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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 50428

Chapter 50428 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Alliez, J.; Poursines, Y.; Toga, M., 1956:
Study of cortical lesions in a case of carbon monoxide poisoning

Moga, A.; Dobo, S.; Horovitz, V.; Rota, L.; Rusu, M., 1955:
Study of cortical-subcortical dysfunction in arterial hypertension with associated disorders by means of induced hyperglycemia

Colas Espada, A., 1955:
Study of corticoids present in normal human urine by means of paper chromatography

Adam, Y.; Dray, F.; Chabaud, A.; Sebaoun, J., 1959:
Study of corticosteroids in congenital virilizing hyperplasia with hypertension

Doguet, R.; Mahieux, A., 1958:
Study of cortisone therapy in hepatic inflammatory states

Aluffi, C., 1955:
Study of cortisone therapy in two cases of neuraxitis with clear CSF

Bruckner, I.; Dinulescu, E.; Pallade, N.; Herteanu, H., 1956:
Study of cortisone therapy of bacterial pericarditis

Graulich, R.; Mureau, J.; Fervaille, J., 1958:
Study of cosmic influences on men: rhythmology

Vernov, S.N., 1950:
Study of cosmic rays in stratosphere

Aceto, G., 1951:
Study of cranial proportions in the new born by means of lateral cranioradiogram

Aceto, G., 1952:
Study of cranial proportions in the newborn by means of lateral cranioradiograms

Pendini, A.; Odescalchi, C.P., 1955:
Study of cranio-cerebral post-traumatic neuropsychic syndromes in industrial pathology

Zanetti, P.; Belloli, G.P.; Brunelli, A., 1962:
Study of creatinine excretion after surgical operation in patients of pediatric age

Lacouture, J-Christoph.; Johnson, P.A.; Cohen-Tenoudji, F., 2003:
Study of critical behavior in concrete during curing by application of dynamic linear and nonlinear means

Kawashima, A.; Petrini, M.A., 2004:
Study of critical thinking skills in nursing students and nurses in Japan

Doby, J.M.; Friteau, M., 1960:
Study of crossed DDT-lindane resistance acquired in the laboratory by a strain of Aedes aegypti

Schrade, W.; Bohle, E.; Bruch, H., 1956:
Study of cryoglobulin

Qu, Q.; Li, B-Lu.; Zhao, Y-Pei.; Chen, C-Zhu.; Yan, X.; Wang, L.; Zhou, L.; He, X-Dong., 2007:
Study of cryopreservation of differentiated hepatocyte derived from human bone marrow stem cells

Azoulay, R.; Gares, R., 1956:
Study of crystallization of cervical mucosa

Toumanoff, C.; L.C.Rroller, Y., 1959:
Study of crystallophorous strains of Bacillus cereus Frank & Frank pathogenic for lepidopterous larvae

Mbarki, M.; Jabrane, J.; Oussama, A.; Daudon, M., 2005:
Study of crystalluria in diabetic patients

Rizzoli, C., 1955:
Study of culture media in vitro by chromatographic analysis and paper electrophoresis

Wang, Y-qing.; Li, Q-ming., 2006:
Study of cultured bovine capsular bag in pure ocular tissue

Klein, R., 1958:
Study of cultures of human fetal thymic tissue by contrast phase cinematography

Gaultier, M.; Guyotjeannin, C.; Fournier, E., 1958:
Study of cupremia in silicotics

Walter, H.; Nepveux, P.; Nepveux, F., 1959:
Study of cupric serum oxidase in mild hepatic insufficiency

Mannironi, G.; Ognibene, P., 1957:
Study of current aspects of the clinical and cerebrospinal fluid picture in neurosyphilis

Patte, J.C.; Hirsch, H.; Chabbert, Y., 1958:
Study of curves of bacteriostatic effect of antibiotic combinations

Lecomte, J.; Bounameaux, Y.; Va.C.Uwenberge, H., 1960:
Study of cutaneous purpura induced by croton oil

Mongillo, M.; Terrin, A.; Evellin, S.; Lissandron, V.; Zaccolo, M., 2005:
Study of cyclic adenosine monophosphate microdomains in cells

Marion, P.; Colpron, G.; Long, L.A., 1955:
Study of cyclocumarol, its clinical aspects and its depressive action on prothrombin and on proconvertin

Sukhavasharin, N.; Praditpornsilpa, K.; Avihingsanon, Y.; Kuoatawintu, P.; O-Charoen, R.; Kansanabuch, T.; Tungsanga, K.; Eiam-Ong, S., 2006:
Study of cyclosporine level at 2 hours after administration in preoperative kidney transplant recipients for prediction of postoperative optimal cyclosporine dose

Citti, U., 1958:
Study of cysts of hydatid of Morgagni, with special reference to embryogenesis

Banzi, C., 1950:
Study of cysts of the meniscus

Zontini, A., 1958:
Study of cysts of the pancreas

Barbagallo, S.Ngiorgi, G.; Cajozzo, A., 1953:
Study of cytochemical modifications induced by administration of high doses of vitamin B12 on elements of the bone marrow of subjects without pernicious anemia II. Behavior of lipids

