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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 49905

Chapter 49905 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Hansen, K.; Lançon, C.; Toumi, M., 2006:
Pharmacoeconomic modelling in schizophrenia. Trap or support for decision makers?

Stratchounski, L.S.; Rozenson, O.L., 2006:
Pharmacoeconomic perspectives in Russia

Wawruch, M.; Bozeková, L.; Krcméry, S.; Kozlíková, K.; Foltán, V.; Lassánová, M.; Kriska, M., 2005:
Pharmacoeconomic profile of antibiotics used in the treatment of lower respiratory tract infections in geriatric patients

Postma, M.J., 2003:
Pharmacoeconomic research

Bartkó, Görgy.; Fehér, László., 2006:
Pharmacoeconomic review of the use of injectable long-acting risperidone

Cornago, D.; Li Bassi, L.; De Compadri, P.; Garattini, L., 2006:
Pharmacoeconomic studies in Italy: a critical review of the literature

Miravitlles, M.; Jardim, J.R.; Zitto, T.; Rodrigues, J.E.; López, H., 2003:
Pharmacoeconomic study of antibiotic therapy for exacerbations of chronic bronchitis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in Latin America

Rapeport, D.; Harper, S.; Flisberg, P., 2005:
Pharmacoeconomic viewpoints on volatile anaesthesia--"much ado about nothing?"

Rudakova, A.V., 2004:
Pharmacoeconomical aspects of the use of angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors in clinical practice (lisinopril use)

Ostroumova, O.D.; Mamaev, V.I.; Ishchenko, K.A.; Shorikova, E.G., 2003:
Pharmacoeconomical aspects of the use of beta-blockers in hypertension and heart failure

Sokolova, O.P., 2006:
Pharmacoeconomical grounds for decision on a basic hypnotic for general anesthesia in surgical interventions

Anguita Sánchez, M., 2004:
Pharmacoeconomics and cardiovascular disease

Cosler, L.E., 2003:
Pharmacoeconomics and considerations for injectable products: focus on colony-stimulating factors

Ariza, J.Guillermo.; Martínez, J.Andrés., 2006:
Pharmacoeconomics and outcome research on Irritable Bowel Syndrome review of findings using Tegaserod

Briggs, A.H.; Levy, A.R., 2006:
Pharmacoeconomics and pharmacoepidemiology: curious bedfellows or a match made in heaven?

Tatsch, F.Franciosi.; Sette, H.; Vianna, D., 2006:
Pharmacoeconomics applied to chronic hepatitis C

Nuijten, M.J., 2006:
Pharmacoeconomics in European decision-making

Jones, J.Spencer., 2006:
Pharmacoeconomics in South Africa

Wozakowska-Kapłon, B.; Kempkiewicz, T., 2006:
Pharmacoeconomics in cardiovascular disease. Part 1: pharmacoeconomics in coronary heart disease

Wozakowska-Kapłon, B.; Kempkiewicz, T., 2006:
Pharmacoeconomics in cardiovascular disease. Part 2: pharmacoeconomics in congestive heart failure and arterial hypertension

Czech, M., 2004:
Pharmacoeconomics in contemporary medicine

Postma, M.J.; Boersma, C.; Gansevoort, R.T., 2007:
Pharmacoeconomics in nephrology: considerations on cost-effectiveness of screening for albuminuria

Ariano, R.; Berto, P.; Tracci, D.; Incorvaia, C.; Frati, F., 2006:
Pharmacoeconomics of allergen immunotherapy compared with symptomatic drug treatment in patients with allergic rhinitis and asthma

Boersma, C.; Atthobari, J.; Gansevoort, R.T.; de Jong-Van den Berg, L.T.W.; de Jong, P.E.; de Zeeuw, D.; Annemans, L.J.P.; Postma, M.J., 2006:
Pharmacoeconomics of angiotensin II antagonists in type 2 diabetic patients with nephropathy: implications for decision making

Szucs, T.D.; Bramkamp, M., 2006:
Pharmacoeconomics of anticoagulation therapy for stroke prevention in atrial fibrillation: a review

Johnson, M.D.; Kleinberg, M.; Danziger, L.; Ostrosky-Zeichner, L., 2005:
Pharmacoeconomics of antifungal pharmacotherapy--challenges and future directions

