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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 49765

Chapter 49765 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Suzuki, R.; Sato, R.; Kasajima, K., 1962:
On a clinical evaluation of tubercle bacillus phospholipid sensitivity to the agglutination reaction using kaolim. 1

Iordanov, I., 1960:
On a clinical sign indicating the depth of anesthesia

Kurachi, Y.; Hatta, M., 1961:
On a clinical use of Decadron (dexamethasone-21-phosphate disodium)

Hamon, Y.; Nicolle, P., 1962:
On a colicinogenic factor proper to certain lysotypes of Salmonella typhi

Bartos, J., 1961:
On a color reaction of amines and tertiary bases, by the formation of furoxanes

Bartos, J., 1962:
On a color reaction of secondary amines by the formation of o-quinones

Patroni, K., 1961:
On a colorimetric micromethod for the determination of ammonia

Walser, E., 1962:
On a combination of Imre's arciform graft and Paladon implantation in lid and orbital defects

Abbona, C.; Gatto, P.L., 1962:
On a combination of a synthetic choleretic and a "mixed" spasmolytic with vitamins B-I and PP, in the therapy of some hepatobiliary diseases. Clinical study

Abbona, C.; Bestagno, M., 1962:
On a combination of drugs for effective use in cardiotherapy in the senile age

Akkerman, V.V., 1960:
On a combination of leukemia with pregnancy

Artem, E.G.N.; Makienko, M.A., 1959:
On a combined method for the treatment of chronic salivary fistulae by roentgen rays and electrocoagulation

Gross, H.; Kaltenbaeck, E., 1959:
On a combined progressive pontocerebellar systemic atrophy in a small child

Nishikawa, F., 1962:
On a common antigen of type A-I and A-2

Shaw, C.C., 1954:
On a common dynamic factor in motion sickness

Kisker, K.P.; Stroetzel, L., 1961:
On a comparative analysis of situations in incipient schizophrenias and faulty developments in reactive experiences in adolescents. I

Kisker, K.P.; Stroetzel, L., 1962:
On a comparative analysis of situations in incipient schizophrenias and faulty developments in reactive experiences in adolescents. II

Livanov, M.N.; Khanina, L.M.; Kholodov, I.A., 1962:
On a comparative analysis of trophic disorders caused by denervation or single local irradiation of an intact or a denervated extremity of the rabbit

Nicolle, P.; Diverneau, G., 1959 :
On a complementary lysotype of Vi positive typhoid bacilli non-lysotypable by the Craigie-Felix method

SESENNA, R., 1959:
On a complex urogenital malformation (persistent cloaca, hypospadias, renal aplasia)

Ricciardi, R., 1962:
On a complication of polycystic kidney

Lisitsyn, I.P., 2003:
On a concept of health care strategy

Rusculled, B.Tle, M.; Maldonado, A.Lende, I.; D.V.Llafan, L.Stra, T.; Undiano, C.; Sanz, E.G.; Pessat, O.; Ange, D.M.Chelis, M., 1960:
On a concept of treatment of Chagas' disease. Preliminary note

Muehlethaler, J.P., 1960:
On a congenital aplasia of the left pulmonary artery

Rother, U.; Rother, K., 1961:
On a congenital complement defect in rabbits

Stalder, J., 1963:
On a congenital cyst formation of the sacral and buttocks region probably as a result of persistence of the caudal intestine

Billich, R., 1962:
On a congenital skull impression not explainable by labor mechanics in a newborn infant

Chowla, S., 1966:
On a conjecture of marshall Hall

Lammers, H.J., 1959:
On a constitutional homosexual transvestism with partial "masculinization" of secondary sex characteristics

Wiley, D.F.; Bertram, M.; Hamann, B., 2005:
On a construction of a hierarchy of best linear spline approximations using a finite element approach

Opatrny, K.; Racek, F.; Brozkova, V.; Audy, K.; Vaverka, V., 1960:
On a continuous sound caused by a tumorous stenosis of the arteria pulmonalis

Salfelder, K., 1961:
On a contrast-rich staining of Entamoeba histolytica in tissue

Hodr, J.; Stembera, Z.K., 1963:
On a contribution to active management of the 3d stage of labor

Kirchberg, E., 1961:
On a contribution to files on feces in Samos (Greece)

Link, K., 1961:
On a contribution to the anatomical and clinical picture of isolated superior ventricular septal defect

Staninec, M.; Skvrnova, K., 1962:
On a contribution to the etiology of lung complications in measles

Roch, M., 1962:
On a contribution to the subject "organization of health care" in intermediate health schools

Link, K., 1961:
On a contribution to true dermoid cysts in the brain in old age

Sarafov, D., 1961:
On a correct approach in anesthesia with special reference to some undesired and dangerous complications

Minz, B.; Chamorro, A., 1955:
On a cortico-hypothalamic action brought about by adrenalin

Callens, J.; Va.D.V.Orde, O., 1961:
On a couple of cases of acute abdominal pain in children simulating acute appendicitis

Papp, A.; Steiner, K.; Koranyi, S., 1954:
On a course of training for technicians

Kobayashi, Y.; Teramura, F.; Fukuda, H.; Tateishi, K.; Mikawa, H.; Akaishi, K.; Yokoyama, T., 1962:
On a criterion proposed for discoverin infection with virulent tubercle bacilli after BCG vaccination

Oystese, B., 1962:
On a criticism of fluorescent immunological methods in histology

Yanagizawa, Y.; Maruyama, Z.; Tsuruoka, N.; Yamaguchi, A.; Kukita, M.; Ando, M.; Sugata, F.; Yata, Y.; Shimizu, M., 1963:
On a criticism of methods for determining ceruloplasmin in blood serum and results of determination

Braeutigam, W.; Mueller, C., 1962:
On a criticism of the diagnosis of schizophrenia in psychotherapeutically treated patients (from a history of cases of Sechehaye, Benedetti, Elrod and Chr. Mueller)

Kalina, G.P., 1962:
On a criticism of the so-called "temperature test" of I.E. Minkevich in determination of the titer of Escherichia coli

D'andrea, L.; Santamaria, R.; Bruzzese, L.; Oriente, P., 1959:
On a cryomacroglobulin

de GOMES.L.S., 1960:
On a culture medium for Haemophilus ducreyi. Some technical data referring to the isolation of this bacillus

Leeb, G., 1960:
On a cured case of tonsillogenic malignant tumor in a child

Stefanutti, U., 1953:
On a cutaneous fistula of the cheek

Matras, A., 1953:
On a cylindroma of the head

Mehrle, G., 2003:
On a day like no other: Ophthalmological Academy in Düsseldorf

Baumann, E., 1960:
On a decisive development in the field of local steroid therapy

Hallen, O., 1959:
On a defecation phantom after rectum amputation

Brown, M., 1953:
On a definition of culture

Sargautene, G.G., 1962:
On a dermatosis causes by nematode larvae

Maly, R., 1961:
On a diarrhea epidemic caused by E. coli O 55

Ginzel, K.H.; Klupp, H.; Werner, G., 1951:
On a dicholinester with high curare action

Wisdom, J.O., 1959:
On a differentiating mechanism of psychosomatic disorder

Werner, A., 1959:
On a difficult differential diagnosis in a case of chronic abscess of the cerebellopontile angle

LUDER, P.; LANDOLT, E., 1961:
On a diffuse malignant melanoma of the iris

Wiltschke, H., 1960:
On a dilatation of the wolffian duct and primordium of the kidney by absence of an outlet into the cloaca and on the secretion of the wolffian body

Iturriza, F.C., 1960:
On a direct functional interrelation between the seminiferous tubules and Leydig's cells

Francois, M.T.; Pelt, J., 1961:
On a direct method of preparation of ethyl esters of chaulmoogra oils

Walder, P., 1953:
On a discussion of C. G. Jung's psychology in Hans Trüb's book Therapy through meeting the afflicted

Dul, T.In.M.S.; Kraevskii, N.A., 1961:
On a discussion of so-called osteomyelosclerotic leukosis

Saltykov, R.A.; Rezepov, F.F.; Zemskov, E.M., 1963:
On a discussion of the rate of immunological response to revaccination with toxoids

Efremov, V.V., 1960:
On a discussion of the study of human vitamin requirements

Dantsig, N.M.; Laptev, A.P., 1962:
On a discussion on artificial lighting in windowless and without skylight industrial buildings

On a disorder of tryptophan metabolism

Flore, L.; Monticelli, D., 1959:
On a diverticulum of the female urethra (with multiple calculi)

Failla, E.; Napoleone, F., 1959:
On a double neurological complication of diphtheria: hemiplegia and meningoradiculitis

Pridvizhkin, I.G., 1962:
On a double urethra

Cavallo, P.; Noto, L.; Pincherle, M., 1961:
On a drug combination in headaches in patients with cranial injuries. Considerations on 200 cases

Walters, E.; Edwards, R.G., 2003:
On a fallacious invocation of the Barker hypothesis of anomalies in newborn rats due to mothers' food restriction in preimplantation phases

Lumbroso, K.; Scullica, L., 1962:
On a familial case of persistence of the pupillary membrane

Coste, F.; Laurent, F.; Manigand, G.; Choura, I., 1961:
On a familial case of polyfibrosis

Pietruschka, G., 1960:
On a familial endothelial dystrophy of the cornea (in combination with glaucoma, vitiligo and otosclerosis)

Francois, J., 1953:
On a family presenting ocular colobomata ranging from unilateral coloboma of the iris to bilateral anophthalmos associated with Bardet-Biedl syndrome

Wiesendanger, M., 1961:
On a family tree with dystrophy-like spinal muscular atrophy (Kugelberg-Welander proximal type)

Maruyama, T., 1963:
On a family with Marfan's syndrome

Afonine, P.V.; Urzhumtsev, A., 2003:
On a fast calculation of structure factors at a subatomic resolution

Lacroix, G.; Marozzi, E., 1959:
On a fatal case due to incongruous use of bis-diethyl-carbamyl-disulfide (antabuse) with alcohol (technical note)

Hahlweg, G., 1961:
On a fatal case of acute epidemic exanthema or variable infectious exanthema (so-called "vesicular disease")

Cotte, L.; Lambert, R.; Marin, A., 1960:
On a fatal case of aspirin poisoning

Quenum, C.; Aubry, L.; Richir, C., 1963:
On a fatal case of bronchopneumonia due to APC viruses with cytomegalic inclusions

Capuzzo, A., 1962:
On a fatal case of brucellosis

Pavlovic, J.; Cvoric, M., 1961:
On a fatal case of erysipelas

Vido, I.; Micek, F.; Langer, J., 1962:
On a fatal course of a liver disease after biopsy puncture with the Menghini needle

Usbeck, W., 1960:
On a fatal error in Billroth II gastrectomy: anastomosis of the gastric stump with an ileal loop

Klaus, E.J.; Andresen, R., 1960:
On a fatal injury of the cervical spine after diving

Pribilla, O., 1962:
On a fatal injury of the cervical spine in gymnastics on the floor

Schulze, A.J., 1962:
On a faulty use of chiropractic therapy

Borsay, J.; Nyul, T.Th.P.; Moritz, P., 1962:
On a few pathological changes and complications of the atlantooccipital area

Csoka, I., 1962:
On a few questions on the sulfonamide therapy of Duhring's dermatitis herpetiformis

Jensen, C.E., 1955:
On a fibrinolytic enzyme in the perilymph of sharks

Grueter, H.; Hoebler, W., 1960:
On a fibroma formation on the lower leg

Liang-Sheng, Y., 1957:
On a filarial parasite, Deraiophoronema freitaslenti n.sp., from the giant anteater, Myrmecophaga tridactyla from British Guiana, and a proposed reclassification of Dipetalonema and related genera

Schott, G., 1960:
On a finding of Hepatotaenia festiva (Rudolphi 1819) in the bile ducts of a red kangaroo (Macropus rufus Desm.)

