocyanate (TDI) in liquid medium

Frémeaux-Bacchi, Véronique.; Dragon-Durey, M-Agnès.; Blouin, J.; Mouthon, L.; Fridman, W.Herman., 2004:
Investigation of the complement system in clinical practice

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Investigation of the complexation of (+)-catechin by beta-cyclodextrin by a combination of NMR, microcalorimetry and molecular modeling techniques

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Investigation of the composition and formation constant of molecular complexes

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Investigation of the configuration of alkyl phenyl ketone phenylhydrazones from ab initio 1H NMR chemical shifts

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Investigation of the conjectured nucleon deformation at low momentum transfer

Gargas, D.J.; Bussian, D.A.; Buratto, S.K., 2005:
Investigation of the connectivity of hydrophilic domains in Nafion using electrochemical pore-directed nanolithography

Rigobert, S.; Atalla, N.; Sgard, F.C., 2003:
Investigation of the convergence of the mixed displacement-pressure formulation for three-dimensional poroelastic materials using hierarchical elements

Enemark, J.H.; Astashkin, A.V.; Raitsimring, A.M., 2006:
Investigation of the coordination structures of the molybdenum(v) sites of sulfite oxidizing enzymes by pulsed EPR spectroscopy

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Investigation of the core-shell interface in gold@silica nanoparticles: a silica imprinting approach

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Investigation of the coronary vessels in dogs with the aid of motion picture; preliminary communication

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Investigation of the correlation structure of biological tissue polarization images during the diagnostics of their oncological changes

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Investigation of the course of proinflammatory and anti-inflammatory cytokines after burn sepsis

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Investigation of the crippled children in Kanagawa prefecture

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Investigation of the crystal structure and the structural and magnetic properties of SrCu2(PO4)2

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Investigation of the crystallization process in 2 nm CdSe quantum dots

Morton, H.E.; Smith, P.F.; Leberman, P.R., 1951:
Investigation of the cultivation of pleuropneumonia-like organisms from man

Zhu, Y-qin.; Du, R.; Ding, S.; Li, C.; Qin, F.; Gu, Y-xin., 2006:
Investigation of the current situation on clinical application of endodontic treatments in Shanghai municipality

Wei, Q.; Wan, C.; Yao, H.; Li, T.; Xiong, Y., 2003:
Investigation of the degradation behavior of different modified bovine pericardial in vitro

Fürbeth, W.; Stratmann, M., 1995:
Investigation of the delamination of polymer films from galvanized steel with the Scanning Kelvinprobe

Byon, S., 1961:
Investigation of the density of the hair and hair groups of the eyebrows in the Japanese

Chan, C.C.V.; Elliott, J.A.W.; Williams, M.C., 2003:
Investigation of the dependence of inferred interfacial tension on rotation rate in a spinning drop tensiometer

Yadav, V.K.; Singh, L., 2005:
Investigation of the diastereoselectivity of tricyclo(,6))decan-10-ones: controversies and agreements

Naydenova, I.; Jallapuram, R.; Howard, R.; Martin, S.; Toal, V., 2004:
Investigation of the diffusion processes in a self-processing acrylamide-based photopolymer system

ElMaihy, A.; Nicolleau, F., 2005:
Investigation of the dispersion of heavy-particle pairs and Richardson's law using kinematic simulation

Yang, G.; Bao, L.; Zhao, J.; Qu, S., 2003:
Investigation of the distribution and changes of VLDLR subtype in fibrotic cardiac muscles

Kotil, K.; Kuscuoglu, U.; Kirali, M.; Uzun, H.; Akçetin, M.; Bilge, T., 2006:
Investigation of the dose-dependent neuroprotective effects of agmatine in experimental spinal cord injury: a prospective randomized and placebo-control trial

Harrison, W.A., 2004:
Investigation of the driving experience of a sample of Victorian learner drivers

Bezpalov, V.G.; Barash, N.Iu.; Ivanova, O.A.; Semënov, I.I.; Aleksandrov, V.A.; Semiglazov, V.F., 2005:
Investigation of the drug "Mamoclam" for the treatment of patients with fibroadenomatosis of the breast

Asakai, T.; Minegishi, R.; Inaba, N.; Ishimura, Y.; Murayama, M.; Tanaka, T., 2006:
Investigation of the drying conditions for amidosulfuric acid

Thomsen, W., 1952:
Investigation of the dynamics in the gait of the normal and amputated

Yao, X.L.; Conticello, V.P.; Hong, M., 2004:
Investigation of the dynamics of an elastin-mimetic polypeptide using solid-state NMR

