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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 50073

Chapter 50073 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Valenzuela, V.C., 1962:
Public health problems in the Philippines

Maistrakh, K.V.; Pavlov, I.P., 1950:
Public health problems in the light of I. P. Pavlov's theory

Azman, J.; Muzur, A.; Frkovic, V.; Pavletic, H.; Prunk, A.; Skrobonja, A., 2006:
Public health problems in the medieval statutes of Vinodol, Vrbnik and Senj (West Croatia)

Church, R.E., 1953:
Public health problems of an older generation

Toth, S., 1963:
Public health problems of camping, with special reference to the south shore of Lake Balaton, Hungary

Burgess, S.G., 1960:
Public health problems of ionising radiation interpretation and presentation of data

Savacool, J.W., 1957:
Public health problems related to home treatment of tuberculosis

Segura, A.; Larizgoitia, I.; Benavides, F.G.; Gómez, L., 2004:
Public health professionals and professional competences debate

Cosford, P.A.; O'Mahony, M.; Angell, E.; Bickler, G.; Crawshaw, S.; Glencross, J.; Horsley, S.S.; McCloskey, B.; Puleston, R.; Seare, N.; Tobin, M.D., 2006 :
Public health professionals' perceptions toward provision of health protection in England: a survey of expectations of Primary Care Trusts and Health Protection Units in the delivery of health protection

James, G., 1960:
Public health program planning in our present ear

Dahle, U.R., 2004:
Public health programmes: you don't know what you've got till it's gone

Denison, G.A., 1963:
Public health programs and the county medical society

Myers, I.L., 1960:
Public health programs for the aging

Peeples, G.S., 1955:
Public health progress since 1905

Abreu Jasso, G., 1956:
Public health project in Callao, Peru

Dunn, M.J., 2005:
Public health projects leap forward through Healthier Wisconsin Partnership Program

Drechsler, E., 1951:
Public health promotion plans

Hepworth, J., 2003:
Public health psychology: a conceptual and practical framework

Warner, S.B., 1955:
Public health reform and the depression of 1873-1878

Villeneuve, P., 2005:
Public health reform. Law no. 2004-806 of August 9, 2004 relative to public health policy

Pomrinse, S.D., 1958:
Public health reinforces the care of the older patient

Huncal, F., 1962:
Public health report on Bolivar State

Bjerregaard, P., 2004:
Public health research and practice in Greenland

Gomes, R.; Nascimento, E.Ferreira.do., 2006:
Public health research output related to males and health: a bibliographical review

Stritesky, J., 1952:
Public health research plans

Janhsen, K., 2004:
Public health research with statutory health insurance drug data

Mignone, A.Thomas.; Davidson, R., 2004:
Public health response actions and the use of emergency operations centers

Anonymous, 2006:
Public health response to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita--Louisiana, 2005

Anonymous, 2006:
Public health response to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita--United States, 2005

Anonymous, 2005:
Public health response to biological and chemical weapons: WHO guidance

Nolan, P.A.; Vanner, C.; Bandy, U.; Banner, G.; Combs, W.S.; Fulton, J.; Hayes, G.V.; Jones, K.; Marshall, R.J., 2004:
Public health response to bioterrorism with Bacillus anthracis: coordinating public health laboratory, communication, and law enforcement

Dausey, D.J.; Lurie, N.; Diamond, A., 2005:
Public health response to urgent case reports

Anonymous, 2006:
Public health response to varicella outbreaks--United States, 2003-2004

Gupta, R.K.; Zhao, H.; Cooke, M.; Harling, R.; Regan, M.; Bailey, L.; Nguyen-Van-Tam, J.S., 2007:
Public health responses to influenza in care homes: a questionnaire-based study of local Health Protection Units

Anonymous, 1954:
Public health schools

Tuffs, A., 2005:
Public health scientists accused of soft peddling the dangers of passive smoking after taking grants from tobacco related organisations

Lethbridge, J., 2004:
Public health sector unions and deregulation in Europe

Loczenski, B., 2006:
Public health series--15: Hygiene plan: Obligatory and general practice pertinent job fundamentals

