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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 49722

Chapter 49722 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Olsson, P.Turunen.; Gardulf, A., 2006:
Nurses and head nurses views of nursing diagnoses at a geriatric clinic

Olshansky, E., 2007:
Nurses and health promotion

Costello, J.; Horne, M., 2003:
Nurses and health support workers' views on cardiopulmonary resuscitation in a hospice setting

Anonymous, 2005:
Nurses and human rights: International Council of Nurses position statement

Forrester, K., 2003:
Nurses and liability--uncertain times ahead

Naegle, M., 2007:
Nurses and matters of substance

Hoskins, S.Anne., 2005:
Nurses and national socialism--a moral dilemma: one historical example of a route to euthanasia

Perry, J.; Jagger, J.; Parker, G., 2003:
Nurses and needlesticks, then and now

ROBERTSON, E.J., 1958:
Nurses and new parents

Allaoui, S., 2004:
Nurses and nurse midwives unlike others in Mayotte

Hansen-Turton, T.; Miller, M.Ellen., 2006:
Nurses and nurse-managed health centers fill healthcare gaps

TE KIEFTE, G.F., 1954:
Nurses and nurses' aids

Talley, B., 2006:
Nurses and nursing education in Ghana: creating collaborative opportunities

Sand-Jecklin, K.; Badzek, L., 2003:
Nurses and nutraceuticals. Knowledge and use

DURAND, F., 1953:
Nurses and nutrition

Noonan, A.; Moyle, M., 2006:
Nurses and occupational contact dermatitis

Deans, C., 2006:
Nurses and occupational violence: the role of organisational support in moderating professional competence

Rose, J.; Glass, N., 2007:
Nurses and palliation in the community: the current discourse

Hill, M.J., 2004:
Nurses and patient education

McDermott, L., 2004:
Nurses and pharmacists must work together for patients

Anonymous, 2003:
Nurses and pharmacists partner for patient safety

Piraino, B., 2006:
Nurses and physicians working together

Anonymous, 2003:
Nurses and policy makers tackle top health issues

Brancato, V.C., 2005:
Nurses and political activity

Brown, D.X., 2003:
Nurses and preventable back injuries

LINDEGARD, B., 1959:
Nurses and professional secrecy

Gordon, S., 2004:
Nurses and public communication: protecting definitional claims

Colin, C.; Gendron, S.; Gérauld-Pointel, G.; Deschamps, J.P., 2004:
Nurses and public health... public health nurses

Pommier, J.; Deschamps, J.P., 2004:
Nurses and public health: evolution of missions and trainings

Wynn, F.; Peter, E., 2003:
Nurses and quarantine: reflections upon the SARS crisis in Toronto

Sala, R.; Manara, D., 2005:
Nurses and requests for female genital mutilation: cultural rights versus human rights

Sansoni, J.; Marucci, A.Rita.; Comerci, S., 2006:
Nurses and research: an analysis of two international nursing journals

Ramjan, L.Michelle., 2004:
Nurses and the 'therapeutic relationship': Caring for adolescents with anorexia nervosa

HAYDEN, G.J., 1958:
Nurses and the Air Force Reserve Program

LAWSON, M.G., 1951:
Nurses and the British National Health Service

Murphy-Knoll, L., 2005:
Nurses and the Joint Commission tracer methodology

Murphy-Knoll, L., 2006:
Nurses and the Joint Commission unannounced survey process

COFFEY, K.J., 1962:
Nurses and the Peace Corps

BRIDGES, D., 1950:
Nurses and the World Federation for Mental Health

HARPER, M., 1962:
Nurses and the army build-up

Gille, G., 2003:
Nurses and the conflict between ethics and economy

Stirling, B.; Littlejohn, P.; Willbond, M.Lynne., 2004:
Nurses and the control of infectious disease. Understanding epidemiology and disease transmission is vital to nursing care

