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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 50107

Chapter 50107 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Landry, W.J.; Brierre, J.T.; Hunt, N.S., 1955:
Radiological evaluation of low back pain

D'Ascanio, L.; Cavuto, C.; Martinelli, M.; Salvinelli, F., 2006:
Radiological evaluation of major salivary glands agenesis. A case report

Hasuo, K., 2003:
Radiological evaluation of non-neoplastic intramedullary lesions of the spinal cord

Sander, K.; Roth, A.; Layher, F.; Babisch, J.; Venbrocks, R., 2004:
Radiological evaluation of polyethyelene wear of cementless total hip endoprosthesis

Ozyuvaci, H.; Aktas, I.; Yerit, K.; Aydin, K.; Firatli, E., 2005:
Radiological evaluation of sinus lift operation: what the general radiologist needs to know

Van Rossum, R., 1957:
Radiological evaluation of the degree of gallbladder dyskinesia

Macheras, G.A.; Papagelopoulos, P.J.; Kateros, K.; Kostakos, A.T.; Baltas, D.; Karachalios, T.S., 2006:
Radiological evaluation of the metal-bone interface of a porous tantalum monoblock acetabular component

Gillanders, L.A., 1959:
Radiological evaluation of the pelvic outlet

Juliani, G.; Comino, E.; Tettoni, E., 1962:
Radiological evaluation of the sellar dimension in relation to the technic of hypophysial radiosideration

Seller, K.; Wild, A.; Westhoff, B.; Raab, P.; Krauspe, Rüdiger., 2006:
Radiological evaluation of unstable (acute) slipped capital femoral epiphysis treated by pinning with Kirschner wires

Adaletli, I.; Kurugoglu, S.; Kilic, F.; Senyuz, O.Faruk.; Dervisoglu, S., 2006:
Radiological evaluation with Doppler sonography and multidetector CT angiography in congenital hepatic arteriovenous malformation in a newborn

Artico, M.; Lorenzini, D.; Mancini, P.; Gobbi, P.; Carloia, S.; David, V., 2003:
Radiological evidence of anatomical variation of the inferior vena cava: report of two cases

Waisman, H.A.; Harvey, R.A., 1954:
Radiological evidence of growth in children with acute leukemia treated with folic acid antagonists

Perint, E.J., 1951:
Radiological evidence of paradontal changes in root-treated teeth

Marson, F.G.W., 1952:
Radiological evidence of the value of treatment in gout

Welti, H.; Dupuy, R.; Coldefy, J.M., 1951:
Radiological evolution of a cancer of the stomach and its surgical treatment

Buffard, P., 1955:
Radiological evolution of a case of true Hirsprung disease

Burg, S.; Gros, C.M., 1956:
Radiological evolution of breast cancer after roentgenotherapy

Lechat, M.; Chardome, J., 1957:
Radiological evolution of mutilations in lepers treated by diaminodiphenylsulfone

Luton, P.; Renard, J.; Lefevre, J.; Puvinel, B., 1953:
Radiological evolution of pulmonary edema of renal origin in a subject of pulmonary tuberculosis

Proux, C.; Hummel, J.A., 1951:
Radiological evolution of signs of operated pyloric stenosis in the infant

Couray, J., 1950:
Radiological examination and medical responsibility

Di Carlo, C., 1951:
Radiological examination and pulmonary air content in local pathology

Sortini, D.; Carcoforo, P.; Feo, C.V.; Carrella, G.; Pozza, E.; Sortini, A., 2004:
Radiological examination for peripheral lung cancers and benign nodules less than 10 mm

Anonymous, 1952:
Radiological examination in acute abdomen caused by sigmoidal diverticulitis

Giardiello, A.; Catalano, D., 1954:
Radiological examination in anorectal malformations

De Maestri, A., 1960:
Radiological examination in antro-mastoiditis in infants in Liguria

Pisani, G., 1957:
Radiological examination in diagnosis of breast cancer

Torelli, G., 1951:
Radiological examination in endocavitary aspiration

Peter, R.; Mole, L.; Muller, J.; Forster, E., 1962:
Radiological examination in fractures of the calcaneum. Angles and tomography in 3 dimensions

Truc, E.; Betoulieres, P.; Paleirac, R.; Henriet, R., 1961:
Radiological examination in kidney traumas

Balagué, F.; Cedraschi, C., 2006:
Radiological examination in low back pain patients: anxiety of the patient? Anxiety of the therapist?

Fugazzola, F., 1960:
Radiological examination in pulmonary fibrotic lesions

Hope-Robertson, W.J., 1953:
Radiological examination in retinoblastoma

Dilenge, D., 1963:
Radiological examination in stenosis of the arteries of the neck

Ferraris, G.; Pecetti, B., 1955:
Radiological examination in study of the form and measurements of the upper pelvic inlet in newborn infants

De Moro, E.R., 1956:
Radiological examination in the individualization of gangliocanalicular compromise in bronchopulmonary tuberculosis in adults

Ivorra, J.C.; Romeu, F.P., 1958:
Radiological examination in the study of bronchial cancer

De Busscher, G., 1954:
Radiological examination methods of the small intestine

Piazzi, G.; Picotti, G., 1960:
Radiological examination of 1,000 cases of silicosis. Considerations on classification (according to the International Convention of Geneva), on hilar involvement and on atelectasis

Lebouchard, R.; Denis, J.P., 1952:
Radiological examination of Hirschsprung's disease

Wettstein, P., 1950:
Radiological examination of a case with Vernet's syndrome

Picard, J.D., 1962:
Radiological examination of a nipple discharge: technic and results

Wasylkiewicz, H., 1960:
Radiological examination of children and the effect of ionizing radiations

Ferrane, J., 1961:
Radiological examination of coarctation of the aortic isthmus

Cahuzac, M.; Barrere, J.; Sirol, M., 1957:
Radiological examination of congenital digestive abnormalities in newborn

