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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 50339

Chapter 50339 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Buser, P.; Rougeul, A., 1961:
Somatic functions of the nervous system

Zanchetti, A., 1962:
Somatic functions of the nervous system

Ino, A.; Yamamoto, S.; Kaneda, Y.; Kobayashi, I., 2004:
Somatic gene targeting with RNA/DNA chimeric oligonucleotides: an analysis with a sensitive reporter mouse system

Nathanson, K.L.; Vaughn, D.J., 2005:
Somatic genetic changes in association with testicular germ cell tumor prognosis

Prista, A.; Maia, A.J.R.; Saranga, S.; Nhantumbo, L.; Marques, A.T.; Beunen, G., 2006:
Somatic growth of a school-aged population from Mozambique: trend and biosocial meaning

Chavarria, C.; Armendares, S.; Cravioto, J., 1962:
Somatic growth of cretinous children given substitute treatment

Williams, H.L., 1954:
Somatic head pain from the standpoint of the rhinologist, otologist, and laryngologist

Tsurkan, V.H., 2004:
Somatic health status as a reflection of the efficacy of optimization of work conditions for railroad dispatchers

Dickerson, F.B.; McNary, S.W.; Brown, C.H.; Kreyenbuhl, J.; Goldberg, R.W.; Dixon, L.B., 2003:
Somatic healthcare utilization among adults with serious mental illness who are receiving community psychiatric services

Huang, X-rong.; Xiang, F-ning.; Xia, G-min.; Zhi, D-ying.; Shi, J-ying., 2003:
Somatic hybridization between carrot and Bupleurum scorzonerifolium and esteras isoenzyme analysis

Gordon, M.S.; Kanegai, C.M.; Doerr, J.R.; Wall, R., 2003:
Somatic hypermutation of the B cell receptor genes B29 (Igbeta, CD79b) and mb1 (Igalpha, CD79a)

Stamatopoulos, K.; Belessi, C.; Papadaki, T.; Stavroyianni, N.; Hadzidimitriou, A.; Kosmas, C.; Laoutaris, N.; Fassas, A.; Anagnostopoulos, A., 2003:
Somatic hypermutation patterns in germinal center B cell malignancies

Tippin, B.; Pham, P.; Bransteitter, R.; Goodman, M.F., 2004:
Somatic hypermutation: a mutational panacea

Neuberger, M.S.; Rada, C., 2006:
Somatic hypermutation: activation-induced deaminase for C/G followed by polymerase eta for A/T

Martomo, S.A.; Gearhart, P.J., 2006:
Somatic hypermutation: subverted DNA repair

Struve, F.A.; Boutros, N.N., 2005:
Somatic implications of generalized and/or focal EEG slowing in psychiatric patients

Le, D.T.; Kong, N.; Zhu, Y.; Lauchle, J.O.; Aiyigari, A.; Braun, B.S.; Wang, E.; Kogan, S.C.; L.B.au, M.M.; Parada, L.; Shannon, K.M., 2004:
Somatic inactivation of Nf1 in hematopoietic cells results in a progressive myeloproliferative disorder

Napolitano, L.; Longo, V.G., 1957:
Somatic influences of diencephalic reticular substance; effect of various drugs on the motor response induced by stimulation of the subthalamic & hypothalamic region in the rabbit

Frostad, S., 2004:
Somatic investigation and treatment of eating disorders

Neirinck, G.; Eneman, M.; De Cort, P., 2006:
Somatic investigation of psychiatric patients newly admitted to Flemish general psychiatric hospitals

Tramontin, J.A., 1954:
Somatic manifestations of anxiety

Victor, I., 1954:
Somatic manifestations of genital tract disease in the male

Hinson, J.M.; Jameson, T.L.; Whitney, P., 2003:
Somatic markers, working memory, and decision making

Simon, D.K.; Lin, M.T.; Zheng, L.; Liu, G-Jun.; Ahn, C.H.; Kim, L.M.; Mauck, W.M.; Twu, F.; Beal, M.Flint.; Johns, D.R., 2003:
Somatic mitochondrial DNA mutations in cortex and substantia nigra in aging and Parkinson's disease

Tan, D-Jun.; Chang, J.; Chen, W-Ling.; Agress, L.J.; Yeh, K-Tu.; Wang, B.; Wong, L-Jun.C., 2004:
Somatic mitochondrial DNA mutations in oral cancer of betel quid chewers

Deichmann, M.; Kahle, B.; Benner, A.; Thome, M.; Helmke, B.; Näher, H., 2003:
Somatic mitochondrial mutations in melanoma resection specimens

