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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 49497

Chapter 49497 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Ibáñez Micó, S.; Pons Aliaga, C.; Polo Martín, P.; Aleu Pérez-Gramunt, M., 2007:
Low back and lower limb pain and refusal to walk as presenting features of Guillain-Barré syndrome

Schapiro, S., 1950:
Low back and rectal pain from an orthopedic and proctologic viewpoint; with a review of 180 cases

Bradford, F.K., 1957:
Low back and sciatic pain

Young, H.H.; Love, J.G.; Svien, H.J.; Price, R.D.; Kroll, H.G., 1955:
Low back and sciatic pain: long-term results after removal of protruded intervertebral disk with or without fusion

Jacobsen, S.; Gosvig, K.Kjaerulf.; Sonne-Holm, S., 2006:
Low back degeneration and radiology

McCRACKEN, W.J., 1959:
Low back disability

Speed, C., 2004:
Low back pain

Vallejo, R.; Benyamin, R.M.; Yousuf, N., 2006:
Low back pain

van Tulder, M.; Koes, B., 2005:
Low back pain (chronic)

Niemeyer, T.; Bövingloh, A.Schulze.; Grieb, S.; Schaefer, Jürgen.; Halm, H.; Kluba, T., 2004:
Low back pain after spinal fusion and Harrington instrumentation for idiopathic scoliosis

Ghaffari, M.; Alipour, A.; Jensen, I.; Farshad, A.Asghar.; Vingard, E., 2006:
Low back pain among Iranian industrial workers

Bezer, M.; Erol, Bülent.; Kocaoğlu, Bş.; Aydin, N.; Güven, O., 2004:
Low back pain among children and adolescents

Bahr, R.; Andersen, S.Ove.; Løken, S.; Fossan, Børn.; Hansen, T.; Holme, I., 2004:
Low back pain among endurance athletes with and without specific back loading--a cross-sectional survey of cross-country skiers, rowers, orienteerers, and nonathletic controls

Lamphier, T.A.; Goldberg, R.I., 1962:
Low back pain and allied disorders treated with phenyramidol

Maitland, G.D., 1957:
Low back pain and allied symptoms, and treatment results

Jandrić, S.; Antić, B., 2007:
Low back pain and degenerative disc disease

Vara, P.; Waris, W., 1952:
Low back pain and gynaecological disease

Cole, M.H.; Grimshaw, P.N., 2003:
Low back pain and lifting: a review of epidemiology and aetiology

Rosecrance, J.; Rodgers, G.; Merlino, L., 2006:
Low back pain and musculoskeletal symptoms among Kansas farmers

Cunningham, C.; Flynn, T.; Blake, C., 2006:
Low back pain and occupation among Irish health service workers

Moner, D.; Maldonado, Jé.Alberto.; Robles, M., 2018:
Archetype modeling methodology

Soferman, N., 1962:
Low back pain and pelvic pain in women

van Tulder, M.; Koes, B., 2004:
Low back pain and sciatica (chronic)

Harzallah, L.; Bouajina, Eès.; Ghannouchi, M.; Amara, H.; Ben Chérifa, L.; Kraiem, C., 2005:
Low back pain and sciatica as the presenting symptoms of neurinoma near the conus medullaris. Contribution of magnetic resonance imaging

Wilson, P.D., 1960:
Low back pain and sciatica due to lesions of the lumbar discs. A study of the results of surgical treatment

Teneff, S., 1957:
Low back pain and sciatica due to posterior compression

Alpers, B.J., 1956:
Low back pain and sciatica; the case for medical management

Bauer, G.H., 1960:
Low back pain and the fibro-elastic diathesis

Bakalim, G., 1959:
Low back pain and tuberculosis

Morken, T.; Riise, T.; Moen, B.; Hauge, S.H.V.; Holien, S.; Langedrag, A.; Pedersen, S.; Saue, I.Lise.L.; Seljebø, G.M.; Thoppil, V., 2003:
Low back pain and widespread pain predict sickness absence among industrial workers

Natvig, Bård.; Eriksen, W.; Bruusgaard, D., 2003:
Low back pain as a predictor of long-term work disability

Cummings, M., 2005:
Low back pain assessment for the medical acupuncturist

Gasking, C.T.; Nicholson, C., 1950:
Low back pain associated with abnormal alignment of the posterior lumbo-sacral articulations

Holmberg, S.; Thelin, A.; Stiernström, E-Lena.; Svärdsudd, K., 2006:
Low back pain comorbidity among male farmers and rural referents: a population-based study

Calmels, P.; Béthoux, F.; Condemine, A.; Fayolle-Minon, I., 2005:
Low back pain disability assessment tools

Ficarra, B.J.; Mclaughlin, W.J., 1952:
Low back pain due to pannicular hernias; report of a case