Laffont, A.; Tillier, G.H.; Fulconis, H., 1952:
Radiological examination of cysts of the ovary and their treatment with sclerosing injections

Lidl, H., 1953:
Radiological examination of fat decomposition in gastrointestinal tract

Guillen, G., 1962:
Radiological examination of fractures of the petrous pyramid

Fonseca, L.C., 1954:
Radiological examination of functional megacolon

Miceli, R.; Silimbani, A., 1957:
Radiological examination of middle ear carcinoma

Guilhem, P.; Baux, R.; Fournie, J.; Paille, J., 1950:
Radiological examination of pelvic veins in women

Panzironi, G.; Campagnano, S.; Casale, A.; De Vargas Macciucca, M.; Ricci, F.; Tosi, A.; Angelini, P.; Badiali, M., 2003:
Radiological examination of the Lap-Band for the treatment of severe obesity

Auguste, C.; Guerrin, F., 1961:
Radiological examination of the afferent loop. Technic and value

Desprez-Curely, J.P.; Picard, J.D.; Markovits, P., 1959:
Radiological examination of the breast

Granone, F., 1958:
Radiological examination of the bronchial stump following pneumonectomy

Toti, A., 1951:
Radiological examination of the cisterns of the base in tuberculous meningitis

Porot, J., 1957:
Radiological examination of the cranium & facial mass in current practice

Philippon, J., 1957:
Radiological examination of the crossed ligaments of the knee

Escotto, J., 1960:
Radiological examination of the digestive apparatus

Bianchi, E., 1956:
Radiological examination of the digestive apparatus and the pharmacodynamic test by means of parasympatholytic drugs

Piazza, G., 1957:
Radiological examination of the digestive tract in patients of chronic lead poisoning

Stephani, J.; Maerky, T., 1958:
Radiological examination of the digestive tract should be complete

Farinet, G.; Fiandesio, D., 1956:
Radiological examination of the esophagus in the senile age

Biskupski, E.; Portych, L.; Okoniewski, R.; Ruszkiewicz, W.; Szwaluk, F.; Suchozebrska, E., 1959:
Radiological examination of the femoral heads using the bone plate method

Grilli, A., 1957:
Radiological examination of the gallbladder and bile ducts; methods, possibilities, limitations and indications

Kusma, M.; Bachelier, F.; Schneider, G.; Dienst, M., 2005:
Radiological examination of the hip. Analysis of standard projections

Cernes, M.; Chambraud, R.; Trope, J., 1952:
Radiological examination of the inferior vena cava system

Lamarque, P.; Betoulieres, P.; Pelissier, M.; Leenhardt, P.; Gary-Bobo, J., 1954 :
Radiological examination of the internal genitalia in a woman by means of pneumoperitoneum; essay with gynecography

Van Lerberghe, R.; Meuris, M., 1954:
Radiological examination of the intestinal tract in chronic diarrhea

Bru, A.; Paille, J.; Brunner-Ferre, R., 1950:
Radiological examination of the intracondyloid fossa without utilization of a curved film

Gall, J., 1961:
Radiological examination of the lacrimal ducts in trachoma

Stam, H.C., 1963:
Radiological examination of the larynx in case of laryngeal carcinoma and immobility of the vocal cord

Ottoboni, A.; Reggiani, G., 1956:
Radiological examination of the larynx with contrast media; preventive note

Kaczurba, A.; Czarnecki, H., 1962:
Radiological examination of the larynx with the use of a contrast medium

Papillon, J.; Dargent, M.; Montbarbon, J.F., 1953:
Radiological examination of the mammary gland

Reboul, J.; Broussin, P., 1952:
Radiological examination of the motor dysfunction of the small intestines gastrectomized for ulcer

Bourgeois, R.; Beau, H.; Gerard, P.L., 1954:
Radiological examination of the nasopharynx by progressive levels of lipiodol

Bard, M., 1961:
Radiological examination of the painful spine

Levrat, M.; Giraud, M.; Bret, P., 1954:
Radiological examination of the pancreas by transverse axial stratigraphy

Arnous, J.; Parnaud, E.; Jourde, L., 1958:
Radiological examination of the perianal suppurative sinuses: comparative radioclinical-operative study of 56 cases

Gros, C.M.; Weill, F.; Bloch, J.; Renaud, R.; Levy, G., 1959:
Radiological examination of the placenta without preparation

Levere, P.; Aubert; Cazalis; Martin, 1953:
Radiological examination of the posterior sinus and the base of the cranium during posterior sinusitis; clinical and surgical findings in 250 cases

Blum, E.; Sichel, D.; Wolff, R.; Wagner, J.P., 1957:
Radiological examination of the prostate patient; comparative value of intravenous urography and prostatography

Lefebvre, J.; Lerique, J., 1956:
Radiological examination of the shoulder in sequels of obstetrical paralysis; technic and results

Pierret, R.; Vandendorp, F.; Fontaine, G., 1955:
Radiological examination of the skeleton in acute leukosis in children

Giraud, M.; Bret, P.; Pinet, F.; Roche, P., 1951:
Radiological examination of the small intestine by means of accelerated passage

Courty, A.; Cabanettes, L., 1950:
Radiological examination of the stomach after gastrectomy for ulcer (use of the von Petz apparatus in gastric surgery)

Debray, C.; Le Canuet, R.; Roux, M.; Rettori, R.; Joly, R., 1958:
Radiological examination of the stomach, duodenum & bile ducts in chronic pancreatitis

Iwinski, Z., 1960:
Radiological examination of the upper segment of the digestive system in cases of acute massive hemorrhages

Giordano, L.; Pasquero, P.M., 1952:
Radiological examination of the urinary tract with radiopaque lipuid combined with subcutaneous hyaluronidase; preventive note

Witz, J.; Koebele, F.; Vanderborght, J., 1950:
Radiological examination of the venous system

