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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 50062

Chapter 50062 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Belgrad, R.; Carlson, H.C.; Payne, W.S.; Cain, J.C., 1964:
Pseudotumoral Gastric Varices

Latorre, E., 1964:
Pseudotumoral Hypertensive Encephalopathy: Pathogenetic Considerations Apropos of a Clinical Case

Carbonetto, E.; Ceriani, B.P., 1963:
Pseudotumoral Images of the Colon ("sine Causa" or in the Normal Intestine)

Saubier, E.C.; Brette, R.; Viala, J.J.; Dhers, A., 1963:
Pseudotumoral Images of the Stomach in Portal Hypertension

Gamet, A.; Brottes, H., 1963:
Pseudotumoral Process Caused by a Phycomycete: Basidiobolus Ranarum

Jean, E.; Comiti, J.; Cornil, J.M., 1963:
Pseudotumoral Stenosis of the Small Intestine Following a Strangulated Eventration

Pons-Tortella, E.; Llovettapies, J.; Fuenmayoralsina, P., 1964:
Pseudotumoral Syndromes and Brain Tumors of Inflammatory Origin. Anatomical Study

Artigas Rodríguez, S.; Lobato Salinas, Z.; García García, J.J.; Séculi Palacios, J.L., 2004:
Pseudotumoral abdominal tuberculosis

Delahousse, J.; Jouvet, P., 1955 :
Pseudotumoral amebic recto-sigmoiditis

Harish, S.; Jan, E.; Ghert, M.; Alowami, S.; Finlay, K., 2006:
Pseudotumoral appearance of a ruptured epidermal cyst in the foot

Savastano, S.; San Bortolo, O.; Velo, E.; Rettore, C.; Altavilla, G., 2005:
Pseudotumoral appearance of peliosis hepatis

Dereux, J., 1957:
Pseudotumoral arterial hypertension

Scalvini, L., 1961:
Pseudotumoral aspecific granulomatous processes of the cecum after appendectomy

Sarf, I.; Meziane, A.; El Mejjad, A.; Taha, A.; Aboutaeib, R.; Meziane, F., 2004:
Pseudotumoral aspect of the hydatic cyst of the kidney

Piazzesi, W.; Menchi, D., 1959:
Pseudotumoral aspects of the Morgagni-Morel syndrome: papillary stasis

Balestra, E.; Podesta, A.M., 1960:
Pseudotumoral aspects of the right colon caused by calculotic and enlarged gallbladder. Casuistic note

Koutsoukidis, C., 1960:
Pseudotumoral aspects of the upper pole of the stomach. Apropos of an observation noted in a patient with long standing Biermer's anemia

Charpin, J.; Reboud, E.; Payan, H.; Lieutaud, R., 1962:
Pseudotumoral bronchiectasis

Pomme, B.; Janny, P., 1957:
Pseudotumoral cerebromalacia of sylvian origin in relation to a cervical carotid aneurysm

Galy, P.; Touraine, R.; Pellet, M., 1962:
Pseudotumoral chronic pneumonia

Pimentel, J.; Sousa, R.; Mafra, M.; de Sá, J., 2006:
Pseudotumoral demyelinating brain lesions with neuropathological confirmation

Benzi, G., 1957:
Pseudotumoral development of cephalohematoma of the newborn

Carcassonne, M.; Lavaurs, G.; Zunino, A., 1960:
Pseudotumoral diverticular sigmoiditis. Problems of diagnosis and therapy

Llopis Rye, J.J.; Puente Dominguez, J.L., 1959:
Pseudotumoral diverticulosis of the sigmoid colon

Paillas, J.E.; Bonnal, J.; Gastaut, Y., 1952:
Pseudotumoral electroclinical syndrome of vascular origin; 9 observations

Jequier, M., 1953:
Pseudotumoral encephalitides; an anatomopathological study of five cases

Bordes Valls, M., 1952:
Pseudotumoral encephalitis

Carayon, A.; Fouin, G., 1953:
Pseudotumoral encephalitis and hemorrhagic leptomeningitis in subdural plates: remote complication of icterohemorrhagic leptospirosis in Far East

Offret, G.; Campinchi, R., 1961:
Pseudotumoral exophthalmias caused by Basedow's disease

