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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 50066

Chapter 50066 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Gupta, M.A.; Lanius, R.A.; Van der Kolk, B.A., 2005:
Psychologic trauma, posttraumatic stress disorder, and dermatology

Linden, W., 2003:
Psychologic treatment for hypertension can be efficacious

Reuber, M.; Howlett, S.; Kemp, S., 2005:
Psychologic treatment of patients with psychogenic nonepileptic seizures

BIRAN, S., 1964:
Psychologic-Psychiatric Considerations on Morals, Law and Punishment. 2

BIRAN, S., 1964:
Psychologic-Psychiatric Observations on Morals, Law and Punishment. 1

SCHMIDT, H.W., 1952:
Psychologic-pathologic effect of modern insecticides

Psychological & pharmacological treatment of minor anxieties

Psychological & psychotherapeutic aspects & social facets of painless labor

TYHURST, J.S., 1957:
Psychological & social aspects of community disasters

KOHLER, C., 1959:
Psychological & social problems posed by mentally defective children & adolescents

KADEN, R., 1957:
Psychological & therapeutic aspects of acne vulgaris

THORNE, F.C., 1965:
Psychological Absolutes

Čolović, P.; Smederevac, Sžana.; Oljača, M.; Nikolašević, Željka.; Mitrović, Dšanka., 2018:
A Short Measure of the Revised Reinforcement Sensitivity Theory - RSQ17

BARNARD, G.W., 1965:
Psychological Adaptation of man to Unusual and Stressful Environments

Psychological Adjustment and Corticosteroid Excretion in the Pediction of Transient Amenorrhea

Psychological and Clinical Investigation of the Treatment of Anxious Out-Patient with Three Barbiturates and Placebo

GREEN, G.W., 1964:
Psychological and Emotional Aspects of Geriatric Care

VAUTHIER, C., 1963:
Psychological and Practical Implications of the use of Psychotrophic Drugs

MYKLEBUST, H.R., 1963:
Psychological and Psychiatric Implications of Deafness

PADOVANI, G., 1963:
Psychological and Psychopathological Aspects of Urbanism

Psychological and Psychopathological Findings on a Group of Mentally Deficient Children Institutionalized from Birth

VALES, J., 1965:
Psychological and Social Problems in Multiple Sclerosis

MULVEY, M.C., 1963:
Psychological and Sociological Factors in Prediction of Career Patterns of Women

Psychological Appraisal of Conjoined Twins

Vodrazka, R.; Kelisova, A., 1964:
Psychological Approach To The Development Of Correct Habits And Attitudes In The Health Education Of Children

Psychological Aspects of Children After Hemolytic Disease at Birth

MILLER, J.G., 1964:
Psychological Aspects of Communication Overload

DRAZIN, M.L., 1964:
Psychological Aspects of Coronary Heart Disease

JAMIESON, G.H., 1965:
Psychological Aspects of Craftsmanship in Pottery-Making at a Secondary School

Psychological Aspects of Extended Manned Space Flight. Techn Docum Rep Amrl-Tdr-63-81

GIDDON, D.B., 1965:
Psychological Aspects of Geriatric Patient Management

SLOANE, R.B., 1964:
Psychological Aspects of Headache

RUBIN, B., 1965:
Psychological Aspects of Human Artificial Insemination

BRUCH, H., 1964:
Psychological Aspects of Overeating and Obesity

MONEY, J., 1965:
Psychological Aspects of Reading Disability

Weiss, M.R.., 2003:
Psychological Aspects of Sport-Injury Rehabilitation: A Developmental Perspective

GARG, M.P., 1965:
Psychological Azoospermia

Psychological Bases of Excessive Milk Intake and Iron Deficiency Anemia During Infancy

VELICKY, J., 1965:
Psychological Care in Eye Diseases with Unfavorable Progress

GRABENER, J., 1963:
Psychological Care of Tuberculotics from the Viewpoint of the Public Health Physician

HAMILTON, V., 1964:
Psychological Changes in Chronic Schizophrenics Following Differential Activity Programmes: a Repeat Study

Psychological Characteristics of Unstable Diabetics

NEMIAH, J.C., 1963:
Psychological Complications in Industrial Injuries

Psychological Conditioning of the Obese

GROLNICK, L., 1965:
Psychological Consequences of Drug Jaundice

GLATZEL, H., 1963:
Psychological Consequences of Prolonged Dietary Investigations. Possible Sources of Physiological Misinterpretation?

