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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 50273

Chapter 50273 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Schöneich, C., 2004:
Selective Cu2+/ascorbate-dependent oxidation of alzheimer's disease beta-amyloid peptides

Ayers, W.M., 1963:
Selective Cycle Menus

Dillaha, C.J.; Jansen, G.T.; Honeycutt, W.M.; Bradford, A.C., 1963:
Selective Cytotoxic Effect of Topical 5-Fluorouracil

Callow, M.J.; Drmanac, S.; Drmanac, R., 2004:
Selective DNA amplification from complex genomes using universal double-sided adapters

Thyagarajan, S.; Murthy, N.N.; Narducci Sarjeant, A.A.; Karlin, K.D.; Rokita, S.E., 2006:
Selective DNA strand scission with binuclear copper complexes: implications for an active Cu2-O2 species

Galletti, G.; Mattioli, G.; Pagliani, G.; Luttichau, F.; Breschi, F., 1963:
Selective Deep Hypothermia and Circulatory Arrest of the Central Nervous System

Montagnier, L.; Macpherson, I., 1964:
Selective Development in Agar of Hamster Cells Transformed by the Polyoma Virus

Keats, T.E.; Martt, J.M., 1964:
Selective Dilatation of the Right Atrium in Pregnancy

Kok, E.P., 1964 :
Selective Disorders of Object Generalization in Posterior Temporal Lesions of the Left Hemisphere in man

Quevillon, M.; Benoit, J.C.; Panisset, M., 1964:
Selective Effect of Lyophilization on a Bacterial Population: Special Case of Bcg

Girotti, G.; Peri, G., 1963:
Selective Effects of Mono-Auricular Acoustic Stimulation on Extrafoveal Visual Acuity

Derougemont, J.; Wertheimer, P., 1965:
Selective Encephalic Hypothermia from the Experimental Point of View

Ottenjann, R.; Heckel, M., 1965:
Selective Endoscopic Gastrobiopsy in Giant Folds of the Gastric Mucosa

Paget, M.; Liefooghe, J., 1964:
Selective Exploration of the Physiological Functions of the Nephron

Bouden, D.; Sokolov, E.N.; Karimova, M.M., 1964:
Selective Extinction of the Orientation Reflex to Complex Acoustic and Multimodal Stimuli

Jones, D.F., 1924:
Selective Fertilization among the Gametes from the Same Individuals

Jones, D.F., 1920:
Selective Fertilization in Pollen Mixtures

Maguire, G.H.; Beique, R.A.; Rotenberg, A.D., 1965:
Selective Filtration: the Practical Approach to High-Kilovoltage Radiography

Shipman, J.J., 1964:
Selective Frontal Leucotomy

Bucaille, M., 1964:
Selective Frontal Surgery in Digestive Pathology

Cook, J.B.; Foster, K.L.; Eiler, W.J.A.; McKay, P.F.; Woods, J.; Harvey, S.C.; Garcia, M.; Grey, C.; McCane, S.; Mason, D.; Cummings, R.; Li, X.; Cook, J.M.; June, H.L., 2005:
Selective GABAA alpha5 benzodiazepine inverse agonist antagonizes the neurobehavioral actions of alcohol

Harkins, H.N.; Stavney, L.S.; Griffith, C.A.; Savage, L.E.; Kato, T.; Nyhus, L.M., 1963:
Selective Gastric Vagotomy

Zheng, Y.; Thompson, P.R.; Cebrat, M.; Wang, L.; Devlin, M.K.; Alani, R.M.; Cole, P.A., 2004:
Selective HAT inhibitors as mechanistic tools for protein acetylation

Lobodzinska, M.; Kidankiewicz, T.; Skurska, Z., 1964:
Selective Hemagglutination of Myxoviruses

Blasucci, E.; Dipaola, M.; Natalini, E.; Picchiotti, R., 1963:
Selective Hepatic Arteriography in the Differential Diagnosis of Hepatic Tumefactions

Padros, W., 1964:
Selective Hepato-Splenic Arteriography

Nolan, E.M.; Racine, M.E.; Lippard, S.J., 2006:
Selective Hg(II) detection in aqueous solution with thiol derivatized fluoresceins

Antonov, V.K.; Shchelokov, V.I.; Shemiakin, M.M.; Tovarova, I.I.; Kiseleva, O.A., 1965:
Selective Hydrolysis of O,o'-Diacetylserratomolide and Comparative Studies on the Synthetic and Biosynthetic Types of the Antibiotic

Wilson, I.D.; Goetz, F.C., 1964 :
Selective Hypoaldosteronism After Prolonged Heparin Administration. a Case Report, with Postmortem Findings

Wu, Y.K.; Wang, Y.T.; Chang, T.H., 1964:
Selective Hypothermia and Extracorporeal Circulation for Open-Heart Surgery

Carra, F.; Macchini, M., 1965:
Selective Hypothermia in Prevention of Renal Damage Due to Ischemia

Ruffo, A.; Rossotto, P.; Motta, G., 1965:
Selective Hypothermia of the Kidney

Kestens, P.J., 1965:
Selective Hypothermia of the Liver

De Almeida, A.M.; Basto, J.M., 1964:
Selective Hypothermia of the Liver. Experimental Study of a new Operative Technic

Jatene, A.D., 1963:
Selective Hypothermia of the Myocardium

Verzella, M.; Dalfiume, E., 1965:
Selective Hypothermia of the Ocular Globe

Schipke, J.D.; Büter, I.; Hohlfeld, T.; Schmitz-Spanke, S.; Gams, E., 2006:
Selective I(f) channel inhibition: an alternative for treating coronary artery disease?