D'hermies, F.; Morel, X.; Fayet, B.; Meyer, A.; Halhal, M.; Elmaleh, C.; Bouaziz, N.; Behar-Cohen, F.; Renard, G., 2003:
Pseudotumoral eyelid inflammation. Apropos of an anatomo-clinical case

Hablani, N.; Souei Mhiri, M.; Tlili Graies, K.; Jemni Gharbi, H.; Abdallah, S.; Bel Hadj Hamida, R., 2005:
Pseudotumoral form of abdominal tuberculosis: report of four cases

Chavany, J.A.; Messimy, R.; Morin, P.; Hagenmuller, D., 1954:
Pseudotumoral form of bulbar syndromes with regressive evolution

Franco, R.; Santana, M.Angélica.; Coelho Filho, Jão.Carlos.; Pereira-Silva, J.L., 2003:
Pseudotumoral form of primary progressive tuberculosis: a diagnosis to be considered

Semlali, S.; El-Quassar, A.; Atmane, M.; Benkirane, N.; Chakir, N.; El-Hassani, M.; Benchekroune, N.; Berraho-Hamani, A.; Jiddane, M., 2004:
Pseudotumoral form of sclerochoroidal tuberculosis: a case report

Charif, P., 1958:
Pseudotumoral form of syphilitic pancreatitis with giant cell infiltration

Daniello, L.; Timok, I.; Mikhaiu, V., 1960:
Pseudotumoral forms of bronchial tuberculosis

Ferchichi, L.; Bellil-Ben Haha, S.; Zeddini, A.; Ghorbel, I.; Mekni, A.; Bellil, K.; Haouet, S.; Ben Safta, Z.; Kchir, N.; Zitouna, M., 2006:
Pseudotumoral gastric amyloidosis

Batzenschlager, A.; Weill-Bousson, M.; Foussereau, S., 1963:
Pseudotumoral granuloma of the stomach

Blum, E.; Batzenschlager, A.; Meyer, J., 1960 :
Pseudotumoral granulomatous orchi-epididymitis

Ganora, H.M., 1962:
Pseudotumoral hepatic deformity

Uiberall, E.; Donoso, P.; Matus, A., 1957:
Pseudotumoral herniated discs

Cruz, I.De.G., 1952:
Pseudotumoral hypertensive encephalopathy

Bergeron, A.; Mora, P., 1953:
Pseudotumoral hypertrophic gastritis

Gautier, P., 1953:
Pseudotumoral hypertrophic uterine tuberculosis

Cauchie, C.; Denolin-Reubens, R.; Dustin, P., 1958:
Pseudotumoral hypertrophy of mesentry in a case of myelosclerosis

Audier, M.; Simonin, R.; Payan, H.; Stahl, A.; Serradimigni, A.; Rampal; Sommer, D.; Gabriel; Delmont, J., 1962:
Pseudotumoral ileocolic form of Crohn's disease and gonadal agenesis

Munaret, J.; Niviere, J.; Petit, J.; Ducout, M., 1956:
Pseudotumoral image of the gastric antrum

Leymarios, J.; Caroli, J., 1957:
Pseudotumoral juxtacardial varices caused by spontaneous splenorenal shunt; splenoportographic diagnosis

Di Matteo, J.; Cormier, J.M.; Picard, R.; Duboys, Y.; Chollet, M., 1960:
Pseudotumoral media stinal vascular abnormalities

Margery, J.; Bonnichon, A.; Jeanbourquin, D.; Saint-Blancard, P.; Sane, M.; Dot, J-M.; Grassin, F.; Vaylet, F.; L'Her, P.; Guigay, J., 2006:
Pseudotumoral presentation of American pulmonary histioplasmosis

Witz, J.P.; Miech, G.; Reys, P.; Heitz, F., 1962:
Pseudotumoral pulmonary aspergillosis

Lacativa, P.G.S.; Donangelo, I.; Wagman, Márcia.B.; Sieiro Neto, L.; Caldas, C.R.; Violante, A.H.D.; Lima, R.J.; Vaisman, Mário., 2005:
Pseudotumoral pulmonary cryptococcosis in association with Cushing's syndrome

Loubeyre, J.; Grangaud, P., 1955:
Pseudotumoral radiological appearance of pulmonary echinococcosis scattered in the bronchi

