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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 49582

Chapter 49582 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Hirata, K.; Shimamura, Y.; Suzuki, K.; Sadamasu, Y.; Ito, K., 2006:
Method of component assay of alpha-glucosyltransferase-treated stevia (enzymatically modified stevia) products using enzymatic hydrolysis

Pascal, J.I., 1954:
Method of concordance in the diagnosis of strabismus

Mikhailov, V.V.; Sverdlov, I.S., 1957:
Method of conducting laboratory studies on pathological physiology on experimental induction of conduction disorders of intramural cardiac

Aks, N.A., 1954:
Method of conducting practical exercises in infectious diseases on clinical basis in absence of corresponding patients

Ostrovskaia, S.G., 1950:
Method of conducting practical instructions in public health organization

Ostrovskiĭ, V.K.; Mashchenko, A.V.; Ermolenko, A.S., 2003:
Method of conducting the jejunum for hepatico-jejunal anastomosis

Shkliar, B.S., 1954:
Method of conduction of polyclinical courses at the therapeutic departments of medical schools

Yu, M.H., 1959:
Method of construction and use of a venous circulation calculator having a single opening

Laksine, G., 1953:
Method of construction of fixed removable bridges

Tulou, P., 1957:
Method of continued observation of respiration gas

Fronkova, K.; Slegr, L., 1955:
Method of continuous bloodless registration of blood pressure

Brendel, W.; Koppermann, E., 1953:
Method of continuous bloodless registration of the blood pressure in carotid loop

Kong, F.C., 1961:
Method of continuous drainage of the brain before and after neurosurgery

Zhirkova, I.V.; Stepanenko, S.M.; Butyleva, O.Iu.; Zilbert, E.V.; Manerova, A.F.; Golodenko, N.V., 2004:
Method of continuous intravenous postoperative analgesia with promedol in newborn children

Seppo, A.I., 1957:
Method of continuous or frequent intra-osseous administration of antibiotics in suppurative bone infections

Krug, H., 1956:
Method of continuous photographic registration of blood sedimentation rate; contribution to the problem of blood sedimentation reactions and fibrin in pulmonary tuberculosis

Parolla, D.I., 1958:
Method of continuous registration of blood flow in the brain in acute and chronic experiments

Muhlberg, B.; Ri H Dal, 1957:
Method of continuous registration of body temperature and other mechanically non-comprehensible biological reactions with a mechanical ordinate register

Galodov, I.I., 1957:
Method of continuous registration of carbon dioxide in expired air

Riabchenko, I.M., 1952:
Method of continuous selection of microorganisms from industry

Selivanov, K.P., 1955:
Method of control and elimination of enterobiosis in child institutions

Takeuchi, T., 1962:
Method of control during delivery

Anonymous, 1954:
Method of control of blood for transfusion: hemoglobin, residual humidity and proteins

Stanski, F., 1951:
Method of control of certain infectious and epidemic diseases in animals

Kmety, E.; Keleti, J., 1953:
Method of control of efficacy of disinfection

Khomchenovskii, E.I., 1959:
Method of control of gastrointestinal side effects during chlorethylamine therapy

Teixeira, O., 1952:
Method of control of growth and development by the Wetzel grid technic

Ablichenkov, I.I., 1953:
Method of control of harmful effect of mercury in laboratories

Grodko, N.S.; Chertkova, F.A., 1958:
Method of control of immunogenic properties of anatoxins in mice

Mozota Sagardia, J.R., 1953:
Method of control of serous labyrinthitis and hydrops of the labyrinth following fenestration

Kragujevic, M.J., 1950:
Method of coproculture in diagnosis of intestinal diseases

Szukiewicz, H., 1954:
Method of correction of certain deformities of the hands in rheumatoid arthritis

Betelman, A.I.; Chernomordik, A.S., 1950:
Method of correction of palatal position of the frontal teeth

Markiewicz, J., 1958:
Method of corrective exercise in scoliosis

Delpy, L.P.; Beranger, G.; Kaweh, M., 1956:
Method of counting living bacteria

Mazzotti, L., 1953:
Method of counting of Trichuris trichiura egg and its application in not severe cases of parasitic infections

Keily, M.D., 1957:
Method of counting thrombocytes

Sinenchenko, G.I.; Dolgorukov, M.I.; Mikhaĭlov, A.P.; Kulagin, V.I.; Pichuev, A.V.; Adamenko, V.N., 2005:
Method of cover of "difficult" duodenal stump in resection of the stomach

Manoliu-Furnica, C., 1957:
Method of covering perforated duodenal ulcer and management of duodenal stump

Benetato, G.; Oprisiu, C.; Baciu, I., 1957:
Method of creation of isolated brain with intact spinal cord

Spasojevic, V., 1957:
Method of cultivation of Hemophilus pertussis obtained by nasopharyngeal smear and cough on the slide in diagnosis of whooping cough

Głebicki, T.; Sym, E.A., 1952:
Method of culture of Mycobacterium tuberculosis on filter paper

Netter, R.; Barski, G., 1951:
Method of culture of leukocytes from the circulating blood

Lukashevich, S.I., 1956:
Method of culture of trachoma virus

Yang, X.; Zhou, R.; Ha, P.; Tian, Y.; Gu, L.Z.; Xia, Y.M., 1997:
Method of cyanogen bromide-fluorimetry determination of trace amount of selenomethionine in grain and blood

Stavskaia, E.Ia., 1952:
Method of cytodiagnosis of cancer in gynecological practice

Nadin, C., 1958:
Method of cytological investigation of neoplastic exudates by means of rapid inclusion

Dusinsky, G., 1957:
Method of dead-stop titration & its possible use in pharmaceutical analysis

Ackermann, J.; Nowicki, Z.; Szafraniec, I., 1956:
Method of decalcification of hard tissues in moderate vacuum

Svrakov, D.; Anastasova, M., 1952:
Method of decalcification of teeth and bones for histopathological examination

Mikhaĭliuk, I.K.; Razzhivin, A.P., 2003:
Method of decomposing spectra using the original spectrum and its derivatives

Rudenko, G.G., 1963:
Method of decontaminating double layer filters contaminated with activated charcoal

Lestev, V.A., 1955:
Method of decrease of morbidity of dysentery; data from epidemiologic practice

Slesareva, A.I., 1952:
Method of decrease of the rate of gynecological diseases and associated working incapacity

Struchkov, V.I., 1955:
Method of decreasing of hazards in pulmonary surgery

Kaplun, E.M., 1952:
Method of decreasing of pentothal toxicity in anesthesia

Bielas, I., 1954:
Method of deep amputation; preliminary communication

Hromatka, A., 1955:
Method of deglutition bite-taking for functional impression of the mandible

Muhuri, P.K.; Macdorman, M.F.; Menacker, F., 2006:
Method of delivery and neonatal mortality among very low birth weight infants in the United States

Lumley, J., 2003:
Method of delivery for the preterm infant

Burckard, J.; Fontaine, R.; Mandel, P., 1957:
Method of demineralization of bone for study of enzymes and protein matrix

Rundberg, G., 1962:
Method of demonstrating war games

Kowalski, R., 1954:
Method of demonstration of alveolar epithelium in mammals

Solov'ev, V.D.; Alekseeva, A.K., 1959:
Method of demonstration of influenza viruses in tissue cultures

Perepelkin, S.R., 1955:
Method of denervation of isolated stomach

Dudek, J., 1952:
Method of dental fluoridation by rinsing

Maffei, G., 1952:
Method of depistage applicable in medicine

Al'tman, I.A.; Maruseva, A.M., 1959:
Method of derivation of potentials from different points of the auditory system of the cat in chronic experimental conditions

Vallery-Radot, P.; Domart, A.; Wolfromm, R.; Hazard, J., 1960:
Method of desensitization by subintrant doses in a subject sensitive to penicillin

Vallery-Radot, P.; Domart, A.; Wolfromm, R.; Hazard, J., 1960 :
Method of desensitization by subintrant doses in a subject sensitized to penicillin

Vacek, M., 1956:
Method of detailed statistics of total morbidity in Czechoslovakia

Heese, G.; Tietzen, F., 1956:
Method of detecting deafness in children attending schools for retarded

Grever, A., 1951:
Method of detecting leaks in food preservation cans

Erenkov, V.A., 1959:
Method of detection and clinical significance of Cherni's symptom in chorea in children

Sembrat-Niewiadomska, Z.; Kurpiers, J., 1955:
Method of detection of Vi antibodies

Raynaud, M.; Levesque, J., 1959:
Method of detection of bifidus in feces of infants

Molchanova, I.N., 1958:
Method of detection of chromaffin elements in animal organism

Khaiutin, V.M., 1958:
Method of detection of direct and indirect effects of pharmacological substances on the blood vessels

Kentorovich, R.A., 1953:
Method of detection of influenza antigens in the blood and in the nasopharynx in men

Bass, F.; Herold, J., 1958:
Method of detection of neoplasms of female genitalia in rural areas

Barreto, R.C.; Lorian, V., 1963:
Method of detection of niacin in cultures of mycobacteria

Dianova, E.V.; Voroshilova, A.A., 1954:
Method of detection of pathogenic bacteria with the aid of biological antiseptics

Zemskov, M.V.; Bialik, Z.M., 1962:
Method of detection of plasmocoagulase and fibrinolysin in Leptospira

Kit, I.Ia.; Koval'ova, V.A.; Bobak, I.P.; Drobot, L.B., 2004:
Method of detection of protein kinase activity in polyacrylamide gel using two-dimensional protein separating system

Kovaleva, E.P., 1957:
Method of detection of re-infection in dysentery

Lan, J-Cai.; Wu, T.; Zhou, H-You.; Zhang, Y-Ze.; Wei, Y-Ming.; Lai, Z-Fa.; Cao, Q.; Yang, Q-Ke.; Wu, D-Lin.; Liu, Z., 2004:
Method of detection of soluble HLA-I and soluble HLA-I level alteration in storage blood

Bukin, V.N.; Vodolazskaia, N.A., 1950:
Method of determination and certain data on qualitative properties of proteins in food products in relation to vitaminization

Fusco, F., 1953:
Method of determination and value of so-called four-hours Thorn test; critical evaluation

Fabre, R.; Truhaut, R.; Peron, M., 1950:
Method of determination benzene and toluene in complex solvents and atmosphere

Chabassol, C.; Pigoury, L., 1956:
Method of determination by flocculation reaction of meat portions of various types contained in a pork product preparation

Pigoury, L.; Chabassol, C., 1956:
Method of determination by flocculation the proportions of meast of various kinds contained in ground meat preparations

Zimmermann, W., 1951:
Method of determination of 17-ketosteroids

Charollais, E.J.; Ponse, K.; Jayle, M.F., 1957:
Method of determination of 17-ketosteroids in the urine of guinea pigs; application in estrus cycle

Zakharova, M.P.; Deviatnin, V.A., 1953:
Method of determination of 2-methyl-1,4-naphthoquinone in its water-soluble derivatives

Bracco, M.; Curti, P.C.; Giuliano, V., 1955:
Method of determination of 5-hydroxytryptamine (platelet vasoconstrictor factor) in the blood

Dallemagne, J., 1950:
Method of determination of CO2 in pulverized solids

Baltrashevich, A.K., 1960:
Method of determination of H-antigens of enteropathogenic Escherichia coli in semiliqiuid agar

Caleffi, M.; Dal Brollo, F.; Mecarelli, E.; Rossi, E., 1959:
Method of determination of amide nitrogen in liver extracts

Raab, K., 1953:
Method of determination of aniseikonia with the aid of Brecher's perimetric apparatus

Piul'skaia, V.I., 1958:
Method of determination of anti-oxidizing agents; review of foreign literature

Baisset, A.; Huron, R.; Lareng, L., 1954:
Method of determination of antidiuretic substances in serum

Li, Z-Jun.; Wu, Y-Ning.; Liu, H.; Xue, C-Hu., 2005:
Method of determination of biogenic amines in wines by high-performance liquid chromatography with fluorescence detector and ultraviolet detector

Leites, S.M.; Iakusheva, T., 1955:
Method of determination of biologically active preparations of lipocaine

Bazaron, S.Ts., 1950:
Method of determination of blood coagulation time

Ginetsinskii, A.G.; Vasil'eva, V.F.; Zaks, M.G.; Sokolova, M.M.; Soo, V.A., 1958:
Method of determination of capacity function of the female breast

Lustinec, K., 1953:
Method of determination of carbohydrates with anthranone

Apel', L.S.; Apel', I.A., 1953:
Method of determination of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide in air

