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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 49922

Chapter 49922 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Ott, V.R., 1959:
Physical medicine, balneology & naturopathy

Schliephake, E.; Smets, R., 1963:
Physical medicine, balneology. Electric injuries

Redford, J.B., 1960:
Physical medicine. 2. Principles of thermotherapy

Redford, J.B., 1960:
Physical medicine. 43I. Sources of information. The physical therapy prescription

Schliephake, E.; Smets, R., 1961:
Physical medicine. Errors in dosage, selection and application of short wave therapy and short wave hyperthermia

Redford, J.B., 1960:
Physical medicine. III. Principles of therapeutic exercise

Redford, J.B., 1960:
Physical medicine. IV. Massage and electric stimulation

Redford, J.B., 1960:
Physical medicine. V. Teaching patients to walk

Redford, J.B., 1960:
Physical medicine. VI. Examples of prescriptions for physical therapy

Schliephake, E.; Smets, R., 1962:
Physical medicine/Microwaves

Adamson, M.C., 1951:
Physical medicine; its indications and limitations

Casadio, S.; Fantelli, S., 1954:
Physical method of control of the rate of cession of medicaments by ointment excipients

Mojumdar, N.G.; Bhattacharya, B., 1951:
Physical methods for controlling hyperpyrexia in children. A preliminary report

Mehier-Humbert, S.; Guy, R.H., 2005:
Physical methods for gene transfer: improving the kinetics of gene delivery into cells

Mazzone, C.; Chiodo, G.F.; Sandercock, P.; Miccio, M.; Salvi, R., 2004:
Physical methods for preventing deep vein thrombosis in stroke

Sorgdrager, P., 1956:
Physical methods for testing fatty substances

Sorgdrager, P., 1957:
Physical methods for testing fatty substances. II

Beard, J.W., 1957:
Physical methods for the analysis of cells

Johner, W.; Kipfer, P., 1951:
Physical methods for the control of the health of workers exposed to radiations

Meremikwu, M.; Oyo-Ita, A., 2003 :
Physical methods for treating fever in children

Shimshelevich, B.Ia., 1951:
Physical methods in arthritis therapy

Rozenblit, E.I., 1955:
Physical methods in complex therapy of traumatic brain diseases

Peck, S.M.; Klein, G., 1954:
Physical methods in dermatology

Tryhorn, F.G., 1952:
Physical methods in the examination of exhibits

Parry, G.R.; Luder, J.; Kiernander, B., 1952:
Physical methods in the management of arthritis in childhood

Tegner, W., 1955:
Physical methods in the treatment of rheumatic disorders

Iushkin, A.S.; Maĭstrenko, N.A.; Andreev, A.L., 2003:
Physical methods of dissection and coagulation in surgery

Herrmann, R., 1954:
Physical methods of examination in climatotherapy and balneotherapy

Aseev, D.D., 1954:
Physical methods of examination of patients with cavitary tuberculosis

Woolmer, R., 1953:
Physical methods of gas analysis

Perera, P., 2006:
Physical methods of torture and their sequelae: a Sri Lankan perspective

Salcido, R.Sal., 2004:
Physical modalities and wound care

Rakel, B.; Barr, J.O., 2003:
Physical modalities in chronic pain management

Kalinin, L.G.; Boshkova, I.L., 2003:
Physical model of the plant tissue response to exposure to the microwave electromagnetic field

Kajita, A.; Yamamura, M.; Kohara, Y., 2003:
Physical modeling of the cellular arrangement in C. elegans early embryo: effect of rounding and stiffening of the cells

Nadimi, S.; Bhanu, B., 2005:
Physical models for moving shadow and object detection in video

Knop, G., 1961:
Physical models for rheography

Beament, J.W., 1960:
Physical models in biology

Blinov, N.N., 2003:
Physical models of color vision

Pros, J.R., 1961:
Physical motion and sport in prevention and therapy of dysmenorrhea

Ivanov, S.M., 1955:
Physical motion regimen in pediatric hospitals

Golding, I.; Cox, E.C., 2006:
Physical nature of bacterial cytoplasm

Langner, K.M.; Kedzierski, P.; Sokalski, W.Andrzej.; Leszczynski, J., 2006:
Physical nature of ethidium and proflavine interactions with nucleic acid bases in the intercalation plane

