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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 49436

Chapter 49436 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Smocovitis, V.Betty.; Dobzhansky, T.; Stebbins, G.Ledyard., 2007:
Keeping up with Dobzhansky: G. Ledyard Stebbins, Jr., plant evolution, and the evolutionary synthesis

Goedert, J., 2006:
Keeping up with HIPAA compliance

Kaufman, S.D., 1954:
Keeping up with accounts payable

Walker, A.E., 1953:
Keeping up with advances in medicine

Gross, M., 2004:
Keeping up with bioterrorism fears

Meadows, M., 2006:
Keeping up with drug safety information

Long, C.O., 2004:
Keeping up with drug use and safety

Parini, S.; Myers, F., 2003:
Keeping up with hand hygiene recommendations

Biermann, J.Sybil., 2003:
Keeping up with medical information: a Website to help

Kahoe, W., 1960:
Keeping up with medical progress

Fishbein, M., 1959:
Keeping up with medicine

Carroll, P., 2005:
Keeping up with mobile chest drains

Hacker, J.F., 2004:
Keeping up with our neighbors

Raisig, L.M., 1959:
Keeping up with professional literature

Baneyx, Fçois., 2004:
Keeping up with protein folding

LaDuke, S., 2003:
Keeping up with standards: your key to safe practice

Lubick, N., 2006:
Keeping up with the Johnsons

Anonymous, 2003:
Keeping up with the Women's Health Initiative

Rollin, B.E., 2005:
Keeping up with the cloneses--issues in human cloning

Koop, P.M., 2003:
Keeping up with the literature: strategies for success

Pyke, E.L.; Stevens, D.L.; Hill, M.A., 2006:
Keeping up with the neighbours--measuring the bystander response

Hayney, M.S., 2005:
Keeping up with trends and developments in immunizations

Meadows, M., 2007:
Keeping up with vaccines

Gatewood, S.; Goode, J-Venable.R.; Stanley, D., 2006:
Keeping up-to-date on immunizations: a framework and review for pharmacists

Miller, C.A., 2004:
Keeping up-to-date on lipid-lowering drugs

Wyatt, J.C.; Sullivan, F., 2005:
Keeping up: learning in the workplace

Lennox, D., 2004:
Keeping violent behavior in check

Anonymous, 2004:
Keeping waived tests simple

Beattie, E.R.A.; Algase, D.L.; Song, J., 2004:
Keeping wandering nursing home residents at the table: improving food intake using a behavioral communication intervention

Turner, L., 2006:
Keeping warfarin therapy in balance

Harrington, B.E.; Heyman, B.; Merleau-Ponty, N.; Stockton, H.; Ritchie, N.; Heyman, A., 2005:
Keeping warm and staying well: findings from the qualitative arm of the Warm Homes Project

Doolan, D., 2005:
Keeping watch: California's staffing ratios

Anonymous, 2006:
Keeping weight-loss drugs in perspective. If you're dangerously overweight, diet pills may help--but not without major lifestyle changes

Ozolins, I.Z.; Greenwood, G.; Beilby, J., 2005:
Keeping women doctors in the country

Fitzpatrick, M.Jo., 2005:
Keeping your cool while changing your job

Cary, J.B., 2003:
Keeping your focus on what's important

Kroken, P., 2004:
Keeping your head above water. HIPAA security resource announced

Anonymous, 2005:
Keeping your job with kidney disease

Scott-Findlay, S., 2005:
Keeping your practice cutting-edge. Why using research on practice matters

Allen, M., 2004:
Keeping your skills up to date

Genuis, S.J., 2006:
Keeping your sunny side up. How sunlight affects health and well-being

Anonymous, 2005 :
Keeping your tetanus immunity up to date

Condon, M.; Hughes, N., 2006:
Keeping yourself safe: ask the right questions--right from the start

Pleasure, D., 2005:
Keeping "Trk" of paraneoplastic syndromes

Pracht, T.R., 2005:
Keeping--or creating--a beautiful smile

Nielsen, F.Rex., 2006:
Keepsake ultrasounds: more than just another pretty face

Lamme, L., 1961:
Kefauver-Celler bill: a threat to medical progress

Engberg, S.J.; Bender, M.Ann.; Stilley, C.S., 2003:
Kegels and communication

Anonymous, 2006:
Kegels hold up as urinary continence treatment

Xin, Z.; Peng, J.; Wang, T.; Xue, B.; Kong, Y.; Li, L.; Wang, E., 2006:
Keggin POM microtubes: a coincident product of crystal growth and species transformation