Niebauer, G., 1960:
On a fine-tissue study of scleroderma

Faherty, B., 2003:
On a first-name basis

Terio, B., 1960:
On a fluorescent pigment present in the pinna of the dorsal oar of a polychaetal anellid (Tomopteris septentrionalis Steenstrup)

Deschiens, R.; Benex, J.; Yucel, A., 1961:
On a focus of filariasis caused by Wuchereria bancrofti in Turkey

Udalov, I.F., 1961:
On a food ration of minimum weight

de Quervain, F.; de Quervain, F., 2005:
On a form of chronic tendovaginitis. (Translated article: Cor-Bl.f.schweiz. Aerzrte 1895:25:389-94)

Randić, M.; Balaban, A.T., 2003:
On a four-dimensional representation of DNA primary sequences

Pende, V., 1960:
On a frequent cranioradiographic sign in hyperthyroidism: sella turcica with calyx

Tanret, P.; Balan, L.; Barres, G.; Molimard, R., 1960:
On a frequent erythrocytic abnormality in patients of liver cirrhosis

Girschik, L., 1961:
On a full-term primary abdominal pregnancy in a primate

Pavlovic, J.; Stamenkovic, P., 1960:
On a fulminating form of acute leukemia

Shilov, P.I., 1961:
On a functional classification of chronic gastritis

Zeh, E., 1963:
On a functional diastolic tricuspid valve murmur in subjects without heart disease

Baricalla, A.; Giaccardi, P., 1960:
On a further case of cervical pregnancy

Chevallier, A.; Methlin, G., 1962:
On a gamma-encephalography technic

Kvålseth, T.O., 2004:
On a general class of chi-squared goodness-of-fit statistics

Barreira, L.; Pesin, Y.; Schmeling, J., 1997:
On a general concept of multifractality: Multifractal spectra for dimensions, entropies, and Lyapunov exponents. Multifractal rigidity

Schultze, B.; Oehlert, W.; Maurer, W., 1961:
On a general relation between the turnover rates of ribonucleic acid and proteins in the mouse and rat organisms

Zinner, G., 1963:
On a general synthesis for N-monosubstituted O-benzoylhydroxylamines. 13. On hydroxylamine derivatives

Lee, R.; Weintraub, S.H., 1982:
On a generalization of a theorem of Erich Hecke

Knapp, A., 1962:
On a genetic disorder of tryptophan metabolism in relation to vitamin B6 administration

Trube-Becker, E., 1962:
On a gestation period of brief duration

Bergmann, M., 1960:
On a giant hydronephrosis

Matusovszky, A., 1960:
On a girl attaining the age of 19 years after extrauterine development

Knebel, R.; Ockenga, T., 1961:
On a graduated oscillographic method for determination of the pressure in the left auricle in man

Marotti, F.; Tagliapietra, E.A., 1961:
On a grave case of partial agenesis of the spine

Cherniak, I.G., 1962:
On a group outbreak of trichinosis in a district within the Smolensk Region

Campbell, K., 2006:
On a happier note

Wullstein, H.L.; Wigand, M.E., 1962:
On a hearing aid for bilateral hearing in monaural deaf persons and its hypotheses

Sano, Y.; Imai, C., 1961:
On a hematopoietic organ in the sella turcica of the giant salamander (Megalobatrachus japonicus)

Ullik, R., 1959:
On a hemolymphangioma of the floor of the mouth

Delage, J.M.; Simard, J., 1961:
On a hemolytic property of normal serum

Ritzerfeld, W.; Brinkmann, B., 1961:
On a hepatitis epidemic in a localized land practice

Seman, G., 1959:
On a hereditary constitutional abnormality of the nucleus of polynuclear neutrophils

Schreiner, W.E., 1959:
On a hereditary form of male pseudohermaphroditism (testicular feminization)

Garcin, R.; Raverdy, P.; Delthil, S.; Man, H.X.; Chimenes, H., 1961:
On a heredo-familial disease combining cataract, optic atrophy, extrapyramidal symptoms and certain defects of Friedreich's disease. (Its nosological position in relation to the Behr's syndrome, the Marinesco-Sjogren syndrome and Friedreich's disease with ocular symptoms

Born, E.; Binder, H., 1962:
On a heredodegenerative disease simulating an apallic syndrome (alcohol-stable metachromatic leukodystrophy)

Schubert, G., 1960:
On a high-grade hypoplasia of the right kidney with unirenicular left kidney

Liss, E.; Langen, P., 1960:
On a high-molecular weight polyphosphate of yeast

Mcdougall, S.Ith, F.Emi, G., 1955:
On a hillside site

Antweiler, H., 1960:
On a histamine-liberating substance in cotton dust

Hermelink, B., 1951:
On a histamine-like substance in the frog skin

Berbolovich, P.A.; Tanana, G.D.; Pleshkova, S.M., 1962:
On a histochemical study of the localization of myoglobin in muscles

Nicolau, S.G.; Balus, L., 1959:
On a histochemical test demonstrating the sudoriparous nature of the hidradenoma eruptif

Krutsay, M., 1960:
On a histological staining method with multiple uses

Jay, V., 2006:
On a historical note: Menière's disease

Jay, V.; Hodgkin, T., 2005:
On a historical note: the legacy of Thomas Hodgkin

ABDULLAEVA.A.A.; Alimov, U.A.; Sokolov, N.P.; DAL', V.Ivanovich., 1963:
On a history of medical-geographical research in Central Asia and Kazakhstan. Vladimir Ivanovich DAL'

Vogel, R., 1960:
On a holder for plastic sponges

Abegg, W., 1960:
On a home infection with interstitial pneumonia

Kullander, S., 1959:
On a hormone-dependent spontaneous, malignant ascites tumour in rats

Gruen, L.; Schulze, H.; Quitte, C., 1960:
On a hospital endemic caused by Salmonella bareilly

Hukumizu, S., 1954 :
On a huge primary tumor of the greater omentum; a case report

Tallmadge, G.K., 1961:
On a humanistic education in medicine

Gleye, M.; Sandor, G., 1954:
On a humoral effect of adrenalin

Bretz, F.; Pinheiro, J.C.; Branson, M., 2005:
On a hybrid method in dose finding studies

Meinecke, G., 1951:
On a hyphomycete parasite of hypochromic erythrocytes in the frog

Kulik, D.M., 1962:
On a hypnotherapeutic method in hysteric gait disorders

D.Biase, G., 1960:
On a hypochondriac-persecutory syndrome in a polyneuritic subject

Sabourdy, M.; Bozic, B., 1960:
On a hypodactylic line in albino rats

Cavalieri, U.; Quadri, A.; Tammaro, A.E., 1962:
On a hypoglycemic action of anabolic steroids. Presentation of a case; verification and considerations

Kronberger, L., 1961:
On a knowledge of congenital lung cysts associated with an abnormal arterial vessel

Kappeler, R.; Barandun, S.; Luthi, H.; Wiesmann, E., 1961:
On a laboratory Leptospira ballum infection; orchitis as a complication

Benke, A., 1960:
On a lamp for anesthesia purposes

Candreviotis, N., 1960:
On a large ectopic splenic nodule on the left testicle

Sander, M., 1959:
On a large mesenchymoma of the retroperitoneal pelvic and abdominal space

Koop, J.C., 1950:
On a large sample method of estimating unemployment in large cities

Wagner, A., 1962:
On a large tuberculum intercondylicum quartum tibiae

Petter, A.J., 1960:
On a larva of Subuluridae, parasite of the German cockroach (Blattella germanica L.)

Imhauser, K., 1953:
On a late form of pulmonary tularemia

Daniels, E., 1963:
On a legal decision on pox diseases in Heidelberg

Hoffmann, E., 1962:
On a lesion of the vagus stem between the 2 laryngeal nerves

Shatakhian, M.P.; Babaian, E.B., 1963:
On a leukocytosis focus in acute appendicitis

Erdstein, S., 1952:
On a leukopenic syndrome of unusual development; remarks on the pathogenesis of this disease picture

Russell, C.H., 1960:
On a liberal background

Guliaev, V.D.; Ishigenova, L.A., 2003:
On a life cycle of Unciunia raymondi (Cestoda: Cyclophyllidea: Dilepididae)

Häggblom, A.M.E.; Möller, A.R., 2006:
On a life-saving mission: Nurses' willingness to encounter with intimate partner abuse

Ripplinger, J.; Joly, M., 1963:
On a linear correlation existing between the principal mineral ions of the snail heart

Pret, P.Rvis, V.; Ugo, A., 1963:
On a lipid component of arterial elastic tissue. Histochemical and fluorescence microscopy

Fasolis, S.; Okely, C.; Tommasin, D.Gna, A., 1961:
On a lipoma of the corpus callosum associated with abnormalities of the abdominal viscera

Olters, E., 1959:
On a lipoma of the stomach

Martincic, N., 1954:
On a little known observation in intravenous urography with ureteral compression

Moreo, L., 1959:
On a little known source of lead poisoning: the manufacture of metallic parts for electric lamps

Gierhake, F.W., 1953:
On a liver tumor in infant

Dornes, W., 1959:
On a lubricant container

Bidot, C.; Manalich, R., 1962:
On a lymphoma developing into lymphatic leukemia and terminating with a picture of acute leukemia with Rieder cells

Fuks, L.K., 1962:
On a machine for washing shoes

Neumann, H., 1961:
On a malignant lymphocytoma of the external ear in a child

Pollak, G.F.; Reshetnikova, E.K., 1960:
On a mass outbreak of cystitis of alimentary origin: preliminary report

Petrovic, L.M.; Spasic, D.T.; Atanackovic, T.M., 2005:
On a mathematical model of a human root dentin

Boeri, E., 1950:
On a mathematical theory of the equilibrium of the interactions between proteins and other substances

Ganz, H., 1960:
On a maxillary sinus osteoma

Szekely, T., 1960:
On a maxillary sinus rhinolith accompanied by allergy

Karger, W.; Eigler, F.W.; Hampel, A., 1960:
On a measurement apparatus for determination of the electrical sizes on biological membranes with active ion transport

Lucas, K., 1912:
On a mechanical method of correcting photographic records obtained from the capillary electrometer

Vakarin, E.V.; Badiali, J.P., 2006:
On a mechanism of low-pressure insertion of chain molecules into crystalline matrices

Lukacs, V.F.; Romhanyi, J., 1960:
On a meningo-encephalo-myocarditis epidemic in newborn infants during the epidemic of Bornholm's disease in Hungary in 1958. I. Clinical and pathological findings

Horvath, F.; Galle, T.; Toth, J., 1960:
On a metastasis of a prostatic cancer simulating an osteoma

Grigor'ian, G.O., 1963:
On a metastatic melanoma in the stomach

Iasinskii, T.V., 1962:
On a method for a more extensive mortality study of hypertension

Natradze, D.A., 1961:
On a method for a temporary occlusion of the pulmonary artery

Vladimirov, I.I., 1961:
On a method for active aspiration in draining the pleural cavity

Povzhitkov, M.M., 1961:
On a method for ballistocardiographic studies in dogs

Daskalova-Obretenova, K., 1960:
On a method for bloodletting in guinea pigs

Shabalin, V.A., 1960:
On a method for cephalography

Alekseenko, N.D., 1962:
On a method for closing openings in the egg shell

Kleine, N., 1963:
On a method for detecting damage to the membranes of human erythrocytes

Novikov, V.M.; Fortushnyi, V.A.; Shuliak, V.D., 1963:
On a method for determinating vitamin B12 using Escherichia coli

Richter, B., 1962:
On a method for determination of electrolytes in sweat

Potapov, A.A., 1961:
On a method for determining the number and the distance of travel of horse flies

Shishko, V.I., 1961:
On a method for dispensary services and therapeutic and prophylactic measures for convalescents after Botkin's disease

Gurfinkel', V.S.; Malkin.V.B.; Tseitlin.M.L., 1961:
On a method for electrical stimulation of the heart

Shepo Val'nikov, A.N., 1962:
On a method for electroencephalographic recording in newborn infants

Kheifets, L.B.; Khazanov, M.I., 1959:
On a method for epidemiological investigations of NIISI polyvaccine

Lebedev, V.P., 1960:
On a method for experimental investigations on functions of the reticular formation of the brain stem

Kantor, D.V., 1959:
On a method for extraction of Cysticercus from the vitreous body

FEL', V.Ia., 1959:
On a method for induced hemagglutination reaction

KHAIKIN.A.Ia., 1961:
On a method for intracutaneous skin tests

Arapov, D.A., 1961:
On a method for intrathoracic esophageal resection in cancer

Kontorovich, I.I., 1961:
On a method for lacrimal patency test

Rozenblat, V.V.; Vorob, E.A.T., 1961:
On a method for leads registering cardiac biocurrents in man by dynamic radio-telemetry

KHODAS.M.Ia., 1960:
On a method for luminescence microscopy of the peripheral blood

Kedrov, B.D.; Katsnel, S.N.B.A., 1962:
On a method for measuring pulmonary ventilation in rabbits

Elizarov, V.A., 1960:
On a method for morbidity studies in suppurative diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissues among workers of a metallurgic plant in Leningrad

On a method for obtaining L-forms of hemolytic streptococci type A and on their reversion to bacterial cultures

Kiiashov, A.P., 1961 :
On a method for operative interventions in closed injuries of the liver

Mukhin, M.V., 1959:
On a method for plastic surgery by means of Filatov's flap

Sidorova, I.I., 1962:
On a method for primary selection of antibiotics produced by mold fungi

On a method for publicizing medical and hygienic knowledge in a popular science book

Komorovskii, I.T., 1961:
On a method for reconstructive operations in complications after gastric resection

Mueller, H., 1961:
On a method for registration of the blood flow in individual capillaries

Amosov, I.S., 1961:
On a method for roentgenological investigations of pulm onary respiratory function. (Roentgenopneumopoly-graphy and tomopneumopolygraphy)

Volkova, M.A.; Obukhov, N.V.; Agranat, V.Z., 1962:
On a method for scanning the liver with I-131 labeled rose bengal in oncology

Styk, B., 1961:
On a method for serological reactions with viruses of so-called Asian influenza

Apasov, G.N., 1961:
On a method for short-focus roentgenotherapy of cavernous hemangiomas in children

Kunin, M.A., 1962:
On a method for sperm examination in sterility

Rapant, V., 1961:
On a method for surgical management of reflux esophagitis after intrathoracic esophagogastroanastomosis

Pereslegin, I.; Lopatnikova, Z.F., 1960:
On a method for tele-gamma-therapy of cancer of the lung

Shura-Bura, B.L., 1961:
On a method for testing bactericidal properties of disinfectants

Getta, A.I., 1961:
On a method for the anesthesia of the stellate ganglion in intrathoracic interventions

Petrova, N.P., 1960:
On a method for the application of a mechanical vascular suture

Krotkova, A.P., 1960:
On a method for the application of a salivary cannula in ruminating animals

Khvostova, V.V.; Valeva, S.A., 1960:
On a method for the application of ionizing irradiation in plant selection