Tkachenko, B.I., 1959:
Method of determination of cardiac minute volume in dogs

ABEL'SON, R.Ts., 1953:
Method of determination of carotene

Knubovets, I.S., 1955:
Method of determination of central occlusion of teeth

Il'inskii, D.A.; Kuznetsov, V.I., 1958:
Method of determination of certain hemodynamic indices in dogs in chronic experiments

Jeuniaux, C., 1951:
Method of determination of chitinase

Niebroj, T., 1954:
Method of determination of cholesterol and its derivatives in tissue

Levchenko, M.A., 1955:
Method of determination of cholesterol in the blood

Trusov, V.I., 1950:
Method of determination of choline in biologic material

From, A.A.; Lipats, A.A., 1958:
Method of determination of circulating blood volume in the human with the aid of polyglucin

Lambrichts, G.P., 1951:
Method of determination of classic indexes in tuberculosis in the Belgian Congo

Kotovshchikova, A.M.; Bleksmit, Z.D., 1957:
Method of determination of clot retraction

Mesinev, M.S., 1955:
Method of determination of coagulation rate and of bleeding time

Poliakov, A.I., 1955:
Method of determination of coagulation time

Poliak, B.L.; Gorban', A.I., 1955:
Method of determination of concentration of fluorescein in the aqueous humor in vivo (biocolorimetry)

Moravek, M., 1954:
Method of determination of correlations between the signal systems

Nikolaichuk, S.P., 1954:
Method of determination of corticosteroids in adrenals and blood

Berkhin, E.B., 1954:
Method of determination of creatinine in the blood

Fekete, G.; Gyermek, L., 1955:
Method of determination of dextran in the tissues

Marhold, J., 1953:
Method of determination of diazo substances in urine

Puchinskas, I.P., 1958:
Method of determination of drug resistance of Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Ciesielska, B.; Łukaszewicz, A.; Celewicz, L.; Maciejewski, A.; Kubicki, J., 2007:
Method of determination of emission properties of very weakly emitting species ensuring elimination of emission of impurities

Igantovich, Z.A., 1953:
Method of determination of enteric bacteria

KUVAEVA, I.B.; MIKHLIN, S.Ia., 1954:
Method of determination of enterokinase

Pirogov, L.S., 1952:
Method of determination of erythrocytes sedimentation rate in man with reference to the effect of erythrocytes count

Jarrier, M.; Polonovski, J., 1955:
Method of determination of esterified fatty acids and its application to blood serum

Avetisov, E.S.; Belostotskii, E.M., 1958:
Method of determination of eye fixation in amblyopia

Guseva, A.R.; Nestiuk, M.N., 1953:
Method of determination of flavone substances in plants

Majer, M., 1950:
Method of determination of free and bound thiamine

Chadzynska, J., 1954:
Method of determination of free and bound water in the organism

FEL'DMAN, M.Ia., 1958:
Method of determination of free formaldehyde in the presence of amino acid-formaldehyde and protein-formaldehyde compounds

Bourrillon, R., 1952:
Method of determination of globin

Pokryvalova, K.P., 1959:
Method of determination of hearing disorder in 3-year old children

Pokryvalova, K.P., 1954:
Method of determination of hearing disorders in children 4-11 years old

Isaev, V.I., 1954:
Method of determination of hemosporidine preparation (LP2) and its retention in the animal organism

Gladyshev, B.N., 1956 :
Method of determination of hexosamine-containing compounds in biological substances

De Giuseppe, L., 1952:
Method of determination of hormonal steroids in pharmaceutical preparations; oily solutions of progesterone

Osinka, M.; Frankowska-Stochowa, K., 1953:
Method of determination of incomplete antibodies and their significance in pathogenesis of hemolytic disease in newborn

Fomina, L.S.; Mikhlin, S.I.A.; Shlygin, G.K., 1952:
Method of determination of intestinal phosphatase

Beliaeva, E.N., 1957:
Method of determination of iodine in natural water

Fiserova-Bergerova, V., 1958:
Method of determination of iron and copper in biological fluids following complexon therapy

Vaksleiger, G.A., 1955:
Method of determination of irritability of the respiratory center

Businelli, M.; Rocchi, B., 1952:
Method of determination of isonicotinic acid hydrazide

Scevola, M.E., 1955:
Method of determination of lactic acid dehydrogenase

Lukasik, S.; Orlowski, M., 1958:
Method of determination of lipoprotein lipase activity in the blood; preliminary report

Chikovani, K.P., 1953:
Method of determination of location of tractotomy in trigeminal neuralgia

Polezhaev, N.G., 1956:
Method of determination of mercury in air

Fedorov, G.M., 1962:
Method of determination of mineral oil aerosol using membrane filters

Varteresz, V., 1953:
Method of determination of modifications of plasma volume with Congo red

Kisin, I., 1959:
Method of determination of myocardial oxygen requirements with the aid of E. M. Kreps' oximeter

Belousov, A.Z.; Novikov, I.V.; Oreshko, V.F.; Polivoda, B.I., 1958:
Method of determination of natural atmospheric radioactivity due to aerosols

Uvarovskaia, O.M., 1951:
Method of determination of neutral urinary 17-ketosteroids and estrogens in diseases of the endocrine system

Haebisch, H., 1951:
Method of determination of oxygen saturation of blood and of minute volume of the heart

Turek, B., 1956:
Method of determination of pH on skin surface by color indicators

Komendantova, M.V., 1954:
Method of determination of paraaminosalicylic acid in biological fluids

Rubtsova, L.K., 1952:
Method of determination of penicillin concentration in urine

GEVORKIAN, I.Kh., 1955:
Method of determination of permeability of arteries and of conditions of collateral circulation

Al'terman, N.A., 1951:
Method of determination of phenols in industrial sewage

Lineva, V.A., 1953:
Method of determination of physiological age of Musca domestica domestica L

Astrinskii, S.D., 1954:
Method of determination of position in longitudinal fetal presentation

Camera, V.; Marinoni, U., 1954:
Method of determination of protein iodine in plasma

Khrushcheva, E.A., 1955:
Method of determination of prothrombin in the blood

Iasakova, O.I.; Levina, S.I., 1955:
Method of determination of prothrombin time in anticoagulant therapy

Meyer, G., 1957:
Method of determination of prothrombin time in non-specialized centers

Tomson, N.M., 1958:
Method of determination of radioactivity of atmospheric dust

Merzon, A.K., 1957:
Method of determination of renal blood circulation

Camponovo, P.E., 1951:
Method of determination of renal clearance

Cuzzoni, M.T., 1957:
Method of determination of reserpine in pharmaceutical preparations

Vasilevskaia, N.L., 1955:
Method of determination of resistance of erythrocytes

Hubik, J., 1952:
Method of determination of saponin drugs

Elkin, I.I.; Eidelstein, S.I., 1950:
Method of determination of sensitivity of microorganisms to antibiotics

Kuleshova, M.I., 1954:
Method of determination of small quantities of atropine in medicinal mixtures

Meislowa, P.; Ryzewska, A., 1954:
Method of determination of small quantities of tetanus antitoxin in sera

Nejamkis, M.; Reibel, O., 1960:
Method of determination of sodium potassium and nitrogen in bandages

Neven, M.; Fouassin, A., 1962:
Method of determination of starch in feces

Rubtsova, L.K., 1952:
Method of determination of streptomycin

Krstic, S.; Banic, S.; Krstic-Arko, K., 1950:
Method of determination of streptomycin resistance in tubercle bacilli

Khmaladze, A.G., 1958:
Method of determination of supply of the organism with ascorbic acid in a sanitary-epidemiological station

Bolotnikov, S.M.; Shraiber, M.S., 1954:
Method of determination of tannins in plant material and in galenic preparations

Patrina, G.V., 1952:
Method of determination of tellurium dioxide in air

Revuts'kii, E.L., 1953:
Method of determination of temperature of the gastrointestinal tract in man

Jancic, M., 1954:
Method of determination of the copper in biological fluids

Donev, N.T., 1962:
Method of determination of the effect of some pharmacological agents on the motor reaction in animals

Dashkovskaia, V.S., 1951:
Method of determination of the effect of the central nervous system of the excitability of the neuro-muscular system in the newborn

Cristol, P.; Benezech, C., 1953:
Method of determination of the free water and the bound water of the erythrocytes

VASADZE, G.Sh., 1962:
Method of determination of the hematocrit count with the aid of polyethylene tubes

Solov'ev, V.N.; Smolin, L.N., 1955:
Method of determination of the latent period of defense reflex in white rats and mice

Del Buono, G., 1954:
Method of determination of the level of fixed points in horizontal stratigraphy

Grechanin, E.S., 1954:
Method of determination of the limits and the area of sanitary protection of subterranean water cells

Verhoeven, J., 1962:
Method of determination of the maximum secretion capacity of the stomach mucous membrane by intravenous administration of histamine

Nemirovskii, N.L.; Meerovich, G.I., 1959:
Method of determination of the organic phosphorus insecticide L-11-6 in the air of working places

Taraban, A.S., 1954:
Method of determination of the quantity of circulating blood using the sugar method

Sorokin, V.F., 1954:
Method of determination of the rate of running by fragments of the distance

Solov'ev, V.A., 1952:
Method of determination of the resistance of Mycobacterium tuberculosis to antibiotics

Toro, I.; Velosy, G., 1950:
Method of determination of the storage function of the reticuloendothelial cells

Godin, V.P.; Gorshkov, S.I., 1958:
Method of determination of the time of reflex reactions

Rokotova, N.A., 1954:
Method of determination of the type of the nervous system in man

Krasil'nikova, V.I., 1954:
Method of determination of tissue chromatophilia

Garcia Sanchez, A., 1954:
Method of determination of total blood proteins using cetyldeimethylbenzylammonium chloride (armil)

Dancheva, K.I., 1958:
Method of determination of total cholesterol & cholesterol esters in blood serum

Girard, M.; Assous, E., 1962:
Method of determination of total serum cholesterol and, without preliminary separation, of its free fraction

Volovich, N.I.; Leikina, M.M., 1956:
Method of determination of toxigenicity of Corynebacterium diphtheriae in vitro and perspectives of its application. I. Determination of toxigenicity of pure and mixed culture of Corynebacterium diphtheriae

Vinnikov, P.L., 1958:
Method of determination of tracheal displacement

Afinogenova, S.A., 1955:
Method of determination of urinary 17-ketosteroids

Masuda, T.; Takagi, K., 1961:
Method of determination of uropepsin by using defibrinized dried blood

Volovich, N.I.; Leikina, M.M., 1957:
Method of determination of virulence of Corynebacterium diphtheriae in vitro and perspectives of its application. II. Method of determination of virulence of Corynebacterium diphtheriae on solid culture media

Tautsin', E., 1952:
Method of determination of vitamin A and of carotene

Bisaz, S., 1952:
Method of determination of vitamin A in blood

Maslenikova, E.M.; Gvozdova, L.G., 1956:
Method of determination of vitamin B2 (riboflavin) in urine

Berezovskaia, N.N., 1951:
Method of determination of vitamin C in cow milk

Deviatnin, V.A.; Zvorykina, V.V., 1953:
Method of determination of vitamin D in industrial preparations

Anonymous, 1953:
Method of determination of working capacity in tuberculosis

Golubov, A., 1957:
Method of determination requirements of medical cadres

Lai, S.; Gomez, N.; Wei, J., 2004:
Method of determining a patient's subjective refraction based on objective measurement

Polezhaev, N.G., 1955:
Method of determining active chlorine in the air

Vermeer, D.J.H., 1950:
Method of determining alkali neutralization in the skin

Gotoh, K.; Itoh, S., 1963:
Method of determining bladder residual urine volume by post-voiding cystography

Kitamura, M.; Sato, M.; Tsuda, M.; Takahashi, H.; Takeda, I., 1961 :
Method of determining blood serum cholinesterase using litmus paper

Walker, L.A.; Siemsen, J.K., 1959:
Method of determining gastrointestinal bleeding site by the use of radiochromate-tagged red cells

Spittler, A.W.; Brennan, J.J., 1952:
Method of determining intramedullary nail size and length

Reynolds, F.; O'loughlin, T.; Weissleder, R.; Josephson, L., 2005:
Method of determining nanoparticle core weight

Schmid, J., 1950:
Method of determining prothrombokinase concentration in the blood

Hartley, J.L.; Zellmer, R.W.; Richey, E.O.; Harris, N.O., 1962:
Method of determining radiation dosage by monitoring dental gold restorations

Matseliukh, B.P.; Ripets'kii, R.T., 1963:
Method of determining riboflavin (vitamin B2)