Mandal, S.; Das, A.; Srivastava, R.; Sastry, M., 2005:
Keggin ion mediated synthesis of hydrophobized Pd nanoparticles for multifunctional catalysis

Pernambuco, P., 1954:
Kehr double-lumen catheter; its use in common bile duct surgery

Dei Poli-Anzellotti, M., 1951:
Keilin C cytochrome

Gilman, A.G., 1950:
Keinböck or Alyshevsky's phenomenon

Chitty, K., 1958:
Keith Chitty

Brennan, P.A.; Anand, R.; Ethunandan, M.; Sharma, S.; Tilley, E., 2006:
Keith DJ, Ong TK, Martin IC. The role of thoracic computed tomography in staging newly-diagnosed oral squamous cell carcinoma. Br J Oral Maxillofac Surg 2006;44:198-202

Hendershot, E.L.; Meyer, K.Thom, S., 1957:
Keith Thomas Meyer, M.D. 1899-1957

Anonymous, 1957:
Keithon for therapy of parkinsonism

Lin, C-de.; Tang, P., 2004:
Kekulé count in capped zigzag boron-nitride nanotubes

Knohl, A.; Werner, R.A.; Geilmann, H.; Brand, W.A., 2004:
Kel-F discs improve storage time of canopy air samples in 10-mL vials for CO2-delta13C analysis

Bergfors, P.G., 1963:
Kelfizin--a new sulfonamide

Gariod, S.; Brossard, Y.; Poissonnier, M-H.; Vuilliez, B.; Deutsch, V.; Jouk, P-S.; Pons, J-C., 2004:
Kell alloimmunization in pregnancy

Sasaki, M.; Watanabe, N., 2005 :
Kell blood group system and antibodies

Donskov, S.I., 2003:
Kell blood group system of erythrocytes (literature review)

Lewis, M.; Kaita, H.; Chown, B., 1958:
Kell typing in the capillary tube; an adaptation of Low's papainized serum technique to the capillary method of blood grouping

Cochrane, J.B.; Malone, R.H.; Dunsford, I., 1950:
Kell-Cellano blood group system in pregnancy and transfusion

Kelus, A., 1953:
Kell-Cellano blood groups

Hogman, C.; Andersen, B.; Ivemark, B., 1958:
Kell-factor isoimmunization & hemolytic disease of the newborn

Jordan, H.H.; Bordsky, A.E., 1951:
Keller operation for hallux valgus and hallux rigidus. An end result study

Berner, A.; Sage, R.; Niemela, J., 2005:
Keller procedure for the treatment of resistant plantar ulceration of the hallux

Thomas, F.B., 1962:
Keller's arthroplasty modified. A technique in ensure post-operative distraction of the toe

Rössner, S.; Kellog, J.Harvey., 2005:
Kellog, surgeon and creator of cornflakes

Arthur, A.Z., 1965:
Kelly's Non-Parametric Factor Analysis

Nilsen, P.A., 1958:
Kelly's plastic operation in stress incontinence

Moller, A.G.; Moller, N.E., 1960:
Kelly's urethroplasty. A follow-up study

Kelly, T.; Langer, R.; Sherr, C.J.; Stillman, B., 2005:
Kelly, Langer. Sherr and Stillman win 2004 GM Awards

Labo, G.; Franco, T., 1958:
Kelly-Paterson syndrome

Coirault, R.; Portal, F.; Girard, J., 1952:
Kelly-Paterson syndrome: alcoholic cirrhosis with dysphagia, koilonychia and hypochromic anemia

Adegbidi, H.; Atadokpede, F.; do Ango-Padonou, F.; Yedomon, H., 2005:
Keloid acne of the neck: epidemiological studies over 10 years

Mostinckx, S.; Vanhooteghem, O.; Richert, B.; D.L.B.assinne, M., 2005:
Keloid and hypertrophic scar

