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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 49882

Chapter 49882 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Belo, J.; Francisco, E.; Leite, H.; Catarino, Aé., 2005:
Pelvic floor muscle training with Plevnik's cones in women with urinary incontinence

Perrin, L.; Dauphinée, S.Wood.; Corcos, J.; Hanley, J.A.; Kuchel, G.A., 2005:
Pelvic floor muscle training with biofeedback and bladder training in elderly women: a feasibility study

Kotarinos, R.K., 2003:
Pelvic floor physical therapy in urogynecologic disorders

Puppo, P.; Introini, C.; Calvi, P.; Naselli, A., 2005:
Pelvic floor reconstruction before orthotopic bladder replacement after radical cystectomy for bladder cancer

Fleischmann, N.B.; Nitti, V.W., 2004:
Pelvic floor reconstruction: state-of-the-art and beyond

Natale, F.; Weir, J.M.; Cervigni, M., 2006:
Pelvic floor reconstructive surgery: which aspects remain controversial?

Delaney, E.J., 1960:
Pelvic floor repair under lumbar epidural analgesia and promazine (sparine)

Bradley, C.S.; Kennedy, C.M.; Nygaard, I.E., 2005:
Pelvic floor symptoms and lifestyle factors in older women

Brostrøm, Søren.; Lose, G., 2007:
Pelvic floor training for women with urinary incontinence

Dietz, H.Peter., 2006:
Pelvic floor trauma following vaginal delivery

Dietz, H.P.; Schierlitz, L., 2005:
Pelvic floor trauma in childbirth - myth or reality?

Anonymous, 2005:
Pelvic floor weakness. When the bottom gives way

Bharucha, A.E., 2006:
Pelvic floor: anatomy and function

Schrimpf, H., 1954:
Pelvic forms of the fetus in relation to the spinal abnormalities

Hammel, J.; Legome, E., 2006:
Pelvic fracture

Metz, C.M.; Hak, D.J.; Goulet, J.A.; Williams, D., 2004:
Pelvic fracture patterns and their corresponding angiographic sources of hemorrhage

Morey, A.F., 2005:
Pelvic fracture-associated urethral injuries in girls: experience with primary repair

Culemann, U.; Tosounidis, G.; Reilmann, H.; Pohlemann, T., 2003:
Pelvic fracture. Diagnostics and current treatment options

Wardle, N.S.; Haddad, F.S., 2005:
Pelvic fractures and high energy traumas

Baylis, T.B.; Norris, B.L., 2004:
Pelvic fractures and the general surgeon

Brongel, L.; Hładki, W.; Dembiński, M.; Zub, A.; Trybus, M.; Lorkowski, J., 2005:
Pelvic fractures coexistent with multiple trauma--own diagnostic and therapeutic algorithm

Barzilay, Y.; Liebergall, M.; Safran, O.; Khoury, A.; Mosheiff, R., 2005:
Pelvic fractures in a level I trauma center: a test case for the efficacy of the evolving trauma system in Israel

Vitale, M.G.; Kessler, M.W.; Choe, J.C.; Hwang, M.W.; Tolo, V.T.; Skaggs, D.L., 2005:
Pelvic fractures in children: an exploration of practice patterns and patient outcomes

Hainzl, H., 1958:
Pelvic fractures, their complications and sequelae

Ormsby, E.L.; Geng, J.; McGahan, J.P.; Richards, J.R., 2005:
Pelvic free fluid: clinical importance for reproductive age women with blunt abdominal trauma

Rammeh-Rommani, S.; Zermani, R.; Bettaieb, I.; Kourda, N.; Faten, F.; Ben Jilani, S., 2006:
Pelvic ganglioneuroma. Report of a case

Kamieth, H., 1958:
Pelvic girdle & vertebral column

Cobb, S.W.; Mengert, W.F., 1950:
Pelvic girdle mobility during menstruation

Stones, R.William.; Vits, K., 2005:
Pelvic girdle pain in pregnancy

Robinson, H.Stendal.; Eskild, A.; Heiberg, E.; Eberhard-Gran, M., 2006:
Pelvic girdle pain in pregnancy: the impact on function

Sverdrup, B.; Kristiansson, P., 2004:
Pelvic girdle pain may be an overlooked hormone adverse effect

