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Anonymous 2000: One on one. Can drinking coffee cause incontinence?. Mayo Clinic women's healthsource 4(12): 8
Anonymous 1999: One on one. Can estrogen therapy help me if I already have heart disease?. Mayo Clinic women's healthsource 3(1): 8
Anonymous 1999: One on one. Can indoor lighting damage my skin?. Mayo Clinic women's healthsource 3(7): 8
Anonymous 1999: One on one. Can taking oral contraceptives just before menopause help prevent osteoporosis?. Mayo Clinic women's healthsource 3(10): 8
Anonymous 2002: One on one. Can you explain sun protection factors and how they work to protect your skin?. Mayo Clinic women's healthsource 6(4): 8
Anonymous 2002: One on one. Could a poorly fitting bra cause rib pain?. Mayo Clinic women's healthsource 6(5): 8
Anonymous 2001: One on one. Could my artificial nails be harboring germs?. Mayo Clinic women's healthsource 5(1): 8
Anonymous 2000: One on one. Do I need a breast exam by my doctor even though I get yearly mammograms?. Mayo Clinic women's healthsource 4(3): 8
Anonymous 1999: One on one. Do I need to alter my exercise routine now that I'm pregnant?. Mayo Clinic women's healthsource 3(3): 8
Anonymous 2001: One on one. Do I need to take antibiotics after I have hip replacement surgery?. Mayo Clinic women's healthsource 5(4): 8
Anonymous 2000: One on one. Do certain foods really act as aphrodisiacs?. Mayo Clinic women's healthsource 4(2): 8
Anonymous 2000: One on one. Do the dietary supplements glucosamine and chondroitin help reduce the pain of osteoarthritis?. Mayo Clinic women's healthsource 4(11): 8
Anonymous 2001: One on one. Do thin people still need to exercise?. Mayo Clinic women's healthsource 5(9): 8
Anonymous 2001: One on one. Does an allergy to penicillin last forever?. Mayo Clinic women's healthsource 5(3): 8
Anonymous 1999: One on one. Does having an epidural during labor increase my risk of needing a cesarean delivery?. Mayo Clinic women's healthsource 3(6): 8
Anonymous 1999: One on one. Does it matter what time of the day I take my vitamin and mineral supplements? Do they need to be taken with food?. Mayo Clinic women's healthsource 3(4): 8
Anonymous 2002: One on one. Does wearing foundation makeup protect my skin from the sun's harmful rays?. Mayo Clinic women's healthsource 6(3): 8
Anonymous 1999: One on one. Even though I had my gallbladder removed, I still get symptoms that feel like a gallbladder attack. What's going on?. Mayo Clinic women's healthsource 3(12): 8
Anonymous 1999: One on one. How can I get my estrogen patch to stick?. Mayo Clinic women's healthsource 3(2): 8
Anonymous 2002: One on one. How many calories should I eat each day to maintain my weight? How many if I want to lose weight?. Mayo Clinic women's healthsource 6(2): 8
Anonymous 2001: One on one. How much soy do I need to eat each day to help lower my cholesterol?. Mayo Clinic women's healthsource 5(11): 8
Anonymous 2002: One on one. How often do I need to repeat bone density testing after menopause?. Mayo Clinic women's healthsource 6(6): 8
Anonymous 2004: One on one. I don't like milk products. What other foods are rich in calcium?. Mayo Clinic Women's Healthsource 8(5): 8
Anonymous 1999: One on one. I have some vaginal spotting at unexpected times. Should I be worried?. Mayo Clinic women's healthsource 3(11): 8
Anonymous 2000: One on one. I have type 2 diabetes and always get my eyes examined every year. Now I hear I don't have to. Is this right?. Mayo Clinic women's healthsource 4(7): 8
Anonymous 2001: One on one. I heard that cooked vegetables have more antioxidants than raw ones. Is this true?. Mayo Clinic women's healthsource 5(2): 8
Anonymous 2002: One on one. I heard that wearing a bra may increase my risk of breast cancer. Is this true?. Mayo Clinic women's healthsource 6(1): 8
Anonymous 2001: One on one. I heard you can have a full-body CT scan that can tell you about your health. Is it worth getting?. Mayo Clinic women's healthsource 5(7): 8
Anonymous 2000: One on one. I heard you can now get your calcium in the form of a chocolate candy? Is this OK?. Mayo Clinic women's healthsource 4(5): 8
Anonymous 2000: One on one. I notice that my ability to taste food isn't as good as it used to be. Is this due to aging?. Mayo Clinic women's healthsource 4(9): 8
Anonymous 1999: One on one. I often get canker sores around the time of my period. Is there a connection?. Mayo Clinic women's healthsource 3(8): 8
Anonymous 2004: One on one. I often have heartburn. Is it safe to use Prilosec OTC long term?. Mayo Clinic Women's Healthsource 8(8): 8
Anonymous 2000: One on one. I plan to use one of those at-home colon cancer screening tests. Could the chemical cleaners I put in the toilet tank affect the results?. Mayo Clinic women's healthsource 4(1): 8
Anonymous 2002: One on one. I read that potassium iodide can protect me from cancer if I'm exposed to radiation from a nuclear power plant. Should I keep some of these pills on hand?. Mayo Clinic women's healthsource 6(12): 8
Anonymous 2004: One on one. I'm allergic to my cat, but I don't want to get rid of her. Is there anything I can do to keep her dander to a minimum?. Mayo Clinic Women's Healthsource 8(11): 8
Anonymous 2001: One on one. I'm an alcoholic but haven't had a drink in several years. Can I ever go back to drinking occasionally?. Mayo Clinic women's healthsource 5(8): 8
Anonymous 2004: One on one. I've had a mastectomy. Is it OK if I use the arm on the side of the surgery to get my blood pressure taken and blood drawn?. Mayo Clinic Women's Healthsource 8(10): 8
Anonymous 1999: One on one. I've heard that airplane travel may increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. Is this true?. Mayo Clinic women's healthsource 3(5): 8
Anonymous 2007: One on one. My older sister says she's been diagnosed with epilepsy, but she's never had any seizures. Is this possible?. Mayo Clinic women's healthsource 11(2): 8
Anonymous 2004: One on one. Now that I know about the negative effects of hormone therapy for women after menopause, do I need to be concerned that I took birth control pills earlier in my life? And do I need to be concerned that my daughter is now taking the pill?. Mayo Clinic Women's Healthsource 8(6): 8
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