Heldmann, M.; Behm, W.; Reddy, M.P.; Bozeman, C.; Welman, G.; Abreo, F.; Minagar, A., 2005:
Pseudotumoral renal sarcoid: MRI, PET, and MDCT appearance with pathologic correlation

Mahoudeau, D.; Lemoine, J.M.; Poulet, J.; Dubrisay, J., 1955:
Pseudotumoral respiratory mycoses: aspergillosis and geotrichosis

Khairallah, M.; Rao, N.A.; Ben Yahia, S.; Zaouali, S.; Attia, S., 2006:
Pseudotumoral retinal pigment epithelium proliferation in a patient with Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada disease

Aslangul, E.; Ranque, B.; Papo, T., 2003:
Pseudotumoral retroperitoneal fibrosis and localized vasculitis with very high serum levels of anti-PR3 ANCA

Darmaillacq; Rumeau; Junes, 1953:
Pseudotumoral sclerosis of the rectal wall as a sequel of acute rectitis

Pomme, B.; Terrasse, J.; Janny, P.; Gras, H.; Gibert, J., 1959:
Pseudotumoral softening of the cerebellum; two cases

Corredor, H.; Seggiaro, J.A., 1955:
Pseudotumoral syndrome during a lymphogranuloma venereum

Leonardi, F.; Stirpe, M.; Zennaro, P., 1961:
Pseudotumoral syndrome in a case of polycythemia vera rubra (Vaquez disease)

Miatello, V.R., 1955:
Pseudotumoral syndrome of the right hypochondrium and flank in aged persons

Castigliano, S.G., 1954:
Pseudotumoral syndrome, syphiloma of the pancreas; fourteen year control

Galli, E.; Minetto, E.; Fazio, M., 1961:
Pseudotumoral tubercular granulomas of the bronchi

Lowys, P.; Le Barre, H.; Lardanchet, J., 1957:
Pseudotumoral tuberculosis caused by multiple nodules in a 15-year old boy

Dubernard, G.; Ansquer, Y.; Marcollet, A.; Walker, F.; Juras, J.; Madelenat, P., 2003:
Pseudotumoral tuberculosis of the cervix

Bensoussan, C.; Corcos, A., 1956:
Pseudotumoral tuberculous hemiplegia without pulmonary lesion; cure by antibiotic therapy

Kossard, S.; Weller, P., 2005:
Pseudotumorous folliculotropic mycosis fungoides

Gribennikov, V.P.; Ponomarev, S.V.; Kubenskiĭ, E.N., 2003:
Pseudotumorous form of yersiniosis

Frey, E., 1962:
Pseudotumorous proliferative ulcerous reflux esophagitis in sliding hiatus hernia

Fettweis, E., 1963:
Pseudotumorous tissue reactions in paraplegics

Astrozhnikov, I.V.; Volkova, A.M., 1963:
Pseudotumors of the Cecum

KROPMAN, I.L.; PODAR, U.Ia., 1964:
Pseudotumors of the Tunica Conjunctiva Bulbi

Farkova, H., 1961:
Pseudotumors in children (Benign intracranial hypertension)

Bibus, B., 1951:
Pseudotumors in pyelograms and their causes

Spoerlein, S., 1961:
Pseudotumors in the gluteal area

Nelson, R.S.; Salvador, D.S., 1958:
Pseudotumors of gastric antrum in pernicious anemia; report of a case

Fried, K., 1961:
Pseudotumors of the bone

Kaliner, S.S.; Savchenko, I.N., 1958:
Pseudotumors of the brain of inflammatory etiology

Rubin, S.; Dann, D.S., 1959:
Pseudotumors of the colon

Berger, S.M., 1955:
Pseudotumors of the duodenal bulb

Piroth, M., 1956:
Pseudotumors of the epididymis

Moosa, A.; Joy, M.A.; Kumar, A., 2003:
Pseudotumour cerebri and Guillain-Barre syndrome: cause or effect?