PRIOLEAU, W.H., 1963:
Psychological Considerations in Patient Isolation on a General Surgical Service

DRAGO, E.; BRUNI, R., 1963:
Psychological Considerations on Gestosis in Unmarried Mothers

BURNER, M., 1964:
Psychological Considerations on Pathological Excesses in Modern Civilization

BUTLER, A.J.; CONRAD, W.G., 1964:
Psychological Correlates of Abnormal Electroencephalographic Patterns in Familial Retardates

Craddick, R.A., 1964 :
Psychological correlates of biodynamic Stress: description of six subjects Sustaining over 500 accumulative "G"

Psychological Correlates of Blood Pressure

Psychological Counseling for Students in Occupational Training Courses

ROOS, P., 1963:
Psychological Counseling with Parents of Retarded Children

Psychological Death in Headshrinkers

CARR, A.C., 1964:
Psychological Defect and Psychological Testing

MORRISON, W.A., 1965:
Psychological Defence Mechanisms in Dentistry

LANG, P.J.; BUSS, A.H., 1965:
Psychological Deficit in Schizophrenia. Ii. Interference and Activation

HERBERT, C.T.; MOVIUS, H.J., 1964:
Psychological Deficits with Mitral Commissurotomy

KARP, S.A.; PARDES, H., 1965:
Psychological Differentiation (Field Dependence) in Obese Women

PRIOLEAU, W.H., 1963:
Psychological Difficulties in the Maintenance of Sterile Technic

LANGER, M., 1963:
Psychological Difficulties of the Starting Psychoanalyst

Psychological Dimensions of Anomy

TOLSMA, F.J., 1964:
Psychological Disturbances After a Pet Dog's Death

SHULMAN, B.H., 1964:
Psychological Disturbances which Interfere with the Patient's Cooperation

SHURE, M.B., 1963:
Psychological Ecology of a Nursery School

LEWIS, M., 1965:
Psychological Effect of Effort

JARVIE, H., 1963:
Psychological Effects of Head Injury

Psychological Effects of Pain

SPEIJER, N., 1964:
Psychological Effects of the Housing Shortage

LUEDERS, W., 1963:
Psychological Efforts Within the Framework of Educational Guidance

DUWALL, M.I., 1965:
Psychological Evaluation in Mental Retardation

VANCAMP, D., 1964:
Psychological Evaluation of Children who Had Neonatal Hyperbilirubinemia

Psychological Evolution from Polytheism to Monotheism

MATEJCEK, Z., 1964:
Psychological Examination of Children in Homes with Improved Practices in Child-Rearing

MINC, S., 1965:
Psychological Factors in Coronary Heart Disease

Psychological Factors in Drug Therapy

BARDACH, J.L., 1963:
Psychological Factors in Hemiplegia

RIPLEY, H.S., 1964:
Psychological Factors in Pain

CARROLL, D., 1965:
Psychological Factors in Rehabilitation

Psychological Factors in the Climacteric

ROSSBERG, J., 1964:
Psychological Factors in the Treatment of Sterility

BURSTIN, S., 1964:
Psychological Factors in the Working Place

Psychological Factors of Rehabilitation

GILLESPIE, D.K., 1963:
Psychological first Aid

FRUEHAUF, K., 1963:
Psychological Follow-Up Studies on Children Following Brain Surgery

BRUNI, B., 1963:
Psychological History of the Diabetic. on the Relation Between Psychomotor Alterations and the Beginning of Diabetes

LAPIDUS, F.I., 1963:
Psychological Influences on the Personality of the Stutterer

Psychological Instruction of Physicians in the Framework of a Medical Service with Psychosomatic Orientation

Psychological Interpretation of Work

Psychological Management of Childhood Asthma

HULICKA, I.M., 1963:
Psychological Manifestations of Physical Disability

Kotaskova, J., 1964:
Psychological Methods In Child And Adolescent Hygiene

TARNOWER, W., 1965:
Psychological Needs of the Hospitalized Patient

VEREECKEN, J.L., 1964:
Psychological Observations on the Interest of the Public in Crime

Psychological Orientations in the Treatment of Arthritis

Psychological Premises to the Treatment of Infantile Spastic Cerebral Diseases

Steinwachs, F., 1963:
Psychological Problems As A Result Of Accident Injuries In Childhood