Ivanova, N.M., 1956:
Method of determining streptomycin resistance of Mycobacterium tuberculosis on solid culture media

Tyniankina, V.G.; Goriacheva, N.S., 1963:
Method of determining strychnine nitrate and codeine bases in Dr. Karmanova's tablets

Kedracka, J.; Jach, Z., 1959:
Method of determining the acidity of gastric content with "gastrotest" (cilag) preparation without sounding

Tkachenko, A.V., 1963:
Method of determining the blood content of organs and tissues

Coste, F.; Delbarre, F.; Georges, G., 1950:
Method of determining the corticotropic activity of pituitary corticostimulin preparations

SAMOILOV, A.Ia., 1956:
Method of determining the degree of lesions of the optic tract

Du Moulin Eckart, E., 1956:
Method of determining the ferment hyaluronidase

Bogdanov, V.P., 1950:
Method of determining the mobility of foreign bodies in the bronchi

Blair, E., 1952:
Method of determining the optical center of spectacle lenses

Timonen, S.; Lehto, L., 1955:
Method of determining the ratio of metaphases to prophases in normal and malignant cells

Lamperi, S.; Fumagalli, G., 1954:
Method of determining the renal blood flow by determining only the blood levels of the test substance (para-aminohippuric acid)

Bogdanov, G., 1950:
Method of determining the true angle of deviation in a fracture

Wolf, S.H., 1950:
Method of determining the unit work performance in cardiovascular function tests in man

Grassi, C.; Caiani, F., 1954:
Method of determining the virulence of various strains of Mycobacteria; preliminary report

Crepy, O.; Garrone, G.; Jayle, F., 1952:
Method of determining urinary sulfoconjugated butyl-soluble substances; clinical applications

Riazanov, V.A., 1953:
Method of development of hygiene of atmosphere in the new five-year-plan

Koch, J., 1952:
Method of development of neuropsychical function in children in nurseries

Boichev, B., 1958:
Method of development of orthopedics and traumatology in Bulgaria

Meyer-Heine, A.; Benzecry, I., 1951:
Method of diagnosing in slight hypertension whether or not there is a probability of vascular complication

Panasiuchenko, M.G.; Markina, V.I., 1954:
Method of diagnosis of pathological processes in the maxillary sinuses

Bubes, G.F., 1950:
Method of diagnosis of unilateral deafness and hard of hearing

Lindgren, I.M., 1953:
Method of diagnosis of vitamin B1 deficiency

Makomela, N.M., 2005:
Method of diagnostics of pathologic deformity of carotid arteries

Pawlak, K.; Pawlak, D.; Myśliwiec, Mł., 2005:
Method of dialysis therapy and selected markers of oxidative stress and endothelial injury in patients with chronic renal failure

Dogliotti, A.M.; Ciocatto, E., 1955:
Method of differential block in pain relief

Bednar, B.; Karpisek, J., 1950:
Method of differential diagnosis of erythroblastosis in adults

Romani, J.D., 1950:
Method of differential staining for vaginal smears

Abramovich, V.V., 1953:
Method of differential staining of sporulized culture of Saccharomyces

KREIMER, A.Ia., 1955:
Method of differential supravital staining of erythrocytes

Fischer, J., 1958:
Method of differentiating exogenously implanted enterococci (D-streptococci) & their clinical value

Braune, J.F., 1955:
Method of differentiation between Escherichia coli and Aerobacter aerogenes

Jedlicka, V.; Cerna, V., 1957:
Method of differentiation of DDT and hexachlorocyclohexane residues in biological material with the aid of paper chromatography

Wang, J.; Liu, K., 2003:
Method of differentiation of adult human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell into Schwann-like cells in vitro

Shalumovich, V.N., 1955:
Method of differentiation of argyrophil structures following silver impregnation

Dyban, A.P., 1959:
Method of differentiation of beta- and delta-basophilic cells in the anterior pituitary

Schubert, J.C., 1956:
Method of differentiation of metachromatic cells according to their degree of acidity

Todorov, S.; Marinova, R.; Nikolova, Z.; Aleksiev, N.; Pelkin, S.; Vasilev, V.; Trilova, S., 1953:
Method of differentiation of post-vaccinal tuberculin sensitivity from post-infection sensitivity

Gendon, I.Z., 1958:
Method of diffusion precipitation on gel and its application in immunochemical analysis of antigens; review of the literature

Kokina, A.G., 1956:
Method of direct count of bacteria with the aid of phase-contrast microscopy

Alp, H.; Egeli, E.S.; Ulagay, I., 1956:
Method of direct measurement of intrahepatic pressure

Myszkowski, L., 1957:
Method of direct turbidimetry in studies of proteins

Lang-Belonogova, N.S., 1954:
Method of directed reactions in the determination of typologic characteristics and of functional state of the nervous system in hypertension and in peptic ulcer

Cherkasov, A.V., 1952:
Method of directing activities of the students' scientific clubs in clinical departments of the pediatric schools

Alberoni, F., 1956:
Method of discriminant functions in the diagnosis of mental deterioration

Simons, H.C., 1956:
Method of disintegration of the central nervous system for verifying the spirochetal doctrine of Steiner in the etiology of multiple sclerosis

Gorfin, D.V., 1952:
Method of dispensary survey of population's health

Lashkov, K.V.; Kaputin, V.I.; Floria, A.A.; Bandurin, V.I., 1959:
Method of disposal of medical documents at mobile medical stations

Viliavin, G.D., 1956:
Method of documenting burns according to their degree, localization, and severity

Testa, E.R., 1957:
Method of dosage calculation for linear radium sources

Chwalibog, J., 1950:
Method of dosage of antibacterial sera

Aronovich, G.D., 1951:
Method of double control punction (lumbar and suboccipital) during streptomycin treatment of tuberculous meningitis

Ferrand, J.; Pelissier, G., 1956:
Method of drainage without external derivation of the common bile duct and canal of Wirsung; the drain recoverable by natural routes

Baz, O., 1960:
Method of drawing a normal individual dental arch based on the cuspid-incisor distance

Wainstein, A.B.; Reznikova, L.S.; Ashavskaia, D.L., 1950:
Method of drying blood serum

Sergeev, V.A., 1958:
Method of drying of standard strains of stomatitis aphthosa virus O, A and C

Foigel', G.A.; Lerner Kh, S.; Romaniuk, R.S., 1959:
Method of drying plasma in bottles

Lepiavko, A.G., 1953:
Method of duodenal catheterization

Fukuyama, A.; Ando, S.; Maeda, K.; Ida, K.; Suzuki, T.; Fukuyama, K.; Hasegawa, T., 2005:
Method of duplicating film using the CR system: evaluation of detectability in a simulated nodule

Golodov, I.I., 1958:
Method of dynamic registration of carbon dioxide in alveolar air

Aubertin, E., 1953:
Method of early ambulation in abdominal surgery

Mikic, F., 1958:
Method of early detection of poliomyelitis epidemic with special reference to seasonal factors; standards for Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia

de LAVERGNE, V.; HELLUY, J.R.; BEUREY, J., 1950:
Method of early diagnosis of tularemia by demonstration of the Pasteurella

Roshchevskii, M.P., 1955:
Method of electrocardiography in domestic animals

Gusel'nikov, V.I., 1957:
Method of electroencephalographic registration in small laboratory animals with the aid of micro-electrodes in chronic experimental conditions

Lisovskaia, G.M., 1951:
Method of electrographic study in obstetric and gynecologic clinic

Scardi, V.; Palermo, E., 1959:
Method of electrolytic salt removal using ion-exchange membrane, adaptable to small volumes of solution

Emel'ianova, N.N., 1958:
Method of electromyography in diagnosis of polyarthritis

Oparin, A.I.; Kriss, A.E., 1951:
Method of electron microscopy in biology

Bresler, S.E.; Finogenov, P.A., 1950:
Method of electrophoresis of proteins

Antonov, G.S., 1951:
Method of electrophoresis of staphylococcal antiphagin; experimental and clinical studies in acute suppurative skin diseases

Wunderly, C.; Reynaud, J., 1952:
Method of electrophoretic analysis by paper chromatography and its application to the study of bilirubinemia

Zachar, J., 1955:
Method of electrophysiologic registration of immobile forms of neural signalization

Vanysek, J.; Vavra, R.; Zeleny, V., 1952:
Method of electroretinography in man

Faure, J., 1950:
Method of eliciting bioelectrical cerebral potentials from a neuropath by use of pictures

Gurkova, E.I.; Sakharov, P.P., 1954:
Method of elimination of allergic conditions; experimental investigation

Napadov, M.A., 1954:
Method of elimination of fixation defects in removable prostheses from plastmass AKR-7

Gol'din, L.S., 1961:
Method of embedding in methacrylate without the use of gelatin capsules

Nonaka, K., 2003:
Method of embryological engineering to elucidate the influence of genetic and maternal factors on craniofacial development in mice

Tobilevich, V.P., 1959:
Method of endorectal radiotherapy in cancer of the female genitalia. II

Lazarevich, L.P., 1950:
Method of esophagoscopy, following roentgen diagnosis of foreign bodies in the esophagus by means of contrast media

BERZIN', V.K.; BLUMBERG, M.Ia., 1958:
Method of establishment and evaluation of opsonic-phagocytic reaction

Nara, T.; Iwasaki, A.; Sato, K.; Komai, F.; Fukushi, H.; Horanai, Y., 2004:
Method of estimating 10 MV X-ray irregular field dose using the collimator scatter factor (Sc) and phantom scatter factor (Sp)

Cuthbertson, W.F.; Ireland, D.M.; Wolff, W.; Kuper, S.W., 1954:
Method of estimating isoniazid in biological fluids

Fukuda, A.; Koshida, K.; Yamaguchi, I.; Togashi, A.; Matsubara, K., 2004:
Method of estimating patient skin dose from dose displayed on medical X-ray equipment with flat panel detector

Stavem, P., 1958:
Method of estimating the diameter of erythrocytes

Kellerer, A.; Sarazin, M.; du Foresto, V.Coudé.; Agabi, K.; Aristidi, E.; Sadibekova, T., 2006:
Method of estimating time scales of the atmospheric piston and its application at Dome C (Antarctica)

Fink, W.H., 1954:
Method of estimating visual acuity in a young child

Nagashima, K.; Mikawa, H.; Iwai, S., 1963:
Method of estimation of cholinesterase in the blood serum as a liver function test in children

Ruderman, A.I., 1958:
Method of estimation of dosage in radiotherapy of deep-seated malignant tumors

Merkov, A.M., 1959:
Method of estimation of life tables & determination of life expectancy

Murohashi, T.; Yoshida, K., 1958:
Method of estimation of the number of colonies recovered from sputum based on the calculation of the number of tubercle bacilli detected in the smears. III. Stochastical examination of the confidence interval of the estimation values

Anonymous, 1952:
Method of ether anesthesia

Choinière, M., 2005:
Method of euthanasia in food animals must be practical and safe

Pavlonskii Ia, M., 1958:
Method of evacuation of a cyst of the third ventricle through the posterior cranial fossa

Hirabayashi, M.; Otani, N.; Kagawa, S.; Kamide, M., 2006:
Method of evading the overshoot phenomenon of transcutaneous P(CO2) measurement at the ear lobe

Woelfel, J.B.; Paffenbarger, G.C., 1959:
Method of evaluating the clinical effect of warping a denture: report of a case

Krasuskii, V.K., 1963:
Method of evaluating the features of neural processes in dogs accepted by the laboratory of physiology and genetics of higher nervous activity types

Okuni, M.; Oshima, M.; Okuyama, K.; Okamoto, Y.; Iijima, M.; Kurumada, T.; Yabuta, K.; Kadoma, K., 1962:
Method of evaluating the use of surgery in congenital heart disease

Bertoye, A.; Carraz, M.; Detolle, P., 1952:
Method of evaluation of antistreptokinase level of blood

Brandao, H., 1962:
Method of evaluation of antityphoid vaccine in the laboratory

Bonomo, L., 1956:
Method of evaluation of clinicofunctional changes in rheumatoid arthritis

Opplt, J.; Marcan, K., 1954:
Method of evaluation of electrophoretic analysis

Roubal, J., 1956:
Method of evaluation of hygienic investigation of working places

Cotellessa, G.; Salomone, P., 1951:
Method of evaluation of somatic growth; comparative study on Wetzel grid, Correnti's auxogram, and De Toni's auxometric grid

Poppa, C.; Apateanu, V.; Nicoara, S.; Grigoriu, G., 1961:
Method of evaluation of the action of hemopoiesis inhibitors in the rat by investigation of the number of karyocytes in a segment of the femur