García-Moreno, J.M.; Borobio-Enciso, M.V.; Angulo-Fraile, S.; Izquierdo, G., 2003:
Pseudotumour cerebri in a patient with Lyme disease and hypothyroidism

Finsterer, J.; Kues, E-W.; Brunner, S., 2006:
Pseudotumour cerebri in a young obese woman on oral contraceptives

Owler, B.K.; Allan, R.; Parker, G.; Besser, M., 2003:
Pseudotumour cerebri, CSF rhinorrhoea and the role of venous sinus stenting in treatment

Jarbou, S.M.; AlKurdi, M.; Al-Daod, K., 2005:
Pseudotumour due to retained surgical sponge (gossypiboma)

Rogers, J.L.; Moll, S., 2006:
Pseudotumour in haemophilia A

Vizcaino, J.R.; Macedo-Dias, J.A.; Teixeira-de-Sousa, J.M.; Silva, R.M.; Carpenter, S., 2005:
Pseudotumour of renal pelvis: Liesegang rings mimicking a solid neoplasm of the renal pelvis

Wardyn, K.A.; Ycińska, K.; Matuszkiewicz-Rowińska, J.; Chipczyńska, Młgorzata., 2003:
Pseudotumour orbitae as the initial manifestation in Wegener's granulomatosis in a 7-year-old girl

de Mendonca, J.L.F.; Barbosa, H.; Viana, S.L.; Freitas, F.M.O.; Viana, M.A.C.B.; Ferreira, A.C.L., 2005:
Pseudotumoural hemicerebellitis: imaging findings in two cases

Ambrosi, A.; Prete, F.P.; Neri, V.; Ierardi, E., 2007:
Pseudotumoural lesion of the abdominal wall due to a fishbone migration

Das, S.P., 1960:
Pseudotumours of the orbit

Stagg, J.; Galipeau, J., 2005:
Pseudotyped retrovectors for tumor-specific delivery of toxic suicide genes

Fukushi, S.; Mizutani, T.; Saijo, M.; Matsuyama, S.; Taguchi, F.; Kurane, I.; Morikawa, S., 2006:
Pseudotyped vesicular stomatitis virus for functional analysis of SARS coronavirus spike protein

Martina, Y.; Kurian, S.; Cherqui, S.; Evanoff, G.; Wilson, C.; Salomon, D.R., 2005:
Pseudotyping of porcine endogenous retrovirus by xenotropic murine leukemia virus in a pig islet xenotransplantation model

Matavkin, P.A., 1962:
Pseudounipolar neurons of the spinal cord in anterior and posterior roots

Ahmed, Z.; Jain, S.R., 2003:
Pseudounitary symmetry and the Gaussian pseudounitary ensemble of random matrices

Weissman, S.; Eisen, A.Z.; Karon, M., 1962:
Pseudouridine metabolism. II. Urinary excretion in gout, psoriasis, leukemia, and heterozygous oroticaciduria

Ofengand, J.; Malhotra, A.; Remme, J.; Gutgsell, N.S.; Del Campo, M.; Jean-Charles, S.; Peil, L.; Kaya, Y., 2003:
Pseudouridines and pseudouridine synthases of the ribosome

Nagpal, A.; Biswas, J., 2006:
Pseudouveitis--analysis of cases misdiagnosed as posterior uveitis

Zidar, N.; Gale, N.; Zupevc, A.; Dovsak, D., 2006:
Pseudovascular adenoid squamous-cell carcinoma of the oral cavity--a report of two cases

Mercader, P.; Torrijos, A.; Sánchez-Carazo, Jé.L.; Fortea, Jé.M., 2006:
Pseudovascular squamous cell carcinoma

Olivé, A., 2003:
Pseudovasculitic syndromes

Ribi, C.; Mauget, D.; Egger, J-François.; Khatchatourian, G.; Villard, J., 2005:
Pseudovasculitis and corticosteroid therapy

Mohammad, A.; Sturfelt, G., 2004:
Pseudovasculitis--confusingly alike systemic vasculitis...but completely different treatment is required

Duperrat, B., 1951:
Pseudovenereal cat's scratch disease

Pages, F.; Girard, J., 1953:
Pseudovenereal form of infectious mononucleosis

Rockmann, F.; Enslin, A.; Nikolić, G., 2005:
Pseudoventricular tachycardia

Reuter, J.; Braun-Falco, M., 2007:
Pseudovesicles on the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet

Sapp, M.; Selinka, H-Christoph., 2004:
Pseudovirions as specific tools for investigation of virus interactions with cells

Rai, V.Mehta.; Balachandran, C., 2006:
Pseudovitiligo in Systemic Sclerosis

Ji, D.; Song, W.; Clamp, J., 2006:
Pseudovorticella zhengae n. sp., P. difficilis (Kahl, 1933) Jankowski, 1976, and P. punctata (Dons, 1918) Warren, 1987, three marine peritrichous ciliates from north China