Street, J.; Lenehan, B.; Mulcahy, D.; McGuinness, A., 2005:
Pelvic girdle sepsis in childhood. An illustrative case of the difficulty in diagnosis

Marcy, P.Y.; Castadot, P.; Magné, N., 2006:
Pelvic gossypiboma and endometriosis

Brooks, T.J.; Goetz, C.C.; Plauche, W.C., 1962:
Pelvic granuloma due to Enterobius vermicularis

Poliness, A.; Lee, A.; Wein, P.; Moss, S., 2004:
Pelvic helminthic disease masquerading as endometriosis

Patrini, G., 1962:
Pelvic hematocele and its treatment. (Clinical contribution)

Gonzalez D.Chavez, C., 1963:
Pelvic hematoma

Copas, P.; Huffaker, R.Keith., 2005:
Pelvic hematoma following placement of Transobturator Tape

Pieri, R.J., 1958:
Pelvic hematomas associated with pregnancy

Heinrichs, W.L., 1963 :
Pelvic hematomas following delivery. Harper Hospital experience, 1954-1960

Parente, J.T.; Dlugi, H.; Weingold, A.B., 1962:
Pelvic hemostasis: a new technic and pack

Zhuang, H.; Cheng, E.; Yu, J.Q.; Dhurairaj, T.; Kumar, R.; Alavi, A., 2005:
Pelvic horseshoe kidney mimics sacral metastases on bone scan

Surraco, L.A., 1953:
Pelvic hydatid cyst in a woman: its rectovesicogenital topography

Courty, L.; Camelot, J.; Oudar, H.; Cousin, J., 1960:
Pelvic hydatid cyst. Apropos of a case

Rosenvasser, E.B.; Ariel, R.; Medel, M., 1961:
Pelvic hydatid cyst; irreducible tumor praevius

Welbourn, R.B.; Livingston, R.H., 1957:
Pelvic hydronephrosis treated by ileal bypass of the ureter

Stauss, J.; Connolly, L.P.; Drubach, L.A.; Treves, S.Ted., 2003:
Pelvic hypoplasia after radiation therapy

Vo, N.J.; Gash, J.; Browning, J.; Hutson, R.Kent., 2004:
Pelvic imaging in the stable trauma patient: is the AP pelvic radiograph necessary when abdominopelvic CT shows no acute injury?

Podpriatov, S.S.; Zlyĭ, V.V.; Slobodianiuk, I.M.; Moshkova, N.I.; Tytarenko, O.V., 2004:
Pelvic imaging modified by rectum predefecatory distension

Okamoto, Y.; Tanaka, Y.O.; Nishida, M.; Tsunoda, H.; Yoshikawa, H., 2004 :
Pelvic imaging: multicystic uterine cervical lesions. Can magnetic resonance imaging differentiate benignancy from malignancy?

Carty, F., 1954:
Pelvic incarceration of the gravid uterus

El-Toukhy, T.; Hanna, L., 2006:
Pelvic infection after oocyte retrieval: a preventable complication or an inevitable risk?

Grainger, R.G.; Nicol, C.S., 1959:
Pelvic infection as a cause of bilateral sacro-iliac arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis

Hubík, J.; Honová, H.; Porod, J.; Sváb, J., 2006:
Pelvic infiltrations following amputation procedures for rectal carcinomas

Dulin, J.D.; Akers, M.C., 2003:
Pelvic inflammatory disease and sepsis

Leoni, A.F.; Littvik, A.; Moreno, S.B., 2004:
Pelvic inflammatory disease associated with Neisseria meningitis bacteremia

D'Souza, D.; Aradhyula, S.; Thomas-Philip, A., 2005:
Pelvic inflammatory disease caused by citrobacter

Mahon, B.E.; Temkit, M'hamed.; Wang, J.; Rosenman, M.B.; Katz, B.P., 2005:
Pelvic inflammatory disease during the post-partum year

Gray-Swain, M.Rosanna.; Peipert, J.F., 2006:
Pelvic inflammatory disease in adolescents

Trent, M.; Ellen, J.M.; Walker, A., 2005:
Pelvic inflammatory disease in adolescents: care delivery in pediatric ambulatory settings

Kelly, A.M.; Ireland, M.; Aughey, D., 2004:
Pelvic inflammatory disease in adolescents: high incidence and recurrence rates in an urban teen clinic