Tønseth, K.Alexander.; Tindholdt, T.Tind.; Solberg, U.Sverre.; Busic, V.; Mesic, H.; Begic, A., 2003:
Keloid and hypertrophic scars

Robertson, C.K., 1951:
Keloid and self administration of adrenaline

Foa Angeli, A.J., 1952:
Keloid and ultrasonic therapy; preliminary communication

Wallace, H.J., 1950 :
Keloid associated with acne in a young girl

Silverie, R.; Ravisse, P.; Vilar, J.P.; Moulins, C., 1963:
Keloid blastomycosis or Jorge Lobo disease in French Guiana

Leyh, F.; Limberger, S.; Nikolowski, W., 1959:
Keloid development in skin transplantation according to the Reverdin method

Sidwell, R.U.; Francis, N.; Bunker, C.B., 2005:
Keloid development within adolescent striae distensae

Bayat, A.; Arscott, G.; Ollier, W.E.R.; McGrouther, D.A.; Ferguson, M.W.J., 2005:
Keloid disease: clinical relevance of single versus multiple site scars

Burd, A., 2006:
Keloid epidemiology: population based studies needed

Broughton, R.H., 1959:
Keloid following antibiotic powder spray

Vilanov, M.Ntiu, X.; Olle, C.Rominas, F., 1952:
Keloid following electrocoagulation, treated by radium

Dorn, H., 1957:
Keloid formation after revaccination of uniovular twins

Muzaffar, A.R.; Rafols, F.; Masson, J.; Ezaki, M.; Carter, P.R., 2004:
Keloid formation after syndactyly reconstruction: associated conditions, prevalence, and preliminary report of a treatment method

Bekerecioglu, M.; Inaloz, H.Serhat.; Tercan, M.; Isik, D., 2005:
Keloid formation on an inconspicuous penis

Hochman, B.; Vilas Bôas, F.Cássia.; Mariano, M.; Ferreiras, L.Masako., 2005:
Keloid heterograft in the hamster (Mesocricetus auratus) cheek pouch, Brazil

Sharquie, K.E.; Al-Dhalimi, M.A., 2003:
Keloid in Iraqi patients: a clinicohistopathologic study

Lewis, P.M., 1951:
Keloid of conjunctiva

Smith, H.C., 1940:
Keloid of the Cornea

Arav, E.I., 1953:
Keloid of the helix of the ear

Atiyeh, B.S.; Costagliola, M.; Hayek, S.N., 2005:
Keloid or hypertrophic scar: the controversy: review of the literature

Al-Attar, A.; Mess, S.; Thomassen, J.Michael.; Kauffman, C.Lisa.; Davison, S.P., 2006:
Keloid pathogenesis and treatment

Chevray, P.M.; Manson, P.N., 2004:
Keloid scars are formed by polyclonal fibroblasts

Birol, A.; Erkek, E.; Kurtipek, G.S.; Kocak, M., 2005:
Keloid secondary to therapeutic cupping: an unusual complication

Zimmer, J., 1957:
Keloid sponge tissue from the physical point of view

Cellan-Jones, C.J., 1953 :
Keloid, a hazard of piercing for ear-rings

Yeh, F-Lai.; Shen, H-Der.; Lin, M-Wei.; Chang, C-Yun.; Tai, H-Yun.; Huang, M-Hsiang., 2006:
Keloid-derived fibroblasts have a diminished capacity to produce prostaglandin E2

Barzilai, A.; Lyakhovitsky, A.; Horowitz, A.; Trau, H., 2003:
Keloid-like scleroderma

Korting, G.W., 1954:
Keloid-like scleroderma, with remarks on phase variation of certain sclerodermic diseases

Misago, N.; Ogusu, Y.; Narisawa, Y., 2004:
Keloidal basal cell carcinoma after radiation therapy

Verma, R.; Das, A.L.; Vaishampayan, S.S.; Vaidya, S., 2006:
Keloidal granuloma faciale with extrafacial lesions

Santiago, M.; de Castro, Dálvaro.Oliveira.; Costa, Cíntia.Andrade.; Passos, E.Souza.; Paixão, A., 2004:
Keloidal scleroderma