Esenkaya, I., 2005:
Pseudowinging of the scapula due to subscapular osteochondroma

Nakamura, S.; Pimenta, W.P.; Campos, J.C., 1964:
Pseudoxanthoma Elasticul (Groenblad-Strandberg Syndrome)

Gibbs, J.S., 1964:
Pseudoxanthoma Elasticum

Ugo, A.; Tomasini, C.; Adorno, P., 1963:
Pseudoxanthoma Elasticum (Systemic Elastorrhexis). Clinical and Histochemical Observations

Suerig, K.C.; Siefert, F.E., 1964:
Pseudoxanthoma Elasticum and Sickle Cell Anemia

Flatley, F.J.; Atwell, M.E.; Mcevoy, R.K., 1963:
Pseudoxanthoma Elasticum with Gastric Hemorrhage

Gennaro, O.; Lobato, L.A.; Marino, E., 1963:
Pseudoxanthoma Elasticum. Description Of The Disease And Of A Case Treated Surgically

Goodman, R.M.; Smith, E.W.; Paton, D.; Bergman, R.A.; Siegel, C.L.; Ottesen, O.E.; Shelley, W.M.; Pusch, A.L.; Mckusick, V.A., 1963:
Pseudoxanthoma Elasticum: a Clinical and Histopathological Study

Edwards, H.C., 1964:
Pseudoxanthoma Elasticum: a Rare Cause of Hematemesis in Children

Leblanc, J.V., 1964:
Pseudoxanthoma Elasticum: a Review with Case Reports of two Sisters

Ladewig, M.S.; Götting, C.; Szliska, C.; Issa, P.C.; Helb, H-M.; Bedenicki, I.; Scholl, H.P.N.; Holz, F.G., 2006:
Pseudoxanthoma elasticum

Nellen, M.; Jacobson, M., 1958:
Pseudoxanthoma elasticum (Gronblad-Strandberg disease) with coronary artery calcification

Loria, P.R.; Kennedy, C.B.; Freeman, J.A.; Henington, V.M., 1957:
Pseudoxanthoma elasticum (Grönblad-Strandberg syndrome); a clinical, light-, and electron-microscopic study

Bercovitch, L.; Terry, P., 2004:
Pseudoxanthoma elasticum 2004

Belgnaoui, F.; Bensahraoui, M.; Hannound, S.; Ourhrouil, M.Ait.; Mansouri, F.; Hassam, B., 2005:
Pseudoxanthoma elasticum and elastofibroma: is there any relationship?

Voisin, J.; Lombard, G., 1954:
Pseudoxanthoma elasticum and macular lesions without angioid stria

Fabre, B.; Bayle, P.; Bazex, J.; Durand, D.; Lamant, L.; Chassaing, N., 2005:
Pseudoxanthoma elasticum and nephrolithiasis

Horner, K.L.; Kalus, A.; Hornung, R.L., 2006:
Pseudoxanthoma elasticum and polymyositis in a child

Bafverstedt, B.; Lund, F., 1955:
Pseudoxanthoma elasticum and vascular disturbances with special reference to a case in a nine-year-old child

Yoffee, H.; Derbes, V.J., 1961:
Pseudoxanthoma elasticum associated with mitral valvular disease

Odeberg, B., 1962:
Pseudoxanthoma elasticum associated with sarcoidosis-like polymyositis, hypercalciuria and nephropathy

Daikh, B.E.; Kalmar, J.J.; Ritchlin, C.T., 2006:
Pseudoxanthoma elasticum masquerading as Sjögren's syndrome

Lobitz, W.C.; Osterberg, A.E., 1950:
Pseudoxanthoma elasticum micro-incineration

Anonymous, 2004:
Pseudoxanthoma elasticum one case

Crikelair, G.F., 1953:
Pseudoxanthoma elasticum treated surgically

Fassotte, C., 1957:
Pseudoxanthoma elasticum with angioid striae and bronchiectasis

Yasuhara, T.; Sugiu, K.; Kakishita, M.; Date, I., 2004:
Pseudoxanthoma elasticum with carotid rete mirabile

Katz, L.; Curtis, G., 1962:
Pseudoxanthoma elasticum with gastric melena

Reinertson, R.P.; Farber, E.M., 1955:
Pseudoxanthoma elasticum with gastrointestinal bleeding