Degli Esposti, L.; Di Martino, M.; Saragoni, S.; Sgreccia, A.; Capone, A.; Buda, S.; Esposti, E.Degli., 2004:
Pharmacoeconomics of antihypertensive drug treatment: an analysis of how long patients remain on various antihypertensive therapies

Jahnz-Rózyk, K.; Targowski, T., 2004:
Pharmacoeconomics of asthma

Cleland, J.; Thomas, M.; Price, D., 2003:
Pharmacoeconomics of asthma treatment

Bushnell, C.D.; Matchar, D.B., 2004:
Pharmacoeconomics of atrial fibrillation and stroke prevention

Jönsson, L., 2003:
Pharmacoeconomics of cholinesterase inhibitors in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease

DeRyke, C.Andrew.; Kuti, J.L.; Mansfield, D.; Dana, A.; Nicolau, D.P., 2006:
Pharmacoeconomics of continuous versus intermittent infusion of piperacillin-tazobactam for the treatment of complicated intraabdominal infection

Kusowska, J., 2006:
Pharmacoeconomics of dyspesia and peptic ulcer disease

Postma, M.J.; Heijnen, M-Louise.A.; Beutels, P.; Jager, J.C., 2004:
Pharmacoeconomics of elderly vaccination against invasive pneumococcal infections: cost-effectiveness analyses and implications for The Netherlands

Chernin, E.L., 2004:
Pharmacoeconomics of inhaled anesthetic agents: considerations for the pharmacist

Bennett, C.L.; Calhoun, E.A., 2005:
Pharmacoeconomics of liposomal anthracycline therapy

Haycox, A., 2006:
Pharmacoeconomics of long-acting risperidone: results and validity of cost-effectiveness models

Jones, T.E.; Smith, B.J.; Polasek, J.F., 2004:
Pharmacoeconomics of low-molecular-weight heparins: limitations of studies comparing them to unfractionated heparin

Murthy, A.; Creinin, M.D., 2003:
Pharmacoeconomics of medical abortion: a review of cost in the United States, Europe and Asia

Laux, G., 2004:
Pharmacoeconomics of modern antidepressives

Kiess, W.; Böttner, A.; Blüher, S.; Raile, K.; Seidel, B.; Kapellen, T.; Keller, E.; Kratzsch, Jürgen., 2003:
Pharmacoeconomics of obesity management in childhood and adolescence

Bordeleau, L., 2006:
Pharmacoeconomics of systemic therapies for lung cancer

Wang, L.; Barrett, J.F., 2006:
Pharmacoeconomics of treatment with the newer anti-Gram-positive agents

Karpov, O.I., 2003:
Pharmacoeconomics of ulcers: a view from Saint-Petersburg

Słominski, J.Marek.; Kubiak, A., 2004:
Pharmacoeconomics of vaccinations in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Curtiss, F.R., 2003:
Pharmacoeconomics--determination of the cost-effectiveness of Helicobacter pylori eradication

Pedersen, K.Møller., 2003:
Pharmacoeconomics--survey and status

Bootman, J.Lyle.; McGhan, W.F.; Townsend, R.J., 2006:
Pharmacoeconomics: historical perspective

Gagnon, J.P.; Smith, M.D.; Rindress, D., 2006:
Pharmacoeconomics: identifying the issues overview and advisory panel report summary

Luchins, D.J., 2004:
Pharmacoeconomics: the new dismal science

Motwani, B.; Khayr, W., 2006:
Pharmacoenhancement of protease inhibitors

Rachin, A.P.; Iudel'son, I.B., 2005:
Pharmacoepidemiological aspects of chronic daily headache

Etminan, M., 2004:
Pharmacoepidemiology II: the nested case-control study--a novel approach in pharmacoepidemiologic research

Savo, A.; Maiorano, P.Maria.; Onder, G.; Bernabei, R., 2004:
Pharmacoepidemiology and disability in older adults: can medications slow the age-related decline in physical function?