GROEN, J.J., 1963:
Psychological Problems as Seen by the Family Physician

Psychological Problems in Diabetes Mellitus

ZWIENER, K., 1965:
Psychological Problems in Interrupted Therapeutic Procedures

Maurizio, E.; Malagamba, G., 1965:
Psychological Problems In Patients With Genital Neoplasms

Psychological Problems in the Treatment of Rheumatoid Patients

Psychological Problems Involved in the Vocational Guidance of Handicapped Persons

NAHUM, A.M.; GOLDEN, J.S., 1963:
Psychological Problems of Laryngectomy

PEIGNE, F., 1964:
Psychological Problems of Sterility

Psychological Problems Posed by Surgery of Congenital Heart Malformations in the Child

De Leon, C., 2005:
Psychological Profile Revised (PEP-R): the Brazilian version elaboration

Udry, E.; Donald Shelbourne, K.; Gray, T., 2003:
Psychological Readiness for Anterior Cruciate Ligament Surgery: Describing and Comparing the Adolescent and Adult Experiences

BRAGA, E., 1964:
Psychological Relationships Between the Obstetrician and the Patient

CIRONE, M.; VENIER, N., 1964:
Psychological Research on Attitudes of Eskimos of Eastern Greenland

Walkup, J.T.; Yanos, P.T., 2006:
Psychological Research With Administrative Data Sets: An Underutilized Strategy for Mental Health Services Research

Psychological Resistance and the Delayed Effects of a Persuasive Communication

Psychological Responses of Children to Hospitalization. a Comparison of Hospitalized and Nonhospitalized Twins

JANSSEN, E.G., 1963:
Psychological Sequelae and Mental Development Following Tuberculous Meningitis

Psychological Stress and Atherosclerosis (Ae). I

Psychological Stress and Electrocardiographic Changes Due to Hypertensin

MARINO, A.; PARISE, A.; GALDI, R., 1963:
Psychological Stress and Strophanthin Heart Toxicity

Psychological Study of a Pair of Pygopagus Twins

WILLIAMS, M.; MCGEE, T.F., 1964:
Psychological Study of Carotid Occlusion and Endarterectomy

LARSEN, V.L., 1963:
Psychological Study of Colloquial Menstrual Expressions

GOLANN, S.E., 1963:
Psychological Study of Creativity

HANDEL, G., 1965:
Psychological Study of Whole Families

Psychological Test Performances in Three Electroencephalographic Classifications of Mentally Retarded Subjects

HABERMAN, P.W., 1964:
Psychological Test Score Changes for Wives of Alcoholics During Periods of Drinking and Sobriety

Boman, K., 1964:
Psychological Testing Before and After a Period of Isolation

TOWBIN, A.P., 1964:
Psychological Testing from End to Means

Psychological Testing Practices in State Institutions for the Mentally Retarded

PRESTON, C.E., 1964:
Psychological Testing with Northwest Coast Alaskan Eskimos

KNOPF, I.J., 1964:
Psychological Tests and Pediatric Practice

STALNAKER, J.M., 1965:
Psychological Tests and Public Responsibility

CALANCA, A., 1964:
Psychological Tests in Geriatric Psychiatry

SCHMITZ, E., 1964:
Psychological Tests in the Hospital and Office

Psychological time

Gendrot, J.A., 1964:
Psychological Training Of General Practitioners. Some Reflections Based On Experience With Groups Of Physicians According To Balint's Method

Rusch, M.D..; Morris, G.L..; Allen, L.; Lathrop, L., 2003:
Psychological Treatment of Nonepileptic Events

MATOUSEK, O., 1964:
Psychological Views of the Relation Between man and Machine in Automatized Rolling-Mills

Rommel, O.; Willweber-Strumpf, A.; Wagner, P.; Surall, D.; Malin, J-P.; Zenz, M., 2004:
Psychological abnormalities in patients with complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS)

Porcelli, P., 2004:
Psychological abnormalities in patients with irritable bowel syndrome

GRANONE, F., 1951:
Psychological abnormalities of the tuberculotic and their social repercussions

Wang, J-Jy., 2005:
Psychological abuse and its characteristic correlates among elderly Taiwanese

Wang, J-Jy., 2005:
Psychological abuse behavior exhibited by caregivers in the care of the elderly and correlated factors in long-term care facilities in Taiwan

Butler, J.; Ciarrochi, J., 2007:
Psychological acceptance and quality of life in the elderly