Forde, G.K.; Kedzierski, P.; Sokalski, W.Andrzej.; Forde, A.E.; Hill, G.A.; Leszczynski, J., 2006:
Physical nature of interactions within the active site of cytosine-5-methyltransferase

Leinweber, D.B.; Thomas, A.W.; Young, R.D., 2004:
Physical nucleon properties from lattice QCD

Rosenfeld, D.; Zawadzki, M.; Sudol, J.; Perlin, K., 2004:
Physical objects as bidirectional user interface elements

Emmerson, G.D.; Gawith, C.B.E.; Sparrow, I.J.G.; Williams, R.B.; Smith, P.G.R., 2005:
Physical observation of single step UV-written integrated planar Bragg structures and their application as a refractive-index sensor

Meyers, H.F., 1957:
Physical observations on Echinococcus eggs. II. A simple method for the determination of viability

Szillinsky, R., 1950:
Physical observations on Kirschmann's reversal spectrum

Wilson, C.W.; Perry, B.J., 1952:
Physical observations relating to the 2 MeV Van De Graaff electrostatic generator at Westminster Hospital

Colenbrander, M.C., 1955:
Physical optics and dioptrics

Simpson, J.M.; Jones, F., 2004:
Physical or psychological change? Which is the most important rehabilitation outcome for older people who fall?

Serpe, M.J.; Craig, S.L., 2007:
Physical organic chemistry of supramolecular polymers

Wilder, E.A.; Hall, C.K.; Spontak, R.J., 2003:
Physical organogels composed of amphiphilic block copolymers and 1,3:2,4-dibenzylidene-D-sorbitol

Chang, H.; Wu, J.; Gu, B-Lin.; Liu, F.; Duan, W., 2005:
Physical origin of hydrogen-adsorption-induced metallization of the SiC surface: n-type doping via formation of hydrogen bridge bond

Sun, C.Y.; Xao, F.; Dou, S.Y.; Wang, L.G.; Shi, M., 2003:
Physical parameter measurement and quality assurance of X-knife

Chaka, G.; Ochrymowycz, L.A.; Rorabacher, D.B., 2005:
Physical parameters and electron-transfer kinetics of the copper(II/I) complex with the macrocyclic sexadentate ligand [18]aneS6

Prigogine, I.; George, C.; Henin, F.; Mandel, P.; Turner, J.W., 1970:
Physical particle representation and generalized transformation theory

Coker, A.L.; Reeder, C.Eugene.; Fadden, M.Kay.; Smith, P.H., 2004:
Physical partner violence and medicaid utilization and expenditures

Cubukcu, O.C., 1950:
Physical peculiarities of ultrasound

Koella, W., 1950:
Physical performance and capacity in man and its limits

Stepanova, G.K., 2005:
Physical performance and its relationship with morphological and functional characteristics in different ethnic groups of Yakutia

Reybrouck, T.; Mertens, L., 2005:
Physical performance and physical activity in grown-up congenital heart disease

Samb, A.; Kane, M.O.; Ba, A.; Gadji, M.; Seck, D.; Badji, L.; Sarr, F.B.; Sarr, M.; Dieng, S.A.; Diakhate, E.M.N.; Gueye, L.; Diakhate, L.; Cisse, F.; Martineaud, J.P., 2005:
Physical performance and thermoregulatory study of subjects with sickle cell trait during a sub-maximal exercise

Mori, S.; Endo, M.; Tsunoo, T.; Kandatsu, S.; Tanada, S.; Aradate, H.; Saito, Y.; Miyazaki, H.; Satoh, K.; Matsushita, S.; Kusakabe, M., 2004:
Physical performance evaluation of a 256-slice CT-scanner for four-dimensional imaging

Rittweger, J.; Kwiet, A.; Felsenberg, D., 2004:
Physical performance in aging elite athletes--challenging the limits of physiology

Krombholz, H., 2006:
Physical performance in relation to age, sex, birth order, social class, and sports activities of preschool children

Schumacher, A.; Peersen, K.; Sommervoll, L.; Seljeflot, Iørg.; Arnesen, H.; Otterstad, J.Erik., 2006:
Physical performance is associated with markers of vascular inflammation in patients with coronary heart disease

Payne, W., 2004:
Physical performance standards in the ADF

Dumas, H.M.; Fragala, M.A.; Haley, S.M.; Skrinar, A.M.; Wraith, J.E.; Cox, G.F., 2004:
Physical performance testing in mucopolysaccharidosis I: a pilot study