Barbagallo, S.Ngiorgi, G.; Cajozzo, A., 1953:
Study of cytochemical modifications induced by administration of high doses of vitamin B12 on elements of the bone marrow of subjects without pernicious anemia. I. Behavior of desoxy- and ribo-nucleic acids

Barbagallo, S.Ngiorgi, G.; Cajozzo, A., 1953:
Study of cytochemical modifications induced by administration of high doses of vitamin B12 on elements of the bone marrow of subjects without pernicious anemia. III. Behavior of polysaccharides

Sokolov, D.I.; Solodovnikova, N.G.; Pavlov, O.V.; Niauri, D.A.; Volkov, N.N.; Sel'kov, S.A., 2006:
Study of cytokine profile and angiogenic potential of peritoneal fluid in patients with external genital endometriosis

Li, Q-liang.; Shan, B-en.; Zhang, C.; He, M.; Zhang, Z-mao., 2006:
Study of cytokines secreted by tumor-draining lymph node cells from lung cancer patients induced with different stimulators

Frederic, J.; Robineaux, R., 1951:
Study of cytophysiology of leucocytes by phase contrast microcinematography

Tordiia, N.V.; Hrodzyns'kyĭ, D.M., 2004:
Study of cytoplasm streaming as a cytophysiological method in radiolabeled experiment

Frederic, J., 1956:
Study of cytoplasms by highly enlarged microscopy with an anoptral device; photography of living cells and after osmic fixation of in vitro cultured cells

Horváthová, E.; Sramková, M.; Lábaj, J.; Slamenová, D., 2006:
Study of cytotoxic, genotoxic and DNA-protective effects of selected plant essential oils on human cells cultured in vitro

Lavergne, G., 1961:
Study of dark adaptation of the cones in amblyopic eyes

Kayser, F.; Pouteau, T.Ouvenot, M.; Prevot, A.R., 1951:
Study of deamination reactions by Escherichia coli in the presence of sulfanilamide alone and associated with phenol

Basso, U., 1957:
Study of death caused by apiol and experimental study of its toxic action

Mainguet, P.; Caroli, J., 1957 :
Study of deblocking of icterogenic hepatitis by delta-1-hydrocortisone; comparison with surgical deblocking of mechanical jaundice

Chang, T.S.; Sheh, C.H., 1963:
Study of debridement in cases of extensive burns

Gabyshev, N.; Abe, K.; Abe, K.; Adachi, I.; Aihara, H.; Asano, Y.; Aulchenko, V.; Aushev, T.; Bakich, A.M.; Bitenc, U.; Bizjak, I.; Blyth, S.; Bondar, A.; Bozek, A.; Bracko, M.; Brodzicka, J.; Browder, T.E.; Chang, P.; Chao, Y.; Chen, A.; Chen, W.T.; Cheon, B.G.; Chistov, R.; Choi, S-K.; Choi, Y.; Chuvikov, A.; Cole, S.; Dalseno, J.; Danilov, M.; Dash, M.; Drutskoy, A.; Eidelman, S.; Enari, Y.; Fratina, S.; Gershon, T.; Gokhroo, G.; Golob, B.; Gorisek, A.; Hara, T.; Hayashii, H.; Hazumi, M.; Hok, 2007:
Study of decay mechanisms in B--->Lambdac+ppi- decays and observation of low-mass structure in the Lambdac+p system

Coste, F.; Galmiche, P.; Delbarre, F.; Bourel, M.; Basset, G., 1950:
Study of dechloruration in polyarthritis

González, F.Ataúlfo.; Arrizabalaga, B.; Villegas, A.; Alonso, D.; Castro, M.; Remacha, A.; del Arco, A.; Martín Núñez, G., 2005:
Study of deferoxamine in subcutaneous profusion treatment of iron overload in myelodysplastic syndromes

Coletta, A.; Schettini, F., 1957:
Study of deficient thromboplastin generation; report on a case of plasma thromboplastin antecedent (P.T.A.)

Bajdik, J.; Pintye-Hódi, K., 2006:
Study of deformation process of stored polymethacrylate free films

Anonymous, 1957:
Study of degenesis observed in testicular ectopy

Varay, A.; Briere, M.; Chatonnet, J.; Menac, E., 1963:
Study of deglycyrrhizinization of licorice extracts with respect to electrolyte balance

Rat'kin, A.V.; Evdokimova, L.I.; Zhanaeva, T.A., 2004:
Study of degradation of flavonols in the mutants of poppy (Papaver somniferum L.)

Durieux, J.; Lapresle, C., 1957:
Study of degradation of human serum albumin by a rabbit spleen extract. III. Immunological variations of albumin as a function of the degradation stage

Bekes, M.; Bajusz, E., 1955:
Study of dehydrogenase-enzyme activity of the stomach of living experimental animals with oral administration of triphenyl-tetrazolium chloride

Fu, Y.; Fan, D.; Zhang, Y.; Liu, X.; Zhang, X.; Zhang, W.; Zhang, Z., 2003:
Study of delaying hospital admission after acute stroke

Casal Román, M., 2004:
Study of delays in diagnosing symptomatic pulmonary tuberculosis

Wu, W.; Xue, Y-quan.; Wu, Y-fang.; Pan, J-lan.; Shen, J., 2006:
Study of deletion of derivative chromosome 9 in patients with Ph+ chronic myeloid leukemia