Anonymous, 2003:
Pharmacoepidemiology and drug safety

Anonymous, 2004:
Pharmacoepidemiology and drug safety

Anonymous, 2004:
Pharmacoepidemiology and drug safety

Vitiello, B., 2005:
Pharmacoepidemiology and pediatric psychopharmacology research

Chan, K.Arnold.; Hernandez-Diaz, S., 2004:
Pharmacoepidemiology and rheumatic disorders

Verdoux, Hélène.; Tournier, M.; Cougnard, A.; Martin, K.; Bégaud, B., 2006:
Pharmacoepidemiology of psychotropic medication: utilisation and impact in real-life conditions

Fautrel, B., 2004:
Pharmacoepidemiology: lessons from real life

Morf, H.; Moritz, O., 1956:
Pharmacoergastric examinations of Bergenia leaves; contribution to the pathology and physiology of dessication

Rumler, W., 1964:
Pharmacogenetic And Undesirable Drug Effects

Fischer, R.; Griffin, F., 1964:
Pharmacogenetic Aspects Of Gustation

Kirstein-Grossman, I.; Beckmann, J.S..; Lancet, D.; Miller, A., 2003:
Pharmacogenetic Development of Personalized Medicine: Multiple Sclerosis Treatment as a Model

Rose, C.M.; Marsh, S.; Ameyaw, M-Mary.; McLeod, H.L., 2003:
Pharmacogenetic analysis of clinically relevant genetic polymorphisms

Hasegawa, Y.; Ando, Y.; Ando, M.; Hashimoto, N.; Imaizumi, K.; Shimokata, K., 2006:
Pharmacogenetic approach for cancer treatment-tailored medicine in practice

Sayers, I.; Hall, I.P., 2005:
Pharmacogenetic approaches in the treatment of asthma

Stoehlmacher, J.; Goekkurt, E.; Lenz, H.Josef., 2003:
Pharmacogenetic aspects in treatment of colorectal cancer--an update

Zhang, Z.; Hou, G.; Zhang, X.; Yao, H.; Sha, W.; Zhang, X., 2003:
Pharmacogenetic assessment of antipsychotic-induced tardive dyskinesia: contribution of 5-hydroxytryptamine 2C receptor gene and of a combination of dopamine D3 variant allele (Gly) and MnSOD wild allele (Val)

Breen, D.P.; Marinaki, A.M.; Arenas, M.; Hayes, P.C., 2005:
Pharmacogenetic association with adverse drug reactions to azathioprine immunosuppressive therapy following liver transplantation

Ando, Y.; Price, D.K.; Dahut, W.L.; Cox, M.C.; Reed, E.; Figg, W.D., 2003:
Pharmacogenetic associations of CYP2C19 genotype with in vivo metabolisms and pharmacological effects of thalidomide

Hull, C.; Larson, A.; Leachman, S., 2003:
Pharmacogenetic candidate genes for melanoma

Sukhanov, V.A.; Piruzian, L.A., 2004:
Pharmacogenetic challenges in the treatment of mental diseases

Klees, T.Mariero.; Sheffels, P.; Thummel, K.E.; Kharasch, E.D., 2005:
Pharmacogenetic determinants of human liver microsomal alfentanil metabolism and the role of cytochrome P450 3A5

Warrington, J.S.; Shaw, L.M., 2006:
Pharmacogenetic differences and drug-drug interactions in immunosuppressive therapy

Tan, B.R.; McLeod, H.L., 2005:
Pharmacogenetic influences on treatment response and toxicity in colorectal cancer

Rai, A.K., 2003:
Pharmacogenetic interventions, orphan drugs, and distributive justice: the role of cost-benefit analysis

Judson, R.S.; Salisbury, B.A.; Reed, C.R.; Ackerman, M.J., 2006:
Pharmacogenetic issues in thorough QT trials

Sykiotis, G.P.; Kalliolias, G.D.; Papavassiliou, A.G., 2005:
Pharmacogenetic principles in the Hippocratic writings

Ruzzo, A.; Graziano, F.; Kawakami, K.; Watanabe, G.; Santini, D.; Catalano, V.; Bisonni, R.; Canestrari, E.; Ficarelli, R.; Menichetti, E.Tito.; Mari, D.; Testa, E.; Silva, R.; Vincenzi, B.; Giordani, P.; Cascinu, S.; Giustini, L.; Tonini, G.; Magnani, M., 2006:
Pharmacogenetic profiling and clinical outcome of patients with advanced gastric cancer treated with palliative chemotherapy

Relling, M.V.; Yang, W.; Das, S.; Cook, E.H.; Rosner, G.L.; Neel, M.; Howard, S.; Ribeiro, R.; Sandlund, J.T.; Pui, C-Hon.; Kaste, S.C., 2004:
Pharmacogenetic risk factors for osteonecrosis of the hip among children with leukemia