Psychological accident prevention in practice

Psychological accidents after tonsillectomy in child

de CAMPOS, B.R., 1950:
Psychological activities of the human individual

Gradek, G., 2006:
Psychological activity is also important

Thuen, F.; Rise, J., 2006:
Psychological adaptation after marital disruption: the effects of optimism and perceived control

Neff, J.Alan.; Amodei, N.; Valescu, S.; Pomeroy, E.C., 2003:
Psychological adaptation and distress among HIV+ Latina women: adaptation to HIV in a Mexican American cultural context

HEIM, A.W., 1957:
Psychological adaptation as a response to variations in difficulty and intensity

Psychological adaptation of the adolescent to work; parasitic thoughts

Turnbull, G.B., 2005:
Psychological adjustment after ostomy surgery: what do we know?

Taylor, K.L.; Lamdan, R.M.; Siegel, J.E.; Shelby, R.; Moran-Klimi, K.; Hrywna, M., 2003:
Psychological adjustment among African American breast cancer patients: one-year follow-up results of a randomized psychoeducational group intervention

Meiser, B.; Dunn, S.; Dixon, J.; Powell, L.W., 2006:
Psychological adjustment and knowledge about hereditary hemochromatosis in a clinic-based sample: a prospective study

Martin, P.Davis.; Williamson, D.A.; Alfonso, A.J.; Ryan, D.H., 2006:
Psychological adjustment during Army basic training

Suzukamo, Y.; Ohbu, S.; Kondo, T.; Kohmoto, J.; Fukuhara, S., 2006:
Psychological adjustment has a greater effect on health-related quality of life than on severity of disease in Parkinson's disease

New, M.J.; Lee, S.S.; Elliott, B.M., 2006:
Psychological adjustment in children and families living with HIV

Immelt, S., 2006:
Psychological adjustment in young children with chronic medical conditions

Kim, Y.; Baker, F.; Spillers, R.L.; Wellisch, D.K., 2006:
Psychological adjustment of cancer caregivers with multiple roles

Jusiene, R.; Kucinskas, V., 2004:
Psychological adjustment of children with congenital hypothyroidism and phenylketonuria as related to parental psychological adjustment

Wijnberg-Williams, B.J.; Kamps, W.A.; Klip, E.C.; Hoekstra-Weebers, J.E.H.M., 2005:
Psychological adjustment of parents of pediatric cancer patients revisited: five years later

Barreau, B.; Tastet, S.; Stinès, J.; Picot, V.; Guibert-Tamisier, L.; Brault, I.; Gillet, J.M.; Fawzi, M.; Audigey, I.; Pousse, T.; Dilhuydy, M.H., 2003:
Psychological adjustment of short interval follow-up mammography: about 50 cases

Barreau, B.; Tastet, S.; Picot, V.; Henriquès, C.; Valentin, F.; Gilles, R.; Dilhuydy, M-H., 2005:
Psychological adjustment of stereotactic breast biopsy instrumentation procedures: about 73 cases

Wootten, A.C.; Burney, S.; Foroudi, F.; Frydenberg, M.; Coleman, G.; Ng, K.T., 2007:
Psychological adjustment of survivors of localised prostate cancer: investigating the role of dyadic adjustment, cognitive appraisal and coping style

Psychological adjustment patterns of the disabled

Atherton, R.; Robertson, N., 2006:
Psychological adjustment to lower limb amputation amongst prosthesis users

Boyle, D.A., 2003:
Psychological adjustment to the melanoma experience

Klock, S.C., 2004:
Psychological adjustment to twins after infertility

Absetz, P.; Aro, A.R., 2004:
Psychological advantages and disadvantages of mammography screenings

deVeber, L.L.; Gentles, I., 2005:
Psychological aftermath of abortion

KOTSOVSKY, D., 1950:
Psychological aging and its prevention

POROT, M., 1958:
Psychological allergy to the events in Algeria

KUPPERS, E., 1953:
Psychological analysis in the neurological service with a contribution to the theory of the reflexes

Psychological analysis of 200 children with cerebrospinal tuberculous meningitis

Psychological analysis of Dr. Martin Luther's personality

HEGE, M.; BISCHOF, D., 1963:
Psychological analysis of an infant and child care home

GSODAM, B., 1953:
Psychological analysis of behavior in children in hospitals

BODA, F.M.; MESTER, Z., 1961:
Psychological analysis of biographical data of 83 biliary patients