Koroliuk, I.P., 1962:
On a method for the automatic isotope myelography

Ogneva, N.S., 1962:
On a method for the bacteriological study of listeriosis in newborn infants

Kiseleva, K.S., 1962:
On a method for the conduction of intraarterial blood infusion in the treatment of prolonged hypotension caused by blood loss and shock

On a method for the detection of Kernig's syndrome

Raevskii, K.S., 1961:
On a method for the detection of the activity and comparative values of anti-spastic substances

Khmaladze, A.G.; Zaalishvili, A.A., 1960:
On a method for the determination of fats in milk and milk products

Evdokimov, S.A.; Trubitsyna, G.A., 1960:
On a method for the determination of gas-exchange in small animals

Ostrovskii, M.M., 1961:
On a method for the determination of guaiacol vapors in the air

Pechan, Z.; Duchon, J., 1960:
On a method for the determination of melanogens in urine

Saev, G.K., 1960:
On a method for the determination of phosphatase activity by means of phenolphthaleindiphosphate

Kotelev, V.V., 1960:
On a method for the determination of phosphatase in microorganisms

Kreinin, L.S., 1962:
On a method for the determination of protective properties of sera. A table for the determination of the PD50 and its oscillations

Apel', I.A., 1961:
On a method for the determination of sulfates, chlorides and tarry substances in dust in the air

Blass, J.; Raynaud, M., 1960:
On a method for the determination of the 6-amino groups of lysine combined with formol in anatoxins with 1-fluoro-2, 4-dinitrobenzene. Experiences formed with bovine serum albumin

Kosminskii, R.B., 1960:
On a method for the determination of the age in fleas Leptopsylla segnis Schoench, 1811 and L. taschenbergi Wagn., 1898 (Suctoria-Aphaniptera) and results of the age analysis in the L. segnis population

Tolstov, V.N., 1961:
On a method for the determination of the blood serum cholesterol content in conditions of regional rural hospital laboratories

Rozhdestvenskaia-Shmidt, E.D., 1961:
On a method for the determination of the prothrombin blood index

Gersamiia, G.K.; Sholokhov, S.V., 1960:
On a method for the determination of thyroid function in rats by means of a method of the administration of radioactive iodine

Medvedev, M.L., 1962:
On a method for the dynamic vector-cardiographic examination

Burov, G.S., 1962:
On a method for the endobronchial administration of antibiotics

Piralishvili, I.S., 1962:
On a method for the eosinophil count in the peripheral blood

Mann, H., 1960:
On a method for the establishment of a cardiological dispensary. Report 1

Zapuskalov, V.I., 1962:
On a method for the evaluation of results in the study of higher nervous activity with the aid of tables

Mezhenina, E.P., 1962:
On a method for the examination of patients with cerebral spastic paralysis

Rybakova, N.I.; Sal, M.N.M.M., 1961:
On a method for the examination of the duodenum in conditions of its hypotonia

Beznosikov, B.O., 1962:
On a method for the examination of thrombocytes with electron microscopy

Berzak, M.A., 1962:
On a method for the fluorographic examination of the cardiovascular system in conditions of a polyclinic (medico-sanitary part)

Khananashvili, M.M.; Volkova, V.D., 1962:
On a method for the implantation of cannulae into the brain in chronic conditions

Iampol'skaia, V.D., 1961:
On a method for the interruption of extrapleural oleothorax

Iampol'skaia, V.D., 1959:
On a method for the interruption of extrapleural pneumothorax

Petrov, I.S., 1962:
On a method for the intra-arterial administration of novocaine

Ivanitskii, A.M., 1959:
On a method for the investigation of pupillary reactions

Pradac, J.; Kolousek, J.; Subertova, E., 1960:
On a method for the investigation of salting-out processes

Povorinskii, I.A., 1960:
On a method for the investigation of the higher nervous activity in humans

Fareniuk, V.I., 1962:
On a method for the management of patients with perforated uterus

Slinin, S.M., 1962:
On a method for the measurement in the temporal artery and on the problem of regional cerebral hypertension

Basha, X., 1962:
On a method for the organization of children's aid in a rural milieu

Burenkova, L.A., 1959:
On a method for the preparation of Listeria antigen for indirect hemagglutination reaction

Brule, D.; Mentzer, C., 1960:
On a method for the preparation of flavones labelled with carbon 14

Polivoda, A.I.; Vinetskii, I.P., 1959:
On a method for the preparation of quartz plates for electron microscopic studies of fine structures of the erythrocytes

Sautin, I.N., 1960:
On a method for the preservation of lyophilized tissues

Talygina, V.A., 1962:
On a method for the primary selection of antitumor antibiotics

Gamaleia, N.F., 1962:
On a method for the production and study of antibiotic-resistant strains of microorganisms

Pravednikov, S.N., 1961:
On a method for the production of chronic osteomyelitis in rabbits

Leites, F.L., 1962:
On a method for the production of experimental atherosclerosis in rats

Gatsura, V.V., 1961:
On a method for the production of experimental cardiac aneurysms in dogs

Ionkin, G.A.; Pan, S.Ina, M.V., 1961:
On a method for the production of experimental hypertension

Novikova, S.I., 1960:
On a method for the production of the alkaloid nupharine

Nechiporenko, A.Z., 1961:
On a method for the quantitative determination of components in the urine and its significance in the diagnosis of chronic pyelonephritis

Teoharov, B., 1961:
On a method for the quantitative determination of the activity of some dehydrogenases in histochemical research

Wrba, H.; Rabes, H., 1962:
On a method for the quantitative determination of the metabolism of labeled substances by means of organ culture

Pankratov, A.K., 1961:
On a method for the reduction of posterior dislocation of the forearm

Tumanovskii, M.N.; Safonov, I.D., 1960:
On a method for the registration and principles for the classification of ballistocardiograms

Rovinskii, M.S., 1962:
On a method for the resection of the hip joint in tuberculous coxitis

Zaikova, M.V., 1961:
On a method for the restoration of eyebrows following extensive burns

Klunker, W., 1962:
On a method for the statistical examination of genealogical material on the heredity of a characteristic

On a method for the study of diuresis in cattle

Rauser, V.; Rauserova, O., 1961:
On a method for the study of inspired and expired air temperatures in a closed system

Mironova, N.S., 1961:
On a method for the study of puncture-cutting properties of injection needles. I

Dadiani, M.D., 1960:
On a method for the study of receptors of the lower jaw in chronic experiments

Raikhshtat, G.N., 1962:
On a method for the study of the effectiveness of anti-influenza serum

Dergacheva, T.I., 1962:
On a method for the study of the flight of Phlebotomus from Rhobus opimus colonies

Elizarov, V.A., 1960:
On a method for the study of the morbidity of suppurative diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissues in workers in a metallurgical plant in Leningrad

Dashkevich, I.O.; D'iakov, S.I.; Nikitin, V.M.; Osipova, I.V., 1962:
On a method for the treatment of bacteriological preparations with fluorescent antibodies

Serkina, A.V.; Shneidman, A.A., 1960:
On a method for the treatment of para-rectal fistulae

Slinchak, S.M., 1961:
On a method for the treatment of synoviomas

Kostin, A.G., 1961:
On a method for the use of curariform drugs in surgery on the extremities

Gaidamaka, M.G., 1961:
On a method for the vaccination against influenza

Avdeev, G.A., 1961:
On a method for tomography of the skull

Kavrakirov, V., 1960:
On a method for total rhinoplasty with the aid of Filatov's flap without fatty tissue

Rossatti, B.; Guerrini, O., 1961:
On a method of anesthesia for reparative surgery of congenital deformities in infancy

Kappey, F.; Schmidt, R.; Albers, C., 1961:
On a method of catheterization of the sagittal sinus in dogs

LUR'E.I.Iu.; PANOVA.V.A., 1960:
On a method of control of the degree of clearing of cyano-containing effluents by means of active chlorine

Paton, D.N.; Eason, J., 1901:
On a method of estimating the interference with the hepatic metabolism produced by drugs

Guillerm, R.; Badre, R.; Dupoux, J.; Porsin, M.; Colin, B., 1959:
On a method of evaluation of carbon monoxde in the blood based on concentrations of carbon monoxide determined in the alveolar air (2 new technics)

Naito, H.; Hattori, Y.; Nozawa, K., 1962:
On a method of examining gastric juce acidity without a stomach tube, using Kilex (azure A resin)

Tiktinskii, O.L., 1962:
On a method of excretory urography

Martusevicius, H., 1962:
On a method of expertise control and analysis in temporary disability

Portheine, H.; Baeumer, A., 1959:
On a method of graphic demonstration of arterial pulsations in so-called liver asterisks

Libouban, S.; Aleonard, P., 1960:
On a method of implantation of permanent electrodes in the rat, permitting the observation of that animal for several months

On a method of imposition of end-to-end tracheal and bronchial anastomosis (experimental research)

Popov, I.S.; Mishchenko, L.I., 1962:
On a method of isolating fungus cultures free of bacteria

Schlarb, H., 1963:
On a method of long-term control of the outcome of tetracycline treatment of Balantidium coli infection in guinea pigs

Zanchi, F., 1959:
On a method of measurement with the vibrating cord extensimeter

Hino, Y.; Yamaguchi, T., 1956:
On a method of measuring the volume of the circulating blood in the lungs and the minute volume by means of sodium para-aminohippurate; a correction

BUENO.S.E.; da LEITE.I.C., 1960:
On a method of mounting fungi

Karpenko, N.P., 1959:
On a method of objective examination of the curvature of the spine and trunk; measurement by a transparent comparative millimetric grid

Sadykhov, A.G., 1961:
On a method of osteoplasty in benign tumors of the bone

Movshovich, R.I., 1962:
On a method of ovariopexy

Kelly, H.A.; Kelly, H.A., 2003:
On a method of post-mortem examination of the thoracic and abdominal viscera through vagina, perineum, and rectum and without incision of the abdominal parietes. 1883

De.T.Rco.A.M.; Pietra.R., 1960:
On a method of preparation of colloidal radiogold

Kachani, Z.F., 1962:
On a method of preserving spermatozoa for the determination of fructose in the field of fertility examination

On a method of producing chronic experimental myocardial infarct

D.Lillo, F., 1959:
On a method of rapid staining of preparations obtained with the freezing microtome

Maiorova, V.F., 1960:
On a method of revealing neurosecretory granules in nerve cells of the hypothalamus

Ragimov, R.N., 1962:
On a method of roentgenological examination of the right half of the large intestine

Ivanova, E.M., 1963:
On a method of roentgenological examination of the small intestine with barium administration through a duodenal sound

IL'CHENKO.P.Ia., 1959:
On a method of small intestine resection

Khomenok, V.P., 1962:
On a method of study of the vessels of the heart and kidney by means of liquid rubber injection and subsequent use of corrosive preparations

Tkachenko, S.S.; Ianchur, V.N., 1962:
On a method of surgical therapy of traumatic dislocation of the acromial end of the clavicle

Shamarin, P.I., 1962:
On a method of teaching propedeutic therapy

Brancato, P., 1961:
On a method of titration of antibodies neutralizing the measles virus in tissue cultures prepared in panels of plastic material

Schmitz-Drager, H.G., 1963:
On a method of translumbar catheter angiography of the thoracic aorta and the aortic arch arteries (Preliminary report)

Ficola, F., 1959:
On a method of treatment of costal fractures

Cantoni, R.; Burner, M., 1959:
On a method of treatment of delirium tremens

Cavier, R.; Notteghem, M.J., 1962:
On a method of trial in vitro of taenicides

Kitagawa, T., 1958:
On a method of x-ray treatment for carcinoma metastasis in cervical lymphnode

Tovanella, B.; Malacarne, P., 1962:
On a method recently proposed for the schematization of the lymphogram

Sainz, A.; Bigelow, N.; Barwise, C., 1957:
On a methodology for the clinical evaluation of phrenopraxic drugs

Bonitz, K., 1960:
On a micro-method of hemagglutination and hemadsorption by virus vaccine and its applicability

Haas, R., 1952:
On a microagglutination reaction for serodiagnosis of Q-fever

Luethi, H.; Bezzegh, T., 1962:
On a microbiological method for the qualitative demonstration of chemical preservatives in wines

Gorbach, G.; Tenschert, E., 1962:
On a microculture flask for the observation of living microorganisms

Baytop-Berk, A., 1961 :
On a microscopic differentiation of the leaves of Digitalis ferruginea, lanata and trojana

Bessiere, E.; Agenos, B.; L.R.Bell, R., 1962:
On a minor form of temporal arteritis: ophthalmoscopic diagnosis

Wright, S.; Nightingale, F., 2004:
On a mission

Taylor, M., 2003:
On a mission. Foundation, network work to improve healthcare in Latin America more through building relationships than building facilities

de Albornoz, S.Carrillo., 2006:
On a mission: how Cuba uses its doctors abroad

Invernizzi, M., 1959:
On a mixed form of laryngeal neoplasm

Marinaccio, G.; Massari, F., 1954:
On a mixed tumor of the parotid: findings in phase contrast, in polarized light, in darkness and with histochemical tests

Barbero, P., 1961:
On a mobile apparatus for air sampling

Skorik, V.I.; Kochetygov, N.I.; Konstantinov, V.A.; Fenster, G.S.; Penchuk, V.M., 1961:
On a model of radiation emaciation in laboratory animals

CATHALA, J., 1963:
On a modern cosmology. (I). The substance of the universe

Cathala, J., 1963:
On a modern cosmology. II. Towards a spiritualistic evolutionism