Stott, D.H., 1950:
Study of delinquency

Temime, P.; Oddoze, L.; Benne, M., 1962:
Study of demethylchlortetracycline in dermatology with research on its possible photosensitizing action

Nally, J.N.; Courvoisier, B., 1953:
Study of dental anomalies in syndromes of parathyroid insufficiency

Lu, Y.; Chen, D-mei.; Jiang, Y.; Huang, H-rong., 2006:
Study of dental caries prevalence in children of Yinchuan in China

Burlui, V.; Bortă, C.; Vrânceanu, N.; Bortă, B., 2006:
Study of dental chromatic space

Santos, A.B.; Rossi, A.M.; Baffa, O., 2004:
Study of dental enamel and synthetic hydroxyapatite irradiated by EPR at K-band

Wang, Y.M.; Bai, G.L., 1992:
Study of dental fluorosis: An overview

Hu, B.; Song, Y.; Cheng, L., 2003:
Study of dental model testing tool based on robot theory

Macedo Firoozmand, L.; Dias Almeida, J.; Guimarães Cabral, L.Antonio., 2005:
Study of denture-induced fibrous hyperplasia cases diagnosed from 1979 to 2001

Spirchez, T.; Gheorghescu, B., 1962:
Study of denutrition in gastrectomized patients with the aid of radioactive isotopes

Sparchez, T.; Gheorghescu, B.; Merculiev, E., 1963:
Study of denutrition in gastrectomized patients, using radioactive isotopes

Hartmann, E.; Vergez, A., 1956:
Study of depth perception in a case of cured strabismus and heterophoria

Bovet, D.; Bovet, N.Tti, F.; Sollero, L.; Marini, B.Ttolo, G.B., 1951:
Study of derivatives of 1,2,3,4-tetrahydro-2-naphthylamine showing sympatholytic and oxytocic properties of ergot alkaloids

Oeriu, S.; Voinescu, M.; Lupu, E.; Oeriu, I.; Wexler, B., 1955:
Study of derivatives of isonicotinic acid hydrazide. I. Isonicotinoylhydrazono derivatives of ketone acids

Pfeiffer, P.; Schmitz, E., 1950:
Study of dermatol

Pattyn, S.R.; Sassen, A., 1960:
Study of dermatophytes in Katanga

Piqué, E.; Fuste, R.; Copado, R.; Noguera, J.; Ramis, P., 2003:
Study of dermatophytoses in Lanzarote (1995-199)

Lomonaco, F., 1958:
Study of dermoid cysts of the mouth floor

Turpin, R.; Lejeune, J.; Rethore, M.O., 1956:
Study of descendants of subjects treated by pelvic radiotherapy

Kumar, B.; Arora, S.; Kumaran, M.Sendhil.; Jain, R.; Dogra, S., 2006:
Study of desmoglein 1 and 3 antibody levels in relation to disease severity in Indian patients with pemphigus

Yu, J-qiao.; Shi, X-yong.; Yang, M-ming.; Pan, L.; Chen, B., 2006:
Study of determination method for lead and cadmium in the semen and liquor follicle of genetic fluid

Cheng, T.; Sun, X.; Zhang, S., 2005:
Study of determination method for trace cobalt in serum of cancer patients

Yu, J-qiao.; Shi, X-yong.; Yang, M-ming.; Pan, L.; Liu, N-kai., 2005:
Study of determination method for zinc in semen and liquor folliculi of artificial fecundation

Xin, S-Gang.; Wang, Y.; Zhou, W-Qiu., 2006:
Study of determination method of trace elements in white jade snail

Helmbold, W.; Prokop, O., 1958:
Study of determination of ABO gene frequency by the maximum likehood method and other methods based on forensic blood group determinations in Berlin

D.T.Ni.E.; Barbieri.P., 1955:
Study of determination of basal metabolism in immature infants

D'alba, A., 1955:
Study of determination of sedimentation rate in cerebrospinal fluid and its clinical significance in neuro-psychiatry

Valentini, Fçoise.A.; Levin, R.M.; Besson, G.R.; Nelson, P.P., 2004:
Study of detrusor dysfunction due to outlet obstruction: link between analysis of uroflows of men with benign prostatic hyperplasia and animal studies

Blickman, J.R.; Hampe, J.F., 1954:
Study of development of pulmonary tuberculosis after lung resection in rabbits

Aubin, H.; Mestas, C., 1959:
Study of developmental brain diseases in children

Castells, C.; Gastaut, H.; Vigouroux, R.; Ferrer, S., 1952:
Study of deviational reactions during temporal epileptic seizures

Coste, F.; Braun, S.; Cohen, R., 1963:
Study of dexamethasone terbutylacetate in local injections

Cheng, J.; Zhang, Y.; Zhang, W.; Xu, Z.; Bambrick, H.; Hu, W.; Tong, S., 2018:
Assessment of heat- and cold-related emergency department visits in cities of China and Australia: Population vulnerability and attributable burden

Melocchi, W., 1954:
Study of diabetes in the obese and its therapy

D.Dominicis, G., 1956:
Study of diabetic nephropathy (Kimmelstiel and Wilson syndrome)

Varangot, N.Ovo, V.Ssy, S., 1955:
Study of diagnosis of female genital cancer by vaginal smears in epithelioma of the cervix and pregnancy