Liegl, O., 1956:
Pseudoxanthoma elasticum with nodules of the eye fundus without pigmentary streaks

Golliet-Mercier, N.; Allaouchiche, B.; Monneuse, O., 2005:
Pseudoxanthoma elasticum with severe gastrointestinal bleeding

Aissaoui, R.; Derbel, F.; Jallouli, A.; Smida, H.; Bouhaouala, H.; Hedi Dougui, M.; Zbiba, M., 2003:
Pseudoxanthoma elasticum, 5 case reports

Uitto, J., 2004:
Pseudoxanthoma elasticum-a connective tissue disease or a metabolic disorder at the genome/environment interface?

Gadeholt, H., 1959:
Pseudoxanthoma elasticum. A case with minimal cutaneous lesion and increased 17-hydroxycorticosterone in plasma

Connell, J.L., 1962:
Pseudoxanthoma elasticum. A rare cause of massive gastro-intestinal haemorrhage

Schuermann, H.; Woeber, K., 1960:
Pseudoxanthoma elasticum. Darier-Gronblad-Strandberg disease, elastorrhexis generalisata

Galadari, H.; Lebwohl, M., 2003:
Pseudoxanthoma elasticum: Temporary treatment of chin folds and lines with injectable collagen

Makharia, G.K.; Thapa, B.R.; Poddar, U.; Narasimhan, K.L.; Girish, C.S.; Vaiphei, K.; Singh, K., 2005 :
Pseudoxanthoma elasticum: a rare cause of recurrent gastrointestinal bleeding in a child

Zaraa, Iès.; Cherif, F.; Abdelmoula, F.; Mokni, M.; Ben Tekaya, N.; Haouet, S.; Ben Osman, D.Amel., 2006:
Pseudoxanthoma elasticum: a report of 11 cases

Robertson, M.G.; Schroder, J.S., 1959:
Pseudoxanthoma elasticum: a systemic disorder

Shaffer, B.; Copelan, H.W.; Beerman, H., 1957:
Pseudoxanthoma elasticum; a cutaneous manifestation of a systemic disease; report of a case of Paget's disease and a case of calcinosis with arteriosclerosis as manifestations of this syndrome

Levy, G.; Brewer, R.L., 1959:
Pseudoxanthoma elasticum; report of a case

Szymanski, F.J.; Caro, M.R., 1955:
Pseudoxanthoma elasticum; review of its relationship to internal diseases and report of an unusual case

Gadeholt, H., 1960:
Pseudoxanthoma elasticum; study of a family

Kossard, S., 2005:
Pseudoxanthoma-like late-onset focal dermal elastosis

Thomas, C.; Andersson, C.R.; Canales, S.R.; Golden, S.S., 2004:
PsfR, a factor that stimulates psbAI expression in the cyanobacterium Synechococcus elongatus PCC 7942

Rhine, J.B., 1950:
Psi phenomena and psychiatry

Gandhi, M.K., 1951:
Psi-phenomena and para psychological research

Yang, C.; McPheeters, D.S.; Yu, Y-Tao., 2004:
Psi35 in the branch site recognition region of U2 small nuclear RNA is important for pre-mRNA splicing in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

La Manna, A., 1959:
Psicofuranine, a new antitumoral antibiotic

Karabinos, J.V., 1952:
Psicose, sorbose and tagatose

Tiscione, N.B.; Miller, M.I., 2006:
Psilocin identified in a DUID investigation

Roubicek, J.; Drvota, S., 1960:
Psilocybin, a new hallucinogen

Hofmann, A.; Heim, R.; Brack, A.; Kobel, H., 1958:
Psilocybin, a psychotropic substance from the Mexican mushroom Psilicybe mexicana Heim

Toscano Aguilar, M., 1963:
Psilocybin: prospects of its use in clinical psychiatry

Moseley, W.F.; Zimmerly, B.C., 1949:
Psilotum gametophytes matured under greenhouse conditions from self-sown spores

Artmann, A.; Henninger, W., 2003:
Psittacine paranasal sinus--a new definition of compartments

Cramer, Q.; Thompson, C.L., 1957:
Psittacosis (ornithosis) contracted from parakeet purchased locally