Bosch, T.M.; Doodeman, V.D.; Smits, P.H.M.; Meijerman, I.; Schellens, J.H.M.; Beijnen, J.H., 2006:
Pharmacogenetic screening for polymorphisms in drug-metabolizing enzymes and drug transporters in a Dutch population

Bosch, T.M.; Huitema, A.D.R.; Doodeman, V.D.; Jansen, R.; Witteveen, E.; Smit, W.M.; Jansen, R.L.; van Herpen, C.M.; Soesan, M.; Beijnen, J.H.; Schellens, J.H.M., 2006:
Pharmacogenetic screening of CYP3A and ABCB1 in relation to population pharmacokinetics of docetaxel

Lane, H-Yuan.; Lee, C-Chun.; Liu, Y-Ching.; Chang, W-Ho., 2005:
Pharmacogenetic studies of response to risperidone and other newer atypical antipsychotics

Rodríguez-Villanueva, J.; Alsar, M.Jesús.; Avendaño, C.; Gómez-Piqueras, C.; García-Alonso, F., 2003 :
Pharmacogenetic studies: evaluation guidelines for research ethics committees. Study protocol and patient information sheet (II)

Kolik, L.G.; Gudasheva, T.A.; Seredenin, S.B., 2003:
Pharmacogenetic study of anxiolytic effects of new cholecystokinin receptor antagonists in animals with different levels of emotionality

Inoue, S.; Hashiguchi, M.; Chiyoda, T.; Sunami, Y.; Tanaka, T.; Mochizuki, M., 2006:
Pharmacogenetic study of methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase and thymidylate synthase in Japanese and assessment of ethnic and gender differences

Marian, A.J., 2005:
Pharmacogenetic study of statin therapy and cholesterol reduction

Martínez-Sellés, M.; Castillo, I.; Montenegro, P.; Martín, Mía.L.; Almendral, Jús.; Sanjurjo, Mía., 2005:
Pharmacogenetic study of the response to flecainide and propafenone in patients with atrial fibrillation

Corominas, H.; Díaz, C.; Vázquez, G.; Baiget, M., 2003:
Pharmacogenetic study of thiopurine S-methyltransferase (TPMT) and thiopurine toxicity

Netzer, C.; Biller-Andorno, N., 2004:
Pharmacogenetic testing, informed consent and the problem of secondary information

Jaillon, P., 2006:
Pharmacogenetic testing: utility in drug development and in routine clinical practice

Apud, Jé.A.; Weinberger, D.R., 2006:
Pharmacogenetic tools for the development of target-oriented cognitive-enhancing drugs

Morrow, T., 2004:
Pharmacogenetic, pharmacogenomic testing rapidly gaining acceptance

Theilade, M.Due., 2005:
Pharmacogenetic-assisted drug development. Regulatory aspects from the viewpoint of the Medical Products Agency

Hansen, L.; Andersen, D., 2005:
Pharmacogenetic/regulatory aspects seen from the viewpoint of the industry

Padrini, R.; Ferrari, M., 2003:

David, S.P., 2004:

Mealey, K.L., 2006:

Goedde, H.W.; Schoepf, E., 1964:
Pharmacogenetics (Clinical Problems And Biochemicogenetic Bases)

Daudén Tello, E., 2006:
Pharmacogenetics I. Concept, history, objectives and areas of study

Matthew, J.R.; Constan, E., 1964:
Pharmacogenetics In Pre-Ect Medication

Brown, A.M., 1965:
Pharmacogenetics Of The Mouse

Galley, H.F.; Mahdy, A.; Lowes, D.A., 2005:
Pharmacogenetics and anesthesiologists

Clancy, C.E.; Zhu, Z.I.; Rudy, Y., 2006:
Pharmacogenetics and anti-arrhythmic drug therapy: a theoretical investigation

Gage, B.F.; Eby, C.S., 2004:
Pharmacogenetics and anticoagulant therapy

Fontana, P.; Reny, J-L., 2005:
Pharmacogenetics and antiplatelet drugs

Weston, C.F.M., 2004:
Pharmacogenetics and cardiovascular disease management

Hisamuddin, I.M.; Wehbi, M.A.; Yang, V.W., 2006:
Pharmacogenetics and diseases of the colon