Zhang, S-fan.; Zhang, D-hai.; Liu, H-ping.; Da, G.; Gao, W.; Lin, S-xin.; Chen, T-duo.; Liu, F-xue.; Liu, C-lan., 2003:
Study of diagnostic criteria of acute respiratory distress syndrome and multiple organ dysfunction syndrome at high altitude: revised draft of the diagnostic criteria of high acute respiratory distress syndrome drawn in Lanzhou conference

Zhang, M.; Zhang, Y.; Zhang, W.; Zhao, Y-xia.; Gao, Y-hua.; Zhang, Y-yuan., 2004:
Study of diagnostic criteria of intima-media thickening and effects of drugs on peripheral arteries

Saito, A.; Marumo, F.; Kurokawa, K., 2004:
Study of dialysis outcomes and practice patterns

Klein, B.; Weissman, M., 1958:
Study of dialyzed reconstituted dried serum as a clinical chemistry standard

D.P.Ero.G.; Lanciano.O., 1959:
Study of diaphragmatic hernia with hypochromic anemia in childhood

Zhang, M-Cui.; Zhuang, H-Sheng.; Lang, Q., 2006:
Study of dicyclohexyl phthalate on preparation and characterization of artificial antigen

Konzert, W., 1958:
Study of dietary therapy of dyspepsia in infants

Flores, M.; Reh, E., 1955:
Study of dietetic habits in communities of Guatemala. IV. Santa María Cauque

Wullen, H., 1952:
Study of diethanolamine combined with dextrocamphoric acid and with the mono-camphoric ether of p-tolylmethylcarbinol

Babudieri, B.; Castelli, M., 1956:
Study of different agglutinability of various Leptospira strains

Jayle, G.E.; Boyer, R.; Aubert, L., 1959:
Study of different electroretinographic function tests in severe senile macular degeneration; on 4 cases

Pons, H.; Bolinelli, R.; Calaz, L., 1950:
Study of different procedures in angiocardiography

E.Z.iny, N.A.; Abd el Rehim, A.A., 1995:
Study of different risk factor profiles in stroke patients in Alexandria

Quivy, D.; Bertrand, I., 1953:
Study of different schematic diagrams of the anticoagulant effect of heparin in vitro

Li, M-da.; Huang, Y-wen.; Huang, H.; Liu, J-hong., 2004:
Study of different surgeries for clinical stage I endometrial carcinoma

García, F.; Palomares, Jé.Carlos.; Martínez, N.Mariela.; Alvarez, M.; Suarez, S.; García, F.; Rodríguez, Jé.Manuel.; Quero, Jé.Hernández.; del Carmen Maroto, Mía., 2003:
Study of different systems for interpreting results of genotypic antiretroviral drug resistance tests

Wan, X-ping.; Cai, B.; Liu, L.; Xi, X-wei.; Yang, Y-xia., 2006:
Study of differential gene expression in different stage human endometrial cancer

Di, L-qing.; Mao, C-qin.; Xie, H.; Guo, R.; Xue, M.; Yan, K.; Zhang, L.; Li, H-yan., 2005:
Study of diffusion of muscone in different inclusion complexes and liposome through mouse (correction of rat) skin in vitro

Pellerat, J.; Mur, T., 1953:
Study of diffusion power of the skin during experimental and clinical eczema

Alloiteau, J.J.; Jud, S., 1950:
Study of digestion and intestinal absorption in a case of celiac disease

Beranger, M., 1961:
Study of digestion at different levels of the digestive tract

Sacrez, R.; Willard, D.; Beauvais, P.; Korn, R., 1963:
Study of digestive and respiratory disorders in a case of infantile lymphocytophthisis

Cahen, R.; Pessonnier, A., 1963:
Study of dihydroxyaluminum allantoinate and chlorhydroxyaluminum allantoinate. V. Effect on cicatrization of gastric ulcer

Gaia, B.Felipe.; Cheng, C.Kuo.; Perrone, L.; Rose, M.Cecília.Montagna.; Mattos, B.Silva.Câmara., 2006:
Study of dimensional alterations of the orbit following loss of the eye

Nonami, T.; Tsutsumi, S., 2004:
Study of diopside ceramics for biomaterials

Huang, Z.; Zhou, Z.; Chen, S.; Li, H.; Chen, H.; Liu, S., 2004:
Study of diopters-cutting in treatment of PRK for myopia

D.Cesaris Coromaldi, L., 1958 :
Study of dipeptidases in embryos of x-irradiated amphibians

Filosofova, T.G.; Shekhter, A.B.; Zavoiskaia, A.K., 1956:
Study of diphtherial morbidity in 1952 in Kiev

Giraud, J.C.; Sudaka, J., 1958:
Study of diphtheric esophageal stenosis

Raynaud, M.; Saissac, R.; Mangalo, R., 1952:
Study of diphtheric toxinogenesis; suppression of inhibiting action of iron by aeration and agitation of cultures

Larmande, A.M.; Margaillan, A., 1956:
Study of diplopia using projection of aluminous arrow

Zhang, L.L.; Zhou, Y.Q.; Xie, H.D.; Liu, B.J.; Xie, Y.Z.; Chen, W.M.; Luo, N., 2003:
Study of direct determining animal and plant oil in sewage by ultraviolet spectrophotometry method