Ripa, R., 1962:
On a modern method of determination of the somatotropic hormone in the blood serum of normal subjects

Bosco, G., 1961:
On a modification of Needham's method for the control of the activity of disinfectants

Albano, O.; Benvestito, V., 1959:
On a modification of the Crosby sound for biopsy of the small intestine by oral route

Baldi, A.; Ferrara, E., 1963:
On a modification of the Wunderly-Wurhmann reaction

Ancona, F.; Tomaino, A., 1962:
On a modification of the flap treatment in the final stage of total laryngectomy

Lotti, F.; Palladino, O., 1959:
On a modification of the method of determination of fetal hemoglobin according to Cutillo: proposal of a micromethod with samples of capillary blood

Tarbaev, E.F., 1962:
On a modification of the suspended enterostomy, according to a rural surgeon

Caspari, E.; Gottlieb, F.J., 1959:
On a modifier of the gene a in Ephestia kuehniella

Bellet, P.; Penasse, L., 1960:
On a monodemethylacontine

Hasselbacher, K.; Rockstroh, H., 1961:
On a monstrous hydronephrosis of a single kidney, with a contribution to preoperative hemodialysis

Pijanowski, E., 1962:
On a more complete utilization of the nonfat components of milk for nutritional purposes

Judd, W.J.; Dake, L.R.; Davenport, R.D., 2005:
On a much higher than reported incidence of anti-c in R1R1 patients with anti-E

Ruan, S.; Tu, F.; Pattipati, K.R.; Patterson-Hine, A., 2004:
On a multimode test sequencing problem

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On a multiple broad-base osteoma of the facial portion of the skull and petrous bone

Kondo, I.; Abe, M., 1963:
On a mutant strain of Staphylococcus aureus No. 248 changing simultaneously in its ability to produce beta-hemolysin, its rate of growth and its virulence for mice

Gerloczy, F.; Jellinek, H., 1960:
On a neck tumor with central nervous structure in an infant

Kuzmicki, R., 1961:
On a need for the planned control of intestinal parasites in Poland

Blennerhassett, M., 2006:
On a neglected condition

Chabaud, A.G., 1953:
On a nematode parasite of the kingfisher, Alcedo atthis L

Aladashvili, V.A., 1959:
On a neural factor in the stimulating effect of blood transfusion

Terrasse, J.; Rampon, S.; Moinade, S.; Sole, P., 1960:
On a neural form of periarteritis nodosa

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On a neuraxitic facio-linguo-brachial amyotrophy

Kadar, A.; Kismarti, L.Chner, E., 1961:
On a neurinoma on the ventral segment of the 2d and 3d cervical spinal cord segment

Engelbart, K., 1960:
On a neurofibromatous hamartoblastoma of the liver

Mats, M.D., 1962:
On a neurological syndrome in hemorrhagic vasculitis

Niedermeyer, E., 1960:
On a neurological-psychiatric-brain electrical syndrome on the basis of probable chronic insufficiency of the basilar artery

Jones, P.Sean., 2006:
On a never-ending waiting list: toward equitable access to anti-retroviral treatment? Experiences from Zambia

Sorokina, T.S., 2004:
On a new All-Russia program of teaching the history of medicine

Gabka, J., 1959:
On a new German electrodermatome

On a new L-amino acid oxidase activated by magnesium

Christie, S., 2006 :
On a new PCT framework

Abonnenc, E., 1962:
On a new Phlebotomus of the Upper Volta, Phlebotomus diapagai nov. sp

Elliott, J.H., 1898:
On a new Proteid Reaction

Roslavleva, N.G., 1961:
On a new Russian drug "meprotan"

Paris, R., 1951:
On a new acquisition in phytotherapy: Holarrhena floribunda and its principal alkaloid: conessine

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On a new administration method of estriol in the vagina

Gurfel', D.B., 1959:
On a new agent producing pectin fermentation

Bartos, G.; Karmos, V.; Szollossy, L.; Torok, B.; Kustos, G.; Czigner, J., 1961:
On a new alloplastic vascular prosthesis

Weis, I., 1962:
On a new anabolic agent with acute protracted effects

Haan, D., 1962:
On a new analgesic principle (NAPAP, Lonarid)

Gagliardi, B.; Chrapa, C., 1962:
On a new analpetic

Sailer, S.; Braunsteiner, H., 1959 :
On a new and extremely simple method of determination of serum cholinesterase activity and its clinical significance

Ragoni, A.G., 1961:
On a new antibacterial nitrofuran in urology (Altafur)

Watari, S.; Watari, H., 1952:
On a new anticancer substance

Dornaus, W., 1961:
On a new anticholinergic and its combination with neprobamate

Pugatsch, I., 1960:
On a new anticoagulant (G 25766) of the indandione series with prolonged effect

Lauri, D., 1961:
On a new antitussive preparation in gerontology

Heitz, S.; Mentzer, C., 1961:
On a new application of the method of "selective methylation" to the synthesis of 5,7-dimethylapigenin

Rutenberg, D.M., 1961:
On a new approach in the surgical treatment of malignant tumors of the epiglottis

Aranicki, M.; Gaon, J., 1962:
On a new approach to the eradication of typhus in endemic foci

Cattan, R.; Vesin, P., 1960:
On a new aspect of immunitary deficiencies

Pecorari, D.; Abelli, G.; Careddu, G., 1962:
On a new aspect of obstetrical analgesia: the combined use of pethidine and a morphine antagonist in labor

Edel, H.; Reimann, H.F., 1961:
On a new automatic evaluation device for paper electrophoresis strips on a direct photometric base

Minz, B.; Noel, P., 1961:
On a new axis of cortico-hypothalamic cholinergic neurosecretion

Broglie, M., 1963:
On a new barbiturate free hypnotic and sedative

Kasarov, L., 1960:
On a new biochemical feature of staphylococci

D.Piero, G., 1959:
On a new case of acquired hemolytic anemia in childhood

Puchol, J.R.; Jaqueti, G.; Bojana, J., 1961:
On a new case of benign cutaneous reticulohistiocytomatosis

Rocher, M., 1960:
On a new case of poisoning by a derivative of pentachlorophenol in Landes

Botella Llusia, J., 1960:
On a new case of true hermaphroditism (Bilateral diversity with double ovotestis in the inguinal canal)

Ackermann, H.; Eichenberger, E.; Hunziker, F.; Lauener, H.; Schmutz, J., 1962:
On a new chemical type of potent antihistaminic

Veggetti, I., 1962:
On a new chemotherapeutic agent in intestinal toxi-infective pathology

Cavka, V., 1962 :
On a new clinical syndrome of pigmented glaucoma with heterochromic kis

Olea, R.; Neira, E.; Astorga, N., 1961:
On a new clinical type of encephalitis

Banik, D.C.; Ray, H.N., 1962:
On a new coccidium, Isospora bellericae nsp. from capeground crane, Belleria regulorum

Tessari, L., 1962:
On a new combination of drugs for the therapy of somatic pain

Reimann, H.Nziker, G.; Schneider, R.; Fischlewitz, J., 1961:
On a new combined drug treatment in stomach diseases

Balakrishnan, A.V., 1968:
On a new computing technique in optimal control theory and the maximum principle

Marti-Ibanez, F., 1954:
On a new concept of medical journalism

Pauleikhoff, B., 1962:
On a new concept of proteinuria and its practical application

Johri, L.N., 1957:
On a new cyclophyllidean cestode, Multiceps smythi n.sp., from dogs in Dublin Eire

Schultze, E.G., 1959:
On a new depot sulfonamide in pediatrics

Weber, G., 1962:
On a new dosage form for cignolin in the treatment of psoriasis

Robert, P.E., 1962:
On a new drug for colitis

Zurn, L., 1951:
On a new drug for muscle relaxation in anesthesia

Galliani, F., 1960:
On a new drug with coronary-dilatatory action

Fernande, M.Rcos, E.; Romero, E., 1962:
On a new etiopathogenetic concept of lathyrism

Frost, D.; Werkes, H., 1960:
On a new experience for the demonstration of tissue with weak storage activity in gamma scintigraphy

Napolitano, A.; D.B.Rtolomeo, A.; Cancrini, A., 1960:
On a new experimental method of producing fibro-congestive splenomegaly by arterial hyper-afflux

Gonzalez Mas, R., 1963:
On a new experimental technic for peripheral inhibition of pyramidal spasticity of cerebral origin

Bile, G.; D.B.Asi, R., 1959:
On a new factor in the Rh system: the G antigen

LEZHENKIN, V.V., 1960:
On a new form of organization of urgent and emergency aid to the urban population

Kaufmann, H.J., 1962:
On a new form of pulmonary fibrosis in premature infants

Mazur, M.A.; Fomina, N.S., 1962 :
On a new form of treatment outside the hospital of psychiatric diseases (hospital at home)

Ludin, H., 1962:
On a new fully-automatic large angiographical cassette changer

Halpern, B.N., 1961:
On a new function of gamma-globulins. Their protective action against phenomena of hypersensitivity

Kucher, R.; Steinbereithner, K., 1953:
On a new ganglion-blocking agent

Greene, R.E.; Wu, H., 1982:
On a new gap phenomenon in riemannian geometry

de LOPES.H.S., 1961:
On a new genus of Calliphoridae from the island of San Ambrosio, Chile (Diptera)

Malan, C.E., 1952:
On a new genus of Plectomycetes: Peyronellula mirabilis n.g. & n.sp

Kalakutskii, L.V., 1959:
On a new genus of actinomycetales--Waksmania n. gen

Hoerhammer, L.; Wagner, H.; Nieschlag, H.; Wildi, G., 1959:
On a new glycoside type of the flavone series. III. On the constitution of orientoside and orientin

Maffi, M., 1959:
On a new graphic symbolism for the representation of the geographic distribution of vectors, with particular reference to anopheles in equatorial Africa

Ganapati, P.N.; Narasimhamurti, C.C., 1960:
On a new haplosporidian (protozoa) Nephridiophaga xenoboli in the gut of a millipede Xenobolus carnifex

Meguro, T.; Sonoda, T.; Takahashi, K.; Tamura, A., 1956:
On a new hematozoic microbe resembling Bartonella

Gaertner, W., 1963:
On a new heparinoid ointment for general practitioners

Baumann-Schenker, R., 1950:
On a new hereditary skeletal affection of the osteogenesis imperfecta group

Mindlin, S.Z.; Alikhanian, S.I.; Vladimirov, A.V., 1961:
On a new hybrid strain of Streptomyces rimosus

Mantellini, M.; Massone, A., 1962:
On a new hypotensive association in geriatrics

Lepp, H., 1953:
On a new intravenous injection and puncture method; infraclavicular puncture of the subclavian vein

Szirmai, E., 1959:
On a new kind of analgesia with a new caffeine derivative

Roentgen, W.C., 1959:
On a new kind of ray (first report)

Howorka, K., 1963:
On a new laboratory pressure filter apparatus

Lumbreras, H., 1959:
On a new liquid medium for culture of Balanidium, Entamoeba and Trichomonas

Schirmer, R.; Kellner, A., 1953:
On a new local anesthetic in eye surgery

Lofferrer, O., 1962:
On a new locally effective chemotherapeutic agent

Notake, K.; Ichikawa, Y.; Hanaoka, M.; Amano, S., 1961:
On a new long-term in vitro culture of normal and leukemic lymphocytes with special reference to a favourable simultaneous proliferation of leukemic virus and hostcell

Salvi, V., 1962:
On a new maneuver in affections of the sacroiliac joint

On a new mechanism of oxidation-reduction applied to the epimerization reaction: reversible interconversion of uridine diphosphogalactose and uridine diphosphoglucose

Goglia, G., 1962:
On a new medicinal combination in the percutaneous therapy of acute and chronic inflammation of the respiratory tract

Catalano, D., 1960:
On a new medium of biliary contrast for oral administration (biloptin)

Alberti, S.; Ortali, V., 1960:
On a new medium of enrichment for Corynebacterium diphtheriae

Gutman, L.B.; Stal, N.Nko, E.S., 1962:
On a new method for and clinico-diagnostic possibilities of intrauterine fetal phonocardiography

Schuppli, R.; Wagener, H.H., 1960:
On a new method for determination of the immediate effect of x-rays

Tobiasch, V.; Luckner, H.J., 1961:
On a new method for evaluation of surgical risk

Lutterotti, O., 1960:
On a new method for optical evaluation of punched cards

Constantinidis, C., 1962:
On a new method for release of the pathological reflex (dorsal flexion) of the great toe and its clinical significance. (Preliminary report)

Castringius, R., 1960:
On a new method for supervision of the water metabolism of the body in severely ill: a patient "netto" suspension scale instead of a "bed" scale

Terzian, H.; Cecotto, C., 1959:
On a new method for the determination and study of hemispheric dominance

Auterhoff, H.; Becker, C., 1960:
On a new method for the determination of the alkaloid content in drugs

Kirchner, E.; Tobiasch, V.; Luckner, H.J., 1961:
On a new method for the evaluation of operative risks

Tura, S.; Pieragnoli, E.; Da.M.Nte, P.R., 1960:
On a new method for the evaluation of the functioning hepatic mass and the cholostatic index by means of bromsulphalein

Brockelt, G.; Pohloudek, F.Bini, R., 1959:
On a new method for the indirect polarographic determination of tartaric acid. Contributions to the chemistry and physiology of several metabolic chemically-important acids

Portillo, R.; San, P.Drero, P.; Benmaman, J.D., 1959:
On a new method for the polarographic determination of minimal quantities of managese in biological matter