Dambrin, L., 1958:
Public health service and atomic dangers

Fischer, H.E., 1960:
Public health service and medical work in Syria

Bruns-Philipps, E.; Pohlabeln, H.; Hoopmann, M.; Reinke, F.; Windorfer, A., 2005:
Public health service as cooperative partner in prevention

Wilder, R.N., 1952:
Public health service clinical center

Smit, W.A., 1956:
Public health service for the natives in South Africa

de BURGH-DALY, M., 1950:
Public health service in Great Britain

Larme, E., 1957:
Public health service in Malmö; its perspectives for the next 10 years

Sheppard, C.G., 1953:
Public health service in Minnesota

Sicault, G., 1950:
Public health service in Morocco: present organization, plans for the future

da PARIS, M.R., 1959:
Public health service in rural villages

Tar, J., 1949:
Public health service in the Derecske district

Sampaio, L.F.; Da Silva, W.B., 1953:
Public health service in yellow fever; epidemic outbreak in Alta Sorocabana, December 1952 to January 1953

Giordano, M.F., 2004 :
Public health service recommendations for the treatment of AIDS

de BURGH DALY, M., 1951:
Public health service. 3. Public health legislation

Phair, J.T.; Brown, W.G.; Nichols, W., 1956:
Public health services and staff requirements

Cluver, F.W., 1956:
Public health services and the tourist

White, R.F.; Merrill, M.H.; Stiles, W.W., 1961:
Public health services at the 1960 Winter Olympics

Btesh, S., 1954:
Public health services in Israel

Cookson, J.S., 1962:
Public health services in Scandinavia

de BURGH DALY, M., 1951:
Public health services; I. organization

Deibert, A.V., 1950:
Public health significance of cancer

Laurentz, F.K., 1958:
Public health significance of psittacosis

Woo, J.; Goggins, W.; Sham, A.; Ho, S.C., 2006:
Public health significance of the frailty index

Scahill, L.; Sukhodolsky, D.G.; Williams, S.K.; Leckman, J.F., 2005 :
Public health significance of tic disorders in children and adolescents

Bermudez, M., 1950:
Public health situation in India

Beijer, A., 2003:
Public health statement for France

Scheele, L.A., 1953:
Public health statesmanship

Macek, O., 1954:
Public health station within an enterprise

Ko, U.R., 1962:
Public health statistics

Dolejsi, V.J., 1959:
Public health statistics in Czechoslovakia

Valois, A.B., 1951:
Public health statistics in Montreal during the first semester of 1951

Josie, G.H., 1954:
Public health statistics in air pollution studies

Hadler, J.L., 2006:
Public health strategies for distribution of influenza vaccine during an influenza pandemic

Gostin, L., 2006:
Public health strategies for pandemic influenza: ethics and the law

Galva, J.E.; Atchison, C.; Levey, S., 2005:
Public health strategy and the police powers of the state

Robinson, P., 2005:
Public health success stories--infectious diseases

Leonardi, M., 2006:
Public health support to policies in the fields of headache. Different ways of producing data and modalities of reading them with the aid of the meta-analytic approach

Cuadrado, J.I.; de Pedro-Cuesta, J.; Ara, J.R.; Cemillán, C.A.; Díaz, M.; Duarte, J.; Fernández, M.D.; Fernandez, O.; García-López, F.; García-Merino, A.; Velasquez, J.M.; Martínez-Matos, J.A.; Palomo, F.; Pardo, J.; Tobías, A., 2004:
Public health surveillance and incidence of adulthood Guillain-Barré syndrome in Spain, 1998-1999: the view from a sentinel network of neurologists

Marshall, L.M.; Howard, R.N.; Sullivan, A.; Ngo, D.L.; Woodward, J.A.; Kohn, M.A., 2004:
Public health surveillance approaches in Oregon's Medicaid population

Desai, J.; Geiss, L.; Mukhtar, Q.; Harwell, T.; Benjamin, S.; Bell, R.; Tierney, E., 2003:
Public health surveillance of diabetes in the United States

de Mateo, S.; Regidor, E., 2003:
Public health surveillance systems: let's not ask for the impossible