Cherednik, E.A., 1958:
Method of evaluation of the effectiveness of simulated catapult training

Bentele, R.; Hanfmann, G.; Junkersdorf, J., 1952:
Method of evaluation of therapeutic result in rheumatic diseases

Baerwolff, G.; Schumacher, W., 1956:
Method of exact adjustment to the focus in moving field irradiation

Tyl', M.I., 1954:
Method of exact casting of dental prostheses on fireproof models

RAPOPORT, M.Iu., 1954:
Method of exact neurologic diagnosis of arachnoendotheliomas of the brain

Wejsflog, G., 1954:
Method of examination and documentation of curvature of the spine

Duchon, L., 1952:
Method of examination and measure of the cell-microorganism conflict. Sensibility and specificity

Method of examination of air pollution in work with farming machines

Mazur, M.M., 1951:
Method of examination of contingents of patients at the city medical centers

Vintserevich, M.A., 1953:
Method of examination of glaucomatous eye under the effect of miotics

Vollenweider, E.R., 1962:
Method of examination of peripheral arteriopathies

Tazaki, Y., 1962:
Method of examination of the brain blood circulation and its clinical significance

Jutzi, W., 1962:
Method of examination of the external air

Kurshakov, N.A., 1950:
Method of examination of the gallbladder

Kuklova-Sturova, B., 1955:
Method of examination of the vegetative nervous system

de CASTRO, N.; da SASSO, W.S., 1959:
Method of examination used in the course of histology of the Escola Paulista de Medicina

Kuzakova, M.V., 1956:
Method of examining intramuscular vascularization by means of marginal roentgen rays

Dmitriev, A.S., 1956:
Method of examining the higher nervous function in man

Petrovskii, B.V., 1952:
Method of exarticulation of the hip

Antoniuk, S.V., 2003:
Method of excimer laser personalized ablation in astigmatism correction for the patient with sequelae of corneal penetrating wounds

Serednitskii, A.M., 1951:
Method of excision and plastic surgery of cancer of the lower lip

BELENKOV, N.Iu., 1954:
Method of excision of the neocortex in cats

Duchosal, P.W.; Ferrero, C.; Doret, J.P.; Grosgurin, J.; Mastrangelo, A., 1950:
Method of excitation of the ventricular myocardium; method of exploration

Fumagalli, G.; Berzolla, S., 1961:
Method of execution of test of maximum pulmonary ventilation in athletic subjects. Physiopathological considerations

Kuz'min, V.A., 1956:
Method of exercise therapy in lesions of the facial nerve

Kharin, S.N.; Krandycheva, V.V., 2004:
Method of experimental constriction of renal artery for modeling of renovascular hypertension in rats

Khukhrina, E.V., 1952:
Method of experimental investigation on the biologic effect of industrial dust

Krischke, W., 1958:
Method of experimental production of metastases for serial tests

Havlik, O.; Pokorny, J.; Zastera, M., 1960:
Method of experimental research in a focus of leptospira

Gel'berg, S.I.; Finkel', E.A., 1959:
Method of experimental study of immunogenic properties of antituberculosis vaccine and the effectiveness of methods of its use

Lemaire, A.; Leger, L.; Housset, 1955:
Method of exploration of the portal system and recent advances in the field of portal hypertension

Fraval, E.; Sellars, M.J.; Longdell, J.J., 2004:
Method of extending hyperfine coherence times in Pr3+:Y2SiO5

Krejci, O., 1952:
Method of extracting maternal milk

Lachaze, A.; Thibault, O., 1951:
Method of extraction from tissues of the thyroxin derivative responsible for sensitization phenomena

Grushentskii, V.I., 1953:
Method of extraction of bronchial foreign body

Klykova, A.L., 1954:
Method of extraction of foreign bodies from the deep layers of the cornea

Amelin, V.M., 1953:
Method of extraction of monets from the esophagus

Bergamini, L., 1951:
Method of extraction of mucin from the submaxillary gland

Zlotnik, I.L., 1953:
Method of extraction of retained incisors of the maxilla

Carraz, G.; Beriel, 1959:
Method of extraction of urinary steroid hormones. Application to the extraction of estrogens

Lenko, J.; Cieslinski, S., 1957:
Method of extraperitoneal pneumoperitoneum

Lenko, J.; Ciesielski, S., 1955:
Method of extrapleural pneumothorax

Fernandes, A.S.; Coelho, S., 2003:
Method of fabricating acrylic sprues for dowels

Rodriguez Cabello, C., 1956:
Method of facilitating access of young gynecologist-obstetricians to the profession

Savoia, F., 1954:
Method of facilitating reading chromatograms in Wood light

Khabas, I.M.; El'kin, S.B., 1955:
Method of fixation of amino acid chromatograms demonstrated with ninhydrin

Sakhatchiev, A., 1955:
Method of fixation of needles containing radium or radioactive cobalt

Korsakov, V.P., 1954:
Method of fixation of shoulder dislocation

Frolov, G.F., 1954:
Method of fixation of the eyeball during surgery

Bonvallet, J.M., 1956:
Method of fixation of the rotula in recurrent luxations

Rotmil-Chmielewski, S., 1953:
Method of fixing a needle in the vein during prolonged infusions

Molitor, K., 1955:
Method of flat amputation of the cervix

Morozova, T.I., 1958:
Method of fluorographic study

Taylor, L.S., 1961:
Method of focal spot image and measurement (for diagnostic tubes up to 150 Kev)

Gee, D.A.; Axelrod, B., 1962:
Method of food distribution depends on needs

Streiker, F.B., 1952:
Method of foot printing used in a Canadian Army survey

Hirsch, E.F., 1958:
Method of forensic pathology for the general pathologists: the medicolegal autopsy

Breitfus, F.F., 1952:
Method of formation of Filatov's flap

Ishimitsu, K., 1956:
Method of formation of Malassez's rest in dogs

Menishakov, P.G.; Kuznetsov, G.S., 1953:
Method of formation of fistula of the bladder in cattle

Rud'ko, V.F., 1953:
Method of formation of the nose

Sheftel', M.P., 1951:
Method of formation of the stem of Filatov's flap

Kecherukov, A.I.; Chernov, I.A.; Giunter, V.E.; Aliev, F.Sh.; Molokova, O.A.; Kononov, V.P.; Chinarev, I.B.; Luntovskiĭ, A.M., 2005:
Method of forming of compressive terminal colon anastomosis

Kliachko, V.R., 1958:
Method of fractional administration of radioactive iodine in the treatment of thyrotoxicosis

Enzinger, J., 1953:
Method of fractional determination of 17-ketosteroids in urine

Lindaur, V.; Lukac, V., 1955:
Method of fractionated sampling of saliva for chemical analysis and simultaneous registration of salivation in dogs

Lebedeva, V.M., 1954:
Method of fractionation ultraviolet erythema in inflammatory gynecological diseases

Dyban, A.P.; Zhuravlev, A.A., 1954:
Method of freeze-drying in histology

Roncoroni, G.; Baldisserotto, A., 1961:
Method of freeze-drying tissues, followed by embedding in polyethylene glycol, for the histochemical study of lipids

Passaponti, A., 1952:
Method of freezing for the preparation of thin sections intended for subsequent inclusion

Grzegorczyn, Sławomir.; Slezak, A., 2003:
Method of friction coefficients determining for ternary solutions of non-electrolytes and polymeric membrane

Septien, J.M.; Rochin, M., 1959:
Method of functional synergy and analygesic potentiation in labor

Pavlik, A., 1957:
Method of functional therapy with strap braces as a principle of conservative therapy of congenital dislocation of the hip in infants

Dronov, O.I.; Kustr'o, V.I.; Duvalko, O.V., 2003:
Method of gallbladder excision with cholecystostomy

Vary, E.P., 1953:
Method of gastrointestinal anastomosis

Bazanova, N.U.; Stepankina, M.K.; Arkhangel'skaia, M.F., 1953:
Method of gastrointestinal function test in camel

Ginzburg, E.Ia., 1952:
Method of general ultraviolet irradiation of children

Terent'ev, V.G., 1958:
Method of graphic investigation of knee-jerk reflex in man

Delarue, J.; Mignot, J.; Sors, C., 1953:
Method of graphic reconstitution applied to the study of vascularization

Vartapetov, B.A.; Kalmykova, K.M., 1953:
Method of graphic registration of blood pressure and of pulse variations during prolonged periods; improved sphygmotensography associated with sphygmography

Revenko, V.M., 1958:
Method of graphic registration of blood pressure in dogs with the aid of a modified arterial oscillograph

Mikhal'tsov, K.P., 1953:
Method of graphic registration of contractions of the remen and of the gastric tract in calfs

Al'bitskaia, E.F., 1956:
Method of graphic registration of motor conditioned reflexes

Vatapetov, B.A.; Kuzymenko, E.S.; Sudokov, A.D., 1953:
Method of graphic registration of movements of the uterine horn in continuous experiments; cutaneouterine bridge

Esipenko, B.E., 1956:
Method of graphic registration of secretion of gastrointestinal glands and of urination

Bordiushkov, I.N., 1958:
Method of graphic registration of the act of yawning and of other forms of movements of the mouth

Gorshkova, S.M., 1954:
Method of graphic registration of the motor function of the gallbladder in dog

Smirnov, S.N., 1953:
Method of graphic visualization of splinters in roentgenography of the eye

Chiosa, L.; Dumitrescu, S., 1953:
Method of graphical representation, through summation, of biological phenomena

Pachner, P.; Volf, J., 1954:
Method of gravimetric determination of dust

Auber, J., 1962:
Method of growth of myofbrils during nymphosis in Calliphora erythrocephala (Mg.)

Pavlak, R., 1957:
Method of guided dispensary care in the investigation of occupational anthropozoonoses

Hanson, F.R., 1949:
Method of handling neuropsychiatric casualties in theaters of operation, proposed 1949

Liang, Z-gang.; Yan, H., 2004:
Method of heart rate variability analysis and its application in the field of space medicine

Pesquera-Velasco, J.; Casares-García, G.; Jiménez-Pasamontes, N.; García-Gómez, F.Antonio., 2005:
Method of help for the diagnosis of the temporomandibular joint internal derangements. Discriminant analysis applied to the temporomandibular derangements

Kuiumdzhiev, I.; Khristoforov, L., 1950:
Method of hemagglutination by colored antigen in the rapid diagnosis of brucellosis

Lazzari, J.H.; Rack, F.J., 1951:
Method of hemipelvectomy with abdominal exploration and temporary ligation of the common iliac artery

Koszewski, B.J., 1952:
Method of hemosiderin determination in blood and bone marrow smears

Schonenberger, M.; Kellner, H.; Sudhof, H.; Haupt, H., 1957:
Method of hexose determination in serum proteins with orcinol

Napalkov, P.N., 1951:
Method of high amputation of the thigh in acute states of patients

Meshcheriakov, A.I., 1954:
Method of higher nervous function tests in man

Erleksova, E.V., 1958:
Method of histoautoradiography in the determination of radioactive substances in the blood

Vinogradov, V.V.; Cheremnykh, L.P., 1957:
Method of histochemical detection of acid mucopolysaccharides

Shibaeva, S.M., 1955:
Method of histochemical determination of desoxyribonucleic acid

Shubich, M.G., 1957:
Method of histochemical determination of potassium

Takayama, Y.; Okazaki, Y.; Zhang, J.; Aruga, T.; Kodate, K., 2004:
Method of hologram multiplexing by use of a fiber bundle with rotary movement

Devois, A.; Decker, R., 1953:
Method of horizontal rotation radiotherapy in cancer of the cervix uteri

Merzlikina, T.I., 1955:
Method of hot extraction

Rossi, C.R.; Sacchetto, M., 1958:
Method of hydroxamic acid formation in determination of enzymes activating fatty acids. II. Optimal conditions for measurement of enzymatic activity on fatty acids of various chain lengths

Janda, F., 1954:
Method of hygienic investigation of installations for working youth

Posternak, Y.; Regamey, R.; Rentchnick, P.; Bickel, G., 1957:
Method of identification of a strain of Escherichia coli in the intestinal flora after oral implantation

Depieds, R.; Cartouzou, G.; Lissitzky, S., 1961:
Method of identification of human and animal blood stains by I-131-L-thyroxin and starch zone electrophoresis

Bohne, G.; Dieckmann, J., 1956:
Method of identification of sperm stains in textiles

Makris, K.G.; Christodoulides, D.N., 2006:
Method of images in optical discrete systems