Tsukamura, M.; Termine, A.; Rossi, P., 1963:
On a new method for the preparation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis culture on solid egg medium

Zheliazkov, D.K., 1959:
On a new method for the registration of digestive conditioned reflexes in small animals

Sander, H.; Alkemeyer, M.; Haensel, R., 1960:
On a new method for the separation of the glycoalkaloids of Solanum dulcamara L

Charpentier, J., 1963:
On a new method in the pharmacological study of the reaction to pain

Tacquet, A.; Macquet, V.; Gernez, R.Eux, C., 1961:
On a new method of administration of ethionamide

Zorini, A.O., 1957:
On a new method of antituberculosis chemioprophylaxis employing isonicotinic acid hydrazide

Tsitsishvili, D.R., 1960:
On a new method of arresting atonic uterine hemorrhages in experimental and clinical conditions

Budvari, R., 1963:
On a new method of blood group examinations in blood stains by means of agglutinin elution

Consoni, R., 1962:
On a new method of closure of the antral stump in gastrectomy with exclusion

Ryzhikh, A.N.; Iukvidova, Z.M., 1960:
On a new method of conservative therapy of non-specific ulcerative colitis

On a new method of controlled hypotension

Szirmai, E.A., 1960:
On a new method of depigmentation

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On a new method of electrodiagnosis

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On a new method of hemostasis in transvesical prostatectomy with primary bladder closure

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On a new method of microdetermination of molybdenum, applicable to biological media

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On a new method of organotype culture

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On a new method of registration of duodenal pressures

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On a new method of roentgen study of the small intestine

Nemitz, K., 1955:
On a new method of root canal therapy

Boccardi, V.; Dolci, G., 1962:
On a new method of study of fibrinolysis with thromboelastography

Barresi, G., 1960:
On a new method of suture of the bronchial stump

Kaufmann, R.; Krause, H., 1962:
On a new method of temperature regulation and temperature variation of baths for biological experiments

Trauner, R., 1953:
On a new method of the velo-pharyngeal plastic surgery in case of too short soft palate

Thiesen, J.; Fischer, T., 1959:
On a new method of therapy of peripheral and cerebral circulatory disorders with 3-(methyioxyethylamino)-2-hydroxypropyltheophylline-beta-pyridinecarboxylic acid (complamin)

Wiegand, R., 1963:
On a new method of treatment of chronic otitis media

Hanisch, J., 1963:
On a new method of treatment of epidemic keratoconjunctivitis with emetine

Goyert, K., 1962:
On a new method of treatment of juvenile warts

Silbergleit, S., 1962:
On a new method of treatment of the devitalized general psychophysical state

Ownatanjan, K.T.; Karpenko, W.S., 1961:
On a new method of ureterolithotomy for stones in the pelvic segment of the ureter

Kunlin, J.; Benitte, A.C.; Richard, S.; Adam, B., 1959:
On a new method of venous suture

Ferreira, L.E., 1960:
On a new miotic (Preliminary note)

Otsuka, R., 1962:
On a new miotic pupillary reaction on changing the body position of rabbits

Cohen, R., 1963:
On a new mode of using analytic centrifuges

Robin, Y.; Nguyen, V.N-Tho, I., 1962:
On a new monosubstituted biological guanidine, hypotaurocyamine (2-guanidoethane sulfinic acid) and the corresponding phosphagen

Fassati, P.; Fassati, M., 1961:
On a new more sensitive and simple modification of the mesobiliviolin reaction in the urine

Rosati, L.; Destombes, P.; Segretain, G.; Nazimoff, O.; Arcouteil, A., 1961:
On a new mycetoma agent isolated in Somalia

Ochiai, E.; Ohta, A., 1962:
On a new nitration method of quinoline-1-oxides with metal nitrates

Museteanu, C., 1960:
On a new nosological unit: The virus encephalo-pneumonitis of infants and its etiology

Thomas, K., 1961:
On a new observation on the hematotrophic effect of testosterone derivatives

Cataliotti, F., 1959:
On a new operation of surgical revascularization of the myocardium

Ullik, R.; Zenker, W., 1961:
On a new operative method for the elimination of habitual luxation of the temporomandibular joint

Mikuni, M.; Yoneyama, T., 1960:
On a new ophthalmodynamometer

Piffault, C.; Duhamel, J.; L.C.Nte, E.; Caroff, J.; Roques, J.C., 1960:
On a new optical procedure of study of phenomena of sedimentation produced in blood rendered incoagulable

Rocca, P.; Secondo, G., 1960:
On a new oral cholecystotest: sorbitol

D'alesandro, S.; Gurmindo, B.J.; Eserequis, M.; Cerrotti, M.I., 1959:
On a new orally-administered diuretic

Fondarai, J.; Richert, C., 1962:
On a new paper chromatographic technic for sulfur-containing amino acids

Gordonoff, T., 1959:
On a new peroral antidiabetic: sucrida Berna. Pharmacological and toxicological studies

Duester, H., 1959:
On a new peroral nonmercurial diuretic

Colao, G.; Guida, V.; Petrozziello, A.; Vestuto, L., 1960:
On a new pharmacological combination in the treatment of ulcerous disease

Rasario, G.M., 1962:
On a new phenothiazine derivative with antiemetic and antivertiginous activity

Altmann, R., 1961:
On a new photoelectric volume-pulse receptor apparatus especially for venous pulse and registration respiration recording

Rosenheim, O.; Tebb, M.C., 1908:
On a new physical phenomenon observed in connection with the optical activity of so-called "protagon."

Brandenberg, O., 1962:
On a new plastic nephrostomy catheter and kidney fistula catheter and on a urine collection receptacle

Hammerl, H.; Pichler, O., 1962:
On a new point of view in the oral treatment of iron deficiency states

Pulver, R.; Montigel, C.; Herrmann, B., 1963:
On a new polysulfuric acid ester with heparin-like action

Tille, D., 1961:
On a new possibility in the diagnosis of gallbladder diseases

Birk, G., 1959:
On a new possibility of treatment of hemophilia B

Rakonitz, E., 1961:
On a new preclinical sign of parkinsonism

Bauer, P.A., 1953:
On a new preparation of acetylsalicylic acid: iromine

Parducci, F.; Nucci, E., 1961:
On a new preparation with antiglaucomatous action: cardrase (6-ethoxy-2-benzothiazolosulfonamide)

Vogt, A., 1951:
On a new preparation: la Paradine-Hommel (HH 113); its use in pediatrics

Wolffram, E., 1960 :
On a new principle in the conservative treatment of adnexitis

Frankl, V.E., 1960:
On a new principle in the treatment of chronic sleep disorders: paradoxal medication

Kuehnau, W.W., 1961:
On a new principle of treatment of venous congestive conditions

Pont, 1962:
On a new procedure for obtaining drinking water from sea water (for use by shipwrecked persons)

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On a new procedure for the administration of ethionamide

Weiss, M., 1959:
On a new procedure for the determination and titration of heparin in plasma

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On a new procedure for the investigation of physiology and pathology of speech

Werner, H.; Pierzynski, A., 1962:
On a new protozoon from the white laboratory mouse (Mus musculus). Preliminary report

Mueller, D., 1961:
On a new psychopharmacon (chlorprothixen) in the treatment of endogenous psychoses

Charpentier, J., 1961:
On a new psychophysiological method of quantitative measurement of painful reactions in the rat

Martini, F.; Marzi, F.M., 1960:
On a new psychotropic drug (marplan) with antidepressive action

Gobbi, U.; Bernacchia, A., 1962:
On a new reflex of the neonatal period (Juanico-Perez reflex). Clinical study on 200 subjects

Bertolotti, E., 1962:
On a new renal function test. Preliminary note

Menzel, G., 1951:
On a new resilient joint

Seusing, J.; Drube, H.C.; Schmidt, K., 1962:
On a new respiration aid with a respiratory valve to be controlled automatically by spontaneous respiration

Okuda, M.; Takemiya, S.; Kaneko, T.; Togawa, K.; Kametani, H., 1961:
On a new room for hearing tests

MELIS, M.; PORZIO, D.; PORZIO, R., 1963:
On a new route of access for exploration and surgery of the superior mesenteric artery

Chiarantano, R.M.; Ruda, M.S.; Poppi, J., 1962:
On a new route of administration in antitetanus therapy

Busacchi, M.; Gavelli, A., 1961:
On a new salt of papaverine with low toxicity, papaverine glycyrrhizinate

Baeurle, S.A.; Efimov, G.V.; Nogovitsin, E.A., 2006:
On a new self-consistent-field theory for the canonical ensemble

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On a new semi-synthetic antibiotic derivative of tetracycline: hydroxy-ethyl-diethylenediaminomethyltetracycline phenoxymethylpenicillinate. Experimental and clinical data

Koehler, W.; Hubrig, T., 1960:
On a new serological group (h) in Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Doskow, I.; Oreschkow, W., 1960:
On a new sign in the EKG--"P-dextral"

Holle, F., 1961:
On a new simple intestinal compression clamp

Coppola, R., 1962:
On a new soluble tetracycline derivative

Langbein, G.; Meyer, M., 1962:
On a new solvent system for the paper chromatography of weakly polar steroid compounds

Myers, W.G., 1962:
On a new source of x-rays

William, G., 1963:
On a new spasmo-analgesicin general practice

Melzer, H., 1962:
On a new spasmolytic

Fotedar, D.N., 1960:
On a new species of Oxysomatium Railliet and Henry, 1913 and some notes on the genera Oxys omatium and Aplectana

Lynsdale, J.A., 1959:
On a new species of Proteocephalus from Brazil

D.Mello, I.F., 1953:
On a new species of oxymonas from the intestinal contents of the Brazilian termite Neotermes hirtellus (Silvestri)

Pampiglione, S.; Trentini, M.; Fioravanti, M.L.; Onore, G.; Rivasi, F., 2004:
On a new species of sand flea from Ecuador and tungiasis, a problem of Public Health in many developing countries

de RODRIGUES.H.O., 1962:
On a new species of the genus "Oxyspirura" Drasche in Stossich, 1897 (Nematoda, Spiruroidea)

Bergmann, M., 1960:
On a new spoon grasping forceps

Baniewicz, N., 1961:
On a new sternal reflex in severe brain diseases with somnolence or soporfic states

Angelova-Patarinska, Z., 1962:
On a new strain of pentoseassimilating Candida

Hermann, P., 1956:
On a new structure investigation of proteins; end group determination and amino acid series

Gerner, G., 1960:
On a new sulfonamide sulfadimethyloxazole (sulfuno) with special reference to excretion through the bile

Zerykier, D.; Boruhow, M., 1960:
On a new sympathomimetic amine (Tocatyl) in the symptomatic therapy of asthma

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On a new synthesis of 18-hydroxy- and 18-oxo-progesterone

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On a new synthesis of folic acid, with observations on its mode of action, and with special reference to its biologic anabolism

Solcia, E., 1962:
On a new technic for demonstration of alpha-granule cells from the islands of the pancreas

Petronio, R.; Brisotto, G., 1961:
On a new technic for effort phlebography

Traploir, P., 1960:
On a new technic for radiography of the digestive tract in general and especially for the small intestine

Castaigne, A.; Amselem, A.; Podesta, J.M., 1960:
On a new technic for studying experimental blood lipid disorders

Giacanelli, F.; Moretti, E., 1959:
On a new technic for the combined staining of nerve cells and fibers: the Kluver-Barrera method

Lipski, J., 1960:
On a new technic of epilation of the hairy head and on the value of a method of fractionated irradiation

D'acunzo, L.; Giudici, G., 1962:
On a new technic of preparation of bone fragments for microscopic examination by reflected light

Bystrenin, V.A., 1962:
On a new test for differential diagnosis of disorders of the sound conduction and sound perception apparatus

Gerke, J., 1953:
On a new test for early diagnosis of carcinoma

Calisti, G., 1959:
On a new test of colloidal lability of the serum

Radogna, M., 1960:
On a new test of colloidal lability: the chloroanilic acid reaction

Bourde, C.; Bousquet, R., 1962:
On a new theophylline. Its importance in the treatment of anginal pain

Katsilampos, L., 1962:
On a new theoretical concept of the pathogenesis of rabies

Szirmai, E.A., 1962:
On a new treatment of fatigue and lakc of interest in work

Wilk, H.J., 1963:
On a new treatment of ulcera cruris by means of a gelatin tampon bandage

Foukas, M., 1959:
On a new treatment procedure of functional uterine hemorrhage with pyridoxin

Kubota, Y.; Kurokawa, M.; Anzai, H.; Gohda, A., 1953:
On a new type (Sh. flexneri lc) of the flexner group

Hesse, K.; Goldhahn, H.; Fuerst, H., 1962:
On a new type 2-iminobarbituric acid

Srivastava, J.G., 1951:
On a new type of anomalous secondary growth found in the stem of Vitis quadrangularis wall

Pichler, H.J., 1961:
On a new type of automatically controlled electronic speech device for laryngectomized persons

Katona, F.; Nagy, K.; Obal, F., 1960 :
On a new type of deconnection in neurosurgical operations

Hoerhammer, L.; Wagner, H.; Leeb, W., 1960:
On a new type of glycosid of the flavone series. Part 4. Adonivernith, a luteolin-8-hexityl mono-xyloside from Adonis vernalis L

Jucker, E.; Sueess, R., 1961:
On a new type of spiro-succinimide. 6. On drug synthesis