Vandel, P.; Talon, J.M.; Haffen, E.; Sechter, D., 2007:
Pharmacogenetics and drug therapy in psychiatry--the role of the CYP2D6 polymorphism

Rahemtulla, T.; Bhopal, R., 2005:
Pharmacogenetics and ethnically targeted therapies

Kahn, J.D., 2005:
Pharmacogenetics and ethnically targeted therapies: racial drugs need to be put in context

Kreek, M.Jeanne.; Bart, G.; Lilly, C.; LaForge, K.Steven.; Nielsen, D.A., 2005:
Pharmacogenetics and human molecular genetics of opiate and cocaine addictions and their treatments

Ho, G-Tzer.; Lees, C.; Satsangi, J., 2004:
Pharmacogenetics and inflammatory bowel disease: progress and prospects

Becquemont, L.; Verstuyft, Céline.; Jaillon, P., 2006:
Pharmacogenetics and interindividual variability in drug response: cytochrome P-450 2C9 and coumarin anticoagulants

Hahn, K.K.; Wolff, J.J.; Kolesar, J.M., 2006:
Pharmacogenetics and irinotecan therapy

Liakhovich, V.V.; Vavilin, V.A.; Grishanova, A..Iu.; Makarova, S.I.; Kovalenko, S.P., 2004:
Pharmacogenetics and modern medicine

Munafò, M.R.; Shields, A.E.; Berrettini, W.H.; Patterson, F.; Lerman, C., 2005:
Pharmacogenetics and nicotine addiction treatment

Marsh, S.; McLeod, H.L., 2007:
Pharmacogenetics and oncology treatment for breast cancer

Kalow, W., 2003:
Pharmacogenetics and personalised medicine

Latif, D.A., 2005:
Pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics instruction in schools of pharmacy in the USA: is it adequate?

Schmitz, G.; Schmitz-Madry, A.; Ugocsai, P., 2007:
Pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics of cholesterol-lowering therapy

Yan, L.; Davis, H.M., 2006:
Pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies

Brand, E., 2003:
Pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics. Searching for individual antihypertensive therapy concepts

Weinshilboum, R.M.; Wang, L., 2006:
Pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics: development, science, and translation

Loni, L.; De Braud, F.; Zinzani, P.Luigi.; Danesi, R., 2004:
Pharmacogenetics and proteomics of anticancer drugs in non-Hodgkin's lymphoma

Basu, A.; Tsapakis, E.; Aitchison, K., 2004:
Pharmacogenetics and psychiatry

Melzer, D.; Detmer, D.; Zimmern, R., 2003:
Pharmacogenetics and public policy: expert views in Europe and North America

Muszkat, M.; Stein, C.Michael., 2005:
Pharmacogenetics and response to beta-adrenergic receptor antagonists in heart failure

Asanuma, Y.; Xie, H-Guang.; Stein, C.Michael., 2005:
Pharmacogenetics and rheumatology: Molecular mechanisms contributing to variability in drug response

Andreassen, O.A.; Steen, V.M., 2006:
Pharmacogenetics and tailored drug treatment in schizophrenia

Ling, T.; Raven, A., 2006:
Pharmacogenetics and uncertainty: implications for policy makers

Wilffert, B.; Zaal, R.; Brouwers, J.R.B.J., 2005:
Pharmacogenetics as a tool in the therapy of schizophrenia

Bukaveckas, B.L.; Valdes, R.; Linder, M.W., 2004:
Pharmacogenetics as related to the practice of cardiothoracic and vascular anesthesia

Efferth, T.; Volm, M., 2005:
Pharmacogenetics for individualized cancer chemotherapy

Ozdemir, V.; Aklillu, E.; Mee, S.; Bertilsson, L.; Albers, L.J.; Graham, J.E.; Caligiuri, M.; Lohr, J.B.; Reist, C., 2006:
Pharmacogenetics for off-patent antipsychotics: reframing the risk for tardive dyskinesia and access to essential medicines

Brdicka, R., 2005:
Pharmacogenetics from the aspect of the Coordinating Group for Pharmacogenetics of OECD

Kilborn, M., 2005:
Pharmacogenetics in Evidence-based practice--what to watch for

Rodríguez-Nóvoa, S.; Barreiro, P.; Jiménez-Nacher, I.; Rendón, A.; Soriano, V., 2005:
Pharmacogenetics in HIV therapy