Gernez-Rieux, C.; Voisin, C.; Macquet, V.; Spy, E.; Donne, Y., 1963:
Radiological examination of tracheal tumors

Perroy, A.; Besson, R., 1950:
Radiological examination of vertebral graft in Pott's disease

Motta, G.; Piazzi, M., 1956:
Radiological examination with contrast medium of laryngeal vestibule tumors

Clemente, M., 1951:
Radiological examinations in general, schermography, stratigraphy and tuberculin tests in the navy

Brusori, S.; Mattioli, S.; Bassi, F.; Bnà, C.; Di Simone, M.P.; Lugaresi, M.Luisa.; D'Ovidio, F.; Gavelli, G., 2003:
Radiological examinations in the morpho-functional evaluation of the esophago-gastric junction in gastro-esophageal reflux disease

Thibaut, A., 1961:
Radiological examinations of the brain and the diagnosis of intracranial expansive and atrophic processes

Cauchoix, J.; Heripret, G., 1957:
Radiological examinations of the tuberculous hip

Buffard, P., 1950:
Radiological exclusion of the gallbladder in dystonia of the cystic duct

Frimann-Dahl, J., 1951:
Radiological experiences in true strangulating obstructions

Van Wien, A.; Desneux, J.J.; Van Geertruyden, J., 1949:
Radiological exploration and manometric biliary tract surgery

Scarinci, C., 1950:
Radiological exploration of abdominal organs with retropneumoperitoneum

Weber, H.H., 1959:
Radiological exploration of coughing based on the results of motion-recording x-ray diagnosis (roentgen-seriography, -kymography, -cinematography). I

Dumas, P., 1953:
Radiological exploration of the adrenal glands by retroperitoneography

Parrochia, E.; Riera, M.; Davila, M.; Fuenzalida, J.M., 1961:
Radiological exploration of the bile ducts with SH-514

Filho, M.A., 1950:
Radiological exploration of the bile ducts; description of technic based on 153 cholangiographies

Weber, H.H., 1959:
Radiological exploration of the coughing action with the aid of diagnostic roentgen procedures (roentgen seriography, kymography & cinematography

Cautiero, G., 1961:
Radiological exploration of the digestive tract with a hydrosoluble iodated contrast medium (gastrografin)

Aubry, M.; Labayle, J.; Davaine, F., 1961:
Radiological exploration of the hyo-thyro-epiglottic cavity

Desprez-Curely, J.P.; Bismuth, V.; Laugier, A., 1962:
Radiological exploration of the ilio-lumbar lymph nodes by lymphography

Ricordeau, P.; Pequignot, G.; Benacerraf, A., 1960:
Radiological exploration of the liver abscess under endoscopic control

Hickel, R., 1955:
Radiological exploration of the lumbar vertebrae enlarged and of the last four vertebral spaces using only one film

Gournay, J.J., 1957:
Radiological exploration of the pancreas by transverse axial stratigraphy

Bullo, E., 1954:
Radiological exploration of the retro-gastric space: technics

Boudet, C., 1954:
Radiological exploration of the venous plexus of the orbit

Rampon, S.; Prelle, M.; Plagne, R.; Rozan, R., 1962:
Radiological facts indispensable for the study of cervical arthrosis

Greenwood, F.; Samuel, E., 1950:
Radiological features of Jackson's membrane

Kaku, A.; Kiyosue, H.; Matsumoto, S.; Mori, H.; Kashima, K.; Miyakawa, I., 2004:
Radiological features of adenoid cystic carcinoma of the uterine cervix

Moll, H.; Schmid, F., 1958:
Radiological features of atypical forms of rickets

Bin-Abbas, B.S.; Al-Ashwal, A.A.; Al-Zayed, Z.S.; Sakati, N.A., 2004:
Radiological features of bisphosphonate therapy in children with osteogenesis imperfecta

Zlotogorski, A.; Buchner, A.; Kaffe, I.; Schwartz-Arad, D., 2005:
Radiological features of central haemangioma of the jaws

Xu, J.; Song, W.; Jin, Z-yu., 2006:
Radiological features of cryptogenic organizing pneumonia

Utsuki, S.; Oka, H.; Tanizaki, Y.; Kondo, K.; Fujii, K., 2005:
Radiological features of germinoma arising from atypical locations

Manor, R.; Anavi, Y.; Kaplan, I.; Calderon, S., 2003:
Radiological features of glandular odontogenic cyst

Ho, W-Ling.; Wang, J-Kou.; Li, Y-Wah., 2003:
Radiological features of late-onset lymphoedema in Noonan's syndrome

Findlay, M.; Denny, M.B., 1955:
Radiological features of neurofibromatosis

Narváez, Jé.Antonio.; Domingo-Domènech, E.; Roca, Y.; Romagosa, V.; De Lama, E.; González-Barca, E.; Petit, Jé.; Fernández-Sevilla, A., 2004:
Radiological features of non-gastric mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue lymphomas

Giuliani, G., 1959:
Radiological features of pulmonary silicosis in the guinea pig

Kusida, K., 2005:
Radiological findings

Roux, M.; Debray, C.; Le Canuet, R.; Laumonier, R., 1958:
Radiological findings & pathological anatomy in terminal choledochitis

Murolo, C., 1958:
Radiological findings after gastro-entero-colic surgery

Buergi, M.L.; Stoffel, K.K.; Jacob, H.A.C.; Bereiter, H.H., 2005:
Radiological findings and clinical results of 102 thrust-plate femoral hip prostheses: a follow-up of 2 to 8 years

Syk, E.; Torkzad, M.R.; Blomqvist, L.; Ljungqvist, O.; Glimelius, B., 2005:
Radiological findings do not support lateral residual tumour as a major cause of local recurrence of rectal cancer

Tanaka, S.; Mori, T., 2006:
Radiological findings do not support lateral residual tumour as a major cause of local recurrence of rectal cancer (Br J Surg 2006; 93: 113-119)