Ramírez Fernández, R.; Ordóñez Iriarte, Jé.María., 2005:
Public health surveillance: beyond transmissible diseases

Soler Durall, C.; Vilardell Vinas, F., 1955:
Public health survey of toxoplasmin sensitivity in the inhabitants of Barcelona

Lenaway, D.; Halverson, P.; Sotnikov, S.; Tilson, H.; Corso, L.; Millington, W., 2006:
Public health systems research: setting a national agenda

Scutchfield, F.Douglas.; Patrick, K., 2007:
Public health systems research: the new kid on the block

Anonymous, 1953:
Public health tasks

Sheppard, F., 2018:
ASHRM's commitment to improving diagnosis in health care

Scheele, L.A., 1953:
Public health today the nation's best investment

Robinson, A.J.; Payne, N.; Ward, H., 2006:
Public health training in genitourinary medicine

Diallo, I., 2005:
Public health training in subsaharan Africa: challenges and opportunities

Browne, A.; Barber, C.W.; Stone, D.M.; Meyer, A.L., 2005:
Public health training on the prevention of youth violence and suicide: an overview

Hilleboe, H.E., 1954:
Public health trends in New York State; chronic diseases and disabilities

Anonymous, 2003:
Public health trials

Baldo, J.I.; Diaz Guzman, J.A., 1951:
Public health unit in the tuberculosis campaign

Anonymous, 1952:
Public health units and programs

Anonymous, 1951:
Public health units in Americas

Anonymous, 1952:
Public health units in Chile

Anonymous, 1952:
Public health units in Costa Rica

Anonymous, 1951:
Public health units in Haiti

Anonymous, 1951:
Public health units in Nicaragua

Roux, R., 1951:
Public health units in Panama

Anonymous, 1951:
Public health units in Peru

Pons, J.A., 1952:
Public health units in Puerto Rico

Anonymous, 1951:
Public health units in United States

Anonymous, 1951:
Public health units in Uruguay

Anonymous, 1951:
Public health units in Venezuela

Herrera, L.A.; Gutierrez Oropeza, G.; Mendez, R., 1961 :
Public health veterinary physicians

Anonymous, 2003:
Public health visit in the Republic of China/Taiwan. Medical power apart from WHO

Warin, J.F., 1952:
Public health visits for medical students

Daynard, R.A., 2006:
Public health vs. Philip Morris: is it a zero-sum game?

Huseyin, T.S.; O'Neill, V.M.; Rana, P.S.J.B., 2003:
Public health warning: Pancake Day!

Monnich, H.T., 1953:
Public health week in Ostprignitz county, 22 to 28 March, 1952

Cameron, G.D.W., 1951:
Public health work and the physician

Barbosa, F.A.C., 1953:
Public health work of Timor; its scope and effects

Gebbie, K.; Merrill, J., 2004:
Public health worker competencies for emergency response

Fiserova, M., 1950:
Public health workers in Rýma6rov

Imtiaz, R.; Cassell, G., 2005:
Public health workforce development

Lichtveld, M.Y.; Cioffi, J.P., 2003 :
Public health workforce development: progress, challenges, and opportunities

Gebbie, K.; Merrill, J.; Sanders, L.; Gebbie, E.N.; Chen, D.W., 2006:
Public health workforce enumeration: beware the "quick fix"

Beaglehole, R.; Dal Poz, M.R., 2003:
Public health workforce: challenges and policy issues

Woltring, C.S.; Novick, L.F., 2003:
Public health workforce: infrastructure's keystone

Breu, K., 1954:
Public health x-ray diagnosis of closed pulmonary tuberculosis later proved contagious

Gill, D.G., 1958:
Public health's measuring stick

Marmagas, S.West.; King, L.Rasar.; Chuk, M.G., 2003:
Public health's response to a changed world: September 11, biological terrorism, and the development of an environmental health tracking network

Chute, C.G.; Koo, D., 2004:
Public health, data standards, and vocabulary: crucial infrastructure for reliable public health surveillance

Sondorp, E.; Bornemisza, O., 2005:
Public health, emergencies and the humanitarian impulse

Conybeare, E.T., 1958:
Public health, epidemiology, and preventive medicine

Porter, J.D.H.; Ogden, J.A., 2005:
Public health, ethics, and tuberculosis: is DOTs a breakthrough or inappropriate strategy in the Indian context?