Zhao, Y.; Pan-Hammarström, Q.; Zhao, Z.; Wen, S.; Hammarström, L., 2004:
Selective IgG2 deficiency due to a point mutation causing abnormal splicing of the Cgamma2 gene

Goldstein, M.F.; Goldstein, A.L.; Dunsky, E.H.; Dvorin, D.J.; Belecanech, G.A.; Shamir, K., 2007:
Selective IgM immunodeficiency: retrospective analysis of 36 adult patients with review of the literature

Lee, H.M.; Kauffman, H.M.; Cleveland, R.J.; Hume, D.M., 1964:
Selective Immunosuppression by Local Radiation of Renal Homografts

Bauer, H., 1965:
Selective Inactivation of Adenovirus Hemagglutinins. (Short Report)

Jaklitsch, H., 1964:
Selective Indications of Electrolyte Therapy in Neurology and Psychiatry

Druckrey, H.; Preussmann, R.; Ivankovic, S.; Schmidt, C.H.; Mennel, H.D.; Stahl, K.W., 1964:
Selective Induction Of Bladder Cancer In Rats By Dibutyl- And N-Butyl-N-Butanol(4)-Nitrosamine

Druckrey, H.; Ivankovic, S.; Mennel, H.D.; Preussmann, R., 1964:
Selective Induction Of Carcinoma Of The Paranasal Sinuses In Rats With N,n'-Di-Nitrosopiperazine, Nitrosopiperidine, Nitrosomorpholine, Methylallyl-, Dimethyl- And Methylvinyl Nitrosamine

Druckrey, H.; Ivankovic, S.; Preussmann, R., 1965:
Selective Induction Of Malignant Tumors In The Brain And Spinal Cord Of Rats By N-Methyl-N-Nitrosourea

Krueger, P., 1964:
Selective Infestation of "field Structure" Fibers of the Soleus Muscle in the White Mouse by Sacocystis. Reply to A. Hess' Criticism of our Findings

Abbes, M.; Azzaro, G.C.; Paillaud, F.; Prat, P.P.; Sprecher, R., 1965:
Selective Infusions Of Antimitotic Agents In Otorhinolaryngological Neoplasms

Severina, I.S.; Gorkin, V.Z., 1964:
Selective Inhibition by Different Hydroxyquinolines of Monoamine Oxidase Activity in the Mitochondria of Rat Liver

Blizzard, J.L.; Peterson, G.E., 1963:
Selective Inhibition Of Proline-Induced Pigmentation In Washed Cells Of Serratia Marcescens

Mertz, S.M.; Arntzen, C.J., 1977:
Selective Inhibition of K, Na, Cl, and PO(4) Uptake in Zea mays L. by Bipolaris (Helminthosporium) maydis Race T Pathotoxin: Evidence for a Plasmalemma Target Site?

Good, N.E.; Izawa, S., 1964:
Selective Inhibitors of Photosynthesis

Dudek, F.Edward., 2004:
Selective Inhibitory Interneuron Loss Produces Chronic Hippocampal Hyperexcitability

Lomont, J.F., 1964:
Selective Intellectual Deficit for Threatening Content

Kulieva, K.D.; Mazaev, P.N.; Vinogradov, V.V.; Volynskii, I.D., 1964:
Selective Intravital Splenic Angiography

Coventry, D.N.; Batsanov, A.S.; Goeta, A.E.; Howard, J.A.K.; Marder, T.B.; Perutz, R.N., 2005:
Selective Ir-catalysed borylation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons: structures of naphthalene-2,6-bis(boronate), pyrene-2,7-bis(boronate) and perylene-2,5,8,11-tetra(boronate) esters

Tilak, S.P.; Howard, J.M., 1964:
Selective Irradiation of Lymph Nodes as a Means of Conditioning for Homotransplantation

Loureiro-Dias, M.C., 1982:
Selective Isolation of Fusarium graminearum Mutants Derepressed for Production of beta-Glucosidase

Rastrelli, F.; Bagno, A., 2006:
Selective J-resolved spectra: a double pulsed field gradient spin-echo approach

Schioler, M.; Pedersen, A.; Poulsen, P.E., 1963:
Selective Kidney Function Test (Howard's Test) Used in a Study on Renal Hypertension