Kim, S-Dae.; Park, J-Yul.; Park, J.; Lee, J-Bo.; Kim, S-Hoon.; Lim, D-Jun., 2006:
Radiological findings following postsurgical intratumoral bleomycin injection for cystic craniopharyngioma

Kodera, T.; Hirose, S.; Takeuchi, H.; Tsuji, T.; Kubota, T., 2006:
Radiological findings for arterial dissection of the anterior cerebral artery

Gupta, P.; Eshaghi, N.; Kamba, T.T.; Ghole, V.; Garcia-Morales, F., 2006:
Radiological findings in Birt-Hogg-Dubé syndrome: a rare differential for pulmonary cysts and renal tumors

Ghanem, N.; Altehoefer, C.; Springer, O.; Furtwängler, A.; Kotter, E.; Schäfer, O.; Langer, M., 2004:
Radiological findings in Boerhaave's syndrome

Dow, J.D., 1958:
Radiological findings in Bright's disease

Ravazzolo, S.; Braggion, P., 1951:
Radiological findings in a case of gastric diverticulum

Osborne, C.; Osborne, H.; Osborne Filho, C., 1954:
Radiological findings in a case of short esophagus with thoracic stomach

Verbiest, H., 1954:
Radiological findings in a case with absence of the left internal carotid artery and compression of several cranial nerve roots in the posterior fossa by the basilar artery

Grassi, O.; Zutelman, E., 1950:
Radiological findings in a group of acute pneumonias

Gandini, D.; Sannazzari, G.L., 1960:
Radiological findings in bronchorrhea. Solitary bronchogenic cysts, polycystic lung, cystic and sacciform bronchiectasis

Gandini, D.; Sannazzari, G.L., 1959:
Radiological findings in bronchorrheas. II. Bronchitis with disorders of ventilation

Gandini, D.; Sannazzari, G.L., 1960:
Radiological findings in bronchorrheas. Note III. Cylindric bronchiectasis

Wahlgren, H.; Mortensson, W.; Eriksson, M.; Finkel, Y.; Forsgren, M.; Leinonen, M., 2005 :
Radiological findings in children with acute pneumonia: age more important than infectious agent

Masel, J.P., 1963:
Radiological findings in choledochal cysts, with report of two cases

Thomsen, G.; Vesterdal, J., 1954:
Radiological findings in congenital cystic pancreatic fibrosis

Vauzanges, P., 1952:
Radiological findings in congenital malformations of the kidneys and lumbar vertebra in pregnancy

Bassols, F.; Barragan, R.F., 1957:
Radiological findings in diseases of the pancreas

Sugimoto, C.; Kobayashi, H.; Kanoh, S.; Motoyoshi, K.; Aida, S., 2006:
Radiological findings in initial pulmonary alveolar proteinosis detected in the post-treatment course of nocardiosis

Davis, P.H., 1955:
Radiological findings in patients subjected to antroduodenectomy for duodenal ulcer

Freitag, L., 1962:
Radiological findings in phlebography of the lower limbs of patients with varicose veins with ulceration

Bignamini, A.; Chiaudano, M.; Cirillo, R., 1958:
Radiological findings in pneumopathy during an influenza pandemic

Volbeding, K.H.; Repkewitz, R., 1953:
Radiological findings in poliomyelitis with special reference to the pulmonary changes

Ahuja, A., 2003:
Radiological findings in severe acute respiratory syndrome

Di Chiro, G., 1951:
Radiological findings in the isthmus stenosis of the aorta

Garan, R.; Goksel, F.; Demiroglu, C.; Tuzlaci, M.; Sunam, G., 1961:
Radiological findings in the lungs in pulmonary hypertension due to mitral valve diseases

Fawcitt, J., 1956:
Radiological findings in the lungs of premature infants

Murani, L., 1958:
Radiological findings in the pulmonary form of disseminated lupus erythematosus

Hayakawa, K.; Hamanaka, Y.; Suzuki, M.; Nakatsu, M.; Nishimura, K.; Tanaka, M.; Yamamoto, E.; Mukaihara, S.; Hojo, M.; Shimizu, T.; Takasu, K.; Shimotake, T., 2003:
Radiological findings in total colon aganglionosis and allied disorders

Tod, P.A., 1962:
Radiological findings in tuberose sclerosis

Masumoto, K.; Takahashi, Y.; Nakatsuji, T.; Arima, T.; Kukita, J., 2004:
Radiological findings in two patients with cow's milk allergic enterocolitis

Bode, M.K.; Karttunen, A.; Karttunen, V.; Jartti, P., 2006:
Radiological findings of brain, connected to alcohol overuse

Fujita, J., 2003:
Radiological findings of non-tuberculous mycobacteria respiratory infection

Ulusan, S.; Kizilkilic, O.; Yildirim, T.; Hurcan, C.; Bal, N.; Nursal, T.Z., 2005:
Radiological findings of primary retroperitoneal synovial sarcoma

Evans, A.J.; Kutt, E.; Record, C.; Waller, M.; Moss, S., 2006:
Radiological findings of screen-detected cancers in a multi-centre randomized, controlled trial of mammographic screening in women from age 40 to 48 years

Bullo, E.; Catania, V.C., 1957:
Radiological findings on the behavior of pleuropulmonary & skeletal metastases of breast cancer following ovariectomy & adrenalectomy

Baldini, G.; Chiappa, S., 1956:
Radiological findings on the commonly called accessory articular apophysis of the lumbar vertebrae

Sato, K., 1961:
Radiological findings on the ossification of the skull of human fetuses

Rasponi, L., 1951:
Radiological findings on the skeleton in dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa

Bauer, T.T.; Heyer, C.M.; Duchna, H-Werner.; Andreas, K.; Weber, A.; Schmidt, E-Wilhelm.; Ammenwerth, W.; Schultze-Werninghaus, G., 2005:
Radiological findings, pulmonary function and dyspnea in underground coal miners