Demidova, L.P., 1956:
Somatic modifications in mental patients treated with aminazine

Ask, O., 1962 :
Somatic morbidity in psychiatric hospital patients

Cotterman, C.W., 1956:
Somatic mosaicism for antigen A2

Tonoki, H., 2006:
Somatic mosaicism in genetic diseases

Helderman-van den Enden, A.T.J.M.; Ginjaar, H.B.; Kneppers, A.L.J.; Bakker, E.; Breuning, M.H.; de Visser, M., 2003:
Somatic mosaicism of a point mutation in the dystrophin gene in a patient presenting with an asymmetrical muscle weakness and contractures

Mackenzie, I., 1949:
Somatic movements of the prematurely born foetus

Zamulaeva, I.A.; Smirnova, S.G.; Orlova, N.V.; Vereshchagina, O.A.; Chekin, S.Iu.; Smirnova, I.A.; Krikunova, L.I.; Parshin, V.S.; Ivanov, V.K.; Saenko, A.S., 2006:
Somatic mutagenesis at T-cell receptor locus in inhabitants of radiation polluted regions as a result of the Chernobyl disaster

Lu, C.; Xu, H-Mian.; Ren, Q.; Ao, Y.; Wang, Z-Ning.; Ao, X.; Jiang, L.; Luo, Y.; Zhang, X., 2003:
Somatic mutation analysis of p53 and ST7 tumor suppressor genes in gastric carcinoma by DHPLC

Burdette, W.J., 1954:
Somatic mutation and cancer

Wu, G.; Xing, M.; Mambo, E.; Huang, X.; Liu, J.; Guo, Z.; Chatterjee, A.; Goldenberg, D.; Gollin, S.M.; Sukumar, S.; Trink, B.; Sidransky, D., 2005:
Somatic mutation and gain of copy number of PIK3CA in human breast cancer

Kotani, E.; Furusawa, T.; Nagaoka, S.; Nojima, K.; Fujii, H.; Sugimura, Y.; Ichida, M.; Suzuki, E.; Nagamatsu, A.; Todo, T.; Ikenaga, M., 2003:
Somatic mutation in larvae of the silkworm, Bombyx mori, induced by heavy ion irradiation to diapause eggs

Moroni, M.; Sartore-Bianchi, A.; Benvenuti, S.; Artale, S.; Bardelli, A.; Siena, S., 2005:
Somatic mutation of EGFR catalytic domain and treatment with gefitinib in colorectal cancer

Favret, E.A.; Musso, E., 1951:
Somatic mutation of the chicken

Mantovani, G.; Mancini, M.; Gazzano, G.; Spada, A.; Colpi, G.M.; Beck-Peccoz, P.; Persani, L., 2005:
Somatic mutational analysis of DAX1 in testes from men with idiopathic azoospermia

Gil, Y.; Levy-Nabot, S.; Steinitz, M.; Laskov, R., 2006:
Somatic mutations and activation-induced cytidine deaminase (AID) expression in established rheumatoid factor-producing lymphoblastoid cell line

Kirkwood, T.B.L.; Proctor, C.J., 2003:
Somatic mutations and ageing in silico

Fuja, T.J.; Lin, F.; Osann, K.E.; Bryant, P.J., 2004:
Somatic mutations and altered expression of the candidate tumor suppressors CSNK1 epsilon, DLG1, and EDD/hHYD in mammary ductal carcinoma

Baserga, A., 1960:
Somatic mutations and clonal-selective theories in human pathology

Reamon-Buettner, S.M.; Borlak, J., 2006:
Somatic mutations in cardiac malformations

Yeh, K-Huei.; Yeh, S-Hwei.; Wan, J-Pei.; Shen, Y-Chun.; Cheng, A-Lii., 2005:
Somatic mutations in epidermal growth factor receptor underlying complete responsiveness to gefitinib in a Taiwanese female patient with metastatic adenocarcinoma of lung

Bläker, H.; Scholten, M.; Sutter, C.; Otto, H.F.; Penzel, R., 2003:
Somatic mutations in familial adenomatous polyps. Nuclear translocation of beta-catenin requires more than biallelic APC inactivation

Ospelt, C.; Gay, S., 2005:
Somatic mutations in mitochondria: the chicken or the egg?