Kahraman, S.; Sirin, S.; Kayali, H.; Solmaz, I.; Bedük, A., 2003:
Low back pain due to spinal chronic subdural hematoma mimicking intradural tumor in the lumbar area: a case report and literature review

Novaes, F.Silva.; Shimo, A.Keiko.Kakuda.; Lopes, M.Helena.Baena.de.Moraes., 2006:
Low back pain during gestation

Tavafian, S.Sadat.; Jamshidi, A.; Mohammad, K.; Montazeri, A., 2007:
Low back pain education and short term quality of life: a randomized trial

Anonymous, 2005:
Low back pain fact sheet for patients and the public

de Goumoëns, P.; Schizas, C.; So, A.K.L., 2006:
Low back pain in 2006: back to the root

Walker, B.F.; Muller, R.; Grant, W.D., 2004:
Low back pain in Australian adults. health provider utilization and care seeking

Walker, B.F.; Muller, R.; Grant, W.D., 2004:
Low back pain in Australian adults: prevalence and associated disability

Walker, B.F.; Muller, R.; Grant, W.D., 2004:
Low back pain in Australian adults: the economic burden

Prista, A.; Balagué, F.; Nordin, M.; Skovron, M.L., 2004:
Low back pain in Mozambican adolescents

Erol, B.; Segal, L.; Huff, D.; States, L.; Dormans, J.P., 2003:
Low back pain in a 13-year-old girl

Bejia, I.; Abid, N.; Ben Salem, K.; Letaief, M.; Younes, M.; Touzi, M.; Bergaoui, N., 2005:
Low back pain in a cohort of 622 Tunisian schoolchildren and adolescents: an epidemiological study

Mortimer, M.; Pernold, G.; Wiktorin, C., 2006:
Low back pain in a general population. Natural course and influence of physical exercise--a 5-year follow-up of the Musculoskeletal Intervention Center-Norrtälje Study

Hsieh, H-Pin.; Po, H.L.; Hseuh, I-Hung., 2004:
Low back pain in a pregnant woman

Brox, J.Ivar., 2004:
Low back pain in adolescents: no evidence for activity restriction

Cupisti, A.; D'Alessandro, C.; Evangelisti, I.; Piazza, M.; Galetta, F.; Morelli, E., 2004:
Low back pain in competitive rhythmic gymnasts

Thomasen, E., 1962:
Low back pain in gynecology

Hornicky, P., 1952:
Low back pain in medical practice

Hestbaek, L.; Larsen, K.; Weidick, F.; Leboeuf-Yde, C., 2005:
Low back pain in military recruits in relation to social background and previous low back pain. A cross-sectional and prospective observational survey

Weiner, D.K.; Kim, Y-Sin.; Bonino, P.; Wang, T., 2006:
Low back pain in older adults: are we utilizing healthcare resources wisely?

Stergioulas, A.; Filippou, D.K.; Triga, A.; Grigoriadis, E.; Shipkov, C.D., 2005:
Low back pain in physical education teachers

Hanson, H.; Wagner, M.; Monopoli, V.; Keysor, J., 2007:
Low back pain in physical therapists: a cultural approach to analysis and intervention

Barker, K.; Fairbank, J., 2003:
Low back pain in rural Tibet

Moreno-Reyes, R.; Boelaert, M., 2003:
Low back pain in rural Tibet

McBride, D.; Begg, D.; Herbison, P.; Buckingham, K., 2004:
Low back pain in young New Zealanders

Ketelbant, R., 1954:
Low back pain in young men

Jacob, T., 2006:
Low back pain incident episodes: a community-based study

Lee, D., 2004:
Low back pain intervention: conservative or surgical?

Tveito, T.H.; Hysing, M.; Eriksen, H.R., 2004:
Low back pain interventions at the workplace: a systematic literature review

Refshauge, K.M.; Maher, C.G., 2006:
Low back pain investigations and prognosis: a review

Bertagna, L.; Coste, F., 1956:
Low back pain of cenesthopathic and of sinistrosic origin; the so-called psychogenic rheumatism

Pirouzi, S.; Hides, J.; Richardson, C.; Darnell, R.; Toppenberg, R., 2006:
Low back pain patients demonstrate increased hip extensor muscle activity during standardized submaximal rotation efforts

Sanya, A.O.; Ogwumike, O.O., 2006:
Low back pain prevalence amongst industrial workers in the private sector in Oyo State, Nigeria

Cardon, G.; Balagué, F., 2005:
Low back pain prevention's effects in schoolchildren. What is the evidence?

Vindigni, D.; Walker, B.F.; Jamison, J.R.; Da Costa, C.; Parkinson, L.; Blunden, S., 2005:
Low back pain risk factors in a large rural Australian Aboriginal community. An opportunity for managing co-morbidities?