Kim, K.Ho.; Choi, S.Hyun.; Lee, T.S.; Oh, W.Keun.; Kim, D.Sun.; Kim, J.Bum., 2006:
Selective LXRalpha inhibitory effects observed in plant extracts of MEH184 (Parthenocissua tricuspidata) and MEH185 (Euscaphis japonica)

Semler, I.J., 1965:
Selective Learning in Severely Retarded Children as a Function of Differential Reaction to Nonreward

Malers, E., 1963:
Selective Left Ventricular Angiocardiography in the Diagnosis of Mitral Insufficiency. I. Factors Influencing the Qualitative Diagnosis and the Quantitative Evaluation

Malers, E., 1964:
Selective Left Ventricular Angiocardiography in the Diagnosis of Mitral Insufficiency. Ii. a Modified Method of Quantitative Evaluation Correlated to Clinical, Haemodynamic and Surgical Findings

Freeman, M.L.; Overby, C., 2003:
Selective MRCP and CT-targeted drainage of malignant hilar biliary obstruction with self-expanding metallic stents

Dick, S., 1965:
Selective Media for Staphylococcus Aureus. the use of Colbeck Egg-Yolk Agar in the Identification of Staphylococcus Aureus (Coagulase-Positive)

Osawa, R.; Mitsuoka, T., 1990:
Selective Medium for Enumeration of Tannin-Protein Complex-Degrading Streptococcus spp. in Feces of Koalas

Perugini, S.; Silingardi, V., 1964:
Selective Melanodermic Anterior Hypopituitarism; Description Of A Clinical Case And Review Of The Literature

Sherber, J.; Robinson, B.W., 1965:
Selective Menu Offers 15 Entrees for Lunch and Dinner

Todica, M.; Fechete, R.; Blümich, B., 2003:
Selective NMR excitation in strongly inhomogeneous magnetic fields

Cadars, S.; Lesage, A.; Hedin, N.; Chmelka, B.F.; Emsley, L., 2006:
Selective NMR measurements of homonuclear scalar couplings in isotopically enriched solids

Sosnierz, M.; Wazn, B.Gunska, C., 1964:
Selective Necrotic Changes In The Central Nervous System Of Rats Exposed To Coal Dust With A Determined Chemical Composition

Burge, H.; Hutchison, J.S.; Longland, C.J.; Mclennan, I.; Miln, D.C.; Rudick, J.; Tompkin, A.M., 1964:
Selective Nerve Section in the Prevention of Post-Vagotomy Diarrhoea

Nakagawa, M.; Nawa, N.; Iyoda, T., 2004:
Selective Ni-P electroless plating on photopatterned cationic adsorption films influenced by alkyl chain lengths of polyelectrolyte adsorbates and additive surfactants

Zhou, X.; Zhu, M.; Zhang, L.; Zhu, Z.; Pi, C.; Pang, Z.; Weng, L.; Cai, R., 2005:
Selective O2 oxidation of air-sensitive lanthanocene thiolates and thioether chelate

Akagi, H.; Fukazawa, H.; Yokoyama, K.; Yokoyama, A., 2005:
Selective OD bond dissociation of HOD: photodissociation of vibrationally excited HOD in the 5nu(OD) state

Bergstrand, I., 1964:
Selective or Non-Selective Renal Angiography?

Tahara, A.; Hirao, K.I., 1964 :
Selective Oxidation of the C1- or C12-Methyl Group in Antipodal Deoxypodocarpic Acid Type Compounds

Nehlin, J.O.; Mogensen, J.P.; Petterson, I.; Jeppesen, L.; Fleckner, J.; Wulff, E.M.; Sauerberg, P., 2006:
Selective PPAR agonists for the treatment of type 2 diabetes

Pourcet, B.; Fruchart, J-Charles.; Staels, B.; Glineur, C., 2006:
Selective PPAR modulators, dual and pan PPAR agonists: multimodal drugs for the treatment of type 2 diabetes and atherosclerosis

Liu, K.; Black, R.M.; Acton, J.J.; Mosley, R.; Debenham, S.; Abola, R.; Yang, M.; Tschirret-Guth, R.; Colwell, L.; Liu, C.; Wu, M.; Wang, C.F.; MacNaul, K.L.; McCann, M.E.; Moller, D.E.; Berger, J.P.; Meinke, P.T.; Jones, A.Brian.; Wood, H.B., 2005:
Selective PPARgamma modulators with improved pharmacological profiles

Masri, M.S.; Robbins, D.J.; Emerson, O.H.; Deeds, F., 1964:
Selective Para- or Meta-O-Methylation with Catechol O-Methyl Transferase from Rat Liver

Anonymous, 1990:
Selective Plating Medium for Quantitative Recovery of Food-Borne Listeria monocytogenes

Hollmann, E.J., 1963:
Selective Prevention of Postoperative Hemorrhage Following Tonsillectomy