Posch, M.G.; Zang, C.; Mueller, W.; Lass, U.; von Deimling, A.; Elstner, E., 2004:
Somatic mutations in peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-gamma are rare events in human cancer cells

Singh, K.P.; Roy, D., 2004:
Somatic mutations in stilbene estrogen-induced Syrian hamster kidney tumors identified by DNA fingerprinting

Da Sylva, T.R.; Connor, A.; Mburu, Y.; Keystone, E.; Wu, G.E., 2005:
Somatic mutations in the mitochondria of rheumatoid arthritis synoviocytes

Huang, J.; Zheng, S.; Jin, S-Hang.; Zhang, S-Zhan., 2004:
Somatic mutations of APC gene in carcinomas from hereditary non-polyposis colorectal cancer patients

Lee, J.Woo.; Soung, Y.Hwa.; Kim, S.Young.; Nam, H.Kyung.; Park, W.Sang.; Nam, S.Woo.; Kim, M.Sik.; Sun, D.Il.; Lee, Y.Soo.; Jang, J.June.; Lee, J.Young.; Yoo, N.Jin.; Lee, S.Hyung., 2005:
Somatic mutations of EGFR gene in squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck

Barber, T.D.; Vogelstein, B.; Kinzler, K.W.; Velculescu, V.E., 2004:
Somatic mutations of EGFR in colorectal cancers and glioblastomas

Lee, J.Woo.; Soung, Y.Hwa.; Seo, S.Hyung.; Kim, S.Young.; Park, C.Hyun.; Wang, Y.Pil.; Park, K.; Nam, S.Woo.; Park, W.Sang.; Kim, S.Ho.; Lee, J.Young.; Yoo, N.Jin.; Lee, S.Hyung., 2006:
Somatic mutations of ERBB2 kinase domain in gastric, colorectal, and breast carcinomas

Wood, L.D.; Calhoun, E.S.; Silliman, N.; Ptak, J.; Szabo, S.; Powell, S.M.; Riggins, G.J.; Wang, T-Li.; Yan, H.; Gazdar, A.; Kern, S.E.; Pennacchio, L.; Kinzler, K.W.; Vogelstein, B.; Velculescu, V.E., 2006:
Somatic mutations of GUCY2F, EPHA3, and NTRK3 in human cancers

Richie, J.P., 2005:
Somatic mutations of KIT in familial testicular germ cell tumours

Du, T.; Xu, C.; Zhang, Z., 2005:
Somatic mutations of PIG-A gene in Chinese patients with paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria

Guo, H-feng.; Gong, K.; Zou, S-mei.; Zhang, Z-wen.; Liu, X-yun.; Na, X.; Wu, G.; Na, Y-qun., 2004:
Somatic mutations of VHL gene and HIF-1alpha expression in primary renal clear cell carcinomas

Leone, F.; Cavalloni, G.; Pignochino, Y.; Sarotto, I.; Ferraris, R.; Piacibello, W.; Venesio, T.; Capussotti, L.; Risio, M.; Aglietta, M., 2006:
Somatic mutations of epidermal growth factor receptor in bile duct and gallbladder carcinoma

Nagahara, H.; Mimori, K.; Ohta, M.; Utsunomiya, T.; Inoue, H.; Barnard, G.F.; Ohira, M.; Hirakawa, K.; Mori, M., 2005:
Somatic mutations of epidermal growth factor receptor in colorectal carcinoma

Shigematsu, H.; Gazdar, A.F., 2005:
Somatic mutations of epidermal growth factor receptor signaling pathway in lung cancers

Sun, T-qi.; Wu, Y.; Ji, Q-hai.; Bian, J-chao.; Wang, Z-ying., 2006:
Somatic mutations of mitochondrial DNA in thyroid papillary carcinoma

Haley, J.; Mason, L.J.; Nagl, S.; Giles, I.; Latchman, D.S.; Isenberg, D.A.; Rahman, A., 2003:
Somatic mutations to arginine residues affect the binding of human monoclonal antibodies to DNA, histones, SmD and Ro antigen

Puck, J.M.; Straus, S.E., 2004:
Somatic mutations--not just for cancer anymore

Marquardt, H., 1958:
Somatic mutations; recent problems in experimental mutation research

Michael, S.T., 1952:
Somatic organization of the schizophrenic

Dittrich, R.J., 1954:
Somatic pain and autonomic concomitants; reflex sympathetic dystrophy

Risler, H., 1954:
Somatic polyploidy in development of honeybee (Apis mellifica L.) and restoration of diploidy in drones

Strömberg, G.E.; Sandlund, M.; Westman, Göran.A., 2004:
Somatic poor health of people with severe functional impairments living in a rural district in Sweden