Condon, L.; Hek, G.; Harris, F., 2006:
Public health, health promotion and the health of people in prison

Agarwal, D., 2005:
Public health, human rights and HIV

Nidel, C.T., 2004:
Public health, hypocrisy, and brown-skinned people

Türmen, T.; Clift, C., 2006:
Public health, innovation and intellectual property rights: unfinished business

Greenberg, M.R., 2003:
Public health, law, and local control: destruction of the US chemical weapons stockpile

Merhy, E.E.; Queiroz, M.S., 1993:
Public health, local health units, and the Brazilian health system

Wegman, M.E., 1953:
Public health, nursing and medical social work

Wegman, M.E., 1958:
Public health, nursing, medical social work; annual summary of vital statistics; 1957

Symonds, H., 1954:
Public health, physical and mental

Rüefli, C.; Sager, F., 2004:
Public health, prevention and federalism: insights from the implementation of the federal law on health insurance

Willis, E., 2007:
Public health, private genes: the social context of genetic biotechnologies

Gray, W.C., 1955:
Public health, public relations, and the general practitioner

Sim, F.; Mackie, P., 2003:
Public health, regulation and public protection

Evang, K., 1953:
Public health, social and administrative medicine

Denier, Y., 2006:
Public health, well-being and reciprocity

Campbell, H., 2003:
Public health--a bond between a government and its people. (The health of the people--a responsibility governments cannot choose to ignore). Presidential address to the Ulster Medical Society 10th October 2002

Benetato, G., 1961:
Public health--a problem of national importance

Brieskorn-Zinke, M., 2004:
Public health--abundant in Europe

Miller, M.; Zieliński, A., 2003:
Public health--mission and science

Merrill, M.H., 1961:
Public health--present and future

Schwenk, T.L., 2003:
Public health--the role of family physicians

Mooney, G., 2005:
Public health--virtue ethics versus communitarianism: a response to Wendy Rogers

Poston, R.W., 1954:
Public health-product of community action: how does a community see its needs?

Porterfield, J.D., 1954:
Public health-product of community action: setting our sights for the future

Shneiderman, B.; Preece, J., 2007:
Public health. 911.gov

Gessler, D.; Dye, C.; Farmer, P.; Murray, M.; Navin, T.; Reves, R.; Shinnick, T.; Small, P.M.; Yates, T.; Simpson, G., 2006:
Public health. A National Tuberculosis Archive

Piot, P.; Feachem, R.G.A.; Lee, J-Wook.; Wolfensohn, J.D., 2004:
Public health. A global response to AIDS: lessons learned, next steps

Couzin, J., 2005:
Public health. A heavyweight battle over CDC's obesity forecasts

Burton, D.R.; Desrosiers, R.C.; Doms, R.W.; Feinberg, M.B.; Gallo, R.C.; Hahn, B.; Hoxie, J.A.; Hunter, E.; Korber, B.; Landay, A.; Lederman, M.M.; Lieberman, J.; McCune, J.M.; Moore, J.P.; Nathanson, N.; Picker, L.; Richman, D.; Rinaldo, C.; Stevenson, M.; Watkins, D.I.; Wolinsky, S.M.; Zack, J.A., 2004:
Public health. A sound rationale needed for phase III HIV-1 vaccine trials

Mooney, H.; Gould, M., 2005:
Public health. A weight on PCTs' minds: how to get LDPs into shape on time

Jaafar, D., 2003:
Public health. A well informed traveller, a well insured traveller

Cohen, J., 2003:
Public health. AIDS vaccine still alive as booster after second failure in Thailand

Cohen, J., 2003:
Public health. AIDS vaccine trial produces disappointment and confusion

Stokstad, E., 2004:
Public health. Asthma linked to indoor dampness

Langton, B.M., 1961:
Public health. Auxiliaries in health visiting

Budowle, B.; Schutzer, S.E.; Einseln, A.; Kelley, L.C.; Walsh, A.C.; Smith, J.A.L.; Marrone, B.L.; Robertson, J.; Campos, J., 2003:
Public health. Building microbial forensics as a response to bioterrorism