Trossman, S., 2005:
Nurses and the environment: a natural pairing

Hanley, F.M., 2005:
Nurses and the environment: the urgent need for action

Jenkins, J.; Grady, P.A.; Collins, F.S., 2005:
Nurses and the genomic revolution

Benedict, S.; Georges, J.M., 2006:
Nurses and the sterilization experiments of Auschwitz: a postmodernist perspective

Houtepen, R.; Hendrikx, D., 2003:
Nurses and the virtues of dealing with existential questions in terminal palliative care

BOLAND, F., 1952:
Nurses and their training

Pierce, S.F., 2004:
Nurses and their workplaces: necessary improvements

JACKSON, M., 1950:
Nurses and tuberculosis; the hazard

THOMPSON, N., 1955:
Nurses and venipunctures

Henderson, A.D., 2004:
Nurses and workplace violence: nurses' experiences of verbal and physical abuse at work

MACKENZIE, M.D., 1951:
Nurses and world health

BUSSE, G., 1951:
Nurses are alerted for polio

Taylor, J., 2003:
Nurses are also worthy of substantial pay rises

Nurses are asking about staphylococcal infections

Nurses are asking about staphylococcal infections in the obstetric department

Pohl, C., 2005:
Nurses are aware of the future

Saufl, N.M.; Strzyzewski, N., 2006:
Nurses are everywhere: a practical perspective on the surgical team in managing postoperative ileus

Raeburn-Burgess, S., 2004:
Nurses are flown in

Castledine, G., 2003:
Nurses are getting more and more disillusioned

Rodts, M.Faut., 2004:
Nurses are heroes

Anionwu, E., 2004:
Nurses are key to sickle cell screening

Salvage, J., 2004:
Nurses are key, even here in Iraq

Nurses are learning more about children

While, A., 2003:
Nurses are more than the sum of their parts

Kalyani, K.V.K., 2006:
Nurses are most ideal and efficient serving angels of the society

Harteveldt, R., 2006:
Nurses are not and never will be a fount of all knowledge

Scott, H., 2005:
Nurses are not confident in how to access research

Castledine, G., 2005:
Nurses are overtired and not getting enough sleep

Scott, C., 2004:
Nurses are positive, but see room for improvement

CLARK, M.I., 1953:
Nurses are public relations builders

Pohl, C., 2005:
Nurses are satisfied

Scott, H., 2003:
Nurses are to discuss living wills with elderly patients

Bau, I., 2007:
Nurses are vital providers of culturally competent care

Domino, E., 2005:
Nurses are what nurses do--are you where you want to be?

Oulton, J.A., 2007:
Nurses as advocates for women worldwide

Ward-Griffin, C., 2004:
Nurses as caregivers of elderly relatives: negotiating personal and professional boundaries

Parsons, L.C., 2003:
Nurses as change agents in times of critical shortages

WHITE, B., 1953:
Nurses as film stars

Rush, K.L.; Kee, C.C.; Rice, M., 2005:
Nurses as imperfect role models for health promotion

Wooten, L.Perry.; Crane, P., 2004:
Nurses as implementers of organizational culture

Hanoch, Y.; Pachur, T., 2004:
Nurses as information providers: facilitating understanding and communication of statistical information

Porter-O'Grady, T., 2003:
Nurses as knowledge workers. Interview by Kathy Malloch

Bodenheimer, T.; MacGregor, K.; Stothart, N., 2005:
Nurses as leaders in chronic care

Fegran, L.; Helseth, Sølvi.; Slettebø, A., 2006:
Nurses as moral practitioners encountering parents in neonatal intensive care units

Regu, M., 2004:
Nurses as partners of health care

Tognoni, G., 2006:
Nurses as prescribers

Chalco, K.; Wu, D.Y.; Mestanza, L.; Muñoz, M.; Llaro, K.; Guerra, D.; Palacios, E.; Furin, J.; Shin, S.; Sapag, R., 2006:
Nurses as providers of emotional support to patients with MDR-TB

Mok, E.; Leung, S.Foon., 2006:
Nurses as providers of support for mothers of premature infants