George Zamora, A.; Aldana Aranda, D., 2004:
Somatic production of two species: Crassostrea virginica and Ischadium recurvum Bivalvia in Mecoacán, Tabasco, México

Schmermund, H.J., 1957:
Somatic radiation injuries by energy-rich rays

Laporte, Y., 1953:
Somatic reflex action of the non-myelinated fibers of spinal batrachians

Karch, A.; Kasperczyk, J., 2004:
Somatic risk factors for chronic venous insufficiency in women--preliminary report

Tsubaki, T., 1962:
Somatic sensation of the aged

Chanock, S.J.; Burdett, L.; Yeager, M.; Llaca, V.; Langerød, A.; Presswalla, S.; Kaaresen, R.; Strausberg, R.L.; Gerhard, D.S.; Kristensen, V.; Perou, C.M.; Børresen-Dale, A-Lise., 2007:
Somatic sequence alterations in twenty-one genes selected by expression profile analysis of breast carcinomas

Inoue, S-Ichi., 2005:
Somatic stem cell therapy for mitochondrial diseases

Martínez-Climent, Jé.A.; Andreu, E.J.; Prosper, F., 2006:
Somatic stem cells and the origin of cancer

Dickson, J.M.; Grünewald, R.A., 2004:
Somatic symptom progression in idiopathic Parkinson's disease

Sheehan, B.; Bass, C.; Briggs, R.; Jacoby, R., 2003:
Somatic symptoms among older depressed primary care patients

Passamonti, M.; Pigni, M.; Fraticelli, C.; Calori, G.; Piccinelli, M., 2003:
Somatic symptoms and depression in general practice in Italy

Kroenke, K., 2005:
Somatic symptoms and depression: a double hurt

Dowrick, C.; Katona, C.; Peveler, R.; Lloyd, H., 2005:
Somatic symptoms and depression: diagnostic confusion and clinical neglect

Giovacchini, P.L., 1963:
Somatic symptoms and the transference neurosis

Papakostas, G.I.; Petersen, T.J.; Iosifescu, D.V.; Summergrad, P.; Sklarsky, K.G.; Alpert, J.E.; Nierenberg, A.A.; Fava, M., 2004:
Somatic symptoms as predictors of time to onset of response to fluoxetine in major depressive disorder

Redeker, N.S., 2006:
Somatic symptoms explain differences in psychological distress in heart failure patients vs a comparison group

Akechi, T.; Nakano, T.; Akizuki, N.; Okamura, M.; Sakuma, K.; Nakanishi, T.; Yoshikawa, E.; Uchitomi, Y., 2003:
Somatic symptoms for diagnosing major depression in cancer patients

Nakao, M.; Yano, E., 2006:
Somatic symptoms for predicting depression: one-year follow-up study in annual health examinations

Fagerberg, E., 1951:
Somatic symptoms in anxiety

Lenze, E.J.; Karp, J.F.; Mulsant, B.H.; Blank, S.; Shear, M.Katherine.; Houck, P.R.; Reynolds, C.F., 2005:
Somatic symptoms in late-life anxiety: treatment issues

Denninger, J.W.; Papakostas, G.I.; Mahal, Y.; Merens, W.; Alpert, J.E.; Nierenberg, A.A.; Yeung, A.; Fava, M., 2006:
Somatic symptoms in outpatients with major depressive disorder treated with fluoxetine

Novy, D.; Berry, M.Price.; Palmer, J.Lynn.; Mensing, C.; Willey, J.; Bruera, E., 2005:
Somatic symptoms in patients with chronic non-cancer-related and cancer-related pain

Khan, A.A.; Khan, A.; Harezlak, J.; Tu, W.; Kroenke, K., 2003:
Somatic symptoms in primary care: etiology and outcome

Sugahara, H.; Akamine, M.; Kondo, T.; Fujisawa, K.; Yoshimasu, K.; Tokunaga, S.; Kudo, C., 2004:
Somatic symptoms most often associated with depression in an urban hospital medical setting in Japan

Güleç, Hüseyin.; Sayar, K.; Ozkorumak, E., 2005:
Somatic symptoms of depression

Bennett, A.E., 1962:
Somatic therapies in psychiatry (a review)

Blek, L.; Navran, L., 1955:
Somatic therapy as discussed by psychotic patients

Zech, K., 1959:
Somatic therapy of schizophrenia

Arena, S., 1962:
Somatic tissue tumors in the head and neck

Ishii, Y.; Mikawa, T., 2005:
Somatic transgenesis in the avian model system

Findling, R.L.; Feeny, N.C.; Stansbrey, R.J.; DelPorto-Bedoya, D.; Demeter, C., 2004:
Somatic treatment for depressive illnesses in children and adolescents