Martinelli, S.; Artioli, G.; Vinceti, M.; Bergomi, M.; Bussolanti, N.; Camellini, R.; Celotti, P.; Capelli, P.; Roccato, L.; Gobba, F., 2005:
Low back pain risk in nurses and its prevention

Coyer, A.B.; Curwen, I.H., 1955:
Low back pain treated by manipulation; a controlled series

Weaver, S.W., 1957:
Low back pain versus the intervertebral disc syndrome

Goubert, L.; Crombez, G.; De Bourdeaudhuij, I., 2004:
Low back pain, disability and back pain myths in a community sample: prevalence and interrelationships

Gallagher, R.M., 2004:
Low back pain, health status, and quality of life in older adults: challenge and opportunity

Líndal, E.; Hauksson, A.; Arnardóttir, S.; Hallgrímsson, J.P., 2004:
Low back pain, smoking and employment during pregnancy and after delivery - a 3-month follow-up study

Shacked, I., 2005:
Low back pain--an additional aspect

Sheffield, F.J., 1962:
Low back pain--with an approach toward prevention

Dittrich, R.J., 1953:
Low back pain-referred pain from deep somatic structure of the back

Wilson, P.D., 1962:
Low back pain. A problem for industry

Javert, C.T.; Hardy, J.D., 1951:
Low back pain. I. Studies on pain intensity in obstetrics including causes, reactions, and methods of control

White, E., 1951:
Low back pain. II. Urologic aspects

Patterson, C.E., 1951:
Low back pain. III. Neurologic aspects

Macnab, I., 1955:
Low back pain. The hyperextension syndrome

Pizon, P., 1953:
Low back pain: General study

Pai, S.; Sundaram, L.J., 2004:
Low back pain: an economic assessment in the United States

Hartrick, C.T., 2006:
Low back pain: best evidence--best tools

Anonymous, 2007:
Low back pain: causes, symptoms, and diagnosis

Sweetman, B., 2005:
Low back pain: diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis

Zanni, G.R.; Wick, J.Y., 2003:
Low back pain: eliminating myths and elucidating realities

van Zundert, J.; van Kleef, M., 2006:
Low back pain: from algorithm to cost-effectiveness?

Gilbert, F.J.; Grant, A.M.; Gillan, M.G.C.; Vale, L.D.; Campbell, M.K.; Scott, N.W.; Knight, D.J.; Wardlaw, D., 2004:
Low back pain: influence of early MR imaging or CT on treatment and outcome--multicenter randomized trial

Biyani, A.; Andersson, G.B.J., 2004:
Low back pain: pathophysiology and management

Pneumaticos, S.G.; Chatziioannou, S.N.; Hipp, J.A.; Moore, W.H.; Esses, S.I., 2006:
Low back pain: prediction of short-term outcome of facet joint injection with bone scintigraphy

Tufo, G.F., 1950:
Low back pain: psychosomatic viewpoint

Chu, C.B., 1962:
Low back pain: review of recent literatures

Linsley, K.R.; Martin, J., 2006:
Low back pain: risk factors for suicide should be elicited

Bamji, A.N., 2004:
Low back pain: sacroiliac joint pain may be myth

Anonymous, 2007:
Low back pain: treatment and prevention

Hestbaek, L.; Leboeuf-Yde, C.; Manniche, C., 2003:
Low back pain: what is the long-term course? A review of studies of general patient populations

Kornfeld, M.I., 1956:
Low back pain; a case history

Alexander, J.S., 1953:
Low back pain; a clinical approach

Rose, G.K., 1958:
Low back pain; diagnosis and treatment

Thompson, P.W., 1958:
Low back pain; emotional factor as a cause

Vieira, E.Ramos.; Kumar, S.; Coury, H.J.C.G.; Narayan, Y., 2006:
Low back problems and possible improvements in nursing jobs

Bradford, F.K., 1960:
Low back sprain and ruptured intervertebral disc

Damlund, M.; Gøth, S.; Hasle, P.; Munk, K., 1986:
Low back strain in Danish semi-skilled construction work

Macdonald, A., 1959:
Low back strains, manipulations and "slipped discs

Blackstone, D.P., 1950:
Low back studies

Sabhesan, D.K., 1952:
Low back-ache; its diagnosis and management

Abeshouse, B.S., 1953:
Low backache caused by chronic infection of the prostate and seminal vesicles

Wilson, R.N.; Wilson, S., 1955:
Low backache in industry; a review of 1,163 cases

Yang, Y.; Babiak, P.; Reymond, J-Louis., 2006:
Low background FRET-substrates for lipases and esterases suitable for high-throughput screening under basic (pH 11) conditions