REID, A.E., 1956:
Nurses as teachers of science

Schulz, A., 2003:
Nurses assume key role

Miller, R., 2003:
Nurses at community hospital welcome guided imagery tool

Hughes, F., 2006:
Nurses at the forefront of innovation

White, G., 2005:
Nurses at the helm: implementing DNAR orders in the public school setting

dos Santos, Sérgio.Ribeiro.; de Paula, A.Flávia.Alves.; Lima, J.Pereira., 2003:
Nurses attitude toward the manual recording system of medical records

Oxtoby, K., 2005:
Nurses back NT campaign

Hoban, V., 2004:
Nurses back NT's campaign for action

Hartley, J., 2004:
Nurses back call for more AIDS funding

Saka, Y., 2005:
Nurses be proud

Geyer, S., 2005:
Nurses benefit from supply chain overhaul

Couvillon, J.; Woods, P.; Bavier, A.R., 2003:
Nurses building community. Go online!

Thilagavathi, K., 2006:
Nurses burn out

Hunt, M., 2007:
Nurses can enhance the pre-operative assessment process

Wieland, D.M., 2007:
Nurses can help recovering persons stay sober during the holiday season

Anonymous, 2005:
Nurses can lead the charge in tackling metabolic syndrome

Mulholland, H., 2003:
Nurses can make sure it never happens again

Anonymous, 2005:
Nurses can now initiate hormonal contraception

Murray, E.; Wewers, M.Ellen., 2004:
Nurses can play a significant role in reducing tobacco use in the U.S

Melamed, A., 2004:
Nurses can promote environmental health

Hall, B., 2004:
Nurses can seize the opportunity to offer smoking interventions

Greshoff, R., 2004:
Nurses can work all over the world

Alugwo, S.; Barbier, V.; Costes, D.; Gibert, F.; Vuninu, M.; Faleme, M-Christiane.; Fievez, A.; Gerofrroy, B.; Loure, K.; Osuku-Opio, C.; Rascar, A.; Deschamps, A.; Moreliere, M-Dominique.; Clement, P.; Malaquin-Pavan, E., 2004:
Nurses caring for behavior disorders in the elderly

Taylor, E.Johnston., 2003:
Nurses caring for the spirit: patients with cancer and family caregiver expectations

Anonymous, 2005:
Nurses cause 7-hour delay in treatment of cardiac patient. CASE ON POINT: Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center v. Wade, 2005 WL 1837004 S.W.3d TX

Kenny, C., 2006:
Nurses cautious about donation rules

Anonymous, 2005:
Nurses challenge legality of hospital's pay stubs. Huntington Memorial Hospital v. Superior Court of Los Angeles County

Ieong, S., 2004:
Nurses choosing entrepreneurship path

Allan, K.; Ribbons, B., 2006:
Nurses combine IT and nursing skills to improve discharge communication

Kehoe, B., 2006:
Nurses communicate with wireless badges

Holmes, J.; Major, G., 2003:
Nurses communicating on the wards: the human face of hospitals

Anonymous, 2006:
Nurses condemn IR laws

Chuang, S-Chieh.; Lin, H-Mei., 2006:
Nurses confronting sexual harassment in the medical environment

Scott, H., 2005:
Nurses continue to work regular unpaid overtime

O'Dowd, A., 2004:
Nurses criticise cannabis law change

Iliffe, J., 2006:
Nurses crucial to good mental health

Strachan-Bennett, S., 2004:
Nurses debate how to handle violence

Vere-Jones, E., 2006:
Nurses debate merits of new mental health plans

Bakalis, N.A.; Watson, R., 2005:
Nurses decision-making in clinical practice

Trossman, S., 2003:
Nurses develop assessment tool for domestic violence

Phillips, G., 2003:
Nurses dismayed by description of mental health patient

Chatterjee, M., 2004:
Nurses divided over racism findings

Beasley, C., 2005:
Nurses do have an enormous amount to celebrate. Interview by Carolyn Scott

Ho, S., 2005:
Nurses downplay the necessity of HIPAA

Blinder, N., 2005:
Nurses during the Resistance

Davey, L., 2005:
Nurses eating nurses: the caring profession which fails to nurture its own!