Fodor, O.; Munteanu, P.; Marin, F., 1962:
Investigation of the dynamics of secretion of hydrochloric acid in the stomach and of pepsinogen for the diagnosis of ulcers

Li, J.; Woywod, C.; Vallet, Vérie.; Meier, C., 2006:
Investigation of the dynamics of two coupled oscillators with mixed quantum-classical methods

Hill, A.M.; Thompson, B.L.; Harris, J.P.; Segret, R., 2003:
Investigation of the early stages in soraphen A biosynthesis

Simşek, F.Mehmet., 2006:
Investigation of the ecological characteristics of the malaria vector Anopheles claviger (Diptera: Culicidae) in Sanliurfa (Siverek)

Mollica, A., 1949:
Investigation of the effect and mechanism of action of sparteine sulphate on isolated batrachian heart

Xiong, H.; Hou, J.; Gao, W-Ran.; Chen, Q-Bo., 2005:
Investigation of the effect of 2-methoxyestradiol and arsenic trioxide on the apoptosis-associated gene expression profile of myeloma cells

Hu, R.; Ouyang, Q.; Wang, H., 2003:
Investigation of the effect of Na-butyrate on TNBS induced rat colitis

Siriwardena, A.N.; Fairchild, P.; Gibson, S.; Sach, T.; Dewey, M., 2006:
Investigation of the effect of a countywide protected learning time scheme on prescribing rates of ramipril: interrupted time series study

Tikhonravov, A.V.; Trubetskov, M.K.; Amotchkina, T.V., 2006:
Investigation of the effect of accumulation of thickness errors in optical coating production by broadband optical monitoring

Sazykin, I.O., 1955:
Investigation of the effect of albomycin and of certain other antibiotics on multiplying bacterial cultures

Erdogmus, B.; Yazici, B.; Onder, H.I.; Bilgin, C.; Tugay, A.; Buyukkaya, R., 2007:
Investigation of the effect of exhaust particles on ocular blood flow in highway toll collectors using color Doppler ultrasonography

Reinecke, S.; Tschaikin, M., 2005:
Investigation of the effect of oxymetazoline on the duration of rhinitis

Reinecke, S.; Tschaikin, M., 2005:
Investigation of the effect of oxymetazoline on the duration of rhinitis. results of a placebo-controlled double-blind study in patients with acute rhinitis

Verne, J.; Desclaux, P.; Soulairac, A.; Delsol, M., 1952:
Investigation of the effect of paraoxypropiophenone on thyrostimulin and thyroid function in the tadpole of Rana temporaria

Dobozi, M.; Lehoczky, E.; Horváth, S., 2004:
Investigation of the effect of soil herbicides on the growth and nutrient uptake of potato

Bo, T.; Li, K.An.; Liu, H., 2003:
Investigation of the effect of space environment on the contents of atropine and scopolamine in Datura metel by capillary zone electrophoresis

Hommez, G.M.G.; Verhelst, R.; Claeys, G.; Vaneechoutte, M.; D.M.or, R.J.G., 2004:
Investigation of the effect of the coronal restoration quality on the composition of the root canal microflora in teeth with apical periodontitis by means of T-RFLP analysis

Boda, F.D., 1950:
Investigation of the effect of the suprarenal cortical hormone on surviving mammalian heart

Qussi, B.; Suess, W.G., 2005:
Investigation of the effect of various shellac coating compositions containing different water-soluble polymers on in vitro drug release

Ellis, F.; Hoch-Ligeti, C.; Oliver, R., 1951:
Investigation of the effect of x-radiation on the localization of radioactive phosphorus in breast tumors

Wootton, P.; Shalek, R.J.; Fletcher, G.H., 1954:
Investigation of the effective absorption of radium and cobalt 60 gamma radiation in water and its clinical significance

Amato Neto, V.; Alterio, D.L., 1960:
Investigation of the effectiveness of pyrimethamine in the treatment of giardiasis

Vandierendonck, R., 1962:
Investigation of the effectiveness of various antidepressive agents in endogenous melancholias as a function of the clinical picture

Tao, W.; Liu, Y.; Pan, D.; Nie, L.; Yao, S., 2004:
Investigation of the effects of Au-colloid modification on cobalt hexacyanoferrate film growth and mass transport by electrochemical quartz crystal microbalance

McKoy, M-Lynn.; Omoruyi, F.; Simon, O.; Asemota, H., 2004:
Investigation of the effects of a sapogenin-rich preparation from a Jamaican yam (Dioscorea sp.) on blood cholesterol levels in rats

Georgakopoulou, S.; van der Zwan, G.; Olsen, J.D.; Hunter, C.Neil.; Niederman, R.A.; van Grondelle, R., 2006:
Investigation of the effects of different carotenoids on the absorption and CD signals of light harvesting 1 complexes