Stach, K., 1962:
On a new type of substituted pyrazolone derivatives. 1. Pyrazolonyl carbinol

Laborit, H.; Coirault, R.; Damasio, R.; Gaujard, R.; Laborit, G.; Fabrizy, P.; Charonnat, R.; Lechat, P.; Chareton, J., 1957:
On a new type of surgical anesthesia and on the therapeutic use of a depressor of the cerebral cortex; clinical and experimental study

Wehselau, H., 1960:
On a new type of tampon for local leukorrhea therapy

Rolshoven, E., 1961:
On a new type of tweezers for protecting anatomical and surgical preparations

Lepri, F.; Ramorino, M.L., 1960:
On a new type of "endoradiosound" with compensated temperature coefficient

Veltman, G., 1953:
On a new ultrasonic produced tuberculosis antigen in relation to the complement fixation reaction

Hasche, E., 1959:
On a new urinal

Ganse, R., 1961:
On a new vacuum handle extractor made from Piacryl

de MENEZE.JUNIOR.J., 1958:
On a new variety of peach containing starch

Darzi, A., 2006:
On a new vision for academia

KNAPP, A., 1960:
On a new, hereditary disorder in tryptophan metabolism dependent on vitamin B6

Karabachtschieff, D., 1961:
On a newly developed antimycotic and antibacterial local drug for skin and mucosae

Chiba, T., 1951:
On a newly found strain of transplantable fowl sarcoma [Japanese text

Geier, F.; Gross, H., 1951:
On a non specific syphilis reactions

Klauer, K.J., 1963:
On a non-theoretic 3-dimensional diagnosis of reading errors

Doepfmer, R., 1961:
On a nosologically unexplained bullous dermatosis. (Chronic pemphigus vulgaris or dermatitis herpetiformis Duhring)

Toelke, S., 1961:
On a note on the sterilization of glycerin

Liu, R.Y., 1988:
On a notion of simplicial depth

Elschenbroich, C.; Six, Jörg.; Harms, K., 2006 :
On a novel coordination mode of phosphinine C5H5P

David, H., 1960:
On a nucleolus with a membrane

Banaschak, H., 1961:
On a nucleoside kinase in erythrocytes

Obel, A.L., 1953:
On a nutritive liver disease in pigs; so-called toxic liver dystrophy

Masuyama, M., 1949:
On a one-dimensional diffusion method of assaying antibiotic substances and its fundamental formulas

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On a paper by Nagata, Fukui, Yonezawa and Tagashira: electronic structure and carcinogenic activity of aromatic molecules

Cattaneo, C.; Fantoli, U.; Belasio, L., 1960:
On a paper test for the demonstration of the presence of isoniazid in the urine of subjects treated with that drug

Arguelles Casals, D., 1949:
On a papillary and pigmentary dystrophy of frequent acanthosis nigricans type in the black race

Duffin, C., 2004:
On a par with teachers

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On a particle accompanying the development of lambda coliphage

Pace, E., 1960:
On a particular aspect of lipid metabolism of the pancreas

Cappellini, G.; Faraco, P., 1961:
On a particular aspect of the thoracic complications of hepatic echinococcosis: cysts of the perforated cupola in the middle pulmonary lobe

Giacca, S.; Negrini, A.C., 1959:
On a particular aspect of the thromboelastographic tracing in chronic myeloid leukemia

Lapidus, F.I., 1959:
On a particular form of osteodystrophy of the mandible

Calvé, J.; Calvé, J., 2006:
On a particular form of pseudo-coxalgia associated with a characteristic deformity of the upper end of the femur. 1910

Rutishauser, E.; Held, D.; Rohner, A., 1960:
On a particular form of steatonecrosis

Michel, P.J., 1962:
On a particular form of superficial angioma in the newborn with extensive, ulcero-mutilating and malignant, usually fatal course Favre-Fiessinger angioscleroplastosis)

Bassani, G.; Russo, S., 1959:
On a particular method for radium-implantation of the lip

Broussy, J.; Barry, J., 1950:
On a particular point of histophysiology of the crop of the Columbinae; Pigeon's milk

Azerad, E.; Boudin, G.; Pepin, B.; Lubetsky, J., 1961:
On a particularly amyotrophic form of diabetic neuropathy

Ruberti, R.; Zuanazzi, F., 1961:
On a particularly interesting case of segmental vertebropathy: "butterfly vertebra with congenital vertebral synostosis"

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On a pathway suitable for the total synthesis of cortisone-type steroids

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On a patient suffering from acromegaly with manifestations of virilism and diabetes insipidus during the course of 32 years with preservation of the menstrual cycle during 38 years

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On a patient with a cancer of the right breast and a sarcoma of the left breast

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On a patient with sideroblastic anemia and hemochromatosis

Martin, A.B., 1960:
On a patient-centered approach

Marie, J.; Hennequet, A.; Duhamel, A.; Watchi, M., 1961:
On a pecular malformation of the kidney, responsible for repeated infections of the urinary tract in the infant. The calyceal diverticulum of the kidney

Knappwost, A., 1951:
On a peculiar action of cupric oxide in cupric oxide cement

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On a peculiar angiographic observation in anteroposterior projection of the sylvian branches in subdural hematoma

Dalem, J., 1959:
On a peculiar aspect of burns of the esophagus

Ricco, G., 1961:
On a peculiar aspect of malignant erythematovisceritis: the anasarcous picture

Cao, I., 1963:
On a peculiar aspect of the picture of so-called "thrombophlebitis of effort"

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On a peculiar atrophy of the skin in Cushing's syndrome

Huser, H.J.; Humair, L.; Frommel, D., 1963:
On a peculiar case of glomerulonephritis with Schonlein-Henoch's syndrome

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On a peculiar clinical form of hemorrhagic disease of the newborn: extensive cranial subcutaneous hematoma

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On a peculiar congenital vascular pathology in infancy

Orlandi, E., 1954:
On a peculiar cytological finding in inflammation of the urinary tract in children

Stubbe, H.; Jorgensen, G., 1953:
On a peculiar electroacoustic phenomenon and its eventual medicotechnical uses

Sommariva, V.; D.F.O.G., 1963:
On a peculiar histological finding of gastric leomyoma (atypical leiomyoma)

Tiraspol'skaia, M.M., 1962:
On a peculiar neoplastic lesion of the pulmonary artery and its branches

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On a peculiar pathological sequence: psoriasis, bronchial asthma, idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura. Effect of the treatment with ACTH and with desamethazone

Biancogiglio, I., 1962:
On a peculiar pseudoneoplastic radiological image in a case of acute pancreatitis

Kleeberg, J., 1951:
On a peculiar skin change seen in some patients with gallbladder and liver disease

Bronzini, A.; Bronzini, E., 1959:
On a peculiar telelymphangiectatic laryngeal disease with elephantiasis of the vocal folds

Struthers, J.; Struthers, J., 2006:
On a peculiarity of the humerus and humeral artery

Arrigoni-Martelli, E., 1959:
On a peripheral mechanism in the antithyroid action of alpha-(4-methyl-6-hydroxy-2-pyrimidinyl)-thioisobutyric acid

Anastasopoulos, G.; Kokkines, D.; Routsones, K., 1961:
On a personal case of temporal arteritis

Francillon, J.; Girard, M., 1963:
On a personal procedure for preservation of the rectum in diffuse rectocolic polyposis

Tamasaku, K.; Yabashi, M.; Ishikawa, T., 2005:
On a phase problem of high-resolution Fourier transform X-ray spectroscopy

Ancel, P., 1952:
On a phenomenon of regulation shown by trypaflavin injections localized at the anterior amniotic fold of the chick embryo

Lindigkeit, R.; Wahler, B.E., 1960:
On a phosphorylating amino acid derivative from Escherichia coli

Bender, F., 1960:
On a photocell catheter for continuous registration of oxygen-saturation of the blood

Knuetter, S.; Pohloudek, F.Bini, R., 1960:
On a photometric method for the direct determination of free quercetin in rutin

Bouda, J., 1963:
On a photometric modification of the Weltmann reaction

Moniz, E.; Vieira, A., 1952:
On a phrase of Father Antonio Vieira

Shaimardanov, K.A., 1962:
On a physiological analysis of the prophylactic action of dimedrol in hemo-heterotransfusion shock

Marini, V., 1961:
On a pilot plant for the treatment, in anaerobiosis, of domestic sewage from small communities. (Preliminary note)

Serebrov, A.I., 1960:
On a plan for scientific research on the cancer problem in the USSR

de ROUGEMONT, 1960:
On a point of surgical tactics

González, P., 2004:
On a policy of transferring public patients to private practice

Dzhavad-Zade, M.D., 1961:
On a polycystic kidney

Valette, G.; Roux, M., 1956:
On a polypeptide extract of the lymph nodes with vasodilatory and spasmolytic properties

Carrere, J.; Martel, J.; Mart, L., 1962:
On a polytoxicomaniac syndrome

Warnecke, G., 1961:
On a polyvalent analgesic. A contribution on pain control in gynecology

Fujino, M., 1963:
On a portable apparatus for microdetermination of blood enzymes

Rautenshtein, I.I.; Fadeeva, N.P.; El'piner, I., 1961:
On a posibility of obtaining non-lysogenic varians from lysogenic cultures of actinomycetes with the aid of ultrasonics

Lapnitskii, A.I.; Tishchenko, M.I.; Shapovalov, A.I., 1961:
On a possibility for an alternating current amplifier for the investigation of rapid extra- and intracellular biological potentials

Stawinski, K., 1961:
On a possibility for the extension of indications in the preservation of dental pulp vitality

Krasil, N.Kov, N.A.; Zhukova, R.A.; Iashish, V.B., 1960:
On a possibility for the utilization of antibiotics in the protection of outer fibrous isolation sheaths in subterranean power cables from their destruction by microorganisms

Talygina, V.A., 1960:
On a possibility for the utilization of suspensions of various tumors in selecting antitumor antibiotics by means of the method of Arai and Suzuki

Chernova, V.N., 1960:
On a possibility for the utilization of the hemagglutination reaction in the diagnosis of coli-enteritis in children

Popova, A.I., 1960:
On a possibility of a clinical evaluation of ventricular extrasystolic complexes of an electrocardiogram according to their external aspects

Dubinin, V.D., 1961:
On a possibility of a simple method in the determination of the degree of narrowing in mitral stenosis

Lytkin, M.I.; Povstianoi, N.E., 1961:
On a possibility of accretion of free skin flaps transplanted on various tissues

Sroczynski, J.; Kossmann, S., 1961:
On a possibility of conservative therapy in mesenteric infarction

Kaiser, W.; Ponsold, W., 1959:
On a possibility of diagnosis of relative parathyroid gland insuffiency by infusion of ethylenediaminetetraacetate (EDTA)

Al'bitskii, B.A., 1959:
On a possibility of homoplasty of the bladder mucosa for the stimulation of osteogenesis

On a possibility of obtaining electrophoretically-homogenous serum protein fractions by a method of saline partition

Khanina, M.K.; Etingof, R.N.; Fedotova, I.M., 1959:
On a possibility of secondary utilization of culture medium mixture No. 199 for the cultivation of renal cells

Kobiela, J., 1960:
On a possibility of sex determination in human embryo

Konev, S.V.; Katibnikov, M.A.; Petrova, M.A., 1961:
On a possibility of the migration of energy between tryptophan molecules

Troitskii, G.V.; Okulov, V.I.; Sorkina, D.A., 1961:
On a possibility of the transformation of serum gamma-globulin into alpha- and beta-globulins

Lostia, G.B., 1960:
On a possibility of the use of a new enterotoxic Staphylococcus

Gulianskii, R.A.; Noskov, F.S., 1961:
On a possibility of the utilization of nitrofuran preparations in emergency prophylaxis and therapy of patients with especially dangerous infections. I. Effect of nitrofuran preparations on the vaccinal strain of P. pestis No. 1, 17

Schoeldgen, W., 1960:
On a possibility to perform anesthesia in children

Daam, N., 1960:
On a possible abnormal spread of a malignant Brenner tumor

GANASSI.E.E.; EIDUS.L.Kh., 1962:
On a possible general mechanism of the effect of protective substances

Roithová, J.; Schröder, D., 2007:
On a possible growth mechanism for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon di-cations: C(7)H(6)(2+) + C(2)H(2)

Steidle, H., 1951:
On a possible hormone-like effect of cantharidin

Jakobi, H.; Jakobi, I.Z.; Cavalcanti, M., 1961:
On a possible method of aid in the early diagnosis of gastric and esophageal carcinoma

Raushenbakh, M.O., 1959:
On a possible nature of endogenous chemical blastomogenesis in leukemias

Reginato, E., 1962:
On a possible relation between a virus disease of salmonids with the spread of infectious hepatitis. Preliminary note

Winter, L.B.; Smith, W., 1923:
On a possible relation between the pancreas and the parathyroids

Moussa, T.A.; Banhawy, M., 1958:
On a possible relation between vitamin C and the Golgi dictyosomes of insect neurones

L.G.C.P.; Giroud.P.; Dumas.N., 1960:
On a possible rickettsial and neo-rickettsial etiology of multiple sclerosis

Krivoy, W.A.; Guillemin, R., 1961:
On a possible role of beta-melanocyte stimulating hormone (beta-MSH) in the central nervous system of the Mammalia: an effect of beta-MSH in the spinal cord of the cat

Long, J.M.; Krivoy, W.A.; Guillemin, R., 1961:
On a possible role of beta-melanocyte stimulating hormone (beta-MSH) in the central nervous system of the Mammalia: enzymatic inactivation in vitro of beta-MSH by brain tissue