Crawford, L., 2004:
Nurses educated in other countries: coming to America

Cavendish, R.; Konecny, L.; Luise, B.Kraynyak.; Lanza, M., 2004:
Nurses enhance performance through prayer

ALEXANDER, E.L., 1957:
Nurses evaluate a suture package

O'Dowd, A., 2003:
Nurses expected to deliver on patient choice

Courtial, J.P.; Huteau, S., 2005:
Nurses experiencing burn out in psychiatry: from research to the hospital setting

Hartley, J., 2005:
Nurses face a lottery over choice of shifts

Anonymous, 2006:
Nurses face tougher regulation

Anonymous, 2003:
Nurses fail to disclose decubitus ulcers: punitive damages awarded. Case on point: NME Properties, Inc. v. Rudich, 2003 WL 289415 So.2d--FL

Anonymous, 2005:
Nurses fail to object to Dr.'s mid-forceps delivery. Daniels v Durham County Hospital Corp

Anonymous, 2004:
Nurses failed to 'advocate' for their patient. Case on point: Rowe v. Sisters of Pallottine Missionary Society, 2001 WL 1585453 s.e.2d -WV

Anonymous, 2003:
Nurses fake test results on experimental drugs

Staines, R., 2006:
Nurses fearful of 'right-to-die' law

Freeman, S., 2004:
Nurses feel right at home with healthcare. Notebook PC makes patient visits easy for Alabama home health agency nurses

Chan, S., 2003:
Nurses fighting against severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in Hong Kong

Gayman, M.D.; Clark, C., 2005:
Nurses fighting the silent killers: straight talk about gynecological cancer research

Popp-Stahly, S., 2004:
Nurses for a healthier tomorrow launches new ad campaign. "Nursing education ... pass it on"

LOLLI, G., 1956:
Nurses for alcoholics

Taillens, Fçoise., 2003:
Nurses for infants and young children. "We can leave when the parents are managing well"

Goasdoué, A.; Morzadec, Mël.; Beaudet, S.; Renault, S., 2005:
Nurses for patient intake and orientation

Idelson, C., 2005:
Nurses force Schwarzenegger retreat

Anonymous, 1952:
Nurses from Germany

Gough, P., 2004:
Nurses from overseas: making a world of difference

NOVIKOV, I., 1951:
Nurses from the Khorvrinsk Hospital

Yaron, R., 2004:
Nurses get IT right

WAAGEN, L.O., 1950:
Nurses get into the hospital act

Hancock, C., 2004:
Nurses guide the world towards better health

Scott, C., 2003:
Nurses have a key role in reducing STI levels

WILLIAMS, F.J., 1958:
Nurses have much to do about poison control

Lubell, J., 2006:
Nurses head to court. Lawsuits allege hospitals conspired to underpay

Howard-Ruben, J., 2005:
Nurses help patients thrive and survive from diagnosis to treatment and beyond

SHEPARD, W.P., 1955:
Nurses help prevent accidents in homes

O'Dowd, A., 2004:
Nurses highlight funding crisis at care trust

BENSLEY, H.M., 1952:
Nurses house

Anonymous, 2004:
Nurses identify barriers to educating patients about meds

Anonymous, 2004:
Nurses identify barriers to teaching patients about their medications

Anonymous, 2007:
Nurses ignore Dr.'s orders for insulin regimen-death results. Case on point: Rush v. Senior Citizens Nursing Home District, (11/21/2006) S.W.3d -MO

Stambolova, I.; Mladenova, S.; Chaneva, G.; Alexandrova, M., 2004:
Nurses in Bulgaria, a profession of the future

Nurses in Industry

Shvarts, S.; Frenkel, D.A., 2003:
Nurses in Israel: the struggle for regulating the profession

