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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 50103

Chapter 50103 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Schneider, R.C.; Pantek, H.; Freeman, D.G.; Farris, R.G., 1955:
Radioactive phosphorus in the localization of the brain tumors

Marchal, G., 1952:
Radioactive phosphorus in the treatment of Vaquez' erythremia

Gary-Bobo, J.; Pourquier, H.; Thibaud, E., 1961:
Radioactive phosphorus in the treatment of Vaquez's disease (10 years' experience)

Marchal, G., 1952:
Radioactive phosphorus in the treatment of myeloid leukamias

Erf, L.A., 1956:
Radioactive phosphorus in the treatment of primary polycythemia (vera)

Fauvert, R., 1953:
Radioactive phosphorus in therapeutics and laboratory diagnosis

Erbaugh, J., 1955:
Radioactive phosphorus in tumor diagnosis

Town, A.E., 1952:
Radioactive phosphorus studies in the diagnosis of ocular tumors; a preliminary report

Dauden Valls; Otte, 1952:
Radioactive phosphorus therapy of malignant melanomas

Maaløe, O.; Stent, G.S., 1952:
Radioactive phosphorus tracer studies on the reproduction of T4 bacteriophage. I. Intracellular appearance of phage-like material

Stent, G.S.; Maaløe, O., 1953:
Radioactive phosphorus tracer studies on the reproduction of T4 bacteriophage. II. Kinetics of phosphorus assimilation

Hui, J.I.; Murray, T.G., 2005:
Radioactive plaque therapy

Genaud, P., 1950:
Radioactive poisons

Jammet, H.P., 1961:
Radioactive pollution of the atmosphere

Milone, M., 1958:
Radioactive pollution of the atmosphere and water supplies

Benigno, P., 1950:
Radioactive potassium and isolated frog's heart; influence of the anion of some drugs on the partition of potassium between the organ and Ringer's solution

Benigno, P.; Daudel, P., 1950:
Radioactive potassium and isolated frog's heart; partition of potassium between the organ and Ringer's solution

Selverstone, B.; Sweet, W.H.; Ireton, R.J., 1950:
Radioactive potassium, a new isotope for brain tumor localization

Anonymous, 1955:
Radioactive precipitations caused by the experimental explosion of atomic weapons

Sadikova, N.F.; Skvortsevich, 1956:
Radioactive products of conversion of glycine labeled with radiocarbon in the brain in rat

Vuorinen, P., 1962:
Radioactive radiation and radiation injuries

Dolder, R., 1963:
Radioactive ray injury. On its development, symptomatology, prophylaxis and therapy

Sweetser, T.H.; Pyrris, J., 1963:
Radioactive renograms. Practical values

Tufail, M.; Akhtar, N.; Waqas, M., 2006:
Radioactive rock phosphate: the feed stock of phosphate fertilizers used in Pakistan

Knoche, E., 1950:
Radioactive root fillings

Ceriani, J.A.; Gotta, H.; Obiglio, H., 1962:
Radioactive rose bengal in the functional exploration of the liver

Kinzlmeier, H.; Wolf, F.; Henning, N., 1959:
Radioactive rose bengal testing of liver circulation during muscular exercise and local heat stimulation

de OLIVEIRA, J., 1960:
Radioactive rubidium (Rb-86) as an indicator of blood flow. Experimental study in dogs

Butement, F.D.S., 1951:
Radioactive samarium-145 and promethium-145

Zhang, J-guo.; Zhang, J.; Song, T-li.; Cai, Z-gang.; Sheng, W-jing.; Yu, G-yan., 2006:
Radioactive seed implantation in treatment of oral and maxillofacial malignancy

Cox, C.E.; Furman, B.; Stowell, N.; Ebert, M.; Clark, J.; Dupont, E.; Shons, A.; Berman, C.; Beauchamp, J.; Gardner, M.; Hersch, M.; Venugopal, P.; Szabunio, M.; Cressman, J.; Diaz, N.; Vrcel, V.; Fairclough, R., 2003:
Radioactive seed localization breast biopsy and lumpectomy: can specimen radiographs be eliminated?