Ljungquist, T.; Nygren, A.; Jensen, I.; Harms-Ringdahl, K., 2003:
Physical performance tests for people with spinal pain--sensitivity to change

Dimeo, F.; Schmittel, A.; Fietz, T.; Schwartz, S.; Köhler, P.; Böning, D.; Thiel, E., 2004:
Physical performance, depression, immune status and fatigue in patients with hematological malignancies after treatment

Kim, J.I.; Choi, H.; Lee, B.I.; Lim, Y.K.; Kim, C.S.; Lee, J.K.; Lee, C., 2006:
Physical phantom of typical Korean male for radiation protection purpose

Roucayrol, J.C., 1953:
Physical phenomenon of audition

Bistritzer, R.; Stern, A., 2006:
Physical picture behind the oscillating sign of drag in high Landau levels

Babskii, E.B.; Vinogradova, T.; Gurfinkel', V.S.; Iakobson Is, S., 1953:
Physical picture of cardiohemodynamography

Adams, J.W.R., 1952:
Physical planning and the housing drive

Herrmann, R., 1954:
Physical principle in the use of natural and artificial ultraviolet rays

Hediger, H.J., 1957:
Physical principles and possibilities of application of infrared spectroscopy

Caspar, D.L.; Klug, A., 1962:
Physical principles in the construction of regular viruses

Kolar, M.; Brousil, J., 1957:
Physical principles necessary for the understanding of the mechanism of effects of radiations on living organisms

Fried, M.; Lechner, W.; Kormanova, K., 2004:
Physical principles of available adjustable gastric bands: how they work

Gismatulin, R.I., 1959:
Physical principles of ballistocardiography in quantitative evaluation of circulatory functional state

Cliffe, P.; Strickland, D.A., 1962:
Physical principles of clinical measurement. 1. Introduction

Cliffe, P.; Strickland, D.A., 1962:
Physical principles of clinical measurement. 2. Alternating current circuits. Inductance and capacitance

Cliffe, P.; Strickland, D.A., 1963:
Physical principles of clinical measurement. 3. The presentation of alternating signals by pen and photographic recorders

Cliffe, P.; Strickland, D.A., 1963:
Physical principles of clinical measurement. 4. Introduction to thermionic valves

Cliffe, P.; Strickland, D.A., 1963:
Physical principles of clinical measurement. 5. Amplification of signals--some simplifying concepts

Petrov, V.A., 1962:
Physical principles of electron therapy

Isaev, B.M., 1960:
Physical principles of radiobiological experiments with neutron flows

Wideroee, R., 1961:
Physical principles of radiotherapy of today and tommorrow

Veall, N., 1963:
Physical principles of scintiscanning

Poldrabinek, P.A.; Kazakevich, I.I., 1962:
Physical principles of the distribution of erythrocytes in suspensions during the course of time

Jaeger, R.G., 1962:
Physical principles of the radiotherapy of today and tomorrow

Djurisic, S., 1961:
Physical principles of the technic of the arborization test of cervical secretion

Simonov, E.N., 2004:
Physical problems in the medical X-ray computer tomography

Pinto Grote, C., 1955:
Physical problems of anesthesia

Nagy, J., 1957:
Physical problems of thyroid function tests using radioiodine

Dederich, R.; Muertz, H.J., 1962:
Physical problems of wire extension. Theoretical and experimental studies

Tomberg, V., 1951:
Physical problems raised by the therapeutic application of ultrasonics

Haber, F., 1950:
Physical process of explosive decompression

Timm, C., 1953:
Physical processes during stimulation of labyrinth

Silva, S.S.; Santos, M.I.; Coutinho, O.P.; Mano, J.F.; Reis, R.L., 2005:
Physical properties and biocompatibility of chitosan/soy blended membranes

Zhang, Y.; Law, Y.; Chakrabarti, S., 2004:
Physical properties and compact analysis of commonly used direct compression binders

Murata, H.; Kawamura, M.; Hamada, T.; Chimori, H.; Nikawa, H., 2004:
Physical properties and compatibility with dental stones of current alginate impression materials

Shirota, H.; Castner, E.W., 2006:
Physical properties and intermolecular dynamics of an ionic liquid compared with its isoelectronic neutral binary solution