Irons, J.V.; Mason, D.; White, R.F., 1956:
Psittacosis (ornithosis) in Texas

Cooper, E.E., 1954:
Psittacosis (ornithosis) infection by fleeting contact with a parakeet

Haussmann, H.G.; Siegert, R.; Ungar, W.; Ruof, H., 1956:
Psittacosis (ornithosis) infection in humans; studies of epidemiology, preventive hygiene and serodiagnosis in several epidemic groups in Hesse

Jenkinson, H.R., 1955:
Psittacosis (ornithosis) with a report of a recent case

Horwitz, M.; Rosenberg, A.B.; Ackermann, H.R., 1965:
Psittacosis in Cape Town

Milek, E.; Grantova, H.; Kulkova, H., 1963:
Psittacosis in Childhood

Grantova, H.; Milek, E.; Korb, J., 1964:
Psittacosis in the Cssr

Wilson, M.R.; Dungworth, D.L., 1963:
Psittacosis Lymphogranuloma-Venereum Group Viruses in Sheep.Comparisons Between a Faecal and An Enzootic Abortion Strain

Beech, M.D.; Miles, J.A., 1953:
Psittacosis among birds in South Australia. I. A survey of infection in some common species in 1951 and 1952

Terskikh, I.I., 1955:
Psittacosis and ornithosis

Dekking, F.; Ruys, A.C., 1951:
Psittacosis and ornithosis in Holland

Goto, T.; Nakamura, H.; Naito, H.; Shimanok; Matumoto, M., 1962:
Psittacosis as a cause of middle lobe syndrome: report of two cases

Gallia, F.; Jaros, Z.; Havlik, O.; Rampas, J.; Kolman, J., 1950:
Psittacosis in Czechoslovakia

Silverstein, C.M., 1953:
Psittacosis in Georgia

Jackson, A.L.; Gordon, P., 1957:
Psittacosis in Johannesburg; a case of atypical pneumonia

Fifer, W.R., 1957:
Psittacosis in Minnesota; a review of the last ten cases seen at University of Minnesota hospitals

Burns, T.W., 1957:
Psittacosis in Missouri

Knyvett, A.F., 1956:
Psittacosis in Queensland; a report of a case

Kaibu, H.; Iida, K.; Ueki, S.; Ehara, H.; Shimasaki, Y.; Watanabe, S.; Anzai, H.; Takebu, W.; Muta, T.; Kusaba, T.; Kishimoto, T.; Ando, S., 2006:
Psittacosis in all four members of a family in Nagasaki, Japan

Singer, E.; Sussman, O.; Barnett, J.C., 1956:
Psittacosis in northern New Jersey; human and bird transmitted

Roland, V.A., 1961:
Psittacosis of Cordoba

Espinosa de los Monteros, M.Teresa.León.; Laguna Sorina, J.Antonio.; Rueda da Domingo, M.Trinidad.; López Hernández, Bña.; Bermejo Pérez, M.José.; Sabonet, Jé.Carlos., 2006:
Psittacosis outbreak in Granada, Spain

Canizares, O., 1951:
Psittacosis with positive Frei reaction

French, E.L.; Martin, F.I., 1957:
Psittacosis with relapse following aureomycin therapy

Wenner, H.A., 1958:
Psittacosis-lymphogranuloma group of viruses

Barwell, C.F., 1952:
Psittacosis-lymphogranuloma infections

Baies, A., 1961:
Psittacosis-ornithosis infections in the fowl

Sarateanu, D., 1960:
Psittacosis-ornithosis. General aspects. History. Characteristics of the virus. Diagnostic methods

Terzin, A.L., 1958:
Psittacosis-ornithosismammalian pneumonitis (POMP) viruses in man, mammals and birds

Dorman, D.C.; Ponsford, J.; Stanley, N.F., 1954:
Psittacosis: a virus investigation o three cases

Blattner, R.J., 1960:
Psittacosis: exposure to infected turkeys

Bassett, M.A., 1952 :
Psittacosis; a report of three case

Deyke, V.F.; Meyer, J.E., 1955:
Psittacosis; a report of two cases occurring in pigeon breeders

Elerding, A.C., 1954:
Psittacosis; review with case report

Keaney, J.M., 1955:
Psittacosis; the first recorded case of psittacosis in the city of Louisville, Kentucky

Bacon, A.P., 1953:
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