Bunch, J.D.; Dennis, E.J.; Hester, L.L., 1956:
Pelvic inflammatory disease treated with tetracycline

Su, H.Y.; Liu, J.Y.; Chen, C.H., 2005:
Pelvic inflammatory disease with perforated peptic ulcer mimicking tubo-ovarian abscess

Reich, W.J.; Nechtow, M.J., 1960:
Pelvic inflammatory disease: chymotrypsin therapy

Beigi, R.H.; Wiesenfeld, H.C., 2004:
Pelvic inflammatory disease: new diagnostic criteria and treatment

Miller, R.N., 1958:
Pelvic inflammatory disorders: treatment by physical methods

Ahrer, E.; Marberger, H., 1959:
Pelvic injuries and urinary tract complications

John, T.; Ertel, W., 2005:
Pelvic injuries in the polytraumatized patient

Mutti, P., 1955:
Pelvic inlet measurements in women from Cagliari

Andren, L., 1962:
Pelvic instability in newborns with special reference to congenital dislocation of the hip and hormonal factors. A roentgenologic study

Theander, G., 1962:
Pelvic instability in upper femoral epiphyseolysis

Berezin, D., 1950:
Pelvic insufficiency during pregnancy and after parturition

Berezin, D., 1954:
Pelvic insufficiency during pregnancy and after parturition; a clinical study

Ubara, Y.; Higa, Y.; Tagami, T.; Suwabe, T.; Nomura, K.; Kadoguchi, K.; Hoshino, J.; Sawa, N.; Katori, H.; Takemoto, F.; Kitajima, I.; Hara, S.; Takaichi, K., 2005:
Pelvic insufficiency fracture related to autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease

Samdani, S., 2004:
Pelvic insufficiency fractures

Inoue, Y.; Miki, C.; Ojima, E.; Nomoto, Y.; Kusunoki, M., 2003:
Pelvic insufficiency fractures after preoperative radiotherapy for rectal carcinoma

Bieren, R., 1956:
Pelvic irradiation for benign lesions

Eifel, P.J.; Winter, K.; Morris, M.; Levenback, C.; Grigsby, P.W.; Cooper, J.; Rotman, M.; Gershenson, D.; Mutch, D.G., 2004:
Pelvic irradiation with concurrent chemotherapy versus pelvic and para-aortic irradiation for high-risk cervical cancer: an update of radiation therapy oncology group trial (RTOG) 90-01

Yamazaki, H.; Inoue, T.; Tanaka, E.; Isohashi, F.; Koizumi, M.; Shuo, X.; Nakamura, H.; Inoue, T., 2005:
Pelvic irradiation-induced eosinophilia is correlated to prognosis of cervical cancer patients and transient elevation of serum interleukin 5 level

Raheem, D., 2003 :
Pelvic joint dysfunction--a midwife's story

Hanif, M.A.; Chandrasekar, R.; Blair, S.D., 2005:
Pelvic kidney and aorto-iliac aneurysm--a rare association--case report and literature review

Kinnunen, O., 1950:
Pelvic kidney as an obstacle in delivery and an indication for cesarean section

Pfisterer, O., 1960:
Pelvic kidney as labor complication (A casuistic contribution)

Tweed, W.M.E., 1953:
Pelvic kidney complicating pregnancy

Pena, H.J., 1953:
Pelvic kidney ectopia in women

Lusch, A.; Koen, M.; Becker, T.; Engelhardt, P.F.; Riccabona, M., 2007:
Pelvic kidney in childhood. Specific features, concomitant pathologies and useful diagnostic investigations

Perone, R.W.; Del Prado, D.; Katz, D.S., 2007:
Pelvic kidney presenting as inguinal hernia and acute renal failure

Sugimura, K., 1963:
Pelvic kidney with marked hydronephrosis: a case report

Brosch, W., 1956:
Pelvic kidney with monstrous lithiasis, giant right kidney-pelvic-ureteral calculus and enormous bladder calculus in a 48-year-old man

Moeller, J.; Braun, H., 1960:
Pelvic kidney, kidney stone and dextran allergy

Rodrigues, J.L.; D'almeida, F., 1952:
Pelvic kidney; case of dystocia

Leruth, E.; Coppens, L.; Andrianne, R.; Bonnet, P.; Waltregny, D.; de Leval, J., 2005:
Pelvic lipomatosis associated with glandular cystitis. Report of two cases

Sam, J.W.; Alavi, A.; Banner, M.P.; Ramchandani, P., 2004:
Pelvic lipomatosis detected on bone scintigraphy

Berdou, R.; Osterhage, H.R., 2003:
Pelvic lipomatosis--what to do?