Budai, M., 2006:
Investigation of the effects of drugs and UV radiation on biological and artificial membranes

Kravtsova, O.Iu.; Voronina, T.A.; Sariev, A.K., 2005:
Investigation of the effects of mexidol in escapable and inescapable emotional stress in inbred BALB/C and C57BL/6 mice

Chien, C.Ting.; Burns, P.N., 2004:
Investigation of the effects of microbubble shell disruption on population scattering and implications for modeling contrast agent behavior

Allen, L.J.; McBride, W.; O'Leary, N.L.; Oxley, M.P., 2004:
Investigation of the effects of partial coherence on exit wave reconstruction

Broglin, B.L.; Andreu, A.; Dhussa, N.; Heath, J.A.; Gerst, J.; Dudley, B.; Holland, D.; El-Kouedi, M., 2007:
Investigation of the effects of the local environment on the surface-enhanced Raman spectra of striped gold/silver nanorod arrays

Peng, L.; Zhang, Q.; Jiang, H.; Bradely, C.J.; James, S.W., 2003:
Investigation of the effects of various factors affecting apoptosis of chronic lymphocytic leukemic cells mediated by P2Z receptors

Ileri, Cğdem.; Sezen, Y.; Dimoglo, A., 2007:
Investigation of the efficacy of electrolyzed acid water on the standard strains of some pathogenic microorganisms

Rühle, S.; Dittrich, T., 2006:
Investigation of the electric field in TiO2/FTO junctions used in dye-sensitized solar cells by photocurrent transients

ElKestawy, M.A.; Saafan, S.A.; Shehata, M.M.; Saafan, A.M., 2006:
Investigation of the electrical properties of some dental composite restorative materials before and after laser exposure

Weissel, W.; Vetter, H., 1952:
Investigation of the electro-pressor latency in arrhythmias by heart catheterism

Chibowski, E.; Wiacek, A.Ewa.; Holysz, L.; Terpilowski, K., 2005:
Investigation of the electrokinetic properties of paraffin suspension. 1. In inorganic electrolyte solutions

Chibowski, E.; Wiacek, A.; Holysz, L.; Terpilowski, K., 2005:
Investigation of the electrokinetic properties of paraffin suspension. 2. In cationic and anionic surfactant solutions

Ammar, A.; Ménétrier, M.; Villesuzanne, A.; Matar, S.; Chevalier, B.; Etourneau, J.; Villeneuve, G.; Rodríguez-Carvajal, J.; Koo, H-J.; Smirnov, A.I.; Whangbo, M-H., 2004:
Investigation of the electronic and structural properties of potassium hexaboride, KB6, by transport, magnetic susceptibility, EPR, and NMR measurements, temperature-dependent crystal structure determination, and electronic band structure calculations

Philis, J.G., 2006:
Investigation of the electronic vibrational structure of furan by REMPI

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Investigation of the fovea centralis in amblyopia

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Investigation of the functional activity of the heart

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Investigation of the gastric mucosa spirochetes of the human

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Investigation of the great vessels in congenital cardiac abnormalities

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Investigation of the health-related quality of life after a dorso ventral stabilization of the thoracolumbar junction

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Investigation of the hemagglutinating salivary factor (Jungeblut) in several dermatoses

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Investigation of the hemolytic effect of quinine

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Investigation of the hepatoprotector action of natural flavonoids

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Investigation of the higher nervous activity in adolescents engaged in athletic activities

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Investigation of the higher nervous function by the method of chain stimuli. 4. Modification of signal significance of chain stimuli

Krasuskii, V.K., 1952:
Investigation of the higher nervous function by the method of chain stimuli. 5. Conditioned reflexes to chains of stimuli with displacement of components

Krasuskii, V.K., 1952:
Investigation of the higher nervous function by the method of chain stimuli. 6. Course of conditioned secretory reaction to a chain of stimuli directed at a single analysor

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Investigation of the higher nervous function in rheumatism using unconditioned and conditioned vascular reflexes

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Investigation of the higher nervous function using the method of vascular conditioned reflexes in hypertension

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Investigation of the human corpus luteum by ultrasonography: a proposed scheme for clinical investigation

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Investigation of the human heart embryo in tissue culture

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Investigation of the hydration process in 3CaO.SiO(2)-plasticizer-water systems by X-ray diffraction

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Investigation of the immunogenicity of a protein drug using equilibrium dialysis and liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry detection

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Investigation of the in vivo desintegration and transit behavior of tetramethylpyrazine phosphate pulsincap capsule in the gastrointestinal tract of dogs by gamma scintigraphy