Tanigawa, N.; Komemushi, A.; Kariya, S.; Kojima, H.; Shomura, Y.; Sawada, S., 2005:
Radiological follow-up of new compression fractures following percutaneous vertebroplasty

Mahmood, D.; Vartzelis, G.; McQueen, P.; Perkin, M.R., 2007:
Radiological follow-up of pediatric pneumonia: principle and practice

Hondo, G.; Yamaguchi, T.; Sekura, T., 1960:
Radiological follow-up studies for 4 years of ambulatory chemotherapy in pulmonary tuberculosis

Uchida, K.; Nishida, K.; Hashizume, H.; Omoto, S.; Watanabe, M.; Ota, Y.; Inoue, H., 2006:
Radiological follow-up study of rheumatoid wrists after radio-lunate limited arthrodesis with ulnar head resection

Ceresa, F.; Lacroix, L.; Randone, G., 1952:
Radiological form and volume of the adrenal cortex following retropneumoperitoneum; limitations of the pictures as correlated with the study of 35 cases of adrenal cortex hyperfunction

Hun, A.; Maulini, 1950:
Radiological forms of silicosis in coal mines of Ronchamp

Kordys, J., 1957:
Radiological functional heart examination in record breaking sport competitors

Brombart, M., 1958:
Radiological future of operated & nonoperated hiatal hernias

Marchand, J.H.; Djian, A.; Vincent, R., 1951:
Radiological geography of the insertion of tendons of the short rotator's of the shoulder

Scherrer, H.; Scherrer, A.; Kalifa, G., 2004:
Radiological geriatrics: an emergent specialty and a future specialty

Chin, M.; Hase, H.; Miyamoto, T.; Tsuji, Y.; Mikami, Y.; Kubo, T., 2006:
Radiological grading of cervical destructive spondyloarthropathy in long-term hemodialysis patients

Matsuta, H.; Aima, G., 1961:
Radiological group examination: a survey of present methods and future progress

Dubois, J.L., 1961:
Radiological guide marks and measurements of the hip of the adult. Introduction to the study of hip diseases and the classification of coxarthroses

Adrian, 1957:
Radiological hazards

Abrahams, A.; Harris, S.J.; Paul, G.W.; Paul, I., 1956:
Radiological hazards due to exposure to low-energy radiation in veterinarians; an environmental study

Messite, J.; Troisi, F.M.; Kleinfeld, M., 1957:
Radiological hazards due to x-radiation in veterinarians

Fuller, J.W., 1961:
Radiological hazards today at home and off the job

Bergsma, D., 1955:
Radiological health services in New Jersey

Lough, S.A., 1955:
Radiological health-an over-all view

Avello, J.J.; Noriega, M.R., 1956:
Radiological hendidoscopy in the diagnosis of ocular foreign bodies

Butori, P., 1951:
Radiological iconography of a voluminous tumor of the bladder

Roques, E.; Arlet, J.; Roulleau, J.; Verez, P., 1952:
Radiological iconography of three cases of polyarthrosis; clinical, radiological and therapeutic remarks

Sherman, R.S.; Glauser, O.J., 1958:
Radiological identification of fibrous dysplasia of the jaws

Dehouve, A., 1963:
Radiological identification of human debris

Butori, P., 1951:
Radiological image of an infected cyst of the urachus

Crosta, C., 1958:
Radiological image of intestinal volvulus

Ruggiero, G.; Dilenge, D.; David, M., 1957:
Radiological image of intracranial epidermoid cysts

Mathieu, J., 1951:
Radiological image of rounded opacity of the thorax and clinical diagnostic difficulty

Gros, C.; Labauge, R.; Carli, G.; Leenhardt, P., 1952:
Radiological image of syringomelia

Nguyen Dinh Hoang; Pham Huu Chuong, 1960:
Radiological image of the caruncula minor (apropos of 3 personal cases)

Casati, A., 1954:
Radiological image of the gastrointestinal mucosa. E. Investigation of the segmentation and flocculation in the small intestine

Le Bihan, R.; Rautureau, M.; Duluc, J.; Boisot, R., 1953:
Radiological image of the kidney pelvis

Laurent, C.; Ratureau, M.; Le Bihan, R., 1951:
Radiological image of the kidney pelvis; case

Hakim, Z.; Homsy, F.; Ponthus, P., 1958 :
Radiological image of the trachea & the large bronchi by frontal tomography with transversal scanning

Sarasin, R., 1950:
Radiological images in ileo-cecal tuberculosis

Beraud, C.; Philippon, J., 1953:
Radiological images in malignant histiomonocytic reticulosis in children

Mazzetti Di Pietralata, M., 1960:
Radiological images in various intestinal helminthiases; collective review

Chifflet, A.; Arias Bellini, M., 1953:
Radiological images in visceral disarrangements of the flank

Gros, C.; Labauge, L.; Paleirac, R.; Vlahovitch, B., 1953:
Radiological images of a spinal cyst; giant intraspinal meningocele

Ghigo, M.; Magrini, M., 1959:
Radiological images of calcified dracunculosis

Antoine, M.; De Kersauson, M.C.; Neimann, N.; Pierson, M., 1956:
Radiological images of cardiotuberosal malpositions in the etiological diagnosis of vomiting in infants

Godlewski, M., 1953:
Radiological images of fossil animals; utilization of radiology in paleontology

De Arzua Zulaica, E., 1963:
Radiological images of hepatic calcified hydatid cysts

Sichel, D.; Bloch, P.; Walter, J.P.; Weill, F., 1958:
Radiological images of intracranial toxoplasmic calcifications

Cattan, R.; Ligny, G.; Mainguet, P., 1962:
Radiological images of jejuno-ileitis

Antoine, M.; De Kersauson, M.C.; Neimann, N.; Pierson, M., 1956:
Radiological images of malpositions of cardio-tuberosities in the etiological diagnosis of vomiting in early infancy