Jenkins, S., 2003:
Nurses in Washington D.C

Anonymous, 2004:
Nurses in Zambia gain access to antiretroviral treatment

Molyneux, J., 2006:
Nurses in a burn unit: photographs

Jennings-Sanders, A., 2004:
Nurses in adult day care centers

Shuval, J., 2006:
Nurses in alternative health care: integrating medical paradigms

Ekedahl, M.; Wengström, Y., 2005:
Nurses in cancer care--coping strategies when encountering existential issues

Ekedahl, M.; Wengström, Y., 2006:
Nurses in cancer care--stress when encountering existential issues

Robinson, K., 2003:
Nurses in community service: a vital resource

TREACY, J.M., 1959:
Nurses in general hospitals can contribute to rehabilitation

Mahon, S.M., 2004:
Nurses in genetics

Campbell, M.L., 2006:
Nurses in international health care: migrants or commodities?

Fitzgerald, M.L.; Crismon, C., 2004:
Nurses in managed care roles

Mathieu, E.; Allemand, Hélène.; Teitelbaum, J.; Lévy, Dèle., 2006:
Nurses in private practice in France

Doyle, R., 2005:
Nurses in short supply. The profession is heading toward its biggest crisis

Rainer, S.R., 2003:
Nurses in short supply: update on the current problem

Willson, B., 2005:
Nurses in small business

Dorella, M.; Colaut, F.; Pozzobon, M.; Marconato, B.; Toniolo, L., 2005:
Nurses in specialistic surgery: centrality of a role

LEONE, L.P., 1961:
Nurses in the Federal Government

Dörfler, N., 2004:
Nurses in the corridors

Marc, B., 2003:
Nurses in the first times of World War one

Ghebrehiwet, T., 2006:
Nurses in the forefront of tuberculosis prevention, care and treatment

Anonymous, 2003:
Nurses in the maternity services

Humphrey, C.J., 2004:
Nurses in the media: where are home care and hospice?

da Silveira, Mília.Rezende.; Alves, Mília., 2004:
Nurses in the mental health team: the case of the Mental Health Centers in Belo Horizonte

BROTSKAIA, S.N., 1951:
Nurses in the new policy of regional pediatric hospitals

SNELLMAN, V., 1962:
Nurses in the publishing business

Freda, M.Comerford.; Rowling, J.K., 2006:
Nurses in the strangest places

Tolhurst, H.; Madjar, I.; Schultz, L.; Schmidt, A., 2004:
Nurses in urban and rural general practice. Who are they and what do they do?

MEULI, H.; Nightingale, F., 1955:
Nurses in war and peace and the life accomplishments of Florence Nightingale

Anonymous, 2006:
Nurses in white? Still a pressing issue

GUEST, R., 1951:
Nurses in "Exercise Rainbow."

Kalisch, B.J.; Begeny, S., 2006:
Nurses information-processing patterns: impact on change and innovation

Henry, J.D.; Henry, L.S., 2004:
Nurses intentionally called to care

McKernan, J., 2006:
Nurses involvement with strategic planning

Volp, K., 2006:
Nurses keep the system safe

Lille, L., 2003:
Nurses know more

Raphel, S., 2004:
Nurses lead in linkages for health and juvenile justice systems

Auffrey, L., 2005:
Nurses leading on patient safety

Nurses learn to work with the laboratory staff

Morris, R.; Carter, P.; Krueger, C., 2003:
Nurses learn vital signs of safety

Taanila, A.; Purola, H.; Larivaara, P., 2006:
Nurses learning family-oriented interprofessional collaboration

Doherty, L., 2005:
Nurses left out of DoH consultation

Gillespie, G., 2004:
Nurses line up at the I.T. suggestion box

Mandy, 2005:
Nurses live in fear as attacks grow

O'Dowd, A., 2004:
Nurses look forward to a better deal

Potter, C.; Johanson, S., 2003:
Nurses making a difference. RN and sex expert

Johnson, V.Y.; Walsh, E.G., 2005:
Nurses making a difference: the process of technology transfer

Staines, R., 2006:
Nurses may be forced to bear the brunt of the AfC funding shortfall