Phillips, R.W., 1955:
Physical properties and manipulation of reversible and irreversible hydrocolloid

Phillips, R.W., 1959:
Physical properties and manipulation of rubber impression materials

Sinmazişik, G.; Oveçoğlu, M.L., 2005:
Physical properties and microstructural characterization of dental porcelains mixed with distilled water and modeling liquid

Boudeville, P.; Serraj, S.; Leloup, J.M.; Margerit, J.; Pauvert, B.; Terol, A., 2004:
Physical properties and self-setting mechanism of calcium phosphate cements from calcium bis-dihydrogenophosphate monohydrate and calcium oxide

Dansby, M.Y.; Bovell-Benjamin, A.C.; Bovell-Benjamin, A.C., 2004 :
Physical properties and sixth graders' acceptance of an extruded ready-to-eat sweetpotato breakfast cereal

Guttner, W.; Patzold, J., 1958:
Physical properties important in human ultrasonic therapy

Hayakawa, I.; Akiba, N.; Keh, E.; Kasuga, Y., 2006:
Physical properties of a new denture lining material containing a fluoroalkyl methacrylate polymer

Crowell, W.S.; Phillips, R.W., 1951:
Physical properties of amalgam as influenced by variation in surface area of the alloy particles

Galant, Céline.; Kjøniksen, A-Lena.; Knudsen, K.D.; Helgesen, G.; Lund, R.; Laukkanen, A.; Tenhu, H.; Nyström, B., 2005:
Physical properties of aqueous solutions of a thermo-responsive neutral copolymer and an anionic surfactant: turbidity and small-angle neutron scattering studies

Lemaire, B.J.; Davidson, P.; Ferré, J.; Jamet, J.P.; Petermann, D.; Panine, P.; Dozov, I.; Jolivet, J.P., 2004:
Physical properties of aqueous suspensions of goethite (alpha-FeOOH) nanorods. Part I: In the isotropic phase

Lemaire, B.J.; Davidson, P.; Petermann, D.; Panine, P.; Dozov, I.; Stoenescu, D.; Jolivet, J.P., 2004:
Physical properties of aqueous suspensions of goethite (alpha-FeOOH) nanorods. Part II: In the nematic phase

Nowatzki, P.J.; Tirrell, D.A., 2003:
Physical properties of artificial extracellular matrix protein films prepared by isocyanate crosslinking

Kalicinski, A., 1952:
Physical properties of blood proteins in pregnancy

Blair, G.W.S., 1953:
Physical properties of cervical secretions in relation to hormonal levels

Math, M.V.; Balasubramaniam, P., 2006:
Physical properties of cold extract of curry leaves (Murraya koenigii spreng)

Hiatt, W., 1960:
Physical properties of commercial solutions of local anesthetics

Rey, L.R., 1953:
Physical properties of desoxyribonucleic acid treated with choline hydrochloride

Ersoy, M.; Civelek, A.; L'Hotelier, E.; Say, E.Can.; Soyman, M., 2004:
Physical properties of different composites

Craig, R.G.; Peyton, F.A., 1960:
Physical properties of elastic duplicating materials

Meng, T.R.; Latta, M.A., 2005:
Physical properties of four acrylic denture base resins

Dyan, A.; Cenedese, P.; Dubot, P., 2006:
Physical properties of gamma alumina surface hydroxyls revisited through a large scale periodic quantum-chemistry approach

Osborne, J.; Skinner, E.W., 1959:
Physical properties of gypsum model investments

Patton, J.N.; Palmer, A.F., 2006:
Physical properties of hemoglobin-poly(acrylamide) hydrogel-based oxygen carriers: effect of reaction pH

Pêgo, A.Paula.; Poot, Aé.A.; Grijpma, D.W.; Feijen, J., 2004:
Physical properties of high molecular weight 1,3-trimethylene carbonate and D,L-lactide copolymers

Chutimanutskul, W.; Darendeliler, M.Ali.; Swain, M.V.; Shen, G.; Petocz, P., 2006:
Physical properties of human premolar cementum: hardness and elasticity

Alvarez, V.B.; Wolters, C.L.; Vodovotz, Y.; Ji, T., 2005:
Physical properties of ice cream containing milk protein concentrates

Reese, D.R.; Chong, C.W.; Swintosky, J.V., 1960:
Physical properties of lipids used in pharmacy. I. Screening raw materials via photomicrography