Kalinowsky, L.B., 1956:
Somatic treatment methods as cause of symptomatic psychoses

Weller, E.B.; Danielyan, A.K.; Weller, R.A., 2004:
Somatic treatment of bipolar disorder in children and adolescents

Lennartz, H.; Bussopulos, W., 1962:
Somatic treatment of endogenous psychoses

Hollendonner, W.J., 1957:
Somatic tremor simulating atrial flutter

Atwood, K.C.; Scheinberg, S.L., 1958:
Somatic variation in human erythrocyte antigens

García de Quevedo-Landa, I.; Vega-Franco, L.; Iñarritu, Mía.del.Carmen.; Thompson-Chagoyan, O.C.; Lopéz-Moreno, M.; Huerta, M.; Villanueva-Recillas, S., 2005:
Somatic, biochemical and arterial pressure at the end of adolescence, according to weight at birth

Zatzick, D.F.; Russo, J.E.; Katon, W., 2003:
Somatic, posttraumatic stress, and depressive symptoms among injured patients treated in trauma surgery

Mettler, F.A., 1959:
Somatically oriented obsessive behavior in the monkey

Owczarek, K., 2003:
Somatisation indexes as differential factors in psychogenic pseudoepileptic and epileptic seizures

Santer, M., 2004:
Somatisation or not?

Bensing, J.M.; Verhaak, P.F.M., 2006:
Somatisation: a joint responsibility of doctor and patient

Junod Perron, N.; Hudelson, P., 2006:
Somatisation: illness perspectives of asylum seeker and refugee patients from the former country of Yugoslavia

Von Hiller, W., 2005:
Somatization -- conversion -- dissociation: strategies for behavior therapy

Sheehan, B.; Bass, C.; Briggs, R.; Jacoby, R., 2003:
Somatization among older primary care attenders

Koloski, N.A.; Boyce, P.M.; Talley, N.J., 2006:
Somatization an independent psychosocial risk factor for irritable bowel syndrome but not dyspepsia: a population-based study

Conrad, R.; Schilling, G.; Hagemann, T.; Haidl, G.; Liedtke, R., 2003:
Somatization and alexithymia in male infertility. A replication study

Karvonen, J.T.; Veijola, J.; Kokkonen, P.; Läksy, K.; Miettunen, J.; Joukamaa, M., 2005:
Somatization and alexithymia in young adult Finnish population

Hurwitz, T.A., 2004:
Somatization and conversion disorder

Taylor, G.J., 2003:
Somatization and conversion: distinct or overlapping constructs?

Keyes, C.L.M.; Ryff, C.D., 2003:
Somatization and mental health: a comparative study of the idiom of distress hypothesis

Fukuda, K., 2003:
Somatization disorder and bradykinin

Thomas, T.; Booth, S.; Earl, H.; Lennox, G., 2006:
Somatization disorder and cancer: a case history and review

Karvonen, J.T.; Veijola, J.; Jokelainen, J.; Läksy, K.; Järvelin, M.Riitta.; Joukamaa, M., 2004:
Somatization disorder in young adult population

Kinder, A.; Jorsh, M.; Johnston, K.; Dawes, P., 2004:
Somatization disorder--a defensive waste of NHS resources

Mai, Fçois., 2004:
Somatization disorder: a practical review

Silber, T.Jose.; Pao, M., 2003:
Somatization disorders in children and adolescents

Gupta, M.A., 2006:
Somatization disorders in dermatology

Bitzer, J., 2003:
Somatization disorders in obstetrics and gynecology

Lynch, D.J..; McGrady, A.; Nagel, R.; Zsembik, C., 2004:
Somatization in Family Practice: Comparing 5 Methods of Classification

Chaturvedi, S.K.; Peter Maguire, G.; Somashekar, B.S., 2006:
Somatization in cancer

Aragona, M.; Tarsitani, L.; Colosimo, F.; Martinelli, B.; Raad, H.; Maisano, B.; Geraci, S., 2006:
Somatization in primary care: a comparative survey of immigrants from various ethnic groups in Rome, Italy

Weiss, R.; Fogelman, Y.; Yaphe, J., 2003:
Somatization in response to undiagnosed obsessive compulsive disorder in a family

Hiller, W.; Rief, W.; Brähler, E., 2006:
Somatization in the population: from mild bodily misperceptions to disabling symptoms

Avila, L.Antonio., 2006:
Somatization or psychosomatic symptoms?