Constable, S.; Johnson, M.R.; Pirmohamed, M., 2006:
Pharmacogenetics in clinical practice: considerations for testing

Wu, X.; Lu, C.; Chiang, S.S.; Ajani, J.A., 2006:
Pharmacogenetics in esophageal cancer

Rogausch, A.; Brockmöller, J.; Himmel, W., 2005:
Pharmacogenetics in future medical care -- implications for patients and physicians

Maitland-van, d.Zee.Anke-Hilse.; Klungel, O.H.; de Boer, A., 2004:
Pharmacogenetics in health-care practice

McNamara, D.M., 2004:
Pharmacogenetics in heart failure: genomic markers of endothelial and neurohumoral function

Pierik, M.; Rutgeerts, P.; Vlietinck, R.; Vermeire, S., 2006:
Pharmacogenetics in inflammatory bowel disease

Nnadi, C.U.; Goldberg, J.F.; Malhotra, A.K., 2006:
Pharmacogenetics in mood disorder

Depondt, C., 2007:
Pharmacogenetics in neuropsychiatric diseases: epilepsy as a model

Greb, R.R.; Behre, H.M.; Simoni, M., 2006:
Pharmacogenetics in ovarian stimulation - current concepts and future options

Collier, D.A., 2003:
Pharmacogenetics in psychosis

Blackhall, F.H.; Howell, S.; Newman, B., 2006:
Pharmacogenetics in the management of breast cancer -- prospects for individualised treatment

Greaves, M., 2005:
Pharmacogenetics in the management of coumarin anticoagulant therapy: the way forward or an expensive diversion?

Cronstein, B.N., 2006:
Pharmacogenetics in the rheumatic diseases

Tellería Orriols, J.J.; Blanco Quirós, A., 2006:
Pharmacogenetics in the treatment of asthma

Burckart, G.J.; Liu, X.I., 2006:
Pharmacogenetics in transplant patients: can it predict pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics?

Altavilla, G.; Marabello, G., 2004:
Pharmacogenetics in tumors of the lung

Sakaeda, T.; Nakamura, T.; Okumura, K., 2003:
Pharmacogenetics of MDR1 and its impact on the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of drugs

Weinstock-Guttman, B.; Tamaño-Blanco, M.; Bhasi, K.; Zivadinov, R.; Ramanathan, M., 2006:
Pharmacogenetics of MXA SNPs in interferon-beta treated multiple sclerosis patients

Xiang, X.; Jada, S.Rao.; Li, H.Hua.; Fan, L.; Tham, L.San.; Wong, C.Ing.; Lee, S.Chin.; Lim, R.; Zhou, Q.Yu.; Goh, B.Cher.; Tan, E.Huat.; Chowbay, B., 2006:
Pharmacogenetics of SLCO1B1 gene and the impact of *1b and *15 haplotypes on irinotecan disposition in Asian cancer patients

Mehta, P.A.; Davies, S.M., 2004:
Pharmacogenetics of acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Knoche, E.; McLeod, H.L.; Graubert, T.A., 2006:
Pharmacogenetics of alkylator-associated acute myeloid leukemia

Stamer, U.M.; Stuber, F., 2005:
Pharmacogenetics of anesthetic and analgesic agents: CYP2D6 genetic variations

Coto, E.; Marín, R.; Alvarez, V.; Praga, M.; Fernández Andrade, C.; Arias, M.; Poveda, R.; Vallés, M.; Galcerán, J.M.; Luño, J.; Rivera, F.; Campistol, J.M., 2005:
Pharmacogenetics of angiotensin system in non diabetic nephropathy

Nguyen, T.V., 2005:
Pharmacogenetics of anti-resorptive therapy efficacy: a Bayesian interpretation

Darbar, D.; Roden, D.M., 2006:
Pharmacogenetics of antiarrhythmic therapy

Murphy, G.M.; Kremer, C.; Rodrigues, H.E.; Schatzberg, A.F., 2003:
Pharmacogenetics of antidepressant medication intolerance

Kreutz, R., 2004:
Pharmacogenetics of antihypertensive drug response

Schwartz, G.L.; Turner, S.T., 2004:
Pharmacogenetics of antihypertensive drug responses

Arnett, D.K.; Claas, S.A.; Glasser, S.P., 2005:
Pharmacogenetics of antihypertensive treatment

Arbouw, M.E.L.; van Vugt, J.P.P.; Egberts, T.C.G.; Guchelaar, H-Jan., 2007:
Pharmacogenetics of antiparkinsonian drug treatment: a systematic review

Curtin, R.; Fitzgerald, D.J., 2003:
Pharmacogenetics of antiplatelet drugs

Ozaki, N., 2004:
Pharmacogenetics of antipsychoatics

Lerer, B.; Segman, R.H., 2006:
Pharmacogenetics of antipsychotic therapy: pivotal research issues and the prospects for clinical implementation

Bondy, B.; Spellmann, I., 2007:
Pharmacogenetics of antipsychotics: useful for the clinician?