Kolandaivelu, K.; Edelman, E.R., 2003:
Low background, pulsatile, in vitro flow circuit for modeling coronary implant thrombosis

Ma, H.; Gruebele, M., 2005:
Low barrier kinetics: dependence on observables and free energy surface

De Langen, C.D., 1954:
Low basal metabolism and fatigue

Seyss, R., 1957:
Low bending of the patient's body in the roentgen examination of thoracic organs

Siddappa, R.; Dowhy, M.S.; Rotta, A.T.; Hernan, L.J.; Fuhrman, B.P., 2005:
Low bias flow oscillation with heliox in oleic acid-induced lung injury

Gengenbacher, M.; Stähelin, H.B.; Scholer, Aé.; Seiler, W.O., 2003:
Low biochemical nutritional parameters in acutely ill hospitalized elderly patients with and without stage III to IV pressure ulcers

Harder, T.; Plagemann, A., 2005:
Low birth weight and blood pressure: the role of neonatal factors in the "small-baby-syndrome"

Guerra, Aónio.; Rego, C.; Vasconcelos, C.; Silva, D.; Castro, E.; Guimarães, M.Júlia., 2004:
Low birth weight and cardiovascular risk factors at school age

Daly, B.; Scragg, R.; Schaaf, D.; Metcalf, P., 2005:
Low birth weight and cardiovascular risk factors in Auckland adolescents: a retrospective cohort study

Svacina, S., 2004:
Low birth weight and delayed risk of type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome

Anazawa, S.; Atsumi, Y.; Matsuoka, K., 2003:
Low birth weight and development of type 2 diabetes in a Japanese population

Alves, Jão.Guilherme.B., 2004:
Low birth weight and early weaning: new risk factors for atherosclerosis

Mericq, V., 2006:
Low birth weight and endocrine dysfunction in postnatal life

Weitz, G.; Fehm, H.Lorenz.; Dodt, C., 2004:
Low birth weight and increased sympathetic activity

Wani, M.; Kalra, V.; Agarwal, S.K., 2005:
Low birth weight and its implication in renal disease

Frontini, M.G.; Srinivasan, S.R.; Xu, J.; Berenson, G.S., 2004:
Low birth weight and longitudinal trends of cardiovascular risk factor variables from childhood to adolescence: the bogalusa heart study

Dasgupta, S.; Roy, B.; Mandal, A., 2005:
Low birth weight and maternal socio-biological determinants situation in a medical college hospital

Dickey, R.P.; Lu, P.Y.; Sartor, B.M., 2004:
Low birth weight and prematurely in infertility patients

Abdul Latif, B.I.; Al-Diwan, J.K.; Al-Hadithi, T.S.; Al-Hadi, A.Hussein.M., 2005:
Low birth weight and prematurity in the neonatal unit of a maternity and pediatrics hospital in Iraq

Minagawa, A.Tamami.; Biagoline, Rângela.Elaine.Minéo.; Fujimori, E.; de Oliveira, I.Maria.Vianna.; Moreira, A.Paula.de.Campos.Araújo.; Ortega, L.Dolores.Saldaña., 2007:
Low birth weight and prenatal maternal conditions

Reichman, N.E., 2005:
Low birth weight and school readiness

Kurup, P.J.; Khandekar, R., 2004:
Low birth weight as a determinant of protein energy malnutrition in "0-5 years" Omani children of South Batinah region, Oman

Lackland, D.T.; Egan, B.M.; Ferguson, P.L., 2003:
Low birth weight as a risk factor for hypertension

Berg, J.; Cunha-Cruz, J., 2006:
Low birth weight babies are not at increased risk of primary tooth caries

Dezateux, C.; Lum, S.; Hoo, A-F.; Hawdon, J.; Costeloe, K.; Stocks, J., 2003:
Low birth weight for gestation and airway function in infancy: exploring the fetal origins hypothesis

Milabyo Kyamusugulwa, P., 2006:
Low birth weight in Maniema (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Chia, S.E.; Lee, J.; Chia, K.S.; Chan, O.Y., 2004:
Low birth weight in relation to parental occupations-a population-based registry in Singapore (1994-1998)

Barg, E., 2004:
Low birth weight infants (less than 2500g)--common problems for obstetricians and pediatricians

Plante, L.A., 2004:
Low birth weight may not predict diabetes in pregnancy

Abrishamchian, R.; Kanhai, D.; Zwets, E.; Nie, L.; Cardarelli, M., 2006:
Low birth weight or diagnosis, which is a higher risk?--A meta-analysis of observational studies

Fabiani, L.; Materazzo, F.; Ensabella, F.; Giuliani, A.R.; Patacchiola, F.; Oleandri, V.; Leoni, V., 2004:
Low birth weight, life style of mothers during pregnancy and chlorinated drinking water

Shin, S-Moon.; Chang, Y-Pyo.; Lee, E-Sil.; Lee, Y-Ah.; Son, D-Woo.; Kim, M-Hee.; Choi, Y-Ryoon., 2005:
Low birth weight,very low birth weight rates and gestational age-specific birth weight distribution of korean newborn infants

Chazan, B., 2004:
Low birth weight--can we manage this problem?