Rekha, A., 2006:
Keloids - a frustrating hurdle in wound healing

Dethibault, M., 1964:
Keloids And Their Treatment

Winkler, E., 1958:
Keloids and c'catricial hypertrophy

Vilanova, X.; Olle, C.Rominas, F., 1951:
Keloids and radium

Slemp, A.E.; Kirschner, R.E., 2006:
Keloids and scars: a review of keloids and scars, their pathogenesis, risk factors, and management

Marshall, W., 1951:
Keloids and skin papilomas

Heikel, P.B., 1954:
Keloids and their treatment

Dazzi, C.; Boeri, F., 1958:
Keloids and their treatment by radiotherapy

Kruger, A., 1954:
Keloids and their treatment with special reference to the radiotherapy

Beer, T.W., 2005:
Keloids are not angiogenic lesions

Chytilova, M.; Kulhanek, V.; Horn, V., 1960:
Keloids as a form of auto-aggression in the scar

Gira, A.Kim.; Brown, L.F.; Washington, C.V.; Cohen, C.; Arbiser, J.L., 2004:
Keloids demonstrate high-level epidermal expression of vascular endothelial growth factor

Kombaté, K.; Pitché, P.; Tchangaï-Walla, K., 2005:
Keloids in dermatology outpatients in Lomé, Togo

Plaschkes, J.; Kaplan, I., 1962:
Keloids in the acromial region following BCG vaccination

Kunzfeld, M., 1952:
Keloids in vaccination and revaccination

Garnes, A.L., 1956:
Keloids of the ears

Reynaers, H., 1953:
Keloids scattered over the thorax following a postpartum eruption of undetermined nature

Marneros, A.G.; Krieg, T., 2005:
Keloids--clinical diagnosis, pathogenesis, and treatment options

Fischl, R.A., 1965:
Keloids: A New Treatment. Three Case Reports

Arnold, H.L.; Grauer, F.H., 1959:
Keloids: etiology, and management by excision and intensive prophylactic radiation

Kurasov, V.F., 1961:
Kelotomy according to A. V. Martynov in conditions of a rural regional hospital

Camelin, A.; Kelsch, R., 1952:
Kelsch and the circumstances of the first systematic fluoroscopies

Hoppe, H.; Glatzel, T.; Niggemann, M.; Hinsch, A.; Lux-Steiner, M.Ch.; Sariciftci, N.S., 2005:
Kelvin probe force microscopy study on conjugated polymer/fullerene bulk heterojunction organic solar cells

Bodo, G.; Mignone, A.; Rosner, R., 2004:
Kelvin-Helmholtz instability for relativistic fluids

Kozik, E.; Svistunov, B., 2004:
Kelvin-wave cascade and decay of superfluid turbulence

Vinen, W.F.; Tsubota, M.; Mitani, A., 2003:
Kelvin-wave cascade on a vortex in superfluid 4He at a very low temperature

Strang, R.R., 1965:
Kemadrin In The Treatment Of Parkinsonism: A Double Blind And One-Year Follow-Up Study

Montuschi, E.; Phillips, J.; Prescott, F.; Green, A.F., 1952:
Kemadrin in postencephalitic parkinsonism

Ballner, H., 1958:
Kemicetin & kemicetin-cortone in the treatment of eye diseases

Way, G.L., 1951:

Bossy, A., 1951:
Kemithal as inductor in anesthesia with ether

Binda, B.; Rollino, A., 1951:
Kemithal sodium anesthesia; clinical observations and experimental research

Aranez, J.B.; Forteza, T.F., 1955:
Kemithal sodium as a general anesthetic for dogs

Henderson, G.G., 1950:
Kemithal sodium; a preliminary clinical study

Pro, R.Yes, M.; Llerena, M.; Martine, S.Ntos, H.; Mel, O.Vera, D.; Escando, R.Iz.R., 1960:
Kemithal-curare in cesareans

Klijn, J.E.; Engberts, J.B.F.N., 2003:
Kemp elimination in membrane mimetic reaction media: probing catalytic properties of catanionic vesicles formed from double-tailed amphiphiles

Jones, O.P., 1961:
Kemp's Law

Grau, C.A., 1956:
Kempner's low-sodium diet and its modifications

Gounelle, H.; Teulon, H.; Cheroux, R., 1950:
Kempner's rice diet for arterial hypertension