Fisher, C.B., 2006:
Public health. Clinical trials results databases: unanswered questions

Halloran, M.Elizabeth.; Longini, I.M., 2006:
Public health. Community studies for vaccinating schoolchildren against influenza

Manasse, H.R., 2005:
Public health. Conscientious objection and the pharmacist

Sanchez, P.A.; Swaminathan, M.S., 2005:
Public health. Cutting world hunger in half

Fairchild, A.L., 2006:
Public health. Diabetes and disease surveillance

Loewenberg, S., 2003:
Public health. E.U. starts a chemical reaction

Fairchild, A.L.; Bayer, R., 2004:
Public health. Ethics and the conduct of public health surveillance

Enserink, M., 2005:
Public health. Europe's new disease investigator faces an uphill start

Weiss, G., 2003:
Public health. European Union plans for its own CDC

Casassus, B., 2003:
Public health. French Supreme Court ends tainted blood saga

Cohen, J., 2005:
Public health. Gates Foundation picks winners in Grand Challenges in Global Health

Ginsburg, G.S.; Angrist, M.; Cook-Deegan, R., 2006:
Public health. Genomics and medicine at a crossroads in Chernobyl

Kaiser, J.; Couzin, J.; Gerberding, J., 2006:
Public health. Gerberding defends her transformation of CDC

Varmus, H.; Klausner, R.; Zerhouni, E.; Acharya, T.; Daar, A.S.; Singer, P.A., 2003:
Public health. Grand Challenges in Global Health

Wu, Z.; Sun, X.; Sullivan, S.G.; Detels, R., 2006:
Public health. HIV testing in China

Cohen, J., 2005 :
Public health. HPV's peculiarities, from infection to disease

Cohen, J., 2005:
Public health. High hopes and dilemmas for a cervical cancer vaccine

Paraje, G.; Sadana, R.; Karam, G., 2005:
Public health. Increasing international gaps in health-related publications

Arita, I.; Nakane, M.; Fenner, F., 2006:
Public health. Is polio eradication realistic?

Shepherd, S., 2006:
Public health. Leader of the revolution

Morse, S.S.; Garwin, R.L.; Olsiewski, P.J., 2006:
Public health. Next flu pandemic: what to do until the vaccine arrives?

DoBias, M., 2005:
Public health. Nothing to sneeze at

Enserink, M., 2005:
Public health. Pandemic flu jitters grip Washington

Kaiser, J., 2005:
Public health. Pandemic or not, experts welcome Bush flu plan

Kuiken, T.; Leighton, F.A.; Fouchier, R.A.M.; LeDuc, J.W.; Peiris, J.S.M.; Schudel, A.; Stöhr, K.; Osterhaus, A.D.M.E., 2005:
Public health. Pathogen surveillance in animals

Greenberger, M.D.; Vogelstein, R., 2005:
Public health. Pharmacist refusals: a threat to women's health

Mantone, J., 2005:
Public health. Preparing for the worst

Parashar, U.D.; Glass, R.I., 2006:
Public health. Progress toward rotavirus vaccines

Mann, C.C., 2005:
Public health. Provocative study says obesity may reduce U.S. life expectancy

Ferguson, N.M.; Fraser, C.; Donnelly, C.A.; Ghani, A.C.; Anderson, R.M., 2004:
Public health. Public health risk from the avian H5N1 influenza epidemic

Coplan, P.M.; Mitchnick, M.; Rosenberg, Z.F., 2004:
Public health. Regulatory challenges in microbicide development

Kaiser, J., 2004:
Public health. Reorganization plans roil staff scientists at CDC

Kelly, M., 2005:
Public health. Rhetoric into reality

Vogel, G.; Chan, M., 2006:
Public health. SARS and bird flu veteran to take WHO helm

Edwards, N., 2003:
Public health. Street smart

Bardet, Fçoise., 2006:
Public health. The woman with cats

Little, W., 2005:
Public health. Trail blazers

Davies, J., 2005:
Public health. Trying to quit but never giving up: when will trusts kick the habit?