Ouyang, X-qing.; Xie, Z-hong.; Guo, Z-feng.; Lin, X-cong.; Guo, L-qia., 2005:
Study of direct fluorophotometric and flow-injection fluorophotometric methods based on the inhibitory effect for the determination of trace formaldehyde

Gu, M-ning.; Xiao, J-fang.; Huang, Y-ran.; Zhou, W.; Fu, W-jun.; Chen, Y-ming.; Piao, Y-jie.; Chen, P-yan.; Zeng, F-yin., 2003:
Study of direct lung injury by seawater in canine models

Isidor, P., 1960:
Study of discriminant stathmokinesis in certain malignant tumors in human and experimental pathology

Wickramarachchi, P.A.Suranga.R.; Spells, S.J.; de Silva, D.Sujeewa.M., 2007:
Study of disorder in different phases of tetratriacontane and a binary alkane mixture, using vibrational spectroscopy

Cachera, R.; Darnis, F., 1950:
Study of disorders of capillary permeability in hepatic pathology

Vachon, A.; Dissard, P., 1959:
Study of disorders of intestinal absorption by the hypervitaminemia A test

Verstraeten, J.M., 1960:
Study of disorders of pulmonary elasticity and of their reversibility in pulmonary edema and prolonged dorsal decubitus

Cachera, R., 1955:
Study of disorders of renal elimination of sodium in alcoholic cirrhosis with ascites

Caillard, B.; Deleuze, R.; Gate, A., 1962:
Study of disorders of renal function in burned patients. Attempts at a physiopathological synthesis

Malmejac, J.; Plane, P., 1952:
Study of disorders of the central nervous system in dogs following various types of stress, by means of the conditioned salivary reflex: technical and physiological aspects

Cleveland, M.; Bosworth, D.M.; Daly, J.N.; Hess, W.E., 1951:
Study of displaced capital femoral epiphyses

Nagorny, H., 1950:
Study of disseminating primary tuberculosis before and after the second world war

Donati, A.; Giordano, R., 1956:
Study of dissociated nystagmus

Guerrin, F.; Fovet, A.; Lescut, J., 1963:
Study of distension of the bile ducts by cholecystography with cholecystokinin in the course of chronic anicteric pancreatitis

Legouix, J.P.; Chocholle, R.; Wisner, A.; Pokrovski, V., 1954:
Study of distortion in the ear by means of microphonic potentials

Parrado-Hernández, E.; Gómez-Sánchez, E.; Dimitriadis, Y.A., 2003:
Study of distributed learning as a solution to category proliferation in Fuzzy ARTMAP based neural systems

Liu, L.; Wang, Y.; Li, H.; Ji, Y., 2006:
Study of distribution of sinapine in commonly used crude drugs from cruciferous plants

Derot, M.; Legrain, M.; Bernier, J.J.; Pignard, P., 1952:
Study of diuresis

Fedoroff, N.A., 1956:
Study of diverse functional changes provoked in the organism by a blood transfusion

Williams, G.E.O., 1955:
Study of domiciliary consultations

Dong, S.; Zhu, J.; Kuang, S.; Qiu, J.; Wang, Z.; Chen, S.; Chen, L., 1997:
Study of dominant negative effect of the PLZF-RARalpha against the wild-type RARalpha in acute promyelocytic leukemia

Gogokhiia, N.A.; Natmeladze, K.M.; Mikaberidze, K.L., 2005:
Study of dopamine effect on neuroendocrine disorders during polycystic-ovary syndrome using the method of enzyme-linked immunosorbent analysis (ELISA)

Mundinger, F., 1958:
Study of dosimetry and application of radio-tantalum (Ta 182) for prolonged irradiation of brain tumors

Wolff, F., 1962:
Study of double murmurs by intracardiac recording with the micromanometer

Ferlazzo, A.; Lombardo, G., 1955:
Study of drepanocytic anemia

Scudi, J.V.; Kimura, E.T.; Reinhard, J.F., 1951:
Study of drug action on mammalian ciliated epithelium

Zhou, D.; Wang, H.; Li, F., 2005:
Study of drug displacement interactions by capillary electrophoresis-frontal analysis

Zhou, J.; Chen, S-Yang.; Li, Z-Jie.; Wu, Y-Qun., 2005:
Study of drug poisoning on 2612 cases in the department of emergency

Jeney, Aás.; Kenessey, Ián.; Timár, F.; Oláh, Júlia.; Pogány, Gábor.; Babó, Ián.; Harisi, R., 2006:
Study of drugs against neoplastic metastasis

Paul, Y., 2005:
Study of drugs in Indian children

Zhang, X-fei.; Zhou, R.; Yang, Y-ping.; Mao, Z-rong.; Yang, S-you.; Zhang, S-jiang., 2005:
Study of dual rearrangements of lymphocytic antigen receptor genes in non-Hodgkin lymphoma

Henning, N., 1950:
Study of duodenal bile in non-calculous infections of the gallbladder and bile ducts

Fagerberg, E., 1961:
Study of dust and mold allergy in bronchial asthma, especially in patients with negative skin tests