Edel, 1958:
Kempner's rice-fruit diet with special reference to its use in ambulatory practice

Thiers, M.H., 1954:
Kempner's salt free diet in the treatment of sequelae of phlebitis and moist dermatosis

Rockewell, M.; Kempton, R.M., 1952:
Kempton, M.D

Hawkins, M., 1961:
Kemptville has reason to be proud

Arbouzova, N.I.; Bach, E.A.; Zeidler, M.P., 2006:
Ken & barbie selectively regulates the expression of a subset of Jak/STAT pathway target genes

Cohen, K., 2003:
Ken Cohen, MA, MSTh. Healing through ancient traditions: Qigong and Native American medicine. Interview by Bonnie Horrigan

Silverman, R.A.; Lucky, A., 2003:
Ken and Katie caterpillar: helpful props for treatment of molluscum contagiosum

Murray, R.D., 1963:
Kenalog and the treatment of hypertrophied scars and keloids in Negroes and whites

Hopkins, F.D.; Emerson, K., 1962:
Kendall EMERSON, 1876-1962

Zanartu, J., 1950:
Kendall's ACTH, compound E and compound F; present concepts and clinical applications

Osgood, C.E., 1953:
Kendon Smith's comments on a new interpretation of figural after-effects

BEZMAN.D.Ia., 1959:
Kendoside therapy of patients with circulatory insufficiency

Studzinskaia, E.A., 1958:
Kendozide therapy in insufficiency of blood circulation

Benezech, C.; Llory, J.; Magna, D.B.Rnier, B., 1956:
Kenetic study, by a photoelectric method, of the rate of globular sedimentation

Murray, G., 2005:
Keniry report recommendations gather momentum

Uchiyama, K.; Brooks, C.M.; Osawa, K., 1965:
Kenji Osawa, A Pioneer Physiologist Of Japan

Zieke, R.M., 1952:
Kennedy Hospital, Veterans Administration, Memphis, Tennessee

Faint, J.; Hall, F., 2004:
Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology Division, Imperial College London, 12-13 November 2003: towards a molecular toolkit for studying lymphocyte function in inflammatory arthritis

Paparounas, K.; Gotsi, A.; Syrrou, M.; Akritidis, N., 2003:
Kennedy disease: avoiding misdiagnosis

Paparounas, K., 2004:
Kennedy disease: insights and questions

Trentin, A.P.; Scola, R.H.; Teive, Hélio.A.G.; Raskin, S.; Germiniani, F.M.B.; Werneck, L.C., 2005:
Kennedy's disease phenotype with positive genetic study for Kugelberg-Welander's disease: case report

Tomczykiewicz, K.; Wrodycka, B.; Sułek, A., 2005:
Kennedy's disease--case report

Greenland, K.J.; Zajac, J.D., 2004:
Kennedy's disease: pathogenesis and clinical approaches

Mccay, C.M.; Stevens, A.C., 1963:
Kennel management and efficient production of pups

Polse, K.A., 2007:
Kenneth A. Polse, OD, MS

Savedoff, W.D., 2004:
Kenneth Arrow and the birth of health economics

Turner, J.C.; Turner, K.B., 1956:
Kenneth B. Turner, 1901-1955

Wrigley, A.J.; Bowes, R.K., 1958:
Kenneth Bowes

Polo, Jé.R.; Appell, K.C., 2006:
Kenneth Charles Appell, M.D.: the surgeon who performed the first radiocephalic fistulas for hemodialysis

WILSON.J.L.; Blackfan, K.D., 1955:
Kenneth D. Blackfan; 1883-1941

Luechauer, K.D., 1956:
Kenneth D. Luechauer; 1898-1956

Cook, R.James.; Baker, K., 2005:
Kenneth Frank Baker--pioneer leader in plant pathology

Botterell, E.H.; Mckenzie, K.Geor, E., 1965:
Kenneth G. Mckenzie, M.D. (1892-1964)

Pridie, K.H., 1963:
Kenneth Hampden Pridie 1906-1963

Taylor, C.R.; Holland, C.K.; Taylor, K., 2003:
Kenneth J. Taylor, MD, PhD, FACP, 1939-2003, pioneer of diagnostic ultrasound imaging