Petro, J.B.; Relman, D.A., 2003:
Public health. Understanding threats to scientific openness

Garcia-Moreno, C.; Heise, L.; Jansen, H.A.F.M.; Ellsberg, M.; Watts, C., 2005:
Public health. Violence against women

Mooney, H.; Gould, M., 2005:
Public health. What's on the menu...

Jaffe, H., 2004:
Public health. Whatever happened to the U.S. AIDS epidemic?

Emanuel, E.J.; Wertheimer, A., 2006:
Public health. Who should get influenza vaccine when not all can?

Stöhr, K.; Esveld, M., 2004:
Public health. Will vaccines be available for the next influenza pandemic?

Shanholtz, M.I., 1961:
Public health..... registration and statistics

Shanholtz, M.I., 1962:
Public health: Advisory Committee on Radiation Protection

Gray, J., 2003:
Public health: Bush's smallpox vaccination plan

Pierce, S.E., 2005:
Public health: a fellowship in government and community service

Hoskins, R., 2003:
Public health: a new nursing role for community practitioners

Rollins, G., 2007:
Public health: a special case for data standards

Kennedy, E.M., 2007:
Public health: an essential commitment to the nation

Anonymous, 2005:
Public health: are budget shifts the same as budget cuts?

Gebbie, K.M., 2005:
Public health: community and a shared future

Leirner, A.A., 2003:
Public health: developing country perspectives

Shanholtz, M.I., 1954:
Public health: diphtheria

Scanzano, P.; Caracci, G.; Casertano, L.; Splendori, F.; Gillespie, F.; Fara, G.M., 2006:
Public health: from the past toward new frontiers

Biswas, R., 2005:
Public health: is it missing in the health sector reforms agenda?

Treuting, W.L., 1963:
Public health: role and responsibility

Sikandan, A.; Shinomiya, T.; Nagahara, Y., 2018 :
Ashwagandha root extract exerts anti‑inflammatory effects in HaCaT cells by inhibiting the MAPK/NF‑κB pathways and by regulating cytokines

De Wals, P.; Duval, B.; De Serres, G.; Boulianne, N.; Dionne, M., 2003:
Public health: the control of meningococcal disease in Quebec

McKinley, A., 2006:
Public health: tobacco taxes and Internet sales--2005. End of Year Issue Brief

Shanholtz, M.I., 1953:
Public health: tularemia

Mooney, H., 2004:
Public health: when the talking has to stop

Walter, U., 2003:
Public health: where are we?

Koplan, J.P., 2005:
Public health: which road will it take?

McDONAGH, V.P., 1958:
Public health; a great opportunity; a discussion of the Report of the Royal Commission on the Law Relating to Mental Illness and Mental Deficiency, 1954-7

Anderson, G.W., 1952:
Public health; a mandate from the people

Knight, C.P., 1954:
Public health; a retrospect of 50 years

Muntendam, P., 1952:
Public health; address by the Secretary of Public Health

Shanholtz, M.I., 1955:
Public health; influenza

Potrc, J., 1951:
Public health; new trends

Fusté, J.; Séculi, E.; Brugulat, P.; Medina, A.; Juncà, S., 2005:
Public healthcare coverage versus double healthcare coverage: what are the differences?

Toh, H-Chong., 2006:
Public healthcare--welfare, market share or laissez-faire?--a Sentosa Carlsberg skytower view

Ankarberg, P., 2005:
Public hearing about the treatment of depression?

Lundberg, J., 2005:
Public hearing about therapeutic alternatives in mental disease for knowledge dissemination

Weston, H.J., 2003:
Public honour, private shame and HIV: issues affecting sexual health service delivery in London's South Asian communities

Balique, H., 2005:
Public hospital in French-speaking Africa

Lee, F.Chun.Yue.; Wee, W.Keong.; Johan, A., 2005:
Public hospital preparations for SARS outbreak: experience of Alexandra Hospital

Garber, L.O., 1960:
Public hospital spending is limited by law

Boulouis, F., 1960 :
Public hospitals and an urban centralized heating system

Zheng, P.; Faunce, T.; Johnston, K., 2006:
Public hospitals in China: privatisation, the demise of universal health care and the rise of patient-doctor violence

Caillet, Ré., 2005:
Public hospitals, impossible to reform?