FAVRE, A., 1953:
Psychological analysis of certain motor symptoms

Makara-Studzińska, M.; Lewandowska-Stanek, H.; Jeleniewska, B., 2003:
Psychological analysis of family situation of youthful suicide

Bolz, W., 2003:
Psychological analysis of the Sri Lankan conflict culture with special reference to the high suicide rate

Psychological analysis of the personality of John Calvin

Bruehl, S.; Chung, O.Yung., 2006:
Psychological and behavioral aspects of complex regional pain syndrome management

Stice, E.; Presnell, K.; Shaw, H.; Rohde, P., 2005:
Psychological and behavioral risk factors for obesity onset in adolescent girls: a prospective study

Williams, D.A., 2003:
Psychological and behavioural therapies in fibromyalgia and related syndromes

Harville, E.W.; Savitz, D.A.; Dole, N.; Thorp, J.M.; Herring, A.H., 2007:
Psychological and biological markers of stress and bacterial vaginosis in pregnant women

KATSCH, G., 1955:
Psychological and chemical allergy in asthma

LAIRY, G.C.; NETCHINE, S., 1960:
Psychological and clinical significance of the spatial organization of the EEG in the child

Karsdorp, P.A.; Everaerd, W.; Kindt, M.; Mulder, B.J.M., 2006:
Psychological and cognitive functioning in children and adolescents with congenital heart disease: a meta-analysis

Heymen, S., 2004:
Psychological and cognitive variables affecting treatment outcomes for urinary and fecal incontinence

Psychological and coital factors in male sterility

FOWLER, E.P.; APPELL, W., 1956:
Psychological and constitutional factors in otosclerosis and Menière's disease

Lasch, K.; Lynch, N.Timothy.; Rutherford, K.; Sherman, C.; Webster, D., 2006:
Psychological and cultural influences on pain and recovery from landmine injury

Psychological and cultural problems in mental subnormality: a review of research

TEIRICH, 1952:
Psychological and drug therapy of alcoholism

TULKIN, I., 1957:
Psychological and economic aspects of the fee for dental service

WINTHROP, H., 1956:
Psychological and economic factors governing the industrial utilization of the mentally defective learner

Burker, E.J.; Sedway, J.; Carone, S., 2004:
Psychological and educational factors: better predictors of work status than FEV1 in adults with cystic fibrosis

KERN, E.N., 1956:
Psychological and emotional aspects of diseased or injured persons

BEST, A.A.; HELLMAN, L.I., 1960:
Psychological and emotional effect of cosmetic surgery

Psychological and endocrine factors in aging

Smith, K.B.; Chambers, C.T., 2006:
Psychological and family functioning among children of parents with recurrent headaches

Szyndler, J.E.; Towns, S.J.; van Asperen, P.P.; McKay, K.O., 2005:
Psychological and family functioning and quality of life in adolescents with cystic fibrosis

Pinto, B.M.; Clark, M.M.; Maruyama, N.C.; Feder, S.I., 2003:
Psychological and fitness changes associated with exercise participation among women with breast cancer

Carragee, E.J., 2003:
Psychological and functional profiles in select subjects with low back pain

Bukhtoiarov, O.V.; Kozhevnikov, V.S.; Shishkov, A.A.; Seledtsov, V.I.; Kozlov, V.A., 2006:
Psychological and immunological defenses in cancer--the two aspects of one problem

Rosen, R.; Janssen, E.; Wiegel, M.; Bancroft, J.; Althof, S.; Wincze, J.; Segraves, R.Taylor.; Barlow, D., 2006:
Psychological and interpersonal correlates in men with erectile dysfunction and their partners: a pilot study of treatment outcome with sildenafil

Psychological and medical interpretation of children's drawings

SPEDA, G., 1951:
Psychological and medical training in German schools for social welfare workers

Psychological and medicolegal considerations on toxicomania

LOECKLE, W.E., 1961:
Psychological and mental factors in cancer

Polyakova, S.A.; Pacquiao, D.F., 2006:
Psychological and mental illness among elder immigrants from the former Soviet Union

BIOT, R., 1955:
Psychological and moral education of a physician

CHENE, P., 1962:
Psychological and moral problems in cancer patients

MOREL-FATIO, D., 1961:
Psychological and morphological problems in esthetic surgery of the face

MOREL-FATIO, D., 1962:
Psychological and morphological problems of esthetic surgery of the face