DRAGSTEDT.C.A.; Jones, K.K., 1953:
Kenneth Karl Jones

Kinney, K.K., 1958:
Kenneth Kyle Kinney 1898-1957

Esses, V.M.; Dovidio, J.F.; Unger, R.; Dion, K.Lucien., 2005:
Kenneth Lucien Dion (1944-2004)

Grier, D.D.; Lynch, K., 2004:
Kenneth Lynch and asbestos

Mackay, D.; Fraser, A., 2004:
Kenneth Mellanby Review Award. Bioaccumulation of persistent organic chemicals: mechanisms and models

Brown, V.J.; Olden, K., 2004:
Kenneth Olden, master fencer

Eyre, B.Ook, A.L.; Pridie, K., 1965:
Kenneth Pridie: An Appreciation

STALLWORTHY.K.R.; BLAKE-PALMER.G.; Stallworthy, K.Robert., 1963:
Kenneth Robert Stallworthy

Kizer, K.W., 2007:
Kenneth W. Kizer, MD: making a case for the EHR

Goadby, K.W., 1958:
Kenneth Weldon Goadby

Weiss, E., 2006:
Kennewick Man's Funeral: The Burying of Scientific Evidence

Holden, C., 2004:
Kennewick Man. Court battle ends, bones still off-limits

Holden, C., 2004:
Kennewick Man. Scientists hope ruling will lead them to bones

Larson, L.; Friedman, K., 2004:
Kenni Friedman: a force for change

Guarrera, M.; Rebora, A., 2004:
Kenogen in female androgenetic alopecia. A longitudinal study

Clore, G.L., 1963:
Kent E-G-Y: differential scoring and correlation with the WAIS

Yasgur, J., 2004:
Kent and quantum mechanics

Costich, J.F.; Potter, D.P.T.; Fallat, M.E., 2005:
Kentuckians support trauma system improvement: the Kentucky Trauma Survey report

Partin, B., 2006:
Kentucky ARNP authority to prescribe scheduled drugs

Gutmann, V., 2004:
Kentucky Association of Health Plans, Inc. v. Miller

Sutherland, B., 2004:
Kentucky Board of Nursing practice corner

Whitler, E.T.; Feltner, F.; Owens, J.; Gross, D.A., 2005:
Kentucky Homeplace Defeat Diabetes Screening Test: an analysis of rural Kentucky's challenge to overcome the growing diabetes epidemic

Foulks, G.N., 2006:
Kentucky Lions Eye Center/University of Louisville: an ocular surface center in development

Adams, A., 1964:
Kentucky Medical Students Abroad

Anonymous, 2003:
Kentucky Nurses' Association and Kentucky Nurses Foundation--vision for the future of nursing

Watters, M., 2005 :
Kentucky RN wins decisive over Norton

Liang, B.A., 2003:
Kentucky association of health plans v. Miller: any willing provider laws survive supreme court review

Partin, B., 2006:
Kentucky bill grants authorization to prescribe scheduled drugs

Friedell, G.H.; Linville, L.H.; Sorrell, C.L.; Huang, B., 2003:
Kentucky breast cancer report card

Anonymous, 2004:
Kentucky court wrestles with scope of consent. Hoofnel v. Segal

Haile, J.; Wood, T., 2006:
Kentucky diabetes trend data reveals strong progress yet room for improvement as flu season approaches

Charatan, F., 2004:
Kentucky governor signs death warrant despite medical association guidance

Anonymous, 2005:
Kentucky health system to publicly report more than 200 indicators

Gaines, F.M., 1955:
Kentucky mental health laws

Trossman, S., 2006:
Kentucky nurse blows the whistle--and wins

Poczatek, B., 2005:
Kentucky presses on for CS privileges

Sfikas, P.M., 2003:
Kentucky's 'any-willing-provider' law: Supreme Court says ERISA does not pre-empt statute

Casey, B.R., 2007:
Kentucky's obesity epidemic

Rosenberg, D., 2004:
Kentucky's pain

Head, B.; Ritchie, C.S.; Scharfenberger, J.; Keeney, C.; Hermann, C.; Pfeifer, M., 2004:
Kentucky's palliative care report card

