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Structurally diverse Rh(I) and Mn(I) complexes derived from the new ambidentate indene ligand, (1-[iPr2P(S)]-2-[NMe2])C9H6

Structurally diverse Rh(I) and Mn(I) complexes derived from the new ambidentate indene ligand, (1-[iPr2P(S)]-2-[NMe2])C9H6

Chemical Communications 2004(21): 2446-2447

A new indene-based ligand featuring pendant phosphine sulfide and amine donor fragments has been developed; Rh(I) coordinates to the neutral form of the ligand in a kappa2-[N,S] fashion, while the anionic form of the ligand binds Rh(I) and Mn(I) in kappa2-[C,S] and eta5 modes, respectively.

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Accession: 050397744

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PMID: 15514808

DOI: 10.1039/b410328a

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