HEMMINGS, G.S., 1962:
Nurses militant

Castledine, G., 2004:
Nurses must aim to become more clinically effective

Anonymous, 2003:
Nurses must be careful about medical roles

Castledine, G., 2003:
Nurses must be immune to product promotions

Tingle, J., 2004:
Nurses must be more aware of patient safety initiatives

Castledine, G., 2004:
Nurses must be more vocal about public health

Castledine, G., 2004:
Nurses must cooperate with internal and external investigations

Pierce, J., 2006:
Nurses must discuss avian 'flu pandemic

Glasper, A., 2006:
Nurses must embrace and support health policies

Fullbrook, S., 2004:
Nurses must identify their own position in nursing

Tingle, J., 2004:
Nurses must know the steps to ensure safety patients

Castledine, G., 2004:
Nurses must learn methods to deal with difficult doctors

Howard, T-Lydia., 2006:
Nurses must learn to care for themselves

Farrow, T., 2004:
Nurses must maintain standards despite systems' problems

Castledine, G., 2003:
Nurses must protect vulnerable older people

Narayanasamy, A., 2003:
Nurses must start fighting for higher status as a profession

Castledine, G., 2005:
Nurses must strengthen the nurse/patient relationship

Johnstone, M-Jane., 2006:
Nurses must take a stand against racism in health care

Scott, H., 2004:
Nurses must take the lead in the management of asthma

Doncliff, B., 2004:
Nurses must take their rightful place in mental health

Scott, C., 2005:
Nurses must use their voice for the good of nursing

Uzarewicz, C., 2003:
Nurses need a scientific basis

Davies, K.; Moran, L., 2005:
Nurses need advanced skills in disaster health care

Powers, G., 2005:
Nurses need business sense

Allen, L.K., 2003:
Nurses need more education in healthcare policy making

Anonymous, 2005:
Nurses need not worry about their workplace. Northwest Germany features the "food dispute"

Wallis, L., 2007:
Nurses need the law

Gadsby, A., 2005:
Nurses need to listen to service users

Finigan, V., 2003:
Nurses need training to help women who are abused

LAULAN, R., 1953:
Nurses of former times

Nurses of the pioneer camp

Evans, M., 2007:
Nurses older, more plentiful, better paid: study. But critic contends lag time on data too long to be useful for policymakers

Philip, C., 2003:
Nurses on call

SIM, B., 1951:
Nurses on duty at the festival; first aid, ambulances, river patrols and hospitals

CARSON, M.H., 1957:
Nurses on parade

Wicker, P., 2003:
Nurses on the Internet: Part I--accessing the World Wide Web

West, L., 2003:
Nurses on the frontline: Canada should recognise its fallen heroes of SARS

Daniel, K.; Becker, P.A., 2004:
Nurses on the inside at the Legislature. Interview by Fran Martin

Bond, C.S., 2006:
Nurses on the net

Krajewska-Kułak, E.; Klapa, W.; Lewko, J.; Wrońska, I.; Lukaszuk, C.; Jankowiak, B.; Bartoszewicz, A.; Rolka, H.; Ostapowicz-van Dammae, K.; Leszczyńska, M.; Krajewska, K.; Sierakowska, M.; Szyszko-Perłowska, A., 2004:
Nurses opinion on the necessity of educating psychiatric patients and their families

Ferreira, M.Manuela.Frederico., 2007:
Nurses organizational commitment: the discriminating power of gender

Agnew, T., 2006:
Nurses out of step with Parkinson's patients

Anonymous, 2006:
Nurses outraged over politicians attack

BROWN, D.I., 1962:
Nurses participate in group therapy

Harteveldt, R., 2006:
Nurses pay the price for media health scares

Hartley, J., 2004:
Nurses play key role in choice schemes

Hartley, J., 2003:
Nurses prepare for the genetics era

Primi, G.; Pierantognetti, P.; Vario, M., 2005:
Nurses presence in the sterilisation service according UNI EN directives

