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Solid-phase synthesis of arginine-containing peptides and fluorogenic substrates using a side-chain anchoring approach

Hamzé, A.; Martinez, J.; Hernandez, J.-F.ço.

Journal of Organic Chemistry 69(24): 8394-8402


ISSN/ISBN: 0022-3263
PMID: 15549812
DOI: 10.1021/jo048792t
Accession: 050335323

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Attachment of an amino acid to a solid support by its side chain is sometimes necessary to take advantage of an alpha-carboxylic group available for diverse modifications, including the incorporation of a fluorophore for the preparation of fluorogenic substrates. In contrast to most other amino acids, anchoring the guanidinium group of an arginine to a resin requires the use of a supplementary linker. To avoid the usually multistep synthesis of such a linker as well as its difficult attachment to the guanidine group, we developed a simple method where the guanidine group is built on a Rink amide resin. Our strategy followed the steps of guanidine formation: (i) addition of an isothiocyanate derivative of ornithine to the amino group of a solid support, yielding Nomega-linked thiocitrulline; (ii) S-methylation of thiourea; (iii) guanidinylation using ammonium acetate. Cleavage of the resin generated the arginine-containing compound, the amine group of the resin becoming part of the guanidine. We have demonstrated the usefulness of this method by the synthesis of a series of fluorogenic substrates for trypsin-like serine proteases, which were obtained in high yield and purity. Then, our strategy also allowed generation from the same precursor differentially substituted arginine derivatives, including Nomega-methyl- and Nomega-ethylarginines. The ability to prepare such analogues together with the intermediates thiocitrulline and S-methylisothiocitrulline from a unique precursor while the alpha-amine and carboxylic groups remain available for modification also makes this method a powerful tool for combinatorial solid-phase synthesis of NO synthase inhibitors.

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