Le Melletier, J.; Veslot, J.; Magd, J., 1950:
Radiological images of pulmonary condensation and of asymptomatic mediastinal adenopathy in two children vaccinated at birth with BCG

Milani, E., 1950:
Radiological images of pulmonary opacities with atypical localization and evolution

Pollitzer, G.; Pollitzer, G.R., 1956:
Radiological images of the lung in respiratory poliomyelitis

Raine, C.; Saliba, K.; Chippindale, A.J.; McLean, N.R., 2003:
Radiological imaging in primary parotid malignancy

Sencer, S., 2005:
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Radiological injection of the posterior cavity of the omentum during an obstructed perforated ulcer of the posterior wall of the antrum

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Radiological interpretations and surgical findings

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Radiological intervention to maintain vascular access

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Radiological investigation of dysphagia at D. H. Q. teaching hospital D. I. Khan

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Radiological investigation of stomach changes following a loud auditory stimulus

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Radiological investigation of the bilary tract

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Radiological investigation of the digestive apparatus of newborn infants

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Radiological investigation of the lumbar sciatalgic syndrome due to posterior hernia of the intervertebral disk

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Radiological investigation of the pancreas with transverse axial stratigraphy

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Radiological investigation of ulcer of the duodenal bulb using mixed contrast: opaque and gaseous

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Radiological investigation on vesico-ureteric reflux

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Radiological investigations of the knee joint

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Radiological investigations of the urinary tract and last intestinal tract following vaginal hysterectomy

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Radiological investigations. 5. Cardiac catheterization and angiocardiography

Radiological kinetic study of the articulation of the knee

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Radiological latency time and deferred radiological evolution in silicosis

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Radiological localization of intracranial tumours in children

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Radiological location and surgical operation route of the embedded supernumerary teeth in maxilla

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Radiological malformations of the internal ear in aplasias of the ear

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Radiological management of carcinoma of the tongue

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Radiological manifestations in the calcification of thrombi in the left auricular wall

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Radiological manifestations in tuberose sclerosis

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Radiological manifestations of bronchial obstruction in primary tuberculosis

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Radiological manifestations of ectopic salivary adenomas showing the cylindroma pattern

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Radiological manifestations of hyperparathyroidism

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Radiological manifestations of intestinal amebiasis and its complications

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Radiological manifestations of mediastinal metastases

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Radiological manifestations of pulmonary complications of the influenza epidemics in the spring of 1959

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Radiological manifestations of pulmonary tuberculosis

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Radiological measurement of the extremities

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Radiological measurement of the femur

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Radiological medicine and protection

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Radiological metastatic opacities in bronchial dilations

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Radiological method of examination in icterus

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Radiological method of study of the digestion of fats and proteins

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Radiological methodology in fronto-parietal subdural hematomas

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Radiological methods in the diagnosis of bronchopulmonary cancer

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Radiological methods in the diagnostics of extrinsic allergic alveolitis

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Radiological methods of examination of the circulatory system and their indications

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Radiological methods of functional examination of the foot

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Radiological milestones in the relief of cancer

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Radiological modifications following esophageal surgery

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Radiological modifications of sella turcica during hyperhormonal syndrome in menopause and castration

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Radiological modifications of the cranium in endocranial meningioma

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Radiological modifications of the esophagus subsequent to esophageal phonation

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Radiological modifications of the seminal vesicles caused by lesions of the prostate

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Radiological morphology of the digestive tract in the living fetus at term deduced by amniosgraphic observation

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Radiological notes. Case No. 96

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Radiological notes. Case No. 98

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Radiological notes: case No. 157

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Radiological notes: case No. 158

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Radiological notes: case No. 159

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Radiological notes: case No. 59

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Radiological notes: case no. 47

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Radiological observation in haemoglobinopathy

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Radiological observation of a generalized spina ventosa

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Radiological observations during the course of progressive systemic scleroderma (Sclerodermia diffusa progressiva)

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Radiological observations in a case of trigeminal pregnancy with a pair of thoracopagic twins. Clinical and anatomoradiographic considerations

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Radiological observations in tropical splenomegaly

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Radiological observations of haematemesis

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Radiological observations of stomach changes accompanying the threat of an injection, and further data on the normal variation of peristaltic rate

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Radiological observations on a new triiodized product for study of the biliary tract called vesipaque

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Radiological observations on anaphylaxis; anaphylaxis of the digestive tracts. 3. Cholecystitis

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Radiological observations on functional disorders of the biliary tract

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Radiological observations on haustrocecal invagination

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Radiological observations on pharmacodynamic experiments on the digestive tracts of various animals

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Radiological observations on respiration in newborn infant

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Radiological observations on the dynamics & fate of patients with pulmonary tuberculosis

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Radiological observations on the mechanism of aeration of the neonatal lung

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Radiological opacification of the thoracic duct by retrograde route

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Radiological opacities of the soft parts of the forearm

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Radiological outcome after external fixation of 97 femoral shaft fractures in children

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Radiological outcome of proximal femoral varus osteotomy for the treatment of lateral pillar group-C Legg-Calvé-Perthes disease

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Radiological panorama of headaches

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Radiological pelvimetry and the general practitioner

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Radiological pelvimetry and the specialist obstetrician

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Radiological pelvimetry; technic used

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Radiological physics

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Radiological physics at an oceanographic institution

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Radiological physics within the framework of PAHO technical cooperation programs

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Radiological physiology of the esophagus; new studies on the active motility of the esophagus

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Radiological picture and surgical and anatomo-pathological aspects of a case of gastric polypi

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Radiological picture following surgical treatment of prolapse of the vaginal stump

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Radiological picture in cerebral apoplexy

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Radiological picture in congenital hip dislocation before therapy

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Radiological picture in diffuse muscular lipoma

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Radiological picture in pubic osteitis secondary to prostatectomy

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Radiological picture in the gastrectomized subject

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Radiological picture of bone changes in malignant granuloma

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Radiological picture of bronchial adenoma