Webber, N., 2004:
Nurses promote environmentally responsible health care

Lalitha, K., 2003:
Nurses promote positive mental health

Trossman, S., 2005:
Nurses provide care during one hurricane after another

Kirkwood, L., 2003:
Nurses put men's health in spotlight

van den HEUVEL, M., 1962:
Nurses quarters of the Royal Hospital of the West-Friesland St. Jans Gasthuis in Hoorn

Kenny, C., 2006:
Nurses question overseas ban

Kehoe, B., 2006:
Nurses rave and rant about IT

Powell, E., 2005:
Nurses reaching out to the working uninsured: one clinic's experience

Evans, M., 2006:
Nurses ready to right back. Ruling that full-time charge nurses can't belong to unions has labor leaders determined to work for ways around it

Wood, D., 2004:
Nurses receive bonuses for patient satisfaction

Callahan, M., 2007 :
Nurses reflect on how PTSD affects the lives of many

Tammelleo, A.David., 2005:
Nurses refuse to follow orders: catastrophic results. Case on point. Szczuvelek v. Harborside Healthcare Woods Edge, 2005 WL 123829 A.2d-NJ

Tang, F-In.; Sheu, S-Jen.; Yu, S.; Wei, I-Lan.; Chen, C-Huey., 2007:
Nurses relate the contributing factors involved in medication errors

Timmons, S., 2003:
Nurses resisting information technology

Wilson, B.; Slatin, C.; O'Sullivan, M., 2006:
Nurses respond to healthcare restructuring: the transformation of the Massachusetts Nurses Association

Knüppel, J., 2005:
Nurses seek security

GEISTER, J.M., 1951:
Nurses seek status security

REYNOLDS, H., 1959:
Nurses shaped this volunteer program

Castledine, G., 2004:
Nurses should be more involved in DNR decisions

Scott, H., 2005:
Nurses should become more skilled in palliative care

Williamson, T., 2006:
Nurses should embrace practice-based research

Castledine, G., 2003:
Nurses should know how to tackle alcohol withdrawal

Scott, H., 2004:
Nurses should participate in ethical debates in health care

Nazarko, L., 2005:
Nurses should prescribe for pain

Davis, W., 2006:
Nurses should support civil union law

Castledine, G., 2005:
Nurses should use politics to bring about change

GINSBERG, F., 1959:
Nurses shouldn't have to do housekeeping in operating room

Armstrong, F., 2006:
Nurses show leadership by demonstrating a commitment to sound governance

Anonymous, 2003:
Nurses show strong support for Medicare

Jones, P., 2004:
Nurses speak out against the marketing of tobacco

Plumlee, J., 2006:
Nurses speak out on National Nurses Week

Carl, M.A., 2006:
Nurses speak out on voting for their manager

Clarke-Jones, J., 2005:
Nurses split over physician assistants

Palese, A.; Regattin, L.; Bertolano, T.; Brusaferro, S., 2007:
Nurses staffing in surgical and orthpedical wards in a sample of Italian hospitals. Preliminary results of a descriptive study

Nurses star in disaster test

Levine, S.; Marek, A.C., 2005:
Nurses step to the front

Strachan-Bennett, S.; O'Dowd, A., 2004:
Nurses still run risk of latex allergy

Day, C.; Stanhope, M., 2004:
Nurses strengthen the fabric of public health

Kraco, K., 2004:
Nurses study hospital noise

Anonymous, 2005:
Nurses take a lead in mental health

Anonymous, 2006:
Nurses take a stand against inequality

Hoban, V., 2004:
Nurses taking second jobs

Nurses talk it out

Jones, A., 2003:
Nurses talking to patients: exploring conversation analysis as a means of researching nurse-patient communication

Evans, M., 2006:
Nurses target AHA. HQ picketed over stand in charge nurse case

Scott, H., 2003:
Nurses tend to cope with work pressures through gossiping

Morris, K., 2004:
Nurses to adjust the infusion rates of epidural catheters for patients in labor

Blake, N., 2006:
Nurses to feel cold winds of industrial change

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