Martin, A.M.; Nolan, D.; Gaudieri, S.; Phillips, E.; Mallal, S., 2004:
Pharmacogenetics of antiretroviral therapy: genetic variation of response and toxicity

Tàssies, D., 2006:
Pharmacogenetics of antithrombotic drugs

Hall, I.P., 2006 :
Pharmacogenetics of asthma

Mialet-Perez, J.; Liggett, S.B., 2006:
Pharmacogenetics of beta1-adrenergic receptors in heart failure and hypertension

Taylor, D.Robin., 2006:
Pharmacogenetics of beta2-agonist drugs in asthma

Largillier, Rémy.; Etienne-Grimaldi, M-Christine.; Formento, J-Louis.; Ciccolini, J.; Nebbia, J-François.; Ginot, Aélie.; Francoual, M.; Renée, N.; Ferrero, J-Marc.; Foa, C.; Namer, Mïse.; Lacarelle, B.; Milano, Gérard., 2006:
Pharmacogenetics of capecitabine in advanced breast cancer patients

Johnson, J.A.; Humma, L.M., 2004:
Pharmacogenetics of cardiovascular drugs

Zineh, I.; Johnson, J.A., 2006:
Pharmacogenetics of chronic cardiovascular drugs: applications and implications

Vasků, A.; Spinarová, L.; Pávková-Goldbergová, M.; Spinar, J.; Soucek, M.; Vítovec, J., 2006:
Pharmacogenetics of chronic heart failure--beta blockers

Marsh, S., 2005:
Pharmacogenetics of colorectal cancer

de Castro, F.; Morón, F.J.; Montoro, L.; Real, L.M.; Ruiz, Aín., 2005:
Pharmacogenetics of controlled ovarian hyperstimulation

Ribeiro, V.; Cavaco, I., 2006:
Pharmacogenetics of cytochromes P450 in tropical medicine

Tanaka, E.; Taniguchi, A.; Urano, W.; Yamanaka, H.; Kamatani, N., 2004 :
Pharmacogenetics of disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs

Scharfetter, J., 2004:
Pharmacogenetics of dopamine receptors and response to antipsychotic drugs in schizophrenia--an update

Sills, G.J., 2005:
Pharmacogenetics of epilepsy: one step forward?

Robien, K.; Boynton, A.; Ulrich, C.M., 2005:
Pharmacogenetics of folate-related drug targets in cancer treatment

Novelli, G.; Margiotti, K.; Chiocca, A.Maria.; Spera, E.; Micali, F.; Reichardt, J.K.V., 2004:
Pharmacogenetics of human androgens and prostate cancer--an update

Sychov, D.A.; Kropacheva, E.S.; Ignat'ev, I.V.; Bulytova, I.M.; Dobrovol'skiĭ, A.B.; Panchenko, E.P.; Kukes, V.G., 2006:
Pharmacogenetics of indirect anticoagulants: value of genotype for improvement of efficacy and safety of therapy

Kelleher, D.; Farrell, R.; McManus, R., 2005:
Pharmacogenetics of inflammatory bowel disease

Marsh, S.; McLeod, H.L., 2004:
Pharmacogenetics of irinotecan toxicity

Innocenti, F.; Ratain, M.J., 2006:
Pharmacogenetics of irinotecan: clinical perspectives on the utility of genotyping

Krajinovic, M.; Moghrabi, A., 2004:
Pharmacogenetics of methotrexate

Glatt, C.E.; Reus, V.I., 2003:
Pharmacogenetics of monoamine transporters

Koren, G.; Cairns, J.; Chitayat, D.; Gaedigk, A.; Leeder, S.J., 2006:
Pharmacogenetics of morphine poisoning in a breastfed neonate of a codeine-prescribed mother

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