Gray, R.J.; Pockaj, B.A.; Karstaedt, P.J.; Roarke, M.C., 2004:
Radioactive seed localization of nonpalpable breast lesions is better than wire localization

Lamberg, B.A.; Berlin, M., 1959:
Radioactive serum protein-bound iodine and thyroid function. Blood protein-bound I 131 and its conversion ratio

Pandey, U.; Sarma, H.Dev.; Ingle, A.Dasrath.; Kulloli, B.Shivalingappa.; Samuel, G.; Venkatesh, M., 2006:
Radioactive skin bandages incorporating 32P for treatment of superficial tumors

SEMPLE, R.; McDONALD, L.; EKINS, R.P., 1951:
Radioactive sodium (Na24) in the measurement of local blood flow

Tubiana, M.; Benda, P.; Constans, J., 1951:
Radioactive sodium Na24 and cerebrospinal fluid; applications to the diagnosis of tuberculous meningitis and spinal cord compression

Read, R.C.; Gilbertsen, S., 1957:
Radioactive sodium chromate and the measurement of red cell and plasma volume in man

Reinhard, J.J.; Dituri, E., 1954:
Radioactive sodium clearance as a measurement of efficacy of sympathectomy in peripheral arterial insufficiency

Pijck, J., 1962:
Radioactive sodium iodide solution (NaI-131). Examination of purity--note

Eichler, O.; Linder, F.; Schmeiser, K., 1951:
Radioactive sodium tracing of cerebro spinal fluid formation in the lumbar region

Walton, R.J.; Sinclair, W.K., 1952:
Radioactive solutions (24 Na and 82Br) in the treatment of carcinoma of the bladder

Kahleis, H., 1954:
Radioactive springs and gases

Fortin, M.A.; Paynter, R.W.; Sarkissian, A.; Stansfield, B.L., 2006:
Radioactive sputter cathodes for 32P plasma-based ion implantation

Paneth, F.A., 1950:
Radioactive standards and units

Aten, A.H., 1954:
Radioactive standards in the Netherlands

Hehrlein, C., 2004:
Radioactive stents: still in memory?

Weise, H.J.; Schwarz, E., 1956:
Radioactive strontium and its appropriateness for surface beta irradiation

Voutilainen, A., 1959:
Radioactive strontium in ophthalmic treatment

Guerin, R.A.; Guerin, M.T., 1960:
Radioactive strontium in osseous pathology

Genaud, 1957:
Radioactive strontium or from the bomb to the bone

Wilson, F.M.; Wilson, J.W., 1952:
Radioactive strontium therapy of the eye, corneal biostandardization and evaluation of an applicator for use in ophthalmology

Labaw, L.W.; Mosley, V.M.; Wyckoff, R.W.G., 1950:
Radioactive studies of the phosphorus metabolism of T2r bacteriophage with Escherichia coli

Scheminzky, F., 1960:
Radioactive substances in balneology

Unnerus, C.E., 1962:
Radioactive substances in the body and their distribution

Michon, R.; Genaud, P., 1958:
Radioactive substances: their use in industry; danger & prevention

Odeblad, E., 1952:
Radioactive sulfate uptake in the thyroid colloid

Schreier, K.; Lesoine, W., 1957:
Radioactive sulfur methionine metabolism in rats after a surgical intervention

Agren, E., 1958:
Radioactive sulphur as benzidine sulphate; a methodological study with special reference to S35-labelled penicillin in oral surgery

Xu, R-yi.; Zhao, Y-qiang., 2004:
Radioactive synoviorthesis for the treatment of chronic haemophilic synovitis

Wallace, D.M.; Stapleton, J.E.; Turner, R.C., 1952:
Radioactive tantalum wire implantation as a method of treatment for early carcinoma of the bladder