Trenchs Sáinz de la Maza, V.; Hernández Bou, S.; Carballo Ruano, E.; García García, J.J.; Macià Rieradevall, E.; Alda Díez, J.A.; Luaces Cubells, C., 2003:
Somatization symptoms. An emerging pediatric entity

Kapfhammer, H-Peter., 2004:
Somatization syndrome: a diagnostic and therapeutic challenge. Difficult patients with puzzling complaints

Meza, C., 1961:
Somatization, a method of ignoring anxiety

Metrikin, A.S.; Galanter, M.; Dermatis, H.; Bunt, G., 2003:
Somatization, anxiety and depression in a drug-free residential therapeutic community

Rosendal, M.; Fink, P.; Bro, F.; Olesen, F., 2005:
Somatization, heartsink patients, or functional somatic symptoms? Towards a clinical useful classification in primary health care

Merskey, H., 2004:
Somatization, hysteria, or incompletely explained symptoms?

Duddu, V.; Isaac, M.K.; Chaturvedi, S.K., 2006:
Somatization, somatosensory amplification, attribution styles and illness behaviour: a review

Abbass, A., 2005:
Somatization: Diagnosing it sooner through emotion-focused interviewing

Ramirez Boettner, C.M., 1964:
Somatized Depressions

Bepperling, W.; Laberke, J.A., 1961:
Somato- and psychotherapy in internal clinical medicine

Schulte, W., 1961 :
Somato- and psychotherapy in psychiatric institutions

Kuiumdzhev, I., 1954:
Somato-antigenic affinity of Escherichia coli to Shigella viscosa

Medvedev, V.E., 2005:
Somato-autonomic symptoms in different types of seasonal affective disorders

Yang, Z.; Sun, Y.; Dong, Z., 2006:
Somato-form disorder in otorhinolaryngology-head and neck surgery (4 cases reports)

Kaada, B.R., 1951:
Somato-motor, autonomic and electrocorticographic responses to electrical stimulation of rhinencephalic and other structures in primates, cat, and dog; a study of responses from the limbic, subcallosal, orbito-insular, piriform and temporal cortex, hippocampus-fornix and amygdala

Freed, E.X.; Funk, I.C.; Rockmore, L.; Shatin, L., 1956:
Somato-psychotherapeutic approach to long-term schizophrenic patients; a completion report

Blazek, F.; Borova, E.; Holub, J.; Simkova, M., 1960:
Somato-types in childhood

Norman, P., 2003:
SomatoKine. Insmed

Kemp, S.F.; Thrailkill, K.M., 2005:
SomatoKine: is there a use in treating growth disorders?

Wang, J.; Xu, G.; Li, H.; Gonzales, V.; Fromholt, D.; Karch, C.; Copeland, N.G.; Jenkins, N.A.; Borchelt, D.R., 2005:
Somatodendritic accumulation of misfolded SOD1-L126Z in motor neurons mediates degeneration: alphaB-crystallin modulates aggregation

Kapfhammer, H-Peter., 2006:
Somatoform and factitious disorders in clinical medicine

Wild, B.; Kruse, A.; Hartmann, M.; Herzog, W., 2004:
Somatoform complaints in the elderly. Prevalence and associations with personality variables, career, and family

Cantor, C., 2005:
Somatoform deception

Arnold, I.A.; de Waal, M.W.M.; Eekhof, J.A.H.; van Hemert, A.M., 2006:
Somatoform disorder in primary care: course and the need for cognitive-behavioral treatment

Naga, A.A.; Devinsky, O.; Barr, W.B., 2004:
Somatoform disorders after temporal lobectomy

Fink, P.; Steen Hansen, M.; Søndergaard, L., 2005:
Somatoform disorders among first-time referrals to a neurology service

Starcevic, V., 2006:
Somatoform disorders and DSM-V: conceptual and political issues in the debate

Waller, E.; Scheidt, C.Eduard., 2006:
Somatoform disorders as disorders of affect regulation: a development perspective

Mayou, R.; Levenson, J.; Sharpe, M., 2003:
Somatoform disorders in DSM-V

Thomassen, R.; van Hemert, A.M.; Huyse, F.J.; van der Mast, R.C.; Hengeveld, M.W., 2003:
Somatoform disorders in consultation-liaison psychiatry: a comparison with other mental disorders

de Waal, M.W.M.; Arnold, I.A.; Eekhof, J.A.H.; van Hemert, A.M., 2006:
Somatoform disorders in general practice: prevalence, functional limitations and comorbidity with anxiety and depression