Morishima, M.; Kamiya, T., 1953:
On a post mortem case of sympathogonioma originating in the retroperitoneum

Dubikaitis, I.V.; Dubikaitis, V.V., 1962:
On a potential field and alpha-rhythm on the surface of the head in man

Bauer, W., 1960:
On a practical approach to prevention of premature infant mortality

Hampl, F.; Nadjmi, M.; Schaltenbrand, G., 1962:
On a practical method for removal of contrast media from the spinal canal

Tatafiore, E., 1960:
On a practical method for statural prognosis

Gross, D., 1960:
On a practical use of measurement of the QT interval: the repolarization index

Geiger, F., 1960:
On a practice-proven therapy of nocturnal enuresis

Kubinger, K.D., 2004:
On a practitioner's need of further development of Wechsler scales. Adaptive Intelligence Diagnosticum (AID 2)

Fishkov, E.L., 1961:
On a preparation of bee venom Venapiolin and its use for surgical patients

Wagner, H., 1960:
On a preparation with reserpine-like effect

Baust, W.; Niemczyk, H.; Schaefer, H.; Vieth, J., 1962:
On a pressor-sensitive area in the posterior hypothalamus of cats

Friede, R., 1953:
On a presumable trophic function of the leukocytes

Monnet, R.; Viala, A., 1960:
On a presumed case of poisoning by tobacco

Musil, F., 1961:
On a previously used classification of intracranial injuries into concussions, contusions, and compressions of the brain

Hittmair, A., 1960:
On a primary ectopic malignant chorioepithelioma

Huebner, G., 1959:
On a primary heart sarcoma in a child. With a contribution to the pathogenesis of "myxomatous" structures in intracardial neoplasms

Higashino, K.I.; Sato, J., 1959:
On a primary malignant melanoma in the posterior mediastinum. A contribution to the knowledge of neural crest tumors

Raffauf, H.J., 1952:
On a primary sarcoma of the gallbladder

Bernoulli, R., 1962:
On a primary teratoid sarcoma of the orbit

Harndt, R., 1961:
On a primary ulcerous carcinoma of the duodenum

Presniakov, D.F., 1961:
On a principle for the management of the electrocardiogram in normal and pathological conditions

Alvo, M.; Farga, V., 1959:
On a probable case of neurogenic hypertension

Evans, C.L., 1921:
On a probable error in determinations by means of the hydrogen electrode

Delsol, M., 1961:
On a probable sexual specificity of the thyreotropic hormone

Bulgarelli, R., 1960:
On a problem which has become current again: the action of streptomycin and dihydrostreptomycin on the acoustic nerve. Should the use of dihydrostreptomycin be abandoned?

Charruyer, J.; Saumande, P., 1961:
On a procedure for measuring the radioactivity of water

Rosenthaler, L., 1960:
On a procedure for the determination of nitrogen in organic compounds

Mariani, M.; Zaffiro, P.; Caravaglios, N., 1962:
On a procedure for the determination of the sensitivity of Anopheles to organic phosphorus insecticides

Abramova, N.D.; Gurevich, T.Z.; Rovinskii, V.I., 1962:
On a prolonged ambulatory use of Rauwolfia preparations in hypertension

Seliber, G.L.; Dobrovol, S.Aia, L.V., 1961:
On a prolonged retention of bacterial capacity of fat decomposition

Tsuzuki, K., 1961:
On a prophylaxis of corneal lesion due to contact lens by means of "chondron" instillation

Aprison, M.H., 1961:
On a proposed theory for the mechanism of action of serotonin in brain

Costa, J.; Ruela, P., 1960:
On a prostatectomy technic. (Apropos of 200 cases)

Gundry, M.; Hopkins, S.; Knapp, K., 2017:
A Review on Bone Mineral Density Loss in Total Knee Replacements Leading to Increased Fracture Risk

Derrien, Y.; Laurent, G.; Borgomano, M., 1956:
On a protein accompanying hemoglobin of adult man and its concentration in isolated fractions of alkaline-resistant hemoglobin

Kikuchi, G.; Satoh, Y., 1953:
On a protein of ascites. II

Dupuy, R.; Vallin, J.; Thiroloix, J., 1961:
On a pseudo-linitic aspect of the stomach in Biermer's anemia

Karwowska-Stauber, L., 1960:
On a pseudohypoglycemic syndrome during the course of a chromaffin tumor complicated by diabetes mellitus

Gundermann, H., 1962:
On a psychogenic combined voice and speech disorder

Vurdelja, N.; Kapamadzija, B., 1961:
On a psychopathological syndrome caused by the effect of Tofranil

Sabar, I.R., 1962:
On a pulmonary dermoid cyst

Selosse, P., 1963:
On a pure juxtamedullary gangliomeuroma

Desneux, J.J.; Pirart, J., 1952:
On a question of terminology in relation to an article by Professor Remouchamps

Pazienza, C., 1961:
On a radiological image: the diminution of the degree of opacity of the barium mixture in the intestine

Kus, H., 1961 :
On a radiological method in the study of mesenteric vessels in anatomical preparations

On a rapid determination of the cholesterol bound to the serum alpha- and beta-lipoproteins

Roth, W., 1960:
On a rapid method for determination of sensitivity to antibiotics and sulfonamides

Braga, A.; Baffa, A., 1961:
On a rapid method for the study of the biochemical properties of enterobacteria

David, A.; Illenyi, A., 1961:
On a rapid method for the volumetric determination of the density of solid substances

D.Felip, G., 1959:
On a rapid method for titration of the proteolytic activity of bacteria

Klein, K.H., 1961:
On a rare anomaly of the lacrimal ducts in mongolism

Aleksandrovich, G.L.; Iakunin, K.G., 1961:
On a rare anomaly of the urogenital system. (Agenesis of the penis)

Lanzieri, M., 1961:
On a rare association of craniofacial malformative syndrome and congenital absence of the fibula

Garofano, I., 1960:
On a rare autoptic case of hemorrhagic duodenitis

Valente, P., 1959:
On a rare case of Breus' mole in an ectopic site

Zirilli, L., 1959:
On a rare case of Van Lohuizen's cutis marmorata telangectasica congenita

Lombardi, M.; Masini, G., 1961:
On a rare case of Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome alternating with complete right branch block. New pathogenetic points

D.N.Nno.R.; Caluzzi.F.; Marcaglia.F.; Fava.E., 1960:
On a rare case of angioreticuloma of the left auricle successfully operated with bloodless heart

Servello, M., 1961:
On a rare case of anomaly of the course of the popliteal artery

Ghirardi, L.; Ramella, G., 1962:
On a rare case of anterior sacral meningocele

Ruffoni, R., 1962:
On a rare case of bilateral traumatic dislocation of the hip associated with detachment of the proximal epiphysis of the left femur

Casagrande, A., 1962:
On a rare case of calcified carcinoma of the colon in pediatric pathology

Lanzara, G., 1962:
On a rare case of congenital membranous stenosis of the esophagus

Raab, H., 1959:
On a rare case of dental anomalies (supernumerary roots and supernumerary teeth). With an attempt at genetic interpretation

Aluigi, A.; Sbrocca, L., 1963:
On a rare case of dermatits exfoliativa of Ritter

D.G.Azia.G.; Tantucci.M., 1961:
On a rare case of desmoid of the umbilico-public line of the abdomen

Wallstab, G., 1962:
On a rare case of echinococcus cysts in the pelvis

Ferrero, F.F.; Guglielmo, B., 1960:
On a rare case of gastric ulcer in a child splenectomized for Werlhof's disease. Etiopathogenetic considerations

Ciani, G., 1961:
On a rare case of left anterior diaphragmatic hernia

L.Ferla, S., 1959:
On a rare case of lymphosarcoma of the tongue

Hijikata, F.; Takeda, H.; Kimura, T., 1962:
On a rare case of metastatic choroidal cancer from uterus

Tosatti, E.; Bignardi, C., 1959:
On a rare case of monolateral patella partita

Bertolotti, P.; Solime, F., 1961:
On a rare case of myositis ossificans progressiva

D.Muro, G., 1960:
On a rare case of myxosarcoma of the bladder

Panelli, L.; Pelizza, A., 1960:
On a rare case of pathological luxation in sternal tuberculosis

Galli, T.; Guerra, L., 1962:
On a rare case of reticulosarcoma of the spleen. (Clinico-histopathological contribution)

Giaretta, D., 1960:
On a rare case of sigmoiditis perforated in the free peritoneum

Erba, G., 1960:
On a rare case of symmetrical necrosis of the distal extremities. Treatment with a new derivative of deproteinized blood

Ebert, B., 1962:
On a rare case of tuberculosis of the ear lobe

Cominardi, A.T.; Pesce, R., 1960:
On a rare case of voluminous endoperitoneal foreign body

Siguier, F., 1954:
On a rare cause of hematemesis

Balogh, F., 1960:
On a rare complication following treatment with Honvan

Giannini, A., 1954:
On a rare complication of electric shock therapy: obstructive hemoglobinuric tubulonephrosis: clinical note

Zubov, N.A., 1962:
On a rare complication of opisthorchosis

Picciocchi, A.; Flammia, M., 1962:
On a rare complication of ulcerative rectocolitis: acute dilatation of the colon

Sauter, E.K., 1953:
On a rare form of erythema exsudativum multiforme and its therapy

Kharitonov, R.A., 1961:
On a rare form of mental development disorders with manifestations of eu-datism

On a rare form of renal calculi

Ciuccarelli, C.; Magliulo, V., 1962:
On a rare malformation of the scapulo-humeral girdle. The coraco-clavicular joint

Galardeschi, O.; Lippi, G., 1961:
On a rare monostotic sternal localization in a case of Hodgkin's disease of slow development

D.Muro, G., 1960:
On a rare observation of angioreticulosarcoma of the thyroid

Weingarten, K., 1953:
On a rare postencephalitic syndrome

Haffner, Z.; Doemoetoer, L.; Vaczo, G., 1963:
On a rare symptom complex in cervical chordoma

Samuel, S.; Luciani, L., 1959:
On a rare uterine malformation: uterus biportio-unicanalis

Janczak, Z., 1962:
On a rare variety of recurrent chronic ulcerative and necrotic aphthae of the oral cavity (periadenitis mucosa necrotica recurrens)

Kucsko, L., 1953:
On a rare venous shunt as natural functional correction of transposition of the great cardiac vessels

Teshich, Z.P., 1960:
On a rational classification of actinomycetes

Brooks, J.S.J., 2006:
On a reach: using our strength to advocate for you

Pesez, M.; Robin, J., 1959:
On a reaction of p-nitroso-dimethyl-aniline

Ohta, A.; Ochiai, E., 1962:
On a reaction of the N-oxides of quinoline group compounds with lead tetraacetate

Gaidano, G.; Pagliardi, E., 1959:
On a reactive characteristic in bile pigments isolated from the serum in obstructive and hepatocellular jaundice

Riviere, M., 1951:
On a recent article; "Des résultats immédiats et eloignés de l'interruption de la grossesse"

Kirimlidis, S.; Bakaloudis, P.; Drosos, C.; Georgiadou, D., 1963:
On a recent case of Cruveilhier-Baumgarten disease caused by fibroangioadenomatous lesions of the liver

Cricchi, M., 1962:
On a recent case of crocodile tears syndrome of congenital nature associated with Stilling-Turk-Duane syndrome

Herve, Y., 1963:
On a recent case of extrauterine pregnancy ruptured near term, with a living infant

Lambert, J., 1954:
On a recent debate on painless labor

Merab, A.; Melki, L.; Brounst, G.; Sioufi, H., 1952:
On a recent epidemic of trichinosis in North Lebanon

Richard, A., 1951:
On a recent judgment given by the Supreme Court of Appeals

Schmidt, L.; Fuelgraff, G., 1963:
On a rectum-colon reflex

Kleinhans, K.; Stickl, H., 1961:
On a recurrent exanthematic form of cat-scratch disease in a child

Kinder, H., 1961:
On a recurrent mixed tumor on the ligamentum teres

Pugina, V.V., 1961:
On a regional hospital

Mollaret, P.; Reilly, J.; Bastin, R.; Tournier, P., 1950:
On a regional, subacute and spontaneously curable adenopathy with intradermal reaction and peculiar lymph node lesions

Chevaugeon, J.; Lefort, C., 1960:
On a regular appearance of an infectious "mutant" in fungi of the genus Pestalozzia

Aaronson, B.S.; Nelson, S.E.; Holt, S., 1953:
On a relation between Bender-Gestalt recall and Shipley-Hartford scores

Saruta, N.; Ishinishi, N.; Teshima, Y., 1961:
On a relation between a labor incidence rate and an industrial composition in Yamaguchi-Kyushu District, in 1959

Kraepelin, G., 1961:
On a relation between the latent period and mutation ("petite colonie") in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Tests with acridine orange

Wright, N.T., 2003:
On a relationship between the Arrhenius parameters from thermal damage studies

Gvozdkov, A.V., 1962:
On a relatively rare form of lymphogranulomatosis (mycosis fungoides)

Asahina, S., 1953:
On a remarkable case of the biting of a parasitic wasp, Sclerodermus nipponensis Yuasa in Tokyo (Hymenoptera, Bethylidae)

Politzer, G., 1952:
On a remarkable cyst in the head of a 9 1/2 mm. human embryo

Schatz, A.; Martin, J.J., 2006:
On a remarkable dental cement formulated by American Indians fifteen hundred years ago