Ambrus, J.L.; Ambrus, C.M.; Pickren, J.W.; Feltz, E.; Back, N., 1965:
Selective Protection of the Gastrointestinal Tract Against Radiation Injury by Perfusion with Meg (2-Mercaptoethylguanidine Hydrobromide)

Framme, C.; Alt, C.; Schnell, S.; Brinkmann, R.; Lin, C.P., 2005:
Selective RPE laser treatment with a scanned cw laser beam in rabbits

Kerksiek, K.M.; Niedergang, F.; Chavrier, P.; Busch, D.H.; Brocker, T., 2004 :
Selective Rac1 inhibition in dendritic cells diminishes apoptotic cell uptake and cross-presentation in vivo

Mena, I.; Thomsen, P.; Jacobelli, S., 1963:
Selective Radiocardiography Using I 125

Flock, H.R., 1963:
Selective Registration of Information in Visual Judgment of Surface Slant

Ullmann, L.P.; Forsman, R.G.; Kenny, J.W.; Mcinnis, T.L.; Unikel, I.P.; Zeisset, R.M., 1965:
Selective Reinforcement of Schizophrenics' Interview Responses

Hotchkiss, R.S.; Sammons, B.P., 1964:
Selective Renal Angiography

Foster, R.S.; Shuford, W.H.; Rieser, C.; Tuttle, E.P.; Deitch, M.J., 1963:
Selective Renal Angiography in Clinical Urology

Barrosrde, A., 1964:
Selective Renal Arteriography

Amorim, D.S.; Sader, A.A.; Gomes, D.R.; Tanaka, A.; Kallos, T.; Santos, R.F., 1963:
Selective Renal Arteriography in Dogs During Acute Partial Occlusion of the Abdominal Aorta

Bunnell, I.L.; Greene, D.G., 1964:
Selective Renal Arteriography Today

Curry, J.L.; Howland, W.J., 1965:
Selective Renal Arteriography: Community Hospital Potential

Travis, D.M.; Wiley, C.; Nechay, B.R.; Maren, T.H., 1964:
Selective Renal Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibition Without Respiratory Effect: Pharmacology of 2-Benzenesulfonamido-1,3, 4-Thiadiazole-5-Sulfonamide (Cl 11,366)

Caron, J.; Ribet, M., 1964:
Selective Renal Phlebography and Splenorenal Anastomoses

Tavernier, J.; Lange, D., 1964:
Selective Renal Phlebography. (Primary Results)

Califano, A., 1963:
Selective Rheographic Exploration of the Base of Cutaneous Ulcers of the Leg

Ehrlich, M.P., 1963:
Selective Role of Aggression in Concept Formation

Van Demark, G.E., 1952:
Selective Service and the South Dakota Doctor

Strohmann, C.; Schildbach, D.; Auer, D., 2005:
Selective Si--C bond cleavage as synthetic entry to a functionalized lithiosilane

M'batchi, B.; Pichelin, D.; Delrot, S., 1987:
Selective Solubilization of Membrane Proteins Differentially Labeled by p-Chloromercuribenzenesulfonic Acid in the Presence of Sucrose

Tsao, M-Lin.; Tian, F.; Schultz, P.G., 2005:
Selective Staudinger modification of proteins containing p-azidophenylalanine

Lewartowski, B., 1963:
Selective Stimulation of Intra-Cardiac Postganglionic Fibres

Nobler, M.P.; Ketyer, S.; Donahue, J.K., 1965:
Selective Superficial Temporal Arteriography. Demonstrating a Post-Traumatic Aneurysm

Haas, H., 1964:
Selective Sympathicolysis and Myocardial Function

Mitchison, J.M.; Gross, P.R., 1965:
Selective Synthesis of Messenger Rna in a Fission Yeast During a Step-Down, and its Relation to the Cell Cycle. Bulk Experiments

Lopez-Hoyos, M.; Bartolome-Pacheco, M.J.; Blanco, R.; Rodriguez-Valverde, V.; Martinez-Taboada, V.M., 2003:
Selective T cell receptor decrease in peripheral blood T lymphocytes of patients with polymyalgia rheumatica and giant cell arteritis

Finnberg, N.; El-Deiry, W.S., 2006:
Selective TRAIL-induced apoptosis in dysplastic neoplasia of the colon may lead to new neoadjuvant or adjuvant therapies

Levi, D., 1965:
Selective Technic for Optimal Isolation of Diphtheroids from the Skin

Shahan, W.E., 1923:
Selective Thermotherapy

Huang, K.T.; Misato, T.; Asuyama, H., 1964:
Selective Toxicity of Blasticidin S to Piricularia Oryzae and Pellicularia Sasakii

Nishimura, T.; Tanaka, N.; Umezawa, H., 1964:
Selective Toxicity of Kanamycin and Streptomycin

Yamaguchi, H.; Tanaka, N., 1964:
Selective Toxicity of Mikamycins, Inhibitors of Protein Synthesis