Nepomnyaschy, L.; Reichman, N.E., 2006:
Low birthweight and asthma among young urban children

Bakketeig, L.S.; Jacobsen, G.; Skjaerven, R.; Carneiro, I.G.; Knudsen, L.B., 2006:
Low birthweight and mortality: the tendency to repeat low birthweight and its association with early neonatal and infant morbidity and mortality

Wasunna, A.; Mohammed, K., 2003:
Low birthweight babies: socio-demographic and obstetric characteristics of adolescent mothers at Kenyatta National Hospital, Nairobi

Potera, C., 2003:
Low birthweight linked to asthma

Vuyk, J.; Lichtenbelt, B.Jan.; Vieveen, J.; Dahan, A.; Engbers, F.H.M.; Burm, A.G.L., 2003:
Low bispectral index values in awake volunteers receiving a combination of propofol and midazolam

Vaitkus, P.T.; Dickens, C.; McGrath, M.Kay., 2005:
Low bleeding risk from cardiac catheterization in patients with advanced liver disease

Kharb, S., 2003:
Low blood glutathione levels in acute myocardial infarction

Cotte, J.; Filliat; Romagny, G.; Joffard, P.; Pochon, J.; Didierlaurent, J.F., 1963:
Low blood phosphatase with urinary excretion of phospho-ethanolamine during clinically minor rickets. Familial investigation and nosological problem

Hilden, T.; Krogsgaard, A.R., 1958:
Low blood potassium in severe hypertension

Tonkin, A., 2004:
Low blood pressure and low energy: (how) are they related?

Becker, M.C., 1952:
Low blood pressure: fortune or affliction?

Kryger, M.H.; Otake, K.; Foerster, J., 2003:
Low body stores of iron and restless legs syndrome: a correctable cause of insomnia in adolescents and teenagers

Golan, F., 1962:
Low body temperature

Chvojková, Z.; Ostádalová, I.; Ostádal, B., 2004:
Low body weight and cardiac tolerance to ischemia in neonatal rats

Pennisi, P.; Signorelli, S.S.; Riccobene, S.; Celotta, G.; Di Pino, L.; La Malfa, T.; Fiore, C.E., 2003:
Low bone density and abnormal bone turnover in patients with atherosclerosis of peripheral vessels

Helkkula, A.; Kowalkowski, C.; Tronvoll, Bård., 2018:
Archetypes of Service Innovation: Implications for Value Cocreation

Anonymous, 2003:
Low bone density may predict risk of stroke in women

Waheed, A.; Kettl, P.A., 2005:
Low bone density with the use of valproate

Toofanny, N.; Maddens, M.E.; Voytas, J.; Kowalski, D., 2004:
Low bone mass and postfall fracture risk among elderly nursing home men

Borges, Jão.Lindolfo.C.; Brandão, C.M.A., 2006:
Low bone mass in children and adolescents

Kidambi, S.; Partington, S.; Binkley, N., 2006:
Low bone mass prevalence and osteoporosis risk factor assessment in African American Wisconsin women

Vrieze, A.; de Greef, M.H.G.; Wijkstra, P.J.; Wýkstra, P.J.; Wempe, J.B., 2007:
Low bone mineral density in COPD patients related to worse lung function, low weight and decreased fat-free mass

Vogiatzi, M.G.; Autio, K.A.; Mait, J.E.; Schneider, R.; Lesser, M.; Giardina, P.J., 2005:
Low bone mineral density in adolescents with beta-thalassemia

Kano, K.; Yamada, Y.; Nishikura, K.; Kojima, E.; Arisaka, O., 2005:
Low bone mineral density in nephrotic children with steroid dependence and/or frequent relapsers

Figueiredo, Fátima.Aparecida.Ferreira.; Brandão, C.; Perez, R.de.Mello.; Barbosa, W.Fernandes.; Kondo, M., 2004:
Low bone mineral density in noncholestatic liver cirrhosis: prevalence, severity and prediction

Lewiecki, E.Michael., 2004:
Low bone mineral density in premenopausal women

Pereira Silva, J.A.; Costa Dias, F.; Fonseca, J.E.; Canhao, H.; Resende, C.; Viana Queiroz, M., 2004:
Low bone mineral density in professional scuba divers

Aspray, T.J.; Stevenson, P.; Abdy, S.E.; Rawlings, D.J.; Holland, T.; Francis, R.M., 2005:
Low bone mineral density measurements in care home residents--a treatable cause of fractures

Yin, M.T.; Glesby, M.J., 2006:
Low bone mineral density, HIV infection, and women: fracture or fiction?