Blocker, T.G.; Levin, W.C.; Snyder, C.C.; Lewis, S.R.; Hurst, W.R., 1953:
Radioactive techniques in the study of protein metabolism of severe burn patients. I. Studies with radioactive iodinated human serum albumin

Chapman, E.M., 1959:
Radioactive therapy for heart disease

Suessbrich, F., 1962:
Radioactive therapy with baths, inhalations and mineral waters

Teixeira, L., 1953:
Radioactive thermal springs in Caldas Novas

Tenzel, W.V.; Skwerer, A.P.; Felshman, R., 1962:
Radioactive thiiodothyronine evaluation of thyroid function in pregnancy

Endres, H.J.; Scheer, K.E., 1959:
Radioactive threads and their uses in dermatology

John, E.R., 1956:
Radioactive tracer exchange in functional brain mapping

Belcher, E.H.; Harriss, E.B., 1956:
Radioactive tracer investigations of red cell survival in the rat

Belcher, E.H.; Simpson, S.M., 1960:
Radioactive tracer studies of red cell destruction in rats bearing a transplantable tumour

Belcher, E.H., 1959:
Radioactive tracer studies of red cell survival in rats bearing a transplantable tumour

Belcher, E.H., 1958:
Radioactive tracer studies of red cell survival in tumour bearing rats

Terekhina, A.A., 1957:
Radioactive tracer study of phosphorus metabolism in fractured bones

Belcher, E.H., 1959:
Radioactive tracer techniques in medical diagnosis and research

Krevans, J.R.; Conley, C.L.; Sachs, M.V., 1956:
Radioactive tracer tests for the recognition and identification of vitamin B12 deficiency states

Foley, W.T.; Giguere, P.A., 1951:
Radioactive tracers in solid solution investigations

Rachinskii, V.V., 1951:
Radioactive tracers in the investigation of plant life

Lamarque, P.; Thibaud, E.; Pages, A.; Gary-Bobo, J., 1954:
Radioactive tracing of metastases of thyroid cancer

Enders, J.W., 1960:
Radioactive trash disposal at Los Alamos

Auzepy, P., 1960:
Radioactive vitamin B 12 in clinical biology: the B 12-labeled test

Anonymous, 1958:
Radioactive vitamin B12 and the diagnosis of neurologic disorders

Anonymous, 1957:
Radioactive vitamin B12 in diagnosis of neurological processes

Grasbeck, R., 1960:
Radioactive vitamin B12 in the diagnosis and pathophysiological analysis of vitamin B12 deficiencies

Emberger, J.M.; Pourquier, H.; Minvielle, J.; Morenocalcena, R.; Soubielle, A., 1960:
Radioactive vitamin B12 in the diagnosis of Biermer-like anemias

Glass, G.B.J., 1958:
Radioactive vitamin B12 in the liver. III. Hepatic storage and discharge of Co60B12 in pernicious anemia

Mollin, D.L., 1959:
Radioactive vitamin B12 in the study of blood diseases

Kaul, S.; Rao, D.N.; Krishnan, N.R., 1959:
Radioactive vitamin B12 urinary excretion in anemia: normal values and their modification in disease

Cember, H., 1956:
Radioactive waste disposal for the small isotope user

Marović, G.; Sencar, J.; Bronzović, M.; Franić, Z.; Kovac, J., 2006:
Radioactive waste due to electric power and mineral fertiliser production

Marei, A.N., 1956:
Radioactive wastes and public health problems

Zezula, J., 1957:
Radioactive water in reactors; their deactivation and removal

Labbe, R.F.; Thomas, R.C.; Cheldelin, V.H.; Christensen, B.E.; Wang, C.H., 1952:
Radioactive yeast fractions derived from C14 labeled pyruvate and acetate

Einhorn, J.; Larsson, L.G.; Ragnhult, I., 1955:
Radioactive yttrium (Y90) as a possible adjunct in the treatment of papillomatosis of the urinary bladder