Eriksen, S.P.; Reese, D.R.; Swintosky, J.V., 1962:
Physical properties of lipids used in pharmacy. II. Use of heating-cooling curves to study lipid materials

Zhang, X.H.; Maeda, N.; Craig, V.S.J., 2006:
Physical properties of nanobubbles on hydrophobic surfaces in water and aqueous solutions

Herzog, B.; Quass, K.; Schmidt, E.; Müller, S.; Luther, H., 2004:
Physical properties of organic particulate UV absorbers used in sunscreens II. UV-attenuating efficiency as function of particle size

Herzog, B.; Katzenstein, A.; Quass, K.; Stehlin, A.; Luther, H., 2004:
Physical properties of organic particulate UV-absorbers used in sunscreens. I. Determination of particle size with fiber-optic quasi-elastic light scattering (FOQELS), disc centrifugation, and laser diffractometry

Evans, D.R.; Parsons, D.F.; Craig, V.S.J., 2006:
Physical properties of phase-change emulsions

Sweeney, W.T.; Yost, E.L.; Fee, J.G., 1958:
Physical properties of plastic teeth

Waugh, D.F., 1952:
Physical properties of protoplasm

Hyden, H., 1954:
Physical properties of protoplasm

McELROY, D.L., 1955:
Physical properties of root canal filling materials

Srivicharnkul, P.; Kharbanda, O.Prakash.; Swain, M.V.; Petocz, P.; Darendeliler, M.Ali., 2005:
Physical properties of root cementum: Part 3. Hardness and elastic modulus after application of light and heavy forces

Rex, T.; Kharbanda, O.Prakash.; Petocz, P.; Darendeliler, M.Ali., 2005:
Physical properties of root cementum: Part 4. Quantitative analysis of the mineral composition of human premolar cementum

Chan, E.; Darendeliler, M.Ali., 2005:
Physical properties of root cementum: Part 5. Volumetric analysis of root resorption craters after application of light and heavy orthodontic forces

Foo, M.; Jones, A.; Darendeliler, M.Ali., 2007:
Physical properties of root cementum: Part 9. Effect of systemic fluoride intake on root resorption in rats

Malek, S.; Darendeliler, M.Ali.; Rex, T.; Kharbanda, O.Prakash.; Srivicharnkul, P.; Swain, M.V.; Petocz, P., 2003:
Physical properties of root cementum: part 2. Effect of different storage methods

Rex, T.; Kharbanda, O.Prakash.; Petocz, P.; Darendeliler, M.Ali., 2006:
Physical properties of root cementum: part 6. A comparative quantitative analysis of the mineral composition of human premolar cementum after the application of orthodontic forces

Chan, E.; Darendeliler, M.Ali., 2006:
Physical properties of root cementum: part 7. Extent of root resorption under areas of compression and tension

Harris, D.Alvares.; Jones, A.S.; Darendeliler, M.Ali., 2006:
Physical properties of root cementum: part 8. Volumetric analysis of root resorption craters after application of controlled intrusive light and heavy orthodontic forces: a microcomputed tomography scan study

King, T.I.; Droessler, J.L., 2003:
Physical properties of short-stretch compression bandages used to treat lymphedema

Burger, H.C.; Horeman, H.W., 1959:
Physical properties of some volume recorders in plethysmography

Kozhevnikov, V.F.; Payne, W.B.; Olson, J.K.; McDonald, C.L.; Inglefield, C.E., 2004:
Physical properties of sulfur near the polymerization transition

Miller, W.A.; Hansen, W.C.; Dickson, G.; Sweeney, W.T., 1960:
Physical properties of synthetic-rubber-base dental impression materials

Zecchinel, E.; Brito, L.; Lárez, G., 2004:
Physical properties of the agar of Gracilariopsis tenuifrons (Gracilariacea) from Sucre, Venezuela

Takahashi, K.; Sasori, T., 1954:
Physical properties of the ascites in ascites tumor

Martens, P., 1951:
Physical properties of the cold polymerizing acrylic dentafil

Alcala-Santaella, R.; Lahoz Navarro, F.; Jimenez Diaz, C., 1960:
Physical properties of the lung in the asthmatic reaction

Pierce, J.A.; Growdon, J.H., 1962:
Physical properties of the lungs in giant cysts. Report of a case treated surgically