Tolchin, G.; Ceraso, J., 1965:
Selective Trace Arousal

Templeton, A.W.; Fendley, C.E., 1964:
Selective Transtrachel Bronchography Using a Radiopaque Catheter

Boekelman, W.A., 1964:
Selective Uptake of Cadmium by the Kidneys and in Hypernephroma

Parravicini, C.; Bettini, L.; Palatresi, R.; Rampini, G.F., 1963:
Selective Vaccination With Isoniazid-Resistant Bcg In The Town Of Sondalo

Kahn, P.C.; Callow, A.D., 1965:
Selective Vasodilatation as An Aid to Angiography

Packard, R.J., 1964:
Selective Wavelength Examination Applied to Ink Differentiation Problems

Morino, F.; Olivero, S.; Tarquini, A., 1956:
Selective abdominal arteriography by catheterization of the humeral artery

Morino, F.; Tarquini, A., 1957:
Selective abdominal arteriography by humeral route

McCarty, J.H.; Lacy-Hulbert, A.; Charest, A.; Bronson, R.T.; Crowley, D.; Housman, D.; Savill, J.; Roes, Jürgen.; Hynes, R.O., 2004:
Selective ablation of alphav integrins in the central nervous system leads to cerebral hemorrhage, seizures, axonal degeneration and premature death

Walczak, F.; Szumowski, L.; Urbanek, P.; Szufladowicz, E.; Derejko, Pł.; Kułakowski, P.; Baranowski, Rł.; Bodalski, R.; Kepski, R.; Zagrodzka, M.; Onish, K.; Bestry, I.; Konka, M.; Kuśnierczyk, B.; Maryniak, A., 2006:
Selective ablation or isolation of all pulmonary veins in atrial fibrillation -- when and for whom?

Morrow, S.Anne.; Young, G.Bryan., 2007 :
Selective abolition of the vestibular-ocular reflex by sedative drugs

Wada, Y.; Lu, R.; Zhou, D.; Chu, J.; Przewloka, T.; Zhang, S.; Li, L.; Wu, Y.; Qin, J.; Balasubramanyam, V.; Barsoum, J.; Ono, M., 2006:
Selective abrogation of Th1 response by STA-5326, a potent IL-12/IL-23 inhibitor

Capone, M.; Lees, R.K.; Finke, D.; Ernst, B.; Meerwijk, J.P.M.Van.; MacDonald, H.Robson., 2003:
Selective absence of CD8+ TCRalpha beta+ intestinal epithelial cells in transgenic mice expressing beta2-microglobulin-associated ligands exclusively on thymic cortical epithelium

Elsden, S.R.; Gibson, Q.H.; Wiseman, G., 1950:
Selective absorption of amino-acids from the small intestine of the rat

Yamamoto, J.; Hirano, T.; Li, S.; Koide, M.; Kohno, E.; Inenaga, C.; Tokuyama, T.; Yokota, N.; Yamamoto, S.; Terakawa, S.; Namba, H., 2005:
Selective accumulation and strong photodynamic effects of a new photosensitizer, ATX-S10.Na (II), in experimental malignant glioma

Lenova, L.I., 1963:
Selective accumulation of Salm. enteritidis in transplanted and induced tumors

Tsuruta, T., 2006:
Selective accumulation of light or heavy rare earth elements using gram-positive bacteria

Chekhonin, V.P.; Lebedev, S.V.; Ryabukhin, I.A.; Petrov, S.V.; Gurina, O.I.; Dmitrieva, T.B.; Volkov, A.I.; Kashparov, I.A.; Skoblov, Y.S., 2005:
Selective accumulation of monoclonal antibodies against neurospecific enolase in brain tissue of rats with middle cerebral artery occlusion

Cristobal, R.; Wackym, P.Ashley.; Cioffi, J.A.; Erbe, C.B.; Popper, P., 2004:
Selective acquisition of individual cell types in the vestibular periphery for molecular biology studies

Price, H.; Pease, D.C.; Pearson, C.M., 1962:
Selective actin filament and Z-band degeneration induced by plasmocid. An electron microscopic study

Greenslade, R.G.; Mitchell, S.N., 2004:
Selective action of (-)-2-oxa-4-aminobicyclo[3.1.0]hexane-4,6-dicarboxylate (LY379268), a group II metabotropic glutamate receptor agonist, on basal and phencyclidine-induced dopamine release in the nucleus accumbens shell

Scaffidi, V., 1962:
Selective action of chorionic gonadotropin in a form of juvenile obesity associated with hypersomia and functional hypercorticalism

Reuse-Blom, S., 1956:
Selective action of strychnine on the junction between conductive tissue and myocardium in rabbit heart auricles

Wagenknecht, C.; Rapoport, S., 1957:
Selective action of the RU-inhibitor on iron-flavin enzymes of mitochondria