Allet, J.Lindsay.; Allet, R.E., 2006:
Somatoform disorders in neurological practice

Rief, W.; Nanke, A., 2004:
Somatoform disorders in primary care and inpatient settings

Shima, S.; Satoh, E., 2006:
Somatoform disorders in the workplace in Japan

Chaturvedi, S.K.; Desai, G.; Shaligram, D., 2006:
Somatoform disorders, somatization and abnormal illness behaviour

Egle, U.T., 2005:
Somatoform disorders--an update

Volz, H-Peter., 2004:
Somatoform disorders--what must the general practitioner know?

Rief, W.; Sharpe, M., 2004:
Somatoform disorders-new approaches to classification, conceptualization, and treatment

Hakimi, R., 2004:
Somatoform disorders. Rather paying thousands Euro than accepting psychogenic causes

Sharpe, M.; Mayou, R., 2004:
Somatoform disorders: a help or hindrance to good patient care?

Minhas, F.A.; Nizami, A.Tamizuddin., 2006:
Somatoform disorders: perspectives from Pakistan

Jorsh, M.S., 2006:
Somatoform disorders: the role of consultation liaison psychiatry

Schmelzer-Schmied, N.; Henningsen, P.; Schiltenwolf, M., 2006:
Somatoform pain disturbance as the result of trauma

Rief, W.; Hiller, W.; Fichter, M.M., 1995:
Somatoform symptoms in depressive and panic syndromes

Rundell, J.R., 2007:
Somatoform-spectrum diagnoses among medically evacuated "Operation Enduring Freedom" and "Operation Iraqi Freedom" personnel

Johansson, E.; Zierl, W., 1959:
Somatogenic & psychogenic disorders; borderline cases

Rojosierra, M., 1965:
Somatogenic Aspects of the So-Called Obsessive Neuroses

Frankl, V.E., 1956:
Somatogenic pseudoneuroses

Tournay, A., 1955:
Somatognosia and the clinicians, according to H. Hecaen and J. de Ajuriaguerra

Dureux, J.B.; Lepoire, J.; Duc, M., 1959:
Somatognosic disturbances in the course of epileptic crises

Tichý, J., 2003:
Somatognosis, body schema and the phenomena of somatic and visceral phantoms and phantom pain

Henckel, C.; Arriagada, P., 1963:
Somatologic Studies In Chilean Newborns

Kogan, S.I.; Ostankov, P.A., 1964:
Somatologic Trends In Works Of P. A. Ostankov (15th Anniversary Of His Death)

Gjessing, R., 1953:
Somatology of the periodic catatonia. V..

Gjessing, R., 1953:
Somatology of the periodic catatonia. VI..

Corti, A.; De Gasperi, A.; Oppizzi, G.; Pannacciulli, E.; Cristalli, A.; Fantini, G.; Mazza, E.; Prosperi, M.; Rocchini, A.; Sabbadini, D.; Savi, C.; Scaiola, A.; Vai, S.; Romani, F.; DeCarlis, L.; Rondinara, G.F., 1992:
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Some Aspects of Pathology Encountered in Ethiopia

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Some Aspects of Pelvic Arteriography in Women

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Some Aspects of Perinatal Mortality

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Some Aspects of Periodontal Pocket Therapy

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Some Aspects of Phosphate Chemistry

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Some Aspects of Podiatrists' Attitudes, as Revealed by a Psychological Test

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Some Aspects of Positioning and Standardization in Endocrinology

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Some Aspects of Primitive Childbirth

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Some Aspects of Protein Metabolism in Gastrectomized Patients

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Some Aspects of Psychiatry in England

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Some Aspects of Radiographic Information

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Some Aspects of Relation of Structure of Steroids to their Prostate--Stimulating Effects

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Some Aspects of Reproduction in the Uzbekistan Ssr

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Some Aspects of Responsibility of Young Soldiers (Young Adults)

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Some Aspects of Rheumatic Manifestations in the Feet

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Some Aspects of Scientific Theory Contruction and Psycho-Analysis

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Some Aspects of Seating Arrangement as a Form of Non-Verbal Communication in the Therapeutic Group

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Some Aspects of Space Perception in Mental Retardates

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Some Aspects of Steroid Hormone Action

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Some Aspects of Stomatologic Pathology of the Indigenous Algerian