Branca, B.; Lake, A.E., 2004:
Psychological and neuropsychological integration in multidisciplinary pain management after TBI

Béquet, D.; Taillia, Hé.; Clervoy, P.; Renard, J-Luc.; Flocard, Fédéric., 2003:
Psychological and neuropsychological problems in multiple sclerosis

PICHE, G., 1956:
Psychological and pharmacological consideration of preanesthesia in children

GERSTMANN, J., 1958:
Psychological and phenomenological aspects of disorders. of the body image

Helgeson, V.S.; Snyder, P.; Seltman, H., 2004:
Psychological and physical adjustment to breast cancer over 4 years: identifying distinct trajectories of change

Erol, A.; Toprak, G.; Yazici, F., 2006:
Psychological and physical correlates of disordered eating in male and female Turkish college students

Thompson, J., 2006:
Psychological and physical etiologies of heart palpitations

MEYER, E.; CROTHERS, B., 1953:
Psychological and physical evaluation of patients with cerebral palsy studied for periods of ten years or more

Weidner, K.; Einsle, F.; Siedentopf, F.; Stöbel-Richter, Y.; Distler, W.; Joraschky, P., 2007:
Psychological and physical factors influencing the health-related quality of life of patients of a department of gynecology in a university hospital

Vaughn, A.A.; Roesch, S.C., 2003:
Psychological and physical health correlates of coping in minority adolescents

Wang, J.; Wang, A-Wen.; Zou, Y-Zhuang.; Cao, L-Yuan.; Huang, W-Hui.; Huang, C.; Jin, R-Hua., 2005:
Psychological and physical presentations of severe acute respiratory syndrome

Forte, T.; Cohen, M.M.; Du Mont, J.; Hyman, I.; Romans, S., 2005:
Psychological and physical sequelae of intimate partner violence among women with limitations in their activities of daily living

McKee-Ryan, F.; Song, Z.; Wanberg, C.R.; Kinicki, A.J., 2005:
Psychological and physical well-being during unemployment: a meta-analytic study

Psychological and physiological alarm: the independence of the reaction time in relation to the presence or the blocking of the alpha rhythm

Travis, F.; Arenander, A.; DuBois, D., 2004:
Psychological and physiological characteristics of a proposed object-referral/self-referral continuum of self-awareness

Psychological and physiological responses to continuous epinephrine infusion--an approach to the study of the affect, anxiety

Gennaro, S.; Hennessy, M.Dawn., 2003:
Psychological and physiological stress: impact on preterm birth

Aleksandrovskiĭ, I.A.; Romasenko, L.V., 2004:
Psychological and psychiatric approaches to the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases

LJUNGBERG, L., 1953:
Psychological and psychiatric aspects of U-boat service

Cotterill, J.M.; Welsh, D.A., 1901:
A Short Note on a Case of Multiple Tumours of an Unusual Type

Dick, M-Louise.; Sundin, J., 2003:
Psychological and psychiatric causes of fatigue. Assessment and management

WILSON, H., 1960:
Psychological and psychiatric disturbances in adolescence

Kanas, N., 2004:
Psychological and psychiatric issues in space

SONDEN, T., 1951:
Psychological and psychiatric problems in prison discipline

Havet, V., 2006:
Psychological and psychopathological assessment of the patient with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Bungener, C., 2006:
Psychological and psychopathological evaluation in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Psychological and psychopathological problems posed by the hospitalization of children

STAEHELIN, J.E., 1963:
Psychological and psychopathological remarks in Tacitus' "Annales"

PRUGH, D.G., 1956:
Psychological and psychophysiological aspects of oral activities in childhood

Psychological and psychophysiological factors in motor vehicle accidents; followup study

Olbrich, D., 2003:
Psychological and psychosocial factors in chronic backache. Findings and social medicine consequences

ROUZAUD, M.; LUTIER, J., 1961:
Psychological and psychosocial factors in the rehabilitation of cranial-injured persons

Hepp, U.; Wittmann, L.; Schnyder, U.; Michel, K., 2004:
Psychological and psychosocial interventions after attempted suicide: an overview of treatment studies

Krylov, A.A.; Krylova, G.S., 2003:
Psychological and psychosomatic problems of oncology

Psychological and related characteristics of smokers and nonsmokers

Anderson, M.J.; Marwit, S.J.; Vandenberg, B.; Chibnall, J.T., 2005:
Psychological and religious coping strategies of mothers bereaved by the sudden death of a child