Myers, G.E.; Peyton, F.A., 1961:
Physical properties of the zinc oxide--eugenol impression pastes

Briefs, A.; Breese, S.S.; Warren, J.; Huebner, R.J., 1952:
Physical properties of two group of coxsackie (herpangina) viruses when propagated in eggs and mice as determined by ultracentrifugation and electron microscopy

Kawamoto, N., 1961:
Physical properties of various membranes used for tympanoplasty or artificial eardrum. 2. Physical properties of skin grafts taken from the bony external auditory canal

Giessler, A., 1957:
Physical properties of waters and their medical importance

Yang, X.; Wu, T.X.; Jaggard, D.L., 2004:
Physical properties of wave scattering by a chiral grating

Yamanaka, M.; Fujii, M.; Nishimura, I., 1962:
Physical properties on the supersaturated solution of sodium salicylate

Brustad, T., 1956:
Physical properties which modify the radiobiological use of various kinds of radiations

Nakamura, F.; Kanno, T.; Torizuka, T.; Yoshikawa, E.; Ouchi, Y., 2005:
Physical property of emission data in simultaneous emission/transmission acquisition: evaluation for clinical application

Thai, L.M.; Ashman, L.K.; Harbour, S.N.; Hogarth, P.Mark.; Jackson, D.E., 2003:
Physical proximity and functional interplay of PECAM-1 with the Fc receptor Fc gamma RIIa on the platelet plasma membrane

Davis, R.C., 1953:
Physical psychology

Afifi, T.O.; Brownridge, D.A.; Cox, B.J.; Sareen, J., 2006:
Physical punishment, childhood abuse and psychiatric disorders

Fichera, A.; Prachand, V.; Kives, S.; Levine, R.; Hasson, H., 2005:
Physical reality simulation for training of laparoscopists in the 21st century. A multispecialty, multi-institutional study

Petermann, T.; De Los Rios, P., 2006:
Physical realizability of small-world networks

Daniels, L.W., 1953:
Physical reconditioning

Levy, B.R.; Slade, M.D.; May, J.; Caracciolo, E.A., 2006:
Physical recovery after acute myocardial infarction: positive age self-stereotypes as a resource

Anonymous, 2004:
Physical recovery is part of remission

Li Calzi, S.; Farinelli, M.; Ercolani, M.; Alianti, M.; Manigrasso, V.; Taroni, A.M., 2006:
Physical rehabilitation and burnout: different aspects of the syndrome and comparison between healthcare professionals involved

Krusen, F.H., 1954:
Physical rehabilitation and reemployment of the handicapped

Knapp, M.E., 1958:
Physical rehabilitation as related to industrial compensation

Wodchis, W.P., 2004:
Physical rehabilitation following medicare prospective payment for skilled nursing facilities

Krusen, F.H., 1955:
Physical rehabilitation for industrial diseases

Okada, C., 2005:
Physical rehabilitation for osteoporotic fractures

Taliberti, R., 1954:
Physical rehabilitation for thoracic surgery

Saldias, E., 1953:
Physical rehabilitation in a case of hemiplegia

Saldias Guzman, E., 1957:
Physical rehabilitation in internal medicine

Brees, A.; Mussen, M., 1959:
Physical rehabilitation in lumbago

Efremushkin, G.G.; Antropova, O.N.; Osipova, I.V., 2004:
Physical rehabilitation in the complex hospital therapy of patients with chronic low cardiac output

Von Werssowetz, O.F.; Painter, C.W., 1953:
Physical rehabilitation of a hemipelvectomy amputee

Riabchikova, T.V.; Egorova, L.A.; Danilov, A.V., 2004:
Physical rehabilitation of elderly patients with chronic cardiac failure

Cohen Solal, A.; Beauvais, F.; Tabet, J-Yves., 2004:
Physical rehabilitation of patients suffering from chronic heart failure

Gonzalez, L.A., 1956:
Physical rehabilitation of polio

Tataradze, E.; Chabashvili, N.; Sanikidze, T., 2006:
Physical rehabilitation of stroke patients and redox alterations

Hendelberg, T., 1950:
Physical rehabilitation of the convalescent in England; observations made during a visit in the summer of 1949 (conclusion)

Pinckney, T.R., 1960:
Physical rehabilitation of the medical patient

Acle, E., 1953:
Physical rehabilitation of the paraplegic

Deyton, J.W., 1962:
Physical rehabilitation--its practical application in medicine and surgery

