Studies on protein and taurine in normal, senile and diabetic cataractous human lenses

Anthrayose, C.V.; Shashidhar, S.

Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology 48(3): 357-360


ISSN/ISBN: 0019-5499
PMID: 15648410
Accession: 050414706

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An attempt has been made to explore the possible role of Taurine in cataractogenesis. Normal lenses were obtained from eye bank donors and cataractous lenses from patients who had undergone surgery for cataract extraction. Lenses were weighed and homogenised. Extraction, isolation and estimation of protein and taurine were carried out. It has been found that the lens wet weight increased progressively with the stage of maturation of cataract, i.e., from mature to hypermature which was significant and also with increase in age. Diabetic cataract group also showed an increase similar to that of senile cataract. Taurine and total protein decreases with different stages of maturation of cataract but not with age. It may be suggested that in the process of development of human senile cataract, there is (a) alteration in the structural integrity and permeability of lens membrane to protein and amino acids including taurine, (b) changes in the lens function including possible inhibition of proteins and amino acids (taurine) synthesis and transport across the cell membrane.