Scheer, K.E., 1956:
Radioactive yttrium as a radiation source for intraperitoneal and intrapleural application

Thors, R., 1959:
Radioactive zinc and copper in the diagnostic study of pancreatic and liver diseases

Prout, G.R.; Sierp, M.; Whitmore, W.F., 1959:
Radioactive zinc in the prostate; some factors influencing concentrations in dogs and men

Ogborn, R.E.; Waggener, R.E.; Vanhove, E., 1960:
Radioactive-iodine concentration in thyroid glands of newborn infants

Mcgirr, E.M.; Hutchison, J.H., 1953:
Radioactive-iodine studies in non-endemic goitrous cretinism

Pleiss, U., 2005:
Radioactive-labeled pharmaceutical agents

Hofmann-Credner, D., 1956:
Radioactive-ray-proof infusion apparatus for radioactive solutions in therapeutic doses

Althaus, G.; Knedel, M.; Schmidt, J.G.; Wolff, H.P., 1956:
Radioactive-zinc studies of zinc binding by blood proteins

Unger, H., 1959:
Radioactivity & water

Livingston, M.S.; Henderson, M.C.; Lawrence, E.O., 1934:
Radioactivity Artificially Induced by Neutron Bombardment

Meissner, J., 1965:
Radioactivity Distribution and the Tuberculin Test After Application of P32-Labelled Bcg on Guinea Pigs and Mice

Mudd, J.B.; Mcmanus, T.T., 1965:
Radioactivity in California Surface Waters, January-June 1964

Mudd, J.B.; Mcmanus, T.T., 1965:
Radioactivity in Kentucky Waters, May 1963-June 1964

Nicholas, D.J., 1963:
Radioactivity in man

Taylor, G., 1963:
Radioactivity in Milk and Bone

Anderson, R.A.; Pfeifer, V.F., 1965:
Radioactivity in Minnesota Municipal Water Supplies, July-December 1964

Mooney, R.R.; Hildebrandt, P.W., 1964:
Radioactivity in Washington Surface Water, July 1962-June 1963

Story, A.H.; Gloyna, E.F., 1963:
Radioactivity Transport in Water - Environmental Behavior of Nitrosylruthenium. Techn Rep 3, Oro-T20

Patterson, C.C.; Gloyna, E.F., 1963:
Radioactivity Transport in Water. the Dispersion of Radionuclides in Open Channel Flow. Techn Rep 2, Oro-619

Besson, A.; Pelletier, J., 1956:
Radioactivity and air pollutions

Kahleis, 1953:
Radioactivity and balneology

Pinto, J.T., 1961:
Radioactivity and isotopometry

Genaud, 1960:
Radioactivity and the health service

Sears, T.P., 1957:
Radioactivity and the rationale of radioisotopes

Bonessa, C., 1953:
Radioactivity as a climatic factor. I. Histological study of the thyroid

Bonessa, C.; Marzoli, G., 1955:
Radioactivity as climatic factor. II. Study on the thyroid of the Bufo vulgaris tadpole

Drigo, A., 1959:
Radioactivity as factor of the biological environment

Piedrola Gil, G., 1956:
Radioactivity as problem of public health and defense of civil populations

Carlos, Dísio.Uendro.; Ribeiro, F.Brenha.; Saad, A.Roberto.; Nicolai, S.Helena.de.Araújo., 2003:
Radioactivity distribution in some Permian sediments from the Iratí and Corumbataí Formations of the Paraná Basin, Southeastern Brazil

Cofield, R.E., 1962:
Radioactivity distributions in the metallurgical processing of thorium

Kim, H.; Lee, H-Seock.; Hong, S.; Kim, M.; Chung, C.; Kim, C., 2006:
Radioactivity evaluation for the KSTAR tokamak