Occella, E.; Chiesa, P., 1960:
Study of dust concentration in a siderite mine

Lone, P.M.; Khan, A.A.; Shah, S.A., 2006:
Study of dust pollution caused by traffic in Aligarh city

Baroni, W., 1952:
Study of dynamic-specific action with the intravenous use of amino acids

Voino-Iasenetskaia, M.K., 1957:
Study of dysenterial infection in laboratory animals

Charfi, A.; Ben Hadj Yahia, S.; Kharrat, S.; Zouari, M.; Bouchama, J.; Naziha, K.; Abdelmajid, L.; Hentati, Fçal.; Hachicha, S., 2007:
Study of dyslexia within school kids that suffer from epilepsia

Pomponio, N., 1957:
Study of dystrophy caused principally by protein deficiency

Anonymous, 2006:
Study of early HIV infection begins enrollment

Vacirca, M., 1955:
Study of early arthrodesis in tuberculous coxitis

Massimo, L.; Lojodice, G., 1961:
Study of early malignant osteopetrosis

Sénécal, J.; Buestel, M.L.; Delahaye, M.; Vongsavanthong, S.; Lety, A., 1977:
Study of early neonatal mortality in the Ille et Vilaine department (1972-1973-1974)

Angrist, A.A.; Schwarz, A.W.; Brodie, S.S.; Shapiro, A.J., 1951:
Study of early phases of calcification in bone with radioactive phosphorus

Suárez González, F.; Vaz Leal, F.; Guisado, J.A.; Gómez Lozano, L., 2003:
Study of eating habits in a female population comparing groups with and without food-related diseases

Moricard, F.; Rivas, M., 1951:
Study of edema of the chorion of the endometrium during folliculin-lutein period (nidation period)

Lorence, D.; Park, H., 2007:
Study of education disparities and health information seeking behavior

Anonymous, 2006:
Study of efavirenz over 96 weeks shows durability, efficacious regimen. Results from 48-96 weeks essentially same

Aguila, P.Co.R.; Olarte, J.; Estrad, B.Lmori, P.; Cru, R.Mirez, L.; Armendare, S.Grera, S.; Urrust, S.Nz.J., 1952:
Study of effect in vitro of antibiotics and sulfadiazine on isolated germs in diarrhea

Ataka, Y.; Kato, S.; Murakami, S.; Zhu, Q.; Ito, K.; Yokota, T., 2005:
Study of effect of adsorptive building material on formaldehyde concentrations: development of measuring methods and modeling of adsorption phenomena

Sirohi, E.; Peissig, P., 2005:
Study of effect of drug lexicons on medication extraction from electronic medical records

Uchigasaki, J., 1960:
Study of effect of hyperventilation on electroencephalogram in the normal children

Li, Q.; Li, J-jun.; Zhao, X-bo.; Ji, M., 2004:
Study of effect of mifepristone on apoptosis of human ovarian cancer cell line 3AO

Borrus, J.C., 1955 :
Study of effect of miltown (2-methyl-2-n-propyl-1,3-propanediol dicarbamate) on psychiatric states

Lin, L.; Yao, Q.B.; Yu, S.X., 2003:
Study of effect of zhichuan capsule on airway remodeling in experimental animal model of asthma

Gao, Y-Xia.; Xian, J., 2006:
Study of effective antiobesity project in diet and physical exercise for patients with simple obesity

Bobes, J.; Carreño, J.E.; Gutiérrez, C.E.; San Narciso, G.I.; Antuña, M.J.; Díaz, T.; Fernández, J.J.; Cerceda, A.; Alvarez, C.E.; Marina, P.; García-García, M., 2004:
Study of effectiveness of craving control with topiramate in patients with substance dependence disorders

Zhorova, E.S.; Il'in, L.A.; Popov, B.A.; Parfenova, I.M., 2005:
Study of effectiveness of long-term per oral and parenteral cincacine administration at parenteral 241Am incorporation into the organism

He, X-E.; Lei, J-Hua.; Yang, X.; Wang, W-Long.; Luo, H-Yu.; Liang, J., 2006:
Study of effects of HBV X gene and As2O3 on expression and activity of p53 in HepG2 cells with shRNA

Metoki, T.; Ohguro, H.; Ohguro, I.; Mamiya, K.; Ito, T.; Nakazawa, M., 2005:
Study of effects of antiglaucoma eye drops on N-methyl-D-aspartate-induced retinal damage

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Study of enzymatic activity in avitaminosis B1 in the pigeon. II. Acid phosphatase

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Study of enzymatic activity in avitaminosis B1 in the pigeon. III. Liberation of inorganic phosphates from ATP

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Study of enzyme activity of the platelets. Malic dehydrogenase activity of the platelets of normal children

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Study of epithelial factors

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Study of epithelial factors. II

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Study of factors of pulmonary origin intervening in the respiratory disorders caused by prolonged dorsal decubitus

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Study of factors which determine the date of the last shot in expert testimony on short-range fire-arms; first experimental report; ferrous and ferric oxides

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Study of false-positive diagnoses in vaginal smears with the Papanicolaou method. (Some non-cancerous lesions of the uterine cervix appear with cytological aspects which may lead to positive or suspicious diagnoses)

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Study of falsely positive serologic tests for syphilis in patients treated at Tilkka Hospital from 1950 to 1954