Gray, M.J.; Gusberg, S.B.; Guttmann, R., 1958:
Pelvic lymph node dissection following radiotherapy

Buckley, B., 2018:
Arriving at Value: Placing Cost on Quality

Christensen, A.; Lange, P., 1955:
Pelvic lymph node metastases in early stages of cervical cancer

Hatano, K.; Kawashima, A.; Arai, Y.; Inoue, H.; Miyagawa, Y.; Takaha, N.; Nishimura, K.; Miyake, O.; Okuyama, A., 2006:
Pelvic lymph node metastasis from bladder cancer markedly responsive to methotrexate vinblastine doxorubicin and cisplatin (M-VAC) therapy followed by radiotherapy: a case report

Augusto, A., 1955:
Pelvic lymphadenectomy and the Wertheim operation

Rossel, G., 1957:
Pelvic lymphadenectomy as a rule in the radio- & surgical therapy of uterine cancer at the preinvasive stage

Claiborne, H.A.; Thornton, W.N.; Wilson, L.A., 1960:
Pelvic lymphadenectomy for carcinoma of the uterine cervix

Larciprete, G.; Casalino, B.; Segatore, M.F.; Jarvis, S.; Catarinella, V.; Cirese, E., 2005:
Pelvic lymphadenectomy for cervical cancer: extraperitoneal versus laparoscopic approach

Marsalek, J.; Holub, E., 1961:
Pelvic lymphadenography in gynecology

Mikou, F.; Elkarroumi, M.; Sefrioui, O.; Morsad, F.; Ghazli, M.; Matar, N.; Moumen, M., 2003:
Pelvic lymphocele: report of a case and review of the literature

Weingold, A.B.; Olivo, E.; Marino, J., 1967:
Pelvic lymphocyst: diagnosis and management

Dzik-Jurasz, A.S.K., 2005:
Pelvic malignancy: integrating form and function

Campos Franco, J.; López Rodríguez, R.; García González, J.; Abdulkader Nallib, I.; Alende Sixto, M.R.; González Quintela, A., 2006:
Pelvic mass in a patient with background of mycosis fungoid

Griffon, J.P., 1955:
Pelvic masses obstructing vaginal delivery

Cheung, V.Y.T.; Rosenthal, D.M., 2006:
Pelvic meningocele can be missed during laparoscopy

Bejia, I.; Amara, N.; Younes, M.; Mourad, S.; Touzi, M.; Bergaoui, N., 2005:
Pelvic morphology and lumbar spondylolisthesis

Castelaz, A.Ala, L.; Domingue, R.Bles, H., 1963:
Pelvic morphology of the most frequently observed abnormalities in Latin America. Diagnosis and obstetrical management of them

Ezoe, M.; Naito, M.; Asayama, I.; Ishiko, T.; Fujisawa, M., 2005:
Pelvic motion during total hip arthroplasty with translateral and posterolateral approaches

Sjödahl, C.; Jarnlo, G.B.; Söderberg, B.; Persson, B.M., 2004:
Pelvic motion in trans-femoral amputees in the frontal and transverse plane before and after special gait re-education

Tam, E.W.; Mak, A.F.; Lam, W.Nga.; Evans, J.H.; Chow, Y.Y., 2003:
Pelvic movement and interface pressure distribution during manual wheelchair propulsion

Chaffanjon, P.C.J.; Sturm, N.; Caravel, J-P.; Chabre, O.; Brichon, P-Y., 2004:
Pelvic muscular metastasis of well differentiated thyroid carcinoma

Stux, A., 1955:
Pelvic neuralgia; preliminary report

Diez, A., 1952:
Pelvic neuralgias

Oppolzer, R., 1958:
Pelvic neurectomy in the treatment of ulcerative colitis

Losanoff, J.E.; Sauter, E.R., 2004:
Pelvic neuroanatomy and technique of abdominoperineal resection of the rectum for cancer

Giuliani, G.M., 1956:
Pelvic or broad ligament varicocele; surgical and anatomical research