Salzgeber, B., 1953:
Selective action of trypaflavine on the medulla of the genital glands of the chick embryo

Invernizzi, R.W.; Pierucci, M.; Calcagno, E.; Di Giovanni, G.; Di Matteo, V.; Benigno, A.; Esposito, E., 2006:
Selective activation of 5-HT(2C) receptors stimulates GABA-ergic function in the rat substantia nigra pars reticulata: a combined in vivo electrophysiological and neurochemical study

Atherton, P.J.; Babraj, J.; Smith, K.; Singh, J.; Rennie, M.J.; Wackerhage, H., 2005:
Selective activation of AMPK-PGC-1alpha or PKB-TSC2-mTOR signaling can explain specific adaptive responses to endurance or resistance training-like electrical muscle stimulation

Bohlmeyer, T.; Ferdensi, A.; Bristow, M.R.; Takahashi, S.; Zisman, L.S., 2003:
Selective activation of N-acyl-D-glucosamine 2-epimerase expression in failing human heart ventricular myocytes

Allred, C.D.; Kilgore, M.W., 2005:
Selective activation of PPARgamma in breast, colon, and lung cancer cell lines

Nishiki, S.; Hato, F.; Kamata, N.; Sakamoto, E.; Hasegawa, T.; Kimura-Eto, A.; Hino, M.; Kitagawa, S., 2004:
Selective activation of STAT3 in human monocytes stimulated by G-CSF: implication in inhibition of LPS-induced TNF-alpha production

Bischof, D.; Elsawa, S.F.; Mantchev, G.; Yoon, J.; Michels, G.E.; Nilson, A.; Sutor, S.L.; Platt, J.L.; Ansell, S.M.; von Bulow, G.; Bram, R.J., 2005:
Selective activation of TACI by syndecan-2

HariKrishna, D.; Rao, A.Raghu.Ram.; Krishna, D.R., 2003:
Selective activation of anthracycline prodrugs for use in conjunction with ADEPT

Takahashi, H.; Nakao, M.; Kaga, K., 2007:
Selective activation of distant nerve by surface electrode array

Cvoro, A.; Paruthiyil, S.; Jones, J.O.; Tzagarakis-Foster, C.; Clegg, N.J.; Tatomer, D.; Medina, R.T.; Tagliaferri, M.; Schaufele, F.; Scanlan, T.S.; Diamond, M.I.; Cohen, I.; Leitman, D.C., 2006:
Selective activation of estrogen receptor-beta transcriptional pathways by an herbal extract

France, R.R.; Rees, N.V.; Wadhawan, J.D.; Fairbanks, A.J.; Compton, R.G., 2004:
Selective activation of glycosyl donors utilising electrochemical techniques: a study of the thermodynamic oxidation potentials of a range of chalcoglycosides

Miyoshi, T.; Satoh, T.; Nakazawa, K.; Komeda, T.; Yano, H., 2003:
Selective activation of human soleus and medial gastrocnemius muscles during walking in water

Ryan, S.; Taylor, C.T.; McNicholas, W.T., 2005:
Selective activation of inflammatory pathways by intermittent hypoxia in obstructive sleep apnea syndrome

Robidoux, J.; Cao, W.; Quan, H.; Daniel, K.W.; Moukdar, F.; Bai, X.; Floering, L.M.; Collins, S., 2005:
Selective activation of mitogen-activated protein (MAP) kinase kinase 3 and p38alpha MAP kinase is essential for cyclic AMP-dependent UCP1 expression in adipocytes

Huda, R.; Vergara, L.A.; Solanki, D.R.; Sherwood, E.R.; Mathru, M., 2004:
Selective activation of protein kinase C delta in human neutrophils following ischemia reperfusion of skeletal muscle

Sundar, S.; Gonzalez-Cueto, J., 2007:
Selective activation of small nerve fibers for assessing carpal tunnel syndrome

Webb, P., 2004:
Selective activators of thyroid hormone receptors

Patil, S.P.; Yadav, G.D., 2003:
Selective acylation of 2 methoxynaphthalene by large pore zeolites: catalyst selection through molecular modeling

Jacobs, L.; Potter, P.B., 2007:
Selective adaptation and human rights to health in China

Wang, G-Wu.; Zhang, T-Hu.; Cheng, X.; Wang, F., 2004:
Selective addition to [60]fullerene of two different radicals generated from Mn(III)-based radical reaction

Zhang, X.; Kanzelberger, M.; Emge, T.J.; Goldman, A.S., 2004:
Selective addition to iridium of aryl C-H bonds ortho to coordinating groups. Not chelation-assisted

Yashchuk, V.V.; Budker, D.; Gawlik, W.; Kimball, D.F.; Malakyan, Y.P.; Rochester, S.M., 2003:
Selective addressing of high-rank atomic polarization moments

Tzing, S-Hwa.; Ghule, A.; Chang, J-Yaw.; Ling, Y-Chien., 2003:
Selective adduct formation by furan chemical ionization reagent in gas chromatography ion trap mass spectrometry