Blok, J., 1962:
Radioactivity following nuclear weapon testing

Torres, A.; Tovar, Mía.; Malpica, O.; Eblen-Zajjur, A., 2003:
Radioactivity for 137Cs, 125I, 131I, 59Fe, y 57Co windows from foods included in the basic alimentary basket and in the water, consumed in the state of Carabobo, Venezuela

Foreman, H.; Roberts, M.B.; Lilly, E.H., 1961:
Radioactivity in Cervidae antlers

Joliot-Curie, I., 1950:
Radioactivity in France

Roy, S.; Alam, M.S.; Begum, M.; Alam, B., 2005:
Radioactivity in building materials used in and around Dhaka city

Wånggren, K.; Lundberg, S.; Lundberg, H.Jerker.; Asard, P.Erik.; Wramsby, Håkan., 2003:
Radioactivity in cervical mucus after intraperitoneal deposition of Tc-99m labelled albumin particles before and after sterilisation

Allott, R., 2003:
Radioactivity in food and the environment: calculations of UK radiation doses using integrated methods

Comar, C.L., 1959:
Radioactivity in foods

Comar, C.L., 1963:
Radioactivity in foods. Is action needed?

de TEL, A., 1962:
Radioactivity in industry

el-Dine, N.Walley.; Sroor, A.; el-Shershaby, A.; el-Bahi, S.M.; Ahmed, F., 2003:
Radioactivity in local and imported kaolin types used in Egypt

Spiers, F.W., 1956:
Radioactivity in man and his environment

Krebs, A.T., 1961:
Radioactivity in man, beast, and food

Marinello, Z., 1951:
Radioactivity in medicine

Zoilo Marinello, 1951:
Radioactivity in medicine; physical principles and practical application

Marinello, Z., 1951:
Radioactivity in medicine; physical principles and practical applications

Marinello, Z., 1951:
Radioactivity in medicine; physics and practical applications

Boddy, K., 1961:
Radioactivity in rainfall during September 1961 following the Russian nuclear-weapons tests of September 1961

Weaver, L.; Hoadley, A.W.; Baker, S., 1963:
Radioactivity in surface waters of the United States, 1957-1962

Peng, Z.; Liu, C.; Zhang, L.; Li, W.; Hu, W.; Ma, S.; Xia, Q., 2018:
A Simple Method for the Cross-Section Area Determination of Single Profiled Fibers and Its Application

Strand, P.; Børretzen, P., 2004:
Radioactivity in the environment - the International Conference in Monaco, 1-5 September, 2002

Baldwin, G.C.; Clark, L.B., 1953:
Radioactivity induced in yeast by 100 Mev x-radiation

Xinwei, L., 2004:
Radioactivity level in Chinese building ceramic tile

Sofilić, T.; Marjanović, T.; Rastovcan-Mioc, A., 2006:
Radioactivity monitoring of steel processing in Croatian steel mills and foundries

Anderson, E.C., 1958:
Radioactivity of people and milk: 1957

Zhao, X.; Cai, W.; Zhao, L., 2003:
Radioactivity of phosphorus implanted TiNi alloy

Dupre La Tour, F., 1952:
Radioactivity of some springs in Trans-Jordan

DUPRE La TOUR, F., 1951:
Radioactivity of springs; physical and therapeutic considerations; radioactivity of springs in Lebanon and in Syria

Rowe, M.W.; Van Dilla, M.A.; Anderson, E.C., 1961:
Radioactivity of tektites

Bikit, I.; Varga, E.; Conkić, L.; Slivka, J.; Mrda, D.; Curcić, S.; Zikić-Todorović, N.; Vesković, M., 2005:
Radioactivity of the Bega sediment-case study of a contaminated canal

Zarkovic, G.; Custovic, F.; Petrovic, Z., 1960:
Radioactivity of the air and rain measured during 15 months in 1958 and 1959 in Serajevo