Sengupta, D.K.; Mehdian, S.H.; McConnell, J.R.; Eisenstein, S.M.; Webb, J.K., 2003:
Pelvic or lumbar fixation for the surgical management of scoliosis in duchenne muscular dystrophy

Bedaiwy, M.A.; Paraiso, M.Fidela.R., 2004:
Pelvic organ prolapse after uterine artery embolization for uterine myoma

Rizk, D.E.E., 2006:
Pelvic organ prolapse and measurements of the pelvic floor

Smith, P.P.; Appell, R.A., 2005:
Pelvic organ prolapse and the lower urinary tract: the relationship of vaginal prolapse to stress urinary incontinence

Larsen, W.I.; Yavorek, T.A., 2005:
Pelvic organ prolapse and urinary incontinence in nulliparous women at the United States Military Academy

Altman, D.; Zetterstrom, J.; Schultz, I.; Nordenstam, J.; Hjern, F.; Lopez, A.; Mellgren, A., 2005:
Pelvic organ prolapse and urinary incontinence in women with surgically managed rectal prolapse: a population-based case-control study

Meydanli, M.Mutlu.; Ustün, Y.; Yalcin, O.T., 2005:
Pelvic organ prolapse complicating third trimester pregnancy. A case report

Drutz, H.P.; Alarab, M., 2006:
Pelvic organ prolapse: demographics and future growth prospects

Swift, S., 2005:
Pelvic organ prolapse: is it time to define it?

Seo, J.Tae.; Kim, J.Myung., 2006:
Pelvic organ support and prevalence by Pelvic Organ Prolapse-Quantification (POP-Q) in Korean women

O'Boyle, A.L.; O'Boyle, J.D.; Calhoun, B.; Davis, G.D., 2005:
Pelvic organ support in pregnancy and postpartum

Jacobsen, S.; Sonne-Holm, S.; Lund, B.; Søballe, K.; Kiaer, T.; Rovsing, H.; Monrad, H., 2005:
Pelvic orientation and assessment of hip dysplasia in adults

Al-Omar, A.A.H.; Qureshi, M.J.; Al-Jarallah, A.S.; Al-Mobeireek, K.F., 2006:
Pelvic osteomyelitis due to Haemophilus influenzae type B in a Down syndrome child

Davidson, D.; Letts, M.; Khoshhal, K., 2003:
Pelvic osteomyelitis in children: a comparison of decades from 1980-1989 with 1990-2001

Weber-Chrysochoou, C.; Corti, N.; Goetschel, P.; Altermatt, S.; Huisman, T.A.G.M.; Berger, C., 2007:
Pelvic osteomyelitis: a diagnostic challenge in children

Kelekis, A.; Lovblad, K.O.; Mehdizade, A.; Somon, T.; Yilmaz, H.; Wetzel, S.G.; Seium, Y.; Dietrich, P-Yves.; Rufenacht, D.A.; Martin, J-Baptiste., 2005:
Pelvic osteoplasty in osteolytic metastases: technical approach under fluoroscopic guidance and early clinical results

Chiari, K., 1953:
Pelvic osteotomy in hip arthroplasty

Chiari, K., 1959:
Pelvic osteotomy in plastic surgery of the acetabular roof

Lloyd, R.Berts, G.C.; Williams, D.I.; Braddock, G.T., 1959:
Pelvic osteotomy in the treatment of ectopia vesicae

Kaidar-Person, O.; Rosen, S.A.; Wexner, S.D., 2005 :
Pelvic outlet obstruction

Lansman, H.H.; Lapin, A.; Blaustein, A., 1960:
Pelvic oxyuris granuloma associated with endometriosis

Nader, A.; Candido, K.D., 2006:
Pelvic pain

Sinha, R., 1955:
Pelvic pain and backache in women

Gidro, F.Ank, L.; Gordon, T.; Taylor, H.C., 1960:
Pelvic pain and female identity: a survey of emotional factors in 40 patients

Jones, S.A.; Salicco, J.M.; Byers, M.S., 2005:
Pelvic pain and history of previous pelvic surgery

Gaudefroy, M., 1961:
Pelvic pain and trichomonal cervico-vaginitis

Taylor, H.C., 1954:
Pelvic pain based on a vascular and autonomic nervous system disorder