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Study of familial Parkinson's disease in Russia, Uzbekistan, and Zambia

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Study of fat metabolism in disorders of the small intestine by means of radioisotopes

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Study of fatigue and abnormal fatigability

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Study of fatigue by determination of neuromuscular electric excitability; intensity-duration curves

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Study of fatigue by measuring neuro-muscular electric excitability (curves on intensity and duration); installation; experimental methods; results

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Study of fecal antigens against Helicobacter pylori as non-invasive test compared with the 13C-urea breath-test. Personal experience

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Study of fecal continence in patients with megacolon subjected to abdominoperineal rectosigmoidectomy

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Study of female genital tuberculosis in pregnancy and the mechanism of its generation

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Study of fetal circulation in the placenta by injection of synthetic resins

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Study of fetal hemoglobin in dystrophic infants

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Study of fever

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Study of fibrillation and means of defibrillation of the heart in dogs artificially hibernated (according to the method of Laborit) and subjected to circulatory arrest and ventriculotomy

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Study of fibrinogen precipitation by heparin at low temperatures

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Study of fibrinolytic therapy of retinal venous thrombosis

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Study of fifty cases of hypomenorrhea

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Study of fifty human tali for calcaneal articular facets

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Study of fifty two cases of diphtheria observed over ten years in the northern department

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Study of filter-paper-substrate delay fluorescence of three quinolones

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Study of fine dusts with the lambdavariation method in the phase contrast

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Study of finger prints & ears in research on paternity

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Study of finger prints of the Danguria Tharu of Uttar Pradesh (India)

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Study of finite element modeling from CT images

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Study of fish-scale labrocytes: effect of a histamine liberator (compound 48-80) and seasonal variations

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Study of fitting algorithms applied to simultaneous analysis of large numbers of peaks in gamma-ray spectra

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Study of five cases of Peyronie's disease

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Study of five cases of meningopolyradiculitis (Guillain-Barré syndrome) treated with hormones

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Study of five hundred patients with asymptomatic microhematuria

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Study of five years of employee counseling in an industrial medical program

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Study of hemoglobin in saturnism by means of the alkaline denaturation test

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Study of hemolysates of human erythrocytes. II. Presence in normal serums of a substance precipitating the hemolysate

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Study of hemolysis by alexin from the guinea pig

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Study of hemolysis by means of erythrocyte labeled with chromium-51 in 2 cases of hemochromatosis

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Study of hemophilias

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Study of hemorrhages. II. Hemoptysis

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Study of hemorrhages. IV. Purpuric states

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Study of hemorrhagic encephalitis

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Study of hepatic distomiasis in France; early diagnosis and therapy

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Study of human bone marrow with the aid of the electron microscope: technic and plateletformation

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Study of human cerebral biopsy specimens in an electrically excited condition

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Study of human chromosomes with the aid of bone marrow cultures

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Study of human complement titer as function of anti-A & anti-B agglutinins

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Study of human gamma globulins by means of the specific flocculation reaction with horse immune serum

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Study of human hemoglobins by free electrophoresis

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Study of human intestinal parasites in our country; intestinal parasites in children of the Bjelovar Public Health District. XI

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Study of human muscular work capacity by the method of creation of a weak excitation focus

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Study of human personality

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Study of human personality. III

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Study of human personality; projection of personality in daily life; education

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Study of human serum complement as a function of sex, of ABO and RH blood group, of age and of gravidity

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Study of human somatic chromosomes. Technic for the culture of fibroblasts in vitro

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Study of human stomach cancer tissue by the agar precipitation method

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Study of human trypanosomiasis from the point of view of preventive medicine

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Study of humoral elements in tuberculous women in puerperium, especially blood coagulation factors

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Study of hydrogen ion concentration in dermatology

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Study of hydrosalpinx by kymographic insufflation

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Study of hygienic conditions in the metallurgic industry

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Study of hyo-thyro-epiglotic space in larynx neoplasms

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Study of hypersensitive teeth and a new therapeutic aid

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Study of hypertelorism

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Study of hypertensive disease in young adults

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Study of hyperthyreosis in endemic goiter

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Study of hyperthyroidism in the menopause

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Study of hypertrophic stenosis of the pylorus and its surgical treatment; 162 cases

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Study of hypnosis in therapy of gastric and duodenal ulcers

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Study of hypo-immunity

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Study of hypophysial production of corticotropic hormone (ACTH) in normal and radiothyroidectomized rats treated or non-treated by thyroid hormones

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Study of hypophyso-adrenal hormone therapy in the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis

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Study of hypotensive drugs. I. Effects of combined benzyl imidazoline-papaverine

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Study of hypoxic hypothermia

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Study of idiopathic epilepsy in twins in the waking state and in sleep by simultaneous EEG registrations

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Study of idiopathic hypoproteinemia by administration of albumin combined with radioiodine

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Study of idiopathic pulmonary hemosiderosis

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Study of illumination of work areas with fluorescent lights

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Study of image location for the high intensity focused ultrasound therapy system

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Study of immediate and long-term changes in coronary pressures caused by ligation of a pulmonary artery

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Study of immediate reactions of the blood in extracorporeal circulation

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Study of immune phenomena by means of tissue culture. VII. On the cytopathogenic action of the venom of Vipera aspis