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Some Aspects of Surgery of the Terminal Portion of the Common Bile Duct

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Some Aspects Of Surgical Therapy Of Cardial Neoplasms

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Some Aspects of Television Radiology

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Some Aspects of Temporal Discrimination

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Some Aspects of the Absorption and Excretion of N-Methylol-Chlortetracycline

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Some Aspects of the Anatomy of the Pia Mater and the Choroid Plexuses

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Some Aspects of the Biochemistry of the Inner Ear

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Some Aspects of the Biology of Coxiella Burnetii

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Some Aspects of the Biology of Hepatic Regeneration

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Some Aspects of the Burns Legend and of the Part Played by Physicians in its Creation and Later Correction

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Some Aspects of the Cardiovascular Physiology of the Horse

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Some Aspects of the Chemistry of 5-Ethyl-6-Phenyl-Meta-Thiazane- 2,4-Dione, An Anesthetic Agent

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Some Aspects of the Chemistry of Tosylhydrazine and its Derivatives

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Some Aspects Of The Clinical Course Of Diphtheria Following Ineffective Revaccination

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Some Aspects of the Comparative Physiology of the Conditioned Reflex

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Some Aspects of the Cortical Auditory Recovery Function in the Cat

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Some Aspects of the Current Lymphocyte Problems

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Some Aspects of the Determination of Enterohepatic Circulation Entities

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Some Aspects of the Development of the Ego Ideal of a Creative Scietist

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Some Aspects of the Diagnosis of Phenylketonuria

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Some Aspects of the Discussion of Sit-Down Dentistry

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Some Aspects of the Effect of Hydroxylamine Hydrochloride on the Animal Body

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Some Aspects of the Endocrine Control of Sexual Activity in Primates

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Some Aspects of the Energetic Metabolism of Normal and Leukaemic Leukocytes

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Some Aspects Of The Enhancing Effect Of Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid On The Bactericidal Activity Of The Quaternary Ammonium Compound Septonex

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Some Aspects of the Evolution of Rheumatism in Children

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Some Characteristics Of The Direct Cortical Response (Dcr) In Rats

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Some Characteristics Of The Teschen Disease Virus

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Some Characteristics of the Ultrastructure of Cancer Cells. I

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Some Characteristics of Trendelenburg's Symptom in Patients with Sequelae of Poliomyelitis

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Some Characters which Differentiate the Lactic-acid Streptococcus from Streptococci of the Pyogenes Type Occurring in Milk

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Some Chemical and Meteorological Measurements of Air Pollution in Asahikawa

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Some Chemical Aspects of Mental Disorders and the Quantitative Effects of Psychotropic Drugs in man

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Some Chemical Changes Incident to Ripening and Storage in the Grimes Apple

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Some Childhood Identity Disturbances: Educational Implementation of a Psychiatric Treatment Plan

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Some Clinical and Epidemiological Aspects of Vincent's Gingivitis

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Some Clinical and Experimental Applications of High Pressure Oxygen

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Some Clinical and Preventive Aspects of Rheumatism

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Some Clinical and Therapeutic Problems in Giant Benign Ulcers of the Stomach

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Some Clinical and Therapeutic Remarks on Retinal Detachment

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Some Clinical and Therapeutical Problems Concerning Acute Inflammatory Processes Following Surgery of the Posterior Cranial Fossa in Children

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Some Clinical Aspect and Radiation Therapy of Primary Malanoblastoma of the Vulva

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Some Clinical Aspects of Cerebral Oedema

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Some Clinical Aspects of Choriocarcinoma

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Some Clinical Aspects of Drug Resistance of Tubercle Bacilli Isolated from Patients with Fibro-Cavernous Tuberculosis

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Some Clinical Aspects of Insulin Antagonism

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Some Clinical Aspects of Placental Insufficiency and Urinary Excretion of Estriol

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Some Clinical Aspects of Serum Creatine Phosphokinase (Cpk)

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Some Clinical Aspects of the use of Penthrane. (Observations on 100 Cases)

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Some Clinical Aspects Of Thyroid Cancer In Children And Adolescents

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Some Clinical Characteristics and Course of Schizophrenia with Signs of Autoimmunization with Brain Antigens

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Some Clinical Considerations of the Ego Ideal

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Some Clinical Correlates of Repression-Sensitization

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Some Clinical Data on the Influence of the Interoceptors on the Blood Circulation

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Some Clinical Factors Related to Mortality and Systemic Complications in 105 Selected Burn Patients

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Some Clinical Manifestations and Associations of "allergic" Vasculitis

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