On a remarkable reaction of the motor neurons of the lumbosacral region after a traumatic cervical transsection in a man

Bassalleck, H.; Dieck, C., 1953:
On a remote hemostatic effect of alpha-naphthylamine-sodium

Heintz, R.; Schneider, E., 1961:
On a renal factor in the pathogenesis of edema of the late stages of cardiac insufficiency and liver cirrhosis

Roitman, M.P., 1960:
On a report form on morbidity with temporary disability

Hochstrasser, R.M.; Hochstrasser, R.M., 2006:
On a research rollercoaster with friends

Cavalieri, U.; Quadri, A.; Tammaro, A.E., 1962:
On a reserpine-like action of alcohol in the aged organism

Amako, T.; Koga, J., 1961:
On a result of Oudard-Jinnaka's operation for the recurrent dislocation of the shoulder joint

D.C.Rlo.C.; Nardi.S., 1961:
On a retropharyngeal abscess caused by dorsal Pott's disease

REZNIK.B.Ia., 1962:
On a review of the contraindications in the administration of prophylactic vaccinations against diphtheria and whooping cough

Oszy, A., 1953:
On a revision of placental separation

Pschorr, W., 1950:
On a revision of present legislation on the contagious diseases of animals

Davis, R.A.; Rommel, E., 1961:
On a road in Normandy-17 July 1944. [Erwin Rommel

Neil, R., 2005:
On a roll. RFID moves toward patient safety

DiClemente, C.C.; Story, M.; Murray, K., 2003:
On a roll: the process of initiation and cessation of problem gambling among adolescents

Borroni, G.; Casadio, V., 1961 :
On a rupture of the papillary muscle in the course of a myocardial infarct with uncommon permanent pulse

Spolverini, L., 1963:
On a sad health record still held by Italy

Gerhard, H., 1962:
On a safe method for the application of contrast media in intravenous urography (combination with Synpen)

Suzuki, R.; Kanno, S.; Ogawa, Y.; Iwama, M.; Tsuji, T.; Ohgi, K.; Irie, M., 2005:
On a salmon (Oncorhynchus [corrected] keta) liver RNase, belonging to RNase T2 family: primary structure and some properties

Blinkov, G.N., 1962:
On a salt-resistant Azotobacter

Maschkilleisson, L.N.; Raben, A.S.; Umansky, G.I., 1961:
On a sarcoid-like morphological structure of secondary allergic exanthema in pyoderma (sarcoid-like pyoallergid)

Falcidieno, P.; Virdis, G., 1957:
On a sarcoma of the breast

Buerki, E., 1961:
On a sarcoma of the iris in an infant

Meillet, H., 1950:
On a satisfactory reform of the rental law

Dvoirin, V.V., 1961:
On a scientific statistical method in the study of regional peculiarties of the distribution of malignant tumors

Chown, B., 1955:
On a search for rhesus antibodies in very young foetuses

Giova, C.; Caniglia, M., 1959:
On a semeiological maneuver for revelation of communication between cerebral and spinal subarachnoid spaces in rachicentesis

Lang, B.; Toth, T., 1960:
On a semi-synthetic suppository base

Rushton, S., 1950:
On a sequential t-test

Vigouroux, R.; Sedan, R.; Toy, R.Ont, J.; Mercier, C., 1962:
On a series of 83 very serious cranio-cerebral injuries and their mortality causes. (Observed in 1959 and 1960)

Rybalko, K.S.; Ban, K.Vskaia, A.N.; Evstratova, R.I., 1962:
On a sesquiterpene lactone from Artemisia austriaca Jacq

Adamantiadis, B., 1959:
On a severe case of pharmaceutical allergy of the eye

Baldi, U.; Bigardi, D., 1962:
On a severe case of ureterocele in a 2-year-old girl

Sailer, S.; Eber, O., 1960:
On a severe complex coagulation disorder in gamma-plasmocytoma with simultaneous liver cirrhosis and massive hemosiderosis

Browder, F.E., 1977:
On a sharpened form of the Schauder fixed-point theorem

Railo, J.E., 1962:
On a short thoracotomy incision

Lazzari, A., 1961:
On a sign for the diagnosis of mesenteric infarct

Jungwirth, P.B., 1963:
On a simple and effective treatment of furunculosis

Gambardella, A.; Catapano, V.D., 1960:
On a simple and exact method for the colorimetric determination of glucose in the cerebrospinal fluid

Manok, M., 1961:
On a simple and painless treatment of warts

Paulet, G., 1962:
On a simple and rapid oxymetric method of determination of methemoglobin in the blood

Baum, F.H., 1954:
On a simple and reliable quick chemical pregnancy test for general practice

Hirata, S., 1962:
On a simple device for use in electrocardiography

Ishikawa, H.; Starling, E.H., 1912:
On a simple form of stromuhr

Hagemann, U.; Korn, W., 1953:
On a simple means for determining the time of exposure in microphotography

Selivanov, V.P., 1962:
On a simple method for exteriorating heart wound from behind the sternum

Beyersdorfer, K.; Friederich, H.C.; Ruther, H., 1951:
On a simple method for indirect representation of the cuticula of human hair

Schlueter, W.; Witte, A., 1960:
On a simple method for local sweat procurement in a child

Hellwig, G.; Thomssen, R., 1962:
On a simple method for measurement of diffusion constants of viruses and specific plaque production of virus cell systems

Baltzer, G.; Holland, H., 1963:
On a simple method for rapid determination of the water content of parenchymatous organs

Schuerer-Waldheim, F., 1960:
On a simple method of biliointestinal liver drainage with plastic drains in reposition of the extrahepatic bile ducts

Anisimov, P.I.; Klassovskii, L.N., 1962:
On a simple method of observing the development of microorganisms on solid nutrient media

Krech, H., 1960:
On a simple method to record the oral and nasal sound pressure components of spoken language

Schuehly, A., 1960:
On a simple microspectrophotometer

Rhode, M.A.; Rollins, R.W.; Dewald, H.D., 2003:
On a simple recursive control algorithm automated and applied to an electrochemical experiment

Apakidze, V.K., 1963:
On a simple surgical method of treatment of stenocardia

Santopadre, G.; Schneider, R., 1960:
On a simple technic for the evaluation of the radioactive contamination of whole milk

Delgado-Friedrichs, O.; O'Keeffe, M., 2006:
On a simple tiling of Deza and Shtogrin

Machacek, J., 1961:
On a simple ventral approach to the elbow through the brachial muscle

Ivanov, N.I.; Davidkhanova, I.I., 1960:
On a simplified determination of renal blood flow

Marzecki, Z., 1961:
On a simplified method for calculation of thyroid gland volume

Haenel, H., 1963:
On a simplified method of determination of vitamin B12 with Poteriochromonas stipitata

Bundschuh, G., 1960:
On a simplified procedure for the qualitative determination of haptoglobin in human and animal sera

Voitsekhovich, S.F., 1961:
On a single form of analysis of morbidity in a military sector

Ivanov, I.D., 1960:
On a single-step polarographic wave of B. subtilis protease

Selye, H., 1955:
On a singular ovarian change produced by methylandrostenediol (MAD)

Chrysos, M.; Dixneuf, S.; Rachet, F., 2006:
On a singularity-free pair-polarizability anisotropy model for atomic gases

Eder, M.; Burkardt, L., 1951:
On a skeletal affection resembling renal rickets, as a familial disease

Lauber, H.L., 1959:
On a sketch of British law on forced commitment in mental disorders

Hauss, H.; Simon, C., 1963:
On a skin infection caused by Mycobacterium marinum or balnei

Lakatos, I., 1960:
On a skull bone present bone present in the uterus for 17 years

Pelz, L., 1962:
On a so-called collision tumor of the lungs

Chevallier, P., 1960:
On a so-called reticuloendothelial system

Kraus, M., 1951:
On a sonographic theory of hearing

Wilkins, S., 2004:
On a spatially resolving USAXS instrument for operation at a third-generation synchrotron radiation source

Rosenberger, F., 1962:
On a special case of an adenomyoma of the uterus

Heigl, F., 1963:
On a special countertransference reaction in psychoanalytic treatment. Countertransference sleep in a "Till Eulenspiegal" transference

Brun, J.; Cier, J.F.; Henane, R., 1955:
On a special distribution of lipids in the venous blood

Dreyfus, J.C.; Schapira, G.; Kruh, J., 1960:
On a special dynamic equilibrium of globin

Stransky, E.; Reyes, A., 1954:
On a special family hemolytic anemia in the Philippines

Rauber, A., 1962:
On a special form of posttraumatic epithelial cyst

Kohler, C., 1960:
On a special form of sequelae of infantile encephalopathy or encephalitis. The association of epilepsy, excessive growth, precocious puberty and mental deficiency

D'agostino, M., 1956:
On a special form of vitiligo, vitiligo precancerous

Frick, E.; Meyer, J.E., 1960:
On a special group of chronic meningites of unknown etiology, 1955:
On a special kind of pneumoconiosis: the suberosis; preliminary report

Peltz, H.D., 1961:
On a special psychotonic agent in the treatment of weakness of impulse and performance in childhood

Longo, G., 1960:
On a special roentgenotherapy technic for the treatment of so-called "iceberg" tumors of the face

Jucker, C.; Proverbio, G.C., 1963:
On a special technic of needle injection of tumors of the floor of the mouth

Mauro, R.; D.F.Lice, D., 1962:
On a special therapeutic treatment of some thromboembolic syndromes

Rivolta, A.; Broglia, S., 1955:
On a special type of EEG findings in epileptic children

Lapucci, P.L.; Marini, V., 1959:
On a special type of septic tank with built-in filter. Second note

Jufe, R.; Gonzalez, A.; Seltzer, E., 1961:
On a special type of tumor of the perineovulvar region

Fauda, C.; Candiani, C., 1962:
On a special use of analeptics in chronic cor pulmonale (during oxygen therapy)

Shvetsova, L.S., 2005:
On a species composition of the genus Copiatestes Crowcroft, 1948 (Digenea: Syncoeliidae)

Cassagne-Mejean, F., 1961:
On a species of Arrenurus which is parasitic on Zygoptera of the region of Montpellier

Ermalinskii, A.F., 1962:
On a specific antigen in the blood serum of patients with nonspecific infectious polyarthritis and rheumatism

Korosteleva, V.S., 1961:
On a specific antigen of human sarcomatous tumors

Grinberg, L., 1962:
On a specific aspect of countertransference due to the patient's projective identification

Lueers, T.; Struck, E.; Boll, I., 1962:
On a specific chromosomal anomaly in leukemia (the "minute" or Ph-1 chromosome")

Bergler, E., 1952:
On a specific source of resistance in psychotherapy hitherto underestimated: the quasi-moral connotation of neurotic symptoms

Sasano, N., 1951:
On a specific type and uterine metastasis of gastric cancer associated with leukemia-like reaction [Japanese text

Iontov, A.S., 1959:
On a specific type of fibers as cending into the cerebral cortex

Franch, L.; Terruzzi, B., 1961:
On a spectrophotometric method for the quantitative determination of hexestrol diphosphate in the urine. I

Vancini, P.; Fabbri, F.L., 1959:
On a spherical bladder calculus of unusual size

Braeutigam, W., 1960:
On a spontaeous hematomyelia due to rupture of an aneurysm of the spinal dorsal artery caused by congenital weakness of the blood vessel wall

Sustersic, Z., 1962:
On a spontaneous bilateral mammary necrosis

Verhoeven, W., 1950:
On a sporeforming bacterium causing the swelling of cans containing cured ham

Buttner, A.; Salinesi, T.M., 1959:
On a sporozoan parasite of Schistosoma bovis (Trematoda, Schistosomatidae)

Jouvet, M.; Michel, F.; Courjon, J., 1959:
On a stage of rapid cerebral electrical activity in the course of physiological sleep

Devaux, G.; Mesnard, P.; Cren, J., 1963:
On a stain reaction of carbamates with unsubstituted nitrogen. Analytical and pharmaceutical applications

Hiller, C., 1961:
On a staining method for the demonstration of acid-fast mycobacteria in histological sections

Sakata, K.; Matsunaga, M.; Ochi, Y., 1954:
On a state of impaired consciousness lacking slow waves in EEG

Brezina, E., 1951:
On a stated case of occupational lead poisoning

Seeman, W., 1951:
On a stimulus-response analysis of insight in psychotherapy

Barbesier, J., 1960:
On a strain of Nocardia isolated from the milk of a cow affected with mastitis

Schulte, K.E.; Reisch, J.; Hobl, R., 1960:
On a study of acetylene-carboxylic acids. Part 13. 2-Pyrrolone formation from substituted 4-pentynamides

Portmann, P.; Rossier, R.; Chardonnens, H., 1960:
On a study of alkaline phosphatase in the intestines. 2. Studies on the homogeneity and chemical structure of pure alkaline phosphomonoesterase

Chuiko.O.V.; Pivnenko.G.P.; Pertsev.I.M.; Chagovets.R.K.; Grin', N.P., 1962:
On a study of an aseptic method for preparation of drugs. I. On the quality of preparation of eye drops in some pharmacies in Kharkov

Kolesnikov, V.V., 1960:
On a study of collateral blood circulation. Development of the ideas of N. I. Pirogov on the role of the nervous system in restoration of collateral circulation

RINTELEN, F., 1961:
On a study of conduction disorders of the fasiculus opticus, especially "apoplexia papillae"

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