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Study of immune phenomena by means of tissue culture. VIII. Titration of diphtheria toxin and antitoxin

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Study of immunity after vaccination against foot-and-mouth disease

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Study of immunity in Trypanosoma gambiense infections in the white mouse. Antigenic variations in the course of trypanolytic attacks

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Study of immunity of the oral mucosa in oral typhoid vaccination

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Study of immunological phenomena by means of tissue culture. IV. Cytopathogenic effects of Clostridium histolyticum toxin

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Study of immunological phenomena by means of tissue culture. V. Cytopathogenic effects of Clostridium septicum toxin

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Study of immunological phenomena by means of tissue culture. VI. Cytopathogenic effects of Clostridium oedematiens toxin

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Study of immunological phenomena by means of tissue cultures. I. Preliminary note

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Study of immunological phenomena by means of tissue cultures. II. Cytopathogenic action of diphtheria toxin

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Study of immunological phenomena by means of tissue cultures. III. Cytopathogenic action of staphylococcic toxin

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Study of immunological relations between pneumococcus type XIX and alpha streptococci from the nasal flora of guinea pigs

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Study of immunological status in women with post-term pregnancy

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Study of impregnations with silver compounds

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Study of improving the quality of teeth and periodontal tissue united slides

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Study of in vitro activity of caspofungin on non-Candida albicans yeast strains determined by two methods: M27-A2 and EUCAST

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Study of in vitro cytotoxic activity of cyclopentanones derivatives

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Study of in vitro glucuronidation of hydroxyquinolines with bovine liver microsomes

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Study of in vitro mitral valve filling flow

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Study of in vivo micronucleus formation in lymphocytes from the patients and its relation to malignant degrees of colorectal cancer

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Study of in-patient hospital stay following total laryngectomy: multivariable retrospective analysis of a 442 total laryngectomies

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Study of in-vitro release characteristics of carbamazepine extended release semisolid matrix filled capsules based on Gelucires

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Study of inactivation of eczematogenic substances in industry; effect of chrome and turpentine sensitization. II

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Study of inactivation of natural estrogens during experimental nutritional hepatitis

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Study of incidence of abdominal aortic aneurysm in New Orleans

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Study of incidence of decubitus ulcer: skin care with effectiveness

Study of incidence of maternal mortality from aspiration of vomitus during anesthesia occurring in major obstetric hospitals in United States

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Study of inclusion bodies in the scrapings from patients with epidemic keratoconjunctivitis

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Study of inclusion complex of beta-cyclodextrin and nitrobenzene

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Study of inclusions from the epididymus of the dog during experimental treatment modifying hormone balance

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Study of incomplete antibodies

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Study of incomplete iso-immune antibodies and the use of human albumin solutions

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Study of indican metabolism in schizophrenics; qualitative tests for indicanuria made in comparison of normal subjects and schizophrenics

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Study of indications for fusafungin, a new antibiotic, in dermatology

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Study of individual Na-montmorillonite particles size, morphology, and apparent charge

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Study of individual dosage of certain pelvic points in gynecological radiotherapy. I. Evaluation of anterior-posterior radiogram paris with different enlargement

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Study of individual growth by teleradiography

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Assessment of Heavy and Trace Metals in Surface Soil Nearby an Oil Refinery, Saudi Arabia, Using Geoaccumulation and Pollution Indices

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Study of induced thermoluminescence in CVD diamond film by low-energy X-rays

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Study of induction by ultraviolet irradiations of some cultures of E. coli K 12 previously made colicinogenic by transduction

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Study of induction of tumor specific cytotoxic T lymphocyte by using tumor-derived exosome

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Study of industrial psychiatry during a visit to Roffey Park

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Study of infant morbidity and mortality in Madrid (capital from 1958 to June 1959)

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Study of infantile tinea in Cameroun; preliminary note

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Study of infantilism in mental patients

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Study of influence of endoopalescence on the solid tissue by means of raster microscope

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Study of influence on the surface energy heterogeneity of multiwalled carbon nanotubes after the adsorption of poly(acrylic acid)

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Study of influences of social support and social networks on participation in periodic health examination of the elderly at home comparison of three regions with different social backgrounds

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Study of influencing factors on Electrical Impedance Scanning Imaging

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Study of influenza immunity in animals previously immunized against vaccinia

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Study of infrared spectra of polyaluminum ferric chloride

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Study of infrared spectroscopic analysis of Chinese traditional medicines Liuweidihuangwan

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Study of inheritance of diabetes mellitus in Western Indian population by pedigree analysis

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Study of liver function in the child

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Study of local immunostimulating effect of the use of different pharmaceutical forms of the remedy Traumeel S in treatment of inflammatory parodontal diseases

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Study of low-intensity 2450-MHz microwave exposure enhancing the genotoxic effects of mitomycin C using micronucleus test and comet assay in vitro

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Study of lymphatic dissemination in relation to more or less massive extension of the tumor

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Study of lymphatic drainage of the thyroid gland in vivo. Its contribution to the treatment of cancer

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Study of lymphatic propagation and the reaction of the reticuloendothelial system in 92 cases of cancer of the lung

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Study of lymphocytic functions by phasecontrast cinematography of human fetal tissue cultures

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Study of lysosomes during embryonic development

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