Pascucci, L.M., 1951:
Low bowel obstruction-roentgen diagnosis

Bradbury, J., 2006:
Low brain oestrogen linked to Alzheimer's disease risk

Walshaw, C.A.; Owens, J.M., 2006:
Low breastfeeding rates and milk insufficiency

Williams, F.C., 1953:
Low budget dictated high standards

Burnell, J.N.; Hatch, M.D., 1988:
Low bundle sheath carbonic anhydrase is apparently essential for effective c(4) pathway operation

Shah, K.N.; Yan, A.C., 2006:
Low but detectable serum levels of tacrolimus seen with the use of very dilute, extemporaneously compounded formulations of tacrolimus ointment in the treatment of patients with netherton syndrome

Chatterjee, S.; O'Malley, B.P.; Price, D.E.; Fielding, A.M.; Aitken, R., 2003:
Low but detectable serum thyroid-stimulating hormone concentrations in ambulant subjects not receiving thyroxine

Gigout, A.; Jolicoeur, M.; Buschmann, M.D., 2005:
Low calcium levels in serum-free media maintain chondrocyte phenotype in monolayer culture and reduce chondrocyte aggregation in suspension culture

Bahcall, J.K., 2005:
Low carb endodontics

Middaugh, D.J., 2005:
Low carb management

Anonymous, 2004:
Low carb vs. low fat. Although people lose weight faster on low-carb diets, those taking the low-fat route catch up in a year. But that's only part of the story

Bendelius, J., 2005:
Low carb: is it the way to quick healthy long-term weight loss, or not?

Carlin, N.Olof., 2006:
Low carbohydrate diet should be tested when the traditional one does not help

Gibb, A.Lindsay.; Welfare, W., 2006:
Low carbohydrate diets and diabetes control

Morrison, K., 2005:
Low carbohydrate diets for diabetes control

Seshadri, P.; Iqbal, N., 2006:
Low carbohydrate diets for weight loss: historical & environmental perspective

Ravnskov, U., 2006:
Low carbohydrate diets reduce the need of statin treatment

Bloch, A.S., 2005:
Low carbohydrate diets, pro: time to rethink our current strategies

Massé, L.; Antonacci, M., 2005:
Low cardiac output syndrome: identification and management

McGavock, J.M.; Mandic, S.; Vonder Muhll, I.; Lewanczuk, R.Z.; Quinney, H.Arthur.; Taylor, D.A.; Welsh, R.C.; Haykowsky, M., 2004:
Low cardiorespiratory fitness is associated with elevated C-reactive protein levels in women with type 2 diabetes

Masuda, M.; Tsunoda, M.; Imai, K., 2006:
Low catechol-O-methyltransferase activity in the brain and blood pressure regulation

Lee, B.; Chang, R.W., 1989:
Low catheter sepsis rate in a hospital-wide nutrition support service

Calleros, L.; Lasa, M.; Toro, Mía.J.; Chiloeches, A., 2006:
Low cell cholesterol levels increase NFkappaB activity through a p38 MAPK-dependent mechanism

Eid, E.A.; Sheta, S.A.; Mansour, E., 2006:
Low central venous pressure anesthesia in major hepatic resection

Wang, W-Dong.; Liang, L-Jian.; Huang, X-Qing.; Yin, X-Yu., 2006:
Low central venous pressure reduces blood loss in hepatectomy

Ojala, T.; Kääpä, P.; Helenius, H.; Ekblad, U.; Kero, P.; Välimäki, I.; Aärimaa, T., 2004:
Low cerebral blood flow resistance in nonventilated preterm infants predicts poor neurologic outcome

Dungan, W.T.; Mckey, R.M., 1957:
Low cerebrospinal fluid glucose associated with meningeal neoplasia

Hartwig, G.; Harsh, J.; Ripley, B.; Nishino, S.; Mignot, E., 2003:
Low cerebrospinal fluid hypocretin levels found in familial narcolepsy

Kern, W.; Benedict, C.; Schultes, B.; Plohr, F.; Moser, A.; Born, J.; Fehm, H.L.; Hallschmid, M., 2006:
Low cerebrospinal fluid insulin levels in obese humans

Mokri, B., 2004:
Low cerebrospinal fluid pressure syndromes

Tucker, G.W.; Baker, W.S., 1953:
Low cervical cesarean section of a term pregnancy in uterus unicornis unicollis associated with renal agenesis and malformation of the bony pelvis

Gernez, L.; Poiret, C., 1963:
Low cesarean section. Critical study based on 721 operations performed in series extended over 30 years

Lisi, G., 1951:
Low chloride or low sodium diet?