Belousov, A.Z.; Novikov, I.V.; Oreshko, V.F.; Polivoda, B.I., 1958:
Radioactivity of the air conditioned by aerosols

Cigna, A.; Dominici, G.; Malvicini, A.; Vido, L., 1961:
Radioactivity of the fission products of the fallout collected after the French nuclear explosion in the Sahara

Spiers, F.W.; Burch, P.R., 1957:
Radioactivity of the human body

Joyet, G., 1952:
Radioactivity of tissue induced by betatron irradiation

Spiers, F.W.; Passey, R.D., 1953:
Radioactivity of tobacco and lung cancer

Schloesser, L.L.; Korst, D.R.; Clatanoff, D.V.; Schilling, R.F., 1957:
Radioactivity over the spleen and liver following the transfusion of chromium51-labelled erythrocytes in hemolytic anemia

Wang, D-Geng.; Liu, W-Ying.; Chen, G-Tong., 2013:
A simple method for the isolation and purification of resveratrol from Polygonum cuspidatum

Morota, S.; Koizumi, M.; Koyama, M.; Sugihara, T.; Tada, K-I.; Miyagi, Y.; Nishimura, S-I.; Makita, M.; Iwase, T.; Yoshimoto, M.; Kasumi, F., 2006:
Radioactivity thresholds for sentinel node biopsy in breast cancer

Placco, R.A., 1963:
Radioactivity, Isotopes and Cancer

Genaud, 1958:
Radioactivity, women and children

Ogden, H.W., 1961:
Radioactivity. II

Ogden, H.W., 1962:
Radioactivity. III

Howland, J.W., 1956:
Radioactivity: injury and recovery from ionizing radiation exposure

Evang, K., 1957:
Radioactivity; a modified appraisal

Lorenz, E.; Congdon, C.C., 1954:
Radioactivity; biologic effects of ionizing radiations

De Waard, R.H., 1957:
Radioactivity; theoretic bases & survey of its medical applications

Zhestianikov, V.D.; Savel'eva, G.E.; Ziganshina, E.Kh., 2003:
Radioadaptive enhancement of the repair of UV-induced postreplication gaps in Escherichia coli cells deficient in DNA repair

Padua, R.; Ceccarelli, E.; Pitra, L.; De Santis, V.; Aulisa, L., 2004:
Radioaerosol lung scintigraphy in idiopathic scoliosis

Kokubu, M.; Oda, K.; Shinya, N., 1989:
Radioallergosorbent test (RAST) for specific IgE antibody to lidocaine, procaine and methylparaben

Pospula, W.; Abu Al Noor, T.; Roshdy, T.; Al Rowaih, A., 2004 :
Radioanatomical measurements of the medullary cavity of the humerus in Kuwait: ethnic differences and clinical implications for fracture fixation

Rescigno, B.; Tritto, C.; Carratu, L.; Difilippo, A.; Tesauro, P., 1965:
Radioangiopneumography (Problems of Technic, Limits of Information, Prospectives of Study)

Kaminski, M.S., 2004:
Radioantibodies: where do they fit in?

Mealey, J.; Brownell, G.L.; Sweet, W.H., 1959:
Radioarsenic in plasma, urine, normal tissues, and intracranial neoplasms; distribution and turnover after intravenous injection in man

Rothenberg, S.P., 1963:
Radioassay of Serum Vitamin B12 by Quantitating the Competition Between Co57b12 and Unlabeled B12 for the Binding Sites of Intrinsic Factor

Snyder, F., 1964:
Radioassay of Thin-Layer Chromatograms: a High-Resolution Zonal Scraper for Quantitative C14 and H3 Scanning of Thin-Layer Chromatograms

Schink, B.; Lupton, F.S.; Zeikus, J.G., 1983:
Radioassay for hydrogenase activity in viable cells and documentation of aerobic hydrogen-consuming bacteria living in extreme environments

Lesch, R.; Schiessle, W.; Oehlert, W., 1964:
Radioautogenic Studies on Dna Synthesis in Human Excision Material from the Bronchial Tree