Bonnin, M.; Bolandard, F.; Storme, B.; Sibaud, F.; Rabishong, B., 2006:
Pelvic pain by acute symphysis pubis separation after vaginal delivery

Thomson, J.C., 2004:
Pelvic pain caused by intraperitoneal Enterobius vermicularis (threadworm) ova with an associated systemic autoimmune reaction

Mateos Fournier, M., 1958:
Pelvic pain during pregnancy

Banner, E.A., 1952:
Pelvic pain from the point of view of a gynecologist

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Pelvic pain in gynecology; etiology and pathogenesis

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Pelvic pain in the female adolescent patient

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Pelvic pain in women and men: recent findings

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Pelvic pain in women: a universal problem

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Pelvic pain of gynecic or other origin

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Pelvic pain presenting in a combat environment

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Pelvic pain sine materia & verification complex surgery

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Pelvic pain--definitions, diagnosis and therapeutic options

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Pelvic pain: overlooked and underdiagnosed gynecologic conditions

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Pelvic painful processes. Their treatment by resection of the superior hypogastric plexus

Leymarios, J., 1963:
Pelvic pains of enterological origin

Guerin, C., 1963:
Pelvic pains of rheumatological origin

Truc, E.; Grasset, D., 1963:
Pelvic pains of urological origin

Kinsella, V.J., 1954:
Pelvic pains, gynaecologists and neuroses

Robert, H., 1959:
Pelvic pains. Clinical and etiological problems

Dos Santos, R.A., 1954:
Pelvic panviscerectomy in therapy of advanced cancer of the uterine cervix

Royo, P.; de Luis, E.; Manero, M.García.; Velloso, Mía.José.García.; Toledo, G.; Alcázar, J.Luis., 2007:
Pelvic paraganglioma

Fitzpatrick, G.M.; Shotkin, J.M., 1961:
Pelvic perfusion

Yount, L.J.; Hurley, J.D., 1963:
Pelvic perfusion for carcinoma of the colon

Jessiman, A.G., 1960:
Pelvic perfusion technique

Sholes, D.M., 1960 :
Pelvic perfusion with nitrogen mustard for cancer: a neurological complication

Prout, G.R.; Kenyon, N.M.; Moss, W.G.; Martin, D.S., 1960:
Pelvic perfusion. I. The feasibility of isolation of the vascular compartment of the canine pelvis

Myers, M.B.; Prout, G.R.; Martin, D.S., 1961:
Pelvic perfusion. II. The acute effect of isolated perfusion with diphenyl-thiocarbozone (dithizone) on the canine prostate

Fiolle, J., 1951:
Pelvic peri-colic stricture

Bourdeix, G., 1951:
Pelvic pericolic stricture of adnexal origin simulating cancer

Goodfriend, M.J.; Goldfarb, W.S., 1952:
Pelvic phantom tumors

Giilhem, P.; Baux, R., 1953:
Pelvic phlebographies by the uterine route in puerperium

Uggeri, B.; Uggeri, C., 1959:
Pelvic phlebography and spleno-portography

Brusori, G., 1955:
Pelvic phlebography by intra-osseous route

Guilhem, P.; Baux, R.; Paille, J., 1952:
Pelvic phlebography by the ischiatic transosseous route

Guilhem, P.; Baux, R.; Voisin, R.; Paille, J., 1951:
Pelvic phlebography by the uterine approach

Lockhart, J.; Gorlero, A.; Polero, H., 1956:
Pelvic phlebography in chronic phlebothrombosis

Mgaloblishvili, G.I., 1960:
Pelvic phlebography in the diagnosis of tumors of the urinary bladder

Petkovic, S., 1953:
Pelvic phlebography in women by injection into clitoris (pelvivenography)

Estrade Camunez, S., 1961:
Pelvic phlebography. Our personal experience in circulatory and vascular alteration

Wilson, J.M., 1955:
Pelvic plastic repair-indications and results

Miller, R.V.; Haase, K.H., 1954:
Pelvic platform brace for subluxation at the shoulder

Tetti, A., 1960:
Pelvic pneumography: indications and possibilities

Andrews, G.J.; Reynolds, J., 1962:
Pelvic pneumography; in diagnosis of gynecologic disorders

Gerosa, H.N.; Malenchini, M., 1955:
Pelvic pneumoperitoneum

Cancrini, A.; Napolitano, A., 1959:
Pelvic pneumoperitoneum associated with gaseous cystography in the study of bladder neoplasms

Gershon, C.Hen, J.; Hermel, M.B., 1952:
Pelvic pneumoperitoneum; the x-ray appearance of the normal female pelvic organs

Schreiber, M.H., 1961:
Pelvic pneumoroentgenography

Buttarelli, M.; Houvenaeghel, G.; Lelièvre, L.; Jacquemier, J.; Guiramand, J.; Delpero, J-R., 2006:
Pelvic posterior exenteration with immediate colo-rectal anastomosis: is it justified and feasible in advanced stage ovarian carcinoma?