Rendler, E.M., 1959:
Method of imbedding preparations in celloidin with aid of a vacuum

Borzone, R.A., 1951:
Method of immunologic and structural differentiation of tegumentary scars in blanched leprous patients

Goriunova, T.I., 1958:
Method of implantating electrodes for electrical investigation of the diaphragm

Batrak, G.E.; Linenko, V.I.; Khrustalev, S.I., 1958:
Method of implantation of electrodes

Trzebski, A., 1959:
Method of implantation of needle-electrodes into various cerebral centers

Traczyk, W., 1957:
Method of implantation of polyethylene cannula into the cerebral ventricle in rabbit using stereotaxic apparatus

Traczyk, W., 1957:
Method of implantation of polyethylene cannula into the lateral ventricle of the brain using stereotaxic apparatus

Sinitsyn, N.P., 1955:
Method of implantation of the cannula into the thorax for visual observation of coronary circulation

Vannikov, L.L.; Solov'ev, I.N., 1955:
Method of impregnation of nerve fibers in the bone and bone marrow

Aasgaard, G., 1950:
Method of impression of edentulous maxillae

Vysohlid, J., 1956:
Method of improvement of professional qualifications of health workers in the Soviet Union

Welti, H.; Imbert, R., 1955:
Method of improving the condition of patients with artificial abdominal anus

Furue, H.; Sonohata, M.; Yoshimura, M., 2004:
Method of in-vivo patch clamp recording from anterior horn neurons in rats and mice

Dohi, A.; Mizuno, M.; Furue, H.; Yoshimura, M., 2004:
Method of in-vivo patch clamp recording from somatosensory cortex in rats

Tsypkin, L.B., 1959:
Method of inclusion into Canada balsam of section stained for fat

Sergienko, T.M., 1956:
Method of increasing intracranial pressure in chronic experimental conditions

Savin, B.M., 1954:
Method of indirect oncometry; further considerations on the method of perfusion

Sarkisov, D.S.; Darbinian, T.M.; Mazaev, P.N.; Krymskii, L.D.; Tsukerman, B.M., 1960:
Method of inducing gradated stenosis of the aorta and its correction for study of the reversibility of hypertrophy of the myocardium

Sergienko, A.D., 1960:
Method of induction of hemolytic reaction in hemorrhagic nephroso-nephritis (synonym: hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome)

Urcuyo Gallegos, C., 1953:
Method of induction of labor by venoclysis

Method of industrial zoning

Rymashevskii, V.K., 1956:
Method of infiltration anesthesia of the anterior abdominal wall in gynecological surgery

Rauser, V., 1954:
Method of infrared photography

LAKOTKINA, O.Iu., 1955:
Method of inhalation administration of immunizing and therapeutic substances

Cordier, G.; Cabrol, C., 1953:
Method of injection with plastic materials in pulmonary anatomy

Hill, A.B., 1952:
Method of inoculation as causative factors of poliomyelitis

Charnley, J., 1950:
Method of inserting the Smith-Petersen guide wire

Nikol'skii, G.V.; Sokolova, N.U., 1950:
Method of installation of fisheries in the forests of the Kamyshin-Stalingrad region

O'connor, J.J., 1958 :
Method of instituting nephrostomy drainage in a duplex kidney (ureteropyelostomy with nephrostomy)

Lozinskii, L.I., 1950:
Method of instruction in desmology

Shabalin, V.A., 1959:
Method of instruction of medical corpsmen by first aid to tank personnel

Ender, L.A.; Rozenshtraukh, L.S., 1958:
Method of intercosto-retrosternal pneumomediastinography

Savonuzzi, G.; Cavallini, A., 1955:
Method of internal drainage of the pleural cavity after thoracic surgery; experimental research

Adam, G., 1957:
Method of interoceptive conditioned reflex formation in kidney pelvis

Berman, H.; Mainella, F.S., 1953:
Method of intestinal anastomosis without the use of clamps

Maslov, V.I., 1956:
Method of intra-arterial blood transfusion

Delitch, M., 1952:
Method of intra-articular arthrodesis for sequelae of tuberculosis of the knee in children

Dudin, V.A., 1951:
Method of intrabronchial intubation

Postnikova, Z.A., 1960:
Method of intracardiac injection of newborn mice and rats

Murazian, R.I., 1958:
Method of intraosseous novocaine anesthesia in operations on the extremities

Kochev, A.T.; Krivoi, D.V., 1956:
Method of intravenous alcohol-pentothal anesthesia

Stolmakova, A.I., 1950:
Method of intravenous injections of staphylococcal toxin to adult cats in study of food poisoning

Maiorov, V.N., 1957:
Method of intravital investigation of the nerves of the bladder in frog

Vinnikov, I.A.; Titova, L.K., 1959:
Method of intravital isolation of the membranous labyrinth (the cochlea and the vestibule); preparation of and description of flat Corti's organ preparations

Natadze, T.G., 1957:
Method of intravital microscopic investigation of peripheral circulation in mice

Dansker, V.L., 1958:
Method of intravital microscopy of the blood vessels in the rabbit ear

Gadzhiev, S.A., 1952:
Method of introduction of catheter into the trachea

Smetanin, N.I., 1955:
Method of introduction of dust to experimental animals in investigation on pneumoconioses

Tsanev, B.G., 1957:
Method of investigating insufficiency of pulmonary ventilation & its clinical importance

Khukhrina, E.V., 1953:
Method of investigation and hygienic evaluation of dust in air

Tatarenko, N.P., 1953:
Method of investigation and mechanism of pupillary participation in orientation reaction in normal and pathologic conditions

Ostapenia, P.V.; Kagan, T.A., 1954:
Method of investigation and sanitary protection of subterranean waters

Traugott, N.N., 1952:
Method of investigation in a psychiatric clinic of correlation disorders of the signal systems

Leshchinskii, L.A.; Riabov, V.I., 1959:
Method of investigation in clinical conditions of absorption capacity of the duodenum and of portal circulation rate

Kok, E.P., 1957:
Method of investigation in humans of simple generalization and essay of their physiological analysis

Wolf, H., 1950:
Method of investigation in the prevention of postoperative myxedema

Kositskii, G.I., 1957:
Method of investigation of Korotkov's sound phenomena in experimental conditions

Kaplan, A.E., 1955:
Method of investigation of after-image

Labinskaia, A.S., 1957:
Method of investigation of bacterial contamination of soft articles

Borowski, J.; Krynski, S.; Lalko, J., 1954:
Method of investigation of bacterial sensitivity to sulfonamides

Nachev, L., 1958:
Method of investigation of biochemical properties of lactic microorganisms

Shakhnovich, A.R., 1959:
Method of investigation of color vision in animals

Shcherbakov, N.M.; Mosketi, K.V., 1954:
Method of investigation of conditioned and unconditioned reflexes in neural and psychical diseases

Lat, J., 1953:
Method of investigation of conditioned protective motor reflexes in white rats

Troshikhin, V.A.; Makarenkov, A.N., 1954:
Method of investigation of conditioned reflex function in puppies in early stages of development

Zelenyi, G.P., 1951:
Method of investigation of conditioned reflexes in animals

Marshak, M.E.; Aronova, G.N., 1958:
Method of investigation of coronary circulation in dogs in chronic experiments

Baru, A.V., 1953:
Method of investigation of digestive motor conditioned reflexes in birds

Gakkel', L.B., 1951:
Method of investigation of directional speech reactions

Reznichenko, M.S.; Tukachinskii, S.E.; Tugolukov, V.N., 1954:
Method of investigation of dynamics of elimination of vegetable proteins from the blood

Zolina, Z.M.; Pavlova, T.N., 1958:
Method of investigation of electrical sensitivity and lability of visual and motor analyzers in industrial workers

Iziumov, E.G., 1957:
Method of investigation of excretory function of the lungs

Vladimirov, G.E., 1954:
Method of investigation of functional biochemistry of the brain

Mol, A.; Sokolowski, A., 1956:
Method of investigation of functional changes in the muscles in chronic evolutive rheumatism

Diamidova, L.P., 1955:
Method of investigation of general morbidity

Piskareva, N.A., 1957:
Method of investigation of immunogenic properties of antirabies vaccines

Timofeev, N.N., 1955:
Method of investigation of interoceptive conditioned reflexes in fish

Prazdnikova, N.V., 1953:
Method of investigation of motor-feeding conditioned reflexes in fish

Pavlov, G.N., 1955:
Method of investigation of neural regulation of lactation

Diubiuk, N.E.; Kogan, A.M., 1957:
Method of investigation of nutrition in organized groups of the population

Kudriavtsev, A.A.; Lozhkin, N.I., 1956:
Method of investigation of olfaction in cows

Shaparenko, B.A., 1959:
Method of investigation of olfactory function of the nose

LIBERMAN, T.Iu., 1958:
Method of investigation of oscillation of cerebral vascular tonus in experimental animals

Busygin, V.E.; Grigor'ev, I.G., 1958:
Method of investigation of peripheral blood during irradiation

Sergeev, N.P.; Glatenok, N.A., 1958:
Method of investigation of pulse and respiration in aviators during climbing in pressure chamber

Babskii, E.B.; Iakobson, I.S., 1954:
Method of investigation of resistant reactions during standing and in various movements in man

Kurshakov, N.A.; Troitskii, N.A., 1951:
Method of investigation of respiratory metabolism

Kurella, G.A., 1958:
Method of investigation of rest potential dynamics on separate muscle fibers

ROZANOV, A.Ia., 1956:
Method of investigation of restoration of dehydroascorbic acid in intact animal organisms

Kondo, A., 1962:
Method of investigation of reticuloendothelial function and the evaluation of reticuloendothelial stimulation and block in mice

Iziumov, E.G., 1958:
Method of investigation of secretory function of the lung

BOKSER, O.Ia.; KARPENKO, P.N., 1954:
Method of investigation of speech reactions

Riazanov, P.G., 1954:
Method of investigation of tactile and pain sensitivity of the skin

Katsitadze, V.F., 1959:
Method of investigation of the actual nutritional state of the population

Miroliubov, N.N., 1958:
Method of investigation of the blood vessels in pathological changes in organs

Michajlow, W., 1956:
Method of investigation of the development of Pseudophyllidea in first intermediate host

Lengerova, A., 1955:
Method of investigation of the effect of ionizing radiations on microorganisms

Gasanov, U.G., 1957:
Method of investigation of the heart in white rats in free experimental conditions

Feigenberg, I.M., 1958:
Method of investigation of the higher nervous activity in clinical conditions; investigation on generalization

Glebovskii, A.V.; Fedorov, V.K., 1955:
Method of investigation of the higher nervous function in animals

Letunov, S.P.; Graevskaia, N.D., 1955:
Method of investigation of the higher nervous function in athletes

Shtenberg, A.I.; Plotnikova, I.I., 1958:
Method of investigation of the nutritional state of the population

Purin, V.R.; Volzhina, N.S., 1958:
Method of investigation of the rate of formation of the cerebrospinal fluid

Ivanov, K.V.; Perelygin, V.V.; Malikhov, V.I.; Pal'mov, E.A., 1959:
Method of investigation of the role of physical effort in conditions of irradiation of animals

Schmid, O.J.; Oriol-Bosch, A.; Voigt, K.D., 1959:
Method of investigation of the separation of synthetic steroid esters by paper electrophoresis

Zerbino, D.D., 1958:
Method of investigation of the vessels of the lymphatic vessels

Rashmaev, P.V., 1958:
Method of investigation of thermal properties of shoes on man

Khomutov, A.V., 1957:
Method of investigation of verbal conditioned reflexes

Rundal'tseva, N.N., 1956:
Method of investigation of visual acuity in pre-school children

Grigor'ev, Z.E., 1955:
Method of investigation on effects of volatile substances and of gases on the higher nervous system immediately following inhalation

Krainskaia-Iganatova, V.N.; Chernenko, M.I.; Drobashevskaia, L.M.; Reshetniak, K.K., 1954 :
Method of investigation on iso-immune antibodies in human blood serum

Sakhatchiev, A., 1957:
Method of investigation on the effect of certain drugs on biological action of ionizing radiations

Stetsula, V.I., 1956:
Method of investigations of the effect of tannin solutions on erythrocytes

Jacob, P.; Abbatucci, J.S., 1959:
Method of irradiation of certain otorhinolaryngological cancers allowing uniform dosage and simplified calculation of tumoral dosage

Jimenez-Vargas, J.; Ruz, F.; Jurado, D., 1954:
Method of isolated lung

Levyts'kyĭ, A.P.; Bohatov, V.V., 2004:
Method of isolating isoflavone aglycones from soya beans