Psychological and sensory rehabilitation of the deafmute

Rodriguez, G.; De Leo, C.; Girtler, N.; Vitali, P.; Grossi, E.; Nobili, F., 2004:
Psychological and social aspects in management of Alzheimer's patients: an inquiry among caregivers

Psychological and social aspects of alcoholism

TYHURST, J.S., 1957:
Psychological and social aspects of civilian disaster

FAIENZA, C., 1958:
Psychological and social aspects of epilepsy in childhood

SILVERMAN, M., 1953:
Psychological and social aspects of psychiatric disorders in the aged

Knardahl, S., 2005:
Psychological and social factors at work: contribution to musculoskeletal disorders and disabilities

Bradbury, E.T.; Simons, W.; Sanders, R., 2006:
Psychological and social factors in reconstructive surgery for hemi-facial palsy

Badoux-Levy, A.; Robin, M.; Lavarde, A-M.; Grygielski, V., 2004:
Psychological and social factors predictive of loneliness: a cognitive and behavioral approach

Ramasamy, R.; Hildebrandt, T.; O'Hea, E.; Patel, M.; Clemow, L.; Freudenberger, R.; Skotzko, C., 2006:
Psychological and social factors that correlate with dyspnea in heart failure

Bélanger, L., 1981:
Psychological and social impact of admission and refusal of the elderly in low-rental housing.

Kingdon, D., 2006:
Psychological and social interventions for schizophrenia

Towey, M.; Bundy, C.; Cordingley, L., 2006:
Psychological and social interventions in the menopause

Psychological and social management of the epileptic patient

Steptoe, A.; Perkins-Porras, L.; Rink, E.; Hilton, S.; Cappuccio, F.P., 2004:
Psychological and social predictors of changes in fruit and vegetable consumption over 12 months following behavioral and nutrition education counseling

Psychological and social problems of old age

Celis-Chacón, C.; Gordillo-Galindo, C.A., 2006:
Psychological and social profile of women with mastectomies due to breast cancer

OSTOJA, A., 1958:
Psychological and social repercussions of Treponema infections; study based on 206 cases of syphilis treated in a decade of professional activity

Labott, S.M.; Johnson, T.P., 2004:
Psychological and social risks of behavioral research

Kopliński, A.; Rudner, R., 2003:
Psychological and sociologic requirements to prepare for anesthesia and surgery of patients with intracranial invasive processes

Flouri, E., 2005:
Psychological and sociological aspects of parenting and their relation to suicidal behavior

HODGDON, L.L., 1963:
Psychological and sociological factors in rural change

Vriezekolk, J.E.; Geenen, R.; Hartkamp, Aé.; Godaert, G.L.R.; Bootsma, H.; Kruize, A.A.; Bijlsma, J.W.J.; Derksen, R.H.W.M., 2005:
Psychological and somatic predictors of perceived and measured ocular dryness of patients with primary Sjögren's syndrome

HUBER, E.G., 1958:
Psychological and somatological studies on children after meningeal tuberculosis

Turner-Cobb, J.M., 2005:
Psychological and stress hormone correlates in early life: a key to HPA-axis dysregulation and normalisation

Merry, S.; McDowell, H.; Hetrick, S.; Bir, J.; Muller, N., 2004:
Psychological and/or educational interventions for the prevention of depression in children and adolescents

Lee, A.G., 1982:
Psychological androgyny and social desirability

VAN DE GEER, J.P., 1957:
Psychological application of the information theory. I

VAN DE GEER, J.P., 1957:
Psychological applications of the information theory. II

FISCHER, L.K., 1953:
Psychological appraisal of the "unattached" preschool child

Rosenblum, O.; Rampenaux, C., 2005:
Psychological approach of young girls in situation of ovarian tissue cryopreservation treated by chemotherapy toxic for gonads

Psychological approach to alcoholism

CEPELAK, J., 1955:
Psychological approach to anamnesis examination

COCK, G.E., 1950:
Psychological approach to childbirth; the midwife's part in teaching the mother

Psychological approach to disease

Karpel, L.; de Gmeline, C., 2004:
Psychological approach to hyperemis gravidarum

JACKSON, N.W., 1950:
Psychological approach to pregnancy and labour

Anonymous, 1957:
Psychological approach to the doctorpatient relationship in chronic disease

Richardson, C.; Adams, N.; Poole, H., 2006:
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