Davidson, S.M.; Juhl, J.H., 2005:
Pelvic postural asymmetry revisited

Kraussold, E., 1952:
Pelvic presentation and cesarean section

Leon, J.; Frid, I.; Azulay, J., 1953:
Pelvic presentation at the obstetric service of the Policlinico Cosme Argerich

Araujo, J.O.; Martinez, A.R.; Sampaio, N.A., 1953:
Pelvic presentation in primiparae

do VAL.S.O., 1950:
Pelvic presentation in primiparas over 30

Alvarez, M.; Bahamonde, H., 1960:
Pelvic presentation in the primipara. (Experience of the Maternidad del Hospital del Salvador during the period 1955-1958)

Campeas, S.; Rafii, M., 2003:
Pelvic presentation of a hip joint ganglion: a case report

Leon, J., 1961:
Pelvic presentation. Its management. Reflections suggested by trends in intervention

Leon, J., 1961:
Pelvic presentation. Problems caused by it in pregnancy

Ramire, G.Miz, E.; Rodrigue, D.S.Ntiago, J.D., 1963:
Pelvic presentation. Study of 400 cases

Larsen, W.I.; Yavorek, T., 2006:
Pelvic prolapse and urinary incontinence in nulliparous college women in relation to paratrooper training

Slavtchev, N., 1962:
Pelvic pseudotumor of very probable hydatic nature with intraperitoneal vesicular disseminations

Mtaallah, M.H.; Ben Hassouna, J.; Bouzid, T.; Dhiab, T.; Chargui, R.; Khomsi, F.; Chebbi, A.; Hechiche, M.; Gamoudi, A.; Boussen, H.; Rahal, K., 2005:
Pelvic pseudotumoral actinomycosis with multisegmental lumbosacral root failure. A case report

Chardier, P.; Fernandez, C.Lmei, O., 1956:
Pelvic radio-epitheliomas and radio-sarcomas occurring after radiotherapy of primary cancer, 15 case reports

Chu, T.C., 1959:
Pelvic radiography with pneumoperitoneum: Studies on the physiology and pathology of the female genital organs

Herbst, F., 2003:
Pelvic radiological imaging: a surgeon's perspective

Butler, C.E.; Rodriguez-Bigas, M.A., 2005:
Pelvic reconstruction after abdominoperineal resection: is it worthwhile?

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Penang BHC-resistant strain of Culex pipiens fatigans

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Pencil in the penis

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Pencillin allergy

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Pendant-like, paired thigh appendages in a red deer (Cervus elaphus hipelaphus)

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Pende's constitutional hyperthymic syndrome

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Pending expansion, hospital takes chronic, convalescent cases

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Pendiomide in present surgical practice

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Pendiomide in the therapy of peripheral vascular diseases

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Pendiomide sympathetic block in therapy of hypertension

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Pendiomide treatment of painful states determined by affections of autonomic nervous system

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Pendiomide, new ganglioplegic for the treatment of arterial hypertension

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Pendl's presacral and prevertebral novocaine plombage as an aid in the differential diagnosis of ischias and ischialgia in complete disk prolapse

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Pendular Rotation Test As A Vestibular Function Test

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Pendular motion of the mediastinum

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Pendular stratitherapy in the treatment of neoplasms of the female pelvis

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Pendular stratitherapy of laryngeal carcinoma

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Pendular telecobaltotherapy: method of rapid computation of the deep distribution of radiatons

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Pendular-state spectroscopy of the S(1)-S(0) electronic transition of 9-cyanoanthracene

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Pendulorotatory radiotherapy

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Pendulous adhesions in cavity of pneumothorax

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Pendulous endothelioma in the pleural cavity

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Pendulous fibromyoma of the seminal colliculus