Odashima, M.; Otaka, M.; Jin, M.; Komatsu, K.; Wada, I.; Matsuhashi, T.; Horikawa, Y.; Hatakeyama, N.; Oyake, J.; Ohba, R.; Linden, J.; Watanabe, S., 2005:
Selective adenosine A receptor agonist, ATL-146e, attenuates stress-induced gastric lesions in rats

Lundberg, A.; Winsbury, G., 1960:
Selective adequate activation of large afferents from muscle spindles and Golgi tendon organs

Hennemann, A., 2003:
Selective adhesion molecule inhibitors. Natalizumab in multiple sclerosis and Crohn's disease

Chaudhuri, A., 2006:
Selective adhesion-molecule therapy and inflammatory bowel disease

Podolsky, D.K., 2005:
Selective adhesion-molecule therapy and inflammatory bowel disease--a tale of Janus?

Richardson, T.P.; Murphy, W.L.; Mooney, D.J., 2003:
Selective adipose tissue ablation by localized, sustained drug delivery

Huggins, C.; Morii, S., 1961:
Selective adrenal necrosis and apoplexy induced by 7, 12-dimethylbenz(a)anthracene

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Selective binding of aromatic amines by self-assembled monolayers of a calix[6]crown-4 derivative

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Selective block of external anal sphincter activation during electrical stimulation of the sacral anterior roots in a canine model

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Selective block of the bronchial tree in exeresis of the lung in cavitary pulmonary tuberculosis

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Selective blockade of NF-kappa B activity in airway immune cells inhibits the effector phase of experimental asthma

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Selective blockade of androgenic steroid synthesis by novel lyase inhibitors as a therapeutic strategy for treating metastatic prostate cancer

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Selective blockade of vascular endothelial growth factor receptor 2 with an antibody against tumor-derived vascular endothelial growth factor controls the growth of human pancreatic adenocarcinoma xenografts

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Selective blocking of lumbar sympathetic nerves by dilute solutions of anesthetics injected into the epidural space

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Selective blocks of the motor nerve branches to the soleus and tibialis posterior muscles in the management of the spastic equinovarus foot

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Selective bone marrow damage caused by butazolidin and pyramidon in a child with subsepsis allergica

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Selective bradykinin B1 receptor block in ischemia/reperfusion of the rat pancreas

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Selective brain cooling for neurosurgery

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Selective brain hypothermia protects against hypoxic-ischemic injury in newborn rats by reducing hydroxyl radical production

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Selective brain perfusion in the monkey. Effects of maintained cerebral hypothermia

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Selective brain surgery in mental disorders

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Selective breeding for development of stomach lesions following stress in the rat

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Selective breeding of dogs

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Selective bronchial suction catheters and their clinical application

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Selective bronchography

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Selective bronchography of apical lung segments

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Selective bronchography with a new contrast medium

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Selective broth for isolation of group B streptococci

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Selective broth for the accumulation of enteropathological Yersinia in the course of routine bacteriological examination

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Selective calcification of the thymus induced by calciphylaxis

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Selective cannabinoid receptor agonist HU-210 decreases pump function of isolated perfused heart: role of cAMP and cGMP

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Selective cannabinoid receptor antagonists

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Selective cap opening in carbon nanotubes driven by laser-induced coherent phonons

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Selective capture of prostatic basal cells and secretory epithelial cells for proteomic and genomic analysis

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Selective catheterization of the inferior phrenic artery via the pancreaticoduodenal arcade

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Selective cerebral hypothermia. Experimental data

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Selective cerebral revascularization as an adjunct in the treatment of giant anterior circulation aneurysms

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Selective changes in the shapes of parasagittal bands of Aldoc (Zebrin) mRNA in the rat vermis of the cerebellum after repeated methamphetamine injections

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Selective changes to phosphatidylcholine and phosphatidylethanolamine molecular species in the developing fetal guinea pig liver and plasma

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Selective chemical disconnection of the uriniferous tubes of the first order in rabbits

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Selective chromohemodromography in tricuspid defects

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Assessing the social dimension of frailty in old age: A systematic review

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Selective citation mars conclusions about test validity and predictive bias

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Selective cleavage of methoxy protecting groups in carbohydrates

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Selective cleavage of nucleolar autoantigen B23 by granzyme B in differentiated vascular smooth muscle cells: insights into the association of specific autoantibodies with distinct disease phenotypes

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Selective cleavage of the C-C bonds of aminoethyl groups, via a multistep pathway, by a pincer iridium complex

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Selective clinical criteria in the evaluation of work fitness of workers enclosed in extremely noisy shipyard compartments

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Selective coalescence of bubbles in simple electrolytes

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Selective complexation of Li+ in water at neutral pH using a self-assembled ionophore

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Selective conformal radiotherapy for arteriovenous malformation involving the spinal cord

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Selective constraints on intron evolution in Drosophila

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Selective contracts: is there a legal basis for this?