Colhoun, E.H., 1958:
Physical release of acetylcholine from the thoracic nerve cord of Periplaneta americana L

Pessereau; Vigne; Francroft; Monteil, 1962:
Physical repercussions in certain hyperthermias of burned patients

Kajii, N.; Hamada, T.; Futakame, T., 1962:
Physical requirements for enlistment

Hettinger, T.; Wirths, W., 1953:
Physical requirements in manual and machine milking

Gunn, C.G., 1960:
Physical requirements in textile manufacturing

Mothwurf, E., 1966:
Physical requirements of a camera silens for audiological and phonetic studies

Ferderber, M.B.; Kraft, A.C.; Hammill, G.P., 1953:
Physical restoration of the chronically ill and aged

Tomlinson, D., 2004:
Physical restraint during procedures: issues and implications for practice

Biga, J.; Nourhashémi, F.; Andrieu, S.; Dhers, D.; Vellas, B., 2004:
Physical restraint in old people's homes. Evaluation of skills following specific training

Lelièvre, N., 2004:
Physical restraint of elderly persons, risk management and respect for the person

Amato, S.; Salter, J.P.; Mion, L.C., 2006:
Physical restraint reduction in the acute rehabilitation setting: a quality improvement study

Laurin, D.; Voyer, P.; Verreault, Ré.; Durand, P.J., 2004:
Physical restraint use among nursing home residents: A comparison of two data collection methods

Choi, E.; Song, M., 2003:
Physical restraint use in a Korean ICU

Hendel, T.; Fradkin, M.; Kidron, D., 2004:
Physical restraint use in health care settings: public attitudes in Israel

Wang, W-Wei.; Moyle, W., 2006:
Physical restraint use on people with dementia: a review of the literature

Janelli, L.M.; Stamps, D.; Delles, L., 2006:
Physical restraint use: a nursing perspective

Mouchet, M-Claude., 2003:
Physical restraint: how to do and above all how not to do?

Pieper, B., 2005:
Physical safeguards for the optometric practice

Levine, H.; Ben-Jacob, E., 2005:
Physical schemata underlying biological pattern formation-examples, issues and strategies

Piccardi, G., 1963:
Physical sciences and life sciences. Problems of method

Trinh, E.H., 2003:
Physical sciences research plans for the International Space Station

Soares, T., 1953:
Physical selection of overseas administrative personnel graduated by the E.S.C

Semenchev, G.I., 1954:
Physical self examination by athletes

Dishman, R.K.; Hales, D.P.; Pfeiffer, K.A.; Felton, G.A.; Saunders, R.; Ward, D.S.; Dowda, M.; Pate, R.R., 2006:
Physical self-concept and self-esteem mediate cross-sectional relations of physical activity and sport participation with depression symptoms among adolescent girls

Dunton, G.Fridlund.; Jamner, M.Schneider.; Cooper, D.Michael., 2003:
Physical self-concept in adolescent girls: behavioral and physiological correlates

Aşçi, F.Hülya., 2005:
Physical self-perception of elite athletes and nonathletes: a Turkish sample

Lorimer, R.; Westbury, T., 2007:
Physical self-presentation and competitive anxiety in male master divers

Liddell, J.; Lehmann, H.; Davies, D.; Sharih, A., 1962:
Physical separation of pseudocholinesterase variants in human serum

Gebsattel, V.E., 1953:
Physical sexuality and the sex drive; remarks on the anthropology of sex life

Dressler, W.; Kleinfeld, M.; Ripstein, C.B., 1954:
Physical sign of tight mitral stenosis aid in selection of patients for valvulotomy

Dalziel, K., 1962:
Physical significance of Michaelis constants

Sviratcheva, K.D.; Bahri, C.; Georgieva, A.I.; Draayer, J.P., 2004:
Physical significance of q deformation and many-body interactions in nuclei

Laughlin, J.S., 1952:
Physical significance of the roentgen for 22.5-MeV x rays

Bain, S.; Hamburger, J., 2004:
Physical signs for the General Dental Practitioner. Case 18

Bain, S.; Hamburger, J., 2004:
Physical signs for the General Dental Practitioner. Case 19. Pigmentation disorder

Bain, S.; Hamburger, J., 2003:
Physical signs for the general dental practitioner

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