Frazier, M., 1960:
Kentucky's program for the chronically ill

Weaver, C.L., 1963:
Kentucky's radiological safety program

Floyd, J.B.; Richardson, W.W., 1951:
Kentucky's tuberculosis sanitoria

Casey, B.R., 2006:
Kentucky's uninsured

Fraze, D.S., 2005:
Kentucky's war on weight & type 2 diabetes in youth: the battle continues as a legislative victory emerges

Moorman, L.J., 1953:
Kentucky-the progenitor of pioneer doctors

Anonymous, 2005:
Kenya 2003: results from the Demographic and Health Survey

Siringo, S., 2004:
Kenya AIDS council controversy

Anonymous, 2006:
Kenya begins enrollment for Phase I vaccine trial

Siringi, S., 2004:
Kenya proposes tobacco-compensation law

Siringi, S., 2003:
Kenya rejects drugs deal

Fendall, N.R., 1963:
Kenya's Experience--: Planning Health Services In Developing Countries

Siringi, S., 2004:
Kenya's health insurance scheme draws legal criticism

Wakabi, W., 2007:
Kenya's mixed HIV/AIDS response

Green, K.R., 2006:
Kenya's tale. A short story for young people on courage, love and triumph over living with HIV

Anonymous, 2004:
Kenya: AIDS-law sensitization results in schooling for orphans

Anonymous, 2005:
Kenya: Free antiretrovirals distributed in prison

Simpson, D., 2005:
Kenya: beach party "helps" tobacco bill

Anonymous, 2004:
Kenya: labour law reform touches HIV/AIDS

Arika, V., 2005:
Kenya: law students assist with HIV/AIDS legal clinics

Elliott, R., 2004:
Kenya: legislative mendments ease imports of generic drugs

Anonymous, 2003:
Kenyan AIDS advocates launch legal fight for generic drugs

Anonymous, 2004:
Kenyan national consultation on law reform

Square, D., 2003:
Kenyan sex workers key to AIDS vaccine?

Bartlett, I.E., 1963:
Keogh Retirement Programs

Stapinska, J., 1952:
Kepler's test in the determination of adrenocortical insufficiency in diphtheria

Anonymous, 2004:
Kepone (chlordecone)

Mukhin, K.Iu.; Pilin, S.V.; Chadaev, V.A.; Mironov, M.B.; Petrukhin, A.S., 2005:
Keppra in epilepsy treatment: efficacy and tolerability

Drummer, B., 1958:
Keramin injection in the treatment of helomata

Brain, R., 1953:
Kerasin thesaurismosis

Akama, T.O.; Fukuda, M.N.; Nakayama, J., 2003:
Keratan sulfate biosynthesis and macular corneal dystrophy

Javadi, M.Ali.; Mohammadpour, M.; Rabei, H.Mohammad., 2006:
Keratectasia after LASIK but not after PRK in one patient

Muñoz, G.; Montés-Micó, R.; Albarrán-Diego, César.; Alió, J.L., 2005:
Keratectasia after bilateral laser in situ keratomileusis in a patient with previous radial and astigmatic keratotomy

Kim, H.; Song, I.Kyung.; Joo, C-Ki., 2005:
Keratectasia after laser in situ keratomileusis. Clinicopathological case report

Fogla, R.; Rao, S.K.; Padmanabhan, P., 2003:
Keratectasia in 2 cases with pellucid marginal corneal degeneration after laser in situ keratomileusis

Hsiao, J.C.; Tseng, S.S.; Chang, D.C., 2007:
Keratectatic reversion after cessation of contact lens treatment of iatrogenic keratectasia following LASIK

Castroviejo, R., 1943:
Keratectomies for the Treatment of Corneal Opacities

Pavia, L., 1952:
Keratectomy and cortisone protection, possibilities for acute degenerative lesions, ulcers, etc

Lijo Pavia, J., 1952:
Keratectomy with protection; possibilities in acute, degenerative lesions, ulcers, etc

Sedan, J., 1960:

Lebas, P., 1957:
Kerathopathy caused by physiologic lagophthalmos in tropical regions

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