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Selective contracture of the flexor digitorum sublimis muscle to the ring finger

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Selective control of roentgenographic contrast with radiopaque media

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Selective conversion of diallylanilines and arylimines to quinolines

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Selective cooling of organs with special reference to the brain

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Selective cortical undercutting; results in new method of fractional lobotomy

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Selective costimulation modulators: a novel approach for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis

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Selective coulometric release of ions from ion selective polymeric membranes for calibration-free titrations

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Selective counterion condensation in ionic micellar solutions

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Anonymous, 2004:
Selective cox-2 inhibitors. Better tolerance than NSAID plus antacid

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Selective creation of thermal injury zones in the superficial musculoaponeurotic system using intense ultrasound therapy: a new target for noninvasive facial rejuvenation

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Selective cricopharyngeal myotomy for Zenker's diverticulum

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Selective criteria in transfusional therapy in surgery

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Selective cryo-denaturation; method of purification of tetanus anatoxin

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Selective crystal growth of the anhydrous and monohydrate forms of theophylline on self-assembled monolayers

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Selective cultivation of normal human sebocytes in vitro; a simple modified technique for a better cell yield

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Selective culture media for Haemophilus bacteria

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Selective cyclooxygenase 2 inhibitors and cardiovascular events

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Selective cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitors for postoperative pain therapy. Analgesic efficacy and adverse effects

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Selective decontamination of digestive tract. A way to control intensive care infections

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Selective decontamination of digestive tract: the light stays at orange

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Selective decontamination of the digestive tract and prevention of ventilator-associated pneumonia

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Selective endo and exo iodocyclizations in the synthesis of quinolines and indoles

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Selective enhancement filters for nodules, vessels, and airway walls in two- and three-dimensional CT scans

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Selective enzyme inhibitor instead of an "iron-triggered cluster bomb"

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Selective estrogen receptor modulator

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Selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM)

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Selective estrogen receptor modulator and selective progesterone receptor modulator: therapeutic efficacy in the treatment of uterine leiomyoma

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Selective estrogen receptor modulators

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Selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERMS)

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Selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERMs)

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Selective evolutionary pressure from the tissue microenvironment drives tumor progression

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Selective excision of metastatic brain tumors originating in the motor cortex with preservation of function

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Selective excitation of afferent pulmonary vagus

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Selective exploration of renal function

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Selective facilitation of sexual solicitation in the female rat by a melanocortin receptor agonist

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Selective factors in the ABO polymorphism; comment

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Selective factors in the ABO polymorphism; discussion

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Selective feticide in monochorionic pregnancies: toys for the boys or standard of care?

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Selective forces for the origin of the eukaryotic nucleus

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Selective formation of a self-assembling homo or hetero cavitand cage via metal coordination based on thermodynamic or kinetic control

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Selective frontal lobe operation for treatment of some diseases of the digestive tract with special reference to ulcerative colitis

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Selective frontal surgery in psychosurgery

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Selective frontal surgery in the treatment of irreducible cranio-facial pain

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Selective function of PKC-theta in T cells

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Selective functionalization of arbitrary nanowires

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Selective functionalization of the Si(100) surface by a bifunctional alkynylamine molecule: density functional study of the switching adsorption linkage. 2

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Selective fungistatic effect of aqueous extract of powder of flowering tips of Hellebore

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Selective gastric vagotomy. I. Eliminating the occurrence of incomplete gastric vagotomy by refined technics of total abdominal and selective gastric vagotomy

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Selective gastric vagotomy. II. Eliminating undesirable sequelae of total abdominal vagotomy by selective gastric vagotomy

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Selective genotyping for QTL detection using sib pair analysis in outbred populations with hierarchical structures

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Selective gold-nanoparticle-based "turn-on" fluorescent sensors for detection of mercury(II) in aqueous solution

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Selective granulocyte and monocyte apheresis as a new adjunct to enhance the efficacy of interferon-alpha + ribavirin in patients with high plasma hepatitis C virus

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Selective gray matter damage in neuropsychiatric lupus

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Selective growth of Si nanowire arrays via galvanic displacement processes in water-in-oil microemulsions

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Selective growth of a less stable polymorph of 2-iodo-4-nitroaniline on a self-assembled monolayer template

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Selective growth of ag nanowires on Si(111) surfaces by electroless deposition

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Selective growth of metal tips onto semiconductor quantum rods and tetrapods

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Selective growth of organic 1-D structures on au nanoparticle arrays

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Selective growth regulatory and pro-apoptotic effects of DIM is mediated by AKT and NF-kappaB pathways in prostate cancer cells

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Selective growth stimulating effects of mouse sarcoma on the sensory and sympathetic nervous system of the chick embryo

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Selective guanine oxidation by UVB-irradiation in telomeric DNA

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Selective guest inclusion in a non-porous H-bonded host

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Selective gut decontamination

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