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Peripapillary choroidal atrophy in sympathetic ophthalmia and management with triple-agent immunosuppression

Ganesh, S.K.; Narayana, K.M.; Biswas, J.

Ocular Immunology and Inflammation 11(1): 61-65


ISSN/ISBN: 0927-3948
PMID: 12854028
DOI: 10.1076/ocii.
Accession: 049893321

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To describe the occurrence of peripapillary choroidal atrophy and experience with triple-agent immunosuppression in three cases of sympathetic ophthalmia. Retrospective chart review of three cases of sympathetic ophthalmia with peripapillary choroidal atrophy. Three patients with sympathetic ophthalmia were managed with steroid pulse therapy and triple-agent immunosuppression. All three patients subsequently developed peripapillary choroidal atrophy. Peripapillary choroidal atrophy can occur in sympathetic ophthalmia and may indicate a severe form of inflammation which would benefit from triple-agent immunosuppression.

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