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Radiological picture of cancer of the stomach

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Radiological picture of carotid-cavernous aneurysm

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Radiological picture of cerebral cysticercosis

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Radiological picture of congenital arteriovenous fistulae

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Radiological picture of congenital duodenal obstruction in infants

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Radiological picture of gastritis

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Radiological picture of insufflated fallopian tubes

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Radiological picture of intrathoracic tumors of the sympathetic nervous system

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Radiological picture of intraventricular epidermoid

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Radiological picture of lymphobronchial fistulae in primary tuberculosis

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Radiological picture of mediastinal and interstitial emphysema

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Radiological picture of mediastinal hernia

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Radiological picture of osseous changes in Turner's syndrome

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Radiological picture of plasma-cell myeloma

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Radiological picture of pneumocele in children

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Radiological picture of pneumothorax with pulmonary atelectasis of probable neurovegetative origin

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Radiological picture of primary pulmonary candidiasis

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Radiological picture of so-called atypical viral pneumonias

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Radiological picture of staphylococcal pneumonia in children

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Radiological picture of the arteria lusoria; abnormality of the right subclavian artery

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Radiological picture of the biliary tract

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Radiological picture of the digestive apparatus in occupational lead poisoning

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Radiological picture of the heart and lungs in primary polycythemia

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Radiological picture of the hilus and the mediastinum in three cases of pulmonary silicosis verified by autopsy

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Radiological picture of the internal carotid sulcus

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Radiological picture of the laryngeal chondroma

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Radiological picture of the normal stomach

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Radiological picture of the thyroid gland

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Radiological picture of tubal tuberculosis

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Radiological picture of tuberculosis of parasternal lymph nodes

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Radiological picture simulating a process of hilar adenopathy with perihilar infiltration

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Radiological pictures in pancreatitis

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Radiological pictures of dyskinetic modifications of the ureter

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Radiological pictures of hematomas in fractures of the thoracic spine

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Radiological pictures of osseous changes in neuroblastomas

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Radiological pictures of the thorax in collagen diseases

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Radiological pictures of thymomas

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Radiological pitfalls in diaphragmatic hernias

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Radiological placement of chest ports in pediatric oncology patients

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Radiological possibilities for diagnosis of digestive allergy

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Radiological practice with psychiatric patients

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Radiological prediction of threatened so-called "chronic cor pulmonale" (preliminary communication)

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Radiological presentation of lung apex

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Radiological problems in myasthenia

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Radiological procedure in cranio-cerehral injuries

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Radiological procedure in the treatment of lymph node metastases in head and neck tumors

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Radiological procedures in gastrointestinal bleeding--case report

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Radiological safety in the laboratory

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Radiological screening

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Radiological service

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Radiological service of modern psychiatric hospitals

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A Simple Method to Reduce both Lactic Acid and Ammonium Production in Industrial Animal Cell Culture

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Radiological sign of the closing of Oddi's sphincter

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Radiological studies on the gastrointestinal tract following vagotomy

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Radiological study and surgical treatment of phlebitis of the lower extremities

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Radiological study during chemotherapy

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Radiological study of articular and periarticular soft parts; normal and post-traumatic radiography of the soft parts of the tibiotarsal joint

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Radiological study of laryngeal carcinoma

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Radiological study of malignant neoplasms of the cecum

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Radiological study of pancreatic lithiasts. Topography of the calcifications

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Radiological study of pedunculated & procident stomach tumors

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Radiological study of periosteal diseases

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Radiological study of possible mobility of intraocular foreign bodies

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Radiological study of postoperative peptic ulcer; diagnostic value of modifications of the ulcerated loop (stenosis and bursiform dilatations)

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Radiological study of primary initial coxarthrosis

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Radiological study of prognathism in the Berbers and the Arabs

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Radiological study of pulmonary cavities in Hodgkin's disease

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Radiological study of sacro-iliac joints in ankylosing spondylitis with reference to the evolution of the disease

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Radiological study of several motor functional disorders of the extrahepatic bile ducts

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A simple metric for a complex outcome: proposing a sustainment index for health indicators

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Radiological study of the bones in various blood diseases

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Radiological study of the cavitary and pseudo-inflammatory aspects of lung tumors

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Radiological study of the cervical spine in pilots of fighter planes

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Radiological study of the changes in respiratory dynamics after pulmonary exeresis operations

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Radiological study of the cholecystectomized

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Radiological study of the dental origin of sinusitis by dysocclusal method

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Radiological study of the digestive tract by means of Porcher's method with morphine injection

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Radiological study of the digestive tract in saturnism

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Radiological study of the digestive tract of certain animals

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Radiological study of the esophagocardio-tuberosital junction in subjects with therapeutic pneumoperitoneum

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Radiological study of the evolution of bone grafts in deformities of the dorsum nasi

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Radiological study of the evolution of osseous metastases of carcinoma of the breast after bilateral ovariectomy and adrenalectomy

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Radiological study of the femur head in the aged

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Radiological study of the form and size of the pelvic inlet in subjects of prior cesarean section for pelvic stenosis

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Radiological study of the function of the extrahepatic bile ducts in gastrectomized patients

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Radiological study of the functional behavior of the extrahepatic biliary tract in appendectomized subjects and in patients with chronic appendiceal disease

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Radiological study of the gastric mucosa. Gastric area, erosions

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Radiological study of the ileocecal valve

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Radiological study of the jejunal peristalsis in healthy patients

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Radiological study of the jugular foramen; with reference to special demonstration

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Radiological study of the lacrimal canal

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Radiological study of the lymphatic system in phlebopathies of the lower extremities

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Radiological study of the mechanisms of compensation of the gastroresected patient

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Radiological study of the normal diaphragm in Negroes

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Radiological study of the normal larynx; systematic study of laryngeal mobility in lateral and anteroposterior views

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Radiological study of the normal pelvis. Some unpublished aspects