Uzan, M., 1955:
Low cholesterol diet

Cheng, T.O., 2004:
Low cholesterol values are no longer common in China

Page, I.H., 1952:
Low cholesterol--low fat diets in prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis

Dedecjus, M.; Masson, D.; Gautier, T.; de Barros, J-Paul.Pais.; Gambert, P.; Lewinski, A.; Adamczewski, Z.; Moulin, P.; Lagrost, L., 2003:
Low cholesteryl ester transfer protein (CETP) concentration but normal CETP activity in serum from patients with short-term hypothyroidism Lack of relationship to lipoprotein abnormalities

Sipponen, P.; Vauhkonen, M.; Helske, T.; Kaariainen, I.; Harkonen, M., 2005:
Low circulating levels of gastrin-17 in patients with Barrett's esophagus

Demirkiran, A.; Kok, A.; Kwekkeboom, J.; Kusters, J.G.; Metselaar, H.J.; Tilanus, H.W.; van der Laan, L.J.W., 2006:
Low circulating regulatory T-cell levels after acute rejection in liver transplantation

Födinger, M.; Sunder-Plassmann, G., 2003:
Low clinical penetrance of homozygosity for HFE C282Y: implications for genetic testing?

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Low comprehension of consent forms creates surge in medical errors

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Low conductivity cationic channel in intact endothelium of the rat aorta

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Low cost air conditioning for the smaller hospital

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Low cost anaerobic system for Indonesia: single baffled septic tank

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Low cost, highly effective parallel computing achieved through a Beowulf cluster

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Low demand for homeowner help

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Low density lipoprotein receptor gene

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Low dietary quality among older adults with self-perceived ill-fitting dentures

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Low digestive hemorrhages

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Low dosage roentgen ray irradiation to the pituitary body and ovaries for pituitary and ovarian dysfunction

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Low dosage tricyclic antidepressants for depression

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Low dosage tricyclic antidepressants in depression. Evidence to change current guidelines is insufficient

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Low dosage tricyclic antidepressants in depression. Giving low dose tricyclics is not justified by evidence

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Low dosage tricyclic antidepressants in depression. Non-superiority does not equal equivalence

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Low dosages of tricyclic antidepressants

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Low dose alpha-methyl-para-tyrosine (AMPT) in the treatment of dystonia and dyskinesia

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Low dose amiodarone-induced lung injury

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Low dose aspirin lowered stroke risk but not risk of myocardial infarction or cardiovascular death in women

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Low dose aspirin may reduce the risk of recurrent colorectal adenoma

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Low dose aspirin, COX-inhibition and chemoprevention of colorectal cancer

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Low dose beta-emitter source induces sexual reproduction instead of fragmentation in an earthworm, Enchytraeus japonensis

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Low dose busulfan facilitates chimerism and tolerance in a murine model

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Low dose chemotherapy as a means of reducing toxicity

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Low dose combined spinal-epidural anaesthesia for caesarean section in a patient with peripartum cardiomyopathy

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Low dose creatine supplementation enhances sprint phase of 400 meters swimming performance

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Low dose endotoxin priming is accountable for coagulation abnormalities and organ damage observed in the Shwartzman reaction. A comparison between a single-dose endotoxemia model and a double-hit endotoxin-induced Shwartzman reaction

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Low dose epidural bupivacaine plus fentanyl for caesarean section

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Low dose epidural bupivacaine/fentanyl infusion does not mask uterine rupture

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Low dose estrogen replacement therapy (ERT) for postmenopausal hemodialysis (HD) patients

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Low dose glucocorticoids in early rheumatoid arthritis

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Low dose hormone replacement therapy: clinical efficacy

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Low dose intravaginal misoprostol for induction of labor at term

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Low dose intravaginal misoprostol versus intracervical baloon catheter for pre-induction cervical ripening

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Low dose intravitreal triamcinolone acetonide in the treatment of neovasular glaucoma

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Low dose iron supplementation was effective in older patients with iron deficiency anaemia

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Low dose isotretinoin combined with tretinoin is effective to correct abnormalities of acne

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Low dose melphalan in the treatment of myelofibrosis: a single centre experience

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Low dose methotrexate combined with GM-CSF induced differentiation of U937 cells

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Low dose multislice CT in the pediatric patient

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Low dose non-enhanced CT versus standard dose contrast-enhanced CT in combined PET/CT protocols for staging and therapy planning in non-small cell lung cancer

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Low dose of aspirin during pregnancy

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Low dose of disulfiram and l-dopa evoked synergistic modification in behavior of Wistar and WAG/Rij rats

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Low dose of infliximab is inadequate in most patients with spondylarthropathies

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Low dose of snake antivenom is as effective as high dose in patients with severe neurotoxic snake envenoming