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Investigation of the incidence of allergy in the school children of Caracas. Results of a preliminary study on 1,963 children

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Investigation of the incidence of leishmaniasis in the Araguaya valley

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Investigation of the incidence of tuberculosis in children of Como by means of the tuberculin patch test

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Investigation of the incommensurate and commensurate magnetic superstructures of LiCuVO4 and CuO on the basis of the isotropic spin exchange and classical spin approximations

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Investigation of the influence of Fas antigen on Hep G2 cells, an erythropoietin producing cell line

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Investigation of the influence of humidity on the ultrasonic agglomeration of submicron particles in diesel exhausts

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Investigation of the influence of spacer arm on the structural evolution of affinity ligands supported on agarose

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Investigation of the influence of spatial coherence of a broad-area laser diode on the interference fringe system of a Mach-Zehnder interferometer for highly spatially resolved velocity measurements

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Investigation of the influence of swallowing, coughing and vocalization on heart rate variability with respiratory-phase domain analysis

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Investigation of the influence of training status on the relationship between the acute exercise and serum leptin levels in obese females

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Investigation of the influencing factors on severe acute respiratory syndrome among health care workers

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Investigation of the inhibitors of 8-azaguanine deaminase activity. I

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Investigation of the inhibitory effect of silica on the degradation of 1,1,1-trichloroethane by granular iron

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Investigation of the initial fragmentation of oligodeoxynucleotides in a quadrupole ion trap: charge level-related base loss

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Investigation of the interaction between curcumin and nucleic acids in the presence of CTAB

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Investigation of the interaction between peanut agglutinin and synthetic glycopolymeric multivalent ligands

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Investigation of the interaction between sodium dodecyl sulfate and cationic polymers

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Investigation of the interaction of the rheumatoid factor and gamma globulin. II. Inhibition of agglutination of latex particles

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Investigation of the interactive effects of gender and psychological factors on pain response

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Investigation of the interfacial properties of water-in-diluted-bitumen emulsions using micropipette techniques

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Investigation of the junction of the saphenous vein--the 3d pudendae

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Investigation of the kinetics of a TiO2 photoelectrocatalytic reaction involving charge transfer and recombination through surface states by electrochemical impedance spectroscopy

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Investigation of the labyrinth pressure variations following induced pressure on the membrane of the round window and on the stapes

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Investigation of the laterality of hostility, cardiovascular regulation, and auditory recognition

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Investigation of the layers doped with rare earth elements in Si substrate and it's key problems

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Investigation of the level of genetical safety of urban population

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Investigation of the light regimen in Moscow greenhouses

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Investigation of the liver cell

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Investigation of the local chemical interactions between Hg and self-assembled monolayers on mesoporous supports

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Investigation of the main gas-exchange parameters in the Mongolian gerbil in view of a space experiment

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Investigation of the marginal adaptation of root-end filling materials in root-end cavities prepared with ultrasonic tips

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Investigation of the mechanical performance of young glass-ionomer cement using dynamic mechanical analysis

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Investigation of the mechanism for the relaxation of rat duodenum mediated via M1 muscarinic receptors

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Investigation of the mechanism of action of pyrogallol-phloroglucinol transhydroxylase by using putative intermediates

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Investigation of the mechanism of cell membrane-active cyclic lipodepsipeptides compounds

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Investigation of the mechanism of chemoreception. 4. The action of nicotine and of acids on the receptors of the intestine during changes in their excitability under the influence of different concentrations of monoiodoacetic acid

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Investigation of the mechanism of drug-induced autoimmune hemolytic anemia in cynomolgus monkeys elicited by a repeated-dose of a humanized monoclonal antibody drug

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Investigation of the mechanism of influence of colloidal gold/silver substrates in nonaqueous liquids on the surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) of fullerenes C60 (C70)

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Investigation of the mechanism of proton translocation by NADH:ubiquinone oxidoreductase (complex I) from bovine heart mitochondria: does the enzyme operate by a Q-cycle mechanism?

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Investigation of the mechanism of resistance to third-generation cephalosporins by class C beta-lactamases by using chemical complementation

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Investigation of the mechanism of syncopal orthostatic hypotension in diseases of the spinal cord

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Investigation of the mechanism of the intramolecular Scholl reaction of contiguous phenylbenzenes

Mouratidis, P.X.E.; Dalgleish, A.G.; Colston, K.W., 2005:
Investigation of the mechanisms by which EB1089 abrogates apoptosis induced by 9-cis retinoic acid in pancreatic cancer cells

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Investigation of the mechanisms involved in isolated orbital floor fracture. Simulation using a finite element model of the human skull