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Radiological study of the poliomyelitic spine

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Radiological study of the portal vessels. II. Transparietal splenoportography in children

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Radiological study of the post-operative complications appearing in 100 open-heartoperations with extracorporeal circulation in congenital heart diseases

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Radiological study of the prostate

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Radiological study of the public symphysis after administration of relaxin

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Radiological study of the pulmonary artery and of the lungs in mitral stenosis

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Radiological study of the pulmonary artery; contribution of stratigraphy. II. Heart disease with pulmonary stenosis

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Radiological study of the pulmonary vascularization in mitral stenosis: importance of simple thoracic films

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Radiological study of the senile phonorespiratory apparatus

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Radiological study of the shells of marine mollusks

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Radiological study of the skeletal axis of cephalic monsters; relation of this abnormality to the Klippel-Feil syndrome

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Radiological study of the small bowel

Concha Urra, M., 1954:
Radiological study of the small intestine

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Radiological study of the small intestine by a method accelerating peristalsis

De Busscher, G., 1950:
Radiological study of the small intestine in different affections

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Radiological study of the small intestine in ganglionic blood diseases

Croizat, P.; Giraud, M.; Pinet, F., 1953:
Radiological study of the small intestine in lymphatic blood diseases

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Radiological study of the sphenoid fissure

Gayral; Paintandre, 1951:
Radiological study of the sphenoid fissure; presentation of radiograms and apparatus

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Radiological study of the static changes of the thorax after pulmonary exeresis

Gyl, 1952:
Radiological study of the sternum and its importance in pathology and in cancerology

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Radiological study of the stomach of the premature infant

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Radiological study of the stomach, duodenum and small intestine in myxedema of the adult

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Radiological study of the superficial lymphatic circulation & the corresponding ganglion systems; experimental & clinical data; lymphographic diagnosis

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Radiological study of the superior pole of the stomach in the examination of the wall: parietography

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Radiological study of the superior vena cava and anonymous veins in mediastinal and para-mediastinal tumors with contrast medium

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Radiological study of the temporal bone by the direct enlargement method

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Radiological study of the temporomandibular joints

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Radiological symptomatology of multiple and single rounded filling defects of the stomach

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Radiological syndrome in diseases of the gallbladder

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Radiological syndrome of Milkman type in a patient with ankylopoietic spondylitis

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Radiological syndrome of absence of left lobe of liver

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Radiological technic & semeiology in acute abdomen

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Radiological technics for the examination of the cervical spine

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Radiological technics in the diagnosis of cancer

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Radiological techniques in the management of tuberculous meningitis

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Radiological theses

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Radiological treatment of anal tumors

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Radiological treatment of cancer of the esophagus

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Radiological visualization of hydrocephalus of the aqueduct, third and fourth ventricles

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Radiological visualization of modifications in the thickness of the walls of the stomach and colon by means of double gaseous contrast (pneumoperitoneum and insufflation combined)

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Radiological visualization of the organs of the neck by means of gas contrast

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Radiological visualization of the portal system by the splenic route

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Radiologically Controlled Injections Through the Foramen Ovale for Relief of Tic Douloureux and of Parkinsonism

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Radiologically Silent Lung Metastases, from Thyroid Struma, Discovered with the use of Radioiodine (I-131), After Thyroidectomy

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Radiologically negative cancer of the esophagus

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Radiologically placed temporary hepatic artery catheter for treatment of liver cancer

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Radiologists get that long distance feeling

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Radiologists paid referring Drs R2.34 million

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Radiologists sole interpreters?

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Radiology case of the month. A subtle cerebellar abnormality. Acute cerebellar ischemia (stroke)

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Radiology case of the month. Chronic headache after trauma. Intracranial epidural abscess

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Radiology case of the month. Chronic pain post fracture

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Radiology case of the month. Diagnosing osteomyelitis in a patient with a chronic foot ulcer. Bone marrow hyperplasia secondary to persistent trauma

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Radiology case of the month. Diarrhea in an 83-year-old woman. Free air in the peritoneal cavity secondary to bowel perforation of unknown cause

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Radiology case of the month. Does this patient have a pulmonary embolus? Pulmonary embolus of right lung

Shore, B.; Neitzschman, H.R., 2003:
Radiology case of the month. Does this patient have torsion? Epididymo-orchitis

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Radiology case of the month. Gait disturbance. Lhermitte-Duclos disease (dysplastic gangliocytoma of the cerebellum)

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Radiology case of the month. Hematochezia in an unstable patient. Acute lower gastrointestinal hemorrhage secondary to angiodysplasia

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Radiology case of the month. Is there a fracture of the tibia? Tibial plateau fracture

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Radiology case of the month. Leg pain. Radiologic diagnosis: giant cell tumor of sacrum with aneurysmal bone cyst

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Radiology case of the month. New onset headache

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Radiology case of the month. Palmar mass and finger weakness. Fibrolipomatous hamartoma

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Radiology case of the month. Raccoon eyes and abdominal distention. Neuroblastoma

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Radiology case of the month. Radiologic evaluation of a bone tumor in a child. Benign osteochondroma with surrounding bursal sac

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Radiology case of the month. Rapidly expanding tumor of bone. Cystic giant cell tumor of bone

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Radiology case of the month. Unilateral vision loss with ipsilateral eye and head pain. Optic neuritis

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Radiology case of the month. Unusual bilateral bone lesions in an 8-year-old boy. Ollier's Disease (multiple enchondromatosis)

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Radiology case of the month. Unusual inflammatory etiology of a lesion in the distal femur. Blastomycosis osteomyelitis

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Radiology case of the month. Unusual pelvic mass and abdominal / pelvic pain in a 15-year-old girl. Imperforate hymen with hematocolpos

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Radiology case of the month. What is the cause of this patient's knee pain? Dorsal defect of the patella

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Radiology case of the month. What is the cause of this patient's vomiting? Infantile hypertrophic pyloric stenosis

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