Otsuka, J.; Arai, Y.; Jo, S., 1956:
Radioautograph of malignancy of the gastrointestinal tract

Fainshtein, F.E.; Kozinets, G.I.; Kazanova, L.I., 1963:
Radioautographic and Cytochemical Investigation of Hemopoietic Cells in Patients with Aplastic and Hypoplastic Anemias

Perch, G.A.; Rabinowitz, J.L.; Bogash, M., 1965:
Radioautographic Detection of Carcinoma of the Prostate

Gracheva, N.D., 1964:
Radioautographic Detection Of Labelled Ribonucleic Acid In Central And Peripheral Regions Of The Nervous System Following H3-Uridine And C14-Adenine Administration To White Rats

Tucker, K.R.; Ansell, J.S., 1964:
Radioautographic Localization of Estrogen in the Hamster Kidney

Rumiantsev, P.P., 1964:
Radioautographic Research on Dna Synthesis and Nucleus Division in Embryonal and Postnatal Histogenesis of the Myocardium

Pilgrim, C.; Maurer, W., 1965:
Radioautographic Research on the Duration of the Dna Synthesis Phase in Mouse and Rat Cells by Double Labelling with H3- and C-14-Thymidine

Stenram, U., 1964:
Radioautographic Rna And Protein Labeling And The Nucleolar Volume In Rats Following Administration Of Moderate Doses Of Actinomycin D

Everett, N.B.; Caffrey, R.W.; Rieke, W.O., 1964:
Radioautographic Studies of the Effect of Irradiation on the Long-Lived Lymphocyte of the Rat

Richie, R.E.; Younger, R.; Scott, H.W.; Stephenson, S.E., 1963:
Radioautographic Studies of the Proliferative Phase of Primate Atherogenesis

Roth, E.; Noltenius, H.; Oehlert, W., 1963:
Radioautographic Studies on Dna Synthesis and on the Sulfate Incorporation into Tissue Mast Cells

Machemer, R.; Oehlert, W., 1964 :
Radioautographic Studies on Physiological Cell Metabolism and the Increased new Cell Growth in the Adrenal Gland of the Adult Rat After Acth Administration

Mueller, D., 1963:
Radioautographic Studies On Renal Protein Metabolism Following Nephrectomy In Rats

Hinrichsen, K., 1964:
Radioautographic Studies on the Distribution of Mitosis in the Mouse Lymphatic Organs

Pal, I.; Nagy, J.; Gyoergyi, S., 1964:
Radioautographic Studies on the Distribution of S-35-Methionine

Stoecker, E., 1964:
Radioautographic Studies on the Effect of Thioacetamide on the Cellular Protein and Nucleic Acid Metabolism in Rat Liver Cells

Powell, G.M.; Lloyd, A.G.; Large, P.J.; Dodgson, K.S., 1964:
Radioautographic Studies on the Metabolism of D-Glucose-6-O-(S35)-Sulphate in the Mouse

Iordanskii, A.B., 1964:
Radioautographic Studies on the Production of Chromosomes in Vicia Faba

Backmann, R., 1963:
Radioautographic Studies on the Uptake of H 3-Actinomycin by Mouse Ascites Tumor Cells

Kosunen, T.U.; Waksman, B.H.; Samuelsson, I.K., 1963:
Radioautographic Study of Cellular Mechanisms in Delayed Hypersensitivity. Ii. Experimental Allergic Encephalomyelitis in the Rat

Gracheva, N.D., 1964:
Radioautographic Study of Glycine-C-14 Incorporation in Certain Parts of the Nervous System of the White Rat

Devitry, F., 1963:
Radioautographic Study of H3-5-Methylcytosine Incorporation in Acetabularia Mediterranea

Bogdanov, I.F.; Iordanskii, A.B., 1964:
Radioautographic Study of Nuclei of Root Meristem of Germinating Pea Seeds Using Thymidine H3