Boettcher, E.W.; Kistler, P.; Nitschmann, H., 1958:
Method of isolating the beta1-metal-combining globulin from human blood plasma

Bashilova, V.M.; Figurovskii, N.A., 1962:
Method of isolation and separation of alkaloids from the seeds of Indian Datura

Voinovskaia, K.K.; Krasnovskii, A.A., 1953:
Method of isolation and spectral properties of bacteriochlorophyll and bacteriopheophytin

Siianova, A.K., 1950:
Method of isolation of DDT in food products

Istrati, G.; Ciufeco, C.; Cimpeanu, I., 1962:
Method of isolation of Shigella and Salmonella. I. Isolation from polluted waters

Gubar', V.L., 1955:
Method of isolation of a segment of the large intestine

Belousov, I.N.; Teppone, L.V., 1954:
Method of isolation of an intestinal loop

Platova, T.P., 1959:
Method of isolation of cell nuclei and studies on nuclear protein synthesis

RASHBA, O.Ia., 1956:
Method of isolation of desoxyribonucleic acid from Salmonella breslau

Cornuet, P.; Spire, D., 1960:
Method of isolation of free infectious nucleic acid in a plant infected with tobacco mosaic virus

Petrov, I.R.; Nekrasova, N.V., 1951:
Method of isolation of part of the vascular system by ligation of the abdominal aorta and inferior vena cava

Mori, T.; Kosaka, K.; Ito, T.; Nishimura, S., 1961:
Method of isolation of rat leprosy bacteria

Gordienko, A.N.; Kiseleva, V.I.; Saakov, B.A.; Bondarev, I.M.; Nekrashas, E.I., 1956:
Method of isolation of the carotid sinus and further demonstration of reflex antibody formation

Kotel'nikov, L.M., 1955:
Method of isolation of the vascular system of the spleen in investigations on pathogenesis of hetero-transfusion shock

Wolf, J.; Borensztajn, D., 1955:
Method of isolation of vitamin B12-producing microorganisms

Shul'gina, Z.L., 1955:
Method of isoniazid therapy, dosage and bacteriostatic concentration in the blood

Luez, G., 1962:
Method of job classification

Iosel'son, S.A.; Pevnyi, S.A., 1956:
Method of kymographic registration

Pan, L.; Guo, S.; Duan, T.; An, J.; Xie, W.; Lin, M., 2005:
Method of labeling antibodies with europium(III)-4,7-bis(chlorosulfophenyl)-1,10-phenanthroline-2,9-di-carboxylic acid chelate

Lazarov, N., 1955:
Method of laboratory investigation of patients following nitrous gases poisoning

Oleneva, T.N., 1951:
Method of laminar roentgenologic investigation of lungs in tuberculosis

Kurganskiĭ, O.V., 2006:
Method of laser Doppler-flowmetry in the assessment of efficiency of sympathectomy in patients with upper extremity ischemia

Fischer, K.; Oster, H., 1958:
Method of late exchange transfusion

Ankudinov, V.A., 1954:
Method of lateral section roentgenography

Bloch, P., 1957:
Method of laughter conditioning for the treatment of stammering

Sifman, R.I., 1954:
Method of learning of infant diseases

Shimomatsuya, T.; Kobuchi, T.; Kitamura, N.; Hata, K.; Nakamura, T.; Shiraishi, S.; Fujino, H.; Maruhashi, K., 2006:
Method of levofolinate.5-FU administration by hepatic arterial infusion therapy for hepatic metastasis from colorectal cancer

Kriukova, L.V., 1958:
Method of liberation of casein from vitamin A

Oberhoffer, G., 1955:
Method of light frequency analysis of rhythmic processes

Hartmann, G., 1963:
Method of lipoprotein lipase determination: fatty acid titration

Atarov, T., 1953:
Method of liquidation of venereal diseases in the Soviet Union

Method of local cold exclusion of the cerebral cortex

De Marco, F.; Cantarella, R., 1951:
Method of local drip technic of antibiotics in the final phase of the aspiration procedure; preliminary note

Schlanstein, G., 1950:
Method of local treatment of tuberculous caverns of the lung

Friel, D.J., 1951:
Method of localisation of foreign bodies in the eye

Doering, P., 1956:
Method of localization of gamma-ray-emitting radioisotopes in humans by scintigraphy, with special reference to radioiodine (I131)

Mollica, A.; Rossi, G.F.; Venturelli, E., 1954:
Method of localization of metallic microelectrodes in the nerve tissue (microelectrolysis)

Mikhlin, E.D., 1953:
Method of lowering losses of ascorbic acid in production of vitamin concentrates from rose hip

Lee, V.Y.W.; Kwok, A.K.H.; Wong, T.H.; Lam, D.S.C., 2004:
Method of macular hole repair with minimal vitrectomy

Frey, R., 1954:
Method of maintaining position of endotracheal tube

Jansen, M.T., 1951:
Method of making a large quantity of thin ground preparations of small pieces of enamel and dentin

Mitsui, S., 1962:
Method of making bifocal lenses

Knusel, O., 1954:
Method of making conjunctival lymph vessels visible

Zeng, L.; Li, L., 2006:
Method of making mosaic gratings by using a two-color heterodyne interferometer containing a reference grating

Vagias, G.J.; Hurwitz, R., 1962:
Method of making patellar tendon-bearing pylon

Zolotarev, A.G., 2003:
Method of making preparations for cytological refractometric examination of glanders

Dlhos, E., 1958:
Method of managing the 3d stage of labor

Redey, B.; Kelemen, G., 1953:
Method of mass cultivation of Shigella paradysenteriae

Zacharewicz, M., 1952:
Method of mass examination for pulmonary tuberculosis

De Barreto J, B., 1956:
Method of mass prophylaxis applicable to humans

Brinkman, V.G., 1962:
Method of mass prophylaxis of glaucoma by the method of active detection and dispensary care

Anikevich, V.A.; Medintsev, L.F., 1958:
Method of mass staining in field conditions

Traxel, W.; Becher, S., 1957:
Method of measurement and interpretation of skin resistance changes

Efimov, N.A., 1952:
Method of measurement of arterial pressure

Kogan, I.R., 1957:
Method of measurement of arterial pressure and of pulse rate in investigation in a pressure chamber

Ivanitskii, A.M., 1957:
Method of measurement of blood pressure in rabbit in chronic experiment

Brohm, F.; Jelinek, J., 1962:
Method of measurement of cochlear potential

Lippert, H., 1959:
Method of measurement of cross section of muscle

Fruhmann, G.; Pichlmaier, H., 1959:
Method of measurement of inspiratory and alveolar CO2 impulse curves for respiration; testing of a diphenylacetic acid derivative

Sedin, N.S., 1954:
Method of measurement of mobility of the spine

Gusarov, I.I.; Liapidevskii, V.K., 1958:
Method of measurement of natural radioactivity of the air by products of radon fission

Tomov, L., 1953:
Method of measurement of venous pressure

Złotowski, I.; Zakrocki, Z., 1953:
Method of measurements of stray ionizing radiation under conditions of occupational exposures

Burton, J., 1954:
Method of measures for health education

Campbell, G.A.; Mutharasan, R., 2007:
Method of measuring Bacillus anthracis spores in the presence of copious amounts of Bacillus thuringiensis and Bacillus cereus

Smirnov, A.A., 1953:
Method of measuring activity of p32

Takahashi, T., 1962:
Method of measuring antistreptolysin O

Shakhidzhanian, L.G.; Fleishman, D.G.; Glazunov, V.V.; Leont'ev, V.G.; Nesterov, V.P., 1960:
Method of measuring beta-activity in biological objects with the aid of scintillating gel

Lee, M-Hee.; Lee, H-Ki.; Choi, K.; Bang, S.; Kim, J.; Kim, S., 2007:
Method of measuring calorie consumption for portable apparatus

Kim, S.H.; Woo, K.S.; Liu, B.Y.H.; Zachariah, M.R., 2004:
Method of measuring charge distribution of nanosized aerosols

Brohm, F.; Jelinek, J., 1963:
Method of measuring cochlear potentials. II. Actual measurement and registration

Slavutskaia, I., 1958:
Method of measuring muscle tonus in animals

Lempert, G.L., 1955:
Method of measuring of electrocardiographic waves

Takagi, Y., 1963:
Method of measuring protein-bound iodine by distillation

Herbain, M., 1950:
Method of measuring the co-carboxylase activity of pyrophosphoric and triphosphoric esters of thiamine

Cai, Y., 2003:
Method of measuring the coupled lattice functions at the interaction point in e+e- storage rings

Amat, G., 1951:
Method of measuring the intensity of bands of infrared absorption

Jourdan, F.; Faucon, G., 1958:
Method of measuring the pH in circulating blood

Thomas, A.J.; James, W.R.; Owen, G.M., 1959:
Method of measuring the volume of the arterial bed in the peripheral parts of cadaveric lungs

Sirotkina, M.G.; Ryneiskii, S.V.; Morozov, I.I., 1962:
Method of mechanical suturing of the vascular transplant to the wall of the heart with a personally designed apparatus

Forster, E.; Maier, A.; Bund, E., 1952:
Method of mediastinal ganglionectomy after pneumonectomy for cancer

Senekl, M., 1954:
Method of medical conduction of the first stage of labor at the Havlask First Obstetric Clinic in Brno

Nakamura, H., 2006:
Method of medical treatment for Graves' disease based on evidence based medicine

Dieke, E., 1954:
Method of medication to facilitate labor

Parvis, V.P.; Turolla, E., 1955:
Method of methyl green pyronine staining of nucleic acids

Castaigne, P., 1950:
Method of micro-determination of glucose in organic fluids

Dvizhkov, P.P., 1953:
Method of micro-incineration in the study of silicosis

Zhdanov, D.A., 1958:
Method of micro-roentgenography for the investigation of intra-organic lymphatic vessels and capillaries

Molina, L., 1950:
Method of microbiologic determination of penicillin in fluid substrated

Blass, J.; Macheboeuf, M.; Nunez, G., 1950:
Method of microdosage of halosides which could be applied in the study of spots of chromatograms on paper

Ivanitskaya, A.F., 1961:
Method of microfilming in the investigation of x-ray effect upon some cells

Gordunova, N.P., 1952:
Method of microscopic study of mycorrhiza living in wood

Kisser, J.; Linhardt, G., 1954:
Method of microscopical study of mechanically treated wood surfaces

Volobuev, N.N.; Belokon', A.Iu.; Borisenko, V.A.; Mel'nichenko, V.P., 2003:
Method of minimally invasive gastrostomy

Parkhomenko, I.G.; Chukbar, A.V.; Tishkevich, O.A., 2003:
Method of morphological study of the conducting system of the human heart

Gollnitz, G., 1952:
Method of motor development in retarded children

Vediaev, F.P., 1954:
Method of motor digestive conditioned reflexes in rabbits

Mnukhina, R.S., 1960:
Method of multiple recording of cortex biocurrents in chronic experiment in dogs and rabbits

Sokolic, P., 1951:
Method of muscle duplication in surgery of strabismus

Miller, C.J.; Cheung, M.; Sharma, A.; Clarke, L.; Helm, K.; Mauger, D.; Robertson, G.P., 2004:
Method of mutation analysis may contribute to discrepancies in reports of (V599E)BRAF mutation frequencies in melanocytic neoplasms

Kesareva, E.P., 1957:
Method of myotonography in humans

Lichtenberg, J.; Pesek, M., 1951:
Method of nailing of fractures of the femoral neck

Golovin, G.V., 1957:
Method of nailing of the femoral neck by a tubular bone homograft preserved in cold

Mayer, M.; Bonhomme, J., 1953:
Method of natural childbirth; use in hospital practice

Davis, B.E.; Todd, D.C.; Cockcroft, D.W., 2004:
Method of nebulizer calibration and methacholine airway responsiveness

Saint Anne-Dargassies, 1954:
Method of neurologic examination of newborn

Borsukowski, W.; Bortnik, P.; Wrzesniowski, K., 1956:
Method of neuroplegia and controlled hypothermia at an air force hospital

Mestenhauser, A., 1957:
Method of new arrangement of cultivated elecampane

Zeifang, F.; Holstein, Jörg.Heinrich.; Tosounidis, G.; Görtz, W.; Simank, H-Georg., 2006:
Method of non-destructive mechanical testing of new surface coatings for prostheses

Buzutov, P.M., 1950:
Method of novocaine injection in treatment of neural and other disorders

POPOV, A.Ia., 1958:
Method of objective appraisal of the mucous membrane of the stomach