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Low dose of sodium divalproate for the treatment of migraine

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Low dose pramipexole is neuroprotective in the MPTP mouse model of Parkinson's disease, and downregulates the dopamine transporter via the D3 receptor

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Low dose prednisolone for treatment of RA

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Low dose prednisolone reduces CD4+ T cell loss in therapy-naive HIV-patients without antiretroviral therapy

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Low dose radiation and cancer in A-bomb survivors: latency and non-linear dose-response in the 1950-90 mortality cohort

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Low dose radiation risk: UKRC 2004 debate

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Low dose radiation risks

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Low dose remifentanyl infusion for analgesia and sedation in ventilated newborns

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Low dose risperidone in the treatment of schizophrenia-like symptoms in high-risk subjects

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Low dose rofecoxib, inflammation and prostacyclin synthesis in acute coronary syndromes

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Low dose spiral computed tomography

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Low dose succinylcholine iodide in electroshock therapy

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Low dose sultamicillin in acute sinusitis

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Low dose synthetic prostaglandin E2: always safe for pregnancy termination?

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Low dose systemic morphine attenuates operant escape but facilitates innate reflex responses to thermal stimulation

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Low dose thalidomide in patients with relapsed or refractory multiple myeloma

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Low dose theophylline in asthma: let us give a chance

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Low dose treatment protocol in magnesium sulfate tocolysis

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Low dose whole lung irradiation for intractable pleural effusion due to idiopathic myelofibrosis

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Low dose, lack of power not a test of sevoflurane burst suppression therapy

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Low dose, long-term warfarin safely prevents blood clots

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Low dose-intensity docetaxel in the treatment of pre-treated elderly patients with metastatic breast cancer

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Low doses of radiation linked to small increase in cancer risk

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Low flow oxygen inhalation therapy with the transtracheal catheter system

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Low hemoglobin levels in men

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Low impact factor of Italian journals: another aspect of the poor research funding?

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Low in sodium, but not in taste

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Low income, welfare and nutritional vulnerability

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Low intensity strength training for ambulatory stroke patients

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Low intensity warfarin anticoagulation is safe and effective as a long-term venous thromboembolism prevention strategy

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Low intestinal hemorrhage with splenic participation: clinical case report

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Low intra-ocular tension caused by reduction in aqueous humor debit

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Low investment in immunization and vaccines threatens global health

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Low investment type of district hospital

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Low level laser therapy in primary Raynaud's phenomenon--results of a placebo controlled, double blind intervention study

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Low level laser therapy is not low

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Low level mercury exposure in dentists--the tip of the iceberg

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Low level noble gas measurements in the field and laboratory in support of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty

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Low level of quality of life in patients with mental and behavioral disorders wanting complementary and alternative (kampo) therapy

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Low level stimulation in the differentiation of middle ear pathology

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Low levels of anti-histone antibodies in north Indian children with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis

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Low levels of endogenous androgens increase the risk of atherosclerosis in elderly men: further supportive data

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Low levels of fluoroquinolone resistance in Escherichia coli. A five-year trend in Australia measured through the use of TSN Database Australia

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Low levels of insulin-like growth factor type 1 receptor expression at cancer cell membrane predict liver metastasis in Dukes' C human colorectal cancers

Anonymous, 2005:
Low levels of ionising radiation may cause harm

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Low levels of lymphocyte MDR1 gene expression during early renal transplantation in patients treated with tacrolimus

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Low levels of mtDNA deletion mutations in ETS normal fibers from aged rats

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Low levels of osteocalcin and leptin in serum of vegetarian prepubertal children

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Low levels of plasma soluble complement receptor type 1 in patients receiving thrombolytic therapy for acute myocardial infarction

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Low levels of protein Z and the risk of venous thromboembolism

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Low levels of recall among adult Canadians of the CSEP/Health Canada physical activity guidelines

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Low levels of serum elastase are not associated with mutations in ELA-2 elastase encoding gene in chronic idiopathic neutropenia

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Low levels of serum inhibin B do not exclude successful sperm recovery in men with nonmosaic Klinefelter syndrome

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Low levels of sodium and potassium in the water from wetlands in Minnesota that contained malformed frogs affect the rate of Xenopus development

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Low levels of soluble DPN-linked alpha-glycerophosphate dehydrogenase in tumors

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Low levels of the vascular endothelial growth factor in CSF from early ALS patients

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Low ligand loading, highly enantioselective addition of phenylacetylene to aromatic ketones catalyzed by Schiff-base amino alcohols

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Low linkage disequilibrium indicative of recombination in foot-and-mouth disease virus gene sequence alignments

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Low linking social capital as a predictor of coronary heart disease in Sweden: a cohort study of 2.8 million people

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Low literacy levels can limit effectiveness of DM programs

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