Mortreuil-Langlois, M., 1963:
Radioautographic Study of Protein Secretion in the Orthopteran Blabera Fusca Br

Deminatti, M., 1964:
Radioautographic Study of the Adenohypophysis After H3-Acetate Administration in Carassius Auratus

Benazet, F.; Bourat, G., 1965:
Radioautographic Study of the Distribution of the I-A Constituent of Pristinamycin (Rp 7.293) in the Mouse

Devitry, F., 1964:
Radioautographic Study of the Effects of 5-Fluorodeoxyuridine, Actinomycin and Puromycin in Acetabularia Mediteranea

Epifanova, O.I.; Smolenskaia, I.N., 1963:
Radioautographic Study of the Inhibitory Action of Repeated Injections of Estrone on Cell Division in Mouse Uterine Epthelium

Gracheva, N.D., 1964:
Radioautographic Study Using H3-Thymidine Of Dna Synthesis In The Liver Cell Elements Of White Rats After Total-Body X-Irradiation

Sabnis, D.D.; Hirshberg, G.; Jacobs, W.P., 1969:
Radioautographic analysis of the distribution of label from h-indoleacetic Acid supplied to isolated coleus internodes

Foldi, M.; Kallee, E., 1957:
Radioautographic examination of the lymphatic vessels of the thyroid gland

Chekulaeva, L.I., 1959:
Radioautographic investigation of age characteristics of physiological regeneration of the epidermis and hair

Karpishka, I.; Leblond, C.P.; Carneiro, J., 1959:
Radioautographic investigation of the uptake of labelled methionines by the dentine and enamel matrix of growing teeth

Scheer, K.E., 1952:
Radioautographic investigation of thorium X deposition in the organism

Solopaeva, I.M., 1959:
Radioautographic investigations on certain experimental tumors

Lamperi, S.; Cambiaggi, G., 1960:
Radioautographic localization of albumin in rat renal tissue

Schwartz, I.L.; Cronkite, E.P.; Johnson, H.A.; Silver, L.; Tenzer, D.; Debons, A.F., 1961:
Radioautographic localization of the "satiety center"

Khudadov, G.D., 1959:
Radioautographic method of detection of insects and ticks labeled by radioactive isotopes

Chodynicki, S.; Gutsze, L., 1962:
Radioautographic picture of the thyroid in castrated mice

Mancini, R.E.; Brandes, D., 1956:
Radioautographic research on the incorporation of radioactive sulfur by mucopolysaccharides of cock's comb

Koburg, E., 1961:
Radioautographic research on the protein metabolism of cartilage and bone cells

O'steen, W.K.; Walker, B.E., 1960:
Radioautographic studies of regeneration in the common newt. 1. Physiological regeneration

Davies, D.V.; Young, L., 1954:
Radioautographic studies of the digestive tracts of rats injected with inorganic sulphate labelled with sulphur-35

Solopaeva, I.M., 1958:
Radioautographic studies on rat sarcoma during sarcolysin therapy

Zhinkin, L.N.; Zavarzin, A.A., 1960:
Radioautographic studies on the incorporation of sodium sulfate and radioactive sulfur from mercamine and methionine

Cottier, H.; Odartchenko, N.; Feinendegen, L.E.; Keiser, G.; Bond, V.P., 1963:
Radioautographic studies on the nuclear extrustion of erythroblasts after in vivo labelling with thymidine-H3

O'steen, W.K.; Walker, B.E., 1962:
Radioautographic studies or regeneration in the common newt. III. Regeneration and repair of the intestine

Stenram, U., 1962:
Radioautographic studies with methionine-3H and cytidine-3H in protein-fed, protein-deprived and starved rats

Ramfjord, S.; Burgess, J.; Hiniker, J.J., 1957:
Radioautographic study of P32 and Ca45 uptake in jaws and knee joints of adult rats

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