Foce, C., 1952:
Method of objective evaluation of an ingenuity test

Badin, J.; Choukroun, J., 1952:
Method of objective evaluation of the treatment of phlebitis in puerperium; comparative study on various vitamin K antagonists

Neiman, L.V.; Lubovskii, V.I., 1954:
Method of objective investigation of function of the auditory analysor in children in hearing disorders

Vengerov, B.Z., 1956:
Method of objective investigation of reactivity of the sciatic nerve; phenomenon of the abdomen

Rabinovich, D.K., 1950:
Method of objective observation on the regeneration of hemopoietic organs and duration of the presence of erythrocytes of the transfused blood in the recipient

Boiadzhiev, V., 1957:
Method of objective registration of conditioned reflex activities in rats

Vol'skii, M.E., 1955:
Method of oblique stroke in diagnosis of diseases of the gallbladder

Major, G.; Kovacsovics, T., 1949:
Method of obstetric delivery in case of narrow pelvis

TIMAKOV, V.D.; RAGAN, G.Ia., 1957:
Method of obtaining and cytomorphological peculiarities of L-form Salmonella typhosa

Nesic, D.P., 1950:
Method of obtaining and results of application of natural placental extract condensed in vacuum and combined with placental tissue

KAGAN, G.Ia.; SAVENKOVA, V.T., 1960:
Method of obtaining and some morphological features of the L-form of C. diphtheriae

Alekseev, V.A.; Zarakovskii, G.M., 1957:
Method of obtaining blood serum without hemoglobin

Moraes, N.L., 1954:
Method of obtaining data on morbidity

Darby, T.D.; Goldberg, L.I.; Gazes, P.C.; Arbeit, S.R., 1954:
Method of obtaining direct-body displacement-velocity-acceleration ballistocardiograms of the dog

Pellegrino, J.; Nunes, M.B., 1956:
Method of obtaining dried cercarias of Schistosoma mansoni for the preparation of antigens

Method of obtaining histological secretions for electron microscopy

Mousseron, M.; Winternitz, F.; Crastes De Paulet, A., 1957:
Method of obtaining methyl-2 alpha and trimethyl-2-alpha-4,4' steroids

Lamm, G.; Rudas, I., 1953:
Method of obtaining of sufficient amount of granulation tissue for chemical examination

Herraiz, L., 1952:
Method of obtaining spirographic tracings (pneumograph)

Viazova, O.I., 1959:
Method of oncolysis reaction

Aleksandrov, E.K., 1952:
Method of open management of the umbilical cord with application of surgical clamps and tannin

Spirito, F., 1953:
Method of open-air preservation of fish and reptiles

Xu, Y.; Luo, Y.; Liang, C.; Xing, W.; Zhang, T., 2018:
A regulation loop between Nrf1α and MRTF-A controls migration and invasion in MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cells

Albats, E.I., 1959:
Method of opening the spinal canal

Okamoto, M.; Takeuchi, M.; Iwama, K.; Fukamichi, Y.; Oshima, T., 1963:
Method of operation of traumatic fracture of the optic canal; external nasal approach to the optic canal

Genest, R., 1951:
Method of organic evaluation of symptoms in psychosomatic medicine

Chaklin, A.V., 1955:
Method of organization of control of malignant tumors in Baltic countries

Lekarev, L.G., 1952:
Method of organization of dispensary services for the population

Kheifets, L.B.; Guralevich, G.S., 1958:
Method of organization of vaccination against epteric infections; practical considerations

Liublina, E.I., 1957:
Method of orthostatic test in chronic experiments in rabbits

Goodman, H., 1952:
Method of overcoming the reluctance of venereal patients to reveal their contacts

Den'gina, A.F., 1958:
Method of oxygen therapy of whooping cough and its complications

Gorbunkova, Z.A., 1957:
Method of oxyhemometric investigations during oxygen therapy and in patients in oxygen tents

Lindner, E., 1951:
Method of painless labor with novocaine infusion

Voskresenskii, M.P., 1957:
Method of palpating the kidneys

Moskovkin, V.A., 1950:
Method of palpation of the abdominal cavity

Hever, O.; Kalnai, E., 1955:
Method of paper electrophoresis in pulmonary tuberculosis

Gries, G.; Aly, F.W.; Von Oldershausen, H.F., 1953:
Method of paper electrophoresis of cerebrospinal fluid

Katrakova, O.S., 1952:
Method of paraffin therapy

FOMIN, D.Kh., 1959:
Method of parenteral infection with epidemic hepatitis

Rivolta, A.; Emanuelli, S.; Tessarin, C.; Bresciani, S.; Genovese, M.Grazia.; Rogge, D.; Scielzo, G., 2006:
Method of patient dose evaluation in the angiographic and interventional radiology procedures

Rusetskii, I.I., 1951:
Method of patient examination according to the Pavlovian theory

Gosset, J., 1952:
Method of pedicle grafting in pretibial skin loss

Meyer, J.; Fontanellaz, P., 1951:
Method of penicillin determination for the dispensing pharmacist; clarification method

Pogrebniak, A.P., 1954:
Method of penicillin therapy of chronic suppurative otitis

Vasil'ev, L.I., 1950:
Method of penicillin-therapy

Kalantarov, K.D.; Segal, A.S.; Nosovitskiĭ, P.B.; Zhilenko, V.V., 2003:
Method of penile scintigraphy

Mondini, P.G.; Carlon, C.A.; De Marchi, R., 1950:
Method of performing anastomosis between the superior vena cava and the right branch of the pulmonary artery; operative technic and experimental research

Watanabe, K., 1962:
Method of perfusing the isolated rabbit uterus (effect of sparteine, gravitol, adrenaline and pituitrin on uterine motility)

Krylov, S.S., 1956:
Method of perfusion of the carotid sinus and glomus caroticum (following isolation) for oscillographic studies of chemoreceptors of the sinus reflex zone

Manuilov, I., 1958:
Method of perfusion of the cerebral ventricles in chronic experiments in dogs

Disler, N.N., 1951:
Method of perimetry

Dolmatova, A.V., 1955:
Method of permanent eradication of foci of mosquito fever in Crimea

Lico, M.C., 1958:
Method of permanent lateral cannulation of the aorta in toads

Latysheva, N.I., 1955:
Method of phagocytic experiments

Livanov, G.A.; Moroz, V.V.; Batotsirenov, B.V.; Lodiagin, A.N.; Andrianov, A.Iu.; Bazarova, V.G., 2003:
Method of pharmacological treatment of the consequences of hypoxia in critically ill patients with acute poisoning

Tumanovskii, M.N.; Zolotarev, A.I., 1961:
Method of phonooscillography in the clinical examination of cardiovascular diseases (hypertension, atherosclerosis)

Albrecht, H.; Berneaud-Kotz, G.; Weber, K., 1956:
Method of physical and technical calibration of a tonometer

Anikin, M.M., 1957:
Method of physical exercises in motor disorders after a stroke

Liubina, E.I., 1954:
Method of physical therapy of acute and subacute rheumatism in children

Shumlo, N.G., 1959:
Method of physiological evaluation of work load in schools for general studies

Bebchuk, L.S., 1958:
Method of physiological investigation of uterine contractions in animals

Osnitskaia, L.K., 1950:
Method of pigmentation of bacillus of purpura haemorrhagica

Sergeev, D.V., 1957:
Method of placing helminth test eggs into the soil

Zakharov, N.I., 1957:
Method of plastic restoration of the urinary canal in complicated cases

Menghetti, L.; Cillo, L., 1950:
Method of plastic surgery of the trachea with autoplastic grafts of costal cartilage; experimental research

Schwarz, H.; Gorb, S., 2003:
Method of platinum-carbon coating of ultrathin sections for transmission and scanning electron microscopy: an application for study of biological composites

Barkhudorova, T.S., 1954:
Method of plethysmography with a modified plethysmograph

Vinogradov, S.I., 1958:
Method of pneumatic registration of respiratory motion in conditions of changing atmospheric pressure

Kolesnikov, I.S., 1954:
Method of pneumonectomy

Vishnevskii, A.A.; Kriazheva, V.I., 1954:
Method of pneumonectomy and postoperative development of compensation processes

Kolesnikov, I.S., 1953:
Method of pneumonectomy in tuberculosis

Giustina, G., 1955:
Method of polarographic measurement of the pO2 of the blood with stationary platinum electrode covered with cellophane membrane

Cermáková, Z.; Plísková, L.; Prásil, P.; Rysková, O., 2005:
Method of polymerase chain reaction in toxoplasmosis diagnosis

Belousov, M.F., 1951:
Method of polymerization of oils

Zodiev, V.V.; Skaldin, P.V.; Evstigneeva, T.P., 1955:
Method of portovenography and its diagnostic significance

Yao, T.K., 1962:
Method of positioning the ribs in pneumonectomy

Hoer, P.W., 1958 :
Method of postmortem blood vessel demonstration in the human lungs with special reference to the bronchial arteries with Schummer's plastoid

Khamagushkin, V.V., 1957:
Method of precipitation reaction in brucellosis

Method of precipitation reaction on gel

Zorina, N.G., 2003:
Method of predicting electrochemical parameters of electrodes in a liquid electrolyte oxygen regeneration system on the basis of factorial statistical analysis

Ignatov, M.G.; Terian, K.G., 1950:
Method of preganglionic sympathectomy in endarteritis

Werle, E.; Semm, K., 1955:
Method of pregnancy diagnosis with determination of the age of the fetus

Vysotskaia, K.P., 1953:
Method of preparation and implantation of the wall of the bladder in osteosynthesis and further findings

Cherkas, G.P., 1958:
Method of preparation for active immunization against Clostridium perfringens and oedematiens

Boroviagin, V.L.; Efimov, V.N.; Dubrov, A.P., 1958:
Method of preparation glass knives for ultramicrotomes

Palova, E.A., 1954:
Method of preparation of a permanent midgut of mosquitoes infected with malarial parasites

Burukina, A.V., 1955:
Method of preparation of adaptable dysenterial bacteriophage

Gol'din, L.S., 1962:
Method of preparation of aperture diaphragms for the electron microscope

Pavlovskii, G.T., 1953:
Method of preparation of bacteriologic preparations for electron microscopy

Faure, M.; Morelec-Coulon, M.J., 1956:
Method of preparation of cardiolipin

Kaplan, N.L., 1954:
Method of preparation of combined fixed dental prostheses

Lantsetova, A.S., 1955:
Method of preparation of corrosive preparation of blood vessels

Ambrosino, C.; Liberatori, J.; Guarini, G., 1957:
Method of preparation of fractions with antigenic and antibody properties from sera of animals with infectious anemia

Kuryłowicz, W.; Kuzniecow, A.; Kossakowski, A., 1952:
Method of preparation of frozen dried BCG vaccine

Rukina, E.A.; Biriuzova, V.I., 1952:
Method of preparation of membranous ultrafilters for direct count, free from cells of microorganisms

Korsenskii, A.D., 1959:
Method of preparation of patients with pulmonary tuberculosis for tracheobronchoscopy

Vasil'kov, V.P., 1953:
Method of preparation of plastmass from AKR-7 in repair of defects of the exterior part of the nose

Topel', A.Kh., 1952:
Method of preparation of prostheses for toothless jaws

Zakrzewski, K., 1953:
Method of preparation of purified protein fractions of human plasma

Krylova, N.V.; Kharkevich, D.A., 1955:
Method of preparation of roentgeno-anatomical preparations

Anonymous, 1952:
Method of preparation of schedules in schools for midwives and feldshers

Krimer, G.I., 1952:
Method of preparation of seminars in medical history; results at the Saratov Medical Institute

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Method of preparation of serum dialysate for tissue culture

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Method of preparation of smallpox vaccine from lymph

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Method of preparation of so-called saline frogs

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Method of preparation of soluble radiophosphate

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Method of preparation of specimens for electron microscopy from saline solutions

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Method of preparation of the brain

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Method of preparation of the leukocyte mass from fibrinolysed blood

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Method of preparation of transparent anatomical preparation with special reference to a new method

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Method of preparation of trichophytin with phenon extracts

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Method of preparation of tryptophan free casein hydrolysate for production of vitamin PP deficiency in animals

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Method of preparation of whooping cough vaccines. I. Effect of increased aeration on dynamics of multiplication of Hemophilus pertussis in fluid medium

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Method of preparing a low-diaphragm flap

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Method of preparing joints for partial free end skeletal prosthesis; indications for applications and production in the laboratory

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Method of preparing the patient against procedures causing shock in neurological & psychiatric practice

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Method of presenting oncology treatment outcomes influences patient treatment decision-making in metastatic colorectal cancer