Little, S.B., 2003:
Public housing accommodations for individuals with disabilities

Kaplan, B.; Hammond, W., 1961:
Public housing of elderly in Chicago

Arana Soto, S., 1960:
Public housing projects which bear names of physicians

Strauss, W., 1953:
Public hygiene within the framework of medical activities in Israel

Blanton, P.L.; Wade, H.L.; Shires, E.J.Eddy., 2004:
Public image

Quah, S.R., 2006:
Public image and governance of epidemics: comparing HIV/AIDS and SARS

Braceland, F.J., 1963:
Public image of the doctor

Corcoran, M., 2004:
Public images of occupational therapy

Hunter, J.S., 1958:
Public information and education

Vallejo, N., 1963:
Public information and education of the community in drinking-water programs

Nelson, F.C., 1952:
Public information in the Army Medical Service

Schueppert, R., 1962:
Public information on modern quackery in our lay press

Anonymous, 2004:
Public information policy revised to delete reference to standards areas in Quality Report

Amir, O.; Shabtai, E., 2003:
Public information services in the field of communication disorders: comparison between teleservice and E-service

Sawin, G., 2004:
Public institutions in many developing countries gain on-line access to the Administration and Policy in Mental Health journal

Davidoff, A.J.; Yemane, A.; Hill, I., 2005:
Public insurance eligibility and enrollment for special health care needs children

Marquis, M.Susan.; Long, S.H., 2003:
Public insurance expansions and crowd out of private coverage

Anonymous, 2005:
Public insurance, health premium, business tax for physicians... much remains obscured

Gupta, V.; Sharma, V.Kumar., 2018:
Ashy dermatosis, lichen planus pigmentosus and pigmented cosmetic dermatitis: Are we splitting the hair?

Lamacki, W.F., 2005:
Public interest and proprietary concerns

Lenzer, J., 2004:
Public interest group accuses FDA of trying to discredit whistleblower

Switzer, M.E., 1953:
Public interest in recovery

Dourado, H.G., 1959:
Public interest in the survey of nursing

Dame Janet Smith, 2006:
Public interest responsibilities of professionals

Jacobs, P.; Ohinmaa, A.; Golmohammadi, K.; Demeter, S.; Schopflocher, D.; Klarenbach, S., 2006:
Public investment in providing information for chronic disease prevention for adults in Alberta

McCormick, S.; Brody, J.; Brown, P.; Polk, R., 2004:
Public involvement in breast cancer research: an analysis and model for future research

Florin, D.; Dixon, J., 2004:
Public involvement in health care

Craig, A., 2004:
Public involvement in health care: every voice counts, not just that of patients

Anya, I., 2004:
Public involvement in health care: process needs to be transparent and open

Lapsley, P.M., 2004:
Public involvement in health care: public involvement is needed at highest level

Pharow, P.; Blobel, B., 2004:
Public key infrastructures for health

Schomerus, G.; Borsche, J.; Matschinger, H.; Angermeyer, M.C., 2006:
Public knowledge about causes and treatment for schizophrenia: a representative population study

Gonçalves Neto, V.Silva.; Monteiro, S.Gomes.; Gonçalves, A.Guedes.; Rebêlo, Jé.Manuel.Macário., 2006:
Public knowledge and attitudes concerning dengue in the Municipality of São Luís, Maranhão, Brasil, 2004

Schauenburg, H.; Hildebrandt, A., 2006:
Public knowledge and attitudes on organ donation do not differ in Germany and Spain

Sander, S.L.; Miller, B.Kopp., 2005:
Public knowledge and attitudes regarding organ and tissue donation: an analysis of the northwest Ohio community

Al-Haddad, N.M.; Hamadeh, R.R.; Bahram, S.A., 2005:
Public knowledge and attitudes towards passive smoking

Cunningham-Burley, S., 2006:
Public knowledge and public trust

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Publicly reported data on the rise: act now to work that to your advantage

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