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Pendulous flat cassettes in pantomography

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Pendulous tissue in relation to full denture prosthesis

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Pendulousness of the legs as a diagnostic test

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Pendulum convergence; a new method of moving field radiotherapy

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Pendulum for electrical registration of speed of blood flow. I

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Pendulum form of knee reflex

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Pendulum irradiation of carcinoma of the stomach

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Pendulum irradiation of esophageal cancer

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Pendulum irradiation of larynx cancer

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Pendulum irradiation of rectal carcinoma

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Pendulum irradiation of the parametrium and its lymphatics

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Pendulum management in secure services

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Pendulum movements of the small intestine in the cineradiograph

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Pendulum radiotherapy of the parametrium with 2-plane oblique irradiation

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Pendulum- and stationary field irradiation of brain in dogs

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Pendulum-like knee reflex

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Pendulums, hypnotism, mesmerism

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Pendulums, traveling waves, and the cochlea: introduction and script for a motion picture

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Penelope's character

Anonymous, 2004:
Penelope, the robot, could scrub in

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Penelope-like elements--a new class of retroelements: distribution, function and possible evolutionary significance

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Penethemat hydroiodide, a new penicillin preparation with specific affinity to the pulmonary tissue

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Penetrability of penicillin into the cerebrospinal fluid

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Penetracyne By The Oral Route In Pediatrics

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Penetracyne In Pediatrics: Value Of The Use Of The Oral Form

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Penetrance and expressivity in the molecular age

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Penetrance in hereditary hemochromatosis

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Penetrasol-benedryl as local antipruritic

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Penetrating Injury Limited to the Eyeball Followed by Acute Tetanus

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Penetrating Injury Of The Brain In A Small Child

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Penetrating Stab Wounds Of The Chest

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Penetrating Wound Of The Abdomen In Pregnancy. Lesion And Death Of The Fetus In Utero

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Penetrating Wounds Of The Chest

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Penetrating abdominal wounds, with special reference to operation in the presence of shock

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Penetrating and Perforating Wounds of the Eyeball with Diagnosis and Treatment of Retained Foreign Bodies

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Penetrating and perforating wounds of the eye

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Penetrating arrow wound of the heart

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Penetrating autokeratoplasty of entire cornea

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Penetrating brain injury in military conflict: does it merit more research?

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Penetrating corneal graft; orientation of the initial penetration of the trephine into the host cornea

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Penetrating corneoscleral graft in epibulbar epithelioma

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Penetrating craniocerebral truma: observations in Korean war

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Penetrating duodenal ulcer

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Penetrating esophageal foreign body: metallic wire in the thyroid gland

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Penetrating esophageal injury by ingestion of a wire bristle

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Penetrating eye injury from rear view mirrors

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Penetrating eye trauma epidemiology in own material

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Penetrating foreign body in the liver

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Penetrating foreign body; a case report on preventable blindness

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Penetrating gastric ulcer presenting as a subcapsular liver abscess

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Penetrating glass injury to the perineum

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Penetrating goiter; penetration with cysts & penetrating cysts

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Penetrating gunshot wound of heart

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Penetrating gunshot wound of uterus; pregnancy of 8 months

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Penetrating gunshot wounds of the abdominal cavity in acute radiation sickness

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Penetrating head injury from an electrical plug

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Penetrating head wound: a remarkable case

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Penetrating heart wound; value of intra-arterial transfusion

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Penetrating heart wounds with hemopericardium

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Penetrating injuries due to gunshot wounds involving the brachial plexus

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Penetrating injuries in the head and neck region

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Penetrating injuries of the central nervous system in children

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Penetrating injuries of the eye in the very young

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Penetrating injuries of the inferior vena cava

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Penetrating injuries of the neck and the increasing role of CTA

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Penetrating injuries of the perineum and buttocks

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Penetrating injuries of the rectum

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Penetrating injuries of the subclavian vessels with associated venous complications

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Penetrating injury of the abdomen in a boy aged 16 years

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Penetrating injury of the eye with injuries of the ciliary body as a result of gunshot wound

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Penetrating injury of the thorax with a pin

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Penetrating injury to the heart in a patient with haemophilia

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Penetrating injury to the soft palate causing retropharyngeal air collection

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Penetrating joint injuries and traumatic joint infections

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Penetrating keratoplasty after a total conjunctival flap

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