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Method of preservation of arterial grafts by refrigeration

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Method of preservation of eggs of Taenia nana

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Method of preservation of isolated chloroplasts, without changing their photochemical function

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Method of preservation of the testes in complete traumatic loss of the scrotum

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Method of preservation of virus-containing material

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Method of preserving anatomical specimens

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Method of preserving partial stomach function following extensive esophagogastrectomy

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Method of pressing of the blood into the ascending aorta in clinical death and in marginal agonal states

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Method of pretraining and knowledge of results in paired-associate learning under conditions of repetition and non-repetion

Method of preventing insulin atrophy

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Method of preventing postoperative pain in cholecystectomy

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Method of preventing raw area on nasal surface of soft palate in push-back surgery

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Method of prevention of biting of guide-thread in intubated patients

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Method of prevention of displacement and fracture of prosthesis in biting

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Method of procuring ultra-thin slides for electronic microscope with sledge-microtome

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Method of producing cold agglutinins for diagnostic purposes

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Method of producing conditioned reflexes for the study of the vestibular apparatus

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Method of production and comparative evaluation of various experimental models of myocardial infarct in animals

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Method of production conditioned function in mice

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Method of production of a pyrogenic polysaccharide from Proteus vulgaris

Method of production of burns in experimental conditions

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Method of production of chronic fistula of the pancreatic duct and on the gallbladder in sheep

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Method of production of digestive motor conditioned reflexes in rabbits

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Method of production of experimental arteriosclerosis of the coronary vessels

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Method of production of experimental mitral insufficiency

Method of production of experimental paratyphoid infection in rabbits

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Method of production of experimental pneumonia

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Method of production of experimental pulmonary abscess

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Method of production of experimental stenosis of the aorta

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Method of production of ferritin preparations free from cadmium

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Method of production of fistulas on the gastrointestinal tract in fish

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Method of production of immune serum specific to human cancer

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Method of production of motor alimentary conditioned reflexes in small animals and birds

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Method of production of motor conditioned reflexes in certain small animals (white rats and guinea pigs)

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Method of production of motor digestive conditioned reflexes in cattle

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Method of production of positive syphilitic controls from waste material

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Method of production of stable forms of sodium salt of fructose 1,6-diphosphate (sodium-DFF)

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Method of production of streptokinase

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Method of production, control and biological properties of BCG vaccines

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Method of progressive increase of intracranial pressure in continuous experiment in animals

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Method of prolongation of action of therapeutic concentration of penicillin

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Method of prolonged anesthesia in treatment of neuralgic syndromes

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Method of prolonged drainage of the lateral cerebral ventricles

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Method of prolonged interrupted sleep therapy

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Method of prolonged interruption of nervous conduction

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Method of prolonged investigation of gastric evacuation in water load

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Method of prolonged measurement of intracranial pressure in animals

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Method of prolonged registration of arterial pulse, deglutition, and movements of the mandible and the head in man

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Method of prolonged visual observation of bacterial cultures

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Method of propagating dysentery bacilli. II. Experimental study in the guinea pig using various serotypes of subgroups A, B and C

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Method of propagation of dysenteric bacilli. I. Experimental study with Shigella sonnei in guinea pigs

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Method of prophylactic regimen and conditioned reflex sleep therapy

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Method of propulsion of a ferromagnetic core in the cardiovascular system through magnetic gradients generated by an MRI system

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Method of protection of surgical apparatus and instruments from early wear

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Method of protective action of hemopoietic tissue transplanted in irradiated animals; radiation chimeras

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Method of protein polarography

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Method of prothrombin time test in the control of pelentan therapy

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Method of proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy of the blood serum in the forecasts of the clinical course and diagnostics of suppurative complications in patients with pancreatonecrosis and pancreatogenic infiltration

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Method of pseudo-meals for the determination of radical effects of vagotomy in surgical clinic

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Method of psychoprophylactic preparation of gynecological patients for surgery

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Method of public health planning

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Method of purifying casein from vitamins closely bound with protein

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Method of pyloric reconstruction and impact upon delayed gastric emptying and hospital stay after pylorus-preserving pancreaticoduodenectomy

Method of qualitative determination of sarcolysin and the products of its hydrolysis in blood and saline solutions

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Method of qualitative spectrographic determination of silicon in the biological substrate of the organism

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Method of quantified complete estimation of soil properties for prediction of radionuclide accumulation by plants

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Method of quantitative analysis of intestinal flora

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Method of quantitative calculation of motor reflexes in dogs

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Method of quantitative count of fungi in soil

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Method of quantitative count of microorganism capable of decomposing cellulose in soil

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Method of quantitative determination of acid aminopolysaccharides in human gastric juice

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Method of quantitative determination of alkaloid containing impurities of flour

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Method of quantitative determination of amino acids on chromatograms completely developed with ninhydrin

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Method of quantitative determination of creatine

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Method of quantitative determination of glucoalkaloids in Solanum

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Method of quantitative determination of ketone bodies in urine applicable in clinical practice

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Method of quantitative determination of magnesium in food

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Method of quantitative determination of nitroglycerin in tablets

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Method of quantitative determination of pepsin and hydrochloric acid in small Pavlov's pouch in dogs

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Method of quantitative determination of potassium in biological objects

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Method of quantitative determination of stains in the anterior chamber of the eye

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Method of quantitative determination pregnandiol in urine

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Method of quantitative estimation of computer tomograms of inner organs and its application to intravital topographic-anatomical investigations

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Method of quantitative evaluation of atherosclerosis

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Method of quantitative evaluation of capillary permeability in electrophoresis of urticariogenic substances

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Method of quantitative investigation of motor digestive conditioned reflexes in small animals

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Method of quantitative measurement of edema of the optic papilla

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Method of quantitative paper chromatography of catechin in tea leave

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Method of quantitative penicillin determination, especially in blood

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Method of questioning and the accuracy of eyewitness testimony

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Method of radical surgery in pulmonary cancer

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Method of radio-endoscopic bipolar marking of closed stenosis of the esophagus

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Method of radio-reflexometry

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Method of radiographic centering to locate deep seated tumors

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Method of radiographic visualization of the laryngeal ventricles with contrast medium

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Method of radiologic diagnosis of congenital heart disease in children

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Method of radiological diagnosis in the diagnosis of pericardio-mediastinal celomatic cysts

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Method of radiological examination of the coccyx

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Method of radium therapy of vaginal carcinoma with a cylindrical applicator

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Method of radium-and roentgenotherapy of cancer of the cervix uteri

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Method of rapid assessment of photocatalytic activities of self-cleaning films

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Method of rapid bacteriological diagnosis dysentery

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Method of rapid bichromic staining for histology. Technical note

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Method of rapid determination of the mode of rehydration in toxicosis of the nursing infant

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Method of rapid differentiation of O colonies of Proteus and of Enterobacteriaceae

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Method of rapid electric decalcification of osseous tissue

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Method of rapid investigation of the metabolism of cultivated masses of tubercle bacilli

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Method of rapid measurement of oxygen consumption and activity of rats; critical study of Benedict's circuit

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Method of rapid preparation of electrophoregram

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Method of rapid resistance test with tubercle bacilli. Study on a comparison of the filter paper method and decolorizing agents

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Method of rapid titration of penicillinase

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Method of recognizing posterior myocardial infarct in the thoracic electrocardiogram

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Method of reconstructing wavefront aberrations by use of Zernike polynomials in radial shearing interferometers

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Method of reconstruction of the anal sphincter and perineum in functional disorders and the role of the sphincterometer in evaluation of results of these operations

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Method of recording and analysing ballistocardiograms in valvular heart diseases

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Method of recording areas of inhibition of hemolysis

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Method of recording the EEG of premature and newborn infants

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Method of reducing fracture-dislocation of hip-joint with fractured femur on same side

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Method of reduction of dorsal metacarpo-phalangeal dislocation of the thumb

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Method of reeducation of vision in the treatment of amblyopia (visual debility)

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Method of regional organization of preventive examinations

Bykov, I.I., 1958:
Method of registration and analysis of vectorcardiogram

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Method of registration in paper chromatography

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Method of registration of arterial pressure in toad; pressor effect of certain vasoactive substances

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Method of registration of blinking reflex in infants

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Method of registration of cerebral potentials in dogs in chronic conditions

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Method of registration of conditioned reflex salivation in dogs

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Method of registration of cutaneous galvanic reflexes with a new apparatus

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Method of registration of determination of the size of the eustachian tube

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Method of registration of diuresis in experimental animals

Nikitin, P.I., 1953:
Method of registration of diuresis out of the conditioned reflex chamber with application of graphic registration

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Method of registration of electrical potentials of various structures of the cortex, subcortex and stem in dogs in chronic experiments

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Method of registration of function of the cardiovascular system in chronic conditions

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Method of registration of movement of electric potentials of the vocal muscles

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Method of registration of pain reflex in normal and pathological conditions

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Method of registration of the findings in dynamic examination of oto-surgical patients

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Method of registration of the volume of expired air

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Method of registration of tonus of bronchial muscles

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Method of registration of vocal conditioned reflexes in higher animals

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Method of registration, measurement, and demonstration of the quantity of secreted saliva

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Method of reinforcement of cup test

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Method of relative evaluation of osmotic resistance of normal leukocytes

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Method of relative pulmonary rest

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Method of removal of a ring from swollen finger

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Method of removal of cerebral neuroectodermal tumors

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Method of removal of hour-glass tumor of the spinal cord

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Method of removal of the higher divisions of the central nervous system in mammalian fetuses

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Method of removal of the nucleus caudatus

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Method of removal of the pituitary in white mice

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Method of removal of the posterior columns of the spinal cord

Anonymous, 1959:
Method of removal of wounded from condemned buildings

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Method of removing foreign bodies from the female bladder

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Method of removing incompatible red blood cells from granulocyte components

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Method of removing lesions of the lid margin

Moss, J., 1956 :
Method of removing wooden splinters from the cornea

Bozzola, R., 1956:
Method of rendering common ointment bases washable

Hugues, A., 1950:
Method of renovating an 18th century hospital: Hôtel-Dieu of Marseille

Bracey, D.W., 1960:
Method of repair in inguinal hernia

Shipachev, V.G., 1954:
Method of repair of damages of extensive surface with large skin grafts

Savino, L., 1953:
Method of repair of some inguinal hernias

Bogdanov, V.P., 1956:
Method of repair of the laryngo-tracheal stoma

Jondet, G., 1955:
Method of repairing bridges containing metallic armatures between the pillars

Hart, A.L., 1955:
Method of reporting mass x-ray surveys by Connecticut State Tuberculosis Commission

Benigno, P., 1952:
Method of research in chemotherapy

Krestovskii, V.V., 1954:
Method of resection of the rectum; replacement of the removed portion of the skin

Znamenskii, M.S., 1950:
Method of resection of the stomach in perforating peptic ulcer

Frantsuzov, B.L., 1950:
Method of restoration of external auditory canal in adhesions

Yu, T.C., 1962:
Method of resuscitation in premature infant

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Method of retinographic investigations in man

Method of retroperitoneal injection of gas and its roentgenodiagnostic significance

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Method of rib approximation

Efremov, A.V., 1958:
Method of roentgen study in injuries of the shoulder girdle and joint

Podol'skaia, E.I., 1950:
Method of roentgenographic diagnosis of cancer of the lungs

Shmidt, Z.P., 1953:
Method of roentgenologic examination of the temporomandibular joint

Vesin, S., 1955:
Method of roentgenologic investigation of the small intestine

Svab, V., 1955:
Method of roentgenologic investigations of the stomach and duodenum

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Method of roentgenologic observations of patients treated by pneumoperitoneum

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Method of roentgenological study of external respiration

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Method of rotation therapy of carcinoma of the stomach

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Method of rotational roentgenotherapy of neglected types of cancer of the female sexual organs

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Method of salicylic acid therapy by absorption through intact skin; preliminary communication

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Method of salivary collection for chemical analysis in conditioned reflexes

Rykhter, E.V., 1957:
Method of sampling of air of industrial premises for gas and dust contents

Ustinov, G.N., 1953:
Method of sanitary and hygienic evaluation of surrounding constructions of living quarters

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Method of sanitary sessions in hospitals

Tarantaev, T.M., 1955:
Method of sanitary-educational work in foci of dysentery

Zolochevskii, M.A., 1958:
Method of selection of disinfectants for decontamination in freezing temperatures

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Method of selection of domestic guinea pigs which permits homogenizing of physiological characteristics

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Method of selection of fungi in industry

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Method of selective proximal vagotomy